“Kingsman: The Secret Service” or How to Sell the Occult Elite to the Youth


“Kingsman: The Secret Service” is a spy movie with action, comedic, and some gore. More importantly, it is riddled with symbolism and messages that promote the occult elite’s philosophy and its Agenda for the future.

Warning : Major Spoilers Ahead!

Kingsman: The Secret Service is a modern take on classic spy movies that feature slick Englishmen saving the world. Like most spy movies, Kingsman tells a convoluted story that’s taking place on an international level, complete with high-stakes politics and high-tech gadgets. Contrary to James Bond flicks, however, Kingsman takes a more youthful, “urban” approach in order to reach that critical crowd. The main protagonist, named Eggsy, is indeed a young, pub-dwelling Londoner from a rough neighborhood, a tough character with whom younger generations can identify, the exact crowd the occult elite is looking to shape, mold and influence. And, behind all of this gadget-ridden, tailored-suits-with-skinny-ties crap, the movie slickly communicates a flurry of messages to its viewership, effectively outlining the elite’s philosophy, its modus operandi and its long-term Agenda. Of course, everything is sugarcoated in a sexy spy package with a lot of violence to make all of these things easily digestible for viewers.

From start to finish, Kingsman jumps from one propaganda message to another, culminating in nothing less than a massive “cleansing” of the world population, a gigantic genocide that would kill everybody except a few chosen elite. If you’ve read other articles on this site, you know that this is the occult elite’s favorite story to tell the masses.

Right from the start, the movie gets into war propaganda territory as we see two Arabs getting killed by a helicopter.

The movie starts with high tech military gear killing two Arabs men. Why? Its not important. They are Arabs so its OK.
The movie starts with high tech military gear killing two Arabs men. Why? It doesn’t matter. They are Arabs, so they’re probably up to no good. Their screams of pain are blended with the cool rock music in the background.

The U.S., Great Britain and other Western nations have been involved in various wars around the Middle-East in the past years. To make sure public support for these wars continue, movies keep promoting the concept that killing Arabs is cool.

We then see a shot a Middle-Eastern palace being attacked by helicopters. From the rumbles of that palace are formed the letters of the production companies that produced the movie.
We then see a shot of a Middle-Eastern palace being attacked by helicopters. As rumbles from that roll towards the camera, they morph into the names of the production companies that produced the movie. It is a symbolic way of saying that, from the ruins and exploitation of weaker civilizations, the occult elite (and its media companies) gain more power.
Inside the palace, three Kingsman execute an Arab guy. Why? That's not important, he's Arab.
Inside the palace, three Kingsman execute an Arab guy. Why? It doesn’t matter, he’s Arab so he probably did something bad.

The rest of the movie has nothing to do with the Middle East. It was just an introduction to the world of propaganda you are about to witness.

The actual plot revolves around a high-powered and extremely wealthy “eco-terrorist” named Richmond Valentine (played by Samuel Jackson), who is looking to drastically reduce the world population using microchips embedded in cellphones. The hero of the movie ultimately saves the world but, through the action and explosions, a clear message is sent: Kingsman and Richmond Valentine are two sides of the same clan – the occult elite. Kingsman, with its classy agents and its medieval-inspired lore, represent the mythical side of the occult elite, a fictional and heroic facade that entertains the masses while inspiring awe and respect. Richmond Valentine is the true, ugly, and evil side of the elite, as he works actively with the world’s most powerful people to abuse, deceive and annihilate most of the human race – which is considered to be a virus that is killing Earth. While Kingsman and Valentine are portrayed as enemies in the movie, there are enough connections between the two sides to understand that they are two faces of the same coin.

Let’s first look at how Kingsman are a romanticized version of the occult elite bloodlines.

Kingsman: How the Elite Wants You to Perceive Them

Simply by dissecting the name of the secret service, we understand that Kingsman are the king’s men. They exist to protect the interests of the world’s royalty, the elite bloodlines who have been in power for centuries.The code name “Kingsman” is taken from the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, an ancient myth that still captures imaginations today. However, most people do not realize that occult circles attribute an esoteric meaning to the King Arthur story, as its symbolism reflects the thinking of secret societies.

“In the personality of Arthur is to be found a new form of the ever-recurrent cosmic myth. The prince of Britain is the sun, his knights are the zodiac, and his flashing sword may be the sun’s ray with which he fights and vanquishes the dragons of darkness or it may represent the earth’s axis. Arthur’s Round Table is the universe; the Siege Perilous the throne of the perfect man. In its terrestrial sense, Arthur was the Grand Master of a secret Christian-Masonic brotherhood of philosophic mystics who termed themselves Knights. Arthur received the exalted position of Grand Master of these Knights because he had faithfully accomplished the withdrawal of the sword (spirit) from the anvil of the base metals (his lower nature). As invariably happens, the historical Arthur soon was confused with the allegories and myths of his order until now the two are inseparable. After Arthur’s death on the field of Kamblan his Mysteries ceased, and esoterically he was borne away on a black barge, as is so beautifully described by Tennyson in his Morte d’Arthur. The great sword Excalibur was also cast back into the waters of eternity – all of which is a vivid portrayal of the descent of cosmic night at the end of the Day of Universal Manifestation. The body of the historical Arthur was probably interred at Glastonbury Abbey, a building closely identified with the mystic rites of both the Grail and the Arthurian Cycle.

The mediæval Rosicrucians were undoubtedly in possession of the true secret of the Arthurian Cycle and the Grail legend, much of their symbolism having been incorporated into that order.”
– Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

In Kingsman, the leader is of course named Arthur, and Eggsy, the young hero, aspires to become the new Lancelot.

At one point, agent Galahad, Eggy’s mentor, explains the origins of Kingsman, a story that directly refers to elite bloodlines. At first, he states that Kingsman began as tailors for the elite.

“Since 1849, Kingsman tailors have clothed the world’s most powerful individuals.”

The London headquarters of Kingsman is a classy tailor shop.
The London headquarters of Kingsman is a classy tailor store.

The fact that Kingsman began as tailors is extremely symbolic. By dressing up the world’s most powerful people, they symbolically drape the elite in noble and beautiful garments, effectively “covering them up” and disguising them in something beautiful. In the movie, Kingsman glorifies the elite bloodlines and their philosophy by “draping them” in spy agency heroics.

Galahad then explains how from tailors, Kingsman became a powerful actor on the international scene.

“By 1919, a great number of powerful individuals had lost their heirs to World War One. That meant a lot of money going uninherited. And a lot of powerful men with a desire to preserve peace and protect life.

Our founders realized that they could channel that wealth and influence for the greater good. And so began our other venture: An independent, international intelligence agency operating at the highest level of discretion, above the politics and bureaucracy that undermine the integrity of government-run organizations.”

This origins story cannot better describe the occult elite. Backed by the incredible fortune of a few elite families, Kingsman operates on a level that is “above” democratically-elected government, and acts in total secrecy (you will notice that, throughout the movie, there is absolutely no respect for democratic governments). Like the occult elite that decides world policies at secret meetings such as the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg conference, Kingsman operates on that above-government level. If Kingsman had evolved in the “real world”, their major contributors would mostly likely be the Rothschillds, Rockerfellers and Duponts, bloodlines of extreme wealth who shaped the world using a level of power that goes way beyond national governments and political parties.

The concept of “bloodline” is extremely important for the Kingsman. When Arthur discusses the death of a Kingsman agent with Galahad, he says:

“But he wasn’t exactly one of us, was he?”

This implies that the Kingsman that died was an “outsider” and not a descendant of the “privileged” bloodline that makes up Kingsman. Is this why these agents appear to have special powers?

Even if Eggsy comes from a poor neighborhood, his father was part of the bloodline, meaning that he is part of the bloodline as well. He therefore does not have to live like the other poor saps in his neighborhood – he is a privileged one.

As a child, Eggsy is given the Kingsman pendant which will allow him to receive a special favor.
As a child, Eggsy is given the Kingsman pendant because he is “one of them”.
When Eggsy got arrested for stealing a car, he calls the secret number on his pendant and provides the secret password that was given to him by Galahad. Shortly after, Eggsy is released from police custody and Galahad welcomes him personally outside of the police station. Being part of the bloodline means that you are above the law.
When Eggsy gets arrested for stealing a car, he calls the secret number on his pendant and provides the secret password that was given to him by Galahad. Shortly after, Eggsy is released from police custody and Galahad welcomes him personally outside of the police station. Being part of the bloodline means that you are above the law.

At first, Eggsy does not identify with the sophisticated demeanor of Galahad, which is in opposition to his rough upbringing. Eggsy is accustomed to dwelling in pubs and getting into fights with bums who barely act more civilized than feral animals. Portraying the masses as a wild stupid herd while portraying the elite as classy people is a classic way the movie industry celebrates the elite.

When one rowdy Londoner threatens Eggsy inside a pub, Galahad gets up and beats the crap out of everybody using high tech gadgets. You do not mess with the elite. During the end credits, we see Eggsy (who became a full fledged gentleman) beat the crap out of the same people again. He is now part of them.
When one rowdy Londoner threatens Eggsy inside a pub, Galahad gets up and beats the crap out of everybody there using high tech gadgets. Bloodine = good. Regular people = bad. During the end credits, we see Eggsy (who subsequently became a full-fledged gentleman) beat the crap out of the same people again, in the same pub. He became part of Them.

Before the pub fight, Galahad tells Eggsy:

“The lack of a silver spoon has set you on certain path, but you needn’t stay on it. If you’re prepared to adapt and learn, you can transform.”

In other words, Eggsy, who grew up in poverty, is fortunate enough to be part of the bloodline that gives him to opportunity to “ascend” to an elite level. He must however “transform” and be initiated to the elite. Like in occult secret societies, initiation to Kingsman involves an oath of secrecy under the penalty of death. In fact, Kingsman recruits are each given a bodybag to symbolically represent their fate if they break their oath.

The training of the recruits was filmed at Wrotham Park – a gigantic mansion that was built in 1754.

The fact that the Kingsman train at Wortham Park, which is the type of country house built by the elite for the elite, further reinforces who they are connected to.
The fact that the Kingsman train at Wrotham Park, which is the type of country house built by the elite for the elite, further reinforces who they are connected to.

The Wrotham Park mansion was designed by Isaac Ware, a renowned English architect and a Freemason. He is credited with bringing to England Palladean architecture, inspired by the works of Italian architect Andrea Palladio, a favorite of the occult elite.

The Freemasons’ cult of reason and admiration for the laws of geometry found its expression, as well as fulfillment, in the Italian architecture of the late Renaissance, with the works of Andrea Palladio (1508-1580). The English Freemasons played a significant role in popularising his cult. It was thanks to the members of the Great Lodge of London that Palladio’s style became dominant in England, and later also in the United States.
– Mikołaj Gliński, The True Face of Freemasonry

At one point during the movie, we see a nice shot of the top of the mansion which prominently features Poseidon holding his trident. A great number of building and monuments built in the 18th and 19th century by the occult elite prominently feature Poseidon - maybe because he was the king of Atlantis - the sunken island from which the occult mysteries are said to originate from.
At one point during the movie, we see a nice shot of the top of the mansion which prominently features Poseidon holding his trident. A great number of building and monuments built in the 18th and 19th century by the occult elite prominently feature Poseidon – maybe because he was the king of Atlantis – the sunken island from which the occult mysteries are said to originate from.

Eggsy is taken to the mansion using a secret underground tunnel and discovers that hidden underneath that building are incredible resources.

You cannot get all of this stuff if you don't have that sweet Rothschild money.
You cannot get all of this stuff if you don’t have that sweet Rothschild money.

During his training, Eggsy also learns that the elite does not use media to reveal – but to conceal.

Behind Gallahad are the covers of newspapers after Kingsman accomplished something major - and they're all stupid, sensationalist stories that have nothing to do with them. Media is used to distract the masses while they're kept in the dark from the truth.
Behind Gallahad are the covers of newspapers the day after he accomplished something major for Kingsman. None of them mention him and all of them are about pointless, sensationalist news. Media is used to distract the masses while they are kept in the dark from the truth.

Not unlike initiation rituals of the occult elite occult, there is an important price to pay to enter that rarefied circle.

To complete his initiation with Kingsman, he is asked to shoot the dog he was asked to care for since he was a puppy.
To complete his initiation as a Kingsman, Eggsy is asked to shoot the dog he was asked to care for since it was a puppy.

Blood sacrifice, which involves the killing of a loved one to prove one’s loyalty, is the ultimate price to pay to enter the occult elite. Eggsy did not go through with it because, mainly, that scene would have outraged viewers (unlike killing Arabs). But the concept is there.

Kingsman embody the mythical side of the occult elite, draped in ancient lore. The same way tailors drape their clients with lush fabrics, Kingsman drape the elite class with heroics. However, they then face off with the other side of the elite, the ugly, dirty, evil,  sadistic, violent, manipulative and power-hungry side that controls world politics and perceives the masses as a wild herd. This side is embodied by villain Richmond Valentine, whose nefarious agenda is perfectly matches the occult elite’s Agenda.

Richmond Valentine – The True Side of the Elite

Simply put, Valentine is an agent carrying out the elite’s Agenda and the scapegoat on which people can ultimately blame everything. For this reason, he is the exact opposite of the mythical side of the elite portrayed by Kingsman. He is a Black American guy who dresses in street wear, who is kind of cowardly and, to top it off,  speaks with a goofy lisp. While Kingsman look to the past with Arthurian references and traditions, Valentine is all the future. He is about the elite’s agenda today, about using mass media and technology to accomplish his plans.

Valentine’s sidekick Gazelle wears bladed prosthetic legs – the symbol of transhumanism. As stated several times before on this site, selling transhumanism is an important part of the elite’s Agenda. To make sure you get the picture, Gazelle uses her special legs to literally cut a Kingsman in half, proving that an “augmented” human is superior to a regular human.

Contrarily to the secrecy of the occult elite, Valentine is all over the media and constantly shows his face in the worlds of politics, entertainment and technology.

Richmond is live on SKY News promoting a movie about his life. You cannot be more in mass media.
Richmond is live on SKY News to promote a movie about his rise to power. You cannot be more in mass media.

Even while he seemingly represents the exact opposite of the occult elite, he nevertheless carries out its plan. His main goal: To kill everybody on earth, except a chosen few. Not unlike what the elite is doing now, he justifies massive depopulation using ecological arguments such as global warming.

“When you get a virus, you get a fever. That’s the human body raising its core temperature to kill the virus. The planet Earth works the same way. Global warming is the fever. Mankind is the virus. We’re making our planet sick. A cull is our only hope. If we don’t reduce our population ourselves, there is only one of two ways this can go. The host kills the virus or the virus kills the host. Either way … the result is the same. The virus dies. Sometimes a culling is the only way to ensure this species survives.

I am inviting you to be a part of a new world.”

Notice that Richmond uses the word “cull” to describe his plan, which is defined as: “selective slaughter of wild animals”. In animal breeding, culling is “the process of removing or segregating animals from a breeding stock based on specific criteria. This is done either to reinforce or exaggerate desirable characteristics, or to remove undesirable characteristics from the group.”

“Culling” therefore precisely describes the mind set of the elite: They view the masses as a wild animal breed that spun out of control and that needs to be brought down and selectively slaughtered. Guess who will be “selected” to survive? Not you!

Richmond has a notebook of the people he wants to save by bringing to his remote base while the world dies. Notice that there are no "regular" people on there.
Valentine keeps a list of the people he wants to save by keeping them safe in his remote base while the world collapses. Notice that the list is more about titles than it is about names.

Valentine is looking to reduce world population by inserting mind-controlling microchips inside mobile phones. At the flick of a switch, the chip causes people to go berserk and start killing each other.

To make sure his microchips are spread around the world, Richmond offers a free phone (embedded with a chip) to everyone. Of course, people line up in stores to get their free service.
To make sure his microchips are spread around the world, Valentine offers a free phone (embedded with a chip) to everyone. Of course, people line up in stores to get their free thing.

As an agent of the elite, Valentine’s plans operate at a level way above national government. At one point we even see him in the White House talking down to President Obama.

Richmond tells the President to "open his f*cking ears". The elite has no respect for governemnt officials - who are simply there as a puppet show.
Richmond tells the President to “open his f*cking ears”. The elite has no respect for government officials, they are their puppets.

Right after that scene at the White House, we see an interesting transition that carries heavy symbolic meaning:

Right after Richmond gives orders to the US President, we see a shot of the White House. Then, the camera pans up to a shot of the toilet bowls at the Kingsman HQ just as someone is about to take a crap. It is a subtle yet strong image describing how the elite literally craps on governments.
Right after Richmond gives orders to the US President, we see a shot of the White House. Then, the camera pans up to a shot of the toilet bowls at the Kingsman HQ just as some guy is about to go number two. It is a subtle yet strong image describing how the elite literally craps on “democratic governments”.

The elite not only craps on governments, it craps on religions as well because, in their “new world” there would be only one world religion. One scene in the movie sums up the elite’s entire plan for religions.

The South Glade Mission Church with a gloomy message ... or is it a warning from the elite?
The South Glade Mission Church with a gloomy message … or is it a warning from the elite?

In the movie, the South Glad Mission Church is a hate group based in Kentucky that Valentine uses for his own nefarious purposes. We then see a greasy-haired preacher talking about everything but Jesus.

“Our filthy government condones sodomy, divorce, abortion. And, yet, there is still doubt this is the work of the antichrist! You do not have to be a Jew, a n*gger, a w***e or an atheist, science-loving evolution spouter….”

The movie makers made the preacher as awful and offensive as possible to make the viewers hate him and, by proxy, hate Christians in general. Galahad, who has been sent to that church, does not agree with what he is hearing and gets up. He then tells a woman:

“I’m a Catholic w***e whose currently enjoying congress out of wedlock with my black Jewish boyfriend who works in a military abortion clinic. So, hail Satan and have a lovely afternoon madam”.

Then Galahad proceeds to kill every single person in that church, in a long, dragged-out, extremely gory scene as cool rock music plays in the background.

Galahad stands in the church surrounded by all of the people he killed. This was one big Illuminati orgy scene.
Galahad stands in the church surrounded by all of the people he killed. This was one big Illuminati orgy scene.

Although the violence was rationalized by the fact that Galahad was under the influence of Valentine’s chip, the movie nevertheless put something very specific on the screen: One of the heroes of the film says “hail Satan” and then kills every single person inside a church. That is what the elite wants us to see and absorb.

Richmond finally manages to gather his elite guests in a secret underground location where they all chill out and have drinks while the world collapses.

The "select few" await the countdown to celebrate the deaths of billions.
The “select few” await the countdown to celebrate the deaths of billions.

Valentine then gives a speech to his guest that reflects the mind state of the occult elite:

“I just want to remind you that today is a day of celebration. We must put aside all thoughts of death and focus on birth. The birth of a new age. We mustn’t morn those who give their lives today. We should honor their sacrifice and their role in saving the human race.

We must put aside doubt and guilt. You are the chosen people. When folks tell their kids the story of Noah’s Ark, is Noah the bad guy? No! Is God the bad guy? No!”

Notice how Richmond refers to Noah’s Ark to describe what is happening. As I stated in several other articles, the elite loves the story of Noah’s Ark as it also refers to a “cleansing” of humanity (see my articles on the movies 2012, Noah, etc.). Valentine is also comparing himself to God because he started the second “cleansing”.

Richmond then activates the switch. We then see a shot of regular people walking around with their phones, taking selfies and insta-tweeting (or whatever the kids do these days). They quickly turn into animals.

The microchips inside people's phones causes them to lose their minds and start killing each other.
The microchips inside phones causes people them to lose their minds and start killing each other around the world.

Luckily, Eggsy puts on a suit, combs his hair and kills everybody in Valentine’s lair to save the world.

In the end, the “good guys” won but … they’re ultimately on the same side as the bad guys. Although Valentine’s plan failed, a WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE still died around the world. Nobody however seems to care. Eggsy even grabs some champagne and has celebratory sex with the Queen of Denmark … symbolizing the elite reproducing with itself.

In Conclusion

For comedic spy movie that does not take itself too seriously, Kingsman: The Secret Service is nevertheless symbolically heavy and charged with several layers of messages. The movie sums up everything the occult elite is about as a showcase for the mythical aura that has been cultivating for years, while also revealing the elite’s darker plans through a hip-hop villain.

In the end, the movie is an “Elite 101” course, an exposé of everything they want the viewers to absorb. While the elite’s plans are embodied by the bad guy in the movie, they are nevertheless there for the viewer to see and internalize. So, while you believe you are being entertained, you are also getting a hefty dose of predictive programming, which contributes to shape your attitudes and opinions towards specific issues. What else would you expect from the king’s men?


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After Colin Firth massacres everyone in the church, as he is standing outside, we see a Confederate flag behind him in the entrance of the church, on the wall by the hanging coats and hats. Only a small portion of it is visible behind him…but it is there…just as in the "news" we had the SC church massacre followed by the Confederate flag debacle. Predictive programming.

The Hunger Games, The Purge and Kingsman all have something in common. ‘Cleansing’ people killing each other when the elite are safe from the war and watch it as it entertains them

How bout westworld, black mirror, etc…

I still find it difficult to believe there is this agenda for mass genocide. If you want to kill everybody there’s no reason to predictively program people, just go ahead with the killing. Also, weapons that could kill everybody (chemical or biological) already exist and could easily be employed.

On the other hand all this talk about mass genocide probably isn’t coincidental, and since this occult elite does exist and is sick to the core it’s hard to tell what they might be planning and for what purposes.

Look up the Rhawandian genocide. (summed up the guerrillas decided to up the voltage from the cell towers, believing it would slowly kill everyone in the all white nicer village in Rhawanda. Within 2 days everyone was dead…)This happened (in real life) before this movie was made, and I am sure inspired the warning we are being given here…

AS a middle eastern i hate the elite and most or half of the middle east know the truth about the world and who runs the world even america BUT SADLY we can do nothing about it we are being attacked everyday by hidden agendas of the elite which are the isis hoax and al qaeda hoax and iran ( yes iran isn't a arabic country and it would be used to fulfill a ww3 for sure ) iran is like the other israel but worse because they think they are always right and they have ties with israel and jews they just don't show it btw while there president is also a f****d up satanist and there were pictures of him doing devils horn hand sign we were blamed and still are for crimes we didn't commit since 2001 for 9/11 till today when this will end

I can't be the only one who saw this movie and th ought illuminati the whole time plus the church seen remind me of that white boy who killed all those poor people at the church in r real a few months ago. Movies have alot of telling the future.

No casualties in mosques and surely synagogues though. bizarre

and the past… “Look up the Rhawandian genocide. (summed up the guerrillas decided to up the voltage from the cell towers, believing it would slowly kill everyone in the all white nicer village in Rhawanda. Within 2 days everyone was dead…)This happened (in real life) before this movie was made, and I am sure inspired the warning we are being given here… “

Has anyone seen the movie american ultra? They're are blatenly making Mk ultra look cool and funny and the worse part is people are blind to it and think it doesn't exist anymore.
So so sick

their programming wont allow them too see it… 😉

The origin of the Kingsman as described in the movie and the coming together of the elite to survive the tragedy that is to befall the human race, coupled with the planting of chips in the human body and mind control is what gave it away to me . There has never been a movie that so openly describes the illuminati propaganda. They're getting bolder by the day.

Did anyone find it odd that they had McDonald's for dinner ?

I saw a confederate flag outside the church when Collin comes out to meet Samuel Jackson. Is that Charleston shooting?

Eggsy and his father were NOT a part of the bloodline. That was the whole point of the beginning of the movie. Some of the "facts" in this article are pure speculation. I think you're really reaching with this one.

This movie? As close to real life as you will ever get.

Watched Kingsman yesterday..played it again a few minutes ago just to capture that scene (America is doomed)..inorder to post the screen shot of it on V.C facebook page.Before i did it, i thought let me check to see if their is an article about it here on this page .Greate Article…!! i STRONGLY believe (America is doomed) Is a clear warning of whats coming up.Remember the numerous warnings of 911 ??

Hey VC thanks for the Article , I really like what you did here by catching all the symbolism in this movie Kingsmen: the Secret Service. Also, trans-humanism that was thrown in the movie, microchips embedding inside Mobile phones (666 mark of the beast microchips) , and The Elite's agenda by creating a New World Order: NWO. Once again VC, I really like what you wrote in this article which made me understand what the Elite wants to do us by depopulating people after people every single person in this planet. Another thing VC, I wanted to let you know as a reminder that if you can write an Article about Paul Walker's Death in Fast 7 even right before they were making the movie which was 2yrs. ago. That year 2013, is a satanic ritual year that they planned to assassinate Paul Walker, which shows that Paul Walker's death… Read more »

I hated this movie, and a lot of people seemed to like it including a close friend of mine.
The movie is dumb and although i didn't catch all these messages, the plot about reducing population and the church scene were pretty obvious.
I've noticed a lot of people find funny the "catholic w***e" speech, really? is this what we need to find humor in movies now?
The question is why do they always need to pick a church to be offensive? same with killing arabs?
Movies are junk nowadays, I'm sure we are getting closer to reset button…

Interesting inferences and references regarding the elite, the NWO, and the Illuminatii. The only thing I do not get is that picture you showed in this article of them having an "orgy." You sure about that? It just looks like dead people to me, LOL.

try westworld for that. 😉

it could be argued that this movie is a “wake up call.” Every point you make could have a completely different angle. As a warning.

Since I’m too young to watch R-rated movies I believed it when my mom said that they blew up Obumma’s head and other people like…the queen I think…I thought “Hey! This is probably a good movie!”

Aaaand it looks like I’m wrong. Thanks for revealing this to me VC! I nearly bought her this! Thank the Lord I didn’t!

Cool! I will have to watch this! :O) Another flick that does the exact same thing is, “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” Really powerful.

I agree that you made a few valid points but I also feel that in some cases, you just really wanted to paint the movie black so much so that even harmless events in the movie were exaggerated in your article. And if you ask me, the Kingsman organisation is really not very different from other secret government agencies like the CIA with regards to the usage of media to misdirect the public because, if you were supposed to be a secret agency working in ‘secret’ you would certainly not want news of your exploits being published in the papers. Thank you

I found interesting how they never show the dog "Lancelot" shot. Also noticed the butterflies in the bathroom. And there were other things, like Eggsy's mother "loosing it" after husband died. Did she loose it or the elite left her aside? About the name and logo of Valentine's company… doesn't it look pretty similar to Virgin Mobile? They have a campaign in my country, practically giving away the chip (just as in the film, they give away the chip, not the cellphone). Eggsy is informed the first girl didn't die during the first task, but they never show the girl again, just as Lancelot's dog.

have someone noted something very strange in Gazelle´s death????

she is hurt only with a blade but her body turns black!!!!!! why???

Twas the fast acting poison on the hidden blade in eggsy’s shoe

Jesus is coming soon!

Jesus isn’t coming soon (or ever) because ‘he’ is already here. Read ‘The Way In’ by Barry Long.

And in the end all the elites die, except for those who would not co-operate with valentine and his plan , in other words those who did not condone the killing of billions. Plus you forgot on major floor in your assumption, Simply saving all the elites who was going to fotheir work for them ? I am thinking maybe you should have been one of those whith the little bomb in your neck. the young punk from the street won !!! it was a bit of a laugh, it showed that there is NO us or them we are capable of doing anything, and he stood up for good in the end not the elites , nor did he become one of them. Oh and there are bigoted assholes like those in the church, Tell me the church scene was not based on Westboro Baptist Church. All in all… Read more »

I really love people like Greg. You know the ones who can find 1 example out of a sample size of millions to prove a point. And then claim that somehow supports their argument….IQ reduction at it’s finest.

Oh and Greg he still killed all of them because HE DIDN”T LIKE WHAT THEY WERE SAYING. You don’t agree with everyone’s viewpoint do you? I sure don’t. But does that justify murder because you don’t like how someone thinks or feels? I mean seriously what have the people at Westboro Baptist Church ever done that has had a true negative impact on your life?

Well, Gallahad didnt kill them because he hates them, but rather because of the free sim cards given to those people being activated and cause all of them lost control of themselves and kill each other.

I gotta say this article has its good points but it’s also has some bad points. Like, Gallahad wanted to get off from the chair and the woman said “whats your problem?” in annoyance before Gallahad said those things.

I dont know if you have watched this movie or not, but the writer had some facts wrong about the movie, but i wont deny he got the esoteric and occult stuff right. It’s just that it seems like he only watched this movie once and got some stuff wrong, but overall, i like his article.

I heard on one of the movie reviews that the scene with the "kill your dog" initiation was initially in the script. He was meant to kill his dog. But the director eventually kept that out so that he does not loose viewers.

I am sure that there would have been an ourage from animal lovers. Sad that the human lovers are not as many so there is definitely not going to be an outrage over the number of innocent people that were "killed'' in the movie.

It made them enough money that they green lighted a sequel. Also you have to remember that this movie was based on a comic book too by Mark Millar. The writer of Kick Ass.

Mark Millar also wrote "Wanted", which was mentioned above. "Kick Ass", "Wanted" and "Kingsmen" – three by-the-books ultraviolent, sociopathic entertainments for vulnerable audiences with minimal insight or creative power… Maybe it's time to take a good look into Mr. Millar…

VC – I'd like to see you put a name to these "occult elite". In fact, why even refer to them as "occult"? All one has to do is look at the ownership behind all this filth to see what group is responsible. Who controls the money, the university PC agenda , the mass media, the music industry, most of the television and movie studios, and every other system that can be and is used for social engineering? It's not exactly a secret. "Illuminati" and "Bilderbergers" etal. is misdirection as is the idea that mind control symbols are used by pop stars because they themselves are mind controlled. The symbols are used to signal that the particular puppet is being used to mind control the masses (and to mock the ignorant cattle). In this movie apparently the very WASPy Colin Firth is shown as the mastermind when nothing could be… Read more »

Oh Kingsman was a dead giveaway! Like all movies, "the agenda". Please also review "minions" and more children's – Disney movies like big hero 6. thanks 🙂

Thanks for the article… fascinating! I'm glad David Icke is always picking up your stories!

One thing you didn't mention is how the elites constantly lie and rationalize their own evil: Take the "Origins Story":

“By 1919, a great number of powerful individuals had lost their heirs to World War One. That meant a lot of money going uninherited. And a lot of powerful men with a desire to preserve peace and protect life."

>> I am supposed to beLIEve that the very people who engineered WW I would let their heirs die in it? I am supposed to believe that they had a 'desire to preserve peace and protect life" given THEIR track record? Pure lies.

" Our founders realized that they could channel that wealth and influence for the greater good. ….”

>> More BS. Greater good? You must be kidding! They are destroying the earth and humanity!

Ha, no selling for me. I couldn't last 15 minutes of that crapfest.

Such a strange movie, thanks for this clear analysis VC!

just visited imdb site to check out peoples comments about this movie. and what is being advertised on the front page?

LUCIFER! a new tv series about satan in LA. i quote:

"Satan bored from his sulking life in hell comes and lives in los angeles only to help humanity.." sure, what else??

Have you seen the trailer? They try to make Satan look charming, funny and super cool. Why would we continue to see such a blatant bias toward satanism in the public domain unless it is being repeatedly placed there in order to make people feel an attraction towards it? The worldly powers are saturating the media with this constant stream of demonically themed media, both on the conscious level as in the VMA's and the Superbowl, and on the subconscious level in the subliminal messaging like in the latest Justin Bieber video. Countless celebrities are willing conduits to communicate this occult agenda, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Madonna, Kesha, etc. (the usual suspects). The generations of today are living through the most propaganda filled times this world has ever seen, and propaganda is always placed there for a reason. And it always builds up to a point, a critical crossroads, where it… Read more »
They are portraying him exactly as The Bible does: As seductive and alluring. That is supposed to be the danger of evil. It doesn't come as an ugly, scary guy in horns. Lucifer was supposedly thrown out of Heaven for vanity and narcissism; hubris. He was the most beautiful angel and began to feel jealous of God's role and resented that he wasn't God. That is why he was cast out. In the movie "Constantine", they did the best casting of who would be Satan: They cast the very sexy musician Gavin Rossdale. Notice the recent cultural obsession with Vampires. In "Twilight", the lead vampire in the film makes a clear statement in declaring that everything about him was an attractive deception to lure prey in. An interesting allegory to what Occult elites in Hollywood are doing. Promises of glorious sex, delivered by beauty, is how they draw human beings… Read more »

This reminds me of the wack Sammy Davis, Jr. pilot for a sitcom from 1973, "Poor Devil" (scenes are on YouTube):

"A young down on his luck resident of hell (Sammy Davis Jr.) is given a chance to redeem himself by signing up a down on his luck retail accountant to sell his soul to Lucifer (Christopher Lee). " (from IMDB)

Poor lost Sammy was into the Church of Satan and Anton LaVey in real life.

They're turning up the heat – hope they're ready for the BLOWBACK

A little of topic but since I am watching Prison Break, has anyone else noticed a resemblance between "The Company" and the Illuminati.

Killing a pet really is a blood sacrifice! Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato dogs both died in fishy circumstances..

Shocking way to use the Arthurian lore but very apt…"sad times.." I studied Arthurian mythology at University for many years and I did cringe when I saw it being referenced. Such a blatant defilement of the truth behind the legends.

Excellent article, but the major message I found was the depiction of the United States as a crass society with absolutely no taste and culture, backed up by technology, money and Japan. The flash and money they have to offer can seduce many but in the end they are backwoods, bible thumping hicks. Even a pub crawling Brit who gets into bar fights has more class than a Yank. I see this as again lowering the United States in not only the worlds eyes, but also in their own, to reduce any remorse when they are destroyed.

The funniest part is the very end when VC writes, "In the end, the “good guys” won but … they’re ultimately on the same side as the bad guys" LOL Absolutely hilarious! It's like, DUH!…… This is pure reflection of the Good and Evil of the Bible. BOTH are on the same side That is what's so laughable about Christians and Satanist is that they are on the same TEAM LOL God created BOTH good and evil!! BOTH from ONE GOD who purposely and knowingly wanted BOTH. If you are against EVIL you are against the works of GOD! If you are against GOOD you are against the works of GOD! You can't have one without the other, both are of Gods creation! That is why I laugh when Christians complain about Evil, it's like, YOU NEED evil to exist if you want to be "good" And vice verse, Satanist… Read more »
What on earth are you talking about? Christianity is not contingent on the axis of good and evil, it is balanced on the choice of the individual between the two. The way of God is the way of good, the road apart from God by which created beings have a choice to follow ( if not we are but robots ) is the way of evil. Because two things exist in creation does not mean that one is of both natures. The life of a Christian is not a life of duality, but one of constantly reconciling the mind to the way of Christ through prayer in order to attain his spirit. Whether the bible was written by men or not has nothing to do with anything, the church survived for 400 years plus without it, you have been deceived and confused by sola scriptura Protestant heresy. I would suggest… Read more »

Occult..I am always biased by this..I've done some research regarding the bible and other religions and yes they were written by humans. There isn't much proof but I'll say maybe to this whole thing. Yesterday, as I was walking I got approached by 2 mormon missionaries asking about knowing Jesus. I said yes I know of him but I'm not that religious, . They wanted to come by my house of course but I refused politely.

Don't confuse the Satanist from Anton Lavey's church. They are just atheists and not doing anything evil.
However, there are those who do worship and pray to "him" and they do evil, nasty things normal people wouldn't.

To be fair, when Eggsy did it with the Queen of Denmark it was "in the butt." I'm pretty sure they don't actually propagate that way.

I am ashamed to say I saw this movie. Two friends of mine invited me to go with them. They are true movie buffs (I am not) and huge Colin Firth fans. Part way through we talked about leaving–the movie was that awful–and yet we stayed, hoping it would get better. It did not. It was weird watching this movie with the knowledge I've received from reading VC. I rarely see the movies, TV shows, videos, magazines, etc., that are referenced here, and seeing this movie brought everything I've read to a crushing reality.

Take a look at the magazine "Smithsonian" for this month. A shattered woman with her eye missing while wrapped in snakes. Possibly its trying to show how evil forces are the one's that have broken up humanity…

I picture the VC author as a middle aged man, who was once an "insider". The understands a lot from this subject. Kudos

-the guy understands… *

Lost me in the first paragraph. I'm not sure how "Kingsman" is supposed to be a reference to King Arthur.

For one, the movie is based on a comic series but the names and majority of the storyline were changed.
If you watched the movie even before reading this article you'd notice the names of the characters (Arthur, Merlin, Lancelot) who were respectively the head of the organisation, the tech 'wiz' and the knight.
If I recall correctly they even call their agents as 'knights'.
The legend of King Arthur is kind of esoteric so my guess is that for this reason they added some elements of the legend to this movie which gave me a strange vibe when I watched it.

So much symbolism in this movie – when showing Eggsy around the secret tech room of the Kingsmen, Eggsy asks about the tablets and smartphones. Galahad remarks that they 'have caught up with the spy world'.

Implying they are tools of espionage? Spying on whom? Us, perchance?

Snowden's revelations cast light on this double entendre from the film for us.

Oh Wow man, another film that shows 'illuminati' references hidden in plain sight. I was watching the Angelina Jolie film Salt and Rush Hour 3 the other day and couldn't believe the references they showed (among countless other films). Keep 'em comin' VC

Its got the same old Zionistic agenda as Noah and 2012 all put together. Talk about MK ultra by indirect means for those many viewers who clearly don't get the dark message written from within being shown right in plain sight as always.

look after


I just finished reading The Ringing Cedars Series book # 10, Anasta. It talks about how the one of the first advanced human civilizations made the Earth unlivable thru the abuse of technology. Survivors built a space station that soon became unfit to stay on. Somewhat like Noahs ark. They used pods to fall back down to the Earth. The Stone Age etc is of evidence of the decline and end of their civilization rather than the beginning of ours. The series also talks about Egypt being created by secret priest who gave the pharaoh a certain look..to draw followers and control the masses.

When I saw the movie I thought of the Illuminatis right away when Valentine started talking about taking down the world and people being a virus that need to be culled. The cell phones with chips that control people and One World Order party also had Illuminati all over it. My least favorite scene was the church scene because they were trying to make Christians look as bad as possible as if they should be the least hated on Earth. But some of the other things going on in the movie I did not really notice until now. Overall a great article. When I was watching it I thought one of the strangest things was Valentine's lisp and how he seemed like well an idiot. When he invited Firth's character for a meal it was hamburgers. I thought the film was somewhat anti-American in sediment not only against our White… Read more »

Hence the destruction of the Constitution.

"Even though the elite have most of the world at their fingertips
and so many Americans are sheep that don't want to know the truth
they still despise-and fear- America and Americans more than anyone else. "

Lulac, i bet you know why that is, too, at least for now. We'll see if they continue to use their tools of destruction to strip Americans of those differences of thought and ways. I pray not, because technology will be hard to overcome worldwide after a certain point otherwise. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall inherit the earth. Peace to you.

Looks like we need these people to buy the Emperor's New Clothes. Maybe then we can see what they are covering up.

Does anybody else get a Stanley Kubrick-kind-of-vibe? And not in a good way. More like ripping of his ideas of framing and scenery and such. The director is making it big in the mass-audience-sector of the movies. Making influential friends along the way. It all makes me not intend to see this one. Thanks for the heads-up.

caught that, too, D D d. and glad to hear you spotted that as well, always enjoy your views.

also this felt like a bit of a trojan horse of a movie from the trailer and build up, no? almost like a feel-good spy film aimed at kids, despite the high levels of violence inherent in such a film. yet the techniques of evil that are at work aren't even being veiled as art as much anymore. perhaps this is for the best for those who would see.

keep up the fight there.

I miss out on most of the ad and promo-clips, as i seldom watch television directly on commercial stations, zap away and sound-off when on youtube and such (The adblocker on the browser works perfectly, too). But i do get a lot of commercial input anyway, ofcourse, especially when i am driving through a city and need my eyes on the road, then the billboards and 3d-banners are fitghting for attention to sell me stuff and amusement. So, basically what i intended to say, i hardly get exiting build-ups for mainstream popular things or idiotic crazes. I see the results in the headlines (bucketchalengers in general are to keep at least an armlength distance from me) and the mindless fudder on the news about futile subjects. And can't keep my mouth shut, so people arond me know how and why i think and say what i think and say sometimes.… Read more »

The fact that the elite chose to kill everyone in a Christian church shows their hatred of Christianity. Yet they like the legend of king Arthur, the head of a CHRISTIAN masonic organization I don't get it.Noah's Ark is from the bible as well. They want a one world religion, but when they say "Hail Satan" before they shoot everyone, the one world religion they want is the worship of Lucifer.

They hate anyone who is not them, heck, they even hate themselves. They despise all religions and want them all destroyed as according to their plan, so in the end all will worship their god lucifer.

Also, they control religion, hence references to religious things in their beliefs. They also hide behind it.