The “Dangerous to Our Democracy” Viral Video and its Hypocritical Media Coverage


A video compilation proving that countless local news networks read the same exact scripts around the United States is a chilling reminder of the Orwellian, heavily controlled nature of mass media. Even more chilling: The media coverage of this video.

Yes, what is happening in this video is indeed “extremely dangerous to our democracy”. The viral video, posted online by Deadspin, mashes together segments from a variety of television stations owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group – the largest television station operator in the United States. Dozens of newscasters, reduced to the state of word-parroting drones, are seen reciting the same script, one that obviously came from “above”. The creepy, Orwellian vibe emanating from the video and its clever editing clearly highlights the fact that mass media is owned by a few mega-companies.

In a twist of irony, the script read by the newscasters ominously warns viewers about “fake and biased news circulating on social media”, the same way Big Brother frowns against “thoughtcrime” in Orwell’s 1984.

While the video highlights the propaganda function of mass media, it was spun by mass media to generate … propaganda.

Media Spin

Shortly after the video went viral, major news outlets responded with engineered outrage and disgust. It did not take long before the blame was put on Sinclair, a “conservative, pro-Trump media conglomerate”.

A headline about the video using the words “pro-Trump” and “conservative” to deflect the true nature of the problem.
A CNN headline about the compilation video.

Superstar newscaster Dan Rather published an angry tweet about the video.

The video, which highlights a major problem that is rampant across all mass media, is used to attack one specific company: Sinclair Broadcast Group. CNN is already reporting that Kentucky Democrat candidate Amy McGrath is pulling ads from Sinclair stations and is calling for a boycott. Is Sinclair the only company guilty of such news tampering? Of course not.

The fact that media sources are attempting to frame this issue in a liberal vs conservative debate only highlights the mediocrity, the lack of objectivity and the complete bias of modern journalism. If journalists were actually about “unbiased” facts, they would point out that all media sources are owned by a handful of conglomerates which are connected to the same world elite.

Not About Liberals vs Conservatives

If one closely watches the above video, one can easily note that the same script was read on CBS, ABC, NBC, and FOX networks. That means it was read on EVERY major television network in the United States, and these stations are owned by mega companies that are represented in elite organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg group and so forth. NBC is owned by Comcast; CBS is owned by Viacom; ABC is owned by the Walt Disney Company; Fox TV stations are owned by 21st Century Fox which was sold to … the Walt Disney Company.

The fact that the local news are scripted from above is far from new. This has been happening for decades. Here are a few examples from several years ago.

Mass media is currently spinning the story in order to turn it into a political debate and to attack one specific company.

By doing so, it purposely ignores the core truth about the video. The news segment was about not trusting “fake news on social media”. Mass media created the term “fake news” to censor and suppress real, factual news that go against the elite’s interests and that reveal unflattering truths (i.e. pedogate).

In recent years, a growing number of people have been learning important facts through “alternative” news. This has struck the elite with intense fear and panic, causing it to use all of its mass media control to deliver Orwellian warnings about “fake news”. This is what the newscasters were forced to recite on the news. This is not about liberals versus conservatives. This is about truth-seeking journalism versus elite-sponsored propaganda.

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82 Comments on "The “Dangerous to Our Democracy” Viral Video and its Hypocritical Media Coverage"

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Another great article, VC!

I really appreciate that you put an emphasis on the fact that this is NOT a right versus left issue. It is an US vs THEM and we cannot let them win.

We’ve been a divided nation for too long and if we don’t come together soon, it could be the end of us. So spread the love around!

Stay woke Vigilant Citizens!!

We are a divided people all over the world. It is the same scripting and programming in Europe and the rest of the continents. How come? Because globilazation is nothing new, othing from the last decades, no, it started centuries ago. We are all the umpth generation of manipulation and abuse. That leads to this : we are the one who can make a difference. Because we are still alive.

That’s because it is a right vs left issue and you don’t need to mention that it is. There is no right wing in the msm, academia, politics, entertainment (music, sport’s TV&Film). It is all 100% completely left wing (cultural Marxism). Republicans are not right wing, if anything they are left leaning liberals (classic British liberalism). It’s the same here in the UK. The Conservatives who are supposed to be right are Liberals. They do not conserve British culture at all, quite the contrary, they destroy it. ‘They’ are left in their views upon life – state authority over all, the creation of the group mentality and destruction of the individual. And the majority of ‘US’ are also left wing, promoting a democratic society (having thrown out the freedom loving republic) wishing to be under the ‘safety’ of the state, which is nothing more than an authoritarian hive creating drones… Read more »

It has been decades since I have heared the comparison of The Conservatives and Conservation. They just don´t.
Why lay so much importance of the right-left-thing? It is, there is no middle ground between them. Right left only works on split levels on paper, not in humans or our society.

You clearly misunderstand what I’ve stated.
There is a battle and it is THE LEFT vs THE RIGHT.
It has nothing to do with the phony left-right paradigm of politics. I’m talking about the left-right way of life. That is, the left that wants a state controlled society, where people have no choice in life versus the right who want freedom for the individual and no state authority over their lives.
This is the real left and right. As I have stated Labour, Conservative, Democrat and Republican ARE ALL Left wing, in that they’re full of Marxists. The right wing, political parties were infiltrated a long time ago.
As Lenin said – The best way to beat the opposition is to control them.

What I read is that you state that that ‘right’ does not want total control, but they do, with merges and economy-based politics to keep the target-profits highest in importancy-ranks in various communities. Companies – so called rightwing? – are changing our democracies with backroom-taxdeals. Now that is directly a hit on a society > less taxes is less money for care, transports, watersupply, roadwork.
Why do you think the company merges are so big that they gain power over a village or a country’s policies? Profit at the costs of their customers. Nameless shareholders seem to have more impact on our cities than the people living there.
It that the society you see as preferable? Left vs right is a concept.

Left or right, we will all pay our taxes, consume as much as we can, and can die the day we start costing money. Viva inflation. Nowadays there is no social nor humanitarian aspect in left or right politics. As they all tend to divide people into separate groups. Which is okay, because everybody is different, right? But lets agree to disagree and then look for a solution, rather then spending time blaming one or another. The real problem is that we are about to meet the boundaries of our ecosystem. The elite is, next to making a lot of money, trying to preserve or at least damage control the situation in a very wicked way. The end goal is written in the georgia guidestones, what more is there to say? What do these things have in common with this article and the discussion going on above? The amount of… Read more »

Damage controll. By disturbing the envirement they are supposed to live in theirselves? Spraying veil-clouds and disturbing the geneology of natural growing food in the wild?
Humans are cattle, breed them in the millions then pick the best. To manage them use fairytales and conceptual spin. Distract and delete. No?
Competition starts early, with a Cupcake-Race to be the one and only best child on television, for example, or the zillion talentshows. People seem to love talentshows. Very good to sell them toiletpaper and plastic accessories during the breaks, too.
Yeah, a bit more back to nature, I am all for that. Let’s start with being human, instead of being a believer.

D D d

Again you misunderstand everything that I have written. THERE IS NO RIGHT in politics. It doesn’t exist.
The left is the new right and the extreme left is now the left.
There has been a colossal paradigm shift in politics.
More so, you are also ignorant of what the difference between left and right is.
Liberalism is centrist in politics, that is classic British liberalism. Communism, Fascism, Nazism are all left wing ideologies. Conservatism, Libertarianism into eventual anarchy are right wing. Therefore there is NO state control within the right. Anarchy is a land with rule/rulers.
Corporation is not right wing. It never has. It is 100% left wing, in that it is global and authoritarian.

The one-sided non-left-world you seem to prefer is not an option I would prefer. As if the so-called non-left world you seem (to me) to prefer is non controlling? Get a grip, mass-control is not left or right, it is, just is.

D D d
And again, you have a knack for this don’t you?
We disagreed on homosexuality and now this.
I’m beginning to understand that you are a left wing troll.

Vc-rules prohibit me from using words to descibe what I think ”right” now. Maybe for the better.

Why are you letting this guy get to you? The only ones preaching L vs R or one side being better than the other ARE THE TROLLS. ARE THE ROBOTS. You cannot have a war, cannot have drama, cannot feed…THEM….if you aren’t getting emotional or using your brainwaves to constantly ponder the battle between two sides, which is necessary to keep the pendulum of the clock ticking back and forth…back and forth…

My dad loves watching news and I hate it. I always got a bad feeling from news and I felt weird during and after watching, so I would just leave the room…. now I know why lol. It’s brainwashing.

Any “news” follow the “news provider” agenda. So by definition, any news is ww2-level propaganda. Wake up people, you’re brainwashed.
(as a side note, movies are worse than “news” because they make you feel that what you see in movies in reality, it’s an extremly powerful way fo condition billions of people)

CODEPENDENCY. Everyone is eating each other. Your dad needs the news to feed something inside by getting constant news, just like the “intelligence” controlling the news needs to feed off the energy created by your dad.

They don’t even look human. More like hive-minded cyborgs. Looks as if the movie “They live” is indeed a documentary rather than pure phantasy, as stated by John Carpenter, who has written and directed it.


Well, They *do* want us to assimilate and follow a hive mentality…

I stopped watching TV, listening to and reading print media over 13 years ago now and even then I didn’t view much. Once you pull yourself away from the control of TV, it’s as though a great weight has been lifted off of your shoulders. And when you go back to watch it, you wonder why you ever watched it in the first place. Journalists should be viewed no differently to despised member of the ruling elite. They are despicable people who knowingly deceive the public, all for their growing pay check. When the civil war arrives, I hope people realize that these people have done as much to destroy their society as much as any Rothschild or Soros has. The only problem now though is they’re doing their best to shut down all real news. You Tube is one classic example and FB, the other, although for the love… Read more »
I actually recommend everyone here get on Facebook. You don’t have to give out any sensitive personal information; just insert bogus info and roll. The point is social media is quite possibly the most valuable tool for exposing what goes on. Sharing a video like the one in this article/the article itself is a great way to raise attention about these matters. Written material (articles) and media (videos) are things people can sit down and take the time to digest information from at their own pace. The media being controlled – or, at the very least, extremely one-sided – as showcased by this article is something even people who don’t ‘believe in the Illuminati and conspiracy theories’ can relate to and be concerned about. Realizing valuable information is being given by these alternative channels could hopefully start more people on their own truthseeking quests. Freedom of speech, monopolies and mega-corporations… Read more »

One problem i have came across…

Sharing media from some alternative websites is not visible in the news feed of, for instance, my girlfriend or parents. For some articles,not even on my facebook wall. Because of that reason i stopped using it.

The real difference you can make is when you are meeting people face to face, discuss it and email or text some articles/vids whatever. You are most likely to make an impact in your close surroundings, which can spark others to talk.

So it is better to run around in small circles and pretend they are wide?

Or you can buy a media corporation and, as its president, change the world. Everything depends on the budget.

SkepticCat, FB is a data mining site. Other than this purpose it was created to control Freedom of Speech. You have your name down there instantly contracting with the rules of FB and they will pass whatever you have written onto the authorities in order to prosecute you by your own words. People do not realise this. Case in point: A couple or so years back, two young men, from the UK, went out on the lash one evening, came back pissed and decided to write on FB about their up and coming holiday to the USA. They had never been before. One stated that he would piss on the Washington Memorial and the other said he would dig up Marilyn Monroe. All harmless fun? Wrong. Upon arriving in the USA, they were arrested immediately by the FBI, taken into a room, questioned before their passports were stamped, put on… Read more »

I fully agree.
Might I add all the questionaires after buying or even complaning about something? And tv’s with microphones and camera’s but without off-buttons?

Having an anonymous social Media or internet account does not exist. The minute you log on they already collect information based on your IP address which can pin point your location using GPS. So it doesn’t matter how much you try to remain anonymous once you are out in cyber space that is it. You are easy to track. In order to get wifi you have to sign up with a company that already loads all your information. So the only option is to stop using Social Media. Unfortunately it is unavoidable for many people as they use it to contact people.

Email-customerservice : 5-day waiting-standard, twitter-question : immediately answered.
Why, the difference in email-handling is only a screen/click/button, almost identical to the one on that twitter-account?
Because the customerservice is mostly cheap kids that can not, really: can not, think for more than two or three sentences straight on without draining their brains out.
handling emails is like uhm you know, making full sentences, using periods and grammar.

Harbinger, I fully realize it is how you say and how FB is weaponized. However, can’t you see? The only way to fight back against the System is to do it openly, and in large numbers. Showing that We, the People are not afraid of them, is the only [worldly] weapon that we have. I’m sorry but your conclusions are foolish. Muting yourself to ‘protect yourself’ is the last thing you should do – surrender your ability and willingness to say what is right and EVERYTHING is lost and conceded to them. I’m incredibly disappointed with what you wrote, and that many upvoted what you said. Way too many simply aren’t thinking things through. You Vigilant Citizens need to be a whole lot smarter and more brave than this. We’re battling for our physical and spiritual survival here for ****-sakes. Start speaking up or YOU LOSE like you can’t even… Read more »

I’m WOKE . have been for a while. from what I gather, most people are either afraid to hear the truth, so they bow their heads and continue on in mundane day -to-day or they REFUSE to believe this could even be real. because they see it in movies and books they think it doesn’t really happen in REAL life. They are in for a RUDE awakening.

Just by using the term “woke” and referring to yourself shows you are still under the spell.

Check out the still shot in the first video. The guy in the middle is making illuminati hand sign, which nearly all of them do now, while standing with their limp elbows and wrists. The girl on the right is looking pitifully at the camera with sad puppy eyes. What a bunch of performing robots.

Water sign of the goddess Auramoth.

i dont know what to believe anymore. Looking forward to the day I can go live in the country with my dog and never turn a computer on again.

Can I come with you x

Surrogate movie. Few humans, real human being left, the rest are walking, breathing demons. I have noticed this at work. When you are a God’s child, start feeling like an outside, seeing and knowing the right thing. Then you should know, you don’t belong in this world, you will always be an outcast.
People will do anything to have jobs, to climb the cooperate ladder.
The mark of the beast is everywhere, spreading like a disease to deceive.

Who isnt a child of God. Who didnt God create?!

Please, write about youtube shooter nasim aghdam. She was typical beta kitten of mk ultra. Watch her pics and videos. She was sick, dumbed totally, with typical mk slave eyes. She had a lot of videps with mk hypnotyc elements. The false story says she was there to shoot just because angry on youtibe censorship. She had a profile of typical Conspiracy searcher or so called truth seeker. I tjink this ff is organised in order to restrict more against the speech freedom, also to include conspiracy searchers in category of enemy terrorists


I believe very little of what I see now on mainstream media and, or, I take it with a grain of salt. Many are waking up to the fact that ir is manufactured but Sinclair is just one of the overlords. There is another unnamed group pushing agendas as well but more on the national news front that the local. They wanted us to all fall into group think, but that has not completely happened. Half of the nation in the US seems to be waking up while others sleep and dine on whatever they’re fed. They are in a blissful place, yet already defeated and a prisoner of the inability to think for themselves.

Uh… I thought trump pushed the “fake news” narrative? It appears Sinclair is the “Weinstein” of the media. More often than not, everybody has morals when it suits their agenda or is convenient. This shifting is nauseating.

Read the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”. Set aside the seemingly anti-Semitic sentiments and see it for what it is: A blueprint for what has been going on as accurate as GRAY’S SPORTS ALMANAC. This does not reflect on every person who calls themselves a Jew, but only a small 1% of them. Jesus, a Jew himself by birth called them the ‘Synagogue of Satan’.

I came across this article from the Steve Quayle website. This is an EXCELLENT piece. This should be made viral..This shows, in a way, that even the most moronic low information news consumers can see, how its all fake.

I need to bring this into my classroom for the students. Thank you so very much.

Hmmm…now from what tribe do most of the owners of these major news outlets come from?

Sinclair family are also Jews.

Just Pay attention to the faces, eyes, movement and manners of that talking walking dead heads in those tv channels. They all seem professional Actors reciting a role of allarmed saints. It is really disgusting. They play their role with a background of kidding on people. They just laugh on masses who are like puppets under their satanic manipulation

Well, the TV presenter is an actor in some sense .

Well that has sealed the coffin for me on the news media, they have all become irrelevant as they are probably owned by one or two people who control all news in this part of the world. Alternative news media is the threat to the truth, its no wonder that they want to shut it down, I have lost faith in the MSM as they are all in the same boat, and it has a big leak in it.

Global news is largely fearporn and propaganda intermingled with local stories and weather reports. You’d miss nothing.

Sometimes I don’t agree with some articles here, but this one nails it on the head. Anything that isn’t controlled by the elite few, is something they fear. The internet causes them fear too. Any action done to stifle the internet, is done with the elite agenda in mind. Remember that. History repeats itself.

Television rules the Nation and, through the internet, we are all constantly monitored.

As a sidenote, can anybody please tell me why nowadays every new talking head on the tv pronounces everything like they are in a hearing-challenged-childrens’ sportsshow, while they are talking about 17th century paintings or 2nd century architecture in a documentary for grown-ups?

FYI, all of this was first exposed on the Conan O’Brien Show in a series of videos where it was played for comedic effect. It’s like a bunch of veal laughing at slaughterhouse bloopers presented by Judas goats (look them up).

Wow kudos Dan Rather.

Well, first of all, fake news does exist. I’m surprised that 100% of people here believe that everything that is not in the mainstream media is true.
Secondly, nothing strange is that the local channels in the media conglomerates are supervised from the center. What I consider abnormal is that they all repeat word for word. Everyone should write a separate script. Then it would be professional, and they would not look like fools.

Of course fake news exist everywhere. Just turn on your TV and you will see hundreds (and not only in the “news”)

the msm is repugnant to our republic

“…major news outlets responded with engineered outrage and disgust.” lol the best

The United States is a REPUBLIC not a “democracy”, numb-nuts.