Donatella Versace: Mind Control Handler in H&M Ad


This Versace ad for H&M, featuring models Lindsey Wixson and Daphne Groeneveld, is loaded with mind control triggers and symbolism. Directed by Johan Renck, the ad portrays Donatella Versace as an all-controlling, all-seeing handler who manipulates the models in all kinds of disorienting, restrictive situations. Here’s the ad:

Some of this ad’s scenes:

Alter personas being pumped out of a conveyor belt under the "all-seeing" eyes of Donatella Versace.

Controlling the models like living, breathing puppets.

The model is running around in a scene inspired by Escher's painting "Relativity" - which is known to be used in actual mind control programming. A shadowy hand (the handler) picks the model up.

Model alter-personas mindlessly walking around a cage. Actual MK slaves are also caged up like animals.

There is also a labyrinth (classic MK trigger), a hamster wheel and many other symbols relating to the powerlessness and confusion of MK slaves.

Then Donatella turns around and says: “My house, my rules, my pleasure”. That’s what a mind control handler would say.



  1. sick

    i remember all the parisian girls rushing to their next h&m store two weeks ago when they heard donatella was on it and i was like really, don't you have anything else to do ?

    some people are just living too comfortably to even bother thinking for themselves, thank you western capitalism !

    • I used to be one of those girls. I used to shop everywhere; knew all the designer's collections, styles, and I even knew what season an item belonged to. I used to buy Bebe dresses because they mirrored the ever expensive Herve Leger. I used to wait at the right moment so I can buy that Isabella Fiore bag on sale. I used to be deeply attached to my closet, always on the prowl to look good.

      Now, I don't care.

      I didn't wait in line at Target to get the latest Missoni collection dress.

      I can give a sh*t about Versace for H&M.

      Now, I know what really matters.

      I am not attached to my closet anymore.

      I worry NOW about where this country is headed; the many conflicts in the Middle East, Italy being next for a bailout, Key Stone pipeline issue, our rights slowly being striped from us, corporate greed and the elite, and now I understand what I thought was right is wrong (and vise versa). I wouldn't trade back to being a sheep again for all the Christian Louboutin pumps in the world.

      • Bay State Observer on

        Congratulations and God's blessings on you and your family for getting out of that nightmare you dwelt in.

      • It's important to note that within the video, when the girl stops walking on the treadmill hamster wheel thingy, Donatella loses electricity that powers her light bullb which she uses to cast shadows and control people.

        So really, what you did was act as the girl who stopped walking the hamster wheel. That's called BOYCOTT and it's the easiest and most efficient way to destroy them.

      • To be honest, there's nothing wrong with loving high fashion. I'm in the know about all this mind control stuff, and I'll still probably splurge a bit on this H&M collection. The world is messed up- we can all see that, but sometimes you just have to live in the moment and have fun.

      • Very well said. I was never one who really cared about designer whatever. They only have one thing that I can give props to and that's the fact that some of the designer clothes do have a better texture when worn against the skin…other than that…I'm what makes the clothes what they are, not whomever made it. One of the things I can't stand by the way is when a designer has their label,name, or logo all over a merchandise. I don't like to be somebody free walking advertisement. It should be about me not about who made it once I;m wearing it.

      • that video is disgusting and totally humiliating the human dignity, i guess it is illegal if we check it up well…when i saw it first i felt vomiting and hated more that old witch which by some gossips has to do something with her brothers death (her brother for some reasons wanted to get out from occult power's control, she offered herself to sacrifice her brother/treator and to get his little "empire")…

    • i see what you mean all thease girls (im a girl) are to empty minded to pay any mind they think its just a clothing line when im see this video i think "not only do they want your money they want your mind" its sad all i have to say is WAKE UP WORLD!!!! BEFORE ITS TO LATE!!!!!!

    • i don't find it cool at all, it has nothing to do with fashion…why should i buy a stuff which is made by person with no respect to my human dignity? somebody should ask donatella what the f—k that video has with fashion to do?…..

    • Before I was even aware of transhumanism and the Mind Control agenda I would have seen the advert as creepy and pointless and refused to buy anything from Versace or H and M as a result but the difference now is that I know adverts are made like that to control viewers rather than give them what they want.

  2. What a disturbing video! The eyes all around the room made me get goosebumps!

    The ironic thing is, These handlers THINK they are in control but in reality, they are the ones also being controlled.

    What a sad world we live in… Bless you all ♥

  3. they copy paste all on

    Again with this mess.

    At this point, I am just waiting for the entire entertainment industry to stop copy/pasting all this same imagery and move on to something else.

    They cannot be possibly thinking of using this same redundant "mind-control-illuminati-ish" theme forever and all eternity.

    I cannot.

    • I just wonder how long ti will be be until they just made an advert involving a full on orgy, and the eye above the pyramid telling everyone to "submit and consume".

      They'll probably pass that off as art too, right enough.

      • fashion victim on

        Styrisvolurin: "….I just wonder how long it will be be until they just made an advert involving a full on orgy, and the eye above the pyramid telling everyone to “submit and consume”…."

        Have you ever seen this music video? (Kylie – All the Lovers)

      • Just watched the "All the Lovers" video and wow, swaying pyramid orgy. I think you're right, we'll be seeing all the "taboo" rock videos soon become the mainstream norm. Made popular by fashion and the music industry. It's funny to look at the comments under the video. No one knows what this means. They all post "hot video!"

      • Holy crap. Just saw the "All The Lovers" video. Always an incredible feat when someone says "I'm just waiting for the day when they cross this line." and someone responds "That day has already come."

      • Just watched the kylie video there was a white horse. It reminded me of the book behold a pale horse by william cooper.

      • Lady Gaga and some other lewdies already have pyramids of writhing bodies beneath them when they "perform". Brittany… watch her Slave for You video. They are there already…. but still a few more threads of cloth to remove yet…

  4. With the blatancy of the media manipulation and advertising promoting mind control, increasing by the day, I can see things getting more blatant and provocative in the coming 12 months. Satanic rituals and sacrifice being promoted.

  5. that's messed up on so many levels.

    I want to post it on Facebook or my blog and try to explain to people, but I'll likely just get "that's so rad, how creative" comments from all the hipster scum

    ugggh the problems of being aware

    • It's crazy right? As a "commercial", there is nothing about this ad that should be appealing or encourage buyers. It's frightening and upsetting..

      However people seem to have been conditioned to make the correlation, that the things they don't "get" must be high-minded and artistic. So now things which cannot be taken at face value (that seem nonsensical, or even upsetting) are blindly accepted and praised, rather than mistrusted!

      I'd like to hear someone rationalize this commercial, but they'd probably just accuse me of just not "getting" it or of being close-minded. Disturbing =/= Art!

      • I stumbled upon VC's page a few months ago and I'm hooked. It's so interesting. The problem (this may sound weird) is that a lot of this stuff is mentally hard for me to take. For example, when I watched the YouTube clip I started to get bad headaches or get extremely tired. This happened to me also when trying to get thru Brice Taylor's book or fritz springmeier's book the illuminati formula— I can't get very far bc I physically get tired and have to lay down and nap. Has anyone else ever felt like this? Part of me wonders if I had something done to me as a child… I went through a lot of physical abuse from my mother but unfortunately I have only a few memories. I can't piece together a lot or I hit a wall. Strange stuff. I keep trying to push forward and read/learn more. It's encouraging to know though that more people are becoming aware to what's going on. Stay strong, people!

      • I agree! Every one is already saying I'm paranoid! Well, I am! Cuz only God knows whats coming! And Paranoid gets you out of stuff! Coo coo!

      • @Butter

        I get the same way too. It's mentally and physically exhausting and one link leads to another…to read and see the evil of it all. I sometimes I have to make myself get away from the information a few days or so. Like everyone else, I still have to function in this world. I don't want to become completely jaded and depressed.

        Take a break from it when it get's too much. You are going to be a voice needed to explain things to someone when the time comes. Everyone who has knowledge of this stuff will be needed.

      • @butter

        I have the same thing, also read my comment on the Britney Spears article. That pyramid video wasn't the only disturbing thing there. I started to feel worse and worse until I had to go to first aid.

    • This comment goes for "butter"

      I feel the same that you, also sometimes I feel so anxious and paranoid while watching/researching all this that I have to stay away from the computer. It is something hard to handle, after all. The worst of this times I feel a bad pressence around me and then I search for orations in Google haha and I pray, then I feel a bit better.

      I also got some abuse in my childhood,violence from my father (I have forgiven him) and something more,from my cousin (not forgiven him lol)…

      • This is my favourite oration:

        Crux Sancta Sit Mihi Lux,

        Non Draco Sit Mihi Dux

        Vade Retro Satana.

        Numquam Suade Mihi Vana

        Sunt Mala Quae Libas,

        Ipse Venena Bibas.

        Of course I have been a so called "atheist" for some years but now it looks so ridiculous to only believe in the evolution of apes. I mean, if They believe in the Mystical and Spiritual aspect of the world, if They are making all this effort to satanize society and make rituals it has to mean something…

    • You need to post it – we all need to stop being scared of sharing information like this and speaking our truths. You know it; I know it; and yes a lot of our friends might call us crazy and feel uncomfortable – but then didn't you have the same feelings until you researched it all and found it to be true???

      Switch off your televisions – stop watching this crap – stop listening to negative music – boycott the cinema – be creative – make your own fun – get outside into nature – love your body no matter what your size or shape – respect each other – refuse to be sexualised – WALK AND TALK YOUR TRUTH.

      It's time to start living authentically people. And I'm ready! How about you?! xxx

  6. it is clearly being slapped into our faces

    but still we refuse to feel the pain

    they decide what is cool and fashionable and they train us to see it that way.

    so when they say mind control is cool, we'll believe it is.

  7. thats a shame. Very sick and disturbing. I was uncomfortable looking at that. Mind control going to become more and more advertized over the next few years. They are grooming people to think its normal. Its all apart of their plan to control the weak and kill off the strong.

    • Feyth Faerie on

      Agreed! That advertisement wasn't for clothes at all…and it was extremely disturbing from start to finish. I feel traumatized merely for having watched it. Does anybody actually enjoy that commercial, think that it's cool?? Sad to think that ad depicts reality for MK Slaves, and the model in the commercial was probably under thumb the entirety of filming.

  8. I'm sorry for all the people who don't know what is really going on, but we need to spread the word. This is disgusting; Everything, pop culture, cartoons, music, fashion…information is the strongest weapon of today's world , but it can also be it's most deadly virus. Don't let it infect you.

  9. Can you say very creepy? I wanted to buy stuff from the collection seeing as it is a take on the vintage Gianni Versace designs but that was beyond obvious and very creepy!

  10. Honestly, I don't see what the big deal is. I love this. I'm a freelance male model and I wouldn't mind doing something like this. This is only representational art. It doesn't necessarily mean they're mind controlled or whatever you want to call it. It simply represents what 'might' be going on or what could go on behind the scenes, but too represent a facet of life. We are all essentially puppets in one for or another. My idea for how to live our lives is; Don't drink, Don't smoke, Don't f***. We don't have to be exactly alike for us to get along. Most importantly, love others as much as you love yourself and love God even more, because he gave us a life to live and learn from. Blessings to all and much love. Spread the peace and the love. 😉

      • There is no pure evil. Just as there is no pure good. They are like opposite sides on a mobius strip – they give the appearance of opposite but actually all is one. Find the paradox, the eye of the storm. Love is the centre of everything. Artists only wish to express and open the eyes and minds of others – just the same goals as you have – yet they leave sentences unfinished for the viewer to complete themselves – unlike you.

    • Good luck in your quest to be tortured and stripped bare of your own mind, and used and abused…

      Seriously, research into the satanic and occult practices in Hollywood and the fashion and music industries. You may then realise just what is being promoted by adverts like these. It is not JUST an advert for clothing. It may be called "art" but it is highly esoteric and occult. It is a way of pumping all these themes and symbols into everyday life, so they become "normal". The next step will be to then make satanic practices and the occult "normal". Wake up Mickey!

    • Wow and the brain washed has spoken….open your eyes!!!! ART! No, confusing….unsettling…and not GODLY! Peace is peace! But your a model, you are aware of it all! Peace to you and hope you open your eyes!

    • i thought the purpose of an ad is to sell or promote a product, tell me one thing about that "art" that actually achieves that purpose.. That is not art, that is sickening.

    • everyone who doesn't know will take this as an art. But sorry Mickey, (the name itself shows MK symbol) this ad is too "artsy" till we can't handle it 😛

      • Yep Mickey as in the mouse. Checkout DMX the snake the rat the cat the dog. This here speaks of mind control. Themes of these can be seen in like Tom Jerry, and a lot of cartoons but good tunes no doubt.

  11. whoa eyes!!! ughhhh Ya know I sometimes have flashes of random eyes when I'm falling asleep. I see them everyday everywhere. :O

    • I used to doodle eyes and stars all the time, when I was a child. Maybe it is a sign that they have infiltrated our minds in some way perhaps through tv.. good reason to turn off

      • Same here, with the one eyed doodles in highschool and stars when I was even younger- both were main themes of my doodling. As for your comment, I had the same realization and question recently after learning about the symbolism that has been going on for so long, wondering how much that was behind my so called self expression.

        In response to the other part of your comment, I notice that I have been unplugging from all forms of media one by one, starting with TV, almost 20 years ago now, and I just turned 40. I've often said that I was raised by TV in an attempt to explain this choice to others on occasion who are confused by it, adding that I already have seen TV enough for a lifetime- that I met my quota long ago….

        Funny, the main reason I got hooked on it in the first place was because of a lack of connection and time with family growing up; it becomes one of many common and easy "love substitutes", if you will, for so many of us. Recently, I've just fallen into watching some TV again but only because I can watch it online, after all these years away….. this time around because I am living alone in a remote place and need that human connection somehow- so it is very similar to growing up and being alone a lot because the parents were always at work and not into being with the kids in any case. TV has also been an escape from over youtubing on these subjects, although I have always been a seeker of truth. I have needed a break from it all- but I am not condoning my escapism. On the upside of it, I am also attempting to reconnect with nature more in response to knowing this information. I am also remembering my choice to feel my aliveness in the moment that to simply breathe is all it takes to connect to the moment. So kept in balance, the reeducation about "reality" and who pulls the strings of it is yet another of unending opportunities, as all things are, so see the gift in the experience.

  12. Good grief. I don't think I've ever seen a more disturbing comercial in my life, nor one as loaded in M-control and Monarch Programming symbolism.

    I mean, seriously? The hell? That's about as punch-in-the-face-obvious as Lady Gaga's stuff. And the music playing. Ergh, gave me the creeps.

    What's even more disturbing? The fact that more than half of those youtube comments are actually praising Donatella, the weird-ass comercial and gawking over the clothes displayed in the comercial. Pay attention to the clothes, so you won't notice the symbolism and subliminal messaging! Go ahead! It's alright!

    And, Mickey (Mouse?), if you don't see what the big deal is, you really need to browse around VC's website more and do some reading. And, it's not what 'might' go on behind the scenes, it's what does.

    Also, "professional/representational/whatever art" (or however people like to call this sort of weird, MC-symbolic stuff) really sound pleasing to my ears at all. Professional makes me think "corporate", "controlled". Representational art? What exactly is it representing? Mind control, by the looks of it – not exactly something nice to represent. Also, sorry, but I refuse to accept that I am a puppet and, though there are aspects of my life I cannot control, I always fight to achieve control and be free. If I find someone or something clearly controlling it, I'll die fighting to free myself from them, if I have to.

    What worries me is that it's becoming more and more blatantly obvious each damn time. It's worrying to me because it doesn't seem to be a sign of them getting sloppy, but that it's becoming so frequently portrayed and made common that people will stop paying attention and taking it seriously. As CM said, hipster scum will just say it's "rad and creative" (even if they have no idea what the heck they're talking about from an artistic point of view, like people pretending to know anything about wine-tasting when they order it at a restaurant), and other people will think it's "cool".

    Man, it's infuriating how obvious and commonplace it's becoming, and how people just think it's "cool" or professional art.

      • (@Dago) – I think you're just overreacting. It might be commonplace to have these alleged, mind-control themes on TV and advertisement, but have you asked yourself: Could it possibly be a fad of the current era? Perhaps for you, it's not comforting to know that it is indeed, a fad or popular theme of the times, but I hope you can at-least learn to accept and deal with it my friend. It's simply not healthy to let yourself be consumed by the fear mongering and panic that's going on in sites such as these. Intentional or not that is.

        Personally, I question whether or not you're being had. Isn't it just so typical, for a supposed, 'voice of reason' to point the finger and then 'SELL' a book about it? The honest voice of reason and practical truth should never be for sale. That's another questionable topic you should wonder about too. They say everyone has an opinion, just like they have aholes, but opinions aren't facts. You think about that. Have a nice day. 😉

      • (@Mickey)

        No brother, everything on this site is free. This knowledge is freely given. It is very prudent to look at people's intentions and possible conflicts of interest though. "Follow the money" never leads you astray. You should do some more research on the heads of your industry, your fashion icons. Undoubtedly, it will all trace back to Satanism/occultism which is not "art." We're not saying don't become a model. Follow your dream. But go into it with open eyes, understanding "the game" that you are entering and never compromise your morals to reach your goals. The end does not justify the means. "What does it serve a man, that he gain the whole world but lose his soul?"

  13. YT Channel-TheGatewa on

    this is what attracts people to products nowadays?That irrational consumerism article/3 ads on your YT channel ('realvigilantcitizen',my channel's not bad either lol!) speaks volumes on how when you show people meaningless crap,it pushes them to buy more of it (crap,that is).

    Most good Muslims/Christians should be lowering their gaze as soon as this shizzle/MSM adverts comes up anyway,because the amount of sexualisation and indecent exposure in the MSM nowadays is unbelievable.I mean I know that they look like anorexic robots,but believe it or not those things in this video were indeed women,and so to look at them is still kinda a sin since they're exposing way too much.Sorry to drag the topic into religion btw,but then again in the times we are living in;this is the most important thing (providing you're following the right one!)


  14. Reminds me for some reason of the Gwen Stefani video, sweet escape. Gwen also was kind of a Gaga-Prototype don't ya think?

    • LOL no! Gwen is older and she's been out since the 1990s with No Doubt! Gaga is one unto her own, but somewhat immatates Madonna.

  15. so what, keep on showing your disgusting commercials in our faces and we will keep on seeing them for what they are: dehumanizing and evil, we are the blessed ones for knowing the truth behind all this big masquerade, i pray for people to open their eyes and join us in our never ending quest for truth, and i pray for VC to never stop bringing us the privilege of knowledge.

  16. call this art? Bull.. We all know the power of the subconscious and the corelation with subliminal messaging.. A fad or not, this is outright creepy

  17. This is by far the creepiest ad I've ever seen! The symbolism gets more blatant with time, here it's not even symbolism, it's HOW it might really be. I feel disgusted!

    • Who Wants To Know? on

      Here is an answer. You have people who seem really loveable and personable on tv (like Wendy Williams) telling people to go and buy it. During the show (this is the after show), she talked about running to Target to buy Missoni shoes that were ugly but only because they were a designer label. She said on both the show and after show how she "wants to be part of a movement." She's sitting here poring over the photographs and you can see the inner-turmoil that she is being subjected to over it and how stressed and worked up she is getting over stupid clothes.

  18. That's such a shame. Donatella and her creations have always been inspiration to me. It sucks when something you love is centered around something so disturbing. :/

  19. And this ad is supposed to sell a product? It's too freaky to draw any kind of positive association to say, Oh yeah I gotta go and have that! This has to be more of sending a message than selling a product.

  20. I like this site, it was one of the first that i came across as i discovered that i had a cloth held over my eyes. now that i know that the world and people are being manipulated i am taking steps to "get out" of the system and do what i can to prevent me and my family being kept in this screwed up world. I'm just wondering what everyone else on this site (who i assume is aware now of whats happening) are actually doing besides looking at youtube videos and reading articles?

    i have bought a cheap property in the country (aust – unfortunetely i still required a loan but should be debt free in 2-3 years ) am learning tangible skills (tools/building/survival/farming) cause being able to do accounting in the future wont get you sh1t…

    good luck to everyone.

  21. @Butter Yes the exact same draining/tired feeling happens when 'researching' .

    Especially when I read Bryce Taylors book. Strangely I noticed there are exactly 333 pages

    of the book. Sometimes like a sleeping tablet, I fall asleep into a trance, but this I believe could be on purpose. It even happens to friends of mine. Perhaps a trigger, but doesn't mean you were trumatized

    as a child. Unfortunately due to daily media, tv, news etc they are constantly attempting to mind control us against the truth. Strangely I didnt get this with Cathy O briens book

  22. That is a creepy ad with all the eyes everywhere and girls being controlled ugh. But as usual im attracted 2 it, creepy things makes me more interested in it…i guess thats how the want the masses to react, to be intrigued and want to see more

  23. Pay no attention to the ugly woman behind the curtain.

    Tonight, I'll hear that weird-ass music (if you can call it that) in my head when I try to sleep.

    I'm scared for life.

    Seriously, now the satan's helpers believe they have to take it up a notch and show us the machinery of how they brainwash the sheeple – looks like the illuminati is desperate and scared.

    Uhh, don't these idiots have enough money?

  24. This ad is revealing in how it presents mind control as being comical, with the humorous circus music, etc.

    It tells us clearly that controlling and abusing other human beings is something that the ruling elite find very amusing.

    Creepy beyond words.

    • fashion victim on

      But it also shows us how WE should find it (being controlled) amusing too. After all, now that we are all hollow dumbed down consumer (yay!), what else is there to do but find new ways to kill time, to lose our minds?

      Kill time + lose your mind = entertainment.

      The more I think about it the more I see that full on mind control is just the next logical step on from theme park rides, or computer games or TV or blockbuster movies. In each case someone else (Hollywood, Disney etc) is taking control of our senses and helping us to kill time and lose your mind (be 'entertained').

      Mind control is just a more efficient way of delivering entertainment, that's all. It's like a TED talk I saw once where some trendy science idiot speaker actually said that in the future we'd all take pills which would give us our desired moods. And the tech trendy audience didn't even bat an eyelid.

      I think people who research mind control (MK ULTRA etc) tend to think of it in terms of horrific childhood abuses (trauma) and being strapped to a table and electrocuted etc etc.

      But I bet the technology today has moved on so that we'd only need to put on a virtual reality helmet and maybe pop a pill and bingo were all done in half an hour!

      Suppose in 5 – 10 years they start marketing mind control not as enslavement (not as actual mind control) but as entertainment and as an 'lifestyle enhancer'? Why would we want our lifestyle enhanced? … welllllll…

      Suppose the Occupy movement is, ahem, 'successful' in destroying 'evil capitalism' and setting up a world government / world bank to, ahem, redistribute wealth and create an 'equally free' global society by destroying the middle classes (yay!) and creating a new 'fairer' society where every 'global citizen' from India to Kenya to US to France to China is employed the NWO military industrial complex in order to earn their meagre energy, food, water and RFID credit rations for the week.

      This I'm sure will 'solve the economy' and 'save the environment' (rolls eyes….) but what about people's happiness and life fulfilment? This is the brilliant part! ….. this is where the new 'lifestyle enhancing VR gaming mind controlling helmet' will come in very handy!

      We will be told: Why should we be limited to just this reality and just this life? Why not "Be everyone you can be"? Unleash your potential! Escape into a realm of your choosing and live your fantasy!

      (terms and conditions apply, your thoughts may be monitored by the government at any time, certain games require the installation of other government mind programs….. by using your helmet you hereby agree to all current and future terms and conditions…..)

      IOW mind control will be sold to us (IS being sold to us) NOT as old fashioned 'trauma based mind control' but as a lifestyle enhancer and as a form of escapism and even fashion (self expression).

      Isn't that exactly how it's always been sold to us?!!! ….. I mean, look at the TV. We get home from work and plug ourselves into the TV and we're in an alpha state within a minute. But we don't think of it as mind control – we think of it as entertainment. And now we have computer games as well.

      The NWO cannot impose itself overtly (otherwise it would have done that years ago) …. it requires our consent….. that is why it uses problem-reaction-solution. It advances its agenda by offering solutions for us, as well as them. So they give us GPS in our phones to solve the problem of getting lost and having to ask another human being how to find 'Hilltop Road' (noooooo!)…….. Meanwhile they get to track our every move.

      In the same way I get the feeling they are setting us up (young people especially) to enjoy the idea of having multiple personalities (and to start actually feeling dissatisfied with being only one person!) and to start redefining what it means to be 'an individual' or be 'free'.

      I just don't think they would be promoting MC so blatantly unless they already had a way to bring it in to society as a 'desirable thing', a consumer product (probably tied in with virtual reality gaming) and as a way to help solve the 'problem' of only having one personality, or having to go through a 2 year course to get some qualification.

      Imagine if a 2 year course in Spanish or plumbing or car mechanics could be downloaded into your brain (matrix style) in a couple of hour long sessions plugged into your VR gaming helmet.

      Now imagine an economy where it is simply unfeasible to support yourself for 2 years and go on a 'real world' course. (That's like 2 years of your life wasted, running up debts man …. just use the helmet and get into employment straight away!).

      This IMHO is the kind of scenario(s) which will bring in mind control. In just 15 years it's become just about impossible to compete in the jobs market without owning a smart phone. Maybe the same will one day be said about some kind of 'mind control helmet device'.

      Whatever technology is out there waiting for us this is how I think it will be brought in. Just like smart phones, RFID, the cloud etc they are/ will all be promoted as helping us, making life easier, making society run more efficiently and productively….and as being fun too! :)

      Just like TV.

      • Very precise and eloquent comment explaining how mind control is marketed as more options/fun/explore yourself etc

        The esoteric master Rudolf Steiner talked a lot about the Eighth Sphere, where people, after finding real conditions in this planet insufferable (isn't this what Occupy Wall Street is protesting about?), must retreat to an imaginary world(virtual reality/video games/tv).

        It's scary how we can see a Hegelian thesis/antithesis dialectic in operation here. This dynamic is commented by Steiner as the interplay between two different forces of darkness: Lucifierian entities want humans to flee/occupy a planet made of the substance of human imagination (eighth sphere), so they collaborate with Ahrimanic entities which are working on increasing materialism, heaviness, tyranny

        and darkness/hopelessness in our real planet.

        If we go by this line of reasoning, the neoliberal forces unleashed since the 80s to destroy workers rights and undo the welfare state(globalist agenda) would be completely Ahrimanic in nature.

        This is obviously much better explained by Steiner in his many conferences and his books.

        This Ahrimanic/Luciferian collaboration can also be seen in the mind control agenda, where people are tortured in such a way their egos have to split to escape.

        Anyway, again, very helpful comment here.

      • I agree with everything you're saying here, and you said it very well.

        I would add that global mass media (which is just an extension of govt and corp ruling elite) is constantly pushing all of us to want and need such an "escape" by keeping the pressure on us with a nonstop state of fear, trauma and discomfort. Even in those of us who are more aware and purposefully avoid exposure to mass media

        This not only includes the (always bad) "news" media, but if you've noticed in recent years, almost all forms of "entertainment" are deliberately designed to be very disturbing and unsettling in their ideas and images.

        The psywar is everywhere now in all forms of everything we see, hear and read, with very few people ever questioning it or presenting any other alternative views – at least not in ways or places that ever reach any large numbers of people.

        This world is already so far down this road and the social and mental conditioning is very nearly complete in all but only the oldest remaining generations left on earth – and even in those, a large number have very little awareness of what is happening and who and what is actually responsible for doing it.

        Thanks for your outstanding comment, it's good to see thinking people like you out there.

  25. This ad being shown at TV in the U.S? I'm leaving in malaysia, wonder if one day this kind of ad will be on malaysia's TV?

  26. So…I'm kind of new to this and this is a little off topic, but I was rather stunned at the similar imagery between this ad (which, by the way, creeped me the blank out) and one of my favorite childhood movies. Anyone remember Labyrinth with David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly? Big maze, giant Escher Relativity room in the end, grown man pretty much lusting after a young (underage) girl? I never knew that mazes and Escher's Relativity were used in mind-control.

    • That was/is my favourite film… I did not notice the Escher tho… wow well they like to snare us young don't they. I think if u have a tv then we're all mind controlled to an extent. at least we can educate ourselves and know what to avoid in the future.

  27. They are mindless puppets who satan will use and destroy. He uses a person to the maxiumum and then spits them out. I don't feel sorry for them – they choose this lifestyle.

    • Only the ones at the top (global elite) and SOME of the lessers/handlers (many are MK'd themselves) choose anything. Everyone else is a victim to mind control & those are the individuals that you really /should/ feel sorry for.

  28. This happening of Versace coming to H&M was big on twitter the other day….. I came here today because I just knew you'd do an article on it. I wasn't let down. Although I watched the commercial earlier in the week & was able to pick out everything on my own. It was because of this site that I could. The blatancy is coming quite ridiculous & I'm striving everyday not to fall victim. I've already tossed music artists whom I once loved to the side because my eyes have been opened. & I just wanna say thanks! To VC & the commenters.

  29. This is art. I've always seen art as a reflection of the times; it is a mirror for a culture or society. And to me, this piece captures how sick and dehumanizing the fashion & modeling industries can be, or rather, are.

  30. This ad is a little creepy, kinda reminds me of a circus! Oh and totally reminds me of Zoolander… how most models are just used and abused, and how high fashion can make anything look good.

    • There is probably much mind control and programming in the modeling and high fashion world.. from the extreme working conditions at times to the pressure to remain stick thin, to looking not quite fully female, or male, but androgynous.. have you ever seen America's Next Top Model and the things Tyra says to the girls sometimes… like she really rubs things in their faces (not literally), but makes them feel bad about not going on their trips and how they're doing in their work.. it's like she really has a cruel streak.. also, don't forget poor Alexander McQueen who just had enough and checked out early… I really think he did that out of severe depression, not some other sinister thing, although the fact that someone as creative as he did that, shows something else going on.. although his work was creative, it was really out there, very avant-garde and occult related of course..

  31. I'm not one to ever watch one of these videos & feel physically affected, however there's something volatile about this one that actually caused an ache in my head, like a dull sting in my temples. I think its the music. This clip is probably contains negative brainwave entrainment that goes directly past the conscious thinking mind and affects us in a way only an educated physicist could understand and explain.

    What's sad is that same technology could be used for so much good. Biofeedback and brainwave entrainment has been shown to have considerable results in physical disease, stress, sleep problems, even things like alcoholism and low self-esteem. Its one of those things that is neutral, and it is up to humanity to make use of it.

    So sad that so much wonderful technology is being used against us rather than helping this beautiful world and the souls that inhabit it. Why is it so hard for people to understand Love?

    • Thank you! That was the point I tried to make in my above comment but couldn't. I felt physically drained the rest of the afternoon after watching the video/hearing that music.

    • I agree about the music. It is so creepy because it's all off-key and cacaphonous (basically the opposite of harmonious), intended to make the listener feel disoriented and uncomfortable. (I presume this is true for MK victims too.)

      To think that a woman of stature and influence *cough* like Donatella Versace gets PLEASURE from taking part in something like this, is SICKENING. She should be ashamed of herself. I wanted to smack that smug grin off her face at the end. I guess she is as ugly on the inside as she is on the outside.

      Don't even get me started on Jonas Ackerlund.

      A waste of talent all-around.

  32. This ad is almost as dehumanizing as the ad where a woman is stuck in a love triangle between a mop and a Swifer. Its all wrong. Turn off the tv.

  33. @ Butter, I couldn't click reply to your comment but I have had the same thing happen to me. So here's my opinion, ( hope u get to read it). Before u start to research or look into things concerning these evil forces, u must PRAY! You cannot go into these kinds of matters with out asking for discernment from your Lord. I'm trying to keep this clean without breaking vc rules. These forces DO NOT want you to know of them, where they come from and how to expose them. This is why u get sleepy or don't understand. Same thing goes for reading the Bible. If these forces can cause you to become sleepy then u won't look any further, which is their goal. Try to hook up with someone else who knows about this stuff so u can have a partner. Ask for wisdom knowledge and understanding and always always pray first. These people have been doing this for a long time and they know that there are certain ways that this stuff can be discerned. Don't give up, keep searching because your eyes may need to be opened in order to open others… if everybody's eyes were open they couldn't do this crap and get away with it. They count on those closed minds and closed eyes because those are the only people that see this crap as art instead of the evil it really is.

    • Got your comment. Thank you so much for your advice and understanding. The mind is a powerful thing, but when its been broken down and rearranged like mine it takes a lot of strength and help to push forward and sort everything out. I pray a lot and it's faith in G-d that keeps me going. There's still a long road ahead… Thank goodness that we're not alone. Don't believe everything you see/hear/read and continue to be brave!

      • Butter, I want to add that it helps to get quiet(yaknow, no TV radio ect) and be honest with yourself. Actually, just being in a quiet place for an hour alone will cause that to happen by itself. And thinking, "is there anything I can't forgive?"or "anything I need to deal with or settle in my heart?"

        Just getting those things thought out and dealt with is the biggest thing. Hospitals and psychDrs are full of people that don't tough that part out..

  34. She is ugly as hell if she's pumpin out commericals like this,it makes u wonder about her brothers death and is it connected to all this evil..

    • I was thinking the same thing…Andrew Cunanan was living off rich gays, basically…makes me wonder if he wasn't a sex slave or programmed or something.

    • Actually before I even started reading about all this stuff back then when her brother died… I thought it was kind of weird that he just ending up dying like that.. and I always thought she was kind of creepy, even before this video… just a feeling…

  35. this is so sad! but the truth is, a number of young girls in particular will fall for this and everything else that is deemed as "high fashion" even if it has 666 on it, the 666 is considered hoaut couture . God have mercy on the younger generations.

    true story: i was reading this book about how God took a pastor to see heaven and hell, and wt he witnessed in hell was beyond horrific. to put it plainly, he saw satan callin his demon army for a meeting about how they can destroy the world further, and one of satan's plans was called 'OPERATION CATCH THEM YOUNG' the blue prints detailed all the ways, trends and culture in which to catch the minds of ppl from a young age, fashion being one of them. :(

    another story was of a woman who was raised in home where her parents were her handlers. she gave an account of her ordeal and how her parents used to send her to visit hell through astral project, whilst in hell, she saw DONATELLA VERSACE assisting the queen of the coast (also seen on Starbucks label) with the making of hair extensions!!!!! each strand of synthetic hair was a representation of a snake. wowowowowow this is real life.

    remember your Creator now in the days of your youth. stay blessed

  36. One can really tell 2012 is closing in because thi was the worst commercial I've seen in the world of the elite/MK so far! There wasn't ONE thing in that vid that wasn't MK-related. :'(

  37. even if i did not know the symbolism in this commercial Id find it awful.

    Its like, Donatella controlles her puppets (models) who look all the same and act like robots (like Britney-the models look kinda like her too)

    The cage and hamster are symbols of hopelessnes or captivity..

    and if this is art then its showing something disturbing!

  38. Culture creation starts at the top.

    Buy stuff and think this way……………..

    This 'art' could have been presented as a way to show our screwed up society and world….but it seems to be 'selling' it as cool instead. Serious difference.

    Yea, and what's up with her face? Why do that? Gray hair and wrinkles kickass and are a sign of wisdom, depth and fun conversation….aw, it's sad to think she has all that influence but no fun true conversation. Seems like a running theme with richyrich and the funkybunch.

    In truth, I can't judge because it's wrong plus I don't know her.

  39. Something just came to my mind…

    Wouldn't all these ads and photo shoots and messages and all, be a part of how desperate they are to get people in? Provided of course that there are A LOT of people waking up… I say this because they are way too many (tv shows, movies etc), and they don't even do it subliminally anymore…

    In my understanding, it is impossible that a person not aware of NOW and everything else, cannot see what is going on…

    It is sooooo in the face….

  40. Wow. This is sick stuff.

    Which reminds me — Will you ever do a post on the movie, "Zoolander"? Ben Stiller's movie kept coming to mind everytime I've seen post after post after post on these matters. A movie I found funny at first became a great source of disgust to me now.

    Perhaps you won't do a post about it because it's so obvious to anyone who is aware of mind control techniques how so very obvious "Zoolander" has made these techniques and concepts known.

  41. What I found quite disturbing about this video is that it illustrates two basic tenets of the Satanic

    agenda laid clear by Anton Szandor Lavey in "The Satanic Bible":

    1. The creation of individual, artificial paradises where each individual retreats and is set "free" to pursue

    his most degenerate/self indulgent/debauched fantasies. "My house, my rules, my pleasure", it can't get any creepier than that !!

    2. The use of slaves/programmed human beings to feed/fulfill said fantasies.

    I am in no way a Satanist, (very) far from it, but this comment is just to state how blatantly the satanic agenda is communicating its goals through modern media.

  42. H&M needs to rethink what they are portraying as a corporation. Just because your last name is Versace doesnt mean you know how to lead a corporations ad campaign… Clearly!!!

  43. This is scary and sad. Did you notice all the backward movement too. They say that the antichrist will be able to talk backwards walk backwards and write backwards. Maybe there is no satan but evil is evil. The whole video was unsettling. Maybe exposing the public children and adults alike to this imagry is damaging in itself. CHECK OUT SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES PEOPLE. They are on everything. It's not all hokum seriously they hide little devil faces in graphics and lots of other weird shit which effects our emotions. Hypnotising us to believe whatever they want us too. Feeding us ideas. Exposing your mind to these sounds and images has an effect on your pscyci. Most of advertising is based on on the teachings of Freud. Maybe you will say I'm a loon or whatever I don't go around shouting it to the roof tops but on a site like this we can openly anylise these subjects we can say hey why do they put floride in my water and hey why are they showing children in their underwear and hey why do they show inhuman clone like people on tv all day. Why indeed.

  44. I see you are so focused on believing that only models, actors, musicians and celebrities are mentally controlled, when in fact this whole mk ultra is a good move of smoke from the elite to distract and not realize that everyone now we are hypnotic control! no matter if they were actually controlled mk techniques because they are the same as for all humanity and we were traumatized, diseased, terrorist attacks, fear, our minds were fragmented and were implanted thoughts about duality, sex , worship of woman, the apocalypse, the Saviour, and when this is necessary, our mind triggers.

    These are not our thoughts are lies that are intended to be true.

    And this openly and brazenly showing that the agenda is not only a matter karmic, is rather hypnosis and subliminal messages for us to be more and more entranced with the 3d realm conjured to enslave it.

  45. Versace for S&M is more like it. Her brother was supposedly killed by an MK'ed slave. I've always hated her, she is trashy. I think Lady Gaga looks a lot like her. Can't stand either of them.

  46. The time is nearly at hand. As 2012 and the Total Perversion Singularity approach They will become more and more overt. What began as subtle and covert will become more and more aggressive and obvious as they flaunt their rapidly solidifying control over the planet. Soon they will have nothing to lose by revealing themselves completely and initiating the sick sex magick rites that will mark the end of our age and the beginning of their terrible New Age.

    • well Dr. S…

      i'd say that could happen unless we… the lil people decide we are not so small.

      their world is not the one i'm going for… what about you?

  47. The models represent the masses. This ad is saying "You will buy my clothes, you will wear them, and you will love them, and your submission is what makes me and keeps me powerful. Do not stop, do not think, do not try to escape, you are a worker and mindless consumer. Your work and consumption keeps the wheel turning. There is no freedom, there is no individuality, there is no independence. You belong to the elite"

  48. And her security guard(?) is dressed in black and white (a freemason?) Are they advertising clothes or models in this I wonder.

    • That black and white pattern on his shirt is qliphotic – the dark side of the Tree of Life in Kaballah. The black and white color scheme is that of the shadow world found on the other side of the Tree (ie, at the back of creation) and the lightning bolt pattern is like the primal bolt that broke the spheres (sephiroth) and created the broken shells (qliphoth). It represents the energy of chaos and the duality of opposite poles. Crowley and the Nazi SS both used lightning bolt symbols for their black activities.

  49. The whole idea of being in a Police state is being made to look fun. There will be a terrorist false flag war and to protect the 5 percent left a security grid will be installed- it will never be removed. The ultra rich will be where they were in the 13th century – absolute masters of the serfs.

    • WTF!!!!?

      Just goes to show, that people will be sold ANYTHING at all, if the "experts" tell us that this product will revolutionise the world!!

      They make out that the Black Cube was designed? and that it is the greatest product ever!!? IT IS A CUBE. I think mathematicians and geometers would have a lot to say in opposition to the claim.

      I wonder how much they plan to sell this cube for?

      If you watch the design experts all raving about it (I know of some of them, from my work as a designer)…. "since the Beatles split up, I've had nothing to put my faith into until this Black Cube" – then you most certainly need to GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!

      UNBELIEVABLE!!! I'm flabbergasted as to jut how gullible us humans can be, when a simple cube is being raved about so much… These experts and academics are f*@kwits!!!

  50. Can you imagine this TV commercial being run back in the 60's/70's on shows like "The Andy Griffith Show", "Gunsmoke" etc…that shows you how far things have progressed to try to get our attention.

  51. @Lorna

    Thanks for the link. (I can't reply to your comment).

    I skimmed through the article, but will read it thoroughly when my mind isn't overloaded!! I've been reading a lot online last night and today, and my eyes are throbbing and my head is fried!!!

    As a Designer / Illustrator myself, and having spent 8 years at art college, I find this very interesting indeed. I lost all interest in modern art (Emin, Hurst and the likes) when I realised that it's (like the article says) about money, fame and a "rock n roll" lifestyle instead of creating beauty for the world to admire. I grew tired of a lot of art – due to the "experts" and academics telling me what I should like, and that I am wrong to have my own opinions. That is the corruption you mention. It is brain washing, mind controlling and yet more pushing agendas and "lifestyle" onto the masses, by telling them "this is what you like" rather than asking "do you like this?"

    • Well said! I majored in art history, and the pressure to conform to prevailing views of art was monstrous, both in academia and in the art media where I wrote freelance articles. If an artwork was genuine or simple and lovely, it was patronizingly dismissed as 'naive' or 'minor.' If an artwork was lewd, shocking, tasteless, pornographic, or violent, it was hailed as 'groundbreaking' or 'real.' If you did not conform to such views, you did not work. I decided not to pursue further formal education in the field, and changed careers. In art, of all things, there should not be such constraints. It was like the academy of the 1800's, the establishment that the modern artists of that era fought against. Book publishing is no better, and neither is the magazine world. Groupthink and dumbed down commercial values prevail.

      • Exactly Fleurdamour… We were always taught "there is no right or wrong in art & design". Then when you were given a chance to voice your opinion, you were told your opinion was right or wrong depending on whether you agreed or disagreed with the tutor / lecturer. If then, you replied with "I thought there was no right or wrong" you'd be shot down with something like "this time there is, and you are wrong"… Another was "art is always subjective and personal to the audience / viewer"… yet we were then lectured about what a painting or design or artwork was saying and what you should feel towards it. If you questioned this, saying you didn't think such a painting said such a thing to you, they would again tell you that you are wrong to think that. I came away from college / uni, very disillusioned and confused about what art & design meant to me. Luckily, I got work fairly quickly due to my student awards and knowing designers in my local area. My job, is with very like minded designers and illustrators, who all feel the same way about modern art, the art academia and the "experts"… We do our own thing, our own way, and are happy!!

  52. Thanks for posting this! I love fashion but when I saw this I felt like fashion was the last thing on their mind when making this video. Even if I had no idea about the symbols I would have found this ad disturbing…But knowing what it represents just makes it pretty much terrifying.

    • I could just see that as an actual label name! 'MK Ultra' it sounds like one! Hehe.. at least some entertainment people out there are making people aware of this stuff also.. like Muse.. they have a song from a couple albums ago entitled 'MK Ultra.' Since this kind of stuff still goes on in the world though.. there's no way the perpetrators are going to bring it to the world's attention..

  53. No joke.

    I saw the last 30secs of the advert today as I flicked through channels and it flashed across the screen. It took me just a few seconds to deem it mind control propaganda and wonder how long it would take for vigilant to make a post about it.

  54. @ Butters – yes i am getting the same thing, serious tiredness while im researching this stuff that i have only just stumbelled on – im thinking though that its because im so used to not having to concerntrate on anything for long periods as we are bombarded with stuff constantly so dont really stop to think about things before being bombarded with new stuff to push the old stuff out so my brain is re-training to stop and concerntrate on stuff.

    Also someone else posted that they wanted to shout to the world about it – i feel the same, to whoever that was, i have told a few close friends about all the stuff i have learnt recently and they have said im paranoid and should 'get a life' —- hhmmm :-(

    • Do not overload yourself too much… especially when you say you have only recently stumbled into these things. Take long breaks from it all. Let small amounts, sink in over time. Give it a few days in between research sessions. Take plenty of breaks when you are researching. Drink lots of water. Relax and don't let things become too much for you to deal with. If you feel that way, it's time for a break.

      I "stumbled" into all this a few years ago. It did the same to me. It made me tired, scared yet wanted to shout off the rooftops about it all. The problem with that, is that most people will laugh and label you as mad. It is about slowly educated yourself, and in turn slowly spreading what you have found. Ease friends and family into your new knowledge, so that they will slowly start to realise things, instead of bombarding them with masses of (possibly to them) garbled nonsense!!!

      Stay strong, stay positive… "the truth hurts" as they say.

    • I found the best way to manage the info over-load is to take some time to visit reality. Go for a long walk in a quiet place, garden, cook fresh food, feed the birds or anything to re-connect you with life.

      You are breaking down all the walls that have been instilled in you since you were born and your brain has to re-evaluate everything it has learned up until this point.

      The best thing you can do is to ground yourself by becoming human again and the only way to do this is to go 'old school' .. turn off the tv and get outdoors.

      Our society is created to dis-connect us from reality and the sooner you learn to re-connect, the sooner you will feel better.

      Love and light,


  55. Hi, everyone! I made a simple video on this commercial. Please, if you want, go watch the video and comment on it and rate it. The more people who RATE and COMMENT the video, the more people will see it and hopefully begin to realize what is happening in our world. One girl already commented that it made her reconsider how "cool" and "edgy" this commercial is.


  56. PLEASE UPVOTE THIS: The link below is to the official H&M video channel for this. Someone named keepingitmadreal has put some good comments recently that already have 3 votes. The highest voted comments only have 8 and 5, which means with just a bit more people clicking thumbs up on them we can get some very scathing comments at the top for all to see when they go to that filth of a video.

    Even the H&M executives will see it until they get youtube to delete them of course but for now it could make some people aware.

    PLEASE GO HELP OUT!! Maybe donatella/medusa, and johan reneck will see them too.

  57. I never comment on this site, but I guess I'm finally starting to see the way the world really works. This is, by far, the creepiest commercial I have ever seen!

  58. When i saw this commercial i felt the creeps. ! I knew it was mind controlling . It was all the there out in the open , very easy to see it. Sucks because i Loveeee versage <3

  59. That's how it is.. how they roll… pump out the empty-headed Barbie girls… one by one, just 'BUY, BUY, BUY' consume, consume, consume.. as long as you keep doing that, running the Hamster wheel, it will keep the Corporate entity running.. this ad shows they will do just about anything to get you to keep buying! Even forms of mind control.. it is all right here.. but what someone said in one of the first comments (replies), that's the way to stop it all from running.. get off the hamster wheel… and dim those lights… and stop the madness.. even though I do enjoy the occasional shopping spree.. this ad doesn't make me wanna go buy this stuff at all.. it's just weird..

  60. Did anyone notice that the hand gesture used to pick up the woman creates the "eye"? If you use your own hand to make it against the light and look at the shadow, it creates a pretty close image to the actual one.

  61. I read an article yesterday pertaining to this where the daily news paper in ny had some contest to feature "real" nyers to be in the H_&M ad. 3 were chosen only one was picked by dontalla sayn they didn't fit the image of versace…really this isn't a high end dept store. Mybe they were too "fat" to her liking..she looks like a possessed plastic surgery victim gone wrong herself.

  62. I also see the checkerboard pattern (the guy) and the ring at 0:12 the girl with the lever is wearing looks like a butterfly, also some of the necklaces appear to be butterfly-shaped while another one clearly looks like a demon head. Also you have the fur/sex kitten patterns at several places plus (obviously) the one-eye haircut of Donatella herself.

  63. I think it looks spectacular, it's so blatant but it wheels you in (lol). When Donatella uses her shadow hand to lift the girl up I got the idea that they maybe put like supertiny chips or other devices in the expensive pieces that are not really washable. Then they can look into the little lives of whomever was crazy enough to buy it, that golfball sized life that looks a lot like the metaphors used in this video..

    Just a thought, who knows, I wanted the pillow though, that pillow looks great! And if their was a chip in it I would fart on it everytime I felt one coming up. Yeah…

  64. Looking at this makes me wonder, if the Versace family is involved in this type of stuff, Then, what was the real story behind the murder of her brother? Does anyone remember that?

  65. at Elle

    yea he was prob sacrificed….its such a coincidence that Donatella blew up after that. Hmmm.

    Its soooo strange, even though I havent seen the commercials (Im not sure if theyre being broadcast on British TV) I was aware of the line being launced due to VCs article, I was shopping with my little one and walked passed a H&M in a big London shopping centre, the window was being dressed (by ppl who most likely have no idea what the hidden meanings of what they were doing are) to promote the launch date of the line. The manequins were plain white non-entity-non-descript-looking with one eye highlighted by a false lash!!!! Now this is real life, its not on TV or the internet, Im standing a meter away from it, how blatent is that…but I tell you the craziest thing… I was drawn to the products!!! Now I would like to think of myself as some one who thinks critically about the world and the systems in which we live in and I always try and chose the path of light and love, and have done since I was a young teen (Im 32 now), but there is a part of the brain that is so easily accessible to THEM!! So I can only imagine what this does to those who are not as clued up about this stuff and living in dark, or the sheeple as some of you may call them. Sometimes if youre caught slipping from AWARENESS you can just get caught in this mad tidal wave. Wow. I never knew H&M and their £5.99 crap would prompt me to leave a message on VC!!

    Apologies for the bad grammer but a couple of buttons on my lappy are not working *blushing*

  66. When I went on the H&M website and saw the ad the music had a really bad effect on me. Then I actually watched through the ad and said something is up, then I see it on here. I don't know but am I the only one who is affected by the sound of the background music in the video?

  67. This is seriously disturbing.

    and I'm a Marilyn Manson fan

    funny how the people everyone thinks are evil are the furthest from it..

  68. Good grief! That ad virtually had every element of mk ultra mind control that Fritz Springmeyer talks about in his book, The Illuminati Formula for Undetectable Mind Controlled Slaves. Every single image trigger and symbol to a tee. This ad is so sick and blatantly evil. I can't believ this is what we've come to. And the poor souls who are completely uneducated about this just think its something "artsy" or cute.

    • Yeah it has degenerated into the ritual mocking of the truly vulnerable. They whore themselves for this lucrative theatre of cruelty, this inexcusable piece of crap.

  69. ………. preyed upon by the vile fashion/ music media industry who exploit those desperate for fame treating them like 'whores' to manipulate the impressionable young.

  70. I'm pretty sure the man with the black and white body suit represents that he is fractured as well- Donatella's male sex slave with mpd.

  71. watching this reminds of when i was a year 11 student and drew the egyptian eye whenever i got bored, Thank God i discovered what is happening at the surface and realise all these mind control forms and techniques

    • i use to think they were pretty, they are absolutely disgusting!!!!!! has anyone watched diary of a wimpy kid were the fat kid is breakdancing on a checkboard?????

  72. We all know the world we live in is a terrible place. The decisions we make and the things we do IS the problem. We take so many things for granted and make lousy choices that continue to keep this world in the state it is in. The real problem is waking up from societies grasp that demands our only purpose is to get jobs we don't want, to buy things we don't want, to become… I don't know what… maybe one of those perfect looking models or Rockstars that symbolize a CAREFREE lifestyle. It's all unrealistic and until we learn to accept a presence within ourselves that is bigger and better… an individual inside us dying to be free. Nothing will change…. Until the beginning of a WW3 makes an anticipated appearance in the near future.

  73. We all know that it's imperative we understand what is happening and why.

    Only then can you help anyone else. We live in a brainwashed society, bent on self destruction: It's enough to make anyone sick, exhausted or depressed.

    The answer is prayer. God has always saved His Own. Jesus said, "I pray not for the world but for those thou hast given me out of the world…" The evil will not stand forever.

    But as far as digging around in the past or in repressed memories trying to *find* something — I wouldn't. There's a reason we have the ability to repress things.

  74. ewwwww…. why would anyone want to look like/emulate that fake versace anyway. she looks like a stick with mr potato head lips and corn husk hair… sad to see that fake is considered beautiful….

  75. Disturbing as usual. Also if you have ever seen any photos of Donatella's daughter Allegra, picture perfect example of someone completely lost and controlled. she has such a blankness in her eyes.

  76. That commercial is disturbing and the "music" is really grating.

    I never did care much about what was considered designer clothes. My parents didn't have a lot of money and I wore what my mother bought me. I remember being in junior high in the 80s and it was something of a stigma to buy clothes at Kmart back then.

    (I do have to admit, though, the pair of Nikes I got on sale have lasted a lot longer than any other shoes I've had.)

    When I buy clothes for my son, I don't want him to be a walking billboard. I buy what looks nice on him. He looks good in greens and earth tones, so that's generally what I get for him.

  77. Check out this new collection from Chanel and Lagerfeld – – It is pretty freaky. Matted hair (and much more 12:34…and everywhere it is so loaded…nothing to do with India and royalty and all that. Goes way back to Vedas…noticed the pregnant model, and the one without underwear?) Here we go. Indian symbolism mainstreaming. Economy hand in hand with symbols. The whole setting of the show…it is just unbeliavable…

  78. Does anyone have any info on Donatella Versace's relationship with Lady Gaga. Conspiracy Planet claims Lady Gaga is Donatella's daughter. They've also posted a rather interesting outline on why they think it's so. But other than them, I seem to have difficulty finding other sources. Here's the link to the full article.

  79. The shadow hand in the scene that picks up the model is in shape of a rabbit..(heard of the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland) classic mind control film.

  80. creepy ad. her late brother was the talent behind versace, and would never produce an advertisement like this in a million years. she (and her brother, santo) have no idea, and the label has been in decline ever since he passed on.

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