Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/17


In this edition on SPOTM: Ashley Graham, Buzz Aldrin, Bella Hadid, and Jim Carrey’s highly symbolic paintings.

Supermodel Ashley Graham was featured in New York magazine with a photoshoot that is 100% about Beta Kitten programming. If you know a bit about the symbolism relating Beta Programming (aka Sex Kitten Programming), you will instantly recognize it here. For starters, the magazine cover is 100% dedicated to feline prints (used to identify Beta Kittens in the Monarch system).
The magazine says that Graham goes “full Marilyn” for the photoshoot. That is appropriate because Marilyn Monroe is the figurehead of Beta Programming (read my series of articles about her here). Also, notice the subtle one-eye sign here.
Every single star chosen to be a representative of Beta Programming must, at one point or another, embody Marilyn Monroe. Apparently, it is Graham’s turn.
Yup, this is what Beta Kittens are programmed to do.

As usual, the one-eye sign was everywhere in pop culture this month. One truly needs to be blind to NOT see it and how it represents the industry being owned by a small elite.

This is Buzz Aldrin, the second man on the moon. Why would an aging man with a glorious past do a stupid handsign like this one? One cannot be part of pop culture without showing submission. Even if you’ve walked on the moon.
Bella Hadid posted on Instagram a couple of enigmatic pics leaving people wondering what they were about. They’re about her being a slave. Stars are forced to post one-eye crap on social media.
So obvious.
Danish singer Oh Land makes it extra clear that this one-eye thing is also forced on “regional” stars.
Another pic of her in Vogue magazine. Gotta be part of that agenda to get that sweet magazine exposure.
Olivia Buckland is an English “reality television personality and model”. She is also has a donut on her face.
Bill Skarsgård in Dazed magazine with a ball hiding one eye. Wait, maybe this is just a random, silly pic with a ball just accidentally hiding an eye.
Nope, it is all about the one-eye sign.
“Cash me ousside” girl Danielle Bregoli became famous after appearing on a Dr Phil episode about out-of-control teens. For some reason, she became famous and she’s been recruited by the entertainment industry. Expect more crap from her soon.
Paris Jackson has been fully recruited by the same industry that killed her father. Sad.
A poster for Deadpool 2. There are so many movie posters featuring the one-eye sign, it is as if they are trying to tell us something.
Another Deadpool 2 poster featuring the former governor of California.
This is a poster for the movie Kingsman 2. The original movie was all about making the occult elite cool to young people (read my article about it here.)
P!nk’s new album is called “Beautiful Trauma”. That is exactly the kind of twisted vocabulary use in trauma-based mind control. Let’s not forget the fact that “Just Like Fire” (from the movie Alice Through the Looking Glass) was one of the most obvious Monarch programming-themed videos ever.


Jim Carrey recently released a short video explaining his love of painting. Some of his paintings were highly symbolic and filled with MK imagery. In this one, a man (Carrey?) is “cut and torn apart and sewed back together” (these exact words appear on his chest). One eye is flying away. Under the other one is inscribed “blinded?”. The words “drugged”, “silenced”, “used and abused”, “defiled” and “not dated sedated” can be found in the painting. The words “get out devils!” and “get out blood witches!” are written on the wall. These references to being torn apart, abused, drugged and dark occultism are all part of mind control. This painting is very reminiscent of those by Kim Noble – a Monarch programming survivor.
Another painting by Carrey. Monarch programming.

Special thanks to everyone who sent it pics!

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Buzz Aldrin never went to the moon. No one’s ever been to the moon.

That image above pretty much proves he never went to the moon.

why would they lie about that? I wonder

Are u being ironic or worse?

I am not the above person, but I also don’t know the purpose for lying on this topic.

America wanted a propaganda success in the (fake) Cold War, to show the world that democracy was better than communism. Thus, pretending to send men to the moon. Also, it’s a massive cash cow for the elite’s secret projects. NASA now gets $50 million per DAY.
A third reason is that it confuses people, by providing them with a fake reality – thus stealing our power, destroying our connection with the real world.
Don’t ever forget – NASA was started with Nazis, brought to America in Operation Paperclip. NASA has been filled with Freemasons and military officers – these people take oaths to keep secrets and obey orders. These are not the kinds of people who deserve our trust, or our money.

Ywah its a very ironic statement

Pretty weird to see someone impersonating me in here using my name. What kind of A-hole weirdo are you? And why are pretending to be me?

You’re right about Buzz but I think it’s highly likely there’s human activity up there now. Apollo missions were a red herring and I don’t subscribe to any of that firmament BS. It’s all part of (((their))) breakaway civ, a la Elysium…

I disagree. We never have and never will land on that glowing disc we call the moon. But to each their own.

Firm mints, I enjoy the XX version

The moon’s a balloon, Niven and co did a Hollyweird show back in the daze, that thing up in the sky, no more than “not many miles high”, there ain’t anyone living anywhere near, best to spend some time taking a stare, let your eyes be the judge, there ain’t no-one there, illusion confusion, but then I well understand why!

You’re right sir ! It was just usa propaganda to win the “mental side” of the cold war. Remember : the biggest the is, the most easily it will “become the undisputed truth”.

That’s a pretty broad statement to make. Where’s your proof? Also Buzz was the one to come out on live television about a Monolith on one of Mar’s moon and whats happening in Antarctica. I’m in the space program and he just signed a 25 year contract with my school planning a mission to Mars. I know you’d like to think we don’t have the technology to do so but we do.

A 25 year contract? Seems pretty lofty when he may not even have that many years left in him

Doesn’t matter if he’s around or not. The mission is planned, orbits are calculated, water will be mined from the Moon. So we’ve never been to space? I’m sure all the countries are in on it too then and the space station as well. I’m not interested in trying to convince you otherwise, you can reside on your flat earth. The technology you see is 10+ years behind on what’s really going on. Buzz has been around for a while but he wasn’t always flashing the one eyed sign. He hasn’t been the same since he came back from Antarctica or space rather. If that’s even him, all the other astronauts have dealt with the radiation and vascular health.

I, for one, would like to hear more. It’s pretty clear the space program is real, and tied to the military and probably the deep state/ptb. What more can you tell us? What’s being hidden from us?

What makes you think the ‘space program is real’? Think carefully about what your entire basis for ‘knowledge’ on this topic is based on. If you are like 99.999999% of the populace, every single thing you know about the ‘space program’ is what you have been told about it by others, mostly not even personally but by the TV and possibly the Internet. You have *zero* first-hand knowledge on the topic. That is the first, crucial thing to realize. Even if you have others telling you any kind of information about the subject you still have to trust that a) they are correct and either have access to first-hand information themselves or have a second-hand source that *they* know is correct and b) that they are actually interested in telling you the truth and are not lying to you. I talked to a random stranger not long ago (I try… Read more »

VERY good comment SkepticCat and also good on you for raising awareness about chemtrails THE most important issue of our time!!!

Learn engineering physics and it all becomes clear as day.

Moon landing, 911 or anything else.

Water? If you go to Truthstream Media they have a couple fascinating moon videos up. One in particular explains why we don’t have higher resolution stills from the surface. It’s because NASA overwrote the telemetry data like your little brother taped over your VHS wrestling videos. Yeah… right. Check them out.

All done in studios and on sets.

Haha. You are a troll. No one has mentioned flat earth but you.

All BS.


Shame Buzz was so programmed and brain washed he probably doesnt know who he was before all that MK Ultra CIA programming. He doesnt look sane. I wouldn’t get excited about a contract even for 5 min with him.

Yeah so where’s YOUR proof that we’ve been to outerspace or the moon? Were you there in the magic space bus the last trip? Or what because “they” told you we have, so it must be true right. Get it together Ali.

If you only knew half of it. There’s no point in trying to convince any of you. I’m sure you guys believe the Earth is flat too so this is my exit.

I am surprised you do not quote holy-book-quotes to prove it all, ali.

Eliza, i could take one of my telescopes out right now and take a picture of the American flag on the moon, in realtime.

That would be a neat trick, how big is your telescope?
The flag is about 125 cm long, you would need a telescope around 200 meters in diameter to see the flag on the moon. That isn’t to say I think the moon landings are fake, I don’t. What puzzles me is that we went there almost 50 years ago with relatively primitive tech, why have we not returned?

“why have we not returned”

Because you never went there to begin with. Never. Never-never. Nevernevernever.

The ‘moon landing’, was filmed on the set of, the movie, ‘The Shinning’, Damn,if I can remember, the room number

No you couldn’t. Not even NASA can.

I can’t help, but to wonder. Why would Buzz sign a 25 year contract, when the dude, probably doesn’t have another 25 years, to live?

Coming out: Where’s your poof, Ali Baba and the forty thieves, which one be ye’s.

His bracelet is tiny red, white, and blue skulls. What is up with that?

That bracelet thing is twisted as H***. You have good eyes. I didn’t notice those were skulls, and I bet you the vast majority (who aren’t even in on this whole scrutinize-everything-for-symbols we’ve learned here) will notice anything, either. However, *everybody* picks this up subliminally, subconsciously. So, now people will have seen one of their heroes doing this weird eye-sign (consciously) that they’ll also have seen (subconsciously) at now an undoubtedly large number of places, such as in the recentmost Superbowl add (the ‘artistic water’ one) – and at the same time they (subconsciously) see this hero of theirs – and old man – now weirdly wearing this bracelet of… red-white-blue skulls? At a subconscious level, this must undoubtedly have an effect. It simply doesn’t make sense for a ‘respected’ public persona – on the front of a major magazine paper, no less – to be making this sign, while… Read more »

Well spotted!

Buzz has done more than you’ll ever do in a lifetime. Respect, whether he went to the moon or not. And regardless if he’s under mk now.

Tthe pile of crumpled foil, sheet plastic and home insulation materials that they supposedly touched down onto the moon with I would not even bother to use to cover up with in a mild rainstorm. It was trash.

Moon landings in 20017. LUL!! PAID AGENTS!

Ali is right. The technology exists to get us to the moon. I used to work for THE engineering simulation software company that NASA used to get to the moon and to land the Rover on Mars.

Working for a company that made simulation software proves the moon landing? Say what?

His post just proves that the moon landing was simulated and nothing more occurred.

“We made a good movie.” – (((JPL head of Mars Rover Expedition.)))

The young pop singer Halsey just posed for Playboy. She’s the cover girl of the music issue, blinking one eye and putting rabbit ears on herself. I’m amazed at how many people that want to seem ‘rebellious’ are so overtly compliant with the beast system. If you truely want to be a rebel, don’t pose for a mag with one eye covered. Be a kind, decent, moral human being. Make your own way without fiending for approval from the establishment. That’s true rebellion. Are all these celebs that desperate for attention that they are cool with selling out humanity for their 15 seconds? Blows my mind… Every time.

That is almost the single worst aspect of this whole ordeal, and even so bizarre it almost lends creedence to Icke’s theories about those being involved in this not even being human beings at all. Like: who are these people, willing to lie on a such scale and with such consequences, and for so little gain? With some of them you can explain the behaviour as them being under literal mind kontrol: Jackson’s daughter and Britney Spears seem like clear examples, barely coherent enough to control their own lives yet apparently with plenty of time to be pushing all these satanist symbols in various productions… but what about all the celebrities who don’t appear to be living on a razor’s edge at all times, who appear well covered materialistically, socially etc – what is going on with them? “Oh, I’m just going to go through life having lied about everything… Read more »
Do you have any idea how many low-paying or under-the-table jobs make people do things which “knowingly made Earth a worse place” and have “possibly gotten people killed”? Even with legal jobs: low-grade fast-food jobs support industries where people may have died or become sick because of their work in slaughterhouses. Selling cellphones, how many Chinese factory workers jumped off of a roof, per phone? Selling “fast-fashion”: how many children are losing their opportunities to be educated? And yes, you, as a worker, may not personally have anything to do with those things, directly, but you are part of the system which requires that the other people (and resources and animals) continue to be exploited. So, you ask “why” do celebs do it? Well, why do other people do the same, or much worse, for far less money? The lowest criminal elements do it for pure survival…now imagine the draw… Read more »

“Are all these celebs that desperate for attention that they are cool with selling out humanity for their 15 seconds? ”

A fat paycheck can make people do a lot of things. Over and over again.

And longterm contracts will make it legal to make someone suffer for not fulfilling what they could not comprehend at time of signing?