2Pac Revived as a Hologram at Coachella: Why I Didn’t Like It


On April 15th, Tupac Shakur was revived in the form of a hologram to perform a few songs at Coachella. At first, I did not even bother watching the performance because this kind of stuff has been going on in Japan for years. However, after reading reactions to the performance and future plans for holographic artists, I felt the need to check it out. Here’s a video of the performance.

Quite a few people asked me what I thought of it. Well, to be honest, I did not like it. I just had a visceral, gut feeling that it wasn’t right. Of course, this is a very personal opinion and many probably won’t agree with me. However, before jumping to the comments to curse me out, please read on.

2Pac was more than a rapper signed to record label. He was an iconic character that represented an entire generation. He did not just record songs and act cool in music videos. He spoke out about issues, he brought to light the reality of America’s underprivileged, he even called out crooked cops and politicians. He did not only sing gimmicky singles to sell records, he said what was on his mind – and what was on many other people’s minds.

However, although he had a kind of “larger-than-life” aura surrounding him  (which only amplified after his death) 2Pac was very human. Like all of us, he had strengths, weaknesses and emotions. And he was not afraid to show them. He could rap about gangster street life and, in the next song, rap about how he loved his mama. In interviews, he could be either loud, cocky and arrogant or soft spoken, smart and insightful. Like many compelling artists, the were many sides to him, like there are many sides to all of us. All of his sides were apparent because, unlike most record industry artists, he was real.

Sadly, that hologram at Coachella, wasn’t.

It was 2Pac – if he was stripped of everything that made him real, human and authentic and then infused with a bunch of synthesized computer hocus pocus. Although it was somewhat interesting to see a 2Pac on stage in 2012, witnessing a dead person artificially re-animated and controlled by unseen programmers felt wrong.  2Pac was anything but an empty shell controlled by unseen programmers…but that’s what I saw at Coachella.

One of the first things the 2Pac hologram said was “What’s up Coachella!”. This was obviously not 2Pac’s voice because Coachella did not even exist prior to his death. It was therefore probably the voice of an imitator making 2Pac say things he never said. In short, it was fake. The hologram then sings the song Hail Mary. Interesting fact: For some reason, the first words of the song “Makaveli in this… Killuminati, all through your body” were removed. Hail Mary was an odd song choice by Dr. Dre – the mastermind behind this hologram experiment – considering the fact that the very next song on the Makaveli album was Toss it Up, in which 2Pac thoroughly insulted Dre. Then Snoop came out and performed 2 of Amerikas Most Wanted with the hologram, complete with pre-arranged interactions with it. Again, fake, staged, artificial.

Maybe if this was a one-time novelty experiment, I wouldn’t have written about it. But there are now talks of bringing this 2Pac hologram on tour and making a bunch of money off it. Even worse, there are talks of bringing other artists back from the dead like Jimi Hendrix and…Kurt Cobain *shudders*. These artists all became legends due to their authenticity, originality and their ability to touch their listener’s soul. They were the exact opposites of pre-programmed, dehumanized and synthesized visual illusions. Furthermore, they were often at odds with the record industry’s shady ways and hypocrisies, which caused them lots of troubles with the powers that be. Seeing their likeness used by this industry to make them say and act a certain way is simply the opposite everything they stood for.

Maybe those behind the 2Pac hologram did it with good intentions. Maybe it was even done out of love and respect for him. But I did not feel it. It was creepy, awkward and, most importantly, it wasn’t 2Pac. Here’s the real deal and let him rest in peace.




  1. Alright i read now let me say this
    The tupac hologram was good for snoop snoop was like tupacs bestest bro so you can see he would be hurt when he died this may have been a way for him to be with pac one last time

  2. The one singer I really liked and Im glad he wasnt wrapped up in all this illuminati bullshit. i use to think wtf is killuminati now it makes sense

  3. Look tupac was a great man and now people r doing what ever it takes to make money offif him so to all u ass holes out there taking advantage of his death f**k u and let him RIP

  4. Oh My Goodness! you took the words right out of my mouth!!!!!! have you also noticed that alot of the real political 2Pac stuff is sidelined in favour of pushing tracks like 'California Love'? Personally I always thought that what a bit of a conspiracy… can't silence the man in life, they will silence him in death… they have made him commodious and completely unrepresentative of what he was in life… Listen 2 'Words of Wisdom' forget about Dre… God Bless RIP Tupac Shakur

  5. I can't believe what I'm reading. One. Illuminati is real. Two. Tupac was a human. A man. Created by the Living God. He was JUST a man. His deed were filthy rags. Nothing he has done is any good unless the Spirit of the Living God was in him and working through him. With his language and his attitude… obviously the Spirit Of Christ was not in Him. People can talk the talk. Not a problem to do that. let's not be deceived. The one behind the Illuminati is Satan. And he is going to use anyone and anything to confuse you, deceive you in ANY way he can. Let's not compare a MAN to the LORD. That is absolutely ridiculous. In no way did Tupac do anything LIKE Jesus. NO WAY.

    • I am not saying 2Pac was Jesus but I believe he was a great man and a threat to those in power which is why they kept calling him 'Gangsta rapper' or arrested him for jay-walking… seriously, have you ever listened to his interviews? have you ever actually listened to the lyrics of his songs or read his poetry? people like you make me laugh… You cannot argue about ANYTHING unless you are prepared to educate yourself on the subject first

  6. When I saw this, first thing that came to mind was the story in the Scriptures about Saul and that medium/spiritist woman who brought up Samuel from the dead! 1Samuel 28:3-25 And Samuel said to Saul "Why have you disturbed me by bringing me up?" Verse 15

    Was it really a hologram?!!

    I think something is going on behind the scenes! As it is, people worship celebrities & now the new trend: worship the DEAD! #sickening

  7. I think they went way too far with this one.Using images of the dead to make more money off them? Morbid, disgusting and ghoulish.

  8. I wholeheartedly agree…I did not like it either. Didn't even finish watching it & Tupac is my fav artist.

  9. I admire your restraint that they may have not had improper intentions, I am so far beyond that point! I have not watched it. Comes off as wrong, and creepy. I enjoyed the real at the end, thanks for that!

  10. I was born only a few months before Tupac's death, and when I first heard of him, for some reason I thought he was still alive 'cos I remember Elton John releasing a song with him or his posthumous tracks called Ghetto Gospel, but then realized he was dead. Even after that, Ashanti and T.I. made that song about Pac's Life. Even before this hologram, Pac's positive influence lived on a whole decade after his death, but I think this hologram just spoilt that legacy completely. It's not about the man himself but about his message and how he goes about his life.

    Making a hologram of him, at first, my friend and I thought how technology is advancing extremely quickly and how it was kinda cool seeing such an influencial figure we missed out on. But come to think of it, if I saw a holographic MJ my first thought would be that they should just let him rest, and I suppose the same fact applies here for Pac. Also, I don't know if it's a coincidence or not, but prior to this hologram being revealed, I was doing a lot of YouTube research on Pac, came across a video of him and Snoop together for the last time, 3 days before his death. Pac and Snoop had fallen out because Snoop called Biggie Smalls and Puff Daddy his 'home boys' (at the time the infamous East/West Coast rap beef was going on). At the video, Pac was saying how its the media who's creating the hype over the beef, whilst Snoop sat their quietly looking extremely scared, looking as if he knew something would happen to Pac, knowing that his freedom-of-speech style would get him in big trouble. Then surprise, surprise 3 days later he's dead. Then now, 16 years later, Snoop, who sold his soul and even shortened his name from Snoop Doggy Dogg to Snoop Dogg (notice how the latter rhymes more with 2Pac) is now dancing with 2Pac's hologram singing their signature song '2 of Amerikas Most Wanted'. I simply think Snoop Dogg wanted to take Pac's place, but instead of helping people progress, just wanted to help himself progress, so in other words an 'Anti Pac'. He's starred in hundreds of TV shows and movies, but as of now, he hasn't been doin' so well in terms of popularity and so now is once again using Pac's image to boost himself up again. So as well as the industry wanting to get rid of Pac, so did those who followed him and saw themselves as his shadow in Death Row Records. Such an evil, evil world we live in.

    All I have to say is that if you don't repent and ask for forgiveness then your reward is an eternity of suffering in comparison to a mere countable decades here on Earth. God Bless VC and thank you for your helpful updates.

  11. I agree. Let Tupac rest in peace seriously! I love him too much and watching that hologram was like… legit like seeing a ghost! I can't understand what the world is going to come to with all this technology but its highly unnecessary. How can his family cope with seeing something like that? Watching that performance with the hologram in comparison to him in the keep ya head up… smh… It made me feel like I lost him all over again. Weird right? The real videos of him show a true difference, an abundance of authenticity.

  12. Imagine this sort ot tech in the hands of a government that's bent on making you the enemy? All of a sudden you're seen robbing a bank, killing people, etc.. on one part of the world, while in actuality you're on the other. You come home and that whole world think you did something. The potential for abuse is enormous.

  13. Very nice Vigilant! I always luv your post. I luv Tupac and when he said what's up Coachella? I said who is speaking and sounding like Tupac. There's a guy on youtube who raps under the name Kasinova and sounds very similar to Tupac. I'm not sure if that was him or not. But I thought it was an interesting thing to do but when you think about it especially after reading this post I don't feel comfortable with it. Thank you to Vigilant.

  14. This is unbelievable. I can't stop shaking my head in disgrace. It's not right not right at all. Wow!

  15. Simply a case of the illuminati mocking the world ,first by taking off the killuminati part(indicating that he was mudered becos he went against them)and using his hologram to profit even in death.Big time mockery

  16. "peep my flesh's flesh of my flesh"

    I agree VC.. it really bothers me that they took that killuminati line out.. but it also throws up the red flag to clearly indicate just who's running this show.

    it seemed cool at first(2pac at coachella), and the idea(hologram artists touring the world) is a shimmering glimpse of brilliance…… however ironically those "light" bearers are tainting the message Pac's personal legacy stood for….. with all due respect… this hologram project could be done exceptionally….. but it wont be…… you said it best and Ill declare your rhetoric as a statement.. it is the elite’s way of saying “We used them, we sacrificed them and now we own them for eternity”.

    its eerie to think of pac speaking from the grave with lyrics seeming like he said them knowing hed be in hologram form telling you to look at the flesh's flesh of his flesh.. but I know thats just the rhyme teasing our wits….or God's intelligent design to show there's no deceiving who's His


  17. This is so scary! Tupac needs to be left alone.

    From my understanding they're recreating. B.I.G and Suge Knight and supposedly doing a world tour! That is something I will NOT go and see.

    -Stay prayed up you guys(:-

  18. It's so sad, all about money. Why can't people have respect for the dead. Let this people RIP.

    Making money off someone dead WTF. This makes me mad. If he was alive 2pac wouldn't want this. The creepy part is that people are buying tickets and he looks so real…

    R.I.P 2PAC

  19. ''Some say they expect Illuminati take my body to sleep''

    lyrics from the song: They dont give a f**k about us!

  20. i was going to say, dre possibly chose the song tupac dissed him in to show that they had fights together, but hed still be by his side today for who he was when he was alive. but thats just what i think.

  21. The video… the second one where he's a live and real. Rapping about real things.. life, relationships… Wow they have twisted his picture into a disgusting industry tool. I'm having an existential crisis. Religion, Music, Rules, our government leaders, everything that I have loved… I can't trust anyone else but me. But me? I'm just a product of my upbringing.

  22. It's sad that people comment and fuss over any of these "entertainers," especially when we know every entertainment industry is totally controlled by the illuminati. Which means, every entertainer is controlled by them. We should not watch, buy or do anything to support these creeps.

    The ones who die are the ones who are bucking against their programming. And these illuminati creeps have found a way to squeeze more money out of them after they have killed them off. It won't stop until idiots quite buying and consuming this pap.

  23. Do you have the lyrics to the rap that Tupac is doing? I would like to know which lyrics they changed. And what was original Tupac. I'm not very familiar was Tupac's music. It might give some clues as to what the elite are doing.

  24. its creepy b.c its like the handlers are saying even in death you are still controlled, there is no escape. maybe they re right, maybe once your souls is bought you belong to them forever

  25. wow ppl cried? i felt weird watching it epsiecially when he said im a ghost and in the end when he disappeared, technology is all great and fun now but soon it will be used against us. its like baiting a rat on a cheese trap.

  26. The subject of this article is very interesting, article itself is above average, but the comments are absolutely great! I'm glad so many people are capable of reasoning and deep insight.

    Keep the faith, brothers and sisters, and stay connected! Knowledge is a must.

  27. Thanks for this video VC, i looked for it on youtube unsuccessfully.

    But this is what I think. It's your opinion not to like and it's fair to share it. Let me just observe you do exactly the same reviving stuff when you listen to Michael Jackson or any other dead artist. That artist is somehow living the time of a song. Or when you watch an old clip of Left Eye or Brandy. All what Dr Dre did is to put on a show.

    For me it's amazing to watch it, and really technology can do everything.

    Now, this confirms more clearly that artists sign contracts selling not only their live performances, but also, their soul to some industries that will certainly use it, till the end. This has nothing to do with Illuminati or whatever, it's only a contract that I'll make money with your image, either you're alive or not.

  28. This reminds me of people using che guevera's image all over the place. It's the same thing in principle. People are quite happy to kill because of what they say "god" wants. Who here on this board has never professed to the illuminati being "evil" and satanic with the implication therefore that they (the person denouncing them i.e. You) are "good" and on the side of the angels? My point is that no one knows the will of Jesus. Even the most popular book of his works the king James bible was written centuries after his death and was a bloody political tool in the first place! And in a world where one of the most important religious figures of the last two millenia can be made into a character on South Park why not 2Pac into a hologram? I don't much like it anyway but the audience will vote with their money just like they do when they skip past Jesus not wanting churches built and put a fiver in the collection tin or buy a Che Guevera T-shirt.

  29. Call me paranoid or whatever, but I was at Coachella and the whole performance of Dre and Snoop was downright creepy. I was about maybe 15 rows back from the mainstage. I’ve been a fan of them and Tupac since the 90’s so I wasn’t gonna miss it. Since I went on the 2nd week of the festival and the first week’s 2pac hologram was all over the net, I was hoping they’d do something different this time, and maybe bust out an Eazy E hologram. Sadly that didn’t happen. They did the exact same routine and brought out 2pac again. It just had a really weird vibe to me. I began thinking the same, why 2pac? Why know? Why the choice of songs? Why the editing of the songs? Again, call me paranoid, but there was some creepy imagery/symbolism going on in the screens during the whole performance. I’m not crazy for Wiz khalifa, and when he came out, everyone seemed almost hypnotized and all this stuff shining on the screen for their eyes. I wasn’t into it, so I was just looking around at everyone else around me. They all seemed to be loving it. Then 50 cent and Eminem came out, never cared for them either. There was some white house, old temple, pillars (freemason?) building on the screen. Snoop saying something about Rastafari and had a six pointed star with what looked like Bob Marley’s face in it, necklace. ha ha! Just before the event started a black n white checkerboard on the screen lol. I don’t know what to make of it. Maybe it was nothing, but to me it all had a super weird creepy vibe to it, and you know thousands more saw the live video feed and millions the posted vids on youtube later. What did yall think of everything else I’ve talked about besides 2pac?

  30. I heard about the hologram performance on the radio and it gave me the creeps. I'm not surprised to see this article.

  31. i feel that the new generation should open their eyes to the ways of 2Pac, the fact he is that much of an icon, the youth should look him, research and understand the value of his work. the show may not have been perfect, neither real but at least the spirit of true hiphop is still appreciated through this action and what hiphop stood for

  32. it's just getting ridiculous. you know things are getting bad when the dead are resurrected on stage. one good thing i can say about the hologram is that it was done very well. however, it would creep me out to see a celebrity who has been dead for nearly 16 years.

  33. Look at the dancing soul!

    Tupac was a great person because:

    1:His ties to the black panthers.(who the X-men are based off of…lol i know) The black panthers were a group that openly and militantly opposed all of the things that are listed on this site and many more.

    That group, and others of the time(like the weathermen who bombed a corrupt judges house who wanted to keep panthers imprisoned) represent what "the elite" fears most and that's why they took sooooo much effort to get rid of this type of thing.(implanting an agent to get his mother addicted to crack,numerous arrests, tons of attempts on tupacs life, BS imprisonment, etc etc)

    There really ought to be an article just on tupac, because going by the article and the comments it seems not many people know what he was really about and why things happened the way they did.

    2:Tupac was REALLY brave. Like everyone in the 60's who really did fight against oppression, he had attempts on his lives and propaganda to smear him. His proper message was the political one, that he had before he got shot(even though they were many other attempts on his life before that) and the one he was forced to give up when he signed to the CIA controlled death row, who would twist him into taking hiphop(and by extension black youth) into a tainted direction

    I see the book 1984 mentioned alot here, so i'm going to suggest a book to read. The fbi war on tupac shakur and black leaders. The 60's was about the greatest rebellion against corruption we've recently seen, so no wonder people are brainwashed into denouncing the people of that time by calling them "hippies"

  34. Sorry, VigilantCiotizen, but all these artists you called great were nothing but mind controlled slaves. Tupac as a hologram puppet was just a message of who is behind all these so called authentic artists. Mind controlled slaves are not only anorexic models who look like they're dead. We don't actually know if those artists were that spontaneous behind the cameras. We only know them through the cameras.

  35. How I first saw this was, 'great, another way to worship the dead.' I'm pretty sure that they'll raise the bar and start making stars seem like they're omniscient!! Having concerts on the same day in different places. But yeah….when I saw that, it was creepy. Micheal Jackson is next 🙁 People would kill to see him back.

  36. I completely agree with you!! Thank you for writing this article. I felt totally creeped out by the whole thing.. really creeped out, and a sense that it was wrong, way wrong!! your right, its fine to do it just as a one time experiment, but to carry it on, on tour ??? weird.. plus coachella is getting more f****d up every year- let tupac, and everyone rest in piece! he's not a puppet!

    don't steal he's essence from us!!!!

  37. Bill Cooper wrote about this holographic usage in his book "Behold A Pale Horse"…This holographic stuff just reminded me of it…

    "The events at Fatima in the early part of the century were scrutinized.

    On the suspicion that it was alien manipulation, an intelligence operation

    was put into motion to penetrate the secrecy surrounding the event. The

    United States utilized its Vatican moles and soon obtained the entire Vatican

    study, which included the prophecy. This prophecy stated that if man

    did not turn from evil and place himself at the feet of Christ the planet

    would self-destruct and the events described in the book of Revelations

    would indeed come to pass. The prophecy demanded that Russia be

    consecrated to the Sacred Heart. It stated that a child would be born who

    would unite the world with a plan for world peace and a false religion. The

    people would discern that he was evil and was indeed the Anti-Christ

    World War III would begin in the Middle East with an invasion of Israel by

    a United Arab nation using conventional weapons, which would culminate

    in a nuclear holocaust. Most of the life on this planet would suffer horribly

    and die as a result. The return of Christ would occur shortly thereafter

    When the aliens were confronted with this finding they confirmed that

    it was true. The aliens explained that they had created us through genetic

    manipulation in a laboratory. They stated that they had manipulated the

    human race through religion, satanism, witchcraft, magic, and the occult.

    They further explained that they were capable of time travel, and the

    events would indeed come to pass if the conditions were not met. Later

    exploitation of alien technology by the United States and the Soviet Union,

    utilizing time travel in a project named RAINBOW, confirmed the prophecy.

    The aliens showed a HOLOGRAM, which they claimed was the actual

    crucifixion of Christ. The Government filmed the HOLOGRAM. We did not

    know whether to believe them. Were they using our GENUINE religions

    to manipulate us? Or were they indeed the source of our religions with

    which they had been manipulating us all along? Or was this the beginning

    scenario of the genuine END TIMES and the RETURN OF CHRIST which

    had been predicted in the Bible? I DO NOT KNOW THE ANSWER."

  38. the " Entertainment " Industry's M.O. is never miss an opportunity to propagandize, so I don't speculate what their motives are , as devious as they are and that's to Rewrite history , change perception or push false perceptions bout 2pac or anybody else . " I love the New World Order " would be little TOO obvious , so it's done more subliminal or subtle .

    Believe It , they know his positions on the Industry ; NWO and what better way in their usual slimy way to subtlety change what he said or omit his important claims against them .

    • Okay, okay! It's mirror and glass but how does it change the important point of this article and our discussion?!!!???

  39. Continuing on the subject of hip hop, this intriguing story, allegedly from an inside music industry source (though anonymous), claims that Gangsta rap was invented, or at least heavily promoted, in the early 90s to boost the privatised prison-industrial complex, of which the elite of the entertainment industry was buying stock:


  40. Now I'm feeling a little creepy afraid.

    In my religion (I'm a muslim anyway), we believe that there will be a time, when Antichrist (called Dajjal) come and lure human to give him their soul by showing some power like 'bring back the dead people to live'. It's never really been mention how he will do it, even though he has certain power, he still cannot have the ability to bring real people from death.

    I wonder if this is a part of experiment from Illuminati to 'support' his ability when the day comes – when he said, "Join me. I'm god. See, I can bring your loves once back from death."

    And imagine when you can see your loves one, come back from death, and say "Yes. I'm alive now because of him. Come and join us, my dear!"

  41. how is it even legal they can do this? using someones personal image after they have died…shouldn't their be a law against this…

  42. Maybe this is just a prelude to the kiss> What would stop a full on holographic alien landing or a fake decension of Jesus Christ or as in Revelations we can watch the beast bring fire down from the sky. Since sheeple tend to walk around with there mini-soundtracks to ther life's beataka ipods and iphones, knowing how the masses worship there entertainmnet gods I think trying this hologram out on concert goers is the footing the enemy has to decieve the ungodly. The Illuminati or if there even called this would be the 4 star Generals in satan's army, told to gather up as many as you can before God returns in the flesh. See these so-called elite were decieved to believe that satan is the truth, that the god who created this world is evil and that the only way to evolve is self enlightenmnet aka throught art of music, art, sports and esoteric teachings.

  43. With these kinds of holograms of musicians who all died young and tragically, the music industry is sending the message that they own these musicians, even after they're dead. It is creepy and disturbing.

  44. This and other holographic experiments to gauge the reaction of the public, is just a dress rehearsal for the main event – the PTB are planning the coming of a new age Messiah to appear in the sky for all to marvel. Everyone will marvel and bow down to this mightly leader who will take us all into the new world order with smiles on our faces, safe in the knowledge that our saviour has arrived just as the good book tell us. We'll all prostrate ourselves at this Wizard of Oz. BUt behind the curtain are black sinister characters who want us all in chains, controlled and subservient to them

    This isn't about money and Tupak but about fine tuning a technology for the main event.

  45. You are so right I felt the same way when I first watched this profomance it really made me sad because I know he stoop for more it was not done tastefully at all it's like a speaker at someone's funeral getting up and telling all the bad they've done in there life i really don't care if anyone doesn't agree with me this generation has lost there voice you can go become a holograph to all I care. killuminati! R.i.p 2pac

  46. Hologram or not, but to bring back an artist that has been presume dead for many years is creepy, and make me think that it is some form of necromancy. I was a big 2Pac fan back in the days, but to see this hologram was very disturbing to me.

  47. I also disagree . Its not creepy. Its wrong !

    And dont say R.I.P. because after 1 year 2pac will return. Didnt you listen to his albums .He will come back just like Makaveli

  48. Have just found your site – was impressed even before I read this post.

    A couple of comments I made when I saw this vid and sent to people:

    Scarey / Freaky


    I know most of the media I come across is manufactured – whether it be tv, films or music – I expect it.

    I don't expect to see new 2pac – this made me feel uncomfortable.

    You are right 2pac was a 'real' person who tried to work with the system – the rest is history.

    Like you stated – the intentions may have been good by the creators of the actual production – but they were ordered [paid] to do it.

    Great site – keep up the good work!

  49. Just imagine how his friends and family felt seeing that? If my kid, or friend, or relative were dead, ESPECIALLY knowing how open minded and outspoken they were, I definitely would NOT want to see them artificially recreated to be put on stage again and exploited for some record company's profit. I have a bad feeling about this as well, a strong one.

  50. This was so creepy, and I got teary eyed watching it because it made me feel upset. I loved Tupac. How could it come to this. So sad, but I hope the majority of people agree that this was creepy, senseless, and downright wrong!

  51. Project Blue Beam will begin soon! Be ready and do not be deceived! They will try to create the God of the New Age using this technological hocus-pocus bullshist, but if we are aware of it we will know! Killuminati!

    "When the real God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob shows up, there will be no question, to those who have a relationship with Him. The mountains will bow, and the entire earth will shake. There will be a real power display, that man cannot duplicate."

    God bless you all!

  52. I could not agree with you more. I was at the show and I also had a visceral negative reaction. The "performance" was not only exploitative of Pac's memory (who owns his likeness, anyway?) but has the potential to set a dangerous precedent.

    I remember a few years ago when there was uproar concerning a similar use of digitally manipulated old footage of deceased actors to give celebrity endorsements to products that did not yet exist when the movie stars in question were still alive. It's a horrible precedent….

    Cobain and Hendrix are obvious likely victims, and I could see some Beatles and Doors reunions in the works as well… and as the author states here, nothing could be farther from the original artists' intent. Their magic stemmed from their authenticity and their singleminded devotion to their art — which are perverted beyond recognition by high-budget fakery such as this.

    The world is overrun by media manipulation enough as it is. We don't Reagan's ghost to endorse Mitt Romney and we don't need to digitally resurrect Martin Luther King Jr. to sell fried chicken.

  53. I'm surprised you're a fan of Tupac VC. I believe he did have a lot of things to say, but also got sucked up in the lifestyle he was advocating against. He may have believed in alot of noble things, but the people he was rolling with sure didn't.

  54. I did not like it either. It was very scary and Snoop seemed akward, and uncomfortable. Even weirder I saw a picture of Snoop Dogg at Coachella holding Rihanna in a weird position , while she has a huge paper blunt in her mouth, with "Thug Life" written on her stomach (Tupac had a Thug Life tattoo on his stomach) .( not to mention Warren G was alo in the photo looking extra creepy) smh. Lord Have Mercy.

  55. I was at Coachella and saw the whole performance. It was definetly Free mason s**t or illuminate themed. There was one time where there was an image of a mansion as a backdrop for the set and it had pillars and free mason architecture. I also felt like Dr.Dre and Snoop were these puppet masters summoning Wiz Kalief, 50 cent, Kendrick Lamar, Warren G , and eminem because they own them. There was also a weird tribute to Nate Dogg and they had the whole crowd chant his name kinda eerily. Then Tupac came out and like VC said there was not one respectful thing they did for him and then they also had the crowd chant Tupac really fast too like not in a normal fashion. I just fellt like it was a huge mega ritual to gain power from the crowd or somthing IDK but it was very very weird. Awesome show though. I was especially tripping balls cuz it was the first i did acid that night. But yeah it was totatlly a Mega Illiminate Ritual the whole show was it was crazy.

  56. Oh dear, you hit the nail on the head VC. I did not watch the show but saw a clip on the news, when i saw it my first thought was oh no! He is dead. Let him rest in peace. I was disgusted and it just felt wrong. Looking at it from a christian' s point of view, no no no. And that they want to go on tour! I agree with a poster who said some people were crying, yes they were, and i was asking myself the question , how does it make all these screaming fans feel?, to see not the real him but some fake hologram him. Wisdom in these final days is what we need. That gut feeling of yours, trust it when you see something that leaves you with questions. It is the Holy Spirit's tugging and telling you, it is NOT ok.


  57. p.s. and anyone who didnt like it isnt a true Tupac Fan…His Friends And Family Approved It…I Dont Think They Care What Anyone Else Thinks…The Hologram Show Will Sell Out More Stadiums Then Any Other Rapper Alive Outside Of Eminem…And Im Sure His Mother Aint Gonna Let Anyone Alter His Words Or What He Stood For…Remember She Was A Black Panther And Truly Stood Strong For Hers And His Beliefs…Enough Said…!!!

    • I was there and it was very disrespectful because they raped Tupas's essence. They did once ackwnoledge what Tupac stood for and there is a horrible thing to do to such an icon as Tupac

  58. His Mom Ok'd It…Thats All That Matters…If I was Gone,I Would Want Someone To Do That For Me…It Was A Great Tribute And Is Giving The Younger Generation Who Never Got To see Him Perform Live A Chance To Connect With Him Even Though Its A Hologram…Cause If You Watch Closely It Looks Like The Same Performance Which Was His Last At The House Of Blues…Id Go see It And Id Definatly Go See Jim Morrisons If They Made One Since I Never Got To See Him Preform Live…This Is Good For Any Artist That Has Passed To Keep Their Music Generating To The New Generation…!!!

  59. After reading the comments about the Hail Mary verse, I instantly googled the lyrics to "Hail Mary" and “God’s Nation sent his only begotten son to lead the wild into the waves of hell. Follow ME!” IS NOT I REPEAT IS NOT WHAT TUPAC SAID IN THE ORIGINAL SONG! These bastards changed the words, google it for yourself. The original lyrics to Hail Mary is "Makaveli in this, Killuminati, all through your body

    The blow's like a twelve gauge shotty

    Feel me!

    "And God said he should send his one begotten son

    To lead the wild into the ways of the man

    Follow me", eat my flesh, flesh and my flesh

  60. This just means we wont need another actual human artist again. Makes you wonder how many current artists are holograms? lol. i guess lady gaga

  61. i TOTALLY agree!

    as soon as i saw this on youtube i was like i don't like it one bit for all the reasons above

    and then in the comments everyone was raving off it, you know, being their brainwashed youtuber selves. the same applied to all my friends

    i tweeted that i hated the idea of the 2pac hologram and everyone was like why? it was awesome!

    WAKE THE F**K UP PEOPLE. honestly the best thing ever, waking up and opening your eyes

  62. I just also realized that the way Tupac looks as a hologram strikes me as weirdly Egyptian – his pants look sort of like the loincloths in this picture on Wikipedia:


    And the pharoahs and priests often had shaved heads. P Tupac has been 'resurrected' into light, which seems like a concept from Egyptian religion to me. Horus was symbolized as light.

    • Interesting Fleurdamour. I have only ever seen him with a shaved head, though maybe he had other hair styles? I thought the pants looked like the 90's oldschool 'z cavaricci's'.

      • Very good thank you – I hope you are too! Last few months you have posted some super interesting things, mostly over my head so I'm happy to get the bullet points off your studies =)

        I noticed the resemblance to the Egyptian attire once you pointed it out with the link. I just wouldn't have thought that. All I could think of was MC Hammer…..can't touch this! lol Man those z cavarrici's were the hit in my neck of the woods for awhile.

  63. It does feel a bit like trotting out a corpse and charging an exhibition fee to see it. As if they music industry wasn't predatory enough – now artists have to worry about being exploited even AFTER they are dead.

  64. Okay. Unfortunately holograms are here to stay. I remember seeing one in NYC at a museum and I was really shocked, you did see the beams of light but it just boggled your mind that the hologram can walk around and talk. There is something sinister and creepy about a hologram being a substitute for a live person. Yes its idol worship to the fullest. I mean I love Japanese animation but I equally love the HUMANS who create them. To go and put them in place of humans is borderline disturbing. Your definitely worshiping the image of the beast.

  65. That was Tupacs voice saying whats up coachella.

    They used his real voice to program new things to say i would imagine.

    Unless he was just in a room in the Caymen Islands actually doing this…


    You don't understand how awesome it would be if he was alive.

  66. People always said Tupac is still alive and his death was fake. This proves he's gone because there's no way he would allow this to go on if he was still here.

  67. The devil is the master at counterfeit, deception…and entertainment. We are told in the Bible to obstain from all appearances of evil..resurrecting a dead artist to "perform" with edited songsthat are antithetical to what those artists stood for was wrong…but the elite do not care..they want CONTROL over the minds of the masses….2pac was an innovative rapper who became engulfed like so many artists , in the drama that comes with selling your soul for fame.. Its real interesting how Snoop seems to be everwhere for the last 10yrs..and Dr Dre just lost a son..untimely death or blood sacrifice? 2pac realized the evil he was involved with and didn't like the shenanigans and fakeness to sell records..He wanted to speak his mind and not someone elses sick agenda….Pac was determined to fight back, but the major error he made was trying to fight by himself…for without Christ you are powerless against evil…THe elite are lead by their father so they do what he does… lie, cheat and kill for power…So hologram away, blue beam away all they want..but they cannot touch the soul..all souls belong to GOd Almighty(Ezekiel 18:4)… and just like MJ, both were rebelling against the industry elite towards the end of their careers. If you play with fire, you will get burned. the devil wants destruction because he will be destroyed soon enough (Isaiah 28:16-18) Unfortunately too many people are being "hypnotized by the flames"…The devil is busy doing what he knows how to do…decieve &, destroy..by any means necessary.The Lord wants no one to perish, but instead gives us all the tools necessary to be victorious against all evil..He gave us His life as the perfect sacrifice for sin, He gave us a spirit of love, power and a sound mind. We are to be vigilant(study to show your self approved unto GOD), be sober(say no to drugs that alter you mind), have faith)believe God's word), fear no evil(new world order, elite, devil or fallen angels), and when we have done all else to stand by the truth and power of HIS HOLY WORD.

  68. Pure evil…the hologram had a cross around it's neck and was cursing while singing haile marie…why did these guys disrespect his spirit like that? The performance is devilish because you have a man-made imaging disrespecting the Cross and everything it stands for…this certainly was not Pac…I don't like the feeling I had while watching this thing…

  69. People complain about popstars not singing live, as it isn't a genuine performance. There is nothing genuine about a hologram performing, yet those same people feel satisfied and moved by it. The illuminanti puppets may have multiple faces, but their audiences are becoming two faced also.

  70. Damn VC, you are so young with all this wisdom you have to share. I am quite impressed. I wish so many of our youths today was just as wise and mature! Kudos!!

    TUPAC was/is the most prolific rapper that ever lived. Profound and raw. Hate him or love him he was real and very unspoken about major issues affecting us. I would have loved to hear his opinions on the world today. Biggie aint got ish on PAC. RIP Pac!!

  71. Did it not say that the antichrist would bring the dead back to life? These are the forerunners of the antichrist and they are preparing us for whats coming. That hologram gave me the creeps, that is not Tupac Shakur and should not be taken as such, it is plain and simple blasphemy. These people do not know God and they never will. Rest in Peace Tupac, your soul is with your maker now and he is in charge and not them.

  72. VC, I'm so happy to know that you are a 2Pac fan. I am also and I still haven't fully gotten over the fact that he is gone. I do not like the fact that "They" are using his image to make money. What's stopping them from using his image and the image of others that we love and respect to sell the wrong message to the masses? This is a very devious use of technology and things may even get worse. May the soul of Tupac rest in peace and for what it's worth, I hope they pay his mother with the proceeds of this "experiment" even though it doesn't make what is wrong right.

    God Bless U VC!!

  73. Its quite sad to see how people love this stuff… I don't think anything is sacred in Hollywood/Music Industry, its all about entertainment value and money.

    What I don't get is why other artists are going along with performing with a 'ghost'?

  74. I find this extremely creepy , and this is coming from somebody who was able to sit through a one hour long Japanese anime hologram concert. All I can say is this reminds me of a Motley Crue concert , except instead of hologram Mick playing with the real Mick , it's a hologram of a dead rapper singing with another hologram….Can't wait to see what twisted things they're going to do with this next~ *sarcasm*

  75. very anti-christy. reminded of what the bible has to say about the image of the anti christ speaking. hmmm…. can see that technology here and you know it's only going to get more life like. love tupac, this was very robotic and didn't seem like him either to me. of it had shades of tupac but was not tupac – very hollow. RIP 2Pac. you are missed.

    p.s. you know elvis is next and mj. you know the estates of all the dead artists can't wait to make money off of this. I can only imagine what courtney love is going to do. I'm disappointed.

  76. Maybe the technology will be used to help usher in the NWO. Fake: alien attack, race war or assassination of POTUS. Personally I think a staged terrorist attack in the USA to justify martial law and forced vaccinations, particularly at an entertainment event. Too many tv shows & movies talking about terrorism. Oh let's not forget the cartoons. Today kids are bombarded with the evil one's messages.

  77. My first thoughts when I heard about this hologram, were "just creepy".. I guess the PTB/Illuminati are getting started on a grand scale with their deception plan for 2012, and testing to see our reaction.. I'm a 2PAC fan and it hurt my heart to see them using him like that, especially since we all know how he felt about the idiots that made this possible and the fact that he didn't even like them and spoke out against what there version of rap represented.. Let alone, some fan suspect that they are the ones who had him killed.. But, I think unfortunately this is only the begininng of creepy things to come. Glad I'm serving the True and Living God and will not be decieved! Come quickly Lord Jesus…

  78. Dr. Dre was obviously responsible for 2PAC's death. I hope he lives with regrets everyday of his life until he's killed.

  79. I'm not religious as my name clearly shows that. But I do find it creepy that they decided in 2012 to resurrect false Idols on stage in front of the world (thanks to the web). Which has people saying 'Tupac is still alive". Like Jesus will be back. Hmm, with technology like this on higher scale , how do we know that a false flag attempt or the return of jesus or even an alien invasion won't be displayed for our eyes to see & ears to hear? Really this is scary. And what they are cooking up in Japan tech wise everyday is just disgusting. They are all about separating humans from humanity. They have a real sexual issue over in Japan. THEY DON'T HAVE ANY! They can buy used panties out of vending machines to sniff, have 2 digital SUPER POP STARS, prefer virtual sex over the real deal, & then some. These little dick big brained assholes are moving humanity into a virtual future , with no touching. Literally they actually have said.. "in the future humans will touch less and less because we won't need to." Thats not a future I want to live in. BTW they plan on making us ok with that by using illness as the starting point. Holographic , non-touch screens for our daily use, to help us not spread GERMS! It always starts with fear & works its way into our daily lives. Thanks VC for not being a tool like the rest.

  80. I really do not see any good from this. Sure the people that are not aware of what is happening in their world might deem this as "cool" but I don't. The industry is going to make big dollars$ off of iconic artists such as Tupac. Do not be surprise if in the near future when the hologram technology becomes so where to where you can't not tell if the artists are real or not. That means someone like Beyonce can really be at home and a hologram image is out in Moscow perform and her camp is making all the big bucks! Oh and do not be surprise if in the future we hear about a concert featuring "The Living Dead" starring stars like, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Kurt Cobain and many others.. Just creepy.

  81. I can't watch the video, it's sick.

    What I hate the most is that they are reforming this man to be what they want him to be to a new generation of young people who were not even alive when he died. They can take the radical Pac and refashion him to their robot like all the big pop stars of today are. I will never stand for that, how can you just erase someone's legacy like this?! You can't even die in peace.

    sick, sad world.

  82. So famous recording artists can be exploited even after death in the event that they die of natural or unnatural causes at the hands of their handlers or themselves… This is beyond creepy. "Speak out, and we'll just kill you and replace you with a hologram!"…

  83. This is so creepy! VC made me think about the use of the song Hail Mary. In this song he basically forshawdows his own death. He was on the verge of exposing the Illuminati and they stopped it. To the average listener the lyrics in the song would suggest he is talking about being in jail and street enemies. I think the enemy he was talking about was the Illuminati. He talks about Evil and says he has a head with no screws in it! Also, in the video for this song basically Tupac rises from the grave to get revenge on his bestfriends (the illuminati) for killing him! Freakin creepy real creepy!!

  84. They are doing practice runs for their bl(_)e beam project. Look it up. They have big plans for these holograms and will use them to stage false attacks on earth and false coming of the messiah, even a false rapture. Just wait.

  85. When I heard about this, it disturbed me as well. There's something viscerally disturbing and unnatural about bringing back people realistically from the dead. For me, it's the altering of reality, and the fear of losing control of knowing the difference between reality and unreality. I have been interested in sci-fi for a long time, and I believe the idea of bringing back people in this manner is something that would be straight of of a dystopian science-fiction story.

    It doesn't allow these artists to rest in peace, it's like reanimating them and bringing them back just to be used for entertainment. That's what is disturbing. I mean, people probably thought it was weird when film came out at first, and you could see images of people walking and talking who have passed on. I'm sure that was scary for them too.

    I feel that as has been written about in various science fiction literature, once we lose the ability to tell what is real and what is not, we're all screwed. I think this performance at Coachella made those fears real. I wouldn't want to see a tour with a performance by a hologram of a dead artist, it isn't just that it's creepy, it's that it just seems wrong. I don't know if I'm over thinking this, as I did mention with film I'm conflicted as to wondering if this is just the next evolution of film, and of course as more realistic technology becomes it would be natural for us to be afraid of what that may mean for our future. Who knows, maybe when our kids grow up they'll have hologram TVs like they did on The Jetsons, and they'll be wondering why it's such a big deal to their parents.

  86. I too prefer real people versus a hologram. This is a sick world we live in. It's instances like this that make me want to not even pay attention to the entertainment industry anymore, whether it's music or movies. Everywhere I turn, every movie I watch whether it's new or old, there's illuminati sh**. I'm sick of it. I can't wait for God to come back and show the illuminati just how small they are compared to Him. They think they are powerful? Huh, they can just wait. And I can't wait to laugh in the face of evil. In fact, I'm doing it now. 🙂 The Lord is much more powerful that the evil that's on this earth, people. So don't be afraid!

  87. On a side note, they wanted him to join them badly. He was special and they knew it. He would have been where JayZ is now if he had accepted. They were already put him into place – he was getting movie star/acting buzz, he was engaged to Quincy Jones' daughter (who as rumored in the car when he was shot) and he refused them. He lived 7 days from 5 (his second five or six bullet wounds shooting btw) who does that (not someone who is all….regular human? I think he was killed in the hospital when it was realized he would yet again survive and they instrumented his next day cremation as it would show foul play.

  88. I think we all know he wouldnt have wanted it. He wasnt exactly on the best terms with Snoop and Dr Dre towards the end of his life. Its funny that guys like them, Jay Z and Diddy mention Pac like they were cool with him. Pac would've probably never buried the hatchet with any of these guys. I like the hollogram, it was fun to see him on stage and it tells a lot about the state rap is in today (a hologram stole the spotlight from some of today's most notorious rappers). But lets not forget Pac's famous words "my only fear of death is reincarnation". Although he meant it a different way (he didnt want to go through life's struggles again), knowing that this was a living breathing human being who has now been turned into a cash cow by the people who backstabed him while he was alive is a little troublesome. RIP, Pac changed my life forever and I know he touched many other people. These holograms, youtube vids, rumors about him being alive in Cuba are all fun playthings but lets not forget what this man stood for and what he wanted to see for our society. So many years later and we went against Pac's wishes and brought him back, supported fake rappers, and gave up on the idea of a political party for minorities.

  89. I'm torn because even though I loved that we got the chance to share a live? experience with Pac again, I know it was not him and I don't agree with the tour thing at all. Let it be a one time deal. His Mom agreed to this one time deal I doubt she will agree to tours. She guards her sons image very carefully and I do not see her agreeing to a tour. But they have the money and power to do it anyway.

    Here is a link to one of my favorite Tupac songs in which the lyrics state what he finally realized and who he was about to become. The Killuminati could not have someone like him spreading a message of positiveness because the youth would listen to him. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8Y9-JlSRXw

  90. Well they, illuminati, said if you sell you soul in this life, you will live forever through the media and leave on , just like Micheal Jackson's Immortal, wicked stuff really, but they now they are saying it through holograms. I beleive they will use these devices to hold concerts while they brainwash and hospitalize their true pawns, hopefully they can get Nicki Minaj's stubling choregr ahttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOhTqRx99MMpghy …right, no they would be way too easy , neverming

  91. My opinion about the performance at Coachella…when i 1st heard about it i was thinking "oh boo this is going to be stupid, it's not the real Tupac so why should I go crazy over something that's not real?" But after seeing it i was actually amazed, because I had never seen a hologram…point blank. Now, later that week, one of my cousins came up to me showing me a picture of a man who looks just like Tupac. He get's booked and everything for looking like him.He has this old school haircut kind of like the stype that tupac had from the movie "Juice." But anyways. The guys name is Demario Brown. He looks JUST like Tupac and he is making money for looking like Tupac. So in my opinion and it might just be true…Demario Brown IS the imitator of Tupac's Hologram at Coachella.

  92. It's so sad that Tupac is being controlled by the Elite even when he's dead. I heard that they own his voice, so they are going to make a new album for him using the recording of his voice. Why can't they just let him rest in peace?

  93. Just some basic facts that are over looked about holograms –

    Holograms are projections of light that are similar to lasers. To create the best illusion or 'picture' one will have to have something that the light can bounce off of thus creating the picture… You will need smoke, water mist, or dust BUT it has to be at certain level to achieve the best picture and too much of it, can block light. The Japanese has a popstar that is a hologram, and you can always see where the light beams are coming from, due to needing some kind of mist to project upon… Just think of a fog, you see car headlight beams and in heavier fog, the car headlight beams will actually hamper your vision more as it's reflecting off of more water particles – the same principle applies to anything that projects light including holograms. Holograms at this point, you cannot project a picture without some kind reflective measure – hence the glass of Pac's 3D animation that was projected onto (this is not a hologram). These theories about governments projecting things into the sky to mimic the 2nd coming or something of that nature are not possible. Unless they project it during a cloudy sky, which will not look believable. And if they do cover the sky with some kind of mist (chemtrails) then we will be able to see the projection lines from the source. It's actually impossible to do this without some kind of reflective additive. Light are 'invisible' until they hit something and reflects back into our eyes. When do you see car headlight beams? Only during fog… Look up Japanese Hologram popstar on youtube, and you can see the projection lines from the source and also the mist around it… these are basic principles of light. To 'see' light, you need to have it reflected some how.

  94. I totally agree with this. I think because the Illuminati couldnt control them when they were alive..they are trying to make a mockery of them by showing the people that eventhough we couldnt control ur every word and movement then..we've got ur empty vessel now. But thats what that hologram will remain EMPTY cause thats all it will ever be a fricking hologram. The people need to wake up and stop supporting these people.At the end of the day its all about money, but what they seem to forget just as these artist perished and left all the money in the world behind so will they.

  95. Great article, but one correction – it's not a hologram. It's a 3D computer animation of Pac that was projected on a piece of glass. A technique (not the computer animation) that was first used back in the late 1800s or early 1900s. The Japanese have almost perfected the hologram and already created one of the biggest pop stars in Japan with it. Sorry, it's just annoying when everyone is saying it's a 'hologram' when it's not.

  96. I see so much deception coming from this project that its not even funny. I can already see the second coming of Jesus Christ being faked to cause believers to be deceived. I also believe that there will be a hologram on a larger scale something that will blanket the sky in its entirety. We have satellites up there and they probably have signal capabilities to where images van be bounced and joined to create a larger than life image. We also have to keep in mind that this is the technology that we are aware of. They are 25 years ahead with technology so its no telling what else is up their sleeve.

    • Here's how we will be able to tell if Jesus' coming is real or not..

      “If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened. At that time if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Messiah!’ or, ‘There he is!’ do not believe it. For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. See, I have told you ahead of time.

      “So if anyone tells you, ‘There he is, out in the wilderness,’ do not go out; or, ‘Here he is, in the inner rooms,’ do not believe it. For as lightning that comes from the east is visible even in the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man. Wherever there is a carcass, there the vultures will gather.

      “Immediately after the distress of those days

      “‘the sun will be darkened,

      and the moon will not give its light;

      the stars will fall from the sky,

      and the heavenly bodies will be shaken.’

      “Then will appear the sign of the Son of Man in heaven. And then all the peoples of the earthwill mourn when they see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven, with power and great glory. And he will send his angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather his elect from the four winds, from one end of the heavens to the other.

      – Matthew 24:22-31

      It is repeated throughout many books that the sun and moon will be darkened, and the elements laid bare. It says over and over that people will hide in rocks and mountains when He appears in the sky. It is the "Great and Fearful Day of the Lord".

      I just wanted to put this on here to say that the whole world won't be fooled about His coming. I do know that the world will be greatly deceived by the Beast, but this will be afterwards. If you want to know more, read a Bible or go to biblegateway.com- the thing about the Bible is there are many many prophecies that have already come into being, and many that are to come. God doesn't want us to be blind or ignorant. Study up if you want to know the Truth. 🙂

  97. This video kept giving me a creepy feeling for a different reason- my brain kept interpreting them as giants. My mind held two contradictory thoughts; first that they were fake, and at the same time that they were pre-flood nephilim, returned from the grave to dominate, eat us, and demand our worship. Maybe that's just me and my religiously drenched mind- but I couldn't dismiss the idea.

    I've often read that there is a part of us which cannot distinguished between fantasy and reality. Maybe going to a concert and seeing a forty foot rapper would implant into our subconscious the fear, awe, and respect on a survival level that we'd get if we saw an actual giant towering over us.

    Holograms may take 'idolizing' the stars to a new level.

    Thanks for hearing out my two cents 🙂

    • They play on the emotions and connections to the person. When you look at old photos and listen to music from your times of happiness you are there and the emotions are strong as they were when they happened..they feed off this..that is why.

  98. I have benn reading your site for a couple of years now, I have never commented anything, ad I don´t like rap, but you are REALLY, REALLY right about this. This is not good.

  99. Great review.

    Think of the benefits to the "industry": if you can create an artist (icon) that has the power to move the hearts of people (influence) AND have no will (no soul). You can have them say and promote what ever agenda without the headache of artist remorse.

    Virtual Artist maybe the way of the future.


  100. lembrei de um episódio de Os Simpsons, onde o Homer foi contratado para matar artistas para que as empresas pudessem produzir peças publicitárias que os artistas não permitiriam se estivessem vivos…

  101. Thanks VC I was wondering if you were going to say anything on this. Just so plain wrong on so many levels, remember Tupac for who he really was, not this holographic bullshit that they are trying to fool us with.

  102. so , this is how they use blue beam huh , if u think about it this whole thing is dissrespectful in so many ways , 1. going on tour & make money of it & 2 the biggest point , PAC DIDNT EVEN LIKED DRE !!! , don't get me wrong ,im a huge dre fan , but lately…….. , if this was done once , it would've been ok , but like i said ,going on tour & make money of this ….. smh…..

  103. It still doesnt change the fact that the industry gave words into his mouth that he never said in his lifetime. And thats the point. Who cares how many days it took to make it, when he clearly never said it. This leaves an open gate for creating more s**t to channel through his hologram, and use as a tool of influence.

  104. I think the motivation for most people involved is money. There was some attempt obviously to make people think it was really Tupac in the flesh. Doing it as a surprise, having the video projection (not a holograph) say "Do you know who this is?" and IF they could have really made people think that was Tupac resurrected you wonder if they would have.

    • Yessss!! One of the 'Conspiracy theories' – I don't even like to use that word anymore, because so much of what is going on out there now is just real, not even hidden so much, with a little digging, it's obvious! But anyway, then, one of the 'theories' is that chemtrails are the 'bed' for holograms, they are spraying so that they can do the great big hologram (fake alien invasion, Gods coming back, etc.) in the sky.. heck, there are reports and sightings of it all over the skies all over the world, they could already be happening, who knows if even the sky is real?! (just sayin').. Maybe they are trying to hide something out in space that they don't want us to see.. something miraculous and remarkable, a real UFO perhaps?? Just conjecturing.. but if that were true, perhaps it's something so amazing that it would change our views forever.. which would mean they wouldn't have control over us anymore.. hmmmm…. let's get on those truth glasses!

  105. This post is a disappointment. I had hoped to hear a more insightful expose on the witchcraft being performed as opposed to what amounts to be nothing more than a Rolling Stone style editorial in praise of this dead artist. It's hard to believe you can so adequately discern the inner workings of the industry and its shadowy presence except when it comes to something you have an affinity towards.

    • I read your post several times. What does it mean??? Dude has posts on thirty different artists?? Look around bro…

      They removed the illuminati reference. Someday they will have a hologram of Alex Jones praising the TSA at the airport. History will cease to have a past. I think that's what the 500000 grave liners are for by the way.

      There will be mass murders but NO "Polish forests" and no "The Killing Fields" to dig up. They will dump the boxes at sea or burn so there is no evidence for future generations to ponder over. 1984 baby…

  106. while this entire hologram thing leaves a bad taste, i think its remarkable that of all rock / rap stars in this world it was 2pac that has been chosen to "come back" to the youth of 2012 just to give them a little reminder.

    2pacs art was never easy to swallow and with this hologram performance, 2 pac is back on the map. people need to listen to the words he is rhyming.

  107. i didn't see it on tv but when i saw a video from it, it immediately gave me a bad feeling.

    they don't give a crap anymore, they are just using all their last ideas to bring more people down where they are going!

    this world keeps getting worse and worse every day, but God wants to save those who followed him thru thick or thin he loves you don't forget that!

  108. Seeing this "back from the tomb" act gave me the creeps. This was not the same as listening Natalie Cole sing "Unforgetable" along her father Nat King Cole. That was a homage, that was touching. This is not a homage, this is greediness and manipulation. I think more celebrities will "raise from the dead". Prepare to see Marilyn, Elvis, Michael…all over again. Masses will get used to this puppetry. People will get used to admiring, following, and imitating this holographic characters…beware of this new method (perhaps cheaper and easier for the puppeteers) to convey messages, manipulate opinion and endoctrinate the youth. Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Nicky Minaj and others are adopting doll-like looks and portray lifeless eyes…now they'll give the masses CG dolls…talk about what effect those role models will produce…

    • excellent good words soylentgreenISpeope. Like what you have posted so true. I have seen these two girls on the net fix themselves up to look like dolls with their hair and make-up done in a certain way. The have these huge looking wide hypnotic eyes and all. Its all so crazy.

  109. When I first heard of his death, I thought it was somewhat strange, but it seems like 'just another rapper getting into a violent death' thing right? Yeah, that's what they would LIKE us to think! That's what they would LIKE it to look like! But years later, after reading more about esoteric stuff and hidden possibilities.. and all that, and saw some videos where he talked about 'them' and things like that, and the theories were put forth that he was killed by 'them' I believe it.. I don't think his death was 'accidental.' 'They' live while he is dead… only in physical form though, his spirit and what he represented can live on… and does.. only they are trying to revive him obviously, in their own image… doesn't it say to not make any graven images?? Isn't that what this is more than anything?! I was actually at the show this year… only I was so far back, I only saw the video screen and I didn't know what was going on until after the show when I heard some guys talking about it.. that's a funny conversation in itself, maybe for the message boards, but anyway, from my vantage point, it just looked some computer graphics.. I had no idea they actually had a three dimensional hologram on stage! But anyway they'll be doing the Holographic Michael Jackson on tour next, watch..

  110. Utterly disgusting!

    However, I do not find it strange that Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre and Suge Knight would have something to do with this, that this "Tupac" hologram would be all their idea. I would expect such disrespect and mockery to come from these three because, after all, they represented all that Tupac hated about the Gangsta rap industry: woman bashing, monetary greed, indifference to the suffering of humanity, fake "thugging", "selling out", hatred towards the fans and etc. and they know how he felt and they did not appreciate it.

    They did this simply because they wanted to toy with the emotions of Tupac's fans, because they know people loved, and still love, Tupac – more than they ever will Snoop, Dre or Knight. They know people are still mourning and yearning for Tupac, and what better way to twist the knife into the hearts of his fans than by toying with his image and altering his words to fit their own nefarious purposes. It's like they were saying to his fans: "Look, we got ya boy dancing like a puppet to the beat of OUR drum. We will make him do what WE want him to do. Ha ha ha ha ha!" They did this for no reasons other than to make fun of him and hurt his fans. I would say 'Shame on them', but they're not ashamed. They think it's funny and hilarious.

    And after reading the tweets of some of the other artists who were at Coachella and witnessed this shameful desecration of such a beloved icon, I can't believe they were/are in support of this attrocity. Just really sad, indeed. It may be funny now, but it won't be funny in the end.

    RIP Tupac Amaru Shakur. Your people love you.

    • Word. Besides the people who really know that the elite are always up to no good, I feel as though his "true" fans were actually the only ones that felt anything weird about this.

      Most of the people that attend these types of festivals are too high to know what's actually going on. I didn't go this year, but my friends claimed that the performance was "unlike anything" they've ever seen or "the most incredible experience". Of course, no one knew what was going on – they just saw some guy disappear out of nowhere as fast as he appeared, while tripping on drugs hardcore. The crowd is typically made up of college hippies, festival band-wagoners, random young celebrities or "spiritualists" and even satanists etc…aka no one is ever sober. So, obviously seeing a hologram of a guy who is supposedly dead performing on stage is the coolest thing to ever witness. Apparently, the only thing that threw anyone off was when the hologram began to sway and disintegrate in the wind.

      I just find it extremely ironic when "spiritualists" and hippies claim to be everything against mainstream, politics and religion…because they're actually blindly supporting these things to continue by worshipping "musical gods" and continuously tripping on things like LSD and what not. They're actually one of the biggest group of activists for the elite and their plan for the NWO by involving themselves in these kinds of shenanigans. They sport the Eye of Horus like it's their job. It's weird because they supposedly believe in fighting for humanity and equality amongst all people. I'm not saying they're the only ones condoning these terrible things, it's obviously everyone in one way or another whether we like it or not. But I do believe that most young individuals that want to fight against something end up supporting it without even thinking twice.

      I guess this is why these guys picked Coachella to reveal the digital animation of the fake rapper. They're performing to a crowd mostly made up of ravers that don't follow much rap or conspiracy theories. They'd be oblivious to any suspicious potholes and sinister meanings in a performance like this. People really just go to "get gone" and "feel the music", when really all they're feeling are all kinds of demons taking over their body.

      I don't know if anyone else has gone to a festival like this (while sober), but it's pretty bizarre being sober at these kinds of things. I used to be that awkward person observing these massive crowds of young spiritual individuals "freeing" their souls. You can literally see bodies contracting and you can feel some weirddd juju amongst the crowds. Although many people are slowly learning the truth, not enough know yet. By the time they do, they'll probably be too in sync with the things inside them to back out. That's how it is here in New York City. I'm slowly losing most of my friends due to the fact that I think all of the madness they follow is ridiculous. I try to respect people of all beliefs as much as I can and opt out of judgement – but when stuff like this happens and they support it, I feel like I'm being slapped in the face. It's kind of disturbing.

      So, you're definitely right about playing on the emotions of fans or just anyone these days. I did catch some fans getting excited about this, but they tend to be the fans that don't actually read into lyrics. At the end of the day, this was really clever on the elites part. My roommate told me they couldn't wait to see Jimi Hendrix. :facepalm:

      Project Desensitize Youth continues…no bueno.


    'The Blue beam technology will allegedly display in the sky laser projections of multiple holographic images to be visible by every part of the planet.

    Each area will receive different images according to the predominating regional religious faith. Not a single area will be excluded.'

    More at: http://theintelhub.com/2012/04/19/project-bluebea

    • That is EXACTLY what happened in the remake of the 'V' series, of the lizards in human skins… you know… revival of the incredibly corny yet interesting 1980's TV series.. I watched the original and then the remake.. I, with many other fans watched in horror as they slowly desecrated the stories and the characters, I guess it started to get too 'real' and they had to put a stop to it.. and there is a SPOILER here if you haven't seen it.. but the Alien Queen 'broadcasted' her message across the world and it played in all different languages according to the country.. just like the Blue Bea, technology! Is that the real reason why the show went off the air..??? Anyway, reminded me..

      • I'm reading that article btw about Blue Beam.. I have read about it before, but this one is really interesting.. I think people need to know about this.. they cannot be deceived! If we just don't forget that this whole world, Universe even is like the Matrix, an illusion and keep our 'eyes' (eye) on the Truth, then we will be okay. Imagine it's all like The Truman Show (which was a weird movie) but seemingly very true these days with reality TV and now holograms.. anyway, a commenter said that even this Blue Beam technology is not real… read the comments on the article page! They're interesting, but anyway, that may be the case, do we know if anything is real? What is real… is our emotions, let us not forget them and cherish them, they are what make us truly human, and second, our thoughts, and third, how we relate to each other.. all that is real.. all that encompasses love… everything else IS just an illusion..

        Let us keep in mind this…


        And this:


    • I've been thinking that one of the purposes of chemtrails is to prime the sky to begin a giant electromagnetic field that will support these hologram images. What do you think?

  112. Thank you for making this article, VC. I'm glad I'm not the only one that was deeply disturbed by this ridiculous spectacle at Coachella. And just the fact that Dr. Dre was behind the wheels on this one pisses me off. Given the fact that 2Pac hated Dre. Especially towards the end of his life. And now it's like Dre is trying to have the last laugh. It's not right..

  113. I also thought it was creepy and knew right off the bat that it was a hollogram, If you've been to universal studios you know what I'm talking about. I am however intrigued by the whole Makaveli theory and would love to see that day in 2014 when he is supposed to make his comback. We'll just have to wait and see….

  114. Yeah, it takes a lot balls to speak out against the darker sides of the music/entertainment industry. And they made an example out of him because if it. I guess sometimes you have to be willing to die for what you believe in if you really want to make a difference.

  115. I think this is just going to far. Didn't record companies make enough money off tupac when he was alive. Maybe one little video if snoop dog was a big fan and wanted the chance to sing with him would of been a bit okay for some people not me. However this is going to far with a tour and we {All} know its about the money$$$$$$$$! How much I wander is snoop dog gonna reap from this tour. The dead should rest in heaven wait until you get there is going to be one heck of a concert with all those great artist who have passed on and front row seats for everyone. The thing is GREED………… Its all about the greenbacks. We all like money need money want some money but to worship it and obess over it to the point of hoarding it, spending it like a leaky faucet,or acting like there is never enough is just plain dumb/stupid and so wrong.The japanese were doing and now we are doing it. Dehumanizing and just think the military or goverment will want to put on a fake show of aliens or a fake Lord our father appearing out from the skies/heavens having people mesmerized by an illusional hologram. There is no end at all to what people will do to try and put on the greatest show on earth.

  116. To be honest this hologram hit me on an emotional level. All I can think about since it came out is wanting to see Elvis with my dad. For me it would be an amazing way to bond the man I look up to by seeing the shade of his favorite performer in concert. However, whereas I am seeing positive uses for this technology I know there are horrible negative uses for it too and it frightens me! All I want to do is have the positives…why can't we live in a positive world!? Oh yeah that's right Satan came along and screwed us all over and this is why we can't have nice things!

    • There is nothing positive to altering the reality on the extend that it does not meet the original. Tupac is not Sinatra… i see no courses given to universities. Courses on Tupac to both Berkeley and Harvard since 1997… not as a singer but as a poetry. There is a reason that they choose Tupac and if you knew his work, his path, his interviews .. hear what their friends or even bodyguards said about his death you could understand.

  117. This was in the making since the early 2000's. This remind me of the movie "S1m0me" which was a virtual reality star. However, no one knew that she was not real, only Al Pacino, her creator. To check more out about this this movie and how it coincide with this article and future events to come, here is the wiki link to the movie. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S1m0ne
    Be prayerful in all things. This is only one of the many things that are to come.

    The only difference is you are aware that this is a hologram. They are others that will not be so easily to tell apart from what is reality. Seek Jesus Christ, while he is able to be found, and be lead by His Holy Spirit so you will not be deceived. God Bless!

    • True, this reminds me S1mone too. It makes me sick all this s**t. 2 Pac is dead ! Who is the next ? amy Winehouse ? Whitney Houston ? One day they will create an artist who won't even exist. Yeah this is the year of deception. The years of virtual insanity. I think the next step will be more dangerous.

  118. just kind of interesting, that Snoop…the guy who with the support of Dr. Dre and Marion "Suge" Knight sacrificed Tupac Shakur…the same 2 guys are back on stage 16 years later to perform with his faked hologram

    what a sarcastic and sadistic world we live in…time to call the END

  119. I can remember hearing my brother blast tupac all the time, he was a amazing rapper unlike these moronic rap "artists" out now. The thing that most disturbed me about this hologram was the ending when he just evaporated. It made it seem as if they brought him from the dead to perform (under their rules since they changed his lyrics) then sent him back to death.

  120. Why did you set the tone at " my personal opinion, many probably won't agree with me…." ?

    Most people didn't like it including myself ! It took two days of the constant talk about it for me to watch a small portion.

    Btw you made good points in regards to Tupac character. It was disliked on so many levels for me & you added more. In my In living Color voice…hated it !

  121. No, dont worry your not alone… and i agree. When i first i saw this i was like, really? He's supposedly dead….or living secretly in South America (Ha, consipiracy), and your (the record label) still trying to make money off of him. This is actually happening to Michael Jackson, personally i think. Even though he is deceased, his recors label (Sony) still continues to make money off of him by selling video games- Michael Jackson Experience, which oddly i felt was a giant seance ritual game- and a album after his deaf. Its like their, in a way, making money off their deafs. I mean really how dishonorable can you be. They made you money and this is how you repay them, by making fake Holograms and selling their names….sad:/

  122. I couldn't of said it better, since the "experiment" took place everyone and their mama's have been saying how cool it is, this and that. not really knowing that this is the golden calf, this is another level to the image of the beast and everyone is willing accepting it as how cool it is. I didn't like it at all, I watched like a minute of it and felt as if I was taking part in something that was unclean, unnatural and artificial. boy are we in trouble, the falling away has begun some 30 year ago when they took prayer out of schools and now we have people watching an abomination as the real thing. VC, truth be told, your the only site who actually had something to say that was worth reading on the subject, everyone was all amazed by such technology, they were in awe of the beast and all his magnificent wonders. I'm a pac fan through and through, but that wasn't pac in no way, shape or form. let them rest in peace and don't bring no other back using that tech, it's wack, it's fake and it's an abomination.

  123. At first i really thought that this was kind of cool… But as a one time thing. Why the f**k would they want to make money off a dead person? Its wrong on so many levels. Let Pac rest in peace. Don't bring back dead artists. They are immortal in our minds. They live and breathe through their music. Most of us do not want to see them as a fake character to push agendas that they would not have agreed with. First Pac next Michael?

  124. I would like to put this process one step further. Why spend all that money to promote current artists (and their accumulated hangerons etc.) when you can just as easily produce their images singing songs that can easily be manufactured to be kept current. Massive money making potential for little if no costs now. All mass produced entertainment without any of it being real!!

  125. Well said.

    My husband and I turned the channel when we saw images of this on the news. We are true 90's era, song lovers. Our highschool years.

    Back when artists were able to actually express their thoughts on social issues.

    Back when a hip hop song would actually move you.

    Back when a rap would represent the underpriveledged instead of just the artists needs and accomplishments.

    Back when rappers, like 2Pac, had the balls to rap about life, no matter how ugly.

    2Pac is a musical and artistic icon. From his poetry to his musical lyrics, he spoke the truth from his heart. Nothing fake about him. As real as they get.

    Rest in Peace 2Pac. They can never out do the real you.

  126. When I heard about a Tupac "hologram" performing at Coachella I didn't think much of it, but I was looking forward to seeing it because I was & always will be in love with Tupac. I was NOT expecting it to be as creepy as it was. I felt so weird watching it, it made me slightly uncomfortable. But for a one-time deal, it was cool by me. To hear that they're going to parade a projection around for a tour was nauseating. I hope his mother doesn't agree to that.

  127. That wasn't a hologram- it was a film projected onto a transparent screen. That kind of hologram technology doesn't exist. Neither does Blue Beam.

  128. I agree with you 100% ! Thank you for putting my feelings into a great article. Did you also notice Rhianna smoking and looking like a p**n star in the pic backstage. It really bothers me cause I personally dont think she knows what Pac meant with Thug Life and other things he spoke of. Not knockin d ganja just keep it private I say

  129. This is what this article just informed me about you my dear VC… you are a African American Man under 35! .. n that just makes me love you MORE!! I hope you are finding youway to local community centers and such to make sure the youth are breathing in your air of truth!


    • Just because a person admires a person of a certain ethnicity, doesn't make them that same ethnicity. Even if it did, why would you like him all the more? One of the cool things about the internet is that you can't see a person's skin color or if they're ugly or beautiful or if they're bald, scarred or freckled. You move past the physical and jump right to the heart of the person (if they're being honest, which it's apparent VC is). That would be a valid reason for admiring VC or anybody else, because he obviously cares about the state of this world and devotedly shares his findings with others. If we could quit focusing on color of skin, we wouldn't continually remind ourselves of our differences. How bout we start looking at people's hearts? And depending on his birthday he's 31 or 32 if such things matter to you.

      • That's kind of rude to assume someone's race. Especially if they are proud of who they are, and here you are labeling them as something else.

        Btw ( i'm black) I don't think he's black not that it matters. I did read & start calculating his age lol !

      • Just b/c someone listens to rap doesn't make them black. In fact my bro was a huge tupac fan when he was in hs…and we're as white as snow.

      • Thanks S that was nicely said, i feel exactly the same. To me there are only two types of people in this world. Good people and bad people, in other words believers and non believers.

  130. I think that if people are smart enough, this new hologram trend will die before being born.

    In a beginning I thought "wow, I will be able to see Syd Barret live, or even Mozart" but the truth, is that these guys are dead. Whatever your religious is, the truth is that they don't habit the same physical body anymore. This is just another ilussion being born in the modern society.

    • heh. and when have you ever known the majority of people to be smart enough?

      they are gonna eat it up.

      it's gonna get a whole lot worse before it gets better.

    • Maybe bc his MK'd ass doesnt remember doing him in hisself! He killed him. It's sick and so sad. VC was 15 when Pac died. I was 17. Strange, I thought VC would be older for some reason. Anyway, the hologram stuff is creepy. I don't like it and it'll NEVER be like seeing a real person in concert. All these "artists" better wake up themselves bc they are all one big scandal away from being discarded. Look at what's goig on with Mel Gibson being recorded by a child wo his knowledge. The MK ultra stuff is for real. All these kids are in on it being used, and it's not a joke or sic-fi. What will bring all this evil to an end?

  131. I didn't like the idea of using a deceased person to provide entertainment. Let Tupac rest in peace and let us remember him through his music and how he spoke out against the evil masses. People are so blind, it's sad. Hopefully other people aren't used in this way. Let them rest!

  132. Hello VC

    What you felt in your gut I felt in my throat as I attempted to watch the video a few days ago. Totally creepy. Thank you for your feedback and informing about the future plans for these holograms. I will not support any live shows featuring deceased individuals

  133. Interesting that Tupac's holographic was paired up with Snoop, who tells how he sold his soul to the devil in 'Murder was the case." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KG_DoPdAmk

    There's gotta be a connection to Snoop, perhaps a warning to him?

    While I did not listen to Tupac's music, I did GET his Message.

    The filth that is Hollywood will be exposed, just a matter of time.

  134. ok so who's next on the list? Bob Marley, John Lennon, Whitney Houston. They might even go to actors who nows. You cant put nothing pass these people. They know what they want to achieve, they set on doing it and its happening. So this was on there checklist.

  135. I feel the same way, its sickening to watch someone who would never go to the illuminati, perform without that lyric :/ KILLUMINATI!!

  136. Work him to death. And now with technology you can work him even after. In my honest opinion, I think people should respect the dead, regardless of who they are. But, this is ridiculous pass greed. Let the man rest in peace. I think this gimmick is a way to give authenticity to fake rap "artists" of today and to make profit. I can't stand greed and this technology. I personally believe tupac was killed by his "people." I wonder what his family's response to this sham of an act was. This is, in my opinion is just as horrendous as human trafficking. I say this because there's no end to this pyramid of money hungry animals, even after death they can pimp you out for profit. The only up side is, at least they can't have your mind, body, and soul.

  137. kinda reminds me of the movie pet cemetery! o_0 the devil and his kingdom are completely counterfeit. makes sense that they would do something like this.

  138. I felt the same way, VC. And I also noticed how the programmers behind this said they were gonna use tupac and others to tour around the world as holograms. The Industry knows that "You are worth more dead than you are alive" and this is one proof of it. My dear VC friends, do not be deceived by these holograms. Now The government has the power to produce 3D images without having to use "3D glasses." This hologram is what is known as "NASA Blue Beam Project." If you don't know about it, go to YouTube and search it, or Google it. False signs of the Coming of Jesus Christ will be used this year to deceive many, and bring forth the Antichrist!! This is the New World Order. THIS IS THE YEAR OF DECEPTION (including Dec 21st, 2012). I pray that all of your eyes be open, and that you guys see the Truth that is in Jesus Christ. For the Lord said that in this year, "Many will deny Me and many will run away from the church. At the same time, many will run to the church. Evil and destruction lies for those who turn away from Me, but I come to save all those who trust in Me." May the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Love of God, and the Sweet Fellowship of the Holy Spirit rest and abide with us all, Now and Forevermore. Amen.

    • I find it contradicting when ppl say things like "the Lord is coming is coming back this year" etc etc… God said NO ONE knows the time of His return, not even the angels in heaven yet all these people know when He is. Y'all know more than the angels in heaven man thats crazy

      • KEY WORDS: "….False signs of the Coming of Jesus Christ will be used this year to deceive many, and bring forth the Antichrist!! This is the New World Order. THIS IS THE YEAR OF DECEPTION (including Dec 21st, 2012)…."

      • Jesus said we wouldn't know the EXACT TIME…but that we would know the SEASON. And I do believe that "now is the winter of our discontent".

    • That's it. But no one knows exactly when they going to do it. Anyway I wish it won't be this year… Maybe just because I want to live in calm..

    • And they never found the black boxes, yet they find the ID of one of the supposed hijackers? Lets keep it real! I seen video of one of the engines that were suposedly from one of the planes, and it looked like it was from a Cessna! Ridiculous!

  139. You couldn't have said it any better VC! In my opinion, that hologram image of Tupac was very insultive to his fans and those of us who love him. Sixteen years go by, and is that the only way to honor him??? True, those who thought of the idea may say they did it in love but would he really have wanted that??!

    I don't think so! Worst still, those a*h*les wanna take 'it' on tour??!

    So disgusting and makes me sick to my stomach!!(excuse my language)

  140. First off, I love and appreciate everything you guys do at Vigilant Citizen:

    I totally agree,the cold part is, this is Project Blue Beam and people dont realize it. I was sick watching it… I also realized the lack of the image saying "killilluminatti all thru ya body" I felt it was shady.. smh

  141. So I read the article and…F*cking A, VC. I totally agree and again you nailed the real kicker points, especially about the Makaveli album and Dre. There is a funny YT video with R2D2 holograming Pac instead of Princess Leia :-). Lots of love Tupac and to you to VC. Thanks.

  142. Totaly agree, dehuminatization-

    To keep it in spirit of Pac, i quote the best living MC Immortal Technique:

    What the industry did to 'Pac they did to Jesus

    Rapin' his vocals and then destroying his message

    We all miss Pac, but theres a big diffrence between watching his actual taped shows, and this

    Pac revival tour s**t- ITS NOT PAC!

    Jeez.. I bet its gonna be like that japaneese popsinger/hologram


    • Yeah, Tech is a killer lyricist.

      often (but not always) agree with the message of those lyrics

      also, from his song Obnoxious:

      "I think is just pathetic and gay / when niggaz speculate what the f**k 'Pac would say

      you don't know s**t, about a dead mans perspective"

  143. wow! author experienced this:


    simple thought experiment: imagine if someone hologramified a dead relative of yours? would you feel happy? maybe, momentarily, but the experience would quickly descend into the uncanny valley if you knew for a fact that, it was not real.

    it's pretty obvious that the sick effs who dreamed this stunt up did so because they have no concept of that part of humanity that can relate to other human beings and think that holograms/masks/shades are adequate proxies for human interaction. we call those people sociopaths btw.

    • in relation to this, i found this promo video for the upcoming Prometheus film. its an ad for Weyland Enterprise (the company that makes androids) the first line is very similar the concept of the Uncanny Valley and the 2Pac hologram; "At Weyland Industries it has long been our goal to create artificial intelligence that are almost INDISTINGUISHABLE FROM MANKIND…" their logo consists of 3 triangles the 1st and last inverted and the middle one facing up (as above so below) David 8 the effeminate flower smelling android (yes! the creators wanted him to be effeminate) is soooo creepy, but Michael Fassbender is an awesome actor lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWmbqH_z7jM

    • THAT IS EXACTLY what I was thinking. I would NEVER EVER EVER want anyone to "resurrect" my deceased relative- OR ME!- because.. they have NO say in it. at all. its so so so so SOOOOO wrong. I don't get how people don't see this. How does Tupac's family feel about this? I'd like to know. Seriously. Let the dead rest in peace!!!

  144. Just imagine a billion dollar budget military grade hologram, tweaked perfectly to resemble 100% realistic movements, gestures with directed sound waves. Perfect for diversion and false flag missions. Create a 30.000 member army out of thin air and start blowing stuff up with previously planted bombs. Then start blaming someone…. And we all know whats next.

    • Reminds me a lot of how they blamed and framed the main character in "Running Man" for slaughtering a bunch of innocent civilians…when in reality, he was arguing against it and trying to stop them from firing on innocents.

      Whether it is deceptive editing of real images/words, completely false CGI-created images and holographs, or combinations of all these elements – this kind of lies and deception is definitely going to increase in our future. And I'm really sad to say that many…maybe even most people will fall for it, because honestly…they already are in so many ways.

      It's just surreal and downright scary to think of the illusions they could – and will – create with advanced technology.

  145. I did not see it but did not like it when I heard about it. I guess I should read you article now. Just saying my gut didn't like it.

  146. i truly love coachella because i feel that the independent artists are free from mind contol. And although i did not know 2pac i wonder if the illuminati want to change our perception of his ideals and make him something he is not.

    • I think its pretty obvious what their agenda is. First it is to make as much money as possible off of whoever they can make it off of. Then it is to use artists for the purpose of furthering a specific agenda. I think using Tupac in this way WILL change how some of the younger generation sees him (below 18) because it was before their time.

  147. truth be told VC, its like mojo risin said: remember them for their words,

    image can be presented and manipulated in many ways but words will be words

    • Did you notice also the three artists (deceased)? TuPac…Hendrix…Cobain

      Think about it.

      Why those three? Surely they could bring back some dead boy band member, or perhaps Gary Coleman…Mr Belvedere….Obi-Wan Kenobi. But Noooo, only influential rock musicians contrary to society or the norm.

      All three of them dying an extremely gruesome death. The first three, not Gary Coleman, etc..

  148. Well said, VC. I was originally impressed with the Coachella hologram performance. That being said, when I heard it was going on tour, I was disgusted! He is dead, let the man RIP.

      • I was three when he died and still somehow his music still touches me and i felt connected… i know a lot of people argue that he was not real, but i still felt connected some how like his soul had taken over that night and i was in awe because i wished i had gotten to see him live before he passed and sadly this is the closest i'll get to seeing what a great performer he was

      • Growing up in the 90s, yeah Tupac was a great performer. I am not the biggest rap fan and didn't keep up with the Death Row, East side West side stuff. But all of the lamenting about never being able to see him alive, and crying at this performance, etc, is silly.

        You know who I wish I could have seen alive? George Washington and Martin Luther King. Let's keep this stuff in perspective, ok everyone!

  149. Project Bluebeam… Wow… Imagine hw much times the public has already been decieved by this technology.. its sick to think about.

    • You know people cried when they saw this? They feel a connection to something so fake. You can't even touch it. People, including my parents, are saying they would go to a holographic Tupac concert…is there a way to make the audience holograms too?

      I can't find a website that speaks about the Blue Beam Project and what it has to do with the Olympics. I've heard about the alien attack and a second coming…what do they have to with each other? I just don't trust anything anymore. If I were famous I wouldn't bite my tongue.

      I just find it crazy that 15 (almost 16 years ago) he died, and we create this thing. Something he wouldn't want. I'm pretty young, and I was born just before he died. So he lives through his music for me.

      • people cried when they saw this?

        I wanted to cry too. but from a lack of emotional connection. There was no soul there, it was like watching a robot perform

      • @freak_m0nkey

        Yes, people cried. The ones that actually know who Tupac was. On Youtube people are crying at home…which is awkward. But yeah, it's happening. I didn't feel the need to cry, but if I did, it would be because they were pimping him with this new form of prostitution. How sick…

      • > is there a way to make the audience holograms too?

        Good one!

        Eventually all performers will be holograms of deceased performers, to be famous always, and paid never.

    • You might be on to something there Kris. What if they did this with Elvis…JFK…Jesus 😮

      Now, I must say that having a Statue of Liberty size John Wayne showing up on a similar scale battleship and jumping off to kick some commie ass would be something to ponder..well, come to think of it, I really didn't like it when they already did that on film for that beer commercial or whatever it was at the time someone was selling.

      Pardon the humour, but yes, it is downright scary if there are larger, more sophisticated devices such as this hologram machine. Maybe they will bring back a Paul Bunyan size Michael Jackson at the next super bowl and have him moonwalk?

    • I think this was definitely a very public test run of this technology and TPTB are evaluating the general public's reaction very carefully.

      • Amen.I co-sign that 100 percent. I think the trend started with Nathalie Cole and "Unbelievable" with her father. Nothing more needs really be said about the Tupac hologram.

      • reminds me of the article about the GI Joe cartoon: seeing VC reflect on something like likes/liked in addition to talking about the usual message. I like the style.

      • the natalie cole thing had a whole different feel though. it was a daughter and father singing together, and not advertising for a company. I guess these things always start out good, and then some people think how to take advantage of it for their own ends like with tupac.

    • I'm comforted that I'm not the only one who thought this was eerie, creepy, weird and off-putting. I dunno…it just gave be goosebumps…not in a good way.

      Best to let the dead rest.

      • The Illuminati is bringing back the artists they murdered to continue making even more money off of them?! Awwww how sweet :oP

      • I guess this way they can have complete control of these artists without the artists having to say or do anything against them, you know, like they did and the past and got murdered for it. An Illuminati's wet dream, "What, you mean we can bring back a Tupac, Kurt Cobain, etc. and have them do what we want them to without them having any say?!!! We should of done this souls ago!"

    • Actually to me, this was not well said this is one of the worst articles I've read on this site. There were so many more reasons not to like the performance. How about what he says at the beginning? "God's Nation sent his only begotten son to lead the wild into the waves of hell. Follow ME!" Number one I love Tupac, and I for one know that he may or may not have suffered from MK Ultra but he was an illuminati puppet as well. Only difference between him and other artists is he broke the oath and warned us about a lot of danger coming our way. I believe tupac was planted in the industry by the black panther for that reason alone. To warn us "to spark the mind that changes the world." As tupac would say. It is no coincidence that Tupac was chosed as the first BIG and WIDELY publicized hologram performer. He told us he would be back. He said it in a number of songs.. Maybe this is what he meant. Maybe he was warning us about the hologram generation that is coming. He predicted his death (or told us how he was going to be assisnated by the illuminati). So couldn't he be capable of predicting this even too? When Tupac was a kid he was highly hinted and intelligent. He was a ratical activist, and I think he saw an opportunity to inherit a platform where he could reach millions. He sacraficed his soul and his body in order to warn us. He strategically planned every little thing he did. There's a reason he took a picture on a cross. Not that he claimed he was Jesus but what he did was something like Jesus. What that Hologram said at that performance was blasphemy, and the only reason Tupac would say something like that in real life is if he was forced. Which in many cases (especially once he was signed to death row), he did make harmful music and say harmful things. But only by influence of the oath of baphomet. When Tupac first came out his music was angry but it was the voice of the unheard and it wasn't really harmful. The illuminati did not like this, they knew what he was up to, so they made his life a living hell by getting him shot, and sent to jail so much that he snapped and felt so lost that he signed his life over to death row. The mission didn't stop there though. Even in his harmful music he left hints and warnings and signs and that's why they killed him. He exposed way too much.

      THER REASON I DON'T LIKE IT: It's a mockery and a big f**k you from the illuminati. It's like they are saying "ha ha he's still our slave in death as he was in real life. He will never ecsape us, neither will any other artist or their fans!"


      • I really like VC's article. A lot.

        Your article is very eye opening too:

        "It’s a mockery and a big f**k you from the illuminati. It’s like they are saying “ha ha he’s still our slave in death as he was in real life. He will never ecsape us, neither will any other artist or their fans!”

        Well said.

      • Well, I think it was written well enough. Keep in mind, this was just a brief article about the hologram itself, and why VC didn't like it, personally.

        You certainly raised some valid points, but they go beyond the scope of this particular article about the hologram.

        You're looking for an article about 2Pac as a whole, his career as a whole, etc. Which would be an awesome read if written by VC. *hint hint*

        I'm sure he is busy enough, as the powers that be don't take breaks. But now that we know you're a 2Pac fan, VC, how 'bout it? lol

      • "And God said he should send his one begotten son

        to lead the wild into the ways of the man."

        You are mistaken, this is what Tupac says.

      • It is the worst article you have read on this site simply because his/her opinion does not match your own? That is narrow minded and kinda dense of you to knock this article (which I think is spot on) when he/she starts it by stating it is his OPINION.

        Your theory about Tupac being aware he was to be murdered and resurrected this way is just…so silly and honestly, basic one-dimensional thinking. Tupac was conflicted, he wanted money and fame to a degree but not when it meant his people were regressing instead of progressing. I think he figured this was happening when his music was manipulated. After he signed the dotted line. So he was conflicted and guilt ridden about his role in his peoples development within a society that could give a s**t. So his message became more defiant, empowered and direct. Yes, I think he knew he was risking his life but as Jesus was a man with an anti-governmental message, so was Tupac and this is where it ends.

        He was not a willing illuminati puppet, once he was given enough information to realize exactly what the goal was and how the tentacles function. Why you are on this site, disagreeing with the authors obviously correct assessment of holographic images of dead pop stars (Tupac aside), I don't know.

        But if you say Killuminati, understand what you are saying. The illuminati do not value human life, they kill. Illuminati, Killuminati, it is all good to them.

        When you organize, protest, call out the bigger picture: society is being trained to devalue individual life, man woman animal plant earth, you GET IT.

        It is obvious you are not quite there. You don't get it, you are part of the problem still, not the solution. Keep buying books. Keep trying to fathom your role in this. Speak up against the training being forced on us. But do NOT disagree with opinion. Be open to it as everyone's opinion is valid to some degree.

      • Just one correction to the memory of Tupac, his illustration on the cross wasn't' his choice. When the album was released he was already gone… Therefore everything was well organized from the beginning.

      • Just one correction to the memory of Tupac, his illustration on the cross wasn't' his choice. When the album was released he was already gone… Therefore everything was well organized from the beginning. Not coincidence again that the same day that we see the hologram, is the Orthodox Easter.. Illuminati wanted us to see their kind of resurrection

      • I agree with you all the way. We are being conditioned to accept a new reality brought to you by Satan himself. They are conditioning us for the unveiling of the antichrist, at first he will appear to fix all our problems and then claim to be Jesus himself, thanks to the ability to come back as a hologram. The biggest lie Satan ever told was he doesn't exist.

      • And God said he should send his one begotten son

        to lead the wild into the ways of the man

        Follow me; eat my flesh, flesh and my flesh

        This is actually what he says… I don't know where you got your lyrics from but you need to double check before coming at Tupac. I will not allow it!

      • Sorry! I didn't read the entire comment you posted. I just flipped lol. But I agree with most of your comment. I didn't like the performance as well, but and yes sadly it does seem like Tupac sacrificed his life for us… All the more reason to love him more and try to keep his name clean. I love him entirely this performance is a big F you from the illuminati. I can't respect this technology at all and it's not without a doubt that Tupac was indeed very intelligent and left many foresight type messages in his music.

    • Agreed! Shameless and manipulative. I seriously doubt Tupac would've approved of this in the slightest, I think he would've despised it for the very reasons you mentioned.

      Think about the message it is saying: it doesn't matter if Tupac is alive or not. His soul, his spirit, the things that made him who he really was, are not important. Only his image, which we will control, and which we will fill with our message.

      Shades of the image of the beast, rejection of God.

    • I heard tickets were going for $400 for this fake event.

      Well I hope you lived your 2Pac fake experience. His music lives through my ears and soul not by the Illuminiati profiteering bull****.

      Killuminati and it dont stop!

      God bless.


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