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Elite-Backed Cult Leader Keith Raniere Arrested for Sex Trafficking



Elite-Backed Cult Leader Keith Raniere Arrested for Sex Trafficking

The leader of NXIVM, a slave cult backed by massive funds an elite family, was arrested in Mexico and charged with sex trafficking and forced labor conspiracy. 

In November of last year, I published an extensive article detailing the history, the elite funding and the mind control techniques used by Keith Raniere and his organization NXIVM. The article explained how NXIVM turned rich yet gullible women into sex slaves using techniques taken directly from the Monarch programming handbook. It also asked why this organization was still active and why Raniere was still a free man.

Well, Raniere is not a free man anymore. He was arrested on Sunday by Mexican authorities in the $10,000-a-week luxury villa he was renting in Puerto Vallarta. Raniere was hiding out in this propriety with several female followers including Clare Bronfman, the daughter of billionaire Edgar Bronfman.

The arrest led to a bizarre scene where several women, including Hollywood actresses Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne, engaged in a high-speed chase with police.

Elite-Backed Cult Leader Keith Raniere Arrested for Sex Trafficking

Nicki Clyne (left) and Allison Mack (right). They are believed to have been living with Raniere in Mexico at the time of the arrest. It was revealed last year that Mack was a high-ranking member who recruited at least 25 women into the cult.

Raniere was extradited to Texas and is currently in federal custody. He faces up to life in prison after being charged with sex trafficking and conspiracy to commit forced labor. The federal complaint accuses Raniere of running a secret society in which women were recruited as slaves from a so-called self-improvement group called NXIVM. The document also accuses Ranier of having a “decades’ long history of abusing women and girls“, including “repeated sexual encounters with multiple teenage girls” as young as 12.

The FBI also seized e-mails proving that Clare Bronfman recently sent out legal threats and attempted criminal accusations against victims who have spoken out against Raniere.

Authorities are also investigating Sara and Clare Bronfman’s campaign to obtain confidential information about US judges, elected officials and journalists considered enemies of NXIVM using private investigators.

Furthermore, the New York State Attorney’s Office is investigating the Ethical Science Foundation, a research organization funded by Clare and Sara Bronfman. One Vancouver citizen complained that she was forced to watch videos of violence and rape as part of a “scientific experiment” conducted by the organization without formal oversight.

Hopefully, more light will be shed on this shady organization which clearly has ties with the occult elite and its obsession with mind control.

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Elite-Backed Cult Leader Keith Raniere Arrested for Sex Trafficking

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I’m from Mexico and this was big news, although none really knows who is this man. Also is very suspicious he was caught so easy by Mexican police when they can’t even caught high profile narcos

VG Fan

did you hear that one big fish in the higher up chain is Emiliano Salinas the son of ex president Carlos Salinas de Gortari that bankrupted the country in the 90s?


Yes!! that’s true, I read that somewhere… that’s so f----d up…
Salinas de Gortari is a mason, right?


He is a ma_son of a b*tch, biggest rat of a president Mexico has ever had. I was in middle school when most of my fellow countrymen were depressed going through a borrible inflation and facing the reality that the jerk left NOTHING after leaving the presidency. The peso has never been as devalued in the exchange market as it was back then.


He probably pissed off the wrong person and he couldn’t pay their price to get in their good graces. I’m originally from Mexico, too. Surprise rainiere: Mexican justice serves the highest/most powerful bidder. It is rumored this piece of work had even enlisted former mexican president Salinas de Gortari’s son into his ranks to run their branch in Mexico. (Emiliano Salinas, married to Polish/Mexican actress Ludwika Paleta). That former Mexican president is well known for blatantly stealing everything he could during his presidency and leaving the country bankrupted. Granted most Mexican presidents steal but this sob didn’t even try to hide it. So this Rainiere sure did his homework enlisting one of the biggest Mexican thugh’s son into his ranks. Bet he never knew even that expresident rat couldn’t save his butt from a more powerful, bigger fish. Note to Rainiere: in your world there are always bigger fish than you and your “allies”…next thing you know you are someone’s snack 😉 about time!

Big Al

I fear that Keith Raniere is just a small fish. A cult leader who uses similar methods and behaves like the true Monsters. But in the end, he is just imitating them.
Nonetheless, it gives us a glimpse on the depravity and the evil that lurks in the Dark (which can be right in the Spotlight).


My first impression of the ease of catch is he was “set-up” to fall. When his goofy cult was largely unheard of it was tolerated, maybe even supported by like-minded perverts/pedos – but when it became public knowledge, and secrecy was forfeited, then his “protection” evaporated. This teaches other traffickers to be more careful and not get into the news. Relative to the massive tentacles of corruption by the Illuminati and their ilk, at worse, this is simply a little nuisance. It is quite possible that, as it is often noted, among Satanic forces there is jealously, competition, and backbiting, one of his peers may have used the unwanted PR as a reason to spill the beans and help him get caught. Similiar to the way Mafia gangs compete on some level and are quite happy to have one less goon to beat for the profits.


It’s not because criminals do the same evil things, they will protect each other. Maybe people should think about this before they decide to make a deal with the devil. The devil won’t protect them against anything. That’s why he is “devil”: “the evil”. And as soon as the person is not useful anymore to the devil, or when the person makes a big mistake that he/she couldn’t have made, the devil will eliminate him/her with no pity… (sorry, this is not directly related to the topic).


Oh, but actually it is. You’re highlighting the most important fact for those who consider “dancing” with the devil. He doesn’t dance – he plays, manipulates, deceives, confuses and lies to those he traps with his false promises of fulfilling their darkest and deepest desires. The fame, love of money and passion for power are simply glittering mirages that get dangled in the faces of those who refuse to listen to their conscience (God’s voice) and follow what they know is the righteous path. It is easy to give in to our baser nature and jump into the abyss. Escaping it only happens when we seek God and ask Him to forgive us and release us from our bondage. The point summarized in the trite “no honor among thieves” is discerned by those who aren’t busy thieving. #GodOverEverything #Christ #ViaVeritasVita

Honest Insomniac

Who’s to say that any of these people, who are obviously connected to the elite, actually serve any real time in prison once convicted. They own the media and also the corrupt justice system. Just because we see them all over the news in handcuffs, doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll be receiving the same due process as you and I. They belong to a sinister club that the average person isn’t a part of and are above any law on this earth. A slave cannot have faith in a system his master created. Remember, the world is just a stage and the truth is most definitely stranger than fiction.


I think he angered someone influential. One could expect that this would happen sooner or later.


Let’s not forget the Bronfman family are a Jewish family that run/control Canada.


Nancy Salzman, second in command, and co-founder of the cult is also a Jew.
And so is Dan Schneider, who was fired by Nickelodeon last week. But we are not allowed to make those connections.


Yes, it seems that facts are anti-semitic, goy.

I’m curious to know, does this website ever mention the Jews?


Yes, they have been crooks for donkeys years. 10 years ago, now, I discovered that Alex Jones’ lawyer was also working for one of the Bronfmans. This has been taken up by other people now, and has been expanded on. There is an entire website somewhere dedicated to who is actually behind the Infowrestler (my pet name for AJ). Wouldn’t be surprised if this cult was backed by them in some way. We’ll probably never know.


According to Wikipedia:

“Notable clients

Its clients have included Richard Branson as well as actresses Linda Evans, Allison Mack, Kristin Kreuk and Nicki Clyne. According to Forbes magazine, 3,700 people had taken part in its Executive Success Program as of 2003, including Sheila Johnson, co-founder of BET; Antonia Novello, former Surgeon General of the United States; Stephen Cooper of Enron; and Ana Cristina Fox, daughter of former Mexican president Vicente Fox.

Emiliano Salinas (son of former Mexican president Carlos Salinas), has been identified by Proceso magazine as “director” in Mexico for NXIVM”



Umm Kreuk was never a member of the sx cult, just part of the self help group and she left way before the sex DOS was created.

VG Fan

He was in Mexico for a reason, he has the son of ex Mexican president Carlos Salinas de Gortari involved in the cult. Emiliano Salinas and Emiliano is married to a mex soap opera star Ludvika Paleta who im sure was helping recruit more females for “enlightment” thru the monopoly television network Televisa.

Allison MacPherson

You left out the part regarding the second in command & co-founder of the cult, Nancy Salzman.


Very interesting that such a high-profile figure is arrested (surprisingly seemingly not protected).


Trust me when I say that his ‘protection’ will be present in the not too distant future and will like come in the form of a corrupt legal system.


Nice job VC. Perhaps some white hats at FBI or DOJ read this blog. This story is likely to get alot bigger. Once they arrest the Bronfman girls, the MSM will not be able to ignore it. How far and wide is the stink on this one? How high does it go? The reason this is happening, is because Trump won and there is a real President in charge who is going after the cabal. Glorious days!

VG Fan

they will downvote but cant keep the truth from being exposed. I was just sharing that the son of the most corrupt ex Mexican president is involved with this cult his name is Emiliano Salinas he’s even done Ted talks about ” the system” for recruiting in Mexico.


Wow, that is amazing info. The son of an x-president involved with this cult. That probably puts a stamp of legitimacy to it’s importance amongst the elites. Thanks for the info. By the way, Raniere might very well have been “caught” when the very powerful father of resources Clare and Sara Bronfman (Edgar worth 2.6Bil) pulled some strings to make Raniere publicly exposed as a “cult’ leader.”. I imagine you can have any cult you like, until it offends the very rich and powerful – then poof, your “exposed” and game-over.

VG Fan

Yes they were donating so much of the family’s old money to this cult, he had to do something. The money is what hw wanted to protect.


he was arrested in mexico, you know the country at the border where Trump wants to build a wall to prevent crossing over. Dont let facts get in the way right?


It took a guy from to break this to the point where an arrest took place. I think this story is just getting started and the fact that Sara and Clare Bronfman are involved implies that the elite involved. What is surprising here is that attractive stars were gullible enough to get involved as well in a tear them down build them up MK like manner. “Smallville” star Kristin Kreuk was such a cutie and while she is claiming innocence, I wonder. Riniere thought he could purchase justice in his favor and became careless enough to allow some things to leak. Rumors say that some in three letter agencies were bought off for protection as well as judges and lawyers. Let’s hope the hammer of light comes down and that Raniere gets his tailbone branded in prison for the rest of his life.


Not so surprising that these people ARE involved in the cults trades, it’s been going on copy and paste as in usa, canada, etc. it all comes down to the “elites” circle and the stars and siblings get on it from birth, check it out they’re also all trannified people!! o.o see youtuber C.Riga Shira has done many mexican and spanish “stars” transvestigations,


Kreuk left the organization before the creation of sex cult DOS as soon as she heard KR was a creep and into children…. there were thousands part of the classes but none of them went to the sex cult…


Praying justice will be served. My prayers for the victims.


How do people fall for this s--t?

Katara Cole

Even if he’s just a ‘small fish’ in this whole thing, I’m glad more and more things are coming to light. Will it change what’s really going on in Hollywood? Most likely not. But people who continue to be in disbelief will become more and more aware that it’s not all honey and roses and that Hollywood does not have a happy ending and I think that’s a great thing. I do continue to wonder what the whole purpose is though.


Looks like Jared Leto


I know VC is legit because NOBODY in MSM is reporting this.

Chris B

And this is just tip of the iceberg evidence of connections within the secret societies. I believe there is a lot more to this story about Keith Raniere including ties to the son of a former Mexican President. It will come to light.


I’ve also noticed a small but notable uptick in spiritually based films, most from the company Pureflix (God’s Not Dead, Let There Be Light, I Can Only Imagine, etc. etc) I’ve wondered if the surging popularity for this is the public’s thirst for something pure and wholesome after all the garbage we’ve been fed for so many years.

Lady L.

The conspiracy is true


Just for those that don’t know. If you go the NXIVM website, and then go the companies section … and what do you see under the Child Development section … a girl holding a leaf over her eye. You really can’t make this stuff up!!!

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