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“American Ultra”: Another Attempt at Making MKULTRA Cool



"American Ultra": Another Attempt at Making MKULTRA Cool

The movie American Ultra is based on the real life CIA project MKULTRA, which aims to create mind controlled slaves. While this premise is horrific, the movie nevertheless portrays the CIA and mind control as something that is cool and even “rebellious”. It is yet another attempt at making mind control cool by mass media.

Warning: Colossal spoilers ahead!

American Ultra is an odd movie. While the story revolves around the horrific experiments the CIA conducts on its own population, it is told in a humorous matter, turning the whole subject into a joke. Not only that, the movie portrays CIA mind control as something that is cool and edgy – although it is the exact opposite of all of these things.

Take a look at the movie poster above: An MK slave and a CIA handler wearing cool shades, holding weapons and looking bad-a-s. Is there anything LESS rebellious than a slave who has completely lost their free will and a CIA handler? They’re both pawns of the elite’s system. This is another case of media double-speak and, if you’ve been reading Vigilant Citizen, you know that making mind control cool and acceptable is an important part of the Agenda. Before we look at the movie, let’s look at what it is based on.


Project MKULTRA  – the CIA’s mind control program – was the code name given to an illegal program of experiments on human subjects. Although the program is officially said to have been halted, some whistleblowers claim that the program secretly carried on using other names such as Monarch Mind control (read my article about it here).

"American Ultra": Another Attempt at Making MKULTRA Cool

Declassified picture of a young MK-ULTRA subject, 1961. The caption says: “Unidentified White female between the age of 8 and 10 years old. Subject underwent 6 months of treatment using heavy doses of LSD, electroshock, and sensory deprivation. Experiments under codename: MKULTRA about early 60s. Subject’s memory was erased and her brain is that of a newborn baby.”

As you can see, CIA mind control is not cool at all. In fact, it is one of the most devious, horrific programs ever conceived. Based on sexual abuse, trauma, torture, confinement, intoxication, hypnotism, brainwashing and other devious methods, mind control literally destroys the life of the slave at the hands of cold, heartless sadistic handlers. The slaves are then programmed to perform various tasks such as becoming sex slaves, drug mules or, like in the case of American Ultra, trained killers. In Monarch mind control terms, “killer programming” is referred to as Delta Programming.

DELTA is known as “killer” programming and was originally developed for training special agents or elite soldiers (i.e. Delta Force, First Earth Battalion, Mossad, etc.) in covert operations. Optimal adrenal output and controlled aggression is evident. Subjects are devoid of fear and very systematic in carrying out their assignment. Self-destruct or suicide instructions are layered in at this level.
– Ron Patton, Project Monarch

Delta slaves are “asleep” until they are “activated” by a trigger – usually a series of words or images.

The Delta’s are alters trained to carry out special missions resulting in death. The Delta’s who are inactive are asleep. They must be activated. The programming to activate them will be triggered if a mission is given or if certain parts of the deeper parts of the system are tampered with.
– Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Control Slave

Products of that program become literal killing machines, trained in various forms of combat and some even develop extra-sensory perception (ESP).

Deltas will be trained in hand to hand combat–and know certain vulnerable places to kill people including breaking the neck. Training included a great deal of weapons training.
– Ibid.

Although the repercussions of their actions are very real, slaves are not able to distinguish reality from fiction.

Their thinking is buried in fairy tales. They are programmed to see themselves in fairy tales, they are programmed not to see their handlers or anybody’s else’s face for that matter. These alters do not have a chance to understand what they are doing.
– Ibid.

Finally, if these slaves become problematic, the only solution for them is death.

If the programmers get tired of the slave’s programming breaking down– and it does in part due to the severe abuse they get from these sadistic programmers/handlers, then they will simply give the slave an assignment in which the slave will end up dying, i.e. a suicide mission.
– Ibid.

Therefore, although it is not actually mentioned, the “hero” of American Ultra is an MK slave whose “superpowers” are the result of trauma and abuse. He displays all of the characteristics described above, but everything is showcased in a fun, entertaining, and glorified matter. In short, the CIA is trying to sell you on their most disgusting program.

Although Delta programming is horrific and is used to carry on political assassinations and even mass shootings (yes, you’ve read that right), American Ultra turns it into a fun, quirky, teenage-stoner-friendly thing.

Let’s look at the movie.

American Ultra

The hero of the movie is Mike Howell (played by Jesse Eisenberg), a stereotypical stoner who is prone to panic attacks. He lives with his girlfriend Phoebe Larson (played by Kristen Stewart), whom he wants to marry more than anything else in the world. Later in the movie, we learn that she is his MKULTRA handler when she clearly announces to him:

“I’m your handler.”

Not yet aware of this fact, Mike is madly in love with Phoebe and wants to propose to her. His love for his girlfriend is a little obsessive, almost as if he was … programmed to love his handler.

"American Ultra": Another Attempt at Making MKULTRA Cool

A couple of times during the movie, Mike stares at the ring he wants to give his girlfriend and zones out. The first time he does this, he burns the omelets he was cooking.

"American Ultra": Another Attempt at Making MKULTRA Cool

In one shot, we see the couple’s matching tattoo. Unsurprisingly enough, it’s an all-seeing eye. Although this appears to be a romantic thing, it represents the slave/handler relation between the two.

Controlled by the Government

Mike wants to take his girlfriend on a trip, but his programming doesn’t allow him to do so.

"American Ultra": Another Attempt at Making MKULTRA Cool

At the airport, Mike gets a heavy panic attack, making him physically unable to board the plane.

We later learn the this “panic attack” was actually MKULTRA programming rendering him unable to skip town. On his way back home, we realize that Mike is being monitored by state authorities.

"American Ultra": Another Attempt at Making MKULTRA Cool

Mike and Phoebe get stopped by a police officer who knows them very well. In fact, he even asks Mike if he’s had “one of his episodes”. Mike cannot escape the all-seeing eye of the elite.

Mike’s main escape from his day-to-day routine (which is all set up for him by the CIA) is drawing comics.

"American Ultra": Another Attempt at Making MKULTRA Cool

Mike created Apollo Ape, an “astronaut monkey who goes on adventures”.

Although Mike is “asleep”, his Delta alter is subconsciously reflected in Apollo Ape’s violent adventures. As stated above, when MK slaves are triggered, things turn into a surreal fairy tale. Mike’s comic reflects his distorted recollection of when he was triggered.

Although he has not been triggered for years, Mike is nevertheless under constant surveillance by the CIA.

"American Ultra": Another Attempt at Making MKULTRA Cool

Mike is constantly monitored by spy satellites.

While all of these point towards oppressive police-state nightmare, the movie serves the viewers, a fun, PG-13 version of the CIA.

The CIA is Cool

Want to make the CIA as friendly and non-threatening as possible?  Use the girl that played in Twilight as a mind-control handler and use Eric Foreman from That 70’s Show as an MKULTRA program director.

"American Ultra": Another Attempt at Making MKULTRA Cool

Newly promoted CIA agent Adrian Yates wants to kill Mike using other MK slaves because he keeps wanting to skip town. Also, he is very sassy.

"American Ultra": Another Attempt at Making MKULTRA Cool

Another extra-non-threatening CIA agent is this guy we keep seeing. Here, he is sending a frowny-face selfie to his boyfriend because he wants to be at home with him and their little doggy. Aaaaw 🙁

The other main representative of the CIA is Victoria Lasseter, who was in charge of Mike’s ULTRA program. Although she was responsible for completely destroying and rebuilding Mike’s brain using traumatic techniques, she is portrayed as some kind of caring mother figure.

"American Ultra": Another Attempt at Making MKULTRA Cool

In this scene, Lasseter tells Mike the words that trigger his Delta alter persona – unlocking his cool superhero powers and enabling him to kick a-s. Mind control is so cool. I wish I was a mind control slave (not).

Later in the movie, when Mike encounters Lasseter again, he asks her:

“Are you my mother?”

This sentence is rather sad. Since Lasseter erased his memory and literally created a new persona, Mike instinctively believes that this CIA agent is his mother.

She then goes on a rant explaining why he is a special snowflake and why she cares about him.

– Do you remember when you were arrested when you were 18 for the acid? That was when we first met. I was recruiting people for a program called Wisemen, which was basically designed to take third strike misdemeanor offenders and offer them the opportunity to volunteer … to be an experiment.

– That was a mistake.

– No Mike, you worked. All the other subjects that came in, they were failures. But not you. You were a success. But it was driving you insane.

– So you erased my memories and you f*cked with my head. And you left me with a fake girlfriend.

– I don’t want you to die. Because I care about you, alright?

The mother-figure aspect of Lasseter refers to an important figure in real life Monarch programming:  The “Grand Dame” or “Mother-Of-Darkness”.

An Illuminati Grande Dame will assist the programmers to insure that the proper script is given to the child and that a psychotic break doesn’t occur causing the victim to lose their mind.

The Mothers of Darkness alters are an important balancing point to prevent the sadistic male programmers from killing more of the children they are working on.
– Ibid.

Therefore, although she’s a “good guy” in the movie, she represents the Grand Dame in Monarch programming, a “mother figure” who exists simply to make sure that the MK slaves do not completely break down – not because they love them.

The other CIA figure in the movie is Mike’s handler (and girlfriend), Phoebe. Although MK handlers are usually sadistic, inhumane, MK slaves themselves, the movie portrays the handler as a cute young girl.

"American Ultra": Another Attempt at Making MKULTRA Cool

In a quick flashback, Mike recalls his “girlfriend” interviewing him as a CIA agent.

In short, the entire CIA and the MKULTRA program are sanitized and represented by friendly people. Also, the many illegal, anti-democratic, freedom-impeding, police-state tactics of the agency are portrayed as if they were almost normal – just everyday business.

"American Ultra": Another Attempt at Making MKULTRA Cool

Yates orders a truck full of Mind control slaves to go out and kill Mike

"American Ultra": Another Attempt at Making MKULTRA Cool

A fake story is planted in the news to justify the manhunt against Mike and Lasseter.

"American Ultra": Another Attempt at Making MKULTRA Cool

FEMA equipment is used to impose martial law in Mike’s city.

"American Ultra": Another Attempt at Making MKULTRA Cool

A remote-controlled drone is sent to bomb Mike’s house.

"American Ultra": Another Attempt at Making MKULTRA Cool

Despite all of these tactics, Yates fails at catching Mike. The outcome? He gets executed in the woods by his superior. Just CIA, MKULTRA business.

The life of Lasseter is spared because she convinces her boss that Mike is a great asset that should be used by the CIA instead of being killed.

Mind Control is Cool

As soon as Mike is triggered by his Mother-of-Darkness, he turns into a whiny superhero who is able to use any common object as a weapon. While his new-found powers confuse Mike, he eventually embraces them. During his adventures, he tells Phoebe stuff like:

“I remember every single thing that happened in the last 94 minutes.”

“What if I’m like a robot? With gigabytes of memory recall and, like, Karate programming where I use objects to kill people?”

“Do you know what a M1 Abrams is? Its a type of tank. I could like 50 types of tanks right now.”

At one point Phoebe asks him if he feels sick. He looks in the mirror, and tells her:

“No, I feel kind of amazing”.

"American Ultra": Another Attempt at Making MKULTRA Cool

In a funky, cool, club-like setting, Mike says that he “feels kind of amazing”. He then weirdly smiles.  Being a mind-controlled slaved programmed to kill people feels “kind of amazing”. That is what Hollywood is telling youth right now.

Mike ultimately kills everybody in his path in a variety of hilarious ways (killing people is also very cool). He is however clearly completely “out of it”.

"American Ultra": Another Attempt at Making MKULTRA Cool

After winning everything, Mike proposes to his girlfriend (handler) in front of a bunch of cops pointing their guns at them.

"American Ultra": Another Attempt at Making MKULTRA Cool

They then both get tasered because they’re not cool, rebellious youngsters, they’re pawns of an oppressive system.

The CIA concludes that Mike is still usable. At the end of the movie, Mike and Phoebe are both in a posh hotel in the Philippines, look nice and classy.

"American Ultra": Another Attempt at Making MKULTRA Cool

We quickly realize that they are both on a CIA mission and that Mike is sent to kill people. He is still an MK slave and his “wife” is still his handler.

In the final scene of the movie, Mike faces an Asian mob boss. The movie then turns into a cartoon.

"American Ultra": Another Attempt at Making MKULTRA Cool

Mike turns into Apollo Ape who kills everybody in sight.

While most viewers will say: “Wow, the movie ended in such a cool and creative way”, this cartoon ending implies one important thing: Mike is a triggered MK slave in a dissociative state. When triggered, he cannot perceive the difference between reality and fiction. In short, despite the “happy ending”, Mike still has absolutely no control over his actions and is still nothing but a CIA asset.

In Conclusion

American Ultra is based on the real-life program MKULTRA program, which sought to turn unwilling civilians into mind-control slaves. Although mind control uses the most atrocious torture techniques known in history and indulges in the ungodly task of turning a human being into a mindless slave, American Ultra sanitizes the entire process. It avoids most of the horrific stuff while focusing on the fun, superhero killing stuff. Kids love that. While some viewers might think that the movie ended well and that the “good guys” won, the reality is that they’ve witnessed an odd infomercial for mind control.

American Ultra is yet another attempt by mass media at making mind control a cool, glamorous and, yes, even a rebellious thing. But what do you expect? If the CIA has no issues in brainwashing Americans into a state of mental slavery, do you think they have issues with attempting to brainwash the public with their subversive messages? MKULTRA is about brainwashing individuals, American Ultra is about brainwashing the American public.

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"American Ultra": Another Attempt at Making MKULTRA Cool

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Big Al

At least one good thing can be said about this garbage:
It failed at the box office.

The Winter Soldier

Good one! 😀


Notice the familiar shape in the pic of the two characters laying on the ground after being tasered?

Big Al

Yes, indeed.
And did you see that the reflection of the light has the shape of an eye?

we are the ones we have been waiting for

And have you noticed, MiKe’s name?!


Fantastic analysis and write up


As always.


Kristen Stewart is weird. Camp X Ray was dumb. Twilight was awful. This movie looks dumb, too. I wonder if she had to “nod” to the sick elites in order to land that role in that Woody Allen film she’s in? Didn’t he marry his adopted daughter or something weird like that? Couldn’t pay me to be famous. Celebrities are gross.

free your mind

This is truly sick, and exactly why I no longer pay Hollywood for viewing their filth. How ironic, showing a film about mind control to an audience of people who are essentially mind-controlled. What would happen if people en masse cancelled their TV cable, and stopped supporting Hollywood?


Honestly, I think that’s the best thing any parent can do for their family.


We’ve made the switch…B movies, faith-based movies, and really old movies & tv shows. Same for music… the music that is out now-a-days is garbage. We find people who are making their own music, or listen to faith music, amateur music (even live), clean comedy & clean kids shows…etc.


…and have felt so much better after doing so.


Interesting that Kirsten Stewart was chosen for this role. The Stewart Scottish clan , originally from Belgium and France (Flanders) is one of Springmeier’s bloodlines of the Illuminati. I feel that her parents were involved in the MKULTRA program. The father (Stewart clan) has worked at the FOX station, which has been criticized for its involvement in the use of mind controlled blonde “Barbie doll ” newscasters. The mother, a talented artist, painted Alice in Wonderland paintings all over their home’s exterior walls, has created scary giant pirate marionettes for Peter Pan programming, and has a butterfly welcome mat at her new home. Google Kirsten Stewart’s childhood home and her mother’s website Jules to view her art. Kirsten’s Satanic twilight vampire movies fit right in, considering that Satanic Ritual Abuse was part of MKULTRA.


Poor girl probably never had a chance.

Makaveli Soulja, in Jesus i Trust

Thanks for the info. The vampire thing also goes with Anton Laveys daughter claiming in an interview that anything about vampires, werewolves, or frankenstein spawns from satanism. Its interesting with in mind that transhumanism is aslo involved. Seems like these major celebrities end up alwasy in a familiar formula. Starring in movies ranging from stories about robots, vampires, zombies, werewolves throughout their carreers. I’d even say that when you aliens or dragons in movies, its representing the reptilian aspect. afterall satans described as a dragon and a snake. Like Will Smith for example, I, Robot, transhumanism, I Am Legend, vampires, Independence day, Aliens. Sam Neill, Jurassic Park, reptillian, Daybreakers, vampire, bicentential man, transhumanism. Johnny Depp, trancendence, transhumanism, dark shadows, vampire, then johnny goes darker with his movies with the likes of roman polanski or imaginariums very own terry gilliam. Its great that we’re pointing out certain movies. but really if you step back and look at it all. we know a large majority of these movies are going to contain this stuff somewhere or someplace. Hollywood, witches made their wands out of hollywood. Hollywood “where the ‘magic’ happens.” Lord help these lost souls that get twisted up in Hollywood. People… Read more »

Makaveli Soulja, in Jesus i Trust

if you want to go further with it. In Southpaw, Movie with Eminems people and Jake Gyllenhaal. Also has Rachel McAdams. Who is largely known for her movie the Notebook, who also had Disneys Mickey Mouse Club’s very own Ryan Gosling. Shes also in Guy Ritchies Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr. Look at any actors in Marvel, or the DC franchises. Its no wonder we get movies that are about MK Ultra, like Captain America the Winter Soldier. Or movies about secret societies. Like Hydra. or Spectre. Rachel McAdams was also in True Detective Season 2. As we know the first season was about this stuff pretty much to a T. And Matthew McConaghey (Spell check?) has been appearing in some car commercial where he gets stuck by a bull in the middle of the road. He calls this bull Osiris. And i’d even go as far as saying he ends up praising it. And Also in True Dectective season 2 is James Frain. Who recently was in Gotham (why does it always have to be Batman, despite the obvious references to Alice and Wonderland and the Wizard of Oz). And he plays the villain Galavant, who wants to… Read more »


Wow Makaveli, niiiice post. Thanks.

You are absolutely bang on with what you’re saying btw, I agree with you, its what I’ve been trying to explain to people all along – The dots always connect but YOU have to connect them…. (and you “get it”)….It’s interesting to find you’re related to Frank L. Baum, wasn’t he a member of The Golden Dawn?…. The Wizard of Oz Film/ books, as you know are heavily steeped in occult symbolism/meanings and also used on MK slaves…..

Makaveli Soulja, in Jesus i Trust

well i don’t know all about his life. I only know a few stories from my fathers side. I know about the Golden Dawn, whether or not he was a member i have no clue. I suspect he was. Hard to imagine he wasn’t apart of something considering all that wizard of oz/alice in wonderland programming. and yes i’m very much aware of it all. whether or not these were why these stories were made or if they were adopted later on as tools of disassociation. i’m sure somebody knows. either way. when i found out the truth about my relative. it struck a nerve. though i know its not right to judge, you should always observe yourself with how you treat others. but finding someone in my family connected to all this weird stuff just leaves a bad feeling in your stomach. no what i mean.

Makaveli Soulja, in Jesus i Trust

funny thing is i first learned about the Golden Dawn from playing the Elder Scrolls Oblivion. Its one of the cults in the game. The range of all this stuff in video games is pretty big too. Bethesdas been releasing the Fallout series (post-apocalpytic series), the Wolfenstein series (n--i series where they envision “what if the nazis won” when we all know perfectly well that the nazis winning might have been the case) and Elder Scrolls series (witchcraft, satanism, alchemy, la di dah). I mean Jesus Christ in movies or any type of media is one of the most common names dropped. seriously, watch anything and count how many times you hear someone say Christs name. Everything around us, all the media we are exposed to. Is full of symbolism that backtracks to the original story. this is why i without a doubt in my mind. believe that God/Jesus and Satan exist.


You’re def on to something with “someone try to convince you that lucifer is good”, as it’s precisely the modus operandi of the fox show I saw for the first (and last) time today. The show incredulously displays lucifer as a handsome edgy guy who helps solve crimes. Lame

Makaveli Soulja, in Jesus i Trust

most of the people who have tried to convince me lucifer is good. are regular people who are either low-level masons or have friends in the family who are masons. i find it odd that its only been people connected to the masons who share this belief. its as if part of the supposed “hidden knowledge” in freemasonry. is the teaching that Lucifer isn’t Satan. i find this concerning considering Lucifer has become something people tend to worship. And Satan is described as someone who wants to be worshipped. Not supposed to worship angels. And to add to your comment about Lucifers show. Anyone notice that the new season of X-Files comes on right before it. X-Files, the show that had a spin off called The Lone Gunman. And Aired an episode like a month before 9/11 that predicted 9/11. Well if anyone caught the ffirst episode of this new season of X-Files. They immediately delve into whehter or not 9/11 was a false flag operation planned by a faction of men plotting. found it really ironic that lucifer is the show that comes on right after. Whats also interesting, i’m sure some of yall have figured out, is the… Read more »


Be interested to know where you got the stuff about God and Jesus having a secret meeting, Lucifer deciding he wanted to be above Jesus, then above God.

That’s not in the Bible. And Jesus IS God, so this part doesn’t make sense.

Makaveli Soulja, in Jesus i Trust

well you’re probably right friend, i still have a lot to understand when it comes to the bible so i could be messing up some details. but i know that an angel appears in the bible and claims to a human that you are never supposed to worship an Angel. Only to worship God/Jesus. So anyone worshiping Lucifer regardless are doing wrong.


I think you guys might benefit from studying the Book of Enoch, which was found with the Dead Sea Scrolls. It describes in more detail about a group of fallen angels falling to earth to fornicate with human women and teach them “secret knowledge.” Enoch was Abraham’s grandfather I believe. It makes you wonder if there was a bit more to the story of Noah and the flood and the rest of the humans living on Earth back then.

The Winter Soldier

The Nephilim?
Yeah…they made the giants like Goliath and the bunch…by, you know….humans plus demons…not pretty…0-0

Makaveli Soulja, in Jesus i Trust

and also, thank you for proving my point. as in. never trust what another person says until you’ve done enough research yourself. i encourage peole to question what i say. to question what anyone says. in a world where you can be easily deceived. this i believe is something everyone should do.

Cathy Rooks


Ren Snowe

You might find it interesting that there is actually a real Spectre. Although it is not an organisation but a person. She is an american sionist by the name of Barbara Lerner Spectre. Since the 90’s she has been active in Stockholm where she has founded the Padeia Institute. I do not know what the word padeia stands for. I just know that everything they do has symbolical meaning. So it must stand for something significant. She is dedicated to transform Europe into a wholly new entity than it has been historically. Seems like she is using the Kalergi Plan as a manual to displace us ethnical europeans completely. She’s the kind of person that looks on the surface as any old grandmother but truly gives you the creeps.


Barbra Lerner Spectre is sisters with Louis Lerner who targeted tea party activists while working at the IRS and her ex husband is convicted murderer Phil Spectre. The truth is stranger then fiction when a person realizes all these people trying to destroy society are somehow connected.


That is NOT how you spell Phil Spector’s surname though. So…..

The Winter Soldier

(Apologies for the name…I couldn’t think of anything else in a former comment and now I’m stuck with it.) Hey! Interesting analysis of those stuff. Personally I think that the CATWS movie and the latest CACW are actually a warning. Unlike most stuff that show the elite being an awesome, cool group. It shows them as the vilest of humanity bent on warping the world into their own image. They have no redeeming qualities. They are evil to the core…just like the elite. I will admit Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansonn(not sure if I spelled it right) have the makings of one of the elites pawns, but when I look at Anthony Mackie or Sebastian Stan, they seem to be pretty down to earth and not like any other actors I’ve seen. Sebastian Stan has also said that he did research on this sort of mind control and it’s possible he could be slightly awake. Also sources say he’s Christian…I’m not sure what to make of it. All in all, I don’t see these movies as bad. Civil War seems to be talking about Goverment Corruption and constant surveillance…just as in The Winter Soldier. Which was put as, “This isn’t… Read more »


Johnny Depp was also in Gates of Hell that highlights the satanic mystery school religion of the illuminated ones (illuminati) and Britney Myrphy was also a targeted individual of prediator cause stalking (aka East German Stasi secret police tactic of Zersetzung) so she was most likely forced somehow to be im the Kurbrick eyes wide shut influenced picture. Many claim celebrities are nothing but MK/ULTRA mind controlled puppets when the truth is that many of them willingly are mind control programmers themselves who help pyschologically torture victims worldwide. A lot of celebrities are also in Illuminati created NWO secret societies like the Kabblah Society, Freemasonry, and Church of Scientology with 100% knowledge of what they are involved with. Christopher Nolan’s Inception was 2 hours of mocking the public to their faces since he’s an MK/ULTRA mind control programmer and the whole movie is making strangers believe in a false reality built upon lies.

Makaveli Soulja, in Jesus i Trust

i believe it. in a place where fame is the ultimate goal of so many of these souls. these devils can easily just set up base and let these souls come straight to their front door. Just like p---------y. Not too many people are aware that nearly every Male pornstar is a freemason. to add to your Johnny Depp comment i’d also like to point out his new movie Black Mass. Besides the title being symbolic, Its a story about Whitey Bulger. The true story of Whitey Bulger is that he did go through MK Ultra tests while he stayed at Alcatraz. I suspect these type of tests still go on in secret there. They mention it once in the movie. One of the FBI agents, Will Ferrells characters brother in Stepbrothers, makes a side not to another FBI Agent. He asks him “Do you think Whiteys mind is stable after ALL OF THOSE LSD TESTS” … as we know LSD is one of the major things used in MK Ultra.

Makaveli Soulja, in Jesus i Trust

side note*

Makaveli Soulja, in Jesus i Trust

and lastly. to go back to Rachel McAdams. I watched Wedding Crashers again recently. I noticed John McCain has an appearance is in it. Both her and Vince Vaughn are in Wedding Crashers. Both her and Vince Vaughn are in True Detective Season 2.

Makaveli Soulja, in Jesus i Trust

and Wedding Crashers also has Isla Fisher from Now You See Me, which has the main actor in American Ultra in it. And it also has Woody Harrelson in it. Whose from True Detective. Also has Mark Ruffalo from Avengers. Also has Michael Caine from Dark Knight Trilogy. Also has Morgan Freeman from Dark Knight Trilogy and Transcendence. Also has Dave Franco from Neighbors, look up James and Dave Francos relationship to the guy who filmed Lucifer Rising. and the sequel to Now You See Me. Has Daniel Radcliffe from the very symbolic Harry Potter series. They truly do show this to everyone right in front of their eyes.

The Winter Soldier

Yep…I do agree that Mark Ruffulo’s evil…Morgan Freeman is sometimes hard for me to believe because he played God…but that should be warning signs enough. I’m still in shock about Daniel Radcliffe though…there goes my childhood. But I don’t like HP anymore so I’m kinda good.


Some of the reasoning that actors appear in the same film projects is because the studios know it’s easier to get actors who worked together before or are probably friends behind the scenes without conflict. It’s harder to film complete strangers with massive inflated egos who don’t know each other without it being a problem but if they are friends then there is less chance for conflicts. That’s why many movies now continue using the same actors who are friends who run in the same circles off camera.


Thank you for the post anonymous – (Are you amaryllis btw?)


Very interesting… I always thought there was something odd about her mum…..


Reminds of the “American Dad” episode in which the daughter Haley, was CIA trained as a child to kill, only after a comical trigger word was given. Pretty twisted.


They did the same thing in family guy too

Makaveli Soulja, in Jesus i Trust

yeah and the guy behind both those shows worked for Hannah Barbera back in 2001. He was a mind behind Johnny Bravo. Which aired an episode in April of 2001 featuring a movie theatre with a poster that looks a lot like the Twin Towers on fire with text under it reading “COMING SOON”


What episode?


I remember that episode very well at first I thought nothing of it. But later on I realized that it was pretty messed up.

Makaveli Soulja, in Jesus i Trust

chain-gang johnny, aired april 27, 2001


Apollo Ape is not an accidental name choice for the cartoon alter. Another name for Apollo is Phoebus. This is the male form of the female name Phoebe. In mythology Phoebe was also Apollo’s grandmother. She is associated with the moon, which may be one reason behind the oddity that the Apollo space missions, aimed at the moon, were named after a sun god. The conjunction of “Apollo” with “Ape” may be a reference to human evolutionary origins, a kind of “back down to earth with a bump” reminder to mock Mike (standing here for the mass of humanity) with his imaginary flights which allude to aspirations of space travel. Remember Mike is unable to leave town, let alone the planet. Apollo Ape has a cartoon nemesis, Fido, a dog mistaken for a loyal friend who betrays Apollo Ape. This may be a reference to the Phoebe or Lasseter characters in the film. Mike says Fido betrays Apollo Ape because he is only man’s best friend, whereas the character is an ape, not a man. This suggests the way in which MK’d Mike is viewed as less than human by his handlers. It also stands for the mass of humanity… Read more »

The Rick

Apollo Ape sounds like Apollo 8….


We are living in the saddest moment of mankind.


Not yet…


… so far.


The original Zoolander movie laid MKULTRA out point by point, as did Bourne. In our faces!


Well… yeah? They were the plots.


ONLY in america is the raping, terrorizing of children considered COOL,WHY do you morons think those kids involved in murders and and other crimes HAVE THEIR EYES WIDE OPEN,you see them all the time in florida,rejects of MK ULTRA,turned loose on the streets,no friends,no family,no where to live and NO ONE WILL HELP THEM,they are just to weird,BUT OH,ITS COOL IF THE GOVERNMENT DOES IT,especially if they make a bulshit movie about terrorizing kids,you people are ALL BRAINDEAD..everyone involved in this CRIME against children should be stoodup against a wall and shot……so make a movie anout that……..

Michael Kirkby

Did you ever wonder just how many of them are or were on statin styled drugs? I wonder how many were actually programmed?

During the last Watts riot the cops caught four young black males carrying gas canisters and deliberately setting files. The cops said they appeared to be operating automatically [MK Ultra programming]. The four young men confessed that they were following the orders of a very well dressed black man who it would appear to have been their controller. Why else burn down your own neighborhood?

Fact is that many protests such as Farmington that start out as peaceful protests against relevant, necessary issues that need addressing often devolve into violence and destruction due to outside agitators being brought in to the community.

Mind you the African American community has much to be distressed and angry about. However, their issues are being deliberately used by certain agencies to create a possible race war in America. This is being used to create a situation that will initiate the declaration of martial law and the ascendancy of the corporatocracy whose desire it is to control the world and its resources.


Sooooo….people who are reading about the VERY THING YOU are ranting about who are learning about it ON THIS SITE (!) or who may already be fammil with MKU are….”braindead” huh? Got it…


I was just waiting for an article on that movie. When i saw it i recognized the same things you brought up in this article! Great job!


The big thing i got from the movie is the fact that marijuana use ruins MK effectiveness. THAT’S COOL!

Makaveli Soulja, in Jesus i Trust

taught to you by a movie that is made to decieve you. i don’t have anything against weed, i smoke myself. whether or not its a sin i won’t debate because i don’t have that answer. but you should never believe anything from any movie that is throwing propaganda at you, other than that this movie is throwing propaganda at you. you don’t know if marijuana use ruins MK effectiveness. are you an MK Ultra survivor? have you tested this theory? the writer of that movie could just be making that up entirely.


Cathy O’Brien, MK survivor, said smoking marijuana was forbidden as it holistically “reunites” the shattered parts of an abused minds. Brain food for thought.

Makaveli Soulja, in Jesus i Trust

ok there we go, see, now theres more credibility in that. i’d believe cathy o’brien way before i believe a movie made by hollywood. thanks for that pointing that out friend


one of the goal of this movie (and hollywood, music industric, .. the elite) is to promove the drugs and acohol. the intention is to make the drugs something rooted in the culture.. that turns the control mind thing easier


Yes, that makes more sense. In Ted 2 weed was practically shoved down our throats


and I think its already happened, they’ve succeeded – most people are regularly drugging themselves in one way or another


why would they tell you how to get out of it after spending all this time trying to make MK look cool?


so here’s the thing with weed… my admittedly non-scientifically-tested opinion….it opens up your mind to operate in ways that it normally can’t, namely, it opens you up to “consciousness” and spirit. now, the only spirit that “hides” (i.e. can only be found with pot, drugs, etc) is an occult spirit (literally, “hidden”). God doesn’t hide his motives, intentions, wisdom, etc. It is ours if we are willing to ask and patiently wait. Satan, on the other hand, will gladly influence you under the guise of “spiritual enlightenment.” Yes, pot can help us think differently, maybe even better? But the God of the Bible doesn’t exist in secret, doesn’t live in secret and doesn’t require us to do anything in secret to speak to us. Be careful what you mess with.

Makaveli Soulja, in Jesus i Trust

i completely agree. being a pot smoker i would never tell anyone that they should smoke because of God. or that smoking Pot isn’t a Sin. I’d lean more on it being a sin than anything. and i strongly encourage anyone that even hears the BS that we’re more connected to the world by drugs, that they call out the person for trying to get them to do that. God might of made the plant but that doesn’t mean whatsoever he intended for us to smoke it. the belief that you find more of a connection through drugs is false. and that belief is being pushed on children everyday. and seeing that substance isn’t something we should give in to, nor will it bring us closer to God. It is sad to see that so many rush into this lifestyle, and their reasoning is God. I’ve notticed that when this happens, they more than likely haven’t even read a page of the Bible. And you’re right about God never existing in secret, never living in secret, and doesn’t require us to do anything in secret. Thats why i strongly suggest that anyone who thinks God is ok with you delving… Read more »


Well, I know a believer won’t be willing to listen to this, but it is simply a fact that drug-using cultures existed and “spoke to gods” before the Old Testament was ever written. Literal believers in the Bible have a conveniently in-built guard against this logic: how could something have been written before, if the Old Testament tells the story of the beginning? Because it wasn’t the beginning. I don’t believe pot is so spiritual, actually, I think DMT/ayahuasca is a better choice and the reason for that is that there is some evidence that DMT is *naturally* produced within our own brains. If that is true, perhaps it is “wrong” to take an outside source to trigger this, when we should be waiting patiently for our own “internal drug system” to activate. I mean, if it is naturally-occurring within our own body, can we even call it a drug? Isn’t that misuse of language, at that point? To take it externally would be “a drug”, but to “trip on our own source”…it is possible that this is the basis behind religious experiences. I have found no scientific proof of this, but is it possible that marijuana triggers release /… Read more »


Sorry, not “written before”, just occurring before…misspoke.


@Jorge. Yeah,I consider it a sin too.


It does….i am a MK slave and have smoked from 18-23 which progressively made my ls clearer and gave me the patience to analyze whats missing and whats wrong with this picture. Furthermore, it is helping me to not fall into the trap of my triggers and fly into a rage i.e. KILL mode and ive found Jesus and took the the time to read the bible word for word from the first page and analyzed everything ii read and understood it all, for the first time this week. Not saying that i am a converted Christian now because ii have not studied enough of other religions to choose but they all have the same common basis.. Spiritualism &Good Will, every bible will tell u any sin equates to the corruption of man that equates to an open door for demonic posession. Ultimately my gist is spiritualism ks truly the obly way out.


*my childhood memories and current perspectives on normal (sorry)


I’ve been a targeted individual of gang stalking in the past who was tried to be put under MK/ULTRA but I chain smoked marijuana at the time, so it failed miserably with me. It does 100% disrupt mind control but it still shouldn’t be abused, and only used as medicine like God intended.


Pfffttt it probably is MK, stoners are too stoned to defend their rights, their easy targets and most marijuana circulating now has been genetically modified



Makaveli Soulja, in Jesus i Trust

that was my first thought before they even considered legalizing it majorly. that genetically modified would take over even before its legalized. hell, they probably started doing that in the 50s. and being a stoner myself i agree. most stoners aren’t privy to the constitution or any of their rights really. or they get too stoned they forget entirely, giving the police who busted them a couple of laughs

goon squad

Oh, Lisa, honey, you just need to get it grown fresh from Humbolt County – and let the organic marijuana deprogramming begin

Michael Kirkby

Did you ever wonder why Owsley III was arrested for manufacturing LSD? The CIA was the progenitor and marketer of LSD to the young in the 60s. Owsley’s LSD was so much better I’m told. One competitor eliminating another. Makes you wonder doesn’t it?
Those present day cartels that get busted are the ones who’ve fallen out with the largest dealer in the world: the US government. How else do they find the money for all their dirty little wars and conflicts?


Don’t be a stoner, it saps your motivation and dulls your senses. Stay sharp, alert and effective. Weed has it’s place as a medicine, but walking around stoned all day will stunt your potential without question.


Don’t believe that I am a MK Ultra survivor… probably soon to be dead… I’ve rebelled against my programming no joke… I am also a combat veteran with PTSD… and I used Marijuana habitually to deal with my PTSD but ultimately after given LSD, marijuana allows them to pick at my brain if feels and gives to anxiety.

Nailed it again, VC. It’s almost like you need to hire a full-time staff writers to keep up with all of the new propaganda they’re shoving down our throats these days.


I wish you would have included the film, “The Manchurian Candidate” as a blatant Hollywood reference to mind control programming. The movie is based off of an older book, with similar themes, but no humor.


Excellent observation! I read in the testimony of one who was Programmed Monarch Soldier who awoke against Illuminatti who expose a lot of their BS and programming. they were and are actively preparing “Soldiers” Universal soldiers for an Army… they brainwash them abuse them…everything to get rid of fear and to create the Perfect War weapon! Too Bad that they forget there is also Divine force outta there, and they cant play God with us like puppets. for too long at least. some wake up. and when they do , the Bastards will get their much needed WAR!!! People are not slaves…puppets… something that illumantti does not “get” its true that they manage to control many, but not all. Not all my friend 🙂


Why does Hollywood and the Music industry keep telling us about MK Ultra. Do they have something big planned for us? Are we all going to be forced to submit our minds to our government? I don’t understand why they sing songs about this, make movies and videos about it. It would seem logical that this program would remain secret but instead they wave it in our faces and nothing changes.

Michelle Barajas

I myself am not sure if MK Ultra is real. I mean, I know that there is so much evidence regarding Paul Bonacci’s testimony and the whole Franklin case of Omaha, Nebraska–everything stacks up to say, “oh yeah, this really happened; this still could definitely happen today.” But it’s so dark that it’s almost impossible to believe. I certainly can’t accept it as of just yet. However, if it is indeed real and we’re not all just some tin-foil-loving theorists who ate counter intelligence propaganda to discredit us, then I can give my two-cents about why they keep informing us in tongue-in-cheek symbolism: predictive programming. If you introduce an idea to the public sold as fiction, but introduce the idea, nonetheless, then you are giving exposure to something as the norm. For example, let’s say we were trying to sell the idea (back in the day) that it is a normal thing for certain groups of people like, oh hell, let’s just randomly say “terrorists”, to think of delivering “terror” by flying commercial aircraft into buildings as acts of “terrorism”. Well, if you put a sequence like that in a movie and then in a couple of years or a… Read more »


If you mean pedophilia rings, then there is no question that it is still happening. It happens all the time. What I question is whether or not it is all part of the “same conspiracy”. Some politicians and media figures have been involved, but does that mean that they are *all* part of this? I don’t think so. I think it doesn’t take Satanism or mind-control for pedophiles to get together and figure out ways around the laws to hurt kids. I also think that trying to throw all of this other stuff at the problem stems from an inability for people to process the truth: Pedophiles and rapists are often “just normal people”. Don’t misunderstand me: they are sick f---s, but they could be your neighbor and you would never see it coming. Satan didn’t tell them to do it. They aren’t doing it for rituals. They aren’t doing it because the government told them to. They are doing it because they are sick. Now, MK Ultra was a very real thing and even the government today will admit that, but they say it was in the past. Do you *ever* believe anyone who says that? Do you believe… Read more »


Can you explain about VC more?


They put it in popular culture so they can say it is just publicity stunts by the entertainment industry and only anscience fiction joke. Jim Carrey went on Jimmy Kimmel mocking those who know about MK/ULTRA sleeper assassins who get triggered to go out and kill when they hear something like where are you going Ruby red shoes, telling everyone he’s illuminnutty when he actually is high ranking satanist who just had his ex blood sacrificed, and he wants to expose everything when what he’s doing is just a joke mocking the truth. It’s now assassociatod in the minds as a big joke by many viewers who if told this was real now, they won’t take it seriously. A lot of the MK/ULTRA is exaggerated to scare the public the government has more power then they do but it is 100% real. It was declassified back in 1990’s and although Bill Clinton claimed to end the program, it still continues today but under different names like Project Soul-catcher. Some of us who come on here are/were victims of it and that’s what woke us up to what’s going on.


The name of the protagonist (M)i(K)e is kinda obvious.


no, is not that obvious, i didn’t get it. You’re smart 🙂

Makaveli Soulja, in Jesus i Trust

yeahhh man. good catch. that one went over my head too. I mean if you want to get more obvious with it. There’s M.K., literally the character name of the main guy in Into the Badlands. His backstory is that his baron trained him since birth to be a killer. Methinks it sounds a lil bit like brainwashing lol. Or i remember playing Call of Duty Black Ops 2. Where the main character is brainwashed into killing Kennedy. Funny thing is the main characters name is Mason.

Makaveli Soulja, in Jesus i Trust

and no, i don’t think any of this is funny to be honest. i’m just typing that cuz it makes me nervous. some pretty weird s--t going on outside

Michael Kirkby

Did you know that Grandpa Lindberg moved his family to West Virginia after his grandson was kidnapped and killed? He changed the name to Manson. Coincidence?
It is rumored that Charlie Manson actually went through the MK Ultra programme while in prison. It is also alleged that he became a “clear” scientologist while there as well. Just saying as there’s never really been any proof of it. It would explain his ability to mind control all those people though would it not?


If you research Gematria, it’s easier to tell these things.


because a(m)eri(k/c)an ultra wasn’t enough


Great analysis as usual, VC. This movie is definetly CIA/MK propaganda for millenials. “No you are not just a stoner f--k up, join the Agency! Find your true potential as a deadly mind controlled patsy”. I’d just like to point out some curiosities from a quick research I just did on the director Nima Nourizadeh. He’s the son of an Iranian refugee who fled to the UK, a monarchist who opposes the Islamic Republic of Iran and an active Journalist who works for corporate media around the world, including a Saudi owned one. Nima directed adversitement for Adidas, videoclips for indie bands and American Ultra was only his second movie, the first one being Project X, apparently an edgy update on teenage party movies. How did this guy land this gig? It seems he was the perfect man to direct a sarcastic, funny and hip take on police state propaganda with a cast of some of the most projected young stars in the industry. There’s some heavy predictive programming and revealing of the method in this one, passing as a fun action comedy thriller to watch while high.
Keep up the good work, cheers from Brazil.

Makaveli Soulja, in Jesus i Trust

My guess is he landed the deal by taking and oath of secrecy. And if he defys their oath they’ll literally carve out his heart and scream out this is for “the brotherhood.” or something weird and off putting like that.


so do you think maybe it was deliberate to show what happens in a “safe” way and not to glamorize it?


Reminds me of Men Who Stare at Goats, and how they used humor to make fun of what was a horrific series of experiments. I was sad George Clooney agreed to play the part.


Why? He’s got to know Hollywood secrets. Not to mention that the house he and his new wife bought in England has a fall out shelter in it. They claim that her high profile law cases makes her vulnerable to assignation attempts, but that’s what body guards are for, not bomb shelters. Makes you wonder what they know that we don’t?

Makaveli Soulja, in Jesus i Trust

haha methinks Lucifer exists, just waiting on the rest of the world to catch on.

Michael Kirkby

ROFLMAO. I know it’s not funny and it wasn’t.

Ren Snowe

I just recently discovered that Clooney is actually a CFR-man.


George Clooney is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, so he’s apart of the NWO elite. Most of his charity is only propaganda stunts to manipulate the masses to accept furthering the NWO agenda. It’s heart breaking once a person realizes that some of these actors that seem like they are using fame to do something righteous and genuinely nice people are just duping the masses. He is also being paid to pretend to being helping Africans but really he’s helping me want to expand AFRICOM to help the US government steal natural resources from Africans and goes along with the global warming hoax, which is to promote taxing the public for exhaling carbon dioxide. Anyone who really thinks the public needs to pay to breath using lies, is not a good person.


I assume u noticed the big all seeing eye on the movie poster


That’s the first thing I noticed.

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