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The Occult Meaning of the The Weeknd’s “Party Monster”



The Occult Meaning of the The Weeknd's "Party Monster"

The Weeknd’s video Party Monster is described as a “psychedelic trip” but, beyond the colorful visual effects, are symbols with a profound occult meaning. We’ll look at the deeper meaning of these symbols and the story they tell.

Party Monster features The Weeknd walking around a brothel while occult and religious symbols flash on screen. The video features the same imagery as his previous release, Starboy, which prominently featured a panther and an illuminated cross. In Party Monster, these symbols are used again, which indicates that these two videos are part of a larger overarching story. Not unlike The Weeknd’s previous album, which was promoted with a video trilogy that told an esoteric story (see my article The Meaning of The Weeknd’s video trilogy “The Hills” , “Can’t Feel My Face” and “Tell Your Friends), recurring images are used to give the story a deeper meaning, one that alludes to the spiritual realm.

In Starboy, The Weeknd destroys his own house and belongings using an illuminated cross and then drives away in a sports car. As I explained in my article about Starboy, the cross did not signify that The Weeknd became a devout Christian. Quite to the contrary, there’s a dark occult undertone to the video which is even more emphasized in Party Monster. In short, it is about selling one’s soul to dark forces in order to reap the rewards of material success. In Party Monster, The Weeknd enters deeper into the world of drugs and prostitution. Let’s look at the video.

Party Monster

The music industry loves terms like “monster” or “animal” (i.e. Lady Gaga’s “Lil’ monsters”). It is dehumanizing and a perfect way of describing people who sold their soul to the industry and its corrupt ways. Kanye West’s video Monster is one of the most graphic examples the industry’s obsession with death, torture, necrophilia and cannibalism and other practices (it was never officially released because it was too … real).

The Occult Meaning of the The Weeknd's "Party Monster"

A screenshot from Kanye West’s video Monster featuring Jay-Z, Rick Ross, and Nicki Minaj. Here, Jay-Z raps next to a naked corpse.

The Occult Meaning of the The Weeknd's "Party Monster"

Another disturbing screenshot from Monster.

While The Weeknd’s Starboy was about occult initiation, Party Monster shows how the process turned him into a monster … who parties … which of course makes him cool. As we’ll see, The Weeknd finds himself deep into the occult elite’s underworld, complete with call girls and, of course, One-Eye symbolism.

The video begins with The Weeknd arriving in a cool sports car. He’s in a desert which hints that he might be around Las Vegas, a place known for hosting legal brothels, which is where The Weeknd appears to ends up.

The Occult Meaning of the The Weeknd's "Party Monster"

The Weeknd follows a big neon cross to where the girls are.

In a classic occult reversal, the symbol of the cross is used to identify the path The Weeknd must follow to go deeper into the occult underworld. While the cross is an important symbol in Christianity, neon lights are associated with sleazy nightlife. The Weeknd is therefore guided by a corruption of the symbol of the cross.

The Occult Meaning of the The Weeknd's "Party Monster"

Inside the ranch, neon fire gives the place a hellish feel. His eyes (and those of the girls) glow, making them appear to be soulless monsters.

Speaking of eyes, one symbolic scene sums up the entire video.

The Occult Meaning of the The Weeknd's "Party Monster"

One of The Weeknd’s eyeballs flies out towards the viewer. The ubiquitous One-Eye sign tells us that The Weeknd is owned by the occult elite.

The Occult Meaning of the The Weeknd's "Party Monster"

Later, The Weeknd party with a cake topped by an eyeball.

This focus on eyeballs, which represents the occult elite’s system, is strongly reminiscent of the movie Neon Demon, which deals with the same sick obsessions (read my article about it here).

While some girls stuff their faces with handfuls of cake, other girls are being even weirder.

The Occult Meaning of the The Weeknd's "Party Monster"

Two girls are licking passionately an ice sculpture shaped like … Jesus?

The Occult Meaning of the The Weeknd's "Party Monster"

A quick closeup of that face shows that it is similar to the classic depiction of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ looking to the heavens while wearing the Crown of Thorns.

While I cannot 100% confirm that the sculpture is intended to look like the face of Jesus, it would certainly be fitting in a video that revolves around the corruption of the crucifix.

The Beta Kitten

While The Weeknd has lots of girls to chose from, he is, once again, guided by the cross.

The Occult Meaning of the The Weeknd's "Party Monster"

The Weeknd is immediately mesmerized by a girl wearing giant cross earrings.

The girl gets The Weeknd to follow her upstairs, where the rooms are located. Once again, things take on an esoteric meaning … to those who understand the symbolism.

The Occult Meaning of the The Weeknd's "Party Monster"

The girl climbs a staircase that is between two columns, recreating classic Masonic imagery.

The Occult Meaning of the The Weeknd's "Party Monster"

A typical Masonic engraving representing an initiate passing the twin pillars Jachin and Boaz to climb the Winding Stairs.

By referring to Masonic imagery, the video gives this “party” a twisted esoteric meaning. While the Masonic staircase is supposed to lead spiritual illumination, the staircase in the video leads to doing it with a call girl. Are they about to partake in the occult practice called “sex magick”?

Inside the room, the girl is not really there. The Weeknd is instead faced with a big cat.

The Occult Meaning of the The Weeknd's "Party Monster"

In a seemingly non-nonsensical scene, a panther emerges from a TV, preceded by female lips.

The Occult Meaning of the The Weeknd's "Party Monster"

When he falls on his bed, The Weeknd sees the girl above him (inside a cross) instead of the panther.

This scene basically tells us that the girl wearing a cross is a Beta Kitten – an MK slave programmed to “service” people, another of the elite’s twisted practices (more information about Monarch Programming in this article). The lyrics of the song are also about hooking up with a stripper.

“And I’ve seen her get richer in the pole
I’ve seen her, I knew she had to know
I’ve seen her take down that tequila
Down by the liter, I knew I had to meet her”

At one point, The Weeknd and the girl apparently decide: “Hey let’s go outside and race exotic cars”.

The Occult Meaning of the The Weeknd's "Party Monster"

The girl stands next to a yellow Lamborghini and is ready to race.

The new best friends push the proverbial pedal to the proverbial metal but The Weeknd suddenly brakes and gets out of the car. The girl keeps going … and is gone.

The Occult Meaning of the The Weeknd's "Party Monster"

The Weeknd watches on as the yellow car falls off a cliff. As you can see, this is making him very emotional.

So, chances are, the girl is dead. What happened though? Did she do it on purpose? Did The Weeknd trick her? Was it an accident? No matter what the case may be, victims of Kitten programming often have a short lifespan. They are either disposed of when they stop being useful or their programming breaks down and things become ugly. Some manage to survive all of this – the lucky and the particularly strong ones. The girl in the video however apparently did not survive this. And The Weeknd watched it all. What a party monster.

In Conclusion

While Starboy was about transition towards a new version of The Weeknd, Party Monster is about going deeper into the sick bubble that is the occult elite. Steeped in the same symbolism we’ve reviewed countless times here on Vigilant Citizen, the video depicts the elite’s underworld as a brothel where exploitation and corrupt spirituality intertwine in drug-and-sex-fueled decadence.

While this might appear fun to some, the party is actually attended by beings who have sold their souls and girls programmed to please elite clients until they are deemed useless. Ironically, this is exactly what happens to music industry pawns. Stars are used to make the occult elite’s world attractive to young people until they stop being cool. They are then figuratively thrown off a cliff to make way for the new party monster.

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The Occult Meaning of the The Weeknd's "Party Monster"

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Thy Unveiling

Music videos are beyond messed up these days…


just more of the zionist media fantasies they shove down on everyone


Thanks VC…you’ve done it again :). Awesome analysis, I’m becoming more and more turned off by main stream media’s propaganda.They promote glitz, glamour and opulence but behind that lies death and eternal damnation.Continue your good work and stay blessed!


We can begin by not watching this poisonous material.


This is off topic, can we get an article on Paris Jackson’s Rollingstone interview. The cover picture and she also talked about she knows and has proof that they murdered Michael.

Thy Unveiling

Wow! This is the first I’ve heard of that, but definitely sounds like something to look into!

D D d

But, with that knowledge about Michael, she gives an interview to one the most established media outlets of the industry. Instead of making a fuss and bringing the murderers to the public’s court? Why would that be? I have not read about a new case being filed.


I think she’s probably learned the truth however she’s misguided in telling them but then again, she did talk about treading carefully (or something of the sort)…


Nothing too suprising in that they have zero fear of people figuring out what they’re trying to imply. It’s like a club now and oh-so clear that these stars really do barter their souls if you will. Whether they beleive in it or not, they give it up, their life that is for fame. I woder if this is why so much music sucks these days, LOL.

I am starting to think that the p--n industry is under a similar control system as well and still pondering athletes to a degree. Although, I tend to think altering athletic outcomes is possible, but not as likely as some might think.

Where there is money, there is corruption.


Yeah true

Willie Jones Jr

Athletes indeed. This will sound crazy, but I think pro sports are all highly choreographed. The players know the outcome before the season begins. Take for example the Carolina Panthers. They got a lot of upgrades to their stadium, then they made it to the Super bowl. Coincidence? It was “their turn” to make it that far. Everyone gets a turn. The “great season” = more fans = more ticket sales = upgrades paid for. I know it’s a long shot, but I do think there’s a conspiracy in there

Apres Ski

Same thing happened when LeBron/ Ohio won the NBA! Pro teams are taking dives & still getting paid for it.


Certainly, without a shadow of doubt. It is so obvious even in the symbolism plastered on the traditional black and white football itself. Also, you will find each black ‘pentagram’ surrounded by 5 white ‘hexagrams’! I am starting to understand the real intent behind the worshipers of Allah calling westernized music ‘Haram’ or sin, as it is evident beyond reason in the music videos that we analyse here and there. Thanks to the Most High Creator of Life for awakening many souls into consciousness nowadays. Television programming has been ‘outta here’ for 5 years now and we are doing greater than ever with our tailored programming into our minds as a family which includes these kinds of talks daily. As soon as songs are released into the atmosphere by getting ‘air’-play on the radio, we discuss it. Sports is a definitely an orchestrated ritual as we see with the Superbowl Performances. There have been talks of Tiger Woods and Serena Williams talking of getting blacked out at some points before or after they go for tournaments. Sad but true. These games are best described as ‘psychological games’ and they are able to turn crowds against each other for no apparent… Read more »


This is so incredibly disturbing and should be seen as a religious hate crime. If they were to do this same video to any other religion it would be banned.


It’s sad how effective this type of propaganda is. The teaching of Crowley get pushed down our throats more and more daily.


Crowley himself would be ashamed of idiots like The Weeknd and others


Crowley had standards? I doubt he’d be upset at his worldly satanic plan coming together. But, hey, he’s in hell being tortured! Probably full of contrition now.


How can you tell if a celebrity knowingly or unknowingly takes part in occult stuff or mind controlled to ?


They’re all probably mind controlled to do it


weeknd= weakend.


You should make a review about “Monster” by Kanye West. I think that would be great article.

Thy Unveiling

Those pictures seemed to say enough!


You’re right, but I want to see interpretation of all music video.

Vicky not Vale

I use to like The Weeknd… now he’s gone main stream and is now a pawn.


I also loved The Weeknd’s (Abel’s) music sense he 1st dropped those first 3 records, but honestly; how are his themes Any different now? (now that he’s signed to a major label/is worldwide known/has won numerous awards/ect..) His themes are still very Similar, occult themes (which is just the Latin word for “hidden/secret,”which doesn’t Always mean something Negative, just things Most are not aware of..), themes of girls he’s CONFLICTED about, meaning he’s a Human with root chakra or Base/Animal instincts & is conflicted (prob himself in real life..) if he Should follow his Primal instincts; or denounce them. That and Many other themes regarding girls/Materialism/ect, he has Always/from the Start of his music Much repeats these topics & also has Always used occult symbols in his vids (a good example is the song & vid for “The Knowing,” one of his early songs.) I am Definitely not putting You down for your opinion; which I respect & Hope you would the same with me even if we have differing opinions. But regardless of Abel getting Massive/Mainstream success (which I & many old fans feel he deserves as a Truly Great Artist; regardless of his themes he Repeats though his… Read more »

D D d

You forgot one thing, he always was a mainstream artist. And now, your story does make less sense .


He actually got his start by releasing his videos on youtube and was not mainstream when he started selling out shows all over the country. His mixtapes were free to download. He worked to be where he is now, and he definitely knew what he would have to sacrifice to become this mainstream star. It’s a shame that people who just want to sing or act have to sell their soul to make their dream come true.


I have listened to The Weeknd since 2011, when trilogy was actually released as the three individual mixtapes they originated to be. I do agree that his music focused on sex and drugs (same as it does now) however, listen to his old song “rolling stone” actually LISTEN TO HIM. In my eyes, he knew what he was going to become. He knew that once his career took off, this industry will chew him up. He knew he would sell his soul for all this fame. Listen to his new album, in one track he speaks about selling his soul for everything he has now. I have literally cried during every several of his new videos & new albums he has released because I can hear it…he knows what he is doing. He knows what will happen…by the way I believe he is actually signed to his own independent label. Check?

D D d

No, i am still not going to listen to his backcatalog. And I am not going to ask why you cried, either. I feel like you are advertising, instead of making a point. If I am wrong I am sorry.


I hate this guy. Every video is getting on my nerves more and more. Especially after seeing his involvement with Selena Gomez. She recently had to take that “break” from the industry because she was losing her marbles thanks to it. Now they found her the perfect handler/boyfriend, because with him will come all of his people and their schemes too. This will not end well.


Something to add up is the desert at the beginning of the video
it has an occult meaning too..


Nice work vigilant. Always giving us the best info, keep up the good stuff. However, where did symbolic pics of the month go. Since like October man. Come on. They were always very interesting please make some. An extra long one would be better as compensation.


Great article! Can someone please tell me if Leona Lewis has sold her soul? I’ve seen a few Illuminati symbols in her music videos as well as photo-shoots and moreover wasn’t she too old to be programmed since she was over 21 when she joined the Xfactor. Also she literally has all it takes: the desired Hollywood look, talent etc. however her fame has faded tremendously. It seems she’s fought back to keep her modesty to an extent.


Saw today where Disney Beta Kitten Selena G. is dating The Weekend. Why am I not surprised?!


Devils are meant for hell, so sad the hold they have over the entertainment industry.

Jhenelle Francis

Interesting read. In fact, my concern about the video was what led me to google if there was any discussion on it. I like The Weeknd’s music but not a fan of party monster. While I must admit that the lyrics are genius, i just can’t get do with that.

Emmanuel T

wow just wow


I think it could also mean generally that he is now put up high on a platform where he can capture us and throw us (in a sense) down into hell to the devil, and his being sad might mean he is not all that happy to do it but it’s his life now?
Idk, it made sense in my head, forgive me guys..
Big fan of this website though, thank you!

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