New Reports Claim that Brittany Murphy Was Under Surveillance and Poisoned to Death


Brittany Murphy arrives at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in West Hollywood

Ever since her untimely death at the young age of 32, Brittany Murphy’s father Angelo Bertolotti has been claiming that his daughter was murdered. Brittany was found dead on December 20th 2009 and her husband, Simon Jack, was found dead just five months later on May 23rd 2010 – in the same bedroom and under the same circumstances. According to authorities, the cause of Brittany’s death was “pneumonia, anemia and a toxic cocktail of drugs”.

However, new tests conducted by independent Carlson Company laboratories have found that high amounts of ten heavy metals were found in Brittany’s system at the time of her death. The lab report even goes as far as stating there was “likely criminal intent”.

“Ten (10) of the heavy metals evaluated were detected at levels higher that the WHO [The World Health Organization] high levels. Testing the hair strand sample identified as  “back of the head” we have detected ten (10) heavy metals at levels above the WHO high levels recommendation. If we were to eliminate the possibility of a simultaneous accidental heavy metals exposure to the sample donor then the only logical explanation would be an exposure to these metals (toxins) administered by a third party perpetrator with likely criminal intent.”
–, Brittany Murphy did not die of natural causes, lab report shows

These new test results now lead observers to believe that Murphy was probably given rat poison or a similar product.

“Heavy metals are found in most rodenticides and insecticides meaning the actress could have been slipped rat poisoning or bug killer.

At the time of her death, Brittany displayed all the symptoms of heavy metal poisoning including: headaches, dizziness, abdominal cramps, coughing, sweating, disorientation, wheezing, congestion and pneumonia.

Mr Monjack also exhibited similar symptoms before his death, leading some to believe he too was poisoned.”
– Mail Online, Revealed: Brittany Murphy ‘was poisoned by government spooks in revenge for star’s support of whistleblower’, claims her grief-striken father

Brittany Murphy’s was mentioned a few times on Vigilant Citizen as her death is a classic case of  “mysterious celebrity death” surrounded by odd facts and strange symbolism.

Picture of Murphy surrounded by masked secret society people taken shortly before her death.
Picture of Murphy surrounded by masked secret society members taken shortly before her death.

According to her father and friend Julia Davis, Brittany was under constant surveillance by a “shadowy government organization”.

“In a recent interview with Los Angeles-based Fleur De Lis Film Studios, Mr Bertolotti said:  ‘They were, in fact, under surveillance, including helicopters. Their telephones were wiretapped, Brittany was afraid to go home, because of the sneak-and-peek incursions into their residence and other terror tactics she suffered after speaking out in support of Julia Davis and being named as a witness in her lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security.”

They believe that Brittany’s support for Julia Davis, a government whistle-blower, caused her to be a target of heavy surveillance.

“This included warrantless aerial surveillance with fixed-wing airplanes and Blackhawk helicopters, vehicular surveillance, OnStar tracking, Internet monitoring, wiretaps, warrantless searches and seizures and series of other outrageous, unwarranted retaliatory measures.”
– Ibid.

Like most celebrities who lost their lives in strange circumstances, Brittany was described by mass media as a drug addict. The house she was living in was bought fully furnished from Britney Spears in 2003, a celebrity that is fully controlled and monitored by Hollywood handlers. Was this house “infiltrated”? Was Brittany Murphy living under the same circumstances as Britney Spears? Did she lose her life because she was breaking out of programming? Some of the truth appears to be slowly coming out.


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The mother's behaviour is too suspicious too. Reminds me of Jennifer Hudson and the sacrifice of her mother, brother and nephew. Ms. Murphy's mother lived in the house with Simon and didn't get sick, but Simon dies? And nobody is looking at her? Anytime foul play is suspected, family members are the first to come under suspicion. Yet mommy dearest collects life insurance policies on both of these couple, sells off her daughter's belongings, was forced to return money she collected fraudulently for a foundation in Brittney's memory. Can this woman be more slimy? I submit – the secret society scum paid her off.

You cannot be friend of the Illuminati, participate in their masked balls and then go back a good girl and betray them. Look at the illuminati masked photograph, she was into it and then repented, it's better not to join them, not to owe them anything and to be free.

It's pretty amusing how the elites, such as the Rot's childs etc imagine they are so great and important, while in reality they are just useful idiots for Satan. If these craven cowards and scumbags really believe that The Devil actually cares about them, much less give them their own dominions in Hell, then they are more insane and delusional than i thought.

I just wish i could see their face when they discover, after their deaths, how they were betrayed by their beloved, equally cowardly "god".

nice comment! Anybody seen Brittany's last movie? tells you more than enough that you need to know…

It's about time there was more information to come out about her death. No thirty-something person simply dies of natural causes. There's was something strange about the story when she died. It got even more strange after her husband died from the same "natural causes".

The Bible says that when THE Antichrist appears, literally all the world (and all the people) will follow him, even loves and worships him as God. It's unlikely he would be met with such acceptance, unless the elites deliberately and succesfully corrupts the masses into miniature versions of themselves -greedy, selfish, egotistical, corrupt and just plain evil- which is exactly what they are doing. When was the last you saw anything heartwarming or uplifting in tv, music, film etc? Ever wondered why death, blood, violence, sex, depravity and horror are pushed upon people by mainstream media with vengeance? It's pretty simple: desensitization and mind con-trol. When all the people think and act like the elites, it doesn't demand great intellect to imagine that the Antichrist will be wildy accepted by the soulless, amoral and dysfunctional masses. While the few still sane, moral people are hunted down and butchered like animals.

It doesn't surprise me that these revelations about Brittney's death are coming to light. Brittney was a likeable actress, an I was somehow disturbed and by her untimely death. It is such a waste of a beautiful young life; moreso when it may be at the hands of others.

My Name is Becky The FBI and The USA Gov. Knows Who I Am… I am A Witness to Drug Smuggling Coverup By Our Governement… I was Stalked again Today Over And Over… They Always Use My Name… Loudly even My Supervisor would Look over At Them… I was an Activist Very Shortly because I and Many other Made A Congress Change His Vote to stop sending horses to Europe to be slaughtered….

They harass people for Delta 32 CCR5 bone marrow, it's the cure for aids. They drive people to suicide and dig up their bones. They get a wire tap order. Break in your house and put in a Digital Angel, then they Frey you. It's a underground industry.

I know what she went thru. Intimidation and poisoning is common. Low life thugs. It happened to me in San diego. Surveillance intimidation and when I didn't cooperate with them they gangstalked me and yes poisoned me
Welcome to the new America folks. Coming to a theatre near you!!!

Why did all this happen to you? What did "they" want you to cooperate with?

Yep, try and debunk this? Brittany and her husband died less than a year. That doesn't happen unless someone wanted to shut them up.

Does anyone think Paul Walker's death is suspicious?

A former race car driver lost control and hit a lamp post and a tree. Okay that can happen. But how likely does the car explode? Okay that can happen too. But I can't rule out the possibility of the car exploding by explosives.

Mzprincess was there first with Paul Walker. I knew it, I smelled something fishy too.

Awww thx for the credit lol…..but yeah it all clicked to me a month or so with that straight to DVD movie pawnshop chronicles ….Paul was hell of funny in it and it started off like a comedy…. And then it was so weird and creepy. I picked up on it quick. Then I started thinking about all of the movies he was in…..I haven't really been keep up with details of the "accident" , but it reminded me if the reporter that was killed in his car in la a few months ago. With all of this technology….it could of been a remote control bomb….now they r saying he had a young girl friend 23 now but 16 when they started dating. It could be the media trying to paint him as a bad guy… Because he wanted to get out of the crazy bizarre scarywood life….thx Joe Blogg!… Read more »

I don't know…it's almost like Britney Murphy and the death scene In her last movie? Bathtub. Its just weird I mean he wasn't in the driver seat, he had no control (I guess unless a fight broke out between him and the driver) also there were no other cars involved. It looks like a non busy street, it seems like a set up…either he wanted out or he sacrificed himself. Hell if I know

He wanted out, I guess.

It sends off a reg flag since both are experienced drivers. He was dressed in black, car was red. I dunno if am reading into it too much. Folks said her wasnt caught up with "Hollywood" life.

One majorly overlooked aspect of heavy metal poisoning is mood and behavioral changes. Lead, mercury, arsenic and friends are highly neurotoxic and can cause all manner of bizarre symptoms ranging from anxiety and depression to delusions and suicide (see: the mad hatter from "Alice in Wonderland"). It's no secret that Brittany's behavior and appearance changed drastically in the 2 years before her death. In addition to extreme weight loss and (bad) plastic surgery, she began behaving unprofessionally and getting fired from movies. The tabloids had a field day, claiming she was an anorexic drug addict. (Illicit drugs were ruled out as a cause of death in the autopsy). SNL even did a skit mocking her shortly before her death. She became afraid to leave her house for fear of the paparazzi–even when she was gravely ill. She desperately wanted to avoid the bad press that would spill out if she… Read more »
I think the mother poisoned both of em. I remember reading awhile back that some speculated the mom & Brit's hubby were having an affair. They all lived in the same house and Sharon Murphy & Monjack continued living together even after her daughter's death. Sharon is also the one that discovered both of their bodies. They also died of basically the same thing. The mother could easily poison them, since she lived in the same house. I do believe early on the mother said mold in the home possibly caused the deaths. I always thought that odd since she never got sick. Since the mold was ruled out, the father had Brit's samples tested by a private lab. Good thing he did. There were also rumors that the mother and Brit's hubby were fighting over her estate. Since he's dead she inherited everything. I think the creepy mother did… Read more »

Mommy dearest was paid off by the secret society/shadow gov't scum. So was the coroner and those denying this is murder.

More likely that the mother is deeply programmed, enabling access, spying, reporting and yes aiding the poisoning of her children. It figures that she'd be moved to a similar environment as Spears before her break out; the place is rigged for ongoing programming and triggering. Only a question of time and perhaps better off away than suffer the fate of Britney Spears.Still, typically unecessary and clumsy murders.

I was thinking exactly the same thing, just something about Sharon doesn't sit right with me, I remember when I first heard the story that Brittany died and that her mom was living with Brittany and her husband, I thought that was really strange, then when Brittany died I just got the feeling that Sharon and Monjack were having an affair and that they both had something to do with her death, then when the husband died the same way It was just really suspicious and how now Sharon is the only survivor. I think what you said sounds like a pretty legitimate theory. Sharon has also been pretty silent about the mysterious deaths hmmm so I think that she should be investigated..I'm surprised that she hasn't been already.

Sounds more plausible.

Whatever ain't called 'Hollyweird' for nothing. Man, there is so much weird, hard-to-explain stuff going on worldwide all aspects..a huge one being all these horrific Weather-related phenomena. Talk about us living in the last days. Get out your Bible & read Revelation, PPL!..Come quickly Lord Jesus, Come Quickly.

Matthew 25:13

Every decade or so people say look to the bible for the end times, for the end times are now – look at all the evidence!

Sorry buddy, you're going to be disappointed. Now is not the time.

..u say now is not the time..maybe not this instant..there are more Biblical Prophecies that need to be fulfilled. I was speaking in general terms. We HAVE been living in the last days of man's rule over man, for quite some time now..whether u choose to believe it/see it, or not. I am definitely not here to sling mud, but I have to say u sound a bit ignorant, 'buddy' u call me. It is sad that it sounds like u have allowed the god of this world, satan, to spiritually blind you. U need Prayer..but of course we all do.
Btw..your username, sounds like a mockery of mine. If I am incorrect about this..I apologize. If not though..u sound like the real 'noob'. Immature much?

I was just watching revelations and prophecies on the history channel. We are very close to his return. .we are definitely in the last days. I enjoy this site and reading articles and comments. I have to agree with u and hope the rest of the worl find God before it's too late.

Wait and see.. If He will appear while no one is readying himself bad for us..

U know it hvns..u know it.

Her mom lived in the home too. I find it odd that she is alive and kicking still. Curious as to who got her millions .

Michelle – I'm on the same page as you! Many suspect her husband was her handler, but what if it was really her mom?

Apparently, Simon Monjack owned a Warhol. After Brit passed away, her mother claimed it as her own, saying that Simon was broke and could never have purchased it in his own right

Here is the question? If Brittany and her husband were poisoned by rat poison which was probably placed in their food. Why wasn't her mother poisoned too?

I got his name wrong it is Mike Grimm

I am a victim of organized stalking. I had a Navy helicopter come down at my car. After I tried to chase one of my stalkers. That's how I figured out for sure the U.S. Governement was involved. It started over ten yrs ago in Anahuac TX. I had just become an activist. I got involved with a petition to stop sending horses to Europe to be slaughter. We got one of the congress men to change his vote. I must of really pisst off another congress man. One of the congress man I believe his name was Mike Graham. I believe he was the one in trouble with the FBI he is a Mobster. And was threatening people.

I have a child with mind controlled beta programmed sex slave govt hooker name Jessica Hixon aka escort Farah Noveau
my little girl is being raised in satanic cult in Marrietta Georgia….Her mother was brainwashed and induced trauma at Dobbs Air force base as a child ..

could you share more?

Fact#1 , she was a celebrity. Fact #2 she was named as a witness in a Homeland Security lawsuit. If you don't believe these two facts could have lead to her being monitored 24/7, you have not been paying attention. She was a "TI", which is intelligence parlance for a "Targeted Individual". Snowden and any other NSA whistleblower, William Binney, Thomas Drake, etc. talks about this.

This is horrible. Seeing her in that picture with all of the demons around her says it all. Gee, what a coincidence that her husband died as well. Hollywood kills so many beautiful young actresses that It's unbelievable. And men as well! Something evil lurks in the Hollywood scene. Do people sell their souls for riches and fame? I believe they do. The same thing happens in NYC.

That goes for the governments of the world too.We are all in danger.

I figured I'd smell ritualistic death

My first hunch is Mom killed em both. But maybe her bf did it then took imself the same way. Sounds super fishy to me. Im 32. Its hard to imagin just dying of pnuemonia in my house without family or friends saving me. And it sounds like she had a mom and a bf just let her die. Yeah id put money on the mom and or bf being the murderers here. It doesnt look good either that the mom doesnt want peo.ple talking or thinking about this. Like shes hidin something.

Come on VC what are you waiting for?! you know Paul Walker was murdered im.also bothered by the singer Tyrese why is he the only one going on n on about PW death? why is he the only one hurting of all the other costars? why is he the only ine being focused on?? something ain't right man something very fishy…please get up on this VC…i can' t wait.

From what I understand, Paul had recently become a devout Christian. The charity event he was at prior to the car crash was for the typhoon relief in the Phillipines (which some alternative media has pointed to being caused by HAARP). Maybe he knew too much and was a "loose end". When the story first came out I had the idea that Paul was the one driving, so I thought "Michael Hastings". Then we heard that he was the passenger, and the driver was a former Nascar driver. I thought, "driver was probably MK'd." And why did a certain website report his death a day before it happened? This could as well have been a "warning" to everyone else in the know, aside from all the predictive programming. And the Porsche was first reported as belonging to Paul, then it changed and said it was in fact the friend's car.… Read more »

Please go back to the VC article on the movie "Now you see me", I wrote a comment about Paul walker being involved in weird illuminati movies, I knew something was strange…..Can't wait for VC to write and article on this…. I also commented on VC's article with Bono on the cover and I talked about celebs and their so called charities. Paul walker was involved in many charities and was leaving a fundraiser at the time of his death. He played in movies involved with cars, and he died in a car. He played in the skulls(secret societies) running scarred( pe do stuff) and the movie I mentioned in other article pawnshop chronicles(illuminati, sex kittens, satanism) movie.

I hope you are doing a review on the AMAs that just took place

With some poisons, you don't have to ingest them to get poisoned. Just smelling or even touching surfaces they were put on will poison you. You just have to have the know-how. This was definitely a ritual sacrifice as she died on 20 December 2009 Summer Solstice (southern hemisphere) or Winter Solstice (northern), she was also 32 years old, so in her 33rd year of life. Simon dying May 23rd of the same condition, in the same bedroom cannot be a coincidence.
Look at the mother. She was maybe an 'agent provocateur' hired by the government to prepare the victims for sacrifice.

The mother refutes. Saying the dad was absent and her daughter died of "natural causes" She is pure evil.

There's five reasons why people die: intent for revenge, the person has something of value (information, money, land, etc.), natural disasters (including anything from volcanic eruptions to tsunamis/ human natural disasters) , organ failure or suicide. Murphy falls under the second reason. The circumstances are beyond our knowledge. Unfortunately now, there's nothing stopping it from happening to anyone at anytime.

Why does it seem like these individuals and their circle of friends are above the law? I have never understood the kid gloves that the Hollywood-types and music industry seem to be handled with.

Matt, don't forget the Wall st. thugs. None of the intelligence agencies is willing to even to try tackle with them. These are the people who commit any crime imaginable (and plenty which are unimaginable, to a common person anyway) and get away with it.

Because they are above the law, they are more valid than the law, the official law makers eat out of their hands and adapt the law for them (remember Henry VIII and the formation of a new church just so he could re-marry) – they cover one another's backs. Always has been that way and always will be (until the end).

They all say that – it is cool to deny and then carry on putting out the symbols as per usual. kim K recently did this too. It is a means of confusing fans and retaining control over them. It will happen until everything becomes so well hidden in plain sight that it will be impossible to pull it apart for analysis.

When an outspoken celebrity dies suspiciously I always remember John Lennon

He didn't die suspiciously.

I know this comment is not Brittany-related God rest her soul, but I am interested in the views of some of u VC frequenters. Whilst looking up/viewing some of 'The Arrivals' series on YT, I came across this clip called 'the Eminem deception'. Said the real Slim shady died many yrs ago, & that who/what we view as Eminem today, is in fact, get this, a CLONE. Said he was too much of a money-maker & too influential on the masses/sheople, for 'the industry' to they CLONED him. This clip also said that several other celebrities have been cloned. Now cheez-whiz, I'm not saying I believe everything I read & hear, especially regarding celebs but..any thoughts/comments on this one?

Considering his music lately and his skin looking like plato with a fake hairline, I lean towards clone.

Well, it's not like we can actually prove what these people say on youtube and frankly many of them are far-fetched and unfounded. But that is not to say that this couldn't happen, just can't be proven. There are many defectors and ex-slaves and declassified documents to support the mind control conspiracy and I would be more inclined to believe what amaryllis just posted. You can't believe everything you read. Many times the "illuminated" will bait people with outrageous stories and unfounded conspiracies to make "conspiracy theorists" look stupid and crazy. It is nothing but smoke and mirrors. Like the whole reptilian thing. Springmeier (defector) claims that people are brainwashed to see reptilians while David Icke claims that they are real. Icke's ex-wife quotes Crowley on her website. I would be more included to believe Springmeier. Icke may actually be programmed to see reptilians. Icke is what is called a… Read more »

Hi Christina

"Icke's ex-wife quotes Crowley on her website" That is verrry interesting information. Thanks for that. I wonder if Icke has marginalised himself to such an extent that Russell Brand has been passed the baton and assumed the role of poster-boy for Distraction . Russell Brand's role within the truth movement makes no sense whatsoever. Less so than any of it's associates. For years and years he was a proud womaniser but all of a sudden he is puppy bukakke with his Rothschild-related heiress (and her dogs) and making millions whilst simultaneously propelling himself forward as a spokesperson for common man.

Well, they don't actually die. they are known as " Refills". They allow themselves to be 'emptied' and refilled of their essential personality so many times, that in the end, it disappears altogether, forever, as a result of which they lose even the facial expressions and eye movements learned as a baby which does actually alter the face we associated with them as these things are very important wrt recognition by us of others. They are factors which are used for Intelligence identification throughout one's life (in the case of most people) but in these few cases, they are effectively erased.

Interesting, @amaryllis. Is this why so many A-list celebs/actors/musicians have such dead, soulless eyes after a few years in the limelight? I can't help but notice that SO many of them really look like dolls or zombies or robots.

And what about theories regarding doubles and/or clones?

I came across something similar when I was checking out the whole Paul/Faul McCartney thing. I remember seeing Eminem receive an award a number of years ago and thinking to myself how different he seemed. It really makes me wonder… and I think it's totally plausible, even if it is a little far fetched.

And yes Eminem looked old and strange in the face when he came out with that album "recovery". I think he went to "rehab" just before that. Word is the real Paul McCartney was replaced bc he died. I read that before. When it comes to money and greed, it knows no bounds.

Yes, his face looked strange. Could have just been a double, I guess. Who wants to attend those speech ridden awards shows? 😉

God bless the masses waking up! Love you brothers and sisters. Stay positive! 🙂

The masses will wake up, sooner later. For many it will be too late, as most are comfortable living in a dream world the Satan worshipping, bloodsucking elites and their wretched servants have created, but people who are already awake will fare better in the great tribulation to come.

Down with the royal families, nobles, super rich and other "elite" scum!

Errr I knew all along she was poisoned and the press come out with all this now? and "they" killed her husband also. I think she was a Blood sacrifice for the Winter Solstice 2009. Her last film was "Deadline" and in the film she is found dead in the bathtub/shower. Isn't this how she was found in real life? hmmmm. Also there is a video on YT where she is being interviewed and she says to the interviewer "Can I have your hair in my next life?" bearing in mind this was 19 days before she died. Check out the video "Solstice Sacrifices" on YT.

Praying that the truth comes out for Brittany and all those like her. The thought of being murdered and then not being here to defend your name is just too sad to bear. May she rest in peace.

"Nothing is hidden that shall remain hidden."

Anyone consider the Scientology link…?

Guess, ties in with California dime

The thing is that basically, they don't like double handlers – you cannot use their machines to gain fame and then start to undermine them from within or else they will want to re-gain the upper hand by destroying your career/turning you crazy/killing you. They don't care about non-related people speaking out but you cannot take from them and then undermine them. As far as betrayal goes, it contravenes the honor among thieves code and is a step too far.
In a way, it is the same with any organisation including non-corporate bodies such as schools, churches. It's just that the financial stakes are higher here and the goals are of wider interest. But the behavior, in itself, is the vainer side of our imperfect nature as human beings.

Another interesting fact is that Brittany Murphy's house in Hollywood Hills where she died was previously owned by Brittney Spears. Think about it.

Yeah I know, interesting isn't it

As I am reading this article Amy Winehouse pops onto my head, I have always found her death and cause of death very shady. I have lately been questioning the death of Michael Hutchence, lead singer of INXS as well.

Hell who am I kidding you start questioning EVERYTHING when you wake up.

Peace and strength to you all.

Yes you do because you realise the world is no longer the way you thought it was…

That picture of her with the guys in the masks seriously gives me the creeps and it has ever since you posted that picture in your other article that talked about her. It's just so eerie and gives off such a strong sense of it. It can't be a coincidence. It just can't be. Knowing what i know now thanks to this website, i could never look at a masquerade mask the same way..

It honestly sounds like a case of gangstalking. Look it up on youtube or google.

I agree. Gangstalking needs more exposure. A dear friend of mine has been targeted after doing some political/activist work. It's been going on for years. Everytime he leaves his house the most bizarre stuff happens to him. Sometimes he doesn't even have to leave the house. It's completely dismantleted his life. So few want to even "go there" and acknowledge this is happening, and I don't blame them, it's so damn disturbing. But with the surveillance sectors being one of the largest growing fields in both public and private sectors… I don't know… You do the math.

Well, surveillance is big business, that is true. My own homes are completely wired up in and out so I guess it would be very easy to gang stalk me. However, if anyone were to bother, they would give up pretty soon as I lead a fairly straightforward life revolving around 2-3 areas which are of little interest to the government. I think that gang stalking must be confused with the mob/mafia/similar surveillance activity to some extent as private individuals are corporations can afford to implement wasteful, petty campaigns. Further, I guess that in a roundabout way, those organisations do link into the government but the link becomes ever more tenuous and would never hits the public balance sheet in a forensically traceable format.

Such sorry business.

Rest easy Xx

Jah love!


Wouldn't Brittany's Dad be in danger if he keeps digging for the truth? Very sad story.

Makes me sick… when will evil hollywood be shut down… o never because it rakes in billions… and this is how you know money is the root of all evil… i mean 60 percent of U.S. population probably knows or sees or is on the verge of figuring out how evil hollywood is… man this world is sooo messed up… you realise it the older you get and im only 25.

I just want to clarify that money is not the root of all evil…rather the "love" of money is the root of all evil.

It is blatantly getting more demonic just look at the type of movies and shows, story lines and special effects I am sure the movies are enhanced by unseen forces because I can not get over some of the stuff they can do.

Could be that she supported real j -e- w-s rather than fake ones bearing in mind that everyone mentioned in the case (including Davis) were ash ken a sim jews. Real ones are generally opposed to the so-called war on terror. She may have offended her family and the Industry and rejected the hand that fed her and paid the price. Monjack was raised in the UK and less afflicted by the ghetto mentality than if she had married a SoCal man within her faith.

could you elaborate on the ghetto mentality portion?

The Hollywood ashkenazi ghetto, the entire Industry or at least, those pulling the strings – she was born into it but appeared to be disenchanted by it after her marriage to Monjack. Monjack sure wanted a slice of the pie but he did not fit in, was not being hired a lot; he was a nice guy and a deep thinker who was not zingy and attractive enough to make it out there. If she had stayed with Ashton this would not have happened.

Hmm interesting. Brittany and Monjack were an odd looking couple to me. They definitely were no brad and angelina. Hollywood does seem to be a weird place. Exclusive and superficial.

Ritual Sacrifice. ?? Why was she killed. ?

Maybye(and I think that's sure) she tried to escape from this evil and sicked situation she was…
And she payed the price….How sad…..

There is no evidence that "Julia Davis" was her friend. This person claiming to be Julia Davis is not credible.

I'd say, if she was killed, the most likely suspects are the mother and the husband. Perhaps he killed her and someone found out and did him in as retaliation. Perhaps he and the mother were in on a plot together to get Brittany's money and she double crossed him. Or perhaps she simply plotted to get them both all along.

The only information we have is that Brittany was behaving and looking extremely bizarre from at least April of 2009. Whatever was going on for her that year may be a clue to what happened, but no one seems to be talking about what was f*****g her up for those months.

Julia is definately credible-she blew a whistle, and I remember her saying she was raided, and they let her father die in her yard when he needed his heart medication from inside the house. However. I don't believe that Brittney knew enough for it to really involve her to that kind of level despite julia believing so. Also killing a celebrity for that reason would draw attention, and I'm sure if the government kills you, they won't do it with something traceable like rat poison. But anyway, I responded because I too noticed how bizarre looking and acting she became. The last movie I saw with her (she loses a husband in a hospital-don't remember the name) she looked so bad that I couldn't believe they cast her for it at all. I don't know what was going on-but it didn't seem like poisoning or even her own drug habit… Read more »

Julia Davis is a credible person. There is an article about her on a legitimate whistleblower website.

Not sure what there was to gain by her and get husband doing. It also send to me that the government would be a little more inventive when poisoning someone. Rat poison is so cliche… unless it to was supposed to be symbolism since she was going to continue speaking out like a "rat". But it sounds more like someone closer to her, something a little more personal going on… who knows. Either way, RIP Brit 🙁

Good gawd my swype hates me… hope you can read thru the typos lol…

You r gud and not meen at all. Remember that!

Is it me or does this story sound like Corey Haim's death if any of y'all remember him? If y'all can do an article on that, that would be great.

Now that you mention him, his good friend Cory (Feldman?) said that hollywood was filled with p********s. He hinted at being a victim of it. Haim was most likely a victum also, so thus the drug problem. Michael Jackson was speaking about the control right before his death, he wanted people to remember what he told them and not forget it when they walked out the door, he was very adamant. I was not a fan of his but I believe what he said. That is frightening. Chappel said basically the same thing, they can't all be delusional.

i know! i just mentioned that in a response….it's a sick world out there

Corey Haim was a victim of sexual abuse, also ritual abuse from creepy power hungry producers when he was a child actor. There several vids on youtube about it.

They also used Pnumonia as his cause of death. They were probably afraid of being found out.