The New ‘Star Wars’ Posters Are All About the One-Eye Sign


Disney released five character posters promoting the highly anticipated movie ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’. All five of them prominently feature the one-eye sign, indicating that the movie is part of the elite’s Agenda.

In 2012, the Disney Company acquired Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion and announced three new Star Wars films. On top of acquiring the rights to the tsunami of Star Wars merchandise that is about to flood the markets, Disney gave itself the luxury of molding these new movies to its liking.

Knowing Disney, its ramifications and its elite ties, you better believe that the “messages” in these new movies will closely conform to the occult elite’s Agenda. The new character posters released by Disney are early proof of this fact. Every one of them – the good guys and bad guys – feature one eye clearly hidden by a weapon. No matter what side they’re on, they’re owned by the elite.






In my series of articles Symbolic Pics of the Month, I regularly highlight the one-eye sign in popular culture as its omnipresence reflects the stronghold of the occult elite has on mass media. It is their sign. In the case of Star Wars, things take giant proportions due to the extreme anticipation of the new movie, the series’ massive fan base and the fact that die-hard fans will embrace every piece of media associated with the movie. In short, it is yet another step into turning popular culture into one big tool of propaganda for the occult elite.


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The original Star Wars was deeply esoteric. The Jedi concept is from the djed pillar in Ancient Egypt, which represents the backbone of Osiris, and hence the kundalini life force energy, aka the Force. And the multiple duality symbolism of the twins Luke and Leia, the princess with the two potential suitors Luke and Han before Luke discovers he is her brother, and Luke and Vader are all archetypal solar and lunar imagery. Even the two droids are gold and white, solar and lunar. The name Luke Skywalker is a solar reference, and his identity as the solar hero is made crystal clear in the scene on Tatooine where he is watching the double sunset. The two suns are the waxing and waning summer and winter sun of the two halves of the year. Luke represents the waxing one, Vader the waning one, the black sun setting into the underworld.… Read more »

I love this analysis. Now, how about an article on Star Wars, VC?

Thanks, fleurdamour.

that was great, nice work.

It goes deeper than that. Anakin who is the promised one represents Jesus. He was a virgin birth from the "force" itself but something happened and he failed and became evil. His son, Luke is now the supposedly the savior who will bring balance to the force. Anakin grew up on Tatooine a desert wasteland, just like Jesus was taken to Egypt to be hidden from Herod where He spent his younger years. In gnostic legends Jesus went to the East to train with the mystics, just like Anakin was taken to train with the Jedi. So Luke, is now the coming son to fulfill the promise that the first, false savior could not. It is just a sick gnostic, occult representation of the anti-Christ. It's just more preparation to get the masses used to the idea of a new savior after the first one "failed." Even the bad guy… Read more »

Actually the prophesy was for one to come and bring balance to the force. Anakin did not fail at doing that, it just didnt happen like the Jedis thought he would. At first the "good" side had all control and the "dark" side was under reprented. He went through a period of extreme evil building the dark side then in his final hour brought down the dark side by destroying the Emperor and changing sides. Thus, bringing balance to the force.

Yes they mixed the savior motif with the duality one.

To add to this, I always thought Star Wars had fairly retrograde and irritating observations to make about societal roles, race and class. Creatures who clearly represented human ethnicities acting out perceived roles in human society – trading slaves and robots, others happy to be behind the curve, patois-spewing goofy sidekicks. I mean, Chewbacca didn't even get a damn medal! Talk about second class!
The addition of "midichlorians" to the series took what was once a populist message (that The Force was waiting for you if you were ready) to an elitist message (now only a "chosen one" with a certain amount of some ingredient in their blood – more bloodlines! – could be a Jedi).
The movie does look…epic…and I WILL be seeing it. I will also be studying it oo.

In the original 1977 Star Wars some of the imagery has questionable inspiration, to put it mildly. Everybody knows about the "triumph of the will" aspect of the final celebration, but the Nazi connection goes deeper when we consider the Alderaan/Aldebaran coincidence, and the way Princess Leia's unusual hair and dress closely imitates the maidens in Nazi parades. Even more so than Star Trek, Star Wars popularized and mainstreamed the idea of interplanetary space travel. No doubt the Thule and Vril societies would have loved it. Curious then, that the movie seems to have taken some of its inspiration from those very groups.

Yes, yes, Lucas also borrowed imagery and elements from classic films such as “The Searchers”, “Hidden Fortress”, Flash Gordon serials, Ben-Hur, and more. Nothing sinister about any of them. And really, that scene at the end of A New Hope always reminded me of a wedding.

Not to mention that Star Wars has a secret criminal order called the Black Sun! The real Black Sun Society which was part of the Thule Society formed the Nazi party.

I also wondered about the Alderaan/ Aldebaran similarities. What do you think about the Death Star/ Star of Saturn connection?

Yeah, Lucas originally studied with Joseph Campbell, and personally I like most of the symbology.

You nailed it fleurdamour! Most people also are not aware that George Lucas was a member of the Society of the Rosy Cross (Rosicrucians).

Wow I an only girl, in a house full of male siblings with my father, while my mother run amuck, have always tuned out my dad’s unusual obsession with shows deep rooted of a theoretical belief of alien activity (Star Trek, Star Wars, and such), wondering how he can have such deep interest/obsession, when he has such strong religious faith and beliefs. Ironically, a week away from my home, having fled my mother’s abuse, FINALLY, as an adult, I’ve taken the time on my own, to read the Bible word for word and understood for the first time that I did not understand because it is not meant to be shown but seen. You have helped me to connect the dots, further on my journey to enlightenment and see the Bible’s teachings of blind faith and consequence as a result of choice of denial is inevitable. Thank you for your… Read more »

Lola if True Protection is what you are looking for then read the Islamic Saying of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH (Hadeeths) especially concerning Dajjal should you read this reply. May You Are Enlighten !

Your mother used MK Ultra programming on you? How is that actually possible?

Also, please encourage VC to do a more detailed segment on the Star Wars trilogy and its roots. You’ve now grabbed our attention, Im sure I speak for not only myself when I say this. You are a true VC, as well.

that’s no moon…

Okay, I'm done throwing hints, so I'm just going to put it out there! These people are Hermetics, Theosophists, Nationalist Socialists, Marxists, Humanists, Neoplatonists, Rosicrucians. They are the ones behind the Nazi Party, the Golden Dawn Party, The Black Sun Society, etc. They are the ones behind the mind control programming. They are the Great White Brotherhood and they will do whatever is necessary to bring in their New Word Order and New Age religion. They are a cult! They are dangerous and they are evil.