Satanic Fashion Show Inside a Church at London Fashion Week


Turkish designer Dilara Findikoglu’s presented her Spring/Summer 2018 collection at London Fashion Week and it was nothing less than a satanic Black Mass. Indeed, the event took place at the altar of St Andrew Church in London and incorporated heavy occult and satanic symbolism. In short, the event summed up everything the fashion world is truly about.

While Dilara Findikoglu is said to an “up-and-coming rebel of the fashion world”, she’s perfectly in line with the industry’s philosophy. She’s not rebelling at all, she’s doing what exactly the type of stuff “they” want her to do.

For this reason, celebrities such as Rihanna, FKA Twigs, and Grimes wear seen wearing Findikoglu’s creations.

Her latest fashion show featured artist Brooke Candy (her videos are full of MK imagery) and drag artist Violet Chachki.

Brooke Candy walks down the runway. For this event, the Church was transformed into an occult temple. More precisely: A Masonic lodge.

The backdrop is basically a mish-mash of Masonic-inspired imagery. On each side are the Masonic twin pillars. Between the pillars is the letter G inside an inverted pentagram. Underneath it is the all-seeing eye inside a hexagram. There is also the Masonic square and compass in there. To top it off, the runway was a checkerboard pattern. Here’s a classic Masonic painting for comparison.

A Masonic emblematic chart.

In this heavily occult context, the models were dressed and arranged with a plethora of symbols. Of course, this had to be combined with the current agenda of androgyny and blurring of the genders.

This model is wearing a bride’s dress, complete with a white veil. On her face is drawn a sigil.

A sigil is an inscribed or painted symbol considered to have magical power. The term has usually referred the pictorial signature of a demon or other entity and is used in ceremonial magic. The particular sigil on the model’s forehead is strongly reminiscent to the Sigil of Lucifer.

A pendant containing the Sigil of Lucifer (also known as the Seal of Satan).

In short, the model is basically a “bride of Satan”.

Drag artist Violet Chachki wore a very red outfit … and some devil horns. That’s happening inside a church.

Historically, a Black Mass is a ritual characterized by the inversion of the Traditional Latin Mass celebrated by the Roman Catholic Church and the desecration of Christian objects for Satanic purposes. The fact that models walk around a Church wearing devil horns recalls the concept of Black Mass.

This jolly looking person walks around with a couple of horns made of hair. Also, a sigil is drawn on the model’s face.
This model has a big Eye of Horus drawn on her face. This signals us that this event was “sanctified” by the occult elite.
There’s some punk rock influence. But mostly, there’s some one-eye sign influence.

On the left, is the symbol of the Skull & Bones – the elite secret society.

Early logo of the Skull & Bones.
This dress is all about the Hermetic concept of duality (also exemplified by the checkerboard pattern floor).
This vampire guy has a sigil on his forehead. On his cloak appears to be a fallen angel. Lucifer was a fallen angel.
This model is wearing a ritualistic red dress with a big pentagram drawn on her face. Most models are turned into magical objects as if they were part of a magical ritual.
Other than the inverted cross drawn on her face, this has her left leg and left breast exposed. Also, large thingie hangs around her neck. Does this remind you something?
This is a picture of a Masonic initiation candidate. Following ritual, his left breast and left leg are exposed while wearing a noose around his neck.
This fella has a couple of inverted crosses on his shirt. 

This fashion show is a perfect representation of the mindset of fashion industry today. It is not simply about “clothing” or “fashion”, it is about ritualistic events, an artistic celebration of the satanic mindset of the occult elite.

As they walk around with magical sigils, occult symbols and other ritualistic props all over their bodies, the models are turned into magically charged objects, turning this “fashion show” – which took place inside a Church – into a satanic ritual with high magical potency.

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May our great lord and god Jesus give light to these lost souls and have mercy on us sinners amen.

Can u think outside of the religious box⁉️

critical thinking and common sence are powerless against a luciferian agenda .

Um…what? In what way does your comment logically respond to a very fair question?

Quoting man-edited scriptures is critical thinking⁉️ Critical thinking is questioning everything including religion and the bible.

“Religion: it’s given people hope in a world torn apart by religion.”

Quoting Jon Stewart is critical thinking!? Critical thinking is “the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment.”

It doesn’t matter if you believe in the Bible or in Satan, et al. It matters that they do.

You seem to be agnostic, atheist, etc… As you seem to not believe in the inerrancy of the Bible. I pray for you, as you are definitely misguided

So in your mind, people that recognize religion for the mind kontrol trap that it is are agnostic or atheist? How does that compute? I detest organized religion, but know that the Creator is within us all. Don’t jump to conclusions simply b/c others can see religion for what it really is.

Thank u, thank u….religions closes the mind sadly

How so? In reality religious traditions have been the foundations in which civilization has been built. You’re condescending, arrogant, and intellectually lazy.

Hence so many conflict in the world today⁉️

Exactly…it’s dogma

Another judgmental christian who thinks they knows everybody’s heart and mind⁉️ Shocked‼️

Truth & Light, omg finally I’ve found a person like me. I also don’t get why people are so brainwashed by religion. Religion is a tool of control of masses. God was before all these religions. People can believe in God without following any religion.

Exactly my point – truth get ridiculed.

I like your posted response. Could I post it on my Facebook?

U gave them that power

St Vlad. Powerless? Already? Who? Everybody? Me, too? How do you know?
Trying to create new memes here?


”..put a spell on you..
cause you’re mine…”
Capslock-on-hold is for people who are .. tell me..?

How can you leave religion out of this? Or anything that’s going on around the world right now, for that matter…increasing frequency and size of earthquakes, destruction, wars and rumors of wars, Jews returning to Israel, the foundations of a one world government, all prophesied in the Holy Bible. The devil is currently alive in many forms, maybe even walking the earth right at this moment. I don’t know! There’s a lot we don’t understand as humans in this dimension. Why didn’t God destroy Lucifer the day he turned his back on him? What was there before God created the universe? How old is the earth? What’s the deal with dinosaurs? Alien abductions? The pyramids? The assassination of JFK? Marilyn Monroe? Mk Ultra? Why all the suffering? Life is crazy. It is sometimes unbelievable and surreal like a dream. What’s life like after life on this earth? I don’t know,… Read more »

Bc religion is created by the same folks who are behind these vile stuff

It’s funny because a large amount of us actually come from atheist/agnostic/new age backgrounds, and despised grist inanity as well. Some of us came to Jesus Christ through our searching for the truth in places like these.
Not everyone grew up in the church, so try and think outside of your own presuppositions about everyone who believes in Jesus. These comments sound like almost every non believer I’ve ever spoken to.

Christianity* sorry, I’m typing on an iPad.

Nobuddy like what u sed but I think u r on to sumething

Best thing I’ve read in awhile. My feelings exactly. Too many things going on in the world for it not to be true.

or maybe the same dynastic bloodline families that had a hand in writing the Bible (that we get to see) are still in control today and through mass media, mind kontrol, predictive programming, are leading us down this path of the bibles book of revelations manifesting in our world today. Certainly plausible.

Exactly but u cannot reason with closed minded religious folks

We are not bound by religion but by a relationship with Jesus Christ. We desire a walk worthy of our Lord…we are grateful for His gift of salvation. All that is required is to believe that His death, burial and resurrection paid the sin debt we could never pay, and afford us eternal life with Him. Grace and Mercy.
Believe, my friend and attain eternal life with Christ…there is an eternity and each of us chooses where will will spend it. Don’t let the enemy (satan) drag you down with him.

Yes, as if its the closed minded religious folks who represent all the Good Believers everywhere. /s

Why were witches hunted, when they just used nature to live?
Why were a lot of alchemists payed, and, by who? And why were their findings often captive for long?
(Why did the recipe for concrete got lost for ages?)

What planet are you existing on? True WITCHES are not earth-loving hippies who subsisted off the land. Witches sacrifice children and animals in the hopes of furthering their power. It’s some dark, dark evil, not some fairytale concocted by the Grimm brothers, and nothing to be trifled with.

I used the word witches, but what I should have used is the expression
”women who were made out to be witch by ignorant nonthinkers/believers, but who were just tincturing herbs or boiling bark, to help their fellow people with treatment of ailments”. Those name-caling people were probably affraid of knowledge, instead of yearning to know themselves too.
I totally ignore any concept of god or devil in my string of words. There is a reason for that.

If u were referring to the Salem Witch trials, it was by direction of the corrupt judge (elitist) who manipulated the uniformed jurors (us) to convict the defendants (innocent victims) for his own gain. (Civil forfeiture). He was later promoted (rewarded) to a higher position in which he was incompetent. His grandson , Nathaniel Hawthorne, hated him.

Think outside of the u.s.a.-box, please, pre-1492 there lived only the original tribes if I am correct. That the u.s.a.people were witch-hunting long after europe came about some sense, well, segregation is only a heartbeat or two away in their past, so they are still learning to not judge on wrong premissess, I guess.

The wheat that season bore Lysergic acid into the wind. Thw whole town was insane temporarily. What would you expect a village high for a month on acid to act like?

I love listenig to all the Salem witch apologists. Yes, some of them were not witches and died wrongfully but im sure there were many real occultists killed.

I’m not sure where you get your information but true Witches do not sacrifice children and animals . Witches, commonly called Wiccans worship Mother Earth and all that is upon her all that she gives us. No sacrifices there. That part is old tales meant to scare children.

To scare people away from other people with helpfull knowledge – divide and conquer, as some say, again.

Do as you wish but do no harm.

Implausible… You are attributing God’s powers to a line of humans and claiming they have the power to make all the prophecies in the Bible true.
They cant, they cant even destroy Israel (a major focus of the Bible) and stop it’s return.

Do not enclose God/Creator in a religious box

What helped me answer all of these questions is Shepherd’s Chapel with Pastor Arnold Murray. Non-denominational. OH MY!!!! It was a blessing when I found this guy!!! He is on Youtube but has his show on cable and regular TV. He has studied the original manuscripts and has ALL of the answers…..when you listen to him……he tells it all and it is in the Bible……shows how the Jews back then changed up many scriptures and meanings of the words in the scriptures to change up the meaning. It’s fascinating!! Check it out and you’ll really see and catch on!!! Goes straight from the Bible…..with the Strong’s Concordance. You WILL be amazed and YOU WILL see the truth!!!!

run dont walk away from that false prophet. we knew him

Since carwax was made out to be amazing, several times a night for 20 odd years by very enthousiastic people on teevee, the word amazing now only works for young minds that like to play the clickbait game. Or those who will feel addressed when talk to in CAPS.

Watchman nehemiah 4:20

Indeed Jesus is the Light of the world. He is the One who holds all things together. Science terms this the mysterious dark matter. The irony is it is Jesus that they seek and He is thoroughly knowable. Yes God reveals Himself in the heavens and throughout nature. He has assignments for YOU. Your job is ambassador. Know God. Tell others about God. You have the ability to destroy hell for a living every day. Your Holy Bible will instruct you how to this. Shalom, shalom

Biutt how come the jesus god let ppl be burnd at stake or beheaded just cause they thoght different than the ppl what followed the jesus god teaching? Just wundern

Crimes has been committed in the name of gods and religion and to be fair this has been happening even before Jesus Christ was born in this world and will happen and is still happening now. In Africa, In the middle east etc.

Make no mistake, God is no fool, those who kill and behead people claiming that they did it for Him will be judged accordingly.

You’re asking why it happens now in this world. This world is meant to be replaced by a much better one. God is allowing all these evil things to happen because evil has to manifest before it can be called evil, and He will completely destroy it.

As you said, enyoy his life with all this wonderfull impressions, because these satanics want you not to see this great honor life is.

I adore your post.

I believe there is definitely a creator but sometimes i feel like in our imperfection something got lost in translation amd or overrated for manipulatingnothers…thus allowing the confusion to take over. It would be so easy for said creator to be more clear and direct, wouldn’t it? But nope, why make it easy, clear and direct when you can mess with your experiment? That’s what it feels like to me sometimes…like a lab rat in a perfectly created science lab. So if we were made to his image would that mean that said creator is just as imperfect as us??? That makes more sense to me…like he got more than he bargained for with us humans, add rebelliousness amongst his angels and literally all hell broke lose. So much for omnipotence.

@Truth&Light – your comments about “religion” demonstrate a lack of understanding of religion, The Bible, and the spiritual realities discussed in the article. This is not about religion (man’s self-effort) at all. It’s about the spiritual reality you and I exist in. Satan is a religionist. He’s a deceiver who wants put us in bondage to fear, and see us perish. Satan has inspired all kinds of religion. Much of it in the name of Christ in order to deceive. But Jesus condemned religion in The Bible. He also warned that “in the last days, many deceivers will come in My Name (Jesus), and will deceive many”. So, perhaps you perceive deception in the name of Christ that Jesus warned us about? But it’s possible you’re confusing religious deception in Christ’s name (often in the form of religion) – with spiritual truth: Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, The Lord… Read more »

Do not discuss anything with me unless u can think outside the bible and religion. God has no religion.

You sound just like the zealously religious type you claim to decry. You refuse to think outside of your own presuppositions yet you command others to? You’re dictating who God is with your statement here by insisting of who He is not. The only difference between you and them is that people who align themselves with specific theological beliefs are willing to admit they do.

Pseudo Intellectuallism…you don’t even know what you’re saying. Your opinion does not refute another persons claim on said knowledge

Another judgmental christian who think they onow whats in people’s heart

Well out of the heart the mouth speaks.

Good, so tell me more about myself internet psychic

“God has no religion” is a box that you just constructed based on your claim

Religion, like money and politics is man made

Haven’t these topics been examined by atheists and theologians, rabbis, imams, priests, and prelates, artists and poets, down through the centuries? Now is a time for coming together as educated people; reaching out as friends, not as foes. It is easy to debate and create new suppositions, pathways for discussion; endless intellectual sharing. We all must save the very minds and lives of our children–they are obviously in more danger than adults, for adults can make informed choices about what to allow in, with regards to education, media, music, and the Arts in general.
How do we protect babies, children and teens from the darkness being spread by those who are creating it, and channeling it. It goes far beyond simply getting rid of one’s tv or the internet.

“How do we protect babies, children and teens from the darkness being spread by those who are creating it, and channeling it”

….Read….A lot.

The very word “religion” comes from the root word “ligio” which means “to bind fast.” To be bound fast to Christ is to have a personal relationship with Him.
In the Greek religion is associated with threskeia – ceremonial observance:–religion, worshipping., and threskos – ceremonious in worship (as demonstrative), i.e. pious:–religious.

You are announcing that you are …not bound to anything; not respectful in worship, and no piety.

Devils are also “spiritual, not religious”.

Why are you here? There are many places to discuss and debate Bible and Religion. The matter transcends any written document and any bureaucratic template. More people are waking up to the deception and darkness that is being dealt to the human race. We must stand together and resist this possession. However a decent person arrives at their answers, we need to allow their own individual journeys. I am here, as I have done with books before the internet, and in addition to the so-called Net, to unravel this enigma of the third dimensional staging area for the growth of the human soul, the shedding of past life debris and karma. We all most stop fear-mongering. Fear one way, as you probably know that the old bloodline families control the masses. It is an energy source, even in this confused density; this Earth.

Think outside the Bible…. but still claim there is a god- “God has no religion”. The Bible is from God- and it clearly systematizes everything He wants us to know about Him. That’s religion. From God. Trying to pull God out of ‘the box’ He constructed so our minds can begin to comprehend Him is illogical.

God is in the koran too and other religious scripts. God was before religion. Think outside of religion. The answers are within brainwashed dumdum.

Ofcourse god is in the koran – he or she has been given various names, by people.

Please research. People sometimes do not realize the harm they are doing when they repeat but have not researched.

Pls research the koran. It was written for totalitarian political purposes and is a totalitarian political ideology.

Jesus is the Word of God (cf John1:1) who taught; ordained, and commissioned His apostles with the authority to continue His work before Christ Ascended. This authority included the powers to bind and loose – Matt 16:9; Matt. 18:8, forgive sins – John 20:21-23, baptize – Mt 28:18-20, and make disciples – Mt 28:18-20 evident throughout the New Testament, including teaching that the Church is built on Christ and his apostles – Eph 2:19-22,deliberating and pronouncing within an episcopal structure about a theological controversy – Acts 15:1-30, proclaiming what constitutes an appropriate reception of true doctrine – 1 Cor 15:3-11, rebuking and excommunicating – Acts 5:1-11;Acts 8:14-24; 1 Cor 5; 1 Tim 5:20; 2 Tim 4:2; Titus 1:10-11, judging the adequacy of a believer’s penance or penitent state – 2 Cor 2:5-11; 1 Cor 11:27, the ordaining and appointing of ministers – Acts 14:23; I Tim 4:14, choosing successors –… Read more »
There is much hope in your post. Some of Vig’s articles are rather horrifying, and the images of tv, music, and popular culture’s models, and artists clearly showing demonic and satanic symbols in full view, only to be copied by high school and college students, as well as highly intelligent adults, is enough to haunt even the most self-sufficient thinker. In the end, the struggle, which has been written about in the Bible, sculpted, painted in great canvases, written of in song, poetry, stories, and novels, is about the war for the soul. If we as human beings can guard our bodies, protect and love our families, we stand a better chance for the future. If we can once again trust in Christ, as a child would, that is healing; allowing for healing, and true reconciliation. This 3rd dimensional plane has some extremely terrifying events and deceptions unfolding. We all… Read more »

Just what box would you prefer to examine from? Perhaps I misunderstand the intent of your question, but this is purely satanic in all aspects.

They are literally performing this inside a religious box. So, that’s a stupid question unless you are posing it to the “fashion” show producers.

no, cant /wont

That lack of God IS what’s wrong with our world! I will be so glad when it ends. I’m so disgusted living among these deviant sexual perverts. Take us home Lord!

Uh, this is a satanic ritual in a CHURCH. An assault against our Creator God.
How can one not call out Scripture and point out the blatant attack on the Christian faith?

I agree the religion invented the devils cause there no mention of the devil anywere else excep in the religion duhhhhhh

Most cultures have demons.

Why should one think outside the truth of the so called religious box. Right atheist?

I guess art is when you let demons express themselves through you.

Exactly! WHO KNEW demons were SO creative??!

They are not creative – they are destructive. Satan hates the Creator so all he can do is destroy. Whether through war, drugs, infanticide, sexual sickness or suicide he doesn’t care.

everything there was ugly/

He already had mercy on us sinners…… was called the “Birth, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.”

Who would ever actually buy or wear ANY of this? What garbage.

Musicians and Entertainers.

Illuminati Puppets & wannabe’s


I think a lot of these “fashion” shows aren’t really to show off a new product line.

Lemming morons who want to ‘fit in’….

Damn if it ain’t Sharia compliant!lol!

Im concerned about the things we haven’t seen… if this is what is in public then what are they keeping private?

It’s all about desensitization and converting deviancy to normalcy.

Whatever churched whored themselves out to this shambles should be ashamed of themselves.

HAMPSTEAD CHURCH which is related to the Hampstead child abuse please look it UP! two kids accuse their father – ricky dearman – and teachers at Hsmptead Christchurch school of satanic ritual abuse. they describe sacrificing of babies and being made to eat them. they describe tattoos and marks on their teachers. it was all covered up. hampstead please google

They all look…dead in the eyes!

Especially the guy in the skirt and the shirt that says “Turkish Delight”. That must mean something like he is “man candy”.

I think it could be a reference to the Turkish Delight that the White Witch gave Edmund in the Narnia book the “Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe.”

Did I mention the word childish somewhere?

Are they professional models, or slaves about to be ritually sacrificed?


The so called ‘elite’ is doing everything they can to turn people away from Christianity. Even this very article is an example of it. This is how even an atheist or agnostic-minded person who is ‘awake’ can begin to see that the ‘religious nonsense’ isn’t nonsense, at all. If the ‘elite’ was behind this religion you wouldn’t see it openly assaulted every which way you turn.

Everything VC and other truthers unveil align 100% with Bible scripture – you know, that “written by men fairy tale” that came about some 2,000 years ago. Oh boy, those people might have made for good weather forecasters, too!

Besides, even if one bought all of their freemasonic scientism bogus like the theory of evolution – isn’t it still completely obvious life on Earth can’t possibly be just a random coincidence, and that there is a Creator behind this?

Ummm. Freemasons don’t buy into the evolution trap either. The creator is at the very center of their beliefs.

Satan or Lucifer, as they refer to it, is at the center of their worship.

They are at war with their Creator!

David, have you ever thought that it’s Lucifer who created this existence that you are in? The god you are thinking of is the opposite of everything about Lucifer’s creation. It’s even Lucifer’s followers who produced the christian bible.

Absolutely BARFTASTIC! Do they ever get sick of their unoriginal garbage?

I am pretty sure that “getting sick” and “getting turned on” are synonyms for them.

Horror show

It’s very interesting how much more open it’s becoming. I went to see mother! last Friday and I am waiting on an article on the movie because it was all about the Elite’s doing. I feel like they don’t give a s**t anymore about who sees what they do. They just want people to know.

Exactly I’ve been leaving comments here hoping VC will read them and write an article on the movie too. The only good thing is people are noticing and waking up. People were disgusted by the movie and it tanked. People are noticing it and rejecting it, thank Jesus, Amen.

It’s called externalization of the hierarchy. Alice Bailey’s occult book explains what they’re doing which is preparing the world to accept the antiChrist. The occult means hidden. They’re now revealing what was hidden but normalizung it at the same time so people will accept it. The devil can’t make you do anything against your free will but those who don’t know Christ can be easily led and deceived to see evil as good. That’s why what was once abhorrent is now ok in our society.

Exactly. Good call. I read that terrifying book years ago…

So absurdly blatant that it is almost laughable. Almost. The dead-eyed miserableness of these ‘models’ speaks volumes; they KNOW (and it SHOWS) to whom they are enslaved…

“Dead-eyed miserableness” sums it up perfectly, Jon B.

Just because something has Illuminati imagery, doesn’t mean it’s Illuminati. Anyone can use this imagery. Particularly if they want to give the impression they’re a part of some “secret” organization. Put it this way, would you have any idea who these designers were if this site were not talking about their supposed Illuminati imagery?

There is no Illuminati. Sorry to break it you.

I don’t know why this surprises many here, especially when the Roman Catholic church is one of the biggest disguised pagan and occult institutions in the world. Don’t believe me? Research where all their symbols, doctrines, architecture, and ceremonial and clerical garb come from. This church was a perfect setting for the fashion show because alot of pagan elements can be found in so-called “Christian churches”. Look at the floor of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, the star of Ishtar (Babylonian mystery religion goddess) is adorned all over the floor! True Christianity is about the teaching, principles, and values that Christ left for us, not traditions that men have used for centuries to blind people and that go in conflict with what the Bible really says.

@ Seeker. It’s OK that you hate Roman Catholic but this church is not Roman Catholic, it’s Anglican Church! So, learn and read before you comment.

And the Anglican church is somehow bereft of what I mentioned? As did most other supposed “Christian” religions? I suppose the Anglican church isn’t tainted by the paganism that was adopted by Constantine’s “mother church”. Keep telling yourself that. Not much difference from what I can tell.

me: Oh well u know it can’t be THAT bad
Me halfway through article: Ok nvm

I always knew RuPaul’s Drag Race was slowly falling under the occult masses. They would show a YouTube series after episodes, called “Untucked” and they would show the number “6”, three times in the beginning. RuPaul himself was shown wearing a satanic pendant.

What in tarnation??…

Mary Elizabeth McGarity

Best comment yet!

The world just gets sicker and sicker.

The world has always been sick, you’re just now realizing it.

Its St Andrew’s in Holborn. You can see in this picture on wiki that this altar covers the Franciscan cross. A complete desecration. The parish priest should be forced out.comment image

In Response to David Whalen & Seeker.

This IS St. Andrew’s in Holborn.


This IS the church of England i.e. the Episcopal church in the USA.

The church of England is openly tied to the Masons.

The “high church” among the Anglican/Episcopal sect use the term Catholic in a very loose manner to indicate that they have a taste for smells and bells — not that they are in any way tied to The Church.

Thanks Kathleen. Yes I know they are not CC. But still, its a total sham, and whoever pretends to be in charge should be disciplined, or the place should be renamed since St Andrew was was a christian apostle and the brother of Saint Peter. This is not Christianity.

I am not that religious person but I do believe in god however I am FURIOUS how on earth they allow this to happen inside a Church? Are you f****** kidding me?!

The clothing doesn’t even look good. How crazy us the whole thing.

Hanna Arendt’s term “the banality of evil” has been interpreted in many ways that she did not intend. As I peruse these images another interpretation comes to mind. Fashion designers struggle desperately to make evil “daring” and “chic”, but fail miserably. The result can only be described as “banal”. i.e., “so lacking in originality as to be obvious and boring”. Consider what the synonyms of “banal” are: trite, hackneyed, clichéd, platitudinous, vapid, commonplace, ordinary, common, stock, conventional, stereotyped, predictable, overused, overdone, overworked, stale, worn out, time-worn, tired, threadbare, hoary, hack, unimaginative, unoriginal, derivative, uninspired, prosaic, dull, boring, pedestrian, run-of-the-mill, routine, humdrum Do these adjectives not describe perfectly the vapid spectacle we have just witnessed? it’s all rather ironic. These fashion mavens’ greatest fear is not that people will be scandalized. That’s the reaction they want. Their greatest fear is that people will be indifferent. Well guess what? Your Illuminati symbolism… Read more »

LOL! Couldn’t be more blatant.

Also, not related directly to this article; but look out for October 13th of this year for something to possibly happen. It’s going to be a Friday, exactly like 710 (17 backwards) years ago when the Templars were arrested by king Philip IV, on October 13th 1307.

Somebody has to design for their masonic/satanic events and ceremonies. Ugh..pretty ugly and dehumanizing, the whole nature of it, too. Not even sexy as the human body is defaced and visually unimportant just as the human soul is hated by satan. Wearing a burka is more beautiful than this junk.

uhhmmm…. this is fashion? Looked more like a Halloween costume show.

God is going to squash the devil and the devil knows this!

So disturbing. Not to mention it was CLEARLY not a fashion show, all those ‘creations’ were awful.

Wow! I’ve seen some ugly fashion shows in my life, but this wins the award for least creative and worst executed fashion ever. Pathetic. Even if I was into the occult, I STILL wouldn’t be into this. Even an amateur designer could do better with recycled fabric from a thrift shop and a black trash bag. Anyone who likes these runway outfits has either very poor taste, or they simply support the occult theme in spite of how terrible the designs are.

The clothes were horribly ugly, and the fashionistas gathered to view the clothing line were dressed for yard-sailing. What kind of minister & group of deacons would approve of such an event? One must assume they were paid a large sum of money, are terribly naive, or are supportive of such evil. spooky.

Even bombs are blessed by humans.

This whole ‘art’ thing is getting really retarded. Some dude has peed in containers since Trump got in the White house, brought a huge tub into a museum and poured all his pee in it and calls it art and people actually pay and go see this crap. WTF?! What happened to art being paintings and sculptures and stuff, instead of actual satanic stuff and bodily fluids or spirit cooking weirdo bologna?

Pee, darling. He’s saving his crap for the next “show”.

I agree with you that “art” these days is atrocious

It is only art if you call it art.?

Correction, I am told it is art when people pay too much money for it. Double-entendre, i’d say art.

Interesting fact: since we just herd of her she’s actually “27” years of age , her birthday is sep “6” and she represents her hideous clothing line by an “OPENING” to the so called “Fashion World” filled with Symbols.. right in YOUR FACE! … look at her Instagram, very dark world we live inn

World deserves what is coming.

Freemasonry and their hidden hand.

Actually this is also a big F you to Freemasonry…their symbols are being desecrated here too.

The models seem to break down into two groups.

The portion that look like abused, scared children.

And the portion that looks like they relish the activity.

My heart breaks for the former, they need prayers.

But I’m not sure which portion is more disturbing.

As far as this sacrilege being held in a so-called church of England, this is the natural outcome of that path. They are openly tied to and funded by the masons.

It is also interesting that this sacrilege was staged by a turk, given the historic hatred of Islam for the civilization that was built on Christ’s Church. It is not a stretch to think that the turk staging this feels a certain satisfaction is this demonic debasement of westerners.

Ugly is the new chic…. and these clueless puppets think they’re so cool. Wouldn’t have an original thought in their scowly little heads.

Blasphemers! They should burn in hell!

If you want to learn better what is going on about Dilara Findikoglu, just dig into “Sabbateans.”

Is she a donmeh?

Google has CENSORED images related to D. Findikoglu + Sabbateans. You can see the thumbnails but it’s impossible to open the images related with that topic. It has happened to me and to some other people.

That is strange..

I used to design clothes, but damn that was horrifying. The clothing looked so awful too.

Try that in a Mosque in London…

Mosques are true places of worship to the one true God. This can never happen where the real GOD of Abraham, Moses, Noah and all his prophets is being sincerely worshipped. Christianity is now a deviant religion, that has some truth but is now mixed with lies and deception, thanks to illuminati through the ages.

Nandi, do you mean the God of Abraham, Moses, Noah, and Isaac, and Jacob too? I thought Jacob is disqualified from worshiping in the Mosque?

Oh I just loved your Dracula cap, it just provided so much movement, it was fabulous. And let me see underneath it, oh the stitching is superb! Oh and let me feel that material, it kind of looks like a rain coat with fallen angels on it but it feels nice. And i just love what you did with the makeup, what they did with the nose was just genius. It looks like the costume designers from DS9 got drunk and tried to design a Bajorin nose. And the fair, its great it looks like someone piled on a ton of grease and matted it down. Thats what makes fashion so great. You nailed it.

How about the happy shiny yellow vinyl socks to keep that acrid smell out of the surrounding noses at parties and diners, so politically neutral and socially mindfull, stunning.

looks like a Halloween party. smh.. Not good. God have mercy on them. Father forgive them, for they know not what they do..

When the wicked show their true nature, you know they no longer fear God’s wrath. This is the time we were told about, when people will not heed sound doctrine and will have itching ears and will accumulate to themselves teachers of their own hearts’ desires, and will turn away from truth towards myth.

I find it insulting beyond measure that this “show” was ever allowed inside a church a holy place,we truly are living in evil times,I always had a hunch those high up in organised religion were corrupt & obviously so or this abomination would never have been allowed.

“TRUTH & LIGHT”, you’re last sentence is one word off…”RELIGION” has given NO ONE any hope…To KNOW & LOVE Yeshuah PERSONALLY as one’s SAVIOR is the goal…Quoting Quoting Jon Stewart ia a COMPLETE miss…Calling out to the LORD God & trusting WHOLLY in HIS Son’s promises is a “10 Point” HIT…”Bulls eye”…Choose “THE DOOR”, and “THE LIGHT”, rather than the “Doctrine of RELIGION” which leads to DARKNESS…the domain of the DARK LORD.


Churches have been Synagogues for a very long time. Current Pope is a Jew too. Many before him, also. UK’s current Prime Minister is a Jew. They all are. You will be wise to remember this and observe closely. The easiest way to find out whether someone is Jewish or not is to check their parents’ names and/or their grandparents’ names. Check the names and it is highly likely it will be Jewish. It includes most if not all celebrities, politicians and other big playing figures around the World. Even the Nazis were Jews. The name comes from Ashkenazi Jews who were the producers and directors of WWII. They borrowed the last 4 letters from their own name to call the acting villains after it. Jews benefited the most from the war, of course, along with Bankers who are also Jews. They devastated Germany and Europe incl Japan. The latter… Read more »

It’s the Jews? The ones who were targeted and murdered by the million during the holocaust? The ones Who were exiled to Siberia and also murdered by the millions by Stalin and the Soviets? The Jews who are God’s chosen people and also share the religion of Jesus are responsible for their own slaughter and now this new age of occultism and satanism? Just because they share names doesn’t mean they worship God and if you don’t worship God you are not Jewish.

You don’t it. Dig deeper.

The ‘six million’ number is a myth and doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. The reason it was ‘six million’ apparently has to do with Talmud prophecy. Just consider the fact they later adjusted that number down to 1.5 million and even lower. Sure, you misunderestimated the number killed in the ‘worst genocide ever’ by many millions, right? No big deal? I fully realize how controversial this Holocaust topic is, but the things we are seeing the in the world are no joke, either (nor is it any joke a black mass ‘fashion show’ is being staged inside a church and people think this is NORMAL and can’t see anything wrong). Please see this resource: This is shocking material. How can anyone deny what is happening? There are satanic subliminals in music videos and satanic fashion shows in churches. Somehow, millions of people don’t seem to mind. The Bible mentions… Read more »

I don’t particularly know whether 6 milion is a myth or not, but I know that concentration camps and death were very real. I personally know quite a few families who lost their people to the concentration camps, or “death transports”, where the Nazis stuffed a whole cattle train full of naked people, in winter, and then they run the train so long as everybody on it died…

I thought I just let you know…

This is getting old. Blame everything on the Jews who have suffered themselves. Greed comes in all shapes and sizes not just the Jews.

Just looking at pictures of this stuff makes me feel uncomfortable. These models turned into symbols had no self esteem or self worth to begin with to give themselves over to such a thing. Who can look at this and think it’s cool and want to emulate this fashion? It’s vile.

only one question: why did the church even allow them to held a fashion show inside? my church in my hometown doesn’t even allow us to take professional pictures (non-selfie kind of thing; unless it’s a wedding/baptism/other official events) OUTSIDE of the church, let alone inside!

I want to throw up after reading that article. How disgusting to defile a church like that. Thank God it wasn’t a Catholic church. Shame on the pastor of that church for allowing this travesty.

This leaves me feeling sick to the stomach. What kind of people are these? Can only be very evil and sick wicked people! May the Almighty punish these animals in the very depths of Hell!! People want to believe that hell does not exist? How else would these low life animals be dealt with? What a nasty world they have created for us with all this garbage. These are surely satans fools!!!!

remember these people are just satan’s puppets, they are just being used by him to further his agenda. We should still pray for their souls to be saved by accepting Jesus as savior & repenting.

. . . and shame on that church for allowing this!

YEP!!! All there to Hypnotize the Sheeples! All disgusting and GOD IS WATCHING!!! Unbelievable…..I never ever dreamed I would be living in such times as this!!! Get prepared because it is ALL coming down!!!!!!!

I noticed for the only black person’s costume, they have his face painted up like something savage out of the jungle and to me, that looks racist, in the real sense of the word. It looks like putting black people down to the level of savage or uncivilized and also gives a clue, if the NWO wins and takes over, which they will, for at least seven year’s time, black people and other minorities currently marching around and in effect, assisting the Illuminati into coming into power, will find themselves demeaned and their very lives threatened, not uplifted. So the way I see it, that one particular costume sends that signal, but maybe most would not see it that way, or would see it as just some swell little costume design that one day will be worn out on the streets, mainly by minorities, with their lips painted to look… Read more »

May I remind you of the photograph above this picture of the black model.
It shows a white male in exactly the same fashion. Stripes on the mouth like a stitch.
So why the race-thing you open with? What did I miss.

Bad vibes and ugly clothes….simple….!!!

Mocking of the Church and distortion of mankind…it’s in our face! It’s pathetic…

ANother great post-VC. These satanic freemasons are getting more and more blatant expressing their ideologies. they’re trying to create a generation of children immersed in satanic occult symbology so that it will be easier to accept later down the line