Creepy Nestlé “We Will Find You” Contest Uses Chip to Track “Winner”


A new contest involving Nestlé candy bars makes the concept of a highly monitored police state fun and exciting…for idiots. The ominously titled “We Will Find You” contest places a tracking chip inside the “winning” candy bar, allowing the Nestlé HQ to track winners via satellite and to dispatch a team to give them their prize. The TV ad states:

“The bar will be equipped with a GPS signaling device. When activated, it will beam a signal into space via satellite and will return to earth. This will alert a secret control room who will scramble a crack team of highly trained individuals. They will board a helicopter, find the special bar and give the winner 10,000£.”

Here’s the ad.

So, to sum up, winners of the contest are tracked and found by a swap team who “arrest” them as if they were terrorists or enemies of the state. However, instead of beating the crap out of them and sending them to undisclosed jails, they give them 10,000£. You see how a police state is fun? Friendly agents jump out of helicopter and give you money! It’s perfect!…until they’ll use the same techniques to beat the crap out of dissidents and send them to undisclosed jails.



  1. I fully agree with the general consensus here that this promotion leaves a lot to be desired. I think I'll skip this contest, Nestle, thank you very much!

    Searching around for the exact manner in which winners will be tracked down, I found this explanation:

    "The ‘We Will Find You’ competition will see GPS chips placed in six chocolate bar wrappers. The GPS Golden Ticket is not activated when the candy bar is opened. The winner has to turn it on. The tracker Nestle is using is “essentially mobile phone technology specifically developed for this project,” says a spokesperson. “When a winning bar is found, consumers simply pull on the tab to activate the device.” Within 24 hours the winner will be located by a helicopter, which has a team on board to hand-deliver a briefcase containing £10,000 in cash.”

  2. Saw the ad for this the other day and I knew VC would have something to say about it. It's the last time I buy a bar of Nestlé, that's for sure.

  3. well i have just eaten a Yorkie and now i may or may not have a chip in me that is a GPS tracker. Dam who will it be removed. ? or will i just pass it the next time i,am on the lavatory. If so tracking it down the pan will make it a bit difficult to find in all that brown stuff. LOL

  4. heh. irony.

    if the winner was offered a free cancer treatment, or a ticket to 'the island' it'd raise a lot more red flags and people would get it… but if we were already living in those times people would be denying the island existed and cancer was the normal cause of death anyway.

    the bar is always raised, the frog is always in hotter water, the limits are always being pushed.. and everyone will always think this is just the way things are.. yeah.. no problem at all with this one.. where the system goons track someone and drop out of the sky and throw money at them.. this all seems perfectly normal to me

    and because the world *is* the way it is, everyone is going to think this *is* perfectly normal.

    what's the next zany nwo promotion? -watch for UFO's with robbie williams on his private island?

    • i thought about that too.. the commercial depicts the systemite as opening the candy upon leaving the store, i first assumed the extensive cctv surveillance captured the act and the rest writes itself.. not so if the candy was opened in a citizens 'private' home, or out on the moors.. how would a camera spot this, how would a camera even know the significance of what it was seeing? (and we'll leave the facial recognition and extremity tracking software for another day) so it all comes down to the wrapper itself if the claims in the ad are valid. i would think there's a GPS triangulation method in that wrapper, probably activated when the seal is broken, identification and any required tracking of the victim (uhh, i mean winner) taken over by combined surveillance methods (if the person were to then catch a train for example) ..nice little field test of the apparatus i think. good way to get the sheeple used to seeing nwo goons dropping out of the sky at any given moment for any given reason (rendition? terrorist? or nestle winner?) blah blah blah fear p**n 🙂

  5. I think it's an 'interesting' tactic on the part of the Nestle marketing department – for one it does what it says on the tin – increases sales – but since you've got to sell a lot of chocolate to make that money back …. I'd guess this is funded by a market research budget … by encouraging people to keep their wrappers, they can track consumer movements for a period of time in order to refine future marketing tactics (they can determine where people go after buying a chockie, where they're being eaten, how many are eaten at the same address what time they're eaten, etc. I bet there's a tech company at the backend with a database and system for analysis – I'd expect to see this sort of tactic from other big corporations competing for a vastly reduced consumer spend in future.

    In terms of the bigger social engineering picture it feeds the agenda to desensitize people to surveillance, it divides people into "I agree wif dis boss fing" vs "I emphatically do not agree with this." and when the two extremes meet – dissension and hate follow.

  6. Does anyone remember that lady who went through mind control and painted all those paintings? She kept saying don't take the candy. They probably have ways of putting any type of tracking or drug into any candy or anything for that matter. They tried to do use the tracking devices at old navy and people had no idea. Tracking is in our phones, some credit cards, cars and probably in my computer.

    I don't want anything to do with that contest.

    • would have been great if you would have been honest…

      "MOCHIP = MissOuri CHild IDentification & Protection program. We do not use Microchips or any other invasive "chips.""

      The program consists of five major components:

      Digital Photographs

      Digital Fingerprints

      Child Information and Emergency contacts

      Dental bite impression

      Two (2) laminated ID cards

      Yep no RFID or "microchips". Only thing I can think of is they can hide a microchip in the ID Cards because honestly… nowadays people put hidden rfid chips inside the card, however if I'm thinking it's just a card print out thats laminated as they say, it's not really a big deal unless they slip a rfid chip in the lamination. All these people are doing is taking digital pictures and digital fingerprints and general information and producing 2 lamined ID Cards.

      Than again it could be a secret program to steal your kid for the globalists.

      But it could just be a way for the masonic lodge of missouri to get government aid. by doing charitable things for there state, that is a way to get funding for another lodge or extra money in there pockets, giving back to the community cheapily. providing a service, since it's mostly digital. they give you a burnt CD with the information and records. and they save it to there special databases. than again anybody can steal there hard drives and harvest that information like how banks get there systems hit by hackers or thieves who somehow manage to steal an old system that hasn't been wiped clear or encrypted.

  7. I sincerely doubt that food regulations would permit placing a microchip or any foreign substance in a candy bar, even in "specially marked packs" or whatever.

    But yes, the ad looks geared to make people wish they were the guy being targeted by the SWAT team. Ghastly in all respects.

  8. This is a test run, to see how fast they can nab anyone they want with the chip technology. I think the shootings are the same kind of thing. They are testing their ability to train assassins who will kill according to the administered mind control program. I think they are also subjecting a specialized police force to such programming, so to dissolve all ties to nationalism and remove any inhibitions to following through with an assignment to do whatever they want them to do. I've met some brutal cops myself who seemed to get a weird kick out of verbally abusing simple ordinary citizens for minor infractions like jaywalking, I mean, they are over the top and seem like they are on speed or something like it. Something IS going on and being perpetrated and planned, it's become obvious. The army of the Antichrist and his New World Order is mounting. It is amazing that they are so blatant about these test runs, an telling that they are involving the mainstream population to these exercises, probably because one day they will be branded enemies of the state, hunted down one by one, chip by chip, and taken somewhere either never to be seen or heard from again, or be returned thoroughly reprogrammed.

  9. Behavioral conditioning to totalitarian creepiness aside, I am amazed they could cram this into a package that weighs the same as a candy bar.

    My first though was GeoPro

    It might be cellular based relay signal, and probably a very small and limited battery regardless. Could check to see if Nestle marketing pukes bought GeoPro subscription services.

    System is going to collapse, so might as well think of ways to repurpose the creepy sociopath tech for practical and marketable ventures. Can't wait to see what folks can do with the creepy AI flying the drones and scanning all the databases

    Pizza delivery by quadcopter drones?

    Autonomous cars and information tailored to your productive means? Plenty of good to potentially come out of this phase of horrid government indulgence, for those that survive it.

  10. Basically they are saying two things: how bad do you want the candy and how desperate are you for the money? This is just a prime example of them using our survival instincts against us and getting us to accept their control- and they get away with it because most of us can't control ourselves and say no to what they are dangling in front of us- and then when we can no longer resist they will force us to bow and beg and become their dogs!

  11. To all whos comments (in response to this & ALL the other articles) are Auto-Respone is FEAR. Look, I realize it's Hard to overcome such a Powerful human emotion, but Try! Fear is exactly one of the top reactions "they" precisely Want!! I see SO much either Auto: Fear and/or Hate. Hate being the; Conflict/arguing/namecalling/bashing/ect among "truthers." Who needs a NWO to make us all fight one another, when we do a Much better job??

    Again, I know strong human emotions, that we All have, such as hate and fear are HARD to conquer; but there are Much stronger and Powerful ones you don't have to conquer, such as HOPE.

    My opinions. Peace and Love.


    • That's also the problem with this website as most of thes conspiracy-websites, Deadpopstar.

      It's true that people learn more from this website however when VC often informs about musicvideos doing the same things, movies with the same agenda, massmedia etc, then we so called "more enlighten ones" acts like sheeps under the banner of being vigilant, which is NOT much better than the other sheeps. Revealing information and making it into conspiracies is also a powerful weapon towards the masses (a word I detest but will use for now) in order to spread chaos and less motivated for more happy thoughts/reduced spiritual life. These theories are sadly (sometimes) consuming people from (maybe) one of the purposes of life, that is (I believe) finding the real truth (inner truth if you will) and actually living your life.

      If you truly want to live happy then knowledge is not the whole answer, first you must free yourself.

      – Thisisonlythebeginning

      • Thisisonlythebeginning, (though this response I am Not just talking to you; at times I'm talking to EVERYONE. And to All: This is ALL just my personal opinions/ideas.)

        Thank You for your response filled with Many things I have been Trying to say on other articles. (the forums yrs ago.. which I now refuse to post on) I TOO am only human & sometimes (moreso as of late, much has to do with my personal life) feel that all the hate/disinfo/ect being spread among "the truthers" gets me myself discouraged. I feel as if, whats the point in repeating these things that nobody Sees or just dismisses because it is not the general opinion on here; or worse attacks me.

        The opinion (not Everyone, sadly MANY though) that has now become, iMo, SO Scary Similar to the others who I will never be cruel & call names like So Many do now. (masses, sheep, sheeple; I dislike ALL the terms: were are ALL humans & believe we should have sympathy for one another; eyes open or not. Help one another! And for the record, I am not religious, but Some of the aspects various religions teach, are part of my morals & ethics that I happened to be born with/just AM that way..) People who WERE what they Now call a sheep, (only because of ignorance, we ALL at one point were!! We were not born knowing it all & STILL are FAR from knowing..Half, iMo..) then a week(s) later cruelly referring to people JUST like they used to be really makes me Sad. But then I see others like you (TIOTBeginning) who ARE thinking outside the box, looking beyond the Same things in music videos & ALL of the "entertainment aspect," which is only a TINY part of a GIANT plan. (as you obviously see)

        We only have a few pieces; we need to TRY & be finding or "exposing" some others. But it's funny, WHAT brings in the most TRAFFIC to a website such as this? Just think of our media Obsessed culture & everyone will understand the answer. I see articles on deeper things that DON'T involve high grossing films, popular artists, ect & there are SO FEW comments. In other words: people arn't reading those as much as the ones on say, Nicki Minaj's latest video; the proof is because one (mainly text, not big colorful pics pointing out the Same symbols, on the Same artist(s) for the 6-7th time) has 34 comments & the glossy GaGa exposed article has 344 comments. So it doesn't seem I'm singling out this VC site; Look at youtube videos on these things. Look at the number of VIEWS & comments on the ones dealing with Hollywood/music/art/ect & they may be as little as 1-2 minutes (short attention span conditioning anyone?) or even the ones that clock closer to an hour STILL; look how many views/comments THEY have. Then look at the ones that go in depth on topics that have NOTHING to do with entertainment being "exposed," they are Much Longer in length, have old black & white photos about Significant historical things ("Zzzz borring, I wanna go re-watch the vid about Beyonce for the 6th, shes a puppet, but SO sexy!!"), things I HAVE LEARNED SO MUCH from..these videos have so FEW views & even less comments. So I'm not just speaking of VCs site, I used youtube as another example & Could go on with all the other blogs/sites.

        I am NOT attacking anyone, but I CAN SEE what is obviously bringing in more traffic. VC's youtube vid, as I read on the news article on this site, has brought in around half a million views itself. The 2 part video was about, you guessed it: artists in the industry. I'm NOT ATTACKING anyone here, I just believe that the info on all that is OUT THERE, in Vast amount should be studdied Just as much; if not more. I mean we all get it, one eyes, triangles, NWO imagery, ect. Perhaps we should start examining some OTHER things that yes, MAY NOT bring in as much traffic. Some of these topics VC has did articles on YEARS ago on some of these things & are buried in this site. And the "New People" have NO IDEA where to find them, or MAY be Distracted by all the newer articles.

        I think it would be a good idea to RE-POST some of those articles, maybe throw in some of the New info; kinda like how the film industry "reboots" films. (which 99% of the time I loathe, ha, sorry, off top..) I realize MUCH of that is All in the VC ebook, but REMEMBER, many are conditioned (if they Admit it or not) to have low attention spans & MAY not read ALL that (GREAT!!) knowledge that they have no clue about. Yet they can play spot the symbols in music videos with stunning accuracy, which it's GOOD they know that; time to move on now; iMo. So perhaps take an old article that is buried somewhere in chapter 7 of the ebook & "reboot" it (sorry that's the best way I can put it) so some of the Newer people can KNOW THAT VERY IMPORTANT knowledge Also!!

        It ALSO can get people like myself & others, who already may know it, but make us THINK of something NEW, bring up new ideas & theories!! The more minds, new & older, NOT FIGHTING EACH OTHER & working together..we may find a BRAND NEW PUZZLE PIECE!! Perhaps more than one!! (the whole entertainment puuzzle piece isn't Tiny, but in the BIG picture;;;; it isn't a HUGE piece..iMo) And there WILL be disagreements, but if we JUST behave respectfully to one another; I for one believe even MORE can be accomplished!!

        Thisisonlythebeginning: I have read many of your Other posts & DON'T agree with EVERY SINGLE view you have (though, this response, to mine, I do.. & Several Others) but that isn't a bad thing!! We all are humans with Different views & I BELIEVE that if we can not all start attacking one another & discussing/debating rationally: We Can Get SO MUCH MORE accomplished!! 😀 In REAL LIFE, I have became close friends with people whom upon are First meeting they HATED me because of my differing beliefs; but then we Rationally Discussed/Debated/ect & Now are close & help one another! This I (we = it takes BOTH to be rational & come to an understanding) HAVE done this online a FEW times. A couple on the VC forum YRS ago with a couple Great people, but it's MUCH harder online, where Anon people spout whatever pops in their head & hit post. But I STILL believe there's hope online.

        Back to an original point lost track of: I said even MY human emotions sometimes feel like it all is a lost cause, being in a small minority; but when I see you, TIOTBeginning & a FEW others: It Reminds Me that others are willing to stand up & not be scared to express their very different ideas & opinions!! Therefore I have hope in US (All the people who visit this & similar sites) & Humanity to NOT be doomed. Thank You AGAIN, TIOTB, for being one of the few to remind me of that hope.


  12. I agree with a lot on this site, but I have to say that there might be some overreacting going on to this commercial. The commercial doesn't indicate that the chip is IN the candy bar and that the guy eats the chip itself. Plus, this is a British commercial, and it's no secret that things are very big brother there. I get vigilant's point about desensitization and a police state future, but isn't it also possible that the marketers are trying to be as extreme as possible to get attention to sell more candy bars? Just my two cents. Not saying anyone is wrong, but it's worth entertaining the possibility that there might not be anything sinister here.

    • I'm guessing the chip is within the food since they're going to need to trace the winner. Otherwise one could open up the candy bar, toss the wrapper and eat the candy; and no one would be the wiser about who would win.

      And I agree that it's a bit extreme. However, I remember coming up with an extreme test where some "so obviously extreme that no one would give that answer even joking" answers for extreme right-wingness. Problem is, now they're accepted amongst some groups and tolerated amongst the rest.

  13. Ok. Seriously??? Can't I just win the money? Even if u were blind to all this u don't ask yourself THAT??? Sometimes we (the masses) can also be a bit too easy – how can people get excited by such nonsensical theatrics?

    • Yep, just like Facebook started…so fun to reunite with old friends…so fun to create a network…so fun to have all your info in one place…so fun to track you!!

      • Yeah, I totally agree- you can't even fully delete your account! Its always there. Plus I have always had my account on private, and someone who I wasn't friends with could see where I worked at the time.. WTF? I was horrified. I HATE FACEBOOK!!!

        And this police state bs is really starting to get annoying. It will be terrifying, I have no idea why people don't get this.

  14. Looks like they have chip technology in an experimental phase, so they funneled some $$$ to Nestlé to test it out. This contest is their experiment.

    Evidently the stuff will send its signal either when it's bit into or when stomach acid hits it. Since food tends to stay in the stomach for twenty-four hours, it will give them some time to figure out where the sad sap who's supposed to get the 10,000£ is at. This commercial is intended to desensitize the person to a sudden shock of crack troops around him.

    So now it's a good thing. A couple years after the contest ends, I'm sure it will turn into a more frightening scene.

  15. @Disney sucks!

    The illuminati priests don't have sex with children and kill them for the heck of it.

    It is one of the most gut wrenching rituals….but the illuminated have to do it…

    Their life depends on it….

    They follow the rituals of Seth and Saturn " el".

    Seth sodomized Horus….so high priest do the same with " the child"

    Seth or ses….was the god of the ocean…..the evil one, red haired one..

    He was also called omses…..or Moses ,Saturn,shiva……

    And Saturn , the yehovah of the Jews ….

    Ate his own son and tormented him.

    (aka the same myth of Jesus…..Jehovah sacrificed his own son,)

    So the high priest have to mimic the same ritual…..

    By acting as god, being god……

    And it's not something new….

    Its the same yehovah for which you guys shake your ass in church….

    Commands the highest men, to sacrifice children….

    It's a reality and has been for the past thousands of years.

    Instead of thinking as illuminati as devil worshippers ….and evil men…

    Think of them as the real " el" worshippers…..who sacrifice in the same of God.

    The mediary of the sun, moon, planets ..

    The bisexual androgynous demiurge..

    The six pointed pointed star ..male in female….female in male.

    What you consider evil…..child sacrifice was actually considered " the most sacred " ritual…..

    The holy of holes….the real test of faith in God!

    Now drink some milk, and go to sleep.


    Brush your teeth before sleeping….no one likes bad breath.

    • Cabiri (1914)

      A black and white movie made in 1914, depicting accurately the worship of moloch,milkom.

      Accurate depiction of religious sacrifice of children.

      Please watch this video from 25 minutes to 28 minutes…

      Now instead of thinking about it as evil and bad….

      This was considered normal and holy just a few centuries ago….

    • Well, dear Johnny. Your information is so wrong I don't know where to begin. Firstly, Moses was the prophet of Jews, not Jesus. And this story of yours, is wrong from the beginning. A prophet named Ibrahim was ordered to sacrifice his most beloved thing in the name of his faith, he told his son Ismail about it, who said, that if that's what God wanted, it will happen. The father, Ibrahim, took the son, Ismail, on a mountain peak to sacrifice him but as soon as he was about to do it, God replaced his son with a lamb. And the knife, with the order of God, sacrificed the lamb and some other animals, birds, fishes and a few mammals. Ismail was saved. God just wanted to see if the love of Ibrahim was greater for his son or his God. And in the name of that love, Muslims celebrate a fesival called Eid, every year, when they sacrifice animals, goats, sheep, lambs and cows to show their love for God and distribute the meat of that animal to poor.

      Also, Ibrahim was the prophet who built the Holy Ka'aba and Ismail, his son, was the one who founded the well of ZamZam. Read a few books and get all your facts straight!

  16. i think im goin to live in a teepee on a indian reservation. this world has come to this, unreal unreal

    after human trafickking in the government itself.. r**e and killings at satanic rituals and private parties.. priests having sex with kids… experimenting with mind control in rehabs for kids..ghosts and goblins haunting kids in the olympic games were fun… now we have to be afraid of chocolate too. I need to get my kid out of here. how do we protect our kids today how. how many missing children in america? no one is really missing from the government. now they will track us and there is no safe place. who will get the lucky chocolate bar, i hope not my baby. dear god what has this world come to.

    • I suggest you think again having done research into those holding camps called reservations. See some of Kevin Annett's material on the Mohawk residential schools scandal.

      • I suggest you think again having done research into those holding camps called reservations. See some of Kevin Annett’s material on the Mohawk residential schools scandal.

        I actually live on a native reservation(for almost five years now) and there use to be a residential school here but it was torn down years ago. The community is really small [Between 800-900 population] and no cell phone service. There is much smaller communities here as well.

        But if it will make disneysucks feel safer, he can get some lumber, hop on a boat and build a cabin down river on one of many islands like many other natives here.

  17. Chocolate of all things Chocolate the 1 thing from childhood that i thought i can still enjoy smh whats next Professional Wrestling is not real GOD life would be so pointless 🙁

    • I noticed that H&m commercial too. super creepy. even the way the song is mixed, it's kind of hypnotizing. reminds me of twin peaks tv show in the red room with the black and white chevron floor. just evil feeling and very obvious.

  18. What a joke! and the funny thing is (well not so funny) the masses will buy into it! It's just getting people used to the idea of micro-chips inside us, which I will certainly not buy into.

    • "If it is possible for a “game”, you just don’t imagine what they’re able to do for real"

      Indeed, and consider this:

      Stasi used radioactive spray to track dissidents

      "EAST German intelligence agents traced the movements of dissidents and monitored their meetings by spraying them with radioactive chemicals, it is disclosed today.

      They carried radiation detectors under their arms; one armpit housing a Geiger counter the other an alarm which vibrated when their unwitting prey came near. The use of radioactive tracking throughout the 1970s and 1980s was uncovered recently by Klaus Becker, a radiation expert, during a search of the Stasi archive, the files of East Germany's secret police.

      Dr Becker says: "It is a remarkable story, the first well-documented case of such a thing." According to the files, Stasi agents tagged suspects by spraying their clothes or belongings with scandium-46, which emits highly dangerous gamma radiation and comparatively harmless beta radiation.

      The Stasi also developed an airgun which fired a radioactive isotope of silver wire into a car tyre from 25 yards. Floors in dissidents' meeting rooms were sprayed with radioactive chemicals which stuck to the shoes of anyone who attended. If people could not be sprayed, the spies would label their documents or paper money.

      Dr Becker, an East German who fled to the West in 1951, says the Stasi later calculated that if more than one note was in a man's pocket, the effect on his fertility "came close to castration". While victims received radiation doses of about 150 millisieverts per action – 150 times greater than the internationally recommended weekly maximum – agents were not exposed to more than one millisievert a week."

      "The Stasi had long been suspected of using radiation as a weapon and a tool of torture, New Scientist reports today, but there had never been any concrete evidence. Barrie Lambert, a radiobiologist at St Bartholomew's Hospital, London, said: "It really is the stuff of James Bond movie.

      "It's an unpleasant thing to do. The risk is not limited to the person being tagged. You'd be exposing other people, such as a spouse." Michael Clark, National Radiological Protection Board spokesman, said actual doses could have been between 50 and 500 millisieverts."

  19. You know the sad thing about this is that there will be people who'll think this is 'cool' and 'totally awesome'.I am so grateful I am one of the vigilant ones and most importantly AWAKE!!

      • Eeewwww… Brother, could you mind your saliva? It's not sanitary to have it dripping on our table…

    • I saw this on daily mail.

      Three ideas came to mind upon reading it:

      1: Predictive Programming, another advertisement to positively popularize the concept of tracking

      and the notion of being tracked.

      2: The fact that most people throw away the wrapper upon eating the candy, so what the add is conveying is impossible.

      3: and, "Are you f**king kidding me?" This world…

    • Many packaged products (I've noticed this with Sainsbury's coffee range) have RFID plastic chips which I take out and throw away in the supermarket bin. Most people are happy to comply with their pets being microchipped and since 'state' rescue shelters are now the only way people can obtain one, all are chipped and vaccinated before they leave. Ironically, they activate these chips at times they want to create public demand for more chipping of animals and greater restrictions on dog ownership by having Me_Jah! blanket coverage of some out of the blue 'horrific' attack on a child, resulting in death. Generally, though, the chips in pets are most likely tracking devices on their owners. 'The (hairy) Spy Who Loved Me! (lol). The next Me_Jah! ramp up is likely to be a spate of increasing abductions of children, whereby the public are induced to support 'suggestions' that perhaps children should be chipped. Then those selected to serve as demon-strations will be abducted and 'rescued' just to prove how wonderful these things are.

      People won't see the harm, as their pets seem perfectly happy with the microchip (until the day it's 'activated' and little Flossy goes wild – but you try telling them this, they'll tag you as a paranoid lunatic). This, together with the Yorkie type of perception management, perhaps applying to all competitions and lucky dips, will ensure a well-rounded and successful campaign. Oh, and it's FREE!


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