Super Bowl 2013 Recap: The Illuminati Agenda Continues



The 2013 Super Bowl featured the Sandy Hook chorus, Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, a whole bunch of advertisements and, oh yeah, a football game. While things were not as overt and in your face as last year’s half time show/celebration of Great Priestess Madonna, there were nevertheless a a lot of Illuminati Agenda-pushing going on. Here’s a recap of the noteworthy elements that occurred in the 2013 Super Bowl, the TV event of the year.

The Sandy Hook Chorus


Jennifer Hudson sings with the Sandy Hook Chorus … a group that was NOT created by the young kids that are part of it.

As described in my recent article, Sandy Hook Survivors Are Made to Sing “Over the Rainbow” to Commemorate the Shooting, children that survived the shooting are currently being used in all kinds of media events. A few weeks ago, they recorded Over the Rainbow (an MK-Ultra trigger song) and were made to perform on live television. For the Super Bowl, the Sandy Hook Chorus was sent to New Orleans to sing before 70,000 spectators and millions of TV viewers. Why? Why do we keep bringing this horrible shooting to the center stage? To remind people that “gun control is good”? Isn’t it very sad and ironic that these kids must sing America the Beautiful after witnessing a horrible massacre, one that might have been caused by a mind-controlled patsy? Why are these kids being booked and flown to all kinds of nerve-wrecking mass media events? Is this still part of their “healing process”? Why are they being mixed with the Illuminati entertainment industry? Shouldn’t they be home with their friends and families instead of being under the spotlight? The exploitation of their image is rather unsettling.

The performance was led by an industry-favorite, Jennifer Hudson –  aka the “new Whitney Houston” – who is always chosen to perform in important occasions. Hudson also survived a strange and terrible tragedy, with the triple-murder of her mother, brother and nephew in 2008.

The Half Time Show

The best word I can use to describe the half-time show is “Beyoncé-ish”. It was like, sooooo Beyoncé. After “singing” (kinda) at the Obama inauguration, Beyoncé was again the star of a major event. No need to say that she’s an industry favorite, a figure-head of the Illuminati music industry. As described in several articles on this site, the symbolism in her work clearly indicates who she is working for. While her half time show was not the big, pharaonic occult display of Madonna’s 2012 show, we still witnessed the mind-control symbolism that is usually part of Beyoncé’s material.

The entire show focused on duality and the multiplying of personalites, two concepts that are extremely important in Monarch mind control (read the article Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control if you don’t know what I’m talking about).

The first and most visible cue to the concept of duality and alter-personas is the stage itself which consists of two faces that somewhat look like Beyoncé.

The stage is made up of two faces facing each other, an image evoking duality and multiple personalities.

The stage is made up of two faces mirroring each other, an image evoking duality and multiple personalities.

The first part of the show contained a combination of symbols and visual effects that refer to the concepts of duality and multiple personalities.

At the beginning of "Baby Boy", Beyonce is in front of a black and white background (a representation of duality). Through video effects, she then "multiplies herself".

At the beginning of “Baby Boy”, Beyoncé dances in front of a black and white background (a representation of duality). Through video effects, she then “multiplies herself”.

More play with black and two white silhouettes (alters personas?).

Here we see one black silhouette (which is Beyoncé, the “core” personality) and two white silhouettes (alters personas?).

The two white silhouettes turn into real human Beyonce look-a-likes who dance with her for a while, amidst confusing effects. The blurring between reality and illusion is a focal point of mind control and is aptly displayed here. At one point, the look-a-likes disappear.

The two white silhouettes turn into real human Beyoncé look-a-likes who dance with her for a while. We then see a lot of lights flashing and confusing effects, making us wonder who is the real Beyoncé. The blurring between reality and illusion is a focal point of mind control and is aptly displayed here.

Even the saxophone girl has the theme of duality plastered all over her.

Even the saxophone girl, with her Masonic checkerboard pattern dress, conveys the concept of duality.

At one point, the screen behind Beyoncé displays the classic symbol representing the fracturing of personalities, one that is almost ALWAYS part of MK-themed narratives.

The screen that displayed alter personas and dualistic patterns shatters with a loud shattering noise, a symbol indicating the fracturing of persona in MK symbolism.

The screen that displayed alter personas and dualistic patterns shatters (emphasized with a loud sound effect), a symbol indicating the fracturing of persona in MK symbolism.

The first part of the show was therefore all about duality and multiple Beyoncés. Then, the group Destiny’s Child was randomly brought back from the late-90s to sing along with one of Beyoncé’s solo hits. During Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It), Beyoncé briefly flashes a hand sign – one that readers of this site probably already know all too well. This gesture generated a lot of media attention.


Beyonce flashing the “ROC” hand sign.

Quite a few mainstream websites such as Yahoo! and Huffington Post published articles about this hand sign, asking if Beyoncé was “flashing an Illuminati symbol”. These articles however all come to the same conclusion: Beyoncé was doing the ROC sign to shout-out her husband’s label (duuuh) and everyone who thinks otherwise is a moron. Many of the articles then provide a quick, half-assed recap of what the Illuminati is, making sure to distort many facts to make the whole thing seem completely idiotic. This trend is becoming increasingly appearent on the web and mass media.

I admit that the mainstream sources are right: This hand sign is indeed the “ROC sign”. But here’s my question to these “journalists”: Where does the ROC sign come from? What does it represent? Why does a label named Roc-A-Fella (a nod to the Rockefellers, one of the most powerful Illuminati elite families) uses a triangle hand sign to represent itself? How about going a little further than the obvious superficial answer for a change, mainstream media?

The ROC hand sign refers to the All-Seeing Eye within a triangle, the ultimate Illuminati symbol.

The ROC hand sign refers to the All-Seeing Eye within a triangle, the ultimate Illuminati symbol.

In Judaism, the gesture is known as Kohanim hands or Priestly Blessing. It is depicted on 18th Century grave.

In Judaism, the gesture is known as Kohanim hands Priestly Blessing. It is depicted here on 18th Century grave.

The hand sign is not random. It signifies something and flashing it during the Super Bowl tells a lot about who is running the show.

Also, to respond to the ridiculous claims of those mainstream articles: No, Beyoncé and Willow Smith are not IN the Illuminati. They are USED by the Illuminati-owned music industry to push an elite agenda. Pop artists are pawns who signed a contract binding them to the elite and requiring them to do their bidding. Most readers of this site know this already, but there is growing push in mainstream media to discredit “conspiracy theories” by writing stuff like “Look at these idiots who think that Beyonce is part of an 18th century secret society”.

Anyhow, let’s look at the rest of the Super Bowl.

Lights Out

During the 3rd quarter of the football game, half of the lights go out. It was caused by a mysterious “anomaly” that caused the system to shut down.


Considering the Illuminati sub-text of the event, I cannot help but think about the occult pseudo-meaning of having half of the stadium basking in light and having the other half being in darkness. I am not saying this happened on purpose, but it is still an interesting synchronicity. One thing is for sure, the “glitch” energized the 49ers, who scored a few touchdowns and got back in the game. All of a sudden, this lost cause became interesting and the fourth quarter was rather … thrilling. Apparently, Mercedes-Benz knew that would happen.

This Mercedes-Benz magazine ad was eerily correct.

This Mercedes-Benz magazine ad was eerily correct.

While the ad seemingly refers to the fourth quarter of the fiscal year, the literal meaning of the ad is still perplexing, considering what happened at the game.

If we combine this ad with the one I described in The 2013 Mercedes Super Bowl Commercial and its Occult Message, one can at least say that Mercedes-Benz brought a lot of strangeness to the SuperBowl.

In Conclusion

While things were somewhat more subdued and abstract in this year’s SuperBowl (versus the 2012 edition), there were still many elements that went right along the Agendas described on this site. When we combine all of the elements together, we realize that there’s a common and reoccurring theme going on, one that points directly to the “hidden hand” of the Illuminati and its many Agendas.

The mass media coverage of Beyoncé’s Illuminati hand sign, also reflects a new trend: Mass media are now directly addressing, discrediting and ridiculing “conspiracy theories” (I hate that term) in order to make sure that people do not start thinking too much about the strange things they are witnessing on TV. Media coverage of Sandy Hook also followed that trend as several TV personalities went on air to “debunk” the theories. Fortunately for the powers that be, most people still teared up when they saw the Sandy Hook chorus standing in the middle of the SuperDome, singing about how America is beautiful. Yes, America is beautiful, but the elite that run it, and who exploit people’s lives and emotions to push their own Agenda, is most definitely not.

Oh yeah, and the Ravens won the game.




  1. I didnt even watch the superbowl but on the daily mail website theres a whole ARTICLE on the faces beyonce makes during her performance

    that woman is creepy. girls in my school keep raving on about her and how awesome a mother she is. i dont care what anyone says a mother who does this crap and has a baby is not a good mother in my books.

    swear down, that beyonce girl is evil.

    • Beyonce is freaking me out more than usual lately. She's coming here in Summer for a concert and there's an advert running on TV at the minute and it's so off, it's genuinely uncomfortable to watch. Full of MK stuff. My Mum even sent me a message tonight to say she couldn't watch that ad, it made her feel weird. It's the O2 preview sales ad if anyone's in the UK or Ireland. Definitely "Sasha Fierce", not Beyonce.

    • i totally agree, i didnt watch the superbowl either but out of interest to see her symbolism my 16 yr old daughter and i watched the performance. I couldnt even watch it all the way through to me she looked so wickedly possessed. Not just the faces she made, (although yes they were very creepy same with the dancing ) but her eyes and everything looked different. She looked like a straight up demon if you ask me. Wether you know about the illuminati or not, I dont see how anyone could still be a fan after that creepy show. My daughter said some other kids liked it, but she also said ALOT of kids were posting BEYONCE-ILLUMINATI in response to the ones who liked it. I'm glad to see so many young people are seeing through the decption, because it is definately your generation they want to target the most-same way hitler did

    • Google "beyonce gone with the wind fabulous". In the video the interviewer asks kelly the question, and an aloof drunk acting totally out of it beyonce butts in and slurs out a real housewives of atlanta quote. She was so mk ultrad up. If all these other celebs have more than one persona (demon), then B has more than just Sasha. Fitting that there is more than one shadow….

      • and she also seems to say "it was fierce, honey", i had to replay it a couple of times to get it and even in the comments they refer to that. whatever, i didn't like her from the start when she was not super-exposed, now i just feel sad for her and the innocent child they will make a puppet too in the future…

      • She says in the video, and i quote, "she doesn't honestly remember any of it" and "she was in another Zone" I mean can they be any more obvious?!

      • Do you believe in God Sevan? Just wondering after listingting to your livestreams (all of them). I am a little confused if you believe in a greater power. Thank you.

    • last time i check she wasn't shooting up schools or bombing world trade centers..
      U call a woman that has done nothing but do her job as an entertainer evil.. yet i don't hear u saying
      jerry sundawsky or those priest evil for sleeping with young boys.. smfh

      • Evil is evil I don't care who it coming from your response your very blinded u must be one of those people that love beyonce while God is love and he is truth..but the love u have her blind

    • Gilbert Mel Jim on

      I have a question for you all : is it true that a jewish conspiracy exists? some say YES, some say NO.
      And i am very confused.

      Are all The Illuminati Jewish?

      Thank You

      Gilbert Mel Jim.

      • We are clueless. Some of them are into it and some aren't I suppose. The issue with Jews -and I say it very calmly as they are humans like everyone else and they deserve mercy- is they are quite often obsessed with banknotes, businesses and power. Hence they assume everyone is jealous of the wealth/power/whatever they own and yes there is some jealousy involved, I cannot deny it as I heard some revealing their jealousy towards Jews. Despite the fact that they reckon everyone is jealous of them, be sure it's not always the case. I am quite jealous of people who have no care of such things, they have plenty of self-restraint, they are positive, mild, patient, calm, avoid compromises, forgiving, pleasant etc. Others consider those qualities weaknesses and others strengths. Now who is in the wrong or not is another story. We can't be all the same, or want the same things, or have the same expectations or ambitions. Diversity is good.

      • Being honest it might. The hand symbol though might be a holy sign that the illumiati turned into an evil one. The nazis did that with the swastika. The illuminati isn't jewish though I don't want to say they worship satan(even though some do) but they don't worship god like other religions. Its more like they want to be god. I read up on the group and it says they have people of all faiths if its true then I guess some could be jewish.

      • Psychic Paradox on

        They are not all necessarily Jewish, although some may be… that is a secret society that does not even recognize religion per se, or culture, or race…. so it doesn't really matter to them, although some groups may use that potential or 'racism' and prejudice to their advantage, like if someone is pointing out any truths, a certain group may say that they are being 'racist' or 'Anti-Semitic to steer away from the truth….

      • anti-semitic is an old boring one, because if someone is anti-semitic hates Arabs as well as Jews. Arabs and Jews are really cousine, don't they come from Shem?

      • They come from the sons of Abraham – The Jews from Isaac and the Arabs from Ishmael. Semitic means Middle Eastern, so you are right, if a person is Anti Semitic, they dont like anyone of Middle Eastern descent.

      • I wouldn't call it a Jewish conspiracy. But there is a Zionist conspiracy. Look at the history of the creation of the Zionism and the creation of the state of Israel.
        But in regard to Jews and the Illuminati, they are just one of many ethnicities involved.
        That being said, look no further than this website for the sinister site of the Israeli supreme court building and rothschilds' involvement in it. And since most regard the Rothschilds as being the richest family in the world then its not a stretch to think that the power and wealth they hold puts them at the top of the Illuminati pyramid.

    • Let's be clear about the hand gesture: it is the sign for Manifestation. With the plethora of machinations that are standard in today's media, it should also be considered INfestation…and by all accounts, infestation is never a good thing. This is a reply for all to see, not intended for sophie directly…

    • Psychic Paradox on

      I never really cared for her or was impressed…. (I just don't see it… and that goes double for her husband, I don't even know what any of his music sounds like! (And don't care to know…). Although I will admit I have3 listened to some of Beyonce's music… but it's more of observation – not just plain listening… anyway, she just doesn't appeal to me somehow overall… she is so ubiquitous… (everywhere)…

    • I saw the pictures on the dailymail website's article, and yes they are very disturbing. Obviously what people say about sasha fierce being a possessing demon is true.

    • Sophie, calling someone "evil" who is a BIO-BOT, or a MIND CONTROLLED ROBOT is inaccurate. I lived with a MK victim for 3 horrid weeks. Dealing with a MULTIPLE is frustrating at best, and debilitating, and dangerous at worst. These Monarchs know NOT what they do, as one personality does nor remember what the others are doing, or saying. The Hells Angels were part of this woman's control structure, and they were at my home twice threatening me. That was the dangerous part. The cops did ZERO about it also, showing their collusion.

    • she is a strong, talented, and respected woman. and i think she is a great and empowering role model for young girls at least as an entertainer. I think she's definitely doing a better job than most female popstars out there.

      Seems to me like you have some backwards views towards women who are strong, hard-working, and express themselves freely….

      • Callmewonderful on

        Beyonce!? An Empowering Roll model you say!? First of all, are u serious? Hmmm, let's see now, lemme try to see if I can sift through her trail of TRASH and try to find something positive…..

        hmmm, hold up, I'm still thinking.

        Ummm NOPE, I found nothing but a narcissist with a very limited vocabulary, makes me ashamed of Houston, Tx, because no one I know talks that way, a bunch of half naked performances, filthy sexually oriented on-stage gyration, most songs about a man.

        I can't seem to find any songs about a struggle, or something positive , to "empower girls/women". Wow! But listen to Alicia Keys, Ledisi, Lauren Hill and the list can go on, YAASS, those sisters will get u going, that's empowerment. You really have to be careful who you let into your life.

        NAW, the self titled KING B. is not it. Not for my girls, women Beyonce's age have even out grown her.

  2. great post! i love when B said "put your hands up, i wanna feel your energy!" …she felt it alright! and took it with her after the show lmao too funny! and its kinda creepy with the ad that 1/2 of the 2013 is on only 1/2 is lit.. very interesting…

    • that's true she did do that! I thought that was weird too but I didn't put it together with the lights going out. hahaha anyway, I was busy about my house while it was on so I only caught glimpses of her bizarre show… she looked possessed and it actually startled me for a few seconds.

    • It was extremely weird.., im starting to think maybe energy fuels some of their santanic rituals and when she talked about energy many fans were putting up roc signs

      • Yea just having millions of ppl watch her demonic performance feeds energy to the demons they worship. I knew exactly where she was getting at when se said, " i want to feel your energy." I regret not saying a prayer to Jesus for protection. Really I shouldn't have even watched the show and she did look pocessed. That wasn't beyonce performing that wa sasha fierce.

      • Of course she wants. She thinks that she's better than everyone else. Arrogant woman, you can't blame her as such though as she is a household name and wealthy to another level. Difficult to keep yourself grounded when from nobody you become somebody. Maybe most individuals would have the same attitude in this case.

    • truthseeker2013 on

      I also want to know if the black/white theme also has something to do with The Black Awakening that I have just read about? It has something to do with end times programming whee all types of weord stuff like this performance unleashes all types of things from MK types who have alien abduction programming, lone gunman shooting sprees and there is a whole body of information I couldn't understand that is about to bring about the one world theme and a super computer Big Bertha/The Beast. The media is now monitoring our reactions to the early stage of how the ay we live now is being dismantled while we are distracted by the collapse of our current economic infrastructures.

    • Child of Isis on

      usually when people are performing you can tell by the energy of the audience if they like you are not. I'm a dancer an when i perform and started to clap to signal the crowd to clap and get pumped; theres nothing demonic about that

    • Sports and celebrities are the same thing; bullshit distractions and rituals designed to mock you. The show couldn't be ruined, it was shit to begin with.

      • well im sorry sports are bullshit to you i play sports so mind you theyre not shit maybe you dont have a proactive life and just sit and slam on people i enjoyed the superbowl it was a distraction for me people need distractions to release stress built throughout the day and people like you

      • It's the "we're going to pay you millions of dollars [or a considerable amount more than the average salary] for doing nothing that actually contributes positively to the well being of society" version of sports being spoken of.

        So the Superbowl, along with amount of money made by the number of people being sex trafficked in, and how much they paid Beyonce to perform, how much the tickets cost, how much the commercials paid for cost, how much the players and coaches were paid, etc all tie into that. It's an incredible splurge of money that didn't really benefit anyone. In fact, it probably hindered the prostitutes because they're expected to service even more clients during the Superbowl than usual.

        Largely, no one relates high school sports or sports played for fun, for example, to distractions and rituals. But as for your saying people 'need' distractions… well, that's just disturbing.

    • Stellar Rotation on

      Sports figures ARE celebrities as well. Don't think for a moment that they're popularity cannot be used to push the NWO agenda

  3. leave those kids alone!!! though they seem to be basking in the spotlight – they just don't know any better.
    beyonce… ::cringe::

  4. Sucks, what does football have to do with the sandy hook tragedy? shame on them and the parents that put their kids on the spot light. But everyone here on VC already knows what's up their dirty sleeve…

      • Psychic Paradox on

        That's good, a reference to 'Eyes Wide Shut' another total 'Illuminnati' film…. their 'hird eye wide shut.'

      • When I watched the film 'eyes wide shut', I honestly though to myself 'how bizarre'. Everyone is mental in this movie? My depression kicked in by watching it. I didn't get the end though, how come the mask was discovered on the doc's pillow? His wife's role was quite confusing. What's your take?

    • Don't you remember U2 worked a tribute to 9/11 into the halftime show in 2002? I believe they did Where the Streets Have No Name, and had a huge scrim with the names of all the victims scrolling. So, it's definitely been done before, tying national tragedy to Super Bowl.

  5. The illuminati really seems to be growing stronger and stronger.With the Sandy Hook choir we can clearly see that they now control everything and anything!

    • I don't know if they're growing stronger. They're just growing more emboldened and blatant, shoving it in our faces so that even the mainstream media is now forced to address it in their own skeptical way.

    • Strong? No they are being revealed more and more. More people are coming awake! More people are noticing it now more than ever.
      They will eventually lose their power, but first the zombies must wake up.

    • I think they're showing themselves more often instead of becoming more powerful. If they seem stronger then you and more in control then they can easily convince you to do what they want you to do. I'm not saying they're weak but I'm saying don't overestimate their power

      • Psychic Paradox on

        Like the story they always like to tout 'The Wizard of Oz' we have to 'pay no attention to the man behind the curtain' becausebhe may seem all big and pwoerful, but he is really a small man trying to look big… that right there describes the 'Ills'as I like to call them sometimes…

      • Psychic Paradox on

        It's hard to type on here, so excuse the typos… can't tell where the cursor is often…

    • MissFunnyBunnyKC on

      Nah, what you're seeing are acts of illusion and desparation, not power. If they are as powerful as you say, then they would'nt have let anyone know that they exist and stay in the shadows. Like milk that goes bad, Satan too has an expiration date.

    • I can't tell if the Illuminati is growing stronger but one thing i can tell, more people are waking up from the distractions and media illusions they were put in. They might be living a great, superior life at the moment. But when, the day when Allah judges mankind comes, they will pay for all their sins. And those, who have been loyal to Allah, will live on on a better life…without illuminati….without NWO….without satanic lyrics and all that bullcrap…This life is a test…Allah wants to see who is WORTHY of living in the other world. Brothers and sisters. Live and let live, be protective of your families, care for others. Try to skip sins as much as possible. Allah loves all, Satan hates all. The illuminati are just simply powerful decieved losers and they will pay for their sins !
      Thank you <3

  6. Great analysis VC. This superbowl marked my 1 year anniversary of becoming an enlightened and vigilant citizen :) Last year I became unnerved and felt there was more to Madonna's performance than just random creativity. Once I started digging, and with the help of a VC-follower friend, I discovered your site, and have been opening my eyes and mind ever since.

    Thanks for everything you do on this site. It's comforting to know there's a community of people out there who don't want to be spoon-fed and brainwashed by lies, and would rather question everything, then decide for themselves.

    • Totally agree, well said! Been about a year for me, Whitney Houstons death is what did me in. Appreciative of VCs insights and knowledge!

      • crimsonclovers on

        Me three, mine was a Rheana video with the silver devil head. I loved watching music videos to understand the artests meanings, I'm seeing them now in a whole new light.

      • truthseeker2013 on

        JENNIFER Hudson's family did it for me. She went to stay with Oprah or somehow was connected to Oprah.

        Sorry for the typos. The Dave Chappelle interview and the comments he made on the Oprah show. As I watched her body language (which was weird to me) I was wandering if she was signaling Dave as she put her hand on the side of her face and neck and her eyes got really big too. But no one focused on that only Dave Chappelle. — it was a youtube video. I started to wonder then the information being provided was Oprah involved because of her powerful influence on what is said out of the Black community?

    • For me it was Lady Gaga's Bad Romance video. After watching it even the first time and realizing that I could not get the song out of my head. And I needed to hear it over and over and over. I actually googled subliminal messages and the song and I've been learning ever since…

  7. I didn't see Beyonce flash the triangle but I did see many mindless members of the audience doing it. How easily trained these "fans" are.

  8. Interesting hmmm... on

    The Ravens were named after the poem by Edgar Allan Poe, who died in Baltimore in 1849 – the year that the San Francisco team is named after. Something interesting about Poe, from Wiki:

    Poe had a keen interest in cryptography. He had placed a notice of his abilities in the Philadelphia paper Alexander's Weekly (Express) Messenger, inviting submissions of ciphers, which he proceeded to solve.[127] In July 1841, Poe had published an essay called "A Few Words on Secret Writing" in Graham's Magazine. Realizing the public interest in the topic, he wrote "The Gold-Bug" incorporating ciphers as part of the story.[128] Poe's success in cryptography relied not so much on his knowledge of that field (his method was limited to the simple substitution cryptogram), as on his knowledge of the magazine and newspaper culture. His keen analytical abilities, which were so evident in his detective stories, allowed him to see that the general public was largely ignorant of the methods by which a simple substitution cryptogram can be solved, and he used this to his advantage.[127] The sensation Poe created with his cryptography stunt played a major role in popularizing cryptograms in newspapers and magazines.[129]
    Poe had an influence on cryptography beyond increasing public interest in his lifetime. William Friedman, America's foremost cryptologist, was heavily influenced by Poe.[130] Friedman's initial interest in cryptography came from reading "The Gold-Bug" as a child—interest he later put to use in deciphering Japan's PURPLE code during World War II.

    • I've read that Poe was in with the elite… Though I can't remember when and where I read it. I just remember how gutted I was to find out that lots of my favorite writers worked for the elite. I think Poe was a mason (I might be wrong).

      • Poe was interested in the occult but I don't believe he was part of the elite. Well, at least I couldn't find any evidence of it.

      • truthseeker2013 on

        I lived in Baltimore when I went to college there. The Theosophical Society has a branch not too far from the statue of Poe as well as where Poe's home is and it is not too far from areas where Lord Baltimore lived who was instumental in getting the State of Maryland chartered. If memory serves me right.

      • Wait, i wouldn't say he was an elitist, he got kick out of the military and was destitute more often then not.

      • LA! What's the deal with the 49ers? People who are born in '49 of each century have some kind of special inclination? Could you explain your thoughts?

      • Interesting hmm... on

        He died mysteriously in 1849, in Baltimore. He was into coding, in other words, he embedded secret messages into his writing.

      • there a shhow on tv called "the following" theres a serial killer in it and he a a great fan of Edgar Allen Poe. His murders are based on Poes writing. Kevin Bacon is the star in it….very creepy show

    • This leads me to wonder about this new show The Following about serial killers and people who want to be like them, very disturbing show and I refuse to watch anymore. But I wonder is there something more behind it other than just exposing people to murderous and torturous scenes? Stay Vigilant.

  9. Illuminati wants my mind, soul and my body. But they can't have it because I belong to Jesus!

    Screw the Illuminati! I hope you guys realize why the concept of duality is being promoted here in this performance. This is the work of Satan. Remember, Satan (or Lucifer) wants to be JUST LIKE GOD. In other words, one will be one (1 will be 1, as in a Duality) or "11". This is where the Illuminati gets there symbolism of the number 11. Like 9/11. The book of Isaiah chapter 14 explains this article. It reads:

    12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!

    13 For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:

    14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.

    Lucifer wants to be just like our Lord. He wants to be the same (notice how the number 11 is just the same- once again 1 will be 1). Satan can only COPY God. Nothing more. It is from this plan of Lucifer that we are being shown all these things by the elite.

    If by now, you still do not believe that the world leaders and elite is under a satanic agenda, YOU ARE BLIND AND WILL REMAIN BLIND FOREVER! For even after Jesus told his followers to preach the Gospel and spread the Truth, in the end of the Book of Revelations, God Gives us a Very Important Advice.

    The Book of Revelations chapter 22 verse 11 states, "He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still." God is telling us that in the end times (which we are in) we should just leave those people who decide to do wrong alone. We shouldn't waste our breaths anymore. Because there will be no convincing them. From the Book of Genesis all the way to Revelations, God has been telling us to tell others about the Goodness of Jesus. But in the final chapter of the Bible, God says to let them be. So I'm telling you guys that if you do not wake up, there will be no more preaching to you about these things that are happening in our world.

    Like I said, whether you yourself believe it or not, EVERYTHING comes down to good vs evil. Choose good, and choose God. God bless everyone.

      • You're right, Good vs. Evil is duality. Which is what I'm telling you in the entire comment. What is the point of your comment that you are trying to get across?

      • I never said "Relevations" I said Revelations. The reason why I like saying "Revelations" and not "Revelation" is because numerous signs and wonders were "REVEALED" to John. Not just one. There are more than one revelation. Thus "Revelation" is the Book of Revelations. I know what it's called in the Bible.

      • as christians we should be loving one another instead of criticizing every little thing the other one does.

      • CaramelDewdrop on

        as christians we should love everyone no matter what there flaws are, we should not judge or criticize a single human being because thats what God would want us to do.

      • we know caramel although we don't follow the rules now do we? this is called an hypocrisy
        & explains why it becomes so difficult to be a decent christian
        it's not easy to live the way Christ lived.

      • Let's not be so sensitive and take corrections as if they are attacks. Accept a just counsel is wise. The person only corrected the name of the book. We should not be so sensitive and assume others are attacking us.

      • Yet you criticize everyone else that doesn't preach the same things you do as in belong to another religion, people who choose to lead different lifestyles that you are not personally comfortable with, and even all these people in these articles, now how does that make sense?

      • I am exactly what you are saying. I do criticize and stand against anything and any religion that is not the one from the bible. Get over it. It is the mixing that got us to this place.

        God clear, the righteous (according to Himself) will be rewarded with eternal life and the unrighteous will be rewarded with eternal death.

        Everything in nature works in harmony until you add humans to the equation, and it is because humans do not obey God. In the kindgom to come, humans will and everything will be perfect. Right now, while we are not yet in the kingdom, we do our best, recognizing that this earth is a foreign land, dominated by evil.

    • "How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! "

      Well this quote is very interesting for one reason the term "weaken the nations" refers to race mixing. A nation was defined as a race or tribe in order to weaken the nations you would have to make them all mix together into one which is what is being done through forced multiculturalism and other techniques. The tribes it talks about in the bible are each a different "race" of people and they were not supposed to be destroyed by all blending into one. Anyway this is a completely different layer of the onion

      • Good note. The New World Order is promoting one world, one religion, one government, and one race.



        STAY BLESSED ..

      • This isn't meant as criticism or anything but I have no idea why people like you and others on this website call people who don't know about the illuminati ignorant. You act like you're better than them because you know about the agenda. Don't act like you're above anyone else. I have a friend who doesn't know about the illuminati but is a brilliant scientist who doesn't like the mainstream media. I apologize if it sounds offensive but you shouldn't act like that.

      • He isn't acting like anything. He is stating a truth. 'Ignorance of the law, does not excuse". Just because I didn't know I would get in trouble for killing my neighbor, doesn't mean I won't. It means I was very sadly mistaken. Just like everyone who feeds and lives off the BS the media, mainstream, and our US govt. shoves at us. It sounds like you're persecuting him for standing up for his beliefs. The Bible said that would happen too. How many things are needed to happen before you put your fists down, swallow some pride, and just come to the Father? Its really not that hard to change. Its all in the head.

        As Christains, we will never apologize for stepping on toes. We learned from the best.

      • Actually as a christian we should apologize for stepping on toes… even if we are not guilty… that is how we are different and that is what God want from us…

      • That's so true… hmmmm it's difficult to behave like a true Christian. Excruciating I might add.

      • @Oreos, if you're talking to me, the word ignorant means to see/hear about something but decide to ignore it. Those who haven't heard about the illuminati are not ignorant. It is those who HAVE HEARD and choose Not to look into it, calling it only a conspiracy!!

      • there is only one race, and that is the human race. the tribes it talks about in the bible where each a different tribe, simply they are different families….

      • reading all these nazi posts, I 'm not sure who's worse: you all or the illuminati….. too bad, paranoid rightwing racists and "Christianists" (radical Christians) are screwing everything up that is revealed by people like David Icke. Free your minds, dudes – you are the victims of mindcontrol! Just as any other fundamentalist! By the way, Hitler and his buddies also proclaimed that mixing the different races would produce "less valuable breed" – all the opposite is true. As has been proven by science. According to Maya prophecies, the golden age will return when the golden race has prevailed – which means a mixture of all of us. Aside of that, we are all humans , most of us exploited in the most hideous ways, and we should stick together.

      • So…You say that rightwing radical Christiains have it all mixed up; then not 2 seconds later, you're talking about Mayan prophecy……………………Dood……..WHAT?!

        One God, One Truth, One Light.

        I'm not going to 'free my mind' and climb DOWN the ladder. Isn't it backwards to say that we are the ones that are mind controlled, when you spread dissention and information backing your purely woldly views? Come on anti-christiains…SHOW ME WHAT YOUR WORKIN' WITH. Science is laughably contradictory and inconsistant. Science is CONSTANTLY coming out with new reading and findings of things that they claimed were set in stone. Numbers, charts, datings, finds; you name it! Have you ever wondered why text books and such change and get re-written all the time? I have.

        The Bible has remained the same. The message, the same. Our passion, the same. Our Lord, fresh and new every morning, but alwasy stays THE SAME.

      • Firstly what Ixchel is saying is that the Christian posts are incredibly preachy and also contradictory – they talk about the bibles teachings and then outright say how if you don't follow you are blind and will be forever. Lets get something straight we are all blind, we don't know why we are here, science is trying to prove that and still can't because we just aren't there yet. Alot of scientists do believe in god or a Creator of some kind but scientists make sure things are correct and yea they go back on things and change things – but isn't that the greatest quality of humans? To right our wrongs and build upon what we have learnt! On top of this point some of the most hideous people in our history all started with the idea that they were right and there concepts were correct ala hitler, pol pot the list goes on – so whether you are preaching something that may teach good remember a whole nation followed hitler because of indoctrination (they thought he was right!)- dont believe everything you read!

        Secondly you say the bible wasnt rewritten ? Well it was King James rewrote it so unless you have the copy before that – which I doubt you have then you have a book that has been rewritten! Also while your at it why hasnt the Vatican released the Dead Sea scrolls lol. I don't wish to offend any religion because A: it's worthless and B: I don't see any point in offending anyone – your beliefs are your own as are mine and we should respect one another's.

        But come on with the anti science, here's an idea for you the next time you get ill , a family member is dying dont be a hypocrite and cry about the fact that there must be something DR' s can do. Isn't it the way of life that we all have to die? So if you are anti science you are anti medicine and probably the car you are driving, the phone you are using and the computer you will inevitably respond to this message with. Don't take this as ridicule but as a lesson in being human – we all make mistakes it takes a real person to realise this and grow.

        Best wishes

      • What you are saying makes no sense biblically. In Christ we are no longer Jew or Gentile but become one family in the body of Christ. Romans 10:12 For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him. Galatians 3:28 King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
        There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.
        You are adding a private interpretation to scripture. The bible does not back up you theory.

      • I agree some. Nation are descendents of the same ancestors defined on Genesis 10. Each nation has a land to live with their own riches. Race is man-made term though, it is different. There is one race, which is human.

        Each nation was under the authority of an angel (son of Elohim) and God Himself was in charge of Israel and he would use Israel to drawn people to Him since these angels are bad. Through Israel God would redeem the whole world.

        Have you heard of Eliahu Ben David? Tsion ministries? He has a great study, contact him to get it. I listened a long time ago an audio that made things very clear.

    • "We shouldn't waste our breaths anymore"
      well then, i don't know about you but i doubt God would want us to simply just stop spreading his word…. and trying to convince people.

      • ONoll …continue to spread the word and debate over it amongst yourselves . These days the word has rapidly spread with the satellites all over spreading the gospel .Even if the dead can rise people will still not believe , God works from within with willing hearts , Try and convince people but dont loose yourself in the midst of it all .

        Go ahead and spread the word if your heart leads you to it !

      • Read the scripture verses that I gave you. There WILL be a time when we can do no more than to prepare our OWN souls as followers of Christ. For each man will be judged according to their OWN actions. Which is why God tells us to let those who are unjust remain unjust. And let those who are just remain just. I pray that I am just, and I pray that you are just. But in the end, what I tell or don't tell you will only be my judgment. Not yours. And vice versa.

      • I obviously love people by acting and helping them, talking about the coming day etc. But , tell you the truth, I just can't do it as I did before. I too have this feeling that this is no longer Ninevah (that God knew would repent if given a chance), it is more like Jericho and the other places that turned into dust.

    • Spiritual Eyes on

      Amen! I beleive this whole heartedly and my spirit receives this message. We are truly in the end times and all we can do is let our light shine so others can see Christ in us. Thos who are disobedient and refuse to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior for the forgiveness of sins will be lost.
      Yes, open your eyes people. The Illuminati is powerful, but Greater Is He That IS IN US, then he that is in the world. When we see these things we are to just leave them alone because their hearts have grown hard and cold towards the Lord. It is good to be aware of these things and VC serves a mighty purpose to educate the masses about what is going on here.

      • Very very well said. May God bless and continue to use you. We will see each other in Heaven.

    • For we wrestle not against flesh and blood..but against principalities..against powers..against the rulers of the darkness of this world…….Jesus is coming soon!

    • WOW Such a great post!!! Spread the knowledge and info for those in the dark about this wretched world! Satan wants everyone's soul, and those in power are his BFFs, reject him and what his minions offer…

    • As I stated in the Isaiah chapter verse, Satan wants to be like God in every way. He even wants to sit upon the side of the north. Do you guys realize that the side of the North is the city of our Great King?? And that the name of that side is ZION??

      Well guess what the name of the 2012 olympics (with all its symbolism and satanic rituals) was named———– ZION!!!

    • Unfortunately there are 2 Jesus'

      In todays time being just as wise as serpents will no longer cut it

      Genesis 3 verse 22 (Skull and Bones Chapter 322)

      Behold, the man has become as one of "us" to know what is good and what is evil.

      Who is "us"
      The fallen ones and they hid and edited much of history.

    • Yorkcity, the BIBLE is a MIND CONtrol manual. Why do you think christian groups actually go along with the EVIL Judeo-Christian agenda instead of oppose it? If Christianity is so wonderful, then why is the world so screwed up, b/c there are millions of christians right? I mean the fact most christians have ZERO critical-thinking ability should be a vital clue right there!

      • There's a difference between being a Christian and being a Follower of Christ. Live your life according to how God wants you to live, and not to your own understanding. –Proverbs 3:5-6

        "Why is the world so screwed up".? Did you believe that Earth was going to be Paradise?

        "most Christians have ZERO crticial-thinking ability"— Read your Bible, Seek Jesus, and Be Saved. God bless

      • That's right.. Follow the Bible blindly.
        You'll get where you're going.
        Only you don't know where you're headed.
        Good luck with that.

        I'll use what I'm given… my brain.

      • You clearly have no idea of what you are talking about. The most embarrassing thing it is to give opinion and discuss something you are ignorant of.

        There are millions of Christians and BILLIONS of people, the minority is christian. If you think bible is so bad and judeo-christian is evil, why don't you ask Kim Jon Un to let you live there. No bibles and evil judeo-christians in N.Korea…

        You should be grateful every single day that you live in a country you live in.

      • You just proved what he was saying: Zero-critical thinking ability.

        He did not link this country being shitty to the Bible.
        You apparently did that for him because you didn't comprehend his paragraph.
        He was saying the Bible is a mind-control technique. It herds the masses effectively, which is a true statement. Ask any Christian to do something in the name of God and they will.

        He never said this country sucks and brought up N. Korea. You did that.

    • … God does not want anyone to perish and he said till he returns we should keep telling others about him… yeah i know its not easy because no one want to listen,,, but you can still save a soul by sharing the good news… the God of the time of the apostles is still the God of today… dont give up bro… save a soul.. keep sharing the good news..

      • ur not god! U cannot judge her because u do not know her! Maybe u should follow ur own saying! Everyone thinks they know everything and people like u want to pretend to be Jesus but y'all are not! If most people believe in the illuminati they are idiots becuz they should check the media! Who trusts the media these days anyway??

  10. At the end of the performance the smoke and light also looked like an eye!! The spotlight created the center of the eye.. It was crazy!

  11. well its strange the fact founder of football was in skull & bones (Walter Camp (1880), father of American football and exercise proponent) connect the dot here!

    • Brother against brother the end times are upon us. Are yall ready for WAR!!! People brought this on themselves stop bitching let get to it!!! WORLD WAR THREE!!! LUKE 21

    • yes! and at one point especially she looked totally possessed by a demon – I mean it was scary looking at her face and eyes. it was almost like a rabid dog or something.

    • If I"m looking at the right thing (the facial outlines), it's like there is a chalice of some sort between them — for some reason it brings up the memory of the sacred feminine…. just thinking "out loud" here.

      Crazy how having this knowledge makes you open your eyes and pick out all the immediate signs literally put in our faces.

      And of course when B points to her one finger for "Put A Ring On It" at the end, I saw a YouTube video that explained the symbolism of her music video where when she "pressed" her finger, she was activating the demonic forces within her and the switching from black to white was symbolic of her being caught amidst the darkness trying to escape.

      • There is some sort of MARRIAGE going on between Beyonce and darkness; it reminds me of Maddona in the video of "Like a Virgin"; she is persecuted by a bull in Venice, city of carnivals, and of the famous Inquisition trials of people worshipping demons (think Polanski's Ninth Gate, a movie built around the book [fake book] that caused the Inquisition to burn at the stake a demonologist).

      • look at Madonna's video on :39; an unidentified white masked face appears gigantic on the hazy background of Venice. Then on 2:21 you see the white paws of an animal walking towards her; then she looks alarmed but curious.

    • Did anyone else notice that her outfit looked like it had baphamet? His head on her crotch and the horns are the leather strips going up in the middle. I wouldn't have looked so closely if she wouldn't have already worn the dress and the baphomet ring. Looks a bit more subtle this time.

    • child of isis on

      no i didnt notice & beyonce rocked the superbowl. her performance was the only thing i watched becausse sports aren't my thing unless its cheerleading or gymnastics. also i don't think beyonce was possessed or that her faces were creepy,I'm a dancer and when i dance i make faces or when i do birthday parties i give them a full blown performance – so her faces nor her performance to me where not demonic.

    • Hey I feel ya, I was sitting with people who don't know and also don't want to know :( but I busted out laffing when she flashed the sign and thought well there it is folks…of course the entire show was full of the crap but gotta flash that sign! Not to mention she was dancing like she was having sex with an imaginary person so not child friendly

    • I was with my best friend, who loves Beyonce, and I honestly wanted to point it out but… you know, circumstance. It was VERY creepy and I definitely noticed something was up.

      • I noticed all of the facial expressions also. I didnt get a chance to watch live because I was at work but I watched an hour later at my computer. She really creeped me out with how her face would contort in all these many expressions and then she would kiss and wink at the camera. At some points I would look away because she weirded me the hell out. Im glad I wasnt the only one that noticed that.

    • What is she supposed to have a stone-faced frozen expressions when she's doing crazy dancing routines and singing?

  12. I thought this was a great article about the gross excess of the Superbowl:

    "Tickets are $850 to $1250. That's right. $850 to $1250 per ticket. That's if you can find one. Most tickets are bought by the super-wealthy and corporations, and then deducted as business expenses … The first Super Bowl tickets in 1967 maxed out at just $12 a seat."

    • Cant believe people pay THAT much!!! It's just a stupid football game and a fixed one at that. Glad I never got into football. I mean you can watch it on tv for free if someone is that desperate for something to do..

    • Wow. I wouldn't pay that much to see anything or anyone not even if I HAD the money!

      I don't doubt most tickets are used as write offs for businesses. I have heard of this for years with various sports.

  13. The magazine ad refers to when Mercedes-Benz's Super Bowl commercial was to air. It was scheduled to run in the 4th quarter. Just wanted to correct you on that.

    • But the occultists also like to play with multiple meanings. The print ad also refers to "13" in flames, symbolizing the infamous 13 Satanic bloodlines, which can be written off as self-aware humor given that their commercial is about making a deal with Satan. But it could also be read as not so humorous…

  14. The fact of the matter is, the real MK victims are not the performers, singer…dancers etc….it's the crowd….she's basically pointing out the illusion which is being fed to all of us who watched and were in a trance while watching. Our brains were controlled by the hypnotic performance.

    We are the MK victims.

    I think this resonates true for any music video with strong MK themes and symbols realizing they are all references…it's about the nation being mind controlled.

    So why do you people think we are on a constant state of distraction as a nation?

    • It's disturbing to say the least. With internet, i-pad,i-phone,i-pod, e-readers,games, movies, tv shows etc. Yeah it's all entertainment but who says we want to be entertained 24-7? I'll tell you who, the media and commercials they air on tv. It's all about trying to keep you pre-occupied so you won't catch on to what's really going on out there. I AM AWAKE AND I HAVE CAUGHT ON! THANK YOU VC!!!

  15. yes i def noticed the creepy facial expressions crazy eyes face strong facial crazy like expressions not hot even the way sh elicked her finger like def not sexy creepy tryoing too hard or just maybe she is nutz

    • It (the scientology ad) was not aired nationwide, just in select large markets. It did not air in Houston, for example.

      • Oh, thanks, sorry. I thought it was everywhere. They paid 8 millions. I thought they covered "everyone" with it. :)

      • You can easily find it on Net. Simple, but still creepy… the way they used young and beautiful faces, with "knowledge" in their eyes, lol.

    • “It’s like a blackout. When I’m onstage, I don’t know what the crap happens. I am gone.” – Beyonce.

      Yes, she actually said this in a GQ interview.

    • you're definitely not the only 1!!! I said the same exact thing and I felt guilty even watching it !!!something was not right about that entire performance!! it felt like they were trying to brainwash you thru your television!! this changes everything for me !! it was definitely an eye opener! I guess all we can do is pray! and hope that people start to wake up!

    • Remember, when Beyonce performs she is not Beyonce. She turns into her alter Sasha Fierce. When its over, I don't think she remembers her entire performance. So she is possessed during most of her performances.

  16. I have been lurking on this site for awhile,and this Is my first time making a comment. When Jennifer Hudsons family was killed I thought her expressions were strange during interviews. During her interview with Oprah she played with her hair and her answers to questions seemed sketchy.I always wondered if she really sacrificed her family.

      • I remember all the support her mother gave her publicly. That's a terrible thing for her to do-to sacrifice the person who gave you life. When I feel like crap,I think about the fact that there are truly messed up people out there-that I just need to be happy that I dont go to bed at night knowing I hurt another person.

      • I don't think she her self did it or would do it… It would have been done, maybe with her watching, maybe not, but I think they would then use the resulting trauma to mind control her. The mind controlled puppets of the movement aren't of the secret society or [insert "conspiracy theory" here, Illuminati] group, they are just pawns…

  17. The symbolism was EVERYWHERE, even in the commercials (aside from the mercedes benz). The one commercial I would say that disturbed me and got me thinking was the RAM commercial with the farmers. "On the 8th day God created a farmer…" so why did it seem so dark? Even the expressions on the farmers faces. It did not come off as celebrating farmers to me. More like "death to farmers" and look at what is happening to farmers in this country?! MONSANTO and them, that's what!

    • I agree, the farmer ad was awful. Anyone want to be a farmer after those lies of non-sense. They wrote it as though it were 1910 and the family farmer was alive and well. All I could think about was Monsanto and the corporations that took control of all the family farms.

      Very dark ad.

    • Yes I agree, and why do they never give praise to the organic farmers? Oh yeah, they want to keep us pumped full of chemicals…

  18. Saturday night, the lights went out during the Fulham-Manchester United game in London.
    First London, then outage at the American "Cathedral of Light" on Sunday.

    The mood this year was somber and bleak. The color black predominated. Two different brands of 'Dark' beer were advertised.
    The theme of the game was The Comeback that Fell Short.
    Jeep had all the 'heart-wrenching' commercials, with tributes to the military and the sacrifices that we must be ready to endure because that's what people do, they sacrifice.
    And if times get rough, well, we will all have to sacrifice even more, won't we?
    btw, my rent went up this month. I'm sacrificing more, already.

    The woman who plays Penny on the show Big Bang Theory had a prominent commercial role, after she has been heavily on TV recently in other commercials. She wore Purple, possibly to indicate that she has attained royalty status in TV show-dom.
    Penny the Purple fairy Princess was giving away wishes.
    I laughed and laughed when the boy wanted to be an astronaut.
    He should learn to speak Russian, because he sure ain't getting into space from America.
    Strangely, the manned space program is the only American technology that has gone backwards in the last 50 years.
    What's this kid going to do, being an astronaut? If he's not somebody special, he would be better off learning how to ask politely "Do you want fries with that?"

    • big bang theory panel did a contest where they gave a fan the chance to go into space. i was part of that contest i almost won!! who ever got the 'golden ticket' won a trip to space and 30,000.00. would of been nice, i'll say! haha the purple fairy princess…she did give a 'infinite witches' (casting spells)

    • They do control all of the energy. Maybe they are giving us a hint of what's in store for us this year. Maybe an "energy crisis" or something like that.


      • It wasn't me it was my alter ego that did it. Beyonce, Britney and Nicki Minaj all have their alter egos. Likewise crazed fundamentalist Christians who blame the Devil for being abusive with people.

  20. The whole stage beyonce was dancing on was one big baphamet head!… its an illusion. Shows two woman faces but if you look at it differently, it's a baphamet head. The two foreheads are the horns, and the two eyes are the ears… so crazy

  21. I noticed that the lights went out when it was 3rd and 13 during the 3rd quarter with 13 minutes left. Two 3-13's. The date was 3-13 as well. Just an observation.

    • Truthseeker2013 on

      I was just reading on the website about the masonic meaning of that. Master MASONS AND THE Hiram Abiff ritual really blew my mind….it described how every activity we conduct is a matter of a game board whether chess, checkers ,oriental Mah…

      My question is we as the masses only are discussing the after effects of events. Doesn't that mean we only have information on the lower ranks activity and only those in the lower ranks who have been identified by the illuminati as candidates who can gain access to the higher ranks? Because wouldn't we be able to discuss future evvents such as how Nostradamus predictions centuries in the future if we had access to those with information on that level by looking at a future date and putting different information together to figure out what it means?

  22. If you re-watch Beyonce's half-time performance, you'll notice she was manifesting at least two personalities on stage -pay close attention to her eyes when she looks into the camera, and you will see what I'm talking about.

      • I have pics of her face literally contorting into something else, her nose pointed out like Pinocchio.

    • Her face during the show was the scariest thing I've ever seen. I slowed it down and watched in slow motion and you could see how her face went from Beyonce to some entirely different being. Creepy.

  23. I did not like the Super Bowl this year. Probably won't watch it again. And I love the game.

    •The TV Game announcers sounded boring and dark.
    •The Stadium was dark
    •The officiating was dark
    •The outcome was dark
    •Debbie Downer (Beyonce) ran the highlight show
    •A Duality in Darkness, Ravens overcame a hopeful miner
    •I was depressed at the end of the game
    •I did not favor any team before the game, just wanted to watch, and now I don’t

    • it made me sad too. the ravens are my team but i didnt enjoy the win at all. the whole thing just creeped me out everything about it was dark. i didnt go to the parade, celebrations or anything it just makes me angry. this stuff is getting out of hand.

    • Perhaps you've finally outgrown these childish games? Perhaps you finally see through the "bread & circus" distraction(s)? Hope so.

      Those arenas/stadiums should be EMPTY. The "directed-energy" economic crash alone should keep those damned sports events unattended!!! Feed your family! F**K football/hockey/basest-ball etc.

  24. That Mercedes ad is creepy to say the least. When the lights went out, I really thought something bad was about to happen and we were going to witness something major on TV. Thankfully that didn't happen, but the entire Superbowl was just too much that took away from the game.

    • Thanks for bringing that up. Not many people know that.
      My dad was an acquaintance of Crowley and knew some of the people around him.

    • silent&vigilant on

      yes as well jack parsons whom he ripped off, but these devils were trying in earnest to make that special baby… creepy when u dig into it…

  25. We should also notice that in the picture in which Beyonce is making the "All-Seeing Eye" Symbol with her hands, her hands are at the same time in the shape of the vulva (vagina) with her microphone (penis) being inserted into it – an obvious sexual subtext.

      • Not really. The two-handed triangle shape can easily be shifted into a vagina shape, and that Microphone DOES definitely do some suggesting by where it's located.

    • or maybe jay z is getting lucky tonight.? omg you people i have two lamps and a fireplace i swear if i took a picture of it you guys would have a feast with your "theories" claiming i must practice masonry saying my lamps are the two pillars of whatever. geez in my opinion i live my life if something bad happens well its meant to happen there is nothing the guy who made this website or anyone can do about it so live a little .

    • She is most likely a Priestess of Isis and I would not be surprised if she made a symbol of the vulva. Isis priestesses were "sacred" prostitutes. The Freemasons have Isis Lodges for women.

      • or maybe shes just a horny woman trying ot please her man good lord you people and your hocus pocus stories if this keeps up i will claim myself a desecendant from a king of egypt ! bow down to me ha

      • You're very unnecessarily rude. "You people" this and "you people" that. Honestly why say anything? I see your point but really lay off with the snarky undertones :/

    • You're all wrong, including "mr wrong" who is blind or a troll.

      I read VC & your comments last night. Today I'm reading another article that explains what her triangle, microphone, & "puckered lips" really means (gag!) & it isn't a pretty thought (think: homosexuality). Those 3 symbolisms combined is called "The Sodomite Gateway" per this article at "The Open Scroll" blog at blogspot re SuperBowl 47…. Grr, link won't copy/paste. Google it.

      • Define blind lol I thought it meant you.cant see I can't see what ur point? I don't wanna see your point or.this site's.point so.maybe I am blind but you aren't my god you don't decide my fate so I can say as I please haha thanks for the me a troll again I might like it

      • Seriously, don't you have something better to do? Since you're so enlightened, intelligent and superior why aren't you doing important and special things instead of trolling a website? Nobody claimed to be your god, you are just a boring little boy, why not go to 4chan or somewhere like that?

      • dont u ?? u dont have to reply to me ha you coulda minded your business and replied to someone else u replied to someone u claim has nothing better to do so wat r u doing ha and i am this is the 5 mins of my day i spend to reply to wanna be parent figures like u nd anyine else who wants to teach me a lesson amuse me kai i dare you

      • Congrats for the English scholar haha a degree and I may apologize.for my spelling errors professor dummy ha u idiot

  26. Did anyone notice the inverted pentagram on the stage when the camera was providing an overview shot? It was a bit creepy.

  27. I am surprised that no one has noticed that several of the overhead shots of the stage, show the greyish area that Beyonce was standing upon, look very similar to an oil barrel, when the light was focused narrowly.

    Another thing that is interesting is the timing, 13:22. Check out John 2, 13:22 as that relates to Jesus and the money changers, and given the current corruption in the markets, is an interesting coincidence.

    • Or a game clock "marked" 13:22. Mark 13:22 in the Bible reads: "And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many."

  28. I'm surprised this article doesn't address how she asks the audience to put their hands toward her because she wanted to "feel" their "energy." Creeeeeeeeeeeepy.

    • Personally, I thought the lights went out because of audience energy overload. We had just had Sasha Fierce, Beyonce was being channeled (why do you think they fracture these pop stars – easier for the entity to enter the human performer) by her alter who always performs to siphon human energy. Sasha Fierce delivered a very high energy show – fast beats, not one hip hop song or slow frequency number was sung. Then, the second half started with the 109 yard TD. The crowd exploded and added to the energy exchange already taking place. I think the electro-magnetic field overloaded parts of the stadium circuits, created by the huge amounts of ethereal energy from people going explosive for an extended period of time.

      People are POWERful, those in charge just want you to think only technology can do something like that – not true.

      • She was siphoning their energy! Those involved in the occult as I used to be siphon energy from other people. It can be a very powerful force. Don't give it away! Much of the things they do on tv involve rituals and spells. Most people are unwilling participants.

      • or, logically, technical difficults… this has happened before at this stadium. It's not the first time the lights have gone out.

  29. when I first noticed the two faces I thought Baphomet but I couldn't quite make out the features. Then I google Baphomet pics and saw a photo of two women's faces with horns coming together to make a Baphomet face. It was eerie to see the resemblance. Beyonce is leading people to worship her god and they don't even know it. I've noticed a trend in performers asking the audience to scream louder, I wanna feel your energy(Rhianna specifically) and to me that means they want you to praise their god even louder let their ". God" feel the energy.

    • Its called loosh, and the more they get the greater the reward. Look the word up and spread this knowledge to all that will read it or hear it,so they will stop giving this energy to these demons. Because the truth is you see a beautiful woman on the outside,but the spirit or principality that has taken over that body is demonic. May you be blessed and go with Abba Father who art in heaven…..peace.

  30. The media will always pervert whatever story they are 'reporting'. A coterie of Jewish families controls well over 90% of the media in the US. So expecting anything different from the media is wishful thinking at best.

    • And the Jews will continue to deny that they own 90 percent of the media when most of us know they do. Like when Alex Jones had that guest (Jewish) who told a caller to kill himself for saying so.

  31. In regards to only the sports aspect of the show, it has become very obvious that the game was rigged. We suspected the Ravens would win, because of the fact that Art Modell died this past year. Also the fact that Ray Lewis (former murder suspect, now turned to Jesus), is supposedly retiring after this game.

    But the most revealing part was when the Ravens ran back the punt return 109 yards for a touchdown. He could have been stopped, but the 49ers let him go. Now I have to read "The Fix Is In: The Showbiz Manipulations of the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and NASCAR", by Brian Tuohy.

    Does anyone agree or disagree with this thought? Please reply.

    • Definitely suspicious–particularly the repeated fouls that went completely uncalled.

      And, of course, the final score of 34-31 can be added up to form a favorite number of theirs…11.

    • It's a reach.

      Sports games are hard to choreograph simply because you have human beings playing, and the last thing human beings want to look like is like they're faking something…especially something where victory gives the winner glory enough for a lifetime. Add to it how severely people react when they realize one side was playing to lose, and you get what is closest to a taboo in sports today.

      Just the fact that Pete Rose isn't in the Baseball Hall Of Fame for gambling on baseball as the Red's Coach should show you how taboo it is to even put yourself in the position of having to think of intentionally losing, never mind actually throwing games.

      • Those are good points.

        I was twisted when watching the game, so I may have been seeing things that I did or didn't want to. Especially after that half-time show, that I had to shield my eyes from, my mind was probably out there… LOL! I was seeing all kinds of things in the commercials, especially the ones from Becks.

        I just wanted some feedback. Thanks.

      • Tell that to the 1919 White Sox. You really think that the players, who make millions, won't do what their owners (masters) tell them? Who is gonna cross the rich and powerful, when they have the means to destroy and kill you?

    • If you look at who won the major games last year, Baseball: The Giants, Hockey: The Kings, Football: Giants, these are the titles the Nephilim held while they ruled us. But now they must succumb to their ruler, the one who has come to Earth in human form, Satan. The raven is a representation of Satan: Death.

  32. “It’s like a blackout. When I’m onstage, I don’t know what the crap happens. I am gone.” – Beyonce.

    Yes, she actually said this.

    • Exactly, a demon enters her. She said in a video interview in 2003 that she feels a spirit she said named sasha fierce come inside of her when she performs and without that spirit she cant even sing. You can look it up on youtube, its creepy as hell.

  33. I'm surprised this article didn't point out other aspects of the show that seem suspect, such as all the arms sprouting out around her or several shots from above that shows what seems like hypnotic imagery…

  34. Maybe the Mercedes benz magazine also meant something thrilling (to us sinister) will happen the last quarter of the year?

  35. i saw a vid on youtube talking about how some celebrities have to sacrifice someone close to them in order to become even more famous and to really be in the illuminati. Professor Griff from the old-school hip-hop group "Public Enemy" talked about how Eminem had to sacrifice his boy Proof from his group D-12, and how kanye west sacrificed his mother Donda; and also Damon Dash who was best friends w/ Jay-Z sacrificed Aaliyah who was his girlfriend. Jennifer Hudson also became a superstar after the "murder" of her mother, brother and nephew…now shes the "next Whitney Houston"…and i think this website also talks about how Whitney (RIP, now its been a year since her death) was also an Illuminati sacrifice…

    • I dunno about Damon Dash sacrificing Aaliyah more like for the fame of Beyonce. Think Beyonce be as big as she is if Aaliyah were alive? She was pure and genuine. Rest in Peace.

      • Aaliyah took and oath with the illuminati and she was defiantly sacrificed by damon dash. Aaliyah was worth more dead than she was alive. Of course she didn't sign up to be sacrificed, she may not have known too much about the illuminati at first.

      • Aaliyah was definitely an mkd artist even before she was with Damin Dash. She did sevetal interviews with RKelly for her first album where she wore micky mouse ears. You can look up her earlier material on,youtube. Durng her second album thetewere plenty of mk references. She was not worth more deaf,d, as she had several movies due ti come out and was working on several projects at the time of her death.

  36. Just an observation but the stage silhouettes made me think of the Egyptian Queen Nerfertiti and her Pharaoh husband. Nefertiti and her husband were known for a religious revolution, in which they worshiped one god only, Aten, or the sun disc. They demanded that everyone worshipped him. Interestingly enough Aten was represented as a solar disk projecting many downward rays that ended as human hands.
    See Beyonce with rays as hands:
    See silhouette of Nerfertiti:
    Info on Aten:

    • Interesting thought. I just studied that couple for history, and you are right about Aten. I don't know that Beyonce actually worships Aten, but the symbolism is striking.

      • I haven't studied Egyptian history and mythology but have been to Seminary. The story of Nerfertiti and the her husband changing the culture and demanding worship to Aten seems to be a foreshadow of the Antichrist in Revelation as Antiochus IV Epiphanes is in the book of Daniel. Also interesting to me was that Aten was thought to be the combination of different gods including the frequently mentioned Horus. Thanks for your comment.

    • There is a picture of Beyonce and Jay-Z holding their heads and hands up towards the sun as if they are worshiping it. Of course I can no longer find the picture, they probably took it down, but great point!

  37. soylentgreenISpeople on

    I found her face gestures unsettling, out of sync and forced. I was shocked when she asked for people to bring their hands up so she could feel their energy. At church, people do that gesture to pray or bless a person. I did not like her doing that, in concert you may feel energetic but it is not usual for performers to request you send them your energy. Creepy!

  38. Interesting Mercedes-Benz ad…with "13" red with flames (13 Satanic bloodlines of the Illuminati?). Some other familiar numerology going on too:

    Game clock was marked 13:22 when half of the power went out (occult duality, as VC noted). Mark 13:22 in the Bible reads: "And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many."

    Game was delayed for 33 minutes (some accounts say 34), resuming at 9:11 PM.

    It was Super Bowl 47, and 4+7=11. 47 days from the Super Bowl will be…3/22, the Skull & Bones number (also perhaps referenced by the 13:22 game clock). American Football was started by 19th-century Skull & Bones member Walter Camp.

    3/22/13 (3+2+2+1+3) = 11.
    3/22/2013 = 13.

    As someone else commented online, "We have arrived at that time again for the Super Bowl, decoded as the Supper Bowl (a feast), or Super Baal (challenge of the Nephalim or NFL), a mass occult ritual involving millions of onlookers."

  39. counterculture on

    I think it is equally "weird" that celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz is "commemorating" the Sandy Hook victims/assistance by taking photos of them poised with famous models. I guess this is to "glorify" their hard work and some other s**t, but regardless Vogue (where it will be featured) is weird as f**k for doing it. Donations/charity aside. Also, think it's "nice" to know that Beyonce will be featured in the magazine as well. If any of you have been paying attention to the Internet, she released her Ms. Carter Show World Tour promo pics which feature pictures from the shoot by Annie. She's clad in Victorian Era attire and it's very reminiscent to Madonna's Vogue performance on MTV years ago. Oh, and also take a look at Beyonce from the shoot, and a Michael Jackson photo edited together…..quite perfectly might I add, here—->

    This is getting serious.

    • Interesting you said that because when she was performing with the guitar player, it reminded me of MJ's performance with the guitar player on his "This is It" documentary.

  40. soylentgreenISpeople on

    The commercials for Budweiser Black Crown, especially one of them, had many symbols discussed by VC like the IIluminati Masked Balls, ritualistic sex inuendo, black and white duality. Also pinpoints the "coolness" of being dark.

  41. Excellently written VC. There was a time when I would watch these things and be in it purely and blindly for the entertainment, but now I'm ever-vigilant, I see how idiotic I was, I mean why did I not realize these things earlier, why do people not see these things???

  42. And let us not forget Stevie Wonder as the voodoo priest (or was he spirit/demon) selling hexes for a 'sacrifice' of beer, there were 3 of them very creepy! The first one had his song Superstition playing in the background (and the song is about NOT believing in things you don't understand!) This from an artist who's body of work is about love and peace and knowledge! smh I thought damn they got him too!

  43. You guys forgot one of the most noticeable things of the entire thing!! The center of the stage where the two faces are looking at each other. If you look at the outline of the front of both of those faces it is the outline of the baphomet!! I've already done the comparison.

  44. The first picture with the two faces is also a image of a cup or the Holy Grail. Don't forget to look for what is hidden right in front of your face. All of their imagery has multiple layers of meanings and this is a good example of it.

    Truth points to itself

  45. Black outfits, black performers, the lights go out, the Ravens win. I’d say the theme of the Super Bowl this year was darkness. Specifically, I think darkness as in Nigredo, or the first step in the alchemical pathway to the Philospher’s Stone. The next three steps being Albedo, Citrinitas, and Rubedo. That all three performers were not only black, but females is probably significant somehow, too. I’ll toss in that the other team was the 49ers, 4 + 9 = 13, and that 49ers mine for gold and leave it at that.

    Before anyone gets all huffy about it, I’m not suggesting that black people are evil. I’m only saying that when you’re dealing with subconcious themes and sympathetic magic, that all three star performers were black probably means something to those who set it up.

    Possibly of note, the Ravens win the Super Bowl the same week that a new show premieres on Fox called, ” The Following ” about a cult based on Edgar Allen Poe, author of The Raven, for which the football team was named.

    Also of note, the event took place during Carnival. The time of year when roles are reversed and all sorts of Venetian masked, Harlequin patterned balls are happening. And in the city that holds the largest of these events in the nation, New Orleans. That’s right, the Super Bowl happened right smack dab in the middle of Eyes Wide Shut.

    VC asked why these Sandy Hook kids keep getting trotted out, and specifically why they were trotted out here. I think it was to set the mood for the ritual. Emotionally engaging the audience, with the added kick of patriotism to boot. I’ve been told that several of the commericals tugged on heart strings as well, and probably for the same reason. The use of these kids is macabre and I have to wonder what kind of parents would allow this?

    • Wow! That's putting it together! I'll have to look into "The Following". I'm not familiar with it, but then I don't watch a lot of TV. Poor Poe, he's actually one of my favorite authors.

      • Maybe we should watch for the next three alchemical steps during the Grammy's, Oscar's, and…? What else is there?

      • You're the "dumb ass." The anon comment was obviously sarcastic, making reference to the popular excuse printed on yahoo news and elsewhere that beyonce wasn't flashing the illuminati pyramid, only giving a shout-out to her record company (which is 'roc-a-fella' btw…so either way, she is pledging her allegiance to the elite).

        That pic of Steinem is chilling. What a sicko.

      • What a lovely *sarcasm* woman. She advertizes her abortions. We are not interested in their dogmatic feministic cr@p.

  46. The Roc symbol flash was during the song Independent Women (The Charlies' Angels theme) not Single ladies. "The rock I'm rockin'". Three women talking about how independent they are while their leader flashes the symbol of the folks who control them. Also they were bathed in flame while singing about angels…classic.

  47. The expressions of her face were clearly different of her usual ones. Many times I remember her dancing and singing with a really beautiful smile and bright eyes, but in this show she was not like that. Very subtle -for most of people- to realize it…
    Anyone else noticed that?

    Hugs from Brazil!
    *worried about the big sport events that will take place here soon…

    • I noticed that right away. I was like like,"Whooa, she looks possessed and not beautiful at all, but very disturbed and dark, unlike herself." I guess I forgot about Sacha Fierce.

    • I definitely noticed that as well Lucas . Her facial expressions seemed to be that of someone who is possessed , she didn't seem to be there as herself .. Some of her expressions were terrifying, I've also seen pics of the performance and they confirmed what I thought I saw during the actual performance. Her face changes a bit the eyes are Wild not bright and full of life, she bared her teeth like an animal, all very strange, at one point her mouth seemed to be slightly twisted , her expressions weren't the norm . I think she might even be a bit afraid if she saw the pics..

  48. No, you see Beyonce's hand gesture is to represent a vagina, and the dual faces represent lesbianism. Her multiplying is an exaggerated show on how women can give birth. (did you know they can do that?) Obviously this half time show was designed to communicate amoung women in planning for a feminist uprising. It's completely plausible; they can control the population and don't have nuts to kick. A major advantage in a fight.

    • Lol Im not so sure about that… Your last two sentences are funny and true though!
      I dont have a problem with feminism or strong and independent women… And seeing as many of the elite are also male, I don't think this is about man vs woman. Though your comment does remind me of Beyonce's song "Who Runs the World (Girls)"…

    • Gloria Steinem(who has been on tv lately for her work in the feminist movement and more recently on a superbowl commercial)was a CIA agent used to dismantle the man and woman relationship and help mold peoples view points on that relationship. THE greatest and strongest relationship of mankind,anyway there's alot of info on her, here's a link

  49. Its so sad, people care more about celebrities and athletes lives rather than their own, theyd spend thousands to go to a stupid glorified game, but not go to church for free, #AmericathePitiful

  50. I said some of this on the post about the Mercedes Superbowl commercial, but it bears a recap –

    Re: the two faced stage, I found this comment on Vig's prior post about Sweet Dreams and I think it's relevant to the symbolism:
    “A division of light-side (good) and dark-side (bad) alters are interwoven in the mind and rotate on an axis.”

    Re: the song Halo, the lyrics seem Luciferian:….

    Re: Beyonce at the Inauguration, I found her earrings also very Luciferian – five pointed stars and emeralds are both associated with Lucifer as the morning and evening star:….

    RE: that Mercedes 'exciting 4th quarter' ad – that's creepy considering the 4th quarter we had, isn't it? – Hurricane Sandy and Newtown.

    Maybe they dialed this show back a bit from last year since they got SO MUCH attention for their antics.

    • I was just reading the halo lyrics a minute ago and had the same thought.

      Do you think she was ever a real Christian – I guess so as she was way different back then, before she got involved with JayZ.

  51. PS – I just noticed that the kids and J Hudson are all wearing emerald green remembrance ribbons for Newtown. Coordinates nicely with her black and white Qliphotic duality ensemble.

    • Apparently the colour green is used by Satanists' but I can't find an exact reason why. There's a lot of possibilities if you good it, such as: 'Medieval scholars claimed the Holy Grail was carved from a single emerald which had fallen from Satan's crown as he Fell.' *shrug*

  52. It seems like somebody is trying to send a message to those who are aware of cults and the "illuminati" if you will, by exersizing their power and manipulating one of the most watched events one can think of and guaranteeing a thrillful 4th quarter, even if that meens cutting the lights for 30 min. Maybe their showing us that their magik or whatever works. Whatever the case, the whole things creepy.

  53. Did any one see the pictures of the Ravens celebrating their win by traveling in the Superbowl Parade via military vehicles? They are really trying to condition us to make soldiers on the streets common place

    • yes. and there is a growing police presence in baltimore's neighborhoods. after the win me and a friend were walking home and there already were cops everywhere on their big horses ready to attack. totally unnecessary. they told us which streets to walk, which was taking us out of our way, one guy couldn't get to his car because 20 of them, arm in arm were blocking the way, and the people were not rowdy just doing chants and hugging each other. but the police state agenda had to be enforced.

      "land of the free".

  54. It is so sad to read these comments. I really hope you will get over your fear and stop obsessing about details of a television show and stop seeing anything dangerous in it. From my experience life is so much better and you can do so much more for yourself and others if you relax about the overall cruelty in the world and just look at things closely and try to figure out what you need to be happy and what you have to oppose in the society that you live in to take responsibility for yourself and others.
    I mean if sampling some historic symbols of very ambiguous meaning scares you and keeps you from being happy maybe just go out and have some fun at least for a second. If you had found out the truth about an evil conspiracy it doesn't make any sense that you're able to post here and no evil agents have stopped you yet. So you could also do something more social and fun with your lifes because obviously noone is hunting for you. I know its easy and comforting to think of a black and white world where you are standing on the good and safe side but if you really think about it, people are very different and you are too. People in politics or media/entertainment just seem very irritating because of the way they are portrayed and idealized. They may have money but most of them are no evil geniuses and they are just as irritated or sad or afraid sometimes I'd say. Some of them would probably agree with the analizations and theories that were posted here. I think it's because the world especially if you are judged by so many people is very cruel and confusing and you probably really get to know the evil faces of society. But actually non-famous people know that too from getting discriminated or mobbed or ignored at work or in school or whatever.
    The idea of an evil power that secretly controls the world has led to very cruel historical events and killing of many people. I dont really get how a force that is supposed to be secret would use such known symbols which were discussed by science and sampled by popculture over and over. Also if somebody would have control over the world if by using symbols or not how would a blog change that? I am sorry but the idea of the ence of evil and the fight against it seems to always lead towards killing a lot of people which is probably the most evil thing to do..

    • Not meaning to seem rude or anything, but if you dont like/care about focusing on details of a show and symbolism in the media… Then why are you looking at
      it and reading the comments on the site? You obviously chose to read the article and the comments yourself…
      Also, I agree that people should be relaxed and focus on happy/positive things in their life. But there's nothing wrong with people wanting to be informed. Lots of people may doubt the illuminati theories and some may believe in them… But no one knows 100% who is right. So what if the believers on this site are right? I guess their knowledge may come in handy…. Just saying.
      Finally no one is at a physical war with the illuminati or "evil forces" right now… But if they do exist then any killing would have been done by them.

    • Jesus, I too, thought like you. In my pursuit of how to entertain the public, I swallowed the red pill, and learned how we all are under the influence our "controllers". In the Western world, we are not controlled by whips and chains, instead we are controlled by media entertainment, public education (not just public schools), and economic factors. And yes, there is an elite, there always is. Humans, as social primates, always have a social heirachy. From the simple family unit to global governance, there is always a social structure. To secure stability within large populations there must be psych-social controls in place. Social control of the masses is made possible by psychological control of the individuals. Ritual events are a social control and are as ancient as humankind itself. Keep searching. On your own you can investigate social psychology, operant conditioning, persuasion vs critical thinking, NLP, symbolism, and history. Learn how to write, drama, fiction, lyrics. Learn about flim/video making. You are about to wake up.

    • I'm not sure I follow you. Can you give some examples of what you mean by, "the idea of the ence of evil and the fight against it seems to always lead towards killing a lot of people" ?

    • Do not let yourself be spiritually decieved! The devil makes himself look like a joke so people wont believe in him and then he has free reign. The same thing is going on here! Open your eyes to the truth. Turn your television and radios off of mainstream for one month, I chanllege you. and then you too will realize the power of symbolism and mind control in the media.

    • infinitesub_routine on

      At last! Someone using both hemishperes of their brain,lol. Not to naysay or discredit, as I've been intensely researching this subject for twenty years now, but these esoteric symols used are so commonplace in mainstream pop culture that they would have no impact on the subconscious, so these "rituals" are weak and imoptent to begin with. I obviosly knew better than to watch that dividing, competative, hive- mind display of over cleebrated, violent latent homosexuals and their gladiator shennanigans, not to mention that plastic playground of mental issues "Sasha Fierce"… If these people are so concerned about it, then why did so many tune in? You aren't aware of what's really imporatant…what is being introduced at high frame rates and extremely-low sound frequencies, all that obvious imagery is just another distraction for you sheeple that think you are informed to waste valuable time commenting and arguing over, and it looks as if it worked again while the seeds that were implanted in your brain begin to germinate. Don't worry, that will manifest in unrecognizable neurosis and psycosomatic ailments that help perpetuate the whole big pharma,FDA, Gmo laden foodstufs and medicine you will consume totry and supress your mind with, as you spin out of control and subscribe to even more intangible and far- reaching concotions you once thought were directed at others, and now, if you have a mind at all, realize that you, yes you, are the perfect, pliable target audience that they surmised would be so "open- minded" that they would voraciously take in everything at once and hope that it will sort itself out in the long run. And what is with all the dogma? If you really belive in the Judeo-Christian doctrines, then do as people a favor that actually know that it was almost entirely plagiarized from Sumerian cuneiform tablets, and get off of your soap box and stop acting so threatening, self- righteous and fearmongering… It's the antithesis of your entire belief structure and does little to encourage wayward souls,pigs! If anyone chooses to dispute me and discuss the finer points of the " Illuminati" or esoteric knowledge,you are more than welcome, just do your homework!

      • And I'm sure you can instantly produce evidence to prove that such was "entirely plagiarized from Sumerian cuneiform tablets"?

      • infinitesub_routine on

        I can you freaking moron, they are called translations, you can find the documents in any resource pertaining to that, you monkey:O

      • everykneeshallbow on

        I won't debate anyone's beliefs or opinions but I felt it was necessary to do my own research and now I feel more aware of what is being displayed in front of me .My eyes are wide open too many things are not adding up and now I see their symbolisms everywhere ,their rituals like Mtv and the super bowl .I won't even listen to certain music or artist anymore won't spend a dime on them.It is deeper than what we see and I won't be a sheep following behind others .Beyonce is clearly possessed and has shown us this last time it has manifested deeply inside her spirit.She admits herself that something comes inside her a spirit that she can't control ….yet it only happens when she performs?…..won't push my beliefs on anyone but I will teach my kids what's going on .

      • Child of Isis on

        its good to know some people just don't read some else opinion and roll with it

    • Truth Seeker 777 on

      Your logic is ridiculous, why are you looking at this website in the first place if you think its all 'fake'. You take time out of your day to google this and try to sound "smart". You're either just scared, indenial, or maybe just a member of illuminati anyways lol. Good day "Jesus".

    • Jesus, i agree. People can easily make things up what they dont have any experience or knowledge. Its easy to point a finger at the devil, in this case the illuminati. If they really existed, and people claim they r taking humans to fema camps, nwo, and what not. It would of happened already. The truth is, its never going to happen.. if your excuse is the elites or illuminati for not living a good life. Thats your fault. There are millions of people who are successfully living a good life with out believing this nonsense. If u believe in all this nonsense ur mind is weak. If your strong, u will enjoy the entertainment and live your life. No one will stop you to be successful, live your life to the fullest. Dont let the nonsense of illuminati take over your life. these entertainers like taylor swift, beyonce, rhianna, jayz, etc. Anything they do, oh its the illuminati, oh watch out, its sick, why, devil worshippers, did u see the triangle, jeez. Get over it. Humans have existed before the illuminati and nothing will change thousands of years from now. We r still here.

      • I see your in-planted maybe a lackey of sorts….on this site to write against the TRUTH… see there are many people that are paid to go looking and discrediting the TRUTH……This From VC is TRUE not false information…thank you

  55. After the lights went out, I noticed that the American flag in the background had ten stripes. I thought it was a little strange.

  56. superstrangestuff on

    Am I the only one that think the way her lips are persed is strange…kinda looks like an eye (above her triangle hand symbol)

  57. Thanks.

    Loved the "Relieved It's Over Beyonce" picture. It looks like even SHE doesn't like calling on Sasha Fierce anymore.

  58. This may sound stupid to some but i found it rather odd. In the second quarter right before the half the 49ers had the chance to pass for a touchdown or the qb could have ran for the first down. At the time the score was 21-3 but the qb did niether, he kind of stalled and ran to the side and did nothing. they then in return kicked a field goal and made the score 21-6. everyone even the coaches seemed perplexed as to why the qb didnt score or run. Now i dont know if you know this but 6x6x6 = 216. I could be tripping but it seemed like it was done on purpose to get that number and as you may know that the number 216 has been used in a lot of occult programming or even 621 to try to conceal it. I may be wrong but it just seemed odd to me.

  59. She was dancing way tooo sexy! I was like dang she is having sex with an imaginary person…it was all just terrible and what breaks my heart is that so many people are asleep, making it bigger than Christmas, and all the children that watch this show, makes me sick…I only watched the half time show to see how it would compare to last years obvious pagan message

  60. There was also a point in Beyonce's performance where she was laying down & dancing seductively in what looked like a sun with other Beyonce's surrounding. Sun worship maybe?

  61. Willing And Ready on

    Great article, but one thing I think everyone missed is that we Beyonce held up the "roc" sign… TRIANGLE to represent the all-seeing eye… the microphone head was right in the center of it which represented the eye.

    It was subtle and allowed her to give the full symbol without overtly bringing the triangle up to her eye which would have created over the type controversial and she's more interested in bouncing back from the lip-syncing thingy that creating any unwanted attention to that satanic symbol on the largest TV stage of the year.

    If you look at the picture above on this site with her triangle, look where the mic head is and the angle of it.

    Makes a perfect eye inside the triangle.

  62. Thanks for this awesome post VC! I'm not a fan of football however, I did watch the halftime fiasco and the thing that stood out for me from her directly is her facial expressions. They were almost demonic in nature. At one point in one of her songs, her eyes literally rolled back in her head showing all of her whites and it was very unsettling to see that. Then I remembered an interview she did years ago, when she was first coming on the "scene" where she spoke about being "possessed and taken over" by her "spirit" guide (which as we all know are demons) and sometimes she doesn't remember dancing or performing certain things in her concerts, also referencing the alter ego of Sasha Fierce. This half time "event" was definitely another ritual and yet another push for the elite's agenda. The media is doing what it can to distract curious eyes away from what they are SEEING behind the smoke screens by trying to discount what all of this truly is…..I read many of the articles about the flashing of the "ROC" and cringed at all of them. It is what it is and it was very apparent WHO she was pledging her allegiance to….so let's say she was giving a "shout out" to her hubby, but again, her hubby isn't using that symbol just because it's something new. He's controlled too. Feeling the energy of her "people" is also nothing new to those who are in this stranglehold. It's new age, it's evil, it's destructive and most of all it glorifies Satan instead of the Almighty God the Creator! Satan has been defeated, his time is coming to an end and he wants to get as many caught in his web as possible. Jesus is the only way out of that mess and Satan has to bow at the mention of His name, and tremble! I rarely watch tv anymore because of all of the "rituals, agendas and evil" that is being forced upon everyone but for now, we have a CHOICE and my choice is to walk with the Lord, continue to SEE what is right before us, and stay away from the rest of what the elite tries to say is HARMLESS. It's anything BUT! And it's EVERYTHING evil…..lies eventually come to light and as long as there are people out there doing what this site is doing, and informing those who need to see things as they are, then truth will prevail! God promises us that!

    • Amen……This was a true Pagan Ritual from ancient times used in the 21st Century and ALL Devil worship
      clearly outlined…The Devil is atrue Deceiver….The True way is God and will always be…….God Bless Everyone and I truly Pray For ALL of Our Souls….

  63. I'm so glad someone has some sense… I'm so sick of all the beyonce defending fanatics flooding my newsfeed on facebook… I'm not a "hater" by any means, I just recognize the bulls***! smh. Ugh.

  64. The stage scene with the two faces was like "how many images do you see?" The image between the two faces was not pleasant to "see" as the image was NOT comfortable to watch— not a good image.

  65. I called the whole "multiple personalities" thing with Beyonce, as well as the glass shattering representing her fractured conscience. However I didn't call the lights going out as a representation of the nature of duality, well done VC. Also, after the glass fractured in the graphic behind her, on the stage HUNDREDS of Beyonce's appeared around her, which I think represented all of the personality produced thereafter.

  66. The two faces looking at each other is a demon face. Each eye and eyebrows are separated perfectly. The lights that make a circle around the faces are the outline of the head. Even the foreheads of each of the faces stick out at the top, poking out from the circle (hmmm, horns, anyone?). Look at it again, it’s there. (I apologize if someone already meanted on this, didn’t read them all. But great minds think alike :-).

  67. truthseeker1212 on

    You need to check out this link that was posted on 20 January predicting that a "bull" (sign of Taurus) would be incorporated into the halftime show because the constellation was above New Orleans at the same time of Beyonce's performance which ended at exactly 5:21pm.

    And then this link shows the different images related to the Taurus (Baphomet) symbol from the show.

      • The Taurus + Gemini intersected by the Galactic Equator and divided by the Galactic Plane is what it is about. You should read the links. You are right about Taurus and Baphomet being distinctly different but the article never makes an association with Taurus being Baphomet. To my knowledge it is the only site making these connections. Although Beyonce is wearing the Baphomet on her official witch uniform! 😉

  68. Odd you think it was random to have a Destiny’s Child reunion. Beyonce was in Destiny’s Child, so it’s not really a stretch to think they would want to capitalize on a reunion!

    • Maybe the name of her former group says it all: "Destiny's Child." Maybe she is one of the false prophets destined to try to lead dumb sheep astray and to turn them into goats?
      Also, my coworker just informed me that JayZ & Beyonce's child is named Blu, after some demonic entity. And Ivy, because what does ivy the plant to? It spreads to whatever it touchs, thus swallowing it whole.

  69. Ephesians 6:12 NLT

    For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.

  70. I don’t agree for one second that Beyoncé or any of those artists are KNOWINLY worshiping the devil, but there is no point in posting about it on the web. If you want to cure an illness you go for the source not the symptoms. We should not be going after the mere "tool", that is the present Beyoncé, instead you should be looking at her record label, her manager, the people that actually get the money, Beyoncé only gets a small portion. Don’t waste time telling us that she is a tool; we know that they are all tools, the real masters are not in the open, they are in the background, around every day people. All you are doing is feeding them by making the Singers seem like the enemy's.
    If you ask me, the illuminate is one massive cover up, so to hid something worse, and all you people are doing now is believing that the illuminate is the one true enemy. If you want to help the world, don’t go and try to make people stop worshiping these singers. Guide people into worshiping god

    • They know who they are serving ..the bible say choose ye this day the God u serve..they might be blinded to satan devises but they know who they are serving they may not know that they have to pay with they life one day but they know who they are serving that hole set was demonic and so was she..beyonce is just very sneaky like satan and in the end if she don't come from out of it she gonna be like the rest of them

  71. PrairieMuffins on

    I think we are witnessing a hand sign from a monarch-slave to her handler.
    The "hidden hand" is not quite so hidden these days.

    It is no coincidence that the Obamas promote and partner with Beyonce. All this fame and money… you bet Beyonce will do whatever the presidential family wants. If that means endorse a militant police state, consider it done. The pairing of Jennifer Hudson with the Sandy Hook chorus was eery to say the least. People just want to watch a football game. Is it really necessary to traumatize them? With all that strange symbolism of the Batman movie…. from the mass murder at the theater, the city of Sandy Hook appears in the film, where a football stadium was obliterated. Now here we are, witnessing a power outage at the stadium after being reminded of Sandy Hook. With all those drunk fans…. If I was there, I'd have had a panic attack. It is a mass programming to desensitize people!

  72. brokenbutterfly on

    It seems that they are being more subtle this year. I also wanted to point out the cup of life between the two faces. Some type of holy grail? The shape of the holy grail is similar to the shape of the uterus and may represent Beyonce offering herself as a sacrifice to further the agenda. And duality, man these guys are sneaky.

  73. and what about Alicia Keys and her new appearance? she's definitely freshly engaged in all this illuminati shit. just look at her new style since her new album came out and also she recently started to collaborate with well known illuminati puppets like Nicki Minage, etc. and she was a special guest on recent VMA's or EMA's… very disturbing. VC, please, write something about it

    • Alicia Keys is definitely one of them now. Another one to watch is Justin Timberlake. Lots of symbolism in his new video. I'm thinking his long hiatus was probably to groom him up and look at all the hype he's getting now. I believe he is performing at the grammys this sunday (not sure), but he has certainly been "initiated" into the big club.

      • Alicia Keys has always been one of them. Look at how successful she has been and she is. Look at all her collaborations. Her son's name is Egypt.
        Justin Timberlake's from the Mickey Mouse Club. That's all! He's always been one of them. He acts so sane because he's refused to step out of line. MK!!

  74. WTF!!! I tough Bane and his bomb was supossed to be there and set our souls free!!

    Common people, they want to discredit us. They expected us to believe that an attack would happen…But no one saw all their signs so their plan goes to sh-t… The olympics, now the superbowl they even made batman and some shooting in United-States to made us believe in it. Reverse psychology is the best thing to do when people know you. Die young, Batman, etc… It's like, they want everyone to know about them. Listen to all those comments that stars do like Beyoncé and Jay-z….Why they are saying that they're not freemasons when they wear their rings and do these kinds of symbols straight in your face. Putting Black and white everywhere, it feel like a joke. And maybe that's their plan.

    Don't forget people, Illuminati was the first to said those things: Black and white, Sinners make the best saints, what goes up must come down. Putting their symbols everywhere is just a stage before they become a normal things in our lives. Black become white and white become black, Evil is good Good is evil.

    But the truth is still there somewhere…

  75. The first thing Beyonce said after her performance is that she wants to go to Disney World. I thought it was a bit strange. Also thought she looked really possessed throughout

      • Truthseeker2013 on

        Does VC have any information about the history of Walt Disney, the Mickey Mouse clu? I know there is an elite club they have and membershiip into is very secretive. Does it connect into the child abuse, child sex slave world that is totally blowing my mind.

        I am totally appalled at how young children are taught about sex and perversly used to distort them and their view of ever finding anyone that is decent. I just wanted to know if there was information about that.

  76. By the way…did anyone notice at the beginning of the performance that a very small, almost subliminal red, upside down star appears periodically? It's a small baphomet in the middle of the circle. This was indeed a ceremony of sacrifice. Does is have something to do with Sandy Hook? Regardless of what the motive is, watch the performance and pause when you see the little red star in the middle of the circle toward the beginning. It's clearly upside down and clearly a baphomet. It was also obvious it was supposed to be hidden and even subliminal. But as David has often pointed out, it is the vibrational energy that it carries with it being transmitted to millions and millions of people. So it's symbolic, yes. But it's also a frequency being carried into millions of homes.


  77. What about the two ginormous eye representations that were more or less "flashed", one mid show, the other at the end, suspended in the cloudy murk in the sky? Really surprised those weren't in your article. Great article nonetheless. Keep up the great work!

  78. Speaking of Poe.. Google Poe and the Freemasons. A lot of his work revolved around eyes, bricks etc… Freemason themes. These COincidences keep piling up. Didnt watch the show, but pensively waited till VC covered it. I worry about the integrity of this country/world. There is just so few who get it and most anyone I try to communicate these ideas with looks at me like I am a threat to this country. Up is down and down is up.

  79. In my opinion, your analysis is well explained, detailed and correct.
    The black/white chess board dress refers to the SWITCHING of personalities via use of spirit control (necromancy). This is used on women and is one of the remits of the UK/US Intelligence services, as well as Russian and European countries. A 'switch' or trigger allows an 'alien' spirit to push out the innate soul(spirit) of the victim and replace it with another, hence causing a dual personality. Many 'switches' can be applied thus causing someone to have multiple personalities. It is used to turn women into prostitutes as well as killers or just to control them sexually and is what is behind 'date-rape' rather than drugs.
    The triggers can be music but mostly are repetitive mentally intrusive noises such as hammering, car horns, banging etc.
    Many films have depicted this "switching" mind control, including 'Salt' with Angelina Jolie. This went into the KGB methods and even mentioned how orphaned children/kidnapped children were used and beaten into submission. Back in the mid-90s the film, "The Last Kiss Goodnight", with Samuel L Jackson, depicted how a traditional housewife and mother could be transformed into a State assassin. Sometimes such films are made by Hollywood to convince the masses that all this is just fiction, in case anyone dares mention it as true. However, the victims who are left with multiple personalities will often have been labelled "insane" anyway so won't have been believed, especially pre-Internet and social media.

    I have not properly read your link on Monarch Mind Control yet, but from my one personal experience of this, I can tell you that the Intelligence services and those that carry out these nefarious activities and the torture of victims, are able to carry this Mind Control out REMOTELY. For example, the victim could be sitting at work or at home or if a child, at school going about his/her business. In the UK, as long as you are targeted, the torturers/masons will organise themselves around you to enable this ind control. These days, the use of necromancy for such torture techniques has been brought into the modern technological age with the use of telephone ring tones as triggers and mobile telephones. (Also depicted in the film, 'The Curse of the Jade Scorpion', by Woody Allen).

    If I told you about all that I've SEEN…and all that I know..*slow head shake*… don't want to know!
    Take Care!
    Follow me on twitter: Rapinder@RoadrunnerA

  80. White people spreaded the illuminati through rock and roll Abd black people spreading illuminati through hip hop and RNB they have souled their soul to shatan I pull out my sword as I'm the soldier of the awaited Jesus and Madhi

  81. I no longer have any doubts about them using the children of Sandy Hook to enforce their gun control agenda! They want nothing more than to disarm us, enslave us, and possess us! WTFU! Okay, not you guys since you are already aware. But please don't stop trying to wake others up. I was one of those people involved in the occult and it literally took an act of God to pull me out.

  82. Thank you for this VC. For some reason I never want to watch the Super Bowl but I like hearing all the symbolic and mass hypnotizing details about it.This shit just keeps getting deeper and deeper and sometimes the more you realize it, it sets you free and you can laugh about it because God already won!

    • says the wanna be preacher being a fool amen to rabg you are awesome my friend lets be what these people here claim we are and be mindless trolls behold our wrath maybe your little history lesson and hocus pocus black magick crap might enligthen me haha

    • please do not let your self be spiritually decieved. turn your tv off and radio off for one month at least , then you will become more sensitive to what is really happening through the media.

    • Thanks for your sensible and intelligent commentary on the article! Your opinion is deeply valued by all, I'm sure. Please, by all means post examples of your successful, awesome life so we can learn from you how to be winners! I'm waiting with baited breath, oh superior one!

  83. truthseeker1212 on

    You need to check out this link that was posted on 20 January predicting that a "bull" (sign of Taurus) would be incorporated into the halftime show because the constellation was above New Orleans at the same time of Beyonce's performance which ended at exactly 5:21pm.….

    And then this link shows the different images related to the Taurus symbol from the show.….

    I wish VC did a more thorough analysis of this performance.

  84. At the beginning of the halftime show they were announcing that it was the Pepsi halftime show and they flashed alot of pictures very fast like an introduction. I noticed one of the pictures that flashed for like a half a second was the hand sign with the pinky and pointer up and all other fingers down like devil horns that all the industry puppets flash. Another one was the pyramid and really fast while they were showing all those different people they focused in and zoomed out on the peoples eye. I dont know how many of you noticed it, but I definately did. SMH I feel sorry for these people. Aren't they afraid of God's wrath.

  85. Claiming that Beyonce was flashing the "roc" sign is like a skin-head flashing the Roman salute and claiming it's not a "heil hitler".

  86. Thanks, VC, for another enlightening analysis. I was at first, a little confused by the show. I did see some random pyramids in the lighting, but was looking for something more obvious after last year's fest. But I think you have hit it on the nose…while last year was all about things being in the open (Super Bowl, Olympics) , this year, as demonstrated by the dome in half darkness for 33 minutes, is all about being more occult, or hidden. Here are a few things I picked up you did not mention. The two faces immediately made me thing of the Roman God Janus, and the associations with portals and passages (the fact that we were just a few days out of the month is irrelevant, besides, it was on the Celtic festival day of Imbolc) Also, the two faces are also suggestive of Gemini, the twins. Aside from the obvious association with the duality principles, the sun it in Gemini beginning in May, and SK Bain has suggested there might be something happening during that month. Also supporting that was the three faced goddess of the moon in the appearance of Destiny's Child, the other two members representing the other phases of the moon. During the show, Beyonce made a big point of flinging her hair into the crowd during the song Halo, and then at the end of the show, the lit twin-faces then sprouted flowing, glowing hair behind them. Not exactly sure what that means, but it was certainly emphasized.
    One thing that I also noticed. When the lights went out, the TV cameras panned up to the ceiling of the dome, and showed (and gave a lot of play to) the three pointed star of the Mercedes logo which hung dead center int he dome. Guess we know who owns that company now….

  87. Bey is also standing on a pedestal at the beginning of the show, like a goddess statue. She's even standing in a contrapposto stance like the Doryphoros of classical Greek sculpture, an s-curve that imparts a more lifelike look to statuary. The Canon of the sculptor who made the Doryphoros is based on the golden ratio or golden mean, an important Pythagorean formula at the heart of ancient mystery school teachings.

  88. I've come across a couple of interesting things in this morning's reading.

    Re: the many armed Hindu or Tantric goddess image that showed on the video screen at one point, I think it was this destructive aspect of Kali:

    And I just stumbled across a very interesting theory of why these events are telegraphed so blatantly in the media – they have to be to make them manifest in the real world, due to a Kabbalistic docrine of 'pulsa dinura.'

  89. PS – I guess it is kind of evil genius to impart coded messages into crappy pop music that will be played in every grocery store, elevator and taxicab from NYC to Timbuktu. Nothing gets greater exposure than truly lousy TV, films and music. I've been exposed to every mediocre pop song written in the last 20 years while buying soap in dollar stores coast to coast.

  90. I just noticed something else – Truthseeker 1212 posted this link above, about how the astrological 'silver gate of heaven' was opened between Gemini and Taurus during the show.

    This article says the corresponding 'golden gate of heaven' was over Newtown on the day of the Sandy Hook massacre.

    And it refers to a constellation now called The Wolf that refers to ritual sacrifice. It was just called The Beast in past cultures. That appellation could refer to Satan, Baphomet, or Set, the Egyptian god whose symbol was an indeterminate doglike animal.

    • truthseeker1212 on

      Thank you for acknowleding what I posted. There was so much symbolism in the show that it was hard to catch everything watching it the first time around. I told my wife when the half-time show started that it would end at 8:21 EST when Taurus and Jupiter would align over New Orleans and it ended at exactly a 8:21 EST with Beyone laying on her back and thrusting her pelvic area upward with an explosion in the background. With penalties, timeouts and everything that happens to slow down a football game, I'm amazed (I guess I shouldn't be by now) how they could orchestrate Beyonce's performance to end exactly at 8:21 EST.

      • I noticed lots of energy pulses in the light effects on that stage. When she stamped her foot in what that article called a bull step, circles of light rippled out from her. Thanks for posting that.

  91. I can't find the comment now, but someone mentioned that the backup dancers were wearing costumes with crossed straps across the chest that look like Baphomet upside-down pentragrams. I watched the show again, and they were right. Creepy.

  92. These are some things I noticed while watching the super bowl halftime show. First of all Beyonce somehow looked like she was possessed. I slow motioned the video and looked at her eyes and her stare/glare did not seem human. Secondly, I noticed all those performing with her were female, I did not see a male; correct me if I’m wrong. Thirdly, the way she was dressed and those on stage with her, not only that but also her dance moves, it was as if she was somehow evoking the thought of sexual relationship with someone.

    At the end of all these observations, I’ve come to my own personal conclusion: Beyonce that night became the bride of Satan. Her performance was a ritual she dedicated to Satan to become his. If you notice the first song she says I need you, I can literally feel you. She ended with her song Halo, which in itself has a great meaning.


    • she looks like a possessed woman, you are absolutely right
      there is nothing else to say when your comment is purely perfection
      at least you have convinced me but then again I might be easily influenced lol

  93. Remember when toy companies started selling cartoon shows to get the kids to force mom and dad to buy up whatever plastic image they produced.

    Today, the music seems to come last. It's as if they draft together the visuals first and tack-on the lyrics to add to the effect and then manufacture the (sub-M-hum) music last. That makes it nothing but a modern high-tech commercial deliverance system.

  94. Well, besides that there was a special name in good ol times, for women dancing seminude and swinging their hips like maniacs for everyone to see .. but I guess it's edgy because it's Beyonce.

  95. My brother and I were talking about the Super Bowl performance yesterday on the phone. He asked me if I had seen Beyonce's performance yet. I told him no. I had seen the photo of her flashing the illuminati symbol on yahoo news, however. I said, I don't even need to watch it. I know what she did already. She did a ritualistic themed performance and when she finished performing, threw up the Illuminati pyramid with her fingers. He said, Yes, she did. I've been seeing so much of this stuff during the past couple of years, I probably won't watch it at all. No need.

  96. Did anybody else notice that during the end of independent women when destinys child posed as angels beyonce did her infamous horn pose

  97. did you know the black out was 33 mins?!
    they say 34, but it was 33mins 50 something seconds?
    also i heard the black out happened at 13;22 ?????

  98. Awesome article.

    Just a coulpe of things that came to my mind which are worth researching..

    The tragedy that happened in Santa Maria, Brazil on Feb 26, with a death toll of 235 people also brings a lot of strange coincidences related to “fire”, as the Mercedes Benz ad shows (specially the number 13 in flames).

    The night club where it all happened was called “Kiss” but the lettering could be interpreted as L, in this case 2 L’s. We all know what this word can also mean as an acronym.

    It happened on the day many homages were being payed to the victims of the Holocaust worldwide.

    It is not clear whether it was a firework used indoors that created the initial spark that went to the ceiling of the club, which by the way had been through – illegal – renovations and cheap sound proof material was added, or a short circuit that started the horror.

    The cheap foam used for sound proof released toxic fumes when burnt, which “coincidently” produced cyanide gas, main reason for all 235 deaths.

    Many survivors say they saw a woman standing in the middle of flames all dressed in red with a weird expression. Firefighters yelled at her but she didn’t move and then disapeared.

    The ad poster for the concert was a skull in flames and more skulls dancing also in the flames as if they were agonizing.

    Many people mentioned on twitter and fb that that day the club was going to be “set on fire”, and lately the messages were erased.

    Santa Maria is where a major military base is located in the very south of Brazil.

    The response to a (at first) fire in a night club was unheard of, specially for Brazil standards, not to mention a small university town in the south of the country (away from the big cities like São Paulo and Rio). Army trucks and freezer trucks were brought in immediately to carry the bodies (as the fire was burning in the club).

    The cctv footage with images from inside the club are gone.

    1 year ago a weird message about ufo’s in Santa Maria, Brazil with a dead link was posted on God like productions ( ) with the word “kill”

    The last song played in the night club was “Die Young” from keisha

    Only one tv station had live coverage of the tragedy.
    On its open channel, it aired an old movie about a famous brazilian rock star from the 80ies who died of aids and who was also an over doer in everything, from drugs to alcohol, sex, parties etc.. the movie starts with Smoke on the Water from Deep Purple and part of the lyrics say:
    Were at the best place around
    But some stupid with a flare gun
    Burned the place to the ground

    Smoke on the water, fire in the sky
    Smoke on the water

    They burned down the gambling house
    It died with an awful sound
    Funky & Claude was running in and out
    Pulling kids out the ground

    Lady gaga posted a message on her twitter account sending condolences and praying (with a picture)

    The president left a important conference (ritual?) immediately were the European Union and the Mercosur leaders were attending in Chile. Everything was way too fast.

    Ah, and last but not least, Brazil is one tiny step of breaking down as corruption and incompetence has been the standard practice for the (communist) party in power for over 10 years. All solid government institutions have been looted by these people and important agencies have as their managers and directors, people that didn’t even finish high school, but know someone in the goverment. The pressure for media control is getting unbearable. There is only one independent source left.
    Many more things are coming to the surface for those who have eyes to see…

    My love and prayers to all the victims of this tragedy.

    • Thank you! I asked this on the post "major Hollywood talent agency….."
      N/B; VC please look into the tragedy in Brazil today. Shockingly sad and may they rest in peace. There is more to it than meets the eye. Today's date features in the occult calendar.

      I knew there was more to it.

    • I wondered why that was such big news here in the US. No offense and I am sorry for those victims but why would a fire in a nightclub in a foreign country be big news to America? Unless there was an occult angle, which you covered very well. Interesting, thank you!!

  99. As evil, manipulative, and occultic it all is, I can't say I missed a damn thing because I long ago gave up watching these orgies. Like that old move "War Games" the only way to win is not to play.

  100. One day we would all have to give an account for our actions here on earth – celebrities and all. "Do not be deceived, God cannot be mocked, whatsoever a man sows that also will he reap". The time will surely come when not even the fame and fortune or the demons that they worship can save them.

  101. It's a shame what people will do for money and fame…. But it was there choice and gods people will cherish and live forever!!! Like a famous singer sang "something we all adore something worth dying for nothing but pain stuck In this game searching for money and fame".

  102. Definitely has the hand of the Illuminati. But then, what did you expect? Beyonce is in the clutches of them. She has the baby, the fame, the man and SHE's LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!! A full-blown Illum whore. Not very subtle with the symbolism. It's becoming more overt.
    Not to worry, though. When the Illuminati get sick of her or she's outlived her 'usefulness' to them, she will be dispatched.
    Look beyond the dual faces looking at each other, and where the noses and foreheads are, it looks like Devil's horns. To be truthful, that was the first thing that hit me.
    As usual, VC, you have done a great job.

  103. ConcernedC1tiz3n on

    Did anyone notice that there are two rows of 13 children singing for the ct choir? … lots of strange coincidences here.

  104. Re: The Duality of the two faces – in the run up to the game, the two faces of the brother coaches were featured on several mag covers, face to face of course. The Kohanim hands Priestly blessing? Spock's "Live Long & Prosper" x 2. It's all in your face now – out there for everyone to see.

  105. “conspiracy theories” (I hate that term) – me too…though conspiracies abound.

    The Stupid Bowl (aka "The Big Game") is a huge distraction for the masses. I ead an article that said many Americans go into withdrawl after it is over. What a sad mental state many live in.

    The Super Dome has a very recent dark past – much death occured in that building during the Katrina aftermanth. Why was it left standing when stadiums with less age and no dark history are torn down? Perhaps the "lights anomoly" was supernatural. Such activity is quite prevelant today – much has been captured on film in recent years – such shows as My Ghost Story on the History Channel reveal incredible footage of demonnic activity happening today. Perhaps the half-time show was an incantation of sorts.

    Officials still can't figure out what happened. It could have turned ugly if people panicked which could haveled to more death in that place.

    Don't dabble in such activity y'all. It's very dangerous.

    • I go into "withdrawal" because I love the NFL and the sport of American football and the season is so short. That is why I miss it. Not because I am in a "sad mental state."

  106. Is it me or if you look at the photos they want to take down because they were unbecoming her out fit looks like it has the shape of the belphmont (sp) i know it is spelled wrong I am talking about the creature with the horns?

  107. Religion is a another form of mind control.Hasn't ANYONE realized that yet?If God is in your heart (or mind)Then religion has NO power over you.All forms of religion are just another way to control the masses.

    • True but I cannot bless the water and make it holy water or the wine/bread and make it the holy communion. I can confess to an icon but we are supposed to confess to another sinner -priest- and

      • get his blessing. I don't know about you, what I know is I'm not a religious person but I'll do whatever it takes to free myself from demonic influences. If I have to confess to another sinner I'll do it, whatever it takes. It is difficult/embarrassing and nighmarish to go there and try to reveal your plenty nasty habits and sins over years. Going along with all the rubbish they feed us for so long it isn't working for us, you can see how bad the outcome is. Christ never said that we shouldn't create places where we could gather and be part of the holy mysteries. Tell me where excatly in the Bible is mentioned that we shouldn't do it? The Apostles were blessed by the Holy Spirit who in their turn blessed the first priests and so on. Yes the Church has been infiltrated, how can we lie and deny it, however I can participate in the Mysteries. You have to choose the right establishment, what else can you do. On the other hand if your feelings towards religion etc are so negative you must have your own good reasons and it's up to you and God to take care of the issues. You keep God in your heart and mind and I'm certain He knows everything He needs to understand your motives. Nobody cannot judge your intentions, take care and bear in mind that we are lost and need guidance. We are in it together, you, I and so many others.

      • By turning to organised Illuminati controlled religion to deal with your problems is like jumping out of the frying pan into the fire when it was the same organised religion or the Illuminati that give you the problems in the first place. They weren't inherited or brought about because of having the wrong parents as psychiatrists and counsellors would have you believe.

    • My goodness, did you do some photoshop or something. She's like evil incarnate and yes we saw the thing above her shoulder.

      • NO! I did no photoshopping! It's a pic I found on reddit, on a post titled "unfortunate pause." Apparantly, someone paused their tv and this is how beyonce looked. They thought it was funny- talked about how it brought the room to their knees with laughter- and made no mention of any evil faces that show up in her hair.

  108. And as far all of the celebs who tweeted or otherwise promoted Beyonce's performance, well, you have to wonder about them too. It's pretty clear what god they serve. For example, Alec Baldwin was one. Who can think of a bigger douche?

    • lol Baldwin is an odd cookie. All of them are one of a kind, too cocky and self-important. It's not their fault though as such, once you become terribly spoilt it's difficult to find some humility to acknowledge your own imperfections. We can't handle wealth, fame etc, we are only humans. Those on the top get very greedy and want more, the rest are jealous of others' success and whatever comes with it.

  109. I found this website on Monday when I googled "Beyonce Baphomet." I'm glad I did because my eyes are wide open now and I'm praying more than ever. Oddly, I was at work and looked on my crappy out-of-date Android at the wikipedia page of Baphomet b/c I didn't know what it was. My phone died completely, which was weird because it was fully charged. Yesterday, my toddler woke up screaming from a nap. I his bed I found a puzzle piece of a goat (from a huge farm animals puzzle). He's never looked at the goat before, but he was lying on top of it. Needless to say, we're definitely going to Mass this weekend, getting all God's grace that we can. In retrospect, the Superbowl made me very uncomfortable at the time for an intangible reason. Now I know why. This article is profoundly accurate. I found another article that is as well.

    • Hello… You do not Need to wait for mass. Pray that you and your son be covered in the blood of Christ. If you have accepted Christ as your savior then the Holy Spirit is in you and you need not fear anything, read your Bible and KEEP YOUR EYES UPON JESUS! Maybe lay off the research until you are on firmer spiritual ground. Remember, this war against evil has already been won.

  110. What I don't understand is when people come on this site and say WE are the ones brainwashed. How is that even a possibility?
    If you don't believe this stuff then why are you reading the articles and the comments on here? Is it just to tell us we're wrong? Doesn't that make you brainwashed?
    Another thing I don't understand is, how can people not feel the pure evil in some of these performances and songs? Some of the things I hear and see creep me out so much. I just start shivering and shaking out of nowhere. Like my body and soul are rejecting the evil I'm exposed to.

  111. This stuff is too real and many people that don't believe anything is going on besides what they can "see" will get religion real quick if they research these things.

  112. rs. What and Why on

    I noticed she was singing sexually-hyped the whole time… then… when she started singing "Baby Boy"… she started to sing/chant demonically. She went from sensual to demonic… am I the only one that noticed that? :-/ … I don't know what she's saying… but it sounds like an old egyptian language (like in the movie The Fourth Kind).

  113. What really weirded me out is the Super Bowl commercials. There seemed to be alot of this message of so-called "nerds" kissing beauty queens (and in one case a king). The concepts that stick out are the infamous Go Daddy ad and the Audi 2013 ad. Both seemed to have similar concepts. In the Go Daddy ad, the nerdy tech IT guy kisses a model. In the Audi ad a high school loser with a nice car kisses the prom queen. In another commercial Will Ferrell kisses an Asian lady on a bus. It would interesting to get your take on this; are there some underlying meanings to this?

    • ConcernedC1tiz3n on

      The Dodge Ram commercial really unnerved me. Not sure why but his voice and all the animal references and depressed looking farmers. Just made me uncomfortable.

  114. Open your eyes on

    Oh yes… So much debunking. I'm just ready to go running to mainstream media outlets for all the factual articles and honest journalism they feed the masses.

  115. Hello VC, hello guys – have u seen this ad for Beyoncé upcoming concert at the O2?
    It's FUUUULLL of symbolism and beyond creepy (thanks to the Joker that controls minds) and her costume half prostitute/half Queen of Heaven!!!

    BTW, I can imagine that make up change slightly your skin tone, but please… she turning into a female M.Jackson?!!

  116. I was creeped out and shocked by Rihanna's promo video for 'Umbrella' in 2008 before I started to wake up. Partly because it was shown on television in the middle of the afternoon instead of after the watershed. A video half as lewd as that such as 'Justify my love' would be shown after 11pm on a music channel in the 90's or have a screen put up so that the bottom part of the video would be blacked out. I felt depressed and empty whenever I heard Rihanna on the radio after that though I liked the Manic Street Preacher's cover version of 'Umbrella'. I could not go into pubs which played present day chart music only old hits. At least with Beyonce I know what it's all about though I was freaked out by earlier videos especially 'Put a ring on it'. She looked very aggressive in the video as did her backing dancers yet the lyrics were about urging women to get married before having sex or at least engaged.

    • You do not understand the song if that is what you think.

      Up in the club (club)
      We just broke up (Up)
      I'm doing my own lil' thing

      You decided to dip (dip)
      And now you wanna trip (trip)
      Cause another brother noticed me

      I'm up on him (him)
      He up on me (me)
      Don't pay him any attention

      'Cause I've cried my tears (tears)
      For three good years (years)
      You can't be mad at me

      Cause if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it
      If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it
      Don't be mad once you see that he want it
      If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it


      Cause if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it
      If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it
      Don't be mad once you see that he want it
      If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it

      I got gloss on my lips (lips)
      A man on my hips (hips)
      Hold me tighter than my Dereon jeans

      Actin' up (up)
      Drinkin' my cup (cup)
      I can care less what you think

      I need no permission
      Did I mention?
      Don't pay him any attention

      Cause you had your turn (turn)
      And now you're gonna learn (learn)
      What it really feels like to miss me

      Cause if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it
      If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it
      Don't be mad once you see that he want it
      If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it

      Don't treat me to these things of the world
      I'm not that kind of girl
      Your love is what I prefer, what I deserve
      Here's a man that makes me then takes me and delivers me
      To a destiny, to infinity and beyond
      Pull me into your arms
      Say I'm the one you want
      If you don't, you'll be alone
      And like a ghost I'll be gone

      The song is about the guy she was fucking before, who fucked someone else, they broke up, and now he sees her dancing "all up on" a guy at the club and she is gonna fuck him good and the original guy is jealous and she is flaunting it at him. dig? She is gonna fuck the current guy whether or not she gets a ring from him. She is ripping into her ex, who I guess she thought would ask her to marry him but instead cheated on her and dumped her.

  117. The screen behind Beyonce also displayed a graphic image of her with multiple arms extending away from her body….an obvious reference to who she worships. Surprised that wasn't mentioned…

  118. Love me some VC. Just wanted to say, Beyonce has that weird alter ego Sasha Fierce. She says she's Sasha Fierce when she performs onstage. So she even admits to the dual personality. Another great website/blog is called Twilight Language by Loren Coleman. All about weird synchronicity and such. If you like this website check out Twilight Language.

  119. Sweet Funky Freedom on

    The Sandy Hook choir again? That's disgusting. I can't believe they'd continue to exploit those poor kids. I guess I'll have to update my article about Sandy Hook now.

    Everyone knows success in the music industry is all about selling your soul, too. "SASHA FIERCE" looked demonic in the pictures I've seen from the Super Bowl. (I didn't watch, it was a giant waste of time like it always is.)

    • Thank you for that Sandy Hook post. I agree, no matter what really happened in Newtown, the media is acting like The Hunger Games, trotting out wounded and dead children for ratings.

  120. Thanks alot the VC for your enlightenment .What's the difference between illuminati and the jesuits and is it involved with the catholic church(pope)

    • The Pope is part of the illuminati. Also Weishaupt who was a Jew man converted to Catholicism like Zarkozy etc was the predominant name of illuminati in Bavaria in the 1700s. All of them are part of it, as to the Pope it's been hundreds of years when a prophet revealed the connection of the Pope. The Pope looks like a demon in disguise lol. If he is a saintly man I'm shiba.

  121. I knew there would be signs in this show but I thought they would go all out like Madonna's show. If you got a chance to look at the half time show again, They show everyone who's show it really was in the first 3 minute opening during "Crazy in Love". Entertainers are often giving a marker to place themselves on the floor or spot to stand. At 2 mins. 16 secs when Bey started her floor routine and the floor board started to light up crazy a huge red circle appeared. Bey's marker just happened to be an upside down black star from our camera angle, which goes unnoticed and forms a pentagram. It flashes several times during the routine and at 2:26 you can see that she missed the unlined of her body on her marker, Bey went for the white line that flashed her where to stop and not the star that you can't see until the lights come on. Now why would they use a black star on a dark platform that that does fully lights up until after she is down? And if you continue to watch her a few seconds later at 3:16- 3:26 the star appears again between Bey and guitarist and the multiples Beys dancing around it together. They didn't use the marker during to Destiny's Child reunion they used a flashing white line showing them where to stand. I might have went to far for some of the people or i might be reading into too much but the signs started early in the show.

  122. The entire Superbowl this year seems to have been an alchemical dualistic exercise in light and darkness. Ravens (black) vs 49ers (gold). Two faces on "Halftime" stage. Lights go out in exactly half of stadium. Black and white theme to halftime set.

    Taken to its logical conclusion, the appearance of Destiny's Child refers to the filius, the child of the Magnum Opus, born of the alchemical coniunctio of the Sun and the Moon.

    The filius is supposed to be analogous to something on the order of the Christ child internalized and activated in the human psyche, The Divine Inner Child, but I think I am afraid that in this context it may be referring to something more on the order of the Antichrist.

  123. The Mercedes commercial was shown during the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl – that is what the Mercedes ad was referring to. Just wanted to correct that. Thanks for the great analysis of Beyonce's performance. Indeed it was all about split personalities.

  124. The elites are out to steer the collective thought of humanity toward greed, falsehood, ignorance, arrogance, anger, harm, and injustice in order that our actions would eventually serve their ends of obtaining riches and power. What I don't understand is that, since the elites' motives are steeped in the occult, how come they don't fear the consequences of their actions in the afterlife, i.e. karma? Or don't they believe in life after death? Or do they perceive to have the means to cheat or ward off karma?

    • Their idol who shouldn't be named might have promised them something such as they will be excluded from torture in hell or something along those lines. The reality is different as the fallen ones can't rebuild hell and make it cosy for their human puppets. Fire and stench, worms coming out of everywhere, it is what it is. I think satanists are either wicked to the core -like a birth defect- or heavily brainwashed by their background. Live now well for a few decades -if that, dream of fame and wealth and forget about after life which is the real deal. We are tested on earth, our lives is a constant struggle, even if you have no financial worries still you are not unharmed. You want to have children to leave someone behind you when you're gone, or for company, nevertheless if you think in depth it's not even a wise decision. Who would like the children they have to suffer here or after death? You take a responsibility, a serious one by all accounts even by having children.

    • The believe the lies the devil feeds them.

      That he,(Satan) will eventually be RULER OVER ALL in a place where lust and debauchery and depravity are indulged without measure and consequence and that they will be rewarded both now in this time, and in the next for their worship of him.

      Satan doesn't appear to them as some sort of scary looking hell dude, his appearance is beautiful and alluring and charming and they fall in love with the lie.

  125. Amen……This was a true Pagan Ritual from ancient times used in the 21st Century and ALL Devil worship
    clearly outlined…The Devil is a true Deceiver….The True way is God and will always be…….God Bless Everyone and I truly Pray For ALL of Our Souls….

  126. Don,t know if anyone noticed but when the program was going on, the camera showed the smoke behing beyonce and it showed the goat head of baphomet,s horns and head. This is the god she worships in her life not the the Lord Jesus Christ. I also saw a picture of her wearing a ring of baphomet. These games are cearly satantic

  127. Not Blind any more on

    Wow, this is one article where the comments added more theories I never thought of. I can relate to Beyonce looking creepy, you can see that spirit in her eyes and facial expression and voice. Funny her family is also from New Orleans too. That town is known for witchcraft… Also, the lights out had to be planned. That was not normal.

    • Beyonce wouldn't be the public figure she is today if it weren't for the witch craft in her family and back ground. She was specifically chosen and groomed to lead this generation into filth. If you don't come from an evil line, you don't get to "play". Many people don't "get" the hype about Beyonce, she's nothing special in terms of dance or song, but she reeks of charismatic evil. That's why she's a superstar. She's the perfect tool.

  128. READ THIS! You are only PART correct on the dual faces. If you are reading this look again and see what is really in the photo.

    First – Look at the center of the image and NOT the two faces.

    Second- notice the outline of the foreheads are actually goat horns.

    Third – notice the eyes of the faces area actually the ears of the goat.

    Lastly – NOW You will notice that the picture is actually that of Baphomet in the "middle" and not just "two Faces".

  129. There was an Illuminati message in the WINNER of the GAME itself that is going neglected here. Ravens are well known FAMILIAR SPIRIT animals in Illuminati witchcraft. The ravens also won by a very controversial play
    at the very end of the game (An OBVIOUS pass interference that was not called) .

    Could it be within the realm of possibility that the game could have been FIXED to allow the team named for an ILLUMINATI FAMILIAR SPIRIT ANIMAL to win it???!!!!!

  130. UnderAlienControl on

    Ok-I got it now. The eyes are the eyes in both views but the eyebrows in profile are the goat's ears in head-on view, with the two laser lines being the horns. The descending laser lines form the (perfectly symmetrical) snout even including the nostrils via the 2 square boxes on both sides of the upper snout. Now the really creepy question is: why is there a baby? looking at me from the right mid to the right bottom side of the picture? I tried to write it off as pareidolia, but now I can't not see it when I look at the pic. Hint: look for the baby eye above the right snout. That will get you started…(<>..<>)

  131. If I remember correctly, in revelations theres something about the 3rd part of the sun not shining although it was symbolic, it reminded me of thr 3rd quarter of the superbowl.

  132. The Superbowl is the gladiatorial arena of our culture, which in itself is a reboot of Rome. Just like the Olympics and World Cup are the similar arenas of the combined nations. It doesn’t surprise me they’d be used as vehicles for ritual, they always were in the ancient world. Superbowl is a confluence of all the most powerful currents in our society: money, marketing, media and military. Interesting how many SB commercials referenced the armed forces. All the beer commercials always remind me of the kykeon, the sacred barley drink of the Eleusinian Mysteries, a celebration of the gods of the Underworld and the alchemical Sacred Marriage. Plus all the hamburger ads seem like feasting after sacrificing animals to propitiate the gods for a win in the staged combat. All the metaphors and imagery used to describe the game are battle language.

  133. They even have oracular commentary from all the sports analysts before, during and after the game. People wear totemic tribal garments and paint themselves. There is a lot of prostitution activity in the host cities. And lots of other crime happens to unwary tourists, and tons of gambling occurs. The games channel very primal currents.

  134. There is some sort of MARRIAGE going on between Beyonce and darkness; it reminds me of Maddona in the video of “Like a Virgin”, which was the engagement ceremony between Madonna and the Illuminati, or maybe her marriage to whoknowswhat. Madonna is shown being “chased” by a lion in Venice, symbol of the city is the Lion of St. Mark, at the cathedral. The site for the video is well chosen since Madonna carries the name of the Virgin Mary, and Venice is the city of carnivals, and of the famous Inquisition trials of people worshipping demons (think Polanski’s Ninth Gate, a movie built around the book [fake book] that caused the Inquisition to burn at the stake a demonologist).

  135. I thought the area between the faces with the broken half circle above it looked like some pics of the Hoover dam that I've seen. Also, last year, Madonna's "throne" resembled the dam. If you google photos of Hoover dam, there's a gold pic that looks like Madonna's throne. Also, when the pieces kind of explode when Beyonce breaks out looked to me like maybe the bottom of the Hoover dam exploding. Maybe they're planning another false flag involving the Hoover dam.

  136. in Madonna’s video, a white masked face appears on :10 amidst the hazy background of Venice at dawn, it is a gigantic white masked face; then, on :20 you can see the WHITE paws with black spots of an animal that seems to be a lion only one cannot see it fully; then on :25 one can see the hindparts of a lion dissappearing behind columns. One may recall Yates’ poem “The AntiChrist” or his lines “What strange beast walks towards Bethlehem?”, or the surrealist paint of his 1920s

  137. Very interesting article! One thing I think you’re wrong about is assuming the Sandy Hook “shooting” actually happened, when in fact there is simply no valid reason to believe a young man went on a shooting rampage that day, killing 26 people at the school, most of whom were said to be children. The entire official narrative is 100% bogus, and was manufactured in the media by grieving “family members”, who were, in all likelihood, actors playing a specific role. The entire Sandy Hook “shooting” was a major PSYOP designed to get the American public to willingly give up their fire arms.

  138. This satanic illuminati whore gets chosen to give a fake performance (lip-singing) for a fake president, for a fake system, etc.,, and then also gets chosen to sing at the Superbowl. There are about 315 million people living in the United States, and she gets chosen for both events? Coincidence? I don’t think so. This just blows my mind.

  139. The Mercedes superbowl ad could also be a double entendre referring to the 4th financial quarter of 2013.. foreshadowing perhaps a staged economic collapse

  140. "Beyonce is at the height of her powers and writing her own script."

    This is a quote from Beyonce's recent Vogue cover story, I read this on a blog and was thinking that the wording is very interesting. At the height of her powers….wow….

  141. I watched part of the Super Bowl last Sunday with my dad. He said he turned it during the Half Time Show when Beyonce was about to perform because of her stance on gun control…smart man. I don't like her either. If it wasn't for the half time show, the Super Bowl would've been great. There was some good things about the Super Bowl too. For instance, the ravens which is my hometown of Baltimore, won the Super Bowl for the first time in 12 years. I also watched the parade a couple days later here on WBAL, which is a local NBC affiliate in this area. It's just these hollyweirds who make things bad for everyone else.

  142. Great breakdown of the halftime show, especially the meanings behind the crazy multiples and illusions we saw, but you guys didn't mention the biggest symbol of all, the stage is baphomet! If you are having a hard time seeing it just cover the mouths of the two faces and the foreheads make the horns. Also in the the countdown at the very beginning there are several esoteric things going on.

  143. At least Justin Timberlake 's performance wasn't illuminati!! His name wasn't even mentioned in this article!! YESSSSS JUSTIN!! 😀 however his new album cover is a little fishy (The 20/20 Experience) the first time I've ever seen him use symbols …unless you count NSYNCs "No Strings Attached" where all the group members are drawstring puppets, but that doesn't mean they were Illuminati puppets, because they never used symbolism or sang about anything of that sort either.
    Oh well, its just an album cover…

  144. So the pope abruptly resigns Feb 11? The elites love the numbers 9 & 11. What brewing that he suddenly decides to resign? Inquiring minds want to know. Didnt Whitney die on Feb 11?

    • He was acting too correctly for the elite…I think all those financial scandals 'broke his neck'. They need 'a real illuminati person' to put on his place I'm sure…oh my god, please help us!

  145. I'm actually not sure if anyone has shed light on these video clips or posted them already but please PLEASSSSE have a look at them the first one breaks down and exposes the demonic forces in that were working in beyonce during her half time show, HER EYES TURNED BLACK! and something was inside of her knock. no doubt the spirit of sash fierce and all other legions. the other speaks for itself. God bless and let Christ continue to be your guide

  146. Hi. Not many people noticed this, but while beyonce was performing her song ‘Baby boy’ with her reflecting alters, an inverted pentagram briefly flashes between her legs on the floor. I noticed it for a moment on my large screen tv but it seems not many people caught it. If you look at the footage, it’s a bit hard to spot, especially when viewing low resolution clips on the net, but it’s there. Check it out…

  147. JT performed at the Superbowl PARTY my bad. Anyway wow Beyonces and Jennifer's performances seem crazy. It was probably her and her alter ego (Sasha Fierce) performing …anyway the Superbowl is supposed to be about SPORTS, not all this crap…

  148. Certainly, if God did not hold back his anger from wiping out the ancient wicked world, but poured it in full measure on the wicked- ungodly- sinners in the distance past, i can’t help but believe that the future holds a swift annihilation of these idiots. Be it beyonce and her satanic entertainment teams, or the governments (elite) and their diabolic world.

    I am just, .. Kinda desperate to see their ends.

    • I know how you fell Garben, sometimes I just wanna see them punished, I'm so sick of the evil and filth in this world, but God's heart is toward each and every one of them, He doesn't want anyone to live without His love and mercy, he's already forgiven everyone, he sent Jesus to pay for all the filth. It's only when I focus on that, that I'm able to let the anger go and pray for them. God forgives them, just as He forgives me of my sin, so who am I to hate and judge.

  149. Thanks for the recap Vig. I was kinda “sauced” by the halftime show. But I do remember the NO CALL at the end of the game. Go 9ERS!

  150. So vulgar. It’s just always raunchy now.

    Her facial expressions are disturbing and she crosses the line many times where her facial expressions look pained but also estatic and she does look possessed.

    The entire performance is meant to magnify her and to receive worship for the spirit Lust.

    The costumes all look like S&M and the flames.

    When she asks for their energy, she follows with the song “Halo” which is about Lucifer as an angel of light.

  151. In their dance I paused at one part for a split second they did satan’s horns, with they’re hands then they lower their hands and do baphomet horns. It’s the part when the background behind them is very light they look like silhouettes and the body pose with the hand makes the shape more visible.

  152. I think there's a deeper esoteric meaning in the game itself.

    49ers = youth in america
    Ravens= elitist in america

    Game/year starts off with a good play/social status from the 49ers they still get penalized for it which in turns gives the Raven what they need to capitalize and score economically. Up until halftime seems like it a pretty boring game/year til the ravens make a huge play to take a controlling lead to victory. Lights go out in half of the stadium/world arena giving time for the 49ers to reevaluate their standing on the worlds stage, come up with a new game plan to fight and make the game/year look more interesting and try to put up a bigger fight. Lights come back on the youthful leader of the 49ers makes great plays to keep his team in the game/world but the soft spoken leader of the ravens proves to out wit his opponent for the final victory even giving the 49ers the final play to come up with a so to speak MIRACLE PLAY for the win.

  153. The two faces mirroring each other is also a popular optical illusion image, because it can be viewed both as two faces and as a vase / chalice.

  154. Truthseeker2013 on

    Is it me? I just saw the ALEX Jones video of the human sacrifice ritual at Bohemian Cove and heard the screams. It chilled me to the bones. Now this is the same feeling I get when I hear Alicia Keyes sig in her song "The girl is on fire"

    I know, it can just be me but I have been so unsettled after watching that video. I can't listen to Alicia Keyes now. That is just me.

    • Alex Jones is a fear monger. Many, many things about him just don't sit right in my spirit. I'm a full on, sold out Christian and apparently so is Jones, but I don't trust a word he says.

  155. It's always interesting to see how far the readers of this site take the info presented in the original article. I keep seeing so much of the "right wing" ideas mindlessly spewed and vehemently supported despite many contradictions and hypocrisies within the very same comment(s). If you are reading the content of this website yet choose to simply go and be blinded by some other form of "mind control," you're missing the point.

    I am by no means dissing religion. However, in the same way that the Catholic church used to indoctrinate their followers with beliefs in purgatory so that they would have even more power and authority over them, it is possible that many religions are doing the same exact thing now. No one in power wants to lose that power – that is what we must take away from this website. It should be encouraging you to re-evaluate all that you trust, to be honest. The ideals of Christianity are beautiful – but when you take those ideals and elevate them to fanaticism, a problem develops. Cryptic prose in the bible is just as unreliable as science without evidence. I am not saying that the Bible is falsified, I am saying that we must be hesitant in trusting that what we believe or have been taught to believe as absolute truth. The King James version is a translation of a translation of a translation, from Aramaic, Hebrew, and ancient Greek to Latin (another dead language) to German and English – many things may have been lost in translation, and in addition to that, many passages are cryptic and able to be interpreted many different ways.

    Anyone who is promoting this "end of the world, all you sinners are screwed, Satan is taking over" agenda is putting all their eggs into one basket, so to speak. Do not live your life in fear – if you are good, you'll have nothing to worry about, according to your own teachings. Likewise, do not abuse someone who does not feel the same way. There is nothing but cryptic Biblical verses to back up your claim, and just remember that, though it is the word of God, it was still written down initially by HUMANS, and translated later by HUMANS, and humans are not infallible. Take everything with a grain of salt and only truly hold on to the morals that religion teaches that make humans above animals.

    Also, do not be so quick to pit science against religion – they're just two sides of the same coin. We all want to know about our creator and our purpose, they're just two different methods of reaching the same conclusion.

    I just get very discouraged by all the hate and anger that is exchanged between those of different beliefs – we're all humans, "if you prick [any one of us,] do we not bleed?" We're all in the same boat, we're all equally clueless – no one is right or wrong. Your beliefs may be correct to YOU but that doesn't mean it is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH. The absolute truth is much harder to come by.

    • child of isis on

      yes that is so true, its easy for many christians to point fingers at so called sinners but the funny thing is that they constantly want to preach the bible yet they don't even follow some of gods' words themselves. I always come to this and read VC articles but I also make sure to so research for myself and I have learn that symbols colors etc all have more than one meaning that various from culture to culture. I will still listen to Beyonce and her hubby along with Lady Gaga and any others because I like their music and I won't live my life in fear

  156. Am I the only one that noticed that the lights went back on at exactly 9:11pm? Just saying because nothing seems to be a coincidence anymore. EVERYthing happens on purpose these days.

  157. "…we realize that there’s a common and reoccurring theme going on, one that points directly to the “hidden hand” of the Illuminati and its many Agendas."

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your site and am a faithful follower, but the word in the sentence above is RECURRING, not "reoccurring." My mom was a grammar nazi. :)

  158. VC i haven't read all the comments, maybe somebody already pointed out, that photo where you have two Beyonce faces facing each other, you mentioned that it potrays the duality concept, but looking at it you can also see Baphomet! When you look at it closely (try to ignore the eyes), the symbol that remains in the middle is definitely Baphomet!!!!

  159. Wow, I am so glad that people are watching out for the stuff that is going on right before our very eyes. I heard about this site after watching the video done by Joe Schimmel of He put out a video on it as well if you want to check it out. You can check it out on or or even type it in on a search on YouTube under Beyonce Satan or something. We need more people on there helping to spead the word on what evil is going on under our noses!!

  160. I just want to clarify that Lucifer/Satan, does not want to be or even try to be God. He believes in the supreme power of God over all things including himself and his demons minions who are also strong believers in God and the last day. What the devil and his army are trying to do is to corrupt us humans into atheism and polytheism which weirdly enough they themselves never doubt. The devils want to show God that the sons of Adam are an ungrateful species, while they (the aliens) were the better believers. Also not all aliens are non believers, the ones who do not try to come into contact with us or spread mischief are the religious ones.
    Now the one who IS trying to become God is the Antichrist who is a human, albeit a human who strangely enough has lived for an estimated 3500 years (is is why the one eyed symbol was so prominent since ancient Egypt?). Satan is helping him achieve his goals from behind the scenes, the Antichrist wants notoriety and ultimate total power over the world.He is using science and technology to shake us all up when he reveals himself as Jesus, he will also claim he is God. I think he is the "rainman" so many rap videos keep talking about, will make rain on demand through technology to make us believe God has granted him miracles? I also think he will make people come back to life, which makes me think what about these celebrities that have so much mystery surrounding thei death like 2pac, mj, etc… What is they are just hiding in a place where time moves slower? From bits and pieces of hard to find information on the Antichrist (the one eyed symbol guy) you can draw a LOT of similarities on the Lost series, he was the man in black being locked up in an island (bermuda triangle?)with a different time dimention to stop evil being spread in the world. There are so many insights and similarities in the Lost series that it would take up too much time to go over.

    • HA! Sasha Fierce is not the demon's name!! It's the name Beyonce gave it to make it sound alluring and exciting. It's real name is probably something like poo eater. LOL, oops, made myself laugh, but seriously, everything about the devil is lies, everything.

  161. Beyoncé was possessed by a demon controlling her every move.You were not witnessing Beyoncé human spirit but a demonic presence.I believe we saw the same demon that possessed the one that told Beyoncé she was Sasha fierce in the first place…Now whom would that be???

  162. Don't hate Mrs.Beyonce hate the Sin the LIES she was fed to change her,Hate the EVIL that is taking her over she is crying pleading for help,all of her songs are about the demon (or as she calls it "Angel") Pray for her to be saved before it's too late.
    God still loves her but she is kept away from Him with the strongest form of deception…LOVE.
    She thinks it and They love her and she owes them don't damn her pray for her and her husband.They need it,as do we all.
    And where is the writings about the Grammy's if that's what you wantg to call them?

  163. I don't have a big request but if you could take a look at some groups I listen to can you tell me if they have indeed sold their souls?

    JYJ/DBSK/TVXQ(<–broken up group is DBSK but they're now 2 groups named JYJ and TVXQ with the members),B.A.P,Dalmatian/DMTN,Sistar19,2am,2pm

    I mostly listen to asian music…….

  164. thought ok this the run of the mill performance from Beyonce "weave slinging, hip shaking she's always very much over the top not really my taste but that's her thing nevertheless anyway I watched further and `notice these strange faces that she was making me out , very scary , I felt like it was truly not her, she looked dark, evil and just animal like .. I think she's lost and unfortunately she may not have the strength or knowledge to find her way out the seductive maze of the Illuminati … She was once genuine and sweet she is now dishonest and overtaken by her greed and lust for fame. Either she can't get enough or her handlers won't let her be , she seems more like a puppet for the industry she will continue to be used. I always wonder , when will these performers wake up and pull the plug , I don't think they ever will they aren't strong enough.

    • She was NEVER genuine or sweet. That's just the manufactured persona, the image that she has chosen to project. Trust, she knows EXACTLY what is going on both within and around her. She knows the damage she is doing, and she revels in it. She is an evil woman, don't under estimate her.

  165. I think it's weird that the picture you posted of the lights at the Superbowl also has Mercedes' symbol on the ceiling (corresponding to the Mercedes ad). Don't know much about Mercedes. But anyway, the articles you post should scare me (not that that's what you're trying to do) but I am in peace about it all because I have given my heart to The Lord and I know that He protects me. He knows it all and is so much more powerful than Satan and the Illuminati.

  166. See hideous Beyonce wannabe, "Beyond Say" in this funny spoof on youtube/NotOnCable! Watch and tell your friends! Celeb spoofs and funny parodies by guys that just want to make you smile!

  167. Beyonce needs our help. This is Michael Jackson all over again. he died because he was tired of being in the power of the illuminati and tried to escape and he sent clues to everyone. That doctor who killed him with a drug overdose was obviously in the illuminati. And that 'duality' thing Beyonce showed makes me think that there's two sides of her and she doesn't know who to be. If she chooses the wrong side she will be forever in illuminati's power. If she chooses the wrong side and tries to escape later then there is a small possibility they will come after her next.

  168. he first part of the show was therefore all about duality and multiple Beyoncés. Then, the group Destiny’s Child was randomly brought back from the late-90s to sing along with one of Beyoncé’s solo hits. During Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It), Beyoncé briefly flashes a hand sign – one that readers of this site probably already know all too well. This gesture generated a lot of media attention

  169. Also if you take a look at the image of the two side profiles of a face looking at eachother (towards the top of the page) the outline of the image resembles a baphomet

  170. Does anyone remember their grandmother saying "The TV is the devil" (70's) and now look she was right lol and to think I thought she was crazy. One thing Moses said of one of the commandments that I never hear today and that is "Thou shall have No Graven Images before God" … T.V = Images, watching the likes of Madonna. the Queen, Beyonce et cetera and loving them is Idolizing = Images. They are real in the flesh (if you meet them in the flesh) but they are images/idols when coming through photograph, movies, t,v. radio, newspaper, et cetera.
    Here's the thing though, what is Our Solution to all this? Mine would be to not support any "Mass Celebrations" by not buying tickets or Products and foods that have their name and face to it. We are made the consumers meaning without our endorsement and attention they have no Product.
    So, I will ask again. What is the Masses Solution? What is your personal solution? What can each of us do in our lives to discourage these In Your Face Demonic Images? hmmmm interesting.
    Thank you V.C for allowing the opportunity to bla bla bla.

  171. The first thing you see when you search February 12th is the fact that there are 322 days left in a year on that day.. Brandy Norwood's born day & also the day Whitney Houston's body was finally escorted out of the Beverly Hilton after being dead for a day whilst the proudly bisexual Clive Davis' Grammy Party finally ended, giving the okay for the disposal of a dire sacrificial carcass which meant everything for the OTO ritual the day before though serves useless as now the entity, I presume, & power has been bound to those that participated & attended.. It is not a coincidence.. It is propaganda

  172. Dont know if you caught this but the performance begins with the flashing of baphomet which MORPHS into the alter personas. When it first flashes however, its the shape of baphomet.

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