‘X-Men’ Director Bryan Singer Accused of Abusing Teenage Boy



Movie director Bryan Singer is being accused of drugging, raping and using his power as a Hollywood mogul to exploit a teenage boy in a lawsuit filed on April 16th. According to court documents, Singer

“manipulated his power, wealth, and position in the entertainment industry to sexually abuse and exploit the underage Plaintiff through the use of drugs, alcohol, threats, and inducements which resulted in Plaintiff suffering catastrophic psychological and emotional injuries.”

The lawsuit then mentions a not-s0-well kept secret about Hollywood : There are powerful groups within the industry that uses power and influence to exploit minors.

“Defendant Singer did so as part of a group of adult males similarly positioned in the entertainment industry that maintained and exploited boys in a sordid sex ring. A Hollywood mogul must not use his position to sexually exploit underage actors.”

According to plaintiff Michael Egan, who was an aspiring actor and model, the abuse started in 1998 when he was lured to the  M & C Estate, a California mansion known for its “notorious” parties. In these sex-and-drugs parties, adult males preyed on young boys who were lured in with promises of making it in show-business. Singer reportedly told Egan at one such party that:

“the adults who resided in or frequented the M & C Estate controlled Hollywood and could decide whether Plaintiff’s career aspirations and hopes would be realized”.

Michael Egan at age 17, around the time the abuse happened.
Michael Egan at age 17, around the time of the alleged abuse.

In an interview with the Daily Beast, Egan recognizes Singer as part of a ring of eight to ten abusers, including other Hollywood power-players not named in this lawsuit—“whose names you will recognize”.

The M & C Estate was the house of Marc Collins-Rector, the founder of Digital Entertainment Network who is now a convicted sex offender. In 2004, he was convicted of “transportation of minors with intent to engage in sexual activities“. In another lawsuit, three young men who claimed that Collins-Rector abused and threatened them at the estate won a $4 million default judgement due to a lack of response from the defendant.

Egan describes what happened upon entering the M & C Estate:

“Immediately the brainwashing began. They would sit me in a room and tell you that you were gay, which I wasn’t, that I had to keep the group happy. They constantly pushed you. The threats began immediately. They said that if we didn’t keep them happy, harm would come to ourselves and our families. There were threats of weapons. We were told we would be eliminated, our career chances would be destroyed. It was a living hell.”

At the house, it was drugs put in drinks. Liquor poured down my throat. Rules in the house: No swimsuits, no clothes out by the pool area. I was raped numerous times in that house. Various types of sexual abuse. You were like a piece of meat to these people. They’d pass you around between them.… If I could define what that house was, it’s evil.”


Bryan Singer at a party. Interesting costume choice.

Singer’s camp deny the accusations and, of course, he is innocent until proven guilty. While some might question the delay before this lawsuit or its timing (shortly before the release of  one Singer’s biggest movies), there are a few facts that cannot be denied: Countless sources have gone on record to state that child abuse is rampant in Hollywood; Singer did attend parties at the M & C Estate which was owned by a convicted abuser. More importantly, it is not the first time that he is  accused of “inappropriate behavior” towards a minor boy.

In 1997, a 14 year-old movie extra named Devin St. Albin filed a lawsuit against Singer claiming that the filmmakers had ordered him and other minors to strip for a scene that was shot in the showers of a school locker room.

No matter what will be the outcome of this lawsuit, facts surrounding it provides us yet another glimpse into the dark, perverse and twisted side of Hollywood.



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Hollywood is the place of the devil.

one of….

Bryan Singer also is connected to Michael Dougherty and his film "Trick r Treat' which is an obvious homage to Satan worship hiding behind the "fun of Halloween". It's one of the rare films in Hollywood that dares depict graphic violence against pre-adolescent children, as well as the corruption of children. We'll see if they team up again for the upcoming film called Krampus, which is about a demon of the same name who supposedly kidnaps "naughty" children around Christmas time. An old formerly secret legend that probably inspired the "grinch" who intercepted Christmas. I hope VC writes an article about this upcoming feature.

What happened to the UK site, "the truthseeker?"

despite all these news,I will still watch the film,maybe just download it
because how do you know that this incident isn't a character assasination?
I mean it became pretty obvious that the establishment media all trying to persecute this bryan singer
too obvious,I am just not sure of this deal
I'm not saying those alleged pedo-fduped-up acts are false,but I have seen the new x-men trailer,it's about ROBOTS,DRONES,we shouldn't dismiss this guy so soon
also everyone knows that the powers that be have the dirt on their minions,
so is this bryan singer guy just a pedo?or did he try to shed the light on new world order?
I wish somebody would look into it

Are the rumors about Charlie Sheen and Corey Haim really true? Any links to which I could be directed?

Don't know, but wouldn't doubt it. I posted the question, below, about "what happened to the site, "the truth seeker UK" in hopes that someone would tell us why it has been shut down. The beginnings of "web control." VC, how about that article? Read it while you can, Folks!

Another Hollywood mogul accused of child abuse…no surprise there. Either way I hope its false because it would really suck if the director of X-Men is a pedo. Can't wait to see Days Of Future Past.

And the exposure continues to be even more dirtier than the last one because it seems that this ritual, is a whole lot more disgusting than the other rituals.

After all, this may be one of the few ways of "initiation, I won't be surprised if the elite "take care of their own" as in the case of Jimmy Savile which left many wondering why was he not exposed earlier so he could stand trial for his pedo behavior.

It was to induce trauma… then to make whatever they wanted of him after that because all of us know what trauma can lead to… and also to abuse their power and the poor guy's wish to make it in show business…

This is so sad.

Hollywood is part of the Satanic agenda. Notice how these people are not only sexual predators, but also prone to violence. The victim's family members were also threatened….which goes beyond the sex parties themselves.

And singer dressed as a Catholic priest….probably as an homage to the Catholic "wing" of the Satanic conspiracy. These people don't yet fear God….or the Messiah.

They will though. Right now they are too drunk on earthly power to understand what's on the way, which of course is the Day of Justice. Some call it Judgement Day.

come, on 17? I do believe this guy, but at 17 you are not an idiot. You know whats up. Where were his parents during this party? I know I wouldn't let my child go to some old mans house in the hollywood hills. heres probably what really happened. this guy was probably sweet-talked into having sex with some creeper Hollywood p********s. His mom, who should have been there at all times as an advocate was either negligent or worse complicit in the acts cause she wanted her song to get famous. He was uncomfortable, but did it anyway to advance his career. Fast forward to now, his career is non-existent so he gets bitter and sues Singer. Moral of the story don't let GREED, FAME, AND MONEY lure you! These are teenagers not, 1st graders. No one this old can be tricked like this (and from his story it… Read more »

Agree, I was recounting to a friend the case of Max Clifford the UK publicist and the victim who waived her anonymity to tell her story and her crazy desperation for fame was palpable and willingness to completely overlook the absurdity of his propositions; infact to such an extent that we could not help finding it all hysterical. Just because lawmakers declare older teenagers to be classified as children, many are fully aware of the negative aspects of their choices and oblige regardless, belatedly seeking the emotional safety net implicitly offered via legal redress.

3 more names were mentioned in the lawsuit, a Disney exec (go figure) a bbc exec (go figure) and some other hollywood guy. Meanwhile media is brainwashing America on staged events like Donald sterling , when ww3 is almost on the verge and a guy is putting sick psychopaths that are involved with institutional ped o phi lia. Go figure. Also when I say staged, I mean he really did say those things, but why isn't anyone questioning her motive for taping the convo?

People, do You know the origins of the theater and cinema industry?It comes from ancient Greece and Rome.Rituals for Bacchus and Dionysus, so You can see that from the very beginning they've played with the dark side.Nothing changes till now.

I cannot believe how ignorant some people are speculating that because of the timing of the movie maybe they are lying. The way people react to things like this is part of the reason it takes victims so long to speak out because they are in fear of what people will say and how they will be treated. If hes guilty, I hope he gets what he deserves and more.

Nice try, but you're not going to convince people nothing happened at this point. The cat's out of the bag, so fasten your seatbelt its going to be a bumpy ride! 🙂

Hmm, interesting user name?

Knowing what goes on in the Industry, why do people continue to support it? When I found out about Hollywood, I got rid of my cable and have not paid a dime for any of their vile filth. And you know what? I'm better off because of it. When you go away and then catch something in someone's house, etc, the programming and propaganda is so evident, and it is so dark, so evil and unpleasant it is hard to tolerate…and I'm not a particularly sensitive or feeling soul. We think this stuff somehow doesn't affect us or our children, only because people don't want to give up their addiction to this filth! The very next time someone looks at me like I'm some kind of freak because I haven't seen the latest garbage from Hollywood, I will just calmly tell them that I don't believe in funding p********s and… Read more »

15 years after the aledged abuse took place and it may be the case that Singer wasn't even there at the time? Smells like he's been put up to it but only time will tell.

What the hell are you doing using my name? I have not commented on this thread – nor would I ever take the stance posted above.

I believe the deadline is today for filing those claims … helps us appreciate the real meaning of the word 'deadline'?

Just hope that Egan doesnt turn up dead because of suicide by drug overdose. Im really praying for him to have strength in this tring time for him. May the good Lord protect him and for the truth to be exposed. May the Lord help us.

Finally the truth is coming out. People have a hard time believing these types of things, The Truth, because it's put in movies and disregarded when people do come out and speak about it so that we are brainwashed against believing and people are crucified as raving psychotics or opportunist. It's so ridiculous that the truth can stay hidden for so long but we are always told never believe what you see in movies but who made those movies? the people in Hollywood. Everything may not be true but these people have to have something to base these movies on. The Illuminati, The Elite Secret Societies, The Government Hidden Agendas and Conspiracies, Aliens, Devil Worshiping and Sacrifice's all of theses things among other things go hand in hand and it's put in movies either to enlighten us or rub in our face that we the general public are so stupid… Read more »
Good comment until it gets to, "…but no matter what we know or do these things will never change, no one can do anything to stop any of this without being killed or paid to shut up…." WTHeck???? That is a horribly defeatist attitude, not good for any kind o' warrior, particularly one of the spiritual variety! Please remember that while there are very many "bad guys" running things in this realm right now, they are VASTLY outnumbered by "good guys". It's just that the "good guys" have to be educated and informed that this is going on! There are unseen forces that aid the "good guys" too, and angels trump demons every time. Just keep trying to make people aware, and aid in building up the "good guys" troops. Most of this work is done on a 'spiritual' level, in the realm of the unseen. We need all of… Read more »

But do you honestly think that if this current establishment was defeated, we'd all be singing kumbaya and the world would be a wonderful place?

I think it's in human nature to be elitist and organize in a hierarchy. We overthrow one hierearchy, a new one takes it place. History proves that. Some hierarchies are better than the other ones, but either way theres gonna be some evil dudes trying to control everyone. Kinda like the book Animal Farm, or even 1984.

I say whats the point of fighting these people? Power is an illusion, and to me fighting them would only buy into that illusion. TRUTH is what we're after. As long as we know the truth and spread it to others, I think thats enough for me.

Yeah remember the movie 8mm with Nicholas cage? When he asked the wealthy deadman's lawyer why he had the film made, the answer was, " cause he could." That was creepy….yep I never allowed my son to watch hunger games, it's condoning kids killing kids, making it acceptable to watch that…it's sicking, everyone was reading the book like a cult or something. I know for a fact john carpenter has inside info on what is really going on…just watch movies…all of them! In the mouth of madness, they live, prince of darkness, and even body bags.

hunger games is Blatent rip off of the japanese movie Battle Royal
which is only different in that
hollywood is too brainless to understand the messege and so the their version is empty
which is why it doesn't compare to the Japanese version

Let's just pray that he doesn't get killed for this…even if he does Win this lawsuit…he still may Lose.

Now British teenage swimmer Tom Daley's (much older, Hollywood director, first boyfriend) Lance Dustin Hoffman enters the fray as a witness who attended those parties. I was almost waiting for his involvement to be confirmed. It was only a matter of time!

Oops – I meant Dustin Lance Black; my auto correct is playing up today!

This May explain why so much of the hidden evils of these people are suddenly coming to light. Please read- (I have taken from excellent website- this is not my work!) Most of you have heard of a very famous New Age book called ‘‘The Externalisation of the Hierarchy’ by Alice Bailey. Have you stopped to think what that title means? If I understand it right, it means the revelation of ‘principalities . . . powers . . . rulers of the darkness of this world . . . [and] spiritual wickedness in high [places]‘ (Eph. 6:12) In other words, the powers of darkness are ready to ‘come out of the closet’. Starting several years ago, we began to see this taking place. Wicked man are being revealed . . . but not to bring them to justice. On the contrary, I believe it is to acclimate us to evil,… Read more »

Absolutely! I've been thinking the same thing since a year ago. I've read her books and though most of it is very dense and hard to decipher, the title says it all. I'm glad to know there are others who have picked up on the same thoughts I was wondering about for the past year. There is definitely a heightened level of intensity and occurences of evil in our world today and as you've said, we only see it coming to the forefront through media only to have the results of the case "forgotten".
Jesus is the truth and light, the only way.

This makes a lot.of sense and is the whole point of what is going on. So we are used to.it as if.it was all normal.

I think you are spot on. It's the same thing going on within the entertainment industry. Now you have mainstream rappers mentioning the illuminati. It's now cool for kids to flash illuminati symbols. This is how you acclimate people to things. Workings of this magnitude cannot be kept secret forever. Decades ago when there was no internet and no easy access to alternative media, you could tell the handful of people who knew, they were crazy for talking about black helicopters. Anthony Hilder, a dude who exposed the New World Order back in the 80's or early 90's(can't remember for sure) recorded his first exposes on VINYL RECORDS!!! Think about that. Look how far we've come. Now you can google and instantly find thousands of articles on any of these subjects. The architects already new this day would come, so I believe they have prepared a strategy where they will… Read more »

Spot on and very well put, bandoogiemanz! (unique handle, by the way! )

and where are the parents of these children? I can guarantee you I would not allow my son to be around those folks. And after the fact, the just go to file a lawsuit and dig for gold? Someone does that to my kid and i would be the one in the news paper after I am done with whoever i can put my hands on.

They are weak. Easy prey..smh

And to think that I was excited for his upcoming film…

When I was younger I always wanted to model. I so happened to have been blessed by a skinny frame and a fantastic height and face. Now I am fat lol but who cares. Anyways, I became a Christian at a young age, at 17 and for some reason no matter how hard i tried to go back into that world, something was always preventing me. Its as if there was a lump stuck in my throat – i had no peace. i know now it was the Holly Spirit. When i see things like this, i can appreciate why. You could affect your entire destiny and if or not you end up in hell. This world has nothing to offer, all that shimmy shiny stuff – aint jack.

I was a model for a number of years although I never abandoned my education for it nor did anything I was not comfortable with. I have to say that I am glad that I did it as I learned a lot about self-discipline and making sure I make time for myself. I know what you mean about gaining weight – I am also 10lbs heavier now (5lbs of that is baby weight), the other 5lbs I don't really want to lose as I think you can overdo it and it shows in your face (same reason why I don't go out running). My other half says that he like my little curvy bits which I certainly never had when I was a model as in those days, nothing tasted as good as skinny felt.

Hi Anon.

The kind of modelling status I wanted to pursue was international stardom. The higher top ranking echelons of modelling. I didn't want to be mediocre.

I think that drive would have been my undoing had I been allowed to pursue it.

If you have an interest, it doesn't hurt to follow it. Its when you wanna "be the best" or the "top" in that type of world I would say.

Fair enough but even when you get to that level, it is still your call if you have your wits about you. I walked (and even opened/closed shows) for many major designers and also done top level editorial in several countries but I had a minimum standard for flesh bearing which I stuck to rigidly at a time when everyone was showing everything. My education was always more important to me and I always shunned the wrap parties and such like. I could have gone much higher still, those doors were all opened up to me so never mediocre you understand.

"The kind of modelling status I wanted to pursue was international stardom. The higher top ranking echelons of modelling. I didn't want to be mediocre." Wrt the above, I am sure that most models were/ are aiming as high as that. It is just that once they embark upon that learning curve, they modify their expectations fairly rapidly. A tiny percentage make it to the top – smaller than is realistically quantifiable. Beyond that, a minority of (nevertheless) lucky ones end up in brochures or glamor magazines and the majority get absolutely nowhere. Some even pay out as well as getting nowhere because of unscrupulous agents and photographers. I know that world like the back of my hand and I can't really relate to anything you say about it, other than the fact that perhaps it is just as well you never pursued it if you were so potentially driven.… Read more »

"smaller than is realistically quantifiable"

"it was the artistic process and desire to record my youth"

"I got the know Richardson who was respectful enough of me, once again"

"Its is not something I would like my daughter to do when she grows up-I think she will probably be bigger than me anyway"


Please. Person. Re-read what you wrote. Remind us all you are human and…stop.


Kokoapelli, you must tell us more about your illustrious career in the fashion industry upon which basis you can confidently and bluntly dismiss what is written. Oh, hang on a minute..

Hi anon, If you know the modelling/fashion world like the back of your hand then you know what that industry really is a front for…..Most of us know how the models get these ad campaigns and magazine covers

Dear Bluboy, it depends WHAT you are hungry for, HOW hungry you are and what price tag YOU are prepared to attach to it. Different in every case obviously.

Honestly I find being model skinny disgusting! I like it when girls look natural.

Very true. I think it was the Holy Spirit. The modeling world is awful. Tyra Banks speaks of it and it sounds the same as acting/singing business. It's a shame too because modeling is very artistic and can be beautiful and if you were tall, thin and striking you would have been successful . When I was younger everyone said I should be a model and I considered it too. I was thin, but short! So I could have maybe just done catalog work or ads. But my mother was not supportive of modeling, so I chose not to. I also sing and dance and thought maybe I could make it in Hollywood, but it always felt like it was a sad place so I didn't pursue it. Instead I went to college. I sing/dance as a hobby and even if I had the opportunity I would decline because that… Read more »

I agree Erica.

Whats the point if you make it and then lose your soul? "What profiteth a man if a gains the whole world and loses his soul" Book of Matthew in the Bible.

To reach the higher echelons of modelling, where you make US$10 000.00 or more a day would mean you have to give up something.

I too went to school 🙂

I do however dwell on the what ifs from time to time but I know my life would have taken a completely different turn!