The Hidden Symbolic Meaning of the Movie “2012”


The disaster movie “2012” is about the near-total destruction of planet Earth in accordance with predictions made by Ancient Mayans, thousands of years ago. While most of the movie is centered around spectacular explosions and impressive special effects, “2012” also communicates messages and symbolism about the elite’s plans for a New World and the coming of the Age of Aquarius.

Warning: Major spoilers ahead

Released in 2009, Roland Emmerich’s film 2012 plays on the fears and panic engendered by the “OMG-the-Mayans-said-we’re-gonna-die-in-2012” scare. The movie’s apocalyptic scenario depicts in vivid detail people’s worst fears regarding 2012: The destruction of everything and the killing of everyone … well, almost everyone. While a good portion of the two-and-a-half hour movie is dedicated to CGI destruction, 2012 contains many Biblical, mythological and historical references that gives the story a deeper underlying meaning. Furthermore, a specific message can be understood by the way the crisis has been handled in the movie. It basically says: “If something happens, the rich and powerful will live and the rest of you suckers will die”.

In the article entitled ‘Contagion’ or How Disaster Movies “Educate” the Masses, we discussed how disaster movies are an important indoctrination tool that present and sell specific “political responses” to major crises. In 2012, the political response to the mega-cataclysm that is threatening Earth is rather unsettling: The world elite learns about 2012 a few years in advance, secretly plans its own rescue mission (while keeping the masses in the dark) and leaves the world to die while creating a new world that is only populated by the elite. A few “regular” people do manage to infiltrate the elite’s ships. Apparently their survival, along with the world’s rich and powerful, constitutes a happy ending.

When I first finished watching the movie, I wasn’t exactly feeling happy having just paid a few bucks to basically watch a flick that predicts my death and the death of everyone I know while the elite embark on giant ships to start a new world by themselves. It’s a little insulting.

Does the movie accurately predict what will happen on December 23rd, 2012? Probably (hopefully) not, but I do believe that the movie uses the 2012 scare tactic to communicate specific messages to the masses about the elite’s plans for a New World Order and the coming of the Age of Aquarius. Let’s look at the movie’s most symbolic scenes.

The Preparations

The movie takes place in 2009 and begins with a cosmic event that triggers the cataclysm: A planetary alignment.

The alignment of astronomical bodies causes a series of events that lead to the destruction of Earth. On an esoteric level, the alignment of astral bodies is representative of the dawning of a new era – what some may call the Age of Aquarius.

On Earth, a few scientists discover that massive solar flares are causing the planet’s core temperature to rise. Adrian Helmsley, an American geologist, realizes that the end of the world is rapidly approaching. He rushes to Washington D.C. to inform the highest level of power that action must be taken, but it turns out that the world’s ruling elite is not only well-aware of the coming disaster, but have been secretly working on a rescue plan for years. The elite are taking steps to preserve the lives of those that are deemed “worthy” and collecting the Earth’s most important artifacts to bring to the new world.

In this scene, the Mona Lisa at the Louvre is fake. The real painting will be brought into “post-apocalypse” world.

The only people that know about the 2012 rescue plan are the world’s most powerful people. Tickets were also sold to private individuals. The price? 1 billion Euros … per person. In other words, there is no way that a regular person would survive. And that’s all part of the plan.

Meanwhile, as usual, the masses are portrayed as a herd of idiots, prone to panic and violence.

As it is the case in most disaster movies, the masses are portrayed as a “bewildered herd” that cannot act civilized. While the elite is planning its secret escape from the 2012 cataclysm, the masses are shown rioting during a G8 Meeting. Seeing how people are portrayed to act in times of crisis, one might be inclined to think: Maybe the elite is doing the right thing by hiding the truth from the masses …

This massive conspiracy against the public is not an airtight secret. Some prominent figures discover the ugly truth and attempt to warn the public, but they are rapidly silenced.

When the director of the Louvre discovered the elite’s plans, he called a press conference to disclose the truth to the entire world. He then dies in a “mysterious” car accident, right before he makes his announcement.

There are interesting facts about the above car “accident” that killed the French museum director. First, it is clearly stated in the movie that the accident occurs in the Pont d’Alma tunnel … the same tunnel where Princess Diana lost her life in a odd car accident. In my article Princess Diana’s Death and Memorial: The Occult Meaning, I’ve explained the symbolic meaning of the Pont d’Alma tunnel and how the death of Lady Di had all of the markings of a ritual sacrifice. The death of the Museum director at the exact same spot might be the movie’s way of saying that his death was a ritual sacrifice by the elite. The movie might also be indirectly saying: “If the death of the Museum Director inside the Pont D’Alma tunnel was a murder disguised as an accident, what do you think happened to Lady Di?”.

It is later discovered that the museum director is not the only whistle-blower that has “mysteriously” lost his life. Many other people who had the public’s well-being in mind also died in strange circumstances during the elite’s secret preparations.

A conspiracy theorist dedicated an entire wall to news clippings of people who got killed by the elite.

All of the elite’s decision-making is done in secret and secluded meetings and involving only the world’s most powerful people.

Meanwhile, the public is restless, to the point that the London Olympics are suspended. Is the movie predicting events to come?

While all of this is happening, the Chinese government has been put in charge of building the gigantic boats named  “Arks” that would allow the elite to survive 2012.


Farewell Atlantis

The hero of the movie is Jackson Curtis, a regular divorced father, that discovers the truth and attempts to embark on one of the Arks in order to survive 2012.

Jackson Curtis and his kids are told by the US Army that they must leave the national park. They are not told why because the public is not allowed to know about the upcoming 2012 disaster.

Jackson Curtis is a not-too-successful writer of a book entitled Farewell Atlantis, which is very symbolic in the movie’s context. Atlantis is the name of a fabled continent that got submerged by a massive flood several millenia ago. Legend holds that the highly advanced civilization that flourished on that continent disappeared, but some survivors of Atlantis managed to sail to places like Egypt, America and Asia, where they became great teachers to the natives. Atlantis is of a great importance in the occult elite’s Mysteries as it is believed that the continent actually existed and was the origin of the world’s occult knowledge. Atlanteans who sailed to far-away lands in order escape the Great Flood are considered the teachers of esoteric knowledge to the Ancient Egyptians, Mayans and possibly even the Celts. Mystery schools often state that the Biblical story of the Great Flood is, in fact, the story of the disappearance of Atlantis. They also claim that many other ancient cultures have similar stories within their folklore.

Today’s secret societies perceive and refer to America as the “New Atlantis”, a country that was founded on the principles of Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism, the supposed descendants of Atlantean Mysteries.

Francis Bacon’s 1605 book “New Atlantis” describes an ideal society where science and reason would rule, according the principles of Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism. The book is said to be the blueprint of the founding of America. Bacon is known for writing “Knowledge is Power”, a famous phrases that has deep resonance in Rosicrucianism and that is prominently featured in the US Library of Congress.

While Sir Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis appeared to be foreshadowing the founding of America, Jackson Curtis’ novel Farewell Atlantis appears to be foreshadowing its destruction. The same way Atlantis was completely submerged by water, America, the home base today’s occult elite, will suffer a similar fate. The lucky few that will embark in a modern version of Noah’s Ark will be given the task to found a New World – and the movie subtly states which institutions will carry on and which will disappear.

The Disaster

As the film progresses, the Earth begins to heat up and fissures start to appear in Los Angeles. Although it is obvious that a major disaster is about to happen, mass media (which is in collusion with the elite, in the movie and in real life) downplays everything in order to keep the population calm and oblivious to the fact that the world is ending. The only non-elite guy that appears to know what’s going on is a nut-job conspiracy theorist living in the woods (apparently, according to Hollywood movies, truth seekers cannot be level-headed, rational people).

Charlie Frost is a near batcrap crazy conspiracy theorist that hosts a radio show and that runs a not-so-great-looking website. He actually knows the truth and he is right about everything, yet, in the end, he is still depicted as a complete nutjob. Knowing the truth is not “cool” in Hollywood movies.

Charlie Frost describes everything that is about to happen to Jackson Curtis and even provides him a map to the Arks.

The map to the Arks are conveniently placed in Charlie Frost’s “conspiracy files”, right next to his documents on Marilyn Monroe. A little wink to the ultimate mind-controlled Presidential slave?

As the world is crumbling apart, members of the elite receive an important and top-secret message on their mobile phones.

When things get serious, members of the elite are notified that it is time to embark on the Arks and to  leave the rest of the world to die.

When hell breaks loose on  Earth, several important monuments are shown being destroyed. These scenes are not only spectacular to watch but they also represent the fall of important institutions as the world enters the Age of Aquarius. In one scene, the famous Brazilian monument “Christ the Redeemer” is shown falling down in a matter similar to the way statues of Saddam Hussein fell after the Gulf War.

Does this symbolize the fall of Christianity in the wake of a new era?

In another scene, St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican, the “epicenter” of Catholic faith, is shown crashing down on faithfuls and killing thousands of people who assembled to pray.

In this symbolic scene, a crack appears on Michelangelo’s iconic painting in the Sistine Chapel, right between the fingers of God and Adam – which can represent the break of the connection between humanity and the divine. Is the elite’s New World devoid of the touch of God?

Other religions are also shown being destroyed during the movie. According to an article in The Guardian, 2012 was supposed to contain a scene depicting the destruction of the Kabaa, the holiest site of the Muslim faith. However, the scene was axed for fear of backlash from Islamic groups. The elite’s new world, is therefore not only devoid of Christianity, but of all major religions – one of the goals of the New World Order.

2012 does not only show the destruction of religious monuments, but also of political landmarks. These scenes symbolize the fall of regular nation states before the formation of a single world government.

The White House, symbol of US power, is shown being hit by one of its own war ships and taken away by a gigantic wave. In the elite’s new world, it is not about National powers and military might: It is about a single world government and a single military.

The American President addressing the Nation for the last time. The “leader of the free world” symbolically stays in Washington D.C. to die with regular people. In other words, the (supposedly) democratically elected representative of the people has no place in the elite’s new world government.


The Noah’s Ark of the Elite

Several of these gigantic Arks were secretly built in China.

While most of the world’s population is getting killed by floods and earthquakes, the “chosen ones” are taken to China to embark in gigantic Arks.

In this clear allusion to the Biblical story of Noah’s Ark, animals are shown carried to the ships by helicopter.

Entry to those Arks is far from fair and is reserved for those that are “one of them”. For example, the Indian scientist that discovered the coming of the 2012 cataclysm is left to die, while greedy Russian billionaires are granted access.

Of course, as a member of the world’s occult elite, the Queen of England and her dogs are granted access to the ships. Because her hat-wearing skills will be very useful to humanity in the future.

A bunch of pointless “suspenseful” scenes happen as Jackson Curtis and his family attempt to illegally enter one of them. Seeing how many people were left to die, the scientist Adrian Helmsley makes a unavoidable speech about how us humans must stick together and whatnot. However, we don’t see him giving up his place for anyone and everyone still dies … except for the elite. So, despite the moralizing monologues about caring for each other, the elite’s plan carries on right on schedule and only those that were chosen to survive do.

After the disaster, humanity enters a new era and resets its calendar to year 0001. The previous calendar was based on the birth of Jesus Christ – which is esoterically associated with the Age of Pisces. The resetting of the calendar signifies that Christ’s era is over. It is the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.

At the end of the movie, the entire world is completely submerged by water, except for the African Continent. The Arks set sail to the cradle of Civilization to start anew in a place symbolically called “Cape Hope”. Is this a happy ending? Depends if you’re in the elite or part of the 99% of the rest of the world that died.

The Age of Aquarius

Esoteric schools teach that a “Great Solar Year” is the period of time during which the sun cycles through all of the zodiacal constellations, lasting about 25,000 years. Every 2,000 years (more or less) the sun enters a new zodiacal constellation and humanity, somewhat unconsciously, adopts symbolism that relates to that zodiacal sign. For nearly the past 2,000 years the sun was in the constellation of Pisces (represented by Two Fishes), meaning that we are in the Piscean Age. Oddly enough, Christianity has always been represented by the symbol of a fish (i.e. the Jesus Fish). Every 2,000 years, the sun migrates to the previous sign of the zodiac, which means that the world is set to enter to Age of Aquarius.

By showing the fall of Christian symbols and the emerging of a new world after a massive flood, the movie 2012 appears to be announcing the coming of the Aquarian Age.

The astrological sign of Aquarius consists of  a cup-bearer pouring water. In Greek mythology, the cup-bearer is said to be the cause of the Great Flood that probably caused the disappearance of Atlantis.

Since the symbol of the sign of Aquarius is a man pouring water and is methodologically associated with the legendary Great Flood, it is rather appropriate to depict the coming of the Aquarian Age with a flood that submerges New Atlantis, aka America.


In Conclusion

While 2012 is often described as a big orgy of explosions and special effects, the movie nevertheless contains a great deal of messages and symbolic moments. Its references to historical, Biblical, mythological and esoteric concepts give the movie a deeper meaning, one that fits with the world view of today’s occult elite. While the world will probably not crash and burn on December 23rd 2012, the movie uses the scare relating to the Mayan Calendar to communicate its plans for the future: The fall of religions, dissolution of Nations and the glorification of a select elite on the backs of the clueless masses. Everything that happens in the movie is remarkably on-par with “ten commandments” found on the Georgia Guidestones (see the article Sinister Sites – The Georgia Guidestones). Here are some of them: “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature”, “Unite humanity with a living new language” and so forth. The way things go down is also reminiscent of the symbolic stories told on the prophetic murals found at the Denver International Airport (read the article here) and the murals at the Bank of America (read the article here). Both of these pieces depict a period of great tribulation, destruction and oppression that is followed by the founding of a new world based on the elite’s principles.

On a more esoteric level, the movie equates America with Atlantis, an advanced civilization that was destroyed by a great flood. The survivors of ancient Atlantis, who are said to be the originators of the occult lore of secret societies, went on to perpetuate their knowledge across the world.

And while solar flares are said to be cause of the 2012 disaster, major floods are the cause of the Earth’s destruction. Through this symbolism, the movie appears to announce the end of the Age of Pisces and the coming of the Age of Aquarius.

There is therefore much more to 2012 than originally meets the eye. Unfortunately, as it is often the case in mass media, the messages being communicated are neither enlightening nor inspiring. Quite the contrary, the movie basically tells the story of gigantic conspiracy against the public, complete with cover-ups and murders. In the end, the elite saves its own ass and leaves billions of people to die. To top it off, this conspiracy is presented as the only viable solution to such a crisis. Is the public being prepared for a major crisis that will be resolved with the heralding of a New World Order? As the movie’s promotional poster clearly states: “We Were Warned”.




  1. 2012 was the first movie that I ever walked out of. It made me so angry that I couldn't stand to watch the whole thing. It is a disgusting movie.

      • It was the part after I saw all the Elite being boarded on the ships. I hated how the director tried to make us feel sorry for them.

    • I completely agree with your action. I didn't walk out because the first time I watched it, I was at home lol (can't walk out of my own bedroom, can i?) But I do remember watching it with my brother who when it finished, said "that was a good movie" Good movie? good movie,? he cant possibly be serious? so a brunch of men in suits survived and everyone else died,… oh what a beautiful story. It made me so mad.

      • The so called elite will be very disappointed. See this:

        Rev 6:14 And the heaven departed like a scroll when it is rolled together. And every mountain and island were moved out of their places.

        Rev 6:15 And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every freeman, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains.

        Rev 6:16 And they said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us and hide us from the face of Him sitting on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb;

        Rev 6:17 for the great day of His wrath has come, and who will be able to stand?

        God decides who lives and dies not the rich and powerful. Be glad for that.

      • MrZyklonBee on

        @bev fox…….reciting biblical mumbo jumbo does not prove anything!!! Apparently god has decided to leave people hungry and homless, let millions of people die in endless wars and it just keeps getting worse………yea the elite are shaking in their boots im sure of it!!!

      • MrZyklonBee wrote:

        "@bev fox…….reciting biblical mumbo jumbo does not prove anything!!! Apparently god has decided to leave people hungry and homless, let millions of people die in endless wars and it just keeps getting worse………yea the elite are shaking in their boots im sure of it!!!"

        Actually that is the elite, not God. You sure you paying attention to this board?

      • bev – yes, agreeing with the reference – Rev 6:15 And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every freeman, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains.

        Notice how Obama and other elites of the world have visited the dens = "DENVER AIRPORT" and in the rocks of the mountains = "ROCKY MOUNTAINS" lately… perhaps….something coded in that.

      • What about the second time you watched it? where you at home too or at the cinema? LOL!

      • @ ZyklonBee – here's the best bit.

        Earth is hell.

        Didn't used to be but we have allowed it to become that way.

        Hell is being reincarnated back here on Earth.

        Make your next journey home a one way ticket.

      • I don't believe in the End of this movie…Whatever that is… there is always atleast one solution for everything…This is really annoying to become so much negative about ourselves and accepting that we are going to defeat by somebody… Just we have to believe in ourselves and fight..we'll win…

      • What is this is the contrast needed to wake folks up?

        Let's suppose we are all connected to a consciousness that at the moment lay dormant in most of the masses. And religion whatever the faith is a misnomer. The bible filled with truths yet to be deciphered. The fact that some group of elite controlled the writing of the bible leads me to use it sparingly. To have anyone today offer it's meaning is not possible.

        So we may have quotes about this and that and to me it's purpose has always been to lead people by fear mostly. The Damnation of a very angry God, and most are born in "Sin" so Man baptizes it out of you…. REALLY…. Okay what is this process then the world of sinners so falling from grace is our birth rite. Who but man and our controllers do this, Invent this way of making all mankind lesser then the good Ol' priests and elite…

        So my money is on consciousness which will as the Mayan's have inscribed by way of there never ending Circular Stone calendar… Shown us, The Age comes to and end not the world, And they have recently said this only we tend to listen to the elite's programing by way of National Geographic or the History channel and it's all 99% hogwash… Mayans saw the new age of Enlightenment where the elite's deeds will be seen by all, Because of enlightenment into the "ONE" consciousness we are all god's in. The Creator source has been looking down but the religious god we are waiting for has been here all along. We've just been brainwashed to think we need a redeemer god as Jesus to save us when it is our own doing allowing a very few to keep a hood over our apparent skills such as intuition, channeling source, such as Edgar Cayce, he has spoken many times that source said each and every single human can do what Cayce was able to do.

        Anyway The Mayans speak to this enlightenment and our ascension into a higher frequency of light which is where we reside in the other plane. The eternal being that we are Death releases us to this realm which is what every indigenous culture from around the world new except the western civilized world and it's controllers made us see that as mumbo Jumbo but it's our horse crap that's the the story with no reason nor answers to anything… See you on the other side….

    • Its a disgusting movie indeed but what scares me is Naustradamus predicted everything thats happening right now earthquakes,global warming etc and he also predicted that the world will end on the 21st of December 2012.In this movie they say its the 23rd of December which is quite strange and scarey.

      • Hi Xena Lee. That may be true, but he predicted a lot of things that didn't come to pass either. As a christian, i believe what the bible says. And the bible claims that any person who makes predictions (a prophet) and has even ONE of those predictions not coming to pass, then they are a false prophet. Also, because the Lord says that nobody knows the hour of His return, i am pretty convinced that the world is NOT going to end on December 23… Something major probably will happen though, such as the start of the New World Order or the staging of the 'secret rapture', but i'm convinced that the world won't end. Besides, when the world ends isn't important…. What is, is knowing whether you're ready for the Lord to return:) Not that i would WANT the world to end…. Thank you, vigilant, for another awesome article! I'd like to add that the elite (in the bible) suffer the final plagues like everyone else… In some cases they seem to get the brunt of the punishments! It's nice to know that things for them won't always go as they'd like or as things were in the movie…. So, to our currently but-not-for-too-much-longer ruling elite i say "Ha Ha, enjoy it while you can, suckers!!!!!"

      • Zena, did you notice the date of the "new calendar?" The numbers in it? ~the 27th day 01 month 0001 year Voila 9-11 Perfected souls entering through the gateway ?

      • Revelation 2:9 on

        Y'know……the thing about the mayans is that they didn't have leap years. We've had leap years going since 45 years before christ. In other words, according to the mayans we've already passed 2012 and we're still here so i really wouldn't worry about their predictions and i CERTAINLY wouldn't worry about any of nostradamus' shockingly vague mumblings.

        Ä bright fire will descend from the sky of ancients….wtf.

      • Naustradamus didn't predict anything. He was part of the Rosicrusians.. so in a sense most of the things he "predicted" are plans. And everything is going according to plan. Just look at the Illuminati Trading card game..

      • Any reliable source, especially for "he also predicted that the world will end on the 21st of December 2012"?

      • That's simple.. maybe Nostradamus was part of the elite and secret societies and he also knew what would be the future / direction of things..

    • NotAsItSeems on

      Scary movie, more scary that the president is black (Obama) and the Olympics…ekkk.

      I don't think the world is going to end in 2012…most scientist say it not..all hype.

      • Excuse you? Just because the president is black means that the world is in total disaster? We have had a BLACK president since 2008! It would only make SENSE for the PRESIDENT to be BLACK. I'm not trying to be rude but yeah. Like I said, I'm starting to take these comments a little bit racist. Reword what you just wrote so that it doesn't sound that way.

      • Ugh:

        The depiction of Presidents as Black seems to be a symbol of ugly times ahead, if you're watching the movies. "Deep Impact" (a movie with MANY parallels with 2012, now that I think of it) has a black president who not only has to tell people lots of bad news, but is stuck with the job of reuniting the people with the backdrop of a wrecked White House…and nothing else. And the series "24" has two black presidents during most of its run (and a woman president at the end, when people stopped watching. coincidience? not sure.).

        The symbolism is there, given that "Deep Impact," "24" and "2012" are the biggest media creations that use a black president. And while you can put up other white presidents in movies and TV that have governed over ugly times (and watched the nation end, if not brought it up itself) the fact is the biggest movies and TV shows with black presidents (and which could have depicted white people as president) have been about disasters – fulfilled, averted or fought off.

        And you should be disturbed about it. Even without the symbolism involved.

      • Obama isnt black he is mixed race african & Irish he is as white as he is black, Probably more as he didnt know his father & was raised by his mother who is white irish.

        While we are on the subject of race I find it unlikely that jesus was white.

      • JC runs things on

        Look ppl, NotAsItSeems obviously wasn't making a racist comment, just stating that some of the films "predictions" seem accurate. Honestly when I looked back and it said the 'London Olympics is cancelled' I was like 'woah' until I guessed the announcement of the bid being won must have happened prior to film. Then I remembered Inauguration date and imdb'd 2012 release date. Now I'm sure most of you know that Black Presidents were used in many films that predict the future (I remember The Fifth Element being one of the first) but the point is there is no racism here so stop trying to make it so. I didn't seriously think anything of it until now. If you notice, in each of those 'disaster' films, the president is as much under threat as everyone else. Hmm… And in terms of the fear of Islam coming over the directors, that doesn't surprise me. There is never any punches pulled with Christianity though because I believe that is the source. Anyways. What was my point again?

      • When you snooze, you lose when it comes to comments here! nevertheless, I'm putting in my two cents.

        I wanted to comment (earlier) that in many of the last movies/tv shows, many of the US presidents depicted during a major country wide/ world wide/ universe wide disasters were of African ancestry, howEVER you'd like to parse that. So much so that many individuals within the African American community joke that the only time you see a "black" US president in the entertainment media is when a disaster strikes.

        You wonder if the media is trying to say

        1) that since everything is (literally) about to blow up, we might as well like a black run the USofA now; s/he can't screw up anything worse than it is.


        2) S/he is "black" is "black," so clearly s/he is the ONLY one qualified to handle this nasty situation.

        Both are racist statements.

        But either this represents what media really thinks,


        all these similarly themed movies with president of African ancestry just accidentally keep getting producing.

        Something that makes you go hmmm….

      • No doubt the elite will try to escape the wrath of God, but after all God is God and will be victorious.

        To those who claim that the Mayans did not have leap year, that is not true, actually their calendar was more precise in adding a quarter day a year than the Gregorian calendar….Google it and research before claiming nonsense. I don't believe that the world will end, but there may be some unprecedented catastrophe at the end of this year.

      • I don't know if this is going to the person I'm trying to repley to or what but oake the movie came out in 2009 and the pres was elected in 2008 so that would make sense to have a black pres…but if you want to think strange you can watch this movies called left behind and in the 3rd one there was a black pres and the movie came out in 2005…I know here maybe misspelled workds but I don't fill like fixing them…

      • Lol… "black president" (obama)??? Have we had another "Black President"?? Where as, you need to print his name so we can know who you were speaking of?? Idiot, this country was in a mess before (Obama) took office to became President, and it will be when ever he leaves!! The next president after him will just continue "The agenda"!! Grow up!!

    • NotAsItSeems on

      Roland Emmerich, the director of 2012 is also the producer/director of the following esoteric/occult movies:

      -Independence Day


      -The Day After Tomorrow

      -10,000 BC

      -The Patriot


      -Moon 44

      Guys, get ready for Independence Day 2, currently in production…

      • NotAsItSeems on

        (sorry I keep forgetting to add things, I'm done after this promise)

        "I'm making movies for the masses."

        -Roland Emmerich


    • i want to see a 2013 on

      There is no need to be mad about this movie.

      The dinosaurs ruled this planet for millions upon millions of years before they became extinct.

      I think… I would hope human beings can do better than the dinosaurs.

      We all probably have more chances of winning the lottery, than seeing some super rare and very catastrophic event happening worldwide on Earth.

      If the end of the world was coming anytime soon, we would somehow feel it and know it, I assume…. and right now, I see the clear blue sky outside…. not a freaking single armageddon-type threat in sight. I am getting no bad vibes of any kind regarding this non-existent end-of-the-world situation.

      The idiotic elite can keep dreaming about killing everybody and escaping in some ugly-looking, cheap spaceship. They can keep dreaming, there is nothing wrong with imaginary fantasies.

      The fact is that we are all here to stay for many more hundreds of years. The little elite can remain pressed, compressed and stressed about it.

      • Clear blue sky? You see a clear blue sky? Where the heck do you live to see clear blue skies? All I have seen for years is a sky full of muck. Chemtrails and a milked up mucky sky finished of with a big ole X to end the day and onto the night shift. Gone are the days of a beautiful clear dark blue sky. I may catch a day every (maybe 1 out of 20) that I don't see the spraying, but even on that day, the sky is not like it was when I was young. So I ask you where do I go to see this clear blue sky? For I really miss seeing it…

      • @rekeeshturt

        Regardless of constant pollution and occasional trails, we are all here to stay.

        On a galactic/universal scale… this Earth is not going anywhere… not in any near future.

        The elite consists of highly deranged and delusional individuals if they wish that the movie "2012" becomes a reality.

        The only reality is that the Earth's population will continue to increase magnificently and there will be no meteor showers of any kind soon. Their expensive and poorly-made, horrific spaceships will undergo useless repairs in a constant and permanent basis. Those pieces of sh*t methods of transportation will never take any elite anywhere. Those foolish elite clowns would all go bankrupt from wasting 1 billion dollars on a flopping failure of a spaceship travel.

      • Mm. But if Japan suffers another severe earthquake and reactor no. 4 collapses as its threatening, your argument goes back to the drawing board… but not for long. Clear blue sky is no barrier to lethal radiation.

      • @rekeeshturt on

        They don't spray most of the time in my area, but on Easter for only one day until twilight, it was full of it, planes coming from all angles visible almost every quarter of hour, a couple of times seeing them making a turn.

      • TruthAtAllCosts on

        Evolution IS the most stupid religion ever devised. The fossils are dated by the rocks and the rocks are dated by the fossils. Haha! C'mon!

        Check Kent Hovind ( to see the evolution religion properly tarred and feathered.

        And it is seriously time for everybody to read Genesis 6:1-4, Jude, 1 & 2 Peter and the Book of Enoch to find the truth about "Atlantis". The pre-flood world WAS "Atlantis". Fallen angels came down here, left their own habitation and sinned by shagging human woman in the days of Noah, for which they were thrown in Tartarus. The result were giants with demon blood who terrorized the earth. Reality is stranger than fiction, but this truth is being ignored so all can be deceived before the end, when fallen angels will again appear on the scene, pretending to be "aliens". No they're not aliens, the ancient's were right – they are gods (small g), who tremble at the power of Jesus Christ and fear His return.

        And the elite are not getting away in ships. Haha! No second flood, we have a rainbow proving that. The coming destruction will be of fire. And upon the REAL Christ's return (with 10,000's of His angels) as predicted by Enoch, those angels will destroy the elite hiding in their DUMB's!

        Tremble and fear ye elite assholes, there is no escape!

    • Im not sure the intent of the movie was to show that only "elites" would be saved…

      Obviously the new world order, that they wish to create, is a world where Christianity has been vanquished and satan is worshipped instead.

      The 2 main movie posters depict this intention –

      Firstly you have a falling Jesus Christ –

      Secondly you have a Buddhist monk looking out over the world almost triumphing over the advsrsity –

      Antichrist does not come as a western politician in a three piece suit but as a world teacher, saviour of all religions, faiths and creeds and… THE 5th BUDDHA, "MAITREYA", WHO IS IN CONTROL OF THE FORCES OF NATURE = "EARTH- AIR- FIRE- WATER" AND WILL USE HIS SUPERNATURAL POWERS TO LEAD THE "FINAL BATTLE AGAINST EVIL" and "SAVE THE WORLD"

      We are warned in Daniel:11:38 that The Antichrist will worship The "GOD OF FORCES", who is Lucifer or Satan, the "god believed to control the four elements, EARTH- AIR- FIRE -WATER"…and who has given this power unto His Son – Antichrist = The Beast = Rev:13.

      The movie also constantly derides the Bible also….

      Woddy Harrelsons character (Carlie Frost) warns that all the great prophesies like the Hopi Indians, the I Ching etc and "the Bible…sort of.." warn of great disasters…

      But this isn't true. The Bible is the only book that specifically warns of events to come – and is the only book ever to be 100% correct. To mix it with occult garbage is to degrade its value.

      Also when they say the Italian president is going to stay behind to pray (to God) minutes later we see thousands of people praying and then the Vatican collapsing on them – inferring that "prayer doesn't work…" (I'm aware the Vatican is one of the major players in the satanic new world order agenda – but thats a different story)…

      And then moments later we see the "Genesis" ship capsize. Genesis is where we find the original tale of the Great Flood…this is obviously Emmerichs attitude to the truth contained in Genesis.


      The Bible tells us that the original Ark would be made from wood – but the SECOND ark would be Jesus Christ. It's through him all of us will be saved – and this is whats known as the Tree of Life.

      This movie tries to tell us it will be through technology we'll all be saved – and this is whats known as the Tree of Knowledge.

      We just have to read our Bibles to know which is right.

    • I know what you mean about walking out of a movie. I walked out of Apocalypto. What happen to indigenous people of the Americas by the Europeans was the greatest genocide that has been recorded in the history of humanity. 95% of the population died and not mostly due to disease like they want us to think. The white man used extreme violence to reduce the population (read American Holocaust David Stanaard). Why would anyone make a movie that portrays so much violence among the Mayas? Yes violence existed, as in most cultures of the time but why point it out among people that were reduced to the poorest and most exploited of the continent at the present? What is to be gained by making a movie about how violent they were? Is it to excuse the atrosities that were committed against them? Is it to make it seem that what the Spanish and others did to the "Indians" was just human behavior? Natives people did not posses the level of cruelty and lack of respect for nature that matched anything to the Europeans. Even sacrifice that is emphasized so much to us (Aztects especially) was not at any scale compared to the evil nature and mass killings that the Spanish and other Europeans have committed to the indigenous peoples of Africa, Australia etc.

      • To elaborate a bit more, the only Europeans who tortured aboriginals etc are the British -the worst kind of abusers, Dutch, Belgians, Portuguese, Spanish, French.

      • Hey, don´t blame the Spaniards for the crimes of the Brittish. Whether you like it or not in Mexico there are more Indians than in the times of the conquest. There are several latin american nations that are currently Indian Majority, however in U.S. and Canada there are almost no Indians and almost no racial admixture occurred. Hence we can conclude who the real murderers are. By the way the Spaniards didn´t use the rip the hearts off the chest of their prisoners (I´m not excusing the cruelty that certainly took place in the Conquest process as was done, however when compared to the colonization of North America, Latin Amiercin Indianas had it much better.

    • Revelation 2:9 on

      I actually was in a good mood after this movie. Sometimes it just so happens that no matter how badly satanists try to make something negative, it ends up being positive. Here are the following things that make the ending positive.

      1: While the elite does survive, they end up on the continent most oppressed by their own hand, which is basically untouched and it's population still intact.

      2:The elites money now counts for NOTHING. How can they impose their will on this continent without all of the means(debt,mass-media propaganda,superior weaponry etc) that took them millenia to attain? They can't, they would be lucky if they don't get killed off immediately if they try.

      3: The elite as you call them are now all out in the open. they don't have large castles or endless puppets to hide behind, they have to do everything for themselves against a very large number of people who will quickly see them for what they are. Remember how the russian billionaire pays sooo much and STILL doesn't survive? So many of them still couldn't get on the plane. To me that symbolizes the fact that money can't save you from God.

      Oh, and i think the black president thing (5th element as well) is the ashkenazi imposters stab at the true hebrews and messiah.

      • lalalawutevah on

        I think you got a plot point wrong: the place that they set foot in is a mountain's peak that supposedly has just reemerged, so everyone was wiped out according to plan . They must have anticipated this and built a vault or stacked chip there. They don't have to worry about the masses since they are all dead, and they have robots, cloning machines, supercomputers and whatnots.

        In short, you can't go wrong with Earth's finests and wickedests.

    • Sorry you thought it was a bad movie.I liked it for the fact that it did show the Elite and their plans.It will be what will happen in the real world when something like this does happen.I look at it in that I hope it wakes those that are sleeping to reality.Meaning you can't trust the Government to save or help you.It's up to you to be prepared if you can against something of this nature.Yes if the whole world were to flood like that there's not much you could do.But you can have food and water stored for a few years to get you through WTSHTF scenario.Like maybe if this really happens…

    • Seems pretty ignorant to walk out for those reasons. The movie doesn't say the whole world dies and only the elite survive. In fact, after you walked out they go on to say that it wasn't as bad as they thought. If you walk out, you miss the symbolisms outlined in this article. In the future, try not to let your emotions take over, and keep your observational skills in tact.

      • bleuwarriorsheart on

        Exactly the same here. On top of it, as a German I felt ashamed about this swabian idiot with his crappy movies. And I immediately recognized that "NWO-Elite"plot as absolutely digusting and insulting to the rest of mankind – which fits the pattern of the Illuminati to give hints about their intentions sadisticly enjoying the ignorance of the masses. Much more annoyed I was about the comments of other viewers happily enjoying their own destruction as a lot of Fun. 2012 got very bad critics all in all but not because of that. Emmerichs german debut (which at that time was very Hollywood like already) was called "The Ark of Noah Principle" about a space station dealing with illegal "Weather Control" X-periments…today I realize (and thx to the analysis here) why he became so famous in America with his crappy-superpatriotic- US-centered-BS (no offence). In Germany he is ridiculed with the nick "Spielberg from Swabia" btw.. And the next movie "White House Down" is in the startholes…probably to inflame new "Terror" Paranoia….
        What else bothered me about 2012 is that he claimed to have investigated very seriously about the topic, specially in the light of the Mayan Calendar, which is absolute BS, cause it has nothing to do with it or its deeper meaning, just token as a pseudo-reference – BUT after reading this article I know what he was investigating for to implement the NWO-symbolism…
        Well, there is, as a last remark, a strong reference to Jule Verne (with ties to Masons , Rosecruicians a.s.o) & Captain Nemo (meaning "Noone") embodied by the Captain of the modern ark in "2012"…..

        Well, blahblah….thx for the info here Vigilant Citizen & Greetings

      • I thought the film was rather funny actually, and enjoyable. It was produced in the spirit of mass overkill, and ridiculousness, and the tropes were as much to spoofs of disaster films as other disaster films. It is a film which, in one sense, didn't take itself seriously much at all, and in another sense, through the very basic, but important and successful symbolism, is also something of more value than a film to be scoffed at completely. It works, it is in large part a parody, a class C or D movie, a spoof of itself as much as it serious, and the serious parts are ok.

        In the real world, what the serious parts of the film, the symbolism and more obvious references refer to, are not hard to grasp anyway – part of the point of these conspiracy and world domination (NWO) scenarios is that they are to be frightening in the utter baseness of mind involved. It's the opposite of rocket science. "2012" sees that really well. It's just a light watch, with a bit of basic stimulation and seriousness in the symbolism. It works, I think. Yet, it's far from the best film ever made. As a distinct C or D style movie, it knows that better than anyone, and could never be mistaken as a film that every set out to be received as a great film or a very serious film.

        Is it a great film? Oh come on, the makers of 2012 knew very well no-one could answer that with a straight face. Of course not. Is it a decent film? Yes, in it's modest identity I really think it is rather. Still, so throwaway that it's not designed to be watched often or over and over, and you probably couldn't do that anyway. But that was the vision, it seems.

      • I'm not really sure why anyone would be upset that the elites are the ones to escape. I mean look at this way. If the elites are really as degenerate as described in the articles on this website then who in their right mind would want to survive to live in their new world order. We already have a taste of their NWO in our popular culture and its downright disgusting. Imagine only a bunch of psychotic degenerates inculcated in blood lust and sexual debauchery stuck together trying to build and run their pathetic new world. Without the uneducated masses who the hell will be doing the dirt work. Do you think those Russian billionaires are gonna drive tractors to grow food or clean the Queen's toilets? Unless pre-built cities are waiting for them, possibly ghost cities in China?, and workers willing to do the drudge work, well, maybe they'll have robots waiting for them to do all the mundane work.

        Think how disgusting those human beings are if they are as degenerate as described. And when all is said and done I can't believe a planet full of perverted degenerate humans can make a go of it. Think Sodom and Gomorrah on steroids. A new world populated by these types of people and only these types of people will be like the never ending reign of Caligula from Imperial Rome, endless murders, sexual debauchery, and non-stop paranoia about who will get it next. Living next to these types of people would be like living next to ghouls. I'm afraid if I were to survive I would be envying the dead.

      • WOW!!! YES!!! Thank you for the perspective! I think you are 100% right!! For once I am happy that I am on the "losing" side.

      • Think, and ponder without so much hatred. You're worth is determined by you. We will all meet the same end eventually. Define yourself, and you won't allow cinematic creations such as this to drain your divine energy. Though semantically churning, it is just a movie.

    • ridiculous movie
      basically this movie it was a nibiru flick
      made by another un-educated hollywood director who apparently

      if your not familiar with this Niburu idea the proper astronomical version.
      its is a hypothetical theory proposed by a couple astronomers of a very very far dark dwarf star
      orbiting our own sun in a wide arc, where by its orbit is so wide
      it only swings in close every 10 to 100 thousand years

      it is a frightening idea because
      most star's in our universe are actually binary or solar systems with 2 stars or 3 even
      the proposed idea is that the swinging in cause's major climate changes and extinctions
      every so many thousands of years and would then make some sense also for fossil records

      anyways any gravitational distortion of that magnitude could only be caused by a large body
      passing thru the solar system a very close massive object or another star neutron dwarf ect…
      it need not enter our solar system only get close enough to disrupt the suns regular gravity field

      it would have lasting and immediately profound effects
      meaning the end of All life but the most basic on earth
      and possibly a deadly alteration to the orbit of the earth moon
      and change of trajectory of many other smaller objects in the solar system
      they would die as well. boat or no boat

  2. Wow. I didn't even think about that when I saw the movie. The only thing going through my mind was "This movie is AMAZING!" I never saw the movie like that. As always, good article VC.

    • You didnt really think it was amazing did you? Even if all movies are full of occult symbols, there is at least still a distinction between well made films and the god awful pile of garbage that was 2012…

      • I'm black and I kinda found this a bit racist. If you didn't mean for it to be like that then I'm sorry for taking it that way. But maybe you should have worded it a bit different. I'm also 14 and thought it would make logical sense for the president to be black since we have a black president at the current moment.

      • Ugh: it might be sarcasm , people are just amazed at the movie 2012 similarities to real life now, its 2012 NOW and we have a black president in office just like in the movie, and its 2012 NOW and the Olympics are gonna be in london just like in the movie? thats all, no racisim intended im sure, and btw hollywood , media itself is very racist,thats why i hardly watch movies or tv

    • One: It does not matter what ethnic group our president was/is in, mind you, world was (and still is) already headed for shit when Bush was president.

      Two: That doesn't matter at all, cause eventually the movie depicted Obama dies.

  3. vc your a true intelligent being

    this is such a well written article, and provides much insight!

    any one who reads this should re-post it somewhere else.

    this makes fear grow in my heart, but hope in my mind that they're other people

    like you VC who actaully know what's going on,


  4. As always, great insight! I only paid a $1 to see this movie (redbox) and thought that for something that had very little dialogue, it spoke volumes. To me, all diaster movies are the same. Some people live, usually the elite, and everyone else die. There's always a "hero" who tries to save the world or at least save the people that he/she loves, and there are always, always some really expensive CGIs. You know, I think I can make a diaster movie. Someone get me a computer and a dictionary (so that I use big words and try to explain why the world is ending without really explaining it) and some flash cards with d-list actors. Put Lady Gaga on the soundtrack and it'll make a million dollars.

    • Put Lady Gaga in the way of a collapsing monument and you'll probably make more than a million! 😀

    • $1 Million would be a box office flop, 2012 made a successful $225 million worldwide :)

      Sorry, I couldn't resist :)

      Seriously though, You made a great point!

  5. Since when does the president of the US get democratically elected? They just give us the illusion of choice, whoever we elect, it's one of them.

    • My teacher told us a little story about how voting really works and how we might not even really be voting so I agree with you there thats why I decide whenI turn 18 I never will…she always told us things that are not in the history books…

  6. The first time I saw a billboard promoting the movie, saying merely, "2012 We Were Warned" I was a little spooked. It seemed like a subliminal slap.

    I liked the orgy of special effects in the movie, but the end sucked as I was obviously not a survivor.

    I don't know what's gonna happen at the end of the year, but it will be an interesting time to be alive, either way.

    • what is that slogan supposed to mean to people? after reading this article, we know the hidden meaning and the answer to what we were warned about. but what does the layman think when he sees that slogan? warned about what?

    • We Were Warned = 144 ( Based on A-Z ) ie W =23 E= 5 etc.

      144,000? 12000 x 12 Let simplify and just take 144(12×12) (12+12) 24 elders

      Go figure.

      Here is the link to the wiki

      This folks got this stuff down to a science. Remember its there for us to see.

      Check this out from wiki as well

      List of numbers – Integers

      100000 144000 1000000

      Cardinal 144000

      Ordinal 144000th

      Roman numeral CXLIV

      Factorization 27 × 32 × 53

      Binary 100011001010000000

      Hexadecimal 23280

      As usual shoutout VC!!! Surprised you took on the movie.

      • Factorization of 144 2^7 * 3^2 *5 ^3

        ^ Raise to the power of….

        Not to cause any confusion with the above from wiki.

  7. Queens New York on

    So according to the Bible, God sent the Great Flood to wash away the evil and the Nephilim(Angels bred with humans) am I correct? So to the mystery schools, they say the Great Flood that sunk Atlantis, left behind survivors which are the originators of all of the Occult knowledge THEY and we have today? What if those survivors were actually some Nephilim but not in the flesh but as demons. And these demons have been breeding on earth for centuries through kingdoms and empires and "ages". And the place where we get all this occult knowledge is from from spiritists and mediums(humans dealing with spirits). There is sure more proof of demons there are of that Atlantean story. I wanna know the truth.

    Another theory, what if "aliens" are really demons. And the elite have fed us aliens with green bodies and ufos as a distraction from Christianity and the holy ghost and demons who mess with our human lives through evil people who sold their souls. I wanna know the truth.

    • What you say is true. the bible even states that after the flood, there were giants in the land – the nephilim. they are the offspring of the fallen angels who mixed their seed with women. remember they were in the land of canaan when the hebrews were to go into the promised land. the hebrew spies came back and said we are as grasshoppers in their site. their og according to biblical cubits was about 15 feet tall and over 3000 lbs. he had to eat massive amounts of food just to stay alive and he probably ate 3-4 times more than what he needed to just survive. the bible talks about how these giants ate up everything in the land.

      and yes, the aliens are demons. they are not from another world, galaxies far far away, they are right here, just in another dimension and can seemingly pop in and out of ours either at will or at certain times. mt. hermon is a portal for fallen angels – the bible says so. and at the base of mt. hermon are ancient ruins of the giants. lots of demonic activity. and during the tribulation, the world will have a flood but the earth will not be destroyed again by a flood. the earth will be destroyed once by water (the great flood which has already happened in noah's day) and once by fire…which is yet to come. great news is for those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, will not endure the wrath of God that is to come. Pack up, look up because we're going up! get ready!

      • Mt. Hermon is in Syria. That just gave me chills for some reason due to all the conflict in that region lately. Wondering if they are preparing it for something. Hmmmm….

      • You know….for people who dont believe in Jesus as the messiah, and he is not their personal savior, they always bash him. It seems like they would rather talk bad about him, and his works, then any other religion or creed. I have no idea why, I mean if you want to be serious a lot of what we know as a society is based on math and theory. What is the difference between theory and faith? In both cases you are beliving in something you cannot see or prove, like quantum mechanics. A lot of it cannot be proven, but the math seems to make everything "fit". I just dont understand why the name Jesus, sparks so much hate and discontent. Some atheists or agnostics, or whatever you call your selfs want to explain? that is of course not taking into account that VC says please no bible or religious interjections.

      • NotAsItSeems on

        Destroyed by fire? Omg… I hope that's not true, that is soo scary.

        Just like the other disaster movie with John Cusack///?

      • ChrisTheMan on


        The reason Jesus is talked badly about most is because Satan is hard at work. Why would Satan want to bash on Buddah, for example? It would make no sense, since all he wants to do is to drive us away from Jesus. The closer we are to Him, the harder he pries. The higher the level, the higher the Devil.

        Since God's made us with a "God-hole" in our hearts, we crave worship even if we don't know it. Spending authentic time with Jesus fits in very perfectly. However, in my experience, I've yet to meet an atheist who actually sat down and calculated for themselves that God doesn't exist. Rejecting Jesus is always an emotional decision due to some bad experience, of which everybody tends to go through.

    • Sarah Connor on

      Decent documentaries:

      NWO & Biblical Prophecy:

      The Real Story Behind Aliens_ Ufos_ Demons_ Illuminati & Satanism.

      Age of Deceit: Fallen Angels & the NWO

      • Sarah Connor on

        1 Corinthians 15:39-40:

        39 All flesh is not the same flesh: but there is one kind of flesh of men, another flesh of beasts, another of fishes, and another of birds.

        40 There are also celestial bodies, and bodies terrestrial: but the glory of the celestial is one, and the glory of the terrestrial is another.

        Parallel Dimensions, Power of Blood:

    • If you think about all of the recent smart entertainment shows involving aliens(let alone television shows, movies, etc.), it makes one wonder if they're training our minds to be able to accept that they exist as other physical beings, and encourage the masses to envision them being just like us. I theorize that this is a big step towards the ridding of religion in the New World Order. Even in the shows which are on the alien's defense, they usually state that religions would deplete; almost like they're trying to speak that into existence.

      It seems that there is also a lot more talk recently about alien abductions and sightings and so forth, I believe that if you are truly a Christian(accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, and accept that he died on the cross for your sins), no 'alien' can 'beam you up, Scotty'. Aliens are demons, therefore they can only touch those who aren't touched by God.

      Obviously, God and all of his wisdom, knows just what to say to his children to make sure that their faith isn't shaken by the shrouds of the Devil.

      Deuteronomy 4:19 – “And when you look up to the sky and see the sun, the moon and the stars—all the heavenly array—do not be enticed into bowing down to them and worshiping things the LORD your God has apportioned to all the nations under heaven.”

    • You are spot on my friend. The greatest feat the devil ever accomplished was convincing people he doesn't exist.

      I am consistently surprised by the amount of people that do not understand that "aliens" are demons. As well as the amount of people that don't understand what "ghosts" really are.

      I pray that the scales are removed from their eyes before it is too late.

      Messing with this stuff is Extremely Dangerous, and now, unfortunately, the people that gave us the idiot box are glorifying both to the extreme.

    • Uuuh your a little confused there friend. Angels never bred with humans and I know which passage in the bible lead you to believe that. Genesis 6:1-4 speaks of the sons of God intermarrying with the daughters of men, many believe these sons of God to be angels. Then it goes on to mention the giants which many believe to be thier offspring (nephilim). This is all false. Sons of God were the christian men and daughters of men were non christian women. As for the giants, my theory is that it was referring to the dinosaurs which were killed in the flood.

    • From my research i often come to the same conclusion …

      Satan was the former Guardian of the Earth, he wanted to have is phather´s power and be worshiped ,
      later on the convinces other guardians from other sectors of the galaxy to mingle with women , to break the liniage o man "Genetic code" and so preventing the coming of jesus has it was ment to be…

      Soon After the flood wich ruined satan´s plan for a complete world domination, the F. Angels lost their powers of tranfiguration and no longer could achieve human form, as punishment .

      After the flood our world has we know it begins…

      in the Era of jesus the Fallen angels were forbiden to leave the Earth.

      The bible focus us on the truth, earth and in man …

      the Fallen angels want us to look everywere else as in the stars from wich the other fallen came in the first place …

    • You've figured it out pretty well, people dont normally piece things together that well, these spirits, fallen angels, demons, even if not able to materialize flesh and blood bodies anymore, can still appear to people, and in any form they choose, monstrous beings, horned and winged beasts, dead people, and yes, even what we might call aliens. These beings are crafty, completely apathetic towards human life, and want nothing more than to confuse us, and watch as we fall. It is up to us to continue to search for the truth, only thing is, we have to dig hard and deep for it. I really hope you find it, and that you continue to search dilligently.

    • The thing is Christianity is a young religion. Along with most other religions in the world it was created at some point in time with the purpose of controlling the masses in some way. It teaches good stuff, but it's still very limited in the way it tells us the story of our world.

      If you read The Bible it's a chronicle of events that happened long ago but it is a written in Ina simplistic way with ago lot of symbolism so that we, simple humans, can understand it. If we examine the Old Testament we can learn a lot about ancient times when the gods that the Old Testament is a talking about were actually a extraterrestrial race that came to Earth and altered our DNA by mixing it with theirs but also crippling our spiritual abilities. They were our 'gods' in those times.

      The New Testament describes Jesus who was a very enlightened son of God and taught people about the real God.

      In any case my point was that I think it's funny to say 'aliens are actually demons' when the concept of demons was created much and aliens really do exist. I mean it's logical, come on – how can we possibly be the only life form in this endless cosmos with an endless amount of planets and stars?

  8. It was incredibly obvious to me what the movie's theme was when I saw it.

    You missed one very snarky scene you should've mentioned, Vigilant: Where the spoiled, fat, rich kid, must've been 11-years-old or younger, before getting on a helicopter to the arks flat-out tells them "We're gonna live and you're gonna die." Isn't capitalism just the best?

    • The elite aren't exactly for capitalism, they just want you to think that way. These big corporations are actually looking for our economy to become more socialist (since the US is operated by a capitalist-socialist mixed economy). It'd make it easier for them to stamp out competition since it'd be legal for the government to say who stays and who doesn't (not that they don't do it anyway, they just want to slap us in the face with their power).

      • My point is that capitalism, especially unrestrained, is a system where we tend to end up with classism. If capitalism was fair and everyone had a fair chance to become rich then there'd be less to object to, but it's not usually fair. Especially after a while when some have capitalized on opportunities better then others, then you have a lower class reeling from failure and a higher class suckling on success.

        Consider the philosophy of making the ark tickets a billion dollars, that's capitalist thinking: Low supply + high demand + short deadline = very high price; not necessarily just to ensure that the wealthiest only are on the ark. And it's fair and objective in a way. A holder of a billion dollars is always holder of a billion dollars, but some people might have varied ideas on what traits should survive the 'new world', not focusing on whether or not the idea is the right one or not. Thus does capitalism ultimately say that Queen Elizabeth or the bratty Oleg character I mentioned above, regardless of how Vigilant or I feel about them, deserves to have more, in this case the privilege of continuing to live because they have access to more money or the favor of someone with more money then someone else.

        Also you cannot blame socialism for the corporatism that's taken over the economy, as discussed a bit by Vigilant here… capitalism did that. In this movie it is their success at the top of the capitalist system that saved these rich people, not (well, probably not) socialism.

        I can say things about socialism, too. But for the most part it's the capitalist-style of greed most of the world is about that can lead one man to power by his wealth, then being a capitalist you know he's still gonna be hungry for more.

        This is something I find paradoxical about Vigilant, no insult intended: He supports capitalism but is almost surprised to see a class of elites being hyped about their success. Obviously these guys are money and power gluttons, but he doesn't support laws to keep them in check, which a capitalist would of course call "socialism".

        But anyway, that's why I said that. Fish gon swim, haters gon hate, capitalists gon capitalize.

      • Not quite true on

        That's a blanket statement about capitalism that is only partially true. In this American version of capitalism you are correct. But true capitalism is truly free markets, something we have never really had. A planned economy is socialism because it depends on government spending to artificially inflate GDP. And a planned economy is solely to blame for the state of the economy, not simply "corporations". They are part of the problem, but the government is THE cause of the problem. One company lobbies for regulations that hurt other companies but helps theirs. A planned economy will only lead to inflation (the past 60 years), stagflation (currently happening), and then collapse. Think of every little nuance that would go into planning an economy of over 300 million people. Every little regulation has an butterfly effect on the entire economy. Now tell me, do you really, REALLY, think that anybody in Washington is that smart?

      • Lifesnotfair on

        Whats more fair? Taking money from those who have it to give to people who don't have it and destroying the middle class who actually have to work for it or giving everybody an equal opportunity to capitalize on opportunities? Do not blame capitalism because we have not seen capitalism in this country for almost a century! The ghetto is not a work of capitalism, it is the bastard child of socialism.

      • @Not quite and lifesnotfair –

        So explain to me then how totally, absolutely free markets would benefit the general public and not solely the wealthy who already have? We've have seen totally, absolutely free markets in the USA and other parts of the world throughout history. It seems to me when we've had this ethics and bare standards go right out the window where literal slave labor can exist, the minimum wage and worker safety regulations are only things of imagination and where only the wealthy hold all the cards and are free to apply whatever bigotries they hold (talkin' bout America over a century ago, lifesnotfair, or Africa today if you like) because it's all about the capitalistic bottom line of what's profitable to management and, hey, it's their company, let 'em do whatever they like.

        It also would appear to me that socialism is in fact the goal of capitalism, where the most successful capitalists make a huge acquisition in gaining the government of the people itself and the forces of the economy and government are one (which is kinda happening in a bunch of the most powerful world entities like China, the EU, the USA and their clubs like CFR and Bilderbergs).

        If you really don't care about any of that, fine. Though I disagree, that's your opinion. You're entitled to it and that's between your soul and you, but don't tell me I'm wrong just because the truth is of inconvenience to you. Don't pretend to be humanitarians when what you're defending is selfishness 'cause I ain't buyin' it.

        Go on, go check your investments or something.

        BTW, Lnf, I'm an honest, hard-working and intelligent person from a family who not only contributed and paid into to the 'socialism' but used it to survive. But my positive traits and work ethic don't necessarily matter and don't ensure me being on the same economic level as you or are necessarily reason why we would be on the same economic level assuming we are/were. Maybe a prospective employer won't like my name, maybe my eyes won't be blue enough or my hair cut to their liking, maybe I don't shake their hand like they like, maybe the color of my tie will suggest from some how-to management book that they read that I'm a thieving serial rapist, or maybe they just would rather give the job to a friend or relative. So much for being hard-working since I'll never really be good enough.

        The style of thinking of both of you is a fallacious rationalizing defense mechanism. The middle class isn't just you and your friends.

    • Socialism is the ideal. I used to be a hard-core capitalist while young as I was influenced by family but after a while I realized that capitalism is as bad as communism. They are supposed to be opposites, yet so similar. On the other hand, socialist countries such as Sweden, or even Oceania have succeeding in thriving consistently over a lengthy period of time. Basic medical care should be available to everyone and not just to the ones who can afford it. Capitalism has repeatedly failed in so many ways, it doesn't conform to the current ideal.

      • I think communism is the ideal/utopian/total equality system; A fair and peaceful anarchy where the people control everything, which also suggests democracy. But that still can be screwed up if the majority is biased and bigoted, and people are too selfish anyway. =/

      • I think communism is the ideal/utopian/total equality system; A fair and peaceful anarchy where the people control everything, which also suggests democracy. But that still can be screwed up if the majority is biased and bigoted, and people are too selfish anyway. =/ I do support the concept of private property though. IMO, in my misanthropic view it seems to me we can't trust human nature in general and the best we can hope for is capitalism with some common sense socialist regulation, but that's not to say I've got it all figured out or that there isn't a way I didn't think of.

        REALLY sorry about the triple post (if you can delete the above 2 I thank you Vigilant ^^;)

    • And that kid lived, probably to revive his dad's evil empire and lord over a bunch of servants in his new dacha in the Cape.

  9. santiago zx on

    alines are genetic manipulations created by modifying human DNA, but as theyre no longer human, they dont have human souls, so yeah demons.

    PS ever wondered why aliens will always look humanoid in most movies? I mean, if they were rlly from others planets, why would they be even a little similar to humans??

    • Actually, the bacterias they found on comets and other planets' frozen waters really look quite similar to those found on earth. It wouldn't be that surprising if humanoid life forms existed elsewhere. After all, has anyone ever complained that the humanoid (add most mammals) body was dysfunctional in any way? No, we're agile, we can think, and we can hunt, plant and harvest. If you doubt we're that well made, take a look outside, at the city around you. Only humanoid life forms could produce such grandeur. (Some insects come quite close, I must admit)

      Rocks on mars, they look the same as rocks on earth. Why would it be different for life forms?

      • "They" have never found any bacteria on comets or in frozen water. The only known forms of life exist on earth.

    • @ R

      When have they EVER found bacteria in ''frozen waters from other planets''?, they've only ever landed on the moon alledgedly, and the bacteria they found in meteorites are now shown to be nothing more than ''mineral squiggles''

    • There is a theory called "Hydroplate" which suggests that comets and other satellites are the result of a cataclysm caused by the Flood described in the Bible, which sent debris from Earth out into space. Basically, when pressurized water was released from below the crust of the Earth, it split apart the surface of the planet and the force of it sent debris into space. Kind of interesting.

    • I think because DNA, the code of physical life forms, may exist Universally. So it is possible to
      have humanoids, and other life forms that exist on earth, spread throughout our galaxy and beyond.

  10. 13 coment! I really hope you read this, I rember there´s a passage on the bible that narates when an apostol asks Jesus until when is he staying with them on earth and he answers: Until you see a man POURING WATER from a pitch (or something like that). Sounds just like Acuarius doesn´t it?

    • Replying to comment:

      Until you see a man POURING WATER from a pitch (or something like that). Sounds just like Acuarius doesn´t it?

      There is NO such comment made in the Bible by Jesus.

    • The passage you are referring to is Luke 22:7-13. And the man was carrying the pitcher, not pouring from it.

      There is a very simple reason Jesus gave such a cryptic set of directions. By this time, Judas had already conspired with the religious authorities to turn Jesus over to them. Ideally, the religious authorities wanted to do it at night, so during a Passover meal would have been perfect. If Jesus had told Peter and John to prepare for Passover at a particular address, then Judas would have alerted the High Priest and the meal would have been interrupted.

      By telling Peter and John to look for a man carrying a pitcher (an unusual event in an culture where did all that sort of work), there is no way Judas could betray them ahead of God's timing. And the Bible does not seem to indicate that Peter and John returned to the other apostles before the Passover meal, so therefore their location was a secret from Judas and ultimately the High Priest.

  11. Interesting... on

    Did anyone else notice that, many of the people who tried to force themselves on to the ship where killed?….is this the elites way of saying that if you try to save yourself and unrightfully fellow us that you will die? Hmm, maybe im overanalyzing this but towards the end what was the meaning behind the elites letting on some "extra" people and the malfunctioning of one the ships?

      • That's right. The elite just bought mega shares from the Oppenheimers (who own Anglo American etc.), Africom is a well known reality, West Africa is still tightly in the grip of France and Belgium so yes, they have had plans for Africa for a long time. The Cape of Good Hope is the southern most tip of Africa (well, arguably Cape Agulhas is but no one would recognise that name) and I really wonder what link it has with this post apocalyptic world that they plan…:-(

  12. Let us now consider the spiritual significance of this water

    carrier. In a sense, Jesus was a water bearer too. He promised

    to pour out the water of His Holy Spirit upon the Church after

    His death (Jn. 7:37-38). This will be fulfilled in the last days

    • It's all a copy cat by Satan. Everything that will happen at Christ's second coming is the same that Satan does only meant for evil.

      • @Andy.And we know how much satan loves to copy God.But whatever he does is just an evil version of what God does.Which is rightous and good.

  13. The Age of Aquarius is a symbolic representation of the baptisiming of Jesus. The Pisces fish is getting in an angle to get "baptize" by the pitcher man, Aquarius.

  14. When I saw the movie, it was quite disturbing to me. This analysis precisely clarifies why I was disturbed.

  15. santiago zx on

    the elite THINKS they will live, but they have no way to hide from God. Its even written on the bible that the powerful and wealthy will hide below mountaints (tht sounds alot like secret military bunkers) and try to hide from God

    • Here it is

      "And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains

      And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sits on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb:" Revelations 6:15-16 KJV and in Isaiah: "And they shall go into the caves of the rocks, and into the holes of the earth, for fear of the LORD, and for the glory of his majesty, when he arises to shake mightily the earth."

      The elite are building deep underground military bases all over the world, and especially in america.

      Here is another bible prophecy regarding the last days(about Gold and silver):

      "They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD: they shall not satisfy their souls, neither fill their stomachs: because it is the stumblingblock of their iniquity" Ezekiel 7:19.

      • A direct hit from a nuke or two would cave those places in real nice. I can guarantee that the nuclear powers have each other's "secret" bases targeted. I do feel for any poor sods that may be downwind of the fallout, though (the regular,non-elites who were Left Behind.) Radiation sickness is something I wouldn't wish on anybody.

  16. The Illusionary Beas on

    I remember all the "symbolic" destruction sequences as feeling very gauche. The whole film is rather tasteless, despite its "amazing" effects. I wonder what will happen if no disaster comes for us and the elite continually fail in their quest for greater power and domination over us. What will that world look like?

    Seems like a more worthy personal fantasy to elaborate out on.

  17. Is this the elites' way of secretly telling us how they are doing things. By the way music/ movie stars considered elite or are they a part of the the N.W. O. plan too?

    • Well yes and no (for the movie stars and music stars). While some of them, according to me, might think that they'll be boarding when NWO starts- like jay-z, kanye west or whoever- they won't be. They're just puppets to the elite.

      God bless.

  18. I believe that after the Biblical Flood, Yahuah said that he would never flood the World again, and his contract with Man was the Rainbow in the sky?

    In the Book of Revelation, the end of this World is not a flood, it is with Fire…..

    All the 'elite' will be ashes upon the ground, and then a New Earth and a New Heavens will be bought forth…..

    Malachi{4:1} For, behold, the day cometh, that shall burn as an oven; and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the LORD of hosts, that it shall leave them neither root nor branch.

    Malachi{4:2} But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall. {4:3} And ye shall tread down the wicked; for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet in the day that I shall do [this,] saith the LORD of hosts.

    But, this is after a thousand year reign of his Son Yahushua Messiah…

    There will be a 'false' messiah appear on the World scene first, and everyone will run to 'worship' him as he seems to bring World Peace???

    This reign will last about 42 months…..

    Then Yahushua Messiah will appear and Woe to this World and it's inhabitants….

    Zechariah 13:9, "And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried: they shall call on my name, and I will hear them: I will say, It is my people: and they shall say ,Yahuah is my Eloah."

    Peace, Love and Laughter Reg

      • The Earth will be destroyed by fire, but only after the Thousand-year Reign of Christ, Satan's last revolt, and the Great White Throne Judgement of the lost, as well as Satan and his minions (the fallen angels, and demons). Then there will be a new Earth free of any corruption or impurities and a new Heaven. The destruction of the old Earth by fire is an act of cleansing.

  19. What is the most important thing? The occultism itself? Should we be the most concerned about the elites being occult, or be more concerned with the power structure, the way it perpetuates itself, the way it brainwashes, etc.

    Are the elites motivated by power, occultism, or both?

  20. great article. I really wish that some of the commentaries would stop fusing Jesus and astrology. He does not represent pisces or aquarius. Those concepts are against biblical principle and stand against everything that Jesus was about. He was not about divination and predicting the future- he set a clear path for us to follow and being human we always try to find a way around the right that we're supposed to do so that we can enjoy the bad. Anyway please remember also the significance of the rainbow and why it was created. The rainbow (before being corrupted as a same sex symbol) stood as a promise between God and man (then Noah and his family) that the earth will never again be destroyed by water. God promises to flush out evil again yes, but by fire not water. The movie shows a lot about the thinking of the elite but we can be assured that this isn't a prediction into the immediate future. God's word was written many years ago and so far it has been quite accurate. Maybe we should stop exciting ourselves with worldly methods of thinking and searching for something we already know the answers to. Thank you VC for your great analysis that supports what a lot of us have already concluded. I enjoy your article but of course I don't sit around waiting on them before I form my own opinion, but we have been on the same track thus far. :)

    • Thats where the hidden message of the film "Knowing" comes.

      First, the Sun will shutdown our almighty technology to trigger the Domino effect

      Then, the our world will be cleanse by Fire and not water.

      The things that I said above is not shown or portrayed in the film but, this is the real deal when experiencing the wrath of a Solar Flare plus the CME(coronal mass ejection) from the Sun. The Funny thing is that as of now the Sun is warming up and progressively unleashing stronger x class flares. It began spewing flares early 2011.

      It portrayed the gulf oil spill news and guess what after one year….the 2010 gulf oil spill incident happened.

      • OjosPelados on

        I'm worried about these X-class flares. If the grid goes down, nuclear plants can go down. Then people get sick, then more plants can go down. …

  21. havent you noticed that most of the films about worlds destruction, the USA president turns out to be black?

      • DUH!, Im talking about movies that were released before pesident Obama, for example: Deep Impact and Fith Element, apocalyptic movies. And there are a few others movies and series that showed a black president before Obama. prophetic?

      • George Bush Jr's cabinet was the first to really load up on people who weren't white. At first I thought it was great. Diversity.

        But you notice they got rid of Colin Powell who I trust and we have instead snake oil salesman Obama.

        The minority voters don't see the difference and are voting for a black man – but it isn't a good black man. All carefully planned by the real elites to give their man a loyal voting base no matter how evil he turns out to be. The Bush family is so deep into this it is hair raising.

  22. its crazy that in most of these movies made by the elite, God, Christianity, and the Bible are either destroyed or mock. Its no surprise since Satan is the head of the illumianti. All the signs and what its says in the Bible is adding up, yet, people dont see it. They say we are the sheep when they dont even realize that THEY are the sheep to the elite through the media! At least we are following the Good Shepard.

  23. I always wonder if there is a satanic, occultic elite who obtained this other worldly knowledge and manipulates the fate of mankind. Its logical to think that "they" must have enemies too like good vs evil.

    I think this "enemies" of them have other worldly knowledge too but coming from righteous divinity, good forces. And doesnt manipulate mankind but rather spreading the good message to men. I have a theory that this group might be the future divine order which was passed on by the disciples of Jesus Christ. It makes you wonder on what happened with the disciples, did they pass their mission to people like them? And what happened to the Holy Spirit powers which guided them? Did the Holy Spirit left after the disciples were tortured or murdered? and left men in the clutches of Sa'tan……sigh

    If they or someone in their group is reading this right now……pls let me join your group in the righteous crusade. I am sick and want to do something about this corrupted world. Or at least show mankind that this "group" does exist and fighting the puppets of Sa'tan. I want to see this "SYSTEM" of Sa'tan vanquished right before my eyes.

    Sincerely, average person who chooses Good over evil.

    • The group you are looking for are the "Christians", the real ones, they who loves Christ above all and suffer for him. There is no other people on earth more hated by satan and his followers. Look for them, nowadays they are in short supply , but there are still some of them.

    • If you ever find them pleas tell me i would really like to join too. But what if the group has to be yet created or is made with the thing people already have, but never considered what could have been done with it? Like unity, teamwork and incredible communication skills. That would be totally awesome. I mean sometimes it really surprises me how some different population have such incredible communication skills and can tell you who what and were.

    • Simple. They do exist and they are around you every day (I hope). I am one of them and am blessed to have enjoyed understanding and peace with regard to the coming end of the age. I am not alone and neither are you. Several of the folks commenting on this page have made reasonably accurate statements about Jesus.

      We have been separated from God by the unrighteous act of one man and there was a debt hanging over our head that we could not pay. A debt owed to sin. The bible tells us that by one man sin entered the world and by one man righteousness was imputed to many (paraphrased). Romans 5:17-19. Those who by faith trust in what Jesus did when he died on the cross on our behalf and paid the debt that was owed receive right standing with God. Once we have chosen to put our trust in his righteousness not our own we have access to the Holy Spirit (God's Spirit). This provides us with the power to live in the hear and now, to understand the spiritual aspect and we do in fact join the war that is raging all around us in the supernatural.

      You can admit that you have sinned and ask for God's forgiveness and receive righteousness of His son by just asking. Then get a bible and read in my opinion, the book of John and the book of acts. John will show you God's love and that Jesus is the son of God and Acts will show you what is looks like to be a son of God yourself. God loves you so much and wants you to be in relationship with him so He can touch those around you.

      Blessings and good luck.

  24. If…or when something happens, whatever it may be, it might really challenge our beliefs and the way we look at things. Sometimes that can be a good thing, sometimes it can be bad. I think the only advice I can give is that if you truly believe in something, especially in these rough times, please hold fast to them. Whether it be God, your family, morals, whatever. Don't let them go!

    • The thing is, it realy does matter that a person decide what they believe, the Book of Revelation speaks of a time when a beast power forces ALL both small and great to accept a mark in the hand for forehead. It is showing allegience to a power that is not of God. The bible also states that God will set a mark upon those that are Sighing and Crying over the Abominations that are going on in the land (earth). It matters very much that we decide which side we will stand as there are only TWO sides, one leading to eternal life.


  25. "Of course, as a member of the world's occult elite, the Queen of England and her dogs are granted access to the ships. Because her hat-wearing skills will be very useful to humanity in the future." HELL YEAH!

    • OjosPelados on

      Good one on VC. I also have been wondering what the elite is going to do without the amazing, creative, intelligent, talented, diverse people who are included in the 99%. What a boring new world it is going to be, at least for a while.

      • Historically the world did without the 99%.

        If the idiot Fitzclarence didn't order his scottish troops to charge at Ypres on Nov 1914, WWI would have ended on that month and the world would have much less population in the wrong places, and an Asian like me won't be writing this kind of sentence in English.

  26. Great dissection of the Hollywoodized version of "2012''. Yes, this movie was distasteful and disturbing for all the reasons stated by VC and others. The character Charlie Frost's "on the air" embedded radio broadcast during the "Mega" volcanic eruption of Yellow Stone was awe inspiring.

    I now think the term "conspiracy theory" should be replaced by this term "Language Defiance".

    Most Mayan experts believe that the glyphs and codex indicate that the end of this Great Age will be by Earthquake. All those gigantic holes the Elite drilled into Mother Earth to keep them safe might just end up being their tombs.

    • OjosPelados on

      Mother Shipton's prophecy says that after the bloodshed and mass deaths, and all that, people will come out of the ground like from tombs. Sounded right to me because of the bunkers. And it makes me think at least some of the elite will survive.

      • OjosPelados on

        Hold on – I think I got it wrong. It said, "And in some far—off distant land Some men—Oh, such a tiny band Will have to leave their solid mount And span the earth, those few to count." And the bibliotecapleyades site says that's like the Bible reference to the dead coming out of their graves.

  27. The thing is – despite what we know and learn- there is nothing we can do about it, is there?

    I've been reading, learning, fact finding, discovering, sharing information, etc… for a few years now – and still there is none that we can change.

    Everything is being changed for us.

  28. Praying 4 Hope on

    Awesome article! Pretty compelling stuff. Any plans on making an article about the amc tv show… "the walking dead". I'm sure you'll see a lot of symbolism, indoctrination and cultic acts. Hope to see your research soon.

  29. Child of God on

    I watched the movie and it was very sad and there was nothing I could do. I didnt see the hidden meaning but things were suspicious about the movie. Like the Arks, it reminded me of Noah. I got relived to see that my continent and country and province (africa, south africa, kwa zulu natal) doesnt get destroyed, but that is according to the movie. I dont belive 2012 is going to happen for real.

  30. i know it's not likely to happen but i surely hope it doesn't happen me along with other people will die so young i had my whole future planned and i won't even get to graduate.

    • Last week I read an article online in whicH some archaeologists had come upon the workroom of a Mayan scribe. Three of the walls were covered in hieroglyphs, which, once deciphered, appear to comprise a reference source, sorta like a cliff's notes for historical data- kings' reign dates and other historical phenomena. The analysts were surprised to discover that this calendar included an additional 7,000 years beyond 2012.

      Sorry to break it to you, but everyone who is worried or convinced about a looming apocalypse is buying into yet another lie. This 2012 stuff is all about the illuminati/satan's timetable, not God's. You gonna believe He would just give up on us and just throw us away, after He gave us His greatest gift ever, like a (cosmic) minute ago?

      The evil ones want us to be afraid, hopeless and sitting around doing nothing, waiting either to die or to be saved by Yeshua or some other third party, while they use our fear energy to further their own goals. Don't make it even easier for them.

      Stop feeding the beast. We have to rely on ourselves to save ourselves and our loved ones. We can stop these f***ers if we want to. Not with protests or purchasing boycotts or whining, but with the spiritual weapons God gave each and every one of us.

  31. Yorkcity777 on

    2012 False Flag attacks. 2012 London ZION Olympics. 2012 December 21st. Yep, the New World Order is inevitable.

  32. God's Master pe on

    Good job VC! I just head that Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber will be starring the new Will Smith's movie “Men in Black 3” as “Alliens”. We all know what Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber are, (Devil's puppets). So please keep analysing the movies. Thanks

  33. Never liked the movie 2012 from the word go. Its a. Sad, helpless destructin predicting movie. I think the world is already feeling helpless enough and movies like hunger games also talk about the oppressions of the elite. Massive control of the masses and all that. Crazy things have been happening, crazier things are gona happen. However,, I believe that 2012 is the age of d church. Where the 4pirit of God is poured out in very large dimensions (maybe the age of pieces is right bcs God reffered to His Spirit as water). However, an increase in evil will also occur. The real ark is Jesus Christ and we, the Christian are the real elite. The devil is trying to make people believ that the illuminatic is the real elite. What happened in Egypt and Goshen is about to repeat itself. Its a spiritual destruction that would take place, not physical

  34. I agree with most of this article except that he says Jesus is especially associated with paganism, Pisces. The fish and Pisces has no connection with Christianity, maybe the rcc, however it's obvious that they're pagan. But the Jesus of the bible? Nope, He is not represented by any fish or image.

  35. nice article, thanks alot;)

    glad im not the only one disliking the message of the story, at the end of the movie i felt disappointed, and i couldn't help thinking: why would afrika let those parasites set foot on their land in the first place? when the world was still in one piece africa wasnt good enough…maybe it's evil, but a part of me would want them to be sent away…. especially the queen, same thought came to my mind……..what contribution could she possibly make to humanity? nothing! same goes for the rich elite who probably don't even know how to use a hammer., or how to work the lands, if the world is in pieces, you don't need people like that………it would be a crime against evolution….comon, next step would probably be, parasiting on the african people…again….so the rich can still, sit on their lazy asses letting the normal people do all the work…to build a new society…

    i think it's a real hypocryte movie…it wouldve been better if those arks crashed, and non of them survived… and at the end, you see a fade out of a free africa, with normal people that survived, and do over humanity the right way.

    • The fact that they went to Africa only tells me the Elite are and have purposely been killing the Africans. Major droughts being caused by man made dams (like they portrayed in the Quantum of Solace), plaguing them with disease (biological warfare), cutting their food supply, etc…EVIL EVIL world we live in…

    • Everyone in Africa already died, remember? the only black people surviving are the scientist and the president's daughter, and in reality they will probably be silenced quickly, ensuring there are no more blacks on the face of the earth.

  36. Wondering if this is the reason why THEY want to invade Africa now? Are there any good movies nowadays that are worth seeing? Any more movies that are not about aliens?

    • God will help us when we help ourselves and when we make an effort to change things. We will, we CAN change things! And we cant let these demons win

  37. Juana SImon on

    When I watched this movie, I thought It was interesting. But at the end, it scared me and made me sensitive on what's happening around and I never thought this could be symbolic. Thanks VC for informing! :)

  38. hey, VC, i don't know if you made an article about "the day the earth stood still". that was the first thing on my mind when i read this article.

    great job, as always 😀

  39. Great analysis! I was really disturbed by the movie when it was released. Yep, so much for the Hollywood's trademark "happy ending"! What's even more disturbing, have you noticed how the elite is portrayed? I personally think that elites are necessary to the people, but these should be strong, intelligent, moral & spiritual elites, people for the ordinary people to look up to. But the elite we have today are just like they are depicted in 2012 – fat, ugly, immoral & corrupt. Wow, not so much sense in the word "elite" anymore.

  40. First of all i like the analysis, and i do agree that most of the "elite" look upon us as puny little ants. The way multinationals threat their employees, customers and their environment says a lot.

    Elections are orchestrated nowadays and voting is basically giving away your right to speak freely.

    The music industry is rotten to the core and the vibrations in the air nowadays do not deserve to be called music.

    So yes , it is time for a change. We can all acknowledge this, however the question is how?

    But to be quite honest i do not see the problem with the 500.000.000 population idea.

    The path leading towards it is however an unethical one and can't be justified by any means.

    But look what mankind nowadays is doing to:

    * Eachother

    * Animals

    * Nature/resources

    As population keeps rapidly growing this will only get worse, only trough great innovations things might change. As long as the person or persons in charge have the right intentions why not work towards a global unification? Equality & freedom with unlimited possibilities.

    A lot of people scream and yell on the internet about the way things are, yet they take no inititiave to make a change themselves or come up with a better plan. Why coach from the sideline when you can play the field?

    Keep up the good work, i love what the site is bringing and i've been a long time follower.

    I must encourage people to not forget to see the good things in the world though, the coming of spring young animals being born and running trough the meadow,the first rays of sun , flowers blooming, a great conversation with a good friend. it's not all darkness out there.

    And trust me if you are able to read this post , you are already having a better life than 90% of the world.

    I feel you only have the right to complain on others if you yourself can do a better job.

    Just my 2 cents, from the Netherlands

    • Well, good points, some of them. Yet I don't agree with the idea that ordinary people are to blame for the ecological chaos we're living in today. The elite has been dumbing down the population for decades by promoting fossil fuel, cars, plastic and all this stupid modern lifestyle. And it has been an aggressive campaign I should say, billions & billions of dollars were spent. Not to mention, it also took two world wars to promote this agenda, by the way. At the same time many efficient alternative eco-friendly technologies have been repressed for decades. Yet, the elite is now putting the blame on people! It reminds me of anti-tobacco campaign. The very same people who used to promote smoking tobacco, even going as far as to advertise it as a cure, are now going against it, cause it is good for their NWO agenda at this point.

      Anyway, I reckon the best way at least to try to hold back the NWO is to infiltrate the system and make efforts to sabotage it from within. "Be wise as serpent", you know. But sometimes I actually feel very depressed, sometimes it seems our world is so beyond hope. I feel like our parents have sold our souls way before we were born, now the best we can do is to at least try to save ourselves and pray to God for forgiveness of our sins, the sins of our parents & grandparents, who were even more blind, than we our generation is today.

      Although I try to be positive, unfortunately I am not so lucky to be oblivious to the direction the world is heading. I have been "in the system" for a long time. My father used to work for the government. Unfortunately years before I became aware of what I know now I followed my parents' advices and my career path also lay in various government agencies & multinational companies. All I can say is that the real state of affairs is even more sinister than people imagine. I don't have enough willpower to quit "the system", cause I can't stand being alone and my wife, family and friends have high expectations of me. But I will try to do the best I can to make some positive changes from within. There are people who are against the NWO working in a lot of organizations, they are just afraid to stick together and to act openly, but there's still a chance, not everybody s corrupt yet. Sometimes I feel very desperate though, I just feel like throwing away all my credit cards, cell phone, laptop, catching the very first plane to some far-away least corrupt destination like maybe in Africa of South-East Asia & get lost forever.

      • Alexander,

        I understand where you are coming from. And i sometimes share this thought of leaving it all behind, i do not expect though that it is better in any place else in the world. Trust me the poverty and inhumanity in South Africa & South America are even greater and more visible than in the western world, you can't see this as a safe haven either.

        Also i am fully aware of the direction towards the world is heading, it's not a nice direction. But instead of complaining and being afraid you can make a positive contribution as well.

        I do feel that people have a choice in what they are doing, though social conditioning is strong people can still make a change. Paradigms can be broken and the global elite can't be blamed for everything (though for a lot)

        Most people simply do not care, i refuse to see them as victims of a global conspiracy. If you really want to you can change your habits; boycot evil companies, turn off the tv, listen to different music, watch the news sceptically. Most people complain and do not act. They will act but only when it's too late.

        You are in charge of your own life. And once you become aware of this you can make a difference.

        And once again there are plenty of beautiful things out there, if you watch the world trough a different window it can be quite enjoyable.

    • That's right we have a choice. But in my personal situation it's really hard to make this choice, cause it will mean leaving my family and friends, who all live in blissful ignorance, behind. I try to make them aware of what's really going on, but they discharge everything as my personal fad and a conspiracy theory. You know, it's like trying to keep yourself on a diet in a home, where someone always brings in a cake or two every day, and ignores your argument about staying healthy. That's a challenge! Maybe that sounds cynical & sociopathic, but it would've been much easier for me to keep my life in balance if I were completely alone. After all come to think of it I really am alone in the first place at least in my search for truth. What I can't figure out is which is worse: betraying your family & setting yourself free or staying true to the family, but keep working for the system? Right now the family outweighs, but I feel like I'm lying to myself each and every day.

      • Oh, Alexander,

        Many of us can empathize with your feelings of loneliness and frustration, we are in similar situations with our loved ones being blind to the Truth, and with the ongoing responsibilities of everyday life. Please remember that you are Exactly where you are supposed to be, according to God's plan, and if you can keep your wits about you, and keep your soul pure, then in time it will all make sense. You are there to help someone else, a particular person, maybe someone you haven't even met yet.

        If you are in the midst of a cabal, I should hope you will do what you can to undermine their authority, their anonymity and the secrecy they use to get away with the massive amounts of evil that they do. God will provide you with a way to do this without putting yourself or your family in jeopardy. If enough insiders like you start sharing more info with the outside world, it might reach a "critical mass" within the general population, and blow the lid off the whole sordid mess before it really escalates.

  41. isaster movies always show the muslims praying around the kaaba. We dont just pray when disaster strikes. we pray 5 times a day. those images show us on a normal day. if the world was ganna end we would still be praying. full stop.

  42. on

    I meant to say Aquarius .

    Africa … the Africans will do the labour, will be enslaved once again.

    African leaders do not care about their people,as long as they are well off they do not think about what happens to their average citizen.

    Take Namibia for example, it has one of the strongest currencies in Africa, with a small population of 2 million yet its un-employment rate is close to 50% & more than 50% of the population is living in poverty

    While other poorer African countries with larger populations

    don't have gaps that large between the rich and poor.

    Greed is destroying Africa.

    People forget that Africans are still very much into witchcraft . Marine witchcraft which is one of the mowy powerful forms … So it really shouldn't come as a surprise

    • We won't be enslaved again, do you even realize how powerful those words you just wrote are ?

      You cannot say that; it's almost like you were cursing us.

      I understand why you said that, that's why I'm not mad but be careful what you say.

      AFRICA IS WAKING UP can't you see ? The African diaspora around the world is starting to realize that the mother land is where we need to be.

      It has started with fashion for women. Seeing celebs accepting their kinky hair made a lot of women do the "big chop." Whether you agree or not, it is a sign that we are starting to refuse to follow the westerner ideology and criteria of beauty. The fact that now everybody wears African wax, gele, kente print annoys me but it is the best way to make the masses focus on Africa because reading a book is a challenge for them and don't tell me it is not true that people who like to drink, party, flirt also like to read books, get to know what their ancestors brought to this world etc…

      Also, here's a man named Kemi Seba who has an online talkshow on blogtalkradio which is number one every time it is being aired (every Thursdays) and he tells his people to go back to Africa and build for ourselves; to be independent. Also in France, some young girls made videos on YouTube to tell brothers to stop bashing them sisters and that what we need is unity and they did a lot of other videos to stop auto racism and to stop being slaves in their minds.

      Furthermore, everybody is looking at Africa as the future that's why they got Gaddafi down, that's why thei got Gbagbo down; they both wanted to create our own African money and Gaddafi wanted to create a kind of imf for African countries financed by himself. Luanda, the capital of Angola, is one of the most prosper African cities because the president knows how to handle the oil they have that's why when Portugal started struggling for real, 1 million (yes one mllion) visas to go to Angola were asked by Portuguese to the Angolan embassy. Even really important Portuguese scientists are investing their money there because they know.

      Yes there's witchcraft in Africa but please it does not mean anything. Black people are naturally religious (look up for the laws of the Maat). Witchcraft is there but it does not concern a huge part of Africa. Yes SOME of our presidents are greedy but they are only there because we let them and this is about to change because God is in charge.

      • I will not let myself get enslaved by greedy and disloyal people. On our soil you won't live a happy life if you ever dis treat anyone. You will be know for the rest of your life as someone that can't be trusted. But if you treat the people as family and friend you will be answered with the same kindness. Most people associate Africa as a place were only poor people live because of all the things are seen on the TV but let me ask you in what why are they looking? In how many people have money, TV, mobile and other electronics or do they mean a life where they can put food on the table? Most places in Africa have really rich soils but the people that live in those area's don't know about this or don't know how to use and enrich the soils.

        For example when you have a bit of land you think by using compost the soil becomes richer, but in a longer time-range the compost not only drains the soil but also poisons the soil and water. I think this is already a global issue known, but what is never told to farmers is that if you use earthworms you can get the richer soil without draining or poisoning the soil and water. The only thing that you need to do is give the earthworms their time to rich the soil for a couple of weeks and you get the same or even a richer soil. I think that there were a couple of scientifically articles written about this.

        But now you thing what does this have to do with why those elite want to live in Africa. Most of the soil in America and Europe have been poisoned with compost (especially man-made compost). This causes a lot of troubles for not only for the health of people but also the soils in those countries. I think there have been conferences in America (a couple) where this was even the most imported subject. Dietetics, scientist and other people that have something with health have been talking about this issue for a very long time and even said that it would be better to live in Africa. (there is a lot more about this but i think you can research that by yourself)

        Try searching about the damages genetically modified (GGM) corn/maize does with the soil. You will be wondering why people are even doing GGM.

  43. Rainbow snake on

    In the movie, I heard the word "Wisconsin" 3 times. In the end, President said, "we all have relatives in Wisconsin", or something like that. What does Wisconsin symbolize??Anyone knows? (The first one I remember was that a woman said to his husband(?), "I told you that we should have stayed in Wisconsin", and the 2nd one.. I cannot remember…)

    • vigilANT2777 on

      I was wondering this too but I read on IMDB that the exectutive producer and Emmerich's friend was from Wisconsin. I was getting a bit curious too when they mention it three times.

      No worries about the state my friend.

      • Rainbow snake on

        Thank you for your reply, vigilANT2777. I will not think too much about it. I thought it was a secret code for secret societies or something…

    • Nicholai ii on

      Hmm, well isn't that interesting. Isn't Wisconsin where they were hearing the loud booms. Some have suggested that they were coming from underground, and that somebody might be down there blasting through rock.

  44. "At the end of the movie, the entire world is completely submerged by water, except for the African Continent. The Arks set sail to the cradle of Civilization to start anew in a place symbolically called “Cape Hope”. "

    I find this part very interesting. I am from Africa, South Africa to be specific, where "Cape Hope" or "Cape of Good Hope" is located. If they want a world filled with only the elite how do they plan to get rid of all the people on the surviving African continent, which I can promise you do not fit the bill for their perfect world.

    Maybe they will keep them around as slaves, starting the whole terrible cycle all over again, or maybe that is the reason for all the poverty, death and aids killing millions and countries like America turning a blind eye, unless there's something for them to gain. Wipe out the uneducated masses and take their rich lands.

    Just saying, if they are planning on coming to Africa they have A LOT of people to wipe out, and these guys don't die easily, they'll go down fighting.

    • Good comment. But, as far as saying "these guys don't die easily"…well, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation (bio-weapons disguised as "vaccines") is already working on that problem – engineered plagues, put simply. Not everything will be "natural" disasters, but planned incidents, as well.

      I haven't seen the 2012 film, but reading the part about the "arks" gave me the creeps – I had this pic in a recent article of my own about Soros and the elite –

      It is the logo of the "Soros International House" – one of the many big money "elite planning the future" groups owned by Soros – depicting an "Ark" going toward the Sun.

      Ironic and creepy as hell? Yes, I'd say so.

  45. Its weird that the movie ends with the elite fleeing to Africa and in particular a place called Cape Hope. Cape Town in South Africa was (and still is) called the Cape of Good Hope manymany years ago when the Dutch settled here. Good Hope is part of the heritage of Cape Town. Maybe this is why they have started campaigning to invade Africa? Hopefully they stay far away from Cape Town and South Africa as our people have endured enough slavery and hardship in our pasts. If Africa or South Africa and or Cape Town (Cape of Good hope) does survive this disaster my question would be why? What is there plan with Africans? We have fertile lands that provide diamonds and gold mines (which the government has been fighting to nationalise). We have people from all cultures and creeds who's ancestors were shipped year as slaves during the Dutch settlement so i think that we are one of the most diverse cultures in the world. But still what makes Africa so special? Or is it that we will make the best slaves than any other people?

    • Watch that movie again. (I did three times) Africa is also emerging out from the flood. Anyone who lived there already died.

    • Jesus is Lord on

      It's so comforting to have so many people knowing truth together in one place, sharing theories. It's certainly clearing a lot up in my mind, as the world can be a frightening place when you learn the reality of it. It's important to remember that those parasites only loan the thrones they are sitting on until the return of the king of kings, lord of lords when he will take his rightfull place.

      Onwards and upwards that's where we are going, so in times of fear keep your head in Gods word and Bob Marley in your ears, as Bob says "I know a place where we can carry on, we can carry on"

      There's only one race and that's the human one.

      God bless +

  46. This was a completely amazing movie! It was disturbing, making me want to cry, but still an amazing movie.

    Thanks for the article.

    • Do you really think God will permit it? He knows who to be destroyed but, in other hand He never gave us a specific date. Let them try, and certainly God will change their plans on time.

      These silly people (F* Elites) are maintain the ideals of ancient wizards who communicated with demons. These ones instructed them to build occult monuments and write occult messages, simply to defy God's will. One of the monuments is the misterious Stonehenge and well-known old message is that there are two forces, good and evil and that also there are two Gods."

      But if we pay attention, and understand who we are, this statement is worthless, 'cos none human being wants to be hurt or hurt others and this is good not evil. In others words, we want to share love each other, so love will prevail for ever and ever!!!

      Hail God and Jesus Christ!!!

  47. I studied the Mayan calendar for years, as well as 2012 for most of my life. I have not and will not watch this movie. I saw the adds for it, and knew it was a lie and propaganda, refusing to subject my conscious and subconscious mind to this crap.

    When we give our attention to this stuff, we increase the likelihood it will manifest. Focus on peace, prosperity, and never faulter.

    • NotAsItSeems on

      Can you elaborate on what your Mayan calender studies concluded to? Can you also tell us where the 2012 discrepancy lies in the research—why the confusion?

  48. It makes a ton of sense. Obama is getting all friendly with. China right now and the whole Kong thing was a scam. I liked it when it wasn't popular >.> I didn't realize the signs because I had not even had an idea of the elite. Thank Yahweh from you! I've been reading your stuff since October. I'm fifteen, homeschooled, eat everything organic and haha educated 😀 whoop whoop.

  49. Excellent article. I may try and watch this film, but not for pleasure, just to see what 'they' are up to!

    I have just finished watching an excellent series of videos, called ''Know Your Enemy'' made by the Fuel Project, they are on you tube and explain the NWO from a Christian point of view and cover a lot of what this article says about the film 2012.

    God bless you all !

  50. I hope the people that watch this movie still take note that the "crazy" conspiracy theorist was STILL right with everything he was saying.

    Nutty as he may be

  51. Roland Emmerich also directed 10,000 BC and that movie is all about Atlantis and the origins of civilization.

  52. Deep Impact, is a movie that also shows the black president while earth is in trouble. The end is truly here.

  53. Great job, VC! Was waiting for an article about this movie, you've done a great job!

    It really gives us much insight on the elite's plan. If this may happen, they'll be saved,

    cause they already took precautions.

    How nice of them to let us know.

    But I also like to think that we can't predict when nature calls. I believe that

    a different energy will surround earth and people will wake up if they

    pay attention. Gods hand will give us light in this darkness and we can see

    it if we want to. (And not the God as they potray it, i like to believe. Cause He

    doesn't send you to hell for eternity if you fail your human desires. That's what's

    makes us fear! Hell is not evil. Just like darkness is the absence of light, Evil is

    the absence of God. It's this earth and every other place, but home. To God.

    But He is loving and He always gives and never stops. He watches and hopes

    we find our way home. And when it gets really bad, He will help us by sending

    his energies to wake us up. And not by destroying us all. That's just nature. It's dual.

    The earth rests and the earth gets wild. It is just the way it is.

    My personal opinion.(Gnosis))

    But we won't wake up if we are to busy being scared of this manipulated predictions.

    Fear is the only thing that will keep the light out. Thankfully we all have love

    in ourselfs. Too bad not every one (like the elite) is using it! Thanks to VC we are well


    • even though I believe in God here is one thing I'm trying to get my head around this: "I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things". Joshua 23:15. what my conclusion is that there is no secrets about the bible. This verse along with others have exposed the so-called secret belonging to the Lord our God. I wondered what that secret was for how many years until one fateful day in 2010 i stumbled across Isaiah's interpretation and MY I was shocked because the bible tells me that the Lord will give you the treasures of darkness. this one took me a long time to get over still trying to but pray for me. But this is the beginning and the conclusion to the whole 'great controversy' between Christ & satan

  54. Fascinating article as usual VC. I can't help but wonder, say all this is true and happens and the planet enters the Age of Aquarius will the world still be dualistic? Meaning will we still worship God and will that process in how we worship change, if good people survive that is? I have seen from your site plans and descriptions on how the satanic elite will continue and survive even after a purposed cataclysm destroys everything we know but on the other end God's plans and the people that reflect his will is still an unknown, unless of course you reference the bible, "And the meek shall inherit the earth" And all that. So I wonder how dualism will reflect in a new age, or if there will be dualism at all..will there still be this battle between good and evil or will as the elite continue to tell us only be occult satanism as the law of the day? I would rather die and go to heaven to be with my family and my creator rather than live in such filth, however, if I and others like myself were to survive what role would we play in a new age relative to the role that the elite have shown that they intend to play? Such an interesting time we live in..

  55. All i can say is… Movies take a long time to get under way sometimes decades. This film started casting in 2007. Think about that. They have a black president before we even had one. Basing him firmly as the last president in the year 2012. That isn't a coincidence. AT That point we had yet to have the 2008 olympics so london had not yet been chosen. It is possible that in post production they changed the location but I still find that interesting as well. This movie isn't conjecture or make believe at all. Its only made to seem that way thanks to advanced CGI. Remove the movie magic. All the conspiracy of the past they mentioned are real & all the ways that 2012 would unfold have come true in ORDER. Especially is you match it with, "Knowing" , that film was a precursor to 2012. It even has the 2010 Oils spill in it , years before it happens. They tell us. We just don't listen. And thats how they keep making money & laughing at our peoples stupidity.

    • Excellent points about the Olympics and the US President. There have been many movies where messages have been blatantly obvious about their plans, always remember they put it out there, your eyes & ears have to be open to see and hear it.

      I, myself, am not afraid of what may be coming with the end of the Mayan Calendar, whether it be a catastrophic reshaping of the earth, spiritual rebirth, or being bombarded by photon waves emitted from the center of the universe. (Which our Milkyway Galaxy is aligning with and will be staring into on Dec 21 2012). It is going to be one hell of a ride don't you think?

      We are all just playing out a sequence of events that are unfolding whether we are here or not in the flesh or in spirit form. If you let fear engulf your mind, it will paralyse you. __We are having an experience, we are not the experience.

      • Black President of the USA and/or of the World character has been featured in numerous Hollywood movies, especially sci-fi, since 1980s.

    • See the movie "Trading Places" where Dan Ack and Eddie Murf are walking past the world trade center building. Note the words by Dan used for his training to Ed…"Carnage, Pilot seat ect…"

      Just a thought. Could be a coincidence.

  56. The most pathetic part is that the Mayans never ever said that that the end of the world in in 2012. Their calendar and their scientific celestial work carried on after 2012. It was our pathetic elites and media who blasted it down out throats to get the USA dumb fks who are pure fear based all riled up and to make proftis. Ponzi.

    • Indeed, it is funny how some people reckon the Mayan calendar to be some kind of doomsday countdown.

      You don't see me fearing the end of the planet when 31-12 of any given year is nearing.

      Fun fact- Recently scientist discovered an Mayan calendar that predates the one that the 2012 "prediction" is based on. It sorta ad's 7000 +/- years.

      Also noticed that after that new's stock-markets slightly climbed globally? Might just be coincidence or just the collective awareness of people kicking in. We need more of that.

  57. thank god for this website, i was a complete mind controlled zombie and atheist i even was into the occult not truly believing it until now. I can only pray that others see this and believe in their CREATER, God comes directly onto our thoughts when you seek for him. Religion is only a near truth of what god is like. REMEMBER WORLD MANIPULATION GOES A LONG WAYS….AND THOSE WHO ARE PRIEST AND WHAT NOT ARE DECIEVED AS WELL.. THERE ARE MANY HOMELESS GENUIS(CRAZY) PEOPLE BUT EVEN THE MENTALLY ILL ARE SAVED AND HAVE A CHOICE..only in time the world will wake up and not be deceived by the things we are taught that is NOT and I repeat NOT TRUE!! AMEN.

    • I'm agnostic I follow this site and I am disgusted by the elite. But has it ever occurred to you that organized religion is just another way to pacify the masses?

      "Don't do anything to stop us, because some day your savior will magically come down from the sky and make everything great. Until then, let us rule your lives."

      • Yes Organized Religion IS a tool to control the masses, just like these movies are.

        But true Christianity is NOT.

        "Pure religion, and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction and to keep himself unspotted from the world." (James 1:27)

        True Christianity is a Permanent relationship with God through Christ. Period.

        It does not involve 'traditions', 'customs', 'practices', 'rituals' etc.

        You don't even have to go to a church… ever. This is something you Choose to do to congregate and fellowship with other Christians.

        As Christians, according to the Lord – WE ARE THE CHURCH.

        "Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much more, as ye see the day approaching." (Hebrews 10:25)

        "Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God" (John 3:3)

        "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me". (John 14:6)

        THIS is the overwhelming problem with societal views today. They think Christianity and they think of CHURCHES and RELIGIONS. This is a stumbling block.

        True Christianity is NOT a religion and it is not something 'held' at a 'church' on Sundays and Tuesday nights.

        Until people get this through their heads, many more will be lost than have to be.

        "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." (Hosea 4:6)


    • Of course battleship was one of there main music puppets was in there to get young kids to go see the movie…

  59. Well, to be honest.

    Ok. In this instance I'd actually like to see the age of Aquarius coming. If it will show human decency in the end and is devoid of foolishness like religion that somehow state's to be true (Weird actually ain't it?). Than well yet again Ok.

    Not only is the current shape of the world poor (The state "humanity" is in though) it needs massive overhauling and a change of thought in to rational thinking.

    Yet, it is sad how only the "elite" will be able to draw the lines and color the palette whence the world has been rinsed.

    Age of Aquarius hurry up!

  60. We might wanna pay closer attention to the weird, unidentified structures in the middle of China's Gobi Desert that Google Earth Revealed not to long ago.

    Maybe also, all the massive highrise real estate being built there is temporary housing for the elites before embarking on their ships.

    Read more:

  61. Fleurdamour on

    I saw a show the other day on PBS where archaeologists have found another Mayan calendar in Central America that extends 7,000 years further in the future than the one that supposedly ends this year. People certainly have managed to sell a lot of snake oil based on 2012 hysteria. Just like they've sold a lot based on Atlantis, the myth of which is mentioned exactly once in all of the texts we have from the ancient world, but which is treated in a lot of New Age-y stuff as if its existence were a solidly established fact. Likewise Lemuria and Mu. Until someone manages to excavate something in the archaeological record that is convincing, I have to take the story of a drowned continent as a mythical story only. It seems to me much more like a symbolic account of either a lost age, drowned by the ocean of time, or shorthand for the unconscious or collective unconscious mind.

  62. guys, have you ever wondered why they shove to us all their crappy visions? well maybe some of you already knows about the "megarituals" and so on… this kind of movies got the same purpose (as well as the one-eyed monster we well know). they manipulate our thoughts, ever heard of something called "morphic field" or "metaphysical universe"? "mens agitat molem" as virgilius said. they channel our thoughts to give power to their own will. we are their biggest weapon against… ourselves. when we focus on something we give power to it, let it be seen by milions of sheeps around the world and they got a chance it will become true. WE MUST DO NOT FOCUS ON THEIR INTENT, BUT JUST ON OUR OWN. it is the same trap that religion provided to us for millennia, it is all about give away your power. ensalvement need the compliance (conscious or unconscious) of the victim, even when a cop makes you a fine on your way home he asks for your signature on his stupid piece of paper. they are just begging you to give power to their vision with your active thoughts. that's a purpose of "the revelation of the method". think of the scene were a crack appears on Michelangelo's iconic painting in the Sistine Chapel, right between the fingers of God and Adam, it actually represent the split between your bodies and your true power: your spirit. they want soulless slave. that's the plan that has gone on and on for a while. now they already have flocks of soulless morons at thair feet, who really can make the difference for the outcome are people like you guys who are spiralling out of their "matrix" as to say; that's why they're becoming more and more blatant in their show off, THEY NEED TO GET YOUR ATTENTION. most of the people who watches those movies just watch them… you are, or trying to, SEE THEM, that gives them a lot more power than they would got from a standard moron, becouse your thought is power and that's what they want. think about it guys…

  63. soylentgreenISpeople on

    I was appalled to see all the symbolism. The only spiritual leader that survived was a Buddhist monk, no place for other beliefs. The conspiracy theorist part is put there to tell us "yes there is something going on but we won't let you know openly. Anyone that stands to us will be discredited". I found interesting the part were many nations are mentioned: England, China, Russia… China was pivotal in the making of the arks. I thought that meant something perhaps related to the economy… This movie bothered me A LOT.

  64. I advise everybody read the books by Zecherias Sitchin. he wrote 12 books. his main point is that an extraterrestrial race (called Annunaki) came from a planet called Nibiru (in Babylon it is called Marduk).

    part 1

    They were in deep trouble because their planet collided with earth millions and millions years ago and their atmosphere was damaged. they needed lots of gold to patch it. their one recon team found gold on earth and came to dig.they were first 50 person crew 455,000 years ago and increased to 600. the first leader was (is-their life cycle cannot be compared to us. one nibiru year is 3661 years. next crossing near us is this year. thats why mayans predicted. according to this cycle, annunakis are not a year old.) enki-ea. his success was usurped by his half blood brother enlil.some time later the annunaki revolted under hard work (they dug for gold for 330,000 years) in the mines in South Africa. they needed a new race of workers at the same time enki was involved in mixing their DNA with the monkeys. he was successful and the new workers started working in the mines. enlil ( in mesopotamia where the gold was sent to Nibiru via spaceships) got envious and captured the workers. he placed the new race in his garden (eden).

    to be continued.

  65. Fleurdamour on

    Every one of Roland's Emmerich's films sounds like it’s Illuminati – look at this list:

    Stargate – Alien wormhole in the Egyptian desert; elite sun god alien enslaves primitive humans to mine precious mineral used in the technology used to enslave them (lots of obvious Exodus imagery here)

    The Patriot – Formation of United States, supposedly the modern Mystery Babylon country

    Independence Day Alien threat creates world unity; Area 51 plays prominent plot role; title is another USA origin reference

    The Day After Tomorrow – Cataclysmic environmental disaster creates new ice age, wiping out civilization; starts in Antarctica, a noted occult/Lovecraftian site of alien ingress to Earth

    2012 Elites survive end of the world, sacrifice everyone else

    Universal Soldier – Resurrected one eyed delta programmed super-soldiers (called UniSol’s for short – one sun); bad soldier killed by a hay harvester, echoing death and rebirth sacrifice of pagan solar grain god

    Godzilla – Giant destructive sea lizard/leviathan created by atomic fallout (occultist Kenneth Grant thinks that the advent of the nuclear age opened a gate for dark influences to enter the earth)

    10,000 BC – Atlantis, with a resident living god who uses slaves to build himself a pyramid complex

    And his student film was called The Noah’s Ark Principle. It’s a perfect conspiracy theory bad-guy resume. His films are also full of actors like Heath Ledger (Dr. Parnassus), Woody Harrelson (Hunger Games), Jason Isaacs (Awake), etc. who are all conspiracy theory poster children.

    • Fleurdamour on

      PS – And I just saw this one:

      Moon 44 – Lunar esoteric symbolism; mining of important mineral by prisoners on moon found in "Outer Zone" – the Outer Zone in black magic is the Qliphoth, the shadow side of the kabbalistic Tree of Life and mining is an important alchemical metaphor; 44 is a master number in numerology and alchemy symbolizing the mysteries of life and ability to create magic.

    • Yep, Emmerich is a weird guy. Have you noticed his passion for destroying the White House in his movies in the most twisted ways? :-) Definitely he's preparing us for the liquidation of the USA – seem "the land of the free" has served its purpose of corrupting the world's culture and economy & is now being discharged by the elite.

  66. Good article. Saw the movie but didn't pick up on the destruction of religion. But, as the book of Revelation tells us, the new world order is prophecy and has been coming a long time. The world is dying right before our eyes. The governments of our world are powerless to stop it. They cry "Peace", but it does not come. Good and evil prevail but a positive and a negative is 0 it cannot win. I struggle but cannot win. Christ is my hope. The only one who prevailed and won. Peace to all of you.

  67. They key is energy.

    Before matter there was energy, vast amounts. It being the only single thing there.

    Energy needed a medium to interact.

    *big bang*

    Matter is born by the "hand" of energy as well as time as a continuous moving element.

    Energy interacts with matter, fusing and bonding. Yet limited to the feeble state it is constantly in.

    The first conscious/developed society of humans must have understood this concept, realizing they were but a part of the universal energy. Reckoning that this means that they were the universe and the universe (ENERGY my bad, but hey try to give it a compelling and sound name yourself!) was them. They must have realized that it is possible for the mind/soul to tap back in to this energy (Some people claim to have been on this level of consciousness using drugs like e.g. Mushrooms.)

    DMT is a chemical compound found in many, many species. This compound releases upon death. In controlled test's were subjects were injected with it the subjects reported to have been "gone" for not only hours but even years to life time's where the researchers would only record time's of 20 minutes. Also they have claimed there were more species out there communicating on this upper level of consciousness.

    So if by that logic all we are is a bit of the universe and the energy there off, we first must reason that we have no recollection of what happened before birth on to this world. Seeming that matter and after that the human brain is limited it seems logical that this "knowledge" is lost and only found upon death of the body.

    When that happens the DMT releases (Don't think I'm trying to fool you here DMT is proven to exist in our body's and release upon death.) lifting our consciousness/soul upwards to where we came from.

    So yes, if a human in his/her physical form and "regular" state was able to contact and use this energy, which well of course I'd try trough the use of technology and occultism he or she would be all powerful.

    Remember, I have thought long and hard before coming to this conclusion and there is way more to it than the bit I've described here. But it somehow sounds more logical than any other form of religion or way of life idea's. This would also resolve the issue of being right or not about God, Heaven or Hell. Since it is all the same and all us/I.

    So in conclusion: Why the "H" would energy make matter? Let me ask you, describe Energy and its capabilities. Exactly it is energy but useless until matter is there. Man, I'd be bored if I was everything, all powerful and all knowingly but didn't have shit to do cause well shit your the only thing around. Lets create matter and experience what it is to literally BE.

    And remember engineers even agree on this one:

    "The nineteenth century law of conservation of energy is a law of physics. It states that the total amount of energy in an isolated system remains constant over time. The total energy is said to be conserved over time. For an isolated system, this law means that energy can change its location within the system, and that it can change form within the system, for instance chemical energy can become kinetic energy, but that energy can be neither created nor destroyed."

    If the age of Aquarius and the shift in human consciousness on global scale is going to happen by the end of this year this must be what is coming. Can easily think of the Illuminati/free masons etc.

    • The big bang theory is so blah. It in no way explain intelligent design. It's hard to believe the big bang created a human race & earth consisting of everything needed for human survival. Yeah sure the world just banged together so perfectly !

      • Never said I was right, just saying ENERGY makes things move around. (<- Quite literally.) How stuff moves and bangs to gather might just be random. But if it isn't random and some god figure created everything than may I ask you the following question?

        We were made after his image, ok I can live with that.

        We are made to obey his word.. Ehrm?

        We have free minds, yet this god figure wants us to glorify his name and shed the blood of people who don't.

        Than how is your god stated to be a "good" thing where as my idea just unites us to be all equal and the same and allows us to be free in a rational way?

        In that case you'd be safer to choose the devil, who temped mankind to make choices instead of being cattle of a being that solely serves it self.

        Thats only the beginning of problems I have with modern day religion. It contradicts itself and as soon as you do that you are.. Yes exactly LYING.

      • Intelligent Design, lets subtract that for you: Christianity meets Science but still refuses to believe the factual evidence of the world being older than 6000 Years, let alone the human species.

        Did you know the dinosaurs are still the most successful with a whopping 165 MILLION years of walking on the face of the earth.

        You may thank me later or invite me to a constructive chat without blatant yapping about religion and "the glory of god".

      • That's group thinking. I never said I believed the earth was only 6000 years old. Also why I have no respect for scientist who feel they can't believe in God because they are scientist. Says who? Sorry I don't group think ! I'm able to read and decipher for myself !

      • Obeying God's word is your ticket to everlasting life. Paradise on earth. It's your choice or choose to follow the beast. It's the story of Adam & Eve. In a nut shell them eating the apple was their way of saying we want freedom, what will happen if we don't obey. Do you see what happens ? We live in a world of evil, sickness, death, disobedience….It's not going well right ? Now when God does bless us with paradise on earth you don't have to question God ( eat the apple). You already know ! It's your choice. You live this life to understand and appreciate the life God wants for you but it's your choice. God is a fair God he didn't just place you in his kingdom to obey his rules, he's giving a chance to understand why his Kingdom is set up the way it is. As far as God wanting his respect and praise don't your parents who created you want the same thing. This site VC created doesn't he want his respect, when other use his material doesn't he was his acknowledgement ? ok then same with God our creator !

      • My parents wanted me to think, judge and do as a rational man would. One who would divide fact from fiction and fore most NEVER EVER follow anything like a blinded sheep on it's way to the butcher.

        Question everything, doubt every word they say and preach, for their intentions and motives will only reveal when you are silenced.

        So no, religion in any Deity is only to be described as a bad thing that sets boundaries for the human mind, entrapping it between wall's upon walls of rules and words that were written down by the hand of a mortal claiming it is the word of god.

        Wasn't it god himself who damned man to be flawed and able to be corrupted? Than how could you ever trust religion further than 1 single line of text:

        Love each other and stop judging and only judge about unnatural acts.

        (For all you tards that go screaming now: Being gay is proven to be genetic and with this I'm just saying: to convict and destroy child molesters. || No I'm not (gay).)

        So basically everything in the bible/koran or other religious book is sheer rubbish as it is flawed by default except for the LOVE EACH OTHER AS EQUALS; UNCONDITIONALLY!

        So if there IS such a thing as a god, he'd understand my point.

        And yes, I am pretty sure the whole concept of live here is sheerly coincidental.

        Anyhow we're going waaaaay of topic.

      • I missed your point due to the fact I believe in God but I don't follow religion so I don't get it or it doesn't apply to me ! I will say " yes we all are flawed" but if you read & understood my post you'd understand why. Nice chatting with you tho !

      • apollyon [dot] entertainment [at] gmail [dot] com for if you want to chat about some more.

  68. There's an old 50's movie that's VERY similar, called "When worlds collide"

    Alludes to the Planet X nonsense too!

  69. I really want vigilant to do an article on Marilyn Monroe, because as a fan who knows a lot about her life I don't believe she was a slave or anything. I want to know what you think.

  70. TeenagerInThis on

    If we can't stop them, and this is inevitable, then I REFUSE to satisfy them by worrying about it anymore. BRING. IT. ON. Plus, wherever we go after this life ends will be waaaay better if they're still here and we're not…

  71. I also find it interesting that 2012 shows the world ending once again in a flood. In the bible, God promises that He will never use this method again, but the occult's favorite thing to do is make God out to be the liar (rather than Lucifer).

  72. required lady on

    When I was going to see it I thought "there will problably be some symbolism in this" but I just went into my trance mode with all the explosions and stuff.

    Never liked how they depicted the nut-job conspiracy guy. I really liked his part of the movie.

  73. thanks you VC for all the great efforts and help to make sense of what is going on. Your efforts are appreciated.

    part 2

    Enki got envious of the leadership of Enlil and started to sabotage him. he informed the mankind of the coming global danger, people made a ship to escape go to the mount ararat in eastern Turkey from mesopotamia. they succeeded. enlil and enki made a peace. enki got africa and enlil the rest of the world.

    this is roughly what Sitchin wrote in his series of 12 books.

    what we must know is that our world has been a victim of a planet-pass every 3661 years. the last one was bc1650s,. the mount Thera exploded in Aegean sea. (according to Burak Eldem) well, this goes on every 3661 years. we survived; will continue to survive.

    the most serious question is, who will survive in the next pass? all the signs show that the people who know this truth will survive and will leave us the ignorant mass to die.

    funny thing is, we go to the movies, they tell us that you will die and we pay them the fee. a very ugly and revolting scheme.

  74. One of your best analyses yet. I wonder if they do all this purposely as a way of getting people off their trail.

  75. First, the Mayan calendar has nothing to do with the "End of the world". It is simply the end of a portion of a recurring cycle that will continue. Second, it is completely possible that something like a terrorist attack will happen at the Olympics. After all the whole world will be focusing on the events there as they do every four years when they take place. Of course there is going to be massive security. It's needed. To all of you that think the world will end or the alleged "Illuminati" are going to take over all I have to say is that I'll see you after December 31, 2012 and I'm sure that you'll all feel incredibly silly to think that any of this is real.

    • Actually, "Old Hippy" if you really READ the article, the Vigilant Citizen isn't saying at all that he thinks the world will end in 2012. This article focuses on the SYMBOLISM of elite's agenda that is promoted in this film. This article isn't about the end of the world in 2012. It's about the use of hollywood films to promote certain ideas.

      Spend some time on this website, that's really all it's about.

  76. I completely agree with old hippy. the 2012 event is just a day for the mayans. a new age starts in history.

    I also think that after december 31, 2012, if nothing happens, we will all be fooled. what is the outcome? we paid lots of dollars in this disaster market to make some people rich and rich.

  77. If it ends, it ends. I'm tired of depictions and estimations.

    We are born and we live in fear.

    Also, I highly doubt while everyone else in the world is drowning that a few 'chosen' or 'highly knowledgeable' (i refuse to use the word elite) beings will manage to escape scratch-free. If one goes down, we all go down. We are after all only human.

  78. vigilANT2777 on

    another thing that I find funny about the people that TRULY believe the world will end on the 21st of Dec this year is that technically, it should've ended sometime in 2006 because we didn't start using the months like we do now until after Caesar came along and mixed up the dates…

    So there's proof that the world won't end due to mayans.


  79. Good article. I specially appreciate the sentence re the American president staying behind. Only the G8 leaders and English Monarchs were saved, no? What about the hundreds of other national leaders…ustedes no son importantes?

    • Ha! Could our parents have imagined that we would see a Hollywood movie, where Russian president saves his ass & American is going down. Yet the USA has supposedly "won" the "cold war".

    • Children of their mistresses. If the mistress of the Russian oligarch lived, she would shack up with some powerful in that ship, and her children would mow down the lawns of the legit line.

      Also it is likely that a few Tibetans and children of John Cusack character who got in would join the slave line.

  80. Wow , I never watched this movie , never wanted to , and now I'm glad I didn't! My Grandmother and my brother went to see it in the movie theater (what a waste of money that was…) and my Grandmother came out with her shirt wet from her tears , so that's one of the reasons I didn't want to watch it , the other is most movies about the end of the world are seemingly just made to hammer the "elitists are great , you are garbage" message into your mind , which the media already gives you enough of. >.<'' Anyways , GREAT article.

  81. you know this is just a thought but…it seems that many major religions like christianity might have actually been created by the elite to push their agenda at that certain time, and now it ha served its purpose so it is coming to an end? i don't now, just a thought, i'm not religious so sorry if i offended any christians, it just seems to make sense to me.

    • You do have a point, but not everything you just wrote is right. The bible was written more than a 100 years after Jesus (went alive to heaven according to the quran and will come back to guide the Christians back on the right path) was nailed on the cross. If you read the different type of bible's you will know that there a sometimes thing written very illogical (holly ghost, Jesus and God are the same???) or things like for example "ignorance is a blissing" which is very creepy. But that doesn't mean that everything in the bible is wrong, it is just written wrongly or should i say translated incorrectly in different languages (maybe purposely). And this was also one of the reasons another prophet (messenger) was send to the Christians to guide them back on the right path (Joseph if i am not mistaken).

      You do have to remember i am trying to look at this from my point of view (Islamic point) and could be wrong in the way i am looking at it. But just like you it seems to make sense to me.

  82. 2012: To Be Celebrated Not Feared! on

    I would recommend that people give little attention to the messages behind these types of brainwashing movies and personally from now on avoid all subjects relating to NWO because on a subconscious level it is merely projecting feelings of hatred or fear. It is good to analyse them but remember not to believe in it’s propaganda, on a sub-concious level your ego may be retaining the ideas presented and giving energy to it which will change your vibrational energetic state of being. — These types of movies are specifically crafted (like magick) to suppress the higher states and keep people in fear OR to merely project into reality what is being shown.

    Fact 1: The Mayans recorded in detail exactly what is going to happen and why. They did not mention anywhere that the world will physically end in destruction by natural cataclysm. This prophecy was fuelled by the Catholic Church. Armageddon is an astrological metaphor but was used in literal form by Rome in order to use fear to convert followers and make money.

    Fact 2: December 21st 2012 (Winter Solstice) is when the calender cycle of procession (The Great Year) of 25,765 years will end for Pisces, therefore we will begin to enter into the house/age of Aquarius. Pisces (two opposing fishes – one dominant and one submissive) was about the battle between male and female (Horus ‘Sun’ and Set ‘Moon’) where the male energy dominated the world and the ego was present in all human conciousness. This is why for thousands of years up till now civilisations have fallen due to greed and violence.

    Fact 3: December 21st 2012 is about a conciousness shift which can be explained metaphorically with the beginning stages of Alchemy: Calcination, Dissolution and Separation. Some people during this period will have already completed the 7th stage but this is when all of human conciousness will start to awaken and realise the “Matrix/Illusion” within themselves that they are separation from their body and externally that what they see around them is merely a mental construct.

    Fact 4: December 21st 2012 will be the start of the collapse of the male dominated society so people will be more in-tuned with the female energy of love, unity, creativity, expression and nature rather than the male ego of lust for power, money, sex etc.

    * Note: This is not about gender but about the self, right brain and our higher senses taking precedence over our ego, left brain and lower senses. In the esoteric Gnostic understanding the word ‘Lucifer’ is not a being but refers to those three aspects of our experience which is deceptive and defines our faux-reality “Matrix”) However, there is nothing negative or bad about Lucifer per-say if it is in harmony with the self. Even Buddhist monks explain that life is not about hiding in a cave, mediating to run away from ego because you can never truly get rid of it unlike these New Age gurus teaching about dissolving ego because ego is what allows us to function on this planet. The goal is to understand the Ying and Yang and create harmony with both forces. — Which is what the symbolism behind Pisces is about.

    * By understanding what Lucifer really means you should now know what Lucifarianism stands for. It is about Hedonism which is a philosophy of experiencing life through Lucifer (the mind, ego, gluttony, sexual desires etc) and not through the higher aspect of creation. In other words the elite are who are all Lucifarians are morally obligated to do anything in order to get what they want because they believe that life is worth living to whatever extent is necessary in order to fulfil their worldly desires. So Satanism, child abuse etc may come into it but you need to understand WHY they do it because they do not worship Satan (Anton LaVey or Crowley didn’t even worship Satan) they know Satan is merely a mental construct which represents the dark, suppressed Lucifarian lower-vibrational aspects of the human psyche which is brought about by certain planets such as Saturn. Just pointing this out because it’s very important to know the difference between the crap disinfo NWO propaganda is spewing which is making people more stupid, the same stupid people who are “occupying” streets increasing police presence and making matters worse.

    Anyway continuing on, something you should also know is what the Tetragrammaton and Adam Kadmon refers to: Aramaic Bible in Plain English: “In the origin The Word had been existing and That Word had been existing with God and That Word was himself God.”

    The word = OHM (AU-OH-UM)

    God = YAHVEH/YVH/Elohim = (yod – head – thinking) / (heh – mouth – speaking) / (vav – heart – feeling) / (heh – hands/legs/feet – doing) — Announce those words slowly orally as a mantra and you will feel the vibration in each of the four chakras which is how you know truth is truth by experiencing it. :-)

    * The word OHM resides in the Third Eye and Crown chakra.

    Humans cannot function in totality without both parts – self (God) and ego (Lucifer). Religion has taken out the esoteric knowledge of how the universe works and made it into a literal fear-based story but the age of Aquarius according to the Mayans is about the coming of another “Golden Age” like what occurred during the dynastic period of Egypt or The Renaissance.

    During this period earthquakes and disasters will occur which is apart of the universal cycle that has always been in place. They key is to use your intuition and higher senses as well as your left brain (in life threatening situations) to guide you to safety or to meet certain people they you were meant to be connected with. 2012 and onwards is about 1) Being aware of the Matrix illusion 2) Experiencing your true self (This is NOT your personality.) 3) Listen to your intuition go where your heart takes you to do what you feel you have deeply wanted to do. Some people call this your true calling or fate. Ultimately you should realise that regardless of what you may think you were on this planet for a purpose and the age of Aquarius is about guiding you to that purpose.

    In closing, stop focusing on the NWO, the elites and what they are doing and focus purely on your true self and do the required ‘shadow work’ as Tsarion teaches and discover who you really are. Once you have done this you can then go back to looking at what is going on because you will then be able to disassociate yourself from what is going on and be aware of it instead of consumed in it; two very difference experiences.

  83. Well written article , just one small point of correction regarding "the Cape of good hope " . It is a actual reverance to Cape Town South Africa where I have lived for 20 years . Before the building of the Suez Canal ships had to come around Cape point also called Cape of storms . The Atlantic leg of trip was the worst part of trip with high seas and storms battering ships . Coming around Cape Town /Cape Point ships would enter the Indian ocean with calmer waters thus giving sailors hope . Another reverance to the name Cape of Good hope is from refugees settling in The Cape to escape the turmoil of Europe Regards RB

  84. i just think it's "weird" that i watched the movie for the first time yesterday morning, and came to this site today, and viola! things that make you go hmmmmm.

    many of the events in the 2012 movie will happen in God's time, and many billions of people will die **after** the Rapture.

    yes, we have been warned.

    • well, perhaps it was part of indoctrinating the masses to actually vote for a black president. and since Obuma was the first choice ever, he was the one to be voted in.

      however, i suppose there are movies that have a woman depicted as president, that will (if the Lord tarries) be referenced for the exact same reasons when/if a woman is elected.

      • Ok but being black and seeing these comments it kinda sounds. . . racist. Like the world is in total disaster because of a black person. They just need to reword those comments. I'm 14 so yeah maybe I'm just over thinking?

    • I took it as a message that the president is not a member of the elite. And if Obama does not do what the elite wants him to do, he will die.

    • No it means that they knew that the next US president would be Black even before Obama even ran for the elections. Hence, voting is a waste of time because we, the people, are not in control.

      • Everything was already planned. Having Obama as the POTUS? Everything's clear. Yes, it was planned. No matter how many times the people of USA vote, Obama is the President, he will be the President. He's working behind the scene, his peace talks? There's something behind it.

    • Symbolism, pure and simple.

      As one of the readers has commented, a Black President would signify that a work was Science Fiction simply because it was long inconceivable for a president to be black. It took until 1972 for a film (directed by Rod Sterling, of Twilight Zone fame) to take the possibility of a black president seriously (and by that, having him get elected, not back-door it).

      I added in that, at least for the three best known examples, a black president implied a black future, either in actuality (2012) or in potential (24, with Deep Impact spanning the space between the two). Again, symbolization.

      And, as I said before, you have the right to be disturbed.

  85. more than this on

    i cant believe they even went as far as joking about noah's ark? like i mean, COME ONNN wake up people! get your head out of the soil. like tell me which producer or writer in their right mind just wakes up andt whips up a story ABOUT the movie 2012 before 2012. i dont care how smart they are, you dont predict disasters like that. theyre really asking for it, but im not gonna be apart of it. watever the eilite want to do, i say let them do it!

    ps. and if the dissaster they predicted actually happens just because they jinksd it, im just gonna grab a pillow and a blanket and got straight to bed in the middle of it all. ill sleep through the whole thing. if i wake up, i wake up. if i dont, then i dont. hastala bye bye

  86. Of course I was agreeing with much of what Woody's character said. That Russian billionaire irked me so much! And did you notice everyone dressed the same at the end (converse sneakers) I just finished reading a book on Versace. Have you seen the Versace commercial for H & M with Donatella?

  87. Does anyone believe that Roland Emmerich cut the "Destruction of the Kabbah" scene from the movie because he feared the Muslims?

    I don't.

    Something tells me not to – and that I wouldn't be surprised if Islam (or some form of it) was meant to be the future religion for the elites. And that he never filmed it because in some way he believes their religion will be the one that survives.

    • Considering that Islam is number one scapegoat of the elite, I hardly doubt that. Islam is elite's enemy just like Christianity. The only difference is that so-called Christians are now already so brainwashed, that they don't even get offended when someone sticks a cross in his ass if it is done supposedly "for the art purposes". Not the case with the Muslims. They still do care about their faith and are willing to stand up for it. Unfortunately their desire to protect the faith has been demonized by the elite by means of various false flags carried out by Mossad & CIA trainees.

      • I am a believer (Christian), and the cross is not sacred, that is a Catholic thing, so I don't care what someone does with the cross. Yes Jesus died on one, Jesus is the one to be worshiped not a cross.

        Also, true Christians are not brain washed, there are many who claim to be Christians but are not (Mormons, Catholics, or ppl who just attend church and don't actually read the Bible and follow it etc, etc)

        I get offended by ignorant people like you who think they know what should offend a Christian and what shouldn't. Sorry, but the thing I find most offensive is a false prophet, someone who twist and distorts the Bible in the name of God, THAT is offensive!

      • Jujube, I respect your opinion. But disagree with it completely. If Christian symbolism doesn't have any true meaning why it is being constantly ridiculed and mocked by the media and corporate culture? Why do we have such phenomena as a slutty pop singer named Madonna, why do we have Catholic priests poked fun at in so many movies, etc.? Why do we have Catholic and Orthdox church under constant scrutiny from press? Why the first thing the Commies did in Russia was to destroy the churches, kill the priests and rape the nuns, to destroy crosses at the cemeteries, etc. Why there's no Christian cross on any national flag today, yet we have fleur-de-lis and all-seeing eye on so many? If Christian symbolism didn't matter then the elite could've cared less. But in reality, they constantly attack it and discredit it both externally and from within.

      • @Alexander

        I am christian,and I agree with you.Really few christian people defend their religion the way it should be.

        And just look at the way tv constantly make fun of us-he is virgin because he is christian ,etc,etc

        It's hard to say it,but elites really did a great job.What a shame :(

      • @Jujube

        Please,God never designated you to say who is christian,and who is not.Raised as a catholic,I know this religion has lot of limits and weaknesses -like all religions-but it'll never change the fact that we are christian,too.Hey!!Mormons,Cathos,Lutherians,Methodists,etc,etc…as long as we love Christ,we play in the same team!!Yeah,maybe cross is not sacred for you,(what really shock me,because he is there YOUR savior died)but please,show a kind of respect for ppl who consider it important.

        Don't judge, and you won't be judged. Don't condemn, and you won't be condemned.-Luke 6:37

      • Well let me tell you that such people are not supported by the Islam and one of the prediction of the dark time is actually that the Kaaba will be destroyed but eventually rebuild. There are also warning written in the Islam about these people and that when judgment day comes and be asked about all of there action they will blame the devil. Than the devil will answer that he did not make them do it and that they did it all by themselves.

    • Well all those * Illuminati* and other devil related worshiping was remembered in our holy book, And we do believe in the devils but i never thought that people get that low to accualy worship the devil himself, Our believes is that a strong faithful heart of a muslim can not be touched by the devil, and the devil crys when he hears our holy Quran * a book where all the verses that were ascended by Allah to Mohamed other then other holy books its a book where the words are from Allah * and i do believe in paranormal activity were weird things happen to you, if you are sitting in a room you feel bieng watched or someone calling you! but this !? has to stop! these elites are everywere ! even in the middle east this Illuminati influence is coming to us, and many people in this world just believe what ever they see in the media and always think that muslims are those crazed terrorists ! a true muslim believes in Christian's book and the Jewish book! *but before bieng changed * …. sorry for bad english i aint so good with grammer

  88. OjosPelados on

    The main thing that jumps out at me about this movie is that it goes along with my general feeling that for the elite and the rich their goals are surviving planetary catastrophe and living forever. So many technologies are advancing right now for extended lifespans. And the elite are trying to go to Mars, and offering space tours (Ashton Kutcher included), so it seems to me they have plans for better horizons when the planet has become uninhabitable. I'm not sure what the status is of cloning, but one guy even claimed he cloned some people.

    So that's why IMO they are so concerned with extorting and hoarding money all this time. They want the best of technology for themselves, and the rest of us can die as if we are holding them back (and I highly doubt the poor will see this advanced medical technology for a very long time, if ever). Maybe it's not so much enslaving us, but improving their own quality of life infinitely. It still amounts to enslaving us.

    It reminds me of the Bruno Mars song "The Other Side". I just read about it yesterday on VC forums. Cee Lo on the track sings, "We would live forever, Who could ask for more, You could die if you wanted, But baby, what for?" I find this verse haunting in light of the Illuminati, like he is asking someone to join him on the dark side with the benefit of immortality.

    • I believe the elites really would want to live forever, because they know perfectly well, that after they die, they will have to pay for their sins & go to Hell. That's why they are so obsessed with the "as above so below" concept of Heaven on Earth.

    • Hwang Woosuck actually cloned human embryos. The Vatical balked, and he was thrown out by korean Communists in the media. But he is still continuing his research somewhere, with no mention of where the funds might come from.

  89. I want to see Vigilant analyze the movie "Splice", although I'm thinking that more likely than not, it's pretty self-explanatory and there's not really a whole lot there to 'find'…

  90. guestspeaker on

    Is it just me, or are all these articles conditioning us to think that the NWO is in effect and the elite have full control? Wake up people!

  91. This mOvie made me so angry watching it. I hated it for so

    Many freakin reasons. Not gna even go there with the whole

    Africa thing. It jus makes my blood boil even more.

    Idk shit like this depresses me. Looking at my 5 yr old son as

    He sleeps..all i can do is cry m pray for our safety. I find it weird

    That me my son n his father are pisces :/

  92. The VC website is indeed vigil!

    the movie is not making sense to a God-believing person, it like what Harlod Camping was doing… they are trying remove us atleast 1% from God by infiltrating us with fear as to produce douts within.

    But in the movie it is a precise depiction of what the elite, the system/gorvenment & the scientist are wiling, THE ONE WORLD GORVENMENT!

    thank you VC!!!!

  93. Estamos Juntos on

    AMAZING ARTICLE, like always. The worl elite is all about the "Promised Land" theme.

    Mind control, colonization of USA, Australia, South Africa, Palestine, End-of-the-World… it is all based on a perfect land being kept for so called "chosen" people to inherit it and live there happy ever after.

    Considering that the leaders of this way of thinking are people with a twisted mind and a complex for dominating others insanely (that's the reason for Mind Control), the "perfect" life in a perfect land in a future is actually a Brave New World society of robots with all kinds of material goods at their service but also all kinds of sexual deviation and lack of spirituality and consciousness of accountance in an afterlife.

  94. You people handle symbols of the secret doctrine just like fools. The movie is a fiction anyway and the things you relate to here are indeed warnings. The world as it is will collapse of we do not change our behavior and way of thinking. Religions are the root of all evil and are only tools in a big machination of some money suckers of the far past. Unfortunately this money sucking business is going on. On one side a religion defends procreation and refuses birth control in the name of a god that is supposed to be their own and that claims every child be a gift of god. But, the trick is the one that any human not born is not able to pay. On the other side the opposed religion that asks to procreate like fools to have fighters for the god they claim to be the correct one. If you analyze mythologies and the secret doctrine, you will find out that all what religions do is playing with the ignorance of people. The Holly Scriptures are 37000 scrolls and they contain the whole knowledge of the universe. From the drop of water you drink down to the quantum spin of a molecule, the Kabbalah retraces the whole origin from the energy of the universe, what we call God"s ray of creation, down to the 26 dimensional Holograms we see as matter and that are stabilized by rotating and interacting magnetic resonance fields only. In fact, all at the base is Maya, that means Illusion. You speak about the Maya calendar, the age of Aquarius, the new beginning without knowing what this means and what it relates to, ans you are not the only ones who do that. You can't read the calendar and decode it without the deep knowledge of the Kabbalah. The whole Zodiac is a base element of the secret doctrine and you find him in the Bible and he has 3 significations, like all in the scriptures, If you understand matter, you will find out that all is a neutral container in which 2 energies act, + and -. All in the universe is in permanent rotation trough those 2 fields, and the whole is made with 2 geometric figures that form pattern and by rotation and overlays form the matter we see. The negative force is the strong one and it attracts the positive and makes it collapse after the energy is taken out to create a movement. The Circle is the negative geometric figure, he is eternal and endless, the triangle is the positive figure, he is time limited and rotates inside the circle. An Atom is build that way, a particle and his quarks work that way and all in universe is made by this principle. I have on this site seen descriptions of movies, like Pan's Labyrinth, for example, from which you all understand nuts and this is the same for the text of the Bible. We think in symbols, pictures only, and Kabbalists, like me, we write in glyphs. Letters are for us pictures, they symbolize one or more, even up to 20 different things, all depends in what field of matter you move when you apply them. Then, any of them is a number value that we use to hide our messages, measures and so on. The whole bible is coded that way and behind the cloak there is a wide field of knowledge hidden. All Rosicrucians, Free-masons, and most secret societies are Kabbalists. That doesn't means that all are initiated to the coding of the scriptures, some in higher levels are. Kabbalists are gamblers, there game is to fool you at any moment with things hidden in others. That is why our symbolism is hidden in movies as well as in publicity, logos and so on. We communicate that way our intents, and, for sure, not all of them are honest and have pure intents, they are humans after all. Knowledge is power, and that power is miss-used by some evil forces on this earth. We are as divided as any other human group and if the base Kabbalist is a samaritan, a helpful soul, those that lead the world power at the moment are more evil than the devil himself. It would be a too long writing to open to any of you the knowledge and the initiation to the symbolism that is hidden, also in this movie. Most of what you relate to is false, the story is Bible in modern times, despite that not one word of the Bible ever happened in the outer physical world, not in Egypt, and also not in Palestine. All you see in those counties, including Arabia, has been built by the false prophets to make you believe the story is true and happened there, She is true, but not the way she is written and not the way she is told. Israel, Arabia and Palestine are Bible Disney Lands only.

    The movie 2012 is a parody on the legend of the Mayan calendar, nothing more, dramatized and blown up, mixed with Bible stories, in simple words to create fear among people. Where fear is, there is a remedy or something to sell to you, we call that business. Fear makes humans say yes to just anything, and business man know this since ever. Do not see in that movie too much things that are not, Making up your mind the way you do here is just what the movie wants you to do.All is a game and games are easy to end, say NO. Why is the world the way she is, well, simply because we want it that way. If you like Pina Colada, it is only because you tasted it. The one who sells it will offer it to you for free, once you are in it you pay. And, all in our life is made that way. Orchestras, choirs, even monkeys, tell you what powder you need to wash your underwear. They make you pay for lies, ozon holes, climate gates, co2, sour rain and what ever they have invented and what ever they will invent in the future. They do not even look at a few thousand death to reach their goals and on the end , you pay. That is the game, and all of us play it. Imagine there was a war, and nobody would go there, said Schiller. I think there are other things more important to take care off than trying to find out what relation to a world order or possible message could be hidden in this or that movie. Too much conspiracy theories will kill this theories and then you have to find another occupation to find an excuse to what happens in this world. What happens is evident and anyone can see it, but, look the blind man how he is shooting at the world. Unless we learn to see, to hear and to react, this will never change anyway.

    • As a person who strongly believe in the God almighty, Jesus Christ and his word I kind of like your comment. It makes just as much sense as anything else you read and here. In your words " You people handle symbols of the secret doctrine just like fools" I have to agree. I'm no expert myself but I have to agree. Just know that's collectively and not on a personal level. Nice informative summary but I want to say i'm ok with religion although I haven't followed it in over a decade I respect religion when done properly. I come from baptist, c.o.g.i.c., as long as you follow the Holy Bible in it's correct understanding ( which is not that common) you alright with me. I like and wouldn't change it for the world being raised up in a good religious church. God gives me understanding of the Bible so how I choose to feel about religion itself is irrelevant to me. To add to your comments " not one thing in the Bible ever happened" Now I don't totally agree but I never really took it to be that literally….anyway I don't know why but as a Christian for some reason I liked your comment !

      I guess the main thing is it doesn't change what I already believe, and no matter how close we come to the truth God still holds his place at the beginning ! It still all goes back to him. Nothing ever changes or cancel out the true fact of his existence just different levels of learning and understanding . Just like in school you go from 1st to 12th, and on to college if you choose. It seems to be the same with God. The Bible is like 1st grade but it gives you all the tools you need and there are advanced courses if interested ( ancient scrolls and whatnot) ! Idk these are my thoughts in regards to your comment coming from a Christian non religious perspective.

    • Estamos Juntos on

      Israel, Arabia and Palestine are *Illuminati* Disneyland. With no need to special effects, of course, everything there is very real. 😀

  95. What a lot of people don't know is (including the elites) is that when it's the end of the world (for real), nobody will make it. Not even a single cell.

      • I'd say! Malema owes the tax man R15 million and Zuma probably spends just as much on his 4 wives and countless children!

      • Well if we take the movie that seriously, then the Drakensberg is going to be the safest place to be. That happens to be in the same state that I live in, so… glub glub to the rest of you wahaha!

    • Estamos Juntos on

      I 'third' that. The Southern part of Africa has an exquisite series of MK Ultra personalities. Jay Zuma, Freddie Mercury, Mandela…

  96. What it piss me off it that they put elephants into the ark. Why? Who cares about elephants? Screw them, just put some cows, chickens and other eatable animals in there. You can even put 5 persons in the place of an elephant.

    Another thing, have you guys noticed how the rich spoiled Russian boy flirts with John Cusack's daughter?

  97. To everyone who is arguing about the black president in the movie and Obama and that "its natural because Obama was president at that time". Heellloooo??? Movies dont take a couple of months to make! It often takes more than a year to make a movie, especially a "block buster super CGI extreme explosions" movie like this. And I honestly don't see why it is important…. Unless we take into account that the elite are usually racist and associate every nationality and skin color with a certain "perk". Looks like blacks are on the "disaster list"….


    THE BEST LIE IS TO TELL THE TRUTH BUT WITH A FEW BIG LIES IN BETWEEN AND THAT IS A BIG MANIPULATION TACTIC! PEOPLE WAKE THE F UP! sorry but as the devils advocate i will assure you there is life after death and this is religion against religion! doesn't matter what you believe they all have their purpose, just listen to your god when you are alone and with him or her..the answers come if you truly believe this science is real many of the universe and NASA knows this the stuff you learn at school….ALLL LIES! I don't think the world will end i think it will go through great destruction and rebuild itself but OPINIONS ARE OPINIONS.

  99. why did the queen get saved she is a useless waste of space who gets free publicity for doing absolutely nothing

    • She is the richest person of the earth, owning 1/6 of the earth's land mass. Bill Gates or the Rockefellers don't even come close to it.

      • I don't care if she's the richest person. The riches can't determine if I like someone or not. At the end of the day she can't occupy more than 2 metres maximum, that's where she's going sooner or later. Good luck with her material things, I bet she will load all of them when she dies.

  100. So many take these waring movies sooo negatively … but I see the end to this world of so much evil and suffering as a good thing …

    And because I know that the CREATOR loves us … I know there is a plan for our survival … so warnings generated from these kind of movies don't make me afraid at all …

    The Sun and the Mother Earth are working together .. and their working together will bring about some very drastic changes … but before the final solar blow to the Earth … the two working together will also bring about the Harvest Shift were people (celestial and earthen) are shifted over into an alternant safety zone before being evacuated and BEFORE the Earth becomes to hot to survive on, and BEFORE the up-coming big-bang of a new star culminating all things ….

  101. Good article!

    I dont even know why but before I read this article I really liked the movie.. Maybe because of the special effects. :/

  102. Awesome article, I was wondering if you would ever get around to reviewing 2012. The most obviously symbolic image was the destruction of the Christ statute in Rio. I have to admit VC's articles on gnostic hollywood movies are my favorites because they are usually movies I rated 5 stars (like 2012). I can't wait to read your review of "Prometheus," it's sure to be chocked full of ancient astronaut symbolism.

  103. This is the movie that defines the term "FEAR PORN". Back in the early days of the internet there were few alternatives to william cooper type secret government information. One of the major hubs at the time was whitley streiber's unknown country. I slowly realized over time he was constantly painting a picture of doom and gloom and the masses of people who were killing the planet just by breathing. Then one day his assistant host made a huge mistake and had David Icke on. After listening to him for twenty minutes I felt like some supernatural seraphim opened the door to an invisible mind prison I had been in while in whitley's dreamland. I've been awake ever since. I mention whitley because he's made many movies based on "Fear Porn". And it does a great job of keeping the masses in check.

    • i started with behold a pale horse myself, and have been hip to the game ever since, read david icke's books too, but i read sme sites that say hes co-intel pro??? you get that alot within the "truth, alt media community" , davide icke, alex jones, even this site, all have nay sayers that say its co intel pro..((shrugs))…even in the movie, do we ever find out HOW the nutjob knew his stuff?

  104. Philippines on

    Sorry to the Catholic/Christians believers here, but I just wanna ask, isn't the Pope himself part of the cult as well? so what made you think that your religion can save you when what is being purported to the world comes from a "Pope" -Illuminati slave?

    • @Philippines

      It don't really make any difference,cause it's not a religion which saves,it is God.I don't really care about if the Pope is part-or not-of it.I only go to church cuz I want to meet Jesus.Btw,what proves that the Pope is the only religion leader who is an illuminati slave?

      I thought Lewis Carrol,Alice in Wonderland writer was a Anglican church deacon…

  105. Does anyone else see the correlation between the arks being built in China and all the ghost cities in China? There are alot of huge cities sitting over ther unoccupied, waiting…?

    As far as the president being black, IMO it just shows they knew who was going to win. Rigged election(s).

  106. The scary part is that the elite has the power to manipulate weather frequencies. Matter of a fact, when someone said, " why are the powerful ones not helping when we have high tides and disasters?" I thought he was crazy, he even talked about us going to the moon, and if we could do that, we can do much more. They do control the weather and it's frequencies, eventhough the weather is getting natural destroyed anyway, but they can quicken this process. They are killing us and after all the planned factories and pollutants, their plan is working much faster.

  107. lol solar flares make people think that the world is ending soon, what information are they getting, they really do not know that the elite controls the weather frequencies and order the meterologists to spew lies. Worrying about solar flares will make people think that is the problem behind our end, but it is a mere distraction. They are there but they are not the reaon.

  108. John Norseman on

    I would pay absolutely no attention to any of the fears being prommoted by who you call NWO or Illuminati, bilderberg, etc etc, They are deadmen walking in delusion, (Tarturus) I might just say a couple of strange things but read on anyway. Some know them as the Committee of 300 or the Olympians (this too is delusion) they are not the brave 300 of Thermopylae. They are the counterfeit (cowards ) of the brave 300 of Judge Gideon fom the bible. (Jdges ch 6 to 8 )They are using every means on the earth to confuse and have everyone fighting each other with wars and insurgencies which they create. They are in all your protest movements and political parties. Their goals are foolishness (Ecc 10 v 6 )They counterfeit in everything biblical according to their God,which Jesus said was Satan (not his name ,it means resister ) In all of their organisations they use the same logo (eagle )and their organisation is outlined in Dan ch 3 v1 to 8 .You will find their logo in all the worlds courts, religions (Vatican being the head offce of all ) Central Banks,Armies, Intelligence agencies,Governments, and Media including Music industry,all without any copyright fights in courts anywhere. At Denver and Georgia they quote from Isaiah 2 v4 (Swords to plowshares )They fail to mention Isaiah 2 v10, v19,20 21., now to our day Rev ch 6 v15 , 16 , 17. They are Babylon the Great and they conduct their Baal worship daily in your courts worldwide ,Where you are considered lifeless cargoe on their corporate ships (Phonecian Law from King Hiram of Tyre and Sidon, the beginning of the masons ) Sorry they call it Admiralty Law .Rev 18v 17 to 20.At present they have thrown the ultimate insult to God (Jehovah) In the chem trails that they are ruining the earth with( Rev !! v 18) besides the aluminium etc etc they have added blood in direct opposition to a command in all three covenants Gen 9 v4, Lev 17 v12,Acts 15 v29 . The sons of Hostillity are on the earth now and it is their directive Joel ch3 v 9, 10, 11 to stand up now against Chaldeans or Babylon Hab ch 1 v5 to 11, ch 2 v1 So that's Good News !

  109. As an African, I am curious…why was the African continent not destroyed when the world was been swallowed by water?

    "At the end of the movie, the entire world is completely submerged by water, except for the African Continent. The Arks set sail to the cradle of Civilization to start anew in a place symbolically called “Cape Hope”."

    • @Kenyan

      Maybe because Africa's underground is really rich in gold,oil,etc.Without African people to bother them,they would be free to exploit it,and easily rebuild financial empires.

      • @Kenyan, there are many models of what happens w/ pole shift, and the projected results show Africa to be a safer place to be, the north goes north and everywhere else gets twisted, still Africa is okay… look up online you will see many projected maps of this possible event….

  110. TheIlluminatiFAILS on

    VC im so impressed! I can't DESCRIBE how much i love you hahah!

    Your teaching us a lesson that is important! And we are very lucky we have you VC.

    Think about it PEOPLE !! If VC never made this website we would be blind people walking

    in the dark. And who knows?

    Thank you again for making these articles. And may god protect you :-)


    Very good article…Even my donkey can see the signs! It's funny because – you mentioned the olympics.. Have you heard that they are planning to do the 9/11 thing again. Something major will happen in the 2012 London Olympics. A staged bomb attack (just like 9/11) that could be nuclear or biological will take place. Around 100,000 or more are expected to perish. Why target the London Olympics? Because it is a gathering of all nations. An attack on the Olympics is an attack on every country that has its athelets there!

    PLEASE VC do a article on the OLYMPIC just a short article!!

    You have to warn people here that OL 2012 is a target day !!!

    PLEASE LIKE MY COMMENT so VC can read it!!

  111. "Of course, as a member of the world's occult elite, the Queen of England and her dogs are granted access to the ships. Because her hat-wearing skills will be very useful to humanity in the future.

    " lol

  112. I used to like the movie just because of it's awesome CG's. As for the story, never paid too much attention to it. It is then when I read this article that I realized that "2012" is more than just a movie created to generate income…it is something that portrays what man is and will become. I find it disturbing now that I know the significance of this movie. We are being fine-tuned, slowly making us accustomed to what will happen in the next few months/years. We may not notice it, but I believe that it's already happening around us–not the exact building of arks and flood; but the fallout of the things once established. The world may or may not end on December 2012 but I believe that something big will happen this year (uh, the Olympics?)–and maybe it'll be something worse than the end of the world… who knows? I guess we'll just have to wait and see?

    Thank you for this article. It is really informative and eye-opening.

  113. LOL yes the queen's hat-wearing skills !

    BTW the Age of Aquarius is simply another phase of a much greater age, the Aeon of Horus, which we've been 'in' for over a century. Indeed the age of enlightenment & the dark ages are happening at the same time !

    Thanks for the analysis VC.

  114. Im glad someone pointed out the theme in movies and shows with black presidents presiding over the country during the end of the world. Another movie which was christian based that showed this theme was Left Behind:World at War or something like that. I thought I was the only one noticing these events over the last couple of years. Also, I am African American if that matters.

    So, it is all very interesting considering with have a black president now in 2012 and the 2012 end of the world prophecies. At any rate though God is in control ultimately.

    • Yeah! Maybe I never noticed that poster but gosh, there's no way the most well known (and most gigantic statue) of Christ crumbling and toppling down is a coincidence. There are SO many other monuments they could have chosen…We already know how it all ends….with EVERY knee bowing down and proclaiming Jesus Christ is Lord…

      • Ha! It's only because they can't reach Christ's absolute power. I might be a pain in the a**, I might be an hypocrite and a sinner but Christ is the only One who I'll keep respecting till the end of times.

  115. Hello VC,

    I hope that you will shortly include on this site Ridley Scott's upcoming film: PROMETHEUS. Already the title, that refers to the "light bringer" (Lucifer, they could've called that film that as well)…

    I guess it is going to be a BIIIIG propaganda film to make people think that humanity was created on the order of something/someone ungodly and unholy. Aliens in the conservative meaning, if you will.

  116. Just watched new Avengers movie and it was clear as day at the very beginning (opening a star gate and NASA) what the purpose of the movie was, like movies before it, to implant the idea into people that we're not alone, we're going to be attack and we going to need to protection. This movie is absolutely huge and with 3D it's going to be all the more effective. The character Loki and Sam Jackson said some really interesting things that cemented my thoughts(i didn't document them :( i'll watch it again and do so). Looking forwards to see other thoughts on this and also my apologies if this point was already brought up.

    • OjosPelados on

      Don't you hate when you're watching a movie, and you start noticing all the symbolism and have to start taking notes? lol

  117. First of all i would like to apologize to VC because of my last comment. It was NOT my point to be rude. But again: I was being honest.

    The Illuminati

    Believe that to control the media is to control the public.

    2012 movie is designed to scare people who know nothing about science. There is no science behind it, and no scientists believe in it. Illuminati are also attacking the ideology of 2012. All media representation is geared toward end of days and destruction. Anything associated with 2012 is directed to create fear and confusion.

    Many people have asking me: How do they manage to do it?

    (Remember, they aren't stupid, either.) I know what they are able to do.

    They don't see a film producer and say, "Hi we're Illuminati members and we want you to make a pro movie that promotes our agenda".

    Actually it's far away from that. They secretly hire actors, producers, directors and scripts.

    Yes, since the Illuminati cannot reject their existence, they put their agenda in movies, TV shows and games so our brain filters it out as sci-fiction.

    Note: Walt Disney is used to manipulate / program children. Exclusive Interview with an Ex-Illuminati Programmer/Trainer.

    Don't believe me if you don't want to, but I am only asking YOU to view the evidence for yourselves. The more you learn, the more open minded you become. The fact that some people I have been talking to: do not even want to look into this – is because that they have been manipulated / brainwashed over the years by the mainstream media.

    Last thing I want to mention is: What the propaganda is teaching us from the movie is a trick. They are brainwashing you’re mind to think that it is the END of the world. But if you take a closer look – It’s only a distraction from what (the truth) really is.

    (The occult illuminati are using the date of 12/21./2012 to activate the new world order.)

    Congratulation, you just got pranked. Hm… Surprised? Not really.

    They are really bad and (SUCK) to hide their plans. But they are good

    To get rid of the evidence. I mean that if you try to stop them…Boom your dead.

  118. Strange…I didn't walk out of this movie but perhaps I was "compelled" to leave. It was during this movie, within the first 45 minutes, that I felt a very strange and disturbing sensation through the nerves on my back and then shooting through the back of my head. It was so frightful that I had to leave the theatre immediately, shaking, and had my friends drive me home. When a visit to the doctor later that day revealed nothing wrong – I was a perfectly healthy 30 year old – I put it down to some kind of anxiety attack. It was the first and only time it ever happened. After reading this article, I wonder now about that highly unusual experience.

  119. I had never wanted to see this movie before this article. After reading it, i borrowed the movie from my uncle, and…wow. It's amazing how something can sit right in front of you, telling you what it is, and many people still don't believe! The different kinds symbolism in this was absolutely blatant, and if you don't see it or understand it…I'm begging you…don't continue to be blind to the truth. Ignorance is certainly NOT bliss. God bless us all.

  120. Did everyone miss the role of Mr Anheuser and who he depicts and how he assumed the leading position and how he is quickly overthrown for his abject ways?

  121. I don't understand how the Elite in this movie (and most likely in reality) believes they can survive and live in this world without us "regular" people to farm their food, cook and serve their food in classy restaurants, clean their offices and mega mansions, etc…they can't wipe out ALL of us?!

  122. you know what i keep asking myself, with the fabricated economic crisis going on and a lot of countries in Europe and around the world enz are trying to save billions of dollars Gd only knows why,where is the money actually going, got me thinking.

  123. They are really trying to keep us in fear with movies like this… and I am guessing that living in fear makes us much easier to govern over…

  124. Just started noticing a thing, a lot of the people on here are religious. What boils down to a common reaction in the line of: Only God knows and He has promised.

    Just wondering, how does conspiracy theory's and the illuminate draw in so much attention from all the religious people over here?

    Rarely see anything besides the common religions or even non-Deistic people. Elaborate.

    • "Religious" people tend to pay more attention to where the world seems to be going because their prophets talked about these things. If you are just an ordinary chap it will all only seem natural to you, how civilization progresses. I guess you got a be kind of outside-looking-in to realize sommat is wrong.

      • Well sir, I am not a religious man, nor a follower of what ever prophet might have claimed to behold the "truth". But I tend to see patterns that don't ad up. For example technology, you can't possibly tell me that what the general public knows (or even the common "secret" military tech.) in technological terms is the peak of what we actually are able to make or already have.

        Back to point though, aha nice to know. If I might add, I did read up on the bible, koran etc and the main (and only) consensus stays in the words (might differ per holy book): "Be kind to each other and let live."

        All rules that follow are human nonsense to me (There are enough examples in all of em.) I recently learned that the whole Ark passage might actually be a true event. Yet in modern times being pulled out of perspective to a "global" event cause even in those day's the earth was flat and if you went too far you fell of. So yes the ark passage might just be a local flooding with "noah" saving the local wildlife.

        So the bible/koran etc etc etc. might just bee entwined with actual history but to my perspective there is too much faith hung up to it.

        Anyhow nice to see some solid answers to my question.

    • Nicholai ii on

      I'm sure most of us who you would call religious would not like ourselves labeled as such. I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I left a "religion" when I was a teen because it, like all religious systems, was corrupted. I went on a search for the truth and Jesus met me in that search. I consider myself a watchman, I watch to see what the world is doing and try to warn others that the time of the end is very close. This website is one of many that I use to illustrate to others about the nearness of the Tribulation period prophesied about in the Bible. I also enjoy the fellowship with other watchmen of the Lord, and enjoy reading comments of those who are fellow seekers of truth. I pray that Jesus will meet them in their searches also.

    • "Religious" people and "non-religious" people see the same things. The religious people have an oral/written history that describes/predicts some of these events happening in the future, and non-religious people do not. It's that simple. That's why they are more comfortable discussing it and theorizing about what they are seeing/hearing.

      Also, non-religious tend to overly rely on science and philosophy Ior philosophies masquerading as science) which have their own limitations, revering it as their own form of religion. "Religious" history is much older, and has commonalities across cultures and spanning thousands of years. Modern man thinks he's so much more intelligent than his predecessors, when there ample evidence we're actually dumbed down intellectually and spiritually, but have experienced a huge increase in technology.

      Which, incidentally, the Bible predicted would occur.

      • Well the point that religious and non-religous are different is rubbish.

        Religious people have faith in one single thing and accept things easier by saying that was the cause. Which indeed is a whole fucking lot simpler than digging and digging and digging for not being sure of even getting a step further. Even Darwin never ruled out that a deity couldn't be the start of evolution.

        To your other point, no mankind is no step further than when it started, banging rocks to gather and vigorously rubbing sticks against even more sticks. Given of course that the rocks and stick's are somewhat more up-to-date.

        The claim that the bible predicted our downfall with the uprising of technology is the same as 9/10 predictions Nostradamus made. Mankind is just getting lazy because where at the top of the food-chain cause we use our brains to our advantage.

        We are curious by nature, but giant slobs if we don't get stimulated. So removing the will to explore and advance is our eventual downfall.

  125. I imagined my own happy ending for "2012". The elite didn't bring an army with them, so the people already living on the Cape of Good Hope killed them all as soon as they disembarked.

  126. TheIlluminatiFAILS on

    It's weird..

    E.T is coming to the cinema (big screen)

    Titanic came to the cinema

    Lion kings also came to the cinema

    Sherlock holmes ( i think )


    Why is old movies coming to cinema

    it's like im repeatng year 2001

    and it doesn't feel like 2012


    Seriously think about it guys…………

    • Cause they made big-bucks with the originals and just brushing up an old film is cheaper than making a new one.

      It's a basic money-scheme not much to it, just easily harvesting.

  127. Read the bible. World doesn't end. However, Christians will be leaving in the not too distant future, while the elite play out their fantasy thru their lord satan. Not for long, Jesus returns to pass judgement on those left taking the mark, and to take into his fold the tribulation saints and Jews that found salvation and survived the 7 years of tribulations (also known as Daniels' 70th week and JAcobs 7 years of trouble). Then we have 1,000 year millenium with our Lord Jesus Christ, right here, ruling with his Church Age Saints and the surviving saints from the tribulation repopulating the earth. This ended by the Great White Throne Judgement, where Satan gets unleased for a small while, reeking havoc and trying to gather some millenium birthed people into his folds. Then a new world and new heavens are created by God Almight, enters ETERNITY, where all Christ Saved Saints are living out forever and ever.. And are not so popular Illuminati and Elite devils are thrashing in hell for all eternity. Glad I am one of the little guys aka Christians.

  128. Great article, thank you.

    Couldn't wade through ALL the responses, so hope this hasn't already been mentioned: Don't know what it means, but the aircraft carrier washing over the White House was…the USS John F Kennedy, the last "people's president," according to some, including me. Can't quite put my finger on it, but is that poetic justice, or what?

    Also, small point, but there's no reason to think that the elite were aware of what was happening until Adrian, the geophysicist, crashed the fundraiser and shared what he knew with the White House chief-of-staff, or whoever he was. Consider that nit picked!

  129. Now, if we could just figure out what to do with the religious fanatics who never miss an opportunity to flaunt their Bronze Age ignorance by cluttering up every thread and comments section they touch.

  130. The elite made space ships during the cold war. They have anti-gravity invented by the nazis. They really do want to leave us behind.

  131. Thanks VC for this in-depth research on the movie 2012. Here we are being in 2012 itself, it is very critical to actually try to understand what this movie symbolizes and to anticipate what the NWO global elites are up to and try to warn as many sheeplings who are still asleep to wake up before it is too late.

    Great job.

  132. OK we didn't know that the letter J didn't exist 2,000 years ago. It sounds cruel to be sent to hell if you don't follow the rules but you're given so many opportunities to amend your ways. Take it or leave it. God is Just, Patient but not Tolerant. Why do I deserve to be in the same place as the ones with pure heart and soul who have control of their urges? That's how I see/interpret it because I never attended those bible studies/Sunday schools and I'm not a regular church goer. Actually many of the strict Christians I met get on my nerves with their lack of flexibility. Let's not focus on Christians though, Muslims and Jewish are equally hypocrites.

  133. Just out of interest – that date at the end of the article: 27/01/01

    Numerologically 2+7+1+1 = 11 (same as 9/11 = 9 +1 +1 = 11)

    Aquarius is the 11th sign of the Zodiac.

    So the final date shown is a symbol for Aquarius.

    I'd guess the flood might actually be a symbol of what is happening to the world financial system, which is being flooded with debt money, creating massive inflation. The super rich will survive this, since they are outside the debt system, and China may well be their haven (look at Maurice Strong).

  134. If you want to get biblical about it, the bible says that in the beginning of Revelations that the sky is rolled up like a scroll, and that people go to hide in the mountains. In other words a nuke will go of causing a mushroom cloud (which st Paul could have only described as looking like a scroll.) And in Issiah it predicts burning fire and ash at the day of the Lord's wrath. So the new world order, is the group of unrepentant humans who survive in the shelters and refure to repent, continuing with the seven bowels of God's wrath. nd the reaking of the seven seals of the apocalypse. So the few rich survivors who re-populate the earth, won't exactly 'have it easy' as they say. It also says that the day and hour is unknown, and i believe what we are witnessing at the moment is the beginning of 'birth pains.'

    • Don't forget they will survive while Obama gather everyone alive in the bunkers to meet Valley Meggido to fight against LORD Jesus Christ and his army.

  135. I haven't seen the flim but I want to eventually. Interesting about the london olympics thing. I'm going to have to get a copy soon and watch it. Warning this flim may cause reality to strike.

  136. Just another example of the elite telling us repeatedly and constantly what they are planning and doing. So many people just don't "get it" yet they are being told constantly over and over again what is happening and what is coming. Now I do not believe that the things predicted in this movie will pan out as the elite are suggesting, but the end result is the same – the destruction of almost the entirety of the world's population… with only the "chosen few" remaining.

    However, we cannot forget that to have any "elite" ruling the world, they MUST have a slave class, otherwise they are no longer elites, and just become normal people amongst everyone else. And this is where stories such as The Hunger Games fit in… with the slave class to support the "elite" with the two classes completely divided and separated forever, and kept in check by a brutal military force.

    Like others here, I too believe in God and His Son and the Holy Bible, yet cannot follow any "religion", and everything told to us in Revelation and other books such as Isaiah are all being fulfilled right now by these very people. With the same great suffering and horrors of many peoples all predicted. Now is the time we must go back to God.

  137. RegardingMe on

    If anyone is interested in an understanding of how things really work from the very beginning, if you have open minds and are not religious but believe in Christ, check out 1oftheonez channel on YouTube. Start with Obama, NWO and the Anti-Christ. Amazing teaching going on there…1ove!

    I'm RegardingMe

  138. in the part where "some try to warn the masses about the elite's plan"

    did anyone notice steve jobs picture??look carefully on the left side.

  139. You people are idiots.

    This is just a movie made by Jews to make money from the more gullible among us.

    It wasn't made by "the illuminati to mock us or show us what will take place".

    The day after December 21st 2012, there will be traffic on the streets, junkmail & bills in the mailbox & mindless entertainment & stupid propaganda on TV, just like today.

    Nothing will change, grow up.

  140. You should do an article on the London 2012 Olympics. One- eyed mascots, logo spelling "zion" and all the coincidences.

  141. The Mayans were doing time travel. They stopped their calendar at the end of 2012 because of a time wall they encountered there. There is a continuous time wall towards the end of 2012 that the Heavenly Father established eons ago. This wall keeps any prying spirits, including man's spirit from looking beyond the date where it begins. All events at and beyond this wall are hidden and only shown by divine revelation. Some of that revelation is shown in the Bible. Some of that revelation has been shown different individuals throughout time. When that time is over of approximately 7 years, most of the world's populations will have been decimated including the rich and powerful. But it will not be the end of the world like in the movie "2012". Most of those in the USA will be destroyed in WWIII which will begin in America on July 8, 2013. This is why many of the rich and powerful have been retiring or resigning and moving to anywhere but continental USA. They are well aware of the game plan of the international banksters.

    • Time travel? Could you please tell the source of this information, it's not good just to leave things hanging. BTW VC, what's your idea of the series Revolution by J.J. Abrams? Predictive programming to EMP perhaps?

    • I agree…. Time travel? how? were you traveling with the mayans too? wall? where is it? where are you getting these facts?

    • Enlightened on

      Wow… Mayans, Time travel. You could definitely join the site author in coming up with this kooky stuff. I have to admit reading all this is a fun way to kill time – the poor man's equivalent of watching a movie like Da Vinci Code.

      Let me see if I can't do better:

      Covering one eye does have a meaning. Roger Sperry did split brain experiments in the 70s and proved that each eye's input goes to the opposite side of the brain. So this is one way of emphasizing either right-brain or left-brain thinking depending on which eye was covered.

      Or… maybe it's just a metaphor for getting an eye test.

  142. I remember watching it online and it freaked me out. I didn't like it at all, and I've never watched it again. I also disliked the undertone of how the elite survived while the rest of the world did not. Horrible, but also very important clues as what could happen.

  143. Estamos Juntos on

    Just one more post… this article of yours reminded me so much of a Gamma Ray song (sorry I have to post)

    Father can you hear me, did you talk to mother earth

    what did she say, what did you see, now …is it time for our rebirth?

    open up the silent center of your mind,

    I now want to know the future of our kind

    in the valley of the kings, when the storm breaks loose again

    then the gods return to fight, for the future of their lives

    in the valley of the kings

    oh mother do you hear me, did you talk to father moon

    I don´t want to leave my brothers in this temple of their doom

    open up the silent center of your mind

    I now want to know the future of our kind

    in the valley of the kings, when the storm breaks loose again

    then the gods will spread their wings, In the valley of the kings

    ra vite, deus sanktus, ra vite

    ra vite, revertate, ra vite

    Solo (… for those who care )

    Kai, Both, Kai, Henjo

    oh mother earth do you believe there is a place for us to go

    come set us free again and let us fly away and give us hope

    there´ll be a time for us to fly to our thrones up in the sky

    in the valley of the kings, when the storm breaks loose again

    then the gods will spread their wings, In the valley of the kings

  144. Armadillo-Man on

    This movie pissed the hell out of me too. Especially when I saw the queen with her dogs walking toward the arks, and then all the presidents and prime ministers waiting for the arks to depart while the people that put them in office were left to perish. When walked out of the theater my only thought was: "Fuck you very much too."

  145. It won't be too long before Barack Obama gets possessed by the Devil and sets himself on the worlds stage and forces everyone to take the Mark Of the Beast.

  146. No Christian in their right mind should accept Barack Obama's forthcoming mark of the Beast.

    God will soon allow Barack Obama to be possessed by the Devil so that he can deceive the minds of all those that are perishing and that don't want to come to know the truth of our lord and savior Jesus Christ.

    Barack Obama was born on 4th August 1961 which is the 216th day of the year. .. 216 = 6x6x6


  147. It is I only on

    Quote:"Tickets were also sold to private individuals. The price? 1 billion Euros … per person"

    Forgive for being stupid, but if its the end of the world, what are they going to do with little pieces of paper with printed EURO word on them? Do you think that the survivors are going to exchange their food,arms whatever, for a little piece of paper???

  148. Issela Santina on

    I've seen 2012 a number of times. I can't believe these big hits are making us as dumb as this.

  149. @They Live

    "Jackson Curtis’s initials are JC(Jesus Christ), coincidence, I think not."

    I thought this was all about Hollywood being evil Illuminati, and yet they implant a subliminal message that Jesus Christ is a hero??? Good grief, people will just make any sort of loose connection and count that as a "fact".

    *** If there's anyone here who's brainwashed and mind controlled, it's the people who eat up the stuff found on this site and others like it.

  150. i sure hope vc covers the 2012 billboard music awards. iv only watched 3 snippets of performances so far: chris brown, usher, and justin beiber. chris brown has individual eyeballs dancing all around on the background screen. usher looks like he's tangoing w/ gouls in hell, and justin around the 1:45 minute mark has the biohazard symbol on his background screen for at least 3 seconds!

  151. In the Bible, after Noah and the flood, God promised Noah that He would never flood the Earth again. As a sign of this promise God made the rainbow. So There isn't going to be a flood. In the book of Peter it says that the next time God destroys the earth, it will be by fire.

  152. great assesment VC, good research. there is one huge thing i must point out though that was missed. a scene that made no sense whatsover ,ill get to that in a second, but first for the poster when it says "we were warned" i think they mean exactly that, not about a cataclysmic event but, thier plan to take down religion itself. they focused so much attention on the jesus statue and the vatican being destroyed because there is more christians in the world than any other religion. making it a symbol of religion itself. the symbolism they play around with is in the subconsious sometimes, most of the time the symbolism they use , no one would ever see and recognize unless they were looking for it so the end of the world concept and theme is obvious in this movie, the evil powers that be do do obvious, which brings me to explaining the scene-

    when Jackson Curtis is looking for a map and he goes into that camper and finds one, it says "london Underground" wtf would that help any seeing as they are thousands of miles away from the UK, even if it was somewhere in the US i wouldnt care but london? seriously?he holds it up nice and clear for us all to see and no one thought it was bazarre that he found what he needed in a map of the london underground.

    this is some of the biggest bullshit i have ever encountered in my quest to find out what is going on with the world. i find it hard to believe that in Roland Emmrichs 200 millon dollar fear inducing masterpiece that they never thought that should be edited out or re shot again or take 2 frigin mintues and fix it with cgi , that means tons of people looked at that and said "yup thats good"

    my main point of telling everybody this is that something is going on here for sure the only thing i can think of is something going down at the london olympics? it already looks like theres wierd shit goin on with that so maybe they planning a big move,like creating an event to deceive the world into falling into one religion? i dunno but damn i watched some vids on you tube that showed how they are telegraphing their punches with this olympics thing the same way they did with 9/11 with all the movies and shit like that showing 9/11 years before it happened

  153. lol so does that mean the elite dont need garbage men, farmers, cooks, architects, engineers, doctors, mechanics, pilots, police, teachers, landscapers vets, or anyone who does all the low life things us normal people do. ok i want to see the queen take out her own trash and cutting her own grass. so who is going to produce the stuff they use for their glorious post apocalyptic lifestyle? who will they call when the network server is down? good luck because it wont last long!

  154. I can't believe we are talking about black presidents when the elite are planning on taking over the world. If they succeed then it won't matter what color your skin is, you are considered sheep if you don't have a billion dollars in your account. Let's face it all the signs are there and the world is becoming a smaller place with all these unions and the concept of a centralized government doesn't seem so far fetched. The question is, what happens when the elite themselves don't agree with each other? We all know how the world works and everyone reports to someone. When one elite realizes that he got the short end of the stick then he will turn on his elite boss and then we are back to square one, more carnage and decentralization of government.

  155. What's funny is that in the Book of the Revelations, it states that after the apocalypse, the bad people of the earth (elite?) will be left on the earth to suffer.

  156. Uhm… I have a question. Why are people being controlled? I mean, why would they choose to side with Satan knowing the consequences of their actions?

    I'm a born-again Christian. I WAS a satanist before. Thank God He forgave me and adopted me to be His son.

    I chose not to be with him because I found out where I am going once I make a pact with him…

    It saddens me to know my favorite artists are part of this Illuminati…

    I sure do hope Kelly Clarkson, Demi Lovato, Carrie Underwood and Jordin Sparks are not one of them :(

    • The people you named I think they are but I'm not to sure about Carrie Underwood I think she supposed to be a Christian I say suppsoed to because I don't know…

  157. I would just like to start by saying "WOW!!!"

    Obama ISN'T the anti-christ, and will not suddenly turn into it!!! If anything, Obama is a decoy! He fits the whole "dark rider who came on a white horse"-Being that his mother is white… Yes-everyone loved & believed in him, and yes, he does seem like a good fit, and he's meant to-Because while your eyes are on Obama, they're not on who it really is-Prince William.

    *The anti-christ will have one eye-I think that we're all up to date on our Illuminati info, so he will obviously be the head of the Mason's/Illuminati.

    If you check out Steve Jackson's Illuminati card game, there is one card which depicts the revealing of the head/top dog-If you look closely at this card you will notice that the man (who's face we can't see-it's blacked out) is wearing purple, and red.

    Purple are red are commonly known as "royal" colours…

    *When Princess Diana was pregnant with William, she tried to commit suicide-Rosemary’s Baby much???

    *If you look at the royal crest, you will find EVERYTHING that was described in the Book of Revelation. One part that stands out is 13:2-“And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion”- That’s half of the royal crest…

    I could go on & on-There is simply too much that points to Prince William… Put it this way, I have yet to find out 1 thing that doesn’t match up…

    I don’t know if any of you are aware of a guy named Rik Clay, but Rik was truly onto something…

    Everything that he researched rang true, and his words, well-You NEED to listen to them yourself…
    Watch that ASAP-It is long, but it is VERY worthwhile.

    2 days after Rik done this radio session, he was found dead.

    “They” shut him up because he was right…

    What we all need to remember is this, no matter what comes to pass, this was always meant to happen. It’s God’s will, and due to that, it is perfect.

  158. regarding current events worldwide , bunkers instead of ships for the elitist to hide from whatever is coming!!!. 2004 an event took place that rocked the elitist's world, luciferians were outraged and sought revenge. What if the powers that be declare war on Iran though the intended target is really Israel ?

  159. A connection between this movie and London 2012 from 11:12 in this video:

    "In the film 2012 the lead character played by John Cusack is shown looking for a map while trying to escape an exploding volcano. The first map he finds strangely happens to be a map of the London Underground. When he finds the map he decides to fully open it, even though it isn't the one he needs. The scene seems to have been deliberately set up to emphasise the connection between the London Underground or London and 2012."

  160. It's funny how all you people blame the elite for everything. In the case of solar flares hitting the Earth, I don't see how it is anyone's fault for happening. In any other cases, such as holes in the ozone layer, which will later cause ice caps to melt and flood us all or whatever, who's fault would it be ? Is it not our fault for letting all this happen ? For letting industries destroy Earth and nature ? For fueling this industries with money so they can keep destroying this planet ?

    We are destroying the planet, not the elite. The elite is just giving us the tools, and we, as slaves, take them and use them. Stop blaming the elite for everything. The elite doesn't force you to watch pointless shows, therefore consuming energy for nothing. The elite doesn't force you to turn on the light when you obviously don't need it. The elite doesn't force you to drive gas-guzzling hummers or other big cars. The elite doesn't force you to buy expensive things you don't need. The elite didn't force you to buy a ticket to watch the movie 2012. I mean, did you not know the movie was going to be about the destruction of the planet ? What do you expect from such a movie ? Pink unicorns riding pink elephants ?

    We are so hellbent on finding people to blame for what we, the whole population, are doing.

    • You make a very good point. Imagine "they" declared a war, and no one would show up for the fight. That is why it is important to make people see they are being duped, so they can stop being puppets.

  161. I love what you are doing here. Although I believe you are missing one part of the story. And that is how the elite think. The elite (100%) white know that they and all other people of color originated out of Africa. They know that is there original birth place. And they know they are genetic mutants (and I mean this in no kind of racism even though there is only one race when we talk about homo-sapiens and that is the human race). Them leaving behind Barrack Obama and the Indian discoverer or scientist shows another agenda of the elite; eliminating, controlling, and maintaining all persons with the ability to produce melanin especially black people (with the most capability to produce melanin). I believe they went back to Africa to finish there job in the New Age, destroying all people with the potential to whip out the white species. And i am using species as it original meaning from Latin as appearance or look. Please tell me your thoughts on this

    • Considering that the caucasians are already in a minority (globally) and that the birthrates of ethnic europeans are lower than those of the immigrants, I don't agree with your theory. They have a plan to destroy religion, race and family, so people will have nothing to fight for and will be easier to control. They give people enough bread and circuses to keep their mind of the important things. And don't forget the scientist and the president's daughter, they were black.

  162. this movie is untruthful.

    I believe in God that he only knows when the end will come and no man can predict it.

  163. I found the article very interesting, I've seen the movie and I didn't dislike it matter of fact I was shocked to see that for once reality was shown. I don't believe in what the mayas or any one predicts because their not God. No one has the capacity to know the future or the end of the world and who do are false prohets. The movie to me is just what the human mind believes will happen but seriously no one knows only God knows when he will return for his people. I have faith that when that does occur we his people won't be here to suffer in the hands of the wicked. The end is near because everything has to have an end, so don't be fooled and reach out to christ he is are only savior.

  164. Christopher B on

    Once again, you have amazed me with the detail and clarity of your articles. The point about the scientist being murdered in the same tunnel as Princess Di is jaw-dropping. They ARE saying that Princess Di's "accident" was an inside job. LONG LIVE VC!!

  165. I remember when the movie was released here in Rio, the ad campaigns were brutal and very aggressive. The entrance of one subway station (Copacabana) has a long underground corridor which in normal circumstances is pretty wide but it was reduced to its half as they created a narrow pathway like a tunnel with hidef blown up images of the Christ falling from the Corcovado mountain on both sides, huge waves destroying everything…the mood was somber, sad and very uncomfortable. Adding to that, there was still one more set of stairways going down to the train plataform. It was like entering hell.

    Totally mental.

  166. 2012 is nothing cmpared to what will REALLY happen! The Tribulation Period will be the darkest hour mankind has ever witness and will ever witness!! Be ready.

  167. A replica of the Christ the Redeemer statue is to be situated in London for the Olympic games.

    My theory is that the "elite" subscribe to the concept of British Israel, see themselves as the "chosen ones" and are happy to act out the Book of Revelations with Prince William as "antichrist". Then they will be left as "gods" of a new Eden, complete with minimal human-slaves and the technology (cloning/military/space travel) to colonise elsewhere in the long-term future.

  168. Great analysis as always. I was struck by the similarity to the Zeta message, which can also be researched on the net. Now, they do not mention that 2012 is the date but they stress that it will happen soon. The real event in the film is a pole shift resulting in incredible devastation and earth changes around the planet. This is the exact event the Zeta's are warning us about so I was shocked that it even made it to the screen. In the film, the cause of the pole shift is a planetary alignment while the Zeta's also allude to an alignment of sorts…Planet X swinging through the inner solar system. The film throws several other theories together too but their portrayal of the elite exactly matches the Zeta's comments. The elite have supposedly known about the coming pole shift for years and they plan to leave the 99% to fend to themselves. Another very spooky moment in the movie was the mention of Africa as a safe haven. The Zeta's mention several safe havens and Africa is one of the primary ones, since it will not experience the type of upheaval as the rest of the world during the pole shift. It supposedly explains the invasion of Africa by corporations and the depopulation agenda that seems to be being employed there. Yes, the film could be considered just one of those expensive disaster movies but the subtext certainly seems to expose an upcoming event and the agenda of the elite during it.

  169. I didn't even bother about this movie, I'd already done my own research into the Mayan calendar when I saw the trailer, and knew it would just enrage me…

    I am a little shocked at the end of this film, to think they'd even dare to show people surviving simply because they have the money? I guess they didn't care about whether it would be a flop or not…

    However, they have overlooked one big problem, which is that once these few privileged people are able to resettle onto planet Earth, their money won't feed them! They may be cunning, yes, but would they really be able, or humble enough, to undertake whatever tasks they may need to, and to build themselves homes, towns, infrastructure, or even service/ repair whatever services may have survived, because of course all these have been swept away by the great flood?

    What goes around comes around, folks, have faith!!

  170. Honestly speaking, if it were coming down to the end of the world and only the wealthy elites were going to survive would you really want to survive with them? Hell no! I say bring about the death and destruction. Peace out, I'll see you yuppie bastards on the flipside. Stick it to the man. This movie sucked hardcore, by the way.

  171. OK back to '2012'.

    The actual date predicted is 21st December 2012 i.e 21-12-2012 added together = 11

    The number 11 is the most powerful number in civilization. The human mind is drawn to this number. How many times have you glanced at a digital time piece and seen the time..11.11?

    Any comments and information relating to this will be much appreciated.

  172. When you mention about how maybe they`re alluding to the fact that there may be a flood in America it made me think about this book I`m re-reading. Its called Oryx and Crake and its set in the future where man kind has been destroyed by a man-made virus and the only living things are animal splices (wolvogs, pigoons, rakunks) and a group of genetically perfect people called the Crakers (created by Crake) and Jimmy or Snowman as he calls him self who is the last remaining human (his friend Crake, who created the Crakers also gave him the antidote). Anyway, many references in the book are about how America was flooded. There was a quote that went something along the lines of “Watson-Crick Institute was the equivalent to Harvard, at least before it got drowned.” or things like “Remember when you could drive anywhere.” This book is set in Canada and written by Margaret Atwood. It also talks about how Crakes father was murdered (made to look like a suicide though) because he had found out that the government had been creating diseases and putting them in the vaccines and pills, which is true to our lives. The government create the problem so they can sell us the solution. They love the term divide and conquer – democrats and republicans, blacks against whites, etc because they know that if we ever rebel it won`t be all together. But you guys should definitely read Oryx and Crake, that book could be telling us whats coming in the future. It also has a companion book called The Year Of The Flood which is not a sequel or a prequel but written in the same time frame from someone else's perspective. Nd the word flood in the title is not literal, in the book its referred to the virus that killed everyone off – an invisible flood.

    • Just watchted it, I knew about obama's deception, but I didn't know about the 44th president thingy lol Thanks man!

  173. mysticchristian on

    This thread was a hard read. Reading all of these "Christians" comments and references to the bible and "I believe what the bible says"….Unbeknownst to so many truths. It is true the cross did not originate with christianity. The cross goes back to the earliest recorded hisories of the sumerian culture. It represented (and still does by the way) the four creative Gods who created the universe. It is not a catholic thing fyi. I just dont get how so many people take the bible word for word without doing further research. IN Genesis was misinterpereted, The original word that was changed to God was eloheim- Meaning Gods. Plural!!! Not the holy trinity or any of that adjucated nonsense. This is the real reason it says le us and so on and so on. For many religious reasons the trail of that truth has almost been wiped out of existence. The bible itself says "study to show thyself approved unto God". Jesus is quoted stating my people are destroyed due to lack of knowledge. I say to you who call yourselves "Christians" which by definition means follower of Christ. Do you know that the original hebrew language the old testiment was written in could not possibly be accurately translated, because many words had multiple meanings. Have you heard of the Constantine's council of niscea? Do you know that Jesus explains that we are Gods just as he was, being that we were made in the image of ALLAH. (A-rm L-eg L-eg A-rm H-ead) The only thing we should concern ourselves with is the fear of God invoking obedience to his voice when heard. regardless of the possible future destruction of the world, loving our neighbor as we love ourselves and in that we can truly be seeking the kingdom of heaven and In that all things shall be added unto us. Truly his eye is on the sparrow who sings and lives freely without care of food totally reliant on the system in which God has put in place to sustain it. There is a lesson in that. I know I rambled a bit but please take the positive. Pardon the negative.

  174. mysticchristian on

    Is religion really simply that? You either follow what this book says or you’re going to go through torture for eternity, but only few avoid that fate anyway. When it’s said like that, it sounds extremely similiar to what VC said about the above movie, that only the elite can be saved from the flood or,in this case, go to eternal peace. It should be remembered that religion is “the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods” ( as according to Oxford Dictionary), and isn’t definite. And like Dr. Mengele once said, a lie will eventually become the truth if repeated enough; so how does anyone know Christianity hasn’t followed this theory? But if it’s not a lie, then how does anyone if God, for example, truly doesn’t like homosexual people? No one really knows what God has said, so people should stop speaking for Him. And as for you, I believe you or anyone else have NO right to tell someone how to live or that they are going to hell if they don’t “find” God or Jesus. Who are you to judge people? Are you God?? No, so leave judgement for God Himself

    I love this Vega….So true!!!

  175. mysticchristian on

    Please someone give me the scripture that says if you dont follow God you go to a place called hell. Even if it does exist somewhere in the bible. What a cruel game God is playing. face it…..religion as we know it today was made to keep the "masses" in check. The ancient egyptian mystery religion as well as the Rose Cross folks got the real truth. Do some research. They are doing the things Jesus said his people would be able to do even greater things than Jesus. Do your homework folks….

    • Christiscoming on

      You really need to slow down coz my broda with that kind of mentality… its not so cool, dont get me wrong am not here to judge you, but have diz at the back your mind, that you wont always be here and there is one who has a say over your life and that is the creator and you my friend will definitely stand to account for everything you ever did or done in this present life, and beliv you me the same thing will happen to everyone person on this planet…. the bible says that the things of God are hard to digest with your ordinary mind but it takes the Holy Spirit and the grace of God to understand God.

  176. Christiscoming on

    But thanks anyway VC, everytime i come to this site it keeps reminding me of the coming of Christ

  177. Look into the Council of Nicea… Religion was created a tool for divide and conqueror based upon ancient Egyptian stories… The 10 commandments was a spin off from the 42 Laws of Ma'at… Everyone is being deceived and it is all by design… There have always been secret societies and there always will…. This is how the world works and has worked for thousands of years… People must get back in touch with nature and detach from material needs… The body is only a vessel that traps the spirit thru materialism, entertainment, drugs and sports… Once you detach from these things, life will get better and these elitists you all speak of will need new people to prey on…..

  178. What is the difference between christianity and satanism? Both require blood sacrifice. Satanists consume the blood and flesh of their offerings, isn't that what the catholics do in mass? The more I learn, the longer I live, the more confused I get.

    • @Rori, don't get confused false religion is not Christianity. Muslim and Catholicism are the same thing (illuminati hoaxes), the true God isn't there. They want us to make us believe we are in war among them. Only by sowing hate and misinformation they can rule.

  179. Life as we "know" will end. As for survival, regardless if its going to end this year, we should always be prepared and should all learn the basic's of living.

    I can't get over as to how many don't know how to bake bread… seriously…. this world is always vulnerable….

  180. This movie I reckon was so corny. I swear the beginning with the president and his daughter "you're just like your mother" after that I walked out of the room (was watching it with the family) then the rest of my coven followed lol

  181. "Because her hat-wearing skills will be very useful to humanity in the future" LOL. It had to be done. It's sad really.

  182. well the first time i watched the movie it just clicked on my mind that the ocult is trying o tell us that the end is nearer, but then again i don't think it really the end i think it will be a mega-event just like the 9/11 remember that the "new world order" was born on that day so i think this age of acquirius will be born on that day.

    towards the end of the movie the safer place is africa specificly south africa (kwazulu natal) somehow that makes me think that the this mega-event will take place in the Kwazulu-netal because the illuminati likes to put things in reverse so obviously i think south africa is the target. but since these guys want to reduce the population i probably believe they won't survive or that they reduce us i think the Heaven will reveal itself

  183. i think i’m right when i say the 23-12-12 will be sort of the 9/11 as towards the end of the movie we see they have reseted the callendar as they show us the DAY 27 MONTH 1 YEAR 0001 the day coulgd be placed like 2+7 = 9, and month 1 = 1, and year 0001 = 1
    that looks like 9/11 to me

  184. I thought it was strange how they mentioned the state of Wisconsin on three separate occasions during the film ..

  185. VC wrote,“2012 was supposed to contain a scene depicting the destruction of the Kabba,the holiest site of the Muslim faith.However,the scene was axed for fear of backlash from Islamic groups.”Yet,hollywood doesn't have a problem with the constant disrespect,directed at the Christian faith.I wonder why that is?

  186. what I find really awful about the impact of all these fear based movies is the young people that watch them and are totally believing, after all does group consciousness have an effect on our matrix? do thoughts become reality? rarely do we have happy productive mind movies or for example food commercials promoting fruit and veggies. When is the last time you saw a commercial for food that showed a kid eating a carrot stick or a movie for children that was without some disrespectful action or word or magic or get my drift? Many younger people ask me- what do I think will we all die? They are now partying and spending like tomorrow will end all life! hmmm.. This is wrong, the message wrong and actors are not people we should embrace as good examples of success,very few are worthy of the money they make, some are excellent , share and create a better program for all life, most of us will do anything for money, wonder how much tax payers money went to the production of this fear based horrible movie> yes they do get grants and loans ch it out! everyday pray for life , start a garden use less pesticides, support a neighbor, sign petition care2 and realize we are all connected at least the majority of us with RH positive blood types! we share, we can change and create a better world.

  187. fear based movies can change consciousness, and have a ripple effect. Lets party and spend like tomorrow may never come, yeah I am going for all I can get what the heck we all are going to die and who cares about life we all are going to die and I will have it all after all tomorrow may never come! DO you know many movies are helped along with taxpayers hard earned funds?

    Remember visualize and have full intention and you can change the world! We are all connected and our jobs here on our beautiful planet is to share and help one another including all life. Money will not buy you one more minute of life

    but working in a garden will, making a birdhouse will, stop supporting the big corp that are destroying all life for profit watch the movie turtle it will open your eyes about shopping. actors are overpaid very few just like musicians live for anyone but their own greedy selves they promote anything and will say anything to make money just like the majority of humans.

  188. Awake and Alive on

    Holy crap! I didn't like the movie that much my mother bought it on dvd. And the thought of the world ending so soon sends fear in me! In 5th grade when my class took a feild trip to the planetarium and a girl from another class asked the question "Will the world end in 2012?" The speaker then replied " The world will end in a billion years when the sun burns out." All I could think of was how does this guy know? Even my teacher said scientists said it wouldn't happen. So now I am in doubt and freaking out about what if it does end? I haven't graduated high school and college, I haven't had kids yet, I haven't done any of my major goals for life yet!And ofcourse a commercial for the new movie "Finding a Friend For the End of the World" came on the Television. So do you guys think there's a possability for the Mayan's prediction to be true?

    • No the mayan prediction isn't true because they didn't factor in leap years so it would have already happened. The end times predicted in the Bible will happen soon though but only God knows when it will happen, no one else.

  189. Did anyone notice that the ship that knocks the white house out is the ss Kennedy. that's a whole other story altogether with that cover up.

  190. The date 27 / month 1 / year 1 is the same than 2+7=9, so it is 9 11. Is this number familiar to you? The sum of 9+1+1= 11, which is a powerful number and many powerful people has it.

  191. the illuminati ain't gonna win this system (ONE-WORLD-GOVERNMENT)they about to implement is not going to surveive though millions will fall for it but still few mass of people who understand how the illuminati works won't make it possible. ladies and gentlemen we are on the war and there's no way to be nuetral, there's are no races only two races the one that are with the illumionati and the one against illuminati

  192. Nostradamus didnt predict anything… he gave instructions for the world's elite to follow. and they are following it. they control the world so they control what happens, such as nostradamus' instructions. believing or even subconciously considering anything of man to hold any significance to you at all puts man on a pedastal. you therefore put man in the place of God, and God is almighty so you unknowingly make man almighty. it has and will always be mind over matter, so anyone who doubts God will definately have their world ending. but if a tree falls in the woods and nobody hears it, did it still fall? all the devil needs is your attention, you are programmed to adore him as much as you are programmed to adore God because that is the test of life and it is a fair test. you choose between ultimate good and ultimate bad. the world is built around evil so only the PURE OF HEART WILL SURVIVE, NOT THE RICH AND POWERFUL. Remember, everything is God's will. this means that if you do not question Him and be His slave like you are meant to be, you will not be a rat that follows the pied piper so. cos afterall, Dajjal's initials are D.J. and according to Teslar, frequencies can manipulate everything including matter and freewill. meaning if you tap your foot to the beat of any D.J., you are one who will find the pied piper hard to resist. 99% of the population IS going to die and WILL go to hell (not eternally) because the world is built around evil and that 99% lives happilly in it instead of taking a stand and thinking for themselves. you are rewarded and punished in this life as well. be a slave to God and He will reward you. be a slave to dajjal and God will punish you. it's that simple. the end of the world will therefore become irrelevant because it is no business of the slave. your faith in God will be your sanctuary.

    Allah is Great

  193. Judaism was exactly like Islam as it is today until the illuminati corrupted it. then God sent Christianity, which was exactly like Islam is today until the illuminati corrupted it. then God sent Islam which was impossible to corrupt because not even the devil could grasp the verse. Satanism is Islam turned upside down, because if you was ultimate even, just pervert ultimate good. thats why if you want to find the easiest path to God's glory, study satanism and then believe the exact opposite of what you're studying. know thy fowlest enemy and the pure of heart shall be taken closer to their most worthy friend.

  194. Wow! This is a very profound analysis of the film! uhm, VC, I'm just wondering if you could make an analysis of the film "Rock of Ages" starring Julianne Hough, Diego Boneta and Tom Cruise. I just watched this film today and although most of the people in the cinema enjoyed it, I find it creepy for it displays a truth about the price people in the music industry has to pay for fame and fortune. Although I have decoded some dark themes in the film, I'd be delighted to read your thoughts about it. Thanks for keeping our eyes opened and I'll be waiting for your article about it.

  195. the map that he didnt need – underground – the sign of the london underground, held up in front of the camera for everyone to see.

  196. ‘I promise you that this will be the final war—the war to end all wars.’


    [[Today, nuclear weapons proliferate and regional wars continue to cause untold numbers of deaths. The possibility of a nuclear conflagration still threatens mankind. Although people long to see an end to war, few believe that a war or any other strategy could achieve this goal.

    Nevertheless, the Bible does describe a unique war that will bring an end to all wars. It calls this war “Armageddon”—the very word people often associate with a nuclear cataclysm. How could Armageddon truly bring an end to war? The following article will address this question.]]

  197. george wardini on

    I thank you for your education. they know very well that their end is near, and god will soon defeat satan.

  198. It seems that "30th Olympic Games Suspended" may actually imply that on July 30th, the day will already be the 27th day after the "catastrophe", which will then take place on June 2-3.

    The catastrophe in fact refers to The Anglo-Saxon Mission on Project Camelot.

    – Nuclear exchange in Mid East

    – Chinese race wiped out by bio-weapon

    – NWO est.

  199. First of all,i'll lyk 2 congratulate vc 4 s/he's effort.More grease 2 ur elbow,right now ur my role model.I saw d ad of dis movie 2012 and i actually tot it was a movie bout d comin of christ,i was not d only 1 hu viewed it d@ way.I gave my lyf 2 christ immediately.Am i Nigerian and also a christain,we really r not aware of dis illuminati.We only believe in 2 things;christ and allah.Dis doesn't mean d@ d devil isn't present in Nigeria,it just means we believe d@ we r above it(satan).U might not believe in wat is happenin but wat u shuld know is d@ christ exists & so does satan..Whether u lyk it or not,d world is comin 2 an end.It might b now or 2yrs 4rm nw.No 1 knws wen,so dn't believe d scientist(am not doubting their knowledge but God didn't grant them dis wisdom).To b on d safe side,let's obey God's commandments.Thank u.

  200. Is this all a cryptic message about the truth? Or is it simply a movie with plot elements extracted from conspiracy culture?

  201. i do no know how relevant this is,but Beyonce has a backmasked song, signs, which she sings with Missy Elliot. She sings at some point "Got game like an aquarius",coincedence???

  202. So basically the evil "enlightened" elite wanted to portray their ideal of what they would call "the stupid masses" (as in everyone except them) all dying, and them creating their own Illuminated society in which they have the false hope of Christianity will end as well.

    Sounds like the WORST movie EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank God the world won't end this way. Read the Bible for the truth.

  203. There are ARKS; these are storage vaults of every genetic code of life on Earth; one is off Norway. Our genetic material was gathered over centuries, but the process was accelarated via 'national health' programmes of blood collection together with sperm and egg harvesting via 'infertility' programmes. Hospitals are wonderful laboratories for life code extraction. As for any future 'life on Earth' these ARK-Ives are likely to have been infested with the Elites (Rothschild) psychopathic genes making any regeneration programme 'more of the same' but with no sentient empathic elements. Kind of made to order slaves. Who would ever incarnate into a World without soul? Planet Earth will be strictly NO ENTRY. That's my take on it. As for Atlantis being America, well, America was colon-ised by the Venetian settlement from London (Crown Estates/City of London Zionist Banksters). And the 'action' will be triggered from here from 27-08-2012 as the take-down or 'collapse' of this 500 year V-enetian rule. It's all 'high fives' continuity; from Babalon/Etheopia, through Greece (Olympiads) Rome, Holland, London, Washington, Israel.

  204. the movie is okay. it reflects the truth. at the end, the more powerful will survive. i hadn,t seen it clearly before reading the article, but now, I find 2012 interesting

  205. At the of the movie they talk about the drakensburg mountains (KwaZulu Natal in South Africa) being the highest point on earth
    and "the cape of good hope" is found in Cape Town South Africa and was first siezed by the British in the 1800s

  206. At the of the movie they talk about the drakensburg mountains South Africa being the highest point on earth
    and "the cape of good hope" is found in Cape Town South Africa and was first siezed by the British in the 1800s

  207. There are many theories that I've heard about 2012:

    Some say that 2012 will bring about the end of the world by fire, a giant meteor striking the earth, floods, earthquakes, Nibiru (a planetoid object) that will bring all kinds of destruction to Earth the closer it gets to us etc etc. Others say it'll bring about a new age of enlightenment and spirituality especially amongst yogic circles etc. While some of these are not totally to be ruled out we need to guard against false prophecies and deceptions.

    Concerning the 'elitist' curds my only comment is they are human beings too not elite and they will, if not in the foreseeable future, eventually also die and be judged by God as we all will. No one can escape that. They are, in a nutshell, cowards – hiding in shadow and concerning themselves with the dark forces.

    My closing comment is this: whatever will be will be. No one knows the appointed time except God. Stop worrying about all these things and about 2012, and trust in God!

    Let that suffice!

  208. I love how the VC crew brakes it all down for you. I watched the movie in the theaters when it first came out and I didn't think anything of it other than " Oh! Another end of the world stupid movie" but now though I can see what I didn't understand or realized when I first watched it. All I can say my brothers is, put your trust in God and no matter what happens, no matter how hopeless you may feel at times don't ever stop trusting him.

  209. the scene were the Queen and his two dogs are being allowed to board on the New Ark, is a mockery to the people of the world who don't have any place on the Elite, it shows that because the dogs owner is the Queen they can be allowed to the New Ark.

  210. Why the Queen should survive 2012?

    At public events, knowing how to wave one’s hand for long periods of time and not disabling one’s wrist in the process is a deeply profound art.

  211. Do not worry,

    this cycle of humanity will not by ended simply by natural catastrofies,

    so no physical (the arks) help will be of any use for them or for anybody else.

    The real ark is the spirit,

    so those who have chosen the dark side will have lost their microcosmical ark, and they will lost.

    This ark is build on God's favor and blessings. And that is actually an equivalent image for salvation.

  212. ow maan, this film make me so sad, because it can make my heart beat 100 times a minute…

    what will you do if i get a heart spot producer !!

  213. I can understand why the 'elites' would be all boarding the ship to go to Africa. Being an African, I know that we have some deeply entrenched morals and there are things that we just do not do and cannot tolerate. My theory is therefore that these propagators of a new world order are aware of this and after the west is annihilated they will extend their influence to the uncharted Africa 'minds' and our refusal to bow down to the influence of the west!

  214. I cried so much when i saw the crack down the michelangelo painting of God…and when Jesus' arms fell off. it sounds comical the way i write it but hear me out. this is the first time i read this post yet when i saw the film i interpreted it in the same way..the audacity of people today that would film sacriligeous things like this..its just awful..

  215. michelangelo painting of God is sacriligeous

    man is not to make any image of God or Christ

    God himself will destroy these false god idols

  216. Ok simple facts about the world

    1. if the government was to tell the public, what do you think will happen? There would be looting, murder, warlords and so on and so forth. Now please tell me what telling the public would solve? The only thing it does is let the people have a reason to panic and start killing each other. naivety is bliss

    2. Money makes the world go around. I Dont think those Arks would even be created. Simply because who would pay, the workers, organize the supplies, pay for the equipment and so on and so forth. You could always say that they wouldn't need to pay them at all but why wouldn't they, the worlds currency would mean absolutely nothing, and seeing as the worlds currency means nothing, why would a ticket cost 1billon euros. I doubt they payed in gold bars.

    3. you describer the elite as horrible horrible people that only cause the destruction of humanity. But there is no point in trying to get rid of them, for all you will be doing is making a new elite. There will always be people with the short end of the stick.

    however these points mean nothing due to the fact that, "2012" is a movie, that tried to hard to connect all the dots that it bred conspiracy theories, when its only purpose was to get money.

    You want a world without elites? get off your computer and go live in the bush. There is no point if writing about what you believe they are doing. Society is a screwed up thing, the only way to fix it is to start over

  217. Wow, reading all your comments really assured me that I was not the only person that thought about the world and the way how society has changed is strange. After reading the review of the hunger games, and the review of the movie2012, it has become even more clear to me of what is taking place in our world, at first I thought to my self that there must be a way to stop our world and people being destroyed and controlled by theese 'elitle' people. But what is destined to be will happen, you have to come to the realisation that theese 'elite' illuminati , Freemasons whatever you wanna call them, are being driven by a much more powerful source than human beings. No one can stop what's about to happen as much as we wake up everyday and think to ourselfs, destruction will take place as it is destined to do. Dispite the movies it is supposed to happen. And will happen!

  218. it's a known truth that most people waste their humanity.
    i'm not saying that everyone deserves to die, but this world has become a mess, not because of some "elite agenda" but because most people do not take responsibility for their own lives and fly through it with blinders on. they don't think deep enough into the world or their relationship to it, they just use and waste.. people recklessly having children they do not want and do not take care of, willful ignorance, consuming garbage, expecting everything to be given to them instead of finding their place in the world and contributing nothing useful to the human race. i've read almost every article on this website and most of the comments associated with them and barely any of you have even an elementary grasp of the english language as it is! do any of yall know why has our political systems become a big pile of crap? how many of you take an active role in your civic duty to make sure we're not being taken advantage of? how many of you just figure somebody else will do it? you are all responsible for your own lives and it is our fault that things have gotten so retarded!!! not the "elite", they only have the power we give to them anyways!!! and how many of you use that goddamned, asshole word "sheeple" or think you have some upper hand on folks just because you think you know "what's really going on"? and i'll say another thing, globalization is the next step in our evolution, one world government..blahblah is the only way we will be united as a whole and start pushing our race out into space!! there might be some evil folks behind the curtain but there is more than enough light that keeps it in check and is working for the benefit of all mankind! know it!!

  219. i have a suggestion to make.
    because of water was always a symbol of life and lives,
    era of Aquarius is an era that brings life, and lifes
    and maybe new forms of natural or artificial (as we already see it happening) forms of life.
    we possible dont know in which zodiac asterism Noah's cataclysm happen. (?)
    but it is considered to happen because of the dynamic end of the ice age
    and the beginning of our era, where ice where always melting
    and with civilization starting at the most warm place of planet, around Mesopotamia, middle east,
    and around the place where new water was arranged. (aka Mediterranean sea)
    but the flood happened once,
    it is most possible that it will not happen again as the main cause of worlds destruction.
    we experience the melting of the last "drops" of the remaining ice from the ice age.
    if we imagine that in a human climax lets say having a refrigerator defrosting,
    have you notice the velocity that ice deforms to water from start to end of the procedure?
    most water is spilled at start, and only once.
    maybe Aquarius is the life giver water supplier in the once frozen ground,
    who moistens the just defrosted garden,
    emerging new streams of life forms …

  220. I have tried to watch this movie in 2012 but stopped halfway as the bullshit elite survivor plot was too blatant with narcissism from the producers/ entertainment industry individuals' point of view for me to bother wasting some of my time (and brain space) .

    I am both insulted and revolted by movies promoting the point of view of the elites and treating life of the "masses" (and of any living being) as garbage.

    I am a young woman and I am not afraid of them. They can kill us, destroy our world and try to fool us. But they will never get our soul.

    Let's be united in spite of adversity, open our mind to understand reality and never forget that knowledge is better than ignorance, even if the truth hurts.

    Thanks VC, keep up the great work. You inspire many of us.

  221. I didn't notice any of the signs. Mostly I felt angry while watching the movie. Especially, the part the Indian scientist was betrayed and even the Queen's dogs gets to escape. I am an Indian and now reading your article even makes me wonder what was the purpose of British rule in India.

  222. I watched the whole movie, but the scene mentioned in the article of Queen Elizabeth and her dogs really put me off. So the average working class person has less value than the pets of the elites. We are insects to them.

  223. Not going to deny that there is sick symbolism here, especially showing that the people who see the truth are "crazy bums" (that is a trope now pretty much, like in Cabin In THe Wood) but we are always in an astrological "age"… and Aquarius is actually represented by a woman pouring water, not a man. I don't remember what age we are in now, but I think I was born in the age of Scorpio (?) Either way, we are always in an "age" in the eyes of astrologers

  224. I think i know why conspiracy theorists are shown crazy in movies. Because only crazy people are allowed to say things like they say. Major population do not want to hear the truth. It may be uncomfortable or even frightening. But from crazy person why not? it's easier. Like with king who would forgive his joker for truth, but not the minister for example. Conspiracy theorist is a joker of modern times.

  225. Okay, I'm going to play devil's advocate and suggest that those who were saved were the ones who were 'supposed' to be saved. They may have been the 'elite' in this world, but maybe that was God's way of ensuring they made it into the next. Notice how some of the ones who did 'ungodly' things – Yuri (clearly a bad guy), Tamara (adulterer) ended up dying. A regular ol' family survived. Plus, as the story is told from their perspective, we have no idea how many other non-elite people made it on to the arks. In fact, we were only shown a handful of people who allegedly paid the 1 billion Euros for a spot. And we can't just say 'well, they are the elite, they are bad guys'. Who knows, they could have been humanitarians, doctors, scientists, you know, all the good stuff. The only example to my recollection that we had of the 'bad' elite was Yuri, and he fell off a cliff and croaked it.

  226. I guess that my comment is that who are the people who are going to serve the survivors? Only the elite survive. They know nothing about survival. They do not know the basics of life. Who will be their slaves, to ensure their leisure?

  227. Since no such thing will happen till 2212…why care. And if this does happen, some governments will prepare a rescue system from the data from senior research systems… possibility…ice age…that may be coming…

  228. Nick.A christian. on

    I don't know what to say.. it's 2014 and nothing happened… so it's been 2 years. Wow. God help these people that don't realize what's going to happen (talking about the elites) help them to seek the true SHEPHERD. The LORD the SON OF GOD. Jesus. Help them realize what's going to happen to them. Amen. Is the end near? Is it yet to happen? Will it happen? Or will as the Scriptures say and as I believe and live by, happen in the bible when the Earth is flooded over by fire while the normal people rejoice with God and Jesus. While the elites are the ash beneath our feet. While we, the righteousness are in heaven. Who really knew the end.

  229. You forgot the part of the teaching of the Buddhist Monk…He poured water to a cup and rang the bell 3 times… sorry you missed that strong point

  230. on

    wow. Nic article, yeah i think of aliens as demons too, i do feel it in ma heart, though cant prove. But i think of it that way.

  231. I am sorry Jade. But seeing that you use the argument of ignorance in your defense proves me right. To be precise, you're saying: How do I know there's no god? But as usual, it's stupid to deceive someone into believing something DOES NOT exist. If anything (and logically) You'd place all your efforts to deceive people into believing something fictitious DOES exist -> And this is the basic principle of all Religions, You couldn't even know Your Religion is the Right One, There are quite a few, all claiming to worship the right God, What makes yours so special?

    On the other hand, you've said it yourself, conspiracies aim to deceive as many people as possible, that should be your cue, as you belong to a large cult, Are you hypocritical enough to tell me that such a large group of people who follow the same rules, believe blindly the same things, and preach from a non-nonsensical book does not appear to be a mind-control experiment?

    Of course you'll say that you know Jesus in your heart and all that, but it'll only go to show the level of programming you've reached that has make hallucinate about a mystical being. And this goes about ANYTHING that you tell me related to Christianity that you use on favor of your views, Because you take it for granted without rationale.

    So, No… I don't think I've been deceived into believing an all-mighty Merciful, yet Just God (Mercy and Justice are the ultimate contradiction btw) Does Not exist, you know why… Because He doesn't exist Period.

  232. Dante – Straight is the path and narrow the gate, and few find it. (HEAVEN) that is. God and Jesus are real – and if you don't find them before you die, you do go to hell. Are you willing to base all eternity on not believing on the one that created you to glorify him just because you think it is brainwashing. Far from it. So sad so sad!!! Many will die and live in hell needlessly because they chose to voluntarily follow the devil, or in voluntarily follow him by ignoring Christ. So sad!!

  233. God is real and the Bible is true, not a deception. The Bible accurately predicted many events and it actually contains scientific information that scientists hadn't even discovered during the time it was written. It is also very authentic and there are thousands more of ancient manuscripts of the book of the Bible than many other ancient writings, that are still considered to be original by historians.

    God has answered many prayers of mine, and I can assure you He is real. :)

  234. Is religion really simply that? You either follow what this book says or you're going to go through torture for eternity, but only few avoid that fate anyway. When it's said like that, it sounds extremely similiar to what VC said about the above movie, that only the elite can be saved from the flood or,in this case, go to eternal peace. It should be remembered that religion is "the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods" ( as according to Oxford Dictionary), and isn't definite. And like Dr. Mengele once said, a lie will eventually become the truth if repeated enough; so how does anyone know Christianity hasn't followed this theory? But if it's not a lie, then how does anyone if God, for example, truly doesn't like homosexual people? No one really knows what God has said, so people should stop speaking for Him. And as for you, I believe you or anyone else have NO right to tell someone how to live or that they are going to hell if they don't "find" God or Jesus. Who are you to judge people? Are you God?? No, so leave judgement for God Himself.

  235. Angel, I understand how you must feel. These questions are huge, but I assure you that there are very simple and logical answers. I'm sorry if some extremist exploded all over you with weak theology. Please take a few minutes and visit and check out their online liibrary; these topics and a lot more are outlined, dissected and whatnot. It's like each one is a sermon. I'm praying for you among others.

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