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Was Jeffrey Epstein Murdered?

Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his jail cell, even though he was on suicide watch. Here’s why Epstein was most likely killed.



Was Jeffrey Epstein Murdered?

In my last article about Jeffrey Epstein, I laid out some facts explaining how he might get murdered sooner than later. Well, ten days later, the billionaire financier whose trial could have exposed the ugliest truths of the world elite, was found dead in “apparent suicide”. According to news sources, his body was found hanging in his jail cell on August 10th at 7:30 am at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York. He was transported from his cell to a hospital in Lower Manhattan where he was found in cardiac arrest.

While mass media immediately pushed the suicide thesis, it simply does not make sense.

Epstein Was in the Strictest Prison in the U.S.

Was Jeffrey Epstein Murdered?

The Metropolitan Correction Center

Epstein was detained at the Metropolitan Correction Center in Manhattan which is considered to be the “strictest prison in the United States”. Inside the walls of this prison, fluorescent lights are never switched off and inmates experience almost no human interaction. Furthermore, Epstein was kept in the most secure area of that prison. Inmates are kept in their cells for 23 hours each day and CCTV cameras watch them as they shower, go to the bathroom and sit alone in their heavily barricaded cells. Furthermore, Epstein was an extremely high-profile inmate.

In short, every single condition was met for him to be closely watched, all the time, by a team of people trained to monitor inmates and promptly respond in case of crisis.

Considering these facts, how there is no way Epstein could have single-handedly hang himself and die without triggering a major security alert. But that’s not all.

Epstein Was on Suicide Watch

Two weeks ago, Epstein was discovered semi-conscious, lying in a fetal position with marks on his neck. Despite the constant surveillance of inmates in his prison area, authorities never confirmed what actually happened. However, we do know that the event led to Epstein being placed on suicide watch.

Epstein, 66, was found semiconscious with marks on his neck in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan some time in the last two days, the sources said. Epstein is on suicide watch, two sources said.

While the two sources said that Epstein may have tried to hang himself, a third source cautioned that the injuries weren’t serious, questioning whether Epstein might have staged an attack or a suicide attempt to get a transfer to another facility.

Another source said that an assault hadn’t been ruled out and that another inmate in Epstein’s unit, identified by sources as Nicholas Tartaglione, had been questioned. Sources also said Epstein and Tartaglione were cell mates.
– NBC News, Jeffrey Epstein found injured with marks on his neck in New York jail cell, sources say

In a maximum level security prison such as the Metropolitan Correction Center (which is also known as the “Guantanamo of New York”), you better believe that suicide watch is no joke. Here’s what this process usually entails:

Suicide watch is an intensive monitoring process used to ensure that a person cannot attempt suicide. Usually the term is used in reference to inmates or patients in a prison, hospital, psychiatric hospital, or military base. People are placed on suicide watch when it is believed that they exhibit warning signs indicating that they may be at risk of committing bodily harm or fatal self injury.

People under suicide watch are put into an environment where it would be difficult for them to hurt themselves. In many cases, any dangerous items will be removed from the area, such as sharp objects and some furniture, or they may be placed in a special padded cell, which has nothing outcropping from the walls (e.g., a clothes hook or door closing bracket) to provide a place for a ligature to be attached, and with only a drain-grill on the floor. They may be stripped of anything with which they might hurt themselves or use as a noose, including shoelaces, belts, neckties, bras, shoes, socks, suspenders and bed sheets. In extreme cases the inmate may be undressed entirely.

In even more extreme cases, inmates may be placed in “therapeutic restraints”, a four- or five-point restraint system. The inmate is placed on their back on a mattress. Their arms and legs are tied down and a belt is placed across the chest. In a five-point system the head is also restrained. An inmate is allowed a range of movement every 2 hours, when one limb is released and they are allowed to move it for a short period. They are then restrained again, proceeding to the next limb. This process is repeated until all areas restrained have been moved. This process usually continues in 8-hour shifts, and the inmate has a face-to-face encounter with a mental health professional at least once in each 8-hour interval. This cannot continue for more than 16 consecutive hours. The inmate is continually watched by staff during this time.

In the most extreme cases of self-harm, only when all other avenues have not worked or are impracticable, “chemical restraint” drugs may be used to sedate the inmate. In order for a facility to administer a chemical restraint, it must have the approval/recommendation of a licensed mental health professional, the facility warden, and a court order.
– Suicide Watch, Wikipedia

To sum up the situation, Epstein was inside the most secure prison in the U.S. and he was an extremely high-profile inmate. He was in the most secure area of that prison and he was also on suicide watch. There is absolutely no way he could have died by hanging without him being stopped by prison security.

Something was clearly allowed to happen.

Allowed to Happen

Was Jeffrey Epstein Murdered?

People close to the case warned of Epstein’s probable murder weeks before it happened.

A few weeks ago, Spencer Kuvin, a lawyer who represented three women in the 2008 trial against Epstein, said this about Epstein’s first “suicide attempt”.

“I question whether or not it was a true suicide attempt that Mr Epstein was involved in in jail or whether or not there may be some powerful people who just don’t want him to talk. If he goes on trial, everyone he’s been in contact with will ultimately be fair game. There’s no doubt in my mind that no jail will protect you when there’s powerful people that want to reach you – wherever you are. If he’s going to implicate anyone in power that has the ability to reach in and somehow get to him – his life is definitely in jeopardy.

I do question whether it was a true suicide attempt. I mean how do you choke yourself? It doesn’t make any sense. There are reports someone came after him but that could just be because he’s a paedophile. Those types of individuals don’t last long in prison. If Epstein is in general population or anywhere available to the general population I believe his life is in jeopardy. They will have to seal him down in the jail. But even there there are still people who can get to him, ultimately.”
– The Sun, ‘IN DANGER’  Jeffrey Epstein’s life ‘in jeopardy’ as powerful pals ‘don’t want their secrets out’, victim’s lawyer claims

The self-described White House insider Qanon also predicted Epstein’s death shortly after his arrest.

Was Jeffrey Epstein Murdered? Was Jeffrey Epstein Murdered?

Clearly, lots of people saw this coming and it still happened. Also, lots of people working at the Metropolitan Correctional Center failed to do their jobs. And they were most likely ordered to not do their jobs.

Because Epstein had to die.

Consequences of His Death

The death of Epstein is extremely convenient for the world elite. While mass media was extremely careful to not communicate information that could harm its elite owners, a long trial presented high risks of sensitive leaks. High-powered individuals from all around the world were at risk of being involved in a sordid affair involving the trafficking and abuse of minors. On a wider scale, the sick, twisted culture and lifestyle of the world elite was being exposed.

Furthermore, a closer inquiry into some “non-profit organizations” such as the Clinton Foundation (with which Epstein was deeply involved) and Ghislaine Maxwell’s TerraMar Project could have opened a gigantic can of worms. They do not want the masses to discover the real reason why the elite is so concerned with Haiti and why so many people go down there to do “charity work”.

Now that Epstein is dead, will the federal case keep going forward? Even if it does, lots of powerful people are now off the hook. And media will gradually stop reporting on what actually happened on Epstein Island and the Lolita Express.

Once again, the occult elite flexed its power by killing a liability in plain sight and, chances are, nobody will be held accountable. Except maybe a scapegoat or two.

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Was Jeffrey Epstein Murdered?

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Two options:
1. Murdered
2. Body switch and he is long gone


Variant no. 2


Why? What’s it in for the global Satanic/Luciferian elite to keep him alive? He was just a rich tool … the only reason I could see them doing that is if he was smart enough to create a killswitch in case he was killed that would release all his files online the moment he dies so basically he would have to have leverage on them … personally, I doubt he was smart enough to prepare for such a scenario.



Prophetic Explorer

How could they recruit high level Mossad agents if they don’t take care of their own? Switching out people is *exactly* what they would do, because they can. And the incredulity of people such as yourself makes it more likely. Any doof on the street would say he was high risk for suicide or being beaten to death by other inmates. It is believable, so it flies.

Our incredulity is used as a weapon against us.


Way too risky to keep him alive. A switch out would have involved most of the prison being in on it. Killing him only a couple of crooked guards.


I understand your reasoning and it is fine. But we are dealing here with a powerful individual intertwined in the Deep State who has made a number of deep state friends not just here in the USA but also in England and Israel.


Theyre psychopaths. Psychopaths doesnt care about “their own”. Theres no such thing it’s them, them and ONLY them.


True. Unless “their own” are useful to other ends. Then they keep them around.


“Our incredulity is used as a weapon against us.” YES!

Has anyone stopped to consider that all the earlier articles about Epstein being murdered were predictive programming and that the plan all along was to make it look like suicide but also make it questionable. So you create this BIG conversation about “was he murdered?” but that’s not the REAL conversation. See how “they” do that? They get everyone thinking there’s some juicy story about “who murdered Epstein?” so you don’t look “over there.”

Why? Because maybe he’s not dead at all and somehow they found a double and switched him out. Epstein has been accused of being C I A and M O S S A D . He could be sitting in Israel right now getting a “face lift” and in ownership of some very very disturbing videos that Israel can use to blackmail U.S. politicians and world leaders with. Just a thought……


Considering the nature of the perversities and the amount of money he had, I’m sure he’d be smart enough to have a contingency plan. These are very delicate matters and if he wasn’t “smart enough” he would’ve never made it as far as he did.


Yeah …He was spirited away to a mansion on a finger on an offshore sand island development on the coast of Dubai….with his new neighbor > Saddam Hussein (lol)

Beyond The Matrix

That’s what some people are posting on voat. That there was a body switch and Epstein is actually alive and on his way to Israel. Maybe he had some insurance policy that would lead the so-called authorities to look into certain individuals in the event of his death. So, the best option was No. 2.

People think these things happen only in the movies. . .but, that’s art imitating this sordid life.

Apres Ski

Joan Rivers “allegedly” die from the “public stage” but was found on the ‘private’ stage. She’s still alive.

It was all planned. Epstein’s death was planned for the Public. The Elite probably had this planned like a Mission Impossible exercise. A dummy body double was put in his place after the black bag was zipped up.

And there’s nothing to help kill a case & get people off the hook like a ‘dead body’. Remember Watergate???

Yeah, I’m just sayin’ . . .

Carol Urbanowski

A jump to Joan Rivers is still alive. If that isn’tt a stick in the spokes i dont know what is.


Yes, I remember Watergate. And Hillary was part of that too.


And bill barr hired epstein 20 years ago

Whats your point?

D D d

Maybe Joan Rivers was offed, because she was getting alzheimers or dementia. They can not have people blurting out real truths at any moment. Joan was very candid and confronting with halftruths. Even about childabuse and such backstage gossips. Imagine her unleashed with the truth and no one to hold the reigns.

Angela May

Hi DDd, I was looking into Joan Rivers death a few days ago with regards to what she had said about the Obamas just before her death. I have been doing some personal research into the chronology/time line/key players of the current trans gender/ no gender ideologies/agenda. I recalled once reading that the Obamas had said that they wanted to do away with genders completely. This is a bit unrelated to the article above, but since I was just only looking into this a few days ago, and there is mention in the comments about Joan Rivers, can you tell me if you know where or how I can do a better search on the topic of the Obamas role in gender ideologies of today ? It felt to me like the information I was trying to locate is vanished/censored. Any thoughts or tips ? Hope all is well your way. ✌

D D d

Angela, I have no information about the obama’s.
If they projected opposition to something, it probably was ro distract or keep a segment of their chosen demograph at peace for a day..?
The trans-agenda like we know it (forced, amazingly high statistic numbers fabricated around innocent children, projected onto new imporessionable generations) has been going on for longer then we might think? Maybe you could look for information on who provided the doctors and surgants in for example Marraquesch or Tangiers last century. As I read and hear, the big publicised changes started with decadency and celebrities mixing with aristoracy and politics over there..

Angela May

Hi DDd, Very interesting, I’ll look in those directions. Thank you for responding to my inquiry. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks researching what is going on in both U.S. and Canadian public schools. My 10 year old son has been opening up about what is being taught, and encouraged at school, and I’m horrified. So I’ve been taking a deep look at what is going on in North American schools with regards to transgender/gender ideologies, parent testimonies, reverse transition testimonies, physician & mental health testimonies, etc.etc. and it’s mind blowing. You and I are no strangers to disturbing realities, but DDd, this is far more pervasive and destructive than I could have imagined. Very little shocks or surprises me these days, but I’m freaked out by the mass harm being permanently inflicted on the minds and bodies of children who are so young they can’t even tie their shoes yet. As you know, you and I have different paradigms, but we also share a conscientious desire to be aware and to be vigilant. And with that said, my jaw is still to the floor about all I’ve learned the past couple of weeks. It looks to me, and… Read more »

D D d

Indeed I too think a bigger agenda hoovering above it all is a long standing strategy to eliminate for example the power of the people. (If it has ever been there, because a lot of ideas about our freedom have always been just concepts in reality.)
Making complete generations slightly more ‘infertile’ has been going on for decades. When libraries got more open and we the public learned to read more and better, the establishment got caught on so many things. Some things changed in some areas. But an unhealthy society is still the outcome, no matter how we try. Ignorance is not bliss, it is deadly. Climate change is handmade and has the same goal.

Angela May

I concur on all points. Thank you for your insights. Also, we are in complete agreement regarding climate change. I get sick after they trail. I stay inside whenever possible when the debauchery in the sky is obvious. It is a real head scratcher that so many people still write it off as “conspiracy theory.” All one has to do is pay a little attention to see that there is some cause & effect going on.


Have you seen or visited Transpocalypse (aka MrE) in YouTube he’s great and has a lot of insight legal and of the elite agenda to expose and uncover, there are many truth channels exposing this even there are some by The Heritage Foundation (YT also) with a ex trans-gender coming out saying how bad it is he apologizes ad helps counsel etc. hope is worth it, I’m too very concerned now for my grandkids 🙁


That’s usually how it’s done. If you serve the deep state, they generally protect you. Not always, usually just if you’re a high level player. Evidently Epstein was.


Thier self serving devil worshipers, you are only protected while you are still serving a purpose. After that you’re just as expendable as the next peasant. In fact having an abrupt demise hanging over your head probably serves as added incentive to keep being productive and to not get caught.


I think the best evidence is that he was alive when he arrived at the hospital and was pronounced dead later from cardiac arrest. Either there was nothing wrong with him in the first place and they used this to spirit him away, or they offed him at the hospital.

Gary Von Neida

Oswald was murdered by Ruby and Ruby died from “galloping cancer” ; both before any REAL investigation—-the ELITE think little of others, just Themselves.


He’s dead. He was too much of a liability. The #1 rule for criminal activity is to never get caught. This is his 2nd or 3rd time and the court documents that were unsealed yesterday may have been the final straw. No more breaks.

Everykneewillbow to Jesus Christ

That is exactly what I said. He was caught.

Gary Von Neida

When You pose a problem for the CLINTONS You simply “go away”.


He was linked to many powerful people internationally that could have wanted him dead, some we are not even aware of…we’ll probably never know who ordered the hit. Ghislaine Maxwell will probably end up dead too…

The Great Juan

Agreed, he is too high-profile and has already exposed a lot of the operation to the public.

The Great Juan

Agreed, he is too high profile and already exposed a lot of the operation.


With all of teen and pre-teen white European girls that are kidnapped and trafficked to Tele Aviv my guess as Epstein being an unrepentent chosenite that’s where he is,,,,,


I agree people need to watch and learn to read between the lines even in “Movies” just watch “Death becomes her” or a channel in Youtube of Narayan Dhekane who exposes how they and mostly the ajws are protected for life or even “beyond” they switch places, disguise themselves I mean they even tell it it the movies that’s what they do mix lies w truth.- He’s a Epstein how more ajw can that get no way he was murdered they are murdering us and our children and our values :{


option 2

Smitty's Inner-city Meats

#2. He’s probably enjoying a bagel in the King David Hotel as we type.

Jeanna Watts

Instead of wandering what happened to Epstein ( out of action now whatever the story), we should be focussing on the douchbags still out there continuing this behavior. This includes people like Charlie Sheen ( well known sleazebag) and his mate leftie icon Oliver Stone ( many women’s claims of sexual harassment shot down), Oliver’s son the lump of lard Sean Stone and his ex girlfriend trout pout evangelist look-at-me-i’m Perfect ( anything but) Sarah R Adams. They are getting away with murder literally ( research the death of Max Spiers). Most of all, they are mega vain phoney baloneys who are our to make $200/hour from the public. They don’t have any special gifts or talents, only the hustle.


I agree. The legit suicide scenario in my opinion has a very small chance considering all the facts. Sure he may have committed suicide but I would not by any stretch of the imagination bet the farm on it.

hey girl hey

Total bull crap. I feel so so bad for all of the people who will never feel like they received justice. And I feel so so bad for all the people who will continue to be hurt by monsters wearing human faces.


Oh they’ll receive justice. All of them will. God will not be mocked.


Really? Why ur god allowed all that tragedy to happen? Have any logical explanation for this?


Because he allows free will. If you’ve ever read the Bible you will see that again and again God offers choices to people and will show mercy to those who do right in his sight. And when they don’t, he has the last “laugh”. He remembers every wrong thing you and I have ever done. However those who are covered in the blood of Christ will be saved. I pray Christinne that you will at least consider Him and try to learn about him before you dismiss Him.


Wow, the modern world has lost almost all understanding of God. ‘He’ isn’t sentient, God exists innately inside all sentient beings and pervades all phenomenon. ‘He’ is pure, primordial mind, to stray from ‘him’ and indulge in negative action towards others and indulge in deluded views is to end up in Hell/purgatory. To do good actions is to end up in higher realms, or, eventually, through meditation, connection to your inner God mind. If you want the closest thing to the truth, look into Gnosticism or Tibetan Buddhism. Bible thumping gets you nowhere, ultimately.


Christ was connected to God “The Source” which is what enabled him to perform miracles and have infinite compassion.

Prophetic Explorer

No, Christ was God manifested in the flesh.


Christ was an avatar of God because he was connected to God, which we are all at our fundamental nature. Maybe you should investigate what God really is. He’s not an old man with a beard in the sky. Look into esoteric christianity, Esoteric Judaism and Buddhism/Hinduism. There is much more to the mysteries of existence than your pastor can shout at you and a poorly translated 2000 year old book can give you.


Jesus never existed!! Christianity is a lie and serves Satan

Pineal Vision

Tibetan Buddhism is definitely the closest I’ve ever come to God.


If Tibetan Buddhism is the closest you have been to God, Then you’re a long way from God.


Maybe you should look into other traditions… If God created the universe, why would he cram his sole instructions into one tiny book only 15% of humanity has access to? Don’t be arrogant.


Thomas , you asked a childish question so I’ll answer you accordingly. God did it because He is God and He decided to. Like when your parents say,”because I said so.”


Jesus was of God, yes, but he wasn’t the only messenger of God. Look into the Avatars of God, such as Krishna, Buddha and others. Why would God only spread his law to one tiny corner of the world? It’s pretty close minded to state that christianity is the only word of God and everything else is evil. This kind of thing leads to sectarianism, war and all kinds of negativity, that sounds like something Satan would love.
If you were familiar with other traditions, you would know that under the Bodhi tree, Buddha literally had the same battle with Satan (known as Mara in sanskrit language), that Christ did in the desert.
In fact, i think the bible has far less of God’s message than Buddhism, as christ was only around for a few years and never even wrote the holy book, where as Buddha had 50 years to teach and established a living tradition of enlightenment and union with God.


Buddha left his wife and kids to seek enlightenment. Great he abandoned his family.


He left them temporarily for 6 years and returned to them afterwards and they became his disciples, do your research.


Doubting Thomas, you have attempted to reduce Jesus Christ to nothing more than a teacher. But Jesus said that He was God. If he had not been God, then He would not have been able to pay for the sins of all who would believe on Him for salvation. He would just be another sinful man like Buddha or Mohammad. But Jesus was in fact God in the flesh and He arose from the dead to prove it. Buddha never did that.


I stated that Christ was an avatar of God, did you even read what i said? All avatars of God come in one way or another to advance humanity back to union with God (Eden). The best way they can do this is to teach method and conduct. Christ was an Avatar of God, so was the Buddha. The Buddha came to teach the path to reunite with God, (the noble path to enlightenment) and Christ came to turn the tide against Satan (known by buddhists as Mara) by his sacrifice, but was also a teacher in his way, or else he would have never given the sermon on the mount. They were both incarnations of God, and i believe if they were in a room together, they would have agreed with each other on everything. My issue is when Christians narrow mindedly label other traditions as ‘satanic’ while not even bothering to investigate them, because if they did, they would also be able to see that they were the word of God.
I don’t know enough about Mohammad’s life or teachings to pass judgement on him, so i can’t say if he was or wasn’t also an Avatar.


God would be disappointed in people such as you, as you don’t seek the advancement of humanity and the reestablishment of eden, you seek close-mindedness which is of the devil.


I would suggest instead of responding with insults you focus on writing a coherent argument based on logic.

Convert with love, don’t patronize.

Read Matthew 7 with special emphasis on v 21 – 23.


No insults, just stating the facts. God would be disappointed in people who just spout quotes and don’t investigate reality, while shunning those who do. If it is findable and true, like gnostic christianity and Buddhism it is of God, if it is a lie, cooked up by human greed (for example, the catholic Church’s meddling with the bible for power) it is of the devil. That simple.


Thomas, it brings me joy to know that you exist! You are the smartest person on VC I’ve come across.In the clever scheme to darken the Mind, the despots directed the scribe to write:”Except a man be born of water and of the spirit,he cannot enter into the kingdom of God”(Jn 3:5). Then they neglected ( or forgotten) to delete the statement in the Luke that proves the above statement to be false. It is written,-THE kingdom of God is within you”(Lu 17:21). The spiritual darkness of today is the product of a plan invented at the First Council of Nicea in 32 A.D!The so called Elites know this FACT and that’s why they are fearless at what they do! Thanks Thomas for making my day!

D D d

Innocent children being raped tortured and killed, is that god’s plan, his free choice? You people make me sick. Where is the choice for the child, maybe a 6 yearold who does not even know the word sex yet. Free will, mercy ? You liar.

j Williams

If you know anything about reincarnation,which is mentioned in MOST religions, you know that it indicates that those who are murdered, or persecuted, etc., in this lifetime, it’s because they are atoning for horrible things that they’ve done in past lives. This is the ONLY answer that makes complete sense. ” He who lives by the sword will perish by the sword. “


J Williams, that’s blame the victim mentality and a distortion of reincarnation. You’re saying that every one of the millions of children who was tortured, raped and murdered by these monsters over all these many years has something of that magnitude to atone for? Shut the front door!


Notice how anyone who doesn’t bible bash on this site is overwhelmingly down voted, despite their ideas being far more creative and established in reality.


Can you explain what Bible Bashing is Thomas?


Asserting that anything that doesn’t come out of your own secular religion is false/satanic, while having next to zero understanding of Christ’s real teachings.


If you want the closest to Christ’s real teachings look into the gnostic gospels, i.e the stuff that wasn’t chopped and changed by the corrupt Church. It is very similar to other spiritual traditions like Hinduism and Buddhism, that is because there is only one truth of God. Christ was god manifested in the flesh and so was Buddha, Krishna and others. Whatever conclusion you come to, take care to really do your research because when the next Avatar of God arrives, you want to be sure you will truly follow him, instead of being left behind to interpret a 2000 year old book that has little of God’s real message in it. We all think we are correct, just like Caiaphas thought he was correct when he crucified Christ. Remember, he crucified Christ because Christ went against his books and secular beliefs. This is the real danger of bible thumping.


Sadly, you are correct. It is a part of samsara. We must conduct ourselves with the utmost care, with ethics, patience, generosity, wisdom and meditative concentration in order to escape the cycle.

Rachel Silver

So people who believe in God make you sick but not the people raping kids? How are we responsible for other peoples evils just because we don’t uselessly blame God for it.
Get a grip and start putting the blame where it belongs, with the devil. We use our energy to fight Satan instead of blaming God.


DDd where is the choice for all the little babies (60 million) murdered in the womb in the name of women’s rights?


Lol, by christian and catholic logic, God creates a 6 year old Haitian child, sells him to Podesta to get tortured and killed and then sends him to purgatory because he was never baptised. Wow, what an enlightened religion.

Off like a terd of hurdles

Here we go again… My, has it been a whole five minutes since the last sermonpolooza?


One thing is for sure “they” are fighting The Most High and his Values which are our code of morality and we must face it evil is as evil does 🙁 Free Will take the Middle Path Yashua came to show us all *.*


Oh my I meant to say we must not feed them with our hate, hatred is the root of all evil,


As a Christian, the way I look at it is God does not want humans to be automatons/robots so he gives each and every one of us the freedom to be good or evil, in that he gives us that freedom he is responsible for the evil in the world but in the end we each person is responsible for what he/she does with that freedom.


But why allow innocents to suffer? Regardless of salvation in the afterlife, they dont deserve to suffer in this life.

Everykneewillbow to Jesus Christ

Even the innocent must accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Until children understand, their parents must pray for them. My heart goes out to the children whose parents are not taking on the responsibility or accountability as parents.

This generation of parents are selfish and only seek what satisfy them. There no true parenting taking place. I was tomboy growing up by climbing trees and jumping ditches. Not once did I want to be a boy. My mom gave me the freedom to play as a child without forcing me to be a boy. Where are the real parents nowadays? When I sit in parent conferences, time is wasted on parents talking about their pain and hurt as if they need a psychologist for themselves. Public schools have become mental/juvenile institutions.

There is a need to really look in the family background of each sexuallt abused child. Unfortunately, this sort of thing is being covered up by the justice system. We are living in turmoil times. We need to fight back and not just accept what the government says. The government as a whole is corrupt.


Who is innocent? God says that all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God.

Rachel Silver

Have you ever lied,stolen, done anything wrong to anyone? Probably.
Why do you blame God for what you have done to someone innocent of your crime/sin. You have free will.
God tells us in his word how to act. We choose to rebel. Simple. He ‘allows’ it because he wants us to have the freedom to choose to do what is right.
We are not his slaves, so we can respect and love him.


Lin. Who gets to decide who deserves to suffer?


The Bible says that your most righteous deeds are as filthy rags to God.


Isaiah 45:7 says that God makes peace and brings evil. He forms light and darkness. According to Proverbs 16 God has made all things for Himself, yes, even the wicked for the day of evil. Free will is a misnomer. There is nothing free about those who are dead in sins and trespasses, not knowing Jesus Christ as their Savior. They are spiritually dead and in bondage to sin just like Jeff Epstein. But Jesus said, “you shall know the Truth and The Truth shall make you free. If The Son shall make you free, you shall be free indeed.”

Everykneewillbow to Jesus Christ

Why are you blaming the evil deeds of people on God? Not all people are righteous by God’s definition of righteousness. Satan does have people who worship him. God gives people freewill to choose.

Are you asking why are there people being abused by people with evil intents of self gratification or rituals? Because the people responsible for the individuals, who are harmed or abused, are letting their guard down by trying to be cool parents, friends with their children and/or want more money in their pockets to the point that they will do anything.

That is correct. There are parents who prostitute their own children or turn a blind eye when they run to Hollywood with their children. People are exercising their freewill as opposed to being good, protective parents. You better believe the with the intent to sexual abuse and perform rituals on children are exercising their freewill.

Your question should be “Why are there not more people following Jesus?”


Same reason that 60 million little babies have been murdered in the womb and called a woman’s right.

Rachel Silver

Grow up.
People do what they want with their own free will.
You included. Stop blaming God.
If you really cared you would join God’s side and fight the devil who is really to blame.

j Williams

Yeah the logical explanation is reincarnation ! lt’s mentioned in almost EVERY religion.


Illicit sex is mentioned in almost every modern movie but that doesn’t make it right any more than reincarnation being mentioned in numerous religions.


If you so strongly believe in reincarnation than you must be against abortion. After all killing infants does not allow the “reincarnation” to continue.

Angela May

Christinne, You have a legitimate question and point of view. But what I have come to believe personally is reflected in what Yoyoyo has written below. It is because we are ALL given free will by God. I feel you, and want you to know I also asked and ached with that question countless times before choosing to follow Christ. It’s a worthy and valid question. Keep asking questions. And know you are loved by God, and not forgotten. ❤️


People need to have free will, in order to not be like robots. Unfortunately this means a lot of people do a lot of horrible stuff. God makes good things come out of shittty situations, and God will judge every one at the end of time. And to paraphrase the big man upstairs- who can know the depth of my being, my will, or anything I do? God has given us a covenant, which promises us a full pardon, if we only admit our wrong doings, and except his love and trust that he knows best.
It’s definitely a very worthy question. But if you do seek his love, help and blessings, then he surely will and does change our lives for the better. I begged for a sign once ( as I needed to know if he was real) and he showed me a sign, clear as day. Seek and Ye shall find! God bless:-)


What sign did you get?


Christinne, we live in an illusory reality akin to a simulation. How is it possible for atoms, which are 99.999% empty space to make up solid matter for example? Spiritual growth and evolution can only be brought about via difficult times and circumstances. The earthly experience is meant to be extremely difficult to navigate precisely for this reason, to help the incarnate grow and evolve spiritually. Source is love, hence everything is illusion and love is the only truth.


Amen. Vengeance is mine sayeth The Lord. No evil deed shall go unpunished.


My heart is hurting so much, feeling confused; disappointed, desolated and with impotence.

Angela May

Peace Be With You, DaveT. ❤️

j Williams

What ” justice ” ? You have a bunch of bimbos who knew EXACTLY what was expected of them. They were paid up front and they knew they had to wear practically nothing. Now, years later, they crawl out of the wood work claiming abuse ! Now the idiots can’t collect because their potential meal ticket is dead.

Rachel Silver

13 yr old bimbos? According to your logic I guess these exploited children ‘got everything they deserved’
Maybe you like sex with kids. Sounds like your victim blaming


They were below the age of consent.


Anyone else getting tired of how certain things get resolved


And they got away with it….again.


It’s easy to believe that people get away with things sometimes, but God doesn’t move on our time table and when He he does move, everyone is astounded at how swift and bitter His wrath is at the end of His long suffering with offenders.


Your god let all this crap happening. You tool.


Have you ever heard of crime and punishment Trys?
God is not a Democrat. He doesn’t punish people for something they haven’t done yet with some kangaroo court of left wing media or public opinion. When God punishes, He does it after the crime has been committed. Is God capable of stopping it? Yes. Could God kill the devil and end all of these problems? Yes? And someday He will. And when God does put an end to all of these troubles someday, He won’t stop and ask Trys for permission or give Trys an explanation as to why, because God does not owe Trys any explanations and Trys wouldn’t understand anyway.

D D d

”God is not a democrat”
You do not even see the ridiculousness anymore in your own statements. You know how he moves, from reading and interpreting bibles? Do you see him when you look in the mirror? Or in a vision when you take a dump (as god intended when he invented the colon)?
Yes, I am irritated by religious nonsense when it comes to human interactions. Believing or not-believing is not the question, how to live together nicely on this planet is. Priorities please.
Share instead of divide, come closer instead of pushing away.

Inspector 12

So your desire is to “live together nicely” ? I’m ok with that, however, your condescending attitude (ie: “ridiculousness,nonsense) makes that difficult.

D D d

The condescending part is a reaction. It is not my normal state of being. I am not a better man for having an opinion. And ofcourse I know how to behave. But some idiocies just ask for a strongly expressed opinion as well.
And might I point out, Jay certainly has expressed ridiculous statements. Compared to what you might accept as normal, they are not. Just read back.


It is better to be divided by the Truth than to be united by lies.


So patient, DDd. I like you pretty much 🙂

have a good day!


1) You have absolutely no authority talking in my name, my friend.

2) You have no idea about what i’ve been through related to my ”religious” experience.

3) I do not care about a custom man made deity, my friend. I have no use for it.

4) Know hermetism? I believe into The ALL.

Have a good day!


So you’re blaming me for Gods actions?
Sorry Trys, I can’t take that kind of credit.


You’re just a troll, a religious one but still a troll.


Very convenient for the “Elite”. Always good journalistic work VC. Thanks for this! Please focus more on Occult (Geo-)Politics. The Entertainment-Sector is more than disclosed by you. Keep on this great work.


I’d like to see more of this, too.

Oh Please

I dont believe for a minute he ever stepped foot into a jail cell. Its all theatre. He’s a high level mossad asset, they take care of their own. He’d never be put in jail. Just like Enrons Ken Lay’s fake heart attack just before trial, just like the Boston marathon smoke bomb Tsnarnev lil bro was 5’7″ before trial but 6’2″ at trial, just like hillary will never go to jail. Tbey protect their soldiers / assets. Its just all theatre for the stupid goyim.


Anyone who knows anything about explosives can tell by the flags waiving in the wake of the “Boston Fake Bomb”-( smoke bomb) that there’s not one single hole in any of the flags, hence not a single projectile!! Or any shrapnel LoL.


He faked his death big time and it is bloody obvious. Question everything indeed!


They’re not moving forward with the case? F-----g pieces of s--t. Now those pedophiles and abusers are going to get away with it again. Karma will catch up though, they won’t live freely forever. I have faith in that.


Just like Ken Lay of Enron fame, Epstein is very likely alive and well. Took them a bit of time to get a body double, I suppose – if they even bother. They probably gave him a shot that simulates coma, paid off a few of the Prison-for-Profit tools, and he’s on his way to Israhell – or South America.


Yup,i believe they used that shot too.


He’s in Israel right now folks. The Tribe will look after him, they all know. Otherwise no one would do any work for mossad. They killed Robert Maxwell because he pissed Mossad off, but Jeff will be rewarded for his work.


Lmao suicide? Yeah right! I’m betting they switched him out & he’s gonna live an anonymous life. With that kind of wealth he can make it happen. But If he really was murder! Boy grab your popcorn folks, it’s gonna be article after article online about his family fighting for his estates & billions…


What family?

I’ve never heard once that he had any. No kids at least.


Faked death and moved to Israel, can’t be brought back.


They WILL be held accountable…just not in this realm. In Heavenly Father’s court. We must hang on to that or life here would be unbearable. Evil will have it’s comeuppance.
I trust Yeshua.


You called this out a week or so ago Vigilant! He like Marilyn Monroe was murdered for knowing too much. It would have been the biggest exposure of the century if he would have been allowed to live. He was sacrificed and the Elite have dozens and dozens of Epstein’s doing the very same thing that Jeffrey did.

He pissed somebody(s) off, they rehashed his sins from the past and annihilated him.

He would have exposed dozens of Epstein’s just like him.

He was a marked man and he knew it.

Now the other pedos are allowed to continue doing what they always do in secrecy with kids.

But I’m on the Jesus band wagon. One day….. God will Return and those that believe in Him Shall Have Everlasting Life. JOHN CHAPTER 3 VERSE 16.


Truth & Light

Evidently, he was clintoncided. The media is deep in bed with the liberals, who epstein donated and supported. The media has to change the narrative when they report lies. He was on suicide watch. Summon the fbi to investigate a suicide when he was on suicide for a failed suicide attempt. Oh no, he wasnt on suicide watch! Epstein had bein linked to clinton, chris tucker, prince andrew and company. They royals, the government, the wealthy are not far from this repulsiveness. Didnt they just reported pedo p0rn on pentagon computers?! They all need (corrupt folks) to be exterminated!!


This one might be bigger than Clintoncide. It’s the people behind the Clintons that are the big fish in deep water.


clinton is ONE man
there are 1000’s of priests that have been raping young boys for Centuries.

yall blame jews and liberals, look at your own community. Christians should be jesus’s teachings.
which were love, kindness and to help the less fortunate. It is not guns, hate and rascism.

Jews are less than 1% of the world population, and u think they are responsible for everything. I dont understand why u give them SO MUCH power.. how many churches in USA dont pay taxes- how much money is that.. where is all of that money going?
please stop hating, it is a certain type of person, that for whatever reason feeds off young children sexually. it is not just jews, or chrisitans.. it is straight up f----d up humans…or reptile blue bloods
who knows

Prophetic Explorer

Jesus warned Christians over and over to beware the fake Jews. Stop trying to use your own understanding to figure things out. And if you want to know how Christians believe, try cracking open a bible.


How many priests rape young boys
Whatever PE


Any time you have a religion that worships a female deity such as Mary there are going to be major problems with homosexuality.


Something that is VERY funny is that christianity was reformed BY PAGANS as it gets into Europe.

Big fish christianity tried to ”eat” all these ”pagan tribes small fishes”

Read Manly P. Hall.

The ”core values” that you guys preach about christianity arent totally and fully christian. That’s the kind of truth that Jay and his friends cant swallow.

Christianity, as it was by the time it gets into europe was as violent as the 2 other ”sand religions”.


Manly P.Hall was a crazy person even by occult standards. Propagated an idealistic fantasy version of the worlds religions with very little relation to reality.


MPHall May have been crazy, but he would have to have been one of the most intelligent crazy people ever, in order for him to write- The secret teaching of all ages!! That’s one hell of a comprehensive and monumental documentary account of a book, to ever be published . And try reading it!!!

Rachel Silver

These people work on humiliation rituals to get to higher levels in their secret societies.
My ‘conspiracy theory’ is that they know what’s coming and certain people are chosen to go into special underground cities and have to go through a public ‘spectacle’ to gain their golden ticket.
What better way to buy your way in than to be exposed as a high level child sex pimp.
Just a theory


In the trilogy of articles on this specific site regarding this story, the prior one said the prison had “No Comment” in regards to the supposed attack on him. Now that he inevitably was killed (or whatever other theories others may believe..), I didn’t see in this third article anything about what this ultra-super-maximum-high security prison had to Say now that he’s dead.

Is it Still just “No Comment” at all whatsoever? Are they just going to be silent forever now? And if they do make some kind of public comment/statement, I’m sure it will be the most ridiculously Unbelievable story ever. But Most people will still buy it, just like they’re buying this ridiculous “suicide” story as well. *sigh*

j Williams

We’ve all seen the ambulance which supposedly had his dead body, however how do we know that he was in the ambulance , or for that matter REALLY dead ?


Singing “what a surpise” with jazz hands!!

D D d

Did you see that doing on teevee? In a sitcom?


Yes you did mention it ten days ago. It’s hilarious how the dimmest lights of the truth community like proven fantasist Sarah R Adams on her facebook page are claiming that they had an exclusive download from their demons about it. She also states that other conspiracy websites copied her.
For a start, it was a logical conclusion to draw after his first attempt that he would try again soon. Second, it is about the deep state and it’s victims but it takes a vacuous narc to make it all about them lol.


Right? She is such a clown and a liar! Tells people to embrace their natural beauty with a giant rhinoplasty scar on her upper lip when she smiles and all that botox and duck lip selfies. But Kimmy K appeals to some prople and she is the Kim K of truthers with her own lil army of dumbbots. Keep it (more) real guys but a lil light comedy is a relief too?


I thought about it they are all part of the Epstein camp trying to control truth not spread it. Sarah is a North African Arab who says she’s J. One of her many , many exes is Sean Silverstein (Stone) who has YouTube videos telling you he had attended eyes wide shut parties and that he’s a proud Freemason. His new girlfriend is like a slim young version of Sarah with same rhinoplasty scar and ratty hair extensions. You have to be so careful where you source your truth from


She is a proven liar but she is not the only one out there trying to make a name for herself. I dislike her because she likes to stealthily promote that she’s enjoying a luxury lifestyle. She doesn’t say that a) it’s courtesy of her boyfriend Ben Johnson who is a convicted fraudster -look up Iowa case against his company Osmosis Skincare. He was selling $100 bottles of tap water as sunblock! Also, Sarah lives off the immoral money from it and only while she spreads her legs and he buys it. She’s not a good catch, he’ll get bored like Max Spiers got bored. It will give her a new story line. Boring, irrelevant and not funny. PLease ask eBay and Amazon to remove Osmisis products from their marketplace with their false advertising as people are still buying into his and her scams

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