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The Occult Meaning of The Weeknd’s “Starboy”



The Occult Meaning of The Weeknd's "Starboy"

Starboy features The Weeknd destroying his house using an illuminated cross. This strange scene has a powerful occult meaning, especially when one considers The Weeknd’s previous videos. We’ll take a closer look at the occult meaning of Starboy.

The Weeknd’s collaboration with Daft Punk is a somewhat perplexing one. While the lyrics celebrate the singer’s fame and material possessions, the video depicts him destroying his house using a red glowing cross. All the while, The Weeknd chants that he’s a “starboy”, a term that has more than one meaning.

While, at face value, starboy could mean a boy who is a star in the entertainment business, the symbolism associated with the song introduces an occult aspect to it all. Indeed, the video has a ritualistic tone which plays on the classical death and rebirth narrative found in esoteric initiations. Did The Weeknd ‘ascend’ in the occult world, making him a starboy?

The Previous Trilogy

In my first article about The Weeknd, I analyzed the videos Can’t Feel My Face, Tell Your Friends and The Hills which form a trilogy. When these three videos are pieced together, they tell a story about The Weeknd meeting a figure holding an apple – a reference to Lucifer in the garden of Eden.

The Occult Meaning of The Weeknd's "Starboy"

This man holding an apple represents Lucifer from the garden of Eden and the industry that lit up The Weeknd’s career.

In Can’t Feel My Face, Lucifer literally sets The Weeknd on fire and figuratively lights up his career. Here’s a summation of the trilogy.

The story begins with a struggling The Weeknd trying to get people to notice him at gigs. The devil then lights him on fire and kick-starts his career. The Weeknd then realizes that the deal is awful so he buries this new singing creation and shoots the devil. However, the devil is not human and therefore cannot be killed. Furthermore, he is rather vengeful. Although The Weeknd believes he is alive and free, he finds himself in a car accident that nearly kills him. As he walks into the red room, he realizes that he cannot escape the devil. The devil holds an apple reminding him that the deal is non-voidable. The two ladies that were with The Weeknd were actually the devil’s minions and the near-fatal accident was actually a warning: Any further transgressions will result in death.

Although the devil brought him fame and success, The Weeknd is stuck in a loop where any attempts to break free lead him right back to the devil and his apple.

In Tell Your Friends, The Weeknd buries himself in the desert.

The Occult Meaning of The Weeknd's "Starboy"

The “old” Weeknd sings through the plastic.

In Starboy, The Weeknd kills his old self again by suffocating him. Why does he keep killing himself? Because each death represents a new occult stage. He is now, apparently, a “starboy”.


The video begins with a masked man entering The Weeknd’s house.

The Occult Meaning of The Weeknd's "Starboy"

The Weeknd, with his trademark hairdo, is tied up to a chair.

The masked man then gets up and suffocates The Weeknd with a plastic bag.

The Occult Meaning of The Weeknd's "Starboy"

The Weeknd is killed with a plastic bag on his head.

When the killer removes his mask, we are in for a big surprise.

The Occult Meaning of The Weeknd's "Starboy"

It’s The Weeknd! And he shaved off that thing on his head! There is so much happening right now!

So, not unlike in Tell Your Friends, The Weeknd kills his “previous self”. To symbolize his rebirth, the new The Weeknd has a new hairstyle. The camera also focuses on another important item: The Weeknd’s cross pendant. This piece of jewelry underlines the spiritual undertone of what is happening on screen. Is The Weeknd now a devout Christian? Well, not really. After all, he just committed murder while wearing that chain, so that is not a good start.

The Occult Meaning of The Weeknd's "Starboy"

The Weeknd passes by a painting featuring Daft Punk. Notice the falling star in the background and the black panther. They foretell where The Weeknd is heading.

The Weeknd then enters his bedroom and sees something that is not found in most bedrooms across the America.

The Occult Meaning of The Weeknd's "Starboy"

A big illuminated cross hangs in his room.

The Occult Meaning of The Weeknd's "Starboy"

The cross literally catches his eye. The cross reflects inside a single eye, the occult elite’s favorite symbol.

The Weeknd then grabs the cross, drags it on the floor, and uses it to destroy his own house.

The Occult Meaning of The Weeknd's "Starboy"

In a symbolic gesture, The Weeknd breaks his gold records and the cover of his first album.

While some might think that The Weeknd a Christian rebirth, where he leaves his material possessions to follow the path of Jesus, that is not what is happening. The lyrics basically state the exact opposite.

I’m tryna put you in the worst mood, ah
P1 cleaner than your church shoes, ah
Milli point two just to hurt you, ah
All red Lamb’ just to tease you, ah
None of these toys on lease too, ah
Made your whole year in a week too, yah
Main b---h out your league too, ah
Side b---h out of your league too, ah

In this verse, The Weeknd states that his P1 (a sports car) is cleaner than your church shoes (the rewards of the occult elite are greater than the life of a humble church going person). He also he makes a lot more money than you and that his girl (and the girl he cheats this girl with) are hotter than yours.

Later in the song, explains how he upgraded to a new table where his girl can snort cocaine from.

20 racks a table cut from ebony
Cut that ivory into skinny pieces
Then she clean it with her face man I love my baby

So, The Weeknd is not exactly becoming Jesus. He is simply boasting about the things he was given because he is chosen by the industry (who is represented by Lucifer in his previous videos). Also, this line sums it all even more blatantly:

We don’t pray for love, we just pray for cars

So why is he destroying his things? Because the video symbolizes The Weeknd entering a higher stage in the occult system that rules Hollywood.

The cover of the Starboy single cover sums up the occult transformation that is happening.

The Occult Meaning of The Weeknd's "Starboy"

On the left are lightning bolts, in the middle are crosses (and a star) and on the right are more lightning bolts. There are six symbols in each column resulting in … 666.

The symbolism on this cover touches upon one of the most important concepts in occultism: The link between Lucifer, the morning star, and Venus.

In occult symbolism, the lightning bolt represents “descent” from the heavens to Earth. For this reason, the symbol is sometimes used to represent Lucifer who is said to have descended from the Kingdom of God to mankind. Lucifer is also known as the Morning Star and the Light Bringer. The same terms have been used since the dawn of time to describe the planet Venus. Venus is esoterically associated with the symbol of the 5-pointed star and the pentagram due to its “astronomical dance” in the skies.

The pentagram (also called pentacle, pentalpha, pentancle, pentagle, or pentangle) is thought by some occultists to trace its esoteric significance to an astronomical observance of the pattern of Venus’ conjunctions with the Sun and has had many meanings in many cultures through the ages.
– BC Freemasonry, “The Pentagram”

The Occult Meaning of The Weeknd's "Starboy"

The path of Venus around Earth. Known as the “morning star” and the “light bringer”, the planet bears the same names as Lucifer.

The cover of Starboy touches upon these symbolic links and refer to a level of higher occult initiation. The cover depicts a duality between two opposing forces, Lucifer (represented by lightning bolts) and Jesus (the cross). When internalized, the duality creates the magical symbol of the pentagram.

The symbolism of Starboy is reminiscent of the symbolism associated with David Bowie. Indeed, as I described in my article The Occult Universe of David Bowie and the Meaning of “Blackstar”, Bowie had an alter persona named Ziggy Stardust who had strong occult and kabbalistic leanings.

The Occult Meaning of The Weeknd's "Starboy"

Ziggy Stardust’s with his iconic lightning bolt.

For his fifth album, Bowie introduced the alter-ego Ziggy Stardust, an androgynous alien rock star who was sent by the “Infinites” to announce the coming of Starmen to Earth. Not unlike Lucifer, Ziggy Stardust descended on Earth from the heavens.

Therefore, the symbolism around Starboy represents The Weeknd fully adhering to “higher levels” the occult elite’s system.

The Occult Meaning of The Weeknd's "Starboy"

This picture in the Starboy booklet features the One-Eye sign. This means “I am part of the occult elite”.

Back to the video. After destroying his things and burning down his clothes, The Weeknd leaves his house.

The Occult Meaning of The Weeknd's "Starboy"

Before leaving, a black cat follows The Weeknd.

In Western folklore, black cats were associated with magick and witchcraft. They were believed to be witches’ “familiars”- spirits who aid and protect them while they accomplish their magical work.

The Occult Meaning of The Weeknd's "Starboy"

Inside the car, the cat became much bigger and powerful, representing the growing occult power associated with higher levels of initiation.

Inside his very expensive sports car, The Weeknd rolls deeper on the Hollywood Hills, representing that he is going deeper inside the occult elite’s industry.

The Occult Meaning of The Weeknd's "Starboy"

A shot of the illuminated cross laying on the ground tells us that this was not about The Weeknd becoming Christian. It was about occult initiation to a higher level and the cross was a prop in the ritualistic process.

In Conclusion

The Weeknd is now a “starboy”, a boy who was hand-picked by the elite to become a “higher level” star. Because of this, he owns a bunch of cool things that he brags about in his songs, making his fans jealous of his success. This success, however, comes at a cost. He is still owned by the elite – those who initiated them. To become a starboy, he has to kill his old self while wearing a cross and he must pledge his allegiance by ritualistically destroying his possessions using a cross. Using this Christian symbol to commit death and destruction is part of the soul-selling process.

Starboy is therefore not about The Weeknd becoming Christian or  “changing his style”. The video is in perfect continuation of his previous videos where he was “discovered” by Lucifer and was made a star.  At the next level of initiation, things get very serious. While The Weeknd boast about his “P1 being cleaner than your church shoes”, the video tells us that he is still owned by Lucifer – the morning star. And The Weeknd is his starboy.

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The Occult Meaning of The Weeknd's "Starboy"

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Ive seen people saying celebrities are just doing thie “illuminati” thing for attention but that makes no sense, If you watch old music videos you still can find these symbols. Back then the internet and the conspiracy theories didnt even exist so whats the meaning of that? not a coincidence

Carlita W.

So, if the internet didn’t exist back then, then how were there music videos? Come on people, use some logic. Js.


You’ve gotta be kidding right? MTV. Jesus, the internet isn’t everything.


Lol Carita, you were very serious weren’t you, LOL….How old are you, like 12??


Carlita….video killed the radio star…that is all.


“The internet didn’t exist back then, then how were there music videos?” -LMAO
“Come on people, use some logic” – Double LMAO


lmao wat are u 12? yu didnt watch mtv or vh1

Carlita W.

Aww thanks, no I just turned 8! Either way, this song’s not illuminati, it’s him f----n’ bitches.

T vic

You are too small to read this. illuminati is not a person, its an organization. Stop browsing this site and start going to school properly.

Christian Jesperson

If you’re 8, you shouldn’t be listening to this song or any of his music and you above all shouldn’t use foul language. Didn’t your parents teach you anything?

I was around when MTV was in its heyday and it was our first look at the illuminati symbolism in the industry.


As VC has posted, this stuff has been going on for centuries…it’s only recently that they have become so blatant that even the uninitiated in anything occult are beginning to take notice…it also means we’re getting closer to their complete reign over us. 🙁

Jeffrey Jones

There are pyramids, all seeing eyes, one eye symbolism and everything else in all the old videos that were in heavy rotation back in MTV’s early days. I was watching as a child but it went past me. Looking at them now it’s unreal.


Fitting name as you clearly have the mind of a small child. Try thinking before you speak.

This isn’t art, it’s a business and always has been. You repeat what works, hence sequals or like this guy’s videos, a trilogy.

Conspiracy theory is a term invented by the CIA. Nevertheless, it’s been a cottage industry in America since the 70’s. There’s a rich history of newsletters which is what people did before your precious, world wide WEB.

Before that, yes, people wrote and talked of conspiracy. JFK’s assassination sure helped with that. The 60’s were full of all kinds of this junk. The 50’s, Soviet this and that. 40’s N--i this and that. Celebrities were used to sell bonds to fund the war. Even signed up and pretended to play soldier. It just goes on and on, read something.


Ofcourse its a business, all about selling a product, lifestyle, religion etc.. the “music” is irrelevant. Check out laws of repetition.
also people wrote and spoke of conspiracy as human beings have been conspiring since the beginning, the cia coined a phrase to disinform the general public who still dont believe everything they say about the jfk assassination. You ,my friend should read.

Linda Alioto



The italian mafia was a conspiracy, until oh s--t its real. If you do not believe in messed up evil conspiracies look up lyman lemnetzer and the operations he intended to intiate. Operation northwood or pinewood, that jfk stopped. Evil conspiracies exist and one needs to open his eyes and maybe less on the mouth.

Saul Good

Yon have the intelligence of a rodent. You have so much to understand you infant.


Its been going on since forever that most find it as entertainment, except to a very few who know the occult meaning of who owns the celebrities whenever they flash those signs which is nothing new.


The illuminati has been around since the late 1800’s at least as they essentially infiltrated what was once a respected organization (freemasons). Then some very rich and powerful families also infiltrated the illuminati (think Rothschilds and Rockefellars), who have so much wealth it can’t even be counted.

So celebrities doing the illuminati thing or doing the bidding of the illuminati or occult is a very real thing, and it’s all of them.

You have to take into consideration Jeffery, these rich families own almost all the wealth on the planet, so people rise and fall in fame by their hands, not anyone else’s. Their money has to come from somewhere, and it’s all owned by a very small fraction of people.


Freemasons have not and will not ever have a connection to the Illuminati. They are two separate groups and do not represent the same thing. Freemasons are not about conquering the world and global domination. People try to group Freemasonry with the Illuminati because they do not understand and it is easier to put them together. The real Illuminati took signs and symbolizim from Freemasonry and made their own meanings to them.

Christian Jesperson

To those of us who are unfamiliar with Freemasonry, can you please explain how to tell the difference between a Freemason and an Illuminati? Are there any signs we can see upon a glance?

I had family in the Freemasons in the past as well as the Shriners.


Freemasons are an old secular group consisting of intellectuals, passing on knowledge through rituals and initiations. “Illuminati” Adam Weishaupt infiltrated them by George Washington’s time (George was said to have warned the group of being taken over).
“Illuminati” are basically a group of inbred “blue blood” elites who believe they have the divine right of kings. The’ve been hiding and hoarding, and their time is almost over.


You are completely right. Freemasons has nothing to do with Illuminatti.

Saul Good

Ha. Another dumb c--t you are

Saul Good

Or you’re a Masonic c--t yourself. F--k off. All Mason’s are pieces of s--t. Even you.


No it’s not all of them, you sound ignorant when you say that. We need to stop using the word illuminati as it distracts from what is actually going on. Most people have no clue what they’re talking about when they say that word.


actualluy the illuninati is real #1. #2 he did use it correctly and #3 what do you think the illuminati means and is.


one thing is for certain. They want to control us, they want to own the world. Influence is power. Entertainment is one of their weapons. From birth we are programmed to do what they want us to do thinking that it’s our own decision, that we control our life. So just keep watching your favorite TV shows, listen to popular music, stare blankly on TV ads, and keep track of the news. Remember, input=output. Your mind is a garden, if you don’t have the discipline to attend to it then the weeds will grow or others will plant on it. Ask yourself, are you making progress? Is humanity making progress? Look in. Wake up.

Indiglow Aura

“back then the internet and conspiracy theories didn’t exist”
Conspiracies have always existed. Theories about them have always existed. A form of the internet has been here longer than the music video. The entertainment MINISTRY is an arm of something much larger, much more nefarious.


A little off topic but has anyone paid attention to Bruno Mars lately? For a international star as big as he is the occult symbolism in his music videos is little to non-existent.
That’s strange considering all of his peers are heavy in the occult and most stars have to pay the price of fame in one point.


Recall that the devil and his children (demons and humans) are frequently known to parade as light or good.

The freemasn

bullshit ,what you saying about the weeknd is load of crap to tarnish his self image he indeed is starboy because his something called talent


Because the Devil is NOT NEW


It’s not about the Illuminatti as much as it is about the DEVIL making deals; promises. Similar to when he famously and Biblically tempted Jesus to forsake His Father for everything and anything the world has to offer, and to follow the DEVIL instead. What makes you think the DEVIL stopped with Jesus? Also consider the DEVIL, or Satan came from Heaven: he was the most beautiful Angel created in Gods perfection to create and make music in Heaven; Gods perfect instrument–> Lucifer. This is why it makes sense to me that the DEVIL now uses music to tempt and destroy people, afterall it was his original purpose in Heaven.


I don’t like any of his music …it’s very low vibrational to me…. As well as depressing… I don’t get his appeal at all.


I’m very proud to say I have no freaking clue who this jagoff is and I don’t care a thing about him or any of the “contemporary” music world. Give me my old school, classic, no-lyric video game music any day.


why would you even bother reading this article then?? dumbass! hahah

Linda Alioto

66 female. Born 35 yrs too soon. Music is my journey through this life. Yes I have my favorites. I listen to today’s music, eveyday, for 66 years. I have the gift of appreciation for the ARTS’.


One thing that I just don’t get is… why are artist doing videos like this? I mean, does this mean that they know they’re controlled by the elite or what? Are they ordered to make this kind of videos against their will? For what purpose? What do the artists do on their daily basis? Are they controlled all the time? Are they controlled when they go to buy groceries for example? Are they like zombies in their minds all the time or do they know what’s happening to them but they cannot do anything because they also want to be famous and rich and sh*t? I just don’t get that. I don’t know if I made myself clear.


While a comedy, I would suggest that you watch Zoolander.


well, i saw pete wentz and ashley simpson at the grocery store years ago, they seemed normal to me..idk. my friend hassled him fora pic and did not ask ashley for one lol


Great question, and I can only share my own thoughts on the subject based on years of research, some of which has crossed into celebrities. A significant chunk of famous musicians and actors are under mind kontrol, controlled from birth, while others are conscious of their decisions and simply choose material gain instead of spiritual, who feel that they should, in the words of Aliester Crowley “Do what thou wilt”. Essentially selling their souls for fame and material gain. No one can actually sell their soul, but as one commenter mentions in this section, they will more or less be stuck in this low vibratory 3d state until they evolve to being in service of others not self, and live from their heart, and not mind/ego. If I could make a suggestion, other than sending them love, pay not mind and give no energy to these lost souls. They chose their life experiences prior to incarnating and eventually all will find their way back to Source. Hell of a time to be alive ehh


stop lying


Just as movements are co-opted by intelligence agencies so are musicians, writers and artists. The lucifer stuff is just a curtain for intelligence to hide behind. The true motive, though profit is a strong one, is the degradation of the youth and the family unit. These artists haven’t signed Lucifer’s black book but close…they signed a record deal with a major label. They don’t write what they want, they don’t perform what they want. They do what the label says and that’s it. If they stray from the controlled route then they’re cut off or whitewashed. While there probably is some mind control going on I dont think it gets too magical. Just humans being f----d up to other humans.


Orson Welles was an epic puppet who wrote whatever he was told.


Right. The ghostwriter, as a profession, must range from innocent to devious. There must be underpaid and undercredited ones but also ones who are more like a handler who are in control but choose to not be known.


I love it when the general public doesn’t know anything about the music industry but what they think goes on as opposed to how it really works. I learned that today The Weeknd only writes songs he is told to write even though his 1st 3 songs that he released in 2011 which clearly show he’s been writing the same lyrics before a deal….At least give us some evidence of the truth not hearsay, opinion or lies.


Dance monkey, dance. That’s why. Most of these ‘artists’ are retards on drugs. If a roomful of people tell them it will get them another house, well, you hear his deep lyrics. You think he wants to go back to being poor? He has a contract. Ignore this filth. BOYCOTT them. Don’t buy the music and don’t attend the concerts.


“Retards.” Classy.


You watch too many movies. pick up a book ,you might learn something.


If you have ever read a book, then you might realize that there is a space after a comma. Not to mention that your placement is off.


When I first heard “The Hills” I had a bad feeling about this guy, and once I saw the articles about his music on VC I knew my hunch was right. It’s too bad that they all sell out just for a short life of fame and fortune.


Don’t act like you wouldn’t do the same lol. People are hypocrites on here. They think they’re any better than those celebrities. I bet you would choose fame over being poor in a flash. Any smart human would choose fame. It’s human nature.


Yeah I wouldn’t because life isn’t short but a soul is eternal.


Anyone who doesn’t see that there is something wrong in Hollywood and the music industry has a serious issue. Everything is right there in our faces. Am just glad that we have someone like VC to educate us on the satanism in this world. May God protect us because the end is knocking at the door


Wait. The end is knocking at the door? But jesus said: It’s done! And when he says it’s done, it IS done.. And if the end is coming, isn’t it good for us? He also doesn’t need to protect us, if it’s already done 😀 What’s also in the bible: Jesus will come again! And if you think the “end” is near, that’s good for us christians!


despite vc teaching people about the illuminati. it still won’t change a damn thing. Because people will still be listening to the music at the end of the day. it’s not like he is changing people’s lives by doing this. and besides, lets not act like we don’t listen to popular music. lol. people on here on hypocrites af. anyways bye.


I don’t listen to this *s h i t*


Thanks for the work you do and the information you share. I differ with you a bit on the meaning of “Starboy’s” lyrics. If the line mentioning “P1” refers to a type of car, then the two lines following are probably also about cars, with the phrase, “None of these toys on lease” (lease here being a contractual relationship for use of a car) ending the thought. “Milli point two” probably refers to a BMW M2, “All red Lamb'” probably a red Lamborghini.

“P1 cleaner than your church shoes, ah
Milli point two just to hurt you, ah
All red Lamb’ just to tease you, ah
None of these toys on lease too, ah”

Thy Unveiling

Men do often refer to their fancy cars etc as toys. You may have a point.

I find it interesting they chose to use a red cross. The way it glows doesn’t at all seem comforting or peaceful. I can’t imagine any real Christian would want a glowing red cross on their walls or at their church. While not of any religious affiliation, were I to decide to decorate my walls with a glowing cross, I would opt for white or gold; something calm and inviting. That Vegas red doesn’t reflect even the blood of Jesus. It screams Satanic.


I think millipoint2 is refering to the price, 1.2 million, red lamb could mean red Lambo or could be refering the red lamb leather etc…


It’s a Mclaren . My family has one as well and like him, control nothing. So yes, he owns two sportscars he drives the same speed as someone with a Prius in that LA traffic.

Christian Jesperson

Aren’t we a braggart, “blah”. 😉 Proud of my 94 Camry Wagon and it’s probably rarer than a P1 on the road today since most old 3rd gen Camry wagons have most likely been driven into a grave.

Christian Jesperson

Milli point two is the cost of the car (P1). But other than that, you’re correct, but that still doesn’t account for the video symbolism.


You’re actually eight, that’s what those lines are about


I live in toronto and I hate the fact this tool is from here. as well as the untalented drake. but boy they sure do get the hype needed to succeed dont they? and always i notice when drake is mentioned, the six thing always comes up. a local paper called ‘now’, had a cover story on him. in the headline for his story, they mentioned 6 three times.

drake in particular is pushing the thing where toronto is refered to as the ‘six’. and its taking off. its everywhere now. surely the mayor must be in onit, they way he is always pushing drake. theres another local daily free paper called ’24’ as in 2+4= 6. Constant occult symbols in there. I am thinking of just collecting this paper and posting the constant barrage of occult symbols somewhere.

all of this would have completely gone over my head, if I hadnt found this site….its so disturbing and liberatling in a way. Ive always felt there was something really wrong with the world. on a gut level..yes this all makes sense.

Kev allah

You didn’t know toronto was the jew mason capital of the world? They couldn’t run new York so they invented their own mini version and named it torahnto. The American version of Cana’aada. Except rather than help immigrants assimilate into a new life, they experiment on them.


Just an FYI, “the six” actually refers to Toronto’s six boroughs that amalgamated a little while back now (Etobicoke, York, Scarborough etc). I am also from Toronto and I actually love this guy.




Raital lets meet up and talk about this occultism takin over the main stream. I’m in Toronto too


Good article VC. One of things not mentioned was the painting of Daft Punk in the beginning. They appear as aristocrats with the panther (later seen with The Weeknd) standing in an almost post-apocalyptic scene. The feeling is that The Weeknd is aspiring to be like them, e.g. a robot or “starboy.” The panther is the link between them. This is from the Village Voice about Daft Punk and why they dress up as robots: “Superhero music needs to be made by superheroes, not mere mortals.” This seems apt and falls into the line of transhumanism, which is a prevalent theme. But the idea is to become greater than human. The neon cross is like one you would find in a seedy, urban scene in a movie, almost vulgar in its depiction. It may be used to represent religion in general (or perhaps Christianity) that shines brightly, luring insects to its light. It serves a purpose in the hands of the new The Weeknd: to destroy the former things in this life. But after it has served its purpose, it is tossed aside in favor of the familiar spirit (the panther) and the journey into the unknown darkness of a… Read more »


I believe Daft Punk revealed the weird nether beliefs prevalent in the industry in “Interstella 5555”. Do I mean this in that The Industry literally sent intergalactic fleets out to find, abduct and mind control talented aliens? No.

I think it has to do more with their belief that discovered talent that stands out as special is probably descended from ancient “star children”and that these descendants must be hooked into the system to be both exploited and observed. It’s like they’re trying to gather and claim everything “special” as far as talent and looks go, like they’re trying to counteract the good character found on God’s side, with impressive baubles of human charisma and aesthetic.


For sure. I think “Interstella 5555” is awesome, but now seeing the peak that Daft Punk has risen too makes me feel wierd about it. Just like finding out Dylan is phony plagiarizer. I think it’s alright to enjoy the art that is presented to us, but also important to be critical of it.


I couldn’t see the two guys from Daft Punk’s feet, whether they were placed in an oblique square or not, but the hand in the shirt is definitely a symbol from the illuminati / freemasons.


In the bible, in the book of Corinthians, it says that our bodies are the temple of the holy spirit and we do not belong to ourselves. We were bought with the Holy Blood of Jesus.

When the Weeknd is destroying his home, he is literally destroying his heart and soul. He is using his body and talent to please lucifer and in the process its killing him spiritually. That messed up destroyed house is the situation he is in emotionally. He is killing his core self everyday. Can you imagine living like that? That is slavery.


so in essence, we as humans dont own ourselves if we were bought. so we are essentially gods property.


When God created Adam and Eve, he told them that they shouldn’t eat of the fruit of a certain tree, if they did, then the consequence would be death. God gave them free will. They could choose whether or not they wanted to obey him. The consequence of all sin is eternal death. Adam and Eve didn’t die right away, but they were removed from Eden. After that, all Jewish people had to make animal sacrifices in order to cleanse themselves of sin. They would transfer their sins to a lamb and then it would be killed in the persons place. Jesus offered himself as a lamb; as a sacrifice for the sins of all those who believe him. He made it so that we don’t have to sacrifice animals anymore. He purchased for us the right to go to heaven and have eternal life. But you get to chose to believe or not, to belong to God or not. Even though we technically do belong to God, because he created us, but we can choose to ditch him. Jesus doesn’t force you to serve him. If anyone tries to force you to be christian, it won’t work. You have… Read more »

Believer of Love

I love your biblical point , this is confirmation of what is spoken of in the bible . The bible has all the answers in which the Lord is the word


yes indeed Lara…good Ezekiel 18:4 God clearly states “Behold, all souls are mine; as the soul of the father so also the soul of the son, the soul who sins, he shall die” ……There is only one Holy God and only one Way in order to bring humanity back into right relationship with Him…Sacrifice…its never pretty…but must be made to atone for sin(disobedience to the Father) and so His perfect plan was for His son Jesus Christ to be the final perfect & acceptable sacrifice, unblemished “Lamb of God (since he sinned not, but instead took on all the sins of the world). God gives all humanity the opportunity of real freedom through his Son Jesus Christ, whose blood “covers” our sins…satan though continually tries to emulate God but in a sinister fashion…. so since he is in rebellion against the Most High, he wants all his followers to be rebellious in every way as well, hold onto your sinful lifestyles…since God is greater than all, only He has the ability to give Life itself…eternal life…contrast that with the enemy, the devil, who is a created being which cannot give life, he can only try to repurpose the… Read more »


It is a choice, we were given “free will” to decide that


guess he’ll be ordered to sing at your next ‘fake – presidential inaugeration’…..

Carlita W.

And maybe at the next “moon landing” too.


Another moron spotted huh?


The cross is more than just a prop. It is the occults way of making fun of Jesus by saying, “We killed you. We won.” But, they don’t realize that when Jesus died, it provided salvation to all who believe and follow Him, and sealed the fate of satan and his followers.

Another interesting thought about falling from Heaven and stars comes from the Bible. Interesting we call entertainers, “stars.”

Luke 10:18 (KJV) 18 And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.

This is clarified further in Revelation, where it speaks of satan as a dragon drawing a third of Heaven’s angels with him in rebellion. Again, the stars falling from Heaven,

Revelation 12:3-4 (KJV) 3 And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads. 4 And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth . . .


I’m still waiting for someone, anyone to mention the hijacking of the term “Morning Star” which rightfully belongs to Jesus Christ NOT lucifer the “son of the morning”. Revelation 22:16(KJV) I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.


I agree, we even have to be careful of what version of the Bible were reading!

Ronald Biggs

On SNL Margot Robbie introduces The Weekend’s first song wearing a Black Sabbath T-Shirt with a pentagram on it.

Ronald Biggs
I thought it was weird when I saw it but after this article it makes sense.


nice catch, and with all the symbolism in Ayer’s Suicide Squad. not surprised its Margo. Anyone who believes Shia Labeouf found his “christianity” on the set of David Ayer’s “Fury” with the help of Brad Pitt must of missed the memo. Look up one of David Ayers filmed music videos and its freemasonry to a T. and look up Brad Pitts views on religion and nothing of what he says is even relatively close to Christianity. Jared Leto got on stage at one of his esoteric 30 seconds to Mars shows dressed as Baphomet. like the dude dressed as Baphomet shooting up people for the Joker in order to break him out of jail, escaping after he performs MK Ultra like acts on Margot Robbies Harley Quinn. and the other two dudes helping the guy dressed as baphomet shoot up people for Jared Letos Joker were wearing black and white masks. andwasn’t Margo in Wolf of Wall Street spreading her legs for the camera, and hasn’t Scorsese long been considered to be a satanic priest? i remember Jody Foster as a child prostitute in Taxi Driver walking around walls that had Butterflys on them. And Leonardos in the Revenant with… Read more »


this is what happens when you get too caught up in this conspiracy theory mess. you start seeing everything as a conspiracy. not EVERYTHING IS A CONSPIRACY THEORY, DUDE. JUST CHILL. even if it was, what are you going to do about it? You can’t prevent it from happening. its too late. The elite is more powerful than anyone else. They’re richer. they have more power. what’s done is done.


This song you mean.


Scary and so obvious


1. When he starts to break things with the cross, notice a picture on the wall with the word “madness” on it. In fact its one of singer’s concert poster framed.

2. Daft Punk members are shown in the pics with the black cat/panther at their feet, the same animal that accompanies The Weeknd at some point. Could this mean they are his handlers?

3. The fact that he breaks everything around him is an easy reminder of Britney Spears’ MK ULTRA induced meltdown

4. Also dont forget that it may mean The Weeknd has been replaced with a clone/double. U know its a common practice among famous personalities and as old as humanity itself.


The cross represents being cut off from your higher self. More than likely when his real self died from MK Ultra abuse, other demon spirits entered him and are controlling his body now. He is no longer his authentic self.

Kev allah

The cross does not represent that. The human organism is crossed. The left part of the brain controls the left side of the body and the right side controls the right.

Kev allah

I meant the right control the left. Also the cross is telling you the block in the chakra system is in the middle and the trick to activating the higher chakras is to unlock the heart chakra which can only be done through sacrifice for someone else.


lol demons aren’t real. you sound ridiculous.


Should you tape or hold onto past award shows via DVR, you can see how much plays out. Two years ago, known music stars who;ve sold out were the ones standing and cheering on his performance at the MTV Music Awards, And he was engulfed in flames – meaning he is on fire. And yes, his music was red hot at the time. There is truth to what VC shares about the music industry where almost all of it is controlled by the PTB’s. Anyhow, the MTV Music Awards seems tied only to soul sellers with concern to performances and there is an absolute distinct message in their offerings then or shortly after appearing on the show.


Great and interesting analysis VC….Just waiting for the Neon Demon article 🙂

Well Well

Another “block-buster” from the crap-factory…


Starboy – Boy of the morning Star. Just sayin’.


An evolution of aliester crowleys ” starchild”?


I have no respect for him now


He told his fans he was going to sell out. But ‘on his own terms’. Check out the Rolling Stone video. Not saying what he’s doing is justified. The guy is fully aware of what he’s going to represent and get himself him.


not like he would care either way lol.


He also flashes “devil horns” at 2:20.


its cuz the music rocked lmfao.

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