Panic! At the Disco’s “LA Devotee” Clearly Celebrates Hollywood’s Satanic System


The video for LA Devotee is about a young boy being tortured and brainwashed by the band’s lead singer while all kinds of satanic symbols float around. In short: It sums up everything Hollywood is about. 

When the top comments of a YouTube video say …

I honestly expected LA Devote to have a bright sunny video not a satanic one

It’s getting harder and harder to convince my parents that the music I listen to is not satanic

… you know that things are getting blatant. While the song “LA Devotee” is your typical uptempo-radio-friendly tune with a catchy chorus, the video is a dark, troubling experience. Indeed, the lead singer Brendon Urie is seen taking pleasure in torturing a child in an all-out, satanic brainwashing session. Preying on children, taking pleasure in making them suffer, brainwashing them, black magick rituals: All of the occult elite’s favorite things are crammed in this short music video.

The word “devotee” means “a strong believer in a particular religion or god”Panic! at the Disco‘s video clearly exposes the true religion of Hollywood … and they appear happy to be part of it.

Let’s look at the video.

Preying on Children

The video begins with a young girl realizing that she is being followed. She is then kidnapped by someone dressed in red.

Preying on children: The occult elite's favorite sport.
Preying on children: The occult elite’s favorite sport.
As the camera pans out, we see a crop circle shaped in something resembling an alchemical symbol. The exclamation point is taken from the band's name, indicating that their the one's behind this.
As the camera pans out, we see a crop circle shaped in something resembling an alchemical symbol. The exclamation point is taken from the band’s name, indicating that they’re the ones behind this.

We then see a young boy being strapped to a chair inside a dark, creepy room.

Yes, it is Noah Schnapp, the boy that gets kidnapped in Stranger Things.
Yes, it is Noah Schnapp, the boy that gets kidnapped in Stranger Things.

Using Will from Stranger Things is a rather appropriate choice. As I’ve stated in my article The Hidden Symbolism of “Stranger Things“, the series reveals some sinister aspects of the MKULTRA system. Will, played by Noah Schnapp, gets kidnapped by the Demogorgon, a monster that represents the Satanic, monstrous side of the occult elite.

In LA Devotee, Schnapp is kidnapped again (poor kid) and forced to watch Brendon Urie sing. Although that is already a cruel form of torture, things get worse. Indeed, the song is part of a wider process of trauma-based mind control. As stated in my article Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control, mind control is an unholy mix of abuse, torture and satanic rituals in order to cause trauma. The boy in the video is subjected to all of this.

A video camera recording the boy reflects how elite circles get off watching this kind of sickening snuff.
A video camera records the boy being tortured. This reflects how elite circles enjoy watching this kind of sickening snuff.
This creepy man wearing a creepy mask with creepy Baphomet-style horns does creepy things to the kid.
This creepy figure conducts dark rituals wearing a mask with Baphomet-style horns.

When the song starts, the kid begins singing in an automatic matter – as if he was programmed to sing on cue.

The kid programmed to sing the song: An apt way of representing youth being brainwashed by mass media.
The kid programmed to sing: An apt way of representing youth being brainwashed by mass media.

Brendon is projected on a screen in front of the kid as he sings with a demented look on his face. He truly appears to be enjoying torturing the boy. An image flashed for a split second explains what motivates him in doing this.

For split second, a symbol resembling the sigil of the Church of Satan, is flashed on Brandon's face.
For split second, a symbol resembling the sigil of the Church of Satan is flashed on Brendon’s face.
The symbol features a Baphomet head with an inverted pentagram (symbol of Black magick) on its forehead inside another inverted pentagram.
The symbol features Baphomet’s head inside an inverted pentagram (symbol of Black magick) with another inverted pentagram on its forehead.

Brendon Urie apparently enjoys being the devil. The video The Emperor’s New Clothes is basically about him slowly turning into the devil.

Brandon in the video The Emperor's New Clothes.
Brendon in the video The Emperor’s New Clothes.

While this disturbing stuff is happening, the lyrics explain that what we are witnessing is the true religion of LA, the home of the entertainment business.

The black magic of Mulholland Drive
Swimming pools under desert skies
Drinking white wine in the blushing light
Just another LA Devotee
Sunsets on the evil eye
Invisible to the Hollywood shrine
Always on the hunt for a little more time
Just another LA Devotee

The first line of the chorus directly mentions the “black magic” of Mulholland Drive, the iconic street that crosses through Hollywood. David Lynch’s enigmatic movie Mulholland Dr. cryptically refers to the dark side of Hollywood as well. The line “sunsets on the evil eye” is another direct reference to the occult elite ruling Hollywood (which is also crossed by Sunset Blvd). Altogether the lyrics imply that those who take part in Hollywood’s industry are part of a sick cult … they’re LA Devotees.

The boy is then given something to drink.

The girls that got kidnapped at the beginning offers the boy something to drink. MK slaves are often used in the programming of other slaves.
The girl that got kidnapped at the beginning of the video reappears and offers the boy something to drink. MK slaves are often used in the programming of other slaves.

The drink given to the boy most likely represents psychedelic drugs which are used in actual MK programming to facilitate trauma. Ccreepy images flash on screen, the kind that would be used to traumatize drugged slaves.

A big goat head.
A big goat head is quickly flashed on screen. More satanic stuff.
The hell is this? One thing is for sure, satanic rituals male good use of animal masks.
Animal masks are used in satanic rituals and in MK programming.
This image flashes so quickly it is barely discernable. This "semi-subliminal" is used to implant an unsettling feeling in the viewer.
This image flashes so quickly it is barely discernible. These semi-subliminal images cause an unsettling feeling in the viewers.
Blood dropped on a skull: A symbolic way of representing the elite's love for blood sacrifices.
Blood dripping over a skull: A symbolic way of representing the elite’s love for blood sacrifices.

The boy’s trauma is then taken a step further.

A bunch of witches attach wires to the boy's head.
A bunch of “witches” attach wires to the boy’s head.
As the song gets more intense, the boy is seen being violently electroshocked.
As the song gets more intense, the boy is seen being electroshocked. Who wants to see a kid suffering in music video?

Electroshock torture is a well-known technique used in MK Ultra to cause trauma and dissociation. Combined with the drugs, the rituals and the brainwashing, the video leaves no doubts as to what it is referring to.

After convulsing violently for long seconds, the boy is knocked out of consciousness. This apparently makes Brendon very happy.

Seeing the unconscious boy, Brandon smiles sadistically, as if saying "I'm about to have fun".
Brendon smiles sadistically as if saying “I’m about to have some fun”.
The last image of the video shows Brandon walking towards the boy in a menacing matter.
The last image of the video shows Brendon walking towards the boy in a menacing matter.

What exactly are you going to do, Brendon? Beat the kid up? Rape him? What the heck? Yes, this video seriously ends with the lead singer about to abuse a helpless kid that was just tortured. There is no going around it, there is no “second meaning” or “deeper meaning”. It is just unapologetically evil.

In Conclusion

Panic! At the Disco is not an obscure, hardcore niche group. It is a mainstream band, winning all kinds of awards, and making poppy, radio-friendly music that is mostly aimed at young people. LA Devotee depicts the lead singer masterminding an operation where a boy is kidnapped, strapped to a chair, drugged, brainwashed, subjected to occult rituals, and electroshocked. And at the end of the video, his ordeal is not even over. Brendon is just getting started (seriously, is he going to rape him? What the heck?).

The video for LA Devotee depicts Brendon as a mind-control handler and celebrates how the occult elite partakes in this horror in total impunity. On a wider scale, the video represents how, through mass media, the youth of the entire world is brainwashed into believing that all of this great and cool, which leads them to worship their favorite stars. The ultimate goal: To create just another LA Devotee.




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214 Comments on "Panic! At the Disco’s “LA Devotee” Clearly Celebrates Hollywood’s Satanic System"

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I’d like to leave this planet, please.

I had that thought once. I thought if death is sweet then how can I fear prison? Thus the greatest journey ever taken was embarked upon. The journey to find out just who really is behind the smoke screen. And when I find them I’m gonna kill them.

Are you ready to face death? What if you get trapped in another prison? For all eternity?
your assuming you will have any sort of power in the next life to do what you want.
Your enemy satan is here now, in this life.
you need a Savior that has already overcome death and Satan.
This is the Lord Jesus Christ.

I don’t even know if God exist anymore. All this s**t happening in this world makes you wonder if there is a higher figure out there who watches us, or just evil and powerful people who prey on the weak. I wish I wasn’t born here. I really can’t take it anymore. I mean, how can someone watch this and think it’s normal or original or something…

God do exist. He does not allow this all happen but He gave us (human)freedom to choose. If a person chooses to belong to this Satanic world it his or her decision but God gives us always that guilt and final chance when we die. He loves us all. and also it is in the Bible that this world is belong to the prince of darkness but God gives us that graces and protections and guiding us always via His guardian angels who keeps us being guided. Just pray and believes in Him!

I see how you feel Alexandra, too much evil and wickedness to even comprehend but we’re not alone, there is a God, the Almighty the one that has created all the beautiful things on this planet. Even though he has allowed satan to have a hold of this world for a while, he won’t let him do it forever though. God will soon get rid of satan and his wicked helpers (demons).

Oh, so God DID allow Satan to have a hold of this world? Then if he DID as you wrote, then he also allowed all this to happen.

easy to say that when you don’t do your research and search the scriptures. remember the bible encompasses the beginning to the end of time on this earth. all things happen for a reason and the sovereign power of God. I once thought the same as you until He lead to me simply pick up the book and READ.

If the bible encompases the beginning to the end, that implies everything inbetween. so whatever is going to happen IS going to happen because its already writte out for us to enact. that means no free will. every choice you make or dont make was already predetermined. so the reality of god, the devil and the bible. is that were living out a story already written and already written with an and. nothing we do means anything becaus we can only do what we were written do do. and if we dont, thats what was written.

Because He also gave us Free Will!

Existence is strange, Alexandra. It wasn’t until after I became highly educated and spent a great deal of time with astrophysicists that I felt a rush of belief in Jesus, God again after a spiritual drought.

Our existence is in layers of time and space and evil is constantly trying to outrun all the snares that will capture it in God’s creation. But when we return to Jesus, it will all be revealed. The important thing to remember is that knowledge, human attained knowledge, is laughably humble in the grand scheme of things — trinkets of existence — it’s a good thing but just not that important and some knowledge is not worth the cost. Morality and wisdom is better. We die, anyway. We need to just be kind and wait it out. Try to live as we know we should.

It’s OK to question if God exists. For me, I do look at all the s**t happening and I’m reassured that God does exist and will set things right. Probably sooner than later.

God does exist Alexandra and remember that He gave us free will to do good or evil. This free will includes that likes of you and I trying to make a positive impact on people and their lives and to help them overcome doubts and challenges they may have. Evil will never outdo the good in the end. You’ve got to hold onto your faith and keep praying for change. A lot of bad things happen but they will pass. Hold onto God. If you ever want to chat or your’e feeling doubtful, contact me.

you’ve got to believe in a higher power since all these websites ie vigilantcitizen allude ot the emergence of Satanism and the now. these things are mentioned in the BIBLE! these signs are right before your eyes and you still don’t believe? if not, then all this is for naught.

If its in the Bible then its meant to happen

Nope, the other side if where true life is. This is merely an experimental school.
Panic is great btw. Brandon is a fun guy. It is just a video.

Agreed, too much trash prancing around doing whatever the hell they want while the world keeps telling them that they are limitless.


Just shocking. What kind of crap is this putting in the minds of people? Everything seems to pass these days, as long as it is labelled “art”, even the portrayal of abuse of young children. This is next level sickness, not even subtle in the slightest. I am more than shocked, so the above comment sums up my reaction as well!


“Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.” Ephesians 4:29

The existence of a music video like this is clear proof of complete societal breakdown… along with all the other stuff going on, of course: The fact nobody even notices or cares how wrong things are in general, thinking it’s ‘conspiracy theory’ to talk about a concept like the Illuminati when you see something like this, the encouraging – not just tolerance – of sexual deviations like the transgender agenda, the false flag attacks everywhere, celebrities and people openly walking around with satanic and/or plain evil symbols/themes on their clothing and people thinking it’s ‘cool’ or ‘edgy’ rather than getting offended, the subliminal messaging that people likewise just ignore.

Complete collapse can’t be far away. 2017 and beyond should prove interesting.

Happy new year?

REPORT THIS VIDEO TO YOUTUBE FOR CHILD ABUSE. Child Abuse “content that includes sexual, predatory, and abusive communication towards children”

The same yo.tu. that allows vloggers to insult, hurt, live dangerous, ridicule human tragedy, video that and make money for both parties via controlled direction towards young people?

And doesn’t allow you to block anybody on You Tube so they continue to insult you on other users’ channels. You can only block somebody from commentating on your own channel.

… and same YouTube that also makes sure to block/kill any videos showing the truth of what’s going on with various false excuses… taking down Illuminati proof videos due to ‘copyright reasons’ or because ‘video is private’ (lol?).

I cant log into youtube without being bombarded with conspiracy videos and flat earth videos and all this kind of stuff. I feel like Youtube is actually pushing it on me

These people need to be shamed on Twitter. Both the band and the director of this video.

Exactly! We need to get people talking about this cruel video!

Why not talk about the whole thing with changing societies. Lowering averages-for-the-benefit-of-all-mankind. This video is just one example. The subject is probably more, why do humans want to be treated this way. Why humans accept this kind of images flashing about in their lives. Why humans do not bother about young impressionable minds seeing such things. Why is it okay, if the only argument is ”it does not kill me instantly, so why the fuss”. Memory of Man has been under attack since science knew how to do it. It is part of the brain we all could use to think things trough.

Where do you get the idea Humans want to be treated this way?
i certainly didnt see that in the video.
the victims were all forced into it.

I was generalizing a little to try make a clearer statement. The wanting-part is : choosing to see, hear, undergo, everything those entertainment-corporations shove in them, for entertainment or even news/”information”. A lot of people have televison on as wallpaper while living their lives. They choose to undergo the randomness of what they are about to see hear and feel – without comprehending all flashing images.
Some of them I encourage to buy a caleidoscope instead, and then hum or sing while toying around. Or watch a tree grow.

I remember times when people watching television acted a little surprised about Janet’s nipple and then the media frenzying over deleting live-television for ever. This is a whole new level. Cannibalism, torture, r**e. And that’s just kids teevee-videoclips. What’s for grown ups? Live wars on family channels, for decades already. And still, there seems to be no limit in Sight yet.

How could we even be sure that the kid is not just “acting” in this video?

I didn’t even think of that…chilling.

That thought crossed my mind. Every time I see a movie or video like this I always wonder if they’re actually “acting” . Are the images that flash and certain phrases or words in the song triggers? Is the lead singer one of his actual handlers? When the video ended, did it ACTUALLY end? I question everything now.

The boy is just acting but as they act they get drawn into their role so they fail to distinguish between that and reality. Happens to adult actors as well especially when they play parts in period drama and think they are living in an alternate time.

Are you a moron. Yes it was acting. Have you ever watch the clip. Listen the bands music. You probable haven’t have you.

WHAT is it going to take for people to WAKE UP and put an effing END to this CRAP?!?! This is getting ridiculously out of hand and we need to act NOW!!! Everyone needs to REPORT that effing video, we need to make our voices heard NOW!!! They’re testing us, if we let this one slip, then they will make the next video even WORSE, and before we know it, they’ll be literally RAPING children in videos!! We need to act now, people!!! At least report the video on YouTube! You can also make your own video exposing this filth, or tweet about it, blog about it… Heck, just share this article with everyone you know!! By the way, VC, why do you never talk about animal cruelty?? This video also contains serious animal abuse. Are animals not worthy of our voices?! Come on, if anything, they’re even more defense-less… Read more »
This horrifying, evil video, and many similar ones, are part of a long series of programming efforts. The Big Boys can’t grab everyone, thus, this is Monarch Mind Control inculcation for the masses. Fear is a major factor. Consider the power of human emotions and how they are being fed upon. The only way to rise above the fear is to make an effort to more honestly love family and neighbours. Protect children from this heresy against youth. We must study history: The victors, the vanquished, and the occult. Western civilisation has been under attack for generations. The principle medium, now is electronic. Consider how religion is being defamed, debased, and becoming irrelevant in the largely Christian communities. More atheism; less family unity; more infidelity; divorce; more emotionally troubled children on medications, reflecting adult pathology. Film, music, literature, print media, TV shows: all are being infused with the new order.… Read more »

And also commit our lives to Jesus, accept his free gift of salvation, thats the only hope and end in sight. I have come that they may have life and have it more abundantly:John 10:10

I am 24 years old, and I remember this band being very popular during the height of the “emo” music scene in I think 2005 or 2006… I associate them a lot with MySpace (LOL @ MySpace) because I feel like they were big on that site. I liked a lot of crappy music at that time (before I woke up), but I can sincerely say I never once liked these guys. There was something dark about them, and disturbing about their music and videos, and this is when their songs and videos were far more tame than this insane one. Now I see why I had that gut instinct about them, and I guess to fight for relevance they had to (and got to) really show their true colors. Disgusting. And if this is supposed to be “inspired” by Stranger Things, this finally can tell everyone that denies it… Read more »

Their name is stupid. Panic! At the Disco. Really? I’ve always hated precocious, obscure names. It’s not clever. It doesn’t explain what kind of music they produce. It’s lame. So, yeah, they’re the MySpace of the music world, trying to stay relevant with Satanism. Pathetic.

If you want an extra helping of nausea, I remember it always being stylized as P!ATD. It probably still is by their losers, er I mean, their “fans”.

Same genre as My Chemical Romance who were big in the late 00’s.

That should read “who were big 0’s in the 00’s”

The band’s name is a reference to The Smiths song, “Panic”. That song lists UK cities in which people lived on edge after a series of bombings that took place in the 80s, whilst radio and club DJs continued to play their inane, insipid and corporate pop music. Much like the music of “Panic At The Disco”, actually.

I can’t stand faux-“alternative” bands who mimic the real deal to the letter, then go on to make label-approved, pandering candypop with no bite. The gruesome and sick (yet unoriginal) imagery deployed here only underscores the total lack of identity and talent of this lame band, unfortunately.

The name reminds me of the shooting at the club in Orlando.

It reminded me of a few years ago, when fools started playing the macarena in nightclubs.

The fake shooting?

The gut instinct is a.sign that your awake. I had them about Beyonce in elementary school. I couldn’t stand her for no real reason. And then one day I’m in jail and my celly (a black kid) started talking to me about illuminati and all this s**t.

same thing with me and hunter s thompson. (if you are not sure what I mean Google hunter s thompson Franklin credit scandal)

actuay panic at the disco is just one guy now

Their music used to be a lot different, I remember Pretty Odd being a decent album but that was back when the original members were still in the band. Brendon is the only one left, I can see why the others chose to break up after seeing this sorry excuse for music.

It’s been said “All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men and women to do nothing”. If all we do is leave a comment, are we any further ahead? Everyone here can make a difference. You and I pay for these disturbing videos whenever we give our hard-earned money to Warner Music Group (wmg-dot-com), and it’s subsidiaries. Panic At The Disco is on Fuelled by Raman, a subsidiary of WMG. If we want to come against this evil, why not make a commitment to yourself to avoid – as much as possible – supporting WMG and their artists? Just google “WMG artists” to get familiar with their artist roster. Stop buying their products, and when possible – discourage others from doing so. It means personal sacrifice on your part. You’ll miss movies, music, and tv shows. But the knowledge you’re not rewarding evil men and women and… Read more »

What kind of parent lets their child be in this type of filth? I think that’s the part that disturbs me the most, these show business parents that only care about dollar signs at the expense of their kids.

Money talks.

Maybe the kids are at the rebellious stage and the parents are either unaware or powerless to stop them. With younger kids it’s the same parents who let primary school age kids stay up way past midnight in the school holidays and try alcohol at drunken parties. Forgetting that kids find it takes a long time to catch up on lost sleep, that a lie in the next day will not compensate and that it’s more important for them to get adequate sleep than for an adult as they grow physically while they sleep. They then get into the habit of being nocturnal and not being able to sleep at night until late.

The video itself is the Mk programming being done to the viewer…

It’s not entertainment. People only watch this for bravado and unless they are sick minded will watching something nicer than this in private for relaxation.

I’m SOOOOOO sick. >:))))

Panic at the Disco anagrams to Pathetic sad icon. Yup.

The best way around this is to tell everyone you know and especially your kids to tune out. Starve these degenerate f*****s. We can’t stop new Babylon from happening but we can certainly not aid and fund it.

Uptempo happy music + Satanic Video = Cognitive Dissonance. Perfect if you want to put someone into a hypnotic state.

Rihanna’s Bloody video was also about torture and a blood sacrifice and in the video you see her smoking weed as always and then after she makes the blood sacrifice, she lays down full of blood on top of a case full of money. She has been promoting this abuse since the year started. And now the violence in music videos have been rising dramatically this last decade.

This is far beyond intertainment here!!! This is absolutely creepy and demonic! The luciferians do not hide themselves anymore and show in plain sight what they are used to do. This makes me sick

It’s the sort of thing you only watch out of curiosity and bravado and then to torture other people with.

After countless articles on this website, this one included, does anyone reading this stuff with open eyes, still has a single doubt left that the bible is only fictitious?

Sadly, satan has been successful at convincing people that he doesn’t exist. Sadly too many blind people that refuse to see. Great to see some people are opening their eyes, keep it up!!!

Even real pictures of lead singer screams of his instability and sadistic nature

this one makes me really sad, maybe bc I have a son. effed up.

That pretty sick and disgusting although we are all familiar with the best kept secret in Hollywood: P********a!
Is this morally corrupt lead singer trying to show that they changed their tactics used in ‘grooming’ the little boys with drugs and alcohol to this type of sh$t?

My assumption is that Corey Feldman was given his high-visibility slot on The Today Show to perform his hot new single as a form of reparation for keeping his mouth shut about the network. It can only be the only explanation, really. But it won’t work.

This shows MKULTRA monarch mind control. Whoever wrote this video is very aware of the techniques used to create a slave. SRA, electro shock, satanic symbols, witchcraft, Druids, blood rituals, it’s all there, all with a catchy tune. I’m surprised they didn’t show r**e, caging, and human sacrifice. Oh, they are saving that for their next video!

I think your right, it’s piece by piece; when the Satanic/Luciferian One World Government is about to be put together (This seems to be the Satanic/Luciferian Elite’s number one goal and I think they have let us know when they want this to happen with the UN 2030 plan) I believe we will be seeing live human sacrifices and Satanic orgies on television and the internet.

Wow, it seems no matter how blatant they get, some people still have their ‘eyes wide shut.’

thanatos kokkinos ouranos

good thing we have ‘YOU’ to open them.

This is unbelievable!! They don’t even try to hide anymore.

This is very sad…
Satanism is everywhere,but too many people are too blind to notice anything.They call this filth “art.”

it’s because the majority have fallen for the lie that God isn’t real, thus Satan isn’t real either.

Another Gaylluminati crap.

I was waiting for this article to come out ever since I saw the video. I couldn’t even watch the whole thing, it creeped the hell out of me.

I stopped watching when they showed the dead chicken. Disgusting filth.

This Brandon guy can make friends with Ian Watkins when he get´s out of jail.

Watkins will be free again in his lifetime???!!!!??? sadly, it would not surprise me. I figured out what was happening in this world when I saw people get handed life sentences for herb, and NOTHING for raping an infant. not even secluded incidents, but usual procedure!

He lives a few miles from me. He’s vile. The band looks quite hard, with the exception of Lee Gaze, but he looks harder than the rest of them.

Getting real sick of their bullshit. If they want to think Satanism is so cool, let them have fun being eternally toasty then. I have no hope for these people anymore. If I were in God’s position, I couldn’t imagine letting this go on for any longer, I’d take my people away and end the planet again lol. There’s entirely too much garbage, but the fact that he is willing to wait for more people to come to Christ really proves that God is long suffering.

God plays the long game. There are too many variables to take into account to play a short game.

I’m telling you if people still refuse to notice all these blatant signs and decide to call it “style and creativity” then they are mindless F**** and good luck to their sorry ass**. I will be praying for my soul not theirs because they’ve seen and refused to think.

i think that this is the article that i covered my eyes in every single picture..!!! creepieee

How could the parents of Noah Schnapp, a very promising and talented young actor, let their child be involved with such disgusting trash?

Because they are using their son to make money and/or because they have no souls? One or the other. Or both.

I’m honestly feeling sick right now

I’m actually speechless this time.

But your mind still works.

Look up ‘exclamation mark’ on Wikipedia. It says the possible origin of the mark was the Latin word ‘Io’ which means joy, but is also a concept associated with Aleister Crowley and associated with his interpretation of the god Pan as Baphomet. So that alchemical crop circle symbol seems maybe like a Pan fertility god crop sacrifice ritual. It’s always something. I think the new Westworld show is about MK, too. There is a theme park in the show where elites can pay $40,000 ostensibly to visit the Old West and do anything they want, ride a stagecoach or horses, play piano in a saloon, etc, and every last visitor chooses instead to beat, r**e and kill the humanlike androids in the park. The robots don’t remember, aka dissociation, until something happens with their programming where the memories come flooding back and they start fighting the humans. Yay, robots, I… Read more »

I immediately thought about that after watching the first episode.

Not even surprised anymore. The good thing is that the sheeple are starting to react though.

Many years ago, when I was still a grad student at U of F, an English language professor (not an American) told me he believed US culture was profoundly homosexual. This was evident, he said, from high-brow literature through comics to movies and tv&radio. Indeed, just look at the predominance of male couples: Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, Batman and Robin, Starsky and Hutch, Sonny and Rico (Miami Vice), the Lone Ranger and Tonto, Amos and Andy, Laurel and Hardy, Bert and Ernie, the complete list is quite a long one. And then there is Brokeback Mountain and American Beauty, both films made by perceptive outsiders. Women are always outsiders in these stories. But also an inherent threat to the survival of the couple as couple. Thus, women are basically enemies, even if not spelled out clearly by the author. female couples and male/female are not nearly as frequent nor… Read more »

This was not an portrayal of Abuse, they DID abuse him. It was an actual ritual taking place and like the VC said the elite record it to watch. And now they have recorded it for US to watch. It is part of the Sabbatean Jews agenda. In order to bring back the fallen Cherub they must make the world evil and force people who were once “good” or believe in the Lord Jesus, to fall and become defiled. The Anti-Christ is about to be revealed. Prepare your hearts and minds for the great deception, prayer and study the Word of the Lord, that we might resist and endure to the end. Look up Sabbatai Zevi

Oh my god. They literally did NOTHING to this kid, what the f**k is wrong with you. It’s LITERALLY a music video.

Thank you!
This is a music video made to portray how the media forces negativity on young kids, and how warped LA is, made clear through the ENTIRE LYRICAL PART OF THE SONG.
People believe anything nowadays.

Ugh. Who watches this degenerate Satanic garbage? So sad for our society.

After awhile I can only feel pity for these people who are slaves to the industry. No amount of money is worth selling your soul to that garbage.

Erika Badu’s latest uncut video is extreme to say the least. I am no longer a fan.

Thanks for the head’s up


To be honest, I don’t think they’re “celebrating” it. It’s hard to believe that he would be for it, and even if he was make it that obvious. Maybe they’re accusing or going against Hollywood for the satanic rituals. He’s just playing a part of the abuser.

And I don’t think the boy was forced to do it. If he was they would film the torture or even film the torture being videotaped.

THANK. YOU. ITS LITERALLY SHOWING WHAT HAPPENS TO PEOPLE. That kid is a f*****g ACTOR. They hired him because they loved Stranger Things and apparently Noah loves their music so they put him in the video. It’s called ACTING, people. This is literally the most tame video like this I’ve ever seen. You should watch the Fall Out Boy Youngblood Chronicles. THATS worse than this.

I can’t believe how in your face this garbage is these days ???…. Are people completely asleep, don’t care or just stupid ????

This scares me.

You folks all need to calm down. Was it celebrating, or was it describing?

The way I read it is that the boy was the singer, innocent at the beginning (you know, since he was singing the lyrics.) Then he had to go they all that to become what he is now, a “success”. It’s pretty commonly understood that the abused become the abusers.

While I love the perspective that this site offers, there’s this pervasive sense of moral outrage, especially amongst commenters, that doesn’t serve anybody, and only further marginalizes these perspectives.

Your claim that the abused becomes the abuser holds true, but what does that have to do with the boy? This is especially abstruse, as you state that the younger individual is the singer as his past self. But he cannot be both the boy who is being traumatized, and the singer allowing and enjoying the acts to take place. In this case, the abused becomes his own abuser.

It is evident that this site is a place for those who truly believe that the social, political, and economic systems that we are brought up in are made to deceive for their creators’ desires. This seems like a valid reason to have “moral outrage”.

As was pointed out, there’s subliminal flashing of the sigil of the Church of Satan in the video, as well as other semi-subliminal imagery used as well, apparently. So, do you really think this this is merely a ‘description’? This video is ‘raising intellectual debate’, are you seriously going to argue it is so?

It’s odd how there’s always someone like you in the comments with that ‘guys, this isn’t so bad because….’ angle.

You’re either a shill, a fool or simply plain uneducated on these matters when you can make such a comment. Yes, of course people are morally outraged since there’s indeed something to be outraged about. In fact, failing to be outraged with this simply shows you haven’t understood what’s happening in the slightest.

The music video is made to portray how the media forces kids to grow up too fast and see negativity, and also to portray how twisted LA is. WHICH IS MADE CLEAR BY THE LYRICS. Nothing more, nothing less.

Another facts, which I see in this article/video:

– she takes drink to a boy – Adam and Eva style, she takes a sin, forbidden fruit.
– photo with children, who has (probably) burned eyes – black-eyed kids meaning; the legend says, that these kids are from Hell and emanate of evil.

I like P!ATD but ive been suspecting about this band getting more towards the darker side since when the band left only with two members. On the album’s cover there was a mannequin/person with goat/antelope head. Now this makes me wonder why the drummer left the band and leaves Brandon alone.

Spencer Smith (the drummer) has left the band because of drug problems but he is fortunately well and happily married now. Spencer and Brendon are still friends as Brendon was his best man at his wedding.

“The drummer” named Spencer is still hella best friends with Brendon. You know nothing at all about them lmfao.

They went on tour with Weezer this past summer, another MK ultra group. I’m not surprised.

Don’t worry about it. This video is made to portray how the media corrupts kids at a young age and forces negativity, and how warped LA is. All this satanic conspiracy bull is just people desperately grabbing at strings to support their agenda.


I remember watching this series called Tokyo ghoul. In the last episode of the first season, the main character was kidnapped and abused until his appearance and personality changed. Please write an article about Tokyo Ghoul. Vc!!

Some (most) of those other comments on YouTube are just sad. “What is this cult and how do I join”, “what’s with Brandon and the demons? I’m not complaining”, “Noah is so lucky”, “this is the first song/video I’ve seen from them and I LOVE it”, etc… (they get so much worse) and thinking the video is just a metaphor for the lyrics, nothing more, while some can only focus on the singers forehead. And some think it has something to do with Stanger Things. Poor souls. I wish I could open all of their eyes.

I noticed that as well – the forehead comments do provide some levity, though I do wonder now if it actually is larger somehow (perhaps an intentional special effect?)

I watched Stranger Things from start to finish – just because the kid who played Will is in the video doesn’t make it some kind of ‘spiritual sequel’. That the unaware masses are mindlessly repeating this false claim tells you everything you know about why ‘Will’ was selected for the role. To provide just enough cover to get away with it, and a standby excuse should the content ever be questioned too voraciously.

The YouTube comments from the general public pretty much show exactly the mindset of most people and explain how these things can be allowed to continue.

WTF is this?!