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YouTube Will Fight “Conspiracy” Videos Using Wikipedia



YouTube Will Fight "Conspiracy" Videos Using Wikipedia

YouTube will display links to Wikipedia and other “fact-based” sites along videos about “conspiracy theories”.

After demonetizing thousands of channels (many of which were “truther” and “conspiracy”-related), YouTube is now taking further steps to fight undesirable videos. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki announced this week that the video platform will soon begin displaying links to “fact-based” sites alongside conspiracy videos. Called “information cues”, these snippets of information will link to “reputable” articles in order to combat “hoaxes” and “fake news” stories (gotta use lots of quotation marks to highlight mass media’s biased vocabulary).

Here’s how it will work: If you search and click on a conspiracy theory video about, say, chemtrails, YouTube will now link to a Wikipedia page that debunks the hoax alongside the video. A video calling into question whether humans have ever landed on the moon might be accompanied by the official Wikipedia page about the Apollo Moon landing in 1969. Wojcicki says the feature will only include conspiracy theories right now that have “significant debate” on the platform. “Our goal is to start with a list of internet conspiracies listed on the internet where there is a lot of active discussion on YouTube,” Wojcicki said at SXSW.
– Wired, YouTube Will Link Directly to Wikipedia to Fight Conspiracy Theories

YouTube Will Fight "Conspiracy" Videos Using Wikipedia

A screenshot of an “information cue” on YouTube.

The announcement comes shortly after YouTube was blamed for the distribution of “conspiracy theory” videos concerning the Florida shooting. In the wake of the event, the top trending video on YouTube was about crisis actors (notably David Hogg) appearing on camera. The video was quickly removed from the platform.

Using Wikipedia, a text-based, volunteer encyclopedia site, that can be edited by anyone, is a rather perplexing choice. While college and university students are prohibited from using the site as an information source due to reliability issues, Wikipedia will be used as a “fact-checking” site by YouTube. Maybe that’s because most Wikipedia articles completely deny most conspiracies. Although not officially announced, expect to see Snopes as another “fact-checking” site … Despite the fact that the site has a clear pro-elite agenda.

While YouTube’s new measure still allows the viewing of conspiracy videos, elite-owned sites such as Wired are already pushing for the outright banning of conspiracy theories on the platform.

YouTube has also still yet to decide and implement clear rules for when uploading conspiracy theory content violates its Community Guidelines. Nothing in the rules explicitly prevents creators from publishing videos featuring conspiracy theories or misleading information, but lately YouTube has been cracking down on accounts that spread hoaxes anyway.
– Ibid.

Needless to say, media giants have been engaging in the past months on a slippery slope that is extremely dangerous, where the line between “truth” and “conspiracy”, “facts” and “fake news” can be arbitrarily determined by outside agents. While journalists used to be champions of free speech and information, they are now spineless hacks cheering for the coming of an Orwellian thought police.


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YouTube Will Fight "Conspiracy" Videos Using Wikipedia

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The lesson here…one pipe for videos (Youtube), one pipe for social (facebook), one pipe for retail (amazon), one pipe for info (google) and one world government to rule them all. I bet when all resistance is totally crushed by the elites, when all voices are singing in unity and all the world gives up their rights voluntarily, to the powers that be, then the true nature of these efforts will be revealed, namely that FB/Google/Youtube, etc. isn’t protecting us from “fake news” but rather are grooming the general public to hate dissent and will kill free speech, democracy and individual freedom when it doesn’t agree with their homosexual/feminist/satanist agenda.

D D d

Please refrain from the term ‘homosexual agenda’, because that one is part of homogenizing agenda, namely the one making All humans into infertible monkeys in general.. Heterosexuals have to be corrupted to, you know, and they are, as you have noticed on these pages, I guess. Being homosexual is not the same as being corrupt, and I am not speaking semantics here.


@D D d, “Being homosexual is not the same as being corrupt” In what world are you living in? Should you care to look at the definition of corrupt, you will find ‘morally wrong’. Homosexuals ARE by definition morally wrong. If we go back to where morals came from, that is that which would benefit a society, going right back to a basic village scenario; when that village required that men and women procreated in order to create warriors, workers and leaders, if you preferred to eject s---n into another man’s a--s, instead of in a woman’s vagina, you really were not worth anything in the evolution and survival of that tribe. Therefore what you did was MORALLY WRONG, that is CORRUPT behaviour. And notice I haven’t once used ANY QUOTE from the bible? Amazing that people CAN oppose homosexuality, without being religious and quoting from the bible. And I’m truly sorry to say but there IS a homosexual agenda. What is it? Well the chaos we see ensuing within society with transgenderism, 60 or so different gender definitions and putting minors on beta blockers in order to stop their natural body development, because they’ve been indoctrinated into believing they… Read more »

D D d

Oh, well, I guess you are right then. From hating people you do not know what they do in the bedroom, but assume they use anusses, to straight on pedofilia and obscure psychologists. You are one hell of a poster.


@D D d, The problem with this website and society, is that it’s become full of social justice warriors (SJW’s) such as yourself. People like you are utterly incapable of not only having an objective discussion, always bringing them down to nothing but subjective nonsense, but worse, you are clearly oblivious to seeing the difference between opinion and hatred. In your, little box of how the world should be, anything outside is boxist. If someone disagrees on homosexuality, they are haters and homophobes. If someone disagrees on immigration, they are haters and xenophobes. If someone disagrees on transgenders, they are haters and transgenderphobes. Let’s run with yours and all other SJW, pro LGBTQ agenda morons belief system: “what two people do in the privacy of their own home is their business.” This is the currently held view that if two men want to bugger one another senseless in the privacy of their own home that’s fine, because you see they are consenting adults. Now, a child, who is eight years old and menstruating, is considered a woman in many world cultures. In fact, it is not really the choice of man, because nature has decreed she is ready to procreate.… Read more »

D D d

Harbinger, the point was, the bundling of themes like pedo-feel-ia to a thing like homosexuality is incomplete when not coupling it to heterosexuality. It is like lying-by-ommision.
Very propganda-like, you know. And narrowminded towards homosexuals who have a good heart and soul, and who have nothing to do with the sex you have in mind at all. You place me in a corner, are doing the exact same thing, while being even more crude and bluntly. Please look up the words objective and subjective.


DDd, You have just epitomized subjection in this reply and you fail to see it. Precisely when you state – “who have a good heart and soul” – what has this got to do with the subject of perversion, depravity and degenerate behaviour? I will illustrate your argument – there are lots of very nice murderers out there. There are lots of lovely paedophiles. There are lots of people who work in the church who at night bugger dead bodies…. Their “niceness” has absolutely nothing to do with the argument in hand which is the fact that they unnaturally are attracted to the same sex and m--------e one another off, using one another’s orrifices. And this is where your and every SJW argument comes in “they’re nice people and because you disagree with their perverse behaviour it makes you a hater.” This whole rigmarole started with the legalization of homosexuality. Can you not notice the similarity with the transgender movement that states “heterosexual men are bigots and transgenderphobes because they won’t sleep with transgender men?” It is far more natural for a man to sleep with a child, even a pre pubescent one, compared to one who buggers a member… Read more »

Thoughtless dogma

You seem to be more than a little confused on the concept of consent. Clearly it is unlikely, if not impossible, for any of your hideous examples, to contain any realistic measure of it, but perhaps, more likely that you feel the consent between adults requires yours to be legitimate. It doesn’t. Your consent is nothing but interference.

If you can’t understand that all of your false and feverish equivalents to homosexuality are not consent between adults, but abuse and worse (yes, incest is abuse), then you should probably be more concerned about your own moral code.

Sane adults understand that children are not mature enough to give consent on a range of behaviours, which is why they are prohibited from signing contracts and require a guardian for many less freaky activities. That will never change. And if you think you consent can be gained from any of your other examples, you should probably reexamine the source of your faith. Frankly, it’s twisted.


Are you kidding? A 14 year old can refuse mental health treatment, even when a parent believes it is in their best interest. There are likely many other scenarios where youth are given the status of “acting” adults, especially when it suits the very systems designed to disengage and dismantle them – i.e. Justice, Education, Human Services aka foster care etc So don’t EVER think that something will NEVER change. It probably already has.


In many counties, a 14 year old can consent to having an abortion without informing her parents or the authorities (so they can investigate whether or not the pregnancy was legal since it involves a minor). The left encourages children to determine their gender without consent from his or her parents, while also inundating those same children with pro-transgender propaganda. It’s flat out ridiculous. Children are not capable of making these kinds of life altering or destroying decisions, yet the left keeps moving the line further into perversion. These jackals also use the now lower birth rates from 60 million abortions in the US alone as an excuse to support open borders and unlimited immigration (especially involving third world migrants that have been living in totalitarian leftist states where they have been subjected to non-stop leftist propaganda), while also pushing greater and greater numbers of abortions among our actual citizens. It’s pretty obvious that leftists are trying to change the voter base and debase the culture, so that there are enough ignorant automatons within to blindly accept their twisted political agendas. The media is basically one giant propaganda ministry for the leftist perspective and the teachers’ unions have encouraged teachers… Read more »


PFFSSS you oughta be a man and a sub Hueman at it, yes girls may menstruate early in their lives, that doesn’t mean they’re ready to have children, much less to be abused, tortured, used, you’re bein just plain out of it!!! Neither a boy or a girl under age and even at 21-23 yrs if not raised properly educated, they /we /you are vulnerable and that’s not to be considered “by consent” that is ridiculous! you either defend the vulnerable ones or NOT. MONSTERS!!


You are confusing the discouragement of an anti-social behavior with hating homosexuals. I don’t hate homosexuals or drug addicts, but I certainly discourage anyone I am in contact with from engaging in these behaviors. Tolerance does not require acceptance. In fact, the government’s efforts to force society to accept homosexuality, regardless of the individual’s Constitutionally protected religious beliefs, is as intolerant as penalizing homosexuals for their actions.


I pray that pedophilia will never become socially acceptable.



50 years ago, homosexuality was not socially acceptable.
It now is, so much so that has it not only been legalized but people vehemently defend it. The top actors, singers, TV presenters, journalists, politicians etc are all homosexuals, promoting their homosexuality within society’s nurseries, schools and universities.
All you have to do is wait another 50 years and see that what happened with the social acceptance of homosexuality will happen with pedophilia.
I’m sorry to state that there is nothing you can do to stop this whatsoever. Absolutely nothing at all. Worse, I should imagine that those parents who try to defend their children from older men will be arrested and imprisoned under a hate crime. And even more worse, the majority of society will side with the pedophile, who’ll be paraded all over the internet.
Not quite pedophilia, but very much our depraved and degraded society, transgenders are now shouting out that heterosexual men are bigoted transgenderphobes, because they wont date transgenders. Talk about forcing homosexuality upon heterosexuals?
It’s going to get far worse and I really don’t know if it will get any better. I would like to say I’m sorry for the pessimism, but like my moniker I am merely a bringer.


You sound quite like a very bitter person. I do agree that pushing for homosexuality is wrong. An example of this is how boring has become to watch shows such as the Academy Awards, where they are constantly pushing for this. However, there has been gay people in all of history that never dealt any damage to anyone, and quite contrary contribuited to humanity in fields of arts, and other spaces.
I know you will probably call me a SJW (which I hate) but I do tend to think you have fascistic tendencies, not that different to those of the NWO. To start with, you’re saying a person should only exist as long as he is useful to society, this can end up in a very dangerous eugenistic territory.

Last but not least, I don’t know of what beta blockers you’re speaking about. Coreg (carvedilol) is a good blood pressure medication in its category, and also treats arrythmias and other cardyopathies. I think beta blockers are only used for these kind of problems.


Matteo, Think what you want, either way it’s utterly irrelevant to my life. You clearly misunderstand everything of what I’ve written. I meant pubertyblockers, instead of beta so I apologize for the mistake. And how on earth can I have fascistic tendencies? I have no desire of merging corporation with the state (corporatism) whatsoever. Did I state that people should be killed? Did I state who should and who shouldn’t exist? What use are homosexuals in a tribe that needs children to keep it going? You presume alot Matteo. And worse, when it comes to the arts – music and film, they are the TWO main establishments homosexuals run to, because of their desire to be accepted by the public, because they know what they do is wrong. It is their choice to do what they do and no one elses. These two establishments also have high percentages of pedophiles in. And these establishments are not only platforms for homosexuals to promote homosexuality but to do the will of their (((new world order handlers))). Why do you think these establishments are filled disproportionately with homosexuals? Did you ever stop to wonder why? It’s an agenda, to shove homosexuality so far… Read more »


I appreciate your reply. Well it’s just my point of view that we’re speaking about two consenting adults doing whatever thet want. In your opinion, what should happen to them? I do agree that sadly the world of arts is filled with narcissistic and decadent people. These spheres are sadly full of modern day marxists.

D D d

Matteo, he said something (freely quoted) like ”if one does not fornicate and make offspring one is useless to society”, among some other utterly offensive ranting. So I think I just tuned out, because as offensive I can be when I am blunt, his level is way beneath my sewers, there is no room for exchange bothways, I guess.


D D d Are you unable to even look back and get the correct quotation? This is what I wrote: “If we go back to where morals came from, that is that which would benefit a society, going right back to a basic village scenario; when that village required that men and women procreated in order to create warriors, workers and leaders, if you preferred to eject s---n into another man’s a--s, instead of in a woman’s vagina, you really were not worth anything in the evolution and survival of that tribe.” A tribe survives on its ability to create new generations who will fight for that tribe, work for that tribe and more importantly continue the procreation of that tribe. Now are you able to understand what I wrote and why I wrote it? If you are in a tribe that need offspring, what use are you to it, when it’s not that you can’t produce offspring but you in fact choose instead to deposit sperm not where it’s supposed to be deposited? And lastly, why not look at your reply score, compared to mine? It appears that the VC readership agrees overwhelmingly with my synopsis of the situation… Read more »

D D d

You declare something like producing offspring by all of the tribe is vital for survival. I say it is not so. All people can give something to a community. That includes the ones without children. That you make connections generalizing and attributing awfull things to quite normal people who do no harm, does not make them true. Au contraire, it proves a small mind and excludes large parts of humanity based on little assumptions.
Someday you will look in the mirror and think of me.


D D d
You really aren’t getting this are you? All you are doing is coming across as the emotional social justice warrior that you are. You are either a woman SJW, a homosexual SJW or a transgender SJW. Which are you? Either way, our society has gone to pot because of people like you. Homosexuality is immoral behaviour and therefore, when you put people who are immoral in their ways, into positions of power and influence, then the inevitable outcome is a gross corruption of that society. Or are you going to tell me that is not the case? Have you looked at the USA and the rest of the west of late? Have you ever read history? You do realize that the fall of civilization is always heralded by the rise in corruption within? But you will say that’s a good thing though won’t you?
Why are you even posting on this website when you no doubt are a proponent of the censoring of YT and all media outlets, so as to not offend, when in reality it’s all about control, which you are most certainly promoting?

D D d

Oh dear, I fell of my pedestal right in my own sewers. Damn. Oh hello dear.

Lira Stm

@Harbinger I’ve been reading all your comments. It’s impressive how good writer you are. I cannot compete with you in English because I write in Spanish, but I’m able to recognize a good writer. I never commented anything in this page until I saw your comment. It’s crazy, because the first thing one person things about you it’s “what a n--i a-----e”, but then it makes sense. Because I’ve been noticing this. I’m a woman, I had a lot of gay friends. I’m sorry but they all were sick as f--k. Lesbians always were psycho, manipulating their couples, one cutting her arms, one saying that boys were disgusting, that a p---s is something that makes her puke… BUT WOW, 2 YEARS LATERS SHE CHANGED HER NAME INTO A MALE AND NOW SHE’S A SPOKEMAN FOR TRASGENDER. I asked her “why you became a guy when you said repeatedly that you hated them?”And she said “It’s a long story”, and never talked to me again. Lesbians I met are psycho as hell. Not because her desires of kill themselves. But because those desires were false. And I hate that, because I’ve been depressed because I suffered abuse from my mom (not… Read more »

D D d

Sad you hardly have met any good people.
I myself have met gays (for me that term includes lesbians) that have saved people. No touching involved, nothing sexually, no bitterness or manipulating. Just by being honest and treating folk with care.
I hope you will meet some people like that, wheather they will be straight or gay.
And I hope you will be able to see them and accept them as living beings on this planet. By the way, yes, there were that called themselves christian, too, and some seculars, that never was an issue among us.


Lira Stm, Well your English is far better than my Spanish, although I could cheat and use and on line translator. Lira Stm, Well your English is far better than my Spanish, although I could cheat and use an on line translator. My view, was the excepted view, previous to 50 years ago. The contamination of the west ironcally started when the Frankfurt School fled Germany, at the rise of Hitler, where all were given top positions in universities in the USA. Sir Bertrand Russell, previously of the School, did all the damage in the UK. I urge you to read his book, a collection of speeches he gave, called the ‘Impact of Science upon Society’. The corruption of western society has come from the aristocracy, via the government and others in positions of power and influence. Any aristocracy that loved its nation would have executed anyone, the minute the attack was seen on its culture. Stalin, ironically, sent death squads to kill the members of the Frankfurt School, because even he knew how deadly cultural Marxism was. And yes, transgenders are merely homosexuals who live under the delusion that they are the opposite sex. They are men who wish… Read more »


Harbinger I love your blatant truth. Thank you for your courage in speaking it.
I agree that the West has committed suicide, however I eagerly anticipate what God will do in response, and I feel that as the world gets darker and darker, the Holy Spirit will flood the earth in a way that has never been before. I look forward to the future because my spirituality grows clearer and stronger every day as the light seems to depart this world.


“What use are homosexuals in a tribe that needs children to keep it going?”

You can’t be serious with this. A person who works, hunts, or otherwise provides for the tribe without creating more mouths to feed would be immensely valuable. I imagine infertile people played similar roles back then.

Btw we’re at, what, 7 billion humans now? We’re good on the procreation front. If the Illuminati are trying to lower the human population, they’re doing a hell of a bad job.

And finally, only 1 in 3 gay men has received a--l, about the same percentage as straight women who have received a--l. Many gay male couples don’t have a--l sex. Maybe people like you should stop projecting your weird obsession with butt sex onto others?


@Lexi “Btw we’re at, what, 7 billion humans now? We’re good on the procreation front. If the Illuminati are trying to lower the human population, they’re doing a hell of a bad job.” And what is the size of the white population amongst the billions of Chinese and Asians? You do realize that the (((illuminati))) LOL have been doing their best to murder the African population as well? Not only that but the size of the Chinese population is there for good reason – they are going to be the next superpower once they’ve murdered the whites and African populations off, courtesy of wars in the middle east. Why? Simply because the white population and the Africans have had previous with a certain (((tribe))) and it is this (((tribe))) that is not only behind the wars in the middle east, white and African genocide but the building up of the Chinese state, through the introduction of Communism, which is their brainchild. The white and African people will ALWAYS be a threat to them, hence the current genocide going on amongst their races. The very fact that members of the same sex, choose to partner with one another, proves they’re not… Read more »


“What use are homosexuals in a tribe that needs children to keep it going?”
Now answer that question and that alone.
Let’s say every other need was filled hunters, military, and whatever else you can think of but the tribe needs babies. Instead of creating life your wasting what could used.
Infertility is not homosexuality. Two different cases. One has the option to create the other does not.
Look at the question this way. If your grandparents were homosexual how big would your family tree be. I’m sure they would have held their own in society just no Lexi.

Open your eyes and ears

The fact you hold Homosexuality alongside Pedophilia says more about you than anybody else.

I’m frightened for a world that contains people with your mindset. I really am.


Open your eyes and ears, Why do you think the msm never, ever reports on the blatant connection between pedophilia and homosexuality? All you have to do is look up child molestation statistics, to find that young girls, are not in fact penetrated vaginally, but buggered by the pedophiles. The overwhelming majority of ALL pedophiles are homosexual men. These are facts and the reason the msm doesn’t report it, is because were they to, people would view homosexuality as it should be viewed – utterly disgusting behaviour and nothing else. Do some research for Peter Tatchell of the ultra left wing, LGBTQ activist organization. He is an LGBTQ activist and openly promotes man-boy love, also known as inter-generational relationships – pedophilia and is currently campaigning to have the legal age of consent between homosexuals, dropped to 14, which will continue to be lowered to prove that they’re all just pedophiles within. He has written articles for the Pedophile Information Exchange (P.I.E.) based in Holland. Why has he never been arrested or even questioned as the public figure he is? It’s because, as stated homosexuality and pedophilia are one and the same and the msm will never report on this for… Read more »


You are brilliant at putting your argument across, your points all have valid evidence , you should write and submit articles for this site, in fact you need to engage discussion on the forum, educate the sheeple with some common sense! Thanks for this, I read your responses to this article with relish, looking forward to more responses from you.


Harbinger, OMG, I can’t believe you just wrote that about all the pedophiles being homosexuals, you clearly have a weird ( like some attitude going on against homosexuals) thinking, like way far from reality and way close from that point of view that ( I don’t know why) you hold. But I can assure that you are very and absolutely wrong. Your comments do have some truth to it, but keep looking, there is still some sort of confusion in them, I can assure you that.

Kev Allah

Open your eyes and ears! Clown shoe…


It’s all about the ELITE aka Powers that be aka Illuminatti, sheesh it’s not about the ordinary people for goodness sakes!! This is about them not us!!


#Metoo movement sound familiar?
Which direction do you think that’s headed?


Let’s take a look at some of the things you’ve said for a moment: Your argument against homosexuality is that it isn’t in the interest of the tribe for procreation and evolution, okay sure. But this isn’t an argument against homosexuality it’s an argument against not procreating. So are you equally morally outraged if someone chooses to not have offspring or if someone marries someone who is infertile? Those seem to be equally morally wrong and degenerate by your own words…I may be jumping the gun here but I am guessing those things don’t upset you as much because gays are just gross. You argue the slippery-slope will occur where society will normalize pedophilia like homosexuality except the conversations around those two topics is vastly different. With pedophilia the reason we consider it wrong is because of our current criteria for what constitutes consent, nothing to do with what is or isn’t taboo. I also find it interesting that when arguing against homosexuality you refer back to antiquated systems of morality that humans used yet when the topic shifts to pedophilia you don’t even touch upon the fact that those same antiquated societies openly practiced pedophilia without batting an eye.… Read more »



There’s no need to go into a long reply on your reply. Why? Well firstly, it’s already been answered in my previous posts, but more importantly it does nothing more than concrete my replies in that you are part of the product of gross mind manipulation, courtesy of cultural Marxism.
You cannot even accept, you won’t accept that homosexuality is unnatural, abnormal and immoral behaviour. Your reply is simple in that I use antiquated concepts of immorality. No, a definition is what it is from its origins. You can’t change a word’s definition because it suits you! You ironically, in that point show the degradation of society in that what once was disgusting and depraved behaviour is now lauded and praised. This shows the end of a moral society.

However I do agree with you – there is nothing wrong with doing anything to one another if the other consents, however the big difference is what is acceptable within a moral society.
Homosexuality, b--------y, necrophilia, incest, cannibalism and pedophilia exist in an IMMORAL society.
Now what society would you rather live within?


I like you you didn’t even respond to my criticism against your argument and just side step it all as “I’m right you’re wrong”. Well done. Oh yes, and cultural marxism, a concept I’m pretty sure you have pretty much no knowledge in except in using as a catch-all term for the boogieman like most people in your camp use it.

Again you haven’t presented any real argument here. You may define homosexuality as abnormal or whatever, but what is your argument for it being wrong? Literally the only argument you’ve given is that it doesn’t produce babies and you find it gross. Is that really all you have?

So again, you’re stating that these things are wrong because they’re immoral, and they’re immoral because they’re wrong. Now can you give me an argument that isn’t tautological for why any of these things are wrong?

But again I’m not sure why I’m asking as I know you have no logical reasoning behind your argument, I’m sure your thought process goes something like “I read the bible, whatever it says is right, now I’m going to invent facts in my mind to justify these beliefs and feeling”. Am I right?


StarmanJr There is no argument in whether homosexuality is good, moral, normal or natural behaviour because it isn’t. It’s that simple. People who promote homosexuality are either mentally hill homosexuals or incredibly brainwashed and indoctrinated heterosexuals. It’s that simple again. And yes it very much is a case of “I’m right you’re wrong” because the very fact that you are not just condoning homosexuality but promoting it also, proves my point in how incredibly contaminated the west is. As for cultural Marxism, without getting into a long post on the utterly despicable ideology it is, I’ll simply let it speak for itself. To quote Willi Munzenburg, of the School: “We’ll make the west so corrupt it stinks”. Again, like I stated – “there are none more blind than those who will not see”. This argument and debate has nothing whatsoever to do with whether homosexuals are nice or not. It’s the fact that their confused minds choose to partner with the same sex. I have friends of the same sex but I don’t have intimate sexual relationships with them. Man is for woman and woman man and that’s it. There is no other argument for it. It doesn’t matter how… Read more »


“There is no argument in whether homosexuality is good, moral, normal or natural behaviour because it isn’t.” Prove it. The burden is on you to prove why something should be considered impermissible. The only reasoning you’ve given so far is less children being born which has no relevant bearing on society today. If that’s your only concern we could just take a sperm sample of gay men and impregnate a female that way to ensure each of them gets a child. You also argue that it’s “unnatural”, whatever that means. Doesn’t matter, we accept plenty of things equally or more unnatural than homosexuality. No animal cooks food with fire like we do, is that unnatural and wrong too? Your argument so far is entire tautological and thus entirely worthless. You’ve still entirely side-stepped the other questions I asked you. “As for cultural Marxism, without getting into a long post on the utterly despicable ideology it is, I’ll simply let it speak for itself. To quote Willi Munzenburg, of the School: “We’ll make the west so corrupt it stinks”.” So you sum up an entire philosophy into a single quote by a single guy. Talk about cherry picking. You could just… Read more »


+@StarmanJr Like I’ve stated, there is no need to prove that homosexuality is wrong, immoral and unnatural. But for you I’ll do it simply for you. 1. It’s is wrong because it is not right. 2. It is not right because it is immoral behaviour, in that it is a corruption of the relationship between man and woman needed for the continuation of the human species. 3. It is unnatural because it is a perversion of the human male and female’s relationship with one another. Again, I have to repeat what I’ve stated already in that people have a choice to live in a moral or an immoral society. Within an immoral society there are no morals meaning everything goes and that includes all the taboos mentioned. We now live in a corrupt society and you promote this with you love of homosexual behaviour, whether you are straight or not. And again….geez…..if you are homosexual you are the product of drug manipulation. If you are a heterosexual you are the product of indoctrination and brainwashing. Either way it’s FUBAR. Now this is my last reply to you as I’ve stated what is. There’s nothing else to discuss on this matter.… Read more »


“Like I’ve stated, there is no need to prove that homosexuality is wrong, immoral and unnatural. But for you I’ll do it simply for you. 1. It’s is wrong because it is not right. 2. It is not right because it is immoral behaviour,” And once again you’ve stated the same thing three ways but all saying the same illogical, tautological statement not rooted in any fact or logic but in your *feeeeling*. These are useless statements. “it is a corruption of the relationship between man and woman needed for the continuation of the human species.” So once again your only real argument is that not procreating is wrong…somehow? Even though there is no inherent morality behind reproducing (at least you’ve provided none) and it’s not like gay people existing really impacts our reproduction as a species in modern society. And you STILL sidestep any other issues of reproduction I’ve asked you because you clearly lack a consistent system of ethics. “3. It is unnatural because it is a perversion of the human male and female’s relationship with one another.” What does that even mean? This is just more fluff words you’re using without any real substance. If someone chooses… Read more »


StarmanJr, As I’ve explained it is about morals. It’s always about morals within a society. You either have them or you don’t. So let’s take a moral behaviour shall we? Society deems pedophilia wrong, but what about sex with girls who are menstruating at the age of eight? They, by nature are ready to give birth so who are we to challenge nature? The revulsion against paedophilia is a social construct, just as the acceptance of homosexuality and transgenderism are social constructs. The bonus for the latter is that many people in positions of people in power are homosexuals and paedophiles and therefore direct people’s views, through their brainwashing programs. This was why TV was created. And it started by slowly bringing in homosexuals, with whom the population were against. They added a bit more, here and there until it became common place. And the same was done with violence. They showed more and more violence that it’s not accepted due to the desensitization of the public. There’s p--n readily available that sees women as sex objects. There’s feminism that sees men as the patriarchy that needs to be destroyed. All brought about through cultural Marxism, because they knew that… Read more »


“So let’s take a moral behaviour shall we? Society deems pedophilia wrong, but what about sex with girls who are menstruating at the age of eight? They, by nature are ready to give birth so who are we to challenge nature?” We challenge nature every day in countless ways.What’s your point? “The revulsion against paedophilia is a social construct, just as the acceptance of homosexuality and transgenderism are social constructs.” I entirely agree. Things like revulsion and disgust are typically social constructs. “The bonus for the latter is that many people in positions of people in power are homosexuals and paedophiles and therefore direct people’s views, through their brainwashing programs. ” Bringing up pedophilia here is pointless because it’s still deemed morally wrong with a strong logical reason behind it. There is no strong logical reasoning behind deeming homosexuality wrong so yes, people who are homosexual advocate for homosexuals being normalized and treated normally. Anyone else would do the exact same thing. There is nothing nefarious about that since you have still not even attempted to prove that there is anything wrong with homosexuality. Pedophilia hurts children who cannot consent, homosexuality has no such issues so it’s not even comparable.… Read more »


Thank you for being an intelligent and logical human being. We seriously need more people like you in the world.


“There is nothing inherently wrong with necrophilia, a corpse is a corpse who cares”

Just wow. I hope I never meet somebody like you. Ever. You have no sense of right and wrong whatsoever. And no respect of life or those who have lived before you. These are just basic traits of being a human. You truly are brainwashed. I sincerely hope you do not actually believe what you just wrote.

Pumpkin spice

There are plenty of societies and cultures where homosexuality has been acceptable way before 50 years ago. You’re talking about the western civilisation, and 50 years ago being black wasn’t exactly acceptable either soo… people on this website really need to chill a little. Not everything on their agenda is bad or evil per se, they’re just using it for their own sinister purposes. Kinda like a knife, you can use it to kill someone but you can also use it to cut bread. THe knife in itself isn’t bad, it’s what you use it for.

Excuse my bad English, it’s not my first language.

D D d

Can anybody recall for me when segregation between black and white was dismantled in christian churches in America, please?

D D d

Please, anybody? No? Why? Shame?

D D d

How about the people who did the colonisations? The ruling artistocracy and their international traveling friends to steal land, produce, ..people for the benefit of the so called christian europeans. They beheaded the natives on the other side of the world and went back to church and pray.
Do you like chocolat? Perfume? Black peper? When did you realise our ancestors getting it overhere were murderers, calling themselves faithfull and rule countries and companies and households with the ‘godfearing’ sword..? Now you know, can you tell, when in church who is true and who is faking it today?

Zima Ndola

Looking at the state of affairs currently world wide , that is highly likely unfortunately


It already is in the U.K. The authorities there ignored the Muslim grooming gangs kidnapping, raping, and drugging underage girls and forcing them into prostitution. The police even had the nerve to suggest that the victims were consenting to these crimes as an excuse to ignore it. The state operated BBC covered it up and it’s rumored that there are bigger grooming gangs operating in London, under the protection of mayor khan, a scumbag that also ignores acid and knife attacks so he can devote more resources to the London PC police. This is what happens when the left uses political correctness to suppress free speech. Leftists call their opponents every name in the book (racist, homophobe, xenophobe, sexist, blah, blah, blah, etc) and use the unelected bureaucracy to do their bidding on the streets. UK citizens that speak out against Muslim crimes can actually be arrested for “hate speech” against the Muslim criminals running these grooming gangs. This is what the left wants to bring to the US. If you believe in freedom, God given individual rights, liberty, justice, and/or Christianity, they will target you someday if we allow them to seize that power through ignorance or apathy.




@ D D d you said “If we go back to where morals came from, that is that which would benefit a society, going right back to a basic village scenario”. And this seems to be where the control and prescribed agenda came from. Humans have been walking the Earth for around 2 million years and yet the “village scenario” you speak of his just a mere 6k-8k years old. Prior to that we were “in the Garden of Eden”, or if we don’t like the Biblical term we could just say we were hunter gatherer types whose lifestyles did not necessitate village (farming) constructs such as marriage, women as home makers, paternal knowledge (kids didn’t know who their father was because it didn’t matter when all children belonged to the same pod). Now I’m not sure about homosexuality in those times, and I really despise the current agenda being rammed down our throats. However, it is ludicrous to think that just because village (farming) society is the construct we NOW live in and know, that we should take this as being the truth for all of our time here. It could very well be that homosexuality was a concrete… Read more »

D D d

SarahJayne, where did you find that quote you use?


SarahJayne, You are addressing the wrong commenter. It was high whom you should be addressing. Firstly there is no need or reason for homosexuality on this earth, other than sheer perversity and mental disorder. In a moral society there IS no homosexuality, no pedophilia, no cannibalism, no necrophilia, no incest, no b--------y. Do you see where I’m going with this? You are either one who follow a moral code or you are not. The problem with society is their gross stupidity through willful ignorance. _”Why do you hate on gay people?”_ is the instant reply, in any debate, immediately lowering it to the level of subjection. I don’t. I merely disagree with whom they choose to have sexual relations with. This is not hate. It’s opposition to their life choices. The vagina is there for the p---s, not the vagina. The a--s is there as an exit passage for the body’s waste, not for another man’s p---s. And those who engage in a--l play end up catching diseases, due to faeces entering their urethra, resulting in kidney infections. The incredibly strong sphincter muscle is there for this very reason – stop things falling out and getting in. On the contrary,… Read more »


@Harbinger Sorry to say, you are nothing but a human, as human being wihtout a moral compass, if we were to argue everything from our thoughts and understanding, then why should I buy your theory or believe your argument as absolute facts? What makes your theory more superior than others? The way you imposed your thoughts on others, you are no different from those loud mouth bigots. Based on your argument, you reckon homosexuality is morally unacceptable for the past century or so, how about I bring you back to the era of Greek empire or Chinese empire, homosexual/Enoch/pedophilia are social norm and acceptable, so where does your moral compass stand now, obviously your argument doesn’t hold any weight now. Your point of view and my point of view clearly differs, I can easily dismiss your argument by saying homosexual is only natural for most who were born with the innate sexual attraction of the same sex. You based you argument on the theory of evolution and how a a species should serve their purpose by producing offspring, but actually this theory is flaw. According to science, life happened spontaneously, and whatever happens on this earth is spontaneous, there are… Read more »



I think you’ll find that it is homosexuals who have no moral compass. Do some research on Bisphenol A (BPA) for homosexual behaviour in minors. Then again, all we need to do is look at all the homosexuals on the msm and entertainment, who are now corrupt role models for the youth.
And there’s also an article, not that long ago in a paper here in the UK, where local fishermen were complaining about hermaphroditic fish. It turns out that the birds who lived on the river, that ate the fish all started trying to mate with the same sex. The cause was found to be a pollutant upstream, coming from a factory waste pipe, flooding into the river.

Nature doesn’t f*ck up. Man does.
This debate is now over. There is nothing to add in the argument because homosexuals have a disease of the mind. Depravity, degeneracy and immorality all dwell within. And now little brother has joined the party in the form of transgenderism and the other 60 gender or so confused. Mankind is easily corrupted and anyone with the slightest modicum of common sense can clearly see that the world is certainly floating down a sewer.



What’s your point? Bisphanol A and homosexuality is just another man’s hypothesis. Just like how scientist believe ppi is suppose to cure us form heart burn but it end up killing people by ckd, heat attack and alzimer disease. Like I mentioned, nature according to human logic or great mind of scientist like Stephan Hawkins are random probability and spontaneous activites, so who are you to judge how life on earth should be when you don’t even have a moral compass? The more you explain yourself the more you sound like Hitler, you expect a perfect race of human being. So what are you going to do to those 1 in 100 homosexual in our society, are you suggesting we exterminate them so there are superior sets of uncorrupted DNA that doesn’t produce gay offspring? You are quite a bigot.


Homosexuality wasn’t always seen as bad by villagers. When the men had to go with the animals to the summer pastures, the gay men got left with the women. This meant that the women weren’t all pregnant when they returned, but were kept safe from attacks and disasters.

What’s wrong with 2 consenting adults having a--l sex? Strait people do it as well, for contraceptive reasons and/or to protect the woman’s virginty. It’s known as the poop hole loop hole.

Paedophilia is wrong because it does enormous damage to somebody who is too immature and underdeveloped for sex.

B--------y, those strait men up in the pastures probably shagged a sheep or 2 during those long summer months.


D D d you said “If we go back to where morals came from, that is that which would benefit a society, going right back to a basic village scenario”
It’s interesting that I have my own theory about the village scenario. People left villages to go to big cities where they could do what they want. After all, in the village (especially if it is not a farm, but a close settlement), everyone is constantly watching you. You can never be sure that no one sees you, not even in the forest.
And for some time people enjoyed in cities the opportunity to violate all the prohibitions imposed in the villages.
But the development of technology has made it easy to track us. A person in a big city can never be sure that no one has ever tracked him. And so humanity quickly returned to the village scenario.

D D d

Anna, go check with SarahJayne, maybe you two switched glassess.?

Sarah Jayne

sorry @D D d, yes it was Harbingers quotes.
Cheers Anon 🙂

D D d

This raises a question with me. Did you and anna mix up a few impressions of different posts by me and/or harbinger, or did you read and react solely to the one post you kind of misread the poster’s name from?


@SarahJayne, @Anna
Those are Harbinger’s quotes. I think it’s in his/her very first reply.

Kev Allah

Your “knowledge” is very tribal and tribes were divided according to which animal they deemed the most fit for life on Earth.

Basically, you don’t know s--t and are speculating. Spain conquered the whole world for a reason, because dumb a---s were following their animal urges rather than rising above them.

And lions roar while they f--k, hence why I make more noise than my woman.

You described the snakes way of mating, my people ain’t snake people we never mated like that.


Jeez this is when I’d like to have the emos available for a big big laugh O.O

D D d

It is just 3 little clicks to solve the problem 1 : 2 – 3 )
There, did I just make your day?


Pro tip : Wikipedia is not fact-based at all. Wikipedia is political and “mainstream cultured”-based. “Winners write history”.


Very true. Using any of the Google apps like Google Pics, for instance, within ten minutes it becomes painfully apparent that their only function is to suck out from the user as much private content as possible. We know the rest – aggregate it, data-mine it, feed it to AI, analyze it and one day use it to foretell, and if need be apprehend, specific scenarios.

D D d

A lot of websites are doing it. Full of hidden gadgets. We have a little law that forces them to be a bit more open about it. They bluntly state ”we will follow you”. You want the information, you allow and see, you don’t, you click the exit-button. The thing is, always there are ”third parties” involved. Rather vague. And that’s on purppose.
Do you own a modern smart-tv-set? Read the manual, but first search for the OFF-button….

Zima Ndola

I liked this a million times but only one is allowed.


Hate against each other will get us nowhere. Divide and conquer.


What are they so afraid of? If someone wants to watch a “conspiracy” channel, and it’s not true, then who cares? No one seems to want to shut down tube8 or redtube, of which anyone can watch a myriad of awful things, but a few folks want to see the evidence for (or not for) the flat earth theory or the repetitive photos of celebrities doing the one eye pose, and OH, the horror??? This censorship tells me that these conspiracies are, indeed, TRUE. They always cover up the truth. Meanwhile, the youtube channel, LA Beast, showcases a dude who eats weird crap and vomits it all up. No one bats an eye…


I think its because of flat earth. The mother of all lies. over 20 million videos on youtube already. Hundreds of million people know about it now.

Thy Unveiling

Its not the flat earth. The plan all along was to thought-police us. They’re just kicking it into high gear now because more people were starting to wake up about different things, fewer people were buying the bs (like the Vegas shooting.) Pizzagate was the one that had ’em most shook. Thats when relevant articles on the subject disappeared (*cough* VC *cough*) And the term Fake News started flying around everywhere. Until then, issues like the Hampstead Allegations were discredited in other ways (like bullying the victims into recanting their statements…) The David Hogg video was deliberately leaked. A clothed version of a “leaked” sex tape. The rehearsal footage and his dad being FBI is enough for truthers to call bs on the whole thing. But it was cheese in a mouse trap, and many of us mice went for it by calling him a crisis actor. They turned it around on us, calling us bullies, scum, sick in the head. We are being gaslit. This is part of the silencing. Regarding the “kids” speaking out with David Hogg, they are also being used to lower the age of consent. Right now is “these kids are more mature than many… Read more »


Vc… Wikipedia has an article about Pizzagate and it lists your site as fake news! There should be a way you can contest that!


Nope ! Because, you know, if you attack the “mainstream” then you’re wrong by default. “Open mind” is allowed if and only if you think what “mainstream culture” allow you to think. If you think outside the boundaries, then you’re a facist.


That bothers me! I did not know that. I agree Infowars is a bit crazy but not this website. VC is awesome.


So In other words, they are censoring


Yet, censoring in the name of liberty.. Their version of it… Which mean as long as it goes along with their way of thinking… Truly sad… They cannot disprove, so they instead demagogue, name call, or falsely accuse… These with this mindset did the same to the ONE who came to die for the sins of mankind nearly 2,000 years ago…


Censorship overload.


On the bright side, this will be a chance for people to see that Wikipedia (CIA-funded from day one) is nothing more than establishment propaganda. Wouldn’t it be great if it backfired?


People are just too dumb. If people would think by themselves, the humanity would not be back to the “Late Roman Empire” era we live in.


can you please provide the source that it was CIA funded?


Hi, sorry, can’t find any source now, though I know I’ve read about it. I will retract that claim, for want of documentation. There is still an article out there about Google’s origins (, if anyone is interested.
Miguel, I agree that people are too dumb (both by choice, and by design – which is why I kept my kids out of public schools and off medications). That’s why I chose the label ‘dreamer’ 😉

Kev Allah

It’s not “people” that matter. It’s the next generation of kids. It’s always about the kids bro. They don’t care if old people figure out the system. Their opinions don’t matter if they aren’t famous.


No, YouTube, that’s not Information. That is indoctrinating your beliefs while suppressing and discrediting all alternative versions of reality. It’s mind control. Priests, rabbis, bishops, popes, and now YouTube are just professional gatekeepers working for those who control the Matrix.


ha ha ha, and wikipedia ist 100% certain and verified source of information, no doubt about it 😀


1984, here we come!


We’re already living in the Fahrenheit 451 universe where anything that might cause people to ask questions is purged while the masses are too absorbed with their TV and drugs to care.


(((Who))) controls YouTube (i.e. Who controls Google)? (((Who))) controls Wikipedia? (((Who))) controls 95% of the MSM? (((Who))) uses their influence in banking, entertainment, and government bureacracy to push Communism down America’s throat? There is a definite pattern there – all you have to do is open your eyes to see it. The same (((tribe))) over and over again….


Google owns most everything, they have obtained a lot in ten years.


Thing is, anyone familiar with Black’s Law Dictionary, and American “law” in general, knows that, legally, “facts” don’t necessarily have to be true.


Just look at what people say in the streets or on TV. Nowadays, “facts” are not truth, “facts” are just what medias repeat again and again. Look at the Russia/UK affair for example. UK don’t have any single proof but they still say that Russia is guilty. And for 95% of people, it is now a fact : Russia is guilty.


The lie saying in hundred times become a truth.


Furthermore, with Obama’s repeal of the Smith-Mundt Act, it’s now legal for the government to use any media for propagandizing the American people.

Macaulay Culkin

As much as they try to fight it and hope ppl get too distracted to question, they will never be able to hold back the truth. In time, eventually all will be revealed.

D D d

On a clay tablet, handed down from generation to generation – read in darkened rooms with candlelight with whispered sidenotes about yesteryears?


Well, in the 20th century they used to print censored texts on paper, and then passed them to each other. Plus, you can retell verbally – the good old folklore.

Kev Allah

From the mouth of a man to the heart of a boy. And the non believers watch from the sidelines, like always.

Allison MacPherson

This will most likely backfire. If they are burning books, you want to read them.

Patricia Hunter

I knew this was coming! You have to ask yourself, if these videos are so called “hoaxes” Why go through the trouble of dispelling them?! Pretty soon it will be a crime to report on any other thing than what they decide to put out there. We won’t have freedom of speech or a right to our own opinions. My advice is to get all the facts you can, while you can. FACT!


Well of course TPTB don’t want anybody to know the real truth……Well not just yet, meanwhile the child corruption videos marketed as child friendly videos are still on there…..Interesting.




In the short term this could be a good step. Let’s say 20% of people in general believe in conspiracy theories across the board (rising to up to 80% for things like JKF assassination, 911 and the moon landings). Many more than 20% of people do not trust Wikipedia as a reliable and truthful source. If they add Snopes it would be even better because I’d guess 40% of people don’t trust that outfit. So ultimately YouTube allows the contravening opinion and at best will show how the opinion is rejected by the elite. For people just waking up about 911 etc this will really hurt Wikipedia’s credibility over time. I’ve been awake for a while and am at the stage where I roll my eyes if someone defends the elite position with “but I read it on Wikipedia”. I actually laugh out loud if they bring up the clown outfit that is Snopes! There is one error in the article “Using Wikipedia, a text-based, volunteer encyclopedia site, that can be edited by anyone,”… This is no longer true. Wikipedia started out as an open source platform that anyone can edit. However it is now bought and owned by a… Read more »

D D d

Don’t forget, there will be a new generation that at this moment is being educated via screens. Looking at screens.. in a classroom. Lunchbreak at home has been deleted. School owns the children from 8.30 to about 7 nonstop hours later including breaks under supervision. Building the school-buildings has been more of an issue than the actual educations. The divide-and-conquer-system over here is : keep changing the administrations. Centralize them, then change locations, fuse with other locals, build new buildings. Confuse and change laws.


@Loveisall, Constructive criticism IS NOT hate or are you incapable of seeing this? Today, when someone voices disagreement to something, the left wing, subjective rhetoric promoters, such as you, instantly shout out HATE, HATE and more HATE! This site is not being filled with misogynists. Quite the contrary, it is being filled up with people who clearly see that choosing to marry a woman, who is 90% likely to divorce you and take half your finances and estate is nothing more than complete and utter madness. They are also seeing that it’s really not worth pursuing relationships with women, when there’s a high chance of a false rape allegation. This is called COMMON SENSE! As for anti Semites, well, considering that the real anti Semites actually are NOT Semitic peoples, that is those invading Khazarian Jew converts, murdering the real Semites in Palestine, then one can’t call people anti Semites for opposing what these people do. The globalist Jews, in positions of power and influence ARE NOT Semites. Just because you are Jewish does not make you a Semite. And you will find that those people who ARE anti Jewish, Jewry, Judaism, Zionism etc are so for good reason. And… Read more »


If only Youtube cared this much about removing the pedophile videos off their platform.


Giordano Bruno, Galileo Galilei, Nicolaus Copernicus and Johann Kepler would have all been marked as Conspiracy in their days, had YouTube existed back than.

“No to decadence and moral corruption! Yes to decency and morality in family and state! I consign to the flames the writings of Heinrich Mann, Ernst Glaeser, Erich Kästner.”
Joseph Goeppels, Book burning Campaign, Berlin, May 10th 1933


Those men were and are considered occultists even today. Get your facts straight. You are so far divorced from reality that you can’t see which ideas are your own and which you were made to think were your own.


Which „reality“ exactly are you referring to? Yours? Anyway, as far as I’m concerned, these men were and are astronomers, philosophers, mathematicians, engineers and poets. To some this might be occult (hidden) knowledge – even today.


See the problem here? You speak good about these wonderful men of the past, but quite quickly the group of religious extremists come to attack you and call them “occultists”


I never met these men, they are long dead. But I believe that the classification of others is a dangerous shortcut and one of the main reasons for the problems humanity is facing for thousands of years.

It is oversimplification. That‘s how people are brainwashed and manipulated into burning books or someone like Giordano Bruno at the stake. It always starts in the mind and it is the recipe for all wars and all mass murderings.

Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.


I absolutely agree with you. This is the problem with every single person that thinks he holds the truth.


Snopes! Everyone always knew that site was a joke when it came to putting out truth! Well, they must be really afraid to have done this. Way too many people waking up now!



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