Beyonce to Sasha Fierce: Symbolic Occult Rebirth


Along with her new album, Beyonce has presented her fans to a new alter-ego named Sasha Fierce. The singer affirms that this new persona is the fun, more sexual and more aggressive side of her. This is however the “general public” version of the story. The esoteric meaning revealed by the  symbols surrounding this new persona is much deeper: Sasha Fierce is a symbolic representation of an artist taken over by evil to obtain success.

“I have someone else that takes over when it’s time for me to work and when I’m on stage, this alter ego that I’ve created that kind of protects me and who I really am”.

Good Beyonce with cross

Good Beyonce with cross

Evil Sasha Fierce mimicking devil horns

Evil Sasha Fierce mimicking devil horns

The theme of the album I am…Sasha Fierce revolves around the duality between the godly Beyonce and the evil Sasha Fierce. This spiritual duality is fought in the songs, the pictures and the videos. Notice on the above images the Christian cross of the good and pure Beyonce versus Sasha Fierce who is mimicking devil horns with her hands. Songs like Ave Maria and Halo on her album contain obvious spiritual connotations and can be interpreted as either religious songs or odes to her satanic possessor. The persona of Sasha Fierce – who is presented as a separate entity- always wears heavy makeup on her eyes, if not sunglasses which represent her deceptive nature.


Website Pictures

Before we get into an in depth analysis, let’s look at the main picture displayed at, which sums ups perfectly the purpose of this article.

Baphomet's vehicule

Baphomet’s vehicle

Sasha Fierce is wearing a metal plate featuring prominently the face of Baphomet, who is also featured on the sigil of the Church of Satan: (For more information on Baphomet, read the article entitled Who is Baphomet?).

Baphomet's vehicule

Sigil of the Church of Satan

Baphomet’s head is the only part of the picture that is in color, which shows the importance of this symbol. Another head of Baphomet sits right on top of the first making things even more significant. Sasha’s “dress” is adorned with stylish rear-view mirrors and motorcycle handles, which makes Sasha Fierce the vehicle of Baphomet. This exact outfit was used for a George Michael video…someone, somewhere thought it would be a perfect fit for Sasha Fierce. In her interviews, Beyonce describes her performances as Sasha Fierce like an experience coming right out of The Exorcist.

“When I’m onstage I’m aggressive and strong and not afraid of my sexuality. The tone of my voice gets different, and I’m fearless. I’m just a different person.”

Another way to put this is that she has allowed herself to become possessed…


The Birth of Sasha Fierce

Sasha Fierce was born when I did ‘Crazy in Love.’ People, when they meet me, expect that all the time, but that person is strictly for the stage.”
Beyonce, People Magazine, November 18th, 2008

Why did Beyonce say that? How can a character be born during a song like Crazy in Love, which doesn’t have anything to do with Sasha Fierce?


The video tells the story of the birth of Sasha Fierce by depicting the steps towards Beyonce’s transformation. Through symbolic scenes, we first see Beyonce walking towards a speeding car (with Jay-z in the backseat). The driver is the entity that already took over Jay-Z. Beyonce loosens up her hair to prepare herself and gets on a stage to begin initiation, symbolized by sexual dance moves. She then reaps the rewards of the selling of her soul with fame and fortune. Next, she is emulated by young girls who copy her dancing style. In the final scene, the good Beyonce gets literally blown up while sitting in the backseat of a car by Jay-Z – who calls himself “Young” in the song. As you know, Jay-Z isn’t young, but, in this song, he is considered “Young” after his recent rebirth on the dark side. After the explosion, Sasha Fierce magically appears next to Jay-Z, looking sexy yet devilish. In his verse, Jay-Z  refers to Beyonce as “Young B” because she was just reborn.

1- Beyonce goes up on a symbolic stage and mimics ritual sex for initiation

1- Beyonce goes up on a symbolic stage and mimics ritual sex for initiation

2- The flashes represent celebrity and success

2- The flashes represent celebrity and success

3- Surrounded by girls who emulate her

3- Surrounded by girls who emulate her

4- Stuck in the backseat of a car

4- Stuck in the backseat of a car

5- Explosion of the car, representing the death of the old Beyonce (who was still stuck in the backseat)

5- Explosion of the car, representing the death of the old Beyonce (who was still stuck in the backseat)

6- Sasha Fierce appears out of nowhere

6- Sasha Fierce appears out of nowhere

The video of “Diva” uses the exact same allegory of the car exploding.

Video of  “Diva”

Beyonce walks away from a car full of dummies.

Beyonce walks away from a car full of dummies.

Diva starts with a shot of dummies in the trunk of a car who represent the “dummies” that idolized and imitated Sasha Fierce.  Sasha Fierce walks walking away, wearing glasses who are literally shades hiding her eyes, representing the fact that we are not dealing with Beyonce but a deceiver. After going into a warehouse to dance frenetically, act bitchy and sing about vain subjects like materialism, she comes out and lights the car on fire. The same way Jay-Z blew up the car in “Crazy in Love” (which killed the old Beyonce and gave birth to Sasha Fierce), she blows up the car filled with the mindless dummies who were seduced by her deceitful ways.

Why is Sasha Fierce Often Dressed Like a Robot?

Beyonce’s performance at the 2007 BET Awards carried heavy symbolism. Dressed in a robot suit, she wakes up after being electrically charged .


This performance is inspired by a scene of the 1927 movie “Metropolis” where a female robot becomes alive.

The recreation of this scene from Metropolis is quite significant. The movie depicts a society divided between two rigid social classes, the  “thinkers” and the “workers”, who can’t communicate with each other. Maria, a young female worker who has some influence among her exploited colleagues gets kidnapped by the ruling class. She is taken to the laboratory of a mad scientist who created a robot that could take her physical likeness. The scene above depicts the transformation of the robot into Maria, who will then be controlled by the scientist to incite revolt among the workers. The inverted pentagram behind the robot symbolizes the initiation of Maria into the evil side. She is designed to bring out the worst in men, causing violence, lust, passion and corruption among them.  The robot is a devilish and sexually provocative version of Maria and ends up performing in a decadent nightclub of the metropolis. Her mesmerizing dance caused such excitement that it caused a widespread fight among the men present.

Maria from Metropolis with inverted pentagram behind her (symbol of Black Magic).

Maria from Metropolis with inverted pentagram behind her (symbol of Black Magic).


Is this why we chose to portray Beyonce as Maria from Metropolis? To use her physical likeness to propagate evil messages to the “working class”?

Good Beyonce vs disturbing looking Sasha Fierce

Good Beyonce vs disturbing looking Sasha Fierce


In Conclusion

I’m pretty sure I’ll get messages from confused people, wondering why I “see evil” everywhere or something. Those people do not understand a couple of fundamental truths that aren’t based on wild beliefs but on facts: Record companies like Columbia Records own the image of pop stars like Beyonce and Rihanna. These conglomerates are owned by a handful of powerful people who, more often than not, are initiated into occult secret societies.  They believe in the powers of the mind, channeling spirits, Black and White Magick, demon possession, sacred rituals and entities populating the ethereal spheres.  In other words, if you don’t believe in the spiritual realm, THEY DO. So the analysis here makes perfect sense to them and they know that the average Joe doesn’t think in those terms…mostly because he was educated since childhood to be blind to those things.

As in anything in life, esoteric teachings range from the sublimely good to the infernal evil. They can elevate your consciousness to a godly level or they make you a slave of malignant spirits. That being said, there appears to be a conscious effort to subject the population to negative imagery through the different outlets of mass media. Plato, the Greek philosopher believed that music had such far reaching effects on the hearts of men that popular songs should be carefully chosen:

“Music which ennobled the mind was of a far higher kind than that which merely appealed to the senses, and he strongly insisted that it was the paramount duty of the Legislature to suppress all music of an effeminate and lascivious character, and to encourage only that which was pure and dignified”
-Manly P. Hall, Secret Teachings of All Ages

If Plato, one of the brightest minds of the Western world believed that music played a vital part in the creation of a perfect nation, can you imagine the effects of negative messages on our modern society? Even if the general population only gets the first level of interpretation of songs or videos,  it is believed that the hidden meanings and symbols still affect the collective subconscious. The result is people leading vain existences, trying to fill the gaping void of their lives by continually satisfying their lowest impulses. In other words, lost souls that can be easily controlled and manipulated.




  1. Prudence14 on

    That pic from was IT 4 me… u can basically see the devil's image on that thing AND in colour too. As a teenager, i like to sing and i try to filter the music i listen to. It's really sad wen some of these "stars" waste their talent like this to praise the devil. USE UR GIFTS TO PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!! He's the one who gave it to u in the first place.


      • I'm still trying to picture how judgement day in heaven would be like…..hmmm,accepting the LordJesus Christ is the one and only answer for our generation, I just wish He would hasten His coming.Lord have mercy!

    • True saying! God made you fucking beyonce and he created devil to play with your stoupid mind.

      But you are a kafir naive who will burn in hell. I will watch you burn in hell while i'll be in paradise hanging out with real big gentle hayena you wish to have.
      convert to muslim, bitch

      • The spirit of God wishes for no one to burn in hell. This is a sad teaching you share. You should pray for people to convert to the one true God. God will judge but wishes for all to come to the light of love.

    • Evidently they have their own freedom to do whatever the hell they want. Yes, they have talent and you say god gave it to them but they dont HAVE to use their gifts TO praise "the lord"

  2. I cant say im shocked, i was always a fan of beyonce when she started out with destiny's child, She even had a few gospel songs on her album's back then, Ever since she has been invloved with JZ i noticed that alot of her music has repition and after reading the article about Rihanna i started wondering about her or rather her music, Im still a bit confused as to whether the artists are aware of what they conveying in their music, I wonder what would happen if they realised what their producers and song writers are trying to portray using them.

    • Dont go blame it on JZ. Suppossedly she does have a mind of her own, she is doing this for the money, the fame and the connections. And all the fans who buy her music and products that she endorses give her the power, and if ANY of you were given the opportunity, you would sell yourself to the industry as well wether you believed in what they do or you dont. Look at the occult all of you who call yourselves christians bought into. Read up on the true history of christianity and its orgins, not just listening to a liar collecting your money every sunday and doing everything he tells you not to. All you whollier than thou hypocrits always have a useless opinion.

      • No offense but you sound extremely ignorant. Who are you to claim that everyone visiting this site or commmenting would sell themself to the industry just because you and those in your obviously limited minded circle would jump at the chance? Look in the mirror and if you see a confused little boy don't be in denial try to grow and mature spiritually speaking. It doesn't matter wether a religion is occult or not so attacking christians doesn't help either as most religions are flawed. The bottom line is you have to be invited in to the society and Jay-Z's representation and symbolism in the videos shows he is RESPONSIBLE for her induction into the circle/organization she is now a part of. FYI "Those that spew garbage are most likely filled with trash!". Educate yourself more before telling others to do the same. I have had several chances to be a part of this and have stood my ground with my BOUNDARIES.

    • omg my mom has videos about all of the people who are p art of this, i never watched them but she made all of her grand kids watch them including my 14 and 22 year old, im sooo late on this knowledge, i also been doing alot of reading on the internet.

    • you know in the music video, jay z lights the fire to the car that Sasha comes out. he's the one that introduced her into singing for satin.

    • Do not be confused. The truth has been shown to you to dispel confusion. Confusion is a dark force not meant for human growth, but meant to tear down.

  3. hi there i must tell how greatful i am for this web site i am part of the youth committee of our church and when i received the e-mail about Rihanah i showed it to our youth now i'm coming under all sorts of attacks becaue of the person the article referrs to wahti would like if you could help posting some scriptures to support these articles that you put out here so it would make it easier for me to explain to our youth group whatever has been written and explained in these articles identifies with my spirit i just want you to help me open the eyes of our you people cos i told them i refuse to drop this subject and i will conticue to show them what is going on until they understand. i'm truely blessed by what you put on this site. i will continue to visit an gain much insight as possible. GOD BLESS

    • traishica coats on

      i thank god for letting the world now about the evil…..and i thank hom for lt letting me be able to and watch and hear about the evil…from now i well start back going to church and singing in the chouor…….i will pray every night and day…..i love and look up yo you alway….i will keep you in my prayers

  4. OMG this is awesome, as well as the ones with Rihanna. I truly believe what the author has said. Honestly such things are true. What these ppl need is JESUS CHRIST. If they say they've tried everything to get out of the devil's grip, then they need to try God.

    I congratulate the author of these findings and hope that ppl will open up their eyes to the truth, before it's too late.

    • Here is another truth: You should not be saying OMG. though shalt not use the Lord thy Gods name in vain. Maybe you forgot.

    • Before you go around saying what these ppl need, find out what you need. They dont have to believe in god. They have freedom of religion. Not EVERYONE has the same religion as YOU.

  5. I am the mother of an impressionable 12 year old who is starting the adolescent stage of life and as we all know, this is a critical phase of a teenager's life. I used to like the Destiny's Child Beyonce, and I was even singing along to some of the songs, and even bought the cd's for my daughter at the time.

    However, when I saw the "All the single ladies" music video, I was absolutely stunned! I could not believe that Beyonce has evolved in this very "vulgar" person, (please watch the video to see what I mean) and while I was watching this, the nagging thought was in my mind, "What is this saying to my child?" "Is this the way to dance in order to get the attention of a man?" Just there and then I decided to have a discussion with my child about the music videos of these socalled "stars". Surprisingly enough she said to me "Mom, I do not even like this new Beyonce, I dont know why she had to go change her image and music". That really got my attention.

    As parents my husband and I pray constantly for our children that GOD would increase their discernment so that they can understand the deeper things of HIS Kingdom, and I believe that GOD has been faithful in this regard.

    It is very important for us as parents to know what kinds of music our children listen to and what videos and dvds they are watching. You do not have to look like a snoop when you do it, hang a little with your child and let them choose the channel or video and that already opens the door for good conversation. Also when you tell you children you do not agree with certain music etc., give them a reason why. Dont just say "You must stop listening to this one or stop watching that", tell them why, and give them as much space and time to debate the issue with them, and even if they fail to understand your viewpoint, just pray that GOD will open their understanding.

    We also need to be wise and not FORCE down our views on our children, the devil would just love that. Because by doing that, we have now made the road easier for him and his cronies to infiltrate the minds of our children, and also we as parents loose face and we are no longer regarded as "cool"

    Thank you so much for all the wonderful information you are giving us, we really have a good discussion on the "Rihanna" topic that was really the cherry on the cake for me, as I started talking to her about Rihanna allowing herself to be abused by Chris Brown and even after he beat her she still wants him back.

    Thank you very much and GOD Bless.

    • u say about how the devil would love for u to force down your views on your child but your views is that there is a god and yet you have brought your daughter up with the same views

  6. Thank-you for your insight and time for sharing these findings with persons like myself who was ignornat to these symbols that are portrayed in the songs and music videos. Keep up the good work and may God Bless you in your work to educate the blind.

  7. I really like Beonyce's song diva but when i read this article i am thinking twice. It is the same with Rhianna cause both Rhianna and Beyonce's under who order Jay-z who thinks he is GOD. But the article is brilliant it's real and that's what this world need right now reality.

  8. I looked up the lyrics to Crazy in Love, about what Jy-Z is singing right after the car explodes:

    "Check it, let's go

    Young Hov y'all know when the flow is loco,

    Young B and the R-O-C, uh oh, (oh)

    Ol' G, big homie, the one and only,

    Stick bony, but the pocket is fat like Tony, Soprano, (oh no)

    The ROC handle like Van Axel,

    I shake phoneys man, You can't get next to,

    The genuine article I go I do not sing though,

    I sling though, If anything I bling yo,

    a star like Ringo, roll like ??

    Crazy bring ya whole set,

    Jay Z in the range, crazy and deranged,

    They can't figure them out they like hey is he insane, (oh no)

    Yes sir I'm cut from a different cloth,

    My texture is the best fur, of chinchilla.

    (Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, oh no no)

    Been dealing with chain smokers,

    But how you think I got the name Hova?


    And, from the Urban Dictionary:


    Its tha name that rapper,Jay-Z calls himself since he considers himself tha "God" of rap.And Jehovah is anotha name for God.

    They call me J-Hova cause tha flow is religious.

    • And so you put those lyrics on here trying to tell everyone how bad it is. Okay, ppl THEY HAVE FREEDOM OF RELIGION. They dont have to have the same spiritual religion as you. Please, before you go with stating all if these ++++ing facts saying how bad they are , they are allowed to. Dont judge them for these stupid reasons. In the bible it says that God is the only judge.

  9. Wow this is really…I mean I'm surprised. Shocked is the word here actually. You see I used to think the same thing i.e somethin being behind these artistes and their music but I never thought it to be this bad.

    I must really commend your efforts in trying to let every one know about all this. May God continue to be your strength. The devil seeks to destroy, using all available means possible and will never rest untill he has accomplished his mission. We must be watchful and prayerful as well!

  10. well i am vey much disturbed. you see am in africa zimbabwe and sing along to most of the diva 's songs .am just beginning to be scared of turning on my stereo.these gys (celebrities) are role models to most youth out here and a large majority of youths are not even aware they are helping the celebreties to further their agendas by buying ,listeni and emulating their style and lives. thanks for bringing the light to us keep the fire burning.

    • share the truth with your people! The grace of God be with you as you share Jesus Christ the one and only light. Make songs from the book of Psalms in the Holy Scriptures, and give praise to the Lord who created us and loves us. Praying for you dear one.

  11. Well all i gotta say is tht after watching and reading the Rihana Analysis i wasn't supprized to know Beyonce was like tht too after all she is married to JZ. I did suspect something was wrong with her wen she went solo because destiny child was my favourite girls group. The fame was most definately getting to her head. What i am supprized at is the fact tht "Crazy in Love" was when she had reborned. I seriously didn't notice tht she was trapped in the backseat of the car… and i never really cud understand wat JZ was rappin about -.- and reading the lyrics tht AB posted up there styll didn't help cause it all sounded like bull shit and rapping about random subjects. LOL I FIND IT HARD TO COMMENT ON HIS LYRIC COZ THET'RE LUDACRIS.


  12. Why do blogs/sites insist on throwing Beyoné's name in everything? Does your site need hits that bad?! When are people going to realize it's just entertainment, which is why Beyoncé's called an entertainer… It's not that serious. Who's next, Britney?

    • ugh, you blind are crazy if you thinks she's not envoled with satan you better do your homework young lady, or you'll be following her and jay z hell

    • Jesus Loves and Heal on

      Sure, this whole pop industry thingy may have STARTED OUT as just 'entertainment'. But there is a point where a line is drawn. Colombian Records have definately crossed that line, because they are possessed by satan as well. This 'entertainment' is no longer entertainment. It has become satan's sources, to use for him to accomplish his mission on earth for everyone to turn to him and away from the REAL AND TRUE LORD AND SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST.

      Beyonce, jayz, rihanna, etc are all satans slaves, no doubt. And unfortunately, he is doing quite well, i have and hate to admit. But, God, the true God, nothing can compare to His power and strength. nothing is impossible for Him, and yes, that does include blocking out evil and showing His Light into satans darknesss! We, believers and followers of Jesus Christ, NEEDS AND MUST BE PRAYING FOR THIS WORLD, TO BE SAVED, NOT BY SATAN, BUT MY JESUS. Christ is the only way to heaven, not anything else.

      So Lord, i ask You that You protect the hearts of the ones who want to surrender their lives to You, because we believe there is nothing greater than You. Please give us strength, faith, and courage to stand up to what we believe in, which is Your Word, and shield us from satans wrath! We believe You have overcome evil, and nothing, absolutely NOTHING is greater nor stronger than You. Lord we love You! In Christ's name i pray, AMEN!!=)

      • I totally agree with what you are saying. The devil work is to steal, kill and destroy. Steal our soul from Jesus, kill our sweet fellowship with the Holy Spirit and destroy our chance for spending eternal life with Jesus. We need to wake up and pray, then pray some more for our children, country, world and the next generation. And pray that these big time pop stars find their way back to Jesus.

    • obviously you are missing the point. It's called awareness, escpecially if you have young daughters you are trying to raise. maybe you are lacking in that category as well.

      • You are a total jackass.Your responsibility is to take care of your own child/children a celeb have no pt in that.Did Beyonce or anyone of them push there ass out?:If you bring up your child with good moral values theirs nothing to be afraid of.Theirs more important things to be concerned about.Why ppl always hating on someone success?Is it because she's black?can't she earn her way up the ladder like everyone else?It's ppl like you that cause bullying. Poison a child's mind that if someone doesn't behave in a manner that you don't like you should hate them.

    • Profit Of Vizion on

      Thats the problem. People like you who are non beleivers…you are the people that the "powers that be" prey on because your small mind cannot comprehend anything beyond the tip of your nose. There are things at play that most people will NEVER be able to understand and you just proved us all correct!

  13. I think they are posibly being mynd controlled, with drufs etc, that is why they end like that , they get influenced negatively , this time it is simbolized clearly on a video so anyone can see it, people can get so accustomed to this things that they finally dont even notice how evil it is, that a person loses its soul, and turns into a robot

    • Or maybe you should take the time and research yourself what the star stands for!!!!! It's not rocket science!! Look it up, then ask yourself why anyone want to be associated with it if they didn't believe in the same thing. It's people like you they suck in, thinking its only for entertainment. Knowledge is power my friend….the person who wrote this articles didn't make one single thing up! He merely took the time to explain well know meanings to people like you who may not be aware of it. Evil has a history too.

  14. Hahahahahahahaha… this is the most ridiculous article I've read for a while. You're kidding, right? A devil robot? You are the one that has been brainwashed.

    • Jesus Loves and Heal on

      Sure, why cant there be a 'devil robot'?

      satan can and will use everything he can to have his mission accomplished, which is to have the world turn to him.

    • I hate to even say this but devils are real and demonic possession is real. Thats how they usually get people because most people dont believe. Watch out.

  15. Very interesting article. I don't think people necessarily have to agree with it, but they shouldn't just dismiss it, either. It all may seem extremely illogical to some of you, but then again so do regular Bible excerpts to non-Christians. Open your mind, open your eyes, then form an opinion. Don't just skip the first two steps.

  16. I grew up religious and I must say this is an interesting analysis of things that aren't there. If it is not a person intent to malign or misguide you in the things that they are being asked to do, how cna you then persecute them? I agree that all facest of our lives influence what we think is acceptable or not, I do not think it is acceptable to take this much time out to malign something that is, at best, circumstantial. Interesting that someone took the time to do this instead of studying their bible though.

    • Thanks for this. I was wondering when I would see an article on Beyonce after reading the ones about Rihanna. I've found something else as well. Beyonce paints her eyes after the "Eye of Horus" when she is Sasha fierce. The Bible talks about how Jezebel painted her eyes in the same fashion. If you don't know about the Eye of Horus check it out.

  17. Thanks for this. I was wondering when I would see an article on Beyonce after reading the ones about Rihanna. I've found something else as well. Beyonce paints her eyes after the "Eye of Horus" when she is Sasha fierce. The Bible talks about how Jezebel painted her eyes in the same fashion. If you don't know about the Eye of Horus check it out.

    I am a worship leader in a church in Trindad & Tobago and think your articles on music are very helpful in showing a lot of young people, especially christian young people, what's going on. The Word says "Choose ye this day whom ye shall serve."

  18. Wow!!!!! That's what I felt when I read this article, props to the author, all the kids of this day need to see this, keep spreading the news. I felt pain and hurt and just realized that it really is the last days and satan is blinding the WHOLE WORLD in so many ways, its unpredictable. Keep your eyes open and your ears readily available, accept GOD as your Lord and Father and you will not fall prey to evil as Beyonce. I am a proud resident of Trinidad and Tobago and God is my only leader.

  19. i defenatly believe the rihanna, im not so sure about beyonce but the robot costume takes me half way into believing in it..1 most important reason i belive it is that. jay-z has somthing to do with both of them so i believe the devil has taken over his body and the devil is the one that convinced rihanna and beyonce to become evil. all i can say is that they have ruined their lives.

    • Exactly what does the robot costumes have to do with anything? You all make me sick… How about this, lady gaga dresses like all kinds of things, she must also be a devil worshipper!!!!! What about people like Charles Manson who convinced others he was god and made people kill for him?!?! Instead of focusing on celebrities, go stop people claiming to be your god and stop them from doing terrible things. Shouldn't that matter more? Anything other than celebrities worshipping the devil.

      • Of course GagA is devil worshipping!!! Hello? Have you seen any of satanic symbols rituals/costumes /symbols on her concerts??? Are you totally blind? She wouldn't be in music if she wouldn't sell her ass (soul) for couple of bucks. I bumped at her at Plaza few years ago I was sorry for her, she looked at me and she kept looking she was so miserable……. now I guess she's deeper in the gutter but we''s her soul and Thank God for that!

    • It might be hard for you to believe because she is a celebrity, but let it be your neighbor and you would believe all that wierd stuff from your neighbor. I pray God opens your eyes. Dont trust those devils.

  20. Well I don't believe ppl are putting out these articles to bring down the artists but rather to help others realize whats going on. I heard about j-z long ago and stopped listening to music. I also lost interest in both hip hop and r&b long before I heard about this kinda stuff. I mean the artists' songs were all about material things n such… real meaning. I mainly listen to reggae which i believe is the total opposite of hip hop…these reggae artists actually sing against vanity, materialism and evil. so that's good music. I believe that we should pray for these artists and all the young people who listen to them.

    • Carol Chanf on

      You might be interested to look up the religion behind the reggae music, which believe that Emperor Haile Selassie was the reincarnation of Jesus and a religion that would like to destroy "white" people. Music seems nice, but….They are Rastafarians.

  21. Hey Vigilant…I don't know if it means anything but doesn't 2:52 in Diva look like the illumnati thing you always talk about? oooh and take a good look at the necklace thingy that Sasha Feirce is wearing in the third picture at the top……what do you think?

    • jesusFREAK777 on

      you have your opinion and we have ours, you don't need to force yours down our throats. FYI we have lives.

    • Actually the ironic thing is that Plato spoke of an illusory world in his allegory of the cave. A world of shadows projected on a wall that were not true reality. This was a world of slaves completely oblivious to true nature because they were chained to a wall and unable to see that the projections on the wall were generated by someone behind them. Then one day one of the slaves broke free and not only discovered this machination but escaped to a world outside of the cave. At first he was temporarily blinded because he had never been exposed to it before which is probably a reference to the shock the truth causes once these metaphysical and epistemological revelations are unveiled. You know what he did? Went back in the cave and tried to tell the others. Know what they did? Killed him. It's what the matrix is probably an analog of. I just find it extremely felicitous that you completely overlook this very germane point and I find your assertion felicitous even if you've completely reversed the roles of the lost and found. Plato was probably an initiate if these mystery schools and traditions. look into his work on the golden ratio. Check out the trivium and the quadrivium and the occult which isn't anything evil. The occult is simply hidden knowledge and the reason these people continue to perpetrate malevolence or pejoratively influence peeps is because they have a power differential through hiding this very valuable knowledge and convincing the rest if the world it's evil. The Latin root is occultare. Nothing evil in that at all. When wielded against an uneducated and unaware populace it certainly has the capacity to generate the debased shit we see today. knowledge is power folks. Learn this stuff and use it to positively influence the world and become truly illuminated. The "illuminati" as described in these contemporary underlings of the entertainment industry aren't truly enlightened. True enlightenment consists of learning this material and then helping other people to understand it so they can make a positive changes in their lives and consequently affect the collective.

  22. caribbean girl on

    I really love or should i say loved beyonce. her music, Her character ( or what i thought to eb her character) was inspired. I have all her songs, i also sing them to improve my vocal chords. But once something comes in connection with the devil that i ain't gonna deal with 4 sho. And if beyonce does read these comments i hope you read mines pretty loud and clear!!! The devil don't play around seeing that you already made a deal wid him i hope he won't burn you harder then you need to be burnt!!!

  23. Disappointed in Miss on

    Yeah I am saddened to hear that. Boy we really need to pay attention to what we listen to. GOD BE WITH US. whoever doesn't believe this article is BLIND & NAIVE. the proof is right here!

  24. This has got to be one of the most ridiculous piece of crap I've read in a long time. A 'devil robot'? Hahahah… It's a COSTUME!!! She's an ENTERTAINER!! (and a bad one at that)…

    You really need to find something better to do with your time. Don't judge people.

  25. May the good Lord open up your eyes so that you will see that it is not just an ordinary costume. All these people know what they are doing. they are even trying to influence some christians. Remember that the devil only comes killl and destroy. his ways are nyc for the beginnig but at the latter part you face the bitterness. i pray that anyone who reads this article will change for the world is coming to an end. Repent before it is too late. God bless us all who love to do his work and tell people more about his truth. Never talk about these muscians as good people they know the person whom they serve. If you dont want to burn in the lake of fire, repent soon. For God is coming soon. sooner than you are expecting him.

    • AHAHAH!!!!!^^^ all kinds of celebrities have dressed up in robot costumes eaither for movies or their singing careers. BEYONCE HAS COME, SHE WILL KILL, AND SOON SHE SHALL DESTROY!!!!

    • jesusFREAK777 on

      amen to that and i have repented already. nice to see some1 with their head and heart in the right place.

  26. i cannot believe the anaylsis that has gone into this just conculude ridiculus statements if your all so worried about praying and being a christian surely you shoudl be spending time with that rather than continously appearing with silly things

  27. I remember that Motocycle outfit from george michaels vidio "Fast love" back in the day, Model, Linda Evangelista, wore it, ugly looking thing………. I new Beyonce was confused from long time, how can you sing about being strong and independent one minute, and then nieve and volnerable, almost man desporate the next……. Their all freemason, and illuminate………

  28. like i said about the omarion video…there's coincidence…. but u have no proof. The I mean there's so many people who say they have another 'side' to them. And that about the crazy in love video….yeah… uhmmm maybe it looked like she was burning up in the car but the scene after with her dancing next to jay-z., probably just means that she got out. And then the dancing…. with the other people 'emulating' her, qouting ur words… yeah thats called dancing…. u know when ppl make up choreographies and get other dancers to dance it the video… n'sync did it, and sooo many other artist do it. And in the beginning when she according to you "goes up on a symbolic stage and mimicks ritual sex for initiation " maybe she's just dancing… a lot of girls in video clips dance like that today. Im not saying that its okay, but what the hell? seriously. And then the part i really dont understand… in the first picture of the album u show her 'mimicing devil horns'…why do u think its devil horns?? I've seen soooo many poses like that… im sure i've even done it… does that mean that im a satanic possed person????

    And the bunch of make-up she wears as Sasha is probably a personal decision.

    My point is theres not always a hidden meaning in these thing u know…. maybe you just have issues….

  29. the bible says ''my pple perish due to lack of knwldge'' and it's unfortunate that many pple dnt see that things are mch deeper than wat meets the eye. That's exactly wat the devil wants, for pple to be skeptic and think that christians "need to get a life''…

    we must all remember that before being cast out of heaven, satan was the angel of praise and singing so he obviously has experience in the music department! I'm nt saying dnt listen to secular music cz I listen to it but have discernment and be careful whom you idolize and aspire to be like cz this world is bigger than wat w see with the naked eye.

    thank u for the article and i look forward to more. I respect everyone's opinion, whether u r for or against this passage.

    my final words are: BE CAREFUL, BE WATCHFUL AND BE BLESSED.

  30. Concerned citizen on

    I have read this posting and had a scan of the sort of comments people are post and I just feel like sharing a few things with you guy:

    – with knowledge come understanding

    – all knowledge comes from God

    – from the beginning of time certain individuals have been persecuted for acting on knowledge giving by God

    – on the other hand the Bible also warns about false preachers and doctrines

    – therefore only a foolish man hears the word of God spoken by another and doesn't meditate on it after consulting his Bible

    – Only God has the authority to judge (condemn) any human beings soul – you condemn yourself by condemning others (do onto others as shall be done onto you)

    What I would say you should ask yourself (if you must) is "does Beyonce (however attractive her appearance or talent might be) as an entertain help you glorify the essence of God in your life'' — If the answer is NO — go to your Bible — and I believe the general advise and rule is to run away from temptation by anything to takes your focus of God.

    So please stop all this demonising because it too is moving of base…in the end every soul on this earth is viable to be saved no matter what they have done or might be doing. It is no ones place to condemn.

    • I don't believe he is trying to condemn anyone here.. I read all this & what I got was a clear message that the devil is in full motion. What people aren't seeing is the "trickery". Satan is full of tricks & everyone who sees these people as just entertainers are being fooled. This is a CLEAR message not to follow along & I pray the the souls of these celebrity's can be saved. I don't believe this article was intended to judge or "condemn" anyone, but to shed light so that people will be more careful about who they idolize & worship.

      • They shouldn't idolize or worship any one but God if they claim to be Christian…that is one of the 10 commandments written by Gods own finger!

      • Theres more people into this kinda shit that aren't Christians. I'm not a Christian. But I'm truely fascinated by VC's articles and by being enlightened in general.

  31. ok im just wondering like some others why these particular performers? when its everywhere these days from the killers to madonna, also i notice more than once you use the word "we" instead of they when asking is this why "we" done this etc cos i know I didnt do it so you are probably talking about yourself and whoever you are associated with? so im very suspicious now and think you are prorbably cointelpro/disinfo/manufactured dissent agent.

    maybe not but seems a bit strange.

  32. Wow! This is sad. I loved Beyonce. We’re really beginning to see signs of the end-time. The advice i can give out is just, let us all be ready to meet our creator GOD when he comes. Each of us must just reflect on our own self and live at peace with others.

  33. in d bible, wen God says He will have mercy on whom He will have mercy on, basically it means some people will be fortunate enough to kno certain truths while odas wont. It's said in the bible dat the hearts of some people will be hardend, their ears deafend & their eyez of understandin blinded,especially in d end times. so even if Beyonce, J-Z, Micheal Jackson, or any oda of their kind comes on live TV to confess to having made a pact wit d devil, some people wld still not believe and wld call it ridiculous nonsense. wen u consider d fact dat some people do not believe even in God or spirituality,u wont be surprised dat they refuse to believe dis.

    I do not agree a hundred percent wit evrytin in dis article coz sincerly speakin some things are just costume, make-up and creative concepts, but i do know dat some things are just plain devlish.

    Those of us whom God has decided to have mercy on shld not take dis lightly coz God makes u experience, see and hear about certain things so that on judgement day u wont have any excuses.

    Let he/she who has ears, hear.

    • Her costumes are costumes which have greater influence and impact on the masses, especially young audiences who are still trying to figure out who they are. The music industry targets younger audiences because that is who music sells to the most. Ultimately, we make our own choices as to whom and what we encompass in our life but influences end up influencing our decision as we weigh what is most beneficial for us. Some people choose to follow, others are more self-grounded and prefer to live and lead their own life. Younger people have an immature knowledge of themselves and are very easily influenced. Those who follow the leader eventually discover who they are whether or not they learn the hard way, and sometimes who they are emulates the leader they have been following all along and they reproduce and reintroduce that part of them to society. There will be both good and bad in this sphere of life and the only control we have of our and a child's environment that shapes who he or she
      becomes is to guard from that which we know is
      negative and harmful. Self-knowledge and a healthy balance of our strengths and weaknesses is essential
      to our unique individual and independent impact on other souls in this world. It can be on the crown of
      God or the horns of Satan. Or it can be meaningless or lacking spirituality or religion altogether and about the self. In a spiritual and religious sense, Beyonce is inspiring and entertaining the idea of indulgence and
      Satan, without any regard to how it will impact others. Irregardless of whether or not she has total control over her career she is still the messenger, the deliverer.

  34. We all need to understand something. The mass media is being saturated with entertainment from all sides while there is a steep decline in the educational sector. Truth be told, the system proliferates the society with entertainments,tv shows, amusement parks,drugs,alcohol, and any kind of entertainments as a smoke screen from keeping the major populace from asking questions,from rebelling against a system which is not beneficial to many but to a select few and these so called few will go to any length to make sure that the masses are kept under control by any means necessary.
    The world is a lot of trouble because a tiny fragment of the world’s population read books, investigate, research.
    Why? The system, creating the illusions visualized on tv screens have permeated the minds of those in reality and even when we know that the imagery viewed on these screens are illusions, we, the reality choose to live that illusion following every instruction rather than our own thus leading to a mindless society.
    To any and every one, do try to watch the ZEITGEIST, and please focus on the federal reserve. It will do a whole lot of good.
    Kudos to whoever is responsible for this expose. More grease to your elbows and knees.

  35. Big ups,

    These guys are doing a great job , most what influence young people today is the mass media.

    This is the best if not the only to snatch them back from the "devil's mouth" to God our redeemer,

  36. ive been keeping up to date with theories and facts and truths on the illuminati and free masonary activities through various programmes, books and historic writings and their translations. if you have a mailing list or something can you add me to it or send me the link so that i can add myself to it because this was very interesting and further backs my belief that the music industry has been controlled by satan, through and elite few who, for the sake of power and conquest have sold their soul to the devil at a cost they don’t realise they are actually paying, from the beginning.

    cheers, well done and i hope there is more to come

    • Hi farmer, you can add your email to the mailing list on the right sidebar, under "Get Notified". You will recieve an email when new posts are added. Thanks.

  37. sum ppl laughin really shud stop it is not bout bringing dwn artists, it is more of making people aware of thing that are going on. let me jus remind peeps b4 satan fell he was an arc-angel in charge of MUSIC, i am telling u if what the record company executives r in the occult then boi it is not a laughing matter, listening to this music can seriously damage u spiritually. i challenge u nxt tym u go to a rave/party what ever when people are dancing watch their eye's u can see that the music takes over them, i am not playin.look at beyonce when she first came out compared 2 now. there is a BIG difference. i even saw an interveiw on utube back in da day talkin bout keeping God centre of ur life, now when was the last time she metioned God in an interview??? look at rihanna on pon da replay and now look. when she did good girl gone bad this evil came. starting wid umberella, sorry that part that says "come into me" is demonic and when young people are siniging that they are callin whatever spirits to come into them???possesion. then came disturbia nuff sed.please take note of what is goin on around u, if ur laughing at this what will u say when u have to stand b4 the Lord and He says i sent my messengers to show u. people this is not a joke. as God to prove it to u and He will. God bless u.

  38. i am crying inside now. very deeply for 2 reasons. 1. beyonce. i love her so much. and i am crying for what she has become. and 2. the persons who laugh and mock and jeer at this very informative article. but Vigilant, please continue reviewing.

    i am Jamaican and i love Destiny's Child. i have since…forever. their music was so pure and i just breathed it all in. i knew something was wrong when B hooked up with JZ cuz he was in the devil business long long time. and then "Crazy in love." it makes so much sense now. look at the bridge for that song "i'm not myself, lately i'm foolish, i dont do this" she just transformed! because that was her intitation. her public intitation and so many followed her moves, so many emulated her. and i hated it. i hated what she had become, but she was puttin out albums like crazy…one after the other with so many dedications to JZ who calls himself J-hova in so many of his songs…that is blasphemy!!

    then there was baby boy and that sucked me in, i loved her and there was sean paul, who is so Jamaican happened to b in the song too so i began to love her again and other songs like ring the alarm and upgrade u and i fell in love with her again. there were a few that i thought were over the top or something. but then came the album "i am sasha…fierce." i got that album, i have all the songs from the deluxe album on my phone. i know every song save 3. word for word. i loved the "fierceness" of the pics and everything. i even joined her fan club!

    but that which was presented here…i cannot deny. i cannot read all i read and say it isnt so. he made her sell her to the devil, he did it and married her! i knew something was wrong with "Halo" because there is no way on earth that you could refer to someone apart for God Almighty as one's "saving grace"…but i ignored it and thought he had "tied" her (a Jamaican term for actual black magick which prevents someone from leaving their spouse/mate). but that coupled with the symbolism in the pics…its all too much!!

    this is not just entertainment. this is apart of the Great controversy, the battle between good and evil, Jesus and Satan. because if the devil can occupy our minds with her songs, wonderful as they r, then we will become numb to the word of God, numb to the Holy Spirit.

    beyonce was never so shallow, as she is portrayed in Diva. never! it is so obvious that since she hooked up with that destructive JZ she has changed. i am sad to say it, so really sad, but it is so true. but there is still hope. because there is no case too far gone that God cannot reach you and fix you up, so if she makes herself available, the Lord will take her and anyone else possessed by the devil out of that life of shackles and give the promise of everlasting life. thank God for Jesus!

    again i admonish that we guard diligently the avenues of the soul.

  39. this stuff is sooooo true,i believe every last word of it.these ppl wanna be successful so badly that they are willing to sell their souls for it but don't worry on judgement day their will be no excuses.

  40. This is the mmost ridiculous piece of crap I have EVER read!!!!! I hope that all you so called christians will make it to heaven before the rest of us regular sinful folks!!!………wouldn't it be ironic if Beyonce made it to heaven before all of you brain washed idiots!!!!!!……..lmao!!!…….HE WHO IS WITHOUT SIN, CAST THE FIRST STONE!!!…….hahahahaha

  41. im very sad to hear this story coz i love beyonce soooo much. but im trusting in God to bring her out of it. thanks for article

  42. Along time ago, we could not understand the universe. We could not understand how rain fell, how the tides work, how seasons work, or how the sun rises. Therefore man created the concept of God(s) and used that as the reason for night and day (Set & Horus) or simply even the movement of the sun (Helios). Man created many stories as analogies for the forces of nature and the greatness of the universe. Stories that included Isis Horus and Osiris; a story about someone who died and was resurrected for the good of all mankind, and of sons born of virgin mothers. People worshiped gods and goddesses and these stories lived for decades, for centuries and for thousands of years. After such, another religion emerged, thousands of years proceeding this worships, it was called Christianity. This religion was a carbon copy of a variant monotheistic worship of previous centuries, with renamed characters and the series of events in stories. However, when Europeanized, leaders used it as a tool of control and submission. It was a calculated doctrine to give validation to the burning of many pagan women (look up the meaning of pagan) and branding of “witches”, and even for hundreds of years of African slavery. Christianity’s doctrin was written in a time when we still did not know anything, so that’s why Europe were the last to know that the world was in fact round, and that there was something called a solar system, and even when they found that out, it was thought that the sun revolved around us and above was heaven and underneath was hell… oh, lets not forget the denouncement of the existence of Dinosaurs and species of the prehistoric man, and that the universe is 5000 years old. The dark ages were filled with punctuations of errors of conception and violent “ministries” and smear campaigns on who so ever was not on the train of Christianity. Nevertheless, this worship, along with others are still strive today on many of the same smear tactics (Christian vs Islam vs Judaism) because of one simple fundamental fact. NO ONE EVER STOPS AND REALIZES THAT WE ARE PART OF RELIGIONS, AND RELIGIONS ARE BASED ON BELIEF, AND BELIEF IS NOT NECESSARILY THE TRUTH. The various deities and gods of many religions, whether they have 4 arms or walked on water, none of them can be found in world history. It is only when we realize what religion truly is and its origination, would we then leave our preoccupation with condemning what is wrong and work on doing things for the good of ALL. Understand this question. If you wake up one morning and there is tangible evidence that there is no repercussions for whatever actions you take, would you still do what is right? (if you jump to answer “YES” then you have not really thought out the question) The answer is actually another question; WHO DETERMINES WHAT IS RIGHT? And right there in that question is the foundation of the established religion(S) that we all eagerly eat up blindly.
    The reason for writing this lengthy response is not to TELL YOU anything, but hopefully to spark an inquisitive mind to seek the truth and to ask questions and not be held back by the “DON’T QUESTION GOD” responses of dogmatic believers. But most of all to stop using perceptions to demonize everything that is not in YOUR BOOK. Remember, its called FAITH & BELIEF…. ever wondered why?

  43. The illuminati is well known for alias names. The names in the old and new testaments has name changes ones that are obvious changes by G-D and ones that are more subtle.

  44. Life is ironic. Don't be surprised that if she continues in this mode that Evil Sasha dies in a Car blowing up.. and then we have to morn Beyonce's passing. I'm surprised she doesn't realist the power she is messing with.

    Who doh feel will learn.

  45. the last unicorn on

    just take a look at her husbands (jay z) clothes brand rocca wear.. usually every item is adorned with occult symbols … if you are that big astar you cant make it there with out the approval of the culture creationists who are luciferians …. how far down the chain in music does it go though? i mean my favourite band sonic youth could they be under the whip too ..

  46. Very Interesting! Jesus revealed the same thing to me last year when this whole I Am Sasha Fierce thing came out and I posted an article and series of videos about it on my blog. You are right. People really need to open their eyes to the amount of deception and evil that is right before us constantly. The Bible says that the "whole world" lies in the Wicked One, and God doesn't mince words. Thank you for standing for the truth in the name of Jesus Christ.

  47. Steph, where you from? I didnt expect to hear the term "Who doh feel will learn" here; and its oh so true.

    Being a Caribbean Christian man, I often wonder if these ppl never read the Bible. Or even think that the powers they are playing with will ever come back and bite them. To all the naysayers u too will feel. I love listening to Rihi and Bey, but the facts are laid here are as clear as day.

  48. Man You are on the ball it’s an eye-opener some still would be unable to see.
    Keep up the great work and be covered by the blood that would never loose it’s POWER.

  49. it sad to read that after all those things were explained about beyince, ppl have the audacity to say:
    1. This is the mmost ridiculous piece of crap I have EVER read!!!!! I hope that all you so called christians will make it to heaven before the rest of us regular sinful folks!!!………wouldn’t it be ironic if Beyonce made it to heaven before all of you brain washed idiots!!!!!!……..lmao!!!…….HE WHO IS WITHOUT SIN, CAST THE FIRST STONE!!!…….hahahahaha! it’s true that we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. It is true that beyonce can be saved, but if you know someone is a bad influence, wouldn’t you warn others about that person. they are selling their souls to the devil. that’s sad. for fame and fortune. rel mess!!! when ppl die, aint like you can use dat money.

    I for 1 aint perfect, but i am striving towards building a closer relationship with God. So all those who think what these ppl are doing is a joke, an they are just “entertaining”, they aint glorifying God. An its either God or the devil. Before he was thrown out of heaven, his body had jewels as well as music came out of him. so that’s what he’s using 2 blind all u ppl who think we need a life. looks an music. think these ppl stupid. just look at d 3rd pic. who’s dat what u see? not Baphomet. if she using dem kinda symbols what she trying 2 portray? dat symbol is from the church of satan, why get urself affiliated with the devil???

    Come on man?
    a blind man could see dat….wow. just be a little open minded an think before u say dem kinda thing nah man! Wey boy!

  50. Rey El King on

    .Damn. It's a shame to see a talentfull women transform like this. All the artist who are into devilish sh*t should die, srry for that but they are not humans, they doesn't apreciatethe gift tha GOD have gave them. they all are pieces of SH*TT

  51. Let me start by saying I'm not actually a big Beyonce fan — neither love her nor hate her. So while I appreciate that everyone is entitled to their opinion and respect everyone's right to express their thoughts and feelings, this piece does border on slander since I don't think you know the woman personally and instead are drawing on interpretations of things which are in the public domain. Which is the point — this is her public persona, not who she is. Not you nor me knows who the real Beyonce is. As a performer myself, I know that performing is very much about accessing the energy of a particular performance piece — whether it's a play, a song, a dance — and portraying it. It's not about demonic possession! I don't think there's anything satanic or dark about that, and think it's dangerously reductive and destructive to think along those lines by default. I actually think it reflects more about you and your own fears and prejudices than it does about Beyonce, or the abstract (and subjective) concepts of good or evil. You are not God, so please do not make proclamations about things you can speculate on.

  52. Um… a few things,
    First can you all just read reply #52? It’s a lil long with a few grammatical errs but so was this article.

    Secondly, on investigating the Rolling Stone article, I realize that the title is no where referred to in the article itself. I simply did a search for “Sasha” on the 3 page article and all that came up is the name in the title. (misleading sh*t there)

    The article’s author “Toure” cannot be found, unlike any other Rolling Stone writer. Do a search yourself.

    Finally I wish you all can do some research on semiotics PROPERLY, then do some history. Check when did “satan” go from a serpent to a goat.

    Just do good people, do unto others… (the best line in your book)

  53. Im shocked at this article..

    I listen to beyonce, and like her songs…..
    Which young person isnt taken by popular media, and artist in this day and age?? Im aware that evil is all around us, and as children of God we need to put the whole armer of God on, but it isnt hard not to be influenced by music the seems to be so innocent on the out ward apperance.

    Lets be more aware guys…

  54. The the moron defending Plato: he was the worst kind of elitist. You can thank the concepts of authoritarianism embodied by fascism and communism to him. Why don't you just worship Pol Pot or Genghis Khan as well?

  55. To everyone-

    This is extremely disturbing news to me for I once had respect for Beyonce as someone who had pulled herself to superstardom from meager beginnings. Meager beginnings may or may not be the case. The reason I am responding to this obvious transformation to evil for Beyonce is because I’ve just recently discovered Jay Z’s own relationship to evil. In fact it appears he is somehow connected to the Illuminati and there are several videos on Google video and Youtube which draw the correlation to hidden lyrics in his siongs as well as esoteric hand gestures used in his media. It seems that Jay Z not only discovered wealth and power through a pact with Satan but of course he has now influenced Beyonce to evil and this is the result. What’s really sad is all the influence they will have on the younger generations that buy their garbage and emulate them as successful “stars.”

  56. I think you are seriously wrong, since the time that Beyonce is in the song, it's just now that it is a passion to be idolatrous devil? But no, I think the author of this Article loses the head, or hate Beyonce has nothing to do his time.

    I am a fan of Beyonce and I think your research is not found.

    I am a believer and I tell myself that there are some point where you are right, but still not Do!

    Beyonce is the queen of Rn'b why right now it wants to make a fall?

    Ask yourself?

  57. she is not a Christian and hence she is under an inspiration from hell.let nobody cheat.if you are not of God you are of the devil.hence she cant help herself but submit to the power controlling her.

  58. Merry meet and blessed be,

    Really caleb maelo? I am not a Christian but I'm not of the devil either. It is people like you that make me give religions a wide berth. My way or the highway? or in this case, my way or you are from the devil and wll go to hell?… come on man. A little tolerance would not go amiss.

    As to these articles, I find them to be very interesting reads. Well thought out even if the research is a little lacking. I mean Wikipedia?? … No.

    I don't think the people are possessed though. But the trains of logic and thought processes are viable even if not valid. Continue the interesting work… maybe someday I will "see the light".

    Merry Part, till next we meet,


  59. Come on, it's a matter of human decency and not a matter of religion…I'm not a Xian either but children are looking up to these people as role models, which is the scariest thing of all…

    Anyway, I thought I would mention that Madonna also had a video with themes of Metropolis…"Express Yourself" had themes of sex slavery and the NWO too, take a look

  60. I am a huge Beyonce' fan and i really like her sasha feirce album……i'm saden by dis article, i tink i knew dat there was evil surrounding her simply because i am a Christian and well i kno better…but dey're ALL MESSED UP ALLLLLLLL OF THE ARTISTS ARE i jus wanna tell ppl don't dismis everyting u read…there is truth behind it all….filter wat u listen and wat u read…BE AWARE VERY AWARE… IF THERE IS "GOOD" U BETTER BELIEVE THERE IS "EVIL"…… i still loves me my beyonce doh..she is a gr8 entertainer


    Don’t pray for these people…. ( Jer 7). Yes. They have choosen the path to take for their lives and not the parents did it for them. Lets be concerned with how we can prevent our kids from this dangerous music and teachings. Jay-Z owns Roca wear and both logos of his company are Zodiac signs. I heard is husband to beyonce. How can two people walk together unless they agree? Serpent hatches a serpent not a chic. They are both masters of dark forces. there is another Jay-Z song i forget the name,a collabo with Kanye West. Check it out and you will be suprised. Media has decided to air this destructive crap. Teach your children in ways of God when they are young and they will not walk away from these paths when they grow up.

  62. Hello Vigilant,

    Yes, the music industry is tainted and yes the world is tainted. I believe that Christ is coming soon and that the Devil is deceptive. Still I am unsure if Beyonce, herself, is knowledgable about the occult symbol that she wears. In the music industry, you just do what the directors and management tell you to do.

    Nowadays in order to succeed, women need to be innovative, beautiful and constantly changing. Beyonce is trying to accomplish this; and with much success. God is the only one who truly knows her heart and her true intentions. By the way, the image of her with her hands up to her head do not look like devil horns…it just looks like she is holding her head up, or pulling her hair back . I'm sure that this was the move of the photographer, not Beyonce's own inner intention to appear evil.

    I mean it would be best if all Christians could just listen to Christian music only, but in this world, it is quite hard. There is evil almost EVERYWHERE, not only in the music industry. Imagine how hard it is in school systems. I just say as long as you are strong in your faith and belief in God then you should be fine. Some parents just have extremely high expectations on their kids (telling them not to listen to certain music) but the kids feel left out and then listen to it anyway. Teach your children about the love of God and Christ and then allow them to make their own decisions about personal peferences.

    I have always been taught about the ways of God and I love Him very much. We all fall short of His glory and need repentence daily. Just because you tell your son or daughter "don't listen to this worldy crap" does not make him or her a saint. Love, time, and communcation with your children are the best means to preventing their potential downfalls. The greatest commandment is to love the Lord your God all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength. Then love one another.

  63. I new about the subliminal messages in songs but this artical gives me more of a reason to teach and tell my friends and youngers to educate themselves and grow more wisdom about what there listening to.

    People out there uve seen the hiden part of music, the bit wich is has started to unravel and be exposed wich is sad n typical filled with BAD NEWS that will satisfy you for a little while AND BRING NO SOLUTION TO THE SONGS PROBLEM, HOWEVER, there is clean, encouraging n uplifting music You can listen to. Theres GOSPEL music (wich means – GOOD NEWS) I KNOW will satisfy all ages, nationalities, class just every human being theres BLESSED! people like:

    Jahaziel – Rapper Sammy G – grime/ Rap 29 chapter – Rock/Rap

    Antonio – Latin Pianoist Dwane Tryumph – Rap The band with no name – Rock/Rap

    N Dubz – Grime Deitrick Hadden – RnB Isreal Houghton n New Breed-

    Ben Tankard – Jazz Kiera Sheard aka Ki Ki – Mad flavour Cool contempary funk

    Sean Daniels – Soca/ Reggae Mary Mary – Mad Flavour Tri city singers – Heavy Chour

    Juda camp – Heavy youth chour Joshua Generation – Heavy youth chour Out of eden – RnB

    Kirk Franklin – Mad flavour Shekinah Glory – Heavy chiour 21 : 03 – RnB

    FLAME – Rap Marvin Sapp – contemp/funk Fred Hammond – Funk

    Theres definatly more in this indistry so i know you will find what soots you.

    Vigilant do your thing man keep exposing the kingdom of darkness NUFF LOVE n blessings. : -)

  64. hey, I haven't gone through this site thoroughly but I'm wondering if you have written an article about that Harry Potter arthur because I am 100% sure that she sold her sold to the devil. But to get back to this topic I'm not sure if I am convinced based on the evidence presented in this article. However, I was thinking to myself the other day that something was strange about beyonce's career. Usually musicians have there peak, for example Toni Braxton, Janet Jackson, and Mariah Carey to name a few were all successful but had some flops in their musical careers. Beyonce on the other hand hasn't experienced this so far and she's been around for awhile, and I personally think that most (not all) of her songs sounds like crap. Then I see some other female artist with really good sounds being trashed by Beyonce fans for either trying to copy her or for not being as hot as she is. but I personally don't think that her music has been that good for her to maintain her popularity and album sales. So for those reasons I believe that there could be some involvement with the devil!!!

  65. Dont take your freed on

    The greates trick the DEVIL ever pulled is to convince the world he dose not exist. The point is to keep you busy while his plans are carried out. So enjoy yourselves my friends. Dance and be merry to the beat. it's all entertainment. To you.

  66. This should be of no surprise (…we wrestle not against flesh and blood…)! If Satan utilized Rock stars (Elvis, Black Sabbath to U2, and those before and after, he would eventually find Rapp/Pop music (EZ E, Snoop Dogg, Michael J, Madonna, etc.). I talk to my daughters about this, but they think I'm insane, in as much as one told me she just "couldn't stop listening to Mariah Carey (who is also involved). But it doesn't stop there, as Michelle Obama has flashed the satanic sign, the Queen of England, Barak Obama, George Bush, Tony Blair–it's everywhere. If you would like information concerning devil worship among politicians/music greats, email me (! I have tons of info. Pray for all of those who have sold out–it's not too late!

  67. I'm not surprised, the bible says we cannot serve two masters, we're either for God or for the World which is ruled by the devil. It's a pity all celebrities wants to be popular and powerful but there is a price to pay, their soul for exchange of what they want.

  68. Ugh, I f***ing love Beyonce, and I hope she doesn't go to hell. I'm surprised you don't have an article up here about Jay-z who refers to himself as Jay-hova…and associates himself with the Rockefellers but then again i guess that's just too obvious. I can't help but wonder if she herself knows she is a party to something sinister… After all she didn't need Sasha to help her perform destiny's Child songs.

    Great Vigilant now every time i hear her music and want to dance I'm going to feel guilty…

  69. Just had to come back and retract my last comment, you did discuss Jay-z in the rihanna article. Sorry.


  70. Despite the negative comments keep doing what u doing…there's more for you than there is against you, you're doing a good thing by informing the people and you can be sure on judgment day this information will be held against all those that read this whether they listen or not. Thanks for the information and GOD bless you!

  71. this is so goood veryyyy veryyy veryyy goood, she actually has no excuse to why the devils head is on her outfit and the nerve she has, its in color too, and makes the triangle, i strongly believe that God used this to save people from her music because now its just in our faces we either listen or be disobedient but this is good the evidence is powerful very powerful i did relies that she has become more dark and when i listen to her latest abulms the beats were more dark shes getting swallowed by the darkness, unfortuntly some people may see this and think its rubbish because beyounce has it like that but the truth always overcomes the darkness. thank God for that.

  72. Vigilant…

    This article,like the Rihanna ones really got me thinking hard about the stuff we listen to.As for people choosing to dismiss this article…i ask one question…if these stars are infact not involved in the occult or devil worship then why portray yourself in such a manner?for money?for gain?

    When rihanna's career started out…she was the "good girl" and so was beyonce…Jayz…i've always questioned his christianity.By the fact that he called himself "j-hova" as a christian i find that blasphemous.How dare he equate himself to God just to make a buck.all in all i am a fan of both beyonce and rihanna so i find this very dissapointing and saddening…

    keep telling it as it is…God Bless.

  73. The devil will try anything to turn people away from God, he uses all kinds of people (or rather people’s names) whom we like/love. He knows that people like Beyonce are public figures of whom the public (especially the youth) tend to emulate so he uses her name to accomplish his mission. It’s up to the person to actually distinguish between the truth and whats false. According to me this is definately FALSE.

  74. Children of God…………Children of the light……………Why be surprised the BIBLE teaches us ALL of these things. If Jesus who walked on this earth was denied. How much more will this artical be denied by some.
    I’m not surprised at all I just thank GOD for giving you the wisdom to REVEAL and UNMASK the work of the DEVIL…….There is so much more of them and I pray that GOD will CONTINUE to give you more OF HIS POWER to UN-MASK the works of SATAN………The nations of the world needs to know this information. For those of you that believe take a look at the Book called THE SEVEN MOUNTAIN PROPHECY BY : JOHNNY ENLOW

  75. I don't know if you've ever seen it, but Rihanna also has a video where she is on the beach, and around her are many devil's forks stuck in the sand, and in the foreground a bonfire is burning. It's worth taking a look at.


  76. Avalonia… those "devil forks" are the broken trident… the symbol on the flag of Barbados… Rihanna's home. The brken trident represents Barbados' break with the rule of Britain.

  77. I agree that we have to put on the whole armor of God to beable to be protected, to beable to see. and to beable to fight against the devices of the devil. I once was blind but now I see! I now that everyone will not receive the truth, but I can't help but to wish that they did. I feel sorry for those that don't receive the true message of Jesus. I like Beyonce, I like alot of them, but I can not and will not compromise my salvation for the love of music! If you don't believe what you just saw; please do your own research. Read your BIBLE TO SHOW YOURSELF APPROVED! I will be Praying for Beyonce, Rhianna, and all the rest of them. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY ALL OF YOU! P.S. IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP OH SAINTS OF THE MOST HIGH GOD!!!!!

  78. I can sum the entire

    article up plain and simple. No one accidentally wears a GOAT SUIT, that displays the same image that the Church of ______ uses. Beyonce knows what she is doing, and she knows why she makes the devil horns, with her Sasha persona, it's no accident people,



  79. Uggh!! This friggin' site is addictive! I now there's more out there, so please post more info, Vigilant! (Damn, you 've got me on here sounding like a crazy person!!)

  80. Well, I just read the lyrics to Beyonce’s single “HALO”, and the song is talking about an angel coming into Beyonce, and the both of them are ” falling “, I.E. ( falling angel ).

    When Rihanna uses the ” DEVIL FORKS ” , I knew right away that she was symbolizing a trident, that is on her nations flag, but why symbolize the trident with a bonfire in the background, and the darkness of night all around.

    isn’t it just as easy to use the actual flag of Barbados, if that was the idea she was trying to convey ?


  81. I agree with your article Vigilant, but I have trouble believing Beyonce knows what she’s doing; have you heard the girl give an interview?? She strikes me as someone who has been…well, sheltered, and someone who’s a bit naive? Then again, maybe she’s fooling all of us and she knows exactly what she’s doing. I don’t know. This stuff all just became apparent to me in the last year. It’s like I woke up and all these signs were so blatant all of a sudden, it was scary!

  82. This article has truly openned up my eyes to a different level of truth about so called 'superstars'. I was never too interested in them any ways . I thinks these messages should continue to be sent so that we can educate the upcoming generation. Because I truly believe that watever the devil has established for good, the Lord can turn it around for His good and His purpose. I pray the Lord's richest blessing on the person the Lord had instructed to interpret these songs and videos.

  83. i was wandering, if i listen to those artists music, do i get possessed or something like that cause these articles really confused me.

  84. ebele ejiofor on

    God bless you for this article!
    It takes grace to do what u r doing!
    I encourage u to keep exposing d works of darkness-Just last night,I was complaining to my friend dt am very uncomfortable with beyounce addressing herself as I AM!
    J-hova n I AM-such brazen effontery-satan has moved from subtlety to open declaration!

  85. It's so sad to see such innocent ladies like Rihana and Beyonce sacrificing their lives just for money and fame!

    My prayer is that they will realise they are in bondage and give their lives to Christ.

    I honestly think that we are living in the last days.

  86. Some of these things are reaching. "Young" is a slang term often used in the DC metro area. It actually means "dude" or "bro". "Young B" is slang as well. Hip Hop often is braggadocios and people use all types of language that outside people do not understand. I just don't think all of that applies here.

  87. in a word, all of this, from Beyonce to MJ is IDOLATRY .. a word not taught in education … the various money "machinations" wont allow it; follow the money trails; leading to those in control who do not act in the interest of our behalf

    #104 – indeed satan is in brazen mode …. the last years/days are here .. look at how society is embracing homosexuality — and now that mocking movie regarding Sodom/Gomorrah "Year One" .. makes me ill to even think of the trailers; the blasphemous "humor" against the Word of God.

  88. princess laya on

    it iz such a waste that ladiez dat hav wonderful voices are wastin their voicez bowin down to these fake gods and godesses and demons

  89. This is what we call deception…..Beyonce is so pretty and alluring that people don't want to see the real issues. She parades in little clothing, yet women go crazy over her and wonder why they are battling lesbian thoughts. Beyonce or excuse me Sasha is the spirit of Lust…. Nobody wants to speak up and say anything. I'm upset with Pastors who have platforms and can reach out to these artist and don't. You know why? Because these pastors want to be famous and are paid off not to speak against it. Because you know what? The majority of the people supporting Beyonce and other freemanson artist are in the church. I'm praying for Beyonce because this is another M J situation waiting to happen. Once Sasha is through with her Beyonce will be gone and "Sasha" will raise up another star to carry our her agenda. This is real people be not deceived! Again please pray for Beyonce, she once knew Jesus but I don't know what happend. I believe she can be a wonderful testimony and expose what is really going on. She is crying out for help, read lyrics to "save the hero." It basically talks about how people use her and rely on her talent but who is willing to help her spiritually

  90. wakeupproject on

    hey ppl!!!! well if u wanna get a deeper insight on all of this…. i suggest that you all shud go to YOUTUBE.COM and Type Arrivals by noreaga…….. just watch the first 5 episodes…. if u dont like it dont watch the rest…… becuz when it hits episode 22-n onwards…. it gets really really disturbing……………

  91. I feel very sorry for the people that aren't able to absorb the fact that our reality is not at all what we think it is. For the people who are having a hard time digesting this and are laughing about it, it's laughable that your living in a world where your wired 24/7 to a pool of instant information thats right at your fingertips and you still allow yourself to be deceived. The reason the secret is hidden in plain sight is because they know most people are too lazy to open their eyes. It's easier to keep you people dumb then it is to educate you all. I'll say a prayer for you.

  92. hmmm..ive read this article as well as some comments and i wanna cry.Mostly becauseof those unsaved out there.listen i dont believe this article as meant to bring down beyonce herself as a person but the fact of the matter is what she is doing is wrong.yes there is sex..drugs and all these vices in the world but at this point in time she is the one we're analyzing…thats different to judging.i surely am not perfect and have been in the grips of sin but God saved me.he can save her one is ever too far from His mercy and grace but the fact of the matter is the reason God has to save us is because what we're doing is wrong.

    also this article is a great warnin to those dwelling in Christianity beacuse there is a strong spirit behind this music and the strongest of Christians "perish for a lack of knowledge". Again other secular music has this too but these demonic spirits have different strengths. I would also like to address those who are half hearted abt the article.Christians we CANNOT be lukewarm at this day and age so please pick a side! Also to those who think we cannot alienate ourselves from these kind of influences..YES WE CAN!!it takes drastic methods but it can be done…listenin to only music that edifies Christ is one way..watching a very limited amount of television with a certain programming is another…it is possible

    Keep fighting the fight..runnin the race…addin to ur faith

  93. Shared views on

    I have heard about this for a while now and there are videos on youtube on prominent people being apart of this. there are also videos of the former and future presidents being apart of the occult (i think they say the future presidents have already been chosen). there are more than one levels, the presidents are in the highest if my memory serves me correctly. the videos are very detailed about the presidents. I dont believe in impossible anymore, especially when it comes to evil. There are also things that exists in the world that we claim to be myths, we might be surprised. there is always a what if, always prepare for the unexpected.

  94. Truthseeker on

    As much as i love this site and check back often I'm starting to question the vigilantcitizen himself now just because in your educate yourself section you've listed movies from the likes of Jordan maxwell that has been allegedly tied by family to the Vatican hence him not ever mentioning their ties with the Jesuits and also Alex Jones which has had numerous ''truths'' exposed as lies. I'm just thinking surely as a well read man you must know this??? I like what you post and agree with it but those two people being listed as credible sources couldn't be further from the truth. Also whats with all the amazon links? you get a kick back when someone clicks through and makes a purchase…so you too have motives don't you? I encourage people to keep reading and learning but try to research these sources too if you can so you can make up your mind yourself. I find Vigilantcitizens information is great and informative other than this.

  95. folake hannah on

    Wisdom is profitable for all things. In all we do in life we should learn to be wise and trust in our source and creator. His grace is always avialable for us to know that which is right and there is always this gentle tug we get when we are doing that which is spiritually not right for us. I may not accept all the info on this web but I believe its nice to have such info that will make u search things more deeply. I personally was not down with some certain scenes of the musical. WHAT I GOT TO SAY…LET HIM/HER THAT TRUST IN THE LORD SEARCH ALL THINGS AND GUARD THEIR "EYE" AGAINST ALL THAT WILL BRING NEGATIVITY INTO THEIR LIFE.

  96. No one becomes famous in music / film / TV without certain "connections" and certain "training". Research who Beyonce's suppossed father is. She, like all the starlets are trauma based mind control victims, who always have multiple personalities for a variety of reasons: sex slaves, drug runners, media fronts, and sometimes even killers. That's not to say they are without talent; on the contrary, because of their abuse and torture (often below the age of 5), some of their "alter-egos" can be off the charts, which their controllers profit from enormously. Madonna, Jackson, Spears, Timberlake and many other are of this ilk. Their controllers start out as family members, who are often associated with the military and/or government and/or Freemasonry. They give up their young children and family members because they are mind controlled also, and threatened / blackmailed, and paid very well for it. Very little love involved in these families, obviously. The young children are then "trained" with various tortures, physical traumas, sexual abuse, and maybe most importantly, Satanic ritual. Churches, military bases, Freemasonry lodges, and child day cares are the most common places were this "training" occurs. Not surprisingly, in most towns, underground tunnels connect these places with government buildings and the homes of the Elite, which then have access to the children for various pedophilic and Satanic practices. Most of the Elite in our society are drug abusing pedophiles who are into all sorts of occult practice. Sadly, this is fact and goes to the very top, which is why "secret socities" are always involved because some very disturbing secrets must be kept and protected. And belonging to these societies, the perps take oaths that supercede any other vows they may have taken, including marriage or political office. They protect each other under threat of death, literally.

    Once the children are suitably used and abused, then they are passed on to other Controllers who plot out their main "careers", based on different factors. Making money is one big factor obviously, but blackmail, symbolism, ritual, and sacrifice are factors also. The kids are then accepted with open arms into Hollywood or the Music Industry and fed upon by a variety of agents, producers, lawyers, and power players generally, who all just happen to be of a certain "chosen Tribe". No coincidence there, as goys are thought of as sub-human and ripe to abuse. Much money is made, none of which is controlled by the pretty puppet you see on stage. The pretty puppets are used to advance many agendas through their "talents". The pretty puppets lead a life of hell, regardless of the expensive materialism that drapes them. Pretty puppets eventually crack though (almost always before the age of 40), and recover memory fragments, and they can reveal the dirty secrets sometimes. So, the puppets must have very close Watchers at the very least, are usually re-programmed at regular intervals ("drug rehab" is a great cover) and eventually some must be killed. JayZ is Beyonce's current Watcher, and not surprisingly, is a high level Freemason, evidenced by the numerous secret hand shakes, hand signals, and numerous symbols he displays in the media. Jacko is the latest example of murder, but there will be many more rest assured. This is the real World, and the best protection from it is 100% avoidance. As a parent, your 2 biggest enemies are the TV, and MP3 player / radio. But, sadly, most of you parents are hopelessly attached to the same devices, and revere the same said little puppets. This is our ultimate downfall.

  97. Woah.. I’m stunned by your analytical abilities, I’ve read several of your posts about occult symbols in music videos now. Theres no way in hell all of those are the by coincidence. I’m not a christian nor an atheist but I believe it has been done with intent. You don’t put all that symbolism into those videos by accident, or because “it is cool”. I really need to watch and listen more carefully from now on.

  98. I used to admire Beyonce for her incredible beauty and amazing voice but something always seemed off about her. When she was interviewed she seemed really blank almost like a child. As soon as I saw the Diva video felt a very sinister feeling and gave off a bad energy. I thought it was interesting that Beyonce was being used to furthur the agenda of money worship and involve women deeper into the pursuit of money at all costs. I have always liked JZ but I know he’s heavily involved with high level illuminati operatives. I also find it interesting that their wedding was kept completely out of the public eye. Has anyone seen any pictures at all? I just woner if Beyonce knows, I have to agree with the last post about mind control victims.

  99. "These conglomerates are owned by a handful of powerful people who, more often than not, are initiated into occult secret societies. They believe in the powers of the mind, channeling spirits, Black and White Magick, demon possession, sacred rituals and entities populating the ethereal spheres. In other words, if you don’t believe in the spiritual realm, THEY DO."

    Vigilant, how do you know this? Are you just making it up, or do you actually know these men?

    How would you know that somebody is in a secret society? How would you know what somebody believes about Magick, demon possession, or anything else? Did they tell you?

    I have lived in Hollywood for about 20 years. I don't know the Columbia executives specifically, but my impression is that executives in the entertainment industry are just businessmen who don't believe in much of anything. They use symbols because that's what sells. They don't take it seriously. If they could make money by producing videos in which persecuted high school students forgive their enemies, they would produce them.

    There are two or three "pagan" stores in Hollywood, where you can buy ritual swords, herbs, incense, and so forth. They are flyspecked little stores, very marginal in the scheme of things. They are patronized by losers, not executives. There are a number of occult groups, such as the Gnostic Society, that have lectures and other activities. The people who participate in these groups are not executive material. They are the most ineffectual people you will find anywhere. Men who own media conglomerates don't believe in Magick any more than Warren Buffet does.

  100. In a documentary she talked about channeling a spirit before her performances she said she was not the same person when she was doing a video. this was self admitted

  101. "In a documentary she talked about channeling a spirit before her performances she said she was not the same person when she was doing a video. this was self admitted"

    All performers are not the same person when they are on stage. That's the whole point of performing. You play a role.

    In any case I was not talking about Beyonce; I was replying to the accusation about the "handful of powerful people" who own conglomerates. When Vigilant says they have been initiated into occult secret societies, he is just making that up.

    "I think a lot of these people with too much money get into some pretty weird stuff."

    People with inherited money, yes; but there is a big difference between inherited money and money made by managing a business. You don't get to be head of a movie studio or record company by being superstitious.

    Beyonce's audience may believe in channeling spirits, but she believes it less than they do, her producers believe less than she does, and the producers' bosses believe less than they do. The higher you get in the organization, the less occultism you find. At the boardroom level, entertainment companies are like any other companies. The chairman of the board at Columbia Records doesn't channel spirits any more than the chairman of Exxon does. At that level, it's all about the money.

  102. The Sigil of Baphomet, the official insignia for the Church of Satan depicting a goat face inside a five-pointed star, is a modern day invention and obvious fallacy. A intriguing explanation for the word "Baphomet" is proposed by Dr Hugh J. Schonfield. His hypothesis is that it was created with knowledge of the Atbash substitution cipher, which substitutes the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet for the last, the second for the second last, and so on. Baphomet rendered in Hebrew is בפומת; interpreted using Atbash, it becomes שופיא, which can be interpreted as the Greek word "Sophia", or wisdom, the syzygy of Christ.

    The symbolic association with evil is rooted in the fall of Sophia. After this the savior (Christ) returns and lets her see the light again, bringing her knowledge of the spirit.

    The metal plate which Sasha Fierce is wearing most likely depicts the ancient Egyptian goddess Hathor, who is commonly depicted as a cow goddess with head horns in which is set a sun disk with Uraeus.

  103. i am a fan of beyonce no matter wat ,but i also noticed dat ever since she met jayz she hasbin wallowing in her own stupid sexyness and dance a nd clothes and all i was a lil shocked wen i saw the pictures in fact if i dint see them i wont have belived,she amde a mistake by getting maried to jayz.and i have told my frends about this d only ones that dont beliv r people who are afraid of their own opinions,they dnt want to belive.well u better do beyonce will do anythin for the money she is no more yur sweethert.i tot she was a church gal but i just realised dat she unly donates money to her own church,and dats all she is a sex symbol for the devil now how painful

  104. i dont know what got into me.I ve been listening to Ave Maria a lot lately. i really like the song…last night before i slept i also listened to it paying more attention to what the song is trying to say.. i realised that the song made no sense to me and was so curious to know lyrics…this morning i found her lyrics but still didnt understand who beyonce’s reffering to as Ave Maria… i googled it and then this…..OH MY!! Beyonce Beyonce!! Its sad that some people dont want to believe that Beyonce’s Evil…well i do !!
    i recieved one of those Rihanna emails and i thought it was just one of those fake stories that ppo make to get attention but hey now i believe’s really painful !! i can never understand why ppo do such things!! SAD!!

  105. wow man, im from south africa..and middle last year i read some article that actually open my eyes in many ways, in terms of understanding and actually knowing about these occults and all the evil things going on tht people choose not to see…

    I’ve realised that theres actually more evil than good, people easily let the devil take over them because he so easily seduced them wth materialistic things. He occupies your mind with how to make money and all these other things, as a result distancing you from the All mighty and then taking over you….im glad i found this website today because talking to friends about this is either boring to them or they dont believe this to be truet.

    Im glad im not the only one who sees what is becoming of this world, only if we could come together and resolve this.

  106. Hi people.

    In my opinion, I think that if Jay-Z and beyonce are into satanism, and Rihanna is into it, then why not take
    take a look at Chris Brown.

    His video wall to wall, is about a guy that joins a vampire cult, take a look at it.

  107. Me again:

    The Nit-Wit at #28, was ridiculous enough to make the claim that Beyonce is not wearing a Baphomet plate, then that would mean that Sasha fierce does not make the Devil horns over her, and it is just a
    new type of hair style that she is emulating.

    The Nit wit at # 28, not doubt is the type of person that, if someone is “pissing” in his face, he’d like to believe the “piss” is really rain.

    Hathor of ancient Egypt was depicted as a Cow, not a Goat.
    beyonce is using a Goat.

    The other Nit – wit is Lyle, at #27.
    He has no logics, and nothing to back up what he is saying, trying to make himself sound smart, just way
    out of his league.

  108. Whatablast at #133 does seem to have a valid point, though he unfortunately seems to feel the urge to show his lack of maturity, upbringing and style by the poor choice of wording his critique. I have looked somewhat better to the plate now and compared it with the skulls of cows and rams. I must agree that the curved horns are more fitting to a ram. Therefor I must conclude that Amun-Ra, the ram-headed god, does seem to be a better match although he is mostly depicted with a falcon’s head when combined with a sun-disk.

  109. Now that Antuage has finally been able to determine that the ancient egyptian goddess Hathor is depicted with the image of a cow, and at times the disk on hathor's head is the sun or the earth itself. Hathor is a benevolent goddess.

    Then why is Sasha Fierce depicted with the image of a goat, that seems to have rearview mirrors attached to it ?

    Vigilant's analysis is correct. Sasha Fierce is the vehicle of Baphomet.

  110. " …………….this also explains her stage performances and robot symbolism also tying into metropolis…

    predictive programming in order to introduce the rfid chip and eventually unnaturally evolve the human species into an entirely new class of human/robot." Jack July


  111. you are forgetting a crucial point in the diva video which is dehumanization of humans and humanization of robots…

    the dummies have two meanings…the decieved AND the current human form being portrayed as old and boring…they are doing this a lot, especially in the music business…

    this is why she is seen with robots and makes robtic dance moves later on in the video…at the end of the video she destroyes the old boring human form to make way for the new robotic…

    this also explains her stage performances and robot symbolism also tying into metropolis…

    predictive programming in order to introduce the rfid chip and eventually unnaturally evolve the human species into an entirely new class of human/robot

  112. I think that beyonce has two sides of her and personally i love Beyonce ( Non Sasha Fierce) but the Sasha Fierce person is a devil person if u look at all her videos being Sasha Fierce she wears heavy eye liner and heavy make-up but the real Beyonce is a nice pretty, sweet, fun girl but now im just gonna stop listening to her music cause she is leaning into the devil worshipper person and I believe that Jay Z has thngs to do with it cause of his songs that I'm not getting into right now is raging Beyonce into the devil life and that NOT KOOL at all

  113. yung child of god on

    i am very shoked about beyonce she loves singing gospel and she loves helping people and being holy but i don't understand why she became so wiked because she now worshipes the devil and no ofence this only happened because she went with jz but i hope she finds the way again

  114. c’mon be serious. r u being 4 real? only God knows who does what behind closed doors. r u gonna label her a satanist because of that? be serious!

  115. That one with the “devil horns’ was total bullshit, but wow, that main picture couldn’t be more blunt. And also, I really do hope that is why she is dressed like a robot, otherwise she’s a moron.

    P.S. Beyonce’s music is terrible.

  116. Hey, I think it happened for her when she got onvolved with Jay-Z because now I can’t stand to hear her voice or see her face. I don’t even want my 16 year old daughter listening to her anymore. It’s almost an obvious change in Beyonce when she started dealing with Jay-Z but it’s not just B, Rihanna also obviously chagned, then Lil Wayne I mean he was no saint to begin with but now he is obviously somewhere else in his thinking. The devil seems to be doing his best work through Jay-Z though, huh?

  117. I really think JayZ is also the watcher, satanic spiritual mentor of Rihanna and Kanye West. That's why they hang out together a lot. Their latest anthem "Run this Town" is just really disturbing…It feels like they put a chip inside Rihanna's brain because she is just a complete different person…it feels like sometimes she can't even give love to her fans…that darkness is so srong in her!

    "Baby Boy"'s video too is so demonic! I have always thought Sean Paul was playing Satan in the video…

    That latest video too where Beyonce's body flows in the air with a dove is pure witchcraft…yes she hides who she really is less and less!Someone in the previous comments mentioned Chris Brown and a video about vampires. So true, I always thought he was into those occult things after that. That's why his career will come back very fast, he is one of them.

    Poor world!

  118. It’s sad. I have been fighting with beyonce for a couple of years now, and this article helped me figure out why. I used to like Beyonce’s image because it was just that of a young lady singing about the things young ladies do. When I heard DIVA, I have to say that i was a bit scared. She really didn’t sound like herself…but I had to listen to it again, and again! Evil does have a way of looking attractive, but by the time you are sucked in, it’s too late! Beyonce doesn’t talk about being an independent woman anymore…she talks about being an oversexed (ego), money hungry (DIVA), mislead and vulgar married woman (single ladies), who dances as if she has forgotten the songs she first came out with: Nasty put your clothes on! She does seem like a totally different person, but not in a good way. God bless her heart and soul! Let the good Lord keep her no matter how far she walks in the valley of the shadow of death. Do ya’ll remember that?

    Beyonce may be in the shadow of death, BUT SHE SHOULD NOT FEAR EVIL, because God is with her! He’ll help her come back home. It is God’s will that ALL come to repentence. How many fathers taht truly LOVE their children want to see them perish? The Lord’s will will prevail! God Bless you Beyonce! I know the real you is in there!

    What we need to do as children of God is to pray for our sister. Remember the prodigal son? He came back so I know that is possible for B to come home! I know the Lord blessed B with that voice because ALL good thigns come

  119. MileyCyrusfan on

    wait wait wait a second, This article is dumb, those it means that if My Junior sister dance like me, she's evil and she's initiating me? if I dance hottie, am I a devil? if I burn my car, those it means that I'm destroying the old of me? If I wear robotic clothes, does it means that I'm evil? if someone looks and me and says that I'm hot, am I a devil? I always wear clothes with the head of demons on it, but I'm not a devil, so this thing is so dumb! I don't ven know why I've been wasting my time watcing this! but anyway I love the music videos! xD

  120. MileyCyrusfan on

    Wait I’m really confused, but somthing in my mind tells me that it is true! If Beyonce’s evil, then better not listen to her music again…u know, her new music video is a little bit “hot”, maybe she’s evil, but I

  121. I dont know how true this is, the whole symbolic thing, but it is true that there's ALOT of evil doing in the caribbean countries. Not sure why caribbean people choose to go down that path but the allure of wealth and success and notariety blinds them. Ive had an experience where me and my family were living at an obeah man's house and when his dad had died, about a week later aaround 4:3o/ 5am in the morning, I heard a knocking on the door and I was the first to hear it and the person kept saying let me in, it's Andy's dad. I heard it again and I got scared and told myself pretend not to hear it and the knocking got louder and louder and the voice increased. Mind you, Im a lite sleeper so I decided to wake the entire family, hoping that it wasnt just me hearing the knocking and the voice. They too heard it. My aunt, and to this day I still dont know why she opened the door, went throught the front door since the noise was coming form the back door and we all went to see what was back there. Not to mention, we'd left the front door completely open while everyone in the house was at the backdoor. But the whole obeah thing, it is rampant in the caribbean. Americans are less apt to believe things like these even occur or exist. I told my American friends and all they did was laugh and said they want to go on that "adventure". I had to shake my head because they really dont know whats really lurking out there.

  122. Well who don't you just get a life y'all, because she's famous and has a rich ass man, doesn't mean she's obsessed, maybe she like to get loose and maybe this is part of her fantasy. Leave B alone. Hatersssss!

  123. All of this makes sense to me…When you become a saved person, accepting Jesus Christ into your life and believing in the gospel these things become clearer to you. The veil is lifted and God allows us to discern and see evilness. Others are behind the veil and just can’t see it. We have to pray and seek God’s deliverance for those who are lost..ask God to reveal these things to them. I used to laugh at stuff like this too especially when grown ups were saying but like I say when I accepted Christ and received the Holy Spirit I became more aware of ungodly things. I stepped out of darkness into light.

  124. Get a life you people! only God knows everything. just don't judge.. besides it has nothing to do with your life who believes it unless you're doing the same thing, grown up people know how to handle the situations.. GBU

  125. the line beyonce is repeating in her diva video is very catchy…im a a diva,im a im a a diva. what's she really saying? imma deciver imma imma deciver. she was decieved by jay-z and has now become the deciever. watch out for an up and coming star that rises to fame with the help of beyonce because it is her turn to decieve someone just as jay-z decieved her. I know this may sound crazy but i bet if you played the song (diva) backwards that's what she'd be saying.

  126. This is too funny.
    I get the symbolism, its clear and evident. The only issue here is that symbolism has no one set meaning. Intended meaning could differ greatly from perceived meaning. There are a bunch of Vigilant followers here ripping down their little Beyonce posters all based on this sites INTERPRETATION. You can take the “signs” and mold them to fit whatever story you want. So can anyone for that matter. Hey, whatever gets your base to keep coming back, right?…LOL.

    In addition, the insinuation that artists are so easily manipulated by the big bad record labels is truly ridiculous. I’m currently a music industry major and believe you me, artists cant stand trying to be molded into something they’re not. Therefor, insinuating that its the labels fault is a joke.

    That’s it, don’t want to waste too much time on this non-sence.

  127. Bismillaah

    Dear Truth Seeker


    Sura – 109 The Disbelievers (Al-Kaaferoon)

    Order Of Revelation 18, Verses: 6

    [109:0] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

    [109:1] Say, "O you disbelievers.

    [109:2] "I do not worship what you worship.

    [109:3] "Nor do you worship what I worship.

    [109:4] "Nor will I ever worship what you worship.

    [109:5] "Nor will you ever worship what I worship.

    [109:6] "To you is your religion, and to me is my religion."

  128. I agree and I am NOT surprised. It makes sense. It's too bad that most people will look, read & still dis.believe while the others won't care. Don't you care who you're listening too? Especially to all the so called "die hard" Christians, Muslims, Witnesses & other major religions out there.

  129. and [they] deceived and Allah deceived and Allah is the best of deceivers”

    Sura 3:54

    Sura 3:54 Arabic: Wa Makaru wa makara Allah wa Allah Amkaru al Makireen.
    This word “schemer” (maakir) is a very strong word which r define as “sly, cunning, wily”. The Arabic-Arabic unjid defines it with khuda`a which means exactly the same thing .
    Sura 3:54 says that Allah makara. The Arabic word makara means to deceive, scheme, or plan. The Arabic Bible in Genesis 3:1 uses the same word for Satan.
    The person who is a makir (same form as the word kafir) speaking of the attribute of a person is one who would outwit someone else to cause them harm. It speaks of one who would reveal the opposite of what he plans to do. The reality is that he is scheming evil for that person. So yes there is the sense of planning and scheming but mostly it means to trick, outwit and deceive for the purpose of overpowering and conquering the other. A makir is one who devises a secret scheme against someone else. Synonyms would be cheating, defrauding, double-crossing, deceiving, tricking, in all cases makara has the sense of defeating the one you have tricked.

  130. To personally witness our"black entertainers" aiding in the new age movement i.e New World Order should come as a surprise to us. It goes way back to Michael Jaclson MK Ultra mind control conditioning to Grandmaster Flash's posse pushiing the Satanic agenda unto us. The reason why I mention these two should be obvious. Grandmaster is obvious title the freemasons uses as a title for their appointed leaders. In various photos we can see Grandmaster Flash using the Satanic hand signs at leats a half dozen times in the public eye. Michael Jakson does not believes in using mirrors and seldomly have them in his varios mansions. Jermaine Jcakson even admitted there were times when Michael and their father Joe ( the handler) would meet with powerful white men in the music industry and Michael would be sick for days. This was a sign of abuse and mind control. Look at the various photos of Michael and see the literal changes he went through. Nose surgeries to point he bleaches his skin to totally alter his appearance. This is a signs of a mind control slave breaking free from his abuse and reveling the layers of personality splits through out the years. He did not harm the children and was trying to protect various children from the abuses he witness. If anybody don,t believe me look up MK Ultra mind control,youtube vids on Freemasons and Hip-hop culture and the formation of freemasons vids.

    • ok, do i believe there are secret socities? of course there are. if not we wouldn't have a name for it. to me im not sure that these ppl are aprt of this so called Illuminati stuff. but one thing that i dont bellieve is that mj was a part of the Illuminati. he became famous because of his work. he first solo album was in 1972, when he was signed with motown. he was bound to become a big star. same with janet, she recorded her first with bro randy in 1974 it called a love song for kids. they were all bound to to big stars when they grew up. But my thing is this if these stars such as beyonce, lady gaga, rhianna, jay z and keanye are apart of this so called illumanati, the question is what are we going to do about it?hmm. what can we do ? we don live with them. we are not there parents or advisers? they are in control of there lives and they can believe or participate in whatever they want to participate in. im a christian, not the best but i try and im still trying to be a good one. i try not to judge ppl and all that good stuff. what im saying is this just continue being a good person and this ish right here about beyonce will not affect you. personally im not a beyonce fan or a rhianna fan. funny thing(bcuz im a teenager) i got there album and when i first heard it i thought is was the ish. but now it sound like blah. so thats it

  131. Cry For Help on

    PLEASE, EVERYBODY, BEFORE YOU PREJUDGE BEYONCE – and that includes the author of this article – please, please take into account the fact that Beyonce is making a cry for help! She has adopted these “Satanic” features symbolically, to describe what is really happening to her! “Sasha Fierce” is only an alter created by abuse. Beyonce admits to being abused and having been a victim of incest in her song, “All The Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” when played backwards:

    “Dracula, Son of the devlay/Go on, leave me/Go on, leap faith/I’m the one I miss/I made an err(or)/incest/I’m scarce/thin skin, and then (muzig)/Rust in an oak/Rub it in, Baalzebub” followed by very loud singing like an Imam, then afterward some admissions on Salt N’ Pepa, Nelly, anorexia, the police, etc.

    She admits her father sexually abused her right in the song! This is the figure that Sasha Fierce is trying to reveal to us. We should show empathy for her, and offer her our moral support, rather than hate or prejudge. Kudos to Dr. F above for your analysis.

  132. The only way to stop this Satanism is to turn off the t.v.s,computers,cell phones, pull your kids out of the public schools and home school them instead.The media and entertainment industry has dumbed down society today and it is only a matter of time before we all become mindless robots,that is what “they” want.

  133. Here was me thinking video's these days were mindless flashy rubbish… well at least I know some thought and planning goes into them… even if it is really creepy. But who says satanism doesnt pay??? Jay-Z always on the Forbes rich-list and B made over 100million in 2008. "Praise Satan!!!" That was a joke guys, sorry, no praise Jesus…Jesus, he might be long-absent but when he returneth, Im sure he'll cancel Beyonce's contract…

  134. You're quite decent at detecting symbolism, and using it to benefit your own opinion, but your analysises lacks profound meaning. Quit your religion and get into marketing. You surely will be well paid. 😉

    I'm by no means christian, but whats up with all the false idols?

  135. Hi, can you e-mail me Rihanna analysis, i would really love to read it and anything that you think will really be eye opening.

    Thank you

  136. “I really think JayZ is also the watcher, satanic spiritual mentor of Rihanna and Kanye West. That’s why they hang out together a lot. Their latest anthem “Run this Town” is just really disturbing…It feels like they put a chip inside Rihanna’s brain because she is just a complete different person…it feels like sometimes she can’t even give love to her fans…that darkness is so srong in her!
    “Baby Boy”’s video too is so demonic! I have always thought Sean Paul was playing Satan in the video…
    That latest video too where Beyonce’s body flows in the air with a dove is pure witchcraft…yes she hides who she really is less and less!Someone in the previous comments mentioned Chris Brown and a video about vampires. So true, I always thought he was into those occult things after that. That’s why his career will come back very fast, he is one of them.
    Poor world!”

    okay. ive read a few of these articles and have formed an opinion. they can brainwash people with blank minds who just wanna follow in someone’s image.
    i also think that these articles can brainwash people with blank minds. anyone with a strong opinion can get people to believe them. these are interesting articles, but these comments and reactions to them are crazy and extreme to me.

  137. Interesting, rather than purely disturbing, I think (at least the “Crazy in Love” video, I guess)- it could possibly be considered a hypersigil, if its intent on some level was to perform a ritual… how powerful a thing could that become? If your video’s being played nonstop- and it was- that would be a very effective form of magick, to a Chaote or a ritual magician. A hypersigil on that big a scale, formulated by somebody who had the experience and skill, could definitely work in that way, I would think. Then again, I’m approaching it from that angle to begin with.
    …So, did that same thing happen with Garth Brooks and Chris Gaines? ;D

  138. Ummmm. A tad bit deep and while everything this vigilant citizen says might be true, I’m not convinced, that these meanings of the videos were the intentions of the artist, but more the work of a good (and perhaps slighty demonic) director/mentor. I reckon the artists just thought they would look good.

  139. I’m intrigued by this article. I myself, have never really been a fan of Beyonce for reasons unknown to me at this point in time.

    When I came across this article I immediately thought “Oh no, not another devil thing about a celebrity.” However, as I read and read up more knowledge about this article, it makes sense. What you have wrote, matches exactly what is happening to Beyonce.

    The only thing that bothers are, 1. The fact that not many people seem to care about her soul. She is after all only another human who can be seen as being lost. 2. That everyone is interested in only saying all this stuff about her, but not that interested in stating how TRUE or ACCURATE it is.

    We know that demons and angels exist. We all know that evil spirits possess people, but we don’t seem to care about the souls that these spirits take over. I actually feel sorry for Beyonce and pray that God will send her help.

  140. The Illuminati link to jay-z I knew about, but not the rest!! I’m wondering now if LeBron sold his soul too-he IS a TIGHT friend of jay…….Early in lbj’s career his paid homage to GOD for his talent–haven’t seen him do that in a LONG time!!————-PRAY–its the best tool we have

  141. im crying right now..
    im an avid fan of beyonce. i love her so much.
    god has a purpose why i read this site..
    it really helped me because im addicted to her,
    90% of my ipod consist of beyonce songs..
    and honestly i dont know whats the meaning of her song.
    im afraid to look at her pictures right now

  142. The Romans used games and entertainment to dope up the masses, live things on stage that would turn your blood to ice or boil with rage… This is just another example of the mindless people who follow these trends so religiously… my granma cried when Elvis died?!? I don’t understand this big obsession with other people and didn’t the bible warn from worshipping false idols?.. I know it does because I was a christian for most of my childhood and know the bible better than a lot of the devout christians, the point is we may not believe in such things but the people who call the shots whether it through inbreeding and excentricity I cannot say but they believe it enough to be pushing an end of days like scenario and the lack of intellect and willingness to accept anothers beliefs is very scary because it meens the majority of people will not stand together to reject these changes (look at V for Vendetta and 1984) the masses are so unintelligent they are controlled like robots by the ruling elite… we are not too far away from this scenario now and if we don’t make moves to cement peoples awareness on their rights and responsibilities then there will be no free future for our children which so many have died for…. wheres Oliver Cromwell when you need him!

    Something needs to change.

  143. You know a lot. But there is so much that you do not know. You appear to know more than you know, and you think you do. That is a pity.

  144. Oh my god. See how these people that we look up to let us down . So look up to God he is the same yesterday today and forever. Who would believe that Beyonce would do such a thing after she was grounded in church. Thats being ungrateful to God and robbing him. The bible says can a man rob God and live. I am so sorry for J-Z , Beyonce and Rihanna they are being so blinded and short sighted. They forgot that they lose there freedom BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T CHOOSE TO FEAR THE LORD AND THEY HAVE TO SPEND ETERNITY IN HELL. I PRAY GOD PEACE UPON THEM.

  145. Fantastic insight and the most accurate summation I have read pertaining to this Girl. The evidence here is undeniable and in conjunction with the pieces regarding Lady Ga Ga and Rihanna, this is an absolutely awesome eye-opener.

    Huge credit needs to go to the writer(s).

    Oh and for anyone who makes the decision not to believe what has been said here…

    please accept my deepest sympathy.

  146. I knew very little about Beyonce when I listened to her sing "America the Beautiful" during Obama's concert. When I played it backwards and listened closely to what could be heard, the reverse speech message of this special historic rendition seemed pretty bizarre. What is described on this page offers some insight into why I found what I did in that messaging. The video where I present what I heard is here:

  147. Hey I found this video on youtube of Beyonce's opening of her 'I Am" tour in Detroit….the 'metropolis' themes are definitely being exploited in this video. Pay attention especially around 0:25…looks like the eye of horus.

  148. She WAS beautifull ones, but is not anymore!
    She betrayed our heavenly father and the whole nation.
    People looked up to her, and she became a TOTAL deception.
    She looks like a dead person walking around.
    I hope she can still realize what she has done to herself and to everyone !
    This is sooooooooooooo sad!!!

  149. Love Beyonce a ton, this is just weird statistics, either way, Beyonce is still the greatest entertainer of the late 90's and full 2000's.

  150. beyonce sold her self out for more fame how sad but there is a price for doing such a thing and in the end its not worth it.

  151. beyonce i love your music and the way you do things but just hearing that you and lady gaga and more are this evil make me love you more but it makes me hate you to i get from my family alot that im evil and its not something i like to hear and your not the only one who joined iluminati i did to and im only twelve years old i dont know what to do

  152. Something I just noticed as I was looking at the Diva video is the scene where she appears to be sitting in a window sil with her arms stretched out. Look closely at this pic. Reminded me of the scene done by Rihanna you pointed out where her arms are stretched up in the diamond. Her outfit ironically seems to have horns at the very top right above her breasts.

    People do not believe satanic things like this are real or that artists can portray them, but they really need to take head to what you are saying. Knowledge is power people. This is not something that has just been going on. Even back to the days of Earth, Wind and Fire. From a very reputable source I know that the lead singer of this group verified that some of the "freaky" things he wrote (and by freaky I mean you really have to not sing the lyrics but just read them to really figure out the meaning) he had no control of writing it. It was like something had control of him. This has happened to more than one artist who have admitted it. Sometimes you would like to believe it's not true, but people there is a God and there is a devil don't think for a minute that the devil would not try to use music as a way to get millions of people to follow him. What better way to do it. the devil is by far no dummy! Do your history people on a lot more than just Rihanna and Beyonce. There have and will be plenty of artists who have sold their souls to the devil.

  153. I used to rlly adore Rihanna bcuz she was frm the barbados (repping the caribbean).And she had a unique style abt her n she was just natural at tht time but wen she did disturbia i realized tht sumthing was deeply wrong cuz the dark make-up,dying her hair in black dressing all gothic..AND the song was so evil….

  154. My dear fellow brothers and sisters, the way out is to embrace JESUS and renounce sin.

    The way out is to embrace the gift of salvation often offered to us through Gods message of salvation which most of us choose to ignore.

    We must take a stand and identify ourselves with JESUS.

  155. may the lord have mercy on this story 😐

    seriously wen video’z like disturbia , ‘am a diva, run the city , especially gaga dayum i
    started worryin i mean i wld get glued to the t.v. and listen wit out really wantin too ….and i cld tel by jus watchin tha even wen they potrayed all the acts in the scenes …sumtin was weird and the lyrics had obvious signs of hidden meanin… but i wld always excuse it …Ring the alarm was my first of wit beyonce and then i start hearin abt disturbia bt i thot it was jus a joke but the heavy make up on the beyonce ,lady gaga paparazzi and rihanna disturbia … i mean they all really freakin me out and now jay-z i was never a fan bt i never liked his music at all ….

    i agree wit the guy who wrote this i mean … i had goose bumps and al the things tha flashed my mind b4 u had them and now i kno … the era we are all livin in are the last days for sure …

  156. ey people. This secret group is The Illumanite. They're the one who evil spread it out. Jay Z and the others (Madonna, Lady Gaga, Led Zeppelin) belongs to this evil group.

  157. i agree tajji i wasnt fond of her but i liked her music i thoght disturbia was probably about a movie or sumthing cuz i really wasnt thinking and i found myself hooked but now gosh this has really opened up my eyes

  158. BeginningMyEnlighten on

    Some posters have already touched on this. I also used to be a fan of Beyonce, but her persona did seem to change in a way that made me very uneasy. Now I can't stand her and this was before I found out about her true agenda. I'd also like to mention that I think Vigilant is not asking that we judge, he's trying to open our eyes to things that have and will take place so that we may prepare. If you don't believe him do your own independent research, but you'll find that you'll find out he's right on point.

  159. Now, let us hear d conclusion of d whole matter…the world needs God and desperately at that, through Jesus Christ. "The people perish for lack on knowledge"…He that has an ear, let him hear!

  160. People should learn on

    People will never learn… Some of my dormates i feel sorry for you. Somethings show but you dont listen to the warnings. God bless you if you think im lying… Nigel you are one of them

  161. I think it is amazing how christian people will throw someone under the bus, and to add insult to injury, try to say that someone worships satan because of a wardrobe appearance they chose. First of all, does it really help to call someone a satanistic person because of the way they act or dress. Shouldn’t the person have confessed it before accusing someone of it. Salem witch trials ended so long ago, because it was taken too far. Why is it that christian people often like to point to the finger at sinners, and never want to take responsibility for their own. Jesus taught us that we must find faith through him, and try to live the best we can. Remember that he did say that you need to wipe the smite out of your own eye, before trying to pluck it from someone else’s eye. Yes, we need to all be taught christian ways, but at the same time, you cannot expect your validation of faith to be the validation of someone else. We must find our own personal relationship with God. Artists are expressive, and not always the best role models, I will give you that. Let’s think about the big picture though, when did you notice the last time a school of kids were saying the pledge of allegience, or the last time a group of kids could pray. The real evaluation of the issue is not one or two stars, it is society as a whole. Did you not know that the government has traded God for gold. It is no longer in God we trust, but in money we trust. Don’t act like it is good as a christian to pinpoint any person out and state they worship satan. Beyonce has streamlined her success and in many accounts, acknowledged God for her gift. If we are to truly learn from the bible, then we must learn that everything happens for a reason and nothing is outside of God’s control. Out of this whole blog, what one person has immediately said, let us pray for these people. A true christian would not use judgement, but offer prayers of understanding. The real sin is not that the artist do the things they do, the real sin is that we all live to do them, and death is the punishment for sin, it is the relationship, thankfulness, and grace of God that we can have a chance to go to heaven. It should be left to God to decide who has that right, not you, nor me. If we find someone that is in heaven when we swore they would be in hell, would your view of that person change. Would it make you mad that God did not judge them like you did? Do you ever stop to think that Jesus saved a prostitute, or that he was the one who gave his life that we may know God. It also says in the bible, that there will come a day where christian people will be wolves in sheep’s clothing (paraphrasing), and you can only tell them apart by the fruits they bare, well in Beyonce’s case, it may be true that she does not bare the best fruit, but judging her spoils your own fruit as well. I can’t believe that little children can see more into a person’s soul than full grown adults, maybe it is time to view the world through the eyes of a child.

  162. sincerely, i've always loved beyonce, her voice is mind blowing…. this is some serious stuff right here. kinda confused but i will start analysing songs before singing or even dancing to them. i must say they are so good at disguising the signs…………………… sincerely i have a new perspective on things…… thanks

  163. @ Taff (with ref. to serpent and goat): Ever heard of THE scapegoat, the goat of Azazel? In fact, modern rock artists sometimes flout the scapegoat's name, Azazel, directly referring to the one and only being responsible for originating sin in God's universe.

    Check the Good Book! Plenty of references, and all normal Christians are aware of this. Looks like you haven't read much beyond Genesis and the serpentine reference to Satan.

  164. Honestly i do believe in the battle between God and the devil. I have read about these ocults amny times. I just honestly believe that we should be praying for these people because the bible says that only to the name of Jesus Christ shall every knee bow and every tongue confess. i say thank you that you have made us aware of the things that are happening around us and continue to encourage people not to make idols of people in this world but rather to look up to the one above. Beyonce in herself is also only human, someone who’m god created. PRAY PRAY PRAY FOR HER SOUL AND MANY THE AMNY OTHERS THAT ARE BLINDED BY SATAN. rEVELATIONS 20:7-11 He has already been defeated, we only now fight the battle of faith.

  165. Id like to say that this website is a great resource for people who are tired of having the masons covers pulled over their heads and having the media brainwash them. The power these secret cults have is beyond our imagination but we can still spread the word of truth, decisive and analytical thinking to breed more vigilant citizens. Much respect goes out to the writer and all others helping with this website. Ive never seen a longer list of insightful, educated aware people’s comments except for a few idiots like Numb 15,17 & 27. probably a few other blind ones out there. anyway i really shoulda connected the dots when jay Z named his company Rockerfellar. Nas said it well ”is that the kind of guy you wanna name your company after” the problem is that people have grown accustomed to listening to a beat as apposed to listening to the lyrics and thinking about there meaning. Read and listen to whats holy in ur heart and ull find the right way.

    Goodluck to all u disbelievers and peace to all those awake out there. God willing may i never fall asleep behind the wheel again.

  166. To those in the spiritual abyss, these articles probably sound crazy. However, there IS a spirit word. It does exist. The world may refuse to accept it, but as revealed in these music videos, lyrics, and fashions, the people in charge of this music who are promoting it, believe. The lyrics and imagery are too closely linked to be an accident or coincidence. They obviously beleive in Satan just like Christians believe in Jesus.

    No one can deny the Satanic images and symbolsim in the music the videos and clothing line.

    Rihanna, Jay-Z, and Beyonce may not be in any occult, but someone is, and it’s likely that the “man” (whoever they are). Who is subliminally infuencing culture through these artists. Are these artists really in charge of the entire production of things – lyrical writers all the way down to the video director? Maybe, maybe not.

    God created the Satan for music, he is music – Ezekiel 28:12-19. No wonder music is so influential. Once expelled from heaven, Satan mimicked God in every way, but oppositly.

    God and Satan are opposites like everything in this world – rich & poor, up & down, hot & cold, black & white.

    Everything that God (Christianity) has, Satan mimicks. A few well known are: rebirth into – light or darkness; good & evil; angels and demons; miracles & magic; heaven & hell; anti-christ and Jesus; heterosexual or homosexual (yes that’s right); peace & fear (which are spirits by the way) and these are just a few.

    Rebirth is mentioned by all 3 artists, but what type of birth were those lyrics discussing? Both Christians and the occult believe in rebirth.
    Accepting Jesus as your savior in Christianity (Romans 10:8-11). Accepting Satan as your ruler in the occult.

    Rihanna and the Bible both agree: The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. John 10:10 (New International Version)

    At the end of the day, both forces are warring for souls. Your soul is what you feel in your heart, that 6th sense and when your flesh dies, it won’t.
    God says beleive in me and you are saved. Unfortunately the word of God and Bible teachings have been mudled, misinterpreted, and used in the wrong way for too long and it has put Christians in the position of being bad guys. But Christianity is real and so if Satanism…..

    Ezekiel 28:12-19
    Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone was thy covering, the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold: the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created.

    Romans 10:8-11 (New International Version)
    That if you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. 10For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved. 11As the Scripture says, “Anyone who trusts in him will never be put to shame

  167. Evil? You sure she’s not just MK’d like the rest of them? I don’t see Beyonce as having any kind of real power besides her fame.


  169. Wow! I was watching the ‘Crazy in Love’ video the other day and could not for the life of me understand why he blew her up in the car. I even said to my mom..”he just basically blew her up.” well now I know. That’s what I try to tell people at the top and in these societies it’s not about black, and white they put those negative energies in us to keep us hating each other and not focusing on the evils they are doing.

  170. your good…im done with music by God's grace i will not listen to music….i have a question 4 the author…do u believe in God??

  171. Fuck Beyonce, Lady GaGa and Rhianna. This reality is bullshit. People need to wake up and create their own version of reality and live in it. Create your own destiny- live your own truth. There is soooo much info circulating on the web right now about mind controlled media whore slaves. If people didn't spend half their lives watching all the retarded shit on television and spending hard earned money on satellite cable bills and indulgent home entertainment systems there would be fewer opportunities for such vacuous celebrities to exist and flourish now would there? Beyonce and "Sasha Fierce" exist because society chooses to consume all the propaganda and feed into these detrimental thought forms. People are sheeple who can't think for themselves and want other robots to "entertain" them. If all you Christians don't want to be under the spell of "Satan" stop watching so much TV and bitching about all the evil brainwashing going on- start thinking for yourselves for a change!!

  172. I think most of us took note while viewing MTV awards (the other night) that one of the white guys presenting the awards stated they worshipped the Devil (satan, Shaitan). I am a Muslim and believer. These are open signs for all to see. We see who and what is sucessfully controlling the minds of people and why violence snd degragation of morality is so prevalent in our society. Also did you see “GaGa” hanging ( MTV award show) from a rope in her underwear with blood coming all out of her. This was sick and disgusting and points to where our society is going and is with women. To me it suggest women are mainly sexual, should be killed and are worthless.

  173. "start thinking for yourselves for a change"

    It would seem to me that the awareness of things that others are blind to and the actual ability to intelligently articulate that awareness, shows that these people "Christians", "Muslims", and whoever else is represented on this board, are indeed, thinking for themselves.

    Those who don't read and research for themselves, are the "sheeple", and those who would rather that people not talk about these things and just keep it to themselves, are actually enabling "sheeple" to continue to be "shepherded" by the celebrities that you have so eloquently referred to.

    I agree that if more people turned off these shows celebs would not be able to display their vacous nature. But if people are not made aware of what celebs are actually displaying, then the watcher would know no reason to stop them from displaying it on their shows.

    Awareness promotes change.

    The number of people who smoked drastically went down, once the "side effect" of cancer was made public. More, albeit not enough, people started wearing condoms, and more people became picky about their sexual partners, once they were made aware of how AIDS was spread. Had people never been made aware the link between smoking and cancer, people would still be smoking in offices, in restaurants, church, and while pregnant. If people had not "bitched" about how AIDS was spread, so many more people would be afflicted with the disease.

    Again, awareness promotes change.

    I cannot speak for the others, but I watch alot less than I used to. Now, when I come across these types of things, I am aware of what they are and I deal accordingly, by turning it off, changing the channel and, sharing what I have learned with other people who may not know so that they in turn, may research for themselves and then make an informed decision to either continue watching or shut it off.

    What you call "bitching" looks alot like "informing" and really, those who do not think for themselves cannot "inform" or "bitch" about much of anything now can they?

  174. thank you! #196 your words are words of truth.

    Vigilant- Please please remove #212. as a woman this kind of speech is deeply offensive and disturbing. what a great spokesperson for islam, i hope he is not in any position of power or authority.

    keep up the good work; i just discovered your site and have learned so much, my curiosity has been sparked!

  175. “I’m pretty sure I’ll get messages from confused people, wondering why I “see evil” everywhere or something”

    Evil is everywhere…

  176. I have been the average Joe type that dismissed theories like this as paranoia or far-reaching.

    Reading this article and seeing for myself the bold and obvious symbolism was a shock to my system.

    It would be difficult to dismiss this theory in light of this evidence. Morover, the astronomical success of such a mundane artist as Jay Z alone could add to the testimony that something other than talent alone is the driving force.

    Thank you for your research. I noticed that BET has pulled one of the clips off.


  177. WOW!!! I must say, being a musician, this article really opened my eyes to this Sasha Fierce character! I always knew “young hov” was a dirty character… But, seeing this article makes perfect sense!!! The “biggest” rap star and the “biggest” R&B/Pop star getting together? You know by them being married, they are going to make a bigger impact on the so-called “dummies” and influence and push their agenda forward! But, like Keanu Reeves told Al Pacino in the movie,”The Devil’s Advocate”, YOU KNOW IN THE END OF THE BOOK, YOU LOSE!!!! With that being said, I hope they enjoy the ride, cause it surely won’t last long….

  178. hey dee dee….listen up everyone worships something God,money,sportstars,hollywoodstars,their job….now look dee dee you cannot be a christian and not worship something….what you cherish,talk about most,what thrills is your god….this world refused Christ and salvation thats people are so perverted and their mind are reprobate……so am not supprised about what Beyonce is doing….she is simply inspired by the devil to do that….because if you dont serve God you are under the mercy of the devil.he will do whatever he wants to do

  179. I think it is interesting how people scoff at the possibility.Why? Why do you just totally discount everything you see? That is what they are counting on. It's amazing how people are more willing to be decieved than to believe the truth when it is right before your eyes.

  180. Okay, I think a lot of people misunderstood what I was saying. To clarify a bit, what I meant to ask was if you really think that these media 'stars' have any kind of real power? I mean, aren't they controlled by handlers behind the scenes who ultimately decide what symbolism they want to use them to convey?

    By the way, I have studied this subject matter extensively and have found that Christianity is as much a tool of enslavement as all the other religions you guys like to point out. Cast it off, and you cast off an aspect of their control.

  181. it's really sad for beyonce to be doing this i don't understand y she would do this …or anyone! i used to be such a big fan of hers and my sister is obsessed with her song sweet dreams and its weird casue i couldn't get it out of my head but something wasn't write and i was reading one of ur stories about lady gaga and i saw one about beyonce and her song sweet dreams i was shocked! idk y people do this satan is evil god is not idk y they make satan god even if he promises riches and fame and who knows what …but in the end u will have nothing and go to hell..i wanna thank u for this and i was wondering if u could make a story for avril lavigne if u have time or if she is satanic i understand if u don't though .hopefully this will open peoples eyes! casue trust me all the fame they have isn't worth it .

  182. this is crazy I am very happy about all this information on the internet.. I will not ever listen to their music I, unfourtnatly there are so many people who dont have idea of whats really going on behind all the music industry… too sad … be succesfull in this life with satan and in hell everafter some people like beyonce jay z and madonn are just too obsesed with the world.

    I am so happy to be who I am, thank you Allah !! alhamdulilah

  183. Wow, i remember hearing something about JAY Z being a part of that cult as well as KANYE WEST. (the MASONS) but of coarse i have little knowledge of it (since its a secret society).

    Ever since crazy in love, i have been CRAZY ABOUT BEYONCE….this says alot about my character i suppose (according to these analysis), and well to put it very briefly….i hope SWAG and SEXINESS like the one she posesses, is still within my reach one day WITHOUT having to resort to all that devil worship…..

    this article was VERY INTERESTING, thankyou for your insights.

  184. arnadomnaijanigga on

    hmmmm……wellllllll i think the dude that wrote this smokes a lot of weed and reads meanings to every thi ng!!!!!!!!!!! haba! make the guy come naija break down clarence peters n dj tee videos if that be the case nah???? lol hissss!!!!!!!!!!!!! jokes! follow your religion,i believe in God, Jesus nad the Holy spirit… the hell would sweet dreams and sasha firerce affect my life??? gerrout!!!!!!!!!!!!

  185. Someone’s comment about “the tattoos on Beyonce’s and Jay-z’s left hand finger with the number 9.”

    The left hand side or path is often associated with evil – Occultism and Satanism.

    According to Satanists, Satan is the personification of the Left Hand Path. The term ‘Left Hand Path’ has become an umbrella term of self-designation used by certain contemporary ritual magicians and is usually taken to incorporate practitioners of Thelemic magick (beginning with Aleister Crowley), Tantrik magick, and Chaos Magick (inspired by both Crowley and the magickal techniques devised by the occult artist Austin O. Spare, 1886-1956).

    The word ‘sinister’ actually means ‘left handed’.

    Satanists take delight in the number “9” for a couple of reasons. First, Satanists enjoy reversing, mirroring and inverting symbols, letters and numbers. When you turn the number “9” upside down you get “6” which makes up the number of the Beast (666) as revealed in Revelation 13:18 in the Bible. Second, Satanists take perverse pleasure in commemorating the death of Christ and the death of Christ is associated with the number nine. Mark 15: 34-37 reveals that Christ spoke his last words on the Cross of Calvary at the ninth hour and “gave up the ghost (died).”

    According to the book “Numbers: Their Occult Power and Mystic Virtues” by W. W. Wescott, the number nine holds great significance among many Masonic orders and secret societies. He said, “There is a Masonic order of Nine Elected Knights in which nine roses, nine lights, and nine knocks are used.”

    In fact the number “9” is the number of “the earth under evil influences.”

  186. bewitchedandbewildered on

    Your entire theory is a stretch, to say the least. This kind of nonsense rolled around in the 1980s. It wasn’t true then, and it isn’t true now. The only artists evoking satanic images are doing so as a marketing ploy and for the shock value. Your little theories of “evil” just give that behavior more legitimacy.

  187. Bewitchedandbewildered.. that nonsense you talked bout in the 80’s even beyond.. There are a slew of artist back in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and even today who actually are or have been involved with the occult… Myself being an insider in the music industry have witness first hand this so called nonsense and someone who is as bewildered as you are has no legitimate argument in this forum so its safe to say your entire theory of only artists invoking satanic images are doing so as a marketing ploy and for the shock value may be a legit and some cases a true stretch in other cases say the least but in either situation you will become under the influence of reality of the evil you may invoke.

    Since a person much like yourself who has been so called bewitched lol should be inclined understand the situation… The best way for evil to succeed is to deny its very existance.

  188. The devil is certainly working his magic through our music. That’s why I don’t even listen to music anymore. It’s polluting our minds. Just look. Of course, they want us to believe “oh, its just entertainment.” But reality is thats what the devil wants you to beleive. The truth always tends to be concealed. It’s crazy. I just recommend that people stop listening to brainwashing stuff. Stay focused on Jesus. Because he is coming soon. It’s just sooo sad because people are really just not seeing the truth. Man i’m telling you…..this is the devils playground for real.

  189. Respectfully, I find that anyone looking for the bad/negative/evil in anything will find what they are looking for. Judge not, or you to will be judged.

  190. I think this information is pretty good. im not tryin to find any loopholes or anything because it is quite true that a lot of this isnt just coincidence. however you have shown a ”satanic robot” with the pentagram in the background, but can that really be attributed to a beyonce video considering the robot is only satanic because the directors chose to make it that way? i understand what you say about baphomet and all that, but some things arent necessarily complete truths

  191. I’ve discussed many of these “coincidences” on my blog studying patterns;

    I’m actually wrapping up a series of analytical articles on Beyonce and the pop stars around her, but if you check my archives, you’ll find a lot of the ideas you touched on here.

    the awakening is happening…

  192. I truly believe that this is looking into something way to much that truly is nothing….I mean I kind of think its a bit ridiculous.

  193. There is a huge difference between Satanism and Luceferian Mystery Schools.

    Those of you thinking along the lines of God/Yahweh vs Satan have no idea what is happening on this planet- nor have opened their eyes to any aspect of truth. You are playing straight into the Jesuits/Masons/Rosicrucians/Hyskos/Illuminati hands- because you do not have any concept of spiritual understanding of the greater drama- beyond the Veil.

    The Luceferian sects are bent on manipulation, deception and the likes- but they are not Satanic, and they are not evil. If you still think along the lines of Good vs Evil then you still have not learned the opportunity at hand here.

    These people are challenging us- they are TESTING us through being manipulated by higher beings which all belong to different factions and Agendas. The Luceferian Sect is a seperate sect that belongs to an Oversoul which is primarily of a mixed tribe of Draconian/Annunaki/Pleadian Hybrids, among others who are represented among them. There are different sects..and different “illuminati” type groups who represent different agendas.

    The so called indigos…of which you could say it is a label i “fall” under are not here to save the world. Nor is Jesus, nor is any other higher being to save us. The responsibility falls unto us- those of us that have come come from outside the earth cycle- from different realms, time vectors, and/or planets are only here to hold the proper frequency. To accomplish our “tasks” so that the future probabilities of earth are pulled out of it’s current descending track.

    The Veil has long been pulled over our heads, the Masonic Luceferians (not all masons are Luceferians!!) are only here to play their roles of Stewards of the veil, of the Mind Control program which has long existed beyond the 3d realm….A frequency barrier, a disconnection between lower dna and higher dna, a disconnection between our physical and spiritual selves. The modern mind control program is bringing the archetypes of the Fallen Matrix into 3d…in other words, into physical existence and not just astral/spiritual. This is the true purpose of holographic technology, frequency barrier of the HAARP/Chemtrail program, and the MK program within music and television…soon to be implemented into frequencies through chips and other things.

    This is the idea of Bringing the Veil down from beyond our physical perception (call it 4d if you wish, not including time)- directly into our immediate senses.

    Why are so many good “aliens” intervening? Why is so much knowledge being spread? Why is there so much effort from the Darkness to seperate the lightworkers> Why is 2012 so important? Because the balance of the entire sector is at stake through our planet- the descending path of our current selves is destroying the nearly infinite spiritual nature of the human mind, through beings and energies that are hijacking our evolution. Why? Because they have fallen from their own power of Creative Connection…from Source/God. We are valuable to them as animals are to us.

    It’s time to wake up my brothers and sisters :) Let go of religion, and gaze beyond the veil.

  194. People stop all this speculating about peoples motives. I mean either you like her music or you don't stop trying speak for this GROWN WOMAN.

  195. The time is closer than anyone can image and we will see face to face. Man will soon reach his climax and this world will end. Most just won’t understand, anything absent of the True GOD (The Lion of Judah) is the presance of “self” and “self” is why we are all here. Romans 3:23

  196. I absolutely agree with this article. Moreover, a true christian does not need to read this article to realize that beyonce is not someone to look to as a role model. First of all, the image she portrays of herself is basically that of a whore; the way she shamelessly exposes herself to arouse the lust of millions of men is enough to show how she has let her desire for fame take over her will to please God. Secondly, the bible says “For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned.” (Matthew 12:37). The words in her songs are basically a proof of her affiliation with the devil whether she is saying it consciously or unknowingly. I don’t think God is pleased to hear such words from anyone’s mouth and anyone who utters them, even if in ignorance, is nonetheless destined to hell (if they don’t change) as the bible says “my people perish due to lack of knowledge”.

    As for you people out there who call yourself Christians and think this article is bullshit, go and read the bible and understand what God has commanded us. You will find out that God does not approve of anyone dancing half naked with vulgar body movements and muttering lyrics/displaying images that glorify the devil. In the old testament you will see numerous accounts of how much God detests symbols and images related to the devil. God says “I will repay them double for their wickedness and their sin, because they have defiled my land with the lifeless forms of their vile images and have filled my inheritance with their detestable idols.” (Jeremiah 16:18) . The satanic images that beyonce is using are the exact images that God is referring to here ; satan is God’s greatest adversary so SATANIC IMAGES ARE VILE TO GOD EVEN IF THEY ARE NOT TO YOU. And IF YOU THINK GOD’S OPINION DOES NOT COUNT THEN YOU ARE A FOLLOWER OF THE DEVIL . HE WAS THE FIRST ONE TO DENY GOD’S SOVEREIGNTY and now you are following in his footsteps by letting your ideas take precedence over God’s ideas.

    As Christians, we should be interested in what God has to say and not our own opinion. Anyone who brings in his/her opinion against God’s ways is exalting himself above God. Such a person is not a christian but a fool heading for destruction.

  197. AMEN @ ForChristAlone, its time for us young ppl to wake up and smell the evil that we allow to pentetrate our minds!

    God bless vigilante.

  198. No one is retarded darling! YOU are lost! It is a well-known fact that in order to even get a Record Deal in the music Industry YOU MUST take the Oath and worship the Baphomet/SATAN! Satan always promises people fame and riches for their SOUL…that is what SATAN is all about! No idiots here! YOU should take a chill pill and start opening your eyes to the things around you!

    The Elites Next Agenda: Robots,
    Monarch Slaves are already Human Robots/Dolls

    You either are on their side or you are blind…

    With a name like Beasty21…As in the Beast…you are probably down with the Brotherhood!

    I rest my case, you always seem to give yourselves away!

  199. A GROWN WOMAN who has no mind of her own! Come on now give yourself a break and save the nonsense! People hate to hear the truth even when it is starring us in the FACE!

  200. OMG! I looed at both Elle Mags! Look at her eyes…Their is definitely a demon inside of her! She is clearly possessed! DAMN! Scary Stuff!

  201. Monarchs/Demon Possessed almost always have an alter ego…

    Beyonce – Sasha Fierce
    Janet Jackson – Damita Joe
    Eminem – Slim Shady/Rain Man
    Michael Jackson – Peter Pan/Ptah
    Jennifer Lopez – J. Lo (Remember her album: Rebirth)
    Ciara – Super C (She thinks she has the powers of a female Super Hero – Go Figure)

    I think of others…later

  202. Answering 202.

    Yes I was tripping too when Jay-Z named his company Rock-a-Fella, etc. but who do you think gave him his money/props to even have such a company and do you think anyone else could even use the name since it is associated with wealth and elusiveness…Nas may have mentioned this about “Rockerfeller” but don’t get it twisted. HE(NAS) is down with the Freemason Brotherhood too! You see they always pretend to hate each other by having these fake “beefs” with one another but in the end it’s all about selling records and milking the money from these Parents’ children who want to buy CD’S and “itunes” to make their kids happy.

    The East Coast/West Coast BEEF was one of the Biggest with Tupac and Biggie and we LOST two great artists and it wasn’t because of the BEEF; it was the beginning but what happened with them was much BIGGER indeed!

    I have Nas’s first CD but I was never into Jay-Z! Too fake, no substance!

  203. SexyFoxyRoxy, thanks for the info on your posts 242 and 245.

    The name MONARCH in terms of mind control refers to the monarch butterfly. When a person is undergoing trauma induced by electroshock, a feeling of light-headedness is evidenced; as if one is floating or fluttering like a butterfly. There is also a symbolic representation pertaining to the transformation or metamorphosis of this beautiful insect: from a caterpillar to a cocoon (dormancy, inactivity ), to a butterfly (new creation) which will return to its point of origin. Such is the migratory pattern that makes this species unique.

    A marionette is a puppet that is attached to strings and is controlled by the puppet master, hence MONARCH programming is also referred to as the "Marionette Syndrome."

  204. Vigilant

    Your site serves a worth purpose. Sometimes I suppose we forget many people have not become aware of something that should be so obvious. You however go into great detail explaining the ins and outs. I salute you.

    There is also a move by the Israeli cyber army to infiltrate websites for propaganda purposes. I notice you are loaded with electronic levis here.

  205. SexyFoxyRoxy, you stated in post 245, “Monarchs/Demon Possessed almost always have an alter ego…”

    An alter is created through trauma, repetition and reinforcement. In order to activate (trigger) the alter, a specific access code or password (cue or command) is required. The victim/survivor is called a “slave” by the programmer/handler, who in turn is perceived as “master”. Subjects are used mainly for covert operations, prostitution and pornography; involvement in the entertainment industry is notable.

    There are an inordinate amount of alters in the victim/survivor with numerous back-up programs, mirrors and shadows. A division of light-side (good) and dark-side (bad) alters are interwoven in the mind and rotate on an axis.

  206. Beyonce’s alter is Sasha Friece.

    A alter is created through trauma, repetition and reinforcement. In order to activate (trigger) the alter, a specific access code or password (cue or command) is required. The victim/survivor is called a “slave” by the programmer/handler, who in turn is perceived as a “master”. Subjects are used mainly for covert operations, prostitution and pornography; involvement in the entertainment industry is notable. The MONARCH slave is totally controlled by a handler without even knowing that they are controlled.

    There are an inordinate amount of alters in the victim/survivor with numerous back-up programs, mirrors and shadows. A division of light-side (good) and dark-side (bad) alters are interwoven in the mind and rotate on an axis. A MONARCH slave has thousands of internal safety devices (programs etc.) to prevent anything from freeing the slave of her or his programming. IF YOU DISCOVER A MONARCH SLAVE – BE CAREFUL NOT TO TELL THEM WHAT YOU KNOW OR YOU MAY CAUSE THEM TO COMMIT SUICIDE. Suicide programs are attached to all types of things within a MONARCH slave. Do not mistakenly think you can tamper with the programming. Do not think that you can merely tell the slave that you want to free the person, and expect that they will automatically want your help. Working with MONARCH slaves (also called Marionette survivors) is touchy like handling ticking bombs.


  208. Much respect to the writer of these articles.

    I’m sad to see the comments after reading each article, though.
    Most of the people that respond through comments mention “god” at one point or another.
    To see someone say something like “aww poor soul, we must all pray for this person” disturbs me.
    What are you even doing at this site if you haven’t come to peace with the fact that ALL MODERN religions as WE KNOW them are a HOAX????? Truly mind boggling.

    There is no other “god” than the one within each and everyone of us. For a grown up to believe in heaven, is like 5 year old kids believing in santa claus. If you can’t see the comparison, you are truly a dumb doormat.
    I will even go as far as to say that the forces at hand has done a good job. It impresses me how easily manipulated the masses truly are. It also scares me, though, believe that. I can only take from this that I most certainly neverevereverever will spread bias teachings or try to imply anything of that nature on anyone!! U S E Y O U R B R A I N

    Sincerely, from Norway, where we deal with REAL knowledge

  209. Omg this website is so cool, its eye opening and great to lean about the dark side of the pop culture industry.
    Umm i was wondering if anyone eles noticed the black and white dress Beyonce wears in Diva it looks like the face of Baphomet, it has little horns and big black eyes and a long snout, please check it out because i want to know if im right XD.

  210. Well Well there are so much more like Tom Cruise, John Travolta that have done this, sell their souls to the devil for fame and riches. They come like angel of light to deceive and I was so engulfed in Beyonce music, but everybody has to answer for themselves, Jay-Z is going to get what hes asking for, not my man but by God (Jesus). So i aint judging because im not perfect, but let God be the judge. Jesus over the devil no matter how he acts big and bad. Blessings

  211. Beyonce and her family seem proud of their Louisiana Creole roots. Any chance there is some Voodoo or generational cursing at work? Just some thoughts.

  212. Regarding the "Crazy In Love" video:

    Notice the very evident use of symbolism regarding the four elements: Fire (Beyonce in the car in flames); Water (the fire hydrant kicked open and gushing water all over Beyonce); Air (the huge fan in the background blowing wind onto Beyonce and the dancers); Earth (The "grittiness" of the streets and Beyonce getting into it, on all fours down on the ground).

    The use of the four elements is standard practice in any ritual magic.


  214. Wow, I cannot believe the reactions of such a group of people. I am ashamed for all of you, because you are trying to explain your opinions about this music, and they are very valid in it’s own right. However, no one of you has the right to be calling Beyonce a whore. Do you honestly think this is a Christian attitude to have about anyone. I am ashamed to be considered as one of you, when you perverse the truth, and pollute the words you speak against another person. If you really love God, maybe you should follow more of his own teachings. There is nothing wrong with not liking the music she produces, or the way she portraits herself on TV. Yes, I agree one hundred percent, that she is not a good role model anymore, but at the same time, we all know that we need to be teaching our children the ways of God, and then they would not need to have a role model. Secondly, the brain washing comments are just another way to say, that you cannot be strong in your own minds to know what you believe, and you need someone to do your thinking for you. There are people who can be hypnotized, but it is proven that these people are very few in the world. We are only going to be swayed, because we wanted to be so, or we would not allow it. If you truly believe in Jesus, then you must know that Jesus was here to save all of us, and he didn’t do so by pointing out sins, or calling all sinners demons. He did so by giving his life, so that they and we could all have a chance to enter into heaven. How many of you, would give up your life to save Beyonce. There is not one of you that can say you would, because your attitudes are “Holier than thou”. I agree, there are evils in the world, just as they are goods in the world. When will all of you recognize that you are here on earth to have your choice to either choose God or Satan. You are arguing a case against artists, and the fact is, they are responsible for their own souls, as well as you with yours. How much more does it take to understand, that we are not living life to nay say, or to point out everyone’s faults. The bible speaks of a lot of things that you can use to defend your actions, but it also speaks against you as well. Remember, that the bible is inspired of God, made by men (sinners), and has alot of the different views on different subjects of the bible. Why can’t you understand, that the first stepping stone to God, is to find compassion for those that are lost, even more than those that are saved. How can a Christian person be a light to the world, if they run short fuses, and burn out quickly. Practice and exorcise your beliefs as you see fit, but remember that Jesus gave us the parable of the Prodicle Son. There is a message in that parable that we as Christians should focus on and pay attention to. I am sorry if anyone is offended by this entry, as I understand there are different religions on here as well. I am a Christian person myself, and I wanted to help people understand that we cannot change the world, but we can love all our neighbors and treat them all with kindness, and let God be the driver for removing the evils of the world. We cannot play the role of God, we are just subject to his ultimate rule over the planet. I love you all, please stop the name calling on anyone, they are flesh and blood, as we are a well. We have no right placing a “Scarlet Letter”, or in this case, a “Scarlet Word” over another person. Please find God somewhere inside you, and have a compassion and pity for those that are lost. Please let us pray that God would intervine and bring all these artists back to him, and our family.

  215. There is a Yin and Yang to everything. There are many artists working on the darkside, can you give examples of positive imagery? Positive symbolism? PLease…?

  216. Do u think it is true????????????????????????
    And if so why worshipp the devil god is pure god is true
    email us \
    Beyonce we are ashamed and worried get your act together!!! and get HELP proffesional help dear

  217. thank you and thankyou a million times, your article has become such a blessing to my life i thik i have read it like 20 times and each time i do it blows my mind. You have a tremendous gift and i am so thankfull fr your work and wizdom. I used to be a huge beyonce fan i even get to this site in the first place triying to find the meaning of sasha fierce and God always find amazing ways to show the truth, im so gratefull, thankoyu and forever thank you your article opened my eyes and made me see i was in a terrible path. God keep blessing you, and everyone that knows the truth.
    P.S. i found this series of viedo that show a deeper analysis to the Sasha Fierce meaning and its simply weeeyyy!!!!

  218. and the song ROCK is very disturbing…. Jesus Christ is the rock and the truth, how can she take those same woeds and give them to just a mere man…


  220. this info is timely! a warning to all those who thinks music is just music. its a wake up call especially to those take life for granted. God is word (bible)has clearly stated has set before us LIfe and Death then he warns by saying choose life. This info on website is so accurate. it is based on facts and truths so clear. it doesnt a college degree for to see the truths. Ladies and gentlemen lets open our eyes.

  221. it hurts to my bone marrow that someone as beautiful as beyonce is wasting her talent by getting involved in something this insane. its so crazy that she had to go through all this things for what? fame, power(ha ha), weealth, BULLSHIT!!! “what does it profit a WOMAN to gain the whole world and forfeit HER soul” i’ll contact her of convert back to a christian from whatever she has turned herself into. MY GOD!!!

  222. I suppose you’re the kind of person who thinks the Harry Potter books are works of evil as well aren’t you? I think it’s tragic that you’ve spent so much time trying to tell everyone these singers are satanic. There’s not one person in this world who has developed a different persona to get themselves through a difficult or uncomfortable situation – this does not make them Satan worshippers.

  223. i`m not surpised AT ALL. i said it all the time that "sasha fierce" was her demon name.

    she`s possessed. all of them . and its a shame. thank you for exposing this though, te

    world needs to know before the Holy War comes.

  224. You REALLY put WAY too much thought in to this. Casting aspersions and drawing is a conspiracy theorist passtime and something that ONLY some one who is honestly an obsessed fan would actually take the time to do. You are therefore a Stan, ergo… Kick rocks. -Lex

  225. This isnt very scary 2 me but i will say i noe that time is cuming 4sure….i jus wanna b prepared so im doing wat i can 2 stay away 4rm the demons….i am very disappointed in beyonce tho i honestly never expected this…my 4year old neice loves…n i do mean loves beyonce kinda liike i did but she liked her more…now i will not allow her 2watch none of them….they shall not have her soul……this is sad man… pissed yet happy i no now i am prepared….i wanted 2 b a singer 2 n was heading for it n this is truely turning me off…..

  226. crazy ass bitch on

    that's so much bullshit! you need to get a life man. it's like with ghosts; if you believe in them, you'll see them

  227. i was looking up the word "tabret" in images when i came across this photo of Beyonce with the demon on her outfit. I clicked on it because i wanted to know what tabret had to do with Beyonce, and then i saw this article.

    Many years ago the Lord told me in a dream that Beyonce had put Almighty God in the back of her house, she put God last. I saw her grandmother come to her house and use the sink, and all that came out was sand, and the whole opened wider to see that her house was built on "sinking sand". In this dream she had a terrible ego. All of her family and friends became "yes men". There was no one to contradict her face to face, they all kissed her butt, and she expected them to do so. This dream made me cry, I knew Beyonce had left the Kingdom of God.

    A while after that i had a dream of Jay-Z. God rolled out a hand full of different colored balls onto the floor. It was a dark club that looked like it had been closed down for the night. Jay-Z ran and pick every ball up before they could roll away into a hidden spot. He took all the balls and ran with them. When Jay-Z came into his 100's of millions of dollars, I realized that he had taken all the God gave him and used it to get what he had.

    God will give you enough rope to pull yourself back into Him, or choke yourself, which ever you choose. I am not sure which one Jay-Z did, yet.

    There have been many times I wanted to give up on this wicked world. One time I wanted to and I had a dream where an Angel of God told me that I could not give up because Beyonce had not came back home yet. This let me know that she was going to come back to Almighty God.

    I had a dream about a week ago that Beyonce and her sister were working for God again. I don't know if God has accepted her, but she is now trying to come back. For God to use Beyonce as a point to not give up on the world means that there are many like her, who I have to wait for because they are children of God who will return to God in due time.

    Jay-Z was in another dream I had. I flew around and fought demons in the trees to make a way to get to a stage that looked like it was on a college campos. Jay-Z performed on the stage, but I went up stairs above the stage. Everything was either going to be health, or death, but all would be transparent. I went to the balcony on the right side of the stage facing the right side while facing the stage. There the Lord gave me a sacred instrument. I plucked one string, but this string affected all the strings on the instrument. Everything affects everything on this earth, in this universe. When the note rung out, a light went forth with it, and every equation that was calculated to make everything ran thru the light. Colums of equations and figures streamed thru the light. The light went out and upward thru out the earth. This was a special note that changed everything.

    Jay-Z had something to do with this. I did not know that he called himself "Hova" in short for Jehovah. This name is sacred, even the Isrealites were afraid to use this name, as not to offend God by misusing it. I too love this name, and perhaps Jay-Z loves Gods name, but did not realize the sanctity of this name. Maybe God has allowed him to do this without consequence so everyone would take notice of Jay-Z, and his desire to praise, and recognize God.

    Sometimes God will allow people to get captured by evil spirits for a reason. There have been many servants of God captured by evil spirits, and men, and God allowed it to happen to manuver His servants into a position of power before other men. Once they are in a position of power before other men, God will then open their eyes, and give them permission to have true repentence. A human can not repent unless God calles them into conviction of their sins, so they can repent. If they openly repent before all men, then the children who follow them will also repent in great numbers all at once. This is why we can not judge a person on whether they are going to hell or not. But we can certainly call evil, evil when we see it, and are required to do so.

    Beyonce was or is still evil. I am not sure if God has brought her all the way to her knees yet.

    Jay-Z, I have seen him enjoy watching sexual perverted things with other women, with Beyonce accepting it. Since then I haven't seen him again. But Beyonce was attempting to go back to work for God.

    Kanye West is perplexed. He belongs to God, but he is in an industry that is full of evil people who control a lot of his avenues. He struggles to be truthful, and not offend others at the same time. He is arrogant, but remorseful at the same time. He was angry with God when his mother died, but he repented. Being angry with God is very deadly, and can easily turn into blasphemy. He came close to the second death, but he made it back. Now he is struggling again to be truthful, and find the truth in his surroundings. But he will be fine. God told me to find others like him. Those who are willing to praise God while surrounded by demons. Not just call out the name of Jesus Christ in vain, but in truth and power. Everyone that calls His name will not be heard. Only the true whole heart can have the

    Power of God with the name "Jesus Christ".

    God told me all of these things in dreams. Why? I guess so I could tell you in due time. It's time!

    I just started this website

    Not much on it yet. Been trying to get it going for a while now. I guess it's time! I'll put something on it. It's like this site, strictly for meat eaters. By the way I like this site, the writer of this article is a seer. I knew I would find some real Christians somewhere on this earth.

  228. this is quite scary 2 me because i first heard about this in school during lunch break the children had a conversation about beyonce,jay-z,and rehanna saying that they worship the devil but i did not believe that until NOW right now it is a big shock 2 me to c that i WAS a big fan of all 3 of them .but i hav 2 admit that i do not go 2 church but I DO BELIEVE IN GOD DONT MATTER WHT HAPPEN .

  229. i used 2 like beyonce but this sasha girl needs 2 cut it out why be deveilish wen u could
    be godly! i heard that its hard 2 get out of hell well, she better do what ever it takes 2 get out of there!
    wen devil girl(sasha) leaves and the pure “bb” is bac then ill start rac n” on ur albums again

  230. 2be or not to be on

    Beyonce isn't in hell yet but she sure on that path and to catalina jay z sold his soul to satan a longtime ago for the fame he has now and the fortune .. He has mocked God in his songs I really doubt there is any hope for him maybe beyonce, rihanna or even kayne west but jay z is lock sold and bonded to the darkside.

  231. I do not think we are lost souls, we are curious people. Those who disbelieve are idiots. As for the article, I actually noticed Jay-Z’s bit of demonic attitudes from ‘Run This Town’, if you listen to the lyrics it refers to the changing of the old world to the new world, everything will be black, you musn’t be afraid when it comes. I personally think that it may just be a label type thing, nothing in actual worship but a label, which seems to me like they’re selling their souls for money. There is a chance this symbolic worship is legit and in that case, it’s scary. I actually think Beyonce is brainwashed, Jay-Z obviously has some strange God complex for which he’s beafed up his own ego so much that he actually believes he could be the God of anything other than stupidity. That entire group is some cult dedicated to an alternative God which isn’t a God at all.

    As an American citizen, I believe that everyone has the right to practice what religion they want, I am not a Christian biggit(though I am a Christian) and I will not discriminate against someone for what they believe however I personally have a notion that Satanism should be illegal. If Satan is the root of Evil and everything bad, should people be allowed to worship him? In any religion(aside from it’s own) Satan, the Devil or whomever is named for him; Lucifer, Hades, Set; is extremely terrible. So she that even be legal? It’s basically a give away that you’re going to do something, or attempt to do something terrible to one or more persons or something that will harm one or more persons.

  232. A lot of girls are imitating Beyonce. I see them doing the dances and singing the songs in churches. I see older women and girls dressing like her and rihanna. They do not realize the spiritual significance of what they do.

    The elder women of the churches are severely lacking in regard to training the young girls of the church (Titus 2:3-5). As the pastor from Panama taught, the devil has thrown demonic culture in between people and church culture. The two are constantly in the process of amalgamation, resulting in the struggles we see in church and in private lives once the girls are old enough to leave home. They are fed demonic propaganda in school all day. They come home where the propaganda is reinforced by double minded parents and/or from watching hours of TV. They come to church for 2 or 3 hours a week where none of the demonic propaganda is dealt with in ways they can understand and apply. This is why they struggle.

    The remedy requires work, time, and sincere effort on the part of parents and ministers, working together, to fill the minds of their children with righteousness and a healthy disdain for this perverted culture. Otherwise, we are in trouble. It is time to get in the fight for our souls, as we may be held accountable for not training up a child in the way that it should go.

    Satan attacks the girls because they have power over young boys. One swing of the hips and the boys lose their minds. Satan influences the ladies to be sexual and sensual because it is the easiest way to get males off track (also easy to get into lesbianism). Appealing to Lust is the easiest way to trap a person. Men react to the fiery darts producing fornication, adultery, porn addiction, anger, etc. At the very least it causes impure thoughts that a male has to fight. Then the cycle repeats itself. This is where the message of holiness and righteousness comes in. This is where godly edification comes in from the pulpit and parents. Young girls are having lesbian experiences starting in middle school, earlier depending on the mother. The church has to wake up.

    The young boys are also in just as much trouble.

  233. So .. Beyonce is the vehicle of the devil.. and Mariah is the vehicle of god .. I mean she is an angel.. so it makes sense.. i get it now.. Man thank god I love Mariah more then Beyonce evil seductive ways! .. Everyone go buy Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel to support the lord.

  234. queeneth maziwisa on

    people im confused but definately not suprised. but why did a good girl become such a bad evil woman. can some one help me with the Rihanna story that is being used as relevance here, i loved their music. thanks to the web site, it informing us about what is out in the real world. LORD HAVE MER4CY ON YOUR LOST CHILDRREN. THEY ARE REALLY LOST AND YOU ARE THE ONLY PERSON THEY NEED TO SEEK AND THE PERSON WHO CAN SAVE THEM

  235. My youth leader showd this to us one friday night, and Before i realy liked beyonce’s songs but wen she showd us this i was beyoned shocked… i deleted all her songs and i started to delete all the other worldly singers i had on my Phone… coz i just tort if beyonce that looks so inocent can do this what other worldy singer can do it as well…and i now say if its not from God then its from Satan

  236. This is a joke right? Because everything here has been manipulated and twisted to prove yourself–boy are you weird!!! LOL Let’s just start by saying that Beyonce has no control over her wardrobe during photoshoots or videos…. and that coloring of the “face” of the devil or some crap like that–she also had no control over it since, you see, she’s not her own graphic designer.

    What people do for a little publicity LOL You’re sure you’re not the one possessed?

  237. Oh and for the record… there are other things you can be worrying about instead of “music corrupting your mind”…. you know, like actually DOING something to promote good instead of just figuring out what evil is… (which by the way, you figured out wrong).

  238. Lerato Sellane on

    One thing that we should never ever go do is just accept things on face value and for that i commend this blog. The one thing the devil can do in "taking over" is convince everyone that he doesn't exist. It's easier to take over an ignorant mind

  239. Lerato Sellane on

    First of all this is quiet typical about Christians and I am one too. We tend to sit and look, read, “analyze”… We feed oursevles of with worldy knowledge without strategy, but in understanding the impact on our society (especially the creation of subculture). we all know that the teenage stage is all about identity issues e.g. we seek to fit in by getting a kind of boyfriend, the right jeans, how we hate our parents cause they don’t understand us the works. In the attempt to be accepted we take on things to formulate the “perfect me”. My issue here is that as Christians we don’t work as hard as Beyonce and JZ to get to that point of influence (fight back), and I wonder if anyone of you, from a marketers point of view notice the amount of publicity/fame and power is given to them because they have stirred up US CHRISTIANS who will create blogs and send sms and avertise links ( etc.
    Churches (don’t get me wrong it not only up to the pastors) don’t put enough money in their websites, we don’t design great t-shirt or products and run full on campaigns, our Christian musc videos are not hot in terms of creativity and conceptuaization, now why would a big company want to assosiate with the likes of Beyonce and Lundi or Benjamine Dube or Rebecca? even if their albums are selling locally, what power lies there that I would want them to represent me as Apple, not just iPod as a brand? Christian musicians don’t write not only lyrically but Spritually also (can we use the Bible as refernce and just our poor backgournds ). Hillsong cuts it but that’s one genre, even so they are not South African.

  240. Many people may not have heard of this, but way back during time Music was banned because some thought satan may reside it in it. This was called, ethos. An evil spiritual connection between the listener and the music. It has just evoleved and devloped more over time. Not only that, it happened to the most influential artist.

  241. WhatonearthiswrongwiththeChristianshere on

    @concernedforu #259 Thank you for bringing that up. I’m a Christian but only because of Jesus…and a very very veery few truly devoted Christians I know. Otherwise,the kind of Christians posting comments here are a big reason why for 3 years I wanted nothing to do with God and the Church. Why all the judgemental attitude and hypocrisy??? If you really understand God’s heart and mind,then you know sin is sin no matter what you do. So you committing your ‘small’ sin doesn’t make you ANY better than Beyonce. God is about love,and I haven’t felt at all a lot of love for her reading these comments. Did you think Jesus came for put-together people? NO! He came for those with problems and that’s because He wants to free us from that which would destroy us coz HE LOVES ALL OF US! So please all of you stop saying how you’re disappointed in Beyonce, Jay z, Kanye West, Rihanna, Nas or whoever else. Do you know how childish and unloving it sounds when you start calling them names? And people wonder why Christianity’s gotten such a bad name. Stop badmouthing these people and first of all find LOVE in your heart for them. Do you think that because they’ve done what they’ve done God is looking at them like ‘Oh shucks. Guess I can’t save those ones huh.’ ??? No way. He’s looking for ways to save their souls. Find love for them and PRAY for them if you really are Christians. Stop feeling sorry for them if you’re not going to culture love for them. God loves them ok!? He loves them so stop trashing them. He created them and that means you’re trashing GOD’S CREATION! No one is beyond His saving grace.
    Concernedforu said something so profound. Would any of those calling Beyonce all those names while claiming to be Christians be willing to die for her sake?…If you can’t then start working on cultivating The Kind of Love from God that would enable you to get to that point. Hypocrisy and self-righteousness have no place.

    And to id #260 Miano Kahare #261 and Daniel Isaac #264 please grow up and take your insults elsewhere. Id,how dare you call Beyonce mataco? How dare you? She’s a fellow human being and God loves her.

  242. This is for Taff for the #66 comment. I use to subscribe to Rolling Stone magazine and know if you look on the first couple of pages of the magazine where they list the Editors and Publisher Touré is listed as a contributing editor and on-and-off writer for the magazine. You can look him up Wikipedia or just type up his name and it lists him as a writer for Rolling Stone.


  244. I am disgusted by this, ive always saw that beyonce picture with the vehicul but i did'nt know it was so devilish this is so sad.

  245. Ok, so first of all let me thank the author for the post.

    For years I thought my Uncle, who happens to be a preacher, was just talking to be talking. I never believed what he said about the music industry. He even gave me a tape of a Pastor who talks very explicitly about the connection between Rap/Rock and Satan. It is very interesting stuff, and because I "love music so much" I never really wanted to believe it. But this has been going on for years. I'm not here to call names, and bad mouth any particular "entertainer" but seriously people just because it sounds crazy doesn't mean you should automatically dismiss it.

    I think that the most important thing is that we, as Christians, realize that the things that are not of God are of the devil. Whether you like it or not that's the truth. But keep researching, because this is NOT the first article that I've read concerning this. There is SOOOOOO much info on it. But people will believe what they want, and they will call us crazy for acknowledging what's right and what's clearly wrong. I just hope that people realize the truth before it's too late. I'm not here to judge anyone; I don't have a Heaven or Hell to place anyone in, but ask God to reveal the truth to you, and he shall.

    God Bless

  246. When you really want to hide something from folk, you put it in plain sight. Case in point, everybody was sooooo hung up on the Kanye West debacle of ignorance at the MTV Music Awards show that few are really talk about " JACK BLACK's" skit, where everyone joined hands on stage and in the audience and prayed to "their" dear lord satan. You can hear me if you would just open your eyes and ears".

    Enough said, see for yourself…click

    Jack Black, Leighton Meester Introduce Best Rock Video Nominees | Video | MTV

    The 2009 VMAs: The Occult Mega-Ritual

  247. I really think that it isn’t true, whoever wrote the article was just over analysing the situation, now I’m not saying Beyonce aint but I’m also not saying she isn’t. We should just look at different perspectives

  248. I really think that it isn’t true, whoever wrote the article was just over analysing the situation, now I’m not saying Beyonce aint but I’m also not saying she is. We should just look at different perspectives

  249. You are right on VIGILANTE….Blow the trumpet in Zion and sound the alarm!!! Even those who think they know will be decieved. God is love. You can not change your WHO from your DO. A man speaks out of the abundance his heart. What’s on the inside of me comes out of my mouth! When I say it, I mean it…there’s no pretending.

  250. LOOK ON GOOGLE FOR THE VIDEO CALLED THE TRUTH BEHIND HIP HOP. The things we have been listening to were always this way. If we recall, Lucifer was the Angel of Music. He was made out of pipes and all that kinds of stuff. So when he was kicked out of heaven for loving himself so much, he was jealous of God. He HAS to use his greatest power against God. the gift of music. So now we know that satan can be in the atmosphere. Also, look for backwards masking. Now its getting harder and harder to recognize satan. It really is. He control the atmosphere, the air around us. Why do you think its so easy to get caught up in the moment? thats the devil. I am disappointed in Beyonce, I am only 15 years old and I am absolutely sure that this is just another area of work that the devil is working in, in order to capture the church when the anti christ comes. Email me at if there are anymore questions. This is why I always filter the music I listenend to. I did always wonder why I never liked listening to "Run this Town." or "Halo". Its the Holy Spirits Conviction, and I now have conformation.

  251. I do not approve of what is said about Beyonce. She is a young, beautiful ,talented woman and knows what she wants. Stop making things up about her just to bring her down because she will get back up believe me. The clothes do not determine who she is or the make up. She knows who she and deep down she is positive and goes for what she wants and knows how to get it. I am a huge Beyonce fan and I love her, do not judge people because what ever you saying about them is describing yourself by just saying the negative. Focus on the positive and you will be remarked by the law of attraction.

  252. believe in the lord at all times for he protects us from all harm
    leave the satanic ways and accept the lord at all times
    and he brought u to this world

  253. You are all nothing but a buncha fuckin religious nuts. You throw around your convictions and theories when they hold no weight. Do you know how easy it was for them to proclaim women as witches back then? Do you know how many innocent women were killed because they were “possessed”? PLENTY. Stop with this tom foolery and find something else to do. Stop reading into this crap that this author is feeding you. Beyonce is just taking the styles and renditions of past artist who have already done what she did. I can not believe how weak and stupid most of you crazy christians or nut balls are.

  254. yes every body is now believing shit…. calling Jesus Christ and jesus name please ehjo oh people are just looking for something to destroy beyonce name or Jay- Z what ever they do maybe part of their business and if anyone thinks it is easy you can go to hell and come back… if i know where they worship their devil thing i would have join them because sometime Godly thing is frustrating, everybody is evil no man is clean…. Jay-z and beyonce including the rest of them added to this article are far better than the Thailand people that eats human being, they are far better than the Arab people that kills thousand of people every day just because of war, about 95 % of our rich american celebrity pay their dues by owing or visiting the motherless home… Jay-Z and beyonce have traveled almost some places in the world …. ask me what have they been traveling for? of course paying their dues to the motherless home, so why the envy …. who eva is doing this should better drop the shit and piss off… even the christians does evil things so why is the shit and wasting of time…. leave beyonce alone and face your shit….

  255. I really love this girl named Beyonce but this whole stuff is confusing. Am still trying to understand why her dress was having the symbol of the satanic church when she knew about it. Let me say she’s doing her thing and what she can do best. Lets se what happens next………………

  256. @chima

    Are u so twisted in your judgment? u're a disgrace to ur fellow 9ja's. u think comparing a "lesser evil" with evil will justify what this sick artiste are doing?. God's way is frustrating to u bicos u don't understand the dynamics of God's grace. u think their involvement with charity will ever make up for the moral values they're damaging and the souls of the young they're destroying? u can ridicule christians as much as u want but it doesn't change the fact that they're children of God. Christians are not accepted by God bicos they're perfect but bicos they will never justify their moral failures, instead they turn to the Perfect One: Jesus Christ to help them stand when they fall. Keep up the good work Vigilant Citizen. You're a noble watchman in the house

  257. @chima

    Are u so twisted in your judgment? u're a disgrace to ur fellow 9ja's. u think comparing a "lesser evil" with evil will justify what this sick artiste are doing?. God's way is frustrating to u bicos u don't understand the dynamics of God's grace. u think their involvement with charity will ever make up for the moral values they're damaging and the souls of the young they're destroying? u can ridicule christians as much as u want but it doesn't change the fact that they're children of God. Christians are not accepted by God bicos they're perfect but bicos they will never justify their moral failures, instead they turn to the Perfect One: Jesus Christ to help them stand when they fall.

    Keep up the good work Vigilant Citizen. You're a noble watchman in the house

  258. see i had an idea of this already. when i was younger i was such a big fan of Beyonce but as i grew older and started hearing about masons i started doing research and i found out alot of things just like these and when i tell my friends or family about it they think im crazy and some even think im hating on her SMH. Sucks cause they praise her like an angel and want to be just like her.. its a sad thing you know

  259. Remember this, Which Angel in Heaven was over the music? The music industry is really starting to be controlled by the devil

  260. So your basically saying those whom do not follow god will become easy targets for satanic possession & more often than not become hosts for Malevolent spirits, Riiigght.
    Well personally i think sasha fierce is hot ;P

  261. its not like those who do not believe in God are going to be but why does she do all that think about it and if we were lying why isn't she fighting back???? think about it when they said Miley Cyrus was pregnant she said it wasn't true so think think think think think…………………..

  262. way bad she should be prayed for we all are praying for we hope she gets better i advise you to stop listenin to her songs (beyonce) she is horrible but we do pray for her

  263. I'll say a couple of things:

    1. Every one on this planet is looking for something to Worship; something to give their life some meaning; something to give their lives to. Whatever they believe in, like or enjoy gives them IDENTITY – tells them who they are (it may be true or false). Like John Piper said once, 'Whatever you WANT is what you'll (choose to) BELIEVE!' Pause and think about that for a sec. Everything you believe, admire, fight for and condemn is only a reflection of what you WANT. It shows what you worship…

    2. Music (and every other creative activity) is not about the talent, the arrangement or the glamour, but the INTENT and the MOTIVATION of the creators; what message and influence they're exerting. What drives the person that creates music, will drive whoever enjoys, internalizes and defends the music (because it's now part of their identity). The recent horrorcore issue serves; same with the hip-hop and the violence it can spawn. Every musician, in their lyrics, is telling you (overtly or covertly) what they believe in and inviting you to come along with them. The funny thing is with music, you can bypass the words and think you're not feeding on the person's life, and adding it to yours… essentially you're seeing things their way, bit by bit.

    3. We are not to judge but to speak out and say what is wrong (like we do with politics, underage molestation, crime, etc. We all say what we think is wrong don't we?). We don't say we're better than others, we only say what we should all be aware of-the influence of things on the lives of people.

    4. Like Someone once said (Jesus Christ), 'By their fruit you shall know them'. That means the end result of anything will prove its true nature. All you have to do is honestly look around you: things are happening, and you can trace the decisions and influences that caused them. I, for one, have become acutely aware of what people (whoever they may be) are pushing at me. I'm ultimately accountable to One Person, Jesus, and want to be aligned with Him alone. Everything else must pass through the filter of His Words.

  264. I’m only going to say two things:

    1. Everybody is looking for something to worship, which gives them sense of IDENTITY, and they will fight for that identity, until a higher or greater thing is discovered.

    2. Nothing in this world ‘just is’. It took the financial meltdown for people to realise they were being misled by the big financial institutions.
    Like Someone once said ‘By their fruits ‘

  265. I’ll say a couple of things:

    1. Every one on this planet is looking for something to Worship; something to give their life some meaning; something to give their lives to. Whatever they believe in, like or enjoy gives them IDENTITY – tells them who they are (it may be true or false). Like John Piper said once, ‘Whatever you WANT is what you’ll (choose to) BELIEVE!’ Pause and think about that for a sec. Everything you believe, admire, fight for and condemn is only a reflection of what you WANT. It shows what you worship…

    2. Music (and every other creative activity) is not about the talent, the arrangement or the glamour, but the INTENT and the MOTIVATION of the creators; what message and influence they’re exerting. What drives the person that creates music, will drive whoever enjoys, internalizes and defends the music (because it’s now part of their identity). The recent horrorcore issue serves; same with the hip-hop and the violence it can spawn. Every musician, in their lyrics, is telling you (overtly or covertly) what they believe in and inviting you to come along with them. The funny thing is with music, you can bypass the words and think you’re not feeding on the person’s life, and adding it to yours… essentially you’re seeing things their way, bit by bit.

    3. We are not to judge but to speak out and say what is wrong (like we do with politics, underage molestation, crime, etc. We all say what we think is wrong don’t we?). We don’t say we’re better than others, we only say what we should all be aware of-the influence of things on the lives of people.

    4. Like Someone once said (Jesus Christ), ‘By their fruit you shall know them’. That means the end result of anything will prove its true nature. All you have to do is honestly look around you: things are happening, and you can trace the decisions and influences that caused them. I, for one, have become acutely aware of what people (whoever they may be) are pushing at me. I’m ultimately accountable to One Person, Jesus, and want to be aligned with Him alone. Everything else must pass through the filter of His Truth.

  266. at the beginning of beyonces diva video it souds like shes saying "Im a deciever" over and over again instead of diva…listen closesu

  267. My brother brought this to my attention. I just think that we need to spread the word about this and have God Jesus Crist always on our minds and in our heart. I also loved these people and loved Beyonce since Destiny’s Child but I love God more and fear Him the most. This only makes me wonder what other music I should not listen to and if the one I am listening to has a secret message behind it. All this evidence seems to speak for its self so to me its all true. I will pray for these people and hope that they change their thought and ways. If one wants success God will give it to you if you pray and wait.

  268. vigilant, on the diva song 2:53 mins in, the way Beyonce stands with her arms raised and her dress look alot like baphomet doesnt it?

  269. i disagree with this so maybe jay-z is a devil worshipper but beyonce is not . all u need to do is watch an interview with her and you will see that she is a good person, all of u who say you are God followers well the bible says to leave the judging to God whoever wrote this article remeber that beyonce didn't write crazy in love and wouldn't get a say in the video the producers do what they like your making a big deal out of nothing no offence but it must have taken u ages to analyse her video and come up with this rubbish get a hobbie, this happened with micheal jackson now it's beyonce they may be celebrities but they are only human let them be we need to get on with out lives and stop idle gossip my opinion is tht beyonce is a God fearing woman and made up sasha out of guilt because she knows that God may not be proud of what she's doing, she sings well and although some of her songs are not very dcent and she may be dress very undecent she is a good person and if u search u will see all the charity work she does why do people focus on the bad look at the good things she has done, no1 is perfect we need to focus on the positive thn the world can be a more positive place to be honest reading all the comments i see how many hypocrites there are in this world.

  270. knock the hustle not the hustler on

    What seems to be nothing could be something read between the lines .. what they are doing is very blantant that even a blind man could see it … Ignorance isn’t an excuse in your case.

  271. Be not deceived people! This stuff has been goin on for ages. It started with rock and then crossed over into hip-hop. The world had become so jaded which is what they want. Secret societies and witch craft are real! Many of these stars practice it to brainwash unsuspecting people. It’s all about fame and money for them, they don’t care about real people. They are deceived themselves. For those of you that thinks this is far fetched need to open your eyes! There is a whole spiritual realm out there. It it weren’t so our bodies wouldn’t die when our soul leaves. Subliminal messages are used everyday in music, movies and commercials. I worked in the ENT field and trust I saw some crazy stuff!!!! Everything ain’t what it seems people.

  272. random-love your neighbour as yourself on

    she is not evil, evil is a strong word u can say she is corrupt but she is not evil. evil is war evil is murder evil is hate, is we reacted to real evil like this the world would be a much better we need to focus all this energy on real evil watch the news you see all the evil the racism the negativity us judging beyonce will not make difference we do not gain anything by putting her down so why bother leave her alone i’m not even a fan but i can see the unfairness of this no1 is thinking of her feelings love your neighbour as yourself you so called christians seem to forget and i know i wudnt like people saying this about me it doesn’t matter if its real or not just know tht no1 gains from this.

  273. im grom Guyana, South America. Im fina show dis in church next friday to my youth fellowship. Oh my Gawdd. Thank you for takin time to open da eyes of da world


  275. This Article has been very interesting to read. I am a chrstian 17 years old male and i have been listening to beyonce knowles since she came out with destinys child. And some of this might even be true I don’t know what to say but i’m still a B fan lyke.

  276. On a serious note– even “Christian” people can be possessed–if they willingly allow it through being defiant over and over again. This is because when you reject Gods covering.He try to warn or divert you from these sins for a while. You leave yourself up for demonic attack when refusing to listen. You cannot bow down to the world and God (Jesus)at the same time. There is no one before Chist! Jesus needs to deliver her from that–we as Christians cannot make excuses for the enemy taking over people. I met her and Kelly backstage as a teenager– I ask them to make a gospel album– they said they knew that is not where their calling was. I wonder why did they even had any gospel tracks on their album? As a person who sung gospel as a child and loved them as a group–I was really disappointed. That’s why I stopped supporting them. I feel really bad for her–and hope she will be free from this evil in Jesus name!

  277. i never liked jay z i didnt know why but a soon as jay z n beyonce got together i hated beyonce…i figured rihana was a creep with that good girl gone bad n all dem songs(disturbia,s.o.s…etc.) after chris beat her ass lol im sorry thas not funny but yeh she was on some other stuff [atleast she not beaten around the bush]too n kanye west with that one video in the hospital and japaneese saying n stuff and left eye she was trying to find god to my understanding tell me if im wrong tho cuz after her documentary i got a little into numerology and i get it. but everbody channels a diff person//ego//confidence wen there doing something that makes them a little shy or uncomfortable but i guess if it makes you uncomfortable why do it at all

  278. blackrose babii on

    I just wanna say that this is really disappointing. I was a Beyonce fan as well as jay z, but now im just plain sad. Skeptics just laugh at this, but they are blind. They wont see what they dont want to see and they probably don’t even believe in God, so why would they believe this. All the stuff in her songs, videos and photos all point to satanic symbolism and when its that heavily revealed its NOT A COINCIDENCE. Open ur eyes ppl. But when it comes down to it, all you need to worry about is yourselves. If she goes to hell thats on her. Keep the lord in your hearts and dont be led astray.

  279. ok i dont understand who on this page has talked to Beyonce and asked her about all of the things she is accused of. who on here has the facts to back up what she is saying. in every interview Beyonce talks about God and her church why would someone go out of their way to make this. She probably knows nothing about these accusations but if she finds out i bet she would be extremely hurt. at the end of the day we are all human and shes just like me and you. she has emotions and trials and tribulations just like us. i am ashamed of everyone who wrote a negative comment about her on this page because i bet this is all just a misunderstanding and over analyzing. Before posting diminishing and deflamting things like this please get a confession. for you christians i am a christian too and i know you dont know whether anyone is a christian or not. at the end of the day all i want to know is who are you to judge? are you God? i dont think so so you shouldn't be bashing anybody.

  280. what a load of twaddle,its a love song thats all,conspiracy theories,lucifer,come on-I can read it another way, the so-called symbols can be read as Judeo-Christian for instance the eye is an old symbol used as the all seeing one,God,the dove and the rainbow are Noahs ark ,one a sign from God and the other a symbol of new hope,remember Noah sent the dove to see if the waters had receeded,it returned with an olive branch,now a peace symbol.The white horse is from the prophecy of the Messiah,who will ride into Jerusalem on a white colt as Jesus did-the smashin of mirrors destroyin the ego-one can interpret things as one wants to-but to brand someone a satanist on this video is character assassination of the vilest kind,and as for arabs condemning her dancemoves ,didnt you invent bellydancing. All you so-called religious people who are so quick to condemn, Jesus said beware of bigotry ,his last warning,you should be ashamed.Leave the woman alone shes just singin about romance,love ,relationships like most women do

  281. So the only images you guys don't find threatening or mind controlling are Christian ones>


    As if the churches aren't spheres of controlling human behaviour as well?

  282. do you notice this site only attack successful black people . its like black ppl are not suppose to be rick. Only whites. the people who believe this garbage just prove how dumb people are how ppl cannot think for themselves. no wonder Jim Jones got so many idiots to drink that cool aid

  283. You guys are completely and utterly RIDICULOUS, and extremely funny. Analyzing the situation WAY to hard. its an alter ego, something fun. not evil you stupid idiots. Beyonce believes in God and is religious. so stfu and get a damn life.


  285. I think i just found my first trace myself of subliminal signs and everything you speak of, i’ms kinda! excited.
    Well in the Diva official video it starts also with the meaning of Diva, well in the pronnciation part it says this: \’de-ve\ when in the dictionary the pronunciation is /ˈdiːvə/

  286. thank you Heather, I cannot believe how some people just missed it, we all believe in jesus christ, who are these people and what rock did they crawl under??? It is for fun, using Jesus and God and Religion to justify your own opinion..get over yourselves, I think you’ll are the satanist here, passing judgements. Beyonce Satanic…LOL

  287. I agree and don’t agree, I am a christian and i have seen all of this before, what i find funny is that ppl take time to look for this stuff. I totally agree that Beyonce is unsaved, and since she is unsaved, like every unsaved person, “satan is her master” Matthew 6:24. That is really all that is important, we know she is unsaved and that should be enough to make us pray for her,especially because she is so influential. I grew up and currently listen christian music and jazz. Never listened to this stuff, because regardless of when it started, destiny’s child was not that much better. A lot of butt shaking, and things that really don’t need to be emulated. There are so many things i have seen and heard about the whole beyonce, jay z rhianna thing, that they are possessed and here to bring about destruction. The point is whether or not they are possessed is not important, it is not lifting up Jesus, and therefore should be enough for us to pray for their salvation and to keep from supporting their music, and lifestyles. I am saved and not ashamed, but some people take it over board condeming everything they see, and the bad thing is, I hear it from some of the worst back sliders around, not being judgemental at all, but again, we need to take the plank out of our eyes before we can try to help our brother with the speck in their eye. Seriously, where did you find this, i think some of it is somewhat valid, but then again, if it’s not lifting up Jesus in the first place, why waste your time on this, pray for them, like you pray for anyone else you know who is unsaved. Stop focusing on nonsense, the goal is to get people saved, not to spew nonsense like this, unless this is meant to be a witnessing tool, unless it builds up and edifies, what is the use, there is no use. To let people know what’s going on? tell them about Jesus, that’s what they need to know, that’s it.

    ps. lame i know, but i also watched a whole series on it, if you go to youtube and type in beyonce possession, a lot of stuff is there too, suppossedly the masons are behind this new world order thing. I think i believe that more quickly than the possession, and they seem to be behind a lot of things that might freak a lot of people out. i hope i haven’t come off too rude.

  288. bernard famoriyo on






  289. Wow….it’s amazing how people will refuse to see what is right in front of their face. I don’t understand, why even take the time to watch and comment if you don’t believe? There is no way that u can call the things you see here coincedence. And it is not just famous black people being attacked. There are all kinds of different articles on here about different things and people. People are just blind to what they want to be blind to.

  290. Beyonce used to be the girl everyone wanted to know, and if you didn’t know her songs, you didn’t know music. But ever since she met Jay-Z, who calls himself “God of Music”, she changed, and in a bad way. She says that Sasha Fierce is not her, but why must you make an alter-ego when you’re already successful in who you truely are? That’s what I wanna know. I don’t want this to be true, and normally I would just call this gossip, but the author has some strong facts.

  291. This too great!! HAHAHA!!! you’ve made my year!! Thanks for the laugh. Oh Bey, I needed that. HAIL BEYONCÉ!! HAHA LOL!!! Now excuse me, I gotta go and worship my beyoncé idol… BWAHAHA!! loosen up those assh*les and take the stick out.



  294. I dont believe beyonce is satanic or evil, BUT I think Jay-z might have a bad influence over her. Jay-z doesnt hide his ‘religious’ beliefs and its quite obvious he MIGHT be on the dark side. This man calls him jayz and hova which is blasphemy in itself.

  295. After reading this article, I ‘m like most of you, I am not shocked and I’m not surprised. However, I do believe that such people as beyonce, jay-z, and rihianna have joined a secret society. This secret society is very well alive and is presently growing every day. They are known to be invaders through out the course of history. After all, they are not false. The Catholic Church have tried their best efforts in wiping out these people. They are called the illuminati. However, the illuminati have indeed went underground in the ancient times and therefore have been captializing on every opportunity to over take the world. In order for it to do that, it would need a constant supply of money, lead ways to all forms of governement, and power at their disposal. Out from them is called the freemasons. The freemasons were known to build magnicient buildings and sculptures. The freemasons are another secret society. Majority of the united states’s presidents were freemasons. I doubt that the naysayers on here can dispute this! This is recorded in to history! The freemasons of course, believed in the same ironic ideas that the illuminati believes in! In matter of fact, money, power, and fame is apart of many traditions that they practice. Now, they have their hands in the pockets of the music industry as well as the media and tv industry, the political scene, everywhere! Of course, in these days, devil worship is a big reality that has to be dealt with! These organizations rituals or practices does relate to devil worship. Now, beyonce have changed her music and the way she performs on stage. I am not judging her because its not my place! However, ray-ray, your ignorance is bliss because I do get to prove you and any other naysayer on here wrong! When you sum up an alter ego, it is not for performance reasons or any other reasons that you can think of! She herself claims that sasha fierce was born on the day that crazy in love came about. She also claims that when she’s on stage, she is a total and completely different person! She becomes wild, dances provocative, and wears provocative clothes on stage. In other words, dear children, sasha fierce is none other than an evil entity that lives for fame and fortune. In addition, it is who Beyonce really is! She said that herself! Ain’t nobody twisting her arm to accept that this is who she really is! She’s telling you! On the other hand, I understand it fully! To understand it, you must face that kind of evil yourself! I do face myself! I face it everyday! My alter ego and I are locked in a battle right now! When I feel her coming on, I try to shake myself loose! I try to focus my attention to something else so that she won’t come in! Santeria is who I am and not Shanteria! Shanteria is just like sasha fierce, strong-willed, rebellous, wild, and just uncontrollable at times. So, you see, having an alter ego goes against the very ideas of God. He gave us a brain to think and the choice of choosing our master. Along with that, a heart to show compassion and love and in that dwells Christ! There are two ways to purge yourself of an alter ego, one is death and the other is to cleanse yourself of every thing in this world! Which one would you choose? For me death is not a choice right now because God, the heavenly father has a job for me to do! So, I have to cleanse my self! But, one thing that is never an option for me, is to sit here in this chair and watch things of this nature and say that it doesn’t exists! Because it does! Satan’s greatest trick ever in the history of mankind is that he doesn’t exists! Don’t you know that if he doesn’t exists, it would be no reason for God existing? With out evil there is no good! Without good there is no evil! So, many people of this world have found out what fame and fortune can do to you. Their stories are written! MC Hammer, Deion Sanders, and etc. You have to read instead of laughing and saying yeah, right! You’re going to keep on laughing until the devil himself shows up in front of your face! I guarantee you, its no laughing matter! These people pick and choose fame and fortune over anything else and if you’re stupid enough to accept them, then they are your God. After all, tommorrow is never promised to us! Y’all need to wake the heck up!


  297. I knew Beyonce was part of all this crazy stuff, how could I have been so blind?! Single Ladies totally screams out “Hail Satan!! D:<"
    Of course, of course…

  298. I have to agree. The Lord brought this ‘Sasha’ alter ego revelation to me at the end of 2007. It was crazy because a long time ago, I was visiting a large library in Chicago and happened upon an actual copy of the ‘bible’ from the church of satan. One suggestion it’s founder recommended was that women who served lucifer go thru a transformation. it recommended that she dye her hair blonde if she wasn’t one and also take on an alter, use heavy eye make up to draw them in, as well as do several other things to entice men towards lucifer. If anyone can remember, Beyonce wasn’t originally blonde, neither was Marilyn Monroe, nor Britney Spears and the list goes on and on. Even Mary J has an alter named Brooke. Even Elizabeth Taylor was a member of the church of satan at one time, I believe it was around the 60’s/70s. I know a lot of people just don’t believe that this is true, but God still gives revelation. The Bible says that there is a warning before destruction. The devil’s biggest weapon is that no one believes! Please, please listen. When I saw Beyonce’s Sweet Dreams video, I knew something about it disturbed me. Just couldn’t put my finger on it. Technically, the dancing is a lot less racy than some other videos she’s done recently. She’s clothed pretty modestly too. It’s was just something that I couldn’t put my finger on. Another ‘star’ that disturbs me greatly is Lil Wayne. There is an evil emanating out of him that is palpable. And our children listen to their music and we wonder why they have become so shallow, vain, selfish, and materialistic. It’s in the music and on the television! The Bible says that as a man thinketh, so is he. Think about it, they have their ipods on all day and all night so this music is rewiring their morals, values, and thoughts! They are meditating on this music and it’s altering how they think. My last point is that we must remember that one of the reasons that luciferians have chosen to use music to corrupt is because while he was in Heaven, lucifer was the chief musician. It was one of his main duties in heaven. The Bible says that he had built in pipes for music people. Please take heed and learn in order to save yourselves and your children while there is time! Turn back to God. Please know I’m not condemning Jay Z or Beyonce or Rhihanna. God can do so much with the most hopeless of cases. Pray for them!

  299. It is so hard to believe this. I went to church and there was a prophet who said beyonce and jay-z(who calls himself jahova) worship the devil. And I went on youtube and people were talking about it as well. I really liked beyonce and I have been listening to her music since destinys child. I am really sad that she is like this now. I had know something was up when she named herself sasha fierce and she is married to a man who calls himself God. But beyonce grew up in the church so what happened? I wonder what her mom thinks about this. I wonder what does her family say about this.

  300. GAbrielle the Angel on

    CAtalina-wow- i keep praying 2 God that some1, any1 in the entertainment industry will be free and vocal about what is going on. Of course only the Holy Spirit can allow some1 that boldness. I agree bout Kanye-he is so lost but sometimes you have 2 get tortured enough where you flee the enemy and run into God’s arms again. His minimovie was obvious he is in spiritual warfare. I pray for all of them. Jesus Help us.

  301. GAbrielle the Angel on

    Please all true Christians in The Lord’s ARmy-a woman 7 years ago came up to me and said verbatim “The Lord is preparing his soldiers” THere are 2 armies -The Lord’s and satans. We are in the last war, not a battle, WAR. eND TIMES. pLEASE lets us all come into agreement in prayer that these entertainers, if its God’s will, will come into repentance and be freed of these demonic forces that are spiritually killing the masses. Satan’s army will devour if we don’t stand up. Its easy to comment and call them devil worshippers, whores, and every foul name. Let’s us take the authority our Father, Lord of hosts(wars) has given us in JEsus name. Please become prayer warriors, intercessor, our kids,fgamilies, friends, co=workers, strangers are dancing their way 2 hELL. Do we have time to just gossip and make negative comments. no.
    bty thank you Vigilant Citizen. You are one of the watchmen in the last hours and are in my prayers to continue in yoiur boldness and love. God bless my fellow soldiers and brothers/sisters in Christ.

  302. Thank you, once again for sharing this information with us. I will now continue to teach the youth and try to open their eyes. They have no clue what they are singing or to whom. It is sad that the people that most look up to are vehicles for destruction. GOD bless you….

  303. a person with the TR on

    oh and another thing. she was in the movie called "The Fighting Temptations" which took place in a CHURCH!!! jeez. use your brains.


  305. i honestly want to say that i am hurt over beyonce because yes she grew up in the church and although she decided to sing r&b she still stayed truthful to herself and her faith…the day that i get famous no matter if i go r&b or model victoria’s secret nothing will ever shake my faith i dont wanna gain the whole world i just wanna stay close to my Lord and savior Jesus Christ..he’s jehovah jirah, jehovah nessi, jehovah shilom…NOT JAY Z!!! AND I HOPE HE READS THIS JAY Z YOU’RE NOT GOD YOU CAN NEVER BE GOD OR ANY TYPE OF GOD!!!!!!!!

  306. a person with the TRUTH. on

    seriously, you guys are stupid to believe this. beyonce is not a freaking devil worshiper. neither is Jay-Z; people who don’t like her were running out of reasons and cooked this up. yes, the devil is a liar, and so is whoever started this ridiculous rumor. do you ever notice when she gets awards she thanks God? Do you think a TRUE devil worshiper would do that? beyonce is classy. Even i Jay-z was a devil worshiper, what woman that you know would change her religion for a man? People who are true fans to beyonce would not believe this rumor as much as they would the other rumors that have been said about her. I cannot believe you people have judged her in such a way. And you call yourselves christians? pathetic.

    • Get Real

      Am not saying i believe this but for real people just look at the pictures you really think that these people who are saying these stuff about her put her in those clothes or costumes or what ever i don't care what they are but seriously people just think about it and look at it….because you would have to be crazy to not think i mean look at the signs and look at the clothes that she is wearing and you tell me, its not about not liking her i mean she is a great singer. But she even said that she is not her self when she is performing on stage and i for one don't want another person other than their real self singing to me and then say that they are real that just messed up as hell……….and some of you dick heads are talking about the Christians stop blaming them for Beyonce worshiping whoever she is worshiping i don't know and i don't care but it's so ironic how these picture's match up to what she is wearing…….and what she say's about Sasha Fierce Get Real PEOPLE GET REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  307. a person with the TRUTH. on

    oh and another thing. she was in the movie “The Fighting Temptations” which took place in a church!! really people use your heads. are you all part of a cult or something?

    • Psssht!! I know what you mean!! Because if somebody walks into a church that means they perfect!!

      And plus when we be seeing those people that wear all that dark makeup. and they wear crosses, we know they aint really evil because they wearing crosses. girl i knew you understand!

      Just a little food for thought, smart one. -_-

  308. Samonia Mclaurin on

    This is REALLY sad B-u can do better i actually looked up to you at one point now i wouldnt even look at you..DO sumthing wit yo life gurl..PRAY about all i can say!! Yu really are not making a good name for yourself. & yur HUSBAND hahaha we all know he goin to hell-BUT YOU………wow

  309. Get real...... on

    wow i have lots to say!!!!!
    jst to put it out there…..@ the person with truth…..the Bible says that in Matthew 7:21 “not everyone who says Lord Lord will enter the kingdom of fHeaven, but those who do in accordance to His will”. So being in a movie means nothing to many stars just as beyonce in fighting temptations and getting an award but gettin the money and getting the fame and WORSHIP from the fans. if you really want the truth go reasearch on the “free masons “and the Illuminati and post what evidence supports this so called stars being victims of demonic things.
    Besisdes that to everyone out there we are living at the tymes of the end
    My prayer is that none of us fall into temptations of beliving that we live is the so called “perfect world”
    Remember that there two powers that control this world the force of evil and that of Good
    When “Lucifer ws kicked ot of heaven he tok with him a third of the angles ….we know them as demons of today read revelation 12:7-13, Isaiah 14, and Ezekiel 28:12-19
    As a young teenage gurl its easy for me to justify that the secular music does no harm, however the devil knows just how to make things seem apper as a little harm so that you may give in to his ways ……remember that he did temp Jesus and all he requires is worship.he wanted to be worshipped in heaven and he still wants to be worshipped even this day….how does he do it? through the third of the angles that fell with him
    If you go on to read the Bible does say that what ever things are pure, whtever is nobel….lovely…….pure…..”think of such things Phillipians 4:8
    Ask yourself… this images portraied by this stars represent good or evil???????
    always think about the famous quote that says ……”whats popular is not always right…and whats right is not always popular”
    Take care

  310. To a person with the Truth. If you carefully read & analisedc this whole article,you would have realised that Beyonce was Not born into Occultism,she joined later in her Life(When she sang Crazy in love) & you will realise that It was released way Fighting Temptations.We understnd that you may not want to believe these stories cos U are a loyal fan

  311. I acually believe this. for those confused people mentioned, who will comment and ask what the hell? i acually feel bad for you. im acually doing a report on this fsort of phenominon, if you take a look at her halo song picture cover, compared to her destiny’s child shot on the following website- http://money.unblog,fr/files/2007/11/beyonce.jpg there is a certain genasaqua about her eye exsperission. maybe the not to old ledgend is true and she sold her soul to the devil

  312. This article is such bullshit. Trust me, none of these artists are NEARLY this deep – its all about the fashion.

    The real brain-washing is websites like this

  313. While eating lunch today at work one of my co-workers said “I hate Beyonce shes a devil worshiper” so naturally I had to come home and look further into it just out of curiosity. I think it’s sad how much time and effort you put into this article, do something useful with your time like plant a garden. I haven’t read any of the other responses to this but I’m sure their all agreeing with this nonsense and saying how wrong she is and that they hate her now. I won’t sit here and say Beyonce doesn’t practice in the worship of Satan, maybe she does but honestly… who cares. Is it really any different in those of you who worship God? Both God and Satan are imaginary.. like Santa Clause or the Tooth Fairy. So really why does it matter to everyone?

  314. Child of God!! on

    This Is so real u guys need to see the truth about hip hop 4 its not just Beyonce its Jay z,Rhianna,T pain, Lil Wayne, and plenty others they r filled with the devil spirit .People don’t want to see the truth but the person that wrote this article is correct. They are filled with demon spirits and if u listen to they lyrics they tell u they self. Jay z consider his self as God come on now. Thou shalt have no other Gods Before me Exodus 20: 3. And the devil wants to be God so who better to use than the stars to get the worship that he wants. People need to open they eyes 4 real cause its not the writer he made this up..I dont want my children hearing this music they are filled with the devil spirits..And they throw up these signs that mean something evil when i found this out it brought me chills like wow… Open your eyes people the devil wants to take over pay attention to what u listen to cause the Devil is using the stars getting us to sing and worship him through the music..Lord Jesus if u people care about your souls u would Give ur life to God..There is one God to serve and If u don’t get baptized in the name of Jesus and filled with the Holy Ghost speaking in other tongues as evidence..U will b lost and when the world come to an end u will see the truth..God is real and the devil..God is good so wonderful..whoever don’t believe in God u will be lost..And the devil don’t care if u don’t believe in him cause not believing n God also will send u to hell with him. Lord Jesus!!

  315. it cracks me up when i read comments about “how can you judge her,” and “you don’t have right to judge people,” “or even “if your a Christian, you shouldn’t be judging anyone.” as far as i’ve seen, no one has “condemned” her, by saying, “oh, she’s going to hell,” or “she’s doomed,” or anything along those lines. that sort of thing is judgement and condemning someone. but what IS shown here is something that is mentioned in the bible which is DISCERNMENT (check your bible in I John 4:1-6). there are things/spirits that are of God and there are some that are of the devil. music is something that you especially need to discern. it is very important that you not subject yourself to listening and watching certain things.

    i'[m not arguing, just trying to get some people to understand why people like reading stuff like this. especially those with family members whom they care for. as many have question why people, why WE like reading stuff like this, i challenge you to ask yourselves the same. especially if you don’t believe any of it. . just admit it, it makes a bit of sense! anyone who has been following beyonce career, from destiny’s child to now, can tell, IF their honest with them self, there is a CHANGE with in her. she is not the same. not saying it’s a demon, but there is a change. . .

  316. My friend had this posted on Facebook, I checked it out and sure enough. Now either she is a satanist or her producers are idiots and did not think of how something like this would change her reputation… Makes you question what your kids listen to..

  317. I came across this as of a bIll drummond interview…..
    you really are serious? it is mental?
    they are not together enough to think this out, its ciche ‘bad’ cool look, skulls and devils.
    i dont think you even know the first thing about the occult anyway and are just propogating fear about something.
    get a clue.

  318. Ok, beyonce came from Destiny's child… And if you ask what's that destiny for that child…. Ok.. Beyonce (the child) is a Satan spokeswoman…. Her mission is to fool us and and involve us in their malignant trap…. Open your eyes.

  319. corny corny corny…get a life…i am a christian and i say get a life,, ur mad cuz u aint famous i heard about this dumb ass website and its sooooooo immature and stupid,, yea i believe in god but not in this b.s. and “ass” is in the bible so i aint cussin but this is rediculous i do believe the rihanna thing but not beyonce thats sooooo overreaching

  320. have you ever analyzed the HALO song?…. Video may fool you but lyrics don’t. If Rah is the all seeing eye and that eye belong to Lucifer, I can see your HALO HALO HALO…. Well… It’s so obvious..

  321. When Beyonce was with Destiny’s Child, she really was another picture; plus she wasn’t as famous but getting there. I never saw the hidden symbolism in her first two albums; in fact I was in love with how passionate of a singer and performer she was and told myself “if I ever became famous, I would have the same passion as well.”
    But once

  322. When Beyonce was with Destiny’s Child she was a diffrent person and I told my friend she was still diffrent despite her age and fame status. And seriously she wasn’t anything spectacular to me then. But once her First solo album released I quickly fell in love with her. From her style to her voice I wanted to be like her if I became famous; not exactly like her but with the same passion. I never saw any of the signs then, but when Bday album came out I fell in love with every song but Get me bodied. It made me feel weird and I didn’t understand it; but I loved her so It grew on me once the video came out. I never noticed the woman in the cage wilding out, or all the greek statues in the video then; it did look like a temple (check for yourselves it was not a night club!)
    But once I bought “I am Sasha Fierce” Album, I slightly saw something diffrent and Disturbing about Beyonce. She didn’t seem the same at all. Sasha Feirce looked Evil and Beyonce just looked drained and half dead like in all her pictures. I liked “If I were a boy” and “Halo” naturaly and “Sweet Dreams” was leaked three months before release so I was in love with that already. But the Song Diva had to grow on me, and the video was weird and made no sense. I thought maybe he other videos would make up but they were just as weird. She looked weird and slightly evil in all of them but I still pushed it to the side. But once I saw this artical and those videos pointing out all the hidden messages; I now understand my weird feelings; it was my spirit talking and knowing that I was blind to all of this for years makes me wanna leave watching her alone. Beyonce may have lost a fan forever, because Devil worship aint cool; weather she’s aware or not!
    I pray for Beyonce… through her pictures it seems like Sasha Feirce is killing her!

  323. Whether people believe this or not does not stop it from being true. Music has always been an avenue to the mind. Lucifer himself was a singer for the Almighty God and he knows what music can do. As many people have posted, we are certainly in the end times. We pray for God to let people know the truth and one way He has done just that is by using this site. Hell is REAL!!!!

  324. I get it now!! i met Beyonce a while ago at a concert when she was still with Destiny’s Child and she had this innocent look about her. But since she’s been with Jay-Z, she’s…different. Everyone told me that she was sort of demonic, but I didnt understand or believe it but this has brought me into the light. I knew Jay-Z worshipped the devil and didnt understand how someone like Beyonce, a strong christian woman, would fall in love with him. But when they did get close, everything for her became fame, money, and her sexual reputation. She just turned dark. I wonder if Jay-Z did something to her…But I would like to thank you because I was an Avid Beyonce fan and now I change my mind. I will now research the music I listen to before I start singing and dancing to them..And for Beyonce, well I hope she repents for her sins and gets rid of Sasha Fierce..Oh and another thing I noticed, about music in general these days, everyone seems to be wearing black, futuristic, dark costumes..And it just doesnt seem right..Everything is about sex..EVERYTHING!! *sigh*

  325. beyonce u are not a woman enough i mean out of all the man you choose jay z wat a man his hypnotiesd you into be coming an evil girl if i was you i wuld change a man and pray to god who created you that you may be chengaed and be a spiritual woman of god

  326. When you go down this road, it’s hard to turn back. The road to hell is wide and now she’s on it. But if she wasn’t such a shallow person to start with she would have not married Jay-Z, how about that. She has made her decision consciously and will have to pay the price.

  327. “the person with the truth”
    You are really clueless. I guess you call yourself a Christian?! You have NO IDEA whatsoever about the filthy things that go on behind the scenes in the entertainment industry. I worked in it in NYC, and let me tell you it is FAR worse than naive people like you could ever imagine.

  328. That pic from sasha did it for me too…now my eyes are wide open, and not wide shut. I wonder if that movie Eyes Wide Shut w/Tom Cruise and NIcole Kidman was about sexual initiation into the cult? Wow…good information. Thanks :)

  329. I see that you do alot of research. That is good. There are things in this world that ppl dont yet understand. Satan is one of the greatest musician ever. So understanding how to use music is not second nature to him. He chooses the ppl you wants carefully. Lets say rihanna her symbols are actually those of a llama. When her song is reverse she talk alot about llamas and moose. The song is disturbia . The moose seems to be a fraction of a cult that she is trying to break out of to form there own wish is the llama. Jz seem to want to rule it all. Very human of him. He knows there are greater more powerful fractions than his but he is willing to fight those writing the song who gonna run this town tonight. Brittany Spears made a comment on one of her songs where she sang” living in sin seems to be the new thing” If you look at all the number one songs on the chart you will see the different departments and be able to tell them apart. Lady Gaga she also has a different cult symbol animal. Its like a country there is the police then the army then secret service. The list goes on and on but they all work for the President or Prime Minister or The One.

  330. omgg godd beyonce imm soo disappointed in you… im your biggest friend… and u did this…im having second thoughts about u…. the men who wrote this i think you should send it to her fan club.. or her myspace..// or her clothing line email… so she can see..and i agree with person…PLEASE, EVERYBODY, BEFORE YOU PREJUDGE BEYONCE – and that includes the author of this article – please, please take into account the fact that Beyonce is making a cry for help! She has adopted these “Satanic” features symbolically, to describe what is really happening to her! “Sasha Fierce” is only an alter created by abuse. Beyonce admits to being abused and having been a victim of incest in her song, “All The Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” when played backwards:

    “Dracula, Son of the devlay/Go on, leave me/Go on, leap faith/I’m the one I miss/I made an err(or)/incest/I’m scarce/thin skin, and then (muzig)/Rust in an oak/Rub it in, Baalzebub” followed by very loud singing like an Imam, then afterward some admissions on Salt N’ Pepa, Nelly, anorexia, the police, etc.

    She admits her father sexually abused her right in the song! This is the figure that Sasha Fierce is trying to reveal to us. We should show empathy for her, and offer her our moral support, rather than hate or prejudge. Kudos to Dr. F above for your analysis.

  331. as an african woman,i understand a lot about the rules involved i entering an occultic body.the first thing is u enter in willingly and u dare not break rules or ranks.beyounce is deep in a very sticky web.she has branded herself as having the eye of comes wt fame,high sexual energy (so high u get men and women drooling over ur body),money and followers.but the end to that road is death in body spirit and soul.the only way out of it is if a greater power breaks u free. Bey is in a bind becos she isnt covered by grace.she is not a christian or may have been but has sold herself out as being a symbol for the ra god.on thing i want people to understand is u dont make all that demonic signs wt ur fingers and head and not expect some sort of visitation from an evil entity.the only way out is JESUS.Bey claims to have a pastor.well, if her pastor is truly a servant of God then he would be telling her the truth.u dont portray urself the way she does and call urself a christian.the word of God is no respecter of should govern us all equally.
    i do not judge Bey but would to God that hr eyes are open and she gets back on trap before its too late.Jesus saved me.He restored my soul.he made me brand new and put all this under my feet.if He did it for me then He can d it for anyone even Beyounce.

  332. wow stupid fucking sheep its not just a fucking love song well its a love song to the fucking devil! devil meaning negative forces! its stupid fucking cattle like you that ensure the illuminati so succesful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! die sheep!!! die weak ass minds.

  333. The name of a homely child, with the chacteristics of a vixen = Sasha Fierce.

    Halo was when I used to smoke marijuana due to personal problems, my head was clogged. It was a picture.

    Sweet Dreams – also a picture on

    Hmly – a tetragrammaton.
    Vxn – I used to be ungodly, this is already covered re: smoking.

    As with the Tetragrammaton, add vowels to make sense of it – Yahweh/HomelyVixen.

    Sasha Fierce is a breach of copyright, among other things. Beyonce fails miserably to represent what I created, this saddens me.

    Beyonce is a tool used by Sony to demoralise black women and women is general. Ensure your children remain in education and not foiled by the garbage projected onto our screens. JZ said something in one of his songs that makes me think the two of them snort cocaine together, no surprises after Mathew Knowles. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    All my love to my beautiful Heavenly Father – YHWH. If I am to be brainwashed, I would rather it be done right, education, determination and fear of Our Creator.

  334. I’m a college student and I’m doing an analysis on beyonce’s album covers. I was just wondering if the author of this article can give me some references so that I can include some of these ideas in my analysis. Thank you.

  335. This is so sad. People will buy into anything. Modern day witch hunt. Forget a 1920’s SCIENCE FICTION movie, show me something from the bible. That’s where my TRUHT comes from, forget speculation, opions, and supposed symbols. I can take a million videos and pull stuff from it and connect symbols and meanings to it to turn it into whatever I want. Beyonce has an alter perfomance ego like a ton of artist. That is because its all for entertainment, they seperate that entertainment persona from their own. Plenty of people will tell you in the industry that the things they rap and sing about are not them, its for entertainment, you do what sells, its their job. Just like with any other business, because yes their talent and their image is their business. This all sounds like a bunch of crazy conspiracy crap to me.

  336. LOL How sad. People will make up all sorts. No matter what u see, there’s always someone who see’s completely different. WHO’S NEXT?
    Anyway even if it is true, does it really matter? Does it affect your life in anyway? Because the way I see it, Beyonce / Sasha Fierce is still making money.

  337. i cant believe people are actually believing this, beyonce grew up singing in church before she got rich and famous. she also grew up with good morals and values. so who is you to judge and say she is possessed. sasha fierce is another personality that she has everyone has other personalities. she is a entertainer she is doing what makes money. she know her soft side and her sasha fierce side makes money. and why she got to be possessed. why cant you see a black person strive and leave them alone it always got to be the devil. cant we just be very good entertainers naturally. this article upsets me so much. and its sad to see how much people actually do believe it.

  338. For all the people who are claiming to be children of God and holier than thou why are you even listening to Beyonce and others in the first place? If you are in tuned with your spiritualness where was the discernment for what you were hearing as being not of God? There wasnt any because you heard what you wanted to hear and now that an article comes out stating that she is a devil worshipper yall are ready to jump on the badnwagon and say to God be the Glory. What if there is an article that comes out showing her in a more Godly nature and tying her to a more spiritual and Christian side? Are you all going to beleive that she is a good person again? I’m not saying at all that the information in this article lacks merit, but my disturbance is with everyone that is protraying the fact that they are perfect Christians and have never been led astray on here quoting scripture and stuff. If you are the devoted Christians that you claim to be you wouldnt be listening to Beyonce or Jay Z or any of the other people that are not uplifting the name of Jesus. And more than that who is anyone to judge??

  339. Its so amazing to see the things that humans can adjust to all because of fame and money. these are the people who are trying to lead the world through their music, But leading them to celebrate in the very things that are destroying them. Isn’t it sad?

  340. Honestly, I don’t believe this because I am a young girl and adults told me all music but gospel is the devils music… all i can say “LOOK AT YOURSELF BEFORE YOU JUDGE SOMEBODY.. BECAUSE EVERYBODY SIN … I agree with( so) but this is my option I STILL LIKE BEYONCE! LOL!! But yea this is interesting .. i guess I will think about it.. but I AM STILL GOING 2 LISTEN 2 HER MUSIC.. BUT I WILL THINK ABOUT IT!!

  341. Great job. I always wondered about the drastic change in B's music. Did you see her new video "Video Phone?" It's loaded with symbolism, would like to know what you think.

  342. I knew Beyonce's success was too good to be true based on her own talents. All due respect, she is beautiful and talented and has a great voice, but she has never moved me the way other female singers can. In her younger days, her music was not for me anyway because I am older, but make no mistakes that I can and do enjoy music from all age groups and genres.

    Basically my point is that Beyonce's stay on the top astounds me. She makes great music but plenty other young and upcoming ladies in the past few years can't even get their foot in the door because of her and while she is good, she is very redundant with her style and beats and it is all mostly erotic and sexual. Sex sells in this industry.

    I have been puzzled a long time as to why she's number one for so long and this helps me to understand why. I hope she knows when evil finishes using you up, it takes away all it has given to you and leaves the true you, exposed, shriveled up and dried out.

    To answer someone's question earlier, above, about if these stars realize what they're doing and the effects that their actions have on their fans….? Yes! They don't care. Fame, fortune and material things are all that matter to them. They sold out!

  343. Yes the industry is about sex. Because sex (=not love!) is a way for the occult to fool your mind. Check this: Sex or pornography is know as "XXX", it is the 24th letter of our alphabet (which is a coded alphabet! not much people realize this). now 24 or 2+4=6. Which means XXX = 24 24 24 or 6 6 6. There is more going on! When will the world wake up? 2016 maybe…

  344. thankx for the article! never really liked beyonce anyways. every time somebody would be like oh beyonce came out with a new song i'd be like she's a whore. probably that's why i'm not really connected to her music. i'd listen to halo or whatever on mtv hits on channel 188 (io) and probably even sing it just because i want the next song to play and because all the other music channels at that time are playing whack songs. Plus i don't even think she can sing. you opened my eyes even more. i just knew i didn't like her. my spirit just really didn't lean towards her. i loved her in destiny's child but after that, that was it.

  345. now i do believe why does my mom told me that not all songs are good to your ears, they hide something behind those words, a want to thank my friend for telling me the site, it made realize that listening to my fav band like maroon 5, matchbox 20, and metro station aren't evil at all, even lady gaga and Rhianna are bad ass evil witch (tsk tsk tsk) whats gotten into them?

  346. Concerning the picture you've titled "Good Beyonce vs disturbing looking Sasha Fierce": A: She may already have been dressed as a robot – note what she's wearing on her arm. B: She doesn't look happy – she looks tired. No wonder she's trying to protect herself. (And what are those hand signs she's doing – awefully strange pose.)

    And in the piture labeled "Baphomet’s vehicule" note the X shadow across her.

  347. The world has been preping our generation (us and our children) for this ,for quiet sometime. They took the Ten Commandments out of the court and anything that has to do with God. It 's clear to anyone that knows that satan was incharge of the music in Heaven,before he fell. but for those that dont know this is complete nonsense.

    If you are one of those who don't believe that GOD (OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST) is real, why are people so threated by Him. It 's like your laying in a dark room and someone comes in and turns on the light your eyes to start to hurt and something inside of you angry. So your telling me that those who oppose, never seen someone get angry when they were told the truth. If you don't believe that HE IS, go and open the BIble and find out if it is true or not. Here's a book in the Bible( Mark) , I guarentee you that your attitude(Blind Eyes) will resemble those of Your Ancestors that were here 2000 years, Which also Murdered Him (JESUS CHRIST) thought He did nothing But show Love and concern. The things that are on this site are not for our benefit but yours! So who can prove that something is a lie with out finding out if it's true or not. Nobody never told you- that the're are two sides to every story,or to answer before you hear the whole matter, it's is counted to you as foolish………..So go search it out before you type or speak, God said my people perish for lack of Knowlege.

  348. i believe everything you say, i mean how can ppl just becaome so sussceful without anything, ppl falling and faint when they see u, screaming ure name, maybe this soul thing is what drives them to their end and depression like britney spears(if u guys could do analise on her too da wud be great) michael jackson and many more and plus thereare so many ppl very talented who never had so much success,

  349. This was a real eye opener for me. It was very shocking. And for me being a Jehovah's Witness, the

    Jay-Z/Hova thing was very offensive and disrepectful. This just comes to show you that Satan is out there and is fitting into every thing…

  350. wot prudence14 sed (the first comment) about using ur gift to praise the lord…is not true just because satan is apparently evil doesnt mean it is bad to praise and believe in him… btw i dont,im just sayin

  351. I do not disagree with this article. However, back before the christian/catholic churches took over
    and wiped out the pagans (nature lovers/earth lovers) the pentagram was a symbol that empowered women. Female goddesses and deities were constantly worshipped. That being said, with the installment of the christians, the christian church wanted to remove women from the seat of power and thus turning all of the nature loving symbols (the pentagram) into evil, demonic symbols. Perhaps Beyonce simply wanted give a shout out to women everywhere.
    Ok, so with that said- the proof is astounding and I almost got chills while watching the crazy in love video. What’s definitely sure is that there is more to it than can be seen.

  352. I heard about Rihanna but i never suspected Beyonce! I just heard about her today and i didn't want to believe. But I am convinced. Even though her music may portray those kinds of messages i won't think any less of her as a person, i'll just try to be more aware of what i listen to, although i already am. As for RiRi, i never really liked her.

  353. beyonce doesn't know the fire she's playing with, or does she know? that's the question we should be asking. she's allowing herself to be demon possesed and feels it's a good thing.

    once u dabble with the occult it opens a strings of doors which cannot be closed humanly speaking unless the intervention of God himself. it's a pity that so many people only see things with the physical eye and not the spiritual.

    actually, i'm not suprised at what she has become. beyonce had this attitude right from her destiny's child days of wanting to be the noticed one among the grp, the me, me attitude all self centered attitude that lucifer has, that led him to commit that abominable act in heaven of coverting God's throne.

    i've never been deceived by her and her ways and never been a fan of beyonce. it's just that she's the bold one to come out and annonce to the whole world her demonic name and status.

    u see the thing is, just as the Bible says moving with bad company corrupts and that's the case of her and jay-z.

    Jesus knew all this wud happen one day when he said in mark 8: 36, what wud it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul??

    this is a serious matter and only those who are blinded by the god of this world would support beyonce or think nothing's wrong with what she's doing. she really needs prayers and it is our duty as christians to pray for the lost ones. obviously beyonce is not a christian for her to delve into the occult

    what they don't understand is that there is a higher power, a loving God, one who actually blesses his people with the same riches that the lost go to the devil to obtain.

    truth is the music industry is ruled by satan himself and it's not hard to see that especially if u're a Bible beliving and practising christian.

    thank u for this article, it is a very good eye opener. God bless u

  354. still it did'nt surprise me that she whould end up like this, everywhone around jay-z gets brainwashed.

    even kanye, first he made good music and know hanging around jay-z he starts trowing his daimonds in the sky, if you take a good look at jay-z's "daimonds in the sky" you'll see that the hand gesture is really a triangle whit his eye in the middle and that's the illuminati sign.

    it almost looks like you got to turn evil to stay in the game, because people how tried to do right are dead or there will turn up some scandal to ruin their carreer.

    Look at pac, he talk about how the illuminati aproached him when he was in prison, they asked him to join them and pac said no. now he is dead.

    and singer houston from the song "i like that", he was controled be the illuminati and he wanted to get out of the game and he saw scarring himselve as the only option to get out, so it show you how dangerous the music industry really is.

  355. Hmmm yeah right on

    This is so true the system of wealth is established mainly through association and they Beyonce and Jayz have reached an untouchable statis and it shows alot about a woman who would still marry a man like that


  357. but cristi it is wrong why would you praise someone who just wants to use you and kill you.

    and i already knew bout rhiana look evil and crazy so i knew lol.

    but i think beyonce is just a lost soul and jay z got that ass!

    beyonce needs prayer and a lot of it.

    this is sad.

  358. [*jk, it's steve again.]

    in my prev. post [Dec. 11th] I said she looked tired – I was talking about the pic where she was smiling. It's not a bright smile at all.

    I am tempted to say that maybe – just maybe – "Sasha Fierce" is a fun way to distance herself from too much pressure too often; a "public persona." I say fun because I might like to play a different role now and again too. However, the attending symbols are adding up to this looking bad.

    [Taff May 31st] "Cover Story: A Woman Possessed…"

    You're right – not a single word of any "possession." (An unimpressive article anyway.)

    Someone mentioned the famous people who don't ''Bow down and become One'' get rolled over. I wonder if Martha Stewart is one who would not join. I'm not sure about Oprah. She's never flashed any signs that I've seen. Compared to anyone else I've ever noticed, Montel Williams was rapid-fire with different hand-signs!!

    I've read the Halo lyrics, keeping in mind it may have JUST been a love song written with a heavenly metaphor, (as a poet, I've done that); or it may've been a tome to Lucifer. I can't see anything inherently bad about the lyrics themselves, other than "Every rule I had, you break it It's the risk that I'm taking". Only two lines. So, may be, maybe not. I didn't see anything bad about the video either.

    And what's-his-name Tenacious D did a Satan skit at the VMAs *AGAIN*?! (Isn't that, like, 4 times in three awards shows?) He's either a pusher for the Devil or runnin way low on new comedy routines.

    [I'll pray for him right now…. "Dear God!"

    lol jk. (That was my own little comedy routine to fit in here.)]

    I don't think these people are too far off the normal path – it's just that the people riding them are dangling a little carrot out ahead of them. Many of us could be lead slowly away as well. How many people have really resisted what little carrots have allured them? When we all see a carrot we think it's there because we deserve it – we forget that someone else is controlling the stick. (And why wouldn't she convert…if she was getting tired from working and started to wonder why she was working so hard, and she (I) look around at her (my) religious roots and all to see was just Consumers dressed up in religious outer-wear who really don't care about others when it comes time to eat (or feed)…then comes along this other carrot…) Very few people have the guts to believe and create when EVERYTHING else says "there's nothing here worth believing in."

    And to the Christians who say this is a war…I thought the war was already won? Yet there is so much unrighteous anger and fear in you! You *are* caught in the world.

    The "genasaqua" picture looks just fine to me. ("je ne sais quois")

    "why… make an alter-ego when you’re already successful…?" That's a good question. But success and peace are two wildly different things.

    "Hollywood y los MKUltra" Verily! (jk idk)

    Diva does not sound like "Im a deciever." It sounds like "Ima Ima pretty gurl"

    Interesting site…do Rick Warren next!!

    (And – seriously – look into Martin Luther King Jr. the "salute" at the very end of his "I have a dream" speech! "…Thank God Almighty…" At the moment he raises his hand and says "…God…")

  359. back again me COOLY GURL !!! well pplz this is the truth, Jay-z is an evil dawg! Nd tha rest of the "roc Farmiliar" (roc family)…. is devil worshippers! way back in the dayz I use 2 love listening to Beyonce, Rihanna, LadyGaga ect. nd always went to sleep with the head fones on…. but then my cousin showed me this video it is called "The truth behind hiphop" nd there was a black preacher and he was preaching about Jay-z, Bone thuggz, Snoopdogg ect. his name is G.Craig Lewis and he has been studying "the truth behind hiphop" for about 15yrs and everything he says is true!!! Well he was preaching about how they all became famous singers/rappers, some of them sold their souls because they wanted the rich and fame life style… some were shot at gun point…. nd some were just lonely rich people that always got used by friends or bf's (like Brittney Spears)….. Nd all U other ppl'z there that disagree on us! how you's know u never had an actual Confo with Beyonce or Jay-z so why you's all acting like you known them for ages….. U NEVER!

    Jay-z nd Beyonce's whole life is secret, they dont tell you about anything, what about Jay-z Nd Beyonce wedding that was a secret wedding!!! UNO

  360. *Sigh*…

    One thing people love are far-reaching conspiracy theories. It's a shame you folks don't use reasoning and discernment and think for yourselves instead of just listening to some mad, paranoid person ramble on about the "occult". I could see if he was talking about Marilyn Manson or the Osbournes. But Beyonce? Really? C'mon now. Get real.

    Yes, I believe the demons and Satan has an "influence" over music – hence the many popular songs referrencing fornication and living the "good life" aka money, sex, drugs, etc. But I highly doubt that Beyonce is possessed. It would be better if you would use your time and thinking ability more wisely – for ex: to see the truth behind the false teachings of the church such as hellfire, an immortal soul, and the Trinity. THAT'S the REAL conspiracy – supported by the facts from the Bible.

  361. Beyonce was the best artist (I used to think so) but this just made me lose so much respect for this worldly music because it's soooo two faced everything you think you know about this game think again. She makes me wanna hurl because why would she go from a down home Jehova loving family to that worthless Satan. I just want her to be back on God's side before those trumpets blow or she dies. i want her to be alright…she's just a girl who's wandered off. in the name of Jesus she'll get back. Jay-Z imma pray for him too. because he's human & he has been off course he'll get back too. They are some dummies though as to all the artists out there they giving power to the enemy. in the bible in Genesis, it refers to him as a snake (serpent), in Revelation, it refers him as a DRAGON which means the humans who let themselves, give him power. they GOT to wise up before it is too late. GOD bless for your help to those who don't know this. Beyonce or all the other illuminati artists, if you already do this, show it to everyone, let's see how many fans you get then.

  362. thats crazy but before reading all this when she started missing with Jayz my sister and I were talking about how different she looks and how her music has changed….

  363. i love beyonce that not enought of informant that tell me she is a devilwoshipper like rihanna she make herself like the devil in her music beyonce don't that just beauz she dress herself like the satan robot in a movie that is nothing beyonce love God she just do that triangle just for jay z once jay z leave beyonce she be back to normal beyonce i just think this alll for jay z i love beyonce she never do that until u have good proof i believe it but for now i am still listen to beyonce music I LOVE BEYONCE !!!!!!!!! THANK KU GOD BLESS


  365. for the love of God, she is an entertainer. she is great, hot and sweet. i love her music. there is no such thing as her being a satanist. the only downside i have is because she married jay z who is an atheist. but i believe in beyonce, that she ain't got nothing to do with Satan and all that.. they first started with rihanna, now beyonce. who's next, ciara, for her love sex and magic video? this is outrageous!!!! they are just entertainers!!!!!!!! i read how they analyzed that crazy in love video. they analyzed it so well that, if i wasn't a beyonce fan, i would have believed it immediately. she isn't the first person this is happening to. don't just jump into conclusions that she is a satanist without proper evidence, though i believe the one of jay z because you can even hear it in his lyrics. finally, beyonce ain't evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  366. I've tried telling my friends about this….this type of stuff really does scare me I dont wanna be left behind but i will say it is honestly hard to battle your flesh. I remember a whole ago my grandma started tellin me about the freemasons out of no where…I need to start listenin to her more. All my friends are so ignorant about this, their hearts are soooo hardddd, i dont know what to do, it would be very hard to let them go.

    what profits a man to gain the world but lose his soul?

    that speaks volumes right there.

    -Dee, a 19 year old trying to find the truth.

  367. Here I know use all r big beyonce fans but please use all cant be OBSESSED wit her!!! use all act like use really know her and met her B4 USE DIDNT!! u dont know what she's capable of doing!!! she's a Devil lover MATE! why would ya!!! people have been studying this shit for 15yrs MATE!!! Use all dont know nothing! DUH FREEMASONS thats a secret! if they tell people that they are they would get their tongues chopped off!!! so yeh, BELIEVE THA TRUTH!!!!

    and to DEE@


  368. This just goes to show you that you can not always judge a book by its cover. I always thought of Beyonce as a people person and had a good heart, but yes you are right ever since she started with JayZ she curses on her albums and wears very provocative clothing. I notice that in every, EVERY video from her new album she wears the same thing, a shiny bathing suit. Its sad because I think she started out positive and just went downhill. Thank you for this info. Much appreciated. The greatest trick the devil ever did was convincing the world that he does not exist.

  369. Well i use 2 b a jay-z fanatic but that was some years back after realising who the monster is.Thanks to u guys 4 the articles.I believe these is an eye opener for all the young people out there that are inspiring to be like these agents of LUCIFER.

  370. Well i have much 2 say!!! 1st off all why all the church people on this websites reading this trash, these fake church people judging Beyonce shouldn't even be on a website that spreads rumors,since when is it a church project 2 be all up in Beyonces buisness…. Its not, 2nd u kno u have no life if u focus all ya time on reading between the lines a.k.a making up wateva u want. Whoever wrote this must be a devil worshiper because they recognize all the signs so well!!!!! Anyway get out of her buisness wat if she is a devil worshiper, she never ever tries 2 convey it in her music. YALL TRIPPIN WIT NO MAP, READ BETWEEN THOSE LINES!!!!!!

  371. @ Attitude

    Era 1st of all: We all on this website to see what else there is going on in the MUSIC world, and research more…. and who you calling fake you should be calling Beyonce the FAKE CHISTIAN she's the one doing all the deceiving, not us! we tryna tell you's the TRUTH!

    and 2nd of all: No ones making up anything, Cant you handle the truth?? and maybe the reason they all know this shit is because they have been studying this shit for a long time! some rappers even go 666 shaved in the bak of their head, Look at Jay-z he raps about being a freemason and all he even got a song called Lucifer! straight up after the DEVIL and thats Beyonce's Husband, and you still disargreeing,

    And Lucky Last: Thats the whole point its in the Music!!! If Jay-z wasnt a famous singer/rapper, No1 would ask him for his autograph, no1 would buy posters of him, NOBODY! He's SO UGLY!!! its all got to do wit the MUSIC…… AND THATS THA TRUTH!!!!

  372. You are overdoing this. In your noble attempt to discern the godly and ungodly, you are actually creating falsehoods and sharing them as spiritual truths. You have simply gone too far. This is what it means to be wise in your own eyes. I wonder how much of this you have actually heard from the Holy Spirit.

    The creation of Sasha Fierce can be explained by any psychological theory. Basically, we cannot expect Beyonce to be like her hypersexual, thigh slapping, half naked self all the time–which is why she said that image is just for the stage. In other words, she clearly knows the difference and uses that side of her appropriately. Any other implications are just baseless over-thinking of a practical method of acting, which is exactly what Beyonce is doing. Sasha Fierce is no different from an portrayed character in a play. Beyonce is an actress, not possessed. Marilyn Mason, maybe. Beyonce, no.

    Have you ever seen a possessed person before? Can you recognize the signs? Look it up in the Good Book.

    I found this argument sorely disappointing and found it even more disappointing that so many God-fearing individuals would accept it as biblical truth. God-fearing or not, this is pure naivete–the thinking of baby Christians not yet able to eat solid food. There is no reason to attack all pop culture idols (singers and musicians seem to be your fancy) with a baseless and faithless argument like this one. For one thing, you do not know the religious affiliations of these people or how God works in their lives and you judge them, and therefore you judge yourself. Discernment, wisdom, understanding, interpretation–these things are what you need to pray for, and none of them are about creating enemies or falsehoods.

    If you don't like their music, don't listen to it. Be careful not to create and spread false prophetic foolishness and lead others astray.

  373. What are you talking about?? If Jay-z is a Freemason? which everybody here should already know, well wouldnt Beyonce be as well??? Has anyone seen Jay-z, Kanye West & Rihanna's new single out called "Run this town tonight" In that video clip all of them they do the Triangle in the Left eye nearly everytime… Jay-z even says "It aint no nobody fresher, Im in maison" so he is obviously saying his a Freemason ay? …. & thats Beyonce's husband so yeh & remember like Beyonce says on "SweetDreams" "Not even Death could make us part"……

  374. I see the whole meaning behind the music indurstry. I've been of fan of Destiny's Child and everything I do remember on there first three albums there was some gospel music at the end of the CD. Beyonce was a god fearing young woman. Even MTV had videos of her in church and everything. As I remeber there was some magazines that Matthew Knowles (Beyonce's father) stated they he didnt like Jay-Z and did not approve of their relationship what so ever. And since she became big you don't see her being family orinated like she used to be.

  375. @MONICA

    I agree with what your saying

    I dont C Beyonce that much on magazines hanging wit tha family….



  376. I think all the symbolism is for entertainment's value. I don't think this article should be used as a heads-up to bible-beaters who want to say to their kids, "let's censor this music." Beyonce is a great performer, and if she needs to segregate her performing persona from her usual self, so be it, it works.

  377. I had an argument with a friend recently about this Beyonce-is-a-devil-worshipper issue on Facebook… I think I argued my point well, she deleted her status (which caused the debate in the first place), but still believes that it is her opinion, that she is right and it should not be contested. Fine. I left it alone.

    HOWEVER, when people readilly and steadfastly condemn individuals they don't know personally… with information that is not proven to be FACT, it is called SLANDER of one's character. Isn't that a sin too?

    If you have tried researching the topic, you will see that the creators of these websites provide INTERPRETATIONS of Beyonce's videos and lyrics. The thing about interpretation is that there are always more sides to the story than you can see. Imagine, there is ONE Holy Bible and yet there are soo many Christian religions because people interepreted the scripture differently. Why criticize other interpretations?

    The fact remains, that we as consumers of foreign entertainment will never truly KNOW whether Beyonce is a demon-worshipper or not (unless she herself discloses it) therefore it is unfair to judge her based on the assumptions and opinions of others. That she is NOT a demon-worshipper is ALSO an assumption, so my advice is that everybody just mind their own damn business and leave people to think what they want. You cannot convince people who "have truth" of anything otherwise.

  378. i agree with Jess on some notes but there are somethings that you need to look at. we are IN this world but not OF this world. things that we listen to need to take part in our spiritual lives. what we listen to whether we want to believe it or not influence what we do and who we are. Beyonce has shocked me so much and i think people need to read the lyrics of what they're listening to

  379. "Hail Mary to the city, you're a virgin

    And Jesus can't save you, life starts when the church end"

    Lyrics from Empire State of Mind.

    Jay-Z a hot mess if he thinking he God.. homie needz some bad help

  380. mehn., the funny thing is that even jay-z says it in his song that he is a mason, he is not denying it…. nas and jay-z did the mason sign handshake on one of his stage performances, this guys just dont care about you at all. i thank my God that i dont listen to all this kinda songs foreign or naija – i just dont have the appetite. neways keep it up bro and i ll keep praying God helps ya put them to shame.

  381. All Good Blessing Be…. J Z & Beyonce "Sasha Fierce" be come sponsor this one. The point is… be one with self and thebesT afollow. Think people. JZ, Beyonce come get me. I gotta bigego too, so big egoncomegetme So may it Be Blessing be

  382. I think you are so right, I used to LOVE Beyonce but she is obviousley taken over by something (rather she is aware or not). C'mon people! Beyonce grew up in the church, she should know better. Don't you think the Devil is savvy enough that he will me you doubt the truth? Remember! Evil, (not stupid), he's going to play on your need to rationalize things. He's going to make you doubt signs and warnings that God has given you. All of you who choose to doubt, and pass it off as just entertainment keep this in mind. Before the Devil was casted out his role was the God and overseer for what??? MUSIC! He knows how to munipulate. I can't make anyone pay attention, but, I will say this. If we are wrong about this stuff what are we really missing? A few songs regarding sin (which we are not supposed to partake in anyway)? But, if we are right and you non believers are wrong when it's judgment time when will you end up? Eternity is forever, and no one (including Beyonce, Sasha, Jay Z, my mom, my husband is worth the risk). I've been done w/ Beyonce when I saw her rockin the Bophomet head. Like I said she's a religiouse (or she was) girl, she knows what she's doing. Even if she didn't know what a Bophomet head was she could clearly see it represented something un-God like. And, she still chose to wear it, and that's just being honest.

  383. This is very interesting thanks for sharing, the point is be mindful of what you take in. You are careful as to what you eat so be careful as to what you allow yourself to be Entertained by. I think Beyonce makes great music but I have noticed her change and this just open my eyes to really see, what I've been thinking. Someone had stated who are we to judge, and the answer is NO ONE. We are not perfect and it says in the Bible the person doing the judgen will get judged with that same extent, Were not judgen its your own personal Opinion, I choose not to let Satan in any more than I have too. He is the ruler of this world and if I can help it I choose not to have anything to do with his system….. So thanks for sharing this information with me and I will Defiantly pass this on…. (Focus on the things unseen because the things seen are Temporary)

  384. Satans best trick is to have people think that he is a joke and that he does not exist. When Jesus comes back and parts the clouds with his Angels there will still be people that will say "run the aliens are coming" lmbo. People it's in her photos and it's in his lyrics , it aint rocket science.

  385. LOL @ the aliens are coming. Hey, you can lead a horse to water, but can't make them drink. All I know when God takes his chosen ones, he will allow the Devil to unleash is hell on earth. Right now Satan is limited to what he can do and look at this world now. Imagine what it's going to be like when God allows him to unleash hell on earth. So, for everyone who "choses" to remain ignorant so be it, just remember that choice when you are being eternally tourchered. WON'T BE ME! NOT BY MY CHOICE ANYWAY!

  386. well, if that's how you feel you should give kudos to Satan. That's just the reaction he was trying to get, he plays the game well. Fortunate for the blessed we've been armed to stay ahead so he will never check mate with us. I will be praying for you all though. Take care.

  387. Thank u so much for opening my eyes. I'm 26 and I found myself sayin how great jay z and beyonce were great entertainers. Without really knowing what entertainment really meant. How do I keep my nieces and nephews from getting this satonic message? Thank u and keep teaching

  388. at this point we are all going to hell if we do not have

    the holy spirit yeah many of u think u have the

    holy spirit but u dont!!!! u think that going to church

    and saying haleluyah and amen is all to get saved

    NO!!!!! it does not work like that u have to read the

    bible and not just read it but understand it to!

    yes there is evil in the music industry but what can we do

    but prey and really get into god. remember everything

    that this website publishes or so called "oculte

    messages is written in the bible so all u have to do is read the bible"

  389. If we believe that Sasha Fierce and Beyounce are too different entities, we are still confused. There is no good vs. evil here. The signs worn by her (such as the cross) while supossedly in her normal persona have Satanic roots as well. All one has to do is a bit of research.

    Jesus clearly said in Matthew 6:24 that "You cannot slave for two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will stick to the one and despise the other. You cannot slave for God and for riches." Additionally, Jesus also said "a good tree cannot bear worthless fruit… every tree not producing fine fruit gets cut down and thrown into the fire." Perhaps her videos fortell her eventual downfall, and of those who worship her as "I AM."

    Sad, but the scripture at 1John 5:19 clearly shows that the whole world is lying in Satan's power. That includes the entertain world.

  390. I would just like to say that even though some of this does seem believable, people don't have to believe it. I am a Christian and I rarely listen to this kind of music because of the constant sexuality, but I never considered any conspiracy theories, or "black magic." I am not superstitious.

    I see a lot of arguing in the comments, and "GET A LIFE"'s and "Jesus is coming's", but I believe that no one knows when the world is going to end or when God is going to come again. I also would like to say that while the amount of darkness you've seen on this website is overwhelming-whether it's true or not-evil casts a large shadow. A lot of terrible things are showcased in the media nowadays, but the people living in the real world do not ALL act like what they see on TV. Just saying.

    Vigilant- I love the tiny smiley face at the bottom of the page, btw. :)

  391. you are a very bad woman beyonce . do u know wat will happen to you when you die the devil will take your joy and your body and you will burn in hell so change your attitude then give ur life to god maybe you dont know that iof u be good you will go heaven and be a goood woman

  392. Keisha n Kimiel on

    LOL u guys r funny u myk me laugh hard thato n neni My 4wend n I agree wit u the odas wu beilive dis its all dog SHIT. in the holy book it says '" THE DEVIL CAN NEVA HURT O TOUCH U" so calm urself carry on bein Beyonces fan she staterd in church dese ppl r mad. BEYONCE WE LOVE U N WILL ALWAYS B UR NO1 FANS :0

  393. Ive worshiped Jay Z ive even said id marry Him as for Beyonce everywoman wants to be like her, she was able to convince all Men that booty & middle size woman is the way my Fiance has always been crazy about her she has a lot of Power & influence, I always wondered why Jay – Z but then again they are the most powerful couple in the entertainment Industry wether you by it or Not , The Devil couldnt have chosen anyone Better. Its hard i have to say becos i was on my way to buying the blue print 3 Aulbum & do a collection of Jay-Z's Music this year, I still want to but after this…. For those who have heard the trueth what you do with it is entirely up to you. But this I tell you is just no co – incident & this guys know what they are doing & its Working. In the Bible it says on the last days such things will happen, I'm a dissapointed Fan bt GOD is the reason why Im here & the reason why a Breath .. you decide

  394. I can only take so m on

    This is why old people (yes im calling you old) should not be able to use the computer. cause this stuff is for the new generation. NOT YOURS. cuz your too damn old and you dont get it! Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna all the current hot artists are not devil worshipers and i know for a fact that beyonce is a faithful christian so u fcked up there.

    As for her music video "Crazy In Love"

    – Picture 1: that's just her being sexy. everyone does it in their videos not just her retard

    -Pic 2: Its supposed a mock Photo shoot ( but u wouldnt know that cuz your really bad at interpreting things)

    -Pic 3: Its called Back up dancers Dumb ass

    -Pic 4, 5, 6: yes jay Z "blows up" the car and its for effect (cuz jay z likes big entrances and stuff like that) not symbolism for beyonce dying and a devil emerging.

    and the whole robot thing is something all current artists are doin cuz it represents futuristic stuff, its one of the lingering fads that shows up every now and then it different ways. If u wanna target devil worshipers go to that grunge rock metal shit, and not all of them are even devil worshipers anyway cuz my friends listens to heavy metal christian bands. you are a mediocre writer and you have NOOOOO idea what you talking about.

    so i suggest you go bak 2 ur moms basement and jack off to porn all night like you usually do and leave the articles and truth telling to the people that keep it real. cuz obviously you wouldnt know the truth if it bit you in the balls. Take your head out of your ass long enough to see that you are lost and your makin this up as you go along. Your just another hater cuz you cant stand to see her success and u still still struggling at $2.50 an hour.

    oh and by the way since your talkin about all this God stuff, God doesnt want anyone to judge cuz thats his job when the time comes, God created us in his image, and to talk about these celebs and judge them your talkin about him and his image so i suggest u STFU, o wait my bad i bet your old ass probably doesnt know what that means cuz your not from my generation and u dont understand, it means Shut The Fuck Up. Just because you dont understand something, doesnt give you the right to go let your ignorance out all over the place. If these celebs are doin something wrong (which they're not) and you dont like it then turn the other cheek cuz if they really are then God will take care of it when the time comes, NOT YOU. There's this little old thing people call a LIFE………….. AND I SUGGEST YOU GET ONE.

    and i bet you believe that the world is gonna end in 2012 too……………………..Ignorant ass

  395. YOUR RIGHT, haha the people who get pissed just don't know how to handle the truth. Keep doing what your doing.

  396. This is a very good article. I learned a lot from this. I think the more people talk about this the more people will start to pay attention and learn more about this secret society instead of allowing these artists to brain wash people who don't seem to care. You should do Rihanna next!

  397. Your articles are so interesting I've read several today. I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this as there are too many comments to sift through.. But if you're in fact correct about this mind controlling dark side, do you think Kanye West's stunt of interrupting Taylor Swift at the VMA's was another calculated move by the Illuminati? Let me try to explain;

    Taylor Swift is about to accept her award, Kanye West takes her microphone away and points at Beyonce yelling 'Beyonce had one of the music best vidoes of all time!!'

    As you've already mentioned Kanye West is suspected of being apart of this group, appearing in videos with Jay-Z and Rihanna.

    I think the video he was talking about at the VMA's is the Sweet Dreams video, which you've already associated with Mind Control.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

  398. #509..A little angry are we? Ignorance is not bliss honey, it can coast you a lot. Try looking deeper, you can't be that shallow. Well, I take that back. People will see what they want to see, or will ignore the truth. WHATEVER!!!!!!!

    Thanks Vig you should check out the website for G. Greg I think you will enjoy what he has to say.

  399. acho ou melhor tenho a certeza de tudo isso no passa dum mal entendido, em que poe a pessoa da beyoce, em maus lencois. coisas dessa natureza nao tras sucessos como ela tm, claro que existem pessoas que procuram entrepretar o que se parece com algo que elas mesmas criam para atribuir uma as celebridades.

  400. This is Crazy stuff. beyonce is now evil. and jay z is the devil too.

    they should be helped.

    They bring evil in this worl.

    we dont need that.

    we missed the good real beyonce not the evil

    jay z did that stuff to beyonce

  401. We shouldnt listen to beyonce or jay z anymore.

    cause they the devil and evil

    they fakee

    and dumb

    Beyonce you changed you need help

    rappers stop worshiping the devil

    this real stuff

    rite here its called brain washing

    dont listening to them

    they devil

  402. people this days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!preiase the lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the devil doesnt have place here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  403. It's a pity……..Guys check out the latest JZ with Alecia Keys….he totally fucked up the poor girl's image…..This is so wrong, Alecia never used to be this wild with weird hairdo's and gloomy make up.

  404. @ Hicks (#518)….what do you think she's going to do. Ruin her fan base by just comming out and saying, "HEY I WANT TO GIVE THANKS TO SATAN FOR MAKING THIS ALL POSSIBLE"? People will flip out and the "STARDOM" she sold her soul for will be gone. AGAIN! C'MON PEOPLE you cannot be THIS ignorant.

  405. this is crazy i just have so muc to say. its jsu crazy and i dnt go to church alot but i still believe in god i dnt worship satan and beyonce shud be ashamed of herself.. i am disgusted dnt want to write no more

  406. IS beyonce really a devill worshiper if she is ……………. where is there proof im only 11. i just cant beleve she believes in that stuff and dresses like that as she doesn't seem like that kind of person especially that she could have been giving out symbols to show she was Sasha Fierce now…. THE DEVIL!!!

  407. We should all put down our iPods and pick up a Bible. Because the Bible clearly states at 1John 5:19 " We know we originate with God, but the whole world is lying in the [power of the] wicked one."

    So many people are blinded, thinking that Jehovah God is ruling this earth.. But Jesus taught the Truth.

    Rev 21:9 "So down the great dragon was hurled, the original serpent, the one called Devil and Satan, who is misleading the entire inhabited earth; he was hurled down to the earth, and his angels were hurled down with him."

    Ps 31:10 And just a little while longer, and the wicked one will be no more;

    And you will certainly give attention to his place, and he will not be.

    11 But the meek ones themselves will possess the earth,

    And they will indeed find their exquisite delight in the abundance of peace.

    12 The wicked one is plotting against the righteous one,

    And at him he is grinding his teeth.

    13 Jehovah himself will laugh at him,

    For he certainly sees that his day will come.

  408. Why can't we all jus go back to listenin to Westlife

    That's when candles were lit and songs were written with meaning



    Thats more like it

  409. The people of God will walk in peace and the wicked will rec've there due……..Pray for all that take part in this fooliness…………Remember God is in control

  410. I just can't understand what you would want everything for on earth isnt the after world what we are working for? I was told about this but has never had time to look it up.. Now I have to teach my kids how to read about music and listen to the words before they buy it.. this really hurts us as afro- americans you do still have rights don't you?

    You are doing exactly what you and b are singing about…

    converting over for money you will do what these people tell you what to do for the money…


  411. damn V.C,why shouldn't i believe u are an angel sent to decipher the encoded evil of the earth being divulged through music,i just believe 0ne thing u strongly said that we focus on the messenger and not the message which should be the other way round.iv been pondering over this especially about country music cuz i love it soo much and i want to know if its also a medium of transmission of these occultic deeds.let me know V.C as soon as possible.i personally never understood why Rihana came out with "disturbia" and that was when i believed she was a soldier and u confirmed it.what about BONE THUGS,LINKING PARK,OBAMA and the POPE???let me know and pls do well to create a chat site.

  412. Everyone who is commenting in this, don't be judgemental.

    God gave us free will and being a christian myself, makes me sick to the stomach of what you guys can say, and bringing Jesus' name into this.

    Be humble about being a Christian, don't go around on the internet telling people who they should be and shouldn't.

    Jesus said the best christian is humble one.

    Go do something better in your lives

  413. I think we need to make our comments and observations on the basis of Jesus' love. These "stars" are not the first and will not be the last to sell out to satan. Yes, we all are sinners but atleast when we fall we must try to get back up and not stay down. Christians have a right to an opinion but we must give it with love. These people need help and need to be told that what they are doing is wrong in God's sight. God loves all of his children and it hurts him to see them perish and it angers him to see when people claim to be him (J-Hova & I Am). Let's all realize that just as God has a plan for all of us, satan is doing what he purposed to do… steal, kill and destroy. He's a loser and will always be…..satan…..bite the dust!! Get a copy of Mary K. Baxter's "Divine Revealation of Hell" and share with your friends and family what you learnt. God Bless and stay strong in Jesus.

  414. All i have to say,is this, the enemies of Jesus still hate him, and they don't care for the young people either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The devil knows that his time is all most up, and he is going to try his best to get all the people to hell, but you will never defeat Jesus,and when Jesus is on your side, you cannot beat you!!!!

    Really though,let us pray for their deliverance

  415. Good and vital information if only their fans can accept this and see that 90% of these singers are demon possed and is only after wealth and fame . JESUS said that money is the root of all evil and so it is. I never liked beyonce because i always find that she was to frontish/pushy when in destiny child, she had this sense of pride to all ways be miss IT "my voice must always be echoed louder". Little do she know that marrying a satanic worship like Jay-Z has been the beginning of her downturn spiritually. Yes satan would prosper them and make them win grammies after grammies but in the end they would regret. How can people literally buy those hideous clothing that Jay-Z sells with every inch of it looking hideous and demonic, cow head, skeleton, symbols etc. Rihanna and all has messed up her life is better she had stayed in barbados at 21 years of age she dresss like a BIG WHORE and has involved herself devil wised, when people join those things there is hardly any turning back. Thank God am free from this world of sin. May God help them all

  416. i absolutely loved her now shes turned into sum devils demon!!!!!!!!!! and im 10 yrs old….. and i understand this stuff i loved beyonce' now shes just sum messed up person who doesnt know how to sinc act or dance without become evil!!!! :'(

  417. The minute I heard rumors about this Beyonce devil worship I took it upon myself to Google it. Even before googling it I did not find it hard to believe. I personally think these artists who worship the Devil know exactly what they are doing. I find that their music contains subliminal messages to try to turn their listeners to the dark side. I noticed that when Beyonce was a member of Destint's Child I wasn't that fond of her, however when she started her solo career I became drawn to her music (which probably contains subliminal messages). I noticed that I cannot think of a Jay-Z song that I don't like (subliminal messages). The same goes for Rihanna, when she first started her music career I was not the biggest fan of her work, but once "Good Girl Gone Bad" dropped I couldn't get enough her music. This article gave me all the information I needed. The image of Beyonce from the website was proof enough and there is no way of justifying that.

  418. Daymar Zanders on

    Thats the same way that i felt about young b she is the worst ever and next do this about all masonic celberties. thanx a lot you inspire me

  419. I must say I was a huge Beyonce fan, from Destiny's Child & up until her most recent. But I began to see strange actions and performances, that didn’t make me cringe (like I did when I read your site) but made me think, "Oh, she's doing things a lot more different now, kind of out of her original league." I though I was crazy, but I have God instilled in me for a reason and it sensed that something, whatever it was, was not right. I fear for the youth that strive for this image, but aren’t aware of it effects and its intent.

  420. Well, to start off my boyfriend had been telling me all about this and I was like I have to see it for myself. So i did, please check out this moive titled Jay-Z: Deception. It breaks down so much and needs to be addressed to all the real Christians to keep hope alive…. I was so blinded but my faith in GOD never let me fall prey….

  421. with almost every piece of artwork made, any1 can end up manipulating it to mean what ever they want it to be…is it not odd that he uses only only what pleases him..what about the fact that beyonce mentions sasha in interviews long before crazy in love, during the days of destinys innocent nickname kelly and the other girls used to call her by…i dont diffirentiate such accusations with the likes of the ones that compared obama with the antichrist because objectively speaking obama can be easily compared to the anti-christ…but u and i no this is not so…people like this blogger put fear in people and slander good fictional works …sasha fierce is just an entertainment gimmick and it is only people like this blogger who are truly giving such satanic images publicity and meaning with an otherwise ignorant public…

  422. As much as I don't want to believe this, I do. One post stated how artists reach their peak, but if you notice, neither Beyonce or Jay Z has…and Jay Z has been retiring for how long? I've always felt uncomfortable watching her videos because she is so provocative and extremely lustful and sexual. I've always wondered too about having to separate yourself from the person who is performing…she states that if she met the person (Sasha Fierce) that she is on stage, that she wouldn't like her. I think that speaks volumes…come on folks…wake up. I'm not judging at all…but it is extremely sad…she is very talented….just think about it…she's a product..her father used her beyond question…my dad would have puked to see his daughter girating across a stage half naked, grinding and dancing in such a manner. If her father easily did this to her…just imagine what Jay Z was thinking when he got with her…this is his "wife" and he's ok with the entire world watching his "wife" but @$$ naked…it's all about the money.

  423. What really makes me mad is to see how many people are shocked and surprised to think Beyonce' would be involved in this. why? Is it because she's too pretty? She's not smart enough to know any better? Oh..I get it..she dances too well, right? Beyonce' is a grown woman and is very aware of all the choices that she makes everyday. She's not at the top of the game for being stupid. And why is she good enough for prayers and Jay z isn't? Is it because he isn't very attractive? And it's his fault that Beyonce' is the way she is now??? SMDH!!! They are equally loved by God and both are in need of daily prayers. Satan has a serious hold on these two, as well as, many others in or not in the business. So far I've observed that both Mr. &Mrs. Carter are crying out for help in their own way. They are in bondage by Satan and he has a tight grip on them. So please if your going to pray. Pray for them both. And stop believing that it's Jay's fault and Beyonce' is just some dumb little girl.

    One more thing…. I've read most of these comments and a lot of you said that some of her music and videos didn't sit well with you….As to say something isn't right. Don't you think Beyonce' would've felt it too, Especially being brought up in the church??? Think about it!!! It makes sense. If I were Beyonce', I would be insulted by my fans who think I don't have a mind of my own and I am not intelligent enough to make choices for myself. Be it good or bad……That is all.

  424. mmm… well, interesting. all of this stuff is very interesting and nice to know, but, seriously people,


    of course they know what they are singing about, even if they dont write their own songs, they still look over them and give input.

    it is their choice, so stop bitching about how we should all pray for them. if they didn't want to have songs like this they wouldn't…

  425. And she was such a sweet girl too. I mean as person, she still is. But this image she's putting on now…not so much.

    I hope she realizes what shes doing and stops.

  426. Ok, so i read this and for some reason, I seem to just say to myself, oh well u never liked her neway, but then I thought of the millions of ppl who do and then said "Oh My God" does satan ever stop trying to win us all? Well God is watching and thanks for passing this info on to the rest of us.

  427. i am a huge fan of beyoce and hearing this now is just terrifig knowing that i am always singing her songs i have been accepting her beleifs without even knowing it.I am a devout christian i cant beleive this but i guess i have 2

  428. I am soooo glad I found this site!! now I don't feel like i'm some kind of nut case with a conspiracy theory. These motherfuckers are crazy. and I hope they all burn in hell.

  429. Cool Analysis. I honestly don't care about this at all. I think it's crap, but whatever….

    What I want you to do is actually interview or follow these people, since you are so bent on proving they do things you consider "evil".

  430. whew dis world is rili changin isnt, my word. D sad thin is most of dese occult singers' songs r 1 of d most influential nd most liked. I lyk Beyonce(nd still do). I dunno if 2 yrs 4rm nw i'll even b able 2 listen 2 a non-Satanist or wateva dark meanin wit a song. Itz jus so annoyin 2 even think bout it.

  431. Yo dis world is jus turnin in2 sumthin….argh dunno. Bt most of dese occcutist or dark meanin songs r rily nyc sumtyms. Take 4 example jayz's song-Empire State Of Mind. Hw many people in dis world hate dat song? Nd i lyk most of Beyonce's songs nd I lyk her too. Dis is weird. Bt I no it can b true, sadly

  432. My first guess was aliens but I knew it! The hell if I'm to believe Beyonce married Jay Z because of his charm and GOOD LOOKS – yeah right. I'm sorry but there is just too much information on this site to dismiss. How can anyone read through this and not think that maybe the author is onto something? I may change my mind when I see more video clips of Beyonce wearing angel wings throwing butterfly kisses to neglected orphans in 3rd world countries riddled with swine flu.

  433. i have always said that there is always a spirit behind the lyrics of a song and even the tune….unfortunatly people do not know this and we tend to believe that what we do not know will not hurt us. truth is, what we dont know can and does hurt us….

    it is about time we as Christians act like Christ…..

  434. CORRECTED: As a Christian, I love all of God's humans, including Jay Z and Beyonce. Having said that, this article does shed light on what is very pervasive in the entertainment industry, not just with Beyonce and Jay Z and Rihanna, but pretty much across the board: a willingness to promote the spirit of anti-Christ. Some will claim that it's just entertainment, just harmless fun, but that's exactly how Satan works. Recall that when healthcare workers give medicine to infants and toddlers, they give them a sweet, syrupy elixir to make it go down easier. If a nurse who has been alive for only a few decades knows how to get a baby to take medicine, wouldn't you think Satan, who has been around for untold millenia, also knows how to get spiritually immature, unthinking humans to take his message easier? He's not going to use unattractive, untalented people – he's gonna use the best and brightest! But beyond that, I don't think Beyonce and Jay Z fully understand what they are channeling. Recall that Jesus said, when the religious leaders finally were successful in their conspiracy against Him, 'Father, forgive them for they know not what they do." Satan's kingdom is not divided, and is working around the clock with its top spirit and human agents (including in the entertainment industry) to destroy as many lives as possible. If this is not understandable, then perhaps you need to assess your education from childhood, for our education system is designed to blind us (which is why they have been so adamant about removing God from schools). Amen.

    Follow my myspace and BP blog for informative articles…

  435. thats crazy cause a few days before i saw this message, my bother said he was looking at somthing and it said jayz it like that to him and rihanna. he told me that they dont pray for God but for evil, thats why there videos are so dark now, it said because jehovh it the name od God, and jayz is making God name look bad but doing this, jayz and beyonce are evil in my eyes

  436. Hmmm.. I think I can understand what Beyonce was trying to convey.. Being Sasha Fierce is like being on work only.. Like for example, you're a boss.. As a boss, you must be tough and strict, but that's for being boss ONLY.. When outside, you're a friend with your subordinates.. Like that.. She wants to tell us,