“Scream and Shout”: A Video About Britney Spears Being Under Mind Control


will.i.am and Britney Spears’ video “Scream and Shout” features Britney “singing” in a British accent. But that’s not the only mind-control related part of this video. In this article, we’ll look at the Monarch programming symbolism in “Scream and Shout”.


Britney Spears is probably the most obvious victim of mind control in the music industry. If the strange facts regarding her personal life are not enough to convince an educated observer, the symbolism surrounding her act tells it all. Almost as if her handlers were mocking her sad mental state while bragging about it to the public, Britney is made to perform in videos such as Hold it Against Me (read the article about it here) and Scream and Shout – which symbolically refer to her own mental slavery.

Like all things related to the occult elite, the message is conveyed in veiled symbolic ways that require some prior knowledge to be understood. Viewed in this way, Scream and Shout is yet another example of a pop video laced with mind control symbolism hidden under the guise of “style” and aesthetics.

While will.i.am appears to be playing the role of the handler (he “selects” a Monarch programming alter persona at the beginning of the video), Britney plays the role of the slave, even singing with a weird British accent – as if an alter persona had been triggered. Monarch slaves can indeed be programmed to embody a totally different identity, complete with a back story and an accent.

The disturbing fact about Britney singing with a British accent is that, during the time she made tabloid news for “mental problems”, she was caught speaking with a British accent in real life. Here’s an article from 2008 that describes Britney’s strange behavior. It even states that her odd behavior is symptomatic of “dissociative identity disorder” – a medical term that pretty much describes what Monarch programming is all about. (Also, notice the animal-print dress in the next picture – a pattern used to identify Sex-Kitten Monarch slaves).

Britney Spears Lapses Into a British Accent

Britney Spears has a new accessory to go with her pink wig: a British accent.

In the last several weeks, Spears, 26, has been videotaped numerous times trading her Louisiana twang for U.K. inflections.

“She had the English accent thing going the whole time” while shopping at Kitson last Thursday, according to a source. “It didn’t stop.”

Even when angry, the accent appears. On an L.A. shopping trip to Macy’s on Jan. 13, she screamed at the paparazzi, “Get out of my G—— face!” – in a British accent.

So is it all in fun or has she flipped her pink wig?

“When someone has dissociative identity disorder” – formerly known as multiple personality disorder – “each identity is split off from the other,” says L.A. psychologist Renee A. Cohen, who is not treating Spears. “Each identity would have its own name, memories, behavioral traits and emotional characteristics.”

Cohen says the critical question is: “When Britney uses the British accent, or appears to take on another identity, does she know she’s Britney Spears?”

“Otherwise, she could simply be behaving this way for attention, for sympathy, or any other reason,” adds Cohen. “It’s foolish to attempt to diagnose her without a formal evaluation.”

One possible influence could be Spears’s maternal grandmother, Lilian Bridges, who was originally from England.

Also, Spears’s new beau, photographer Adnan Ghalib, grew up in Birmingham, England.

According to paparazzi who trail the singer around the clock, one thing is for sure: the pink wig means something’s changing.

“When she puts on the pink wig, you just know something crazy is about to happen,” said one paparazzo.

– Source: People.com

So Britney, who has been diagnosed with severe psychological issues, sings with a British accent, a symptom of dissociative identity disorder, one of her reported conditions. Isn’t this a little twisted? Using a symptom of mental illness in a pop song? Especially considering the fact that she most probably was told to do this? But the actual truth behind all of this is even more twisted: Britney does not simply have “psychological issues” … she is a victim of mind control. She most likely has several personas programmed into her – one which may have a British accent. In Scream and Shout this alter appears to be switched on. This might sound a little outlandish, but the symbolism in the video makes everything clear.

(For more information on Monarch Mind Control, please read the article entitled Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control first).

Scream and Shout … That It’s About Mind Control

According to the video director Ben More, the theme of the video is multiplicity. More says the idea behind it “was essentially trying to reduce what the song is about to symbols”. Britney multiplying herself and extensive MK-related imagery indeed give the video a dark symbolic meaning.

The video does not have an intricate storyline, instead it is comprised of a series shots with aesthetic appeal. And, of course, MK symbolism. Rather than babble for days about this video, I’ll just highlight some of its symbolic shots – all of which follow themes promoted by the elite such as mind control and dehumanization.

Multiplying Personas

Is Will.I.Am selecting Britney’s alter persona?

The video begins with will.i.am browsing through filters (à la Instagram) to apply on a picture of a butterfly. This scene can represent will.i.am as a Monarch Programming Handler who switches and triggers alter personas of an MK slave. This slave is represented here by a Monarch butterfly having alters applied to it the same way filters are applied to pictures. But who is the MK butterfly? Britney Spears with her fake British accent, of course.

On several occasions, Britney is shown "multiplying herself". Is it a way of symbolically representing her having multiple personas?

On several occasions, Britney is shown “multiplying herself”. Is it a way of symbolically representing her multiple personas? will.i.am gets the same treatment – handlers are often MK victims themselves.


In this apparently random scene, an unknown hooded person smashes into a wall and breaks in multiple pieces. Does this represent a MK slave fragmenting in multiple personalites?

In this apparently random scene, an unknown hooded person smashes into a wall and breaks in multiple pieces. Does this represent a MK slave fragmenting into multiple personalities?


The theme of transhumanism, robotization and dehumanization is always prevalent in MK-themed videos, and this one is no exception. On top of the heavily auto-tuned and robotic singing in the video, viewers are treated to visuals that mirror the constant trend of dehumanization in mass media. Hidden under the guise of being futuristic, these images tells viewers what the elite thinks the future SHOULD look like.

This artificial limb company probably paid a good chunk of change to have its product featured in the video. It is also there because it perfectly synchs with the robotic-dehumanized theme of the video.

This artificial limb company probably paid a good chunk of change to have its product featured in the video. It is also featured in the video because it perfectly syncs with the robotic-dehumanized theme of the video.


The above image is somewhat remiscient of this now popular image representing transhumanism - which pushes the merging of humans with robots.

The image from the video is reminiscent of this popular image representing transhumanism – which pushes the merging of humans with robots.


Here we see a 3D model of Will.I.Am being conceived. In other words, a synthetic, alter Will.I.Am.

Here we see a 3D model of will.i.am being conceived … a synthetic will.i.am created by a machine.


Portrayed as mounted trophies? Like we do with animals that were hunted? Who hunted them? Their handlers?

Portrayed as mounted trophies? The same way hunters proudly display the animals they shot? Not very engrossing.


Of course, in this MK-Ultra themed video, there’s some one-eye imagery going on.

One of this guy's eyes is apparently a camera lens - a futuristic way of placing inevitable the one-eye sign into the video.

One of this guy’s eyes is apparently a camera lens – a creepy, futuristic way of placing the inevitable one-eye sign into the video.


Guy on the left: Yup, one-eye once again.

Guy on the left: one-eye for no particular reason.

Finding Another Victim?

The video ends in a symbolic matter. Will.I.Am fires a net, catching a golden statue representing a naked woman. Did the handler find a new victim to program?

will.i.am fires a net that catches a golden statue of naked woman. Did the handler find a new victim to program?


In Conclusion

When one understands the true living conditions of Britney Spears as a Monarch slave under the control of MK handlers – the underlying meaning of her video Scream and Shout is somewhat unsettling. There is something seriously twisted in having her sing and perform about her own enslavement, going as far as having her adopt a British accent, like when she was completely “broken down” in 2008. There is something even more twisted in having young people from all over the world watching this imagery, not knowing that it symbolically refers to Monarch Programming, a practice that as sadistic as it is horrifying.

Regular readers of Vigilant Citizen might notice that there is redundancy in the messages and imagery found in recent pop videos. While this also causes some of my music business articles to be somewhat redundant, my goal is to highlight the pattern that emerges, to prove that there is a conscious and sustained effort to push a specific agenda to the masses. Each repetition is further proof that there is no coincidence or “reaching” here, just the execution of a clear and defined agenda focused on the propagation and normalization of a specific set of messages and symbols.

Given the way Britney is mocked in her own video, it is easy to understand that not only do those in control not have positive intentions … but that they relish the fact that they own this virtual slave. Considering that state of mind, wouldn’t you think that they’d love to see the whole world, to certain extent, under this type of mind control?




  1. I was waiting for this article. The song is horrible, will.I.am is just dreadful and poor Britney… what can I say about that poor girl.

    from Chile.

    • I Jus Need To Know on

      Britney Is very Very Very Weak and so are her personalities and Her Spirit

      she had a breakdown going bald..n then going thru it all and to see that she is still under control is sad

      MK ultra is strrroooonnnng its like layers of pyshcological they have a hold on

      Going Bald for a women means unleashing …freeing your self..releasing..breaking away ..rebirth

      and to see this video she has no clue as to who she is anymore,

      I learned when media starts attacking a celeb saying they r crazy or going thru a mental breakdown…thats a sign for US(YOU ME WE) to support them* cheer on for them..thats an act of normalcy on our account but she keeps going back to her handlers and they make a mock of her mental state by producing these videos at the end of it all she has a paycheck..a crib a car the spotlight..and fans

      • IncreaseDaPeace on

        I don’t think Brittany is a weak person at all. She was introduced to this lifestyle from a very young age (Mickey mouse club and maybe even earlier?) and has somehow managed to keep from self destructing. It takes a very strong person to fight back as well as I think she has, the sad inevitability is that it is a losing battle. I hope she lives long enough to make sure her boys are prepared to fight or run from these people. The media doesn’t want us to sympathize, the media wants us to blame the victim, publish up skirt shots of her and laugh at her misfortune. Knowing how out of control she really is, what makes us sympathize. It could just as easily have been you or anyone else in her shoes.

      • All I hear is Britney this and Britney that. But you of all people should know she's not "Britney". She's just a tool. They've ruined her and control her. What is a person once everything they were is destroyed? A victim of dehumanization.

    • Thank Vigilant for your knowledge shared with us! When I saw this video, suddenly I recognised Mk programming! You're waking up us!

      ps:sorry for my english..

      • Seriously? You hate him? Are you absolutely freaking kidding me?! He's just as much of a victim as Britney. A puppet to yield for whatever their agenda calls for. If anything you should pity them. Even with all the information we know, there's still a lot we don't. To say you hate him though because of the position they put him in this music video is just so narrow.

    • Hi. From watching her interviews etc, I know she knows she is MK'd. Here is what I wish VC had mentioned in the article:

      1. Britney's eyes looked dead and spaced out. I also noticed her eyelashes are in the style known as "doll lashes." We know how They feel about their dolls. If not, read about the Fox show "Doll House."

      2. There was a lot of product placement and the message I got was "you can boycott us all you want. We are everywhere so you are not hurting us." I saw Loubouton shoes, a Lambourghini, and the Burberry pattern on one of the digital cameras.

      3. Speaking of Burberry, has anyone seen the video featuring Victoria Beckham's son? Man, don't get me started on the symbols. Maybe VC will write an article on this. There are so many things to write on, but I think that advertisement is worthy of an article on this site.

      May God continue to bless us all. T. W.

    • You need to see Will iams. Latest song- power, it's another one that is crammed full of symbology. Check it out. Turn the volume down though as its awful to listen to.

    • YoloswagSwag on

      Will I am..Is not even will I am he's not even human.Hes been soul scalped Thats why he's very sensitive to light at times sunglasses to hide his eyes at times.Black eyes peas

  2. I feel bad for Brit…but she is not even singing in the song! All she says "I'ts Britney Bitch"……Today's music I tell ya!

    • Actually "It's Britney, Bitch" is from another song…and is well sampled by other artists. I'm not sure who's singing in the song; wouldn't be surprised if it was her singing through sound effects.

    • what are you talking about? She sings harmony on the chorus and does the vocals for "when we come up in the club, all eyes on us, all eyes on us" parts.

  3. It is a terrible song and kids will eat it up and scoff at the truth. I fear Britney Spears won't ever be freed. Spread the word.

    • Aware of what? Unqualified, amateur, armchair, wanna be psychologists, who use ludicrous suppositions to write pretentious, self-aggrandizing, sententious articles about a person they personally know nothing about?

      It is a DANCE SONG. Not a chapter in a psych 101 textbook. Not a political manifesto. Not a conspiracy lurking around every corner. A DANCE SONG.

      But let's try this; when you lot stop allowing yourselves to be being mind controlled media slaves, who consider tabloid mag rags reliable and credible sources of information, eat up every word without question, followed by the utter audacity to do her thinking for her, perhaps Miss. Britney will follow suit.

      Oh, and the song is kick-ass.

  4. I haven't listened to the song yet because I think Will.I.Am and Britney Spears are too much to my ears but I'm gonna check the video now.

    Keep it up.

    • Don't give up on art just yet, contemporary art is just as precious, deep and intellectual as it always been. There are still classical composers, painters, poets, musicians, writers and all the likes with very high standards, don't judge THEM because you are being fed shite from the mainstream (why are you consuming mainstream media to begin with?).

      The last thing mainstream will do is to produce any form of art, their goal is to keep you dumbed down after all. Behind the mainstream (which is a minority actually) there are the absolutely normal people you walk by everyday on the streets without looking at them; their artwork completely independent from all this hollywood crap. Give THEM a chance instead judging without ever looking at them (as you clearly did not). You will be pleased. Many of these people share their stuff for free on the internet too, so it's not like you have to travel to faraway places anymore.

  5. Will.I.Am is also mocked and has the vacant stare thing going on. In one scene we see him wearing a cardboard crown with the word "KING", in it. As, in it seems like he is part of the elite, but he's actually just another slave.

  6. The head trophies along with Will I AM looks like other musicians like Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Kesha/Lady Gaga, and Nicky Minaj

    • You will see every other one is him, the others are representations of him, an ugly lady gaga with a africa medallion, a chris brown version of run dmc, a retarded lauren hill. Its pretty funny actually, but I shouldnt laugh, because although I dont like him or how he is portrayed in this video, I dont know him or his story. The trophy heads are kinda grim, but the cut out crown is still funny.
      So the director says he wanted the video to depict what the song is about in symbols, we see the symbols, which vc began to decipher, so what is the song about? Seemingly nothing, except maybe they 'wanna scream and shout and let it out', but -'all eyes on us'. Like dude with the camera eye, which is placed as they start this refrain. I dont know.

      • yeah its like they gave him a cardboard cutout crown and patted his head as if to say, 'yes will. i.am, you are a king.' and then they maniacally laugh away!

    • What is the Africa on the chain about?
      Is the USA invading Africa right now?
      Think about that… Is that symbolic of the NWO
      plans to take over globally?

      This was the first thought that struck me seeing
      that girl… If its Kesha then Die Young was that last

  7. another pepsi/ disney creation who will be sacrificed like houston – who had a big pepsi contract in dubai.
    trace pepsi and the entertainment industry to joan crawford.

  8. How can one sing in a British accent? Singing has its own accent. I can only imagine some sort of pirate music or soccer hooligan bar room chanting. I absolutely cannot stand Irish and Scottish accents, and I especially hate their music…especially GARBAGE like Dropkick Murphys or Mumford & Sons, and when I hear CRAP like that it enrages me to the point where I am on the edge of murdering anyone near me.

    • Ummm Dropkick Murphys are American, Boston to be exact. Oh and both those bands are great and way better then this crap right here.

      • Geez.
        Ramicio is nuts.

        And I'd rather have Dropkick M's and the Pogues and the Dubliners as the only music available to me than ever have to listen to any of the 'pop' crap produced in the last 30 years.

    • AccidentalGybe on

      Mumford and Sons are pretty awesome actually (and they are from the UK…duh). They are actually Welsh…which is the origin of most America folk music. Not to mention, they write and perform all of their own music. And, if you listen to their music, you will definitely pick up that they do NOT use auto-tune or any of that other synth-stuff. They are the epitome of what musicians, in today's music scene, shoud be. If you don't like them, try the Lumineers, the Decemberists, Blitzen Trapper or Old Crow Medicine Cabinet. Simmer down dude…you really don't know what you are talking about…

    • What a pathetic comment. The sweeping generalizations of an unstable racist bigot. Do you think Billy Ray Cyrus sings the same as Charlotte Church then? Or do they sing in their respective accents? Please don't murder anyone if this comment enrages you? By the way, what accent do you spout your verbal poop in?

      • How is it racist? I dislike most Irish and Scottish culture but I don't think it's bad, it's just a personal preference. I also dislike Asian culture. Also, a personal preference. But I love Spanish, German, Persian and a whole bunch of others. And I'm English and German! Some things speak to some people while turning others off completely. Like how some people like country music while others hate it. The same with rap. Just because you dislike something doesn't mean you think it's inherently inferior and you might want to brush up on the definition of the word "racist" because it gets tossed around an awful lot and really, at this point people are starting to ignore it completely since it's so over used.

    • You guys do realize that ramicio is another lameo that just trolls sites and then starts controversy, right? Don't give comments like this the attention that they want.

  9. There is so much evil in this world, and any organization that would systematically victimize our fellow human beings for profit and power is just perpetuating this evil.

    I have simple beliefs: Equality, Personal Responsibility, and Acceptance. It makes me sad and confused to see just how low humanity will go for money and control. And I know we haven't even begun to scratch the surface.

    I am not a religious person, but I feel this verse rings true to this day:

    "What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?"
    Mark 8:36

      • so r we just animals then w/ no souls. are we just dirt here to eat, sleep, procreate and do meaningless stuff and then just die…?

      • Lorraine Blake on

        Souls we do have my dear. It behooves us to learn who we truly are. There is no price tag on that information. If we truly desire to find out our true origin we can. Seek and you shall find that it takes us right back to our true source, The Lord Jesus Christ. The rest are lies.

  10. I've gotten on the video on vevo, watched it. was disgusted by it. Posted how I felt about it (TheLonerAS) and every brainwashed John and Jill has come out and attacked me. It just goes to show you, if you try to open the blinds eyes, they will only crucify you.

    • My sister once quoted VC in a Rhianna video comment section.. Hers was surprisingly thumbed up, made it to the top and couple seconds later it was taken off the top comments.. I'm sure it was by those VEVO people.

    • Most people are so brainwashed by the mass media that even with undeniable evidence they still refuse to see the truth! I comment on as many sites as I can to educate people. Some agree, some mock, but at least you are getting through to some!

    • Prophets will always be mocked in their own village. The "Sleepwalkers" will never listen to any advice given by the "Awakened" and they are still blind to the truth.

      You can't force your opinions or beliefs on anyone. Even if you believe them to be the truth……..all we can do is pray they "wake up" in time for His coming.

      Peace be with you

    • True. Guess it hurts to much to see. Apart from that the song is really bad – "scream and shout let it all out" and then this sad little oh-we-oh comes. Guess that's "all" there i to be "let out". Sad, really.

  11. Fakemustvanish on

    I wouldn't even waste my precious time and energy on such pap but your points are all valid and speaking of talentless puppets, you know that embarrassing and telepathic waste of space Nicki Minaj dons stupid wigs and speaks in a British accent right?

  12. Monarch programming is utterly Insane but still is unknown to majority of people. You should read Fritz Springmeir regarding this subject. Great article btw. I have planned to start a tweeter account to keep on updating links to such articles and many more information concerning the Illuminati. If someone wants to follow me https://mobile.twitter.com/account thank u

  13. You are right, VC, to call it 'Dehumanizing'. That's the gist of everything this crowd produces. All their wears are designed to render a conscious being unconscious – a independent being dependent. To negate freewill. To turn what is alive, dead.

    Pernicious to those who injest it.

  14. this is so depressing to see happening to her all the time she seems like one of the more genuinely likeable/down to earth celebrities

  15. this song is awful and music sucks now. people think that humans are getting smarter when it's the other way around. listen to music written 200 years ago, do you realize the amount of musical genius that was in the compositions?

  16. wow… unbelievable. Truly shocking. The Elite will stop at nothing, destroying, tarnishing, and torturing anyone in their way. They believe what they're doing is divine… that it HAS to be done. That it WILL be done.

    I just saw this article too, Vigilant, you might enjoy it. It's about 2012 and how the hype over december 2012 is nothing more than reverse psychology used to entice the global populace to unwittingly participate in a satanic ritual.

  17. They are pretty shitty at mind control, because every time I hear this song I'm compelled to turn the radio station. I've never bought a single article of Black Eyed Peas or Brittany Spears merchandise, never purchased a subscription to H+ magazine, and have never taken shitty hipster-esque photos of myself throwing up the one-eye pose.

  18. I have many questions, but one is special: Do you really think those called "puppets" don`t know what they are doing? I dont think so.

    • They are just doing their jobs I think. Ive done film before and you just get tired. You do what you are told because you just want done, go home, and get paid already. By the time these people get that big and have so many advisers and investors. For this 3 min clip they probably took hours of film. And then so much will get cut. And just i sec flashes and whatever the people say. Britney was NEVER an artist anyway..she was a performer. She was/is valued because she is an extremely strong performer who can get a routine down the first time, memorize scripts etc. It's all dead routine.

    • I think it's obvious they're unaware of what's being done unto them. It's like pledging yourself to a Religion, you're pretty sure you're doing it for the right causes while in reality you're submitting into a handler's game. Priest, Pastor, or whatever.

      • maybe some religions are like this but God always gives u free will and doesnt force u to do anything if u dont want to. force and control is the devil's game 4 sure. u do what god tell u to do because u know its right and u know He's real. if i didnt know that i wouldnt do what Jesus tells me to do…

  19. Wow I didn't even know this song was Britney?! I had heard it once at work on the radio (unwillingly) and I heard the Britney Bitch part so I had an inkling, but that British accent was definitely a put off.. After watching the video it really is like mind control, gotta get that crap out of my head, pronto! (Think I'll go listen to some Perfect Circle)…

    I even noticed a comment on youtube of someone saying "this song makes me wanna go to the club" NO SHIT 😐

    Keep up the awesome work VC! I've even converted my Partner too and he's stubborn and opinionated didn't want a bar of this at first, thought I was being a nutter 😉 But there you go, the wool has literally been pulled from his eyes.

    FREE YOUR MIND PEEPS! Peace and love <3

    P.s An analysis of Florence's new song with Calvin Harris PLEASE!!! I loved her, but now not so much at all this song is a big disappointment, just a sell out now. Whats happening to the music these days? Turning into robotic, hypnotic, techno :( (yes I am aware of other articles you've done on Florence, a shame really such a beautiful sounding LOSS!)

    • "Britney B****" (no comma in between) as in someone's B**** = belonging to another to do their bidding; particularly in a sexualized way. A dehumanized portrayal of woman. Coincides with her frozen S&M poses more appropriate to a porn video than a club environment.

      In the video, the dots over the I's in "Britney B*" are replaced with X's. Two eyes crossed out = death.

      Turning a human into a robot via robotic limbs and synthesizers = the death of will, the death of an individual whole identity, and the death of control over oneself and one's actions. Mindless. To lose one's rational functioning is death of the individual. Plays off Descartes' cogito "I think therefore I am." Once a human loses control over one's mind, he/she simply ceases to be. To put it bluntly, "Britney Spears," the human woman with a unified self, in this video is dead.

      What difference does it make if she is aware or not? The symbolism speaks for itself.

      Is will.i.am aware of who he is?

      His burning head represents the "illuminated" initiate. First there is Death shown through Britney and Rebirth shown through will.i.am's Promethian ignited intellectual fire. However, the person in black "axes" the burning disco-ball with classic surrealist effect = will.i.am's head is axed. He is the year-king, the sacrifice, the initiate, another trophy-head on the wall of the hunters. In the next camera "shot," the pornographic "money shot," "gold" from the burst burning disco ball/ will.i.am's head pours out of a man's loins toward the camera, the audience.

      The joke is all on us.

    • Devil's Workshop on

      I agree wholeheartedly.
      Whenever somebody brings her up, I think of her old music and the innocent look she had but then I suddenly remember how she looks like now, all spaced out and messed up, having to be forced to duet with not-so-genial popstars (rihanna, nicki, kesha, and now will.i.am) to make a hefty paycheck for her handlers.
      Sometimes I swear I forget she's even alive.

  20. Look over YouTube, you'll find there's plenty of videos of Britney speaking in a British accent. Usually in periods of unexpected or excess stress:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvETWTWxcg8 – stressing out at a gas station http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLKs6taIdi4 – in concert

    There's a Will and Grace show where Britney is supposed to be a southern belle. Her character comes out with a British accent, overdoes the Americana stuff, then in response to Will asking about her character comes out as a pansexual freak. She gives us at least three different characters/personalities in the show.

    Add to that Britney's maternal Grandmother being British (wonder if she's part of the illuminate?), and the british accent actually makes sense.


    Now whether that's her real voice…that I have reason to doubt (outside of the "It's Britney, Bitch" part, which is a sample from another song of hers.

  21. One day these people, the orchestrators and promoters of this agenda, will realize that the promises of the NWO are all fake, all built on lies and viciously manufactured: MK, wars, pollution, secret societies/politics/economics/religions/technocracy/false spiritual teachings, everything has been built up for very simple reasons…
    Reality is that "they" know humanity has unique qualities and it is bound to the bottom laws of the universe, and they are hopelessly trying to trick us to play their games, to sink within their damnation… there is no fear for those ones who can decode their practices and realize that they have no real power, as while matter decays, Mankind's fate is ultimately placed somewhere else… secretly these beings which control us tremble in front of this supreme reality.

    • Hi!
      One day these people will realize…..?
      As much as I know most of them have nothing to loose.Would anyone willingly swerve to such a shaky path not knowing that God Almighty is the one you are fighting with?For me it is hard, however I'm still admitting some success of the darkness.And this was pretty well described in His Word so whoever reads is forewarned.The end is near.And those on dark side will see their boss as well as their end coming.
      For faithful ones- plenty of signs that deliverance is near so my soul can rest in hope.

  22. When they premiered “scream and shout” on the American version of the X Factor, where Britney is a judge, she was very obviously physically uncomfortable. Every time they said “stay tuned for the premeire of Britney’s new video!” she had a very pronounced uncontrollable cringe and was almost unable to look straight into the cameras. They couldn’t edit it out because it was live. When they went to show her reaction after they played the vid she looked mortified and actually hung her head when the applauded and mumbled ‘thank you’. She kept looking around like she wanted ANYONE to pull her out of there. It was hard to watch! The people I was watching the show with found it incredibly puzzling and awkward, and they don’t know anything about Monarch Programming!

      • AmbassadorMerlyn III on

        Now that was freaking serious. She looked like someone poured ice cold water down her back at the beginning. And comments on there judged that reaction as to her being shy about compliments?? Not to mention the choad speaker saying, yeauuuhhhh, wanna go bump in the club right now, yeauuhhhh. Give me a ^&*()(&*** break :(

    • I just watched it and it seems like the normal self-deprecating face one pulls when in that kind of situation.

      Not a good song, though.

  23. its weird. when i wanna put this url on the video at vevo, it says 'error' but when i put a url of another website, there's no prob in doing it. Strange.

  24. Actually last night's South Park episode was about Britney Spears and how she took her oath and must be sacrificed…seriously, they are laying it out in plain sight

    • My friend told me it was on and I saw like 2 minutes of the show. I told her exactly this: "You know, that's kind of a euphamism for what her real life is like and how they've destroyed her." My friend just shrugged this off…….

  25. such intellectual and spiritual dross… more needs to be revealed about the banality of evil and the insipid spiral of darkness.

    "All this have I seen, and applied my heart unto every work that is done under the sun: there is a time wherein one man ruleth over another to his own hurt."
    –ECC 8:9

  26. Wow, I saw Britney but I didn't recognize her voice! Dang..

    Besides, the song is such a piece of shit anyways. What creative lyrics! Ugh.

  27. That is not hard to understand the lyrics as metaphors for ellite stuff:

    "All eyes on us
    They watchin' us
    They lookin' at us" (I don't know about you, but I think it could be related to one-eye, and big brother thing, and attention of the masses)

    "I wanna scream and shout and let it all out" (people normally scream and shout when they are in danger or out of control)

    "Rock and roll, everybody let's lose control" (let's lose control, it's nice and normal)

    "If you know what we talkin' 'bout
    Turn it up and burn down the house" (well, this is just no good)

    "Cause everywhere that we go
    We bring the action" (ellite bring the rules).

  28. I actually had a chance to see this video when it first came out. The music industry is only becoming more and more blatant with their message. It seems that for the vast majority they simple pass over the song and think it cool. Not realizing of course the symbolic imagery that is being thrown up for them to watch. I saw the video of Ke$ha performing on the X factor in Australia and was stunned at the blatant use of satanic imagery.

    The music industry is predominately evil and being run by Satanist. With what is happening in the world it is becoming increasingly obvious they are trying to usher in a new era where humanity loses itself to the darkside and distances itself even further from god.

    We all need to be vigilant citizens and resist this final push by the elite.

  29. Gertlethaturtle on

    Im so saddened by the entertainmnet industry. And they only want our children. They just want to lead them dancing into hell.
    All we can do is pray that the lord takes pitty on them and forgives them for thier ignorance.
    My eyes are wide open, and Im making sure that my children are awake too!
    Thankyou VC for your light.

  30. historymaker118 on

    First thought on hearing the song was the the chorus sounded odd, not even words being sung, just a strange set of noises. Decided to play it backwards to check. All the way through they are basically singing 'evil evil evil'. Try it yourself. Really weird.

  31. She doesn't fit in with the Industry or the artists it's producing. She looks awkward and out of place. They want to manufacture her into an image that correlates with the agenda.
    When these people are finally identified, and they will be identified, it will bring the staunchest atheist to their knees.

    By the way, if anyone cares to learn what all of this is leading up to, research: Alice Bailey's Ten Strategies of the Plan. You may find points 8 through 10 very telling.

    • I think she stands out because she's doing what she can to counter their goals. If you look at her 10 years ago, she was an amazing performer and earned millions of fans. Now, she doesn't put any effort into her career. It's almost like she hopes people will move on to someone else and leave her alone so she can have a normal life.

    • Alice is a bit extreme, I mean really, she's a bit too narrow minded. People can be different, but that doesnt mean they are not good people. Silly ignorant woman

  32. I don’t know what happened to will.i.am the last several years. He’s done stuff with super underground esoteric artists like Bloods of Abraham in the Eyedollartree album that had me thinking he was exposing the corruption in the industry that he seems to willingly participate in now. But I guess fame/money got the best of him. The other Black Eyed Peas members aren’t this blatant. I know Fergie used to be in Kids Incorporated as a kid, and BEP really went pop after she joined.

  33. i weep for britney..i really do. how could they do this to such a legend :( i have one question though…is she aware of whats happening around her? wouldnt she watch this video and realise whats happening and what they are doing to her? im a little confused…help

    • No she wouldn't. That's the whole point of multiple personalities. She doesn't know what she does when she's in a different personlity. Hence, why she is so valuable to them.

    • Even if she realizes whats happening to her, she's trapped. If she escapes, they will probably go after her life. If she continues, she has to deal with the monarch programming bullshit. She has come too far and now she is trapped. All we can do is pray for her and keep her in our hearts. I think that Britney tried to escape before, but you saw what happened and what they did to her. They made her look crazy. Poor girl, God help her.

  34. I've been here a lot of time, watching videos (with the sound off, to avoid what I call the dumbing effect) and all I can say is : I'm deeply sad to see so many people leave comments on youtube like "Britney is sooooo great I'm a faaaan" etc. And what saddens me even more is to see how, when someone points out the illuminati's symbolism, he/she is treated like sh…t by the crowd and labellized as a crazy-weirdo conspirator. Sometimes, mainstream fans wish him/her death, put simply. It's like that video, "gangnam style", which races for the billion of wiews. Does humanity only unite behind mindless state ? They make it really too easy for the elite.
    Sorry for my english, not my mother tongue.

    • this is how u know that people really are brainwashed!! no type of critical thinking at all, people literally dont know how to think and only go by emotions and what other people do…its so sad and disheartening

  35. Yes, I saw this on MTV the other day. Full of Illuminati crap. I noted the English accent, too.
    With the multiplicity of personalities, NB the movie "Multiplicity" when the subsequent multiplied guys get worse. Hilarious movie, but it's true. This is what happens with subsequent 'new' personalities.
    I know all about this, being from an Illuminati family. My half-sister has several personalities, each worse to the point where she is broken and cannot be fixed. My parents tried EST on her (no effect, worse). She is severely sick.
    Will.i.am, Britney's new handler? No surprise there, I noted specific words/actions in the song & video. Britney had dissociated several times. Watch very closely, you'll be able to see it.

      • Yep. Milk all you want.
        My family wanted me to marry into an illum family and I said 'get bent' and married another man. After my divorce, I married my current husband (from an illum family, as well), my parents said 'Well, that's OK, but we preferred you married the older brother".
        Been married 19 yrs. PS. older bro is a meth-head.

      • Really, really in love. My husband has a condition called phenylketonuria. It basically means that he cannot metabolise protein called phenylalanine. He was born in 1958 when no genetic testing was available. He was 2 1/2 when he was diagnosed, so there are problems. But, he is a qualified librarian, a very good writer, and took control of our finances, as he has a very good mind. We have never been in debt with him paying bills. He is excellent with eletronics and is an exceptional stepfather to my daughter. But, and I say but, he does have sleep apnoea, he is overweight, basically cos he cannot have proteins in the diet and has pale skin (due to not being able to produce melanin) and must be covered in suncream. Illuminati families, we may come from, but he has been wiped out of his family cos he is 'not perfect' in their eyes. As for myself, I rebelled against everything my parents told me, so I'm the maverick.

    • Sounds like the personalities that the illuminati create are defective while a natural multiple such as myself are perfect but still fractured. Hopefully your sisters system can try to help her, but from what it sounds like she cant even create her own personalities.

  36. It has just occured to me…If she was dissociated whilst making this video, how would she remember doing it. How do they explain this to her ?

      • But she's watching herself, not knowing how or when she did what she's watching! Are you saying Britney watching and Britney doing video was the same personality? Then how do they explain the English accent because that's a different Britney. Britney watching/doing and English Britney are not the same people.

        In fact Britney doing and Britney watching can't be the same! Britney doing is all sex-kittenish and Britney watching is normal and demure.

        I think this lady knows she has multiple personalities and she knows they are used by people for the industry but I don't think she knows how this happened in the first place, I don't think she is aware of the trauma and the extent of evil that goes with it all.

      • Right before the Scream and shout premiere on x factor she did weird facial expression. Check this out. I know it doesn't explain anything but anyway…

      • I replied to a different comment about those facial expressions, saying they seem like normal self-deprecating expressions anyone in the same situation would make.
        But maybe she made those because she's about to see something she has no recollection of doing. Bizarre.

      • helloisanyonehome on

        She doesn't know anything. She's probably confused and unhappy most of the time, as is obvious from her facial expressions. You don't understand how this works. These people are not like you and me, their lives are controlled to the nth degree. Its likely she doesn't even watch a lot of the stuff she creates.

  37. I actually had a chance to see this video when it first came out. The music industry is only becoming more and more blatant with their message. It seems that for the vast majority they simple pass over the song and think it cool. Not realizing of course the symbolic imagery that is being thrown up for them to watch. I saw the video of Ke$ha performing on the X factor in Australia and was stunned at the blatant use of satanic imagery.

  38. mind control my ass, sold their souls to satan for some bling. fed up of the illuminati and their bullshit! its sad how a small group of people control almost everything and the sheeple> Wake Up!

  39. Great article! I was wondering if you could do an article on the surrounds that occurred during Mexican superstar, Jenni Rivera's, death.

  40. My boyfriend loves this song. Personally, it sucks. It doesn’t even sound like Britney is signing; it sounds like an entirely different person aside from when she says her “signature phrase”. The video sucks. Recycled MK shit. Tired of it. Hah.

  41. I thought the kid in the picture above had the word Thout on his hat (now knowing it is shout). I looked up the word Thout and oddly enough via wikipedia got a strange answer:

    "Thout , also known as Tout, is the first month of the Coptic calendar. It lies between 11 September and 10 October of the Gregorian calendar. The month of Thout is also the first month of the Season of Akhet (Inundation) in Ancient Egypt, when the Nile floods historically covered the land of Egypt; it has not done so since the construction of the High Dam at Aswan.
    The name of the month comes from Thoth, the Ancient Egyptian God of Wisdom. "

    Thought this was strange especially since the all seeing eye is being displayed in his body modification. I think personally this is complete coincidence and doesn't really sell the occult aspect of it, but what are the odds?

  42. sad of this place on

    I first noticed the British Accent in the music video "Hold it against me"

    If you listen, before the song transitions into the dubstep part, she says "If I tell you I like your body, will you hold it against me?". That's what triggered my interest and investigation into this whole mess of Media signs and symbols. It stood out to me. It didn't seem normal. I feel like I've opened a can of worms, but one worth opening. Education is important.

    And now we've got another "shooter". I am ashamed of this place I live in. I am disappointed. You want your agenda to thrive, and you sacrifice BABIES for it?? I am sickened, literally. Let them burn in the fiery pits of hell. Let God punish them to the exact sins they've put upon others. I hate America. I hate living in this time, this age, and I am ready to be taken. I hope the Lord takes me, I'm ready to die. Let me be killed, I'd willingly take the shot.

  43. I saw the video and it just threw illuminati signs everywhere! Horrible! I was not surprised to see VC post this.

    Also, there's no such accent as a "British" accent. It's only English, Scottish, Irish or Welsh in the UK.

    • I'm from Ireland, republic of, and one can say 'British' accent, it usually refers to the main lands of Britain, otherwise mostly people will specify Welsh or Scottish, or northern Irish accent, but could be used as umbrella term for all. EXCLUDING republic of Ireland of course. As we are certainly not British!

  44. What's sickening is blaming the mass-murder of innocent children on an imaginary bogey-monster agenda that's really a projection of your own schizophrenic fear-mongering agenda instead of blaming it on the piece of cowardly shit that committed the act.

      • Wow. Please do some more research. the "Lone Gunman" is like conspiracy 101. Haven't you learned that appearances can be deceiveing??

    • so…u blame a person who hates the illuminati w/ having mental problems? and if u think shes fear-mongering then why do u read this site? is this site not also fear-mongering? yes it educational but most of the stuff this site says is very negative and it makes people fear. yet..i believe it to be true so to me its not fear-mongering

  45. In the image with the heads displayed as trophies, is that Jam Master Jay of the group RunDMC, whose in solved murder occurred in 2002?

  46. VC, directly to the point, like always!
    U know, I saw this clip before, and it’s impossible not to notice this stuff!
    (From Brazil)

  47. I am glad an article was written for this video, but I think Britney's presence on X-Factor should be talked about as well. Her weird faces that she's done (and still does), constantly gives one or two sentences of advise as a judge, and the fact that it just seems like she doesn't even want to be on there. I've also heard that she wears an earpiece and is told what to say, and that is coming from a celebrity news website (and this seems to make sense as she does not make any sort of discussion with the other judges, as they would with each other). I'd like hear anyone's thoughts about this.

  48. She has matured, it's possible that she is on board with toying with her own image at this point for sensationalism. Fame might be all that she has to keep her going. She might believe her value is contained in that.

  49. The 3D of his head is a 3D printer, and he's all about the new technology, and alot of his vids are about transhumanism, but it seems focused more on advances in technology for the cool factor, not predictive, just childish pandering. Also, not sure the British voice in this song is Britney's or if she just sang on the chorus, because she contributes very little.

  50. You know what? I like Britney. I used to think she was quirky, weird, and slutty. After research, it all makes sense. First, if you hear her talk, it's extremely surprising she does the slutty things she does. Then you realize she's not the creative force behind her acts. Second, her quirks are because she's been mentally destroyed to the point where she's created multiple personalities to escape reality. Third, she does weird things as acts of rebellion. That shaving her head thing was probably an "up yours" to her handlers since her blonde hair is one of her trademarks.

    I watched an interview of her. All she wants is to live a quiet life with her kids. They're not going to let that happen, though. They'll continue to exploit her until she's all used up and then kill her off.

  51. Great article! One thing that the article did not catch was the use of 666 over and over. Did you see it? It's right there in your face…a row of lights: 9 on the top and a row of 9 on the bottom…Still don't see it at 00:26 seconds?

    Check out the video:

    Count them again, but this time in columns. There are three columns each with only 6 lights in them going in sequence 666.

  52. There really is no such thing as "a British accent". What Britney does in that video is (a poor attempt at) an ENGLISH accent.

  53. As an aside, i'm awaiting your (VC) take on the Sandy Hook School. Extremely sad and it reminds me of the Dumblane Massacre. We now know what really happened there. May all the dead rest in peace.

    • Are you referring to the fact that there was a PEDOPHILE angle to the Dunblane kindergarten shooting and that the kids had been murdered because they were starting to remember and talk about the satanic ritual abuse in their COMMUNITY??

  54. When will.i.am started off with BEP their music was all about love and don't lie lyrics! Now…it's insane ! Nothing but partying and having attitude? Meanwhile poor Brit,she can't even spend time with her kids!!! But over all poor the new generation and those who is still blind to what is really going on.. Thank you VC for your articles, helping us more and more to understand and unveil the truth!
    Big warm hugs from Cayman Islands

    • Lol, BEP has never been a good/positive thing, it's dumbing down music like so much else. They made ONE song about love, Where is the love, that's it. A cliche song a lot of people could make.

      BEP sucks, and also promoted that thugs/aggressive black guys gets the white chicks, like this Britney video also does. I find it strange that NO ONE here actually dares mention this elephant in the room, not even VC touches upon this, yet I find this "urban US and UK trend" a central theme in this video. For instance, when I see that 3D print thing, I don't agree it's Will.i.am himself, I think it's supposed to be the imaginary offspring of Will.i.am and Britney, hence it's a WHITE figure, but with black facial features. The whole video smacks of propagating interracial sex and that both black men and white women should preferably mate up and forget about their race.

      All European and US white women these days thinks interracial babys are sooooooo cute, I've even met many white women myself who says so where I live. Part of the agenda of this video is to spread the destruction of white people. The so-called "Illuminati" has sided with the third world and black people, and will entice them on to bring strength to this destruction so it goes further and further. Illuminati wants whites to be almost extinct as fast as possible.


  55. As soon as I saw this video, I knew that they will repeat all these Illuminati symbolism cliches. Given the fact, that Britney's role in this "song" is so limited, it's almost weird that she appears in this video. The other case is her accent… Making it even weirder. And on the top of this, all the MKU, transhumanism and Illuminati symbolism. They didn't even try to hide — they do want the world to see. And for those, who refuse to see what's before their own eyes, those images will stay in their uncounciouss, thus providing the Illuminati symbolism will be associated subconciously with good and pleasant things. Well done, Illuminati. I'm afraid that with every day they're getting closer to what they want to achieve. People should wake up to this…

  56. Stax de Morgan on

    The golden statue in the last picture is more than reminiscent of Maria from the movie Metropolis, one of the first examples of transhumanism cum control/programming, wouldn’t you say?

    • phrases I heard, (other then evil) 1:00 No threat, 1:07 stand up beyonce jay y, 1:34 I hate y'all, 1:47 I am illusion, 2:00 and they ask you, 2:10 why lord it end it, 2:14 son of zion, 2:18 burn in the (didn't catch the last part), 2:34 burn in the bible, 3:02 I'm fizzy, 4:06 son is no whip, did any one else catch any phrases? weird huh?

  57. I just cant understand how we cannot do something. First-pray, second- speak. Im from Brazil, but I see these things. its….satan system….

  58. Rude Mechanical on

    Not Sure If Anyone Else Has Brought It Up, But Towards The End There Were Scenes Of A Burning Disco Ball Which I Believe Is A Reference To Will.I.Am's Recent Collab With Felix Da Housecat Entitled "Burn The Disco" Which Was Literally A Video Of a Girl With A Sparkly Face Spazzing Out And Then Dancing On A Stripper Pole…ANYWAY I Think That "Burn The Disco" Might Be Some Sort Of Term To Forget About The Past and The Previous Age Of Music In Order To Let A New Age Or Rebirth Of The Music Age Into The Fresh Minds Of Today. Idk Just A Thought 😛

  59. Uh Madonna did the same thing. Wasn’t she using a british personality for like a really long time?? They’re all annoying. I absolutely abhor this music/entertainment industry now of days!!

  60. I noticed all this symbolism the first time I watched this video. It's blatantly obvious if you know where to look.

    Unfortunately most of the public has no idea what these symbols mean (or the fact that they're symbols at all).

  61. Why did Britney even cast a shadow over her life in the first place? She is now having to pay the price for her intense amount of fame and fortune. I pray that she will regain her mindfulness on this matter. The definition of music has truly been distorted, and all these artists have no remorse over their music. If that is the case, why do we even bother to listen to the radio? My only source of music is Lupe Fiasco's. (: Atleast he represents for what he firmly believes in, and takes worldly matters and people's standpoints into account. Now that's what I call an exceptional artist!

  62. Ok guys, so we all know the Music Industry is evil and its artists are being used to manipulate us. Where should we go from here? What do we do now? Often these questions popped up in my mind, What can WE do about it?
    STOP buying there products, there music, When you stop buying all that crap to entertain yourself. It will definitely affect them in some ways if not many. But imagine 10,000 people didnt buy this album or this C.D. We start small, then we go BIG.

  63. I grew up listening to Beatles Floyd, Supertramp, Queen etc. These guys made great music that meant something. I think it is safe to say that Rock is most definitely dead. After reading Cathy O'briens book TRANSFORMATION OF AMERICA, about her experience as a "monarch" I wrote a rock opera about it called CRIME OF THE CENTURY THE ROCK OPERA http://www.kaimusic.net. But I really wanted to share a way out for those who want to exit this corrupt satanic "system" we live in. check out divineprovince.org and go to peace with the other side.

    • Hi Kai. To be honest, there is as much symbolism in The Beatles, Supertramp, Queen and especially Pink Floyd's music as there is in the music of today. Just higher production levels and media coverage these days. So great that you a rock opera – will check it out. :)

  64. Britney does seem better mentally though. I think she should do another season of Xfactor its really helped her, i can see her blooming. I couldnt imagine where she would be going after Femme fatal, i was worried she'd be sacrificed. I fear for her life along with Eminem especially. There's much more we need to wake up then meets the eye.

    • I don't mean to be disrespectful but "blooming" is a state of being Britney will only know once completely free and saved by Christ. What you see is 'coping". (barely)

  65. Of course they want to "scream and shout", but they can't because they are prisoners of their own minds.
    The lyrics are quite sinister if you consider the hidden meaning of this sentence…

  66. Does anybody notice the X X X?
    In the video I saw at 2:56 – three "X" s, wich is a reference to 666.

    I believe that some scenes, the balls burning on fire, they actually seems to depict people in hell ( there are some devil faces and people naked).

  67. Fifth image in VC's article "unknown hooded person" has reptilian skin and a forked snake tongue. Nice.
    I think the burning disco globe represents many things, not least our fragmented world. But, if we are together…

  68. The multiplicity symbolizes how the slave is emulated over and over throughout the population with girls who emulate the slave- which seizes the young fertile mind into a web of disillusion, and consumption. They create a monarch image and have it celebrated, then replicated and emulated throughout society. No way to authenticate a personality that buys into the public personas for an image to mimic- once on that path you keep searching the media archetypes to find yourself; to create your ideas about yourself. Media archetypes set the parameters of what is desired in media-saturated society.

  69. I see the pattern. I get the massage. Now how can we stop the violence? What's it gonna take to save these people? Realistically speaking?

    • only God can help these people really.. or a person who is trained to help them intergrate their personalities again like Fritz Springmeier…prayer is the best thing though i think

  70. Britney reminds me of one of the FemBots from Austin Powers… That shows her sex kitten programming. It truly is sad to see this because she truly has no control of her life, and no idea what is even happening to her.

  71. Patriotgirl2010 on

    I've been noticing her new perfume commercial, where they sell a two in one fragrance bottle. But all the shots of her are in variously different costumes and looks – all taken in a hallway with doors and peepholes. I think it symbolizes all the various Brit personnas in play.

  72. Not sure I buy all this Monarch stuff…first of all the song is not about enslavement its just a crap tune written and produced by Will.i.Am who is in no way in the loop I mean why would he be? Does the NWO really want Pop stars knowing the truth? Their too influential the risk of exposure too high.

    As for Britney…what do they gain from putting her under mind control? I’m sure they have enough monarch style sex slaves out of public view to satisfy their sordid desires and other needs is it not a huge risk making them celebs? They would achieve the same goals pushing the symbolism around innocent artists which I think is the more likely scenario. They’re obsessed with compartmentalisation if u don’t need to know then u don’t know.

    I think the girl is just nuts due to the general evils of the industry and I think her alternate personas are just expressive if not a case of wanting to be someone else instead of the one in the spotlight…

    • they wanna put britney in the public eye so they could make little girls everywhere like her and wanna be like her and do what she does. and of course it has worked cuz so many girls dress like her and other sexy pop stars, sleep around and think its cool, have abortions like crazy and basically just make it so the family get weakened and disintegrates like it has been happening. only a strong family can stand up to the illuminati, a strong father who guide his family etc. but…w/ all this over-sexualization, it just ruins everything w/ selfish people who dont know what commitment is. henrymakow.com

    • No, you're wrong. They want to MK the celebrities because the celbrities carry the energy of thousands of adoring fans. Think of celebs as batteries the ill-uminati are using to power their giant Luciferian torch to shine on all of us. Plus the celebrities tend to start out as MK projects and then due to the success of their programming (and talent) end up getting herded into the entertainment world. They tend to be "projects" from day-one, before they are famous.

  73. I feel sorry for Brit & many others in Hollywood who know what’s going on & can’t get help. I pray a miracle would free her and the others. But I hope Brit doesnt committ suicide waiting for help.

    Already, Trawick is removing himself as her boyfriend, going back as her money manager and she might get dumped by X Factor as well after this season.

  74. When I first heard the song, ok besides the fact that I thought it was an awful, unoriginal song and sounds like everything else at the moment, I thought, wow Britney and Will.I.am seem like to be has-beens trying to fit (or being made to) fit in again with the current pop scene.
    Besides, the fact that Britney is still riding the "Its Britney Bitch" thing, have you noticed in the video when that is written, it is with a whole bunch of crosses, "X''s emphaising something else maybe?
    And Will definitely looks "Out of it"/being controlled in the video, almost like his movements are not natural, being made to do so, like a puppet.
    Britney has a happy expression, while Will does not look happy at all. opposing/duality.

    • In the official music video:

      At 2:56, it was written "Britney Bitch!" plus three "X" s, wich is a reference to 666.

      X X X = 6 6 6

      By the way, "It's Britney Bitch" thing reminds me, some sexual programming like Beta.

  75. Someone saw the new videos that Eminem did with his friends?

    Funny in this one, we can see Adam Levine blowing is cover…(So weird that the lyrics sound anti-illuminati and his songs always talking illuminati control…)I guess that they don't really choose what they're singing in their song.

    And this one…

    If you really think about it, it says people do what you want not because they like you but because they like you're freaking bicycle.

    Interscope videos…Feel like they don't really control them.

  76. Saddens me to see this woman being stripped of her freedom,sanity,morals,and life before our eyes its just not right. than on her perfume commercial when she’s dressed as her good side/ dark personna and turns around in the back of her dress right on her back a design of the baphemet face is there. the bizzarr measurements thats being taken these days are crazy..what happened to knowing whats really going on in the world? turn off the tv and stop supporting the industries thats sucking whats left of the world dry. Free yourselfs of the bondage and governed society which only happening as so because its being allowed nomore has rights over YOUR life and if threated to take u out they helping to free u from the body u borrowing for your spirit man anyway..once u do that youll look past all the threats,secrets,lies,and falseness…… vc wonderful job everytime!! will time to time point out some things that u may forgot to or may not touched up on.

    • "turn off the tv and stop supporting the industries thats sucking whats left of the world dry"

      "than on her perfume commercial when she's dressed as her good side/ dark personna"

      Um…I LOVE irony.

  77. We need to look at ourselves and our lives and our society and really question we why do everything we do. The only way to be free is to not live by the rules society (they) dictate. To break free and break their rule and live in true and real freedom. We are so much more capable than we are perceived and led to believe, of which is exactly how they want it. And I think Britney shows the misery to which we are headed if we don’t actively dismiss their rule and live by our own independent and self sufficient ways which lead to freedom.

  78. The naked golden girl captured by will.i.am shows that once their artists are controlled they use them and then sell their bodies for profit (gold)

  79. Living in Italy. on

    Inside the video there are different times, when we see this ugly one eye symbol!
    It's incredible it's used also in many medical ads, and pubblicities!
    That's horrible!

  80. Check out the die hard trilogy and its predictive nature re 9-11. One of the underlying themes in the dialogue was "duality" (similar to transhumanism) and of course the twin towers represented duality. I mention this because of the mention above of "multiplicity" by the director. The first DH movie came out in 1988, 13 years before 9-11 (2001), the 2nd came out in 1990, 11 years before, and the 3rd came in 1995,, 6 years before 9-11. 3 months before 9-11 Timothy McVeigh was put-down (6-11-01). 9-11 and the predictive programming that announced its coming is proof that these society-altering events are planned in advance by an elite-super-society that is acting at the behest of their occult religious beliefs. We are just pawns in their eyes. I, also, believe that there may be an element of time travel involved with the way in which events are celebrated before their arrival on this timeline. These music videos are as much about predictive programming as they are symbols of the ownership of many by a select few.

  81. Question: Does having the one eye reveal on either the left or right side stand for different things? I 've seen some people who only cover a specific eye. I think there is a meaning behind which eye is covered. Can anyone elaborate or has anyone felt similar?

  82. A taste of reality on

    I just want to say Dissociation Identity Disorder does not describe Monarch Programming, it's a real disorder.There are many non celebrities who have that disorder and have never had any kind of contact with the "Illuminati".I notice that you tend to link all mental disorders to that and I think that you are suggesting that people who have these real life mental disorders are under mind control.Someone with a mental disorder can be convince that don't need to have treatment (seeing a therapist,go to group meetings, or taking meds, i.e).Often times I question myself about your appeal.It seems like you have a hidden agenda and this whole website is to throw people off from the truth being that a majority of your post are about celebrities which can push a infatuation with these so called mind controlled slaves. Just saying.

  83. I agree with a lot of the distinctions you draw Vigilant Citizen and I agree with most of you that the imagery is abundant; however, I have some qualms with the over-arching arguments you make throughout your articles. One of these is the idea of trans-humanism as a means of dehumanization. While you can draw the parallel between the two on the face of it, they are two different things. I do agree that the industry does envision a future of subservient consumers, but I have my doubts that trans-humanism is apart of the agenda and would love it if you could provide a stronger case for this. In my opinion, pop-culture is and has been a reflection of ever-changing societal values since the beginning of the medium and it is quite likely that transhumanism in music videos is merely a reflection of this. Within the technology industry, many foresee a potential singularity where humans fuse with machine and become more apart of us than they are now. Do you expect for pop-culture to turn a blind-eye to this merely because it isn't 'widely 'known or recognized? How would we have meaningful discussions about these predictions and the ramifications they may cause if people are unaware? Keeping imagery out of videos would not change the trends of the technology industry, it would merely leave people truly blind.

  84. The annoying thing is that its a silly catchy song and will play in ones head over and over again, God help us these people are really up to no good. Britney has really lost it and i really feel sorry for her sons. I hope that she has not given their souls to you know who????? VC I visted dailymail some time back and saw Chris Brown's pictures in Amsterdam and they were really realy disturbing….

    His please dont judge me video is also kind of wierd, he dies in it does that mean that he is like born into their world like officially now or what?????

  85. the robotic hand is pretty sad, they are suggesting that Britney is their little robot, that she is dehumanized and not worthy of the dignity of a human being. why do these evil people choose evil – they have no taste, they have none of the good things that people can be. very sickening. Britney's voice is often techno'd up like a robot. Somtimes, for example in Hold it against me, she will sing in repitition of a single word or not even finish the word, like "na na na na noooow". As if she is forced to record music in the studio, hinting on how they control her? Good possibility. Come to think of it, in Toxic Britney had 3 different personas. Gimme More there was a blonde britney and a dark haired britney. Ai I feel sick now every time I see her on Tv OR in music. Seems like a sweet person, in the grips of such evil. :(

  86. You forgot something in this article.

    At 3:23 and 3:31 you can see Will.I.Sucks the ass on a car. If you have eyes you can see the vehicle doors open, bringing to the singer a kind of wing, appearing as an Angel of technology.

  87. Has anyone been noticing lately how in songs like these they'll often flash the lyrics (as simplistic as they are) as text in the video, just in case you didn't pick them up. Seems like a pretty effective mind control technique to me, or at least a good way to dumb down the masses in that it requires absolutely no mental effort to take it all in. It's something I'll be keeping an eye out for in future 'musical' exploits by these talented and creative minds. Not to mention will.I.am's stupid iphone camera thing that I'm sure he (or his handlers) make millions out of.

  88. I don’t think anybody can ruin music. Music bonds us together and something we all relate to. Now MAYBE what you say is true, but it’s only the video that’s the problem, not the music. And they don’t have control on how the video looks like, that’s a different department. It’s just stress. Now I’m prepared for people to disagree with me, but in the end, they’re all opinions.

  89. I wrote a little something up about the usage of Jean Michel Basquiat's artwork in the video… There are some other entries on my blog about the usage of Basquiat in illuminati media. Check it out!


    PS – I think there is something to the chant at the beginning of the song… "oh, we owe, we owe, we owe" … it's like they're instructing the millenial generation (burdened with ridiculous student loan debt) to just forget about their financial enslavement and drown their sorrow in alcohol …. as opposed to wisen up and fight the system.

  90. Basic Human Rights on

    You know the carrier frequencies they use vary between people. It will only take a detector to make them accountable to the law.

  91. I LOVE Britney…i have since i was 9
    But the Britney i see now is not that sweet fun full of life girl anymore.
    You can tell that she is under MK-Ultra
    She looks so old for a 31 year old…
    All i want to see is that she gets rest and enjoys her sons
    But thats not going to happen her
    handlers are ALREADY planning a new album for 2013!
    Thesr people are going to milk her for all she has until there is no more BRITNEY SPEARS :(

    Even bloggers that love Britney seem to be in on all it…if you know breatheheavy.com you know thathe designs disturbing graphics of Britney with her wired up and even monarch butterflies….
    And this is supposed to be a HUGE Britney fan?
    I just want to see her free
    I think all of her fans would too….even if it means no albums for years

    • em all the orgies, the drugs, the booze, the pregnancies have taken their toll. If you lived the same lifestyle, do you think you'd look better than her. She's lucky to be alive.

  92. Amy Winehouse was also killed I hear, people say why was Amy so bad? Perhaps she made a deal with Satan when she had nothing and regretted or thought “fuck it” coz she knew what was coming.
    As for Britney I hope she pulls away from is but I think she is a dead girl walking sadly.. Her parents seem part of the control structure as well.

  93. Will I Am sold out after he did the song “where is the love” his mantra has been “do what though will” since…

  94. Hi there,

    Just a little observation I noticed in the video;

    The "all eyes on us" phrasing is pretty self-evident, reminding us of the Orwellian era we are currently living in.

    The catchy part " you are now now rocking with Will.I.Am, and Britney Bitch…"

    "Britney Bitch" is an acronym for….yep you guessed it… Big Brother


  95. I´ve always had this doubt about how can these music video clips can affect someone if one don´t even understands what´s all about. It´s like watching a very local cultural event that you do not belong. It won´t affect you. Without context it´s only images with no sense at all….like listening to japanese

  96. I don’t know if anyone else noticed but there were a good chunk of visuals of a flaming ball which I know from Jay Z’s “On to the Next One” is negatively symbolic.

  97. Have you checked out Alicia Key's video 'brand new me'?
    You can see the symbolism in the video and lyrics, same with 'girl on fire'

  98. You know, the one thing I disagree with VC on is that they aren't "hiding" the symbols under the guise of trendiness/fashion/style. They're actually trying to MAKE them stylish. That way they catch on and propagate themselves through the masses, without further effort on the part of the elite. That way, even the uninitiated surround themselves with these symbols in their daily lives, not just through media.

  99. The Crown on Will's head symbolizes the despot coming if he is not already crowned behind the scenes…. There is also a part in the video at about 3:09 mark where there are three male dancers and they raise their hands into the see no evil… speak no evil… hear no evil signs.

  100. Can anybody tell me if the yellow, three-dotted face between the two vinyl records at 4:17 means anything?

    It looks a little creepy, perhaps some Indigenous or African god. Or not.

    Just curious.

    • It's about much more. Black men and white women hooking up in clubs all over the western world, for instance, while white men sit at home playing World of Warcraft, Call of Duty or watching porn. Just to mention one thing it was about.

  101. I think Will.I.Am was trying to go for a Benny Benassi sound but executed it in a poor manner.

    The accents in songs is nothing new. Look at Madonna, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, etc. All sing with fake accent and no one says anything about it.

  102. yep, Britney is unfortunately stuck, the only way out is through suicide, and the poor girl can't take a dump without supervision.

    I pray she gets some kind of freedom soon

  103. An extra layer could be the references to A Clockwork Orange, the triangle, the eye… A totalitarian regime of the beat (by Dre).

  104. I actually like this song but when i heard it and saw the video it clicked!! Must be mind control and all those symbols hmmm Poor thing!

  105. meh….if you are gonna base this off the British accent,,those in the know aka her fans will let you know that she has been doing the British accent since she was a kid as she was trying to mimic her British grandmother.There are some videos of her as a kid doing the accent saying she likes how her grandma talks.I wont comment on everything else, but im just pointing out that the accent isnt definitive proof of anything really

  106. I was hoping this would be touched on, but I’ll make note of it.

    Since Britney sings the hook with a British accent, the lyric “All eyes on us” phonetically sounds like “All lies on us”, which seems rather ironic given the deception of Monarch programming.

  107. Wow, I just watched the vid and what struck me was I expected it to be more high energy or at least more amped up during the chorus of "Scream & Shout" but the whole thing seemed mesmerizing and hypnotic… All the singing seemed monotoned and lulling…. Very weird…. Not what I expected from the title of the song, so robotic…

  108. This person in a hood that crashes into the wall also looked reptilian (with scales on) and also the weird women without a face thing with an ax smashing a "globe" that looks like earth, accept it's a golden colour, and you also see this globe that becomes Will.I.AM's head and it's on fire, maybe symbolizing his mind being destroyed and at the same time symbolizing collective global mind/consciousness being destroyed and under control.

  109. Here you can hear the song in reverse: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBMU_3URrkg

    These are some of the lyrics I made a note of:

    "Surely evil
    oh evil evil, evil evil
    honey as you violent
    … music… my lord
    evil evil, evil evil
    honey as you violent…
    evil evil evil evil….
    perfect perfect, perfect perfect
    me and you on and on and on
    “I”, “I” evil! {or}
    “eye”, “eye” evil!
    surely evil
    honey as you violent music
    zoro's eye lord {or}
    osiris is our lord…
    purely evil
    I listen to it
    …violent…. violent, violent,
    surely evil
    evil evil evil evil"

  110. Anyone else notice that they sample "Gimme More" – the song that when lipsynced on the VMA's, it showed the cracks in whatever Britney Spears was growing through? Seems like they're proud of dragging her through it,

  111. At about 2:08 in the Scream and Shout music video, will.i.am. shows the back of his jacket to the camera and then points back to it. The design on his back is a leopard print design..which he's pointing to..which is maybe a reference to the "leopard print" used in Kitten Programming?? Maybe….hmm….

  112. Britney's eyes look weird in this video….
    These things are really frightening. Thank God I don't listen to this kind of music anymore and I don't watch their videos… People have to wake up!!!

  113. I think 1 thing u lot havent noticed is at the begininng (sry bout my english) there is a part where will.i.am is in a computer screen and next to him r tabs of monarch butterflies?

  114. I'll never forget one time I was reading this article about Britney and how she confronted her mom and said "How could you do that to me when I was only 14 years old" or "How could you make me do that/ let them do that to me"? I don't know her exact words but words to the effect that her mom got her or let her get involved in something at the age of fourteen. And I have always wondered what she meant by that.

  115. Having just watched this video for the first time i noticed a few other references in there relating to Britney's apparent Monarch status.
    Watching the official Vevo on youtube
    at 2:07 there is a brief glimpse of the back of a dancers jacket which is covered in gems in a leopard print pattern this is the same dancer who "throws out" multiple Britney's at 2:01
    at 2:23 and again at 2:44 Britney has a blue colored neon light dissecting her face, depicting her MPD perhaps?
    The robotic hand is called an 'i-limb ultra' possibly a reference to MK Ultra?

    so yeah… think about it.

  116. true crusader on

    Has anyone mentioned that Britney was once a Disney Mouseketeer?, in reference to Disney being a powerful tool in helping condition MK ultra subjects? not a coincidence I'm sure

  117. Botto Scribbly on

    Anyone notice the words on the robot arm? It is blatantly chosen to look like "MK ULTRA". The product name for the prosthetic robot arm is the "i-Limb Mb ULTRA". However, only the portion showing "Mb' ULTRA" is visible, and it is clear that the Mb' is meant to look like an MK.

  118. Giasone Veneto on

    She'll be 27 this year (2013)? Don't "THEY" usually "suicide" some of these people at that age? May The Lord have mercy on that poor child and save her poor soul BEFORE those devils do her in like they did to Amy W.

  119. Although its not something new that she’s a puppet, the alterations of her life are a real eye-opener, especially her personality.

    But yeah, the same fate awaits britney once “they” are done with her

  120. The screamer on

    lol. You are funny. It all goes on and on and on about MONEY. no one cares who the illuminate are and if they exist. But the more people like you moan and try to find fault with things like music videos the more attention they get and therefore MONEY!!!

    Wait!! Let me draw a triangle!! Yep I'm part of the illuminate and I want you brains!!! Follow me slaves!!!! lol. Get a job and analyse that.

  121. The new naked victim is probably Farrah Abraham, she got paid very hefty for that porno she did and now she has endorsement deals coming from all over, and she's young, its the perfect combination lol

  122. I feel so bad for Britney. Her mother FORCED her into the industry when she was a young girl. Who knows, maybe she even sacrificed her. THEY changed Britney. If you look at pictures from 1998/1999, and look at pictures of her at her prime, it looks like a different person. They turned her into a barbie doll. Britney never wanted to do this in my opinion. In 2007/2008 she TRIED to free herself and unfortunately it failed. When she shaved her head, she said it was because she was tired of people touching her and telling her what to do and tired of having things plugged into her head. About a year after that, she was taken to the "hospital" to be treated for "mental illness". If you look at videos of her being taken there, you can see her screaming "Help!" Then when they wheel her into the hospital, she looks scared and looks at the photographers and the cameras with a look that screams "help". After she was released from the hospital, all of a sudden she goes blonde again and releases a new album looking as if nothing ever happened. It's like they re-programmed her or something. If you look at her now, you can see how sad she is. Her eyes look dead. When she's onstage, she looks like she is forced to perform. She doesn't smile or anything. It's so sad. People see her as a whore because that's what the industry turned her into. I hope she knows that there are people who know the truth. I wish nothing but the best for you Britney.

  123. I feel so bad for her. I wish we can help her. Stop this mind controlling crap once and for all.
    She says, "It's Britney Bitch" isn't that what she says in her song Gimme More? The same timing of her "mental breakdown" I think they are trying to make her relive it or make us remember it.

    One question that I'm not sure of.. The timing of her breakdown, was that when she realized that she was being controlled? It got me thinking because right after the video Circus came out, she suddenly rocketed back to being at the top. I think now shes back into being controlled.. but my question, was she ever out of it, like escaped for a while?

  124. I just did some research;

    The date this video came out was November 28th 2012. The AMAs where Taylor swift performed "I knew you were trouble" (the ritual) I think she (Taylor Swift) is that mannequin that Will.i.am captures at the end of the video..
    What do you guys think?

  125. This was a good article, but its funny I would have brought up different points. Like the head on the table, how it is split in several pieces. Also, the multiple images of Brittany and Will.I.Am is just like the super bowl this year with Beyonce…she had "doubles" dancing behind her that looked just like her. I wonder if we are going to start to see more of that in coming videos. I guess part of mass media is to "train" the public to accept a new form of "normal" Normal is whatever society decides it is….STAY AWAKE everybody! and Thank you for this website!

  126. This is what I always wonder, are these songs written from the programmed artists as a way to express their traumas, or are these songs suppose to be messing with our minds as well. Probably a little of both. I personally "like" this song, as does my 4 year old son. We both get the song stuck in our heads. He will just start singing it out of the blue on a quiet car ride. Whenever a pop song has that affect on me, or now on my son, I always, stop and think about it. Listen carefully to the words, and look at the music video. Of course I wasn't surprised to find all the Mk ultra symbolism in the video. It’s so blatant, when you tell people they just think you are looking to far into it, but the symbols are clearly there…what I want to know is WHY…what is the intention….are we also getting some type of mass brainwashing when we listen to these songs? What about when we watch these videos?

  127. If you pay attention, the video segment where the "prize" heads appears, its all the dancers and Will.I.AM not Britney, perhaps they are portraying Britney as transitioning into a handler, she is the one introduced, introductions are reserved for more important and powerful individuals always. Also, she looks playful but in the lyrics he's the one saying that he feels better when with her and not the other way around, rendering her power the powerful will always dress themselves as the humble, innocent and vulnerable, but will always let you know who's in charge, after all, when she's introduced in the video, it is her that says her name, not him. Also, it gives him, thus whoever sings the song the sense he's controlling Britney, when in fact she's the one with the head prizes and she's the one that makes HIM, thus whoever sings it, feel better and when not around they feel down. Maybe she's transitioning to handler. And if you pay attention to his hat, he has the fangs on the cap very much like a guard dog, the kind of dogs that obey orders and guard their owner. She comes across as a dominatrix under total control. When you see him choosing the program, he actually looks in trance as if automatically selecting a program, but not for her, for him. She looks in total control and her eyes look very much aware unlike him. He appears on the video to what would be her right side, her right hand, her assistant, while appearing to us to the left side of the screen representing darkness and danger, and making her look less of a threat. While Britney is the one holding the two fire balls on her hands, representing power, he is burning inside one of the balls she was holding, clearly he is not the one on power, he's under her power, her grip. She also appears on a pedestal several times, a completely white platform that makes it seem as she's elevated on air, he doesn't. He is the one that follows her. And she always appears alone, because the brief second the guy appears to the right of the screen writing, he doesn't even seem to be in the same space as she is and is facing the wall, writing, worshiping her. Will. I. AM on the other hand has not one but three versions of his head as a trophy, on a shared space with the dancers. He's the one using the golden sleeve on his right arm, he is the one been cyber printed, not her. I think they are introducing Britney as a new handler, ascending like Madonna.

  128. GreekRevolutioner on

    That's a very good article…I think that you should write about Radioactive of Imagine Dragons though….

  129. british accent is Mona Lisa her alter as british diva. look for her song Mona lisa that came out after the breakdown….

  130. Did anyone else notice that the limb is labeled “ultra”? I can’t make out the first word, but it could be “numb”? The last two letters are “mb”, I can tell that much. Anyone else think that’s odd? Especially if the director said the video is supposed to be “what the song is about reduced to symbols”!

    Also, the gold statue almost looks like an Oscar award to me. And he is standing with roses in his hand, like you would give to someone if they won an award. Anyone else see the similarity?

    Keep up the great work!

  131. Limb Ultra? That seems like maybe a correlation to MK Ultra. Printing a blank wax human.
    This video is so subtle, but as it went I started to feel uneasy. There is an aggression that builds up in the video. Not a typical party-feel, more threatening.

  132. Did anyone notice that on the robots glove/hand the world ULTRA is written, when he holds the humans hand? Looks like it says 'himb ultra' MK ULTRA. Geez, why don't they just come and knock on the door and just takes us, its so obvious.

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