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R Kelly Dubbed a “Master of Mind Control” as Allegations Claim He is Holding Women Against Their Will in “Cult”



R Kelly Dubbed a "Master of Mind Control" as Allegations Claim He is Holding Women Against Their Will in "Cult"

New allegations claim that R Kelly has been keeping at least six women (some minor) under total control in “guest houses”, denying them contact with the outside world. His ex-assistant describes R Kelly as a “master of mind control and a puppet master”.

R Kelly’s taste for underage girls has been making headlines for decades. In 1994, Kelly (who was 27 at the time) married his 15-year old protégé Aaliyah for whom he wrote the album disturbingly entitled “Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number”. The marriage certificate listed Aaliyah as being 18 years old. In February 1995, the illegal marriage was annulled by Aaliyah’s parents. Up until her untimely death at age 22 due to a plane crash, Aaliyah would never speak about R Kelly. Her spokesperson stated:

“When R. Kelly comes up, she doesn’t even speak his name, and nobody’s allowed to ask about it at all.”

In 2002, Kelly was indicted on 21 counts of child p---------y after a video surfaced allegedly showing Kelly having sex with and urinating on an underage girl. Despite this fact, R Kelly was acquitted on all accounts in 2008.

Over the years, Kelly has settled over a dozen civil lawsuits accusing him of abusing his position of fame and influence to pursue illegal sexual relationships with underage girls. As a settlement, Kelly often offered cash payments under the under the condition that the girls signed a nondisclosure agreement.

However, controversies involving R Kelly and young girls are far from over. A Buzzfeed News article indicates that the singer never stopped preying on young girls. Even worse, he appears to have established “cult-like” system of control, where young women are lured into his entourage with promises of being “mentored” by him, to then end up living in one of his guest houses and “servicing” him on a regular basis.

Witnesses use terms such as “mind control” and “brainwash” to describe R Kelly’s hold on these girls. Is R Kelly an actual mind control handler? When one reviews the various methods of mental, physical and sexual control used on these girls, the least we can say is that he knows a thing or two about mind control.

A “Master of Mind Control”

According to three ex-members of Kelly’s entourage, several women have been living in his “guest houses” where every aspect of their lives are tightly controlled by the singer.

“Three former members of Kelly’s inner circle — Cheryl Mack, Kitti Jones, and Asante McGee — provided details supporting the parents’ worst fears. They said six women live in properties rented by Kelly in Chicago and the Atlanta suburbs, and he controls every aspect of their lives: dictating what they eat, how they dress, when they bathe, when they sleep, and how they engage in sexual encounters that he records.”
– Buzzfeed News, R. Kelly Is Holding Women Against Their Will In A “Cult,” Parents Told Police

In many cases, young girls are introduced to R Kelly by their own parents who seek to help launch their daughter’s singing careers. After Kelly pledges to mentor the girls and teach them about the music industry, they end up being completely cut off from the outside world.

R Kelly Dubbed a "Master of Mind Control" as Allegations Claim He is Holding Women Against Their Will in "Cult"

R Kelly’s “guest houses” in Atlanta.

The article interviewed the parent of a girl who has been living in an R Kelly house for months.

“It was as if she was brainwashed. [She] looked like a prisoner — it was horrible,” she said. “I hugged her and hugged her. But she just kept saying she’s in love and [Kelly] is the one who cares for her. I don’t know what to do. I hope that if I get her back, I can get her treatment for victims of cults. They can reprogram her. But I wish I could have stopped it from happening.”
– Ibid.

Notice that the parent uses words like “brainwash” and “reprogram”.

Cheryl Mack, an ex-assistant of R Kelly stated:

“The women in Kelly’s entourage initially think This is R. Kelly, I’m going to live a lavish lifestyle. No. You have to ask for food. You have to ask to go use the bathroom. … [Kelly] is a master at mind control. … He is a puppet master.”
– Ibid.

Among the women living in R Kelly’s houses is a 31-year-old “den mother” who “trains” newcomers on how Kelly liked to be pleasured sexually. In Monarch programming, MK slaves are often in contact with a “Grand Dame”, a “mother figure” who assists the handler in programming.

Witness accounts describe other details that are reminiscent of a handler-slave relationship.

“Mack, Jones, and McGee claim that women who live with Kelly, who he calls his “babies,” are required to call him “Daddy” and must ask his permission to leave the Chicago recording studio or their assigned rooms in the “guest house” Kelly rents near his own rented mansion in suburban Atlanta. A black SUV with a burly driver behind the wheel is almost always parked outside both locations. Kelly confiscates the women’s cell phones, they said, so they cannot contact their friends and family; he gives them new phones that they are only allowed to use to contact him or others with his permission. Kelly films his sexual activities, McGee and Jones said, and shows the videos to men in his circle.”

If the women break any of Kelly’s “rules,” Mack and Jones said, he punishes them physically and verbally. For example, Jones claimed that Kelly held her against a tree and slapped her outside of a Subway sandwich shop in spring 2013 because she had been too friendly with the male cashier there. McGee said she never saw Kelly hit anybody, but also said he was running a “cult” and manipulated her emotionally and sexually.

“R. Kelly is the sweetest person you will ever want to meet,” McGee said. “But Robert is the devil.”
– Ibid.

The last sentence is rather telling. MK handlers often present themselves as “the devil” himself to slaves in order to traumatize them.

Asante McGhee, who was part of his inner-circle, recalls R Kelly’s relationship with a 17-year old girl from Florida.

“I have a 17-year-old daughter myself,” she said. “When I saw [the Florida singer] with him, it took me back. This could be my daughter. I just knew that it was not right and I just couldn’t understand what a man almost 50 is doing having sex with someone the same age as his daughter. That’s when I realized it was more of a mind-control thing.”

McGee also said she witnessed Kelly punish the aspiring Florida singer for breaking his “rules.”

“He left [the Florida woman] on the [tour] bus for, like, three days and she was not allowed to come out,” McGee said. “He said she didn’t do her homework — that’s why she was punished — which was very confusing, because she had just graduated [high school] over the summer.”
– Ibid.

Despite parents telling the police that their daughters are “being held against their will” in what they call a “cult”, law enforcement cannot take action because the girls are not technically “missing persons” and they are over the age of consent.

It appears that, despite R Kelly’s clear pattern of manipulation of underage girls, he keeps getting a free pass from the law. Is it because he is involved in the same crap the occult elite indulges in behind closed doors?

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R Kelly Dubbed a "Master of Mind Control" as Allegations Claim He is Holding Women Against Their Will in "Cult"

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You should do an article on Aaliyah…there is something there, her death, how certain people all of the sudden got big after her death….how she died on a beach and a certain person in their video was walking on the beach in a drunken state with a trophy as if they won something….I’m just saying…


Who was walking on a beach with a trophy? I have an idea who but would like to confirm, thanks 🙂


Beyoncé in her Drunk In Love video


at the bottom left of that frame, when beyonce is walking on the beach, you see a capital “A” marked on the sand…..when I saw that it gave me chills!


tetruthiscoming I can’t see that capital A you’re talking about though

Kingdom Trends

Omg never even knew that! Maybe cause I didn’t fully watch the drunken love video lol ‍♀️


That was like two decades later. Beyonce did not kill aaliyah. Stop this. If anything look into her man same dash who profited off her death along with her sinister handlers missy and timberland.

Michelle many dislikes….are you a Beyonce worshipper..? You know her personally? I bet you sleep with her? Just saying…you’re going hard for someone who dont pay your bills…but in sure you contribute to hers.


I HATE when people blame Beyonce for Aaliyah’s death when she knew about the Illuminati just like the rest of them. Maybe she didn’t want to continue with it and then was killed idk but I do know people try to act like Aaliyah was some kind of angel when she was apart of the same system.

Let’s not be in denial about that please.


I see several are in DENIAL LMAO LOVE IT!!

Thy Unveiling

You’re the one in denial. Beyonce may not have actually played an active role in Aaliyah’s death, but Jay Z *did*. Aaliyah was sacrificed, presumably to elevate Beyonce, but also there was bad blood between Jay and Damien Dash. Professional and personal issues between them. Maybe Aaliyah and Beyonce were fairly innocent of just how deep things ran, it’s doubtful we’ll ever know. The Black Child on YouTube has some pretty in-depth videos on this from before he (Black Child) sold out. Please do check them out and then come back and remind us all how in denial etc we are.


I saw Black Child’s videos a while ago, I don’t believe everything just because it’s in a Youtube video. Who was she sacrificed to? Satan? Or the Illuminati? People get so wrapped up in one they forget the other and no they don’t always go hand in hand. If they wanted to kill her they would have years ago, she was already relevant.

I thought Jay z was just a puppet, but now all of a sudden he has the power to say who’s killed? I thought only family members could be offered up, why are random people being killed that aren’t apart of the system yet (that’s what some of y’all alluded to including black child) I’m just saying black child has said pretty much everything I mentioned but he talks more about a secret society than an actual evil entity that controls the world and messes with people like chess pieces. I believe in an entity, I DON’T believe Jay Z is pulling strings anywhere in this situation. Just b/c they dated? NAH

Have fun with all that “knowledge” you’re getting from black child


I do think y’all got something right about her death being fishy. It was kinda swept aside quickly too. She had just became a crossover movie star. Maybe it was that she was gonna be bigger and more powerful money wise than r Kelly and the others you mentioned. The revenues being generated in this newer genre was starting to surpass most up to date…


Donald Marshall mentioned Aaliyah on his site. He said she wanted out so tptb made her plane go down. Its all gravy baby.

Dame and Jay had beef over her because she was with Jay first and then Dame “stole” her from him. Dame felt bad when she died because he was cheating on her with Rachel Roy.
Jay sought revenge on Dame with the distribution deal/selling Rocawear thing.


I also think that Black Child youtube channel sold out because he stopped speaking FACTS long ago.


EXACTLY what I was about to say!! It was all about Damien and Jay…..and everyone wasn’t privileged to know about the deal they had to make concerning Aaliyah; not even Aaliyah. People that are BEING sacrificed aren’t told they going to be, but those that have to DO the sacrificing are informed. Aaliyah was a young wide-eyed victim. Perfect? No. But she wasn’t in that business long enough to really see the depths of Satanic darkness that is the music industry. And Beyonce ended up having to sacrifice a friend or family member (I can’t remember which) to go even higher. And now she’s what? A world famous pop star worth millions of dollars that’s under abusive mind control and has a handler for a husband, with every move she makes being controlled? I remember when I saw her documentary on HBO a few years ago; her and mother at some point were talking, and her mother said “You need to take a year off.” Beyonce: “Oh. I can do that?” Yeah, her life is not her own. After some research last year, I found out Beyonce was put under mind control as a child. Her parents had her in… Read more »


Exactly its like thinking Katherine Jackson was MJs innocent mother! She knew….


So we can just make up stories and pass them around as facts now? Thats American culture for you, you people take an individual make them the centre of your existence and then hate them for it. You do not know Beyonce stop spreading lies about her to make yourself sound more interesting. If she’s a Luciferian then you should stop listening to her a music stop spreading your hatred trying to pass it off as concern for the pubic welfare. she’s a human being, why do you feel vindicated telling disgusting falsehoods about her? Kendra you are a not a good person, don’t fool yourself. You probably got a rush typing that nonsense you are trying to pass off as fact. change your heart you horrible human being. (no I’m not a fan of her music, but I refuse to endulge hatred when I see it. God bless you and help you with your self-esteem issues)


How did black child sell out ?


And you are too…
Just can’t believe how majority of these celebs are luciferians…so sad! And your bey is number 1 in that boat!


She was underage when she began her career, how could she have known when she was given directly to this same handler?


They all find out. And then when they try to get out they’re killed. Nothing more nothing less it seems. Not all that Jay z or Beyonce killed her or had her killed to further a career nonsense


Here you go…Beyonce too boo! Hopefully you’ll find out too!


At the end of the day aaliyah wasn’t as innocent as her fans made her out to be. Near the end of her life she was heavily influenced by the occult even mentioning books that she favors that is illuminati in nature. I’m not blaming her for anything that happened during her teen years. But when she became an adult she knew better.

Michelle many dislikes….are you a Beyonce worshipper..? You know her personally? I bet you sleep with her? Just saying…you’re going hard for someone who dont pay your bills…but in sure you contribute to hers.

This is a repeat!!!


I am here for Aaliyah article and Beyonce shade


Aaliyah was raised in the Catholic church and school. She is a trans MTF (male to female) just like Beyonce. She was originally connected before R. Kelly was, which is why he married (her). Aaliyah was castrated as a young child and brought up in the industry as a female. The Castrato method of keeping the voice of young males high by castrating them is very much still in use. Ciara is also a Castrato born a male and so is Serena and Venus Williams and the whole Olympics team U.S.A. There is a lot more than meets the eye besides MK Ultra. There is a lot of trans in the industry posing as males and females to push the trans agenda.


People who say things as crazy as every woman on the U.S. Olympics team was born a male make the reasonable people on this website look bad. You are an absolute nut case if you truly believe that. If you believe that then post your evidence that supports your views. Lol. Completely moronic.


KoKo u are absolutely right, accurate research my friend!


lol really n---a go sit down


just a few days a go I was looking into the whole Aaliyah Death Conspiracy on youtube which led me the Aaliyah/R Kelly situation. As if her death conspiracy wasn’t disturbing enough, the R Kelly situation left me even more shook up. There is a video of both of them in an interview with matching mickey mouse out fits, she refers to him as her best friend (at the time she was only 15 best friends with R kelly who pushing 30!) and when ask about her age, she chooses to not disclose it. Plus the album they were promoting at the time (1994) was the album called “age ain’t nothing but a number” which was written completely by R Kelly with very sexually suggestive lyrics being sung by a 15 year old. Lyrics like ” I really like the way you do the things you do / Take control of me fulfill my fantasies” “no one knows how to love me quite like you do” and many more, the whole album has phrases like that, it’s like R Kelly was Programming Aaliyah (whom he met when she was only 12!) into being his sex slave….very very disturbing….


100% hes a sick a-s a-s pig! Took full advantage of young aaliyah! Age ain’t nothing but a number goin down aint nothin but a thing, these feelings i have for u will never change” an many more songs and alarming lyrics he needs to be in jail already but he serves the sick elite

David Graycat

RJ abused a little girl. So you see it all the time in Hollywood. Pedophiles when they have money and power are able to do things which guys like the run of the mill pedophile only dream of?


As soon as i read the article and herd about these activities involving r kelly i ran over to VC because i knew it was a case of mk ultra mind control beta kitten programing And kelly was a Handler. His history of dealing with very young girls is so despicable and the fact that the industry looks the other way is proof of the normality and systemic abuses and mind control in the movie and music industry.

Don Diego

He is one of “their” own. Worst he’ll get are slaps on the wrist. And his music sucks balls (excuse my French but desperate words for desperate times and such)


Meh. Kelly is actually a damn good artist, despite his character


Really? Even his ‘hits’ are forgotten in R&B genre and nonexistent in mainstream with the exception of the extrordinary piece of garbage ‘i believe I can fly’


Dat joke. He is just another mainstream hip hop singer. The underground hip hop singers have much much more talent than he will ever have. The only difference between them : Kelly was ready to do anything.

Thy Unveiling

The only good thing to come from him musically isn’t even by him, but rather Weird Al with Trapped in the Drive-thru.

Righteous Warrior

For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil. Ecclesiates 12:14. Jesus Christ is going to expose the anti-christ system for everyone to see soon. He will also light the earth with His glory through the true church. We are deep in end times. Please get discernment family and realise this wicked evil system will be crushed by Christ and His righteous words.


I think things are going to get a whole lot worse before they get any better. A *lot* worse.

And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them. (Rev 9:6)

We are not deep in end times, we’re only entering them. Sooner or later, something is going to happen that will completely change the game – for the worse. The signs are already there; you can look up above your head and see all the trails blotting out the sun. It’s not yet bad enough that anybody is even concerned about it, though, or are even aware.

Chances are most, if not all people are already walking around with morgellons in the bloodstream from what they’ve been inhaling – they’re just not active for most, yet (there are some morgellons sufferers where they are, you can see the disturbing results in some videos posted on YouTube).

Men shall seek death and shall not find it… do you think it’s going to get bad before the end? All the warnings are going ignored by the vast majority, do you suspect this may have any consequences? We haven’t seen nothing yet.

Back from the dead

It’s Winter here in Australia and they decided to use us as ‘test subjects’ by chemtrailing us with the flu vaccine, and other unknown vaccines that made us all sick as dogs. I was sitting in my car in traffic with the window down and breathed in air and immediately knew I’d inhaled something wrong/foreign that would make me ill. I instantly got a sore throat and the flu. I’d just gotten over it when again, through my car window a week later, I inhaled ‘air’ and my nose instantly blocked and started clicking. I experienced my first sinus infection that lasted a week- I’ve never had a sinus infection in my life! You know you’re in the end times when you go outside in Sydney on a work day and the streets are empty, no cars, no people, just silence. EVERYONE was sick. The medias reported unheard of numbers of flu cases at epidemic levels, hospitals overcrowded and full to the brim. Skies covered in chemtrail lines as far as the eye can see- they chemtrail us everyday now. I thought I’d survived the worst of it when my partners flu turned to Bronchitis and I caught that off… Read more »


My 1 year old nephew stayed over at mine from Emerald Queensland he got sick in Sydney. Once he returned to qld his grandmother was sick for a week from the flu then my 5 year old caught it, she coughed once in front of me and I caught it immediately! We were both bed ridden for 2 weeks straight during the school holidays now our neighbour’s daughter it’s her 4th day bed ridden. It’s crazy! We lost our appetite, fever, headaches, vomiting. Although we feel better it’s a 4th week in and still coughing out the bad stuff.
Sydney’s Flu epidemic has risen 22% since last year and reports are saying the world is due for a pandemic!

Sour Times

Google Chemtrail flu 2017.
Chemtrail flu Australia

D D d

In The Netherlands it is not only about the contrails, but the Government allowing, no, directing airplanes to fly lower then ever – day and night – all day and all nights.. So they ruin everybody’s sleep, rest, comfort. The grounds litterally shake every day and night several times like a soft earthquake or resonance. Most people I talk to, do not even find it annoying anymore and have gotten used to it. That the trails are not evaporating but spreading out to a layer of white-ist grey cloud-veils is not even seen. The Sun is now a white cloudey spot – on bright days, instead of a bright yellow golden sfere.
People do not look up, or even think about a few years ago, when the sky was intense blue, even over here. Like in politics they do not even want to remember the past four years, just go on holiday for some sunshine – with a plane, by air.


Hey Back from the dead, Im an expat aussie now in USA but from W.A and in 2007 I photographed (was phtog in Kalgoorlie) the first chemtrails I had actually seen with my own eyes. I never doubted these people saying chemtrails were real back then , but I wouldnt comment unless I see it myself. I worked as a photo doing full days shooting all over kalgoorlie for 3 years so I knew my town and its flight paths well. 2 landing times a day basically back then. One day I noticed at 8am these 6 thin lines going over the town by a plane not on any flight path and relatively low, its flat desert land so you can see big sky.. I saw 6 lines I photographed them in the morning and thru out the day as they spread out and obscured the sun this was the week before the “racearound kalgoorlie’ which is horse races bringing an extra 30k approx ppl to the town for the week. Its so isolated, its a perfect testing ground for seeing how far things spread or whatever… anyway that next week. We (nearly all of the people I knew) got… Read more »

Don Diego

Uhh wait a minute. When the Jesus God comes we all gonna get raptured up and there’s a lot of stuff I haven’t done yet. You think I’m being heretical but I’m too young, I want to live the rest of my life dammit.

D D d

I encourage you to read Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman, Good Omens – it has got a nicer ending than those common predictions.

Don Diego

As long as there’s lotsa sex, travel, good food, better wine, better family time, and going to great sporting events then I’m all for it. If not, Ill just ope the rapture comes after I die. Anybuddy says different they’re lying or hopelessly unhappy..


Of course he’ll keep getting a free pass from the perverted law, as the ones in control of our justice system, are the same ones getting off on the videos of R Kelly pissing on underage girls. When will people start realizing that the system was specifically designed to protect their own kind? The ones who are responsible for the degradation of our beloved society and everything else that is wrong with the world. I’m glad that this life is only but temporary, and that we won’t have to live amongst such evil and chaos for eternity. R Kelly and the likes of him will continue to get away with their transgressions for as long as they please, but at their own cost, because a humiliating punishment surely awaits them.

Don Diego

Most likely his punishment will be to fall prey to Katy Perry’s “charms” and be hooked into marrying her. They deserve each of the other.


No way Katy’s way too Old for that guy.. Ugh, I realy have Never understood how he gets away with incident after incident involving underage girls, esp considering the sick things he does. I mean ok maybe the urine video garbage incident, they couldn’t “prove” it was him. (Though imo I think it was him/sure looked like him..) But what about the Many other cases & these new ones where the girls are Definitely underage? And Aaliyah?, come on that one Can’t be argued!, they had a record on paper of the marriage that had false info on it.. How the F does he get away with breaking all these major laws & Still it’s going on??! Even Roman Polanski (the huge film director) who was around Way before R Kelly, his art more successful even to this day, even he had to flee the country to keep from being tried!! (&prob locked up..) There’s several other huge celeb examples who got locked up, fled out of the country, ect. With some like Michael Jackson for example, they had no real evidence & we’ll never know if he did anything or not. But WHY is R Kelly so “protected?” If… Read more »


Deadpopstar, you may want to do some further research before you start shouting bs. You have to understand that these puppets sometimes get out of line and are put away as punishment/reprogramming. Just because they do a little time doesn’t necessarily mean that justice is being served. All of the celebrities partake in the same satanic rituals, so when you see them assassinating the character of one of their own, it simply means that they have broken the oath and are no longer under their protection. Taking the oath guarantees them such privileges as being above the law. Also, remember when they do decide to prosecute one of their own, It is a very effective way for them to reaffirm our faith in the corrupt justice system.The lucky ones are given a second chance and sent to prison, the not so lucky ones are sent to meet their creator.


Grasshopper, First of all I Did mention as I’ve never been a big fan of R Kelly’s art, there may be some (or a Lot..) things I admit I’m ignorant about his life/career. You prob are correct that I should research more on R Kelly; but as an artist who knows some industry artists; I don’t feel what I said was total “bs.” I feel some is just very different Opinions. Secondly I refuse to argue w/you or Anyone, as that’s pointless; but feel Respectful debate/discussion can be a great thing for people. As I know some signed artists personally (nobody big as R Kelly or anyone I mentioned in my comment..just artists I know as I’m an artists myself.. I’m not a musician btw) & I assure you, not ALL widely known artists are part of Satanic rituals/oaths/ect. Even major ones. Some moreso are independent artists who’s names some know or not. One artist I’ve been close friends with put out an LP on a major label, was nominated (& lost, as most didn’t even Know this person) for a Mtv award, & now says F the industry as they “threw her away.” This happened because she refused to… Read more »


Deadpopstar, I wasn’t trying to disrespect you or anything and I apologize if it came off that way. I was simply just responding to the statement you made – “If you say the elite protect their own I call bs”. With that said, I can assure you that mainstream artists have been using these symbols long before 2008-09. Obviously not every single artist has taken the oath as there are thousands of them. Only a chosen few are offered such a privilege which will unltimately benefit their careers. When was the last time you saw an independent artist on this site or on the cover of Forbes magazine? Remember, Freemasons run the world right now and are the worshipers of Lucifer. They are also the ones in charge of paving the way for the one-eyed Antichrist (Dajjal), by confusing and misguiding as many people as they can. He will have the word kafir on his forehead and will appear in between Iraq and Syria. He will be followed by an army of 70 000 Jews and will spread mischief and corruption left and right. It’s not a coincidence that the new Israeli $100 shekel has a hidden image on it… Read more »


You know nothing.


And his daughter at 14 became transgender i wonder why? This guy is SICK


Now being transgender isn’t a bad thing, he probably just wanted to support her transition into him


Seems to me that R Kelly is also a mind control victim that has been harnessed, like so many before him, to become a handler.

The quote, – “R Kelly is the sweetest person you’d ever want to meet,” McGee said. “But Robert is the devil.” – is telling of a multiple personality victim too.

Keep shining the light on the darkness… in astrology, this year is known as The Year of Discovery, The Year of Exposure, where the veils are lifted and the truth no longer hides in the shadows.


Honestly this sounds like basic human trafficking to me and no offence, his tactics are way older then the the M-k ultra program. If there is a Den mother then his properties are perhaps more like a network of call girls in an extended brothel for a select clientele and purpose.


Probably both MK ultra/ SRA in addition to running a brothel. I watched the video on TMZ ”
R. Kelly’s Alleged Captive Joycelyn Savage Speaks Out” and it is clear she is living the life of a high priced hooker. Kept in a nice home, secluded from all friends and family but yet wearing nice clothes with her hair and nails done. She seems really scared and seems to be lying when she says she is not a hostage. She could very well be just one of his call girls but I think there is something more sinister going on.


Towards the end of that video, the interviewer asks her if she has any roommates and if she can leave when she wants. You can see the shadow of a person on her shirt motioning to her not to answer.


My thoughts exactly. I used to be a big R. Kelly fan in the 90s and I followed his upbringing and his rise to fame very closely and I don’t think this is an MK Thing but it is indeed about human trafficking. Which does not make it any less bad. The fact that people like him get a free pass is so disturbing. The fact that child abuse is being accepted by society and has no consequences to me is worse than death.


He calls himself “The Pied Piper”…The Enf


That’s really creepy! At the end of that tale the Piper put all of the children in the town into a trance with his music and leads them away never to be seen again. I think most people don’t know that’s how that fable ends. What an evil creep.


This situation is reminiscent of a TPE BDSM relationship. He’s the Dom, the girls are his ‘slaves’, aka “babies.” I don’t care for R. Kelly at all but I don’t believe he is a mind control handler. The parents willingly passing their children off to a known man that likes underage girls …so they can get a shot at fame….are just as much to blame imo. Likely, the girls and/or their parents all sign contracts stating terms beforehand. Somehow he is legally protected. If he’s having or soliciting sex with underage girls and making videos and showing them to his friends, that’s distributing child p---------y and sex with a minor…and law enforcement CAN and SHOULD intervene. I hope that they do.


I say the same thing, I get 6 thumbs down, you get 12 thumbs up. With 50 shades of gray selling 150 million some odd copies worldwide, why is a TPE relationship so hard to believe?


Please a Chester Bennington article, too many clues about his death and today is the Chris Cornell Birthday

I am Not

I was concerned about his sudden suicide as well. Though I hope it is just that – a suicide, and not some greater ploy.


His time will come. The fire in hell is hot.


I think it would be far better to hope for him to come to repentance than make comments like that. I doubt you’ve really contemplated the term ‘eternity’ when you can say such a thing.

Rachel Solapei

Disgusting man!


There are so many points in common with the abusive relationship depicted in the unfortunate best-seller 50 shades of Grey.

Law Student

I was thinking the same thing, and like James Spader’s character in Secretary. Pure mind control


Yet the general public loves that but hates R. Kelly. I’m not condoning his behavior I’m merely pointing out how selective we are when it comes to villainizing certain behaviors.


Light matters. I heard positive things about Secretary but I haven’t watched it so I won’t comment on that. 50 Shades of Grey, though… that’s abusive no matter how you look at it (side note: if there was an award for the worst portray of BDSM, this would be the top candidate for it). Even so, it is presented as a romance with steamy sex. His controlling and outright abusive behaviour is excused as “I’m so infatuated with her that I can’t control myself” and, of course, he loves her so much that he can’t stay away. Even when it is acknowledged as not ok, it is blamed on his past and presented as a sad consequence that kind of nullifies his guilt. Then, of course, she has to save him from his past and everything he did is totally fine and excusable because he’s now redeemed so it’s all good and romantic. R. Kelly’s behaviour is put in a bad light (as it should be!) but 50 Shades of Grey is put in a good light. I guess that matters quite a lot.


What a creep!


Makes me wonder if he was abused and is now the abuser.


Yes. He’s come out and said he was abused growing up. At one point he started to enjoy it.


I feel like they were trying to turn MJ and Prince into these types of handlers too but they refused.


BIggie and Tupac as well. Use their influence to gain the attention of the masses and keep their agenda going. But you see what happens when they say no.

Thy Unveiling

Prince was Carmen Electra’s handler early in her career. I believe he even gave her “her” name; Carmen Electra.


He gave her that name,but i seriously doubt he was a handler.He had a couple underage girls in his company,hisfirst ex wife was one,but he never laid a hand on them until they were legal.They have said so.Hariet ,above, said something very interesting.Since learning about the underbelly of the Industry,I have often wondered why Mayte’s mom entrusted her underage child to PRINCE and made him legal guardian.I do think they were trying to set him up to maybe have something to use stains him down the line. He has always been a strong personality,and insisting on doing his own thing.I think they tried really hard to”own” him.But he wasn’t having it.


You justmay be right ,or maybe they were trying to set him up for ,how they use things against them when they “wake up”and get out of line. Thanks for this viewpoint.wondered about the underage girls he made a point to wait until they were legal.Always a smart man.He knew.


Talking about PRINCE.


So maybe MJ was supposed to be Macaulay Culkin’s handler?

munhuwo zvake

So many double standards … what about Celine Dion and her old man that she met when she was 12 and married when she was 18 meanwhile he was 45?


It’s all the same ish. Woody Allen, R. Kelly. I wonder at what age Beyonce first met Jay-J.


Beyonce apparently met Jay-Z when she was 16.


Rihanna met her manager and Jay-J when she was only 15 years old. Left Barbados by herself to go live with her former manager and his wife. All these parents willingly GIVE their children to this industry. It’s sad.

D D d

Bloodlines sometimes pop up at the strangest of places. Some families even keep track of their unofficial bastards and then again of their offspring for centuries.. A lot of those b-----d-families end up with good jobs in the militairy and chemical industries, or entertainment for that matter.


I’m not sure how true this is, but I read that the “den mother” is a long time best friend of the underage girl that was in the video with R Kelly back in 2002.

Very disturbing if true.


Shouldn’t she beheld accountable to some extent? I don’t see how people are glazing over that part.


Yes, more allegations against R. Kelly coming out in the media. It just makes you think that the women in these ‘guest houses’ are just Beta Kittens and each of them have trigger words and he is their handler & could these men in R. Kelly’s inner circle consist of Law enforcement officers, police, FBI ?, etc. I also think Aaliyah was a beta kitten who was passed from R Kelly, Damon Dash, Jay-Z etc. She also starred in the film Queen of the Damned as a vampire before her death. The dots always connect.


All Hollywood singers are mind-controlled slaves. They all go through the same programming of mind control and hypnosis techniques. Like Rihanna, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj.


Yet another example of whom society chooses to exalt.


This, to me, is almost the worst aspect of it. These people are sick and twisted and do horrible things… but it’s what most people choose to show appreciation and, ultimately, ‘respect’ for. The guy doesn’t even have a real name. R Kelly? There allegedly is a genuine plot to ‘make music worse’. It’s said to be part of the Illuminists’ strategy to dumb down society. And, this is where I just don’t understand. Many people willingly embrace these things. I don’t understand why so many don’t see that here we’re dealing with the lowest of the low, absolutely scraping the bottom of the barrel. All these ‘stars’ with idiotic ‘names’ producing absolutely horrendous ‘music’. P Diddy. Jay-Z. Nicki Minaj literally rapping about butt surgery. Why don’t people reject this? The only reason this child molester here has any money is people actually appreciate what he has created and represents. They’re willing to pay their hard-earned money to listen to this junk. It boggles the mind. And, it makes it difficult to sympathize. Frankly, it also makes it difficult to respect ‘black culture’. On one hand, blacks feel they are repressed and under-appreciated but at the same time they’re very… Read more »

Truth & Light

What race have to do with this. What race is the grand masters behind these music labels⁉️


Good points here as if we all quit buying music and movies as well as clothing from these luceferian elites there power dwindles. As far as the race, this occurs with all races, satan decieves all. Just look at soros funded groups in almost every nation creating false solutions to imaginary problems. He has bank rolled blm and is pushing billions behind a racewar in America. The fact is all God fearing people from any race see this deception and the fabrics it intends to rip, but God’s ways are not our ways and perhaps all races will come together to ask for His sympathy in the days to come and to bless all the people on earth who hold true to Him.


If you think that this is only going on with blacks then you are part of the dumbed down. All black entertainers were not broke and under-appreciated as you state. Beyonce for one among others. And you forgot about Eminem, Brittany, Miley and Madonna just to name a few. Of course the elite have kept the races fighting each other for years while they do this crap. You are part of the problem.


Seriously!!! Because Ke$ha is a super intelligent seeming class act. Brainwashing and racism is too real!


The replies here essentially just prove my point. I commented on ‘black’ behavior and immediately the ‘that’s not politically correct and you are are racist’ card gets played. Even on Vigilant Citizen where you’d think people have a more open mind and possibly also some reading comprehension. Sigh. My whole point was, I’ll repeat, that blacks historically have been more prosecuted than any other race and that they therefore, in particular, have an interest in rejecting all this degenerate, excuse my language, crap that comes out of modern music biz. My point was the opposite of being racist. I’ll grant you as much as that, if you want to speak of races, blacks are probably the ones you can fault the least for not being more aware of these matters since they’re already dealing with the obstacle of discrimination whereever they go and probably have the least access to information, overall. But, I’ll continue to maintain the point I don’t understand why persistently being the underdog doesn’t result in even more insisting on one’s dignity… and, with the contemporary ongoing revelation that not only is the system discriminatory and unfair – it is also completely, utterly corrupt with psychopaths engaging… Read more »


I don’t know how old you are but regardless of what is going on now, in the 90s R. Kelly was an icon. I sincerely dislike him now and I wish they’d put him behind bars for life but he made incredible music in the 90s and he wrote some great songs for other artists. And the s--t you say about ‘black culture’ is racist. There are enough white artists as well who are brainwashed and mind-controlled, I don’t think I have to tell you.


“The guy doesn’t even have a real name. R Kelly?”

That is a play on his name. R Kelly is his stage name. His name is Robert Kelly.


We are brainwashed.The majority is.I have woken up.Others are awaking.It will come.


The story is very sad and another reminder of the problems with the music industry and entertainment industry as a whole.
One comment I have though is why does the word p---------y have to be masked out (****) at the beginning of the story? It’s a real word and should be used openly in a sentence.

D D d

Automated political-correctness. Used by people who are affraid to use words, because some other people have such long toes and such sensitive emotions they cannot even read words without being shocked. But using other words to describe the horrors is okay. (Typing while ranting on cafeine, because it is so confusing to have two dictionairies, one for friends and peers, and one for Some Other People.

D D d

Remember We Are Charlie? Not the We-part, but the corporated media screaming for non-censoring? That was about graphics, this is about words.

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