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Thoughtcrime: Mario Lopez Forced to Apologize For Comments About Transgender Kids

Mario Lopez said in an interview that 3-year-old children were too young to decide to switch genders. The backlash was furious, prompting Lopez to apologize under threat of being “canceled”. He committed thoughtcrime.



Thoughtcrime: Mario Lopez Forced to Apologize For Comments About Transgender Kids

Mario Lopez is not known for voicing his social and political views. And the one time he does it, he almost gets “canceled” by mass media. Why? Because he dared to voice concerns regarding children being switched genders. Indeed, the 45-year old father of three, who is mostly known for being that good looking guy who hosts celeb gossip shows, found himself the object of celeb gossip … and extreme outrage.

The anger began when an interview that took place last month resurfaced in mainstream media, where Lopez dared to say that three-year-old children were too young to choose their gender. The two-minute bit from a forty-minute long interview was enough to cause a good-old-fashioned mainstream-media-blitz-of-outrage, followed by threats of being “canceled”. Yup, he committed thoughtcrime and he had to pay for it.

At the very least, he had to be made an example.

The Interview

Thoughtcrime: Mario Lopez Forced to Apologize For Comments About Transgender Kids

Mario Lopez on the Candace Owens show.

Last June, Mario Lopez took part in an interview with conservative figure Candace Owens where they discussed various topics. Lopez began by describing his philosophy revolving around the “five F’s”: Family, faith, food, fitness, and fun. He then added that he had trouble understanding why being open about topics such as faith or family values was now heavily frowned upon, especially in Hollywood. Little did he know that he was about to get heavily frowned upon a few weeks later.

During the interview, Owens asked Lopez about the “weird trend in Hollywood” of celebrities changing the gender of their children. As an example, she cited actress Charlize Theron.

Thoughtcrime: Mario Lopez Forced to Apologize For Comments About Transgender Kids

Charlize Theron has been raising her adopted son as a girl for years.

Lopez answered:

“Look, I’m never one to tell anyone how to parent their kids, obviously, and I think if you come from a place of love, you really can’t go wrong. But at the same time, my God, if you’re 3 years old and you’re saying you’re feeling a certain way, or you think you’re a boy or a girl or whatever the case may be, I just think it’s dangerous as a parent to make that determination then — ‘Okay, well then you’re going to be a boy or a girl,’ whatever the case may be. It’s sort of alarming and my gosh, I just think about the repercussions later on.

I think that parents need to allow kids to be kids but at the same time you got to be the adult in the situation and pause with that. I think the formative years is when you start having those discussions”.

So Lopez believes that 3-year-old children are too young to make a life-altering decision such as rejecting the gender they were born with. Wow, such a controversial statement. How dare he say something that makes perfect sense?

I’ll go out on a limb here and say that, despite intense mass media propaganda, most people agree with his opinion. Anyone who spent any time with toddlers knows that their lives revolve around eating chicken nuggets and actively finding new ways of hurting themselves. They are not cognitively ready to make this kind of decision. They’re not even cognitively ready to tie their own shoe yet.

However, voicing this kind of opinion is now a thoughtcrime. You can’t say it.

Severe Backlash

The response to Lopez’s comments was intense, organized and immediately picked up by mass media for full propagation. It was a typical response to anything that goes against the current social engineering agenda. Of course, Lopez’s career was threatened of being “canceled” – the cool word that is now used to describe the immediate destruction of a person’s career for committing thoughtcrime.

Thoughtcrime: Mario Lopez Forced to Apologize For Comments About Transgender Kids

NBC News published an article attacking Mario Lopez. His opinion is described as “dangerous”.

The media monitoring organization GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) sent PEOPLE magazine this statement:

“Medical and psychological experts, and parents of children who are transgender, have long discredited the ideas that Mario Lopez shared last month. The real ‘dangerous action’ is when someone with a public platform uses bad science to speak against a marginalized and vulnerable group of children. We spoke with Extra and it is clear that the showrunners do not support or share his view. They will address this issue on the show tonight. Lopez clearly needs a primer on trans issues. We reached out to his team to see if and how he will correct the record.”

In short, GLAAD contacted Lopez’s employers, pushed for his “reeducation” and demanded an apology.

Queer Eye star Karamo Brown tweeted:

“I’m disappointed to read @MarioLopezExtra comments about parent’s who support their child’s openness about their gender identity. As a social worker I am trained to identify abuse or neglect of a child. Healthy & safe dialogue w/ kids is neither abusive, neglectful or “dangerous.”

Thoughtcrime: Mario Lopez Forced to Apologize For Comments About Transgender Kids

Once again, the word “dangerous” is used. He added:

“I don’t think @MarioLopezExtra should be ‘canceled’. But I do believe he should be given the opportunity to learn why his comments are harmful to trans youth and their parents. Mario, I’m ready to talk when you are.”

Although Brown wrote that he didn’t think that Lopez should be “canceled” – the idea was thrown out there as a veiled threat.

Songwriter and The Guardian writer Holly Figueroa O’Reilly told essentially told Lopez to STFU.

Wade Davis – an ex-NFL player who is now an “activist”, VP of inclusion at Netflix and a “feminist” told Lopez to read. He did not specify what to read, though. Probably propaganda.

#MarioLopez should read more — being #Trans is about IDENTITY not sex. And trans folks understand that they are being treated differently from how they identity btw the ages of 3 & 5 & adults force gender on kids from birth. @MarioLopezExtra when all else fails — READ

And there were lots of tweets calling for the end of his career.

Thoughtcrime: Mario Lopez Forced to Apologize For Comments About Transgender Kids

Probably fearing the “cancellation” of his career, Mario Lopez promptly issued an apology for his “ignorant comments”.

“The comments I made were ignorant and insensitive, and I now have a deeper understanding of how hurtful they were. I have been and always will be an ardent supporter of the LGBTQ community, and I am going to use this opportunity to better educate myself. Moving forward I will be more informed and thoughtful.”


In George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four the word “thoughtcrime” describes a person’s politically unorthodox thoughts, such as unspoken beliefs and doubts that contradict the tenets of Ingsoc (English Socialism). The Thinkpol (Thought Police) are responsible for the detection and elimination of thoughtcrime, and for the social control of the masses using audio-visual surveillance and offender profiling.

We are living it now. In a country where freedom of speech is supposedly guaranteed by the constitution, people who dare to go against the radical social engineering agenda are immediately shunned and attacked. Further non-compliance can easily lead to being “canceled” and this can all happen in a matter of hours. Mario Lopez’s comments were not hateful nor incendiary, they were his personal views as a parent of three children.

Those who attacked him like to use words such as “medical experts” to justify their views. However, these “experts” are funded by the wider agenda.

The Wider Agenda

There’s a worrying trend happening now and it doesn’t only involve parents dressing up their children in clothing of the opposite sex. Some parents are actually giving their children hormones and puberty-blocking drugs to facilitate sex change. In the UK, some government-funded NHS clinics (such as the Tavistock Centre) have been prescribing hypothalamic blockers to children as young as nine.

Thoughtcrime: Mario Lopez Forced to Apologize For Comments About Transgender Kids

In 2016, the government-funded BBC launched a children’s TV show named Just a Girl where a boy named Ben becomes a girl named Amy. Amongst other things, the show teaches children about taking hormones and puberty-halting drugs (read my article about the show here).

The parents who give children powerful drugs and hormones that modify their body chemistry is not only reckless, but it also borders on child abuse. They are the ones who should be deemed “dangerous”, not Mario Lopez talking in a YouTube video.

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Thoughtcrime: Mario Lopez Forced to Apologize For Comments About Transgender Kids

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Wow, Mario Lopez said nothing that was phobic. He said it perfectly, “let kids be kids.” Our society is obsessed with over sexualizing children. It’s madness!


It’s the new definition of “trans-phobic” -anybody who is against lowering the age of sexual consent is now considered a “dangerous transphobic” by the corporate media.


That is exactly it. It’s their back door approach to forcing ped o philia on society. Within ten years, you just watch, they’ll be pushing “inter generational relationships” and if you don’t celebrate their brave love, you bigot, they’ll ruin you and take your children. Heck maybe by then they’ll just throw dissenters into extermination camps. Sound extreme? Maybe, but would anyone have thought we’d be here, even ten years ago? It’s bad when you look back at 2009 as a saner, more sensible time! I’m personally terrified for the future.


Me too. I’m actually scared. This world seems to get more and more messed up even if we’re in 2019. I also fear that they will make pedophilia normal in the future and everyone who is against will be hated, insulted and treated like crap.

Mama Legba

Isn’t it crazy? Growing up, I could never quite wrap my brain around how Hitler managed to brainwash so many people into such a heinous frame of thinking. How alarming is it that I finally understand it completely? That the persuasion aspect makes perfect sense? And, at that, because of the current societal trends of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA…? It makes my gut feel awfully strange.

“How fortunate for leaders that men do not think.” — Adolf Hitler


You are right, and this I’m willing to go to war for


What…the…wait… did they seriously come up with a word for people who don’t agree that only 18+ people have the ability and maturity to give consent?


Well the indoctrination is unreal, something the elite is slowly but surely enforcing here unfortunately.

D D d

While on the subject:
can we talk about circumcision on children again please.


its not ok


It’s more about confusing and destroying kids identity from the start. We already have done a good job of eliminating two parent families. Now since you have single parent’s there is a phenomena that happens called guilt parenting. I don’t think it happens on purpose but the single parent doesn’t really parent as so much to make up to the kid for a missing parent. Then theres enmeshment and emotional incest.

Now we add the spice of OK kids you really aren’t who you think you are and you might be something else. Note the people and kids who are affected to most by this are affluent white kids. Let’s kill their sexual identity and as a bonus lets get some kids taking drugs that will in effect sterilize them. Single parents + gender confusion = depressed unhappy adult. Two things happen, the kid ends up being submissive and docile, or hyper aggressive. Yah more shooters. And a decline in affluent white birthrate. Lets cut the number of whiteies while saying its all about compassion.

anonymous n ddisgusted

If it is so “normal” y do you all suppress free thought n speech? Also y is the sucicide rate among trannies so high n please don’t say it’s because of rejection. Many who have changed gender, become depressed n sorry that they did it. To change an unknowing g child’s sex is a violation of rights. Then again, you could care less about rights. We r very hip to the NWO AGENDA. IT’S TWISTED N TO even want a man to lose his job is cruel, unnecessary n riduculous.


I’m sorry but seriously. A 3 year old will tell you today he’s a boat. Tomorrow he will say he’s a tiger. Are we really going to allow them to get plastic surgery to be a tiger? Or a boat? I have nothing against being trans but kids shouldn’t be thinking about sex and gender in the first place.


I had a 3 yr. old girl tell me she was going to marry her Teddy Bear. The next week it was her Granddaddy. I laughed and told him he was coming up in the world. He just said “Oh my.” However, children do childish things. You are so right.


You say you have a girl and then you write “i told him” and “he just said”…i’m really confused right now

D D d

The ‘him’ refers to the grandaddy.

Johnny Utah

Reading comprehension is a lost art. Don’t sweat it, Papstar probably resides in Cali.


Many counties in California provide, or provided (when I went to school years ago), excellent public education (better than the state I’m in now). Throughout my undergraduate years, at a competitive university, I was complimented on my writing/analysis abilities and told how they exceeded my peers. I was often asked if I had gone to private school or had extra tutoring. I just went to a good public school in California.


I found Jana’s comment confusing as well. The context of the first two sentences is discussions with the 3 year old, so one assumes that is the context of the last sentence as well. It’s not at all clear on first reading that the antecedent of “him” and “he” is the Granddaddy, especially since the overall context here is transgenderism. I see no reason to slam Jana for ambiguity or papstar, for “reading comprehension” or for that matter California.


anti – are you suggesting that you dont see how, by assuming janas point, papstar judged her and left it to her peers to sentence her. is it understood how this relates to the article?


and just like that, the jack boots arrived, their marching unison shaking the foundations. pulling people into the streets and shooting them in the head for what someone thought they heard someone else say. The bolsheviks are coming the bolshisters are here


Guys go easy on papstar. Jana did use a misplaced modifier which does make it confusing.


When my son was 3, he tied a big giant stuffed snake around his waist and insisted we call him a mouse. For 2-3 full weeks. I had to beg him to take off his “tail” for baths. It was madness. So yeah, I can totally see why we should take a 3 year old’s word for “what they identify with”.

D D d

”we had to beg him” a 3 year-old..
Wow just wow. Do you realise what you wrote? Discipline begins when they are children, not when they have to go to school.

D D d

Why the downvotes? Really, when do the downvoters teach their children to listen when they have to? There is no difference in revolting when playing/acting out, or when refusing to eat the vegetables for that child. No is no.
Now you tell me how you do it.


because you are judging people…it was an expression. You sound like someone whom has never had kids.

D D d

Ofcourse I judge people. I judge myself too, and notice mistakes.
We all judge, that is what nature gave us to interprete the world we live in. To grow and develope. No man is an island. Neither am I. You think I was born judging? Yes, I was. Am I right sometimes? Please judge for yourselves.


Ha! So much for “persistent” feelings of discomfort with one’s body or sexual parts.

When a delusional person thinks they’re JC, God or a mouse, we don’t “support” the delusion; instead, we support the individual by providing some sort of therapy to get them to accept reality, because the delusion will cause long-term harm regardless whether we can get the rest of society to enable it.

Likewise, kids with gender dysphoria should lovingly be encouraged to accept themselves for who and what (sex) they are. That doesn’t mean denying their feelings or discomfort, but it does mean pointing out physical realities. If the dysphoria continues into adulthood, the adult can undergo hormone or surgical therapy, but that will usually prevent procreation. That reality should not be withheld from a child if the dysphoria persists.

As a pre-schooler during the dawn of television, I “identified with” some female TV personalities and pretended to be one, but by age 7 I greatly resented being dressed as a girl for Halloween. I’m grateful that my mother either didn’t notice or chose not to “support” my pre-school “self-identification.”

Angela May

My 4 1/2 year old daughter told her Sunday school class her name was Thomas the Train. She will also tell you she wants to be Thomas the Train. That’s the beauty of the imagination of a toddler, and a kid being a kid. Agree with Mario’s comments in the interview completely.


This just in, it’s tattoo phobic to not let your 3 year old get a hello kitty tattoo on their forehead. Sicko’s!

D D d

While on the subject:
can we talk about circumcision on children again please.


When my son was three, he wanted to be Peppa Pig, now he wants to be a race-car…not race car driver!

The Thriller

The agenda of the parasytical elite and the lost sheep who need an excuse to be lost is becoming more and more clear. I read the article when he said what he said and couldn’t have a agreed more. I have a 3 year old and 5 year old. Both girls. If they say I’m a boy, you go along with it and keep playing whatever game their playing but you don’t start treating, acting and telling people “my daughter is a boy”. What kind of backwards thinking is that?? As a parent, you find that KIDS LIKE TO BE PARENTED! They do things, say things and act out SOMETIMES to be told no. Or to be disciplined. It’s a tough thing to understand, but psychologically they know that the root of your response to their bad or incorrect behavior is love. That’s why when you spank your toddler or put them in time out, they want to hug you, sit in your lap, and tell you how sorry they are immediately after. It’s the craziest phenomena. It’s beautiful. So this trend of letting toddlers make MAJOR LIFE decisions is literally mind-blowing, devastating to the kids and downright the stupidest… Read more »


You are oh so right.


Yes on your comment as a whole, no on the spanking and them saying their sorry bit!!! Children need their parents for survival and depend on them absolutely. When you reject them, they fear for your loss and will do anything to be included again. If saying sorry is what makes you happy, then that’s what they’ll do. But if you are a rolemodel for them, respect them, enforce limits when they need to be in a coherent way, and follow them as well yourself you will be a natural authority figure and will not have to resort to abusing them physically or mentally to force them into submission. Imagine your sentence in another context. Would you think it ok if you were spanked by your boss? The police? Your partner? (Maybe in another context…). Don’t harm your children, they are small, tender, impressionable, and love you the most in the world. Be the adult and see through their temper tantrums, shouts etc, empathise and be there for them. They’ll grow up to be as loving and empathetic as you 🙂

Angela May

I felt like that before having children of my own, Layla. And I respect your opinion. But it is possible to spank children without doing harm. My 4 daughter recently unbuckled herself from her car seat and got out of it while I was driving, and to test the limits would not put it back on. I then pulled into a gas station, popped her twice on the behind, and she cried not because it injured her, but hurt her pride. She hasn’t done it again, and she move knows when I say I’m going to count to five and then you are getting a spanking that I mean it. Spanking is necessary sometimes with strong willed & defiant children. It doesn’t harm them, only their pride. The harm is in letting children run the show. What my daughter did was dangerous, and I have no qualms about using discipline to protect her, and she one hundred percent knows her Mommy loves her. I do hear where you are coming from, but I’m guessing you don’t have kids or that if you do you have obedient ones. What you are suggesting is great in theory, but in reality parents have… Read more »

Angela May

Sorry about the typos…I meant 4 yr old, and I meant now knows, not move knows

Everykneewillbow to Jesus Christ

Mario spoke truth. He should not have apologized. These people are sick.

Prophetic Explorer

Please bear in mind folks that these opinions are only held by a small minority of people. It is the media which is actively trying to portray these lunatic fringe viewpoints as mainstream. They create the outrage over stupid crap like this!

Sit your kids down and talk to them about Satan’s schemes. In these times, we cannot allow our kids to ‘just be kids’. Ask God to give you the verbiage to explain it to your kids.

These people know that they are not going to get many adults, IT IS THE CHILDREN THAT THEY WANT!

Angela May

Thank you for the reminder to pray for the verbiage to speak to my kids about this. I feel panicked about it at times.


Trans/h--o phobic are made up/nonsense words ie. newspeak, where the aim is to control everything. By creating a language like Newspeak, they can control the people.

Please explain to me how Lopez is scared of trans people by suggesting a f*ckin 3 year old is too young to make a totally life altering decision like changing their gender. I am disappointed he didn’t stick to his guns (pun intended).


OMG, yes you’re right we are living in an Orwellian nightmare. The gender confusion agenda however is all part of a much wider implementation by the occult elite of the “Age of Horus”, which we are now currently in (manipulated by them of course), and which is also why we are seeing the one eye sign everywhere. Everything is connected.

Truth & Light

I identify myself as a plant – what does that make me? Their dna is still the same. Putting on lipstick on a pig doesn’t make it a human. Its child abuse. Its a sick agenda. Emasculating agenda! Anything follywood supports is just sickly wrong!

Brazilian guy

In my country, trans and lgbt issues are highlighted in mass media also. Everywhere, there are an massive amount of reports talking about these themes,showing happy, successful and empowered gay/trans people. They want to be respected, but they get furious if you don’t agree with their thoughts.

Brazilian guy

* a massive (Sorry)


Thank you for your post. This is just more proof how worldwide this agenda is spreading. We must all stick together on this. I feel like this massive push for more conservative governments has also pushed the left into a frenzy and this is why we are seeing this type of thing in a much more aggressive level.


There’s a glaring contradiction in what the media says we should be thinking about kids and gender. Kids should be raised “gender neutral” with no pink or blue or girls or boys toys or rigid gender roles around to influence them. Unless they or someone else suugessts they might be trans, in which case they should have their “chosen” gender encouraged, promoted, locked-down and legally enforced (even from the age of three) and no-one is allowed to question the wisdom of prescribing puberty-blockers, hormones and sometimes irreversible surgery before they’re fully formed.

That’s not “gender fluidity”, that’s a really strict insistence on the central importance and fixed nature of gender identity, provided the gender you identify with is not the one you were born with. It is a double standard. I’m sure there are trans people who see this too, and don’t like what is being done to children in their name.

D D d

Very important point to highlight indeed: the contradictions.
Gender neutral VS gender manipulation. Both are promoted next to eachother.


The puberty blockers also have irreversible effects…once the time for puberty is gone it ain’t coming back. The results are similar to chemical castration from what I’ve seen in Jazz Jenning’s case.


It’s not “similar”.. it IS chemical castration. These so called puberty blockers are drugs used to castrate sex offenders. There is so much wrong in this world.

Karen mcgauley

It’s commie phrases and slogans to get the masses debauched and believing all this filth is normal…. Satan wants to fashion everone in his image – “do what thou wilt”….

Everykneewillbow to Jesus Christ

Exactly. Are people oblivious to that fact?

Homophobia = Heterophobia


Synickel calling Lopez out as a coward is correct.

The hard truth is we are an era of cowards.

All. Of. Us.

While at the same time what we need so desperately are men and women with HEROIC courage.

The kind of courage that results in them standing up for what is right even though they know it will destroy their livelihood, the peace and security of their family, etc.

The enemies of all we hold dear KNOW THIS.

They intentionally crush men like Lopez to send a message to all the rest of us. The message is:

“Mess with us and we will destroy your life.”

What we need are men and women capable of being martyred for what is right.

And that doesn’t happen without heroic virtue.

And heroic virtue doesn’t happen without a God’s grace and a lot of effort.

We all need to focus on that now. Because this is escalating. And it is going to land on more and more of our laps.

And we will answer for how we respond. Here and at our Judgment.


When you say “” – you don’t speak for me. I have been persecuted for standing against queers and femcunts for decades. Still suffering persecution…


Love of God transforms us.

St. John the Evangelist, at the start of following Christ wanted to call down fire upon a city that rejected Christ.

Christ REBUKED him saying, “You know not of what spirit you are. The Son of man came not to destroy souls, but to save” Luke 9:51-56

But then later John was the ONLY apostle to stand at the Foot of the Cross in LOVE for his God suffering and dieing that HIS ENEMIES might be saved.

And by the end of his life John was recorded as saying over and over and over virtually nothing but…

my children LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

Truth & Light

Why aren’t the tele-evangelists not preaching against this? They are busy riding private jets?


Look into Shane Idleman. He’s a pastor who tells it like it is and has denounced the LGBT culture as biblically sinful. I belive Fox had him on to explain his Christian views. So there are still leaders out there in the Christian community who won’t bend the satanic agenda. But I hate to say it, he’s more of the exception than the rule.


“Trust Christ or go to hell” ?
“Standing against queers and femcunts” ?
And you’re the one “suffering persecution”…
And your comment is being voted up…
What is wrong with all of you? You think this is the answer?
Have you read the gospel of Christ? Do you have any concept of unconditional love? I’m constantly disappointed by the level of hatred and hopelessness I find in the comments here. You want to see the return of Christ? You want heaven on earth? Try loving those who need it most. Try embracing your dear brothers and sisters, your human family, and let the walls in your mind fall away to reveal the truth. Love heals, love transcends, love creates, elevates, motivates, and uplifts the spirit, the body, and this precious earth, into realms that can’t be touched by what you call darkness.
Forgiveness. Forgiveness is everything. Compassion. Empathy. Even for those who cause the most pain. Even for those who seek to destroy us.
This isn’t about us and them… we must take responsibility, be accountable, be courageous, and allow the healing power of divine, unconditional love to move through us and transform this world.


Understanding forgiveness IS the key.

It is something I struggled greatly with. Will likely always struggle with.

But I was taught something that has been a HUGE help.

Understanding forgiveness as God wants us to involves TWO ELEMENTS.

1. We can only forgive the harm done to US personally (or someone we identify very closely as a unit with, for instance a married couple when the harm is done to the unit). So it is not for me to forgive the harm done to my neighbor – that is for him to do — it does not belong to me.

2. Forgiving the harm done to us is just that and ONLY THAT. JUSTICE belongs to God ALONE. We just need to let go of our grip on the hurt.

If one contemplates this it provides tremendous freedom to the person doing the forgiving.

Which is precisely what God intends.

Cool Change

Good to hear that you are in the receiving end of persecution for your persecution. You doughheads never fail to miss the delicious irony. Celebrate good times, come on!

D D d

There are ‘martyrs for what is right’ but they seldom make headlines in the same media. Some don’t want to make headlines even, but still do good.


Yes, there are some out there with heroic virtue. Where there is great sin there is also great grace. They are little bakers or farmers who love God and their fellow men enough to speak up for the Truth — because not speaking up for the Truth not only offends God but also leads to the loss of the salvation — not just their own but more urgently those that are persecuting them. So please excuse my rhetorical flourish of “All. Of. Us.” My primary objective is to make it clear that I count MYSELF first and foremost among those that must work on acquiring virtue. And the Truth is the heroic bakers and farmers are few and far between in this sad age. But ALL of us were given a soul of infinite worth that was meant to love God and be with Him for all eternity. And that includes those who persecute us. Only CHARITY — in the True and Ancient meaning of the word — Love of GOD first which PRODUCES love for our fellow man is strong enough to START to build the foundation of acquiring the virtues we need to sacrifice ourselves — that even… Read more »

The t panster

People like Charlize Theron are attention seeking c—s how can you make a little boy dress that way it’s a abomination if a man dresses up as woman what does a poor little boy of that age know -thats when there’s no man in the house -shes a fuc— sell out


Unbelievable!! ..and disgusting. Thank you VC for bringing this to light. God bless.


What is the response of the thought-police organization, GLAAD, to the claims of organized pedophilia that IF children as young as 3 have “the right to choose” what to do with their genitalia, doesn’t that also mean they have the right to choose what to DO with their genitalia -as in having sex with their genitalia ?
Please note that I am not asking for GLAAD’s response to me for pointing it out, but for GLAAD’s response to the actual pedophiles who are making these claims and will likely make these claims in court rooms and in their relentless campaigns to lower the age of consent.


“being #Trans is about IDENTITY not sex”
Then why the attempt to change sex-related features? It’s contradicting and reaffirms gender as related to sex




He was NOT forced to apologize. He’s a coward.

And that squirrel named Brown, lied when he said Mario said parents should not support a trans child. That’s not what he said.

What a effed up world. Jesus please come soon.


It’ll be fun when you meet Him.

Wendy Reichelderfer

Oh yeah…. You sure SOUND like A Christian whose waiting for the Lord!! ~~~


What makes you an expert on what a Christian sounds like? Or are you just one of those people that are too busy looking at the speck in their neighbor’s eye, to see the plank in their own?


You’re right, I could have used better judgement in how I stated my thoughts.


If he wants to continue having a career in Hollywood, he has to apologize. Calling him a coward is unfair.


It’s part of “the problem,” though. There are a TON of Hollywood actors/writers/etc that are NOT liberal nor are they a part of the occult, but they *don’t* speak up. The minority of Hollywood is liberal/occult, and they just operate like a massive crime family. MORE of Hollywood’s opposition have to man up and take them out. If they all speak up at once, it could be better. The only thing I can think of is that there are GOVERNMENT people in Killafornia that are in the occult, so they back the actors/directors that berate and double down on the defectors. Roseanne makes ONE joke on twitter, and loses her show. Meanwhile the pedophilia ring lives on, while Lady Kaka takes her blood baths in hotels. It HAS TO start with ALL performers against it speaking up. You know, instead of making the occasional “fake” commy sjw tweets to keep the hellhounds off their trail.


No, the correct decision would have been to stand by his words, in a polite way. Not back track completely, thus admitting defeat. It should be OK to have an opinion without being insulting.

He was worried about his job, that’s all it boils down to. Personally I think he should have stood by his words, but that’s easy for me to say from here.


It doesn’t border on child abuse. It is of the most heinous kinds of child abuse. Lopez caved like a cheap house of cards because he was worried about his cushy income. The Most High will look after those who stand for righteousness sake, even if it means feeding them by the ravens.

annihilator of barbarians

It is extremely obvious that the celebrities who have trans kids are satanists who received through the telephone their orders one day.They hope the fans follow the insanity


Or the long standing “cis” female actresses/singers that suddenly identify as “fluid/non binary” after decades of identifying as their real sex. To name a few: Janelle Monáe, Pink, Miley, Emma Watson, and Denis O’Hare suddenly, in recent years of 2014-2016 are now NB or fluid-gender. They 100% had an affect on the idiot 15-24 year olds that now, out of the blue, identify as XYZ QRS gender #56 NB-fluid-alien whatever gender. I’ve never seen so many “non binary” people on social media in my lifetime. Yet, they ALWAYS look exactly like their birth gender, and act “normal” yet require everyone to use their “correct pronouns” they even state the garbage line: “We don’t need to have gender dysphoria or see a psychologist to prove we’re trans spectrum!” Because celebrAtards and Bill Nye the FAKE Science guy said they don’t have to?? This is scary.

Sadie Slays

“Maoist apology” is the term I’ve been using to describe these forced apologies. These are Communist tactics through and through.


I live in LA with my daughter is involved in dance, theater, and has done some commercial, film, and TV work (all background) and she enjoys it. But, I can tell you for certain that the number of post I see asking for submissions for “transgender kids” or “kids willing to switch genders” for the role is increasing at an astounding rate.

D D d

I do not get why you do not leave your child out of that world.
You know you can not win when ‘they’want her. They wait you out, and attack when you can not defend your child.
I understand making money, having a job is needed. And a cute kid gets offers. But you know better. Use what you know. You are the parent.

Angela May

Well said DDd. And further, if a parent is using their child to make money, that’s child exploitation at a minimum.


If you know all this (I assume you do because you are here) you need to get your daughter out of that enviroment.


Thanks to each of you for offering your insight and concern. Your points are valid, just lacking in the full scope of our lives. My daughter’s main focus is dance and she loves theatre. My intention was to state that I could attest to what VC writes about, having access to some of the television and film breakdowns, in that, there are more and more roles for transgender actors indeed. But, by no means is my child ever submitted for any of these roles. And yes, thankfully, I am aware of the industry and what it CAN be, but it is foolish to think that all visual arts are evil. It just isn’t true. And I will vigilantly support my daughter in her talent as a dancer and performer, in whatever direction is safe. And be still on stating that I am exploiting my daughter for money. I will not even dignify that with a response.

D D d

Thank you A.D.for your reply. Good to read you are critical and aware. Do understand the agents are everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. And that they have an extreme longterm supply of patience.
Do talk to collegue-parents if you get the chance. That way you get more information. I hope you have ways to find some trust in that industry and are able to stay sane when every one dealing with your child is overpowered by their own stresses and chances of fortune..
And understand when dealing with the performing arts you are dealing with Demand And Supply. The Market, the paying powers. In dance one can hardly be a selfsufficient source of self-power. Am I mistaken? I do not know that world too well myself.

Angela May

You are playing a dangerous game with your daughter’s life in that fiery pit of the entertainment industry in L.A. and clearly my comment hit a nerve. I was responding to DDd’s comment, not yours. And No parent truly aware of the reality of the entertainment industry in L.A. would encourage their child into that line of work unless there is something to gain personally for themself. I was a successful international stage artist, and am a former occultist, and your daughter is safer swinging around a pole in a strip club then anywhere near the entertainment industry in L.A. May God Have Mercy on your Soul.


I cannot condemn this form of severe child abuse, nearly enough. It is terrifying and how long until they’re forcing it on normal children? It’s gone from gay tolerance to acceptance to forced celebration and silencing of any of the most mildest of criticism, what makes anyone think they won’t start forcing themselves and their mutilation agenda on regular people?

Especially concerning to see that Queer Eye guy as a social worker, as he has legal authority to interfere with and remove children from their homes. This is going too far. When you mutilate children and essentially sterilize them, irreversibly destroy their reproductive organs, mess with their hormones, how can anyone defend this? HOW? If it isn’t the most egregious type of child abuse imaginable, I don’t know what would be.

This country has lost its mind. I am truly considering begging any sane country left in the world, for asylum. Are there any? Maybe Russia?

Rachel Silver

Australias still doing OK

D D d

Try some looking at australia’s politics and headlines.
It has been a testground since the foundation. A testground for mass manipulation and warping of minds by institutes.
They do scientific research in Australia on non-consenting humans too over there. Look up and look around.

D D d

For example: look up the numbers of skincancer on children. Children in the 70’s and children in the 00’s : have they changed since since creaming with heavy chemical sunblocks? No, but the melanomes changed.

Anna K

Many countries in Eastern Europe are turning out to be the last bastion of sanity if you want an acceptable standard of living, morals and freedom too.

D D d

Please do tell us more. It might be handy for when we have to seek refuge ourselves.

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