Katy Perry’s “Wide Awake” : A Video About Monarch Mind Control


Katy Perry’s music video “Wide Awake” is another offering from the pop music industry that conceals references to Monarch programming within its symbolism. References to this practice occur often in mass media but are often coded using specific symbols and imagery. We’ll look at the hidden meaning of Katy Perry’s “Wide Awake”.

Many articles on this site described how many items of popular culture conceal within their symbolism references to an unknown, horrendous practice: Monarch programming. This technique of mind control seeks to create fully “programmable” individuals and is used by the shadowy elite in fields such as the military, politics and the murky underworld (for detailed information on Monarch programming, read the article Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control). Another area in which mind control (especially Monarch programming) is used is the entertainment business – not only because some celebrities are actual victims of mind control, but because entertainment is used to subtly normalize and glamorize this awful practice through symbolism.

Katy Perry’s video Wide Awake is yet another music video that alludes to the concept of Monarch programming through its storyline and its imagery. While this might not be obvious to most people, those who have some knowledge of the subject of mind control find it extremely blatant.

In many ways, the video resembles works that have been previously analyzed on this site, such as the movies Labyrinth and Sucker Punch and music videos like Paramore’s Brick by Boring Brick. All of these productions visually represent the inner-world of Monarch slaves through a specific set of symbols: mirrors, butterflies (especially Monarch butterflies), mazes and so forth. Not only do these objects aptly portray psychological concepts, they are actual “trigger images” used in mind control on Monarch slaves. Wide Awake fully utilizes this set of symbols, which gives the storyline a deeper, and more disturbing, meaning.

Most mainstream media articles on Wide Awake say that it is about Katy Perry “navigating the maze of fame”. While this might be true, the video cannot be completely explained without considering the element of Monarch programming. For instance, why is Perry shown at sitting on a wheelchair, completely “out of it” inside a health institution? Probably because there is more to the video than meets the eye. Let’s look at the deeper meaning of its scenes.

Wide Awake

At the beginning of the video, we see Katy completing the filming of her popular video California Gurls. She is wearing her now famous pink wig. She is fully into her “sexy pop star” persona.

Katy is doing what is expected of her in front of the cameras.

When she enters her dressing room, Katy removes her wig, which symbolically represents her switching to another alter (this gesture was also an important part of Lady Gaga’s video Marry the Night). Katy then stares at herself in the mirror for a while – until she dissociates from reality (dissociation is an important part of mind control) and enters a fantasy world. This world is, in fact, the inner-world of Katy Perry’s psyche.

Katy stands at a gateway flanked by two pillars. In esoteric symbolism, pillars guard the entrance of sacred and mystical places. In this case, it is Katy’s own mind.

Katy soon realizes that her inner-world is a dark labyrinth that if full of traps and dangers. She doesn’t appear to know the way inside her own mind. She even gets caught in traps that were placed by her handlers.

During mind control, handlers literally take control of the slave’s mind and can program everything within it. This causes the slave to become a stranger inside his/her own mind as their thoughts are meticulously controlled and programmed.

Katy realizes that she won’t make it through the maze without an important element – one that has been stripped from her during the her programming: Her core persona. Through fireworks emerging from her breasts (of course), she calls for help and her core persona appears before her in the form of a young Katy.

Katy’s core persona is the “real her” (Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson), complete with her values and convictions. It is the personality she had before being subjected to programming. Mind control seeks to strip individuals from their core persona in order to program a new one that will easily comply with orders. Here, Katy has the opportunity of reconnecting with her core persona. It will indeed become her guide.

Katy and her core persona then enter a room full that truly screams out “Monarch programming”.

Katy and little Katheryn find themselves in a room full of mirrors. The dark-and-light floor represents duality, a concept extremely important in mind control programming. The fact that little Katheryn’s reflection does not appear in the mirror emphasizes the fact that the girl is not real, but a part of Katy’s psychology. Katy’s dress is full of butterflies, a rather strong reminder that she is under Monarch Programming.

Looking through the mirror, Katy sees nasty-looking paparazzi. While she is mesmerized by the sight, her core persona realizes that the world around Katy is shattering (inner-worlds of Monarch slaves are programmed by handlers and can be modified or destroyed at will). Desperate, Katy  breaks the mirror in front of her and leaves the room, a symbolic act representing her attempting to break out of her programming.

As Katy breaks the mirror, we see butterflies flying off her dress – an image that emphasizes the fact that she is breaking out of Monarch programming.


Breaking Out?

Then next scene is in sharp contrast to the rest of the video. While before it was all about fantasy and mystery, we are now in a cold, sterile health institution. In other words, we appear to be out of Katy’s head and back to reality. Katy appears to be completely “shut down”, sitting on a wheel chair in what appears to be a mental institution. Is this her MK programming site?

Katy looks like what MK victims must look like after enduring the trauma of Mind control . She is totally “out of it” and probably drugged by the strawberry she is holding.

Mind control slaves are subjected to all kinds of torture by their handlers. At some point during the “treatment”, the pain, whether physical or emotional, becomes too much to bear and their brain’s natural response is to dissociate from reality. Handlers actually want their subjects to dissociate as it facilitates programming. They use movies such as Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz to program victims to dissociate “through the looking glass” or “over the rainbow”. Up until now, the video took place in Katy’s dissociative inner-world.

While Katy is somewhat of a zombie, her core persona, little Katheryn,  is “Wide Awake” and is determined to get out of there. Some people, however, do not want to see that happen.

Two men with horned heads (see Baphomet) block Katheryn’s way to freedom. Do these non-human, evil-looking men represent Katy’s handlers?

However, Katheryn’s will-power blasts the horned guys away and even brings Katy back to life.

The lyrics of the song convey this sense of liberation from a deceitful and oppressive state of mind. Here’s the first chorus:

I’m wide awake
Yeah, I was in the dark
I was falling hard
With an open heart
I’m wide awake
How did I read the stars so wrong?
I’m wide awake
And now it’s clear to me
That everything you see
Ain’t always what it seems
I’m wide awake
Yeah, I was dreaming for so long

So, at this point, one might ask: Is this video about Katy actually breaking out of mind control? The rest of the video might answer the question.

Upon leaving the institution, Katy and her core persona find themselves back in the fantasy land.

Katy and her core persona are back in the dissociative fantasy land –  at the other side of the Labyrinth where things seem nicer.

This cat with hypnotic eyes is a reminder that Katy might still be tightly monitored and under the control of her handlers. The butterflies on Katy’s head are also a good indicator of this fact.

At this point, Katheryn hopes on her bike and leaves Katy.

Katheryn, the core, authentic persona of Katy says goodbye. Why is she leaving? Isn’t our core personality something we should ALWAYS have?

Before leaving, Katheryn leaves Katy a gift … a symbolic gift.

Back in her dressing room, realizes that she’s been given a butterfly. Did her Katheryn give Katy the poisonous gift of being back under mind control?

The butterfly leads us from the dressing room to a stage, before a performance of the song Teenage Dreamss. In other words, Katy (and viewers of the video) have gone full circle and are back at the starting point. This echoes the false rebellion and “escape from nothing” plotlines of other recent music videos, as discussed in The Police State Agenda in Jay-Z and Kanye’s “No Church in the Wild” and Adam Lambert’s “Never Close Our Eyes”. Although a quest appears to have been completed and foes appear to have been defeated, Katy is back in her “sexy pop star” persona, complete with lollipop bras. This is who she is now, a product of the music industry. Her core persona is gone.

Did she learn from something from Katheryn and is now better equipped to face the pitfalls of celebrity? Maybe. However, the orgy of butterflies in the video reminds us that, in the end, she is still under the control of the music industry and the MK symbolism it promotes. Need more proof? Check out her attire while she performed Wide Awake at the MuchMusic Video Awards in Canada.

Katy is basically one big giant butterfly – the ultimate symbol of Monarch Programming.

Monarch butterflies over one eye. That’s like VC 101.


In Conclusion

Katy Perry’s Wide Awake is a prime example of Monarch programming symbolism being promoted in mass media products. While it may be deemed “original” and “imaginative” by many, it is strikingly similar to other MK-themed video analyzed on this site. For instance, Paramore’s Brick by Boring Brick also features a younger (purer) version of the singer, a flurry of butterflies, rooms full of mirrors and so forth. Why are all of these symbols found in these unrelated videos (any countless others)? It is because these symbols are, in fact, related: They are symbols of Monarch Programming mind control. This is the common thread uniting these symbols. It also explains the otherwise puzzling plots of the videos.

Although it is probably the most disgusting and vicious concept known to man, Monarch programming is often referenced in popular culture. And, since Monarch programming is one of the ways the occult elite keeps a stranglehold on many areas, including the entertainment industry, it is often subtly glamorized in mass media. Most people let all of this imagery go straight to their minds without even understanding its true meaning. However, there is one way to not allow these unwanted messages to reach our brains: Be TRULY wide awake.




  1. I don't even bother watching recent music videos anymore, I've completely lost interest in these satanic artists music, in this case Katy Perry. I also want to add that, I think we should all listen to music that enlightens us in some way which encourages positivity, and music thats not embedded with subliminal messages!

    • Yeah, I agree, but most of the videos that are big have symbolism. I often skip the actual video and listen to the lytic video if I must. Thankfully there is plenty of talent out there, but those are the unsigned people who control their imagery:)

      • I'm expecting for this. Thanks VC for opening our eyes.

        Actually when Katy Perry punched the guy, Katy & the young Katy saw the heart with light. Light symbolizes Illuminati. I'm just adding this opinion or just my observation thanks

      • She is totally “out of it” and probably drugged by the strawberry she is holding.

        that was pretty funny.


      • LaVigilanteMiss on

        i agree. i really liked emeli Sande. I still do but the fact that she signed and, so to speak sold her soul, i kinda lost a bit of respect for her as an artist. how credible are you if you cant control your own image and ant be who are you?

    • TellHIMhelostitsover on

      The last image VC put up–Katy Pery receiving her award–puts everything into perspective.

      It goes like this:

      Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, an above average singer but is nothing special, gets recruited.
      Doesn’t wright her songs, doesn’t design her costumes, doesn’t make her melodies, doesn’t film, doesn’t edit her music videos, doesn’t contribute anything significantly to her music.
      The music label does. So it can make $.

      Her getting her “award” makes absolutely no sense to me at all. It’s fake. Just like an alter reality.

      • I was watching Oprah interview with the kartashians, they changed their floors to black and white checkered design…of all the designs in the world, checkered. I guess its a salute to their masters/employers. SAD

      • Just look at the award she's so happy to get. An ugly black box thing. Maybe it symbolizes her coffin.

      • Though she does write her own music, she has done since her debut. And she wins awards because people like her, it doesn't necessarily mean how talented she is. Sure she is talented, she can sing, play guitar and write, but that can only get you so far without the help of Satan. I'm a fan of her, but she's becoming abit of a parody now and not like she used to.

      • Idle Minds Are The D on

        Come to think of it, award shows in general are kinda like ceremonies in which miniature statues are handed to "artists" as if the industry is kinda saying "Okay, here you go babes, thanks for doing your job. Now get back to your seats and watch other drones accept our thankyou's, you little clowns… xoxo"

      • except that katy perry, unlike most pop stars does write her own music, or at least a majority of it. thats why she made 54 million last year alone, because of things like royalties. people like rihanna who are popualr dont make nearly that much because songwriters get the most money from songs, not singers.

        i dont like katy perry at all, and find her overmade cartoon-like persona nauseating, but at least she seems to be smarter than some of the others. if shes gonna be manipulated and exploited she seems to at least getting the most money out of it. i find it strange how she started out as some christian singer and then got famous for a song about making out with girls. and i never saw this video, but this is a great article. from the lyrics i always assumed it was just about her divorce with russell brand but it goes deeper than that.

        i dont really feel sorry for any of these pop stars. you cant be programmed without some consent, at least initially. its not as if record labels are kidnapping people at home. these people are out whoring themselves for fame and money and attention and they get exactly that – but at a price. then after they're rich and comfortable they wanna escape the control and immorality of it all (but still be rich and comfy)…ya right.

    • alice in redundant l on

      I don't bother watch videos anymore either, because they are all the same :

      Butterflies, horned horses, checkered floors, pillars, zombies, police state, one eyes, mirrors breaking, labyrinths, robots, zombies, puppets, mickey mouse, wonderland, wizard, wigs, Halloween costumes, etc, ETC.

      I'm beyond bored with this particular situation of a repetitive mess of a bad joke. We are being baited by all these trolls in the entertainment industry.

    • I agree with that statement so much! Im a metal guy. (I love heavy metal, my favorite genre) and I gotta say, out of all music genres I have see the most positivity and virtues within heavy metal. What other genre of music teachs virtues than metal? What music teaches to honor your forefathers,to protect the weak and stand up vs all odds and any foe, to stand for what you believe is right, to judge the false ones, to be a modern day knight or warrior of a kind? Is it the pop culture with all its sex sold to children? Is it the "gangster" rap with all it's drugs? No. Metal holds the flag of honor, and I love that. Because of that I respect the genre so much, and I reccomend it to anyone here. It is very hidden nowadays and underground sadly. But there is so much talent within it. It is a genre that is often misjudged and taken in the wrong context. Trust me, there is metal out there that is full of virtues.

      Just look at this song, and its beautiful lyrics. You will never find pop with lyrical content like this! No pop artist has the guts to use music as a weapon and make a statement to rise up against tyranny. This song does just that.


      Anyways, thanks for the comment, and farewell!

      • @Davdi:

        I am a HUGE metal fan as well, but there are plenty of bands promoting Satanic and evil agendas as well… Mainly extreme metal subgenre's, but in general, a lot of metal is about social injustices or is historical or about the pursuit of truth, I think Megadeath is another great example. :)

        I do love Gamma Ray, and that whole album, its a great album, and I've noticed it used more and more lately for illuminati related videos, lol. But anyway, great stuff. :)

        Just don't blindly believe that ALL metal doesn't have a bad agenda, that definitely isn't true, I wont go in to the bands that promote mind control or satanism, they are easy to come by, and I don't listen to them.

      • Rebel army guard the on

        I agree but their is plenty of rap music that is enlightning such as immortal technique. Metel does not always have a positive messege, nor does any other type of music. furthur more i do not believe in close-mindedness, so i think you should try to listen to other types of music as-well.

    • Other than Gospel music what other kind of music would that be? Everytime I so much as think I can get a breath in someone else has joined in shutting off some more of my air supply.

    • LisanoLeslie on

      Listen to Ysae "No Turning Back” “Quiet as Kept” and “World Different” on YouTube I swear you wont regret it. Not like mainstream garbage. This guy is definitely aware of the occult and the degradation of the world and is eager to spread his message.

    • You all missed something HUGE!

      Check out Katie's earings near the beginning of the video.

      Its the masonic square and compas!!!

      • Nice catch. I looked at it at 1080p HD full screen, and wow. They would be your normal diamond shaped earrings… if it weren't for the Baphomet heads in the upper triangles. (oh look, a Baphomet head inside a triangle. more VC 101).

    • How totally ironic that last night I watched Katy Perry's parents(totally devout Christians) preach the gospel of Jesus Christ on an on-line Christian TV program.

      • Many Christian Factions are involved with MK-Ultra. Things are not always what they appear to be. Most mainstream religion has been infiltrated. I was going to a Congregational Church until I realized most members were Masons and Shriners, then noticed the Egyptian Ahnk on their pagan Christmas Tree and there stain glass windows were full of occult symbolism. This has been going on for quite some time now. The entire concept of Church is pagan. Research it. I believe in the father but read scripture at home with my family. I don't need to go to a pagan church to do that.

      • Rebel army guard the on

        So how exactly do you sell your soul to the devil, because my father is a mason, my grandfather is a mason, and my great grandfather was a master mason 33rd Degree, And i will be a mason aswell, I have read the doctrines and none of the required task involve, me selling my soul to satan, most of these so called masonic symbols are not even masonic, The 5 pointed star stands for the 5 wounds of christ, and an inverted cross is in relation to when peter was crusified he was crusified upside down in respect for jesus. I am a christian, and none of the masonic rituals have to do with the bringing of satan. Now am i saying no masons have an under lining agenda no im not that would be a lie. For example white people have a stigma for being racist, now for me to say that all white people are racist would be untrue, but some of them are. P.S The illuminati was created to fight the overbaring power of the vatican and roman catholic church, most of them were scientist and had no religion at all, so how can they praise a devil they dont even believe in, Just some food for thought.

    • That is what I am trying to do all this week, until I am in a need for a beat or two, then I come back again for wild songs… Which is bad, really. These kind of things caused addiction.

      By the way last Friday, I was trying to check vigilantcitizen.com from my school, using the school wi-fi and this page is blocked by the ministry of education in Malaysia because is website is some sort of 'advocacy group'. LOL, I thought that pornographic website is the only one that will be blocked.

    • I agree with Bittersweet

      At one point I became so tired of being bombarded with all these illuminati images I just decided to stop watching music videos all together. I literally felt like Chuck when he flashes and has that mini blackout caused by the information overload.

      I actually say all the time that watching music videos these days is like playing a game of "Spot the Illuminati symbolism"

      Katy Perry's Wide Awake video, I saw totally by accident and it bombarded me with with images that literally had me shouting out each symbol as I saw it. I was like a severe Tourette sufferer.

      By the time I got to the hidden "all seeing eye" in the clouds, I realised that there was no attempt to even hide it anymore, whereas only those who knew, would have realised what was cracking.

      The message of this video is sinister to the very core. Especially fact that the Illuminati are sending out a message that once they have you, you can never escape them, even when you think you have.

    • Ever heard the song with the lyrics "youre never going to survive unless you get a little crazy" the people in this world who were said to be "crazy" have been the best thinkers, maybe insanity is the only way to break free from the normality tht keeps us from thinking on a deeper level.

    • Randall Wetmore on

      Jesus, this video is obviously about waking up from her spell and breaking her mind control programming. It has very positive symbolism embedded in both the imagery and lyrics.

      Not everything with symbolism is negative, people. Wake up…

  2. The second I looked at this video, I KNEW it was filled with Illuminati symbols and stuff. Ugh…and my friend loves this song….most people just don't know. :/

    • Same here once I saw this video, it was more dark to me than katy being "wide awake"

      The one thing I don't understand is this song does'nt even have a nice tune. It's annoying! Everytime she sings "im wide awake" it's like I want to slap her and say "no you're not!"

      Anyways, I am not surprised. It's just more crap to fill the youths mind!

    • Well there's no correlation between the lyrics of the song -which I must admit are quite inspiring- and the video. They could produce a more interesting, simple video but they chose to go for an expensive, twisted version.

    • LaVigilanteMiss on

      what is actualy wrong with the song. if anything she is saying she is now wide awake and can see clearly, when she was desperate when she was young but now she sees the *behind the scene* of fame and fortune, she's wide awake and wants to go back to that childhood innocence. its not like she's glorifying the MK ultra programming and chanting names of deities like Lady Gaga's * Ra-Ra-Ra a-a, Bad romance* or Rihanna's * Umbrella's Ella-Ella-ella*

      Katy's lyrics are self explanatory;
      I’m wide awake
      Yeah, I was in the dark
      I was falling hard
      With an open heart
      I’m wide awake
      How did I read the stars so wrong?
      I’m wide awake
      And now it’s clear to me
      That everything you see
      Ain’t always what it seems
      I’m wide awake
      Yeah, I was dreaming for so long

  3. Wow. See how everyone is just coming out with "Hey, I'm in the Illumanti!" now. :/ I used to like Katy Perry. Now…I don't.

    • Lover of souls on

      Pray for Katy, as you would have someone pray for you if you were deep in satan's trap.
      Katy Perry received her first tattoo at the age of 18, after moving to Los Angeles. For her first bit of ink, she had the word “Jesus” written on her wrist, which she told Katie Couric in an interview always tells her

      Remember, you came from this and you can always go back to it.

      She claims inspiration from her father, who has four tattoos, all of which say “Jesus” in some manner. http://www.picsofcelebritytattoos.com/katy-perry-

  4. originalghanaianteen on

    what happened to katy perry. How did she transform from Jesus freak who never listened to secular music to this. These people need our prayers not hate. VC you should analyse kanye's mercy

    • are you people stupid or something? no one seems to realize or understand that they are MONARCH PROGRAMMED and they cannot help what they are or who they are or what they do they are PROGRAMMED to do it!!! do you not understand fritz springmeiers illuminati slave book???

      • Kola, Perry is an adult. You can't manipulate to such degree an adult. If you could they would start the monarch programing at a later stage instead of infancy.

      • Did it ever occur to anyone that you haven't read/seen/expericend Katy Perry's life story so you don't know what REALLY happened in her childhood. Just because they say she was brought up Christian that's supposed to explain everything? They falsify people's lives.. For all you know she WAS programmed from infancy. BTW Katy was a child pageant competitor like Jon Benet Ramsey when she was little. That should tell you something.

      • they may be programmed but they made the initial choice, when they sold their soul to the devil, Katy Perry admits it so does Bob Dylan, just Google it.

      • LaVigilanteMiss on

        they had the choice to be this way they signed up for it in exchange for fame and fortune so they decided this for themselves.

        its people like Britney spears i truly feel sorry for because it was thrust upon them and decided for them when they were too young to understand the consequences, it was decided by their parents that may be why you see many many many child celebrities *divorce* or emancipate from their parents. they are trapped in a world they didnt neccessarily decide. Look at Amanda Bynes now! horrific

        people who are so desperate for fame and fortune like Beyonce, Kanye west thsoe people are truly not worthy of anything. they want this whole world? let them have it! it means nothing!

    • Like Anne Rice was also supposed to be a Christian? Her first published books that I know about was the heavy sexual S/M slave non consensual Sleeping Beauty Trilogy under a pen name.

      Then she was supposed to be a devout Christian making millions writing about vampires calling herself Rice.

      Now she supposedly gave up her Christanity because it frowns on gay marriage.

      ROTFLOL! Oh sure. Who she is was reveled in the trilogy back in 1989.

      They like to F with your mind man!

      • The occult, Roman Catholicism, Masons, Illuminati, and so on have infiltrated the church. Church has become a business. Christians should be united together helping each other and others and serving God. Not making a different church on every street corner and preaching about tithes every Sunday while they live a life of luxury. Bad people like Ann Rice will always come in the name of Christianity then Christians will follow her and read her books. They will be taken down a dark path, their minds will be altered, and will be demonically oppressed (have sinful thoughts and desire to live sinfully).

      • If i'm not mistaken, Rice was a Pagan when she started out, or at least switched to paganism. She became catholic a few years ago. and then converted into a more 'spiritual' christian as she felt that the Church had an underlying agenda and most did not follow Jesus' rule of loving everyone and focused more on negative ideas. And yes you are right about the s&m book. actually they've just republished them (probably to follow the 50 shades of grey or whatever its called sex story that's popular at the moment)

      • Rihanna was singing live on the radio the other day, it was so excruciating I couldn't bear to listen to it. lol

    • I had some glimpses and insides of the industry. In some kind of way, it's not really the person's "fault" for being caught in this. You know, these people who program puppets know how to make people believe that they have the power, that they are in control. They keep the leash loose until it's time to get the job done.

      We can't really blame the artists themselves ; I think that it they were conscious about what they do and the true purpose of it, they would totally do something else.

      If you guys want to learn more about psychologic programming and stuff like this, I truly recommend you to read about NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming). Basically, it's a psychlogical science that explains how we react to words, gestures, expressions, images, noises and so on. NLP, when used for good reasons, helps create a better world and better relationships between fellow human beings, creating win/win relationships. But when it's used against us (most techniques are used in mass media, entertainment and ads so you want to buy, eat, drink and do whatever they want even if you don't want to), it can literraly control you when you're feeling weak. The more you know about how your brain works and reacts to the world we live in, the less you'll be victims of a system that wants you to act like mindless zombies.

      Know yourself, & know your opponent. Then you'll be invincible.

      • Dean Paul Larsh on

        With regards to neurolingustic programming, I must also chime in and attest to this phenonomenon being not only real but in full force against the public at large. We see this at use almost constantly by the media in the stories that contain the 'new morality' they want us to have, in the educational fields when they're at work programming the new generation, and in the workforce when the workers ('human resources') need to be corralled into compromise and revisions of operations they wouldn't otherwise accept. But, this is nothing new as it derives from Pavlovian experimentation, Freudian 'analysis', and dehumanizing mass condition (a.k.a. propaganda) that has sprung from them, and it has become so refined that the unsuspecting subjects on the recieving end of it don't realize it's happening. Thanks to a great many books and programs (i.e.'The Tranceformation of America' as well as Jesse Ventura's, we are now being awoken to a psychological horror much worse than mental or physical abuse – the utter fragmentation and dismantling of a person's identity for the pleasure and will of the worst predators in society.

      • Awesome Work!!I love how you break it down for us..In an interview she spoke of how she grew up in church and sung gospel music and dreamed of being the next AMY GRANT…oddly she laughed it off by saying it didnt work out that way cause she sold her soul to the devil..I was unaware that she rights her own songs. I wonder if she wrote this one..This is how she truly feels but the monarch programming has her mind so far gone..that she truly believes theres no escape all though she is "Wide Awake". Its like this. They are aware… Yet they are just brainwashed, into believing there is no hope. God only knows what they truly experience "behind the scenes." God Bless their lost lost souls.

    • The music industry , no all of the entertainement industry is as wicked as this and more. You have not begun to realize how deep that rabbit hole really is!

      Katy did not start as a sweet and innocent snare for other young mind, she was on the inside looking out doing what SHE GOT PAID to do.How many little girls could she trap had she portraiyed what she is really?

      Wake up ! She is one of thousands if not tens of thousands ( satan)that are used to fool ! Belzebub is the ultimate deceiver and will appear as a sweet angel if he has to! Even as a Katy

    • I don't believe Katy was ever a Christian at all. The entire music and entertainment industry was created by Satan, for the destruction of humankind and the frustrating part is, there are millions of people Christians and non Christians alike, all over the world, idolizing these artists. There are "fake Christians", planted within the industry with the specific purpose of making it appear as if immorality, vulgarity, vanity, greed, and a host of other impure characteristics are ok for the "modern" Christian.

      How to tell the difference between a genuine Christian and a plant? It's this simple, no genuine Christian is part of the industry, full stop. Some get saved after having been a part of the entertainment industry (Donna Summer, for example) but then they turn their backs on the industry and everything it stands for and they frequently renounce their past and speak about the truth. We don't hear the truth in the mainstream media because, guess what, the agenda of the world wide media is the same as the entertainment industry. It's all about moral and spiritual corruption. It's abject filth.

      • Still Curious on

        Also you have to notice what is happening to the people and situation around them. If they're dropped from their label, if they are not moving in the same crowds etc. If they are in the industry you have to research what studios they are a part of (for instance a lot of those artists who are not in the illuminati go with smaller record companies, create their own-self-publish, are about the art itself, have a small dedicated following etc).

    • I dont see how VC is not being merciful. It is just exposing the facts. katy is not vilified. She is just a willing pawn of the occult, and her videos show it. plain truth.

  5. Although I have given up on listening to music and watching their videos completely, VG never fails to update me on their vulgar meanings.
    But however I only commented on this article because a week ago an article appeared on the DailyMail regarding this video, praising and gloryging her, as soon as I saw the images I knew its meaning even though I had not seen the video itself, but however what stunned me is one the commenters left a message saying that this article will soon appear on VG and it received red arrows. My question is who was this person and how did they know?
    I would greatly appreciate a respone.
    May Gods blessing be upon you all.

    • When I first saw this video I commented on another board that there was no way VC wouldn't comment on this. It is just so blatant I would have been more surprised if he didn't. So it was probably just someone like me, who keeps up with VC regularly and thought the same thing. Of course the fans of these celebrities give it a bunch of thumbs down/red arrow votes b/c they don't want to hear it, le sigh.

      • lol yeah me too, as soon as I heard the lyrics to this song I was like 'vc where are yooou?' lol

  6. Boring video and symbolism. I'm so tired of this repetitive themes. By the way, I guess the video has more significant meaning (like an initiation; or maybe it represents her reprogramming) but we all already know it. Well, thanks VC for giving me knowledge and let me know all the symbolism of the video before read this article.

    Brazil against NWO.

    • agreed! at this point it really is boring. this article adds to the body of evidence that the entertainment industry uses mind control symbolism, but that is nothing new! It was worth writing about for that reason, but readers here should be able to analyze this one on our own by now.

      anyways, I listen to talk radio.

      • All this stuff really is old hat to regular VC readers, but we should keep in mind that new people are stumbling onto this site all the time. I only found out about this stuff a couple months ago. VC does everybody a service by keeping up to date with popular culture, even when it gets repetitive. He adds fresh evidence when there’s already heaps of it because it keeps new, not-quite-convinced people attracted to the site.

  7. I KNEW there was something wrong with that video. When I saw the Baphomet heads & the cat with the mind control eyes I was like, I know what this video's about. I knew VC would post something about this soon after I watched it (which was today).

    • Hermano Juan on

      As soon as I saw the Baphomet hospital wardens, I thought 'here we go…' I watched the video three times in a row just to look for symbolism after that.

      When you look at the maze in the distance, do you think the walls spell out letters?

    • WakeUpSheeple on

      There was a commercial that he did for some show, and he said the word illuminati right there in the commercial!!!

      • Russel Brand says:

        In his own words, Brand says he will ‘tell the honest truth about what I feel about all sorts of things…celebrity stuff, skulduggery, the Illuminati…all of this in an accent you can barely understand.’

        just google it for a link

      • of course this might not be actual truth about the illuminati. could just be more of their agenda of false information, or turning it all into a big joke. I'd be surprised if there was anything enlightening, but might be interesting for a minute to watch.

      • He recently hosted the MTV music awards and got pretty blatant about his opinions on democracy. Check it out. Brand seems like the type who could figure all this out. Just not so sure his truth will set him free.

    • It's ironic that russell brand is now going against the elite with his rantings… he clearly knew that she is under mind control and probably figure it out all. This occult elitism is so disturbing… many of these symbols used to be the way we became more spiritual and aware and now they've turned them into dark forces.

      It seems to be mostly good looking women that are being abused and controlled, what about men? What a sick world we live in…

  8. Amazing work, VC. Wish everything wasn't about materialism, sexual promiscuity, and letting go of all moral standards because "you're young" and/or "you only live once." Ugh, hate this life were living in.

    • Yeah, those rare times I put the radio on, I notice all these songs talking about "letting go" and acting wild and crazy, getting drunk, having reckless sex, not remembering what you did, thinking you run everything, getting thrown out of places, etc.

  9. WakeUpSheeple on

    Maybe this is a stupid question, but where do they even show music videos anymore? The only time I see snipets of the videos are here on VC. Who watches music vidoes??? I haven't seen them since the early 90s. I thought VH1 and MTV are all reality shows.

    Anyways, here is my thought:

    What if ALL of these people who make these elaborate music vidoes – the costumes, the makeup, the sets – put their time and energy into something really good and productive? All of this rubbish seems like a huge waste of time and energy.

    • Everybody watches videos on YouTube now.

      And long story short, the Illuminati uses music artists and their work as a way of delivering propaganda – trying to get the masses to think and do what the Illuminati wants.

      For a multitude of reasons I won't get into here, having to do with the brain and the conscious and subconscious mind (among other things), music appears to be the most effective medium for getting this stuff across to people. And people love their entertainment and escapism. Makes musicians and their videos, a natural choice.

      • Hermano Juan on

        I first saw this on TV because someone had been watching MTV in my house and when I turned on the TV, this video came on immediately. Then I went to YouTube/VEVO *immediately* to re-watch as I knew this is an Illuminati allegory!!!

      • JustTheDoctor6464 on

        they like to show off. "oh look! look what we can do to this person you used to like. we can program her and you cant do anything" at least that's what i got from the "false rebellion" part where they trick you into thinking she escaped and instead ends right back up in the institution. actors and other figures though are put there to distract us from the real problems. Justin Bieber getting arrested is more discussed than helping starving kids.

  10. I could figure out many meanings behind this video by myself, It's an easy one… And the song in the end of the video was teenage dream not california gurls,

    Thank you VC for these "illuminating" articles.

  11. I think you guys are missing the point… I think she really wants to get out of it… I actually feel sorry for her… It's vile that people think they can treat people like this …It's actually quite sad because when everyone first heard about the Illuminati etc we were all so quick to judge these celebrities but I dont know about you but this really makes me think that some of these celebrities might be victims of injustice just as much the public are.

    Thanks for a great read.

    • Hermano Juan on

      It seems like she wants out of it — but then I thought, if that were true, the Powers that Be would never have allowed her to rebel in this video. I think this is a false escape video.

      • It is a false-escape video, but ironically that is kind of at odds with the message of the song. Based on the actual lyrics I think Katy wants to escape, but flips between being determined to get out and being too disillusioned to do so. Here are some of the lyrics:

        (2nd verse)

        I'm wide awake

        Not losing any sleep

        Picked up every piece

        And landed on my feet

        I'm wide awake

        Need nothing to complete myself – no

        I'm wide awake

        Yeah, I am born again

        Outta the lion's den

        I don't have to pretend

        And it's too late

        The story's over now, the end – yeah


        I wish I knew then

        What I know now

        Wouldn't dive in

        Wouldn't bow down

        Gravity hurts

        You made it so sweet

        Till I woke up on

        On the concrete


        Falling from cloud 9

        (It was outta the blue, I'm)

        Crashing from the high

        I'm letting go tonight

        (Letting go of illusion)

        Falling from cloud 9


        Thunder rumbling

        Castles crumbling

        I am trying to hold on

        God knows that I tried

        Seeing the bright side

        But I'm not blind anymore…wide awake


        In verse two it seems as if she is pretty defiant, confident that she is her own person, and is ready to move on; she even makes a Biblical reference to allude to her Christian roots (well, she conflates two references, as Daniel in the lion's den =/= 'born again', but anyway). The pre-chorus is hinting at her regret, wishing she'd known beforehand that all of this wasn't worth it. The chorus is her admitting that it did feel like a high at the time, but she is willingly letting go of that now because it isn't real. The bridge references the world around her falling apart (much like the hallway in the video). I should note that "trying to hold on" here does not necessarily contradict her 'letting go of illusion'; in this case what she is trying to hold on to is some sense of sanity and stability. She then goes on to say that she is "not blind anymore" – i.e., the bright side she tried to hold on to was a total lie. She may be wide awake but the wake-up call is apparently pretty depressing to her.

        The bridge is admittedly confusing to me because its depressing tone seems to go against the attempt at feeling empowered in the second verse. Keep in mind though that the song has several writers – Katy herself along with four other well-known writers/producers in the industry. There's no way of knowing who wrote what parts, but I wouldn't be surprised if that second verse is mostly or all Katy, but then the more depressing and seemingly self-surrendering/defeated bridge is one of the 'professionals.'

        Anyway, it's interesting to take the lyrics and then try to align them with the video. Personally I think the whole thing was seeing Katy's mental coping mechanism. In order to succeed as a superstar Katy must make it through the maze (i.e., mentally survive whatever she is being subjected to). Katy's 'core' is the one who is wide awake, well aware of what is going on around her, and simultaneously disillusioned but still has a will to survive; that is why we see her younger self stomping the bad Baphomet guys away, and then urging her adult self to punch the fake Prince Charming (probably representing the ill-fated Hollywood marriage that was a necessary part of the 'maze'; seems like hugely public failed relationships is a requirement). Keeping in mind that throughout this fantasy the actual Katy is probably sitting in that wheelchair twitching away, this seems like a perfectly reasonable scenario for her to make up while she's trying to dissociate from whatever just happened to her. It makes sense that what one prefers to imagine is in direct opposition to what is actually happening (Katy's not stomping the bad guys into oblivion or punching out anyone's lights here).

        When the torture is over, in Katy's mind, she has made it to the end of the maze. Katheryn gives her a butterfly as a symbol of her 'survival' and then waves and rides away; her guidance is no longer needed at this time. Note that little Katheryn doesn't die. This serves a dual purpose – the butterfly indicates that the MK Ultra/alter programming did work, and Katy is now 'branded' (oh, irony; she WAS a Brand for a minute, wasn't she?). But Katheryn riding away at the end IMO also indicates that despite whatever she has gone through Katy must be one of the stronger ones b/c she didn't let them kill her off, nor did she let her new alter take over her core persona. 'Katy' may be the front alter now, but Katheryn is still in there to help Katy cope when she needs her…unlike some others where you can tell that their spirits have been completely lost or broken.

        Interesting thing of note / a correction: the song at the end of the video is not "California Gurls," but "Teenage Dream." Normally that would just be a minor correction but in this case it is very significant. In the beginning of the video she is literally on the cloud from "California Gurls" – she then sings about falling from cloud 9 – but then at the end we see her on stage singing "Teenage Dream." Erm, how do you still "feel like [you're] living a teenage dream" if you're supposedly wide awake? That to me points more toward the idea of this video being a false escape: Katy is awakened to the reality of the business but instead of breaking free we see she is still trapped in the 'dream' world they sold to her. Katy herself (or rather, Katheryn) may not know that she is trapped, though.

        Final thing I will note is the timeline here. "California Gurls" was the first single from the album and released in May 2010 (so the video was likely taped in April or May). "Teenage Dream" was released in August, about a week or two before the album itself was released. So I am thinking that this 'initiation'/maze likely occurred after she had recorded the album, but before they started promoting the era (i.e., her marketing and success likely hinged on how well she handled the MK Ultra).

    • I think that's true to some extent(being victims of injustice) but if you truely know much about the propaganda, you'll realise that in passing their sublime messages across to the masses, they argue for and against. In other words, she wanting out is totally out of the question cause,1. She's already lost control of her mind so anything she thinks or does is actually a reflection of her handlers'. In essence, they are just still f**kN with our minds by making us think these mind-control subjects want out… Remember Eminem's not afraid is also a case of him wanting out which I think is impossible

  12. Hermano Juan on

    What does the strawberry symbolise in Illuminati imagery? Katy finds the strawberry in the maze while she flashes the Jesus tattoo on her wrist. Then she is holding the strawberry tightly (?crushing it) when she is in the medical institution with the Baphomet wardens…

    I've seen a Rhianna photo with her seductively biting a strawberry.

    Does it mean something to these Luciferians?

    • I'm curious about the meaning of the strawberry, too. All I could find

      was that it's a symbol of the goddess Venus, which I suppose fits in

      with the idol worship, Beta/sex kitten programming.

      One of Janet Jackson's alters is named Strawberry….

      My brief take on this blatant display of their "secrets" is it's just a part of the

      same agenda to break down the taboo surrounding things of this sort in order

      to facilitate the further breakdown of society which will make the masses that

      much more malleable to the Elite's bigger agendas.

      As the population becomes calloused through repetitive and glamorized exposure

      to horrifying things like this, collective outrage fails to coalesce and make any kind

      of impact on their movement. Can only imagine what things we'll be seeing in the


      Lord have mercy.

      • I noticed that the strawberry was the only brightly colored object while hanging on the tree in the video. that must mean its a rather important symbol for something, and not just 'there', if u know what i mean.

    • i was obsessed with strawberries, and that was a code name for me….it was subliminal hidden msgs sent out to me…i have a strawberry tattoo and someone told me it means child prostitute…who knows tho, (forbidden fruit perhaps?)

      • I too linked the strawberry with forbidden fruit. It seems she's tempting us to "try the fruit" or try mind control. It's another way to glamorizing trauma-based mind control. She, in a sense, is the Eve, the temptress of her fans. She wants to make mind control look sexy and cool, so people will want it for themselves. A way for us to "stay asleep" but at the same time, making us think we've tasted from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and evil. In a sense, being "asleep" but thinking we're "wide awake".

        This video also reminded me Jessie J's "Domino", where she's seen lounging on a zebra-print sofa, wearing a Madame Butterfly mask.

    • When I think of the name "Strawberry," I think of these NWA lyrics:


      (after talking about some woman getting beat up and putting up with it because the dopeman's "rich")

      There's a another girl in the Dopeman's life

      Not quite a bitch but far from a wife

      She's called 'The Strawberry' and everybody know

      "Strawberry! Strawberry! Is the neighborhood hoe"

      Do anything for a hit or two

      Give the bitch a rock and she'll fuck your whole damn crew

      It might be your wife and it might make you sick

      Come home and see her mouth on the Dopeman's dick

      Strawberry, just look you'll see her

      But don't fuck around, she'll give you gonnorhea

      If people out there ain't hip to the fact

      Strawberry is a girl selling pussy for crack…


      Sick, I know, but it probably fits in some way….

    • that Jesus tattoo and the strawberry also got me thinking… maybe something to do with eating the forbidden fruit and falling from God's grace? she was a Jesus freak before and now she 'sold her soul' as she even says on a video?

      • strawberry fields lyric: 'Living is easy. Misunderstanding all you see'

        I think that fits.

      • Katy Perry said in an interview with Katie Couric, "My dad was a part of Strawberry Fields Forever and hung out with Timothy Leary." it doesn't mention this in the Daily Mail article where I found that quote, but Katy's dad did more than just hang out with Timothy Leary— he sold acid for him!

        Katy says so in the second half of an interview with Nardwuar. I can't put the links here because my comment won't get past moderation, but just google for yourself "Katy Perry Timothy Leary" and google the Nardwuar interview and you'll see for yourself. Timothy Leary is quite a sketchy character, with ties to the CIA and MK Ultra, and Katy Perry's dad sold his (possibly CIA-supplied) acid. Small world…

    • In the storyline of the video, the fruit is a bait into Katy being mind-controlled. It’s like the biblical story of Eve, Satan, and the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. The video is a big allusion to the Greek mythological story of Icarus, with Katy as Icarus. She goes into the labyrinth, defeats Minotaurs (the horned guys) and escapes at the end flying toward the sun (symbolized by her reaching toward the spotlight.) Considering that there’s one reference to Greek mythology, it makes sense that there would be another, so I think that Katy eating the fruit is primarily an allusion to Persephone eating a pomegranate in Hades, the underworld, and in doing so she’s tricked into having to rule alongside Pluto as the queen of Hades. Persephone’s father, Zeus, originally made a deal with Pluto to let all this happen, so it’s just like how Katy’s parents must have handed her over into Monarch programming, and she ended up another Illuminati princess/queen of the underworld/pop singer leading our culture in a death dance.

      On a more general subconscious symbolic level, it’s linking Katy Perry with this twisted version of the divine feminine/mother archetype. These female pop-stars are constantly being associated with goddesses and other nurturant figures like Isis, Eve, Venus/Aphrodite, Mother Mary, and Mary Magdalene. This is to get people to subconsciously trust them like a mother figure and to be more susceptible to manipulation. Lady Gaga’s a very blatant example of this, she even gets her fans to call her Mother Monster and think of themselves as her Little Monsters. In an interview on RichPlanet TV, Jemma King used her background in Lacanian psychoanalysis to deduce that the reason Lady Gaga and other pop singers are always singing nonsense syllables like “ma ma pa pa ga ga ra ra ye ye ooh lah lah” or whatever other repetitive nonsense, is that listening to that nonsense reverts you to jouissance, an infantile prelingual state when your ego hasn’t formed yet and you can’t yet think of yourself as yourself, instead you’re an extension of your environment and your mother. It’s a two-pronged strategy: drop the fans into an infantile state with repetitive music, and use mythological imagery to get them to subconsciously associate the singer with the mother archetype, so ultimately the fans’ minds are wide open to the Illuminati agenda that the singer parrots. It’s a lot like how, in Metropolis, the real Maria was a good motherly figure that people trusted, then the bad guys took her and made a robot counterfeit who everyone took to be real and still trusted. Pop stars get portrayed as robot Maria over and over and over again, and the comparison makes a lot of sense.

      • Well done. The jouissance and mother archetype stuff reminds me of something I read once, I believe in a James Bond book. There was a female villain who was a torture expert. She used her gender in a particularly horrible way. Once the torture subject had been totally broken by pain (administered by others but ordered and supervised by her), their psychological defenses would shut down to the point where they reverted to a mental state similar to that of early childhood. At that point she would come in and 'mother' them, and they would tell her anything they wanted to know. I can't think of anything more manipulative than that. It's total evil genius.

    • seriously.O.o on

      well in thomas hardy’sTess of the d’Urbervilles, main herione was forced to eat strawberries by Alec, so if used here, there might be the same sexual connotation. tess is being forced to do something that she doesnt want to do and although in the book, this later alludes to her rape by alec, here it could just mean her handlers are forcing her to go through the labyrinth?? Im not sure. Hardy was known to be involved in spiritism etc…here’s an excerpt anywa, you can make up your own mind

      “Tess wished to abridge her visit as much as possible; but the young man was pressing, and she consented to accompany him. He conducted her about the lawns, and flower-beds, and conservatories; and thence to the fruit-garden and greenhouses, where he asked her if she liked strawberries.

      “Yes,” said Tess, “when they come.”

      “They are already here.” D’Urberville began gathering specimens of the fruit for her, handing them back to her as he stooped; and, presently, selecting a specially fine product of the “British Queen” variety, he stood up and held it by the stem to her mouth.

      “No–no!” she said quickly, putting her fingers between his hand and her lips. “I would rather take it in my own hand.”

      “Nonsense!” he insisted; and in a slight distress she parted her lips and took it in.

      They had spent some time wandering desultorily thus, Tess eating in a half-pleased, half-reluctant state whatever d’Urberville offered her. When she could consume no more of the strawberries he filled her little basket with them; and then the two passed round to the rose trees, whence he gathered blossoms and gave her to put in her bosom. She obeyed like one in a dream, and when she could affix no more he himself tucked a bud or two into her hat, and heaped her basket with others in the prodigality of his bounty. At last, looking at his watch, he said, “Now, by the time you have had something to eat, it will be time for you to leave, if you want to catch the carrier to Shaston. Come here, and I’ll see what grub I can find.”

      Stoke d’Urberville took her back to the lawn and into the tent, where he left her, soon reappearing with a basket of light luncheon, which he put before her himself. It was evidently the gentleman’s wish not to be disturbed in this pleasant tete-a-tete by the servantry.

      “Do you mind my smoking?” he asked.

      “Oh, not at all, sir.”

      He watched her pretty and unconscious munching through the skeins of smoke that pervaded the tent, and Tess Durbeyfield did not divine, as she innocently looked down at the roses in her bosom, that there behind the blue narcotic haze was potentially the “tragic mischief” of her drama–one who stood fair to be the blood-red ray in the spectrum of her young life. She had an attribute which amounted to a disadvantage just now; and it was this that caused Alec d’Urberville’s eyes to rivet themselves upon her. It was a luxuriance of aspect, a fulness of growth, which made her appear more of a woman than she really was. She had inherited the feature from her mother without the quality it denoted. It had troubled her mind occasionally, till her companions had said that it was a fault which time would cure.”

    • Check out the Britney Spears interview with Diane Sawyers in 2003 on this website, you will see that Britney momentarily switches alters and says something about strawberrries. Weird indeed.

    • To me the strawberry is the symbol of,the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden. But why does Katy bother doing these false breaking out MV. The sweet irony lol

  13. True indeed…i saw this video is creepy from the bare beginning :/ Katy seemed so nice, will they ever stop stuffing this illuminati shitt up our nose? :/

  14. K.Perry knows what is going on. She is not a victim, she is a participant. This butterfly thing for the unknowing is just a plan to get teens and young adults to get tattoos. I have seen more teens with butterfly tattoos then ever before. While they may be cute or pretty they have a sinister meaning. Folks just don't care. I wonder though how true mind control victims might feel about this video ….

    • not all butterfly tatoos are sinister… butterflies are also a symbol of rebirth and hope. i guess it depends who is actually wearing it and why. we need to save judgement as far as that goes. i am not defending the sinister aspect, just saying to be careful who we label as sinister. as vc says, things are not always what they seem!

    • I think that you don't understand. Kathy, the original, the core one, doesn't exist anymore, she was killed by her handlers. She is now a multitude of cloned alters sharing her body.

  15. There are websites showing short clips of Rihanna and Katy Perry's faces and the eyes morphing towards reptilians and that in fact a late number of celebrities, film and TV stars including directors are reptilian such as Steven Spielberg (hooded eyelids) and late Stanley Kubrick (reptilian eyes). This would mean the a lot of reptilians are also subjected to mind control. Even Hollywood shows are incorporating the reptilians eyes into their plot lines like Supernatural see link below.


    • @Human I said this later on this page about thinking Reptilian stuff is going on. I totally agree. There are signs everywhere and they are doing this for a reason.

  16. Why does everyone want to turn against these artists? It's not un-Christian or whatever to appreciate art but like VC says be "truly wide awake" and be aware of the symbols. Don't drink the cool-aid. I choose to enjoy from a safe distance.

      • Idle Minds Are The D on

        There just might be a safe distance… Try Cloud 9. Katy really recommends it. You can have lots of fun posing naked in a vat of cotton candy while a pedo cameraman snaps photos of you (cotton candy.. YUM!), eating strawberries off of dark swampy vines (seems legit, right?), breaking mirrors with your hand (gotta love the movie "Push"), and meeting up with the kid version of yourself so that they can look at you in shame of what you've become 😀 ….FUN, right?!

        Hehe okay i'll give the sarcasm a break.

        Random fact though… Katy Perry changed her Twitter location to "Cloud 9"… She must really love that place.

  17. I know her parents (coming from a strong Christian background) must be praying VERY hard for her. May God be her help.

    • TellHIMhelostitsover on

      I don't think so. It's usually the parents that initiate the contracts with the mega music corporations.

    • How do you know her parents pray for her? Isnt it moré likely that her parents are part of it and that all this christianity they exhibit is just a mask they ? Bloodlines n stuff…

  18. any body else notice how she's singing about being wide awake; yet most of the film takes place in a "dream". Could be a subconscious play to make you think escape is fantasy or something like that;

    • I noticed this too. A huge manipulation tactic in media is dissociation. It's also used in MK-ULTRA to create these pop singers. They pair together opposites to dazzle and hypnotize us, and rob us of our coherence. The point is to make us confused about our ideas, so they can be molded and shaped by someone else.

  19. I honestly think there's some type of secret symbolism book given to members of the elite; or taught by word of mouth; and the symbolism in the music videos are like an advertisement of how a person can be used by other members of the elite or something;

  20. I really appreciate both the video and this blog to help explain it. I don't know if Katy Perry is trying to get out of something…overall I think she's just trying to make a good music video that gets attention. She has gotten herself into things she shouldn't have, but I do think this video is quite creative.

  21. You should have heard her on MTV News when she did the world premiere…."check out my new video, it has a lot of symbolism". So ridiculous!

    • maybe that is part of the message they are trying to get out: that it is cool with the symbolism, so now we can just go back to sleep and forget about it…

  22. Will there ever be a popstar not representing monarchy?

    For the average person who just likes their music & doesn't take the time to understand this video, what effects will it have on them?

    • Katy Perry and Lady Gaga are doing exactly what Madonna and Britney did to young people.They make life look so glamorous with all of the costumes, makeup, fake smiles and Illuminati messages. It gives young people a false sense of hope watching these pop stars. Some youths may actually try to become stars just like KP and LG, as both of them tell young people that their 'dreams can come true too!'. Thank goodness for VC and others educated in this stuff. This awareness from VC will hopefully save youths if they read these analogies in time before it's too late and they are mind controlled! VC made me realize that I was mind controlled, and I was finally able to break free. Thanks.

  23. VC, you are so good and precise at interpreting these videos/movies that sometimes I think you know someone on the inside that made them. Seriously though, good job breaking it down for us.

  24. Do you think the Russell divorced her because she is now a FULL BLOWN mk slave? that she sold her soul to the devil? Russell fell in love with the katy who kissed a girl and liked it, but not the katy who's now in a state of a "teenage dream"…

    • i would have thought "kissing a girl and liking it" was illuminati-inspired too, i doubt she wasn't already MK'd then, or at least in shady hands.

    • Maybe. I really think Russell was "given" Katy. He strikes me as a Free Mason. Monarchs are often given to high-ranking members of the elite as "presents" for doing something the club deems "good". If that was the case, he either messed up bad and no longer "deserved her" or she became too big and they needed her for other plans. Another idea is that he's also an MK slave. Some handlers like to match up their slaves, just for kicks. The way we match our children up for play dates. These people are being played with like dolls.

      • There's certainly something fishy about R Brand. He's a blunt, boring comedian with an irritating, squeaky voice. He first came to my attention a decade ago and I was quite surprised when his career took off. He was even back then an unsavoury presenter/comedian whatever.

      • Russell Brand is definitely an insider. I noticed recently that he does the voices in 2 cartoon movies, Despicable Me and Hop, which are productions of the company Illumination Films. The logo is in huge, in-your-face block letters, and comes complete with a laughing one-eyed minion. Both movies are packed to the hilt w/symbols, inside jokes and allusions to MK & illuminati. I don't know if the symbolism, etc. Is contained in his other (non cartoon) movies, as they didn't look funny enough to bother watching. I kinda figured when he and KP got married that A. It was more likely a publicity stunt than a love match; and B. He is probably her handler. And I think your supposition that he's another MKid is probably right as well.

    • Yes. I believe RB got wise real fast, and realized he could not "un-program" KP. She chose Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and her "career" (life under control) over him. Her second husband will be part of the Agenda.

    • Maybe wide awake means "I know exactly what I am doing. I know what this is, and I am a willing victim"

    • she's not really awake, that's the trick. it makes you think she's wide awake, but the end of the video she is still trapped in her same role of being mind controlled. maybe you think you're wide awake, but the subconscious information from these videos is affecting you and influencing your decisions without your knowledge.

      and I don't mean you in particular, I just mean someone watching this.

      • it's like that movie sucker punch, they want us to get used to being helpless victims, that the only escape is in one's mind, that woman needs to be kept as victim/slave/helpless… etc., it invalidates any attempt to assert self-sovereignty…

  25. I knew it from the moment I heard the song. I also stayed up until midnight to get the video, and it was worth it!!!

  26. Actually she divorced him due to his heroin relapse and he is not insurable for film until a proven sobriety period. She is wide awake now. he is at a a bev hills n a the whole circuit.

  27. This is starting to get so trite and boring. How many of these monarch mind control videos can you take? And another analysis. (yawn) I'm resisting the urge to stop caring completely. I guess thats what they want you to do.

  28. i am starting to think that all this illuminati stuff is cleverly designed to make crappy pop music more stylish

    • then we can normalize all of this and go back to sleep…. meanwhile the masters pull the strings… and the wheel of time turns endlessly…

      • if i am interested in illuminati why I am expected to watch these numerous mtv clips ? I hate mass culture and simply never heard about Katy Perry, Rihanna and many others before I came across this site. Now I am "informed" of their existence and in some sense I regret about it. The mysterious revelations about monarch programming can be easily seen as a bait to swallow. And voila! you get hooked on pop culture. That how brainwashing actually works.

  29. This Is Crazy 101 on

    You know the song itself is so inspiring and i loved it. I would sit in the car and flip through 5 different radio stations to try and catch then at work this chick was like "have you seen the video to this its so weird?". After watching the video i must say its really something how a song can mean one thing and the video turns it into something completely different. Now i can't listen to the song because images of the video begin to appear. The Industry is getting very bold in their final days i must say

  30. Nice, its about time we get a representative from Islam. I'm glad you brought up information about Jinns and Dajjal. These are things that westerners simply do not know. Probably because we are all equally indoctrinated. The scary thing is that both Christians and Muslims believe that the storm clouds of the apocalypse are upon us.

    The funny thing about indoctrination is that it is subtle in its power. I worked with a guy who was old communist guard, a real bad ass. One day he looked at me and said, " I can get used to seeing all these blue icons on the map. When I was growing up, we were trained to see the blue guys as the enemy and the red guys as friendly." We were purposely trained to associate each others "color" as the enemy. As if conflict were actually bred into us.

    Same thing with poor Katy and all these other chaps. The thing about mind control and indoctrination is that it literally changes you. But they will never be left alone long enough to recognize the lie they have been living. But then again, out of 7 billion people on this planet, only a couple thousand of us are on VC trying to see past the lies.

    Anyway, thought I'd bring up that the material used in the maze and the hospital is called random ashlar. Its like brick work but it uses squared boulders of different sizes of the same material. I do believe that Masons view people as rocks that are eventually shaped and leveled into square pieces of stone. Ashlar to accurate. The imagery is powerful in itself. Every piece of stone no matter its size is used. However it is shaped and fitted before its deemed acceptable for use. Personally I like the aesthetic of the random boulder walls. Every piece has its place in its own way.

    Also I noticed that we see Katheryn's left eye over Katy's shoulder in the wheelchair scene. The left eye is the eye of the superficial beast.

    This is another way cool video from our Islamic brothers. Its an exorcist.


  31. People must be really blind not to see the symbolism that's right in front of them! They must be deaf too , because her music sucks. >~<

  32. They skipped the part with her punching the prince. Did have to do with her divorce or something? Anyway I was concern that she was breaking out of the MK mind control because she's 27 (If you don't understand why that's important google the 27 club).

  33. Great article VC but…I have to disagree with some things…isnt the video about katy ATTEMPTING to leave the illuminati, being wide awake to their evils…and at the end of the video she actually escapes the maze…and to be techinical…at the end of the video she performs teenage dream not cali. gurls i.e.: she/us didnt go through a circle and shes moved on. Notice at the end of the video she isnt dressed gothically and finds her inner self. While she may be being watched I wouldnt be suprised if she joined the 27 club soon….food for thought…just wondering..thanks!! appreciate replies!

    • I absolutely love your mind set for this video!!! we should always stay aware of what we, our children (The Future Population), are listening to. I think she knows who her one true God is. She hasn't forgotten him.

    • what the article is saying is that her performing her song at the end of the video shows she hasn't escaped. she is right back in her mind controlled pop star persona as before. she is still katy, not katherine. so nothing was accomplished in the end.

      • We must view the maze and the hospital scene and the goat headed guys as her programming and illuminati sick journey correct? Ok so we clearly see katys inner ego child help her along the way and beat the goat guards and help her navigate the maze. She ends up in a light place with new clothes (white-ish) a clear contrast to what she was wearing when going through the mind control. Her ego rodent really leave she's always with her just unneeded now. The cat and butterflys as vc has said shows shes still being monitored but shes free at the moment. I think shes sending us like a message for help. We fan clearly see in the second half of the video that shes no longer being worked on AT THE MOMENT. Now FOR her going to perform TEENAGE DREAM not California gurls we can see that teenage dream became a single AFTER cali gurls showing time has moved on and why is she still on stage? Because ashes a performer its what she does but since we already establsihed shes broken free at the moment shes singing without really promoting the agenda. The video was an insight on what was happening but now shes wide awake to their evils and attempting to break free….its an SOS….

  34. the video ends with "Teenage Dream".. not "California Gurls".. with the opening line "You think i'm pretty without any makeup on." should this be something? & I thought the strawberry would have something to do with Forbidden Fruit…

  35. My take on the plot, based on the "Multiple Personality" idea:

    1: The video is viewed from the POV of the performer personality. She's "Katy" at the start and end of the video, and is stuck in the fantasy world in the meantime.

    2: "Katheryn" is a conundrum. I want to call her the "caretaker" personality, but caretaker personalities are supposed to be older (aka the old lady in "The One That Got Away). Maybe Katheryn would have to be called the "Legba" personality – the one who guides the personalities and helps the one who needs to get up (the performer personality, in this case) into the world. It's something different thrown into what is known about Monarch Control and Multiple Personalities, but it's what seems to work.

    3: The first part of the (main part of the) video shows the performer personality being sent down and quieted – hence the stone maze, darkness, the mirror showing a a shadow of the reality she's experiencing (no girl, lots of paparazzi shooting her picture), the warped checkerboard on the floor (that eventually falls apart) and the whitewashed walls of the "hospital."

    4: The second part of the (main part of the) video shows the performer personality coming up to perform her part – hence the maze now being flowered an green with leaves, light all around, the performer personality acting in her own interest (more below), and eventually the idyllic view of suburbia where Katheryn/Legba bikes into a the end.

    5: The part before the removal of the wig is the intro, the part where the butterfly flies from the hand to the end is the outro. They bookend the video and show the whole world of the "performer personality's" world (the stage, wherever it may be).

    6: The mirror shows what's she's going through, in an adjusted manner. At the moment she's pressing at the mirror, she's being photographed at some other activity (maybe an interview, with the interview personality answering the questions).

    7: The Strawberry/Pomegranate shuts down the performer personality, the "butterfly" jolts her into presence. Wouldn't surprise me to find out that (or something similar) is how it works for the other personalities.

    8: The Baphomet Twins and Prince Charming are guards that hold back the personalities so that they don't come in when they're not supposed to. Only Katherine/Legba is able to (and, more likely supposed to) knock out the Baphomet Twins, but it's the performer personality who must take care of Prince Charming. One would have to consider that if it weren't her role that was needed, she would have fallen for Prince Charming and he would have taken her back into the dungeons.

    So there's my take. Use as much salt as you need, but there should be stuff there for you.

  36. I agree with the others on this site that we should listen to music that enlightens and inspires us. At first it was hard not to pay attention due to Jay Z and Kanye releasing new songs but now I barely listen to music at all. Either way I dont think it matter. Its not like if I stop listening to their music they're going to stop being the way they are. I just watch the videos and thanks to people like VC I dont buy into whatever BS agenda they might present.

    Also, I wouldnt blame people like Katy Perry for making the music and the videos they make, as many people dont really have a choice but to sell out. Its like one of the topics I was reading about in the VC forums. People in the adult entertainment industry dont enjoy having sex with complete strangers but when you've lived a troubled life and are strapped for cash you'll do anything to live a good life. Why should someone have to suppress a musical talent that they have over moral convictions. Its like being in an entire room filled with artists. They tell you that everyone in that room is going to be a mainstream hit and you're the only one who leaves. The only one whos going to suffer because of that is you. I have a friend whos in the rap game and he said he would join the so called "illuminati" if he was given the offer and I respect his decision because hes an amazing person who lives in a deplorable condition. If you want this world to change the everyone has to stand up to the elites, but dont point a finger at someone whos trying to good for themselves and tell them to rebel against the system if theres not going to be a big enough revolution to help them out.

    • It's about integrity, which is getting harder to safeguard as life gets harder for most people. A person can still be an artist and not join the gang. There are many like this out there who do not sell out and keep doing art! They may not be rich or have the same audience, but an artist is going to make art, regardless.

      Many of us have had chances to sell out in some way, or join with people we normally wouldn't, for an opportunity. But those material things (even needed things), and validation or fleeting affection from other people aren't worth loss of integrity for some. They might rather struggle than sell their soul because there is no real replacement for the beauty and sacredness of a person's true self. You can fake it, but deep inside you will know it's not the same, even if you get used to "the new you" after the darkness has ripped away the treasure inside. (I see it as a sort of eating away of someone's aura, maybe other entities and energies can replace the "old you". Like silicone can replace a natural breast. And for those whose looks take a beating from the lifestyle, outside plastic surgery won't fix the inner soul loss.) Especially if unhealthy sex gets involved, which they say it does with the Monarchs, then there are certain inherited energies that can potentially be lost that way that are extremely hard to get back. Don't know what you've got until it's gone?

      That's just how I see it. Up to each person. Still I can understand your desire to not judge and on some level I don't either. And I'm sure plenty of them get used to their life, accept the deals they made, and enjoy what they have worked for with full understanding of the good and the bad.

    • your reasoning doesn't make sense to me. what if you were a wonderfully talented assassin. then you shouldn't be denied the right to use your talent, even if it meant killing people? when you become one of these people who market garbage to the public, "the illuminati", you are killing souls and freedom.

      I would rather use my powers and talents for good, not evil. and even if i never got to use my assassin skills, I would know that I still made the right decision by not killing anyone.

      • You cant compare the ability to sing to being an assassin. One actually kills. The only way someone' singing affects you is if you listen to them. People have the option of not listening to Katy, or Jay Z, or Kanye for that matter.

        All I'm saying is that someone who watches the same crime go on for years shouldnt be pointing the finger at anybody. What do people do? They come to vigilant's site, inform themselves, convince themselves that they are helping the cause by talking to others about it, worry about what music they're going to listen to, then they die. They have no impact on things and change absolutely nothing but want to demonize others. If you want things to change, do something about it. If you're not going to do anything about it dont judge someone else for getting their money.

    • @Joey:

      First, sadly, you're friend wouldn't "join" the illuminati, he'd be a puppet.

      Second, I respect no one who will give up who they are for the sake of money and possibly fame as well. It's not worth it.

      I am a singer and a musician, and I can say first hand, I have turned my cheek time and again to success because it requires compromising who I am at the core. If you are so willing to through away who you really are for the sake of success, there is something seriously wrong with you.

      I have been so broke that there were weeks I wouldn't eat just so I could afford to pay my bills, and sometimes I still couldn't! But even if someone dangled fame and success in my face, I wouldn't have taken it, I resolved along time ago, I would never compromise my faith and values for sake of money and/or fame.

      This is the problem with most performers, they have no integrity and no personal resolve, they are so flexible morally and even intellectually, this is also why people like this can so easily be subject to mind control.

      Money is not bad, I have no problem with people who have money, but I do have problem with people who compromise their values to get it, or even worse, have no values so they wont have to compromise them.

    • Tell him to say NO! on

      Im sorry but are you nuts? You ''respect'' your friends decision? Oh so you would be okay with your friend getting tortured every day, suffering mentally horribly ( cant you see they torment these poor celebrities and the horrors they put them threw ,do you think programming is just sitting them in a room and telling them oh well okay now be this person, they implement that threw daily brutal torture) and you would be okay with them killing your friend eventually? ( cause they have killed every single celebrity that we know of since we will well..born ) If you still say yes that just means you do not care about your friend. I realize he must be desperate, but by accepting he will only sentence himself to a life of misery,torture, constant control,torment and last but not least death ( oh,and eternal hell is there after that ) . the fact that he doesnt see that, tells me how NAIVE your friend is. and naive and desperate are exactly the types that get swalloed in life. Dont you see what illuminati does to children? the rapes, tortures, how can anyone say yes to something like that,dont they elfes up for the same fate?

      He will go from deplorable conditions to DREADFULL ones and his deplorable conditions will seem like a walk in the park. Dont mistake money for making the torments of the illuminati easily bearable, nothing is what it seems.

      And yes you DO have a choice ( I hate when people make wrong choices and try to say they were beyond them, shifting the blame )

      and dont start with saying how I dont understand how it its trying to make it etc I had a chance to be bigger than anything on this Earth and I am someone who spent NIGHTS on the streets, went hungry for days please if u care for the life of your friend tell him its a TRICK! yes a very painfull trick, ,to make believe someone that their life will be better with them, that they will give you riches etc,but its just a lie! Just imagine your friend in that chair instead of katty,your heart will break, Illuminati wont make things bettter for him, just smoke and mirrors,its so much worse on their side, thats why they sugarcoat you so much when you try to join, they desperately want you to not see how terrible it aill is… If your the only one in the room that has to leave, its not you that is the problem, its all of them!
      sorry if i sounded harsh, or judgemental if that is how i came across i am sorry, i dont mean to attack you in any way,i just got emotional. PS You can be famous if your not in the illuminati,just not a megastar! If he sazs yes, he will die and he will have to kill family members.

  37. I believe the whole point of the video symbolizes Katy Perry being from Monarch mind control by her true self. The true Katherine leads Katy into freedom by defeating the control that was over her mind. The end of the video, I feel like Katerine gave Katy the butterfly to ultimately symbolize that Katy now has the monarch mind control in the palm of her hand!! And she has been freed therefore she can release the butterfly Proceed to be who she really is in her right state of mind :) Doing what she does best.. Inspiring others with her music!! 😉

    • Nice thought, but no. There are many people in the making and editing of that and everyone else's videos. The performer is controlled. She has little if any input on the final cut of the video.

    • That's a beautiful fantasy…. But you have to ignore all the other symbols to get that kind of interpretation out of this video…

    • Seems to me that the video, is just her being disasociated. While she's out with little Katheryn in her mind, Katy is getting tortured by her handlers….

      Is that not part of MK programming? Telling the vicitm to go to a happy place, all the while her programmers are puting symbols into her mind. The little girl leaves, but Katy will see her again at some point.. Next time she is going in for "treatment" she will get tortured and the little Katheryn will take her to her happy place?

      After all at the end of the video she isn't free at all, she's going back to performing, that's the cycle of her life, apparently,

  38. salaam im new muslim and it is said that music is often back tracked with messages to feed your subconcious with any intended thing.. in fact mind therapies are being aided by backtracking in the us too.. though most people tend to ridicule it, like the illuminati and mk ultra things music is potentially very dangerous in this manner… and of course the fact its haraam(forbidden) in islam clears all the arguments;

    This is what I found to be an powerfully addicting and interesting lecture please take your time and listen :

  39. What's with all the blatancy these days. And could someone please answer this question. Who r all these monarch victims? Are the stars brainwashed from there childhood or when they join the industry. Seems sad

    • Yes. Many pop stars were thrust into the business by their parents. Many kids 'think' they want fame, especially after watching and listening to stars like Katy Perry. They want to be them, as they mimic pop stars' gestures and outfits. Child stars who get contracted to work for Disney, are definitely mind controlled as children, and their parents go right along with the process. Many parents like this want to live vicariously through their child's experiences. Sometimes parents who put their kids in show business, failed themselves, and that's why they want to see their kid be famous. Generations keep repeating this unless they wake up by reading VC!

      • Not all parents wish to see their kids in the show-business. They might encourage their kids as they clearly can see that talent is not a required element at this point of time. Just some cuteness and attitude will do. They can fix you with the assistance of a team of professionals ie. hairdressers, stylists, nutritionists, personal trainers, surgeons, photographers etc. I'd rather encourage my kids to complete a good degree and earn a few thousands annually than go to that dodgy business.

    • I am a monarch survivor…most celebs have been mind controlled since hold hood..it's so hard to break ree from programming

      • If you are true survivor, i would be truly thankful if you can elaborate traps,strategies they use ,and ways to get out etc.

  40. Disturbing mental breakdown scene is reminiscent of the mental breakdown with torture nurse photo shoot that was on here a while back.

    Willow Smith had a video that reminds me of this with the butterflies in the hand and the little girl, and the passing on of secrets or knowledge from one generation to another. A whisper was passed from a mature woman to Willow, then from her to a little girl.

  41. In the photo where Katy is in the room of mirrors, her reflection in the mirror is not the same as she. In the mirror, her arm is sticking out. What do you suppose that means?

    • Bad editing?

      Wait, no.. that's not a conspiracy. It MUST have something to do with the Illuminati. Maybe her arm sticking out represents a certain phase of her programming? Yes, I bet that's what the higher powers wanted!

      Seriously guys.. I'm not doubting that there is such an organisation, but not everything means something.

      • The arm that's sticking out is the one that's holding little Kathryn's hand. It looks odd because it's stuck out farther in the mirror. It might be bad editing or it might be deliberate to emphasize that mirror-Katy is holding onto something invisible. There isn't really any occult meaning apparent here. Pajamas: next time, try to figure things out for yourself. Sancisco: try not to take such a snarky tone. Whiscious: stop acting like a kindergarten teacher. There, we're settled. :)

    • It is but then it isn't. The younger girl is the innocence Katy had when she was a kid. So she's technically a part of her so we don't see her in the mirror. So we see her outside the mirror, but since the mirror only reflects physical properties, you only see Katy with her arm out.

  42. Didn't take the music video to tell me this was a song about mind control. Just hearing the lyrics and seeing her odd butterfly filled performance at the MMVA's made me suspect what the song was actually about. But this music video TOTALLY proved my suspicions correct.

    VC, your articles have definitely opened my eyes and educated me on Illuminati symbolism and what to look out for in today's music, films and current events. Thanks again for another great article!

  43. I saw a tiny preview of this video while watching tv and I knew it was illuministic! How could Katy's parents allow her to do all this while being "devout Christians" …then again there are a lot of fakes in the world. Ugh, I don't like Katy perry at all, she can't even sing

  44. whoisjohngault13 on

    The link between the illuminati and the government MK program needs to be investigated more. There is no such thing as coincidence, I think the cia held files of MK were never destroyed, but transferred into more nefarious hands.

  45. Duh, she never was a christian. Look at her background: aunty and uncle are famous people in the movie industry. These things run in families, and that's why there are movie and music dynasty families: whenever a talented kids pops out, they groom him/her. The "devout christian parents" is a cover. Most pentacostal/charismatic celebrities are high level occultists that have been planted, many are 33 degree freemasons… so to say you're a christian/pastor is such an easy cover, and even serves the agenda of destroying christianity. Many christians are confused by Katy Perry and her parents, because they don't have an ounce of discernment.

    • I notice a lot of these artists start out blatantly wearing a Christian cross around their neck and continue much later even after they appear to have gone a bit dark. I think it's to confuse us. Get it in there in the beginning, and make us think they're still Christian after the change (they might even still call themselves that after they appeared to have made The Deal like the others).

      • I've seen that the cross is another mind control trigger to access the good person persona. Usually when the subject is out and about, interview, or movies.

    • Well it says in the bible about false prophets and "many will come in my name and say I am Christ and deceive many" as well as in the last days if God didn't shorten the days even the very elect would be deceived.

  46. I felt like her ex husband Russel Brand was her handler. Somehow she figured it out after they were married, that it was all a sham and left him. Now she is "awake' and attempting to break away a little bit. Just my thoughts. Russel Brand creeps me out by the way.

    • yeah he's pretty dirty. but i think he has too many problems to be a handler. handlers have to be in control all the time. he has a raging drug problem. i think he has his own handler.

    • I'm speculating that maybe Katy wrote this song in a small window of time when her programming was breaking, but by the time this video was filmed, she had some tune-ups and she's now more of a Monarch than ever. Just speculation…

  47. Things i see that are key elements

    1.The two pillars in the beginning is the gateway to her mind(Sanity)

    2.Search light or lantern is a indication of her looking for something(Goal/seeking)

    3.Strawberry+Jesus Tattoo =(Temptation into the Darkness )

    4.Walls closing on her could mean pressure from the controllers(Pressure/Agenda)

    5.Sparks from her hands seem to fade out so she looses self resistance(Self control)

    6.Spark flying out of her chest means she gave up and her soul has been sold(Soul Sacrifice)

    7.There is a part just after her Soul is gone a wall opens and light shines on her eyes the reflected light is VERTICAL what could that mean?( Is a demonic slave? or A Reptilian?)

    8.After little Katheryn makes a connection by hand with Katy(Memory)

    9.After they both walk into a room with disfigured tiles and !!6!! mirrors yet little Katheryn is not seen in any of them(MK Ultra one of many steps yet still holds on memory)

    10.Katy sees a Ugly looking man behind a photo camera followed by many more in the back(Promise of Fame)

    11.Katy is then seen shacking her hands rather violently indicating her being completely traumatized

    11.Katy then breaks the mirror and the butterfly dress falls of her(Understanding of her world?/Self aware?)

    12.Katy is then seen pushed in a wheel chair by little Katheryn (hope of making through? or a big illusion of hope?)

    13.the Handlers while both dressed like caretakers for the mentality ill while also wearing the bull masks block there passage of escape (MK ultra agents or more ? golden horns?)

    14.Little Katheryn then stomps and the two agents are gone followed by Katy getting up and grabbing little Katy and running towards the EXIT door(False sense of victory? or Big illusion still?)

    15.Then Katy and little Katy enter a beautiful land full butterflies and a Cat with Swirly eyes(Another step of Mk ultra programming)

    16.Katy then is still seen it butterflies attached on her head(still under control)

    17.Katy then sees a princes charming sitting on a unicorn and then later approaches her(illusion of Mr.Perfect)

    18.While little Katy was completely hypnotized by the prince the shot is then seen on him holding his fingers crossed meaning that the Controllers hope this plan works out(MK agents Working very hard in keeping katy happy and dreamy)

    19.Later the shot is seen also on little Katheryn indicating her (Consciousness) which again results Katy punching the prince in the jaw (breaking the barrier of control? or more resistance?)

    20.The cat with the swirly eyes then turn towards Katy direction(Mk agents taking notes? or still monitoring?)

    21.Little Katheryn is then seen given Katy a gift and is running away from her and waving goodbye(Breaking of Consciousness? or Still Big illusion?)

    22. Then Katy is seen in her dressing room all dressed in her lollipop outfit with the butterfly in her hands flying away and she later starts her tour could this mean she is aware of what they are doing to her? or that things that are happening? is she truly free? is she truly aware of the things that are happening? or does the MK agents did such a fine job of doing their work that the want her to think that?

    Much is still a Mystery

    • A lot of evidence is making me think a lot of what's going on is Reptilian-related. I vote for Reptilian reference with the vertical light in the eyes. And I vote for possible aliens or Reptilians as the green-headed bull goons.

  48. hi vigilantcitizen,

    i've been a reader of your site since last year.


  49. Funny, I saw this video for the first and so far only time on Saturday morning and unlike the majority of people on sites like these I still watch and listen to a lot of popular music. Immediately when I saw it I thought to myself 'I wonder when VC is going to make an article about this video'. If you are only a little familiar with MK symbolism to me this is one of the most blatant videos to date because they have put it all into the video. The butterflies, the maze, the part where she is in the psych ward and most importantly of all, her as a little girl.

    To me none of this is a mystery anymore since Ive read the book Transformation America by Cathy O'Brien. That book explains everything.

    To this day I cannot get used to people like Kathy being part of this. I keep asking myself whether they choose this for themselves or if their parents are actually responsible for this like in Cathy O' Briens case.

    Anyways, thanks for posting, great article.

  50. all i can say is IM WIDE AWAKE!!! open your eyes peoples….. its not a coincidence that a large triangle or a horned animal is in EVERYBODYS MUSIC VIDEOS…. this shit is real!!!!!

  51. WOW!!! Vigilant Citizen! I'm 16 years old and I've been reading all your articles and you really inspired me to look out for myself. I've analyzed the music video for Wide Awake the day it came out and posted a video about it. I thought I shouldn't since there's a man like you… And what if I mess up!? But I took the risk and did it anyway… And now I learn that my analysis isn't really much different than yours! I owe it all to you for opening my eyes and teaching me all this stuff!! THANK YOU VC FOR EVERYTHING!!

    If VC and you guys could please take a look into the video I made… I promise I won't s disappointing!!

    Thanks to all supporters and stay vigilant! Thanks VC for another perfected article!

    • good catch! it looks like light walls/dark walls duality too, also the hospital is a long hallway like the hall with mirrors

      • Its called ashlar. A type of construction method that relies heavily on the skills of stone masons…..

  52. I knew as soon as I saw this video that it was about Monarch Programming. If it wasnt for this site I wouldve been blind to the true meaning behind it. Thanks VC, you taught me well.

    • Same with me here. When I saw it the first time I thought now that´s too obvious. I wouldn´t have seen it without learning the symbolism from VC.

  53. A lot of people seem to be confused as to how Katy Perry could be raised in such a strong christian home and yet end up where she is. Either her parents are in fact strong christians, and, as one reader already commented, they must be praying really really hard for her right now. OR, as I learned in Brice Taylor (Sue Ford)'s book, "Thanks for the Memories: The Memoirs of Bob Hope's and Henry Kissinger's Mind-Controlled Sex Slave"…. a lot of these mind controlled people come from a family line of this behavior and in fact sometimes their parents are mind controlled to carry on the mind-control. They appear as a perfect family unit, and Christianity usually (at least in previous generations) played a part in keeping up appearances. In her book, Brice Taylor describes that her family went religiously to the local church, and was good friends with everyone there. Unfortunately the local church was also in on it, and was itself a front for dark, satanic, trauma-inducing activity and mind-control, as it was the last place any one would suspect.

    I am not saying that Katy Perry's parents are mind control victims or that they are not christians, because I obviously have no way of knowing. I'm just sharing what I learned that comes to mind when I hear others wonder how someone from such a christian home could end up this way. I have suspicions, mainly due to how blatant the media makes it that she got her start in a christian home (her upcoming movie seems to be mainly about this, I always hear it mentioned in interviews with her, and the Jesus tattoos, etc)… but I also dont doubt the power of the devil to remove someone so far from what they started as for fame and fortune.

    • The Christian thing could just be part of her image. Just because her family has a church and all that doesn't mean they are really christians at all, like you said they could be mind controlled and placed there to manipulate people for all we know. Also we can't forget when artists are signed by record companies they are provided with image people who decide exactly what they will appear to be. They are coached what to say in interviews about their backgrounds and how they were discovered and a lot of the time it's completely made up

    • @lovedove – A lot of the way Christianity is preached in America today is completely its own form of abusive mind control. Original thought is discouraged in favor of unquestioning, cultlike faith. Other religions are not tolerated. And there is a fixation on the nastier aspects of the Old Testament, like the laundry list of people the Book of Leviticus says its ok to put to death for supposed sins, with no analytical thought applied to how that conflicts with the Ten Commandments' injunction 'Thou shalt not kill' as well as the parts of the New Testament where Jesus says to love one another and not judge.

      • @ Godozo – Jesus Camp is terrifying, too – psychological abuse of children with the aim of building a "Christian" army. And I wanted to run screaming when Rick Perry was running for the Republican Presidential nomination. I remember one rally that seemed like mass brainwashing, where a clear message was sent that Christianity = OBEY. It looked like Nuremburg.

  54. I don't know if anybody saw this 2004 movie with Alec Baldwin, Shortcut to Happiness? I think it is a great allegory as to what happens in the music industry and would explain how talentless individuals get foisted onto the public. This could even be true of the literary world, the subject matter of this movie. The battle at the end, where the writer gets his sould back is a farce in my opinion, as we see in the video under discussion here, once you sell out, you've sold out. I stand corrected. Anyway, that's my two cents. Here's a link to a synopsis of the movie; http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0263265/

  55. This is really so blatant.

    What´s also worth mentioning is that at the beginning of the video the mirror in her dressing room is cracking right before she dissociates, which is another blatant symbol.

  56. Katy said herself she sold her should to the devil so why does this surprise anyone? we can go on and on about all these images and occult symbols but the fact of the matter is the industry has a satanic agenda and are recruiting and promoting for it at all costs. They don't care who is offended and they are only going to get bolder. It's really hilarious if you think about it because these same people in the industry will go on and on about how Christians push their religion on people and yet they push their satanic agenda on the whole world.. Complete hypocrites

  57. Yes, I saw this video today when I was having a manicure.

    Again, it's the same thing over and over again. The butterflies, drugged, zombie-like people, barring the way to freedom, etc,. Don't the Illuminati understand that we've seen all this business before and we're (speaking for myself) getting very bored with it.

    As soon as I saw this video today, I picked out all of the Illuminati bits and just shook my head and sighed LOUDLY.

    • That's because you are already "in the know". A large percentage are not. So it's good that you keep seeing the repeating themes, so you know what you know is true.

      The huge percentage out there still don't see it, so it's good in a way that they are least staying consistent, so we can point out the re-occuring themes to people and wake them up.

  58. CoincidenceTheorist on

    Hey VigilantCitizens….these music videos don't suprise me anymore. Did anyone watch the hackney garbage. This was a symbolic concert more than a singing one….the pyramid behind rihanna….the sphinx…the leopard print….the egyptian writing everywhere….

    • Yep, interesting how all the Illuminati pop stars are in London for the Olympics

      Today I hear Nicki Minaj is starting a U.K tour too

      Not to mention Gaga's tour after the Olympics

      • It just goes to prove that these so-called 'stars' have no talent whatsoever, and have to be promised everything by the Illuminati and given 'handlers'. These singers couldn't make it on their own without the help of this Illuminati rubbish.

        If only these talentless hacks can see what us VC-readers see, they'd be humiliated.

        Souls to be bartered for fame.

  59. Issela Santina on

    The video was deceiving. I thought Katy was to break out of mind control then I find out she's still the same different-color-every-other-single haired Katy Perry people turn to adore so much they nearly worship her. Blah, blah, blah, we've heard it all before.

    I myself used to love these people until I found out [right in these pages] that they were dolls. Life-sized human dolls used by the elite to keep the masses entertained and easy to control. Furthermore, unknowingly, companies are turning into oligopolies and are controlling our lifestyles as well.


    • It will take a while to organize. Even when it does, the we will never have a majority. The American revolutionary war was fought by 3% of the American population. My advice is to join a militia or know a veteran and learn to maintain a sense of readiness.

    • heal yourself and your life and that is what they don't want but it is happening anyway it cannot be stopped they will lose.

    • "I'm starting with the man in the mirror… and no message could have been any clearer" MJ had a room full of mirrors, used to contact spirits.

  60. I believe that the strawberry is also a larger part of the programming than is accredited. Anyone who has seen the Brittany Spears programming breakdown will notice that when she "wigs out" she says "eew, strawberrys?".

  61. I don't mind the video, but this music is a crap, this is the biggest problem with mainstream music today. Worthless music with creepy videos. It' sad, that so many people really like that kind of shit. I'm not a religious person, but I just hate shitty music, like Perry, Lady Gaga etc. Greetings from Poland.

    • yes, speaking as a musician, all of my friends are 'underground' musicians who play for free or less, work several jobs and create for the love of it, we never get recorded or produced unless by ourselves, and so our music never gets heard.. there must be many non-mainstream artists suffering for the purity of their art out there… we always saw the famous pop stars as having 'sold out' or sold their souls… we'd rather be starving artists…..

  62. this showas that if you are an MK victim, there is no escape. Because your inner self is gone. there is no where feeling, self, affection, family touch, gentle pat from a friend. a true hell if you get stuck in this scheme.

    • there is always a way out, but that is definitely the message they want to give the people they have done this too, that you are trapped like this forever.

      • definitely there is a way out. but the catch 22 is who is to be trusted? all is up to you. you start to behave odd and weird and what happens? a weekend at a health facility (Rihanna, this month). you have to have yourself resurrected meanwhile act like you are still their puppet. and you are free. dead or insane. Also, this is essentially the picture they depict: if you are in our hands, you are a complete slave. if you implant this idea in the victim's mind, you have the inner soul crushed, we have a saying in my country: fear is the watchman of the mountains. mountains mean the wealth or success. if you are afraid, you can't go to the mountains.if the MK victim is afraid, he or she can't save self from the handlers.

  63. openyoureyesnclose y on

    I def offered these very comments on the YouTube video for this song. If you could have seen the hateful ignorant replies I got… smh! It doesn't surprise me but it def makes me sad at the number of poor duped souls. But luckily there were a few knowing souls who instantly recognized the symbols and the storyline as MK. Probably were some you vigilant folks! :)

  64. Plenty of pure, untainted (and overall good) music out there, just don't look in the charts for it

    Modern mainstream production itself is embedded with Illuminati agenda

    same chord patterns across several tracks – hypnotic, dumbing-down, also/or to make the subliminal messaging more accessible

    vocoders/autotune – roboticization of the voice (Transhumanism?)

    irritating 'dubstep' sounds – general earache/agitation, more dumbing down, mainstream celebration of bad over good

    • yeah I really hate the videos that do that, it affects me so I just don't listen to that stuff very much. seems very common in mainstream music.

  65. Did anyone see the first part of this video when she's holding the lantern as a video game?!?! Like she's in the video game and they are trying to trap her but she's looking for a way out !? Just another additional thought!!!

  66. And also consider the lyrics which say she's falling from cloud 9… Well in that music video, she was on a cloud!!!

  67. I know a lot of people are avoiding the dark symbolic videos coming out but I think since we know what they;re about we're not going to buy into the meanings. They are mind control for the people who don't know what they are watching but they can't mind control someone who's thoughts are not buying into their messages.

  68. I noticed the unicorn's horn had a left hand twist, an occult symbol meaning the dark side. The crossed fingers (or King's X) with the left hand is to ask the dark side for protection. The eyes indicate they were of the Orion bloodline. ( the pleiadian Bloodline generally have eyes that are a deeper blue) Aryan and Iran appears to be an ancient mutation of the word 'Orion'. It would appear that the small girl and the adult seem to be the same person at different times of their life.

  69. Thank you once again VC for a brilliant article.Your readers may want to download this free report from "globalwatch Reports" "Cathy O Brien interview"

    She openly confesses what mind control does as she has been rescued from this now. The elite have their hands on something really dangerous.

  70. Hey people. I've posted this before, but never really received a straight forward answer.

    At what stage are these singers / actors 'programmed'? Are they abused at a young age and hypnotized in a room or something or when their talent has been recognized and are then exposed to drugs? If so, once again – how exactly? Does anyone know the process? How are they tortured?

    Does singer 'X' get discovered, is drugged unbeknown to him/her, undergoes some kind of hypnotic technique?

    We all see the now very boring, samey singers and videos and magazine covers where they're all so unoriginal covering one of their eyes and wearing black and white or butterfly outfits, but can anyone offer an example of what they genuinely believe occurs?

    • maybe when they're young if their family promotes them otherwise it could happen when they are desperate young students who meet the 'manage'….

    • @ Jac: You have to read about mind control programming to get your questions fully answered. It's not a matter of what these performers 'believe' because there is nothing left in any of them of a real personality. Supposedly they have been tortured since birth and have never been allowed to develop a normal psychological structure. Their very brain structure has been changed due to repeated trauma, drugs, and electric shock applied while it was developing in childhood. It sounds insane, and I didn't believe it at first when I stumbled on it on sites like this, but the evidence has become so compelling to me that I do believe it now. Monarch/MKUltra is supposedly a Dr. Mengele Nazi technique perfected in the camps by experimentation on child victims of the Holocaust, and was brought to the CIA by Nazi scientists after the war.

      • Thanks Ralph. I suppose if it sounds far-fetched and unreal, then it usually is the truth. So controlling these mega-stars, are they just a cash-generating tool for 'whoever'?

        As for Perry, what are people's views on Russell Brand? Ex-heroin addict, comedian… blah blah… He was angered when UK talk-show host Graham Norton asked him a question on his marriage, recently – http://uk.eonline.com/news/russell_brand_slams_gr… – what's his role in this?

        I must get the notion out of my head that these people are robots.

      • @Jac – I think the cash generating is a bonus but not the core purpose of creating these golem performers. I think anyone who could do that gets off on power. They like hurting and controlling others, thinking they are entitled to do so. And apparently they use them for all sorts of purposes – drug mules, s*x, etc. They don't refer to them as people, but as slaves or systems of alters. I think they are considered to be machines, tools to be used and discarded. And there does seem to be an element of dark spirituality to it – if man is made in God's image, with consciousness and the mind to lift us from the level of animals, what better way to spit in God's face than to mess with that? It's worse than just killing someone. It steals the potential of a life and traps a soul in a crippled hall of mirrors.

      • Hey Ralphster – great comments and you've obviously done your research. "It steals the potential of a life and traps a soul in a crippled hall of mirrors." Well said! I wonder, however, despite having undergone such horrific abuse, how they are frequently able to come off as completely normal when interviewed? They certainly aren't always able to hide it, since they indeed often give themselves away when they speak. Lady Gaga and Britney Spears are perfect examples.

    • just remember this month Rihanna was in a bad shape and she went to a clinic for the weekend and came out as new… her program was upgraded I think.

      • I'm believing this more and more that that's exactly what happens is they get high tech reprogramming in "rehab".

      • Rihanna's eyes looked strange at Hackney, her upper lids looked heavy and her eyes looked slightly rolled back. A lot of the time she covered them with sunglasses or a hat, and almost all of the press-released photos are of her in suglasses. Maybe she was just tired or on drugs but her performance wasn't impaired at all, it was actually one of her best. She looked like she was in a trance… that combined with the rehab check-up, her mirrored leopard shirt, and all the Illuminatiness of the set design makes me think that maybe she really was in a trance.

  71. Elsewhere on this site, there is footage of Britney Spears' programming breaking down in the middle of an interview, and she says 'Strawberry,' which seems to be a programming code that 're-sets' her. And there is a strawberry in this video, at the point where Katy seems to be steered back on track from her brief rebellion. Strawberries have a pagan meaning, symbolizing the three-part great goddess because of their triple leaf structure.

  72. the thing about Katy is that I do feel she is not all there when she performs, so i guess I am not sure if this video is from her at all or just from her handlers? I am not sure though.

  73. Quick question..

    How do these "puppets" get away with videos that are essentially giving away secrets to what goes on with Mind Control, when obviously we are not supposed to know about it? The people paying for these gazillion dollar videos are the people running the show. do you think they haven't been to vigilentcitizen.com? has it ever occurred to you the only way to get all the people to watch and support these videos who typically would NEVER (myself, all of you) is to make up bull shit stories they leaked themselves. Ooh there's a sign there, look another one! Does anyone know that Illuminati related facebook pages were just the number one trending topic on facebook INTERNATIONALLY. these people are NOT STUPID. they have found a way to target us by putting these signals in videos etc. for us to go out of our way to search for them in other videos etc. SUPPORTING "THEIR" CAUSE. we are starting to look stupid. no matter what, if you watched the video (im guilty ) you and MYSELF just supported Katy Perry. Don't be a puppet yourselves. Put these useless "celebrities" out of you mind and let's start doing sh*t to make change.

    but really, VC opened my eyes more than anything ever has in my entire life. I am completely grateful, I just dont want these people to get our attention when we all already know they are trying to desensitize a generation!


    Peace and Love

    • while they're normalizing all these symbols in the mainstream they're probably inventing a new layer of coded imagery for the newly generations… meanwhile we're getting a good brain massage….

  74. …if Kate Perry really comes from a Monarch Family there will be more clues if you have a look at her ancestors (not talking about her pastor parents)

    so… "Perry's mother's aunt and uncle were screenwriter Eleanor Perry (born Rosenfeld) and director Frank Perry."

    "His later films include the Joan Crawford bio drama Mommie Dearest"

    …that gave me chills, as a little girl i watched that movie (i am going to watch it again tonight) and remember how much it scared me at that time, since it is mainly about this famous hollywood star monster mother abusing and torturing her little daughter throughout the movie, or let's say – how she inflicts Monarch Programming upon her


    if you dig a little deeper you will find a bloodline relation to the founder of a major corporation like "Bethlehem Steel", but aren't we all related in some way 😉

  75. shirley shotts on

    This is such an obvious video which makes me think she's just jumping on the illuminati bandwagon to get people talking. Most of this symbolism is common knowledge now or are 'they' wanting us to get used to seeing these symbols so that they eventually become no big deal? The illuminati are masters of control which makes the blatant symbols in videos like Katy Perry's, Gaga's etc too obvious so I wonder what the subtext is. The only thing I can think of is that 'they' want to public to be brainwashed into thinking Monarch etc is fine and dandy and everyone who exposes the true motives behind it are kooks and conspiracy theorists.

    • It's like they want to be recognised. My question is how do they expect an audience who they're trying to (successfully) dumb down pick up on such symbolism, even when it's this obvious? Many do not know the significance of butterflies, mirrors, even horned animal heads etc.

      The word has spread nonetheless amongst much of the youth today, whether or not it's what they want, it's glad to see some form of public collective consciousness in the same demographic they're targeting

  76. Ok, got some disagreements here with the analysis. Sometimes I think it’s on-target but this time I think the MK stuff has got the best of you. The overall ‘story’ provided in the video doesn’t point to someone living in bondage or control, but of breaking free from it.

    Assertion 1: The young girl is her ‘core personality’ and therefore her leaving at the end means that the video promote ongoing loss of one’s identity:

    Rebuttal: In the context of ‘crazy land,’ the young girl is the core personality who accompanies the vacant adult Katy venturing through her mind which includes memories, fears, etc. There are various constraints and ‘bad people’ in the video who are overcome. Upon doing so, the young girl returns back to her ‘life’ in the past where she belongs, and the adult Katy is ‘present’ again and full of life. The young girl is only the core personality in as much as Katy has not matured and overcome things. When she does, the ‘child’ is no longer in charge, as is the case with healthy adults.

    Assertion: Another butterfly, another mind control reference!

    Rebuttal: The process of change from caterpillar to butterfly is beautiful and simple. There is a reason the imagery is used frequently in media; people understand it. The process of maturing from child to adult results in growth and the ability to fly, thus freedom. The use of this in MK does not put a lock on its meaning.

    Assertion: The whole video goes from fantasy land to fantasy land so nothing is accomplished. It’s a false rebellion.

    Rebuttal: The ‘fantasy land’ at the end is not shown as reality. The final ‘deception,’ happens in this area and it is that prince charming (a man) is the answer. Note the ‘heart’ that is shown on the doorway would more clearly indicate love in the room with prince charming, not the other way around. There is a final door shown which indicates she will exit by that door, back to ‘reality.’

    • I like this analysis, it looks beyond the blatant symbols and catches some of the nuances which make the intention of the video unclear. The symbology and themology across so many popstar's videos is similar, with fairytale/nightmare and transhumanist being important. Anecdotally, the music industry has a particular rep for satanic beliefs, as well as a general tendency towards greed and fame seeking, using others. True and true. But if there is an "agenda" behind it, I'm not sure 1) it's clear, and 2) that focusing on the dream symbology is helpful.

      Maybe stepping away and trying to dispel illusion in one's own life, being aware of the existence of dogmas on all sides, and working on one's wu wei, is the best course. Never mind the external distractions.

    • @Barry – I think your alternate interpretation could be intended meaning, too. The strawberry, as others have pointed out, seems it could represent knowledge of good and evil. Even after her breakdown, she still has the strawberry. So I don't think the knowledge ever leaves her. And if the butterfly is taken to mean growth, then in some ways she could see it as a positive especially if somewhere in there is included Kundalini awakening (as I pointed out with the Adam Lambert "Never Close Our Eyes"). The Reptilian-looking guards could be part of this snake theme so that she gets the benefit of their knowledge and some power, but she also is controlled by them and the boundaries of her life set out by them. Still in the end she has that butterfly, as you pointed out. The knowledge and transformation stay.

      The control also stays, as we see with the HypnoCat in the end with swirly eyes, to make her eyes swirly with suggestion and contentment just as the swirly lollipops remind us too. I also suspect the candy outfits associated with her could easily refer to drugs. The strawberry too, as someone pointed out the strawberry referencing a loose drug-addicted girl (termed "drug whore" on one site for the strawberry meaning). Think about "Strawberry Fields" song and how some think that referred to drugs. Katy also looks radiant in the awards ceremony. Could be natural, makeup helps, but who knows if she gets an extra chemical boost at times like those. Not that I want to accuse. I'm just noticing all the swirls. 😛

      • @Ojos,

        Thanks for the discussion. Knowledge of good and evil is a fairly epic assertion and I don't see it fitting the situation. She starts inside the 'wall prison' and bites the strawberry as a way to seek relief. So I think the drug symbol makes a lot more sense. Recall that 'good and evil' in the garden was a way to have more-get more, and not really a relief to a stress.

        Hmm, 'Kundalini awakening.' Thanks for pointing it out and I looked it up and it's cool to read about new ideas that I wasn't familiar with. Having done some Yoga I know the feeling that can start to occur with Yoga. That being said, again it doesn't make any sense in regards to this. If we see her doing some kind of yoga postures and meditation that it might relate.

        I see the whole video as fairly innocent, especially compared to other examples. The more we dig into this stuff, the less 'spooky' it all seems. Remember, to the adherents, it's enlightened and good, so the spooky angle is just a way to divert people.

  77. Similar but unrelated to this article note:

    I have noticed on the radio station I listen to in the mornings that they censor certain words in songs. For instance, in the song "U and Ur Hand" by P!nk, (other than the obvious words) they have censored the word 'suck' from the line "In the corner with your boys you bet 'em five bucks,

    You'd get the girl that just walked in but she thinks you suck."

    With that being said, when they play the song "Take Care" by Drake featuring Rihanna, they DO NOT censor the word 'high' from the line "It's my birthday, I'll get high if I want to."

    Further, they play the song "S&M" by Rihanna. That whole song is vulgar and suggestive.

    And this is the garbage people (many of which are parents around here) are listening to on their way to day care/school, etc. I understand the parents would be the person to choose what the kids listen to, but when the concert tickets, contests, topics of conversation are aimed towards teens (children), what is the message they are wanting to convey?

    Honey, don't say "You suck." But you can certainly have a whip and chains if they excite you.

    I am 23 and have no children. When I start talking about the fact that I want to homeschool my children and keep televisions out of the house, people look at me like I'm crazy. "It's how you raise them." Exactly. I am not going to raise them on Hannah Montana-type shows and have them reciting verbatim Nicki Minaj's latest song.

    • Talking about the Olympics. The opening ceremony looks to be something of interest. Apparently there will be an 80 ft statue of a black cloaked man. It will act as an overseer of proceedings. The inspiration of the figure is allegedly Shakespeare's infamous character Prospero from The Tempest. Who was a powerful sorcerer.

      Not only that the character Prospero was apparently based on occultist and Queen Elizabeth 1 fav magician John Dee. Who has a musical based on his life written by Damon Alban from Blur. This musical will be shown as part of a cultural festival to mark the Olympics.

      We all may dispute the ifs and they why's of all this stuff and how it is all run. What we should be sure of is that this shit runs deep.

  78. little red shrimp on

    They don't even write their own songs anymore or have any say in how they are presented/packaged to the world. Everything, I mean everything from their image to their relationships is an illusion and orchestrated for them in minute detail to fulfill a dark agenda. How sad that these female puppets do not see how stupid they look, spreading their legs to the audience – as if that is the nucleus of their talent. How sad that the masses consume the illusion ad nauseam and continue to give it power while loathing their own lives.

    Next up: The recasting of the Munsters, starring the Kardashians.

    FAME – False Admiration Masking Evil.

  79. I think actually, when she eats the fruit, it's a reference to Eve when she ate from the forbidden tree, the apple. You all know the story after that.. Pretty obvious, isn't it?

    • I agree! When I first saw that scene I swore it was a small apple (until I looked properly) and what you're saying is what I was thinking as well.

    • In this case the connection to the knowledge of good and evil is a fairly big jump that I don't believe fits the situation. She starts inside the ‘wall prison’ and bites the strawberry as a way to seek relief. So I think the drug symbol for the berry makes a lot more sense. Recall that ‘good and evil’ in the garden was a way to 'have more-get more' and not a relief to stress. Either way, it's based on a shortcut to get fulfillment, and the video demonstrates the end result of this action as negative.

  80. I just want to know..does katy and the other artists know about the meaning of their music videos. Plus when they are seen having an interview and other stuff..they dnt seem like they are programmed.

  81. i might be a tad delayed… but has she got Jesus tattooed on her wrist??

    she should get rid of it and have baphomet instead!!!!

  82. Thanks for the article vigilant citizen! As soon as I saw the music video I understood it had a deeper symbolic meaning having to do with the illuminati and mind control. I knew you would have done an article on it

  83. The Prince of Lies also happens to be Katy's handler, who opens the door to her dressing room at the beginning of the video.

  84. Its safe to say this video is allegorical, as are most of the videos reviewed by VC, but can we really be sure that it points to monarch programming or is it alluding to something else? While im inclined to agree with VC's analysis one question continues to bother me: Why? Why lace a video with considerable symbolism for masses of the profane? Even if there are a few of those who are able pierce the veil and recognize the true message beneath, what purpose does it serve? One theory that I have is that it is a network, away of advertising sucessful manipulation to those in the know so that the product (katy perry) can be used to certain ends. To those of us that are able pierce the veil do not worry, weve simply advanced enough to see.the reality in the illusion, which is a requirement, a prerequiste to higher realms of thought

  85. I am very interested in this subject, but I am also aware of how easy it is to ascribe any number of meanings to any number of things, depending on your perspective and what you are looking for. Don't get me wrong – I am an avid reader of VC and have downloaded and read 'The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Mind Controlled Slave', and am certainly not 'poo-pooing' the research and concept. I do not believe that this is not in full flow, yet can I be devils advocate (pardon the pun), and suggest for the sake of the general point I am making, that this video could rather be about love (Katy Perry's love life), and the fact that she fell in love, believed in the 'fantasy' of love, and since it's demise, has 'woken up' from the illusion he/she created. If you look at it from this angle, Kathryn IS her real self, untainted by blinkers in regard to romantic love..their quest seems to culminate in punching 'Prince Charming'; he who does not exist/pretends to be something he is not (a statement to her ex husband), and to her feelings towards men having been let down.

    The worry with any analysis by another person is that it also can colour your otherwise untainted judgement (though this is never fully possible as everyone has filters and conditioning of some type). Therefore my analysis may be tainted by my experience of love etc.. it really is another 'down the rabbit hole' philosophy that usually sends me in circles.

    I really am not getting at VC in any way – I can genuinely see what you VC also sees. I just thought it was a valid and important point to make; that the mere suggestion of an idea another person perceives, not purposefully can effect anothers' psyche. I'm quite amazed nobody else in this thread has thought to suggest it could be about her love life. The butterfly for instance can also be a symbol of liberation- liberated from the fantasy of 'love'. I do not suggest love is a fantasy, but I think Katy Perry is in that sort of mind space at present. I make the same point as VC, just from the opposite angle. Please do not take this as criticism anybody. I would be very interested in you view with regard to my post VC. Deb x

    • I agree Deb. Keeping all of this in perspective by considering the more reasonable perspective that you present is that path to reality, and not hysteria.

  86. Hi. Nice blog, I've been reading them for a around 3 years now and have started doing my own research. I don't know if you know about the free 'Hackney Weekend' festivals that have gone on in the weekend just gone (23rd/24th June 2012) in East London. I went to the festival on Sunday, and I realised that all the symbolism was there. All-seeing eyes in triangles was the theme of the decor around the park, and the most obvious was Rihanna's stage theme (Egyptian/Pyramids/Horus Eyes). I was quite overwhelmed by it all and instantly thought that this whole 'hackney weekend' project needs analysing. She performed last, at night and as I left, I noticed that a crescent moon was out. I don't know if this means anything, but just thought I'd get it out there. Thanks :)

  87. i hate my planet fuc on

    Hey VC you forgot to point out her earrings in the video. She's wearing earrings shaped like the symbol for Masonry and its got small baphomet heads in it. very creepy.

  88. The mankind is being destroyed by these music videos, movies, and other mind control techniques.. it's really hard to watch that they're moving towards their target, and we can't do anything to stop it. They're stronger than us.

  89. I've only been aware of all this Monarch Mind /Illuminati bs for a little over a year, but the repetition of the same story-line and symbolism so clearly shows propaganda at work. Never mind the celebrities, the message is intended for prepubescent girls and young women. It's easy to put together. Young people follow their role modeling peers, no matter what. And whoever controls the media controls the masses. We know its the power elites that control the media. Don't be fooled there is only one ruling elite, that, like a zipper, pulls together both the capitalist and socialist. So, why teach young and very young adolescent females to become so submissive that they give up their individual wills? Who will this benefit in 10-20 years ? Do you want this for your siblings, friends, or children? God Bless, you Vigilant Citizen and all the VC community.

  90. What about Eminem, all his song actually talking about breaking out of that program and how much he hate this fame and the industry…

    B.o.B. is under monarch programming too…He always talking about being B.o.B. and Bobby Ray. B.o.B. is famous and Bobby Ray is him.

  91. RosesarePink on

    This is blatant disinfo. Katy's made to believe she's wide awake, yet at the end of the video she's in the same predicament: pimped by the industry. Her "core" was just another programmed multiple, hence the butterfly. Her true core would never leave her. In fact, she's be the one who would have to free her core, not the other way around.

  92. Godispissedoffatthis on

    omg r u serious? i thought she changed, wow this is messed up! seriously though? i was just listening to this song and im like oh this is a good song , shes wide awake now, shes gonna get out of the illuminati crap. wth is going onn mann.


    • I think she said that the tattoo kept her safe and showed her to never forget where she came from. I think that when we see the tattoo and the strawberry its like temptation. It's like Eve with the apple, you know it's wrong but you can't help yourself. Its power that does this even if its fake power, there is still a need to possessive it.

  93. thanx again VC. i did not see the video but i got the picture for this one. i dont really watch any tv anymore. to the millions out there GOD speak!!!!!

  94. pretty much true or certain people who have some kind of power on their own can do anything about it is all. We can heal and become better people though. And that is what many people are doing. They can't control people who don't need them and have figured their life out.

  95. I actually feel really sorry for her, I doubt the monarch programing was her choice. The Illuminati probably just forced her to do it once they realized she was a good singer. I really hate the disgusting handlers in charge of these victims. At least they'll go to hell in the end.

  96. I'm hoping its a zombie apocalypse. I mean sure beats dealing with the cold grey existence of "normal" life. The whole NWO thing is just scummy.

    However that's not to say I'm against a unified human organization. I'm a big fan of the BOOK Starship Troopers. The movies were stupid. The script writers should choke themselves. The fact is, Illuminati, Bilderberger, CFR, etc will kill each other off in their power struggle. Who ever manages to come out on top will fuck everything up. Leaving the worlds Veterans to unfuck everything and create a squared away society where everyone is a ninja and can wail on electric guitars.

    That way we could kick everyone's ass in the galaxy. We could start with those bitch-ass Greys who keep killing cows, abducting people and who tricked our dumb-ass civilian leadership into signing the 1954 Greada Treaty. Then we could take out those ugly reptilians because they created us, raped our planet, left us like dead beat parents, and are ugly. We'll even tack on sentient being rights violations for good measure. Then we'll turn on the Pledians, Arcturians, and that whole ridiculous Federation of the Light. Mainly because they are dickless pacifists who allowed the Greys to exploit us for our entire existence. But also because lame ass federations are stupid and cannot stand against the righteous might of the Republic of Terra under the blessing of the one true God. PAX TERRA bitches….. 😀


      • Yes swearing is putting people off. What we had once seen as a rebellion against authority is becoming plain rude.

    • Reptilians are Demons, not aliens. Why do you think alien abductions can be stopped dead by calling on the name of the Almighty Creator. This is a fact. These people are worshiping Lucifer and are doing so because they control all documentation in regards to our history they know that Yahuwah (The almighty Creators true name) exists and that Lucifer exists. This is why they take their religion so serious. They want us to believe he does not exist and we are being taken over by aliens so we turn away from our only way to overcome them. Draw near to Yah.

  97. Freddy Krueger was a paparazzo in the mirror. Remember him? From the movie "Nightmare on Elm Street"? The evil dude with Wolverine claws that kills people in reality through their dreams?

    Also whiscious is right. The horned guys are minotaurs. A minotaur with a battle ax in myth patrolled the labyrinth. In this case orderlies are shown as minotaurs. That plus the fact the invisible Katheryn is seen there means Katy is still either imagining or it's figurative.

  98. my only question is, if this is going on, why would the industry allow these videos to expose their victim (katy perry) to what it is she lost? Or to any of us?

    • Because the industry is letting it all be known out in the open now and it's been waxing worse and worse. It's the signs of the time. They are getting ready for the New World. Every secret from the government to hollywood is pretty much out there if you investigate. They'll keep repeating theme's over and over. They are the powers that rule for now. It's prophecy.

  99. please VC give more attention to songs of "within temptation", it's full of symbolism but I can't get it really, it's far more sophisticated than those of kate, and Gaga..Like this song of "stand my ground", "memories", and every song they made they hols powerful words, and so original symbolism that I can't anyway get it!!!

  100. I agree wholeheartedly! I sing and make music with a friend… we strive to do just that. We upload to youtube. Not many hear us but at least we are true to ourselves and not feeding the negative agenda. I am so so bored of it all.. same old same old. The 'enlightened' music is out there- just got to find it!

  101. I hate to be that guy (well really that girl) but a couple of the scenes come from movies (though it still has nothing to do with the song). Like the scene where she's in the maze and shoots the firework out like a flare, that's from the Harry Potter movie about the tri-wizard tournament. And the wheelchair scene is from the grudge. I still agree with everything you said, I just wanted to point that out.

  102. some common MK themes – not all in the video

    Jewels, feline patterns, black & white chequerboards, mirrors and broken mirros, porcelain/harlequin masks, the phoenix/phoenix rising, rainbows, butterflies, owls, keys, carousels, puppets/marionettes and dolls, disfigured teddy bears (bandages+stitches), secret gardens, willow trees, tornadoes, spirals/helixes, castles, rings, hallways and doors, elevators and stairs, mazes, labyrinths, tattoos, candy canes, mannequins or torso's, infinite loops, poppy fields, dreamy meadows, ribbons, bows, hour glasses, clocks, cabalistic trees, ancient symbols, spider webs, snakes, children's toys with limbs missing or eyes bandaged over, scars across the forehead, children's party food laced with drugs, shells, dollshouses and birdcages, Mad Hatter, rabbit masks, alice in wonderland, blood, clouds and floating, medical implements and drug injection devices, circuit boards, schematic diagrams, data (code), networks, firewalls, cores, circles within circles, triangles within triangles, umbrellas, bees & hives, ANYTHING DISNEY :)

  103. Call me crazy, but I really don't think Monarch Programming has to be used (at least often). The money and fame are incentive enough to go along with the agenda!

  104. I don't listen to music on the radio, haven't for years. But the people at work usually have the popular stations on, and in so many different songs on different stations, I notice the word "awake". Rock stations, pop, heavy/alternative.

    It is so repetitive (and crappy), I happily scurry back to my work area and listen to talk radio.

  105. Doesn't Katy have a strawberry tattooed on her skin also (with a little face)?

    Getting creepier!

    Thanks VC for this – I also showed my Mother so she's slowly waking up too

    Can't say thankyou enough! x

  106. There's a link between the Strawberry, and Religion AKA Jesus write as a Tatoo,

    Wild Strawberry – designated as the fruit of the Virgin Mary and of blessed souls in heaven. They are depicted growing in the grass beneath Mary's feet in paintings by Jan Van Eyck


    The strawberry is sacred to the Virgin Mary, and plays a prominent role in Marian Theology, and in medieval Christian art and folklore, the strawberry symbolizes spiritual purity, decency, righteousness, and perfect nobility of spirit


    I'm not 100% sure of those sources,

    but maybe she just crushes his spiritual purity, decency, and loses its nobility of spirit, which could very well be the case. Very interesting as a line of inquiry.

  107. Just saw this video for the first time yesterday. It's amazing how blatant the videos are now. There not even trying to hide it! What a shame that the world is so Blind to this trickery. The worst thing about it is where it's aimed… At our children.

  108. "Isn’t our core personality something we should ALWAYS have?"

    Just asking:

    Could it be our core personality what the New Agers call "the Ego"?

  109. Butterflies can also be a symbol of new life or the soul being reborn.

    If the video shows this little girl as her core persona than that means Katy had traumatic experiences as a child and she was hid away so this new Katy Perry could be born and take over living life normally.

    Also before I go ranting, if you don't believe in God that is fine but you don't need to bash other people because of their beliefs. I will agree with you that its pathetic to see people believe in this and think they know everything about Psychology and Religion and can make a deliberation in a matter of minutes.

    Now, this inner world is usually only constructed for the alters, and the world is built when there are too many alters and when there is a lot of creativity and destruction. If the Katy we see on stage is the host, she would know nothing about this world. The lyrics says something about 'eyes being open' this can be interpreted as the young alter still being able to see, hear and act on her own even though her older alter counterpart is being abused. While she is in the chair, out of it, the alters are still at work because they know this isn't a good place to be. So the young alter, awakens, taking control of the body or more of the mind and breaking through the abusive situation, taking the host back to the inner world where she would stay. The butterfly could symbolize a new alter taking place, more fit to handle the FAME and pressure.

    Alters are made by extremely creative people in very extreme cases. If you believe that these people are being programmed then thats fine. However, if they are, there minds will continue to break and more alters will be created to protect the body.

  110. I knew this has Illuminati symbolisms written all over it at first watch.

    What a shame. I actually like her music.

    I remember a few weeks ago, she tweeted something very unusually deep, about how music is all that matters or something along that line that got me thinking that she was speaking out against Illuminati, but whoops what do we have here?

  111. Yyyyyaaaaaaaawwn….. same ol' illuminati crap, they are good at being repetitive and blatant. It's sad that some of us are becoming bored of seeing the same concept over and over while others don't even realize that this even exists. Good deconstruction of the video nonetheless, I would've like to see a critic on a more meaningful song/artist at least but I guess they all are the same anyway. I hope you don't feel like you wasted your time when you picked a video from such a plastic "celebrity".


  112. First off I read that Katy Perry quickly wrote this song so it would be on her current album/CD. I whole heartily believe that she is awake but she's trapped. I believe she has some freedom writing her music if the message was subtle enough but most of the creative perceptive of the video would be the people in charge. We could all say we'd never do what these singers do but when your slowing manipulated with lots of money and fame before you know it your so addicted to the life you stuck. You know if you leave they will not only destroy you but your love ones. Look at whats happening to Lauren Hill even if you leave they still destroy you. I did hear in an interview with Katy Perry she's starting her own record label I thought that was very interesting.

  113. oh no! I interpreted it all wrong! Thought her core eprsona got away n the end, but then I saw that she left her. Thanks for enlightening me, VC! Love your articles!

  114. Well, I need to mention things i though VC would mention.

    1. The strawberry refer's to the Eve's apple in the Garden of Eden.

    2. Katy is in the wheel chair and traumatized = She is in Hell/ She goes out to the garden = She is in heaven. This means that no matter how sinful she is (eating the strawberry), she will be superior in God and go to Heaven.

    I don't know if that's right but it's just a part of my interpretation. Thank you, VC! :)

  115. It's shocking how blatantly obvious the symbolism is in this video, and many other videos, yet people still look at this imagery as 'the norm' of today's Pop Culture. Scary x

  116. As much as I hate everything that's going on in the world, I'm truly happy that so many intelligent people are working hard to analyze and understand all of this shit. We are the future.

  117. i understood all this meanings when i watched it , but what i didnt understood is the role of the prince in the music video !

  118. Sooo…. the message is, you will never be free once you're 'in'?

    I still don't get it. If a person became a Mind Control victim, can she/he be cured/healed or anything to get them be a 'whole' person again. As far as I know, the only way to be free is death.

  119. i first heard this song on the radio

    i cant believe some idiots actually believe this crap is about "love". it was so obv that its about mind control

    then i saw the video and i still couldnt belive people still thought it was about love. i wonder what makes them think that because there is nothing about love at all in the video..

    … so closed minded *sigh*

  120. As soon as I heard this song I immediately thought of her connection with the corrupt music industry. One line in the song really stands out to me and struck a chord with me from the first time i heard it. The line is "I am born again" http://www.vanityfair.com/online/daily/2011/05/ka
    According to this article and others I have read she seemed to have been brought up in a sort of Pentecostal type religion. The Pentecostal religion is a faith based religion. They believe in being born again of the Spirit Here is a scripture quoted in John 3; Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

    It just surprises me that this line is in the song.

  121. I thought the same thing… just wondering though… could they be knowingly doing this to take the mick, i.e. in order to see everyone write about it? The video seems to fit the monarch symbolism TOO well… ? Katy Perry… come back !!! While you can !

  122. I thought the same thing… just wondering though… could they be knowingly doing this to take the mick, i.e. in order to see everyone write about it?

    The video seems to fit the monarch symbolism TOO well… ?

    Katy Perry… come back !!! While you can !

    • StayReal4God on

      The thing is, she may not be the one 'offering' anything.

      The mind controllers aka directors of her record label or whatever are the ones probably making the offerings. She's just a tool being used.

      I could be wrong, but if she is indeed under mind control than the people controlling her are making her do these types of videos.

      I still say that she is trying to break free and the lyrics (because she wrote this song herself.. which she doesn't usually get to do) are from her heart. What SHE the actual Katy Hudson wants. Ultimately to break free from all this illuminati business and get back to who she truly is!

  123. I can't read all 152 comments but I think the wider point is being missed. TPT/W know what "time" we are in as they helped program it into our minds (2012). The thing is, its programmed in Spirit as well and that is the Ace of Spades folks.

    This video along with all the others mentioned serve a main purpose it seems. This video can stand on its own as THE video to demonstrate this fact. Everyone wants out, we're all NEO's…this is designed to make you FEEL like you're leaving the old BS and arriving in a new awesome place. But then it hits you, you are still stuck in it…

    Basically they want you to pursue your Spirit and search for awakening and they hope to entrap you into their version of it…

    Listen to Eminem's say goodbye to hollywood…all is revealed…mostly :)


  124. If any of these "artists" think they're being cute, funny, or clever if their reason for putting this imagery in their videos is for the controversy factor, then that shows their cruel (or extremely naive) character. I just state this because every now and then someone comes in and says "Don't you think so-and-so is just doing this for kicks knowing how popular this subject is on the internet"?

  125. Katy, you were raised in the church (Sadly her father who is/was? a pastor supports her current career) and you know about the saving grace of Christ. Remember what He said, "WHAT DOES IT PROFIT A MAN TO GAIN THE WHOLE WORLD BUT TO LOSE HIS OWN SOUL?"

    Hope this is all worth it Katy.

    • StayReal4God on

      If her dad is supporting her, maybe he has been pulled into the lie as well. Maybe they've programmed him as well, ya know.

      Pray hard for her constantly!! God is never done with His children, so just pray that she will again see His light and run to it. He is greater than the enemy. So He can get her out safely!!

  126. Yeah, I think that evil human beings like to pretend they're in league with non-human entities like demons or aliens because it's a psychological trick to make people feel weak and hopeless in the face of some kind of superhuman force. Peel back the layers of illusion and they're just sociopaths with the knowledge and technology to manipulate people so well that it seems like black magic— whether it's Monarch programming an individual or using propaganda and subliminals to shape the collective mind.

  127. What is the purpose of these images in videos if no one knows what they symbolize? Is it just the "elites" entertaining themselves?

  128. thanks vigilant citizen, i have been following your artcles for a while now and i thank you for having enlightened me although i will be honest that being the skeptic i am i do question whether or not you are true, e.g are you maybe filling us with crap purposely, disinformation? dont take it personally its just theres a lot of bullshit out there on the web that i have to wade through and it can be hard to find reliable sources. Lol this is all besides the point though.

    I am still relatively young and i despise modern music with a passion, well atleast the shit that is popular and gets publicised (some underground or less well known artists can be good).

    Recently i have come to like the rap/gangsta rap/hiphop genres but dont judge me yet, i hate the likes of lil wayne and modern day rappers (so called rappers anyway as they cant actually rap good) im more inclined to listen to rap from the mid 80's to the early 00's. i listen to tupac and ice cube who actually rap against illuminati agendas (check out ice cube – it takes a nation) and i also like biggie, dre dre, snoop dogg but only his songs collaborating with dr dre, nwa and all the members as solo artists etc but i was wondering maybe all this is illuminati/devil worshipping music and was wondering if you could do an article or even just get back to me on whats what in the 90's rap game,maybe you could help me with that, if not thanks anyway i appreciate your work and will pray for you.

  129. StayReal4God on

    I agree with this pretty much 100%. But i also see this video (and song) as Katy's way of saying she's trying to find her way out. While she's in the maze, she looks up to find the light ahead. And so the younger her comes in (her innocence before the mind control took it away) and leads her out, defeating her captives and setting her free. I was hoping you were going to mention this, but in the garden when she meets the man on the horse, he looks like a prince. So right away, Katy (and the watchers of the video) will think that he's ok and 'safe'. But as we see, when he stands before her, he crosses his fingers and places them behind his back. This means he's basically tricking her. But she fortunately recognizes he's not who he says he is and she punches him.

    All this mind control/illuminati business stems straight from the devil himself. So the part with the 'prince on a white horse (unicorn in the video)' is suppose to represent Jesus on the white horse (the bible says that when He returns He will be on a white horse). But when he crosses his fingers and places them behind his back, we learn that it is in fact NOT really Jesus. But the devil pretending and trying to trick Katy. The good thing is that Katy realizes that and hits him. She doesn't fall for his trick. So, i take that as Katy saying that she knows she's being hypnotized and she's not going to stand for it.

    The only part that really confuses me is the ending when she goes back on stage. I feel like this video is a representation of everything in Katy's mind… (her knowing she's being programmed and her WANTING to break free of the illuminati) and what she wants to happen, but going back to the stage is her way of saying that she's still stuck.. or that she has to continue in this manner until she can figure a REAL way out.

    I'm praying hard for Katy Perry. I believe that God can work miracles! And He can set her free! She is a born again believer and follower of Christ, but the darkness in the music industry has pulled her away. Lord, please pull her out, break her free from the darkness. Bring her back to You! Amen!

  130. I was honestly excited for Perry throughtout the beginning and the middle of the music video. I was rejoicing in the fact that Perry was finally out of her monarch mind prison.

    When the young Katy beat the baphomet headed men, I was rooting for Katy Perry. I was thinking "It's Over, She won" But when they escaped into another fantasy world instead of escaping into reality I knew they hadn't escaped.

    When young Katy left, I felt like screaming "You're not done, she's still stuck there!" but ofcourse, she had never escaped.

    It reminds me of Sucker Punch, where in the end, they had never really escaped.

    Hopefully, Katy will someday escape the prison inside her mind and come running back into reality.

  131. There is something can be added.

    When she sings ''I'm wide awake'', also sounds like ''I wanna wake''… Does that tell you something?

  132. As soon as i saw this video two days ago, i instantly thought of vigilant.. this video has so much illimunati symbols and agenda's. i just clicked on the site and it was on latest news, vigilant u know this :)

  133. Why are all these videos filled with illuminati symbolism?! It's absolutely ridiculous. I enjoyed watching videos that had to do with the songs back in the day. I know this isn't a new thing but it's being exaggerated lately. Its really annoying.

    I have to say I expected something like this from Bieber's Boyfriend video, but hey, it actually represented the song. Who'd have thought?

  134. Yes! I was waiting for you guys to do a review on this song/video. I heard about the song on that MM Awards show, awaited her performance and was a bit mind blown. I said, WOW an apparent representation of MMC!

  135. Wow, I just saw that video to see if I could catch some symbolism and only later thought I should see if VC analysed it.

    Vigilant indeed. Thanks.

  136. Why the masses are so atracted for this kind of MIND CONTROL SLAVES? Just think in Britney, gaga, katy, Rihanna, Beyonce….those girls without soul are ANGELS for this stupid new generation…THAT IS WHY THE MUSIC INDUSTRY MAKE THIS KIND OF MINDLESS IDOLS…

    • Well it certainly isn't just female artists that have the masses entranced. Look at Hip Hop and computer games. All of which helps turn boys/men into arrogant, misogynistic and emotionally stunted fools.

  137. I actually feel this video is about running away from her handlers, the way she looks up to the sky, holds on to her childhood self and keeps running back to reality, specially the mirrors scene where she breaks the mirror and the hospital one felt like that she indeed was falling into mind control but Katheryn, her real self fought it all and she got out.

    i dunno i had a happy, redemption feeling about it rather than her getting lost in fairytail land with everything a girl can wish for, she punched her handler and the face and regain control

    i always though her (ex)husband was her handler, i'd really like to think she's gaining her freedom back..

  138. Cynthia Eliane on

    when she began I was a huge fan of her,but when I her video "California Gurls" came out I started to be less found of her,she started to be "weird" and I do not caution the fact that female singers are naked in their video clip,I mean,is it really the example they wanna give to all these little girls who listen to them ? I'm disgusted ! Since then,I hate Rihanna,Lady Gaga,Katy Perry etc u_u

  139. I interpreted this song as being about hurt and a hardened heart.

    And yes the strawberry is symbolic of eve's biting of the apple from the tree of knowledge.

    Whatever experience she may have been through, it clearly traumatized her and has left her with a much colder view of the world and of people. I think she refers to various stages in her life where, just like most of us, we grow out of what out parents & society teach us especially when we think something will turn out like its portrayed by popular media (knight in shining armour etc).

    Unfortunately its very easy to get hurt in this world, and of course its also very easy to be drawn in by promises of happiness, fame and wealth. Perhaps this is why she's 'wide awake', but still trapped in the entertainment world. Who would trade all that?

  140. Sad. She did say she was tired of being famous & then later said she didnt mean it ( maybe pressure from her handler?) Looks like its a little too late now katy. When i saw the video and saw those two baphomet men it creeped me out

  141. Well there are videos of her saying she sold her soul which of course many ppl would say it wasnt literally but if so then why are so many ppl saying that same phrase when they speak about the entertainment industry. There is a ex high priestess Rebecca Brown (i read somewhere that isnt her real name) of satan she wrote a book stating she would go to record companies to bless albums from celebs who sold their souls idk how true this is but I def wouldnt be surprised

  142. What a strange and mysterious world we live in. The worst of all is that teenagers are all victims as they glue to the set more often and become hypnotized easily. We all need GOD‘S DIVINATION to save us from this anarchy.

  143. Wow! I have repeatedly asked this question and have NEVER received and answer. Why IS that?

    Let's try it again. Why, what is the purpose, of all these Illuminati images in films?

    • How we supposed to know how sick minds operate? Let me guess: Brainwashing, propaganda, ridiculing people's ignorance.

    • Dear Tom,

      Here is the answer as to WHY there are multiple references of the illuminati in various media outlets:

      Please google "externalization of the hierarchy".

      Another way of saying externalization of the hierarchy is "Satanic Prophecy". God has His prophecy in the Bible revealing future events, and Satan has his counterfeit methods.

      This is heavy reading, but your answer is contained there.

    • @Tom (and others with similar questions)

      Don't expect information to just fall into your lap like that. The people in the comments section aren't obligated to give YOU an answer when you can do your own research. Sorry if I'm being too sassy but really, go digging for the truth, think critically, fact-check claims (especially if it's a piece of evidence that somebody's argument hinges upon), and take everything with as much salt as necessary. Maybe in the end you won't agree with VC at all, but that's okay, because you will have reached your conclusions through your own independent thought, and that's better than getting an oversimplified answer just because you asked for one.

    • I think much of what the Illuminati has planned for this world is a mystery, so I don't think anyone can offer you an exact answer.

      I work in advertising and no ad campaign is created without a specific purpose to attract attention and to sell a product by communicating a specific message about why you need it. At the end of the day its all about the money!

      I feel the Illuminati is no different to any business, they're just selling selfishness, propaganda & debauchery through the mass media in order to control the world's population in various ways, especially its spending habits (que celebrities as money machines with an artistic platform – perfect to hide suspicious symbolism and write it off as ambiguous 'artistic expression').

      Its our choice in thinking that what they're selling is what we want…

    • Tom, i would think it was about mind control. These people have studied the art of mind control and how the sub-conscience mind works for the sole purpose of controlling the masses. Like it says on this very website "symbols rule the world not words nor law"

      • Thanks, sister soul. I have been researching the nwo for 8 years now and what I've found is quite shocking – especially at first. I just don't understand if these images are to brainwash the watcher, or what? Why all the imagery?

  144. im 14, well 15 in a few days, i found out about the illuminati at the age of 9 when my cousin told me that jay-z worships the devil i searched it online watched youtube videos and was SHOCKED, i used to think that the music industry was fun (i've always wanted to be a singer) and then i realised everything is just based on egyptian days (rituals, and the supposed royals of the music industry.. mj, beyonce + jay-z and their baby, madonna, britney and now lady gaga).

    there are a LOT of people that think i'm weird because i know every symbol in the book now due to finding out about them like 6 years ago and i am SO aware that the music industry is weird but i REALLY love to SING and to make video i guess the only way to be in the SAFE part of the industry is by doing NOTHING but seeking God first and asking him for guidance. i also think i'm quite different from the majority of girls because i am STUCK in the early 90's , i wasnt born then but it was LESS SKIN and GOOD MUSIC especially from TLC who would teach the values of friendship and even En Vogue whos music was REAL or maybe even later on when Destiny's Child first came out and put GOSPEL singles in their albums too, look how that turned out, God then blessed them with number ones and opportunities until one of them went away lost (beyonce). although a LOT of people criticise her nowadays because shes part of them, they HAVENT listened to her i am…sasha fierce album (the name of the album is blasphemy i know.. because God is the ONLY ''I Am'') well the tracks that didnt make it.. the BEYONCE her song 'Disappear' talks about how she missed all the signs and how she tries to reach someone (Jesus?) and soon as she gets closer and closer, her way out disappears.

    i TRULY believe she was tricked into it, noone in their RIGHT MIND goes to someone and says ''Hey, do you want some fame and fortune? well.. we can give you that if you sell your soul to the devil, YES, the devil, who will make sure every night he sends his demons to harrass you and scare the crap of you at night (Eminem talks about how the price isnt cheap and how he gets harrassed and attacked every night in songs like 'my darling', if not that song then another one off recovery).. oh… one VITAL part, if you EVER think of leaving it could result in YOU, yes YOU dying :D'' thats DISGUSTING, they'd SWEET TALK YOU or programme maybe even do witchcraft, yes i said witchcraft.. why do people think that witchcraft is FAKE? there are some people in NIGERIA that say theyve somehow been charmed and have a demonic entity come to them at night (in this case mostly thewomen, no im not talking crap, this is happening right NOW in nigeria, you better believe that demons are real and ae capable of every disgusting evil thing in the book) some women have said that theyve had SEX (spiritually) with a demonic entity.. who's promoted that in the music industry? oh YEAH… Rihanna.. umbrella.. when she has sex with rain man (demonic entity- spiritually). if they can promote relationships or bein charmed by an evil spirit then it is REAL because all the acts that have been done in music videos (rituals) are already or have been done in general, anyway back to beyonce her first album with the illuminati was called dangerously in love, she had now clue what she was in, as far as she was concerned she was still a christian girl making music like many others in the music industry…PROOF that beyonce is NOT happy > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1GQInWQwrY&no

    anyway i'm done – thank you VC 😀

    but anyway when i first saw this video 'wide awake'

    • It's interesting you mentioned Em. I hear his recovery album is a cry to get out of the system. Heres the lyrics to the song you mentioned. it's quite an interesting read:

      ""Shady, listen… "SHADY!", you hear that?

      They're screaming for you, I can bring your career back"

      But I don't want it back! "Yes you do…"

      No I don't! "Yes you do, you're gonna regret it later!"

      No I won't! "I'ma get Dre on the phone, I'll just call the doctor"

      Go ahead, I already talked to, Dre yesterday

      "Well I got him on the phone right now!"

      You're lying, "yo slim", HOW, WHY NOW!

      Whatup Dre? "Check this out Slim, I gotta talk to ya

      I don't know, it just seems every since you got off ya

      Drugs, you became a lot softer"

      But Dre, all Shady is is a bottle of hair bleach and vodka

      "Well, just think about it Slim, I'm here

      Just hit me back, and let me know what's up"

      Fuck this mirror! AHHHHHHH

      "I'm not in the mirror, I'm inside you, let me guide you"

      Fuck you, die you son of a bitch

      "Put the gun down", BYE BYE!

      Ok I'm still alive, "So am I too!

      You can't kill a spirit, even if you tried to

      Haha, you sold your soul to me, need I remind you?

      You remember that night you, prayed to god

      You'd give anything to get a record deal, well Dre signed you

      This is what you wanted your whole life Marshall, right through

      Look at this house, look at these cars, I'm so nice, wooo!

      Oh, but you didn't know, fame has a price too

      That you're just now seeing the downside to

      Lose your best friend from highschool, your wife too

      Ain't even sure if your kids like you

      Come off tour, can't even sleep at night without Nyquill

      Become a valium addict, start a rehab cycle

      But together we can break the cycle

      Marshall…" WHAT! "no one's gonna love you like I do!"

    • Ffs are you having sex with demonic entities? Speak with a priest and do something about it. Sort out yourself now.

    • I meant my post #181 was in reply to post #180 by Whiscious. And see, this showed up at #176 instead of in reply to #181 where it belonged.

  145. "Wide Awake" also heavily references the 'Illuminated Ones' "Enlightened Ones'. .. I also saw overt Biblical references to Lucifer …the Angel of Light and Lies… the Fallen Angel in the Garden of Eden " Falling from Cloud 9.. Crashing from the high…. with the strawberry on the tree.. knowledge of Good and Evil…. Significant Lyrics making fun of Christianity "Yeah, I am born again… Out of the Lion's Den.."

  146. omg thank you VC LOL at the "butterfly picture on her right eye that is VC 101" lmfaooo i agree i am truly WIDE AWAKE and as much i love katy i feel bad for her… VC you're amazing this article i waited for it and is the best i feel like she resembles like britney spears someway i enjoy your articles 😀 on these music videos the "inside" on it great couldnt said it better.

  147. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4NNx2_Tiw4 Here you can see a video at 5:25 of britney in an interview when diane sawyer mentiones the words spazm britney gets in to this weird state trying to talk but then being like stopped and controles she moves to the right saying OH its weird hello? Oh my goddness hello and then look to the camera pointing a finger says STRAWBERRY…and then quickly turn her head away…. weird much??

  148. Oh come on guys didn't you see the alien like eyes of katy when katheryn entered? It was computerized and made to be like E.T this is fake you know huh such pathetic!

  149. VC, wonder if you have ever heard of F. Tupper Saussy? Author of "Rulers of Evil." In his analysis of the Mark of Cain, Cain is required to identify and reveal himself. Thus, the openness, or the self-exposing of Monarch. Practically the entire exposing of the Illuminate. Nothing is really hidden. Except, "hidden in plain site." One just has to have "eyes to see." The loophole here, that Cain is afforded, is that he is apparently allowed to engage Sun-tzu's "blown cover, as cover." This he does regularly. It allows him to blow one cover, and then assume a new one. This Saussy explains in detail, in his chapter "The Thirteen Articles of Military Art." 13, interesting number there. Jim Marrs endorses Saussy work, as did the late Eustace Mullins. Saussy passed on in February of 2007. He was 70. I had regular email communication with him, up until his passing. A Saussy website is still maintained, apparently by his son. A Ph.D university professor. I would consider Saussy's work an expert in interpretation of Kabalah, and all things Gnostic and occult.

    For a different take on all this, in the music industry, have you viewed Dream Theater's "A Rite of Passage." Watch the video, and pay special attention to the lyrics. Keyboardist, Ruddess, a Jew, confirms the song is an expose of Freemasonry. The author and lyricist of the song, Petrucci, is devout Roman Catholic. Also, check out Symphony X, Iconoclast. Entire album an expose of Transhumanism, as is Believer's latest — Transhuman. Leader of band, has a Ph.D in genetics, specializing in cancer research. I also believe the band, Mastodon, has some things to say about the NWO. As does Steve Wilson (Porcupine Tree), and Opeth, among others.

    I'm sorry folks. I have noticed this trend, even more to the present. Pop music is as wimpy in their musicianship, as they are in their message. A fertile ground for perpetual mediocrity. Unfortunately, this is where masses congregate, and thus receive their — programming. Lambs, presented for the slaughter. The bands willing to accept a whole less fame, are the ones of substance.

  150. Anybody notice the Monarch catapillar at the beginning of where she first goes into the maze? It is crawling in a vine on the right side above the archway/entrance.

  151. But what i don't get is, why would her handlers let this video come out and let her write these lyrics

    idk how to explain it but aren't they like suppose not let her do anything and not let her say stuff like her wanting to get out.

      • but why would the record label and her handlers want to release this song obviously saying what it is saying and the video…why would they want to give out this information and like the video is so obvious i showed it to my mom and her now even knowing about this stuff she right away noticed alot of stuff and the meaning of it.

        why would they risk it, its like shes saying she hates the life style she has but they aren't suppose let her say that stuff

        and another thing….artists like rihanna and jay-z seem to love the lifestyle like they make it obvious they like it and they push the agenda so far its as if they love it

        :/ little do they know God has the final word

  152. I think the entire video is creepy and haunting. Not to mention full of monarch mind control imagery.

    I think they lost it….. their mind of course. Perhaps temporary of course. Need to check out panic at the disco I like the group alot but some of their videos are questionable as well. The occultist ellite have put their dirty evil hands all over the music industry for so many years. Just take a look and listen to some of the older music and videos from eras gone by like the { 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's till

    now} i bet it can even go back before the 60's even. It like one big huge gaint satanic occult group destroying the minds and souls of some very talent singers, musicians and song writers. As long as their can be controlled and as long as they continue to follow orders barked at them or given to them through imagery or key trigger words they will be given special treatment. Money,fame, free gifts more money etc. etc. etc. they are so out of it at times that they are completely unware that they are slowly being destroyed from the inside out. Its like alice in wonderland,wizard of oz or disney land 24/7. Like they can't turn it off or turn it down. Unless of course their handlers have them killed off or something else like severe partying with : {drug,alcohol or sex addtion}. In which most preformers do alot of anyway just to numb themsleves from the hard life of touring and other entertaining lifestyle activities. It always party time and turned up loud. Robots without minds always on the go. Green light in the fast lane no stops signs ahead…… until they crash and burn.

  153. This is just more of the same from the same freaks. Once we get past the music industry it only gets scarier, I think about all those horrific crimes we see happening in our formerly civilised societies. Are these people programmed too? And whats the end result of all these crimes… gun control, disarming the populace, and new laws to jail anyone for almost anything. Just how deep does this rabbit hole go??

  154. Satan'sLiesAreR on

    You guys have to consider that if these people really knew about this crap then they'd OPENLY SAY IT. I know you're thinking "oh but they'd be killed" etc etc but all they have to do is take a glance around other's who are saying similar things and figure out that if they all just TALKED about what they SUPPOSEDLY believe then everything would work out fine. They couldn't massively sacrifice 50 sum celebrities that just come up and freaking admit it. I think the point of these videos is to present an "edible secret", as it were. That is to say, the secrets they don't want us to know they won't ever TALK ABOUT, otherwise we'd catch on. Duh? But we as humans love to think we're unveiling some great conspiracy and mystery so they give us little candies to suck on to keep us busy while they commit the REAL atrocities. In fact, I think that's exactly what the strawberry in the labyrinth is meant to symbolize. Consider the lyrics, they are tempting to the ears of those who like to think of themselves as "awake", it's part of the conspiracy culture. So to make a video with all this blatant symbolism, and the eating of succulent fruits within this huge maze is likely an analogy to the game they're playing with the public. If they didn't want us to know about this stuff, they wouldn't be showing it off. So clearly they're trying to program US to be obsessed with this kind of imagery, and then we become no different than the people who sit on their couch and star blankly at the TV… very people conspiracy types often scoff that. It's just a higher, but still low form of sedation. I urge you to live your lives and focus on what they're doing to push the NWO, because whether you're a fan or a hater, you're still spending the same time watching these videos and picking them apart. The virtue here is stop eating the food they're presenting to you, even if you perceive some of the "higher" layers within the messages.

    • this is very interesting what you are saying, im always all stressed out thinking about all this crap when in reality they do it to manipulate the masses but in the other hand people that know about it do nothing but give them the time of day…….its just hard not to think about it because its everywhere and as the days pass more of it is coming out.

      :/ as much as we stress out its happening and people are so ignorant to ever believe it and i don't want to sound negative but they will rule for a time until god saves us.

  155. Satan'sLiesAreR on

    Also, maybe she's pulling a Sarah Connor stunt and is letting the creepy guy lick her face as she stares blankly to throw off the asylum. Maybe the little lady's got a paper clip in her mouth.

  156. Fight Conformity on

    When Kate and little Kate are about to escape the institution, little Kate had her arms up and at 90 degrees angle. Her lower body is blocked by the wheelchair. That reminded me of the "Black Dahlia" death torso pose, which some say resembles Baphomet.

  157. Read her Wikipedia bio, apparently she was first signed to the 'Christain' music label – "Red Hill"…

    I wonder how many other 'Red Hill' artists have back-stories just as dark as Ms Perry…

    So, there's this local Christian radio DJ, see… He calls out Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music as being creepy and spiritually negative. Yet the play lists on his station include Katy Perry and Lady Gaga etc. And he lets his 4 young daughters listen to this garbage!

    Sad but not unbelievable…

  158. In the music video she's wearing both the masonic earrings with the Bahomet head on them and the Christian cross around her neck! That kinda speaks for itself. When she took a bite out of that strawberry, she kinda resembled Eve and the foreign fruit. In the sense that, she made her choice, the only way to escape the maze that she found herself in was to chose the Illuminati. It might just be me, but I think the video is not even a rebellion against Illuminati,more like an embracing of it. She's leaving her old self in the past (potrayed by the small Katy) and becoming the new one.

  159. I JUST saw this today while i was flicking through daily mail. It's an article about Katy Perry looking through the window with a very lifeless expression. The dailymail described it humorously as 'Katy Perry giving her best zombie impression'. But I think this is related to MKA – Mindcontrol.


    Please thumbs this up so everyone can see.

    This is evidence to prove that Mind Control is real amongst superstars

  160. inGodWeMustTrust on

    If you want to listen to music about whats really going on in the music industry, listen to B.O.B's song The Watchers

  161. I knew that Katy Perry had given her soul to the devil, unfortunately, she's taking sooooooooo MANY young kids with her. "What profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?" May you get out of this Satanic Programming Katy before it's too late.

  162. Famousuntainted on

    I dont know if this was stated earlier or if anyone realized but the start of the video is supposed to be here finishing up her "california girls" vodeo which is actually about her initiation into the illuminati, this is her follow up saying she understands what she has done and the only escape from it is distortion of reality, which she realises and wont deny to herself

  163. I think this is way over-exaggerating. It's always about mind control over and over again and it's all over the place. It's about her wanting to get back her Christianity and let go of what she regret and did. Before her fame, she was a Christian and at some point she's showing some signs of change in her. She wants her old life back but difficult for her to get out since she sold her soul to the devil. Let's just pray for her. You may at some point think that I'm under mind control now defending her, but let's just pray for her that she may have the chance to have Jesus again in her life and not just in her wrist, but Jesus' name in her heart. Ya there's Jesus tattooed on her wrist. Lol

  164. I read your article, interesting and well written. I think another thing worth mentioning is how the crucifix was removed by a non-human being (android) claiming that she was possibly infected (manipulation by a handler maybe?). This was a key point in the movie IMHO.

  165. Katy Perry is a Sim now too. A whole Sims 3 "stuff pack" is Kay Perry themed. I don't think this is coincidence. While many music artists have been involved in the Sims franchise, by singing their songs in Simlish for the soundtrack, this is more. She's a symbol of the ultimate manipulate-able toy.

  166. CoincidenceTheorise on

    They are taking the piss now…i've just heard Lady Gaga made a song about princess Diana….haven't seen it yet and i already know its packed with symbolism…i look forward to your review

  167. Lol, I saw a humorous review of this video and it was pretty clear something was off so I went to watch it. When the kid (core personality) gave her something, I was like "I BET IT'S A BUTTERFLY". When she opened her hands and it was a butterfly indeed, I couldn't help but laugh a little at how obvious the symbolism is becoming.

    Your articles always bring more to the table though, so thanks VC.

  168. I think she is trying hard to breaking out of her caged mind..the reason is her teenage dreams every single were at the top of chart list.bt Wild Wake is not so Buzz Killing/succesfull.

  169. I think nobody should be surprised anymore about a mainstream celebrity being part of this illuminati cult/programming. Just STOP supporting these stars, everyone! Don't buy their music and throw the TV in the trash. I have done this 2 months ago and I am feeling much more peaceful than ever before. Because these subliminal messages DO affect our minds, subcontiously, this is outside of our control. There are psychologists employed to mess with our minds via TV, we should not allow them to do this.

    I don't even listen to the radio anymore and read news only occasionely online, because I don't like to be lied to. And I don't have the feeling I am missing out on anything. I only read my alternative sources like VC, the bible and theological books (Luther/Calvin/John MacArthur, Warfield, Pink etc.) and I listen to podcasts from Sermonaudio. That is enough to keep me going through the day.

  170. As soon as I saw this video on TV I could notice all of the different symbolism, the monarch butterflies was sort of obvious, but the bull heads? Seriously? That one made me truly believe in all this programming and illumnati stuff that is in the media.

  171. VC, to a certain extent I think you're leaving out a few points, in the video KP's "alter persona" her as a child, actually helps KP by knocking down the Baphomet masked guards in hospital and assists her in escaping. If you listen to the lyrics its sounds to me like she is realizing the path she has taken in career isn't right, and says "she's wide awake." I don't doubt that the illuminati exists, but rather disagree with your commentary on this video. The guy whom she punches I think represents her handlers, and how she is breaking free away from them. Maybe I'm being too naive here??? At the end, I think that her alter ego(Katy as a child) is able to run free because she has helped by allowing the grown up version of Katy to ultimately wake up and break free of everything. Just my two cents on this video. Again no disrespect intended VC, just a different point of view.

    • I completely agree. After Katheryn guides Katy out of the maze, Katy shows us what's different about her – she's living her own fairytale, not the mind-controller's 'princess + prince charming = happily ever after'. I thought that was probably the greatest message in the video. And of course Katheryn leaves – her work was finished and it was time for Katy to make her own choices again. It didn't totally flip my opinion of her because I knew she's still going to be a egocentric pop star, but this song really stands out on her album and on the whole it has a beautiful video too.

  172. Sweetwilight on

    But I think this video also means that Katy Perry is saying goodbye to the old her (one that has not been controlled yet) because she is now willing to become a puppet. I have the feeling that her next album and her appearance would be dark, just like what happened to Rihanna.

  173. I hope strawberries aren't the forbidden fruit damn I love me some strawberries. Especially off the vine, organic and pesticide free. Guess what in Iraq my country all the food is organic. I also like strawberries with banana you can make it into a smoothie or a milkshake. :-) Good evening and God Bless. Just protecting the rights of my favorite fruits.

    • I like this kind of milkshakes too. Strawberries, bananas, probiotic frozen yoghurt, some freshly squeezed orange juice, honey and a bit of grated ginger.

  174. Idle Minds Are The D on


    This post really describes the reason behind Katy's upbringing into the music industry. Especially the last part about her religious influence.

    And for the people blaming her, as said before, she is a victim. What she does is really all her handlers' doing. So blame them.

    Anyways, poor Perry… or Hudson :s

  175. Shiny Sheldon on

    Does anyone else find it interesting there are so many music videos and movies (like Bourne) where the employee/main character rebels at some point from the mind control?

    Why is it almost always about breaking free of the programming rather than conformity? Especially in Bourne like films. You would hope the individuals recruited by "the company" would understand what they were in for prior to breaking any programming.

  176. The music and the video would be against the illuminati. It's I think letting us see the consequences of being on the media.

  177. they love to show us "how our music stars are made" !!! every artiest has a video with all mind control symbols!!

  178. I like interpretion of user justiceissrvd on youtube, enter: Katy Perry wide awake illuminati. It is similar to this, only one thing is different Katherine is not her core persona, its a decoy., some twisted game her handlers played in her mind., she thinks she's find herself again but its a trap, industry is saying to her: You cant get out. In the end she is wide awake..but trapped

    • Exactly. This fake reflective character is similar to the film Sucker Punch, in which Baby Doll vicariously finds "freedom" through the imaginary alter ego Sweet Pea's "escape," but is really trapped inside a prison of the mind. The difference between Baby Doll and Katy Perry in these contexts, however, is that Baby Doll does not realize she is trapped because she is forced into a perpetual lobotomy state, while Katy Perry is or at least claims to be aware of her situation.

      The truth is, however, she isn't awake. If she were, she would be free in every sense of the word, and she seems to me imprisoned in almost every sense of the word. Not that ANY of us are above her. I have yet to cross paths with a truly enlightened, present human being.

  179. what about the prince charming punched? what is the symbolism?

    Isn't this video supposed to be about love lost?

  180. This song is about the challenges of spiritual awakening. In a sense, that is about reclaiming the control of your mind… but not based upon a mass conspiracy. This is not the work of Satan, this is the work of KP's inner God… and you all have the capability to find it, too.

  181. Don't worry about them. Worry about what will happen to you after you pass away. Their reign is temporary when your life after death is the real deal.

  182. Another very great and informative article! VC has become fixed member in the list of sites I visit daily! I love the clean layout and the explanation that is given to every topic so really everyone can understand it!

    Katy perry, among many other stars, are displayed very well in the following video I found on youtube!

    It shows exactly what these "stars" did to get where they are today, and it sure is disturbing facts!

    The video is called "Welcome to Hollywood – The truth behind the stars", it is a bit long, but I think it is very well invested time, and I can recommend watching it!

    I always knew there was something fishy behind all these so called stars today, but I didn't think that they would be as sick as they apparently are.

    The same author also made a very interesting movie about the Illuminati card game, also worth seeing:

  183. I think the strawberry was representing the"forbbiden fruit". It was growing from a high up branch rather than the ground like actual strawberries. When first arriving in the mental institution she's shown shoving her finger into the strawberry; I think symbolizing sexual abuse/ molestation given that "forbbiden fruit" can also be taken as sexual.

  184. VeronicaAngela on

    Wide Awake-Whole Video

    California Gurls- 0:01 behind the scene of california gurls

    Fireworks- 1:44 theres a fireworks on her chest

    The One That Got Away- 2:05 the young and old Katy

    E.T.- 2:58 The guards looks like floating alien

    Part of Me- 3:33 Katy punches the prince like a man

    Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)- 4:06 That bike looks like from introduction of Last Friday Night

    Teenage Dream- 4:27 she sings Teenage Dream live

  185. The first time I heard this song my first guess was this is probably Katy's 'crying-for-help' song (e.g. Eminem's song 'Not Afraid') because just like the video the lyrics are also a little blatant. At face-value its just sounds a realisation of about getting things wrong and then learning from it but a closer analysis like what most my fellow commenters have already pointed out it says something else.

    Usually I'm bothered by what Katy Perry gets up to but this song caught my attention because from what I hear, this song is on her album that was released 2years ago and I'm thinking "why now? Did I miss something? Is she in/going to be in trouble with her handlers?"

    btw, is that 'Jesus' tattooed on her wrist?

  186. I cannot believe you guys are over analzying this video THIS much, the song is clearly about her divorce and the video is about her actually navagating fame! Katy is the one who bashed Gaga for her Alejandro video, Katy is a christian I usually agree with you, but I'm sorry you missed the mark on this one.

  187. I wonder y she put god in her song if it's like she traded him for all her disgusting clothes and terrible meanings to her some of her songs.:-|

  188. Yes oh Yes VC! when I watched the video I was wondering when your article would be published…Great Job! On point as usual. God Bless you and May God keep us awake and aware! Amen

  189. the video made me very sad, because I love her so much, but I think the song and video represent that she really has noticed her mistakes and is freeing herself. She said she's starting a record label which i think is grand! I think she wants to do her own thing and not be controlled anymore and I think it will work out in the end. Maybe I'm just optimistic, but it seems like she's shedding that part of her life now.

  190. I just gotta say something..

    In one of the verses she said "If I know then what I know now, wouldn't dive in, wouldn't bow down"

    I really think this video is about what she has gone through to be in the music industry (being control, the programming, her ex husband). She realise the apple or whatever it was that she ate was poison and it's because of the baphomet head people.

    What I'm trying to say is that she really is wide awake, she's aware about the illuminati. But that doesn't mean she could get out of it.

    • I agree with you!…. But then I have so many other questions. How was this allowed to be released if it is exposing so much? And how has she woken up? And is SHE really the one thats waking up, or was this another stage set up for her to play for some other intetion? …. Katherine is who matters. Not Katty Perry, Not Lady Gaga either; Stefani

  191. Estamos Juntos on

    The worst about these videos is actually seeing these kids.

    These kids are highly probably mind control victims, so I wonder what they endure, especially being programed to show up for the whole public (being exposed) playing roles like these.

    I feel so much pity and so bad when I see these children.

  192. i think this article would have been better if it were of a comparison nature: butterfly as a symbol of metamorphisis vs. monarch mind control, otherwise it just seems specifically constucted for a conspiratorial assumptive audience. SHould have left it open to the reader instead. As an aside, the centaurs in the hall of the psychiatrict ward could also be interpreted as the entering the 12 house of astrology, which deals with hospitals, prisons, psychiatric institutions,monastaries and the individual vs. the greater whole as part of the wheel personal experience– intentional or accidental who knows. Sure, that the video ends with her seemingly in the same place she started just leaves you unsure if this was an internal change or no change at all. But to a degree i think the idea of this being about monarch programming is giving the creators of the video too much credit, when it's a few minutes of candy land and butterflies and cinderella punching the prince, not really a tour de force. On the other hand, art historians always imbue paintings with greater meaning than the artist intends, to fit the piece in trends of a larger historical context, they know that, and believe it doesn't matter as long as it accords with their larger analytics.

  193. if anything i think it's kinda a pathetic representation of the mish mash of allegories, meaning and archytypes in our culture that makes it all nonsense and leaves all us groping for meaning, despite superficial enactments/performance rituals of enlightenment. Mazes n' strawberries, mirrors n' freddie krugar, 'princes' riding unicorns

  194. Thanks for this infromation, whether it is true or not. There is so much correlation though! This is completely different from all other Katy Perry songs/ music videos. It seems there is a postive aspect or am I wrong? It seems the Illuminati are revealing themselves. WHAT is there intention with this video. When Katy Perry connects with her willpower little girl self it is very inspiring, especially when she blasts the baphomet handelers away. But then it ends where it began. Is this a creation of the Mind Control or is Katy Perry really waking up to her TRUE SELF?? Does she write her songs or have any say in this? Or is she really COMPELTELY a puppet…. Free will is something every soul has. I know te rabbit hole goes really deep. Whose at the top and why are they doing all these mass mind controlling things?

  195. Katy Perry Who am i living for- lyrics-

    Yeah eh yeah yeah

    I can feel a phoenix inside of me

    As I march alone to a different beat

    Slowly swallowing down my fear, yeah yeah

    I am ready for the road less traveled

    Suiting up for my crowning battle

    This test is my own cross to bear

    But I will get there

    It's never easy to be chosen, never easy to be called

    Standing on the front line when the bombs start to fall

    I can see the heavens but I still hear the flames

    Calling out my name

    I can see the writing on the wall

    I can't ignore this war

    At the end of it all

    Who am I living for?

    I can feel this light that's inside of me

    Growing fast into a bolt of lightning

    I know one spark will shock the world, yeah yeah

    So I pray for a favor like Esther

    I need your strength to handle the pressure

    I know there will be sacrifice

    But that's the price

    It's never easy to be chosen, never easy to be called

    Standing on the front line when the bombs start to fall

    I can see the heavens but I still hear the flames

    Calling out my name

    I can see the writing on the wall

    I can't ignore this war

    At the end of it all

    Who am I living for?

    I can see the writing on the wall

    I can't ignore this war

    At the end of it all

    Who am I living for?

    At the end, at the end

    Who am I living for?

    At the end, at the end

    Who am I living for?

    Heavy is the head that wears the crown

    Don't let the greatness get you down

    Heavy is the head that wears the crown

    Don't let the greatness get you down

    I can see the writing on the wall

    I can't ignore this war

    At the end of it all

    Who am I living for?

    I can see the writing on the wall

    I can't ignore this war

    At the end of it all

    Who am I living for?

    At the end, at the end

    Who am I living for?

    At the end, at the end

    Who am I living for?

  196. a mish mash of exploited archytypes that leave the viewer stuck in meaningless only 2 b filled with desire for consumption and want. Several recent articles exist about katie and louboutin shoes and Louboutin has a new publicity stunt of the remake of cinderellas shoes, complete with shining butterflies. The shoes generated over a thousand comments on Louboutin's facebook page of ladies old and young decaing "i waaaant"and "gooorgeous" , makes u want 2 puke. I had never heard of the shoes until the other day and was happy to b such an rube as 2 b oblivious,but now i'm depressed.

    • You reckon? I think it's the similarities regarding the colour of their eyes and the dark long hair. Their facial features are so different though.

  197. "why is Perry shown at sitting on a wheelchair, completely “out of it” inside a health institution?"

    It could be Satanic subliminal messaging…

    Or, maybe it's because Lady Gaga did it in her Marry the Night video. Guys, I seriously doubt this is a Satanic video. To me it just looks like Katy (as she usually does) saw another pop star doing something, and she wanted to do it herself.

    I give you the fact that it is scary, however. Scary that she keeps getting #1 hits by making music with her less than amazing voice.

  198. Ghost Rider on

    When Katy punches Prince Charming in the face and shows her lower child self a heart shaped new path this is symbolizing she dose not need anyone to help her through the labyrinth into the kingdom from freedom of mental slavery and she is selfishly in love with herself. She dose not need anyone but herself to get through the maze, even though we are all connected and all one in the land of mental slavery.

  199. I tend to think of an alternate interpretation of this. I just think there's no way the Illuminati-controlled industry would produce a video/song depicting one of their slaves rebelling from them or trying to break free. I also believe that they probably sell this programming to victims like this as a form of therapy/training to become a superior performer, or elite. Just like people undergo hypnotic therapy for various things, I can imagine handlers telling their future stars that are about to be "made" that all their flaws (stage fright, lack of confidence, etc.) can be overcome through their own secret treatments that are reserved only for such important people (Monarch programming). They probably even explain to them that it requires abuse/torture for one reason or another, but that it's worth it in the end. They probably explain to the victim that they are like a butterfly, who starts out as an ugly caterpillar, but then gets locked in a dark cocoon, but emerges as this beautiful butterfly. I'm just speculating here, but my guess is that when someone is so desperate to become a star, they will do just about anything and naturally would trust the leaders of the industry if they subjected them to this, and if they believed it's a normal thing that most other stars undergo and that they will be better people for it. I'm sure they wouldn't tell the victim that they would essentially become a programmed slave, but that they are simply having their skeletons, fears, and flaws removed with therapy, but that it requires a tough, long dark journey to get there (cocoon stage).

    So my alternate theory is that Katy is actually celebrating her Monarch "metamorphosis" transition, that the dark alter is Katy during her cocoon stage, and that she is Wide Awake after the process is complete and she has become a more enlightened (illuminated) superior person thanks to her Monarch "treatment". She is wide awake to the lies that ordinary ignorant sheeple live by, such as the myth of true love as depicted by the prince charming on the unattainable/mythical unicorn (it's an Illuminati agenda to destroy the family unit by weakening marriage, making fathers/men appear to be bumbling idiots, promote promiscuity and infidelity, etc.).

    Maybe when she's talking about wishing she knew back then what she knows now isn't referring to her trauma/programming, but is her wishing that she was illuminated back then when she was an ordinary naive girl who believed in true love and/or worshipped Jesus, etc. "Need nothing to complete myself" probably means she doesn't need Jesus (her Father is a preacher by the way), and she's "letting go of illusion" of Jesus Christ.

    Anyway, that's just my take on it. I think it's more likely that she's celebrating her wonderful Monarch therapy as a privileged, enlightened, "wide awake" person, as opposed to the theory that the industry would actually produce a video exposing and rebelling against their own agenda.

  200. I hate to say this but the more research I do on unknown artists who are up and coming, I would reach to say that they are too, part of the industry. If you research their family history you begin to find that they come from elite families or families intertwined with masonry or the military industrial complex. Often the time lines of their childhood, where they were are not consistent at all. Like one unknown artists who they were marketing as a free spirit who grew up in the Caribbean on a sailboat, is said to have been in boarding school in the states at about the same time. Parents divorced, another source, not divorced, descendants of nobility. I mean very strange. All of these artists and models were discovered at 15??? Even if they grew up in households with single struggling mothers. It seems naive to think that this is occurring as such high rates. I'm beginning to think, no one is going to be played on the radio unless they are indoctrinated by the Satanic Music Industry. Wreaks of Laurel Canyon.

  201. Dad hit mom as teddy lies on the ground

    Tried to close my eyes

    But the screams were too loud

    I tell Alice to help me I’m cold

    She showed me the rabbit hole

    She told me to run

    Over the rainbow like Dorothy sung

    Men in black ties invited me over

    Somehow they knew the things that I told her

    They told me they’d help

    But they whispered never to tell

    On the other side of the rabbit hole

    I was in hell.

    The devil whispered evil deeds

    On TV Disney blinked

    While Priests sit in churches full of greed

    And the men in black ties own everything

  202. Does she not have any hope to get out of this satanic worship? I thought WIde awake would clear the path for her.

  203. OK this is my point of view right when I saw this video. I might be wrong but here it goes:

    What I think this video means is Katy really wanting to be a "star" so she gave all she got (with an open heart) & she didn't know what she was getting herself into when she did it because all she wanted to be was being famous. Then she said not everything is what seems like, when she says that it seems like she means being famous looks like it is awesome & it's the life & everything when in reality its not because you're not even yourself anymore. I don;t know if u guys noticed she has "Jesus" tatted on her wrist & she even says God knows IDK what… & the little girl is not her anymore that's why she says bye to her that's who she WAS. She is already trapped & that's why she says "now its too late the story is over now, the end." She thought it was the best at first & now she's falling from cloud 9 & by saying shes wide awake is saying that now she knows what she got herself into & she tried to get out of it even God knows but there;s nothing she can do.

  204. May I remind everyone that we are called to pray for this young woman. There is always hope in Christ Jesus and He is stronger than any monarch programming or mind control. He controls the controllers. Let us pray.

  205. I kind of noticed something. when she is in the hospital looking place. she sort of looks at the little girl when she is approaching the two bulls. she does not look up all the way though and thats when her hand starts trembling. i think she is afraid to face those two and thats why she refuses to look up. little katy though has the strength to go forward and fight them and thats when katy finds the strength to run away from them.

  206. This video was made because it's the last single for Teenage Dream, try checking the comments on the video you will see the true meaning, It really annoys me that some people think this way, all negative and bad. She wrote this for her movie and part of it for Russell Brand. There is no hidden meaning in her music video, its all just pure entertainment people. peace/

  207. Ok, well i gotta say what i think and i think this song is more driven to her recent relationship with Russell Brand and how she is using her dream to overcome everything. Her parents are Christians and I do beleive that she was raised with good values and once you get to know Jesus Christ he will remain in your heart. Yes, she is famous and a popstar, and probably must of the things she does are not good in front of God eyes but we are nobody to judge her. I beleive her label is the one behind all this weird symbolism of the video but im quite sure that for her the meaning of the song is a totally different thing… nothing to do with recruiting the youth for satan or whatever..

    I just wanted to give my opinion and I know there are people who think the same way I do. Is not her is the label.

  208. Isn't it ironic that the song is called, "Wide Awake" but Perry herself is still sleeping as with the many who don't know the dark meaning behind this music video of mind control?

    Good thing the few of us that are aware of this thanks to VC are the ones who are actually WIDE awake.

    This definitely inspires me to not just stay vigilant but also like I said before as stated by VC…be TRULY WIDE AWAKE!

  209. I know this comment will get a lot of dislikes for being in the minority, but I think everyone should be able to freely share their opinion. This article is paranoia! Yes, this video has symbolism but name one piece of art especially lyrics and poetry that doesn’t! The symbolism though, is not what the author states. Wonderland and such symbolize an escape for those who think or are different; it’s a place where they can be themselves without fear. For an example in Wonderland people who support idea different from that of the Crown (as in old Britain) can share them without persecution. But yes, then in places like Never Land, Wonderland, Narnia eventually the protagonist discovers it’s not perfect, but that generally symbolizes how you can’t ignore your problems forever and run away, you must face them. This is something in literature a lot because it’s a concept many people have experienced not because it’s “Monarchy thinking.” Same with butterflies and mirrors. Generall,y butterflies symbolize freedom a character wants to obtain (in this video it seems to be from her marriage falling apart, and the attention the media put on it.) And mirrors symbolize the real you, taking a look at yourself, seeing what you want to change. Sorry, this got so long but I appreciate if anyone actually took the time to read it and try and see my opinion. I don’t believe I know everything but as a huge reading nerd and as someone who changed their major from poetry, to criminal law, to psychology; I have a pretty good idea of what I’m talking about.

  210. Let's just hope that this 'mind-imprisoned'victims snap out of it….Although they may have the fame,they would not have the freedom to truly express themselves through their music

  211. Sopraltenass13 on

    So, I was searching a querie on wether any one else had heard a weird chord played while she sings at the end and google brought me here. (does anyone else hear it? )

    Coincidentally, I was listening to the song while I was directed to this page. But, when I attempted to open the page, my phone stopped playing the song… I restarted it.

    Again, the same effect.

    I was somewhat weirded out so I didn't restart it, and I proceeded to read the article.

    I'm now afraid for her bc she's 27 years old now. Wide Awake has been publicised as her "last single".

    I feel this song is a cry for help from her. She has decided to break free, but in her situation, there may be a huge price to pay. Anyone else smell a sacrifice coming before October? (thats when she'll be 28.)

    Please pray for her y'all.

  212. I actually don't think that Katy Pery is part of the Illuminati gang, and I don't think she is busy with selling her soul to the devil. I believe Katy's believes are in God.

    • n1 joke … she sold soul to the devil !

      she is part of the Illuminati

      btw look at her earings in Wide Awake 😉

  213. Hi Vigilant Citizen!! or may I say: Hola Vigilante Ciudadano 😀 !! (as in Spanish) I must say that you are just freaking awesome. You are literally an "eye-oppener" with all of the analysis you carry out about Monarch Programming and the Occult Symbolism found in today's media. Thanks for everything, I wish more people realize about this stuff and the impact that the elites's agenda is taking over our daily lifes. Regards from Mexico locoooo!!!

  214. Bobby Fisher Man on

    @Rebel army guard the border …. good luck, hopefully they don't sacrifice your ass. You also need to know Masons are Luciferian practitioners. But you already know it all, right? save it.

  215. I was wondering when she obtains 'power' to push the two enclosing walls away and relseases a ball of lightning after consuming a strawberry, I felt as if she exchanged her soul (the ball lightning) for power (the ability to push away the walls) by consuming strawberry (which could be a ritual). Does anyone thinks this as well?

  216. Perhaps I should take a closer look at this. The mirror scene is similar to one that occurred in Nightmare On Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors, a movie I was personally involved with behind the scenes with I was 16. The main differences were the floor did not give way and the "false prince", who came later, actually killed the heroine.

  217. It seems to me that she is breaking free as her core persona blasts the evil horned guys away. I am thinking perhaps Russell Brand had convinced her to become part of the and illumanati and now they have broken up she is free.

  218. I do get what VC is saying about the MV, but not all of it suggests that theres evil in it. Katy Perry is a bad example to use to describe what I'm trying to say but if you keep trying to see the evil in almost everything. How do you keep an open head over the other things you observe? just an opinion I've had for a while.

  219. So I was watching the "Making of Wide Awake" and at 7:40 Katy says, "There's some symbolism on my dress…." and then goes on to say "There's a lot of symbolism you gotta just kinda catch it, we're trying to put a lot of subliminal things in there too". Besides this comment it seems like each time she goes on to say something about a specific scene she doesn't fully explain everything behind it.. she just kind of pauses and goes on to make a vague statement about a specific scene and how it relates to her life… creepy! (here's the video!)

  220. Also, pause on 8:11 on the video…. it pauses right on her saying "Welcome to day 2" as she puts up her 2 fingers it creates a one eye symbol for a split second.

  221. You forgot the nice looking guy that she punched. The guy represents a demon that first appears fresh and handsome, but katy saw who he really was and punched him.

  222. I don't care what you people have to say about monarch mind control or programming. I just like this video, and that's all. We all ready have so many other videos with nasty content, that I personally don't like. I don't see anything wrong with this one.

  223. This video was extremely clear to what the message here is… nothing to really analyze its pretty obvious.

    All I can say is, I still think its great she is at least talking about it- regardless of the MK programming video… I still like the message behind the songs lyrics – I still think its positive.

  224. I wanna know whats the meaning of the video, I know Katy doesn't do the video so, why the people how control she does this video?.What they wanna communicate to us?Katy really know that she is under a monarchmind control?

    Well this is what I understood after read this:

    1) I understood that from the beginning when she is in the labyrinth she has the opportunity to scape but she falls into a tramp eating the strawberry, so there's when little Katy (Katherine) comes if you look her right hand you can see a butterfly ring, so i think that she is part of the monarch mind control too

    2) Then we Katy is in the wheelchair you can see a katy with any class of symbol around her, she is actually free, but she can even move because she is in shock for scape form the monarch control , then you can see how Katherine, a little girl, defeat two big mens, and then they scape, I think all is planed so Katy can trust on Katherine and follow her,and don't take her really way; then when they leave that place, you can see butterflies on Katy's head,that means that she still under they control;but isn't to strong like before; then she think that from the moment that she leave the health institution she was free, but she's under they control again,with the help of Katherine, then Katherine gives Katy a gift before leave, and when Katy see what is she understand that all was planned is she's still under their control.

    PD: Sorry for my English u_u

  225. Has anyone else considered looking at it the other way around? All these symbols and illuminate signs could represent who she has been and associated with, the darkness. When she sees herself as a little girl, she remembers how innocent she was. She needs her younger self to survive. When she is in the wheelchair she is so overwhelmed with the dark life she has been living, and when her younger self walks up to the guys with bull heads (also a sign) and stomps on the ground, that is a sign of her breaking free from the darkness. She becomes wide awake and realizes what she had become. That's just my thoughts when I watched the video.

  226. It's a shame that she is a part of this, I actually like her! I'm just glad real musicians are safe to listen too, like Kelly Clarkson and Sara Bareilles

  227. I really hoped that this song was her breaking out of the controlling. That was what I thought the first time I listened to it. bummer it's not

  228. This review is sort of off…it seems as if you are a victim of mind control. It's a flash picture of her life. What gave me this idea is that when she punched the guy, it reminds me of her divorce with her ex-husband.

  229. The gift of a butterfly from her "true self" to her older self at the end means this*:

    1) it was her true self that always wanted stardom, that originally chose/initiated the whole process she later tried to escape. Her journey brought her back to herself and allowed her to remember, accept, and embrace what she had become as her own, rather than something put upon her by malevolent outsiders.

    2) Yes, the butterfly is a symbol of Monarch MC, but it has lots of other value, most notably that of transformation/metamorphosis, especially from something ordinary to resplendent, lower to higher.

    So I think this gift means the child in her planted the seed that lead to her metamorphosis away from her natural, "ordinary" true self into something else, perhaps higher/more beautiful though, again perhaps, only externally so….

    What do you think everyone?

    *Just my opinion, but I feel pretty sure of it, so boldly stating as fact.

  230. The strawberry could be reference to when Brittney had her breakdown with Diane Sawyer…she was saying "eewe strawberries" and making gross faces. It probably has to do with a mind control technique.

  231. the Illuminati are a bunch if ugly human wankers and societies rejects really they should all be hunted and whacked this year they are vicious cruel sick weirdo front men from governments enjoying providing entertainment that profitable for you to all gobble up.
    make this the year the government get the message that their fucking shit won't be tolerated,
    they're just raising money for their black budget outer space and UFO development and weapons programs to kill us all with.
    bet Katy and all the other artists donate a hefty whack of their earnings to raise funds for this.

  232. As a survivor of MK and SRA programming and abuse these pictures trigger me but this breaks my heart, too. I am praying for her :)

  233. ill try to be as shorter as i can.

    – ˝Katy is doing what is expected of her in front of the cameras.˝

    the first scene on the ˝cloud˝ symbolize her fluffy-fake reality that she lived till awakening
    ˝Falling from cloud nine˝ – realizing the fake happiness that she have.

    ˝Her core persona.˝ lets not call it like that. Lets call it a spirituality.

    – ˝The fact that little Katheryn’s reflection does not appear in the mirror emphasizes the fact that the girl is not real, but a part of Katy’s psychology.˝


    The fact that little Katheryn’s reflection does not appear in the mirror emphasizes that she is her spirituality, contrary to EGO that has reflection, spirituality doesn't …

    Its about her AWAKENING, self-awareness

    I don't get why is hard to understand this video without too much symbolism and shit.

    i have more disagreement with this article but im tired and no one would read this so whats the point

  234. OMG! The labyrinth scene was taken straight out of the movie The Labyrinth with David Bowie! Even the caterpillar dude is there! Talk about the entertainment industry using the same symbolism/story everywhere.

  235. Youtube is my favorite place to listen to unsigned artists from all over across the world that sometimes is so much better than the famous ones:)

  236. I think the little Katheryn is symbolic of God. She tries to lead Katy away, but Katy resists and gives up her light to the dark one. Katheryn rides off saying Goodbye because there is no hope for her now. She made the wrong choice and God will not be helping her out of this one. Prince Charming is the devil. I think she's still struggling with the loss of her soul, but she knows now that what's done is done, and all she can do now is continue on (but at least knowing it all now and not needing to be controlled anymore.) maybe she has graduated to a different tier in the organization?

  237. youdonthavetoknow on

    It's actually really sad. This song is about how she was tricked (bitting in a strawberry) and she started to be under the mind control. She wants to escape from it with her real persona, and when she is successful, her real persona leaves her and she's at the beginning. I hope that she will find the way to escape from mind control and illuminati :/

  238. The way you break down these videos, makes me wonder if they are a catalogue for those in the know. i.e. anyone who is apart of this world and wants to use Perry for their own devices could look at her work, see more details which pertains to them in order to trigger her while she's in her presence.

    I also wonder if this song alludes to the time during her break up with Russel Brand.

  239. I watched the behind the scenes of this video, and the director even said himself that the scene with the mirrors was like "Alice in wonderland."

    It's 2013 and symbolism is getting more and more blunt and in your face YET PEOPLE STILL CALL US CRAZY?! I freaking want to punch someone because I'm like "It's right there! It's in your face!" Yet they still doubt…this world is so messed up.

  240. Great post! I would like to add something that I couldn't help but notice. Katy's hair is violet-colored. If you look up the meaning of the color violet, you will notice that its meaning goes hand in hand with what you are talking about here. The color violet is the color of imagination and spirituality. It relates to the fantasy world, and a need to escape from the practicalities of life. It is the daydreamer escaping from reality. But all in all, it is the color of people seeking spiritual fulfillment. Nothing could be more true in Katy's case.

  241. All of the actors arent actually a part of the elite or illuminti. they are just puppets controlled by them. in the end theyre disposable. Also "selling your soul" I think is a relative term. I think when a lot of these people come into the industry that are wet behind the ears, they are approached and pretty much given an ultimatum. Something along the lines of this is how we do things and if you're with us then you'll be rich and famous, blah blah blah.. If not then we have the power to make sure never get signed, picked up, noticed, ect… Petty much and extreme case of black balling a person.

    At least that's my take on how it works. I'm sure there are many that are actually mind controlled but for the majority that just come to the game looking for fame and fortune or a quick buck its hard for them to turn down the quick route to "glamour".

  242. Whether you are a member of the illuminati or not, the point remains that the wages of sin is death, so you might not be into all this illuminati things (assuming that is what it is truly called) but if you steal, tell a lie and so on you are still committing a sin and are liable to God's wrath unless you repent

  243. Some of the things Katy says in the making of wide awake video (search youtube):

    "Zoe, who is the little girl in the music video, she's kind of like, my innocence, she's past me"
    "She may be kind of a symbolic of the innocence i've lost along the way"
    "She is trying to lead me back to, a better place, and lead me out of, the labyrinth."
    "There´s some symbolism on my dress, there's a lot of butterflies, probably because i will evolve"
    "There is a lot of symbolism, you have got to just kind of catch it"
    "We are trying to put a lot of subliminal things in there too"

  244. Oh my goodness, I would have never knew. However, I did feel a sense of eeriness when I saw 'Wide Awake'. How horrible! There are actually such happenings creeping without our knowledge. I wonder what other horrible things are going on in this world?

    Thank you so much for this article. Now, I'm more aware. Please post more articles like this.

  245. Stefanie Farren on

    I really enjoyed the video and song. The images are common transformation images used by many more than MK Ultra or Illuminati. Understanding where she was coming from did help! I highly recommend you do research before assuming or labeling based upon a fixed idea. All of the images are not owned by any one group of people : )
    I have memories that are MK Ultra based from childhood and look into and spend a lot of time reading from all perspectives. and as Freud might say….sometimes a cake is just a cake. (or a cigar a cigar)

  246. Ryan J. Knight on

    The butterfly is also an ancient Christian symbol of rebirth, and I believe Katy knew this in order to fool her handlers since in that last scene she punches the fake Prince Charming which means she is aware of who, what, and where she is. Holding the butterfly, which her handlers will interpret as her 're-accepting' the mind control can also function dually as her keeping Christ with her in order to protect herself from their occult mind control – a wolf in sheep's clothing – another play on imagery and symbolism – since for them she would be their enemy sans programming.


  247. I believe she regrets her decision, but she can only ever leave illuminati by leaving the music industry, we should pray for her she is another innocent soul getting kicked around by illuminati.

  248. So on one hand, the government denies all knowledge of such programs, and on the other hand, it spends millions making references to it in popular culture for …. what reason exactly?

  249. I've just watched the 20 minute 'making of' video for wide awake on Katy's VEVO channel. While it explains some part of the video there are a lot of parts that Katy herself all but confirms are sinister. She says there is a lot of 'symbolism' and 'subliminal' elements to the video. It's well worth a watch. I was very shocked by some of what she said. She implied that she went into a mental institution/hospital at some point during that year.

  250. The strawberry would represent both the heart and the pineal gland, the true inner core, beyond personality, which is kept under control by the rest of the programming…

  251. Maybe I'm slow, because I saw the video for the first time today,- hence I went running over to see if VC roughly matched my interpretation, which it largely did- but it seems as though she sees the monarch mind control aspect as a very traumatic workplace experience (hence just as the video begins, she's wrapping up; the rest carries over from night to midnight to the next morning, as she "frees herself", it starts over.)

  252. Very interesting analysis. However, all butterflies represent FREEDOM! Katy may be a slave to the music industry, but she has the power and freedom to leave it at anytime. I think this song has a great deal to do with her relationship and thereafter break up with her druggie husband. Great song and video with so so so much profound meaning!!!! Just loVe her!!! Bevin mcmanus

  253. The thing that disturbed me the most was the hypnotic-eyes hedge cat… towards the end it turns to stare creepily at Katy and Katheryn while they "escape" and neither of the girls notice. Even without knowledge of the Illuminati, that scene alone should creep viewers out…

  254. As weird as this may sound it seems very likely, please bear with me on this. I believe Katy Perry has duplicates or "doubles."I believe this because I know of a woman that has told me she is katy perry (over xbox live) and actually told me that she isn't the only katheryn Elizabeth Hudson. For years me and 2 of my closest friends have been talking to this woman and she has told me of very strange things such as; when she was born she was captured by Russians and taken to some type of prison or complex of some type. She was held in a cell and constantly raped, tortured, and put through grueling military exercises DAILY (if you could even call them that..) along side other children around her age. One of the things she mentioned was that she denied to get raped by an officer so she was hung up by a part of her body on a hook. Only the strongest of the children survived that place. So that part of her early childhood sounds mostly like this monarch programing. to me it seems that all the torture and unrelenting negativity + taking her from birth just points to them trying to make her become dissociated from reality in a way. And it worked. I noticed it from day 1, although I never knew what monarch programming was until today. But she has always seemed disconnected in some way, lacked emotion, and she became so close to me and my friends that we couldn't ever leave her side (over a mike on xbox live :P) without her saying everything you could think of to make us stay. It ranged from suicide (she hated herself) to her just needing someone there for her AT ALL TIMES until she fell asleep. But there's so much more to this and I'm off track, but after she passed their test at the Russian facility they let her go, but I don't believe she trully was free. She said more than that like she went on to do contract killing for the Russians (out of her own free will, but im sure her will wasn't her own anymore) she also hacked satellites for the Russians. After a while she went to the US and met an 'Amazing Man' named John and traveled homelessly around America and somewhere along the way she met Katy Perry in California. She became good friends with Katy and soon after John died in a car accident, after her 'true love' died she was offered a new life basically, by Katy. This means that she would have to look just like katy perry, sing in concerts, create song ideas and all that jazz. ( she says that "the one that got away" was made for John by her sometime after becoming katy perry.) So some of the best surgeons in China (she built good relationships with them in her killing days) turned her into a duplicate of katy perry. That is all she has told me. She said that I can never tell anyone and constantly told me to keep all this a secret. It's so believable to me because the tone of voice she had and how sincere she trully sounded. Also she didn't tell me this in one day, it took a few years of constantly speaking to this woman day in and day out for her to tell me all this (all I said here isn't even the full story, oh! And she's said that she sings with a sparkly mike and the real katy sings with a rainbow one.. I think..) plus becoming her boyfriend helped.. But that's besides the point. The point is that I highly believe that there is 2, if not more, mind controlled Katy Perry's and I'm just trying to share something that I couldn't previously share with anybody.. Honestly I feel almost liberated by letting this secret out. I wish i could tell you all everything shes ever told me because it would become very obvious why i believe this to be true, but my memory doesnt serve me well(I was in 5th grade when this started and 10th was when I stopped speaking with her for I believe she was breaking my very soul and I couldn't go on with my emotions crumbling and my real life fading..) so i only remember the key details.. i apologize.. Ok I think I covered the gist of it. I believe she is a double for katy perry, she was brainwashed and she has a broken or controlled spirit or 'will' whatever you wish to call it. But I'm not to sure of some other things she has told me.. such as some spiritual things and supposed tech and weaponry in her basement that seems plausible but highly unlikely (but that's not what I'm trying to say here, I guess I'm just trying to help solidify through writing what she has told me and hopefully nobody thinks I'm crazy or that I'm dumb for writing all this out. Whether you care about what i say or not isn't my concern. I almost feel like a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders because I'm sharing this information with the public, so please if your going to shit on me then go to your toilet and do so. Thank you. XD )

  255. (Read my other comment before this one or you will just call me crazy, or you might just do so none the less.. ) Things I remembered after already writing everything out:

    1. While on the mike with this woman she would get 'attacked' and force me and my friends to worry and feel afraid for her. I can't tell for sure whenever these instances happened but she might have been faking it just for our reactions.. (part of me thinks she's an evil 4D reptilian that feeds off of negativity. Go ahead and call me crazy, but these reptilians exist and yes they do everything they can to cause fear, anxiety, pain, worry or anything negative because they feed off these emotion. Some could call them a Demon.)

    2. She claimed to know a lot about ghosts and the afterlife, and she has had numerous encounters with dark entities while me and my friends are talking to her.

    3. Ok ok I went off topic.. She has told me and my friends about music videos and songs from Katy Perry before they came out. (and claims to have written some of them such as: waking up in vegas, the one that got away, and supposedly she made Teenage dream as a song for me because around that time it came out she was telling me she wanted to give her body to me sexually.. lol its pretty funny now that I think back on it.. )

    3. She always had a +1. Meaning that just when I thought I knew every bizarre detail about her something new and even more bizarre came out of her mouth. The last thing I remember her telling me ( wich is undoubtedly the most bizzare) is that she is some type of forest queen or some mystical god of nature.. Yeah.. But the odd thing is that she was so sincere about every weird thing she had to tell me and if I didn't believe her she would just stop talking about it, change the subject and would feel bad and it's not like these were lies that she would say and forget because when i mention something she's said to me from a long time ago she will tell me the same thing and explain it again. She was very consistent with what she considered true and what happened in her life leaving me to think she is being honest.. but the thing is that i can't trully tell if she was being honest or not.. and since i couldn't trully tell it left me to battle myself Daily always feeling like she is telling the truth, but on the other hand dealing with the fact that she could be lying and that it's just so unreal..

    4. 2 of my friends to this day still continue to speak with this woman. (I have plans to speak with her again, but next time I speak with her I won't be bending my knee to her. I have become so much more spiritually in – tune and wiser. I will also point out that katy perry is indeed mind controlled and a part of the illuminati. I'm actually really intrigued to hear what she has to say about that seeing as how she claims to be katy perry's double)

  256. No need to fear the perceived Evil in this world. All this animal head wearing mask stuff is just a symbol of our own animal minds that we evolved through our animal heritage.

    Know the truth about life—that you can check with your own eyes—Google Search *Truth Contest* and open up (The Present). It's all there freely available to anyone who wants to know.

  257. One question though….why show these symbols constantly…its like an invitation to the truth which they want to hide…

  258. what I still do not know: WHY do 'they' show this to us? why do they make videos/songs/movies with these symbols? I drag my brain for nothing. I just cannot strike out with an idea what all this is good for, if true. Anyone?

  259. Im mind controlled too..Owner Fashion on the edge(all illuminati work). and yes the illuminati is real
    For more info send me an email.

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