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Pink’s “Just Like Fire”: Another Blatant Video About Monarch Mind Control



Pink's "Just Like Fire": Another Blatant Video About Monarch Mind Control

Pink’s Just Like Fire is one of the more obvious MKULTRA-themed videos ever released. Associated with the movie Alice Through the Looking Glass, the video confirms Disney’s fondness for Monarch Mind Control.

If one knows a tiny bit about Monarch Mind Control, Pink’s Just Like Fire is a blatant display of its symbolism. It follows the same narrative and uses the same imagery as countless other videos analyzed on this site, once again proving that there is a sustained effort to expose young people to this sick world.

In the video, Pink finds herself lost in Wonderland to then be taken to a mental institution – by force. Through mind control imagery, the video symbolically describes Pink dissociating and being programmed by a handler. In short, everything about this video is directly linked to Monarch mind control.

Alice in Wonderland + Disney =  Mind Control

Just Like Fire is the lead single off the soundtrack of Alice Through the Looking Glass  – a Disney movie which will certainly contain its fair share of MK symbolism. As stated in my article on Monarch Mind Control, the ultimate goal is to cause the slave to dissociate after being subjected to intense, unbearable trauma. Handlers encourage this behavior by subjecting slaves to a “programming script”, a story that will guide the young slave through programming. A common script used is Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, a story that can perfectly be applied to the trials of an MK slave.

The same way Alice follows a white rabbit through the looking glass to enter the strange world of wonder, slaves follow their handlers through programming to reach complete dissociation. In the fairy tale, Alice enters a fantasy world where everything is magical, inverted and unstable, a place similar to the slave’s internal world, where everything can be modified by the handler. Therefore, in MK symbolism, “Wonderland” represents the state of mind of a dissociated, mind-controlled slave, the place where they “escape” the pain of trauma. In short, the Alice in Wonderland story – and others that are similar – is used in actual mind control scenarios.

Over the years the Wizard of Oz, Alice In Wonderland, and Mother Goose seem to have been overall favorites (of mind control handlers). The child will most often be in a trance state when these story lines are told. The children will have the stories repeated and they are expected to memorize these scripts. Because the programmers will build upon the child’s awareness of these stories, the stories are modified to better fit the future programming.
– Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Control Slave

As stated above, programmers modify stories to fit programming and Disney’s adaptations of classic stories accomplish just that.

This is why the Disney movies and the other shows are so important to the programmers. They are the perfect hypnotic tool to get the child’s mind to dissociate in the right direction. The programmers have been using movies since almost day one to help children learn the hypnotic scripts. For children they need to be part of the hypnotic process. If the hypnotist allows the child to make up his own imagery, the hypnotic suggestions will be stronger. Rather than telling the child the color of a dog, the programmer can ask the child. This is where the books and films shown the child assist in steering its mind in the right direction. If the hypnotist talks to a child, he must take extra precaution not to change the tone of his voice and to have smooth transitions. Most of the Disney films are used for programming purposes. Some of them are specifically designed for mind-control.
– Ibid.

A striking example of Disney adapting a story for MK purposes is the 1984 movie Return to Oz (read my article about it here). In the extremely creepy movie, Dorothy is sent to a mental institution where she is literally electroshocked “over the rainbow”. Of course, none of that was in the original Return to Oz story.

Decades later, Disney is still at it. The music video Just Like Fire illustrates how much Disney is invested in MK symbolism. Note: Pink herself recently discussed the song Just Like Fire in an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, contrasting the process of writing a song for Disney with writing the songs on her album, saying essentially that she had very little control over the songwriting process.

Let’s look at the video.

Just Like MK

Just Like Fire interprets the world of Alice in Wonderland according to MKULTRA, where going “through the looking glass” means dissociating from reality.

Pink's "Just Like Fire": Another Blatant Video About Monarch Mind Control

The video begins with the words “Disney Presents”, letting you know that this factory of MKULTRA child stars is still at it.

Pink’s real-life husband Carey Hart goes to check up on Pink. She’s doing the usual, you know, just hanging from the ceiling and spinning around.

Pink's "Just Like Fire": Another Blatant Video About Monarch Mind Control

Pink is upside down and spinning inside a lavishly decorated room.

Both the floors and the walls of this room are in a dualistic checkerboard pattern. In Masonic symbolism, the checkerboard floor is the ritualistic surface on which occult transformation occurs … and Pink is not a stranger to Masonic symbolism.

Pink's "Just Like Fire": Another Blatant Video About Monarch Mind Control

Pink’s performance at the 2009 MTV VMAs was a clear Masonic initiation. Her costume perfectly mirrored the garbs of Masonic candidates during initiation: She was blindfolded, her left breast was exposed and her left leg pant had a Masonic checkerboard pattern.

Back in the checkerboard room, Pink starts spinning at high speed. Right at that point, a young girl (played by Pink’s daughter) emerges and follows a butterfly.

Pink's "Just Like Fire": Another Blatant Video About Monarch Mind Control

The young girl follows a blue Monarch butterfly through a mirror.

This series of events is pure Monarch mind control symbolism. Hanging from the ceiling, Pink’s spinning represents the dizzying and disorienting feeling of trauma. Once dissociation occurs, the young girl, representing Pink’s core personality, appears and follows a Monarch butterfly, which directly represents Monarch programming. The butterfly lures the girl through the mirror to Wonderland – the land of dissociation.

Pink's "Just Like Fire": Another Blatant Video About Monarch Mind Control

In Wonderland, Pink finds herself on a chessboard while her core persona (the little girl) keeps running after the butterfly (following the programming script).

The checkerboard pattern recalls the room in which Pink was spinning in, implying that she is still in that room, but has dissociated. Due to its powerful dualistic properties, this pattern is used in actual MK programming.

Pink's "Just Like Fire": Another Blatant Video About Monarch Mind Control

This painting by mind control survivor Kim Noble depicts a crying girl on a dualistic checkerboard floor. Everything about this painting refers the concept of duality during MK programming which induces the split of the personality of the slave.

Pink's "Just Like Fire": Another Blatant Video About Monarch Mind Control

On the Wonderland checkerboard, there’s a Pink character dressed in full dualistic garbs.

Pink's "Just Like Fire": Another Blatant Video About Monarch Mind Control

In a chess game against herself, Pinks plays the role of all of the pieces, including the “King” who wears a “crown of thorns”. It conveniently hides one of her eyes, illustrating again that this is all about MK symbolism.

This scene represents what happens to slaves after dissociation: Splitting of the persona.

The child’s natural developing sense of shapes is taken advantage of by spinning the child and making it feel like it is going to fall. The child will also be deprived of sleep and drugged. Together all this will provide the dissociative base for splitting the core.
– Ibid.

Pink's "Just Like Fire": Another Blatant Video About Monarch Mind Control

This scene visually depicts the splitting of the persona (black and white) while Pink dressed in red dances around (red representing the color of sacrifice).

Pink and her daughter then have tea with the Mad Hatter.

Pink's "Just Like Fire": Another Blatant Video About Monarch Mind Control

Pink (and her core persona) are floating on air, alluding to the feeling of weightlessness felt by dissociated slaves.

Pink's "Just Like Fire": Another Blatant Video About Monarch Mind Control

Pink then falls down and finds herself paralyzed while floating above flowers, representing the powerlessness of dissociated (and intoxicated) slaves. The programming butterfly flies by and the little girl follows it.

Pink's "Just Like Fire": Another Blatant Video About Monarch Mind Control

Time (the creepy guy with the mustache) lurks around, looking for the little girl – the core persona.

In the video, Time plays the role of the handler who enters the dissociated slave’s psyche to program it.

Pink's "Just Like Fire": Another Blatant Video About Monarch Mind Control

The one-eye sign on the movie poster lets you know that Time represents the occult elite.

Pink's "Just Like Fire": Another Blatant Video About Monarch Mind Control

Time finally finds the core personality and offers her a clock.

When the handler touches the core personality of the slave, a complete breakdown occurs. The video clearly depicts this process in a rather graphic way.

Pink's "Just Like Fire": Another Blatant Video About Monarch Mind Control

Pink immediately snaps out of Wonderland (dissociation) and is taken by force to a mental institution while wearing a straitjacket.

Pink's "Just Like Fire": Another Blatant Video About Monarch Mind Control

During Pink’s breakdown, creepy images flash on screen including Time’s angry face. While the handler appears nice during dissociation, he is actually a sadistic psychopath in real life.

Pink's "Just Like Fire": Another Blatant Video About Monarch Mind Control

The video ends with Pink’s husband signing her over and asking if she’ll be “alright” … while she’s being forcibly dragged into a mental institution.

Thank you, Disney, for this uplifting story of dissociation and mental breakdown. The kids will love it.

Script for the Masses

The same way MK slaves follow a script for programming and dissociation, the masses are subjected to a programming script through the media. Indeed, readers of this site might have already recognized the same basic narrative in other videos. For instance, Katy Perry’s Wide Awake features her with a young girl going through a mirror.

Pink's "Just Like Fire": Another Blatant Video About Monarch Mind Control

Katy Perry with a young girl (representing her core persona) going through a mirror. Perry’s dress is full of butterflies.

Pink's "Just Like Fire": Another Blatant Video About Monarch Mind Control

She finds herself completely out of it in a mental institution.

Pink's "Just Like Fire": Another Blatant Video About Monarch Mind Control

The video ends with her holding a butterfly.

The music industry is not about “originality”. It is about programming.

In Conclusion

Just Like Fire is yet another case proving that the entertainment industry constantly seeks to expose the masses to the world of mind control. Although Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland was written during the 19th century, Disney adapted the narrative to fit the needs of the MKULTRA system, a system in which the company is directly invested.

The addition of a scene where Pink loses her mind is Disney’s way of clearly pointing out that there is more to the Alice in Wonderland story than simple fantasy. The story is used in a specific matter to normalize the symbolism of Monarch programming while subliminally exposing the young to its horrific process. If you don’t believe that Disney and the entire industry is capable of such devious things, you are still living in Wonderland.

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Pink's "Just Like Fire": Another Blatant Video About Monarch Mind Control

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It’s kinda sad how predictable these articles are now. It’s the usual checklist of items that are a staple in every music video and other forms of media. At this point it feels like “they” have resorted to laziness and figure that through repetition they’ll be able to program the masses. They’re not even trying to hide it anymore and people are accepting this stuff as completely normal. I’d be scared if I had children to bring up in this messed up world.


Dude, I have a two-year-old, and the only thing I can do is make her aware of the evil in the world. Not in a sheltered “Carrie” kind of way where I don’t let her attend prom, but in a practical way. Watch Harry Potter, listen to some Zeppelin, but by God, be vigilant and know it’s not good for you to put all your love and time into anything man-made. 1John 2:15 sums it up. “Do not love the world. He who loves the world does not have the love of the Father in his heart.”


Cognitive dissonance. If the world is terribly f----d up, why did u bring a child into it?


Every single one of us was brought up in this world . Parents tend to hope wish and expect the best for their little ones . How is someone’s child any different ? We are called out from the kingdom of darkness engulfing the whole humanity . The victory is in our faith alone .


I just think that especially now, there is so much uncertainty and chaos in the world(and it’s only getting worse) that it doesn’t make sense to bring kids into it. If we as grown adults are vulnerable to all this stuff that is going on, what more our children? If we can’t even protect ourselves, how are we going to protect them? Never mind that we hope the best for them, what if hoping for the best is not enough? What then?


it’s important to bring strong kids into this world. There’s already talk of depopulation, the more people they have to take down the better because that means there will be a least some people who will revolt just by statistics. I don’t mind that people are bringing kids into the world, I do mind that they’re bringing mindless followers who won’t be able to think for themselves or get a real education. The religious trolls on this site aren’t doing any good here. Notice how Christianity is not under attack here. It’s one thing to follow a religion it’s a completely different thing to think that some one is going to return to save us all, be your own savior and take responsibility for your life. Do good by the people in your life, educate yourself, and if you’re Christian I implore you to be like Jesus was and not use him as an excuse to be hateful.

the bag man, man

@not judaism. Beautifully said, your name kinda contradicts the message though ?


You can’t save yourself, and you especially can’t do it simply by being nice. Cognitive dissonance only applies to those who can’t see beyond their own beliefs. This can apply to everyone, religious or not. However, for those who truly know Jesus and have been saved, we do not suffer from CD. Why? Because we came from the darkness. We were all once disbelieving and living in the world, for the world. But we have seen the ultimate truth. There’s no going back.

What is the alternative to bringing children into the world? We hang out with a bunch of hipsters and old folks? No more firsts. No more new ideas. No more goofiness or reasons to watch cartoons. Everyone has value, and if that’s simply a Christian belief, then why would anyone ever want a secular, emo, depressing outlook on life? I’ll take the possibility of God not being real over hate in my heart any day.

the bag man, man

Cognitive dissonance refers to an individual supporting two ideas sinultaniusly. There’s a far simpler (and correct) term for what you describe, and that’s narrow minded.
I have a great respect for Christ, but very rarely have much for his contemporary followers. See, the thing is, I know I ain’t perfect, but I try to improve, try to “save” myself. I don’t make the erroneous assumption that simply claiming to know some dude (no matter how awesome) from history is enough to somehow free me from my connection to this “dark” plane. Goddam, narrow minded 😉 sanctimonious assholes.

the bag man, man

Two contradictory ideas I should say.


I love your response!


What if that one child turns into someone the world really needs?


What kind of person would that be?


Who are we to deny another being access to this reality? Our kids choose to come here just as we did, and who knows what role they have here. If as parents we do things right, we could be raising the next Gandhi or Mandela. Probably more likely a John Connor the way things are going though…


Or maybe your just raising a regular Joe or Susie? That’s ok too isn’t it?

the bag man, man

It’s All OK. Incarnate, learn, reincarnate, learn…. Repeat till Godhead. Simple. (In terms of linear time).


If u love God u would hate what he hates and not have anything to do with it. Christians don ‘t follow the mosaic law but perhaps deut 18:10-12 shows how much God hates magic and the occult, Led Zeppelin were occultists and plant was obsessed with crowley and bought his mansion which was supposed to be haunted, and the scriptures state: Aramaic Bible in Plain English
“The lovers of Lord Jehovah hate evil, and he will keep the souls of his righteous ones and he will save them from the hand of the wicked, ” Psalm 97:10.

That includes twilight – misuse of blood, and the satanic lie from the garden of eden “you positively will not die.” Acts 15:29 and Genesis 3:4


Everything is out there now for all to see, yet very few who are not in “wonderland” know all too well the dark secrets behind Hollywood and the music industry where one loses their soul as an expense for gaining everything that the world has to offer.


I know! every thing we talked about years ago is happening.


Not only are the walls and floor a checkerboard pattern, but there are dual columns on either side of the door in the background where Pink is spinning. They represent Jachin and Boaz, the twin pillars in Solomon’s Temple where the veil was rendered in two at the moment of Jesus’ death, symbolizing our new relationship with God. The Twin Towers in NYC were given these names as well. One tower represented the female and the other the male, complete with a phallic antenna at the top. I forget which name goes with which tower/”gender,” BUT Building Number SEVEN, which also “fell” that day was named the Solomon Brother’s Building. You cannot make this stuff up! And just a little more information about 9.11.01 – there was a hurricane off the coast of NYC that day. Strange world we live in.


Hurricane? WRONG, AND EASILY PROVEN. Why didn’t you look it up? Why would you spread misinformation, if you want to be taken seriously?

Hurricane Gustav was September 11, 2002…2002!! A FULL YEAR LATER.

That was easy to check up. You seriously need to be more careful. That’s how conspiracy theorists end up believing stupid things. SOME things are easy to check. You have all of the resources at your fingertips. Use your brain.


See Dr. Judy Woods “Where Did The Towers Go”. There WAS a hurricane off the coast of NYC that day that dissipated later that afternoon and was omitted from weather records. Weather manipulation and directed free energy, look it up.


Are you just very young? How could you not know that was bullshit, to begin with? I’m only 30, but I was 15 that day and I had to write an essay on it. I think I’d remember a friggin’ hurricane.


Walt Disney was a pedophile like the rest of them. May he rest in piss. Amen.


haha in piss, i’m pretty sure you want it to say peace.

the bag man, man

Oh, my, f-----g, god.


Haha seriously!


Disneyland snow white castle dungeon area (underground) was used for monarch mind control of children in the 50’s and 60’s. Can you think of anything more perfect than a satanic castle for programming? They have recently remodeled the castle dungeon area and made it available to the public .They sealed off the floor behind the once locked maintenance door next to the snow white ride with a tile floor. There used to be plain plywood stairs leading down to the dungeon right here behind the maintenance door where monarch children were tortured, as one would be in a dungeon. These are my memories at Disneyland as a child as my father was naval intelligence during cold war. I remember the spinning as a very young child in a white sheet around and around in our living room. This was meant to cause dissociation. I also remember visiting a masonic lodge with my dad (don’t know why) and remember being trained with a mirror. They (CIA?) told me to look in the mirror to see another me. VC is right about all of this. I could write a book!


Although I didn’t have this type of programming; I had similar experience in my country as a child. My uncle’s wife and children were satanists and they induced dissociation very early on by taking me away for long visits with them. I only have a few memories of what went on but they were very dark. This went on for years and years until I moved away. By that time my core was split. I knew too much and replicate the behavior I was exposed to. As a teen I was very dark and into occult things despite being raised in a Christian home with loving parents. Unfortunately several member of my father’s and mother’s family were pedophiles and did not stop abusing me until I was 11. I have many memories of mirrors and looking into them seeing a different person. When I wanted to dissociate I simply looked into one. I didn’t know what I was doing but I was programmed to want to dissociate. It’s interesting to hear so many stories like this. Waking up for me took a very long time and it was because I stumbled upon the artwork of a mind control slave. It… Read more »

VC since 2009

Thank you for sharing!!!! God bless u more and more


Disney’s movie is failing at the box office. The Public knows. As VC readers can attest, when you finally see what’s going on, you can’t “unsee” it. I have a feeling a great many are waking up and finally paying attention. These tyrants, their days are numbered.

Soon, they will suffer a fate worse than death for culture mavens: They will be rendered irrelevant.


what do you mean failing at the box office? It came out like today it hasnt had a chance to fail yet haha.


It is failing because of the whole Johnny Depp divorce and his ex wife saying he was abusive.


Johnny Depp is a luciferian, since many years ago just like Sean Penn, Terrence Howard and charlie sheen. And they all have been accused of domestic violence.
This is because when you join the luciferian show business, you start practicing black magic and letting spirits from another dimensions, to use your body as a vessel, so you start becoming more violent and at the end you can’t control it.
That’s why all these celebrities end beating their wifes because they are demonic!

D D d

Might it be because he is sick of it all, and does not want to diet before a movie or promotion anymore? The main part of his moneyspending demograph has moved on. The industry has its new and improved generation all lined up already. Now it is maybe time for a transformation. One, he will be king, or one, he will be the fool You just count to three, and see which one it is. I bet he is going for the fool think.

the bag man, man

Classic average v.c. visitor level of research. Its good to be optimistic Rose, but its also good to be realistic. Anyway, if you believe the viewing and listening figures on any of the charts, you’re more gullible than you should be. I.E. you’d never know.


The video is so symbolic, that it would leave common viewers to ask, “what does this colorful video mean?” The poster of Time is also symbolic. The vines around him represents a series of ‘666’ and also forming the shape of ‘666’ with his fingers, covering one eye.

It is time for people to be aware of these things. Wake up, and see the madness that your children have been subjected to. The very poster says…

‘It’s time for a little madness..’

Subtle, but blatant to those who have ‘eyes to see…’


I can’t believe Pink, let her daughter be part of the horrible luciferian show business. I really hope she doesn’t “sell” her daughter to Hollywood for keeping her career. At the end Hollywood loves to abuse mentally, physically and emotionally their pop singers.


I think she has no control over that.her daughter is used for the industry s purposes as the mother herself.Pink is not really capable to réact or protect her child .read Cathy o’brien when she explains in détails what happensto her daughter be fore her eyes.poor mums


I read cathy o’brien book, thanks for the memories and she says that bob hope was her handler and hugh hefner, always used the playboy mansion for sex parties with industry slaves.


I’m sure that Heffner’s buddy, Bill Cosby, was at these parties as well. Bob Hope, Heffner, and possibly Cosby (Navy), were all involved in CIA and mind control.


I’m worried that an actual child was involved in this video ;(


And it is Pinks Daughter..


Everytime I am trying to explain what today’s music industry is about, they just laugh at me. But I’m sure if they bothered to read all the articles you posted, they would notice a clear pattern that has been followed since a really long time. Nowadays though, it is ever more present and blatant. I suppose the ones “in power” can be proud of themselves – they managed to desentitize millions of people. What do they need it for? I am afraid to find the answer.
Thanks for another great article VC, keep up the good work.


I find it very hard to convince others too, music videos are too blatant if they wont work I don’t think anything else can.


I just hit them with the common sense aspect of it. Like when I was describing Beyonce’s Lemonade, first of all she didn’t write it, 70+ likely all white zionist jews wrote it. There’s one point in the video where you think she’s going to take a bat to her husband’s car and things and instead she slowly destroys everything in sight in a black community. If it’s supposed to be about Jayz why is he in the video? Just point out things that cannot be ignored and you’ll reach someone.


Couldn’t help but feel some pedophile undertones to this video. I know there is the MK ultra formation symbols but I couldn’t help but react at the fact that they were turning Pink into the “Crazy Mother” stereotype. In this case Pink as the mother would be the role model for her daughter and yet she is lost in wonderland and is dragging her daughter with her into that world where she is exposed to the same sick type entourage she was subjected too when she was younger and in that industry. It felt disgusting watching it because I could see it going beyond her own personality, this is a scripted reality projected onto her child who might one day (if not already) be bound by the same type of contract and also be subjected to industry induced abuse. That blue butterfly represents slavery and slavery comes in many forms, perhaps they are aiming to begin the programming at younger and younger ages now. If the mother is in a straight jacket now and the daughter follows, who do you think will be in that straight jacket next? I think it’s quite obvious what they want to prey on.


Like Mother, Like Daughter.

pink stinks

how can people let their kids watch stuff like this? if i had a kid i wouldn’t even have a tv in the house


lol I think people have already tried that, but it didn’t work out too well.


We’ll, it’s just like with any danger life may bring, you educate your kid on why something isn’t good. They’ll listen if you explain things. That’s why having values is so important. It’s the compass that keeps the crazy parenting train on track.

the bag man, man

You sound like a great Mum. Its obvious you love your kids and you’re gonna raise them to be good people, it would be great to know that you’d allow them to take the good path anywhere, even outside the application of the term Christian. What did all the good people call themselves before the birth of Christ?

the bag man, man

Answer my question don’t just down vote me, but maybe you just can’t…. dumbadses.

the bag man, man

Yeah, you heard, dumbadses! Its a word!


Exactly people. Engage the question and conversation; not down vote! @ thebagmanman- they referred to themselves as people who believe/submit/bow to God’s will. In a nutshell, God’s will is for us, his creation to obey his rules & regulations ie do good/ enjoin right/ avoid bad/ eschew evil.


Have you been a kid before? Here is what I have noticed about kids, stop them from doing something and they will become curious. Once that starts, adventure sets in and the hunt for what u have hidden begins. That’s how hide and seek works and it was my favorite childhood game. So not having a tv doesn’t really help that much. Btw when they find out that other kids have access to the stuff u deny or hide from them, u will literary have to tie your kids up to stop them


Completely symbolic. MKULTRA proponents (illuminati) are trying to normalise/romanticise dissociation to make it more acceptable and ‘cool’. If displayed often enough as our entertainment industry has done, it will be accepted.
Exceptional article as always VC.


In Freaky Friday, I just noticed, after watching a couple of times in my childhood, that it could be about mind control. A movie, also by Disney and about switching bodies. The mother has a book named “through the looking glass”. And it fits. Is there a more in depth look at the symbols in this movie? Thanks.

pink stinks

disney, jodie foster, kids being adults ~ that’s some illuminati clustermindfuckery right there. same goes for tom hanks’ film Big.

the bag man, man

I resaw that movie a couple of years back (big), thought it was kinda funny that they were portraying (albeit unconscious) statutory rape.


It was not jodie foster, it was jamie lee curtis.


Plus, the remake with Lindsay Lohan – who is a probable mk ultra victim.


Not probably but definitely LiLo is an MK Ultra victim. How obvious can it get?


Pink should’ve tried to at least keep her daughter out of this.


She most probably was not at liberty to leave her daughter out of it. Utterly disappointed to find out all this about P!nk. Oh well.


Pink’s real name is Alecia (Alice) Beth Moore.


Wow. Just another reminder not to “trust the pretty.” How many are fooled by appealing images that turn out to be masks for evil and rot?


The kings of the earth take their stand, and the rulers conspire together against the LORD and His Anointed One: Let us tear off their chains and free ourselves from their restraints. The One enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord ridicules them.

Psalms 2 2-4

the bag man, man

Hey, DressPuss, get this! Theres this thing called contemporary vernacular, and using it might actually show that you yourself aren’t “chained” to another control system. So f-----g tired of listening to dogmatic parrots


Stupid troll am a believer of the most high


Right in the middle of reading I thought about the Katy Perry video, and then you mentioned it! It also made me think of Labyrinth with David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly, another example of creepy mind control-laden entertainment. Good article!


And only understand this s--t is enough?
They show what they are doing over and over again and we cannot doing anything to stop them?

the bag man, man

Ignor them, or put their actions in context.


I wonder if they are planning MK to be legalized in the future. It is hard to imagine now, but why else would they “normalize” it in people’s conscience. Maybe it will be considered something prestigious and cool.

the bag man, man

Laws are only relevant to a point. They’re hiding in plain sight. Also there’s (temporary) karmic immunity because the public was “informed” of their actions, no matter how cryptically. They are incredibly proficient black magicians. And to all the ignorant/judgemental/my s--t don’t stink Christians out there, again… There is a distinction between black and white.


I was just about to comment that this is so much like “Wide Awake” and then you compared the two. So familiar and tiresome. Even the film critics who I swear are usually paid to write unanimously glowing things about Disney’s propaganda-laden movies are not being too nice to this one. >_<

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