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50 Cent: “I’m not going to live much longer”



50 Cent: "I'm not going to live much longer"

50 Cent: "I'm not going to live much longer"

In the past months, Rapper 50 Cent has been rather vocal about his troubles with his record label Interscope Records and the “politics” surrounding the music industry. Although most of his antics appeared to be caused by the constant drop of his record sales and the frustration that comes with the loss of relevancy – which usually result into a lack of respect from the record label – his recent comments took a rather grim tone when he stated: “Ill be honest I don’t think I’m gonna live much longer”. This tweet followed previous comments about his label and music industry such as: ‘I have lost all the faith in the team I’m on. I having nothing left to say I will not be promoting my music” and “Music was so much fun for me now the people and politics involved disgust me.” Is he seeking attention or simply aware of the consequences that come with breaking the Oath of the music business? Here’s an article about Fiddy’s comments.

‘I’m not going to live much longer’: 50 Cent makes macabre death prediction on Twitter

His first album was titled Get Rich or Die Tryin’.

But despite meeting his ambition after raking in tens of millions thanks to his highly profitable career, it seems 50 Cent believes he is heading for an early grave.

For the hip hop star made a series of tweets in which he said he was convinced death was just around the corner.

Fiddy, 36, said: ‘Ill be honest I don’t think I’m gonna live much longer.’

He also insisted he is ‘good if I die tonight.’

It came after he had a lengthy Twitter rant about the state of his career.

He said: ‘I have lost all the faith in the team I’m on. I having nothing left to say I will not be promoting my music.

‘I’m going to deliver this album then I have a film I wrote to focus on.

‘I’m not upset I’m just convinced this is not how I want to remembered.’

The wealthy star was alluding to his high profile falling out with his record label Interscope.

He has been attacking them in a flurry of internet messages, previously saying: ‘Were suppose to be on the same team with me.

‘Music was so much fun for me now the people and politics involved disgust me.’

Perhaps the reason they are at loggerheads is the rapper’s failure to replicate the sales success he enjoyed earlier in his career.

His 2003 debut album sold a whopping eight millions copies in the US alone, and is the fourth biggest selling rap album of all time.

It’s follow up The Massacre also did well, selling just short of five million copies in the States on its way to going five times platinum.

50 Cent: "I'm not going to live much longer"

However 2007’s Curtis only went platinum, with sales of more than 1.3 million, while his most recent album 2009’s Before I Self Destruct fared even worse selling just 446,000 copies.

At least the rapper has been able to enjoy a profitable career away from the world of music.

He is believed to have made $100m after tax after Coca Cola bought the drinks company Glaceau in 2007.

Fiddy, real name Curtis Jackson, had a stake in the company after producing the Vitamin Water drink Formula 50.
– Source: Daily Mail

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50 Cent: "I'm not going to live much longer"

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I personally feel from my own judgement his tweets and outbursts should be taken in small dosages, like a grain of salt. This man if he his serious about leaving the "game" has been floppy floppy from the start. 50 cent came out of the wood work, almost over night like. He rose to fame fast with "Go Shorty." He then came into so called "beef" with artists like Fat Joe, Jay-z, and Ja Rule. After humiliating these men and other artists he be came the "King of New York." The men who 50 cent beefed with lost their edge and slowly became nobodies. 50 cent kept climbing the ladder of success with his music career, personal conflicts, vitamin water, and film career. He dated beautiful women like Vivica A. Fox (which he humiliated, and she lost her self-respect chasing after the fame.) 50 cent had connections from artists like Justin Timberlake, CEOS, and multimillion dollar companies. 50 cent was living on top, but this had changed him from his street days of selling drugs to power hungry star. First do people remember that young beauty in 50 cent's video Candy Shop? Oliva. She was signed onto 50 cent's label… Read more »


Nice comment!



Wow! Good stuff! Either you have done a lot of research or are/ were once a fan. But I think your comment ties up the whole story pretty well and brings it to a logical conclusion….


Bravo, Vanessa, personally I think Fifty is a psychopath and was used by his "masters" in the recording industry to destroy other black artists in the business, and his treament of his "neophyte" The Game pretty mush demonstrates Fifty's lack of compassion for anyone, Now he is crying about his plight? He was used by the powers that be at Interscope and now that he is no longer "relevant" or "useful" he has discovered that he is expendable..Doesn't feel good does it, Fifty? Perhaps he is aware that he will be used as a sacrifice..I mean it's a damned shame.. Was never really a fan, never liked the way he crushed Jah Rule , it was completely unnecessary from where I am sitting but perhaps it was done at the behest of his "handlers"..

Jon Doe

In light of what we know today about TPTB, & their cloning techniques, it’s safe to say that Curtis Jackson has been cloned. He is not the same person that he was (facial wise), when he first emerge on the scene.

Sooooo ill

Along with Dave Chapelle. He was killed by the elite because he wouldn’t put on a dress. The Dave now is definitely a clone. So sad.


My Prayers for 50 cent and Cory Feldman.It is time to wake up and see the darkness and evil in the music and entertainment industry.Its is such an evil territory with demons surrounding and lurking. Its horrible whats going on in the world and a lot of famous deaths of certain people these days seem very sacrificial like to me, even this young lady Reeva steenkamp.I pray these two remain safe in Jesus name Amen!

The masanger

The world cant jugde 50 cent for actions that he has taken back in the days cuz as a human my self i believed weve all made mistake it might not be as worse as 50 but its still a mistake..god says we were born with sin and with sin we shall die with unless uv repaint in other words get baptised and pray for the holy spirit to desent upon u soo that ull have axcess to pray in toungue to alpha omega,god of all god, god abraham, then sin shall flee from u.getting baptised is like cheating death cuz ur spiritual and death dont mix with spirit of god.death likes to be where theres darkness.The world need to repaint before the messahia returns cuz when he eturns there ll be no mercy.if am kiding then i recommend u to read the book of the whole thing then ask urself whether u wana be in that position when the lord returns.anyway if 50 cent had changed for real then lord have mercy on him and his family.


Sad that we live in a world like this. (Music industry is crazy)


Hey All! Been a min. since I posted. This is crazy. Haven't heard nothing from 50 in a while too. I hope he will be ok. I don't follow him on twitter but I do check to see what he's up to. Didn't see this though.

Not Deaf, Dumb or Bl

Ok… this is a pretty interesting article, if not for the irony, if nothing else… Apparently dude's waking up or simply playing hoe games (attention calling). In either event, I don't think it matters. What does matter is that he knew what he was getting into and didn't care how he got that $$$, now he wants to cry cuz things aren't going his way for once??? lol Getting shot 9 times doesn't make you hard or a thug/ganster, but it does make you look/feel like a complete idiot. People need to get it into their heads that, one way or another, you're gonna have to play SOME TYPE of game in life, and this here is one of the most rewarding (the music industry) but also one of the most complicated. I'm not anti masonic (ive read their lit and by far those cats hold more in knowledge than the streets hold dope), but I am anti b*tchness, that is, if you're gonna play the game, you better not be crying about it when things go sour. All in all, I could sit here and expose this dude all day and all night (regarding certain mysteries, snitching, being 5-0… Read more »


when people say the anti christ will be born this year what do you mean>? the anti christ is already born listen to this

CIA Broom Closet Mon

He bores me. They are bored with him. I knew the guy who "handled" Cobain at Gold Mountain, or one of the handlers. Make the money, make a lot of it, if you cause problems, there are other options.


Well, as many folk as Fiddy turned on and put out of business.. I mean what did he think? It's a dirty game..


he joined last year a masonic club (look at his twetter pictures) saying" my new friends say that i will be a billionaire in no time ." now probably he understand how 2Pac got stabed in the back , he regret his work . but 50 cent its over . you got two option , complete you life as a satanic puppet to the higher ranks or just rise you gun and kill as many as you can before diying . killuminati .


If this does happen, which I hope not, but unfortunatley very likely, he will probably get shot. Only because he has gotten shot 9 times and this way they would be able to make stupid puns and jokes and dumb slogans for his articles when they talk about it. That is the sickning part, that you can plan something so cruel and decieving so well that it looks as good as a movie in HD.

g iron

50 is my first choice in music,i know that musicians are up to something the only thing is that since there is no going back when ever someone sale his or her soul,let him obey there laws becouse he is not a kid before he enter into music,i like 50 so much it wil be a sad news if he goes down like pac n bigie.g g g g unit.

Some people

Man some of you people are ignorant, you will make anything up and believe it. Before you say stuff about the antichrist being born read the the bible. The antichrist will come from western Europe sheesh! I will say no more on that though.


Here's a good video exposing the music industry:


The only thing that came to mind for me with the "Blue Ivy" name is: blueprint 4.. Jay left off on TB3 and Ivy means 4.. If you truly have ears to hear when it comes to the music industry, movies, television shows, manufactured products and the symbolism portrayed by them, then analyzing Jays three blueprint albums is quite simple really.. They, like Aleister Crowleys book " Atlas Shrugged ", are encoded messages for those elite who can interpret and understand & process the information the way THEY were meant to, while leaving the majority to portray it as something completely different. Encoded in these blueprint albums are a way to global dominance and mass takeover;hence the name blueprint. The first album is the introduction to making a status and name for yourself in a world that leads up more and more to a " only the strong survive" type of idealiatics. Each song on the blueprint album plays key roles to how ALL elites live and survive.. Songs on the album such as "the takeover" self explanatory.." U don't know" describing keeping the weak less superior ppl of the world hidden from their global domination agenda.."Hola Hovito" which sums… Read more »

Illuminati Agenda

I've never been sure exactly what to think of 50. He's clearly not the illuminati w---e that Kanye or Jay Z are but with his wealth there's got to be connections and responsibility. Maybe this is an attempt to protect himself from TPTB? however I suspect if he was going to be a target it wouldn't be very hard to make it look like some gang related shooting – which he probably knows.

Free Thinker

The satanic sodomites that run the industry probably have 50 compromised and blackmailed. He's likely on a very short leash. No one is given a shot at success in the business and a ton of cash without something in exchange.


So, did anyone see this?

Pretty sure this is all for publicity.


Somehow I think he's gonna be fine. I do not think he's going to die. He's not a big enough threat to exposing any underlying truth. He'll find a way.



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