Sandy Hook Survivors Are Made to Sing “Over the Rainbow” to Commemorate the Shooting



Some of the children who survived the Sandy Hook school shooting recorded a version of Judy Garland’s song Over the Rainbow, one month after the massacre. In one big media event, these young children were brought to a recording studio and made to record the song, all under the never-ceasing clicks and flashes of cameras. They then went on to perform the song on Good Morning America. The song is now on sale iTunes and Amazon.

While news sources describe this event as a “emotional healing process”, there are quite a few strange facts about this “event”. The most obvious one is: Why are these children being exposed to the public in such a way? Why are they pushed in mass media spotlight? Why are they in a recording studio with music industry people looking for publicity and made to sing a song that almost “embraces” what happened? Why isn’t this “healing process” happening in private, with friends and family? Why are iTunes and Amazon involved (yes, the song will be sold on these services for “charity” – the new word to justify exploitation)?

This is however not the most troubling part of this story. Considering the context surrounding the massacre and the possibility that the perpetrator was under mind control (as I described in Thought of the Month (01/13): Mass Shootings and Mass Media), the song choice Over the Rainbow is quite telling and, sadly, quite appropriate. As I stated in several other articles, the movie The Wizard of Oz and the song Over the Rainbow are major tools used by Mind Control handlers to program their slaves (if you have no idea what I’m talking about , please read the article entitled Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control). Through violence and trauma, slaves are encouraged to dissociate from reality and are told to go “Over the Rainbow”.

“Dorothy is looking for a place where there is no trouble which is a place “over the rainbow.” To escape pain, alters go over the rainbow.

Over the rainbow in Oz is for the Monarch slave to be in a trance, and into a certain area of the programming. To be fluctuating at both ends as an observer and not a participant or to go to the other extreme and become a participant. The theme song of the movie goes, “Somewhere over the Rainbow…there’s a land where the dreams that you dare to dream really come true.” These lyrics are a method to hypnotically confuse the brain to perceive that the “over the Rainbow experience” (which is usually horrible abuse) is a “dream”. The dissociative mind is only too happy to call the trauma a dream, which is lived as a reality for a moment, but is nevertheless recorded by the mind as a fantasy. The term for this is cryptoamnesia, which means the process where the proper functioning of memory is hypnotically messed up. The slave’s internal world becomes “reality” and the external real world becomes the Land of Oz which is perceived as make-believe.”
– Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Controlled Slave

So, in short, to “commemorate” a shooting that was carried out by a MK patsy, survivors of the shooting are made to sing (because this wasn’t of their own initiative neither was it their song choice) a song that is used to program MK slaves. All of this in one big staged media event, where the children are asked to smile and pose for the cameras. How about not exploiting these kids for BS charity and not making them further part of this horrifying ritual that was the Sandy Hook shooting?

Here’s an article about the event.

A song for Sandy Hook: Watch the children who survived school massacre’s heart-breaking recording of Over The Rainbow in memory of their lost friends and teachers

  • The children, aged six to nine, recorded the Judy Garland classic on January 14
  • Song released on iTunes and Amazon today with proceeds going to United Way and Newtown Youth Academy

This is the heartbreaking video of the survivors of the Sandy Hook shooting as they sing Over The Rainbow in memory of the friends and teachers they lost.

The 21 elementary school children, aged between six and nine, gathered together to sing the Judy Garland classic for charity and mark the one-month anniversary on Monday.

Some of the children had been inside the school in Newtown, Connecticut when a gunman opened fire, killing 20 children and six teaching staff on December 14.
The students appeared with singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson on Good Morning America today. They recorded the song at the home of two former band members of Talking Heads. The track went on sale today on Amazon and iTunes, with proceeds benefiting a local United Way and the Newtown Youth Academy. Kayla Verga, ten, says she sang for her friend, Jessica Rekos, who was killed at Sandy Hook. She says it feels like Jessica is beside her, singing along with her.

The song was recorded at the home of musicians Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz, who performed with bands Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club. The Song for Sandy Hook was recorded at the couple’s home studio in Fairfield, Connecticut while parents looked on. The little girls wore green ribbons in their hair and pinned to their sweaters to remember their friends and teachers.

Mr Frantz told the Daily News: ‘It was emotional, absolutely. But the kids were resilient. They loved to sing and they were good at it.’
Moving tribute: The children, aged six to nine, appeared with singer Ingrid Michaelson on GMA this morning
Moving tribute: The children, aged six to nine, appeared with singer Ingrid Michaelson on GMA this morning

Source: Daily Mail

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Hi Vigilants I’m not in a position to say whether Sandy Hook was a complete hoax and nobody died or whether people in fact died. However, let’s summarize a few suspicious facts: 1) No pictures of the actual evidence – the bodies – were revealed to the public. 2) There are videos on YouTube making a pretty strong case it was a hoax 3) From other YouTube videos we know crisis actors are being heavily used (even so blatantly people have started to recognize the actors) 4) There is a clear agenda to push for gun control and Sandy Hook fits the agenda perfectly 5) Out of all the songs they could trick these poor kids into singing they pick one associated with trauma-based mind control and distribute it through a vendor (amazon) who reportedly suppressed a certain book about Sandy Hook (it precisely claimed it was a hoax) 6)… Read more »

How did I miss this story? Anyway, it seems weird that healing is made public and sold for a profit. That's pretty messed up up. But what's even more messed up, don't schools usually get a grieving councilor for things like this? Why in the world would they force them to sing a song to grieve? These children's friends died you sick bastards, not only do they seem to be making light of it, they are exploiting it

Is sick how the media is using our youth for their sick, disgusting, nasty agenda. I do and kinda not believe that the Sandy Hooks shooting was a total hoax. First of all, a long time ago, I saw a video on you tube on how the sandy hooks was a hoax. With pictures of the girl (Emilie?) after the shooting hanging out with Obama, to the Dad getting to his “character”, to that oddball neighbor that took a few kids from the school to his house instead of calling the police etc. It had enough proof to convince me that this was totally staged to emotionally manipulate us and make the Gov pass a Gun Control law BUT… I am 14 year old girl who lives in the island of Puerto Rico. When my mother couldn’t take care of me (because of work), my grandparents took me to Maunabo,… Read more »

So disturbing like the parents should have enough to be like no my child does not need to sing this exposing him like that. And why that song it has nothing to do with a childs death or anything like that. And the fact that they are wearing green ribbons I believe ribbons are used in the final monarch programming stage to complete the tranformation I believe and that the ribbons are green can be bcuz emerald city in the wizard of oz is green I geuss

This comment was found on youtube following the video below

Cathari 9 hours ago

A few weeks back I was reading a collection of works by Oscar Wilde, and came across an 1887 article he wrote entitled "The American Invasion." In the first paragraph he states: "When they sight Sandy Hook, they look to their rifles and ammunition…." Of course, the article has nothing to do with the current subject, but you can be assured that those words struck me like a bolt of lightening. Synchronicity?

[part two] The Dark Knight Rises movie (released on 20 July 2012) shows a map of Gotham City with "Sandy Hook" island pointed out by Commissioner Gordon. The original map had the island named "Tricorner." The island was renamed "Sandy Hook" for the movie, for no apparent reason. The island's shape is the same general shape as Newtown, Connecticut. If you turn a map of Newtown 90 degrees to the right and then flip it horizontally, it's shape is a near match of "Sandy Hook" island. The prop master who worked on The Dark Knight Rises was a Newtown, CT man who was killed in a traffic accident on 6 April 2012. Although the officers on the scene said his injuries were not life-threatening, he ended up dying anyway. Warner Bros. sent out a promo kit on 15 December 2011, 1 year prior to the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.… Read more »

Sandy Hook shooting external coincidences

This is just a small, but convenient list for those who think there's nothing fishy about Sandy Hook:

The Hunger Games author, Suzanne Collins, resides in Newtown, CT. She wrote a book about the ritual sacrifice of 23 children which became a major motion picture this year, released on 23 March 2012.

The Church of Satan has its main congregation in San Francisco, CA. Its second largest hub and its recruitment arm is located on the east coast, in Newtown, CT. Also, Adam Lanza may have been a satanist.

[part one]

Adam Lanza looked strange. He was either a satanist or a retard. And the family of one of the dead victims Emily or something appeared to be bizarre. There is a photo where the parents are all smiley but there is something with their eyes which are quite devilish-looking. The eyes are always a good indicator about someone. Let them smile as much as they want, the unholy ones always have frightening eyes, no matter what the colour is. On the other hand, I noticed that if someone is unattractive, old or ill but has a good character, the eyes shine with warmth and kindness. I fully understand now where the old saying 'the eyes are the mirror of the soul' comes from. Anyway, I thought they moved the main congregation to the hell's kitchen in Manhattan a few years ago.

I generally agree with your comment, but I wish you wouldn't use the word "retard". (It's just mean-spirited.) Do we really have any evidence that he was autistic? We just have the mainstream media's word for it.

Sorry I shouldn't have used that word.

I meant he was an emotional retard, not an autistic person or someone who has down syndrome.

"Ritual sacrifice of 23 children…released March 23." Didn't realize the significance of the number 23 there. Ugh.

“Survivors”? Of the Sandy Hook Hoax?

a sad mad world this has become.

did you know why the girls are using green ribbons because in mk programation esmerald the jewel color green is for the programation of dissasociate of your family and friends and i think sandy hook was a hoax and was planned in a hollywood stage and they choose the school nearest to the fire department in connecticut and was sandy hook but if you see the photos where the policemen run was another school st rose of lima school But i don't understand what happened really nobody dies?? was a scam or really died the kids??

I got these footwear pertaining to everyday and fashion put on.

Will the real Sandy Hook , Please stand up..are these more actors???????????

there was NO SHOOTING – IT WAS A HOAX- FALSE FLAG – DO THE RESEARCH ( illuminati ) – THIS IS ALL ABOUT THE GUNS – these are ALL ACTORS – there is NO MEDIA – the main stream media is run by the illuminati / government – stop being fooled people you are being made fools of – it is time for a revolution to stop this non sense – the mnd control- the slavery of the American people – there where NO DEATHS AT SANDY HOOK – DO THE RESEARCH -"THE TRUTH MAY SCARE YOU" you tube watch it –

I know, and I found several videos of the two little girls in the Parker family throwing up satanic symbols with their fingers in photos. My favorite is posted a few comments above. The maker of this video is not sure if this was a ritual sacrifice or if these are actors, but I do know that it's about control, gun control, thought control, and control through media.

And they just put them up for them p********s to exploit, now thats very sinister

I came across this video on youtube by a person I subscribed to a long time ago titled "Church of Satan in Newtown Connecticut" – I watched the whole thing. Interesting video.

This may be off topic but it was disturbing to me because little children were in it. It was a commercial where ther is a board room filled with adults waiting for others join the meeting. In walks several young children. Each child says their line as the conduct a masonic hand jesture. The commercial is for the state kottery and how they are raising funds to pay for educational programs for the youth.

What struck me about this particular commercial about lottery funds being used for children's education was the children's hand gestures. I didn't realize children started this young with the knowledge we see celebrities doing as well.

The Sandy Hook Choir is scheduled to sing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" at Super Bowl XLVII.

Looks like the kids are going to be singing at the Super Bowl…

Reading this three years later; but wasn’t “Sandy Hook’ circled as a strike zone in the dark Night movie, and it was that island which had the football stadium Bane blew up ‘killing dozens of players, but before that the stadium had a child sang to the masses.
And now the survivors of Sandy Hook (Children) had to sing to the masses in a football stadium.
(And over the rainbow too…)

yeah that is weird….

Well it looks more and more that the 'massacre' never even happened. As to the shooter – no one even knows anything about this person and the media is avoiding talking about him – if he even existed at all. The whole Sandy Hook thing is pretty weird with several anomalies and inconsistencies. Type in 'Sandy Hook Actors' in youtube to get a better appreciation of the alternative media. As to mind control – buncha B.S.

Greetings from N.J.: Check out Sandy, Hook, NJ. It's a used/unused Naval Station. It's also N.J.'s most popular nude beach. It's also a Federal Park land. It's also an ugly-ass beach. You can see downtown Manhattan from the beach! It doesn't look that good.

Mr. Franz told Daily News. '…..They loved to sing and were good at it…' Were they singers before the recording???

Yeah, typically I have pretty long winded & very different responses/outlooks than most peoplein regards to articles on this site. But EVEN if this wasn't a ritual staged shooting OR the shooter wasn't under MK (which ARE both theory & not 100% proven fact..), I STILL say this is in Beyond poor taste. I can MAYBE deal with the kids singing & performing..but what ENRAGES me is that the song was studio recorded & being sold for F-ing profit. >:( It's just infuriating to me. It's BEYOND crass & I can't believe "regular" people are seeing this as ok!! (Regular, majority: often referred to as "sheep" & such by many on here; I don't use negative terms like that, as We ALL are conditioned to a Certain Extent..and I think it's just putting more negativity out in the world that we Don't need any more of.) But this is no… Read more »


That's the epitome of wickedness. How do they sleep at night after all this?

i heard the whole sandyhook shooting was a sham set up, just as 9/11, to push an agenda. the agenda being banning guns. The us government wanted control and oil in the middle-east they set up 9/11 to get public support. The us government wants to take away the little ppls 2nd amendment, they set up sandy hook shooting to get public support. I herd that some of the parents that were giving these testimonies from 'their" dead children were CIA agents and had no kids. they even have pictures of a couple that was on the news talking about how their child was injured in the shooting and how there needs to be a ban on guns, & then another picture that shows then as CIA agent and with out kids, not even married, etc. Its crazy how much the federal government doesnt care about its "underclass citizens" because… Read more »

the news channels have been talking about the gun control for the past month nonstop. They are certainly pushing it for a reason.