Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/17


In this edition of SPOTM: Gwen Stephani, Miley Cyrus, Harrison Ford, and more proof that one-eye symbolism is a requirement to remain in the good graces of the entertainment industry.

David Lachappelle, one of the elite’s favorite photographers, released a new art book. Miley Cyrus, one of the elite’s favorite slaves, is used to promote that book. As it is often the case with Lachapelle pics using industry slaves, the result is extremely symbolic. Here, Miley poses completely naked inside a desolate jail cell, reaching out for the sun.
In the next picture, Miley is transformed into a colorful butterfly and a bunch of flowers grew around her. This is 100% about Monarch programming. In the twisted symbolism of mind control, slaves who have been successfully programmed are depicted with butterfly wings – the insect that begins as a caterpillar to transform into a beautiful butterfly. In both pictures, Miley is naked (representing that the fact that she’s defenseless and possibly a Beta slave). Also, in both pics, she’s still inside her cell (representing the fact that the butterfly thing is all inside her head). That David Lachapelle book should be very symbolic.

As usual, the one-eye sign popped up everywhere in mainstream media in the past month. It can be seen on the cover of magazines, on the cover of music albums, on movie posters, and even on non-relevant ads. We are constantly reminded of who owns this entire industry, yet very few people actually see it.

Ryan Gosling stars in the upcoming movie Bladerunner 2049. Wired Magazine published an article promoting that movie and this is the main picture of the article. One-Eye. In your face. Tell a friend. Also, that robot head above Ryan has something going on in the right eye as well.
Harrison Ford is the other star of Bladerunner 2049. He was featured in the cover story of GQ magazine to promote that movie as well. Once again, the one-eye sign. In your face. Tell a friend.
To make 100% sure that you understand that there is nothing “random” about this one-eye thing, here’s another one. There is something sad about these old guys forced to do these ridiculous signs to stay relevant.
Another artist looking to stay relevant is Gwen Stefani who is doing the classic “I need some moolah” move by releasing a Christmas album. The cover features Stefani hiding an eye with a mistletoe. What a charming way of indicating that she’s an industry slave. Also, good news, you can buy a whole bunch of garbage featuring that one-eye sign.
Sehun from K-Pop group EXO does the one eye thing on the cover of Super Elle China. Subtle detail: On the nail of his raised index is a cross that is inverted on the pic.The cover of Echosmith’s new album features all three members with one eye hidden. The guy at the bottom left also hides one eye with a flower to make sure you understand that this is done on purpose.
NOT THE DOUGHBOY TOO! * Jumps out of the window *
This is from Vogue Knitting. Yes, they even have models doing this stuff in magazines about knitting. Considering the fact that Vogue has always been 100% about elite symbolism, this is not surprising.
Another picture from the same magazine proving that there is nothing random here.
This ad for Bourjois is the most obvious one-eye extravaganza ever seen.
This is Madonna’s daughter who is entering the fashion world through the big door. I’m pretty sure her mommy has a few more $20 bills for her to pose with.
Billie Piper in Stylist magazine. But wait, maybe this is just a quirky pic with no underlying meaning.
Two other pics from that Billie Piper article proving that there was nothing random about hiding one eye. It is a requirement.
Someone should tell that little girl that this is not where the lollipop goes. In all seriousness, she probably knows exactly where it goes but the photographer made her do it.
An ad for nails from Poland. You thought Poland was exempt from this crap, didn’t you? You were like “At least, they don’t have this stuff in Poland”. Made you feel good. Sorry to break it to you, but Poland is not exempt.
The album cover of the new Queens of the Stone Age albums is very symbolic. It features the devil covering the actual eyes of a rocker and controlling his hands with strings like a puppet. A good way of portraying the inner-workings of the industry.
Mel B’s dress at the MTV VMAs had a clear message on it “You will never own me”. It was interpreted as a message of defiance to her estranged husband Stephen Belafonte as their nasty divorce battle continues. However, the back of the dress appears to tell a deeper story.
On her butt is a big eye which, as we know, represents the occult industry. Are the words “You will never own me” also addressed to the industry? Mel B’s current legal battle against Belafonte (a movie producer) is not going her way and it is about to get uglier as sensitive personal details are set to be aired out. Does she feel that the industry is destroying her?

Special thanks to everyone who sent in pics!

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Notice a baby hanging behind daughter of Madonna. Also a pic of some semi nude girl. That is extremely creepy. Is this called Surreal art. ?

I noticed that too…but even creepier is the naked baby doll which seems to be hanging on the wall with something around its throat

Great pix, but hey where is Mother? A new surreal bomb from darren Aranovsky.
It might be a total flop, but also a field work for VS

I’m pretty certain that’s her mother half naked on the wall.

No, Dewmanthy is referring to the baby doll on the left, not the picture hanging on the wall.

He’s referring to both.

That’s what I was wondering….

Pelase, PLEASE let us not forget about Crowley’s infamous phrase: “Oh, how superior is the Eye of Horus to the Mouth of Isis!”. For those of you who don’t know, the guy was really into anal sex, even trying to summon a homunculus-like creature from his own butthole. The Eye of Horus was the anus (preferably from young boys), while the Mouth Of isis was the vagina. Now read his phrase again… you’ll get it. So showcasing the Eye of Horus on a person’s butt is pretty much a redundancy.


Good grief..get ahold of yourself, man. The eye of horus is not the anus. Where do you people come from?!

VII° Adoration of the phallus as Baphomet, both within and without
VIII° Interaction with something outside the closed vessels of the vagina and the anus
IX° Interaction inside the vagina with either the blood or the secretions of a woman when excited
X° Impregnation + fertilisation of an egg + the act of creation or succession (e.g. election of the OHO)
XI° Two-folded: i) Isolation in the anus [per vas nefandum] where it is considered unable to interact with anything at all ii) interaction with excrements (one of Crowley’s preferred ingredients) and small amounts of blood (when small wounds occur through the intercourse), mucus and of course the mucous membranes that lead directly into the blood supply, etc.

Please do some research on the matter. I didn’d come up with this out of the blue. Alesiter Crowley created a whole church from this which influenced generations after generations of singers, artists, directros and such. So please educate yourself, because this is historical fact. Sure, the Egyptians saw it diferently but I’m talking about the modern conception of it. The bottom of the galaxy, the lowest chackra, the Eye of Horus… the anus.

*shudder* More than I needed to know, thank you.

Can’t Mel B see what signals she’s sending wearing that thing? I mean, can’t she SEE at all? Another mind-crushed Beta, I suppose. 🙁

As I see it (and I’ve seen it in TV shows like True Detective S1), the Eye of Horus on a person’s butt means they were sodomized/ritually abused, so I’m pretty sure that was not herself expressing something.

I threw away my TV in 1999. Society becomes increasingly alien to me. I have no idea what’s on TV these days. In 2006, after seeing people at a party all watching their cell phones instead of talking to each other, I threw my cell phone away. In 2015, when my countrymen voted for Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister of Canada, I threw my country away.

Thank GOD you have your computer, though. Lol, edgelord.

Hey VC just read Hugh Hefner died. Look forward to you doing an article or 2 parter about him. I’ve been an VC reader since 2011. I notice you’ve mention Hefner playboy dark ways behind closed doors, in a few of you’re articles…

His widow also made a very interestingly worded public statement after.

OMG VC the line about the Doughboy had me busting out laughing!!! I love your humor 🙂

You’re an idiot! Open your mind!

I hope you will do an article on Blade Runner 2049 after it comes out because I think it’s going to reveal some things that are about to happen soon.

A short anime film about the history of Blade Runner was released 2 days ago – Blade Runner Blackout 2022. It depicts the US being attacked by an EMP explosion which created a total power outage. Replicants were behind this, and we should know that the replicants actually represent mind control victims.

Mark Taylor has talked about the year 2022 being the year THEY wanted to culminate their agendas. Hillary was supposed to carry on what Obama had done and by 2022, a year some say is etched on the capstone of the Washington monument. It’s interesting!

Truthfully, NEITHER Political Party is “BEHIND” any of the TRULY vile things done…they’re simply PAWNS and DARE NOT disobey…Don’t get distracted by physical…IT’S TOTALLY SPIRITUAL using the PHYSICAL…as in the Miley photo…It SAYS NOTHING unless you’re SPIRITUALLY awake THEN it becomes OH Soooo graphically REAL!!! Including the photo on the wall…the MOM may be the “portal” thru which Miley got “PULLED” into the occult…EVIL any way you cut it…AND the uneaten food…& the PHONE…”Call us! We’ll FREE YOU! (And they DO make it APPEAR that they HAVE freed her…THO, it’s ALL an illusion….SAD!! PRAY FOR ALL OF THE SLAVES to be TRULY FREED through GENUINE LOVE!

Not only is Harrison Ford doing the Ole One Eye B.S,
In the first pic he also has his hand in the classic 666 pose.

YES, you are so right.

Forget the one eye symbolism for Madonnas daughter. Her wall decor isn’t much more alarming.

@Erin…yeah pretty alarming. I saw a hung baby doll and some disturbing half-naked lady. It looks like some warped SNL stuff.

The half-naked lady is undoubtedly her own mother on stage. Pretty sick stuff.

I’m so sick of this, and I’m also sick of the masses that just don’t want to see, even if you keep pointing it out. It doesn’t matter if they get swamped in one-eyed signs, they’ll deny everything that even hints to the existence of the Living God up in heaven, that way they can remain blissfully ignorant and lawless. Zechariah 11:17 Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock! the sword shall be upon his arm, and upon his right eye: his arm shall be clean dried up, and his right eye shall be utterly darkened. John 10:12-13 12The hired hand is not the shepherd, and the sheep are not his own. When he sees the wolf coming, he abandons the sheep and runs away. Then the wolf pounces on them and scatters the flock. 13The man runs away because he is a hired servant and is unconcerned… Read more »
I believe it’s biblical. It isn’t because they can’t see; it’s because they’ve chosen NOT to see. The human mind is much deeper and much more powerful than many are even aware of. The subconscious mind records *everything*. They’ve already seen the chemtrails, the satanic pentagrams etc. They just prefer to pretend it isn’t happening or are maybe even in support of it, I don’t know. But, I think the reason most of us have found our way to this website is because we’ve seen the same things everybody else have – difference being, we’re rejecting it. This is why no matter how loudly we yell about “the end is coming!” they won’t listen. If you point these things out to a person and they aren’t interested to hear there’s a satanic conspiracy to kill them it’s because they genuinely don’t care and/or have shut their minds to the possibility… Read more »

Beautifully stated Skepticat!! I have nothing to add.

Misguided children do not choose to not-see. You are judging people you are not able to judge, because your references are incomplete.

Lol wut

By the way, be careful on YouTube viewing ‘truth’ material in general. I just noticed this video I’m linking has subliminal flashing content, it may be further predictive programming. You can see an example of it @ I’ve noticed this usage of subliminal flashing on several ‘truther’ channels now. It can come in the form of both rapid flashing of images and inaduible voices. Be aware and be careful if you notice something like this. There are definitely intelligence agency disinfo agents, provocateurs and scaremongers about trying to control where things headed.

I’m very pissed off about knowing other people do know about this and continue to do nothing but you have to understand that it’s a choice they’re making on a sub-conscious level. They’re not ready, yet.

what an ugly dress! and the eye also indicates the anus. she allows herself to be sodomized to open her third eye.

Oh, I thought she was telling them to kiss her you-know-what…

she’s wearing red shoes too…

She looks terrible, she looks mentally drained and Tired. Mel B is someone WHO always looks stunning….. I think she is sending a clear message to her handlers

Belafonte was her handler

Dont forget Mel B’s “ruby shoes”….

Note Billie Piper’s Scarlet Woman blood sacrifice lace dress. Doctor Who has lots of Illuminati references. The regenerations could refer to alters. Google ‘Doctor Who Illuminati,’ there is a lot of speculation about Dr Who and Masonry symbolism, like Matt Smith’s goofy fez. Lots of sci fi seems Illuminati when you analyze it, including Blade Runner, with its theme of transhumanism pushed by an elite corporation. Star Trek, too – Spock is a good candidate for Nephilim: half human, half alien, superhuman intelligence and strength, psychic abilities, and a classically demonic appearance.

Billie Piper has a pyramid tattooed/drawn on her finger in the third picture as well.

I just saw mother! tonight…pls pls do an article on that film….its just sick. movie ends with satanists eating a baby. the husband is satan. in interviews the director claims the husband is supposed to be god….but there is a quick shot of a photo of the husband character with devil horns drawn on him.

The movie was a gnostic version of the bible. The husband was our God of the Christian bible. This is the reason why he was referred to as “The Poet” and “The Creator” the entire time. The wife was Lilith, and their home was mother Earth. The two guests were Adam & Eve. God wanted the guests to stay because they loved his work and praised him all the time, while also destroying the home (earth) at the same time. According to gnostics, our God is egotistical and controlling. Adam and Eve stay against Lilith’s desire and without God asking Lilith (he runs the show). The glass shiny thing that was in God’s room that Adam and Eve was forbidden from touching was the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good & evil. When Adam & Eve broke (ate) it, they became different and it shows the scene of… Read more »

Um how about putting *SPOILER* in front of a comment like that? I didn’t want to know the ending/info you gave, regardless if you feel the movie is “evil” or not. By the trailer (or any knowledge of the directors past work) you can tell it’s not some “lighthearted” film. I still look forward to seeing it, & if you plan to put me down somehow for wanting to see it: You clearly wanted to as well & were Aware it was going to be “dark themed art”/ect. (Unless you randomly go see new movies in the theater without watching a trailer/knowing Nothing about it..) Anyway just asking to please be considerate regarding spoilers & such. Even VC’s articles on films, new & old, have spoiler disclaimers.


All we do here is analize and disect pop, cult, celebrity-airwaves and – articles, movies and clips. Be prepared for more spoilers, my child.

Um how about you stop all that whining. The movie came out almost a month ago so you’ve had more than enough time to watch it. It was obvious after the first couple sentences that I was going to spoil the plot, yet you CHOSE to continue reading. You could of stopped reading at any point. Plenty of times I’ve read a movie analysis that starts to reveal the entire plot. Want to know what I do? I STOP READING. Pretty simple huh? Nowhere in my comment did I state that I believed the movie was “evil”. Why would I put you down for watching a movie, that I myself went to the theatres to watch? That was a very random speculation. Nearly all Hollywood movies have a symbolic esoteric meaning to it. I was simply responding to someone who wanted an analysis of the movie. I am not VC.… Read more »
A guy: I wasn’t whining, just asking people to be considerate is all, I still don’t see why you feel the Need to be extremely hateful about it. But more Importantly here: I actualy was Not replying to YOU. I was replying to the poster “jimbo,” up a few posts before yours. I didn’t even Look at yours because, as you said; it looked very in depth & seemed sure to have spoilers by it’s length/looked in depth. The other users post you can see, it’s hard/near Impossible not to miss the first Sentence of said comment, that spoils the ending by just Glancing at it. I have no idea what the rest of their comment says because I did in fact STOP reading; I’m aware how simple it is. Anyway, believe me or not; I Truly did click REPLY On the user jimbo’s comment. I have NO Idea why… Read more »

the husband is God, their God

Of course..youre right

Did anyone notice the Devil on the Queens of the Stoneage album is giving us all the finger? He’s laughing and flipping us all off.

“2 Thus saith the LORD, Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them.

3 For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe.

4 They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not.

5 They are upright as the palm tree, but speak not: they must needs be borne, because they cannot go. Be not afraid of them; for they cannot do evil, neither also is it in them to do good.”

(Jeremiah 10)×576/public/images/2016/5/15/2016-0510-NBCU-Upfront-2016-Chrstms30Rck-Show-Slide-1920×1080-CC.jpg

Oh man, this never fails to get a reaction from me. Will the mucky miley tart put some clothes on, fed up of seeing her beaver hanging out. Madonnas offspring following mummy footsteps, God help us. And what a sad old silly man Harrison Ford looks like…..

They are actually boring.

Height of their imagery is an eye and a butterfly.

the new star trek series is heavily doing the one eye thang. posters all over the city…also the very first shot in the show is a slow zoom out from one eye. the same thing happens in the new alien movie. first shot is a close up of an eye.not surprising since its directed by ridley scott. he does the same thing in the opening on the original blade runner.

The eye zoom is most noticeable in Saving Private Ryan.

The biggest TV show in recent history, other than Game of Thrones, is Lost. The opening shot of the series is on his one eye waking up in the woods after the crash. The very last shot of the series is on his one eye watching the plane fly overhead and then closing shut.

Voice and Accountability

One eye symbolism is everywhere in the new star trek! Not just the beginning; I lost count!

Thanks VC. I will send you some slovenian photos.

The Lady Gaga, Gaga: five foot two, concert video cover has the one-eye thing going on too. Also, doing a quick DuckDuckGo image-search shows Gaga covering one eye in a huge number of images. There’s no mistake that this is deliberate.

Pullease drop the act. No need to sneak in a gag-promo again, she don’t need it, we don’t need it., and, speaking for myself, just the name gives vommit-stupors.

Ive been a huge star wars fan since i was a, kid, so its very disturbing to see Harrison Ford doing the one eye thing

Not only the one eye thing. In the first pic he has his hand in the classic 666 pose.
It’s so sick.

This is CLEARLY (as you say), “IN YOUR FACE” demonic inspiration…The Miley Cyrus photos are PROBABLY the MOST REVEALING…While the MEL B. show MAY be the MOST pathetic…She’s CLEARLY fighting being OWNED…but WHO she’s FIGHTING is the most significant point…The symbols on the back of her dress are difficult to decipher, but that COULD be purposeful, and ONLY understood by a select FEW OR her “Ex”…Time will VERY LIKELY TELL…Terribly sad that talent is being so used & abused! BUT! It WAS BY CHOICE…that’s how the enemy works…You CHOOSE to obey, and THEN you learn the TRUE COST! dewmanthy…NO! Not surreal…SPIRITUALLY REAL!…

whatever the underlying reason, these pics are irritating, photographers stop taking photos like that, we are sick of these!!!

Very interesting quote on the guys guitar “my confusion is waving goodbye”

The first pic of miley cyrus is her being trapped in this physical world, like it’s a jail and she’s reaching for Lucifer the light-bearer to attain god-hood. Next pic she’s a goddess. The mel B picture, she’s telling Christian God “you will never own me” and on the back she’s saying her third eye is open and she’s a God basically. The biggest lie told by Satan

DEEP insights!! thanks!!

This one eye nonsense is oh so tiring. I went from curious to alarmed to apathetic since I’ve been on this site. Is this the ultimate goal of the elite? To bore us to death?

Do some real searches. The truth is out there my friend. You have not found it yet.

Ok so with all this overwhelming one eye symbolism, why is no one talking openly about what it means?? Certainly there must be someone who regrets getting mixed up with this nonsense. Or has it happened and its been hushed up . I dont get it

It’s sad that my country, Poland, has same Illuminati s**t like other countries.

I sense an article on Blade Runner 2049 coming, other than that the MK slaves are at it again in showing who is the boss of them that it makes me more vigilant with a “keen eye” to watch out for anything out of the ordinary.

One-eye symbol we get it already, its been coming off as annoying lately due to most sheeple not aware of its dark meaning about the “industry’s” diabolical plans.


I’m from Argentina, and even here I see one eye sign everywhere. Particularly in ads from the local government of my town. They are everywhere.

The daughter of Carrie Fisher, Billie Lourd, has found an interesting way to promote the industry on her Instagram page. One recent picture shows her posing with the one eye signature and her quote is “Practicing the art of artfully covering under eye circles with a hip peace sign pose”. Beyond repugnant. Great work as always, VC!

Amber Heard is also pictured on her Instagram page covering one eye while simultaneously giving the sign of the horns, stating “When you know your lipstick is smeared but you have to smile”. Uh yeah … sure … whatever you say, Amber.

Supporter from Poland

Never thought this sh… is spread also in this part of the globe 🙁 Greetings from Poland!

VC can you do an article Bout Mother! , It’s very symbolic and revealing

Read about Aleister Crowley’s interpretation of ‘the eye of Horus’, and you will understand, why she has the eye on her ass. The truth is ugly, but it is what it is.

What does it say?

Harrsion Ford and the children and Billy Piper are sad. But the dough boy? NOOOO! Leave him alone!

We’re gonna have to start using Star Trek’s “warp factor” in a different way with these twidiots!

Wow! I wonder how many people still think this is all a coincidence.

It’s all “Fuckery and fakery”

Oh man, you totally forgot the new Star Trek advertisement, with Sonia Martin-Green doing the Vulcan hand sign, hiding, all but one eye…and of the series has a major role for a gay character and praises the bending/breaking of gender norms.

What about the idea that many of these “stars” like Miley Cyrus are actually trannies? Mr E on youtube has many videos on this subject. They’ve never been hard to spot as streetwalker types but do these celebs get higher quality help to get the job done well?
It makes me think of the old Neil Diamond song “Boy , you’ll be a woman soon…”

noooo not sehun 🙁 (anyways why is no one on VC talked about EXO’s debut MV????????? it’s so weirdly symbolic and now theyre one of the hottest and popular boyband)

i really need to stop clicking buttons that take me to these windows and doors of life

No, you have to mind what you are doing.

“There is something sad about these old guys forced to do these ridiculous signs to stay relevant.”
What doesn’t seem relevant is the barb against Ford for his age. I don’t sanction what he or his much younger co-star, Gosling, are doing, but it’s off base to say he needs to do this to stay relevant.

He’s made 11 films since 2010, including reprising a couple of iconic roles, and is listed for an upcoming Spielberg-helmed fifth and final Indiana Jones movie. VC, please find better ways to take aim at celebs than taking cheap shots at them because their age. After all, Gosling, Cyrus, Stefani, the little eBay girl and others aren’t seniors, so why are they doing the one-eyed nonsense? They don’t have the need to do it “to stay relevant” excuse. It’s just a sickness that’s pandemic these days with no age coding.

VC I’ve been visiting this site for almost 8 years now! Ive shown countless friends and family your content. Even recently met acquaintances I appreciate all the research you have done.

I love your captions here lol

mel b isn’t the same person in the picture or the Same dress as one looks like miley Cyrus and even the background is different. I think he made a mistake on that picture.

Jesus Christ… everything so scary!

As a photographer myself, I’d like to say not every photo has a hidden message. I’m not saying that stuff is going on in all these different industries. But some photos just look esthetically pleasing if there is a focal point over the face.