The Coroner in Charge of the Investigation of Amy Winehouse’s Death Resigns


In my article entitled Amy Winehouse and 27 Club, I mentioned that the circumstances surrounding Winehouse’s death are rather “suspicious” and that “suspicious” celebrity deaths are often followed by vague explanations, botched investigations and all kinds of shady business. After months of strange flip-flopping regarding the cause of Winehouse’s death, the coroner that was looking into the singer’s case, Suzanne Greenaway , has resigned because she “did not have the correct qualifications”. Even odder, she was appointed to this particular position by her husband, coroner Dr. Andrew Scott Reid. These events will probably cause the entire investigation to be held again.

Yup, that’s the typical blur of confusion, contradictions and all-around crap that usually surrounds celebrity sacrifices. Here’s an article on Suzanne Greenway’s resignation.

Family of Amy Winehouse considering legal action after coroner at her inquest resigns because she did not have the correct qualifications

Amy Winehouse’s family says it is seeking legal advice after the coroner who oversaw the singer’s inquest resigned because she did not have the required qualifications for the job – raising the possibility the investigation may have to be held again.In October, Suzanne Greenaway ruled that the soul singer had died from accidental alcohol poisoning.

Greenaway had been appointed an assistant deputy coroner in London by her husband, Inner North London Coroner Andrew Reid.

But she resigned in November after authorities learned she had not been a registered U.K. lawyer for five years as required.

She had practised law for a decade in her native Australia.

Her resignation was not made public until today.

The Office for Judicial Complaints has now launched an investigation into Dr Reid’s conduct.

Dr Andrew Scott Reid, coroner for the Inner Northern District of Greater London, says he appointed Suzanne Greenaway thinking she was qualified

‘I believed at the time that her experience as a solicitor and barrister in Australia satisfied the requirements of the post,’ Reid said in a statement.

‘In November of last year it became apparent that I had made an error in the appointment process and I accepted her resignation.’
Reid apparently broke no laws in appointing his wife but could have breached professional guidelines. Greenaway was one of several deputy assistant coroners.

The local authority, Camden Council, said it was confident Reid ‘had made an error in good faith’ when he appointed his wife, but said the matter was being investigated by Britain’s Office for Judicial Complaints.
Winehouse’s inquest could be declared invalid if her family challenges the verdict in court.

In a statement, the Winehouse family said it was ‘taking advice on the implications of this and will decide if any further discussion with the authorities is needed’.

Last night, meanwhile, Amy’s father, Mitch, tweeted: ‘Don’t worry about coroner nonsense. We are all ok. Mitch.’

Dr Reid said: ‘In November it became apparent I’d made an error in the appointment process. While I am confident that all of the inquests handled were done so correctly, I apologise if this matter causes distress.’

The inquest into the death of the singer heard that she’d drunk enough to stop her breathing and send her into a coma.

Three empty vodka bottles were found near her body in her bedroom.

A pathologist who examined her said she had 416mg of alcohol per decilitre of blood – five times the legal drink-drive limit of 80mg. The inquest heard that 350mg was usually considered a fatal amount.

A doctor who treated the 27-year-old for her alcohol problem said she had repeatedly ignored warnings about the dangers of binge drinking.

But private GP Christina Romete, who saw the singer hours before her death, said she did not believe Miss Winehouse had deliberately drunk herself to death.

She said she had told her: ‘I do not want to die… I have not achieved a lot of the things I wanted.’

Miss Winehouse won five Grammy awards for her 2006 hit album Back To Black. But she became as well-known for her battle with alcohol and drugs as for her singing.

She was found dead in her flat in Camden, North London, on July 23 last year.

– Source: Daily Mail

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You know, I really feel sorry for you. It seems like you have spent a great deal of time trying to find the 'truth,' when in fact you just got lost in an evil belief. How can you say that great religions like Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are all worshipping the 'serpent.' These religions have been SENT down by God to FIGHT against these pagan religions. May God show you the right path.

Were Amy's parents aware of this Illuminati connection?

@ the truth

A dissertation on the mysteries of the cabiri George Stanley faber

Antiquities bernard de montfaucon

Thank you.

There is a very odd pharaoh of egypt…Akhenaten of the 18th dynasty, who was later labelled as a heretic pharaoh , with his body exhumed and desiccated, names and titles removed from all petroglyphs , temples and records after his death in the mid 13th century BCE. This pharaoh was also shown as an androgyne (male and female) in his statues and his claim to fame was the banning of different priesthoods , dieters and the accumulation of all reverence and worship to the solar disk called "aten". Worship off the sun. Ath-en, ait-on Ath-eth-ait-aith-ad all have the same etymological root. Aith was the serpent god of the nagas, the avatar of the solar serpent god shiva. On was the solar god , worshipped as Osiris . Aten means the solar serpent god , and Akhenaton being a representation of the deity on earth was always portrayed as an androgyne,… Read more »
"The function of religion is to provide man a set of beliefs that enables him to endure reality". Will Durrant (The story of civilization) The great will and Ariel durrant and their massive, 11 volume series "the story of civilization " which took 40 years to complete, is a masterpiece.Hear the master. How easily men and women can be pacified through religion, how easily they can be mind controlled and lead as puppets by masters who worship the dualistic lord. The great Arthur Schopenhauer says "men would rather die than think" I believe there is a lord, a god , a baalim… What I don't believe is that he is a really nice guy who can only do good. He is a trickster, crook…..but a good trickster. He plays a foul game but with a good heart. The eternal Hermes, mercury.. Both good and bad.
@ Bernard Dear sir! Thank you for your kind suggestion, I will read it and please return the favor by reading just the chapter on serpent worship in volume one of the rivers of life by James George Roche Forlong. We are even ….then. Thank you Religions have come and gone, what relevance does the Egyptian book of the dead have for you today….but imagine what it meant for the ancient Egyptians.3000 years back they would have been quoting Imhotep from chapter this and verse that….and would die for their odd it seems now. All man religions are based on principals…don't read too deeply into the text, as it was accumulated by the scribes during the council of nicea In Bithynia in 325 AD. Funny that Yahweh spoke through a bunch of priests, politicians, generals in a group discussion. Well take that and this, staple this one, remove that… Read more »

Pity the Christian , who dreams of floating in heaven with Jesus, pity the Muslim who wants to shag hoors in heaven.the Muslim jannat would truly be a celestial w***e house, the Christian heaven a cloudy Charlie's chocolate factory with old timers having ice creams and breathing through their nostrils and saint Peter with fake wings.

What a bunch of idiots!

In this demonic earth, this nightmare we live in, we pay the price by birth .

The ruler of this world is a butcher , who demands sacrifices.

Wars, ethnic cleansings, holocausts( burnt offering of flesh),sacrifices.

He runs this world with a flower in one hand and a scythe in the other.

This world truly is a meat packaging factory.

The adepts of the mystery school acknowledge this Diety and offer it the flesh it so loves.

Well then pity the kid who stays up all night studying for an exam while his friends play outside. You won't pity him when he achieves his dreams and his friends flunk. Pity the mother who goes through labor pains, but you won't pity her when she gets an unspoken joy from the baby that she gives birth too.

Yes we live on beautiful hopes that make the world worth living, which has only become ugly and evil because people were too arrogant to accept a Merciful God with His Merciful Laws, and decided to grant the throne of God to the butcher called Satan, who WILL be punished for eternity.

What do you have to live on?

Ladies and gentlemen!

We are all trapped in this world of illusions, by a god who wears a beautiful mask, but hides an ugly Side.

Live, worship, suffer, decay , die. And reproduce

So that the cycle goes on and on and on.

An angel with a demon interior, a demon with an angelic face..

Welcome to Pans labyrinth, where everything is not what it seems to be.

Cry for his mercy, beg for his forgiveness , tremble with trepidation and fear

The restless heart held hostage by fate,

Born by mistake, live through weakness and die by accident.

The cycle goes on, the riddler makes new suckers everyday, the show must go on!

Wicked savage garden….

Praise the lord!


@Yosan, I hope you read my long reply above that explains our existence according to the Islamic perspective, which I believe is relieving and makes sense. I forgot to add to it – according to Islam, we are NOT born in sin. Every child is sinless and pure like an angel. It's unfair that anyone should be responsible for anyone else's sins. So it's unjust for God to make us bear the burden of Adam's sin, because we had nothing to do with it. He doesn't. Hence there is no concept of "Original Sin" in Islam, hence there is no need for the atonement of sins through Jesus, and everyone is responsible for how they conduct themselves. God didn't need to Jesus to die for us either because God is forgiving anyway, ask for it (with sincerity of course) and He gives it. Work for Paradise and you'll get it,… Read more »


Please bear with me.

I am a university associate professor in Babylonian studies.

I think I have read my fair share of religious books.

Read the books I have recommended.They are beyond the so called god sent books.


We are trapped in this world , which is run by the god who has a beautiful mask , but hides an ugly face.

Live, worship, suffer, die, reproduce

So that the cycle goes on and on and on.

Praise the lord!yeehoww!

VC can you talk about the human sacrifice of aaron carters sister?

Those singer/actors read this kind of articles? Gaga knows that she is under mind control? and maybe shw will be the next one…she is 25 I believe…

And I still don't really know who she is…

Events like this just add to the suspicion of her untimely death. I'm undecided on whether it was due to her drug abuse or a ritual sacrifice of some sort, though I'm aware the latter is a distinct possibility 🙁

correction… I put a capital "H" for Satan being taken out of Heaven… of course I wasn't referring to God being taken out of Heaven, but Satan. Also excuse me I might have other mistakes I didn't notice.

@Yosan, Oh dear, relax! If you're searching the truth then be open-minded. Anyway you actually are on to something. Let me elaborate a bit on something (with all due respect to Christians). The following are Islamic beliefs (you are free to reject them by the way, there's no hard feelings or force here!): – God really is the same, from Hinduism to Buddhism to Judaism to Christianity to Zoroastrianism to Magianism to Islam and most of the others – yes it's always been the same Diety. The names have only been different because people have had different language in different times and places. – God is NOT Love itself. He is the Creator of love, and of everything else, and He created humanity out of an act of Divine Love – to know Him. There is nothing more beautiful and fulfilling than being in love (I'm sure you've been in… Read more »

I am a Muslim, but all I read in your article was about male messengers and prophets so I guess women didn't count then, and this goes for all religions. I am saying this because whenever I discuss this with Muslims, including women, they find it hard there have been countless female messengers and prophets and that god values us the same. So I guess Satan has also been whispering in the ears of the book writers, the proof is womens hardships today.

@ anony & @ do you want results for Dear Sirs/Madams I am most thankful and appreciative of both of you, to have taken the time and effort to bring forth such intelligent viewpoints.I truly appreciate the effort. Satan, Samael,Shaitaan,Serpent,The Trickster (Jung archetype) is a necessary illusion. Team Yahweh and Team Allah ( Good guys) are beneficent,all loving and merciful.They want what's best for mankind …….but then mr trickster comes from nowhere and leads man astray.So let the cheerleaders take out their Pom poms and celebrate the good teams…..yaaaaa! And let's all boo the bad guy snake……BOOOOOO! Team Yahweh and team Allah said in chapter 87 , verse 67. " booooo to bad guy and yaaaa yaa to team good guys" I am sorry I have to bend down to such comical allegories. But I am wiser than that. God and satan are the same… Team Goodness is hiding one… Read more »

Oh – another example. I came across a Bollywood (Indian movie). The Indians may not worship Allah, or Christ, or Yahweh, but they have Shiva, or Krishna, or Brahma, or whatever other name. (By the way do check on the similarities between Abraham and Brahma!! Very interesting!) So as I was saying, they do worship some Almighty God, to some extent. But the movie had the hero asking his wife – would God mind if I loved you more than Him? And she said no!

Now wasn't it just so important to indoctrinate the masses with that, under the guise of "love".

Mass media all over the world is just trying to extract God from our hearts.

@Do you want results, "It’s almost everywhere! How many shows make fun of Biblical themes but never touch other religions, or if they do, they don’t blast them with lies/parody as much as they do the Bible." I would like to correct you there. The amount of insanity against the Quran and the personality of the last prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is worse. It pretty much shapes the entire foreign policy of the US government and justifies the murders of hundreds of thousands of innocents all over the world. However, speaking from internally within the Christian world, yes – you are naturally more sensitive to what you know, than what you don't. Also, the media knows its audience, so the only way to de-sensitize Christians against religion is to do it against the true Messiah Jesus (peace be upon him). I'm pretty sure the mass media does it… Read more »


I replied above. Just wanted to make one more point. There are freaks in every religion, in every age, every place, every "ism". While they may be on to something, their existence does not mean the religion itself asks for crazy sacrifices and mystical practices. Some freaks just like to come in and do their freakish things, make their invalid claims, and continue their practices. There may be some who take a sacrifice or prayer as an implication of some un-Godly twisted theory, but that doesn't mean the religion condoned it. Those people mentioned in the books and videos you refer to might very well be deviants. So as I said earlier, I would recommend you study the all the religions you mentioned internally too, not just externally. Then you'll probably have a fairer idea of what's going on.

"Yosan says: February 2, 2012 at 7:42 pm" Quit spreading LIES about the Christian God Yahweh. I see you promote some garbage book, I won't even bother to Google it. You either display an obvious lack of knowledge of the Bible, or, which I assume this is rather true, are a part of the illuminati's minions to try and BLACKEN Yahweh's good name. Matthew 23:33 Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell? Luke 10:19 Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you. The "Don't tread on me" flag is illuminati puke, the same image appears on the front of Metallica's black album and it contains a song about it, too. Serpents and scorpions are spiritual beings, God (Yahweh) gives us power to tread… Read more »

Great comment. 🙂

That was so wonderfully put!!! A lot of souls are really lost and need to come to the truth before its eternally to late. It is rare to find people who will confess by mouth and truly believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He is the King of Kings, our redeeming Savior and this is what having faith is all about, Believing inspite of and because of his promise to live in eternity with him if you believe and confess that you believe. I am happy right now that i can just tell the truth. BTW…… what does this have to do with Amy Winehouse, the illuminati, or celebrities? We all will stand the same judgement one day and every knee shall bow at the Glory of God. No matter who you are or how much you know about other things. This is the faith, the belief… Read more »
@Yosan, Have you confirmed that these have historical validity, or are just theories? I am an avid reader on comparative religions and what you're referring to appears very much to be the designs of Satan the serpent himself. He's the one who's been confusing masses for millennia, with his band of Jinns, across religions. I've been to the Kabah in Arabia myself, I've studied not just the "official version" of history in religious studies but the methodology of deriving what is historically authentic and what is not, as well as reading on similar aspects in Christian history. The things you are saying appear to be the mere conjecture of arm-chair philosophers who draw analogies and connections from a broad range of events without true confirmed evidence for what they think, and are either biased in their anti-religion stance or else simply lacking in access to authentic information. We could all… Read more »

another make-or-break investigation that might truly reveal or forever conceal what really happened.

to the writers of this site: can I please submit an interpretation of one of Jessie J's newest music videos, "Domino" or please make a report about it. 😀 I want to see if my interpretations are accurate. Thanks a lot.

Why not make a video breaking it down then post it to utube? I will watch and send to friends.

The jist of all my posts is this; The masses indulge in a collection of diluted, segerated,hazy religions which deal with only certain attributes of the God….like the solar christos and the islamic venus or the fire yahweh.It is for the profane and the faint of heart.It promotes ethnocentrism,cultural,racial superiority and breeds obstinacy.These spectra of religions are for all and all that is required is faith.They give the adherent one side of the picture and one side of the coin.There is no intermingling,intercalating,extrapolation ….you take the word as it is. The El-ites indulge in a very concentrated,concrete and a wholesome holistic understanding of the pantheon of all ages, coalesced into a very deep understanding of the one God.It is for the illuminated and strong at heart.This religion encompass all religions,creeds,myths and promotes brotherhoods and sisterhoods with rites of passage and blood curdling oaths.This spectra is not for all and all… Read more »

Yosan, from your conclusions its quite clear that despite all of the many books you claim to have read, you haven't read the Holy Bible. Now, you've never claimed to have read it, thus your conclusions aren't surprising to me.

Take the time to read it. Actually, you can just read the New Testament for starters. Or if that's too long of a read, just skip to the Books attributed to the apostle Paul to begin with. Google that if you don't know.

If you're searching for Truth, then read the above with a sincere desire to have it revealed to you. It's clear that the Enemy has your mind.

The lord of death , serves a purpose.

Victor Hugo (grandmaster of the priory de Sion) said

"Praised be thy providence , which has given a doll to the child,the child to the woman, the woman to the man and the man to the devil to play with"

@ rosebat


The more I know, the more I know my ignorance.

Yes I am ignorant as you kindly suggested.