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‘X-Men’ Director Bryan Singer Accused of Abusing Teenage Boy



'X-Men' Director Bryan Singer Accused of Abusing Teenage Boy


Movie director Bryan Singer is being accused of drugging, raping and using his power as a Hollywood mogul to exploit a teenage boy in a lawsuit filed on April 16th. According to court documents, Singer

“manipulated his power, wealth, and position in the entertainment industry to sexually abuse and exploit the underage Plaintiff through the use of drugs, alcohol, threats, and inducements which resulted in Plaintiff suffering catastrophic psychological and emotional injuries.”

The lawsuit then mentions a not-s0-well kept secret about Hollywood : There are powerful groups within the industry that uses power and influence to exploit minors.

“Defendant Singer did so as part of a group of adult males similarly positioned in the entertainment industry that maintained and exploited boys in a sordid sex ring. A Hollywood mogul must not use his position to sexually exploit underage actors.”

According to plaintiff Michael Egan, who was an aspiring actor and model, the abuse started in 1998 when he was lured to the  M & C Estate, a California mansion known for its “notorious” parties. In these sex-and-drugs parties, adult males preyed on young boys who were lured in with promises of making it in show-business. Singer reportedly told Egan at one such party that:

“the adults who resided in or frequented the M & C Estate controlled Hollywood and could decide whether Plaintiff’s career aspirations and hopes would be realized”.

'X-Men' Director Bryan Singer Accused of Abusing Teenage Boy

Michael Egan at age 17, around the time of the alleged abuse.

In an interview with the Daily Beast, Egan recognizes Singer as part of a ring of eight to ten abusers, including other Hollywood power-players not named in this lawsuit—“whose names you will recognize”.

The M & C Estate was the house of Marc Collins-Rector, the founder of Digital Entertainment Network who is now a convicted sex offender. In 2004, he was convicted of “transportation of minors with intent to engage in sexual activities”. In another lawsuit, three young men who claimed that Collins-Rector abused and threatened them at the estate won a $4 million default judgement due to a lack of response from the defendant.

Egan describes what happened upon entering the M & C Estate:

“Immediately the brainwashing began. They would sit me in a room and tell you that you were gay, which I wasn’t, that I had to keep the group happy. They constantly pushed you. The threats began immediately. They said that if we didn’t keep them happy, harm would come to ourselves and our families. There were threats of weapons. We were told we would be eliminated, our career chances would be destroyed. It was a living hell.”

At the house, it was drugs put in drinks. Liquor poured down my throat. Rules in the house: No swimsuits, no clothes out by the pool area. I was raped numerous times in that house. Various types of sexual abuse. You were like a piece of meat to these people. They’d pass you around between them.… If I could define what that house was, it’s evil.”


'X-Men' Director Bryan Singer Accused of Abusing Teenage Boy

Bryan Singer at a party. Interesting costume choice.

Singer’s camp deny the accusations and, of course, he is innocent until proven guilty. While some might question the delay before this lawsuit or its timing (shortly before the release of  one Singer’s biggest movies), there are a few facts that cannot be denied: Countless sources have gone on record to state that child abuse is rampant in Hollywood; Singer did attend parties at the M & C Estate which was owned by a convicted abuser. More importantly, it is not the first time that he is  accused of “inappropriate behavior” towards a minor boy.

In 1997, a 14 year-old movie extra named Devin St. Albin filed a lawsuit against Singer claiming that the filmmakers had ordered him and other minors to strip for a scene that was shot in the showers of a school locker room.

No matter what will be the outcome of this lawsuit, facts surrounding it provides us yet another glimpse into the dark, perverse and twisted side of Hollywood.


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'X-Men' Director Bryan Singer Accused of Abusing Teenage Boy

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Lion of Omega

Hollywood is part of the Satanic agenda. Notice how these people are not only sexual predators, but also prone to violence. The victim's family members were also threatened….which goes beyond the sex parties themselves.

And singer dressed as a Catholic priest….probably as an homage to the Catholic "wing" of the Satanic conspiracy. These people don't yet fear God….or the Messiah.

They will though. Right now they are too drunk on earthly power to understand what's on the way, which of course is the Day of Justice. Some call it Judgement Day.


Hollywood is the place of the devil.

Lion of Omega

one of….


Someone mentioned Renfro. Also what about Jonathon Brandis who.had hung himself. This makes you wonder about a lot of them. Also in the UK some molesters coming out now and lots of nasty people who have been knighted by the witch are all OTO members. It started there even before here. They get a few in prison or killed to teach lessons to their people. Some molest, others have their kids molested. Some kill, others somehow stomach being in the same social groups as those who killed their own family and even children. How many actors do you know whose children have passed? Those are warnings, punishments, and sacrifices.

Also "Jewish" in Hollywood is just like "protestant" in the white house… Just saying.


Keith Richards & Vince Neil to name a couple that come to mind (most likely as punishments).


brad renfro and Jonathan Brandis were real sad cases. I wonder about river Phoenix. His brother is so weird and I last heard he was dating a 16 year old. He walks around with satanist gear. Something is altogether strange with that family. Funny how they were all in the cult "children of god" where so much sexual abuse even by people's parents was going on. Strange how the family left there and automatically got into Hollywood (must have been strong connections) a few ex celebs has been linked to that occult. Remember that guy who shot himself in tucson because of the occult that is still up and running today! I've always questioned why Leonardo di caprio always gets these roles. I mean it's like they are throwing him in everyone's face. Wolf of Wall Street was just a very sinful movie with no motive, yet it gets all these awards. Most of his movies deals with dark gritty sinful things.


It's sad I used to really wanted to be actor sooooo bad. But after seeing numerous videos on YouTube, reading books, & thank god that came across VC website; I no longer mind made up never wanna be an actor. Hollyweird is truly sick & twisted. I refuse to grind hard to make it to Hollywood sign a contract with no knowledged knowing that I done souled my soul for sum fame & fortune you can have it, my soul is priceless!!!!


You could still be an actor. Hollywood isn't the only option. There are regional/local theaters.

Decided not to Model


I think its because a lot of people wanted the level of super stardom in acting or singing or modelling – whatever art.

you then realise that to make over x amount of millions annually – it wont come cheap.


Money should never motivate us- to refine a art…certainly. Look at Richard Harris in 'Oliver Cromwell'.
If I was an actor that is what I would aspire too.
Modern actors/actresses are really just highly paid prostitutes. Selling their bodies and indeed their souls to the highest bidders.
It pains me to witness the mindless masses respecting these foul individuals.
To illustrate the point- so called star peaches geldof had about 200 000 followers on twitter. Each and every one of these 200 000 are stupendously ignorant. If I wanted a role model there are many to aspire to with excellent qualities.


Many of you writers seem rather young, so let an old gal let you in on a bit o' history.

It wasn't that long ago that to become an "actor" was a thing of shame to you family. "Actors" have ALWAYS been equated to "prostitutes", it's just that they've programmed people to not only accept the "fakers" , but look up to them.

Because it's all an illusion.

They pose their dolls in pretty clothes and expensive surroundings, and feed the public lies to make the ignorant and foolish think that their world is something to aspire to, when all they aspire to is being paid liars and shills to the evil that REALLY runs the(ir) show.

By the time the new "star" finds out what they are indebted to…who/what they have contracted with, it is too late. Too many fear death.

It's the same way with all 'secret societies".

& golly…most … if not all…run by the same group o' "cryptos". Go figure.


I've always took that into consideration, but a old saying find something your good @ & get paid to do it always sticks with me. Also Broadway Actors & Actresses gets paid sum what handsomely, & I like to just act not sang & dance. But thanks for your opinion.


Your soul is priceless indeed Jesus paid a high price for it!


A friend of my friend wants to be a celebrity so badly it's so crazy she is so obsessed it scared me (not to mention she have connections to be a celeb she knows some people from this disgusting industry) so I mentioned to her to visit this amazing site (VC) and after reading VC articles and it took months for her to understand then she really thought about her future and decided to not be a celebrity or should I say not to be A Hollywood SLAVE !!! Thx VC!!! I'm a big fan of urs god bless u xxx


Continue to do a good work. The time of reward is inching near !


Thx! hvns (:


This is so sad. Those poor children! Even at 17 years old they are still children. Its disgusting how young people are being sexualised and forced to grow up. Even if a teenagers body is developed, their brain is not. Even responsible, smart teenagers still have a lot of maturing and brain development to go through. What makes it even sadder is how some people think its ok to prey on people as soon as they are "legal." Seriously, how messed up is that? Im a young person myself and although im more mature than most people my age I know, Im still aware of how much growing I have left ahead of me. Its not ok to prey on anyone, let alone those who are young and vulnerable. I hope those responsible for using minors and preying on the vulnerable get their comeuppance… If not in this life then the next. And I guess its lucky for me that I never bothered with Xmen.


It is so nice to read that someone other than myself sees this for what it is. Satan is a real entity, not just some embodiment of what evil is, but a literal entity. God Bless all of you who know this is the Truth and God Bless all of you who will trash this comment of mine. I love you all.


God, what was doing ur god when Egan and others were abused?


Keeping score


We wanted free will at one time- now we have it it doesn't seem as enticing , does it?


Egan wasn't kidnapped in the street. God gives people free will. Egan and his mother made a choice to pimp himself out for fame. You make bad choices, you live with the consequences. I think Singer and all the weirdos should be punished but if Egan wasn't so greedy/desperate for fame, they couldn't have got him in the first place.

My brother is a talented musician. he turned down a record deal about 10 years ago bc of some weird stuff he saw at a party. he still makes music, but just as a hobby. i asked him why he never tries to be famous again, because he is amazing. his answer "fame isnt worth my soul." if more people thought like that, the hollywood system would crumble


Everyone needs to boycott this movie! Heck, just boycott Hollywood.




It's the only way. Stop feeding the beast! If you HAVE to give your $$$ away to others, do it for something good.

Mrs M

Don't feed the machine, don't go see the movie.


But it looks so good…


Agreed. I'll be skipping this one. Bad vibes from Spider-Man , also….


I noticed that Tarzan ad on the side of the bus – backwards, Tarzan almost sounds like Nazareth

Lion of Omega

Bryan Singer also is connected to Michael Dougherty and his film "Trick r Treat' which is an obvious homage to Satan worship hiding behind the "fun of Halloween". It's one of the rare films in Hollywood that dares depict graphic violence against pre-adolescent children, as well as the corruption of children. We'll see if they team up again for the upcoming film called Krampus, which is about a demon of the same name who supposedly kidnaps "naughty" children around Christmas time. An old formerly secret legend that probably inspired the "grinch" who intercepted Christmas. I hope VC writes an article about this upcoming feature.


What happened to the UK site, "the truthseeker?"


despite all these news,I will still watch the film,maybe just download it
because how do you know that this incident isn't a character assasination?
I mean it became pretty obvious that the establishment media all trying to persecute this bryan singer
too obvious,I am just not sure of this deal
I'm not saying those alleged pedo-fduped-up acts are false,but I have seen the new x-men trailer,it's about ROBOTS,DRONES,we shouldn't dismiss this guy so soon
also everyone knows that the powers that be have the dirt on their minions,
so is this bryan singer guy just a pedo?or did he try to shed the light on new world order?
I wish somebody would look into it


Are the rumors about Charlie Sheen and Corey Haim really true? Any links to which I could be directed?


Don't know, but wouldn't doubt it. I posted the question, below, about "what happened to the site, "the truth seeker UK" in hopes that someone would tell us why it has been shut down. The beginnings of "web control." VC, how about that article? Read it while you can, Folks!


Another Hollywood mogul accused of child abuse…no surprise there. Either way I hope its false because it would really suck if the director of X-Men is a pedo. Can't wait to see Days Of Future Past.


And the exposure continues to be even more dirtier than the last one because it seems that this ritual, is a whole lot more disgusting than the other rituals.

After all, this may be one of the few ways of "initiation, I won't be surprised if the elite "take care of their own" as in the case of Jimmy Savile which left many wondering why was he not exposed earlier so he could stand trial for his pedo behavior.

Barbie girl

It was to induce trauma… then to make whatever they wanted of him after that because all of us know what trauma can lead to… and also to abuse their power and the poor guy's wish to make it in show business…

This is so sad.


come, on 17? I do believe this guy, but at 17 you are not an idiot. You know whats up. Where were his parents during this party? I know I wouldn't let my child go to some old mans house in the hollywood hills. heres probably what really happened. this guy was probably sweet-talked into having sex with some creeper Hollywood pedophiles. His mom, who should have been there at all times as an advocate was either negligent or worse complicit in the acts cause she wanted her song to get famous. He was uncomfortable, but did it anyway to advance his career. Fast forward to now, his career is non-existent so he gets bitter and sues Singer. Moral of the story don't let GREED, FAME, AND MONEY lure you! These are teenagers not, 1st graders. No one this old can be tricked like this (and from his story it sounded like this repeatedly happened). If he wasn't so desperate for a career Singer wouldn't have done this. I think Singer and the other pedos should be punished (but they're rich and influential so they probably wont) but people should stop being so desperate for fame and riches that they'll… Read more »


Agree, I was recounting to a friend the case of Max Clifford the UK publicist and the victim who waived her anonymity to tell her story and her crazy desperation for fame was palpable and willingness to completely overlook the absurdity of his propositions; infact to such an extent that we could not help finding it all hysterical. Just because lawmakers declare older teenagers to be classified as children, many are fully aware of the negative aspects of their choices and oblige regardless, belatedly seeking the emotional safety net implicitly offered via legal redress.


3 more names were mentioned in the lawsuit, a Disney exec (go figure) a bbc exec (go figure) and some other hollywood guy. Meanwhile media is brainwashing America on staged events like Donald sterling , when ww3 is almost on the verge and a guy is putting sick psychopaths that are involved with institutional ped o phi lia. Go figure. Also when I say staged, I mean he really did say those things, but why isn't anyone questioning her motive for taping the convo?


People, do You know the origins of the theater and cinema industry?It comes from ancient Greece and Rome.Rituals for Bacchus and Dionysus, so You can see that from the very beginning they've played with the dark side.Nothing changes till now.


I cannot believe how ignorant some people are speculating that because of the timing of the movie maybe they are lying. The way people react to things like this is part of the reason it takes victims so long to speak out because they are in fear of what people will say and how they will be treated. If hes guilty, I hope he gets what he deserves and more.

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