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Brittany Murphy’s Dad: “Her Case Deserves More Than a Superficial Glance”



Brittany Murphy's Dad: "Her Case Deserves More Than a Superficial Glance"

Brittany Murphy's Dad: "Her Case Deserves More Than a Superficial Glance"

The untimely death of Brittany Murphy at the age of 32 is another one of these strange celebrity death cases where “investigations” simply do not provide satisfactory answers. Like many other cases, Brittany appeared in symbolic images alluding to occult societies and mind control before her death. Here are some examples.

Brittany Murphy's Dad: "Her Case Deserves More Than a Superficial Glance"

Mask + emphasis on one eye – referring to a MK alternate persona.

Brittany Murphy's Dad: "Her Case Deserves More Than a Superficial Glance"

Odd picture of Brittany surrounded by masked members of an occult secret society.

Was Brittany Murphy “off the freedom train” by her handlers? Here’s an article about the “vagueness” of the autopsy.

Brittany Murphy’s Dad Suing Over Autopsy Report

The man claiming to be the biological father of late actress Brittany Murphy is challenging the results of her autopsy in a lawsuit against the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Angelo Bertolotti claims “testing/toxicology was incomplete and the death of Brittany Anne Murphy Monjak was never fully investigated.”

Bertolotti, who is also suing the Los Angeles Police Department, has requested samples of his daughter’s hair for testing.

“I’m not going to rest until my daughter’s untimely demise is properly investigated, which hasn’t happened so far. Her case deserves more than a superficial glance,” Bertolotti said in a press release quoted by The Hollywood Reporter.

The coroner’s office ruled that the 32-year-old actress died in December 2009 of pneumonia, anemia and prescription drug intoxication.

Murphy’s husband, Simon Monjack, died five months after his wife. His autopsy showed the causes to be pneumonia and anemia.

Bertolotti believes that tests of Murphy’s hair may show evidence that toxic mold in her Hollywood Hills home could have caused her death, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

His suit comes a month after Murphy’s mother, Sharon Murphy, filed a lawsuit against the law firm that represented her in a case involving the actress’ home. Sharon claims the law firm should have advised her against signing a settlement with the builders of the house when they should have known there was toxic mold in the home.

– Source: ABC News

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Brittany Murphy's Dad: "Her Case Deserves More Than a Superficial Glance"

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How come her mother didn't call the paramedics to have a go to the hospital what does she like it or not??


I agree that this is a very sad story.Yet let's look at the bigger picture.. The entertainment industry is owned by the occult.. In order to be successful in it one must make a choice to submit to them. The devil has no free gift, there is always a cost attached. Why exactly those persons specifically were sacrificed, we might never know. It might be because they were trying to get out, or it was decided from early on. The devil entices mankind to go against the will of God.. makes it look very attractive.. fame, fortune.. whatever he thinks will attract u.. then he tries to destroy you. He hates God.. and since God loves us to the point of the suffering and death of his son Jesus, he hates us too. This is one of the websites that show how he has used the entertainment industry as one of his devices. The bible says that we are to know the devices of the devil that way he might not outsmart us 2 Corinthians 2:11. I encourage each one of you to turn your eyes upon Jesus. He loves us so much. "Here I am! I stand at the… Read more »

Me from Colombia

I think we are all missing one obvious point: How come a rich pampered superstar like Brittany can't go see a doctor, stay at a hospital or at least hire a nurse? People are dying because they can't afford healthcare and a wealthy woman sits at home with pneumonia and anemia and takes a whole stash of pills that God knows who prescribed or who bought? Since I heared about the news of her death I found this very weird. Even if Brittany died of natural causes it seems like her handlers were just letting her to die.


When you get involved with those Illuminati satanists and promote their symbolism then expect to be sacrificed by them. They are just sick and evil. Don't join them.

rose from massachuse

Let me elaborate further… my mother was a single mother after a very nasty brief marriage and difficult divorce with an abusive man, my dear old dad. She worked two jobs to put food on the table. She would work all day, then do the night shift doing data entry and not come home until 1:00 a.m., then get up at 6:00 a.m. in the morning to work again… On weekends she mowed the lawn with a push mower, cleaned the house, did the laundry, everything… she never once did drugs or broke down, ever.

So how come these pampered movie stars are all on dope? Are they more fragile than "normal" people??? I don't know…

rose from massachuse

Just the sad fact that so many celebrities die so young, usually of drugs & alcohol, should raise some suspicion in society.

And why is it that "almost every" rock star / movie star / celebrity / etc. is on drugs or has some kind of addiction? There are addicts in every family, all through society, but it seems like 90 % of celebrities are "on something?" Now why is that? People need to wonder why that is. It can't be stress — I don't think these very wealthy and pampered people have any more "stress" than a single mom who works two jobs and keeps it all together and doesn't do drugs… ? How stressful is it to ride in a limo to your next rock concert? It's just very odd that almost everyone "famous" is on drugs of some sort.


Good point!! I'm. A singel mom of an exhausting 4 year old..and an average apartment..I don't even have a car!! I don't have millions, or a limo, a mansion, a personal hair dresser, or make up artist, I can't afford gucci or prada & I don't have money 2 go 2 lavish vacations every year..but yet I'm not all doped up!!! Hellooooo why r stars always alcoholics or drug addicts? They can't all have emotional problems or be bi polar rite or be skitzo? Come on wtf is up with that?


I've read somewhere that her death was a ritual killing, like many in the spotlight. Her name gives a clue, Britney = "Britannia" . She was groomed for her eventual role as a sacrifice to the illuminati gods. Respiratory illnesses are everywhere and it is interesting that her husband died of the same causes. Mom got our alive huh?

It's one thing for her to die in her bathroom, with loved ones desperately trying to save her to no avail. It's another thing for the public to emotionally respond to her passing and what was said about her in the media. After all, she is only a media personality to us. We don't know her personally.

What went on behind those closed doors prior to she and her husband's passing would be an interesting read I am sure. Regardless, their time here is over, as was their usefulness to those who decide such things.

She was a vulnerable soul, not of her choosing.


either the husband or the mother that was in that house when she was laying in that bed sufferance should have took taking responsibility and called the pparamedics unless somebody was hiding something


how come the mother Brittany Murphy mother call the paramedics to have her go to the hospital before It got that far.


Entertainment media always has to have two similar actors/musicians of similar appearance. If one doesn't work out the eliminate (Amy Winehouse brunette version ) and go with the one that pushes the agenda (lady gaga blond version). In the case of Britney Murphy (brunette) they now have supplanted Britney Snow (blonde) in all the kinds of movie rolls the dead actress would've been in.

The Lion of Omega

New update today on the news (11-19-13) about Brittany Murphy's family upset about "investigation". The media along with the "investigators" are telling them there's nothing happening (read: there's nothing they can do about it).


the plot thickens, poisoning now confirmed


What do you mean when you say got thrown off "the freedom train?"


Mold tho…they really think we're NUTS!


Google her interview on Craig Ferguson, late night interview. Its a mess, you can literally see her switching alters. She comes out speaking with a thick English accent, she bounces around between voice ranges and accents. The whole this is bizarre. She died very shortly after. I think her MK programming was breaking down (much like Britney Spears) so they killed her off. Its tragic, you wonder if they were allowed any joy in their short lives or just used like commodities.


I saw her two days ago at the co-op in Santa Monica, Ca. She got some coffee and left as soon as she saw me looking at her. She's not dead.

Kevin Jevin

not sure if srs.jpg


Ok, so if Brittany Murphy was killed on purpose, why? What would be the reason 'they' killed her? Why do they kill celebrities?


Man guys have been visiting this site for so long and finally found ppl who think like me in terms of the media and music industry. We are fighting a battle guys and it could be easily battled by just ignoring these discusting ppl and their evils ways instead of being glamored by them let's learn a lesson FRM britt and Amy and help them bear good fruits to the world cuz only god can judge them let's do are part as human beings and remember and celebrate them especially being knowledgeable to the evilpowersthatbe let's try our best to resist temptation and god will take the taste out of our mouths for all of this bullshit and c how desperate th rich will b to influence us. Have simple faith and do not spend your days worrying… THESE THINGS SHALL COME TO PASS, it was written sisters and brothers. Stay safe love life and planet earth god gave us these things don't let any evil entity just snatch it away

The Make Believe New

"So how come these pampered movie stars are all on dope? Are they more fragile than “normal” people???" Several celebs have answered this, directly and indirectly. For some: – It's part of the culture – Peer pressure – Ways of coping with fame – Method of "maintaining" from movie to movie – Controlled by an individual, or several people There's more reasons why and how, but let's focus on the method of "maintaining" from movie to movie. It takes a lot of effort to develop a role in a movie, even a TV show. Pee Wee Herman was complained about when his TV show was popular of always "being on" even when removed from the eye of the cameras. An ex of Jim Carrey, I believe it may have been the one red headed chick from Dumb And Dumber when they were married, or following divorce, commented about his always "being on" always portraying some fictional persona, always in a role. Some actors have commented on this, how difficult it is to develop a role then move on to another one, and maintain the feeling of identity apart from the roles. How many individuals, once they spill out of a… Read more »


yes, i guess lindsey lohan maybe the next.

she plays marylin monroe in her latest movie…

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