Sandy Hook Survivors Are Made to Sing “Over the Rainbow” to Commemorate the Shooting



Some of the children who survived the Sandy Hook school shooting recorded a version of Judy Garland’s song Over the Rainbow, one month after the massacre. In one big media event, these young children were brought to a recording studio and made to record the song, all under the never-ceasing clicks and flashes of cameras. They then went on to perform the song on Good Morning America. The song is now on sale iTunes and Amazon.

While news sources describe this event as a “emotional healing process”, there are quite a few strange facts about this “event”. The most obvious one is: Why are these children being exposed to the public in such a way? Why are they pushed in mass media spotlight? Why are they in a recording studio with music industry people looking for publicity and made to sing a song that almost “embraces” what happened? Why isn’t this “healing process” happening in private, with friends and family? Why are iTunes and Amazon involved (yes, the song will be sold on these services for “charity” – the new word to justify exploitation)?

This is however not the most troubling part of this story. Considering the context surrounding the massacre and the possibility that the perpetrator was under mind control (as I described in Thought of the Month (01/13): Mass Shootings and Mass Media), the song choice Over the Rainbow is quite telling and, sadly, quite appropriate. As I stated in several other articles, the movie The Wizard of Oz and the song Over the Rainbow are major tools used by Mind Control handlers to program their slaves (if you have no idea what I’m talking about , please read the article entitled Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control). Through violence and trauma, slaves are encouraged to dissociate from reality and are told to go “Over the Rainbow”.

“Dorothy is looking for a place where there is no trouble which is a place “over the rainbow.” To escape pain, alters go over the rainbow.

Over the rainbow in Oz is for the Monarch slave to be in a trance, and into a certain area of the programming. To be fluctuating at both ends as an observer and not a participant or to go to the other extreme and become a participant. The theme song of the movie goes, “Somewhere over the Rainbow…there’s a land where the dreams that you dare to dream really come true.” These lyrics are a method to hypnotically confuse the brain to perceive that the “over the Rainbow experience” (which is usually horrible abuse) is a “dream”. The dissociative mind is only too happy to call the trauma a dream, which is lived as a reality for a moment, but is nevertheless recorded by the mind as a fantasy. The term for this is cryptoamnesia, which means the process where the proper functioning of memory is hypnotically messed up. The slave’s internal world becomes “reality” and the external real world becomes the Land of Oz which is perceived as make-believe.”
– Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Controlled Slave

So, in short, to “commemorate” a shooting that was carried out by a MK patsy, survivors of the shooting are made to sing (because this wasn’t of their own initiative neither was it their song choice) a song that is used to program MK slaves. All of this in one big staged media event, where the children are asked to smile and pose for the cameras. How about not exploiting these kids for BS charity and not making them further part of this horrifying ritual that was the Sandy Hook shooting?

Here’s an article about the event.

A song for Sandy Hook: Watch the children who survived school massacre’s heart-breaking recording of Over The Rainbow in memory of their lost friends and teachers

  • The children, aged six to nine, recorded the Judy Garland classic on January 14
  • Song released on iTunes and Amazon today with proceeds going to United Way and Newtown Youth Academy

This is the heartbreaking video of the survivors of the Sandy Hook shooting as they sing Over The Rainbow in memory of the friends and teachers they lost.

The 21 elementary school children, aged between six and nine, gathered together to sing the Judy Garland classic for charity and mark the one-month anniversary on Monday.

Some of the children had been inside the school in Newtown, Connecticut when a gunman opened fire, killing 20 children and six teaching staff on December 14.
The students appeared with singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson on Good Morning America today. They recorded the song at the home of two former band members of Talking Heads. The track went on sale today on Amazon and iTunes, with proceeds benefiting a local United Way and the Newtown Youth Academy. Kayla Verga, ten, says she sang for her friend, Jessica Rekos, who was killed at Sandy Hook. She says it feels like Jessica is beside her, singing along with her.

The song was recorded at the home of musicians Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz, who performed with bands Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club. The Song for Sandy Hook was recorded at the couple’s home studio in Fairfield, Connecticut while parents looked on. The little girls wore green ribbons in their hair and pinned to their sweaters to remember their friends and teachers.

Mr Frantz told the Daily News: ‘It was emotional, absolutely. But the kids were resilient. They loved to sing and they were good at it.’
Moving tribute: The children, aged six to nine, appeared with singer Ingrid Michaelson on GMA this morning
Moving tribute: The children, aged six to nine, appeared with singer Ingrid Michaelson on GMA this morning

Source: Daily Mail



  1. There's something very suspicious about the shooting, whether or not it was a plan to control guns or not, there's definitely something weird about it. I can't believe these children are being exposed to the world this way, bad things happen and we need to move on from them. However my heart goes out to the families of the children that died.

  2. The first time I heard about this, I was like "WHAT?" Why on Earth were these children made to sing exactly THIS song, from ALL the songs written by human hands? Disturbing, to say the least, but most people won't realize it.

    • My sentiments exactly. First up, this event is just ridiculous and secondly, of all the songs they could sing, they picked this one in particular. I find it suspect.

    • Reminds me of the old Mickey Mouse club stuff, exploitative to a fault. Do we have the names of these kids so we can keep an eye on them? Anyone want to make predictions about where they'll be later in life?

      • Predictions are either demonic either inspired by the Holy Spirit. Very few are inspired by the Holy Spirit, surely they are pure people at heart, so let's abandon the predictions palabra.

      • Callie, you've been told that to make you afraid of divination, because as a sheep, you are not allowed to use the tools of the elite. Jewish priests, in the time before Christ used a divination tool called the Urim and Thummim. Look it up, if you don't believe me.

      • Predictions doesn't necessarily mean "spiritually inspired". I think the question is more about whether these kids will be used later in life as the latest and greatest pop stars

      • Monolith evolution? on

        Exactly… another word for it is GUESS. Some people take everything so seriously.

    • The children are aged 6-13…. Only two of the were in the school and they loved being a part of this. Many of the kids graduated from SHS. The rest of the young ones are from other parts of Newtown. No one was forced into this. They wanted to be a part of something beautiful to help heal our town.

      • So if only 2 of these kids were at the school when the shooting occurred, why are we being led to believe by the media that ALL these kids were "survivors of the shooting?" Just wondering. (quote-"This is the heartbreaking video of the survivors of the Sandy Hook shooting as they sing Over The Rainbow in memory of the friends and teachers they lost.")

        Also, if you are in a building, while someone gets shot at the other end of the building, are you really a "survivor," or just lucky?

      • Sue either you are part of this crime or you need to study up on mk-ultra abuses and expose whats really going down in your town. This is a crime and exploitation of children!!!

      • kids may agree to anything if asked to do so by trusted loved ones. doesnt mean its for their own good, and doesnt mean they are being exploited. u, sue, are obviously part of the problem. how does a 6 yr old choose to do something especially considering their comprehension skills are not fully developed at that age. also, many kids are convinced by loved ones that molest them that it is something they should do or is normal to do-but that doesnt make it so. smh

      • sorry i said doesnt mean they are being exploited-i meant to say doesnt mean they arent being exploited

  3. omg this is bringing tears to my eyes. such a horrible ritual to begin with, and now exploiting these poor children… i can't..

  4. TheHopelessOne on

    I can't bare to stomach this anymore. No one can accuse us of reading too much into things. This is, to say in the least, puzzling and once we accept the ritualistic nature of stuff it becomes downright disturbing. Since we are quite powerless I can only hope for Providence to bring eternal justice…if that is even real at all…

    • We aren’t powerless. they want you to know about them,fear them once you realize their impact. But we are bigger then them. If people got informed and rebelled against them (if they’re real which im 89.7% sure) they wouldnt stand a chance. We are also bigger in the sense that even if they do kill us we have a chance of going to heaven. They will suffer eventually maybe not in hell but
      they will get a punishement eventually. Good always beats evil.

      • You are right. We aren't powerless. You just have be willing to know what to sacrifice. Either you can sacrifice your lives cowering in a corner from them, or you can put your life into fighting them. Either way the outcome is the same. Just that if you stand others will see, and they too will feel powerful

      • I've been thinking in what would be the "right" attitudes to take if/when the cenario goes ugly(ier). Like, what should one do when facing something like a "Sophia's choice"??? 'Cause in the end good will prevail, i believe it, but, while in hard times, they may do some cruel things…

      • I don't know. Honestly I'm not a brave hero or a wise old person. All I'm saying is the best thing to do is learn about them,avoid their ways,and try to enjoy life. Don't sit here all day moping about how they are so strong cause they aren't in reality. They're like us but we think they're stronger. But go enjoy life,live in the present, don't worry about the future,doesn't do you too much good.

      • No look, we're not powerless but like any fight in history it could go either way. If anything i believe they have the upper hand with their WMDs and what not. Of course that's not a reason to stand down. You don't fight just because you think you'll win, you fight back because it's the right thing to do.

  5. These children shouldn't be made to sing songs like this. Being filmed in public while singing Over The Rainbow? And what kind of charity are they exactly trying to raise for? Maybe these people are actually innocent and unaware over their terrible choice of song, I don't know. But I have to admit, it was unnerving to see those children smiling at the end of that video.

    Even though the Sandy Hook tragedy has affected many Americans emotionally especially the relatives of the victims, we should by now know that life is a journey in which death is only a destination and that all life will ultimately return to Almighty God. We should take an upgrade or a Giant Step in upgrading our faith:

  6. Well I do believe in illuminati and the most things that are discussed on this site , but I do not believe that this tragedy is to do with it. Because there so many shootings in USA schools, and what they are all results of secret society? Mmm don't think so. And over the rainbow is just a song like when animal dies people say it went over the rainbow. So its more associated with their death and that they went to happy place. And Im sure if they where singing other song people would be like OMG why they have to sing that song? If you thing Im wrong and this song really is a sign of mid control, then please tell me the one that isn't.

    • How do you believe everything else on this site, but this particular event? There's plenty of evidence that the massacre was staged, whether children died or not, it was all planned. The most obvious being that after the event happened, gun control was enforced immediately. They're using children as their platform; fearing citizens to give up their freedoms (2nd amendment) for the "safety" of their children.

      • I don't believe everything on the site I believe the most. And there is nothing on this site about this tragedy except this article. So please tell me your evidence, why you think this could be staged (I mean not the reason why)? And honestly what would you do if would be in the government and there would be so many kids shootings in schools. I mean in UK there is no such thing as metal detectors in schools and why? Because people don't carry any type of guns to schools as it is really controlled and rarity even have them, but damn it really feels safe to live in because you know that there wont be some jerk walking in your work or education place with a gun.

      • You sound like a paid shill. It would be nice if they got someone to post with at least primate intelligence.

      • Everyone must agree or they're paid shills. Brilliant approach. Way to not look like a paranoid maniac. And you attack another's intelligence when your post was nothing more than a cheap, petty insult. Shame on you.

      • Guns are not required to kill people, there are lots of stuff you can kill people with, even with bare hands,outlawing guns would not stop the killings, not even the shootings, guns can still be aquired illegally.
        Guns dont kill people, people kill people.

      • Actually, murder in the UK is high, and not because of guns… Want to know why? Because they have knives and other similar things. If you do some research on it you'll find that assault at knife point is very high in the UK.

        Again, as many have commented before, GUNS DON'T KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE. And that applies to any weapon. So tell me would you not want to be able to defend yourself if you had a home invasion, the criminals will come in with guns, what would we have? Baseball bats??

        Coming back to the topic of wether sandy hook was a hoax or not, ever watch the movie Cabin In The Woods? It's right up there with sandy hook. It's all a show, a satanic ritual, one that needs the sacrifice of young children. So of course the police can't give you straight answers, they can't even tell how many boys and girls were shot.

        Here's a link to something that might change your outlook on this event:

        I hope this is helpful, there will never be any hard evidence because they will make sure of that but just trust what your heart tells you.

      • Bad advice. Our hearts often leave much carnage in their wake. Hitler wasn't always a murderous tyrant, he was a man who loved his people and saw the blatant injustice of the Treaty of Versailles. That entire, sick period of history was brought on by idealism and aside from that suggestion being that it's coming from your head, idealism comes from the heart. People looking at the same pictures from a different perspective. Different things pull at different people's heartstrings. When you look with your heart you're letting emotions guide you. And pretty soon the Red Army's raping your wives and daughters to death. And as sick and terrible as that is no one can really get too high and mighty about it because Germany had killed 20 million Russians. Kinda pissed them off.

      • cabin in the woods. i havent seen it but when i read that line i instantly thought of chris dorner!!! which i believe is another scam/hoax whatever u wanna call it. to make police look bad (which dont get me wrong alot of them are corrupt) but anyway to make them look bad since several sheriffs and such have already claimed they wont enforce any violation to the second amendment. but anyways, now im curious to watch cabin in the woods. :)

    • You're right, there are a bunch of school shootings and most have no relation to secret societies or occult rituals. Those school shootings that happen on a regular basis but you only hear about in local news are generally cases of a kid gone crazy, or gang related violence. But it is shootings like Aurora, the Oregon Mall, and Sandy Hook that are orchestrated. That is why they have such great similarities and so many discrepancies about what actually happened and about who the actual shooter was. These are the ones that the media build up, focus on, and create entertainment out of. This is why no one knows about the kid who shot a teacher in Bakersfield, or the shooting at the community college the other day. These events are not ritualized and orchestrated to be played out as a black mass in front of the nation. It is the events like Sandy Hook and Aurora that are orchestrated in order to galvanize the public and demonize those who believe in their God given rights and don't blindly follow our "leaders." Without Sandy Hook and Aurora, the gov't would be a long way away from disarming it's public. Disarm the people and we are completely at the mercy of our government.

    • There are always sick sick people who do these things, mostly I think spurred on by reporting by the media that turns them into into something interesting and worth talking about, which they were not before they did something totally abhorrent.

      It is really strange parading these poor kids on television, why would any parents allow it? Especially after what they have been through.

      Just because someone has a differing viewpoint do they have to be called an idiot? I love this site for the views and discussions but to agree with everything and follow each and every point blindly… I'd rather use my brain and come to my own conclusions and respect the opinions of others.

    • Please….

      Lets not be that ignorant. This government can fake a lot of things, but Newtown Conn. doesn't exist under a dome. There is NO possible way they could have a whole town follow the same script. If that was the case, there would be NUMEROUS rumors circulating both in mainstream and independent news outlets about it being faked. KIDS cant stick to a story that long. Their attension span wouldnt last, and someone would crack. It makes me sick when people on this site say it didn't happen. Believe me you, children died that day. Have some respect.

      • "There is NO possible way they could have a whole town follow the same script. If that was the case, there would be NUMEROUS rumors circulating both in mainstream and independent news outlets about it being faked. KIDS cant stick to a story that long. Their attension span wouldnt last, and someone would crack."

        Common tactics used by slimey SHILLS whenever people SEE through this media conspiracy matrix.

        1) The media is deeply involved
        2) The media do not tell on themselves
        3) The interviewed children do not have to know the true or whole plot.

        No, why should anyone believe you?
        You are on a conspiracy site, and yet your are sickened by suggestions that no one died? You should be curious at least.

        Respect?? Believe me you make me sick!

      • Hi, what is your friends daughters name? and where are all those grieving parents demanding answers?? its funny how people would actually believe any conspiracy take on this, may it be mind-control, illuminati, patsy or whatever. But when proposes the event to be digital simulation with no victims and no shooter, that is beeing labelled as stupid??? makes you think..

    • true……….no deaths……….symbolic ritual

      same as 9/11 ohhhhhhhh I know that's a crazy thing to say – right?


      • I don't think they have any inhibitions about killing for actual rituals. The symbolism runs on deeper levels, and actual sacrifices help "imprint" the symbolism more strongly.

        People who keep insisting that these rituals don't involve actual death and destruction are kidding themselves, secretly hoping that Satanists are kind, friendly souls. But they are not.

      • There could have been deaths that day. But there is no evidence to suggest children were killed or even present inside the school that day.

      • Your a Dumb Ass on

        WTF! People Jumped out of the windows and died on camera!!!!!!

        Damn your mentally… just WTF!

      • I'm Just Sayin' on

        I didn't see any footage of people jumping out of any window at Sandy Hook…Columbine on the other hand, I did see footage of carnage, blown out windows, blood, the shooters, people showing abandoned emotional tears and pain…not that I want to see dead kids…I'm saying there wasn't even one single still shot of the gunman approaching the school or entered the school AFTER the fact that the principal installed new security cameras…I don't know. Let's not forget the FATHER of one of the children comes out laughing and then begins to prep himself to begin his interview…what?! I'm sorry, I'm not convinced wholeheartedly that everything is as it is said to be.

      • I'm Just Sayin' on

        OH AND OH YEA, THEY LEVELED THE SCHOOL…Destroying all evidence of the fact that it never happened the way they say it did.

    • It was a DHS Drill just like the fake Gaby Giffords shooting. Why were they using actors as supposedly dead children that turned up days later on video. Some of the same actors were used at the Gaby Giffords shooting also.

      The media is in cahoots with the criminal cabal we call our government. You see what they want you to see on the news. Don't give one dime to any of these Sandy Hook fake charities. WTF Up people they want our guns.

    • 0_0……………..Uhhhhhhhhhh 0_o

      You are terribly stupid, please do not go around telling people this ok?
      You give conspiracy theorist a bad name…….
      I bet your doubting if you are breathing air right now, Or Is That A Hoax TOO!

  7. Honestly, all of these children should be documented and watched for the next five to ten years. They are going to play a big role. I mean honestly think of this as an audition. Long term acting. They all were give "try outs" and will get bigger and bigger "roles" farther in life.

    If you think that it was an "inside job" that is.

    Either way, the LARGE picture is that a tragedy has taken place and innocent people died.


    May their "soul" find peace.

    • I agree on your comment……possibly some of these girls may be "groomed" for the sick agenda of the illumanti/freemasons etc…..later in life….possibly to star in movies or disney producations etc….

      • Yes because their classmates deaths was the trauma being used to use that pain and confusion and turn them into stars like mind controlled artists of today

      • Programmed monarchs are not only used in Hollywood…there's also banking, energy industry, medicine, govenrment, law etc.

    • I have to split this comment into multiple ones because of it's length, so pardon my multiple posts.

      My first thought when reading this article was 'If this was one of my children, and I refused to allow them to do the sing along (because it's just WRONG), would they be institutionalised for refusing to playing along?'. I was abused my entire childhood/teen years through shrinks and drugs that I didn't need; the proof I didn't need them is I stopped taking them at 18, and I'm fine at 35 without them. I'm stable, married, and while I am physically disabled from a spinal injury, I am very postive and have lots of hobbies to keep me from being depressed about it. I don't abuse my pain meds, and I have a good life, without phsyc drugs (because of my spinal fusions, I am on a lot of pain meds and I smoke pot, but I also use acupuncture, PT, and meditation to help the pain) . But anytime I so much as expressed anger or any emotional outbust (as any empathic, artistic and creative child does) I was taken to the emergency room for a trip to the ER shrink and more meds.

      • It has scarred me in ways, mainly a fear of being locked up in an institution and force medicated for showing a different way of thinking than what is accepted, or showing any rebellion to the System. I am not only afraid of phyciatrists, but I have no respect for the profession and I think it actually ruins more people than it helps. I was told everyday of my childhood that something was wrong with me, because I showed emotion, and due to that contstant beating down, I was horribly bullied by both classmates and viscious family members (mother, sister, grandmother). I do have very low self esteem to this day, which doesn't need drugs or shrinks but was actually caused by it. I am working on it, i reconize the problem, and it's cause, and I try to find my self worth. It's a process that is still ongoing. All of that did wreck me for years after I turned 18, I dropped out of school (eventually got a GED), had bad relationships that were highly toxic, was homeless for a couple of years, and dropped out of college and never finished a degree.

      • It wasn't because i was an unmedicated mentally ill person, it was because i was falsely medicated as a child; the fact that inmy late 20s I was able to get a grip on myself, found a wonderful husband, have overcome great hardship and physical pain to become a better person, and have a stable, explorative mindset, is proof I am not mentally ill and never was.

        I tell you all of this because my first thought in reading this article, was what would happen if any of those kids just inherently knew it was wrong to do this to them, and they balked at it? How would they be targeted for medication and shrinks as 'trauma or depression cases', which can ruin their life if they don't break free of it the day they turn 18? It can still affect your life even if you break free, I went to the same hospital my mother had me treated at a few times when I was a teen, later when I was 22, for severe stomache pain. I was not even given a pelvic exam, based on my 'history' with them, I was told 'my depression is causing my pain and I should take lithium again'. I tried taking lithium for a week, realized it made me a zombie, and stopped.

      • 2 years later, I was diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, and the tumors in my ovaries, which had been growing for years and caused the pain that started 2 years earlier and I had been forced to just ignore, almost burst open my ovaries and killed me. I can't have children now, all because some fucking ER shrink decided that I was making up my pain without so much as an exam. I do have a fear of hospitals now, and after having 2 ovarian surgeries for tumors (I currently need a 3rd), a knee surgery, and 3 drastic spinal fusion surgeries which crippled me, and dealing with many of those problems without insurance and the treatment that goes with that, I am not a fan of hospitals and I absolutely HATE psychiatrists.

        This is a dangerous thing to get pulled into, the world of falsely being labeled mentally ill. I am well aware many people truly are and really do need meds, but not me, and not these kids. They need love, and maybe a more Buddist approach to their therapy. Shrinks have no belief in any kind of God or any kind of 'supernatural' force, they see the universe as sterile and all in our heads.

      • These kids need to be careful, and only their own strength can pull them out of the unneeded cycle of drugs and shrinks. I know most of you are Christians and do not believe in any other religious veiw, and that is your right, but I believe that we all interpret the same intelligent, creation source in whatever way feels right to us, even scientists do. I don't think any of us are wrong, we are all veiwing the same thing from different angles (this is often referred to as Deism). But psychiatry is usually hardcore athiest, and believes there is nothing to our live but flesh and then dust. They actually veiw any sort of open minded veiws as delusion, and especially view any alternative veiws, like ghosts, wormholes, aliens, timetravel, and anything that is considered theoretical in pyhsics and science as delsusions of the mind. How arrogant to say they know the nature of the Universe.

      • They are dangerous, barbaric people, some shrinks may mean well, but psychiatry is dangerous and far more harnful than helpful. Some of these kids, who would likely heal with some spiritual direction of any kind, even Christianity (I think it can be very good for some people to be Christians, i am not closed to it, I just veiw it as a different but also valid path), and they could likely find themselves unfairly targeted and wrongly diagnosed as mental illness cases because of this media attention, and it really bothers me.
        Again, sorry for the multiple posts, my comments was way too long and had to be broken in to many posts.

      • Now I am not talking about the religion of Christianity for this has been distorted for years. People have also used Christianity to create a system of control over people just as much as atheism has done. Anythiing man has created and massively marketed to the public is doomed to fail and die either a fast or slow death, but death will come. For if man can only rely on himself , he will come to realize that he will betray even himself and will either wither to despair, become stagnant, or control others in his narcissism.
        Jesus Christ is a deity who knows all and sees all and is worthy of worship because He is GOOD. He is a Friend to the lowly, the oppressed, the weak and the lonely; He came for all who will accept Him. He is lover of freedom and the giver of it. he never coerces those to follow Him, but will give to whoever wants Him.
        God bless you Elizabeth

      • Thank you, Trust, for your kind words. I do think that I would not have had to strength to survive 3 spinal fusions if I hadn't experienced and risen above all I had throughout my life, so I have to think it was all for a reason. It all has led me to a deeper understanding of the nature of God, our Universe, and our relationship with both. I think it's awesome you understand the difference between God and organized religion; I have always believed that if you cannot find the Divine within yourself, you will never find It or Him in any building. It can be very good to worship with others, but before you find God in the church building, you must find Him yourself and IN yourself first.

        I try to be open to everyone's beliefs, but I don't like athiests. They have such a sterile veiw of the Universe, and I have found that the ones I have met mock me for my veiws that the Universe and ourselves are all connected. They mock all religious or spiritual people as delusioned and weak, but who are they to say that we are delusional or weak?

      • I find great power all around me, in every molecule of our world, and I cannot believe it is nothing but raw matter; I cannot believe there is no soul, no spirit, no creation force or intelligence to our Universe. I feel it in every breath.I find athiests to be every bit as arrogant as the organized religions they mock, and I think those who are on the true path are the ones who seek that Divine essence themselves, and while I do think a group, like a church, can be great for a support network and a place to find like minded people, the athiests think that anyone who seeks something greater them themselves are weak minded. I think their outright rejection of seeking something greater then themselves makes THEM weak.

      • Elizabeth you don't like organized religion which is all fine, however have you ever thought of finding a decent priest and confess? It might help you. If you are brave enough to post all this information over here, have you tried asking for forgiveness through a sinner? Good luck with everything in your life.

      • Zita, I appreciate your reply. I actually have thought of finding a priest and confessing, if nothing else to have a safe sanctuary to get things off my chest. The main reason I don't like organized religion is because it is used as a form of control over people and because I feel we don't need clergy to connect us with God, we can connect to Him ourselves. But church has it's place, it's a sanctuary for some, a network of helpful people for others, and while there are some bad apples within every religion, there are some diamonds too. So yes, I have seriously given it thought, I wouldn't want to join a congregation though, because I don't identify as a Christian and I don't want to disprespect the other members of a church by 'using' them to feel better. I find God on my own, and it's been a long, but worthwhile, journey. However, I have always thought that a priest would good not only for confession, but I would love to talk to one about my veiws and just have a converstaion with them about the nature of God. I will give it some serious thought.

      • I feel like I could use some forgiveness, I haven't done anything truly horrible to anyone, but I have done things I am not proud of and make me ashamed of myself. Maybe asking for forgiveness would go a long way towards helping me with the healing I still need to do. I have a lot of respect for true Christians, such as you good people chatting with me, and I do see why you choose to be Christain. Jesus was an amazing manifestation of true Divine essence (God), full of love and kindness. We need more of that kind of love, kindness, and compassion in this world. I love the movie Stigmata, it talks about the things found on one of the dead seas scrolls that it's believed Jesus wrote himself. How he is everywhere, within everything, and all you have to do is take a breath of the air and you will be with him. He was talking about the Divine, the essence of our Universe, God. How beautiful is that? None of the confines, none of the corruption…just the beauty of knowing we are not alone.

      • OK whatever makes you happy as long as you are in the right path. Remember that we are all in the same boat.

      • Yes, we are in the same boat, and we will need all the friends we can get in that boat. It's nice to know that there are some other people out there who just want to see a kind, compassionate world and that does not want to allow these horrible, evil sub-humans destroy it for us (getting back to the topic of this article and the people controlling the world). Their self worship is utterly gross and dangerous, but we WILL beat them. We are better than they are, we connect with our universe and with God, however we may define Him differently, and that is why we will win. not because we sit back and wait for a God to save us, but because our compassion and care for our world and our life overcomes sheer greed, we have something worth fighting for, all they have to fight for is monetary illusion and their 'faith' in a sterile Universe.

      • Elizabeth you sound like a brave and wise woman…you have no idea the heavy load that will be lifted from your soul after going to confession to a conservative, traditional priest who really values the sacrament of confession..our Lord Jesus Chist is infinitley merciful and loving :) God bless you, I will remember you in my rosary xoxo

      • Well it takes a lot of courage to go for a confession, doesn't it? That's why I keep avoiding it because I lack the courage.. where to start and where to finish. It'd take a few days to complete a list of my shenanigans. Since all your past sins are erased why not do it though? You never know when you will pass away. Be prepared and ask for forgiveness as the out of here and his minions are waiting for us somewhere hot. Anns I hope you're truthful and don't just ridicule the power of confession. Christ is merciful and loving, you only have to read the bible to know, however you need to make the effort to approach Him. The door is open for everyone, despite their background/abilities/wealth/sinful nature etc. You need to develop the ability to open the door and you'll be accepted. Anyway, I don't want to sound like a religious freak as I'm nothing like that. Only someone full of flaws, many flaws which created a human being. Nonetheless, it doesn't mean I have to give up on being better. Yes anns why not? What do you reckon?

      • Anns, I am very grateful for your prayers. I believe deeply in the power of prayer, before my 3rd spinal fusion surgery, I had 2 entire church congregations (my grandmother-in-law's and best friend's grandparent's) pray for me, and besides the friends who also prayed, the surgeon and his team pray with the patient before surgery. I believe, without a doubt in my mind, that was the reason I survived. So I am honored to be remembered in your rosary. It's not that I believe I was selected especially by God to be spared, as many athiests would mock me for, it's that I believe all of that intent everyone put into the prayers connected with God and gave me strength, but it was up to me to use that strength to overcome the hardship. I think that when we ask God for help, we are given the strength to overcome, but we have to be ready to accept the hard road it comes with. It's not that I am special or anything, I just knew I had 2 choices…survive or die. Even as a now handicapped person, I could let it beat me, or I can thrive, and I choose to thrive.

      • I am going to look into churches in my area where I can confess, I was raised a catholic until I was 8 (after that my mother became anti-Christian), so it's been a long time. but I think it would be great, I feel like it would give me a clean slate, as I said I haven't done anything truly awful, but I have done so many things that were bad choices, and some of them make me ashamed of myself. I think about them and I cringe. Zita is right, we don't know when we will leave this world, and I want to leave feeling that I have honroed my body, soul, and creator.

    • Thanks for GR link. I get the following message when trying to view:


      You don't have permission to access / on this server.

      Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

      Is anyone else getting this too?

  8. Many of these kids are even too young to understand what even happened, all they’re gonna remember now is that people got tragically killed but then they got to be on tv. Great way for children to work through trauma.

  9. These children are adorable and this tragedy is sad, but this is just another way for the mainstream media to instill an emotional reaction to manipulate the masses. I can guarantee that these Luciferians could give a rats arse about those 20 kids in CT! They are only using the incident to further their agenda. This is a sad and tragic event, but don't let these eugenicists manipulate you into accepting their socialist ideals and police state agendas. They ARE evil and do not have your best interests at heart. They are pedophiles and ritualistic abusers. Do not for one minute be fooled into thinking that they care about the lives of 20 children or your personal safety! They are only wolves in sheep's clothing! They want nothing more than to purge humanity of "undesirables" and those unwilling to conform. You can demonize me and call me crazy all day, but I know the truth because I have studied and been involved with the occult for over 20 years.

    • Whoa! I've heard some stuff about what you state. I believe that, when time comes, most people in so called third world countries will face a horrible end: some strange sickness, maybe. Only some people in the USA , Asia and Europe will survive it. Hopefully I'm just misleaded and wrong, hopefully.

    • Have you ever read anything by Nostradamus. He was a member of the Rosicrucian Society. He predicted that 2/3 of the world's population would be eradicated. Maybe he predicted it or maybe that is what the secret societies are planning and he knew about it. I don't know but it is very interesting to say the least.

    • hey Chrissy. My name is Frankie and I would like to hear more about your story. I have been trying to find out more about the occult and how it is being used to control the masses. I am compeled to write to you because i feel I can learn alot from you. Please e-mail me at

    • Couldn't agree more. If people understood the occult they would understand that ritual sacrifice and perversion of innocence in a horrific nature have been staples of their religion since the beginning of time. They have little to no regard for their own children let alone anyone else's and their practices are a threat to humanity as a whole. They have tried throughout the years to hide behind a false veil of Christianity which they 've used to turn the masses against by infiltrating the religion and dragging it through the mud. Christianity has now become feel good paganism honoring all the pagan rituals and deities like Jesus = ie sus which means hail Zeus, Zeus just another name for Lucifer. They removed the messiahs true name Yahushua. People don't read enough to understand their being hood winked

      • but dont u think that God knows our heart and that people saying the wrong name is petty? i have said "Jesus" many times and i know He hears me…dont u think ur being a little legalistic?

    • Sorry to question you but isn't it something like once you join if they find out you let out their secrets you get beheaded or something?. Not trying to be rude but id think they would keep track of their members just in case.

    • She is seen with Obama two days later. Just look for it on YouTube. No one died that day except the shooter and his mom. Sandy hoax. They can't get their stories straight, she was a wait a nurse….then nothing at all. One big lie. The Mayans were right. It is the beginning of the end.

  10. also, do you think they are testing us? as the general public? do you think those shoddy witnesses and peculiar parents, (like the smirking robbie parker) and that coroner, were told to do it DELIBERATELY even with the emilie parker red and black dress/obama seems a bit DELIBERATE so ppl spread info via facebook next thing you know its on YAHOO NEWS the consensus seems to be CRAZY CONSPIRACY NUTS ARE WORSE THAN TELEMARKETERS! its like they really are testing us!?

  11. maybe these children are being exploited, for more deviant purposes. ever see that video on youtube about selena on good day america, (SAME AS THESE KIDS) maybe these kids are being broadcast they are from a satanic town after all..,.singing a very dissociative song. their memory of singing this song will be 'like a dream' take note of what that songwriter guys say, 'it seems like PARADISE, but maybe its not that great'

  12. Sparkler…wow…that judy garland link (annie get your GUN) on sandy hook record label…something is very sinister about this whole tragedy…final straw for me…I'm convinced now that it was pre- planned… and not by Adam Lanza.

  13. what a bunch of BS. Im getting seriously aggravated by this whole situation. How long are they gonna milk this staged event? Those luciferians are really the worst scumbags imaginabe.

  14. Ok seriously people? You question everything the news has reported. GMA did not state that everyone was in the school. As far as survivor being used that is a media word and I can guarantee not the word of choice by the ones that did get out. Exploiting the children…. Really? It’s actually rude. Parents and children were asked if they would like to be a part of this. No one cried, no one fussed. They were asked to think about what the sing meant as a prayer, to them. They are innocent little souls who want peace in the world. What’s wring with that? And there names aren’t being released not did they get paid. So really, get a new hobby. Find something worthwhile to do with yourselves rather than question the goodness in these children’s hearts. It’s sad, I’m actually sad for you.

    • Actually, most of us on here are sad for YOU because it's YOU who doesn't get it. No one is questioning the goodness in the hearts of these children. It's the powers that be that are manipulating this whole situation, to tug at the hearts of people who are too blind to see this for what it is. If you fail to connect the dots and refuse to remove your blindfold, well, I'm terribly sorry for you.

    • nobody is questioning the goodness in these childrens hearts….what is being questioned is the adults involved and their official yarn ….and I'm sad, sad that you believe it …It is NOT ok for the adults! to seek to profit from this heinous crime… Maybe you need a new hobby, try learning to read and write, your spelling is atrocious.

    • Sue if you dont believe in any of this, if you dont believe the Elite controls almost everything, plays disgusting games, uses everything from tv, radio, music, commercials, movies, posters, the global map, mind control and the worst of it all human beings for their agenda then why in the world are you on this site?! I do believe you are aware and you do believe we are being deceived and have been being deceived for a VERY long time! Just the Elite is so very good at what they do that if you are not 100% with the Lord and not 100% not wearing your rose colored glasses they will get you to start questioning. Like why would anyone make children be part of a ritual sacrifice and so on. It is so hard to wrap your head around the fact that there are some sick twisted people in this world that do not care who you are all they care about is if they can use you for what they are seeking out to do. The fact that so many people are part of the sheeple and even with you still questioning, all you and everyone else that still question or are oblivious are doing is helping them achieve their agenda. The Elite have to keep most of the world confused, they are very creative, smart people. They are doing Satans bidding.

      • It's not that most people are sheeple as such. They can be naive or innocent at heart or even they might not care as long as they can accumulate all sorts of material possessions. I don't want to be rude but I don't consider the ones who keep the world confused bright or creative for quite a few reasons… first off, they receive their plans from the spiritual world, here is no creation in that, sheer sheeple attitude… besides it's not that clever to outdo people who are weaker than you… abusing minors is not a superior kind of act due to the simple fact that if you really have the ability try to outdo someone equal to you, not someone who is weaker than you. You protect the less fortunate than you and you try to compete with the equal ones. The whole conception of their plans doesn't sound good to me as they thrive on the lowest instincts. Humans are supposed to be blessed with logic, cogency and conscience. I don't see the point of struggling to achieve something that it won't last and in the long run it will offer me nothing but hassle. If people need to resort to inconceivable lies, mind games, deception, ruthlessness to achieve something it indicates their weakness. Be honest about it and give to others the opportunity to decide instead of manipulating them with schemes. How long we live? 80 years if that. What's the point to waste all your existence trying to make other people miserable or some power and wealth that will be left here when you're gone? It's not difficult to ruin others, what's challenging is to make them happy.

      • i totally agree, but that goes to show u that these people are demon-possesed and are controlled by evil beings that control how they feel and what they one is completely evil but the devil is 100% evil and so are his minions

    • No, I don't think so. I think the attorney for James Holmes is a different person. However, the lady pictured as one of the grieving parents looks very much like a crisis actor by the name of Jennifer (Greenberg) Sexton whose extended family does professional crisis acting and is well-connected. Research "Micheal Greenberg" and explore his ties; his family is well connected in finance and globalist circles; I believe his dad or uncle Maurice was CEO of AIG, the company that was in the news recently for trying to sue the US government over the banking bailouts. Anyway, I think Sandy Hook might have used a combination of real people and crisis actors to achieve the desired effect of scaring the hell out of people and the nation into thinking that deranged gunmen like James Holmes and Adam Lanza can strike at any moment, and that , we as a nation, desperately need gun control to reign in the violence (which is complete bullshit). My only hope is that more people will question the "official" narrative of Sandy Hook, take the time to do their own research and realize things are not what the mainstream media would have us believe.

  15. "All of this in one big staged media event, where the children are asked to smile and pose for the cameras. How about not exploiting these kids for BS charity and not making them further part of this horrifying ritual that was the Sandy Hook shooting?"

    VC, you must know that if the people responsible for this exploitation (not to mention third-world exploitation) and the people responsible for the shooting, and the people responsible for high-caliber trauma-based Mind Control (also allegedly used on children) are more or less the same motherfuckers, or affiliates in some close way, WHAT on God's green earth makes you think that the demonic bozos in running this show have any regard for the integrity or the sanctity of children? Even if it's horribly obvious to the rest of humanity with more than two brain cells left? Or who isn't a histrionic psychopath? If you're looking for a show of humanity, you've turn to the wrong people.

    This fits perfectly with everything else we know and confirms we are looking at a Theater of Cruelty-style Mass Ritual. I know there isn't much to be done about it (for now), but let us remember everything they do and avoid becoming too unnecessarily traumatized by it. Until the opportunity presents itself to trash these fools, all we can do is remember this feeling and wait. Unless you abide in the scientific research surrounding the Maharishi effect.

    • I bought in to this and bought the song, now I'm having second thoughts. Is this just a way for the United Way to make money? I am very sad by the way this song is being presented. We have been going through hell as a close friends daughter was killed at Sandy Hook.

  16. Over the rainbow is a concept in kabbalah, the Jewish mystic system supposedly used as a fundament in black magic and monarch programming. I've come across references to a rainbow either as the highest three sephirot, the Supernals, above the rainbow chakra colors of the lower seven, or further down the Tree, over Malkuth, the lowest sephira representing the material world, or over Yesod, the moon sephira representing the intersection of the spiritual world with this one, and incidentally the sephira connected with the Sumerian derived Shaitan worshipping sect the Yezidis.

    "The Way of Initiation follows the coiling of the Serpent of Wisdom upon the tree, but the Way of Illumination follows the Path of the Arrow which is shot from the Bow of Promise, Qesheth, the rainbow of astral colours that spreads like a halo behind Yesod."

  17. Note the litle girl in the pink kitty-cat shirt – I really hope that that is not a reference to beta programming.

    • i think your reading into it too much its a little girl they like kitties! its just a normal cute animal motif on a top for a child not much to worry about.

      • I doubt it. This seems like the perfect platform for subliminal symbols. It's a simple thing, and no one questions it, just like you didn't. I could see it going either way.

        It's small, so it might be a coincidence, but given the situation they're in and the song they're singing, it's so coincidental, it makes me think it's not.

      • its just a kitten top it was a shooting not a sexual child abuse case calm down everyone i had one just like it when i was little its just a conudience im sure her mum dressed her that day why would her mum perposly do that to her do you think her mum knows what beta programming is?

      • I would think theyd need to go ahead for any logo or picture to displayed like that. I think it'd be worth remembering hee name to see where she goes from here.

    • My daughter loves kitty cats and I let her wear shirts with cats on them although I know what it can mean. She's not programmed I can tell you that! She just loves animals!

  18. I think Sue is saying that only 2 of the singing kids were from the school, the rest are just kids from around town. Which still, is lame. For a town that just had 27 people & kids gunned down only a month ago, they sure do “heal” fast. Parents of the victims are laughing in interviews that take place the next day. I’ve shown more sorrow for a missing dog than that town has shown for these kids. Not one real tear has been shed & when a mother talks about her little girl’s smell still lingering, toys still out, the DAY after she’s been killed, i promise you that would tear her apart even on national television. Not one red puffy face anywhere. Not to mention the pics of these kids are the same rotated images, all at their current age. Where’s the baby pics? And decide which kids you wanna use and stick to it! I’ve actually seen news & sites showing completely different pics for the same kid. And why was Vicki Sotos original like page made by her cousin Dec. 10 then taken down when people started commenting about it? And what the hell kinda family member is thinking about setting up a fb page during tragedy anyway? and is it odd that both Suzanne Collins (writer of hunger games) & the set designer from dark knight rises (who died in April) both live in Sandy Hook, both involved in movies that are claimed to have symbolic messages about this town? I could go on all day with the anomalies. There’s a million questions unanswered. Cooper made a lame attempt at ending the “conspiracy” but how about addressing the fact that nearly an entire country is questioning this event? You can’t just ignore it.

  19. I want to know more about the occult principles that work behind all these things. www dot secretarcana dot com would be a good place to explain this stuff, but the site is no longer up.

  20. Not that i can see any responses anyways but i really dislike this new comment section on mobile theme. I can only see like 7comments and that’s apart of the reason why i come on here! Please fix it

  21. Truth of the matter is simple. The mother threatened to send her son away for help because he was mentally unstable. In retaliation, he "stuck it" to his mother by shooting her and the children she cared for at the school she used to work at. THAT IS IT!

    • The problem is, she has no professional or personal connection with the school. She never taught there. Her son never attended it.

    • Hey, I didn't know brain-washed sheeple came to this website and ignored facts. Have you even looked at the youtube video going over all the discrepancies in the news stories?

    • No – this is a scam. It didn't happen. No one died. The govt. gun grab false flag playing on the sympathy of the American People for its children. Simple. That is it!!!!

    • What do you know about "crisis actors" ?

      that is it – were you there? Who were the men in the woods?

      Oklahoma City
      Shoe Bomber
      Osama Bin Laden
      Saddam's Weapons of Mass Destruction

      All filled with lies. Every one of them.

      • Columbine? I hadn't heard that one before. Not that I'm doubting it. Doesn't surprise me in the least. Any resources you recommend for that particular story or should I go venture myself?

      • I heard the Trenchcoat Mafia thing at the school started before The Matrix came out and the shootings were very soon after.

        The Matrix use of Trenchcoats and Guns in the Climax Shootout was supposedly to pre condition the public or part of the Illuminati "warning" thing they have.

        It's the Timing of things….

        Plus too many pipe bombs for these two kids to bring in alone. Never mentioned by the Police just like the supposed smoke bombs thrown in from the sides at Aurora.

        At least one Shooter Jewish and they played German Nationist Socialist Rally music making their pipe bombs with a discussed escape to Israel. Zionist angle which is supposed to be part of Illuminati Banker Theory.

        Larry Wachowski who helped create The Matrix was a Transsexual and Had a sex reassignment operation afterwards to become Lana Wachowski.

        Obvious use of gays to implement social reengineering of the 1950's American Protestant Middle America Norm. President Obama, His Chief of Staff, his Supreme Court Justice Kegan, the woman head of the TSA – all are gay or bisexual. Accident? Gays have very little affinity for the Middle America that shunned them. Airport touching not a big deal to them – Huge deal to Christians and Muslims.

        Tearing down those two religions important to NWO population and control plans…

        So that The Matrix timed as it was made by a transsexual using state of the art computer graphics which all of these NWO movies use (Terminator 2, Independence Day, The Batman Movies etc.) seems part of the same program. Not to mention the theme of The Matrix.

        The government has the best computers in the world and I have wondered if they aren't used in these "special" movies to "shock and awe" the Flunkies?????

        There are people who talk about it from time to time on the Internet but I think Google it to find one that's up?

      • Add the Gabby Giffords shooting to that list, too!. Ted, see my comment in reply to General Colin's post below…the rabbit hole goes deeper and deeper!

    • no, not at all. The "mother" never even worked at sandy hook elementary school. If you go to the Sandy Hook School Dept Directory website, it has all the names of the teachers in Sandy Hook, and her name is not even on the list.

  22. Tina Weymouth is generational elite. Her mother is Katherine Weymouth, former publisher of the Washington Post. Her niece (also named Katherine Weymouth) is current publisher of the Post. The media company has been owned by her family since it was bought by her grandfather Eugene Meyer. He was Chairman of the Federal Reserve (1930-33), and first President of the World Bank. No surprise the PTB trust her to take of this psyop.

    • Good research, general. I also just found out some odd connections between Sandy Hook and the Gabby Giffords shooting in 2011. Seems like the little girl that was "killed" during that shooting – Christina Taylor Green – is still ALIVE and lives with her crisis acting mom Jennifer Sexton and family. Jennifer was one of the grieving parents seen at Sandy Hook. Compare these photographs on: with the young girl pictured in these family photographs: GREENBERG PHOTO ALBUM (This is a re-upload of the albums) :


    • And of course the Washington Post is the epitome of Operation Mockingbird.

      Also, in a video about the recording,… where she's standing reflected in front of a mirror, (reference to mirror programming?) wearing her hair up like a little girl in a fairy tail. And the main camera focus is on the girl wearing a cat hat.

      The kids look happy, so I'm guessing nothing has happened to them specifically. But it still makes a very strange statement.

      And just as a matter of aesthetics, why did they have to sing it in such an unpleasant mechanical way with all those harsh pauses? It's a beautiful song, and I had no idea anyone could make it so unmusical.

  23. The crazy thing *or coincedence* is that isn't there an Oz, The Great and Powerful movie coming out starring James Franco. How much more obvious can it get…shooting, gun control, constitutional rights, Over the Rainbow, Oz…hmmmm…most def leaves those of us that are not sheeple thinking!

  24. I still think there are many strange anomalies about the Sandy Hook shooting, but seeing the way the media is now going after the "conspiracy theorists" is making me wonder how many of the anomalies are actually disinformation put out intentionally so that they can later paint us as kooky and out of step.

    I saw CNN's Anderson Cooper talk about how silly it is to point out the inconsistencies in the official story, because as he put it, "There are always inconsistencies in the initial stories," which he said can be easily explained by "the fog of war" (his words). This really got me thinking, OK, maybe he's right about that, but that doesn't explain WHY there are always so many inconsistencies in the initial story?

    Some of the "facts" that the authorities and the media got wrong in the first day or two were so glaring as to make me wonder if this is just their MO, to put out false stories as a way to confuse everyone and condition us into accepting things that just don't make sense. I mean, they got the killer's name wrong, calling him Ryan Lanza (Adam's brother), and then after dragging that name through the mud, quietly corrected themselves like it was no big deal (after potentially ruining someone's life).

    Then they got the story "wrong" about Lanza's mother working at the school, which there still seems to be some confusion about. (One possible motive that has been floated is regarding the possibility that Adam Lanza was jealous of the children at the school because he thought his mother loved them more than she loved him.)

    Then there is the whole question about how many guns were used, what type were found, where they were found, etc. This to me is the strangest of the misinformation. Why couldn't the police give accurate information from the beginning? I mean, presumably, they went into the school to examine the crime scene, where they found the guns in question, right? Can't they count? Don't they know a rifle from a shotgun from a handgun? It's very strange that they would give one account initially and then change it later.

    There is also the issue of Emilie Parker, and whether the girl pictured with Obama (taken after the massacre) was Emilie or one of her sisters. Even if it was one of her sisters, it is obvious that she is wearing the exact same red and black dress as the family photo with Emilie in it. Very strange, don't you think, that the two sisters would happen to be wearing the same dress?

    And then there is this whole issue of these kids being forced to sing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," a known song used by MK/ULTRA programmers.

    Is this all being done intentionally to provoke conspiracy theories? Or is it, perhaps, an actual conspiracy?

    Whatever the truth is, I don't know, but what I do know is that something is amiss here. Officials in the town are providing false information, whether to intentionally confuse people or to discredit those of us who question the story as "conspiracy theorists." Robbie Parker acted extremely peculiar after the shooting, as did the medical examiner and the police spokesman. If this is not one big conspiracy, it is certainly fishy.

    BTW, did you all hear that Adam Lanza was apparently a devil worshipper, according to an acquaintance of his? Apparently he had a Satanic website and everything. Either this is more disinformation, or there most likely much more to this story than we are being told.

    • Very interesting points dag I think.

      They are both killing people I think already in the Gun World JFK style soon afterwards and had their Media mouthpieces ready to go.

      Why not plant false leads which they may already have scripted answers to which they can dribble out??

      Hopefully they can make somebody like Ron Paul go out on a limb??

    • Benjamin Freedman on


      John Woodall, MD, Harvard psychiatrist, now newly appointed Sandy Hook resident & grief counselor? is on attacking Professor James Tracy. He has State Department and Israel connections.

      You'll remember that Dr. Woodall's department at Harvard produced MKULTRA psychiatrist Henry Murray, MD.

      Dr. Woodall's schitck is "resiliency" "resiliency" "resiliency."

      Look at the word "resilient" being used in this article.

      Is this guy following in the likes of:

      Ewen Cameron, MD

      Sidney Gottleib, MD

      Martin Orne, MD

      Louise "Jolly" West, MD

      Joseph "Dr. Green" Mengele, MD

    • But note that rebuttals are often very weak. They just claim, oh, that' s not a good point, and move on.

      Often they pick the weakest aspect of a discrepancy, but never address the bulk of the discrepancy.

      Salon and snopes seem weak to me. Which makes the original point that much stronger.


      Here's the short list. No video. No stills. No bodies. No bullets. No blood. No tears. No broken glass. No victims rushed to ER. No ambulances in front of school.

      Everyone should see Sandy Hook–raw helicopter footage. I believe this is the biggest discrepancy:

      • theVOICEofFATE on

        "oh look! we've got a crisis dog actor!" that made me laugh.

        definietly something extremely off about this. the lack of work being done by said "emergency workers" is unnerving as it is, let alone the fact that not one ambulance is seen so shortly after an aparent massacre. I had heard theories that this was a completely staged event and was having troubling subscribing to that idea but after seeing this video I have to admit its certainly seeming more and more plausible.

    • I almost think that dress photo was planted there just so that when the people who are paying attention pointed it out, they could easily de-bunk us. I mean, the sisters look a lot alike, as sisters sometimes do. And she could easily be wearing her sister's hand-me-down dress, or her mom might have made them matching dresses. People love to dress their children alike, even when they're not twins.

      Some of the weird things that are being pointed out, do indeed look very strange, but are easy to shoot down.

      Another thing is the family photo that is obviously photo shopped. Apparently, it isn't that uncommon to photoshop family photos when there are multiple young children that won't hold still. But that doesn't mean the photo wasn't faked for more sinister reasons. etc

    • The reason the facts keep changing and there's so much misinformation floating around is because it's the easiest way to get someone to begin to doubt their own perceptions. Confused, distraught and not knowing what to believe, you then get sucked into believing what the corporate owned mainstream media is feeding you. Anderson Cooper started his career as the host of a reality TV show, The Mole, which revolved around the premise that one of the contestants was secretly sabotaging the money making efforts of the other contestants (sound familiar?) Cooper was a child model and was not formally trained as a journalist. He did, however, intern for the CIA. Connect the dots.

  25. I am a firm believer that the entire episode was a scam. No one died, the victims are actors and fake. The kids are probably being mind controlled to remember "what they were told happened", as opposed to a scam/drill/false flag.

  26. I’m so tired of misleading information, I’m tired of conspiracies, I’m tired of corruption, I’m tired of feeling like I’m constantly being watched. VC do you have any clue why these drone looking planes fly over my town and towns nearby for hours on a clear star filled night and shortly after cover the sky in black and cause massive drops in temperature or massive inclines. I thought I was going crazy until I had a friend tag along with me on a late night drive and we noticed one of these military grade drones hovering just a few story’s off the ground in the middle of a field he was so creeped out and when I guess the plane caught on to us it took off. B

    • Cody, you are not crazy at all. Chemtrails and Geoengineering are very real and are happening on a super large scale, all over our country and globe. Please YOUTUBE the documentary WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THEY SPRAYING? its one of the best on this subject. take pics of sky when you can and spread the word. there are grave environmental and health implications to this arrogant "science & technology" and they are doing it without our permission. also you can check out

      and i feel you, i am so tired of the lies, depict, corruption, pollution. it gets heavy. this article, another example- and yet, for some reason, we've been drawn to this information- to wake our selves up, and maybe a few others- in hopes that humanity can actualize a way cooler reality before the planet is completely wrecked- the potential is there, and so are the manipulators trying to steer us down this narrow, shadowy destructive road- my hopes is that we, on an individual and collective level, will take our power back as human beings, empower each other— and from a heart-centered place, take back the narrative of human culture and society. those that hold the story now are mentally deranged, psychotic, got mama and daddy issues, are so afraid of LOVE and probably, very very traumatized. so much of our society is run on trauma based control (when people are broken down and afraid, they are easy to control). somewhere along the way we lost the wisdom around healing trauma from our bodies and being. I do believe our Ancestors knew how to do this, before the rise of western medicine. This I am just beginning to do in my own life. I hope we can heal from our wounds- individually and collectively- process our traumas and begin thriving as a people and planet. ~They Say I'm a Dreamer… but i'm not the only one..~

      for effective and relative information on healing Trauma and PTSD, please check out the work of
      Peter Levine. He has a book called Waking the Tiger that is excellent.

      • Thank you so much twinstar! I needed to find this book for my husband and believe God led me to your comment through this crazy site 😀 Just read reviews on amazon and I'm so excited for him, I just hope other trauma survivors will find it too it looks amazing, thanks again!

  27. Made to! Made to sing "Over the Rainbow". This is utterly appalling!
    This puts me in mind when the late Diana, Princess of Wales spoke about the Royal Family and how she was 'made' to go over to the Royal residence and watch "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" same time, every year. We all basically know the story of that and it was written by Ian Fleming, a British Intelligence agent, Mason (& my brother's godfather) and James Bond creator. Ian Fleming was ritually murdered in his home in the Caribbean in August 1964.
    Pray for these children please.

    • The people commenting on that may have read stuff on MKultra…that given govmnt project on creating 'slaves' by using trauma on child or older people to produce MPD. popular books are Frtiz Springmeir How to create and undetectable mind control slave*(spelling*) or Cathy O'briens book.
      About the song?…they use themes as they traumatise the child and 'implant' themse and stories into their mind….Oz is one but mostly Disney themes. What you get is a person that switches personalities 'on cue to the theme' and then doesn't remember any acts forced or ordered upon them. It's an ugly and evil process

    • Clinton publicaly said sorry for doing this to unwilling people. Satanism goes hand and hand with it. THey have it down to a pur science with white lab coats and everything going back to Nazi times when they studies how close a person can get to dieing and what happens then brought it to america and then perfected it. It's believed to still be practiced. Through horrible horrible evil trauma though…and they use drugs.

    • This particular webiste is aware of mkultra. It has great info as a whole (although it may be reaching it occation) whole site is worth a lookover I'd say. As they say, 'Take the meat and spit out the fat'

    • SO what you get with an mkultra victim is basically someone in trance state at all times …until cued by a 'handler' with a book of cues for that person and their theme..then have the person do a job and the victim does it well and can remember photogrhaphically to report to the handler…and then the handler cues them or switches them back to another personality. To evil and weird and complicated.

  28. Love the eyes on the girl’s t-shirt in the front row… There even seems to be a flower or a butterfly partially covering one. Maybe I’m looking too into this…

  29. Benjamin Freedman on

    If I lived in Newtown, John Goodall, MD would be the first person I would ask about MKULTRA.

    You know, if there was anything to it or not.

    • Not that song, but "Children of the Rainbow". It is apparently a Norwegian version of Pete Seeger's "My Rainbow race" and a popular children song in Norway…

  30. I just wanted to point out that this article claims that this song was recorded at the home of two musicians who performed with the Tom Tom Club, and a song they made called "Genius of Love" has some unintelligible words in it, with the singer at one point repeating one word over and over that if played backward becomes "Hell, hell, hell, hell" – It's true.

    Also I have seen the video with Emilie Parker's father, Robbie Parker, about to give a speech to the media, and you can see him laughing and smiling for several seconds right before he gives his speech. Afterward he takes a few more seconds to compose himself, stops smiling and begins to speak. It can be found on youtube:

    • theVOICEofFATE on

      you can vaguely hear him say "are we ready….K" right before he puts on the act. to me it seems like he was unaware the camera man had began filming. definielty something sinister going on.

      • He says, 'Are we ready to start?" right before he walks up to the microphone. You can see him laughing prior to giving his speech as well. I wonder why he'd be laughing if he were about to talk about how his six year old daughter died?

    • This would be an approriate place to repost about Tina Weymouth from TomTom Club and Talking Heads:

      Tina Weymouth is generational elite. Her mother is Katherine Weymouth, former publisher of the Washington Post. Her niece (also named Katherine Weymouth) is current publisher of the Post. The media company has been owned by her family since it was bought by her grandfather Eugene Meyer. He was Chairman of the Federal Reserve (1930-33), and first President of the World Bank. No surprise the cryptocracy trust her to take care of this psyop.

  31. Sandy Hook shooting external coincidences

    This is just a small, but convenient list for those who think there's nothing fishy about Sandy Hook:

    The Hunger Games author, Suzanne Collins, resides in Newtown, CT. She wrote a book about the ritual sacrifice of 23 children which became a major motion picture this year, released on 23 March 2012.

    The Church of Satan has its main congregation in San Francisco, CA. Its second largest hub and its recruitment arm is located on the east coast, in Newtown, CT. Also, Adam Lanza may have been a satanist.

    [part one]

    • Adam Lanza looked strange. He was either a satanist or a retard. And the family of one of the dead victims Emily or something appeared to be bizarre. There is a photo where the parents are all smiley but there is something with their eyes which are quite devilish-looking. The eyes are always a good indicator about someone. Let them smile as much as they want, the unholy ones always have frightening eyes, no matter what the colour is. On the other hand, I noticed that if someone is unattractive, old or ill but has a good character, the eyes shine with warmth and kindness. I fully understand now where the old saying 'the eyes are the mirror of the soul' comes from. Anyway, I thought they moved the main congregation to the hell's kitchen in Manhattan a few years ago.

      • I generally agree with your comment, but I wish you wouldn't use the word "retard". (It's just mean-spirited.) Do we really have any evidence that he was autistic? We just have the mainstream media's word for it.

      • I meant he was an emotional retard, not an autistic person or someone who has down syndrome.

    • "Ritual sacrifice of 23 children…released March 23." Didn't realize the significance of the number 23 there. Ugh.

  32. [part two]

    The Dark Knight Rises movie (released on 20 July 2012) shows a map of Gotham City with "Sandy Hook" island pointed out by Commissioner Gordon. The original map had the island named "Tricorner." The island was renamed "Sandy Hook" for the movie, for no apparent reason. The island's shape is the same general shape as Newtown, Connecticut. If you turn a map of Newtown 90 degrees to the right and then flip it horizontally, it's shape is a near match of "Sandy Hook" island. The prop master who worked on The Dark Knight Rises was a Newtown, CT man who was killed in a traffic accident on 6 April 2012. Although the officers on the scene said his injuries were not life-threatening, he ended up dying anyway. Warner Bros. sent out a promo kit on 15 December 2011, 1 year prior to the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. It contained a map of Gotham City in which the movie character "Bane" had it marked up with strike points. One of those points was a stadium, circled in red on "Sandy Hook" island. A blue highway curved around the stadium. A map of Newtown, CT and the Sandy Hook Elementary School shows a highway system curving around the school. When the Gotham City map and the Newtown map are aligned according to the school and stadium and highways of each map, they match up nicely. Nathan Crowley was the Production Designer of The Dark Knight Rises, in charge of the Art Department, and is a self-admitted direct descendant of Aleister Crowley, who was called by the press of his day "the wickedest man in the world."

    [part two]

  33. [part three]

    Hurricane Sandy developed on 22 October 2012 and dissipated on 31 October 2012. When it looked like it was going to go out to sea, it suddenly "hooked" into New York. Hurricane Sandy was also called a "Frankenstorm" by people. Many people began to believe that it was a government weather technology manipulated storm.

    The Rise of the Guardians movie, released on 21 November 2012, had trailers specific to each guardian. One of the guardians was the Sandman, repeatedly called in his trailer by the name, "Sandy." In one scene of the trailer, a bunch of candy canes appear and a character says, "Candy Canes!" The canes are all, of course, in the shape of hooks.

    The Jack Reacher movie, released on 21 December 2012, had its release postponed (its original scheduled release was to be on 15 December 2012) because of the Sandy Hook shooting, because it was about a "crazy" sniper who used a miliary type weapon to commit apparently random, mass murder. However, the plot was that the shooter wasn't crazy, but was framed. The movie shooting took place in a parking garage with "666" displayed in the concrete pillars above. In one scene, Jack Reacher enters a bar and is hit on a good looking girl named, "Sandy," who proceeds to tell him that she's not a "hooker."

    • Excellent research, LDS Anarchist! I wish more people who still think that Sandy Hook happened just the way the mainstream press told us it did used the type of critical thinking skills you did. When one steps outside the MSM matrix, all the clues are there if you know where to look. Thank goodness for sites like Vigilant Citizen!

    • Not to mention …hurricane Sandy caused major damage to Staten Island yet very little damage just miles away in Sandy Hook, NJ…its so obvious!

    • There is one major coincidence you forgot…
      the Movie named 'Sandy Hook Lingerie Party Massacre' released in 2000, a guy posted a review about this movie the EXACT same day of the Aurora Shooting. (July 20th 2013)

      This is the beginning of the review:

      So here we have Sandy Hook Lingerie Party Massacre. Let’s say that again, SANDY HOOK LINGERIE PARTY MASSACRE! What do you think of when you see that combination of words? What’s in a title anyway? Does it have a cryptic meaning? Who is Sandy Hook? What on earth am I writing about? Let’s move on…

      Is that odd enough?

  34. Is Real Light? on

    I trust youtube more than I trust the media at this point. Personally I think these major news networks have more to gain from spreading disinfo my fellow citizen would about these kinds of things. I mean am I really supposed to trust rupert murdoch more than my OWN common sense? Sounds like 1984 to me, and last I checked, this is 2013! peace

  35. I am an avid reader of Vigilant Citizen, and want to respond to the allegations in many of the comments and stories relating to Sandy Hook.

    First and foremost, the primary erroneous assumption that many of you are making is that the government workers and media are even remotely capable of coordinating such a complex "hoax" or "coverup," even if they had the motive to engage in such a bizarre and inhuman act.

    I have personally worked in many different roles in government and can assure you that nothing is further from the truth. Most government workers are relatively lazy, borderline incompetent and ill-motivated to do anything except the bare minimum. The media isn't much better. Therefore, to believe that the hundreds of federal, CT state and local authorities were all "in" on on an elaborate "hoax" assumes a level of competence that these people simply do not have.

    With respect to the use of seemingly "occult" symbolism, such as footage of CT schoolchildren singing "Over the Rainbow," is to forget the law of large numbers, that is, if you look for something, you will find it, if the sample size is large enough.

    In the weeks since the shooting, there has presumably been thousands of hours of raw media footage devoted to all kinds of "healing" efforts, and prayer vigils. If I were to scour all the footage, I bet I could find any arbitrary symbol I was looking for (e.g., a butterfly, a caterpillar, a duck, a chicken, a horse, etc., etc.). The fact you were able to find footage of children singing "Over the Rainbow" is about as compelling evidence as if I found footage of children wearing Mickey Mouse shirts (another alleged "occult symbol.").

    The sad reality is that Adam Lanza was a deeply mentally disturbed and socially alienated freak show. His mother was an avid gun owner, and wanted to put him in an institution, but didn't do so quickly or effectively enough, so he went on a rampage with her guns. There is no occult ritual, no satanic purposes, behind it. Just a sad, sad tragedy.

    After the shooting, the Democrats in power simply needed to "do something," so they jumped on the gun control bandwagon, because that was politically expedient.

    I hate to burst your bubble, but there was no hoax here.

    • Thank you from Sandy Hook! Your words were not wasted on me….but probably are on most of the people on this site. I've tried reasoning, but they'd rather believe you tube videos.

      • My own 2 cents is that people are scared, and are desperately looking for meaning behind senseless events. The confusing nature of this event, and the sad deterioration of our country and culture, leads many to assume that "there must be a conspiracy behind it all."

        However, I personally just don't believe that there is. The truth is actually probably harder to accept. The truth is that there is no Great Wizard of Oz behind the curtain, operating things remotely. The truth is that we are all just muddling along in a sick world. Our politicians are relatively clueless oafs, not masterminds.

        On some level, it would be easier to believe that the Sandy Hook tragedy didn't happen. On some level, it would be somehow more consoling to think that we are just pawns in a big game, being played. However, it DID happen, and many innocent lives were lost for no reason.

      • Of course people are scared. They know they are immortal and worry about their destiny after death. What will happen to them when they live this world which is frightening. I'm not worried about the financial crisis, etc. as I can live within my means.

      • With all due respect, I'd love to believe that all of this stuff is just random and senseless.

        Anyone who has been down the rabbit hole, will tell you, it's an ugly world, even uglier when you really face the truth. Once you find a loose thread and really start pulling at it, you uncover more than you ever dreamed possible.

        Most people who read VC already know this. Which makes me wonder where all of these types of commenters are coming from, and why they are here?

      • I, for one, have been a long-time reader of VC, but have never posted before. I just felt like the allegations in this particular story were beyond the pale, and needed a little bit of rational analysis, rather than pure speculation and conjecture.

        Yes, the world is a strange and bizarre place. I continue to believe that this particular incident was the work of a deranged mind, not an elaborate conspiracy/hoax.

    • I, for one, don't believe everyone was "in on it". Of course not. But certain questions must be asked if we are to understand why mass shootings keep happening. To just assume that random people everywhere are "snapping" for no reason is not really thinking it through. It's also like assuming that everyone with schizophrenia and/or having a psychotic break is automatically, naturally going to go out and gun down mass numbers of people…

      • Well, let's look at the unvarnished facts…there are over 312,000,000 American citizens, and that population continues to grow (not counting illegal immigrants). There are also estimated to be over 300,000,000 handguns in the United States alone.

        Further, we have systematically cut mental health funding across the board, such that hundreds of thousands of Americans have little or no access to anti-psychotic medication or anti-depressant pharmaceuticals or inpatient treatment.

        Why would we then be shocked when "random people" seem to be "snapping" and shooting up movie theaters or schools? Come on, it's only surprising that there haven't been more mass shootings!

    • I'm with you on the government. However, being lazy, incompetent or ill-motivated has nothing to do with the occult. The reason people like the occult is because they believe it gives them what they lack. Also, people that are higher up in government are certainly not ill-motivated. In fact, they are incredibly motivated. Usually by the desire for power. Some want to serve, but it's corrupt and the spiritual occultism is so present and so strong that if you have any vices, you will be tempted in every way possible. If you are damaged and broken in any way, it will be used to exploit you and manipulate you. That is how the occult works.

      The US Government is a branch of the World System, which is spoken about in the Bible. Like you, I don't believe that a vast human conspiracy is required. From a spiritual perspective, all that is required is that you have a bunch of selfish, damaged and narcissistic people who will listen to Satan whispering in their ear. Hitler also heard a voice that told him what to do.

    • Both my parents work for the government- rather high up, actually.

      You're right, thousands of workers wouldn't be in on the hoax. Most workers would want nothing to do with such a thing.

      All it would take would be a few sending orders down the chain. People don't have to realize they're taking part in the hoax to take part in it. One person could have an entire department do their bidding and they'd need to be the only one who was any the wiser.

      Realizing that these hoaxs do happen has nothing to do with overestimating the abilities of people. It has to do with underestimating them. Never underestimate what people are willing to do.


    Anyone that thinks that sandy hook actually happened is sadly mistaken. Honestly I don't even believe that anyone died that day at all. I believe that the government is trying to use this story to take away are firearms. Everyone needs to watch this video there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that just can not be ignored but is.

  37. what i dont understand with the movie theatre shooting is if the killer was mind-controlled, what did the movie have to do with it- it wasn't used to mind control him, as he walked in already having planned the shooting. HOwever, with Sandy Hook, that map that every conspiracy theorist appears to have found to be the upside down map of Newtown, was already in the movie years before the shooting, as movies do not come out overnight. Someone in Hollywood behind the scenes who know this would hapen in CT years later, threw that in there as a sick joke. I think it was over a matter of years that they brainwashed this kid or had him in some cult… i just wonder if the dad knew anything about it and where is he now???

    By the way, to VC- your advertisements on this site are geared to the other side if you know what i mean, and if you links for business, why are you promoting the church of satan and the hunger games on your site??

    • He was possessed/influenced by a spirit that was attached to the previous film. It's the Joker character, which is Satanic. Alan Moore, who wrote The Killing Joke (which the film version of the character draws from) is a self-professed shaman and Crowley lover. Heath Ledger hit rock bottom after playing the character and died. I also think Lanza strongly resembles images of the Frank Miller Joker I've seen in comic books (Miller's nihilism was popular around the same time as Moore's Killing Joke and he wrote the influential Dark Knight).

      Get ready to be disturbed, panel #3:

      I really believe this is very powerful demonic influence. It is deeply imbedded in the culture and it is now showing itself. We should pray and ask the Lord how to deal with it, and what He wants to do.

    • His alter would have been triggered before going into the theater. The movie itself didn't mind control him right then. They picked to send him to that movie because of the symbolism attached to it.

  38. as soon as i saw the title im thinking omg wth. didn't the guy who shot up he army base also have some connections with wizard of oz?; or was it alice in wonderland?

    i think newtown in general is just one big hoax-town, either that or the kids were sacrificed, not randomly shot from a crazed gunman, sacrificed by an MK patsy

  39. Eh, I think you're dragging this out too far. The truth behind the song is that Ingrid Michaelson initiated the project and she sang her own version of "Over the Rainbow" on an early album. She wanted to re-record the title for charity and thought it would be appropriate to sing it alongside the kids from the school. That generated a lot of media hype which, I will agree, is not needed or wanted in Newtown right now. I think it was a pretty innocent idea that drew unintended consequences.

    As to Ingrid Michaelson, I have been a big fan for years, just as I have followed VC for nearly a year. I haven't seen any of the patterns of MK programming or indications of slavery to the music industry as we have seen with other artists. She is pretty independent and free-minded as far as I can tell.

    I normally see eye-to-eye with you, VC, but I think this song/event was misinterpreted.

  40. how can anyone say this shooting was not a staged event ????? Both fathers of the sandy hook shooter and the dark knight shooter are scheduled to testify in the 43 trillion dollar libor suit which is a lawsuit against the 16 largest banks on the planet and the lawsuit is implicating high level politicians in our own govt. This is the biggest lawsuit in history and no one is covering it. Also I think that's a pretty big coincident. the banksters are being accused of laundering tax payers money by basically manipulating interest rates . The mainstream media is not covering it. I've read that vC is controlled opposition used to be able to track potential dissidents for govt, I hope that is not true , would break my heart since I'm such a fan, but I'm wondering why this lynch pin has been left out of the story. Most truthers know this and u can pull up the court documents and info on the case from the web


  41. Please share some links to that info. I am curious to read about the connection. I heard about it with the movie theater shooting in Aurora, CO, but not with the Sandy Hook shooting. Thanks.

  42. that is true……….there were NO DEATHS at SH……….it was a symbolic ritual

    same as 9/11 ohhhhhhhh I know that's a crazy thing to say – right?


    • Truthseeker2010 on

      This has so much trauma connected to it. My question is did the poor young boy's father continue his pursuit with the case to get the 43 trillion dollars returned to the US?

      Is there any type of articles about the case he is pursuing because I would want to pray that God shine mor light on the entire connection as he heals all involved

  43. These children are singing an innocent song. They have been put into the spotlight because they are the survivors of the second deadliest shooting in this country. They have been brought into a recording studio because it is something fun, it is a new experience, it is something they can talk about besides the deaths of their friends. It is being sold on iTunes because a) people will buy it and b) because there is nothing wrong with a children's choir. Also, Somewhere Over the Rainbow is associated with more than just MK Ultra. It is a song with a message that can help anyone who is grieving dissociate for a while. Its message promotes escaping reality and entering another world temporarily because sometimes reality is harder to deal with and sometimes "over the rainbow" is a more pleasant place to be. After losing my friends in an environment that is supposed to be safe, I would also probably want to escape reality for a while. The song choice is compatible with children because the lyrics are simple but they also have a deeper meaning that anybody can relate to in times of grief and sadness.

    • It is a coping tactic that some people use. There is nothing any body can do about that fact. And dissociating does not always mean compromising your consciousness. It is just a way to get your mind off of the negative. If playing the piano helps me dissociate from reality for a while that is not a bad thing. If singing or any kind of musical expression helps anybody escape for a while, that should not be attributed to something like mind control tactics. They are children who have been exposed to something that a child should never be exposed to. They cannot even comprehend the severity of the situation. If it takes a simple song with positive lyrics to get their mind off of this tragedy, there is no reason it should be read into like this. There are a lot of compelling and very believable articles on this site, but this one is pushing it a bit too far.

      • Marina, I think the point most of us are making, when we object to this display of childhood innocence, is that it is inappropriate and in poor taste to use these children for a profit.

        It was inappropriate and in poor taste to put them on television.

        It was inappropriate and in poor taste to professionally record them singing, and then put it up for sale, for profit.

        Not all "charities" are what they seem to be. No one should profit from tragedy.

  44. notwithstupidanymore on

    As soon as I heard this on the radio a few days ago, I got the creeps about the song choice. Also, watching the inaugural parade today, two people said that they got their mad hatter hats, complete with rabbit ears from the capitol. Oh my!!!!! *shiver*

  45. And your friend Anderson Cooper is he not from the vanderbilt family? In reference to tina weymouth written in a comment.

  46. Too many questions. My problem re the gun question is that so many children of all colors have been killed in Chicago and LA, and our "community activist" President from Chicago has not said word one about their senseless murders in four years, until a suburban "stepford" white community is affected – no, it's okay if ethnic gangs have guns and kill and mame each other, because they are needed to instill fear, and to keep the prison business profitable. What about heroin that has increased 100-fold in the last four years, and has killed so many children who don't know the "fire" they are playing with. Where is the outcry to ban the import of heroin? My other question is that no one just dies from gunshots, they may be maimed or paralyzed, or w minimal harm, yet, no ambulances arrived to the school and none of the children examined but by a medical examiner w his "great photographers". Weird. My other question is media labeling – that autistic, or socially awkward people will kill children – absolutely appalling – not that a gregarious, outspoken, rude, bully person could do the same harm – especially if trained by the CIA. What a sorry label for people who are naturally shy and awkward.

    • Absolutely right about both Obama and the ambulances.

      Obama has ordered the murder of thousands of children by drone strikes. But they're brown-skinned, so it doesn't matter.

      And who examined each Sandy Hook child and pronounced them dead beyond all hope of resuscitation at the scene of the "attack". It's standard procedure to set up triage at a crisis like this, and I would expect EVERY child to be rushed to hospital and medical staff to work flat out before officially giving up and accepting there was NOT ONE SINGLE SURVIVOR. It goes against all procedure for a couple of cops to poke their heads around the door and declare, "Nup, no hope for any of them", then leave the corpses in place till midnight, then truck them out under cover of darkness. And none of the parents got to identify their child's body. These kids have been inducted into a mind-control program for sure.

  47. Most people who actually believe Sandy Hook is a hoax really just don't give a damn. The rest can't think for themselves, are simply swayed by the majority and will likely believe anything and everything they hear as long as everyone else believes it too.

    • If they care enough to look into the actual story and spend time finding the issues with the story, I daresay they give more of a damn than the people doing nothing but watching the news coverage.

  48. I suspect that Suzanne Collins is a member of THE Collins family which is one of the 13 bloodlines. A Collins female serves as the Grand Dame or High Priestess according to Fritz Springmeir.

  49. May be just a coincidence, but a YouTube video ("Sandy Hook Aunt of Emilie Parker Confused?") shows a news article about Emilie's funeral. To the right of the article itself is a advertisement for a stage show of The Wizard of Oz. with the heading, "A JOURNEY TO OZ LIKE NO OTHER." Here's the link:

  50. i heard the whole sandyhook shooting was a sham set up, just as 9/11, to push an agenda. the agenda being banning guns. The us government wanted control and oil in the middle-east they set up 9/11 to get public support. The us government wants to take away the little ppls 2nd amendment, they set up sandy hook shooting to get public support. I herd that some of the parents that were giving these testimonies from 'their" dead children were CIA agents and had no kids. they even have pictures of a couple that was on the news talking about how their child was injured in the shooting and how there needs to be a ban on guns, & then another picture that shows then as CIA agent and with out kids, not even married, etc. Its crazy how much the federal government doesnt care about its "underclass citizens" because that what we all are even tho they try to make u think that we are middle class citizens but were not, a middle class citizen make 80-200,000 even up to 500,000 dollars. that we do not. the game were in is to keep the lil ppl suppressed and weak < that way they cant take over, cant take control, cant help their selves, cant stop the government. Wen in reality if we all came together we could take over. If the AMerican population came together the 97% we could organize, and be a small malitia. but were too busy working trying to survive for to get fed from our jobs that are ran by the top 3% , like a person feeds their dog. and were too busy wattching tv which teaches us unconciously to degrade our selves, and that we are doing the right that by living and not actually doing smthing about the world, or about our current conditions, and teaching us to go to the mall and buy buy buy buy, instead of saving up and comming together to make a business that can be in compitition with these top brands that are cutting deals with the federal government to make sure that we continue to be supressed and now they want to take our gun as well os then we really cant fight back. like honestly if the federal government bans gun, WHAT ARE YU GOING TO DO IF ThEY COME BANGING ON YOUR DOOR AND IN TELLING YOU TO GET IN A TRUCK AND SLITTING YOU UP FROM YOUR FAMILY AND A ND KILLING OFF YOUR KIDS??? THEY DID THIS IN EUROPE WITH NAPOLEON, IN GERMANY WITH HITLER, AFRICA WITH AFRICANS, WHAT MAKES YOU THINK THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN AGIN???? OPEN YOUR EYES.

    • the news channels have been talking about the gun control for the past month nonstop. They are certainly pushing it for a reason.


  52. Yeah, typically I have pretty long winded & very different responses/outlooks than most peoplein regards to articles on this site. But EVEN if this wasn't a ritual staged shooting OR the shooter wasn't under MK (which ARE both theory & not 100% proven fact..), I STILL say this is in Beyond poor taste. I can MAYBE deal with the kids singing & performing..but what ENRAGES me is that the song was studio recorded & being sold for F-ing profit. >:(

    It's just infuriating to me. It's BEYOND crass & I can't believe "regular" people are seeing this as ok!! (Regular, majority: often referred to as "sheep" & such by many on here; I don't use negative terms like that, as We ALL are conditioned to a Certain Extent..and I think it's just putting more negativity out in the world that we Don't need any more of.)

    But this is no theory here: IT IS PURE EXPLOITATION! And where does the money that iTunes/Amazon/ect make off this go to? Oh I bet they SAY it's donated to something "good," which I'd call bs on. What's next a remix of the track featuring background vocals of Micheal Jackson & Whitney Houston??! A music video directed by Woody Allen??! I mean HOW are people thinking this is not crass? I understand it being discussed on here, but I (foolishly, apparently..) had more faith that most people would see this for what it is: Exploiting CHILDREN & people. *sigh*

  53. Greetings from N.J.: Check out Sandy, Hook, NJ. It's a used/unused Naval Station. It's also N.J.'s most popular nude beach. It's also a Federal Park land. It's also an ugly-ass beach. You can see downtown Manhattan from the beach! It doesn't look that good.

  54. Well it looks more and more that the 'massacre' never even happened. As to the shooter – no one even knows anything about this person and the media is avoiding talking about him – if he even existed at all. The whole Sandy Hook thing is pretty weird with several anomalies and inconsistencies. Type in 'Sandy Hook Actors' in youtube to get a better appreciation of the alternative media. As to mind control – buncha B.S.

  55. Truthseeker2010 on

    This may be off topic but it was disturbing to me because little children were in it. It was a commercial where ther is a board room filled with adults waiting for others join the meeting. In walks several young children. Each child says their line as the conduct a masonic hand jesture. The commercial is for the state kottery and how they are raising funds to pay for educational programs for the youth.

    What struck me about this particular commercial about lottery funds being used for children's education was the children's hand gestures. I didn't realize children started this young with the knowledge we see celebrities doing as well.

  56. This comment was found on youtube following the video below

    Cathari 9 hours ago

    A few weeks back I was reading a collection of works by Oscar Wilde, and came across an 1887 article he wrote entitled "The American Invasion." In the first paragraph he states: "When they sight Sandy Hook, they look to their rifles and ammunition…." Of course, the article has nothing to do with the current subject, but you can be assured that those words struck me like a bolt of lightening. Synchronicity?

  57. So disturbing like the parents should have enough to be like no my child does not need to sing this exposing him like that. And why that song it has nothing to do with a childs death or anything like that. And the fact that they are wearing green ribbons I believe ribbons are used in the final monarch programming stage to complete the tranformation I believe and that the ribbons are green can be bcuz emerald city in the wizard of oz is green I geuss

  58. there was NO SHOOTING – IT WAS A HOAX- FALSE FLAG – DO THE RESEARCH ( illuminati ) – THIS IS ALL ABOUT THE GUNS – these are ALL ACTORS – there is NO MEDIA – the main stream media is run by the illuminati / government – stop being fooled people you are being made fools of – it is time for a revolution to stop this non sense – the mnd control- the slavery of the American people – there where NO DEATHS AT SANDY HOOK – DO THE RESEARCH -"THE TRUTH MAY SCARE YOU" you tube watch it –

    • I know, and I found several videos of the two little girls in the Parker family throwing up satanic symbols with their fingers in photos. My favorite is posted a few comments above. The maker of this video is not sure if this was a ritual sacrifice or if these are actors, but I do know that it's about control, gun control, thought control, and control through media.

  59. Is sick how the media is using our youth for their sick, disgusting, nasty agenda. I do and kinda not believe that the Sandy Hooks shooting was a total hoax. First of all, a long time ago, I saw a video on you tube on how the sandy hooks was a hoax. With pictures of the girl (Emilie?) after the shooting hanging out with Obama, to the Dad getting to his “character”, to that oddball neighbor that took a few kids from the school to his house instead of calling the police etc. It had enough proof to convince me that this was totally staged to emotionally manipulate us and make the Gov pass a Gun Control law BUT…

    I am 14 year old girl who lives in the island of Puerto Rico. When my mother couldn’t take care of me (because of work), my grandparents took me to Maunabo, where my Granny takes care of my Great-Granny. We found out (the day of the shooting) that a girl from Maunabo that attended Sandy Hooks was killed, who apparently was the Niece of the Mayor of Maunabo. Which got me thinking after I watched the you tube video (my mother pointed out to me)… So, I don’t know, I’m super confused now… If someone knows anything please leave a reply. I has me hanging there… Thank you VC for another amazing article.!

    God Bless,

  60. How did I miss this story? Anyway, it seems weird that healing is made public and sold for a profit. That's pretty messed up up. But what's even more messed up, don't schools usually get a grieving councilor for things like this? Why in the world would they force them to sing a song to grieve? These children's friends died you sick bastards, not only do they seem to be making light of it, they are exploiting it

  61. did you know why the girls are using green ribbons because in mk programation esmerald the jewel color green is for the programation of dissasociate of your family and friends and i think sandy hook was a hoax and was planned in a hollywood stage and they choose the school nearest to the fire department in connecticut and was sandy hook but if you see the photos where the policemen run was another school st rose of lima school But i don't understand what happened really nobody dies?? was a scam or really died the kids??

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