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The Movie “Show Dogs” Contains Scenes That “Groom Children for Sexual Abuse”



The Movie "Show Dogs" Contains Scenes That "Groom Children for Sexual Abuse"

The PG movie Show Dogs contains scenes of “unwanted genital touching” on a talking dog who is told to “go to a zen place”. 

Show Dogs is a family comedy about the unlikely pairing of a human detective (voiced by Will Arnett) and his partner Max (voiced by Ludacris), a talking dog who goes undercover at a dog show to solve a case.

As if this premise wasn’t horrible enough, the movie contains bizarre scenes where the dog protagonist has to allow a stranger to grope his genitals in order to complete his mission. According to the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) these scenes send “a troubling message that grooms children for sexual abuse”.

Blogger Terina Maldonado describes the problematic scenes:

“As part of any dog show, contestants are judged on their abilities and physical attributes. One part, in particular, is the inspection of the dog’s private parts. Because Max is new to the competition, he also is new to the inspection of a dog’s private parts.

Since the inspection of the private parts will happen in the finals, Frank touches Max’s private parts to get him use to it. Of course, Max doesn’t like it and snaps at Frank for him to stop. Max is then told by the former champion, who has been through the process before, that he needs to go to his ‘zen place’ while it happens so he can get through it. More attempts are made by Frank to touch Max’s private parts, but Max is still having trouble letting it happen and keeps snapping at him.

The day of the finals come and if Max doesn’t let his private parts be touched, he may lose the competition and any hope of finding the kidnapped panda. It all rests on his ability to let someone touch his private parts. The judge’s hands slowly reach behind Max and he goes to his ‘zen place,’ He’s flying through the sky, dancing with his partner, there are fireworks and flowers-everything is great-all while someone is touching his private parts.”

The “zen place” scene – where Max dances in the sky while he’s being groped – alludes to dissociation. Some of the most sadistic practices known to man (notably Monarch Programming) involve subjecting children to trauma in order to cause dissociation, rendering them extremely vulnerable and suggestible. These scenes appear to normalize this horrific process used by child abusers.

Dawn Hawkins, the executive director of the NCOSE stated that her organization objects to “multiple scenes where a dog character must have its private parts inspected, in the course of which the dog is uncomfortable and wants to stop but is told to go to a ‘zen place’.”

The NCOSE statement also adds:

“The dog is rewarded with advancing to the final round of the dog show after passing this barrier. Disturbingly, these are similar tactics child abusers use when grooming children: telling them to pretend they are somewhere else and that they will get a reward for withstanding their discomfort.

Children’s movies must be held to a higher standard, and must teach children bodily autonomy, the ability to say ‘no’ and safety – not confusing messages endorsing unwanted genital touching.”

The NCOSE asked the production company Global Road Entertainment to edit out the problematic scenes. In a statement to CNN, the company defended the movie:

“The dog show judging in this film is depicted completely accurately as done at shows around the world, and was performed by professional and highly respected dog show judges. Global Road Entertainment and the film-makers are saddened and apologize to any parent who feels the scene sends a message other than a comedic moment in the film, with no hidden or ulterior meaning, but respect their right to react to any piece of content.”

Although it is technically correct that dogs have their genitals inspected in actual dog shows, Show Dogs was never meant to be a fully accurate documentary about the world of dog shows. It is a children’s movie featuring a talking dog who feels human emotions. The viewers are meant to identify with the protagonist and this protagonist apparently needs to be groped in order to resolve the story.

Max Botkin, one of the chief writers of the movie, denied writing any of these scenes, claiming that the movie was “heavily rewritten by 13 other writers”, 12 of whom are uncredited. He added that he “didn’t get to see the film until it was in its final stage of completion and had zero say in creative choices”.

In a statement Botkin wrote:

“I absolutely condemn any suggestion or act of non-consensual touching in any form, as well as disassociation as a coping mechanism for abuse of any kind. I understand and EMPATHIZE with the parents’ and groups’ concerns regarding the message the movie may impart.”

Some critics brushed over the controversy, believing that the movie was meant to entertain children who love potty jokes.

“Max’s transformation necessitates getting his rear end waxed and learning to stay completely still when his private parts are inspected.

Along with a blast of canine flatulence, those bits are aimed squarely at preschool viewers who still think bathroom and crotch jokes are the apex of hilarity”.
– Variety, Film Review: ‘Show Dogs’

These scenes could indeed be interpreted as nothing more than innocent potty jokes. However, there is one unavoidable fact that we must consider: Hollywood is infested with child predators who actively seek out vulnerable children in order to groom them for systematic abuse. The documentary An Open Secret explains this disgusting process in great detail (watch it here). Knowing this fact, it is difficult not to be troubled by this Hollywood movie turning a known grooming process into a joke.

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The Movie "Show Dogs" Contains Scenes That "Groom Children for Sexual Abuse"

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I love this site, but could you do one about the royal wedding, please?


I’m waiting for the royal wedding too!

Just me

What about it? What did you see?


I feel like it’s not as much what is SEEN, but more about how it’s highly publicized and attention is taken away from issues that are actually important to know about like the horrifying shooting of a high school just days earlier :/


but I mean also, it’s pretty ritualistic seeming isn’t it? every royal wedding is highly publicized from the engagement on, and it’s seen and heard about everywhere, doesn’t it seem so? a lot of my friends have brought it up (usually also questioning why it’s so publicized) and it’s spoken about in newspapers in great detail. the personal lives of the non-royals are highly emphasized too it seems


Yes it’s a seasonal CULT and we should all avoid “watching it” and engaging with them I mean there are women who believe these princes’ and princesses are what they are told they are when they aren’t, and they only put on a big show to prove the sheeple is still there applauding and what not, sigh it’s sad state of the world still looking after them in any way!!


So why should we cover it then? Lol!


The Royal Family are the highest ups as far as you can get regarding illumanati. That is where the Beast of Revelation will come from


I heard the same. Some say it’s william. These Germans ruling England and no one speaks a word against them. The queen was part of the start of slavery and owns trillions of dollars. She could end poverty if she wanted to. I also think people talking about meghan being fake but the kate and William show was the fakest. Will didn’t even get a ring and no one said anything about it. So basically he can do what he wants and she will keep getting pregnant.


The queen was part of the start of slavery? So she’s been alive since the beginning of humanity??

Thy Unveiling

Kate recently wore a dress from Rosemary’s Baby while unveiling her newborn son. I got a very Cain and Abel feel off the whole thing.

D D d

Or we could ignore it and save hours of our lives.
For example you could : Read up on ingredients in your food and the laws in your country that are changed, to make ”genetically changed yeast excretion” being labelled Natural Aroma’s. Those are put in so-called organic food as well nowadays!
Or compare pictures of blue skies in 1980 or 2002 with 2018, and guess what colour pastel-light-baby-blue our sky will be tomorrow. (Or: will it rain again, or stay clear for longer than 3 days straight again, like it used to be in summers in the 70’s?)


Totally agree DDd. Where I live I’m constantly looking up at the sky and thinking “how can nobody notice this??” I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s. I know what real clouds, and the sky – uncontaminated – looks like. It seems people are just too distracted to notice.

Bombe d'Amour

Like all the royal weddings and so many s---s that distract people to think about the horrors.


Main thing they are trans gender abused and enslaved people all of them! sigh! and are ultimately used for distraction because the world needs to be “entertained” and fed w their abominations if people don’t stop watching their every move we can move on can’t we?


Tranny Wedding


The wedding ceremony took place in a freemason temple. Looked like an initiation. The weather, as expected, was great. So they can use haarp and chemtrails to generate nice weather, too, if they really want to. In some scenes I thought Harry looked as if he was forced to marry her. Also in some scenes I had the impression she was his handler (MKUltra, Monarch, …). Grandpa Philip looked like he needed a new virgin blood infusion soon. (So he looked like all the others with the same facial expression, like Bill Clinton, George Soros, George Bush sr., Rockefeller.) On German TV they were talking about this “interracial” wedding. Don’t remember where I read it, but as far as I remember she doesn’t identify as black, doesn’t have any black friends, and was raised rather J..ish than Inglewood style… So that whole thing is only show. Also, read somewhere else that she comes from the same bloodline, cause they never let outsiders in. Also, since he’s the child of the equestrian coach not prince Dumbo, they wouldn’t care who he marries, especially since his mom is dead, so she can’t decide he should be king. Some guests like that spice… Read more »


A lot of the symbolism in the Royal Wedding has to do with the Church that was chosen. Meghan in white (the symbol of the “Virgin”) enters the Church on the WEST side and walks down the section of the aisle known as “The Nave” by herself, with the children behind her. She is heading EAST which is the destination of “new ideas and Illumination” in pagan traditions. Then when she gets to the more narrow section of the Church (the throat or “neck” of the aisle, symbolically) where the architecture truly “tightens up,” she is met by Charles who walks her to “The High Altar”. The High Altar is the “Head” of the Church or the Crown Chakra, as many Churches in Europe were built to symbolize the human body and Chakra system that follows along the spine of the human body. Hermetic texts explain this more thoroughly. The Choir is also seated in this area and some believe that the tones they emit from their singing influence the “vibration” of the Ritual (the Wedding), just like chanting at a Black Mass adds to the “Magick” being performed. As you might have noticed, the truly “important” guests were seated… Read more »

Dear Prudence

Hi Jane, really interesting insight. I did not know churches were set up to follow the chakras. Makes a lot of sense, though, knowing what these people believe. The checkerboard floor representing duality of course is ever-present in their ritualistic places. Why do you think they had Meghan walk to the church by herself, contrasted with Kate who was guided into the church by a whole team of people? Is that to show where she ranks in the pecking order?


Kid you not, there is a woman in my workplace that said watching the royal wedding and seeing all black celebrities and talking about it with my other coworkers was “giving her chills”. And she “loves” harry and megan’s love story. It’s sad that people are so asleep. But it’s up to us, being “awake”, to help them see, if the Most High wills it.


I always wonder when people tell me they “feel chills” about something that is either mundane or “not what it seems”, what those “chills” actually “mean.” I’ve heard this at gatherings where there was some supposed “guru” who had “all the answers” (but he/she really did NOT) and everyone there is babbling about how the hair on their arms is raised up. “Chills.” Could it be their own body trying to “tell” them something???


Could be. I know sometimes people can feel chills when they see something moving and awe-inspiring…and other times when they’re scared. In this case (maybe) she is deceived that what she’s seeing/hearing is so moving that she’s getting chills. That could be the reason but I honestly don’t know. What got me was the fact that she said just “talking” about the wedding was giving her chills! And she kept saying it. Just thought that was so weird.


I can understand chills from seeing something moving for sure. But, yes, “talking about the wedding” should not give anyone chills. She sounds like someone who needs to live her life *through* others. And whose “chill meter” is broken or overworked.

D D d

Might we all ignore that statement of ”seeing all black celebrities and talking about it giving chills” ? The level of humanness seemed already dropped to the narrow frame of visual graduations of hues in skincolour on a wedding-guest, so the opinion is not one I could take as well-formed.


Go search YT there are plenty of videos discussing that.

Miz Cracker

Queen Elizabeth, no offense, but that b---h is scary as F--K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Prudence

Princess Diana referred to them as “the lizards” for a reason…..


You hit the nail on the head: one of the most disturbing aspects of this is that this rubbish is put out by a cohort (Hollywood) well known for pedophilia and sexual abuse. The proper reaction to a scene like this put out by that community is cringing disgust, not laughter. Unfortunately so many people are lulled into such a deep state of sleep and apathy that they will believe anything put out by this cadre of perverts and blessed with a child-appropriate rating *must* be okay and acceptable.
May it all come down. And fast, before we lose whole generations.


I’m 59 and have been involved with dog shows since I was nine. I’ve had more national and international champions than I can count. In all those years and handling thousands of dogs in the ring, along with being a judge, I have never seen or ever heard of an inspection of the genitals. EVER. Not one time.


All males/dogs are checked to ensure that they have two descended testicals. Only entire dogs can be shown in breed classes. If you’ve never been a2are of this there is something very wrong with your show career!


Sounds like Hollywood is trying to normalize b--------y too. These are not subliminal messages. It is too blatant and disgusting.

D D d

Summer-madness for all the furries out there. Soon in a mall near you. Groping your kids while shopping and making selfies.


I actually did see furries at the mall. It was disturbing. A female and male one holding hands. I also took a human sexuality class once and a student mentioned to the class that a huge group of furries would get together in a local park at midnight.

Thy Unveiling

Could explain anthropomorphic animals walking around with humans type shows like Bojack Horseman…

B---------y was quietly legalized in Canada (as were gender neutral babies) while Canadians were up in arms over Khadr and $10million or some such thing.

There’s also some good looking girl on YouTube advocating sex with dogs. *smh*


Thy Unveiling …b--------y doesnt compare to something as meaningless as not giving ur kid a “title”…geeez


The reason this is done is because when we are being “entertained”, our normal “filters” aren’t up and running – there is an almost direct pipeline to the subconscious mind. This is especially the case with children …. and the writers, producers, and studio heads in Hollywood are very, very aware of this. This is precisely why you see so much Feminist, SJW, anti-family, anti-male, and anti-Christian propaganda in movies now. When Superman walks down the street past two men sucking face and he looks over and kind of shrugs like “Oh …. two men sucking face in public is completely normal …” *this is not an accident*. The average viewer will see that and think it was just a “random event” – but everything in every scene in a movie – especially with people – is carefully planned and choreographed. The message is: If Superman thinks repulsive displays of homosexuality are OK, so should YOU. (Note: I also think that this is gross when heterosexuals do it – get a freakin’ room). Hollywood is filled with absolute sickos – pure filth – who have full control over everything that shows up in a movie theater or shows up on… Read more »

VG Fan

IMDB has Max Botkin with WRITING AND TOP EXECUTIVE PRODUCER CREDIT for this movie and noted founder of “Tasty Pictures”, just let that sink in.
Rupaul and Allan Cumming voice characters in this “Childrens Film” as well. I won’t give a dime to Hollywood.
Their agenda is in full throttle.

D D d

With all the social media pushed in schools and childrens programming, this one I call the plus-bait-factor. Indirect via google and linking looking up the actors, they are informed about all the shows, movies etc the actors made. Even the 18+ ones.

VG Fan

Rupaul and Allan would bring their husband or partner to the red carpet. Pics all around of possible PDA between 2 men at a childrens movie premiere.

Did you hear Matt Bomer said his 13 yo son would be his “date” to the Tonys on the Tonight Show?

D D d

Let me make it clear I am not at all against public displays of affection between people – hetero or h--o. This one is solely about indirect linking of information.

D D d

Wow, downvoted for not having problems with openly display of affections. Some haters do really have a low threshhold for other people’s love..
You people do know a kiss is not full on copulation?

VG Fan

Yes because we are talking about the agenda to normalize behaviors…two adults, gay or straight should not be all over eachother around children or children’s events. I see you are not serious.

D D d

Normalize behaviours is the subject, yes, I agree. But the behaviour ( see headline at top ) was not just a kiss, it is full on grooming and groping at crotches of children – not a display of affection in a public place by consenting adults.


RuPaul and Allen Cummings are both talented performers with distinctive voices. Why shouldn’t they be allowed to do their jobs? Never heard any scandals about either of them and I’ve met RuPaul and he was very nice.

VG Fan

IF ADULTS enjoy those characters great, IN CONTEXT OF THIS ARTICLE.. THIS IS SOLD AS A KID MOVIE….Story, Events, Characters, ALL MATTER. Even the Dory ” voice talent” was chosen for a reason.


This is so hard to read as a parent and as a former victim of child sexual abuse. I am so outraged but thankful that you wrote this article so I know NOT to watch this with my child!!!! Thank you VC!!!!! God bless you and keep you in righteousness!


Just another Hollywood production representing what the creepy Elite is all about, justifying retualistic abuse with the promise of success making the sheep believe that it was all worth it. Always coming up with new ways to get us to accept the most repulsive deviances as normal and even necessary.


The film is being re-edited, shame on them for even thinking that was ok.


Botkins statements seem odd. He’s listed as the writer of the script for the movie but ‘had no creatitve say in it’ and had HIS movie ‘heavily rewritten by [no names named]’. Sorry, but this sounds a bit incredulous and – best case – naive to me. If he’s sincere about his disgust with the movie I’d recommend to him he has his name removed as the screenwriter.


The sad truth is, most brain-dead parents will sit with their kids and watch this, and think it’s just hilarious.


We sholdnt assume that evetyone is stupid in this countey. Unfortunately there will be parents who just saw something with their kid they didn’t like or were even appalled by but it was too late- they both just saw it.

some reader

Maybe you could write an article about the series “Supernatural”. I know it’s not a new series but it has a lot of symbolism. In an episode, Sam and Dean’s mother is shown as a Delta slave, she was programmed to kill innocent people. A woman that works for the British Men of Letters says that she “programmed” Mary Winchester. The reference to MK Ultra programming is so clear.

VG Fan

Can you believe that show is in it’s 16th season? They use a northstar pentagram for protection. They call it the Anti Possession Charm. At first it was very Scooby Doo then when Misha came on it took a dark turn imo.

some reader

Yeah, I noticed the pentagram too. When I started watching this series, some years ago, I didn’t know about the illuminati theory and all, so I thought there was nothing dark about the series. I found it weird that they used a clearly satanic symbol (the pentagram inside a circle) to mean protection against demons (I thought: “What? Doesn’t this symbol, in real life, do the exact opposite thing?”), but nevermind. I also found it so shocking that in the show, the angels were shown as evil beings that refer to humans as “apes” and behave in evil and selfish ways. But then again, I thought it was just a show, that I shouldn’t take it seriously. Last year, when I started reading about illuminati, I saw a photo of the Winchester brothers next to Castiel where all the 3 were throwing the one-eye symbology at the same time (you can easily find that photo searching Google). So things started to make more sense to me… Why the angels were shown as evil beings? Why God was shown as someone who doesn’t care about humanity? This series, along with probably all the series that are on TV, is probably related… Read more »

some reader

Type “misha collins jared padalecki jensen ackles” (without the quotation marks) in Google and the first photo shows them flashing the one-eye symbology. It was also shown on Vigilant Citizen too, at the “Symbolic Pics of the Month 10/16”.

VG Fan

It gross, but it makes Hot Topic sell cool stuff.
/ sarc
Consumerism and brainwashing, one in the same.

Thy Unveiling

I used to *love* that show! (And had a thing for Dean Winchester. Not Jensen Ackles; idk him. But Dean is the epitome of my ideal male.)

One day I found a few seasons for $5 each at a pawn shop, so I bought them and put a disc on as background filler (to check for any skipping etc) as I cleaned and re-organized. The tones of the intro creep me out, so I lowered the volume. I could barely hear the show while in the same room. Yet, despite being on the opposite end of the house, I could hear when a new episode started…because those tones were as loud as if they were next to me. I got the feeling that they’re summoning something. Same with that legal show that uses similar tones.

Unrelated; saw a Dean Winchester “I’m Too Sexy” video on YouTube yesterday. It was perfect! He is definitely very sexy! I know better, I do! But *sigh* he’s so darn appealing….


As soon as I saw the article about this movie I knew you’d be onto it VC… it’s so blatantly encouraging non-consensual touching and disassociation!! I’m not even shocked to now know that these bits actually seem to have been PURPOSEFULLY ADDED by the above mentioned “12 uncredited writers“!!!


This could be a stretch but here goes: 13 writers. Isn’t 13 a powerful number in the occult? 12 uncredited writers. Isn’t 12 the number of people that make up a witch’s coven? Am I over-thinking this?


NO… not overthinking it! I thought the same thing as well 13 is a majorly evil #


wow are you effing kidding me>> using a dog to allude to children and send them a message wtf


They are actually doing a re-cut of this movie due to all of the back lash over this. I don’t know what jackass approved the script or wrote that into the movie but they should be fired. The movie is getting abysmal ratings anyway so it’s a hard pass for me either way.

Dear Prudence

bbsion, this is typical Hollywood filth. Practically every movie put out for children by Hollywood has disgusting content. Just like the movie “The Good Dinosaur” where the little boy and the dinosaur eat magic mushrooms and start tripping! Yes, there is a scene IN A “CHILDREN’S MOVIE” where they are tripping on mushrooms!!! Un-effing-believable. If that doesn’t tell you what Hollywood’s real agenda is, nothing will. This is something that would be funny in an adult’s film, but A KID’S MOVIE??!!!! Here’s the scene:

Nasty movie

“Max Botkin, one of the chief writers of the movie, denied writing any of these scenes, claiming that the movie was “heavily rewritten by 13 other writers”, 12 of whom are uncredited.”

Highly suspicious! He seems to recognize that the scenes are nasty, so he wouldn’t admit he wrote them. Maybe he is right. It was not him. The writers were the demons.

Chris C

Actually, this is a subliminal message about what it takes to become a top model in Hollywood. You have to be willing to let yourself be touched and inspected if you want to win any beauty pageant or land a job in L.A.


It could be a subliminal message about both the abuse of children and women’s sexual exploitation.


Very happy you’re writing about this s*** ! I heard about it 3 days ago and I’ve been searching for the movie to see for myself. It is so appalling and blatant that it may even push me to make a video about it, cos I’m sooo sickened.


You don’t need to see it for yourself.


Spot on. Snd interesting how the film malers response was that this is a normal part of dog showing. When exactly as you said the dog in the show is NOT a dog but a human feeling creature with few rights being manipulated being coerced by his adult should-be protector so that the adult can get what they want. Disociate. Jesus. I would even want my little (actual) dog to have to put up with that. Its creepy and self indulgent for a grou of people to need to do such things for ego purposes of being able to walk home and boast that they have the ‘best’ dog. Interestingly, too, the choice of a DOG for the role is telling, as dogs are the animal which will ALLOW harms to be done to them to be acceted and praised -characteristics of a human child also . Makes me wanna cry actually as i write. I recall that neediness in myself and dissociating to cope to put up with things tat, once put up with, kept me in the goid books of my family and thus i felt i could survive. Makes me think of little kids. Also -even makes… Read more »


There are so many steps in making a movie that they can’t possibly claim ignorance to any of it, ESPECIALLY how the public will view such a thing. Maybe this movie is put out there to gauge the public’s reaction, to see how “woke” we are, because anything short of that suggests the people involved are highly uneducated and incapable of simple forethought.

some reader

They already know that 99% of the population is completely “asleep”.

D D d

I’d rather call it Sabotaged, because ‘asleep’ indicates a natural state or a choice, and a lot of stupid ignorants never had a choice.

some reader

Well, I guess for many of them, they really chose to remain asleep. There are many sites that disclose the dark side of the occult elite. But people prefer to think that those types of movies are completely innocent. I take my mother as an example. I tried to explain to her all the dark things related to the movie “Despicable Me”, but she got angry and told me I was acting paranoid. So this is an example of how some people (like me) try to wake other people up (like my mother), but they (like my mother) prefer to remain asleep! You see? They have the information, but they refuse to believe it’s true!

D D d

Maybe your mother is scared. She might need comfort, besides a wallop of truth every now and then, too.

some reader

@DDd True… She is certainly scared, that’s why she doesn’t want to believe it’s true (like many other people). Besides that, this subject souds too “unreal” because we, the sheep, were accustomed, since we were born, to believe that this world is completely normal…

D D d

I hear people say ”I don’t want to know”, when we talk, repeatedly.
And that took time to settle with me, on my turn to accept.

Eyes open wide

Horrible. Humans can justify ANYTHING

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