Fjögur Píanó, a Viral Video About Monarch Mind Control?


The viral video Fjögur Píanó has been viewed several million times, but not many understand what it is truly about. While there is a great deal of mystery about the video, one thing is certain: There is a lot of mind control symbolism in the video. We’ll look at the hidden meaning behind Fjögur Píanó.


Watching Fjögur Píanó is a strange experience. There’s Shia Leboeuf and some girl naked, there’s weird piano playing in the background and a whole lot of butterflies. There’s some dancing, some fighting, and lollipops with little scorpions inside. What the hell is going on? And why? I won’t claim that this article will fully decode this head-scratcher, but a lot of its symbolism strongly hints towards a specific concept: Monarch Mind Control. While this video is unique and original (unlike many of the videos analyzed on this site), it nevertheless contains many classic elements of Monarch mind-control symbolism (if you are unfamiliar with Monarch Mind Control, read the article entitled Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control first). When these symbols are decoded, the story starts to make a little more sense and an underlying message begins to surface

Fjögur Píanó is part of the series of videos accompanying the new album from the Icelandic band Sigur Rós. The band asked a dozen filmmakers to each choose a song from its album, Valtari, and shoot a video inspired by the music. All the directors received the same $10,000 budget and “zero instructions from the band”.  Probably due to its high profile cast and unexpected nudity, Fjögur Píanó quickly became a viral sensation, garnering media attention and millions of views across the web.

The video was directed by Alma Har’el, an Israeli filmmaker, who is known for directing music videos for several bands, as well as TV spots for Obama’s first presidential campaign in 2008. Contrarily to her TV commercials, Har’el’s work for Fjögur Píanó is strange, disturbing and difficult to comprehend. While it is somewhat impossible to extract a coherent narrative from the video, understanding some of its symbolism helps make sense of it. While some might interpret the video as being about difficult relationships, there are elements that seem to allude to something deeper and more disturbing. For example, why are there “outside people” controlling the main characters’ environment? Let’s look at the scenes of the short video.

Dazed and Confused

Right from the start, it is evident that the couple featured in this video is very confused, not in control of their destiny and trapped in a very restrained world.

The couple wakes up dazed and confused in a room that used to have frames hanged on the wall.

Shia and his girlfriend (played by Denna Thomsen) wake up with all kinds of bruises and marks on their bodies, but they do not seem to remember why. Obviously, a lot of abuse and violence happened to them the day before.

After waking up, Shia sees tally marks on Denna’s back, similar to those used by prisoners to count days behind bars. This suggests both individuals are in a state of forced confinement, and the “prison” is apparently their own bodies.

The couple then engages in a choreographed dance that alludes to sexuality mixed with dominance and violence.

While dancing, Shia and Denna are wearing each other’s clothes. In Mind Control, the occult concept of the union of opposites is extremely important and used during programming. Are Shia and Denna actually two sides of the same person?

At the end of the dance, Shia and Denna perform a symbolic gesture: They “remove” their faces with their hand and then “let them go”. The concept of removing faces or masks is used in actual mind-control programming to represent the removal and subsequent replacement of the core persona with alter personas. In the context of the video, there is a definite sense of the loss and confusion of identity between the two. They might even be two opposite sides of the same person.

The Handlers

After the dance, two strange dudes enter the room and give the couple suspicious-looking lollipops with scorpions inside. Since scorpions are known to be venomous insects, there is a reason to believe that these lollipops aren’t simply pieces of candy but most probably mind-altering drugs, such as those used in mind-control programming. The couple eagerly sucks on these lollipops, indicating that they are helplessly addicted to them.

Distracted by the candy given by his handlers, Shia doesn’t seem to realize that he is being blindfolded and taken for a ride.

Simply by blowing on them, the handlers are able to get the couple to go where they want it to go. The fact that no physical contact is necessary to control the couple implies that it is all about … mind control.

While the handlers are taking the couple to another location, the camera focuses on an image featuring the one-eye sign along with a hole in a heart – symbols associated with and used in Monarch programming.

The couple is ushered into a car where they take a “virtual” ride, with one of the handler in the driver’s seat.

The car is not moving but images projected on a screen give the impression they are going to exotic places. This is reminiscent of the concept of dissociation in mind control, the process of causing the mind control subject to disconnect from reality, mentally transporting somewhere without ever actually moving.
In another scene, there isn’t even a car.  In other words, it is all about illusion. The “ride” is actually happening in the minds of the victims and the handlers (in MK, handlers are often under mind control as well).
Inside the car, the couple is completely obsessed with the lollipops, licking them in a lascivious and sexual way. The animal prints on Shia’s clothing and inside the car hint to Beta (also known as Sex Kitten) Programming. In this type of programming, MK slaves are often given libido-inducing drugs.

Back in the Room

After the psychedelic ride, the couple is taken back to their room. The empty walls are now filled with frames containing dead butterflies, a sight that visibly disturbs the couple. After the buzz of the drugs, harsh reality settles in and the couple appears to have a rare moment of lucidity.

Shia is extremely concerned about the butterflies on the wall. These are not there simply for mere decoration – they represent something dark in profound. Perhaps they remind them of their state of mind control?

The couple then gets sexy and sensual, but Shia appears to be obsessed with a specific face, which he draws on Denna’s body. He then draws the face on cardboard.

Unmistakable with his shiny third eye, Shia drew the face of his handler on Denna. Is she a creation of his handler?

As if to confirm the fact that Denna is a split from Shia’s personality created by his handlers, Denna immediately shows what she truly is.

Denna takes a butterfly frame from the wall and shows it to Shia, as if saying “Look, this is what is happening to us. We are under mind control!”.

Shia then appears extremely confused, going from tears to laughter to anger. Obviously not happy about whatever Denna has told him, he breaks the butterfly frame. At this point, Denna apparently disappears and Shia is alone with himself – another hint pointing to the fact that she’s part of his split personality. He then does something that is found in almost every single mind-control themed video:

Shia breaks a mirror, a symbolic image that represents his attempt to break from his programming. If you’ve read other articles on this site, you know that this gesture is almost inevitably found in fiction relating to mind control.

After destroying his room, Shia turns finds his girlfriend again (or the opposite side of himself) and starts hitting her.

As the couple fight, a scene shows a porcelain doll being broken with blood coming out of it. In mind-control programming, slaves are often depicted as dolls or puppets, which represent their powerlessness against their handlers.

After the fight, Shia adds a tally mark on Denna’s back – another day as a mind control slave. Exhausted, they fall asleep.

Shia sleeps next to the same butterfly he woke up with. Despite all of his efforts, he is still under Monarch Programming.

The handlers then come into the room to clean it up and to remove the frames from the wall, leaving it in the same state it was the morning before. The couple then wakes up in the same way they did before, with the same bruises and scars. They start another day in the never-ending, mind-numbing loop that is the life of a mind-controlled slave.

In Conclusion

Fjögur Píanó is a cryptic and strange video that has been described as a “dream sequence without a narrative” by some critics. However, by decoding some of the video’s symbolism, we discover that there is a story being told, one that is told in a very figurative fashion. The “official” explanation of the video states that it is about a difficult relationship and the many butterflies represent “beautiful things that die fast”. While this might explain some aspects of the video, there are other elements that cannot be ignored. The couple is obviously living in a state of virtual imprisonment, where every aspect of their lives are manipulated by outside forces: Shia and Denna’s living environment is controlled and modified by the handlers; they are drugged, blindfolded and forcibly taken on weird, dissociative trips; and their attempts to break free are useless. In short, the couple is utterly powerless versus the world around them – the only thing they can do is add another tally mark on Denna’s back.

In a somewhat hip, artistic and fashionable matter, Fjögur Píanó tells the story of mind-control slaves. While many have applauded the video’s “genius”, most have not understood its underlying meaning. In the end, viewers watching the video are like the couple in Fjögur Píanó: Taken for a ride, without any idea where they are being taken.


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A lot of you are saying that this isn't 'art'. And Shia is just another one of 'them'. Of course you can interpret it that way…I just feel, that you all should keep in mind that this VERY WELL could be about Shia speaking out AGAINST the Illuminati. Have you guys not noticed his lack of big budget films. You don't hear much about him nowadays. I don't think that it's a coincendence that he appeared in this ARTISTIC, BEAUTIFUL, video. Yes, I call it those things because it is just that. Is it tragic? Of course. But amazing nonetheless. It shows what this world is like. It is real. It is flinchingly real. And that is beautiful. Shia's performance was beautiful. I think you all should give SOME stars more credit. Some must realize the evil intentions of the industry. Some, being few. But I do think Shia is… Read more »
My heart is aching. I love Shia LaBeouf! I grew up watching Even Stevens and I feel a sort of kin towards him! Before I knew anything about the corrupted world of the entertainment industry and Disney's part in it I was so happy to see him appear again in Transformers, years after he disappeared after Even Stevens and Holes. Then I kept hearing how he was getting in trouble with the law and it saddened me. After watching this video I feel like I know what happened…maybe he knew something that all of us here, reading VC's articles are becoming aware of. He was most likely exposed to this horrible, evil side of the industry and he probably acted out against it! I feel like crying thinking about it! This video is him taking part in something to either explain what he went through, what he knows those around… Read more »

Videos like this are sickening but educational. Thx for writing about this!

The woman says to him "Look! LOOK! What do I have to do to get you out of here?!" Meaning the room that he's boxed in, and also the picture frame, so the butterfly in that specific picture frame, the one he wakes up to, is him as well. I think they are definitely the same person. I also felt that the two of them represented the masses as well, showing we are all mind control victims, and we don't even know it. We've all been beta programmed–we are a highly over-sexualized people in whom have been instilled this insatiable need for sex not just for sexual gratification but emotional gratification–if we engage in sex, if people have sex with us, then it means we are wanted, and we try to fill our emptiness with sexual pleasure, the same way Betas do. While the girl is obviously talking to Shia,… Read more »
WOW after spending all day reading up on this topic, i decided to watch the video first before reading the article and BOY am i freaked out now. esp. after being reminded that he just recently was in a video with a similar topic. this video is just full with symbolism, and it was interesting to read this well written article, it didn't occur to me that she was one of his alters, but on second viewing it makes total sense. i'm still wondering about the china horse, it feels like it's significant this video is the quintessence of what i've been reading about all day, it's crazy. btw. no one mentioned the knob of the car being a dice black and white .. duality Btw., i kept waiting for the lyrics to start, maybe because there aren't any, it is a powerful story. i think that shea is really… Read more »

 At 5:30 in the video, Denna's character shouts (whilst holding up the mind-control symbol),     
 'what do I have to do to get you out of the head?', at which point it cuts to Shea's character weeping tears of joy, 
in an albeit brief moment of recognizing the truth. He is free, momentarily. Then his programmed closed-mind/ego returns, inciting – fear … denial … anger … violence etc. 

This video made me cry when I first watched it when it came out. I felt it represented a cyclical, abusive relationship fueled by drugs in which both parties love one another but have no idea how to steer themselves or their relationship. They keep repeating the cycle and the butterflies, as beautiful things that die fast, represent the fleeting moments of beauty and happiness in their relationship interspersed between extreme trauma and unhappiness…even though the happier moments of the relationship are fleeting, they can't break free of themselves or each other and stay in a hopeless, repetitive situation. BUT. That was when I first watched the video, before I knew anything of monarch programming. Once I started to read about monarch programming, this video immediately came to mind. It makes a lot of sense as I could never explain the presence of the two men, the puppeteers, with my… Read more »
Thanks VC. It is disturbing and the worst part about it, I could relate these strange images (I didn't watch all of it because it creeped me out and was taking me to a dark place as if deja vu was happening) I started tio think about how the church I grew up hand domiineering characters as handlers. The church is prevelent to Blacks. The outbursts in the person whiich could be described as alters reminded me so much of folks who cut up iin church. Getting happiy, getting the holy ghost, speaking in tongues. I have always refused to allow a pastor to lay hands on me. I adamantly say that's okay, God will just have to send me to hell because this is on thing I just can't get with. I can relate the cycle the person repeats because you must repeat this cycle each week. I hear… Read more »
The longer I contemplate the "brotherhood" and whatever it is they are trying to do on this planet, the more convinced I am that their agenda is entirely esoteric. While I agree that these stories *do* reveal the madness of mind control, I believe there is more to them. This video (as well as many other stories, videos, disney "princess" movies, etc.) all tell the same story: the story of a person who has fallen or has been taking captive by dark forces and is trying to awaken. This is the fundamental story behind all mythology and Christianity. Remember the *hidden hand* document that circulated a while back? (Whether this document was true or not is irrelevant to me.) It revealed the belief/idea that these illuminati *believe* that what they are trying to do is wake up fallen humanity out of its deep sleep or dream, to a state of… Read more »
You guys are poisoning yourselves with this crap. First of all, totally reject what you read here that can create a negative reaction inside yourself; things like a feeling of powerlessness, paranoia and the all seeing eye. F@ck all that sh!t For sure the powers that be want to maintain what they have and if possible increase it, that's capitalism and capitalism is the best system for society, so long as their is no outside interference to the system (like government). What is important is that you go through life with an open mind, knowing that you are in charge of your own life. Bringing the devil into this and saying that he's behind it is the most poisonous thing I've ever read. It is completely irrelevant whether or not God and the Devil exist. Therefore, whether there is an Illuminati type conspiracy is totally irrelevant if we already choose… Read more »

He's an Israeli director, what do you expect?!

Thank you! This website has truly helped me

Satanic inversion. Look as far as thou wilt, the rabbit hole gets very dark, twisted and upside down. It’s a GUY !

I kind of thought that when he walks in the room and sees all the butterflies, it's him becoming disillusioned- he's seeing all the other MK controlled kids/people, represented by butterflies. That's why he looks so distressed. And that's why his girlfriend grabs a butterfly – she's saying 'this one is me! Don't you get it? I'm just a puppet?! I'm not real'

And when he smashes the butterfly, he destroys her. It's a symbol of what happens if you try to destroy the puppet that has been created (I think).

So he is communicating through the video that those are the choices he and others like him have- continue to be controlled/handled, dance to the beat of their drum, go along for the life and live in captivity – or be destroyed.

I saw this ages ago and have been waiting for this article. The video disturbed me highly xp thanks for explaining! Makes a lot more sense to me now.

yeah , very good work why because you are making people aware .. this stuff is happening and people out there deny it and call people like us who want to learn the truth conspiracy theorists and full of nonsense when that is not the truth ..
keep waking up people as i will keep sharing
but one thing i must add is explaining the reasons behind what they do is tough for me to understand and not simple .. it is as i need a book called illuminati/ mk ultra meanings for dummies ..

I forgot to put that where I live is becoming the new Hollywood. They have begun to build. All types of studios and are annoucing it in the news as the new Hollywood

I always though that there was something strange and erratic about Shia Le Boeuf…now I know. The guy is off his rocker!!

Mind. Blown.

Hi VC. I don't know if someone has already written this to you, but the stuff they are blowing on them I truly believe is the newly found drug, Scopolamine or Devil's Breath. Some very scary s***. It takes a person's free will away, while all the while remaining as if they are conscious or normal so to say. It will have the person wake up the next day and not remember anything at all. Just a small amount of powder is needed to brainwash someone and is blown onto the person being controlled. Yes, this is actually true…. I Don't know, but I believe James Holmes (joker) and Adam Lanza, all of them might have been under. It is pretty clear to the the people who "see" that they both had handlers with them at the time. My things is, how long before this powder found by the elite… Read more »

Biofeedback is a fine tool. Intuitive training is not simply “working from the gut”it requires and implies a base level

of training knowledge and experience from which one can rationally make choices. But if one doesn’t have the background

or experience to know the difference and also doesn’t care, then one is not advocating for intuitive training but rather

is advocating for “ignorant training”.


Sexuality and sensuality keeps your energies in the lower chakras ..a block to focusing the Kundalini (sacred serpent) energy and releasing your spirit. Another cage and one we are very willingly addicted to…

Why does this say there is no hope to people? The first step to fixing a problem is realizing it.. this definitely shows a lot of realization to me. Granted they are reliving the same day, over and over again, the change lies within yourself. It can be amazingly hard to reject certain "drugs" that are being fed to you, and I'm talking on a completely non-tangible level of effects… you can't lose yourself in it; you can't shut your mind out to get rid of the pain, only find the truth which lies inside of you. The light shines through the darkness. Anger and regret for the past will only put you back into that never ending loop… you can't live feeling sorry for yourself and asking Why God? You have to completely surrender yourself to the true higher power and you will be helped.. truly. I speak this… Read more »

awesome article VC ! keep em coming

art festival
no comments

art festival….

Here's y I tink they making it so blatant….they believe if ppl keep seeing this tins and have no idea of their hidden meaning with time they'll come to accept them…there r so many tins dat aint normal but has come to stay in d world with serious laws protecting them…homo's where neva accepted anywhere in d world b4 nw,it started gradually like d illuminati symbols,few ppl knew;fewer Ppl knew d illuminati symbols b4 nw,then more ppl knew;probably by literatures against and for the subject,more and more ppl knew,since sheeples exist in vast supplies in d world,their votes made it come to limelight,they argued they won since there r so many fo them,the world controlled by illumi's saw it in their favour nd made a law.end of story. My point is the we gave them d powers they have by accepting deceit. I hope ya can make sense out of… Read more »

Despite my knowledge of MK, familiarity with this site & having read this article beforehand – the actual video brought me to tears. TEARS. The kind that required blowing my nose & taking a "moment". I'm not exactly sure why… it really is sad to see MK in action.

The lead singer of Sigur Ros, Jónsi, has been blind in his right eye since birth. The right eye is controlled by the left part of the brain, and it's no wonder why he is so creative and his music is so different than others!

How is messing with people's emotions with such a powerful and easy to abuse tool as music in any way creative? His music sounds the same as so many others – low quality, easy to produce, easy to sell, the music industries wet dream to terrorize the gullible consumer.

GREAT ARTICLE. A lucid and accurate interpretation of monarch triggers and symbolism in this vid. I am impressed. Interesting to note that Shia Le Beuff's next movie is basically going to be a p**n. He mentioned that it is about a sex addict and that he will really be having sex in the film. Another film to be aware of in the "monarch trigger" and NWO symbolism stuff is the new "summer blockbuster" "the avengers". It is full of creepy not even hidden symbolism, and out of context lines. When I watched the movie with subtitles I was astonished that the suggestive interpretation of each scene and the actual script were quite different. There are some very strange non-sequitors throughout. Love to hear your take. For an even creepier experience, if you look up "avengers monarch" in google, you get a printing company at ""(note the name) for the "monarch… Read more »

Jeffrey LaBeouf, father of Hollywood star Shia, is a registered sex offender and was once jailed for attempted r**e

Mr LaBeouf has also been in trouble in the past, according to Star.

He was allegedly accused of sexual harassment of an actress on Shia's 2000 TV show Even Stevens and also allegedly assaulted a gay Disney executive after he gave Shia a congratulatory hug.

Shia later recounted the incident to Details magazine: 'He goes, "Are you trying to talk to my boy, you chicken hawk?" You can't do that to the executives.'

A couple things not mentioned that I noticed from the video: The "handlers" blow a powder to get the two "slaves" out of the room. This is a psychotropic drug "scopolamine" or "Devil's Breath" which like a "rufi" makes a victim totally cooperative and then is left with amnesia. Watch the recently uploaded youtube video on the James Holmes Conspiracy 2012 at about 36 minutes to see the connection to mind control. Also, in the car scene, the "handler" with the "third eye" at one point makes the devil horn hand sign pointing it directly back into his own face – as if tp show he is the demonic entity here.

Notice how denna's thighs are bruised in between. could she have be raped?

at the beginning of the video, i noticed that denna's thighs were bruised, as if they were forced open (r**e?)

@Dr.S Hi I was watching an episode of Bones (I like it for its comedy), the episode I watched last week was about a guy who was murdered at a "PONY PLAY" place I laughed till I nearly cried, I thought someone just decided to have a laugh on the writing team. Sorry, my point is, does this type of thing really go on? I'm from Ireland and being so, I look at the the world in a funny way, it helps to deal with all the bull. Your comments are excelent on all the articles, you and VC keep up the good work.

Is Mise, éire óg.

What have i done to be born in this world… this is not a place for a sound soul to live…

I had a music group a few years ago… We managed to get in "touch" with important people of the music industry in France. I was absolutely unaware of this sick stuff. Our guitarist left us and we couldn't continue… Since I've been reading the articles of this website, I've never felt so lucky we didn't got media popularity. Maybe we could have "reached the top" and been enslaved by MK technics… Maybe not. But that is a chance I would never take again, now that I'm conscient.

Thanks for the continual enlightenment, Vigilant.

Warning: It contains nudity and lollipops

I have long suspected that something definitively evil was going on this world, but this site has really helped me put it all together logically and to be constantly aware of how things are progressing. Though the masses are horribly deceived, we are not! Anytime I see the telltale symbols being pushed by evil men in high places, it instantly enrages me, while I used to not put much thought into it. Though things look grim, as long as we have our wits about us, we are truly free! Many thanks to this site for turning me into a vigilant citizen myself!!

I think that there is more to this video than what was discussed in the article. I don't wholly disagree with the Vigilant Citizen's interpretation of this video, I do believe that the characters are mind control victim's, however, I believe that their minds are controlled by something other than humans in this video. The first thing that I noticed, was what is not mentioned, which is the "supernatural" element to this video. I believe that what everyone of us who watched this video, actually watched, was a video about demonic possession brought about through the use of hallucinogens in the lollipops and through Ritual Sex Magick performed by the main characters. In the video after the scene where Shia draws the face on Denna's torso, he is actually drawing a demon that he wants to appear after the Majick ritual. This is apparent because the video implies that sex… Read more »

As much as I follow this website and commend the author, I do take it with a pinch of salt. It's subjective.

I don't go around preaching to people about an illuminati as there is no documented proof. Same as monarch. Yes, mk ultra was real and there is tons of evidence to proof so. Cathy o'brien, fritz springmeir, not really the best sources of information. I'm 50/50 with the monarch thing. I believe it's best to have an certain percentage of doubt with most aspects of research. Having said that, well written as always! Keep up the good work!

We don't go around preaching others you know. We only discuss some aspects of the topic with people who might have an idea. When a couple of people used to discuss such matters 8 years ago, I used to think they were delusional and mad. However, there are elements you can't deny even if you try your best. You don't want to admit that it's so bad as it's quite depressing but it's very bad indeed. At the end of the day how long we'll live to fret about it? It will end sooner or later. Misery, pain, disease, poverty and we weren't even able to see anything like that 15-20 years ago. It was like living in another dimension. Even the pc games are the product of evil influences nowadays ie. league of legends, warcraft, revelations, aion, dota etc. Elements of pure wickedness/monstrosity seem to be deeply rooted in… Read more »

What about the mysterious clock that is counting down to 9/9/2012? I believe the website is called There's a lot of speculation and people are saying that could be a countdown to an attack during the end of the Paralympics… Really eerie.

Isso é puro controle mental!

did anyone already said…? Shia Ladouche

Butterflies are no longer pretty to me.

8 minutes of absolute tosh

Good article VC

What do you think of these celebrity-hawked lollipops?
I keep seeing them, but haven't really seen them mentioned in relation to MK.

The official statement is correct. . . Beautiful things that die fast. True monarch slaves aren't supposed to expect to live past age 30. Also when he beats his girlfriend it means he is being abused himself, proven when he wakes up with blood on his body. The part I still don't know is if he is abusing himself or being abused by his handler even more ? ? ?

I'm actually not too surprised by Shia being invovled in this no matter how big of a part or little he has in it. He has always seemed lost to me and in need of some form of guidance. He came off as saddened, confused most of the time and never truly in the moment during any of the past interviews that I've ever seen of him once he had grown up. In fact I can't even remember the last time he actually laughed. Even with all my observations of him however I believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt until researched, so i didn't want to just assume he was apart of this just because of his personality. Now….I guess the thoughts in the back of my head were actually telling me the truth and it wasn't just me throwing someone else under the stupid bus. (ILLUMNATI… Read more »