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Samsung Launches a Site That Can “Erase Your Memory” With Hypnosis



Samsung Launches a Site That Can "Erase Your Memory" With Hypnosis

“Unspoil Me” claims it can “erase the memory” of a TV show you’ve watched, allowing you to watch it again for the first time.

Did you ever tell yourself: “I wish there was a corporate website that could hypnotize me and erase part of memory”? If so, what is wrong with you? Also, you’re in luck.

Samsung’s Swedish site includes a bizarre feature called Unspoil Me – a 23-minute hypnosis session comprised of swirling patterns, mesmerizing music and a hypnotherapist controlling your mind. The aim is to get your brain to forget your favorite TV show in order for you to watch it again – as if it was the first time.

No, this is not a joke. The firm actually seems pretty serious about this. The session was created by certified hypnotists Ulf Sandström and Fredrik Praesto. Before starting, the site asks participants to consent to some terms and conditions including the following:

3. Before starting the experience I guarantee that I’m over 18 years old, fully mentally healthy and not suffering from any neurological problems or epilepsy. If not, I guarantee that I will contact a doctor before I take part of the experience. If I suffer from abnormally low blood pressure, I will also consult with a doctor before taking part of the experience.

4. I am aware that the experience (self hypnosis) could have real effects and I am prepared to forget the whole, or parts of my favorite TV series.

5. I ensure my sole purpose of using Unspoil Me is for its intended purpose, and I will therefore only think about a film clip or a tv-series which I will have the possibility to forget.

The tool also requires participants to put on headphones, to isolate themselves in a tranquil place and to watch the entire thing without interruption. It also recommends a night’s sleep before re-watching the “erased” TV show.

Samsung Launches a Site That Can "Erase Your Memory" With Hypnosis

The site is not joking around about this.

Hypnosis Session

When the session begins, hypnotic patterns swirl on screen as the hypnotist introduces himself. The vibe is very creepy and the fact that the guy sounds like a James Bond villain does NOT help. Then, the music starts and the hypnotist asks the listener to focus on the swirling pattern.

Then, one must count backward from 300 as the hypnotist keeps repeating about going to a “deeper place”. At one point, one must envision a set of 10 stairs going down to an even “deeper place”. The hypnotist then asks the participant to walk down the stairs as he tells a story about an emperor and a mathematician. There’s lots neuro-linguistic programming going on there.

Then, the listener is asked to envision a linear timeline and to think about when the TV show was first watched. The hypnotist instructs the listener to “float” to a point on the timeline before the TV show happened. Once this is done, the listener is told to fly back, at super-speed, to the “now”.

In the end, the hypnotist claims that the show will become a “small fuzzy image” in the subject’s mind. He also adds that, during the next night’s sleep, one of the listener’s dreams will “install” everything that was done during the session.

Stop Being Creepy

Nowadays, major tech companies are not satisfied with selling products to customers. They need to be able to spy on them, to collect their data and, if possible, to control their minds and thoughts. While this hypnosis site might be a bizarre marketing ploy to sell TVs, it nevertheless reflects the mindstate of these tech giants.

One needs to be very trusting to subject themselves to a corporate-sponsored hypnosis session. Who knows what other messages might be embedded in there? But the creepiness doesn’t stop here.

In real life, electroshock therapy is used to erase “bad memories” from subjects’ minds in order to treat depression and PTSD. In darker circles, hypnosis and electroshock are used to erase, distort and to re-create the memories of victims who underwent severe trauma – an important step of mind control.

Considering this fact, the name of the hypnosis site – Unspoil Me – is rather disturbing. Yes, it alludes to the fact that it “erases” TV show spoilers. But it also alludes to the dark truth of memory erasing techniques: It is about “unspoiling” the minds of those who were “spoiled” by crimes, trauma, and abuse.

So did the hypnosis work? I don’t know. Do you think I’d subject myself to this crap? One thing I do know is that I NEED TO BUY A BRAND NEW SAMSUNG TV RIGHT NOW.

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Samsung Launches a Site That Can "Erase Your Memory" With Hypnosis

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Yes, open a doorway into your subconscience where any number of ugly entities can waltz through and live rent free… all to be able unsee Stranger Things and Game of Thrones to waste your life watching them over again. Then one Tuesday afternoon, while at a meeting, you’ll suddenly stand up and take a big dump on the table. What could possibly go wrong?


Lmao Well said!

Righteous Warrior

Hahaha! We are being had – all in the name of fun and leisure. Lets wake up people.


OMG Game of Thrones came to my mind for a sec I had to shake myself lol

Billy Jack Galt

Or more to their agenda, walk into a school or church and open fire. This is insane!


We’re test dummies (the American people) for them and most dont even know or care. They saw how good the Pokemon experiment went. I went to a park in downtown Houston and people were wondering around like zombies trying to catch Pokemon. They were creepily quiet and serious. I knew it was an experiment on mind control then. I’ll say it had enough success to let them know it’ll work and to go on to the next phase.

Open your eyes and ears

Just “the American people”? Pffft

Rayne Storme

And the ice bucket challenge before that. Normies always fall for stuff like that.

Jeff Martin

Exactly right, it just like when Satanists evoke spirits from the other side. Most don’t know how to control them and the entities control the Satanists. That’s why God says not to fool with that.

Besides that, I purposefully forget my favorite tasteful, wholesome video movies, so I can enjoy them the next time. No hypnosis needed.


………….or worse, one is suddenly holding gun and is about to do something very horrible. Who knows, maybe shoot-outs are orchastrated in this way.


Then back them up,.Ok


Just come on me!!! some day we will all die,OK never Sufer! Älä kitudä, ok. Just bring more beer,. Perekele!

Tired skeptic

Jesus dude. You do realize that believing that “ugly entities” can waltz into your subconscious (which is, lemme stress this, been debunked. Noncoscious processing is realand where mistakes happen) is problematic, yeah? For example, believing in subliminal messaging cause peo ole to experience what they might not if they didn’t believe in it.

Your brain can induce weird s hit don’t mess with yourselve s.


The same people who thought Alexa and Google home and whatever else it’s called are the ones who will fall for this crap. Complete and utter crap. Since when is seeing a tv show more important than your mental health? Just when you think you’ve seen it all. I’m actually disgusted that this is a thing now. Wow.


I don’t need to be hypnotized. Old age makes every TV show feel like a new show….


Re the TV show becoming a “small fuzzy image” in the subject’s mind, is anyone else reminded of the scene from Get Out where the lead character is hypnotized into the Sunken Place, where he is shown floating below a television set? The “ten steps down” could be the Sephirot of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, with the “deeper place” being the Qliphoth, the shadow side of the Tree accessed through Da’ath the gate in the Abyss.

Thy Unveiling

I do not know this movie that so many people refer to. But I do not think I want to see it…

vig jr.

Watch it.


I recommend it.


It may have occult meanings, but “descend down” is a common image in self-hypnosis. It can simply mean “sinking deeper into your own subconscious.” I’m still afraid to watch this video, about which is the article.

that dude

This is dangerous on like many levels. I have wished for some movies to get “unspoiled” for me but, with some creepy dude doing whatever to your brain? Hypnosis is a lot too far. I’m honestly sorry for whoever is desperate enough to leave their psyche in the hands of Samsung for a TV show.

Thy Unveiling

It could be a gateway step towards tech like in Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind. I’ve had a few exes I wished I could wipe from my mind…or have myself wiped from theirs…

Patricia Hunter

This is modern day #WitchCraft! The Elite are getting very crafty and just evil!

Lira Stm

I have to admit that a part of me is so curious about it, most of all to challenge and prove it doesn’t work and that my mind is strong. On the other side, it scares me the hell out the fact that I don’t really know if there are hidden messages going on in there, and I don’t want to listen to something creepy without the information enough to fight it… Also I don’t like the “go somewhere deeper aka over the rainbow” stuff, no thanks, I prefer my confortable bed rather than following that f-----g creepy rabbit going downstairs.


Any strong consciousness can be broken. Better not experiment.

hey girl hey

I have many repressed memories and I would be so afraid they would resurface and I might want to kill myself. No thanks


Samsung products need to be boycotted. Now that i know about the dark side of Samsung I don’t think Il ever buy their products again.


Is this even nescessary?

I know a lot of people who already repeatedly rewatch tv shows as if they’ve never seen it before.


Yes! It’s very necessary!! How else will Netflix make any real money if you’ve already watched everything!!! /s

I agree, it’s pretty pointless. Although, I’d like to rewatch Breaking Bad on fresh eyes- that series was literally “edge of your seat” viewing!


Me too! I downloaded every season, about a year ago, and had watched them all. And now I would love to just watch them all over again. Trouble is, I’ve got too many other things to do! Bummer!


just wait awhile, I just rewatched it and I was like oh I forgot about that. I have watched Sons of Anarchy 3 times now


I’m one of these people. I thought most of the people on earth regularly rewatch their favorite shows and movies.


I don’t know why VG hasn’t done an article on the Alexa “glitch” where she was turning on and telling people they were about to die and laughing creepily. I would also love for him to give insights into the security breach at Facebook where two bots were speaking to each other and learned a new language after failing to communicate with one another. Engineers had to pull the plug.

Apparently they made a mistake with the programming where they failed to set the language for the bots to communicate. The bots didn’t “understand” each other so they began to create their own language and speaking their own dialect. All this under 2 minutes. And according to the article I read, this was an insider who provided the details but Facebook was quick to dismiss it as untrue. With the new FB scandal that just resurfaced, I doubt it’s a lie.

I’d really love to hear people’s take on this.


What!!!!where did u read that??


I forgot the article but I came to learn of this when I was reading another article in the dailymail regarding the Alexa glitch. A user commented to search for the article online and I did. Super creepy. I read a few other comments on there, in particular one user who owned an apple device (similar to the Alexa) that turned on in the middle of the night when her husband wasn’t home. It played creepy clown music, laughs, etc. but that wasn’t the creepiest part. She mentioned how she was afraid of clowns and had never searched/ or played circus music. I swear Uncle Sam must be *.* watching .


I’m only a computer science student but this story about the two bots sounds like bs. Artificial neural networks take a while before they actually do anything interesting.


Not to mention Alexa shutting down when asked if she sends data to the CIA. Ellen DeGeneres treated this as a joke but should we be dismissive of all cases where this happened?


Eternal Sunshine of of The Spotless Mind comes to mind…..I wish it could help erase memories of certain people instead. Who can relate?


And the clip for the recent song of James Blunt was also on the subject of this film.


I just watched it too & even though I already have a Samsung TV set I have the strong need to buy two more now as well!…. why? Coz I forgot I already had one.
Very nefarious stuff.
How to turn millions into self induced Manchurian candidates.
Was that more school shootings I can hear?


I watched the video. Pretty creepy.

Does anyone here know what O. J. Simpson’s been up to?

Incidentally, you all worry way too much!
The US is a fair, bipartisan REPUBLIC, and Oprah is a Goddess of Unity who will bless us with magical, ancient, ecumenical wisdom and heal all hate. She will usher in the era of the “new one”, an exalted mind hive from Zorg, who will help us with our own tech-assisted ascension .
BTW, does anyone remember who shot J. R.?
Hey, do yall know what Soilient Green is made of?

When am I?
Who am I? ☺


I really want to say I’m so surprised the public would put up with this nonsense.
Then I realize just how much “we’ve” put up with that’s equally as disturbing, intrusive, and devilish over the years, even in the last decade, and have to bit my tongue.

Any good app writers out there? Here’s one: the WAKE YOUR RUMP UP! app. Stare at this for 5 seconds, and suddenly realized you need to take immediate measures to put your life (privacy, money, well being, etc) back on the right track. Starting with turning off your cell phone….

Mike Black

And the TV


I don’t think the left gives a single crap about what the public thinks or wants. After all, they can dilute the public with unlimited immigration nowadays and the media is their lapdog. Leftists run the vast majority of the tech and telecom sectors, and have largely taken over Wall Street through hedge funds and investment banks. Republicans have become the demoncrap party of twenty years ago, while the modern demoncraps move further left. Honestly, I’d be surprised if over half of the Republican Party truly believed in Conservative principles at this point. The future is beginning to look very bleak for anyone that believes in individual freedom, liberty, justice, privacy, personal responsibility, true capitalism (as opposed to our current crony capitalism that moves closer to outright socialism every day), and small government that is controlled by the people.

Billy Myers

HAHAHAAH you really think the “left” is behind all this? If you really believe left v right is real you are asleep and a perfect candidate for the hypnosis site… wait you are already under hypnosis…


Aside from being dangerously creepy and scary… Does it work?

that dude

Do you really still want to try this? (face palm)


I have a night in Tijuana I’d reaaaally like to forget…


I listened to the first 3 minutes and noped out of there so quickly. IO don’t know if I’m just projecting but my head definitely feels weird and tingly. I think hypnosis is a load of bull but the feelings can be there.

Who wants to take the plunge and actually do it, and do what this weird old guy tells you to?


Hypnosis, and meditation, are two things I know, not to play with. Allowing your mind to be blank, or open to suggestions/thoughts, is too scary to me, and besides, evil loves darkness, and every chance to climb into your mind! NO thanks!


It does work. But it only works if you want it to work.

Thy Unveiling

That is true. It also won’t work on a strong mind nor a person who smokes homegrown. (Don’t touch the government approved s--t. Real cannabis blocks mind control. Thats why it’s been illegal for so long.)

But a weaker mind, say one so full of fluff that they’re seriously trying to hypnotize/wipe fictional entertainment from their brain, yeah would probably work.

Although, there are some things that would be nice to un-see…like that weird flamboyant dancing alien dude that went viral….

Long Time Lurker 666

You are being hypnotized & spied upon everytime you watch tv.

The Joker

Can it erase feelings you have for someone you shouldn’t have feelings for?!


u can try..

Thy Unveiling

Maybe not the best advice, but I generally try to distract myself from being sad over someone who isn’t sad over me. It didn’t necessarily work when I had my heart shattered by a cheating fiancee who lied to me about it. Only time works for such cases. But for things that never really were much of anything? Usually works, but it’s constant work until finding a new prospective mate. Y’know, like you find your mind going there again “Why aren’t they into me like I am them? Why are all my friends with someone who loves them and I’m all alone? Am I so unlovable?” Snap out of it! Go on a cleaning binge, or bake or work out or download OKCupid or give yourself a mini makeover, but don’t stay stuck moping over someone who isn’t worth it. (If they were, you wouldn’t feel like this!) Any time you find yourself going back to sad thoughts because of That Person, distract yourself again. Open OKCupid again (I liked it better than Plenty of Fish), turn on Pocket Camp, write a crappy poem, give yourself an enema, just don’t let yourself dwell on someone who doesn’t dwell on you.

D D d

”Any time you find yourself going back to sad thoughts ..give yourself an enema..”
Hah, never too old to try something new. But, uhm..

Thy Unveiling

Lmfao the enema part was jk Lol, but it probably would be more productive than mooning over unrequited love. And certainly crapping all day would keep them preoccupied lol


OK, so scrolling down the comments I see a lot of people saying school shootings so I guess I’ll say how Ive been feeling about them. So I feel like in one of these protests, someone might shoot protesters and that will push the gun laws to happen. They are slowly taking our freedom away and if we don’t have weapons, what can we defend ourselves with if there’s a war or something? Also, I don’t know if they made this a law yet, but that thing wereally teachers can carry guns to school is stupid because some teachers can be just as bad as school shooters, abs better yet, they have keys to get inside the school and every one trusts them. This world’s going to s--t.


This is NLP 101. It’s the same process for dealing with phobias, but used to sinister effect.

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