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Strange Things Are Happening on Epstein Island: Drone Footage

Recent drone footage of Little Saint James reveals strange activity and telling facts about the Jeffrey Epstein investigation since his death. As expected, everything points towards a massive cover-up. Here are the most revealing images captured by drones in the past weeks.



Strange Things Are Happening on Epstein Island: Drone Footage

Ever since Jeffrey Epstein’s highly suspicious death in a maximum-security prison, things only got more suspicious. Although the autopsy officially concluded that the cause of death was suicide, a steady flow of facts and revelations are strongly hinting towards a massive cover-up.

First, it was recently revealed that two cameras filming the jail cell of Jeffrey Epstein at the time of his death were “broken” and the recordings were deemed “unusable” by authorities.  Second, two guards allegedly “slept through” scheduled checks on Epstein and falsified records. Third, Frenchman Jean-Luc Brunel, the model mogul suspected of being a Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking pipeline in Paris, “has disappeared like a ghost without a trace”.

While mass media has been carefully filtering some of this information while ignoring other facts, the Rusty Shackleford YouTube channel has been providing a raw, unfiltered source of information by posting, on a regular basis, drone footage of Epstein Island and its surroundings.

The footage captured in the past weeks reveals that there are strange things happening on the island. Here are some examples.

Hustle and Bustle

Considering the fact that Litte Saint James was the site of heinous crimes involving powerful people, one would expect the island to be treated like a crime scene that is completely closed off to non-investigators. That is not what is happening.

After a crime scene has been discovered, it is important that measures are taken to secure and protect the scene from contamination. In order to maintain the integrity of the scene, law enforcement must take action to block off the surrounding area as well as keep track of who comes in and goes out. By taking these precautions, officers can ensure that evidence that is collected can be used in court. Evidence that has become contaminated, tampered with, or mistreated can pollute the scene and cause a case to be thrown out of court.
– Wikipedia, Crime Scene

Two weeks prior to the FBI raids on Epstein Island, a drone filmed a team of workers doing heavy construction work on the island using tractors, bulldozers and tons of new material.

Strange Things Are Happening on Epstein Island: Drone Footage

This footage was filmed on July 30th, 10 days before Epstein’s death and 12 days before the FBI raids. We can see construction workers, heavy machinery and bags of material, possibly concrete.

Strange Things Are Happening on Epstein Island: Drone Footage

This footage was taken a few weeks after Epstein’s arrest. Lots of trash being thrown out, including several mattresses and box springs. Could there be incriminating evidence in there?

Several vehicles on the island also keep moving around – including an ambulance that bears the letters L.S.J. (Little Saint James). Why is there even an ambulance on an island that has no hospital?

Strange Things Are Happening on Epstein Island: Drone Footage

In July, the ambulance was parked on the roof of a building.

Strange Things Are Happening on Epstein Island: Drone Footage

A few weeks later, the ambulance was moved to a different spot.

After Epstein’s death and after the FBI raids, the island was still bustling with activity.

Strange Things Are Happening on Epstein Island: Drone Footage

This footage from August 30th shows that the Island is still being maintained by a team of workers.

Considering the fact that Epstein is dead, why is there still maintenance on the island and who is paying these workers? Are the checks coming from the $577 million trust fund created by Epstein two days before his death – with anonymous beneficiaries?

This last video contains another strange detail.

Strange Things Are Happening on Epstein Island: Drone Footage

The drone filmed an older white man who doesn’t appear to be a worker talking with another man.

A great number of comments on the YouTube video state that this man looks suspiciously like … Jeffrey Epstein … who died a couple of weeks prior. At one point, that man looks up and notices the drone. He then lingers for a couple of seconds and hides inside his truck.

Strange Things Are Happening on Epstein Island: Drone Footage

Does this look like Epstein?

Drone footage captured in the past weeks also captured never-seen images of the infamous “temple”.

Inside the Temple

Strange Things Are Happening on Epstein Island: Drone Footage

The temple in 2017. The golden dome and cockatrice are now gone.

There’s been lots of speculation concerning the strange temple on Epstein Island. Built on a 60 feet elevation, the temple is believed to be sitting on a network of underground tunnels. Recently released drone footage took some close-up shots of the temple, revealing several strange details.

First, the main “door” of the temple is actually painted on.

Strange Things Are Happening on Epstein Island: Drone Footage

The door on the Epstein temple.

On the door is painted a medieval lock which is designed to keep people locked inside the temple. Is this a hint into what was actually going on inside?

On the left of the door are the letters JE – the initials of Jeffrey Epstein.

Strange Things Are Happening on Epstein Island: Drone Footage

The same initials can be found on the left of the door of Epstein’s NYC mansion.

While mass media sources have been claiming that the temple was actually a gym, footage filmed inside the temple reveals that it is definitely not a gym.

Strange Things Are Happening on Epstein Island: Drone Footage

Inside the temple are several mattresses and scaffolding. No gym equipment in sight.

Strange Things Are Happening on Epstein Island: Drone Footage

Footage from the other window shows a closer shot of the mattresses (which are wrapped in plastic).

Using color correction, the drone was able to provide a clearer view of what’s inside the mysterious room.

Strange Things Are Happening on Epstein Island: Drone Footage

Here, we see wooden floors and broken wood pieces. .

Strange Things Are Happening on Epstein Island: Drone Footage

As the drone films upwards, we can see a bookshelf, an ornamental column, and some wiring.

Once again, we have clear proof that this is not a gym. The fact that mass media has been propagating this piece of fake news is telling. And, considering the fact that everything about this temple is highly symbolic, what we’re seeing here is also highly symbolic.

Although we cannot see the other side of the bookshelf, we can assume that there’s a second pillar on the other side. As we know, twin pillars are a staple in Masonic symbolism. Furthermore, the twisted design of these pillars is significant: They’re called Solomonic columns.

The spiral shape, common in nature, has adorned buildings since the dawn of recorded history. According to legend, spiral columns ornamented the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem.
–, What is a Solomonic Column?

Masonic lore, ritual, and symbolism are heavily based on the legend surrounding the Temple of Solomon. Combined with the Masonic sundial at the center of Epstein island, there’s a clear “occult elite” pattern emerging from this place.

Strange Things Are Happening on Epstein Island: Drone Footage

A Freemason explaining the importance of Solomonic columns.

FBI Raid

On August 12th, the drone captured images of the FBI raid on Epstein island as it was happening. The first question one might ask is: Why did the FBI raid the island two days after the death of Epstein and not way before? Why did they allow people to move and work freely on the island beforehand?

The other question one might ask is: What are they doing on this footage?

Strange Things Are Happening on Epstein Island: Drone Footage

An agent stands inside a room with computers and other equipment wrapped and, apparently, ready to be shipped.

Strange Things Are Happening on Epstein Island: Drone Footage

Then other agents enter the room. Notice that there are several NYPD agents investigating this island in the Bahamas.

Strange Things Are Happening on Epstein Island: Drone Footage

Once the agents realized that a drone was filming them, they covered up the window.

Strange Things Are Happening on Epstein Island: Drone Footage

Why so much secrecy?

In Conclusion

The drone footage taken over the last few weeks prove that heavy construction work has taken place on Epstein Island only days prior to the FBI raids. Considering the fact that these people were paid by Epstein, there is a distinct possibility that they were ordered to destroy evidence and bury whatever needed to be buried. When the authorities finally raided the island (two days after Epstein’s death), they made it obvious that they did not want to be filmed.

Not unlike what happened at the Metropolitan Correctional Center on the day of Epstein’s death, authorities have been displaying a constant pattern of “purposeful carelessness” throughout the Epstein debacle. Despite the fact that the island was a known and well-documented haven for child abuse at the hands of the world’s more powerful people, the investigation surrounding it is, to say the least, sluggish. In short, we are witnessing the occult elite covering up its tracks and burying the Epstein case under a pile of literal concrete.

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Strange Things Are Happening on Epstein Island: Drone Footage

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God is still incharge and will have the last laugh


Well. You are right. But humanity will perish. God will reset the world once again and everyone will die. Probably a couple of hundred thousand true believers will get into heaven.

Barn Swallow

The Gospel of Jesus Christ says God will rise everyone from Death during the final 1000 years of this Earth.


Nope! It says that the saved in Jesus will inhabit the earth for the 1,000 years. Those who will be judged and thrown into the lake of fire with hell thrown in as well, their spirits will remain in hell till then, with their bodies mouldering in the grave till that time.


You alone can save yourself


The Believers.


If the “God” you are referring to is from the Bible, then the “heaven” you are referring to is actually hell. Look at the deeds of the so-called “God” of the Bible and you cannot fail to notice that these can only be the deeds of Satan. Satan is the father of the lie and the ultimate lie is the Bible itself. The Bible is a classic case of controlled opposition, where our perception of ‘good vs evil’ is defined by Satan.

Yours truly

@Anonymous read all the books you want but God is real. He’s not going anywhere.


Spoken like a true satanist!

Rachel Silver

You are delusional


You have not studied the Word of God to state this. If you had done any real exploration you would come to an understanding of who YHWH really is. I will not lecture you here for space is limited but I encourage you to rediscover the Bible in it’s true context with an open heart. It is ALWAYS your choice…THAT is the God of the Bible. He promotes free will. Satan wants complete control.

Kendall Corrie

Good job Rhonda. It IS as simple as that. Thank you for the truth.


Almost forgot this was their narrative (or poets’ narrative). Everything has become so rational and disenchanted. And so much of a joke.


Definitely victimization is the best way for most to stay out of trouble, better give it to god or jesus or anyone else but ourselves we are truly doomed in-humankind, not being able to contain the damage once discovered… close your eyes again & again, people and let them TPTB keep doing evil, if only we wrestle against them that’s the only way, but hey this is the so called new age, thou and be.lie-ve what thou will :{


They (who live in a state of denial reading the bible etc.), take refuge in the books written and rewritten by evil men the jesuits but do not care to see clearly o.o


…says the satanist.


No Chance here. The bible was written by 40 some authors over 1500 years in a very coherent, prophetic manner. Satan is not omni-present, potent or omniscient to be able foresee the future and make the outcomes come true. Therefore, completely disproving your statement.


Lucifer is the god of THIS world! Given “Dominion” over earth; the Bible is clear on this!! And it’s pretty obvious and one of the few ways of explaining the Democratic (pedo) Party!!!


This literally made me LOL


Ya, you’re referring to the “Good G*d!” The one Satanist worship!! Like Democrats, which most Satanist’s, coincidentally (?) are, worship!!! Like most things Democrat, they’re upside-down and backwards!!!!

Anne Elizabeth Brown

Wrong. Evil is so monstrous it has to be restrained and by force when necessary. We are complacent in these times when it is beyond address.


our right , but i would safely say 1/3 of all humanity from the time of Adam to the present will be saved , the 2/3 that are left will be cast into hell for all eternity, and this will be billions of people. just remember this 1/3 of the angelic host rebelled and tainted Gods realm for what they did, so the 1/3 that are going to be saved will replace by those fallen beings and then all be be made new.


Yes. See: Zechariah 13:8-9. – symbolic of all the elect/chosen, Jew, Hebrew, & Gentile IN MESSIAH Yeshuah.


Mark, what if heaven is a state of consciousness and not a place? A couple hundred thousand out of 7billion people? Do you really think the archons and their earthly minions have been that successful? I don’t, I think the world is waking up at an increasingly fast rate to the truth that we are all aspects of Creator consciousness, that we are eternal in nature, that the soul is who we really are, that we are all connected and one. Maybe I am being too optimistic, but don’t think so.

Anne Elizabeth Brown

That is Gnostisim/kabbalism. Sounds good because we all want to believe we’re destined for greatness, but a sick lie.


Oh really. Sorry to burst your little fantasy bubble but the “God” from the Bible is a fraud and it’s time we all call that God by its real name– Satan. The Bible’s portrayal of ‘good vs evil’ is the ultimate example of controlled opposition by Satan itself. Don’t be fooled by it.
(Check out the research done by James Valliant ‘Creating Christ’ 2018)

You can be the fool

James Valliant actually turned me to God. The irony.


That’s Masonic/Kabbalah claptrap. SSDD.


God by His name is,
Satan’s original name is Lucifer.
That’s some bold blasphemy your typing. No, your words are Antichrist and they don’t burst our bubble.
We know the Truth and the Truth has set us free.
Jesus said that, “I AM the way, the truth and the life, no man comes to the Father but by me”.
What is written forces all people to decide, is Jesus who He claims to be or not?
You are making a decision and so are we and the good news is, we can all read from the same book and God thru the Holy Spirit working on us reveals to us His Truth.
The Bible has been attacked ever since it was written. Your not the first and you won’t be the last.
Fair warning to you, figuratively speaking, your going to be crushed by Jesus Christ if you make it your life’s mission to destroy Him.
I would recommend you reconsider everything you know to be true before you proceed.
Then proceed with caution.


Very true indeed. And His Hebrew Name is YahOshuah, – meaning: “Eternal Salvation.”!


@Lenbenhear – God has many names…

Rachel Silver

Well said!

Emily B

Awesomely said!!!!!!




That means “Take the middle path” but no one knows what it really refers to so sad one thing is to understand and commit to a set of rules and values and another is to become such a fan which supposedly also jesus hated!!



Rachel Silver

People who have been born again know Jesus and God. You don’t know him therefore you shouldn’t go around slandering him


The inversion and controlled opposition angle is nothing new, frankly if it blew your mind you are a mental lightweight. Perhaps stick to reading trashy novels and focus less on Christian eschatology.


“Oh really. Sorry to burst your little fantasy bubble but the “God” from the Bible is a fraud and it’s time we all call that God by its real name– Satan. The Bible’s portrayal of ‘good vs evil’ is the ultimate example of controlled opposition by Satan itself. Don’t be fooled by it.
(Check out the research done by James Valliant ‘Creating Christ’ 2018)”
Absolutely correct! People don’t realize the deity they give praise to is the fallen angel gadreel (the short hand version people use is “god”). Gadreel/God is not the creator. The Creator is El or Yahweh


It is ironic that God forbids man to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, then hands us a stack of paper that is nothing but knowledge about good and evil.


@Josh – It’s not ironic when you actually understand the bible…you are oversimplifying at best.

Anne Elizabeth Brown

Except the He knew we would fall silliness.


Truth. For obvious reasons, most men (religious, secular and everything else in between) won’t acknowledge this but it is an indispensable step for those who wish to progress spiritually.

I was introduced to these ideas by an amazing person and they sounded really far fetched, even offensive, but I don’t reject things so readily. I now know it to be true but as the saying goes, the teacher will only appear when the student is ready (and probably disappear again after that!).


I love that u think u know what god will do


This a Jewish temple used for human sacrifices to their god Baal/Moloch.
They do this. I have proof.
Note the Blue and White colors of Jewry.


Epstein was a real nutter eh.

D D d

On the trash-photograph I see support-beams, like from a mine, and a staircase-unit. What level/etage in which part of a ‘building’ on the island, has been cleared out and, indeed, possibly made disappear for investigation??
This is such a unrivalled case, it is mindboggling to see our normally sensation-hunting mainstream media report almost nothing. No human interest enough in this case? No, models, politicians, stars, sex, drugs – it is all there. And deafening silence but for a steady going promoting of the next too young scrambled victims with a one-eye profile-pic.


Earth needs to be purged of this sickos

Rachel Silver

it will be

Enough is enough

hope the purge includes all the sick fear-based control mechanisms like religions too and the webmasters who spin their webs of lies ~ the time has come


All of it‼️


Epstein was protected in Florida by three separate and distinct agencies, i.e. state prosecutor, federal prosecutor and department of corrections. He has been protected the media. But they tell us now that he is no longer protected. All those people who have been helping him, decided to abandon him in New York. The guy has the kind of protection that can only come from the security agencies of this country and the other one we work in association with. Dead? Think again.


I’m not surprised at all re the temple. The workers are carrying out contractual obligations regardless of what happened to Epstein. His estate are sanitising it (and destroying all remaining evidence) before sale. Epstein had already agreed to sell it to one of the Silicon Valley guys possibly Spiegel (I can’t remember which one).

Prince Andrew has suddenly stepped up his public engagements (obvious why). However, the people of Northern Ireland cancelled his visit because they are suspicious of him in relation to the unaddressed allegations. It would be great if he was boycotted at every attempt until he was removed from the payroll of the monarchy altogether.


Not his estate, his executors!


Strangest part is the allowance of the drone to be this close to the island. Defiantly a psyop going on here.

Len Hummel

The whole thing STINKS from top to bottom.
Royalty, “the elite”, big-money, hedonists, occult-cover-up.
“no conspiracy.” Yeah. Right. and white is black and black is white.


Is it legal for a drone to fly over a private island investigated by the fbi? Who is flying this drone?


That’s your main concern? Who is flying the drone?


Yes it is one of my concerns, because we live in a world where we are force-fed narratives to make us think in a certain way (= propaganda) and I’m not naive enough to not question these videos. But thanks for the vindicative tone, that was really helpful.


“vindicative”…obviously another substandard product of the edyoukayshunul sistem-


@tinfoilhattt: Je vous prie de bien vouloir m’excuser si ma maîtrise de l’anglais n’est pas parfaite; loin de moi l’idée de vous plonger dans le désarroi…


Bonne réponse, Luxx!

End of Slavery, please

Tu sais très bien te faire comprendre. Luxx 🙂

The Beaver Trap

This was so hurtful it actually made me cry. I hope you feel real good about yourself right about now.


the contents of the drone ftg are the only part of this scene that is counteracting the party line and blackout of the CRIME SCENE that is now being obstructed by several US govt agencies. Called CONSPIRACY. Such a dunce comment evokes one film critic of “Thelma & Louise” who said the theme was suicide cause the gals drove off a cliff at the end. Good god, get a mind and a brain!


I don’t know how this drone was not shot down, they can do anything they want, and they let it fly over their investigation even, I think he only did it for a short time, before they really saw it.


@ von_krieg: I find this story a bit fishy… A drone flies over a private island under investigation by the FBI, doesn’t get shot down and happens to catch a glimpse of a man who’s Epstein’s doppelganger? That’s definitely weird.

D D d

To me the doppelganger thing is a bit over the top. I find a lot of people look like eachother. So a grainy halfshot is not proof.
Even my assumptions on the supportbeams: might be decking for a veranda.
But investigation is needed to rule thing out. Yes.


@DDd: I agree that lots of people look like each others on grainy pics. But this is one hell of a coincidence that the man in the pic resembled Epstein so much…


Luxx, spot on it looks to be a psyop.


I doubt one person will be brought to justice after all this. it will be swept under the carpet like everything else!


Not ONE person went to jail over 911. But millions in the middle east were given the DEATH PENALTY and sent into permanent displacement to pay the price.


Thank you and may God bless you and all of your loved ones VC. You are a constant light in the darkness.


Can anyone verify if those are even real FBI and NYPD personnel there?

Mama Luigi

No. We can’t.


Did anyone really expect something real with this “investigation”? C’mon…


There is not enough concrete or dirt to cover up the sins of these people ..God has stated
“Then the kings of the earth, the important people, the generals, the rich, the powerful, and all the slaves and free people concealed themselves in caves and among the rocks in the mountains. 16 They told the mountains and rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of the one who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the lamb. 17 For the great day of their wrath has come, and who is able to endure it?”
Rev 6
We can hold this in our hearts they may escape the judgment of mankind but They will WILL NOT escape the wrath of God.


what about his funeral?


Ritual child sacrificing demon is alive and well living it up in Tel Aviv


Right. Nothing reported on this at all! ❗❗❗


What funeral?!

Rachel Silver

They can bury what they like.
The Lord sees all and justice will be done.

Smitty's Inner-city Meats

The man in the driveway looks like Richard Gere.


epstein was not on the island, haha, he has gone else where, for fears of being killed I bet, they got hime to safety.


Does anyone know how Little St. James fared during Dorian?


It made landfall in the Bahamas which is pretty far away as LSJ island is in US Virgin Islands. Don’t think it was affected


I pray everything done in the dark will come to light and the captives will be set free in Jesus name Amen!


It always does, sooner or later.


When the truth comes out, several national and many state governments will collapse.




are we actually to believe theyd let a random drone just fly arround at will…yeaaa riggght


Yes, the PHARAOHS, they are still in power.

D D d

You mean the magicians behind the thrones took over?

Andrew Scott

Join the discussion…The Pharaohs, or there bloodline, or the bloodline of the high priest still exist and are in full control, and Moses has his place in this story, of divide and Rule.

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