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For years, Corey Feldman – who was a child actor in the 1980s – has been claiming that he was abused by important Hollywood figures. In 2014, he was invited on The View to discuss his past experiences in Hollywood. And Barbara Walters was not amused at all.

Indeed, when Feldman told Walters that the “richest, most powerful people in this business” were child abusers, she became visibly distraught.

Then, when Feldman warned parents about the dangers of pushing their children into the entertainment industry, Walters’ response was extremely telling:

“You’re damaging an entire industry”.

Why was she so dismissive, as if she was personally attacked? Maybe because she’s one of “them”?

Barbara Walter's Disturbing Response to Corey Feldman Exposing Hollywood Pedophilia

A screenshot from NY Mag listing Barbara Walters as a “high society contact” in his black book.

Since then, Corey Feldman kept claiming that he, and his now-deceased co-star Corey Haim, were abused by important Hollywood men.

As an adult, Feldman has stated that he is a survivor of child sexual abuse. According to him, he was molested by a man he first identified only as the alias “Ron Crimson”, who worked as an assistant to Feldman’s father. Feldman has indicated that “Ron” facilitated his initiation into drug addiction. Feldman later identified that man as actor and former personal assistant Cloyd Jon Grissom; he also accused child agent Marty Weiss, and former talent agent and Hollywood underage club owner Alphy Hoffman of having sexually abused him.
– Corey Feldman, Wikipedia

In 2017, Feldman claimed that he was targeted by death threats due to his efforts in exposing Hollywood child abuse ring.


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Barbara Walter's Disturbing Response to Corey Feldman Exposing Hollywood Pedophilia

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The fact that she is more worried about “the industry” than a childs wellbeing is proof enough that she’s “in the know”


Shes in epstein’s black book


Not surprised that she’s in the same bandwagon


I’m pretty sure that the real point about show biz and elite is not pedophilia, I think it’s something deeper and even more disturbing related with satanic rituals and sacrifices of childs that this powerful perverts use somehow to increase their power.


What is worse than pedophilia and SRA? Are you joking? Do a little research before commenting, please.

Everykneewillbow to Jesus Christ

I believe Pockernico is saying there are prevalent reasons for doing those sexual immorality acts. The sexual acts, themselves, are horrific, but there could be a more sinister reason behind such practices. Darker forces do exist. It is what those dark forces requiring these people to do for their fame and fortune.


Everykneewillbow explaijed perfectly what I was trying to say.
In my opinion is statistically impossible that all those in position of power are real pedophiles, they do this to keep in their position through sacrificies and rituals to pleasure the dark world that we can’t see.

Rachel Silver

worse than the rituals is the coming worship of Satan as Antichrist.
First commandment, Thou shalt have no other gods before me.
But the child abuse, including abortion (legal baby sacrifice) is the foulest manifestation of the Satanic worship


In Japan, women are given a Buddhist prayer that they can direct to the potential soul of the baby itself, ask for forgiveness, and explain why it wasn’t a good time. There are other ways of looking at this, and I think it’s a little racist to be that culturally unaware.

But technically, a Satanist *could* use an abortion as a sacrifice, if that’s how they meant it. Technically, they could kill a chicken and “mean it that way”, or not mean it that way and just have dinner, you know?


Speaking the truth about murdering children is not racist. Annie Herring (2nd Chapter of Acts band) once stated: “we sacrifice our babies upon the altar of our own convenience.” She is exactly right. “It’s not a good time” is such a pathetic excuse for paying someone to murder your own baby. Their condemnation before holy God is justly earned. Furthermore, truth is not a matter of culture, or personal interpretation. Absolute, moral truth exists, established by our Creator, and cannot be changed. The Bible reveals this truth to us, and in the Bible we are told that the practice of praying to the dead is not only useless, but detestable to God. The dead are asleep, they cannot hear, and are not worthy of prayer. Only our Creator is worthy of being prayed to and only He has the power to hear us and answer us.

Mis behaved

Poker I o is absolutely right. The child abuse is just collateral damage of the real purpose for it. The abuse & terror & pain inflicted on the children creates a certain chemical in the blood that gives Satan worshipers a type of high when they drink it at their rituals. The emotional torment & other intense negative emotions invoked in children in the sexual abuse is also a type of energy the abuser absorbs. It’s all very vampiric, Satanic sh*t.
Respectfully, Logan it is you who needs to do more research.


Tsk, tsk. You are the one who needs to do some research. Using children, even babies in literal child sacrifice, here in modern America; is a documented fact.


like cannibalism, harvesting adrenochrome,and also blackmail people over disgusting activities to maintain the business and keep them quiet. ref: epstein and secret services/mossad/ bribing c0ngress and senate.


some say it is simply an operation by israel to control western world leaders through blackmail.


Barbara Walters is compromised, the elites are all compromised-they know where their bread is buttered.


Not to mention the fact that her name was found in Jeffrey Epstein’s black book.


“what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Is anything worth more than your soul?” (Mark 8)

Barbara Can’t Be Trusted

Barbara was covering for her bosses just like Whoopi was when she defended Polanski by saying what he did to a thirteen year old wasn’t ‘rape rape’. Everyone of the disgusting big mouthed women on The View are puppets conveniently all put on the same trash talk show. I don’t know why anyone would be surprised at Walters. Did we all forget about her affair with Fidel Castro during some of the most difficult times the States had with Cuba?I wouldn’t doubt it if there was more behind that as well. There’s always more than meets the eye.

D D d

Castro was in on the game. He was not communist at all, just a puppet, a very selfish and cruel puppet. Ambitious and greedy, and not willing to share with ‘the people’ what he accomplished at all.
I read Juan Sanchez’ The Double Life of Fidel Castro. A biography of a security guy that escaped.
Maybe we should take this with a grain of salt, but it is very revealing on how the deep states work together, including with the underground drugs scenes. The Right-Left in politics, you will see it is all bollocks. Castro, the uppercommunist was as greedy as most common folk. And his followers as dumb as the next victim of mindwarping propaganda.


Thank you for sharing!


Thank you for sharing these good points.

The Myrtle Tree

He is frequently dismissed as lacking credibility. However, it’s the vulnerable kids with poor self esteem and emotional stability who are intentionally targeted. Look at poor Judy Garland. I cannot watch her films because of the cost she was made to pay for her mother’s insatiable ambition.

D D d

One trick in the old book is to make a newcomer dependant. On drugs, uppers, downers, ‘medicin’, besides the applause and admiration.
It is also a benefit for the dealers, that massive amounts of agents, managers and handlers want their talent to have surgery to make them ‘more beautifull’…and so become addicted to painkillers.
Vc has mentioned elsewhere some serious assumptions that talents get traumatized, too. Hard to laugh and sing when crying, but their contracts demand a performing artist in front of paying customers.
In the Netherlands there is a big company in Phonographic music that had its own dealer in da house. To keep the talent working and not leaving to roam the streets for dope.
Credibility is subjective some say. I give Feldman the benefit of the doubt. For more than one reason.


@DDd true abt the drugs. Mischa Barton said her agents forced her into taking all kinds of drugs on dr phil since she was very young which led to her having a meltdown in her backyard.

Rachel Silver

exactly and she was made to play one of the first bi-sexual characters on a show aimed at teens, setting up millions of impressionable young girls.
She was a bill board for the movement and that had spiritual consequences.


This is real! I used to date a studio musician who worked with many celebs. He told me there was always a never ending supply of drugs that “runners” would provide or on call dealers affiliated with the labels. They want to keep you happy, High, doped up, and “creative” .

D D d

Besides foooling them into being ‘creative’ or gaining stamina, under influence people are not able to comprhend a lot about contracts, and sign away their the rights to their products and their lives. So you can a, order them around, and b, take the money they make in big chinks for the rest of their lives.
Children’s talentshows are all about money, and investments too.


I don’t doubt that he was speaking some truth, but I think Feldman is problematic for a number of reasons. First, Haim accused him of still being friends with the guy who raped Haim — even after Haim told Feldman all about it. Second, if you have any knowledge about Corey’s Angels (the group he started to assist girls from “broken homes” to build their self-esteem and to help get them started in the entertainment business by living with him in a poor man’s version of the Playboy mansion), he has definitely turned in to a predator. He may not go after children, but he definitely preys on young girls who want to be stars. Third, he defended Michael Jackson. Fourth, he wouldn’t reveal all the names immediately. Instead, he wanted to crowd fund a movie project so he could tell his story to the world and name them in the movie. When he got criticized for not naming the predators, he finally spit out a couple of names — both of whom had already been convicted by other people brave enough to go to the authorities. Feldman, by being such a flake and obvious self-promoter, was instrumental in getting… Read more »


I absolutely think “they” made him look crazy with that weird song he brought out and the coreys angel thing was just was to make him look incredible…they haven’t killed him off by suicide or overdose they’re having fun humilating him

D D d

Those in prison eat prisonfood. And no, I do not think he is a saint. I think his mind is fragmented, hence the strange decisions in his career. The girl thing well, real life docu’s are a hype, and a ‘big’moneymaker. I have not seen the show and can not comment on the pimping part we should be affraid of in the matter of the girls ‘being saved’. In the light that you shine I do get icky about this too. I am sure he is surrounded by two-faced controllers who push his buttons, and want to abuse everyone they can get a handle on. Cory hmself is a vehicle for that too, weather he wants that or not.
A ‘Puppet’ with moments of being awake before slipping into a pool of shattered mind again ?
That he is still alive is surely something to wonder about. There must be a clue somewhere.


MJ did nothing wrong.
All lies.
Wake up, if you stop playing the game, they destroy you.
That’s that they did to him.


MJ have done some mistakes, without any doubt. But right, he stopped playing the game and tried to warn ppl. He then became an enemy.


Yeah, keep lying to urself….

American land of the sleep and mk's

Exactly! Why so many dislikes. I thumbs you up. Michael only last hope was the ppl, especially black ppl all of a sudden. Please, he was a pervert to the third degree. F what these people believe!!!


Truth hurts. Just like Jimmy Savile (to whom Jacko was good pal actually), Jackson managed to fool/hoodwink ppl for years. Like many others, from victim he became abuser. Because an adult man sleeping with kids is OK, having a room full of creepy items is OK and paying money to silence victims is again OK. Thank God for being a realistic person and seeing thru all the deceptive bullshit, regardless its about Jackson or anyone else.

Level headed

That was a clone anyway. Being controlled. Real MJ lives.


Yeah, because it’s totally normal and innocent adult male behavior to have little boys sleeping in your bed with you. You need to wake up and stop defending child predators. It’s people like you who allow these predators and pedophiles to continue hurting children. Maybe you’re defending him because you like the same thing?

America full of idiot's and mk's

Sure and you was there!!!

Pineal Vision

While I agree that Feldman is “problematic”, as you so eloquently describe him, there are a few of your points that don’t go far. One being that Feldman’s story is WELL accounted for by many other witnesses, the latest being McCauley Caulkin in a well censored interview in Paris. Long-time victims often empathize more with their attackers than other victims. It is part and parcel of the programming itself and is possibly the only reason Feldman is alive to this day. . MJ was also a victim of this same programming. Not likely that he was also an abuser, although it is possible as child MKUltra slaves are sometimes groomed to become handlers themselves. If they live long enough. MJ’s mind was fragmented. He was an eternal child. He did not harm children, although there was a hell of a smear campaign against him created to shut him up, as is evidenced by every single “accuser” he faced. And the high level Mason who murdered him.


Michael did harm kids!!!!


I can only imagine what Baba Wawa, with her godawful speech defect (“w” for “r” substitution) had to do herself to get into the news business. She should never have been allowed in broadcasting. Is anyone surprised she was in Epstein’s black book??

Angela May

My understanding from an aging jet setter I know ( who ran around in elite circles back in the day) is that Barbara Waters was a prostitute in her early twenties and a Playboy pinup wannabe before her journalism career. He told me this years ago. When I asked if he was serious, he responded “do you really think someone with a lisp like that just magically became a famous interviewer?”

She “bought” her way in, just like they all do. “Me Too” movement anyone ?”
Me Too really translates: “ Yes, I did it too, but I’ll play the oppressed victim now, and maybe no one will figure out we are all really prostitutes. “

Angela May

Walters, not Waters..whoops


While I think there are definitely some real victims of the MeToo movement, I think quite a few of them were willing to go along with it to be a star. They probably figured, it was no big deal because it was “just sex”. They then had to claim victimhood when the story came out because they didn’t want anyone to know that they prostituted themselves for a chance at stardom. But, just because some of them went along with it willingly (i.e., weren’t actually raped) doesn’t mean that the guys doing this were not guilty of sexual harassment. They were. They just wouldn’t be guilty of rape if they didn’t force someone to do it. The choice these women had were a) sleep with someone like Weinstein to have a shot or b) never work in this town again (because we will black ball you). If they had an option c) you can still work, but only for directors who don’t demand sex — it might not have been so bad. But we know, as the case with Mia Sorvino, she never worked on a major project again after telling Weinstein “no” because he lied about her being “difficult”… Read more »


“me too” does not mean what you just wrote. That was an ignorant and disgusting thing to write. So Corey is a victim of sexual abuse but the women who say MeToo have prostituted themselves? Get a grip.

Also she doesn’t have a “lisp.” Her speech impediment couldn’t be further from s “lisp.” Please at least attempt to educate yourself before commenting.


We’ve got a femmy in here…..


or a shill


She didn’t say lisp, she said speech defect.


No, it’s not a lisp. It’s a “w” for “r” substitution–a common speech defect, as any speech pathologist will tell you.


Wabbit Season!

Angela May

Logan,There is a huge difference between the sexual abuse of a child/minor and an adult female voluntarily sitting on a casting couch thinking she is so special that the “rules” of Hollywood won’t apply to her. Regret and rape aren’t the same thing.


Are you seriously suggesting women who want to act without whoring themselves out think they’re “special”?!

Your attitude is why the casting couch worked the way it did for so long. Women don’t owe people sex for a career, hate to break it to you.


You seem to have ignored the vast number of articles on this site. Go back and re-read them. The problem is predatory behaviour against minors/children. Unfortunately, women and men have been sexually abused. However, when the victim is a child, their entire lives are damaged. And for a child, a lifelong condition, that requires healing. We need to help babies, children, and teens first. Or? No future for anyone. Either learn to make connections, Liz, or stay in the main stream current.

Angela May

Very, very well said, Robert. You are on the mark.


Yeah and these w----s going for stardom are not raped, they make their decision, watch the movie STARRY EYES.


We have to remember that up until the post WW2 media blitz, that the acting profession was considered a variation of the Oldest one. All the ‘Great’ actresses were known to screw for their supper, and only those with debased circumstances pushed their children into that field. All it takes is a couple of hours in an acting class at the local college and we know that the morality hasn’t changed. Theatre majors are still moral alley cats, and actors ‘pretend’ to be something that they are not. After all, we all know that lip locking and more,as well as getting HSV or more on stage (from either sex) is just acting!

No One

Actually BW father was a big theater/manager. Think of old time Ziegfield follie type acts on stage. She talked about it years ago on her show. So she grew up in the entertainment industry. I’m sure she was exposed to more than we can imagine.


She is KOSHER, haha.


How mentally emotionally and spiritually depraved must you be to want to have sex with a child! I long for Yeshua’s return and these subhumans destroyed.


We must become one with Yeshua and he will act through us to remove the darkness of the earth.


These subhumans are ”yeshua’s” siblings, too.

remember the Britney interview with Wawa?

Barbara Wawa also intentionally triggered Britney Spears with the word “weird.” Look up youtube interview with Britney Spears and Barbara Walters. It is sad. Barbara knows and may be an MK handler herself. This world is so evil. Yahushua is coming back soon to set everything straight. Can’t wait for the evil ones to burn in hell. Sick of it all, it is so bad here.


What in the world has the C.I.A. got to say about this? MK-ULTRA was an interrogation program by the C.I.A.!


You mean Diane Sawyer? I cant find any interview with her and Barbara Walters

Saucy Jack

it was diane sawyer and sawyer did not trigger her, britney was in the middle of answering a question about what a rough year she’d had and when she herself used the word weird she appears to dissociate and greet one or more alters. sawyer may or may not be involved in these sordid shenanigans but in no way does it seem she was trying to provoke or trigger britney imo. the footage is still difficult to watch britney’s mind was clearly fried in her early 20s God only knows what she is like in real life at the age of 37-odd. the constant string of handlers and lawyers surrounding her (and taking their just desserts in her bed) to prevent further revelations suggests they don’t want another screw up like this. her instagram page is just sad, she posts all these pictures pretending to be happy but looking like a lost, frightened lamb and all people comment is ‘yass queen’ and other inanities. she is cleary in terrible health both mentally and physically but i guess they can’t kill her since too many people know she is a literal slave. or perhaps they are gearing up to pimp her… Read more »


Please, where is the interview? send the link, please


Yeah, watch it, she is a mind control victim that was trigged by that witch, sawyer seems to be SWISS, the most vile of humanity.


Why are the ‘SWISS’ the most vile, von_krieg?

D D d

During that interview there were people from the Spears-entourage behind the camera crew, signaling to Spears, too. People she was scared of, is what I think.


How do you know there were people signaling to Spears? Is there footage of that somewhere?

D D d

Follow spears’ eyelines, her focuspoints, that’s all to it.


That was not this old mummy Barbara Walter, she was a blonde journalist I don’t knoe her name and the trigger word “weird” was spelled by Britney herself.

Saucy Jack

yes it was sawyer and britney seemed to trigger her alters by herself uttering the word weird. she was not intentionally triggered by diane sawyer. it was very odd as i did not know dissociatives could activate their own alters in this way

D D d

Just a memory or association can do the ‘trig’. The emotions that follow lead their own association train. The handlers can learn what trauma or emotional obstacles are difficult for the talent, and abuse that. You do not need to train your own puppet. Just observe and read.
The official information about stuff like disassociation and how to handle it as a human, or family of the victim, has largely been removed from public view in the last twenty years. It is now spread out over multiple chapters and mixed with disinformation. Some call it add, some call it by another modern name, but the explanations and describtions are too limited.
Look for more info in the old psychological books. From before the corporate wolves/agents got into that industry and messed it all up for us. In the 70s/80s it was just as open and public as a recipe for a cake. Now it is not anymore.


Yachacha is coming soon, right. Let’s dance.


That wasn’t Barbara Walters. That was another entertainment industry handler Diane Sawyer.


did you read the article about the french surgeon pedo? getting away with it from the 90’s. really no words for that.
and the english man who claimed that politicians and others in power abused him when he was a child? now it is said that he lied and how stupid police was to believe him. it is the sign to show everybody to not speak about such things.

Saucy Jack

there were several world-renowned surgeons implicated in the dutroux affair in belgium and other pedophile networks in australia, the uk and us. it seems once you rise to the top in any profession you are ‘entitled’ to disregard and laws and morality as you please. or perhaps they were sick all along, who knows.


WeinSTEIN, EpSTEIN…”Walters”‘original family surname was “Waremwasserare”, are we seeing a tribal pattern here?

Frau Blücker

FrankenSTEIN, Beer STEIN, STEINway…


@adm you mean germans/austrian are crazy? Hilter, and that 3rd reich were a trip weren’t they? That’s the problem with theo-egos….


Much to learn about that, you have.
Same players that lie today have been lying for hundreds of years.

AH is Jesus. At least what he did resembles it.

They fought for the freedom of mankind, get free from sick bastards with nice sounding names that contain berg, stein, … It was so successful these Steins et al had to bring war to the whole world to end it before it spreads over and becomes a worldwide success.

(Jim and adm, please email me <3 )

Saucy Jack

that may be but plenty of non-jews implicated in this filth also


I still wished there was an article about Gianni Versace and his ritualistic murder at the steps of his mansion. Many of his ad campaigns involved models doing the one eye sign, and Gianni himself has a picture doing the one eye sign

D D d

Why not do an article on his sister and her enormous need to make lots of money for her uhmm daily uhmm milk.?


WOW what a b! Corey is so brave and right to come forward with this and she has the audacity to try and turn that against him, and then he apologised to her! Corey had no need to apologise to that monster. What she did to him was gaslighting

Mystery Girl

This is typical “victim blaming” at its finest; I mean lowest…!!


If she cares more about the industry than children and victims of sexual abuse, then she is really disgusting and a terrible human being. She should be ashamed of herself and everyone who knows of these creeps will eventually pay for hiding it.


Shockeroo – shes a paid puppet‼️


Yep. And so is Cory. They’re on the same side. This is just another distracting performance for us sleepers, just skimming the truth and allowing us to vent our outrage individually. Keeps us angry/fearful/confused/sleepy. Divides and conquers us, while they control every side of every debate. Age-old tactics.

annihilator of barbarians

The illuminati burn all the forests and their mouths, the journalists, blame the non existing climate change.The Amazon forest is full of humidity,rivers everywhere,it rains every one or two days but we are supposed to believe that spontaneous combustion happens because of global warming.They do this to force us live in cell like houses,do you know this?They think we are retards,oh no so much heat that the fires start by themselves!


Thank you.


Barbara Walters was an extremely close friend of Roy Cohn, who ran the deep state pedo-blackmail ring long before Jeffrey Epstein took over. See Mint Press News 4-part series on the deep state origins of Jeffery Epstein’s pedo-blackmail ring.

Saucy Jack

i guess that further implicates trump then considering the closeness of their relationship. cohn was his mentor and seemingly something of a father figure, though trump seems to have distanced himself in later years as he (allegedly) did with epstein.


Every single public figure named in Epstein’s black book should be very publicly brought to account. It is only the tip of the iceberg but a good point to start. They should not be assumed innocent or be allowed to hide behind their lawyers and other powerful acquaintances. That information should not be allowed to become dormant in time or lost amidst the mass of distracting detail. They should be tagged on their media at every opportunity until they explain their association in a satisfactory way.

I was raised close to Epstein’s home in Manhattan. I see those places as my safe haven when I am far away from them. I really fear for my little son and daughter and the fact that they will step out alone into this disgusting society one day, perhaps armed with knowledge but perhaps not (because not everyone takes to it unfortunately). Every teacher, instructor, tutor, coach whom they encounter along the way, has the potential to destroy their innocence.

Nikki from TX

Barbara used to party with political operative/CIA asset/DC queer and homophobe/pedo Roy Cohn. Google Roy Cohn Barabara Walters. She knows what goes on in these Hollywood/DC pedo rings and turns a blind eye to it like the rest of them.

Rachel Silver

In 2017 when Corey made the video, the Lord called me to ring multiple churches in Tasmania to pray that these abusers would be exposed according to his will…nek minute #metoo, Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood exposed, Jeffrey Epstein etc.
I wonder if Corey triggered a world wide prayer movement? Either way, justice will be done in this life and/or the next.
It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.
Especially if you’re a child abuser.

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