The Mysterious Case of Elisa Lam


There are mysteries that are so eerie and strange that they boggle the mind for days on end. The case of Elisa Lam is one of them. In February 2013, this 21-year-old student from Vancouver, Canada, was found dead inside the Cecil Hotel’s rooftop water tank in Los Angeles. The L.A. County Department of Coroner ruled the death “accidental due to drowning” and said no traces of drugs or alcohol were found during the autopsy. However, there is much more to the story than what is implied by police reports. The first piece of evidence that needs to be considered is an elevator surveillance tape that recorded Elisa’s behavior only a few moments before she lost her life.

The four-minute video posted on YouTube shows Elisa pressing all of the elevator buttons and waiting for it to move. Seeing that the elevator doors are not closing, starts behaving extremely bizarrely. Here’s the video.

At first, Elisa enters the elevator and apparently presses all of its buttons. She then waits for something to happen but, for some reason, the elevator door doesn’t shut. She starts to look around, as if she is expecting (or hiding from) someone. At 1:57, her arms and hands start moving in a very strange matter (almost not human) as she appears to be talking to someone, something … or nothing at all. She then walks away. The elevator door then shuts and appears to start working again.

Right after the events of the video, Elisa apparently gained access to the rooftop of the hotel, climbed to its water tank and, somehow, ended up drowning in it. Her body was found two weeks after her death, after hotel guests complained about the water’s taste and color. Incredible.

Seeing the surveillance footage, most people would conclude that she was under the influence of drugs. However, Elisa did not have a history of drug use and her autopsy concluded that no drugs were involved. When one looks at the context and the circumstances of this death, things become even more mysterious.

Cecil Hotel’s Dark History

Built in the 1920s to cater to “businessmen to come into town and spend a night or two”, Cecil Hotel was quickly upstaged by more glamorous hotels. Located near the infamous Skid Row area, the hotel began renting rooms on a long-term basis for cheap prices, a policy that attracted a shiftier crowd. The hotel’s reputation quickly went from “shifty” to “morbid” when it became notorious for numerous suicides and murders, as well as lodging famous serial killers.

“Part of its sordid history, involves two serial killers,  Richard Ramirez and Jack Unterweger.

Now on death row, Ramirez, labeled “the Nightstalker”, was living at the Cecil Hotel in 1985, in a top floor room.  He was charged 14 dollars a night.  In a building filled with transients, he remained unnoticed as he stalked and killed his 13 female victims. Richard Schave, said “He was dumping his bloody clothes in the Dumpster, at the end of his evening and returned via the back entrance.”

Jack Unterweger, was a journalist covering crime in Los Angeles for an Austrian magazine in 1991.  “We believe he was living at the Cecil Hotel in homage to Ramirez,” Schave said.

He is blamed with killing three prostitutes in Los Angeles, while being a guest at the Cecil.

In the 50’s and 60’s the Cecil was known as a place that people would go to jump out of one of the hotel’s windows to commit suicide.

Helen Gurnee, in her 50s, leaped from a seventh floor window, landing on the Cecil Hotel marquee, on October 22, 1954.

Julia Moore jumped from her eighth floor room window, on February 11, 1962.

Pauline Otton, 27, jumped from a ninth floor window after an argument with her estranged husband, on October 12, 1962.  Otton landed on George Gianinni, 65, who was walking on the side walk, 90 feet below. Both were killed instantly.

There was also a murder of one of the residents.  “Pigeon Goldie” Osgood, a retired telephone operator, known for protecting and feeding pigeons in a nearby park, was found dead in his ransacked room on June 4, 1964.  He had been stabbed, strangled, and raped.  The crime still remains unsolved.”

– Las Vegas Guardian Express, Elisa Lam, Morbid History Of Two Serial Killers Unfolds At “Cecil Hotel”

Elisa Lam’s case is yet another sordid addition to the hotel’s history and can lead us to ask: “What the hell is wrong with that place”?

The Movie “Dark Water”


The story of Elisa Lam is eerily similar to the 2005 horror movie Dark Water. Dahlia, the main protagonist of the movie moves into an apartment building with her young daughter Cecilia. Both of these names are relevant. Black Dahlia is the nickname given to Elizabeth Short, a woman who was the victim of a gruesome murder in 1947 – one that appeared to be particularly ritualistic. The case was never solved. According to LA Observed, it is rumored that Black Dahlia was at Cecil Hotel right before she lost her life.

“The Black Dahlia, Elizabeth Short, is alleged in at least one book to have hung out at the Cecil and drank at the bar next door before she disappeared in 1947, though cultural historians Kim Cooper and Richard Schave of Esotouric say that’s just rumor.”
– LA Observed, Serial Killer Central

In the movie, the daughter’s name, Cecilia, is, obviously, quite similar to the name Cecil Hotel.

After moving into her apartment, Dahlia notices dark water leaking from the ceiling in her bathroom. She ultimately discovers that a young girl named Natasha Rimsky drowned in the building’s rooftop water tank, which caused the water to turn black. The owner of the apartment building knew about this fact but refused to take action. Elisa Lam’s body was  in the water tank for over two weeks, causing hotel guests to complain about foul tasting “black water”.

The ending of the movie is also eerily relevant: The apartment buildings elevator malfunctions and the ghost of Cecilia’s mother braids her hair. Is Elisa Lam’s death one of those ritualistic murders that are synchronistically mirrored in a Hollywood movie?

Another Strange Coincidence

Shortly after the discovery of Elisa Lam’s body, a deadly outbreak of tuberculosis occurred in Skid Row, near Cecil Hotel. You probably won’t believe the name of the test kit used in these kinds of situations: LAM-ELISA. That is hardcore synchronicity.

No Foul Play?

LA authorities ruled in June 2013 that Elisa Lam’s death was accidental and that she was “probably bi-polar”. That being said, some questions remain unanswered. How did Elisa, who was obviously not in her right mind, end up in the hotel’s water tank, an area that is difficult to access? Here’s a news report describing the water tank area.

As the reporter states in the video, the rooftop area is protected by an alarm system and the water tank is difficult to reach. How did Elisa reach that area? Also, how did she close the water tank lid?

As is usually the case for strange deaths, authorities have been incredibly secretive and non-transparent during this investigation. What truly happened here? Why are there so many strange coincidences? Why was Elisa Lam acting so strange in the elevator? Was there a ritualistic aspect to this death? Why is the Cecil Hotel a hotbed for these kinds of stories? Is there some paranormal stuff going on there involving dark entities? The mystery appears to be whole and authorities do not seem to be wanting to probe further. Maybe I should cite here the slogan that appears on Dark Water movie posters : “Some mysteries are not meant to be solved”.




    • I just texted my friend the same thing. I told her that I don't know what to think or say or feel about this article and what happened to the poor ladyjan. I feel all sorts of emotions.

    • The biggest clue is her hand gestures.

      I have experienced astral attacks and random OBEs and I have moved my hands and fingers like that when I am being attacked or possessed by a non-physical entity.

      It's extremely peculiar and having experienced it, I would recognize it anywhere.

      It should be obvious that SHE is seeing something or is hiding from something. Whatever it was, only she could see it. No drugs, no bi polar, this is possession.

      • Why do you exclude bipolar disorder? The same movements apply there too. The way she stands, slowly moving and then going around, even the way she insists pushing buttons are showing a person who is mentally ill/having an episode.

        What I thought was weird was the way she managed to enter the water tank. Either the hotel's alarm wan't on and possibly misinformed everyone about it or someone found her lingering around and murdered her.

        Before we jump in conclusions -of any type- we should carefully and patiently see all aspects of her death. This woman passed away in a very young age, all alone, who know in what state of mind or if someone did something to her, was found two whole weeks later(!!) and the least she should get is justice and clearing up her death's case. For her and her family.

      • Because Bipolar Disorder is a boring tired term that can not account for all the bizarre circumstances in this case. It is a Cop Out term altogether and in this case was even offered by the LA "Cops" as a Cop Out explanation. It's excluded because it is irrelevant and stupid and inefficient

      • You people are crazy. This can be explained with clear logic and probably relates to some reasonable explanation having to do with mental illness.
        I swear to god, some people just get off on this conspiracy stuff. Maybe find more interesting things to do with your life so you don't waste time hypothesizing about ridiculous theories.

      • Tommy, I don't know if you are aware, but you are at the wrong web site. You were looking for
        Nothing to see here Tommy, just move along, move along…."Baaaaa"

      • Tommy watched the elevator video and got bored, went to the comments section, thought for a moment hey I'm hungry, went to the Fridge, microwaved some Chicken McSilicone Nuggets, chased it with some heavily fluoridated aspartame diet coke, sat back down, wrote his tired comment, and switched the channel back to MTV Jersey Shore

      • How you explain the lift door closing only after she oes out of the lift?….. Some people just have the tendency to press a number of floors when using the lift

      • Bipolar disorder only occurs in people that have been abused, or have been in traumatic situations. It really does not lead someone to hallucinate. Many times psychological "disorders" are media-societal cover-up terms used to convince people that someone has problems, and to disarm the belief that the problems a person has could be caused by another person or traumatic event.

        I've experienced this my whole life and have never had to take meds because I am aware of the difference/truth.

      • Sorry, but you have over generalized a partially true statement to the extent that it is now simply false. According to the highly validated diathesis-stress model of mental illness, psychopathology most commonly emerges when a genetic predisposition meets an environmental trigger (i.e your example of abuse or trauma). That, however, is where your limited knowledge on the topic ends. Approximately 40% of individuals diagnosed with bipolar report a traumatic childhood; yet even so, an MRI or CT scan of their brain evidence the same physiological differences from an average, non-bipolar brain as that non-traumatized 60% do. For example, the ventricles are enlarged in persons with bipolar, much like the ventricles are enlarged in persons with alzheimers and schizophrenia. Hence, genetic predisposition is key. Also, as a bipolar sufferer yourself, you should know that you can be diagnosed with type I, type II, and "with or without psychotic features." The severity between the types varies greatly, and a type I bipolar with psychotic features can hallucinate just as a person with schizophrenia does. And since you used anecdotal evidence, I will back up my scientific knowledge with the experience I have from working at a neuropsychological clinic where I can see this brain imaging for myself, and know it's not "manipulated by the media." The story of the young lady in this article is very disturbing and I highly suspect foul play and also doubt bipolar as the culprit, but I had to clear up your glaring inaccuracy which serves nothing more than to further discredit an already stigmatized population.

      • The disorder you were referring to is called Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD for short). It can occur together with Bi-polar Disorder (BD – that's where you can mix those up the easiest), which is caused only by chemical imbalance in one's brain. Both conditions may have similar symptoms, but are not the same, please remember this before mis-informating other people about mental illnesses, it does not help those who suffer from it and are seeking medical help (which, by the way, can be true help). Thank you for understanding.

        Apart from that, bi-polar disorder VERY rarely causes symptoms seen in the video. The woman is clearly hallucinatung in a way that reminds me either of schizophrenia or possession more than manic or even mixed episode of bi-polar disorder, even with some psychotic features. Example: in the middle of, let's say, washing up, I might just come up my door out and stare through the peep hole for few minutes seconds, then go back to kitchen spinning around, but I still move like I usually do, maybe faster, maybe my hands are shaking, but I don't look like a puppet on strings, and that's what happens to Elisa Lam on the video.

      • I agree with possible schizophrenia diagnoses, paranoid type, by the look of it. Schizophrenia could have caused her to believe that pushing all the buttons or making strange hand gestures could keep away whatever was "chasing" her. I'm not going to rule out the paranormal here, but there can be other explanations that need to be considered first. If she is in her early 20s, that's a prime time for a first schizophrenic "break", in which some event triggers the schizophrenia. She would have showed signs prior to a break, but they can be hard to pinpoint. Many only realize them after the fact.

      • Because bi-polar disorder doesn't explain how she closed the hatch while accidentally slipping into a tank that needed a saw to open

      • True.
        My aunt was and is still subject to black magic . Sometimes , the demon that possessed her would get control of her body and she started to twist her arms in inhuman forms , making imposible moves for a person to do . The person that demanded that she get bewitched was her fiance . He wanted her to give him some of her properties .This is a form of mind control . She didn't know what happened to her , she just insisted on selling her house the next days . My grandma and my uncles tried to stop her , and they got ingaged in a physical contact with her . Once again , the demon got control of her , and pushed my uncles who where holding her with an unnatural force…My grandma concluded that her daughter was bewitched ( black magic is very common in this county of $h*t ) and managed to get her to healer they knew . When the healer started to read the verses , my aunt started twisting again . this time her whole body was doing unrealistic movement….

      • None of us are free – we are all prone to spiritual attack, hence the need for vigilance. If he were truly unable to find a way in then satan would target the people we love which would hurt us just as much

      • That's exactly what I thought of when I watched it the second time. You can tell she's looking at her hands like wtf and she's scared but by her body language she's acting completely different than what her energy puts off. This is some incredible proof of SOMETHING that we need to put our finger on. I don't think this was "possession" as in demons but by more advanced humans or beings that know how to manipulate another person. That is what we need to learn about.

      • Yes but those humans get their powers to manipulate by d3mons. Humans don't have any powers unless they are given to them by God or s***n. The powers given by God are always there to assist others, the opposite is with the powers given by s****n. To cause destruction.

      • I agree with Andrew, take a look back in history. The egyptians didn't just have the advanced technology they did…which by the way we dont even have now to create the things they did. It was definitely given to them.

      • And why would you think it was given to them by demons? Extraterrestrials maybe but demons have nothing to do with this and I think you are seriously underestimating the human mind.

      • True.
        The more I learned about pre flood civilizations the closer I am coming to the same conclusion.
        Everything – extraterrestials magics supernatural symbolic signs and buildings as well as various perversions were twisted and intertwined in weird fashion before that world ended.
        Not to mention that many TV programs on such "staff" are guided by satanists explaining it in a very different way….

      • How can one make the distinction between extraterrestrials and etheric beings (gods/demons)? Hypothetically, anti-matter (gods/demons) could take any form.

      • I disagree. Humans may be using for evil purposes things that were given to them by friendly ETs. As an example, free energy could be used to transform the world in a positive way or to destroy it. Humans have a tendency to corrupt things that are beautiful, pure and positive and turn them into weapons to hurt others. Again, it has nothing to do with demons.

      • friendly ETs? Lol. Like ones that Stephen creates with cute voices and superhero qualities? You have to do better than that kid.

      • How would you know there aren't friendly ETs? Everything is doom and gloom with you isn't it? Demons and blood sucking reptilians everywhere? Where's the proof? You're acting like we humans are sweet pure little virginal flowers that need evil entities to corrupt us. Nope. We do a great job of being insane on our own. Again, no need for demons.

      • No, not really Lily. Infact, I am the happiest I have ever been in many ways. If you were presented with the proof of demons and reptilians, I question whether you could hack it.

      • I question if you know that you are possessed. I question whether you know that YOU personally battle internal demons on the daily. But, I digress

      • If you think you can personally control d3monic forces, you are totally deluded. Only God can assist you and everyone else. On your own, you're nothing, like a worm inside the pits of earth.

      • Exactly – a lethal combination of human arrogance and lack of faith. If King read my previous posts, he would know that chances are I am very aware of my spiritual and spiritualist framework. I certainly don't "battle" demons though – I don't have that fear or lack of understanding which causes people to lash out, lose sleep over things like that. None at all.

      • BluBoy, maybe you should reread some of our posts about fear, respect and compassion?
        I am secular, so i don't have to follow those rules, but i thought believers did.?

      • A bit of a shortcut there. By the rules i obviously meant the ways the holy books descibe to live and act.

      • The only evil is human's themselves. Take people away from this planet, and what other evil is left?

      • Ok, you know the elite do ritual sacrifices to demonic entities that they claim to be their gods, don't you? You know most of them are apart of satanic cults right?

        On American Horror Story The Coven, episode 3, this black lady who's into magic said that, "when the gods see this willingness to suffer to sacrifice, they pay attention."

        That's the mind of the elite. They do not work in their own power. They never have, which actually makes their efforts futile, in my opinion. The illuminated are weak!

      • I agree Kari, you are an intelligent and empowered thinker. respect.

        This seems to be the work of at least one adept with the capacity to operate on the astral at will. I still think other non-human entities could be involved.

        This is absolutely what we should be learning. 99% of people will read about astral attacks and just shout demons! and go back to watching x factor. We need to think about what this incident implies about reality.

        The point is that we each have the capacity to operate on the subtle planes because we are always doing this. LIke a bike is made to ride, so are we made to operate on the astral at will. The trick is to become conscious of these other dimensions.

      • Huh,
        It would be astral thing I advise to someone whom I wand to end life in misery and demonic possession. Except for I never will.

      • You misunderstood.

        Exploring the Astral is like driving a car. This incident is one car, on one road in LA.

        Expand your horizons, I'm referring to Astral travel in general. You already do this every night, you just aren't conscious of it.

        Know Thyself.

      • I completely agree with you. In 2007 of December I had a horrible wreck and died for a bit. My friends that were in the car with me told me that I blacked out at the wheel. A lady that was driving behind me told me she saw my car go out of control and flip 5 times 100ft in the air. 3 of my friends were thrown out of the car as it was flipping and 3 of us were still in the car. Once I regained my memory and had physical therapy and speech therapy I had remembered what happened. I kept trying to tell my mother and other people that I had no control over my body. The demon inside of me was trying to kill all of us. Before that car accident, months earlier I kept having this particular demon talk to me and tell me that they were gonna kill my friends and family along with me. I laughed it off and then had that wreck. Demons are no joke and people need to stop placing mental disorders for an excuse. I've seen enough demons and dealt with several over my years of growing up. When you experience attacks and possession for yourself then judge. Otherwise keep mental disorders out your mouths.

      • There was portal some where in your life that allowed an opening for these demons. The only way to stop this is knowing Jesus as you personal savior.

      • You also shouldn't count out drugs. I have seen people contort their bodies in very creepy and strange ways when on certain forms of date rape, and guess what… These drugs typically are cleared out of the system within 4 days. I know the body is dead so it wouldn't be able to clear the drugs through urination, however, it was decomposing in water, meaning the drugs could have left the body quite easily in those 2 weeks in the water tank.

        It seems very feasible to me that a hotel employee could have drugged her, stopped the elevator, and brought her to the roof using his security pass. The trickiest part of the question is how did she get in the water tank.

      • That's what I thought too Panda, The Cecil Hotel is on Mason St. btwn Eddy & Turk streets, I know because I stayed there for awhile & had several friends that did also. Lots of tweekers, crackheads, & low income long term residents stay there. however, I've never seen any type of "unexplained phenomena"

    • @ approximately 0:32 when she's leaning agaisnt the elevator, the camera is looking dead at her face & it looks distorted & even demonish.. When she moves the face gets distorted meaning she was in facT possesed. Idk if the video was tampered with, but from my observation, this i found weird.. I also felt like a Dark aura surrounding her.. This is really sad, & i'm appalled ppl actually dranK water w/ a decayed body.. Disgusting …

      • hi caroline, I had to take another look after i read your comment, i can see what you mean but i think the picture is just distorted , looks like it was pixelated rather than posessed. But i agree its appalling poor people actually ended up drinking the water. and HOW did she get that lid on.. definately suspicious.

      • Prairiemuffins on

        I also noticed the dark aura. I have seen possession before. It was the first instinct I had as I watch the vid, even before I scrolled down and read more about it. Very potent evil presence in this video. Will not watch a second time, as I have only recently closed the door to attacks myself. N

      • Exactly. I won't watch the video as I only learned to stop attacks on myself a few years ago, and it took a long time to become successful at it. Even watching something like this would open the door again in my belief. Also my children are in the house, and every time I spend much time investigating the paranormal, they start having nightmares, even though I don't mention a single thing I've read to them, of course. It's like the energy seeps through the atmosphere. So, I'm glad there's someone like me. =)

      • How did you learn that? its my instict telling me "its better not to watch it", i want to stop attacks too.

    • This is creepy. In the surveillance video she looked like she was looking out if someone was out there like following her omg creepy. Someone killed her how come they didn't say it was a homicide .

      • Obviously someone who worked at the hotel got her. They had the key to get on the roof, they knew how to disable the alarm and the elevators. If the hotel had a history of weird satanic activity you might want to look at who runs the hotel. hotels are weird places. Think of the Overlook. Also I would be interested to know who her family is, what she did for a living and why she was in LA so far from her home.

    • Good for you Noah. As for me this story is quite as unnerving as our dark corner of universe called earth. The harsh reality is our world does not consist of seas lands and wildlife but rather of spirits curses possessions strange influence terrible truths no one wants to hear and ultimate power of God which protects us.
      This story does not seam mysterious for me. Gruesome, yes. Mysterious no. If you would know what people hear and see and going through in some particularly dark spots on face of the earth ( North East Siberia included ) that would raise even more questions. Which are really easy to answer..

      • You are so right regarding hotels. You might go to a good hotel and women disappear with hotel staff or they are not protected. In other cases the spare keys disappear from the reception and unknown to you people enter your room. Besides, it's a bad idea to leave any money in your hotel room or other personal items. The best is to be sobel if you have to stay in hotels and more than certainl vigilant.

      • My trick is to leave the key in the lock on the other side – harder with card operated doors though there is always a way. Don't leave home without some Holy protection either – I have a tiny, tiny book thing and also an engraved bracelet.

    • I have never seen something on this site and wish I hadn't…I tried to SEE something but all I saw were shadows with nothing creating them and a horrible feeling…and theres a moment you see her face…it seemed…dark. G*d help us

    • Seems to me that given the murders mentioned on floors 7, 8, 9, this girl reached the 'heights' as Cecil has 15 floors, so could be that each had been used for this purpose. It's got to be the owners/management and how many more unknowns unreported have met a similar fate? The poor are easy pickings.

    • If you look in the doorway after she enters, and be sure to look closely, there is a change in the atmosphere and you can CLEARLY see some entity come into the doorway. Somehow the camera has picked this up well. The hair on my arm stood up when I caught it! It most definitely entered her body right before our eyes! She felt it around her but couldn't quite see it so she jumped out with her feet to see if it was there… She also hid from it! I believe a leigion of demons played a role! The elevator was being controlled before she got inside! That building holds a portal that someone put there. All of those who dwell inside and come and go probably have all sorts of demonic entities surrounding them. She unfortunately was an open vessel in a dark place for this demon to have the perfect opportunity to possess then lead her to death.

    • maybe its someone who resides in the hotel whos been doing these types of things for the longest, knows the history of the building the ins and outs and the reason why its famous, things like this tend to attract more people to the location, def…murder, im sure had it been suicide somebody would've found her clothes by the tank since she was naked..or the person or persons involved took it with them…interesting and disturbing…its also probably someone who wanted to become a big hollywood star and never took to fame for lack of talent…they made this hotel their permanent home…and get their kicks doing sick shit like this..i guess as a way to get back at society for thier incompatence…people go ballistic for the most disturbing reasons…and its not the first time that l.a.p.d is questioned for their lack of professionlism…go figure…this is just one story in which they lack the need to their job…theres a number of movies based on real stories, no wonder even the dead bodies of eels floated on shore this week…its coming fast…

    • Everybody is talking about her as "hiding from something" and "scared of something."

      People who freak out won't press the buttons in order!
      It's a psychological disorder.

      • Exactly! She did NOT look scared. She looked like she was having fun, the problem is, it was creepy fun. Like she had the mindset of a child and was playing hide and seek with friends.

        The way she played with the elevator buttons, (after pressing the buttons, the door moves a little then retracts and stays open… someone else was controlling the elevator), then kept stepping in and out of the elevator anxiously waiting for her "friend" to find her, returning to press the buttons, and stepping out again, not even waiting for the doors to close… it could be a mental disorder. She COULD have an imaginary friend or spirit that she was playing with.

        If she was scared, she wouldn't have acted like that, she would've pushed 1 button, waited for the door to close, it didn't so she'd run and take the stairs.

        The way she took her steps like a malfunctioning robot is what scared me most, some steps were erratic and others were in perfect form… she seemed bored and excited at the same time. Possession is possible but whatever was going on, she wasn't fighting it. She was embracing it. Like she was in a daze.

        I, personally, don't believe it was her first wig out. If possession, it wasn't her first time and I think the atmosphere of the hotel mixed with her past attacks meshed into each other.

      • I completely agree, she looked as though she was having fun. I do believe it was possession though. She talked to something before leaving. I believe that something led her to the rooftop. Funny how after she talked to that something she left and all of a sudden the elevator worked perfectly fine. Its horrifying how her death and discovery of her body came about.

    • Jesus, super creepy, I actually knew this girl too, she was friends with one of the teachers assistants at my school and I used to cut class to hang out with her in the hallway. She seemed normal…so weird

      • Well, if you knew her, maybe, y'know, she was and your judgement is more reliable than online speculation

      • Is it looking in its own newsfeed instead of global? Maybe there is a default to 'protect' you from exploring ..

    • i agree i researched it and it turns out that this was all based on a movie made before this all happened and this really freaks me out cas it happened on my birthday. this was a heart breaking feat and the movie had a remake and the daughters name was ceci coincidence i think not.

    • I know who committed this crime. He was recently found to be the responsible party involving a similar death at the Biltmore Hotel in the same neighborhood. the victims family sued the hotel and a civil suit revealed that the guilty man is named Arthur Smith. This is his m.o. There are 2 other dead women in Atlanta in a hotel that he worked at as director of security, just as he had at the Biltmore. The victim from the Biltmore name was Laura Finley. look it up.

      • there;s absolutely nothing relating him to elisa lam. also its stated that he took a picture of Laura Finley's dead body, not that he killed her.

    • We have an elevator that does that too at my workplace (I work the night shift). It does not scare me because my mind is all about work. Watching this video however gives me a frightening perspective.

    • Did anyone notice that the last time the elevator door opens there is something red outside of the windows? It is just dark out all of the other times the door opens and closes.

    • Alright guys, I've came out with a logical conclusion. No demonic possession or whatsoever, let's hope this might be the reason of the weirdness of this case. What I think was, she might be talking to someone in the hallway(possibly the killer) before she enters the lift. The killer might be trying to talk to her and preventing her from entering the lift. She left anyway and decided to enter the lift to get away from this person. Perhaps she didn't expect it to be that serious, so she didn't press the first floor button to escape because she didn't thought of the killer as a big threat to her yet. She did have some awareness of the situation and decided to press three buttons down or up I'm not so sure, to confuse the killer and get away from her. The thing is, the killer was fast and stood outside the lift and pressed the button to prevent the lift from closing. She then looks around as if expecting the killer to enter the lift and attack her. But this killer is smart enough to not show him or herself infront of the lift because he/she knows there is a camera there. She decided to get out in frustration and reason with the killer who is at the side. She probably is someone who uses a lot of hand gestures when talking as even I do it sometimes. You may find it weird the way she steps back in the elevator in order playfully but it's probably because she just didn't want to turn her back and go back into the lift because at this time she already feels the danger and gets suspicious of the killer. She is aware she's in danger. So she steps back in facing forward. She gets out again because she knows there's no way the killer will let go of the button. She puts her hands up on her head due to frustration and decides to leave by using the stairs. The killer sees this and let go of the lift button and waits for the lift to close before following her through the stairs, kill her and drag her up to the water tank. This killer must have been someone working in the hotel because he or she seems to know the security cameras around well and managed to get the keys to access to the water tank. Either that, it's not a staff but he managed to work with a staff to get the keys(possibly a bribe?). The lift door then closes after the killer released the button me opens on another floor, a floor that Elisa has pressed previously as per normal. I think the lift is not malfunctioning. There is someone out there beside her. This case needs to be solved. She doesn't derserve to die like this, there must be justice. I hope the police can work this out and capture the killer asap.

    • This gal was simply murdered and her body dumped into the tank. There's no way she would have accessed that area on her own. So people start using your heads and stop reading occult in every story you see.

    • She doesn't appear to be in any distress what so ever. If I were in the danger or predicament she supposedly was in, I would have been in a state of hysteria. Panic would have overcome me. Yet we
      don't feel that panic from her. She seems to be in control.

    • The elevator is being controlled by someone not a ghost. I believe she is not a bipolar. I am Asian, and I am certain that most Asian girls do that hand gestures when being terrified or being scared. After knowing that the elevator is not working , She instead took the stairs and unfortunately the killer followed her after controlling the elevator and did the killing. who might be the killer? Maybe someone she knows? or just a stranger .

    • ANYONE NOTICE in the elevator video how outside it was black and then the last time the door opened it was all red outside!??? WTF????

    • How does a student from Vancouver end up in a place like that in the first place?
      Drugs- reportly not! Prostitution- no prior history.Thats a big leap from Vancouver student to the sleazy LA Hotel. Didnt they retrace her steps the night of the murder, especially after her behavior in the elevator .Yeah whatever evil bastards.

    • Supposedly a physic said a man working at the hotel described as big, not to bright and mingled with prostitutes was under the control of a dark entity who controlled his actions and killed the girl …he had keys to the water tower , etc. The physic he may not even know he killed her.

    • as i said:

      the elevator thing is the strangest — anyone in or near LA that can investigate? Has anyone ever answered questions about why the elevator operates so strangely? The way the doors open and close at the end is truly bizarre.

    • It's possible the elevator not working is related if it's an employee? What's with all the fog in the elevator then?

    • Here's what i think happened:

      In the video, she is clearly High. Not necessarily on her own accord, someone probably drugged her. But anyone who's ever done acid or shrooms knows that she is acting high, like on some hallucinogen. For example, she gets on the elevator and she ducks down and gets really close to the numbers in order to see them. That is what you do when you are on acid, because the world is spinning and the walls are melting and you can't see anything clearly unless you get really close and focus… So she's high, and she's hiding from the person who most likely drugged her, and the elevator door won't close because that person is standing outside, pressing the buttons so the elevator won't close… The killer knows that there are cameras in the elevator so he won't get in… When she gets out of the elevator and starts making those funny hand signals, she is trying to tell him to go away, or to leave her alone, but her hand signals appear strange because she is so high and confused. The killer stops pressing the buttons and lets the elevator close. Then he either snatches her or coaxes her to come along with him. When the elevator opens again, it is on a different floor, we know this because the walls are a different color.

      What I want to know is, what floor did this footage happen on? The killer was probably staying on this floor…
      As for all the articles saying she was probably not on drugs, they said the toxicology tests would come back in eight weeks, and then no further updates were posted.

      • I agree with this. LSD dosages are incredibly small ( smaller than ANY other drug ) so isn't it possible that after marinating for two weeks in a water tank the drug would no longer be detectable?

    • She is acting like she is on LSD and considering how small of a dosage is required couldn't it be possible that it wouldn't show up in the autopsy?

    • I don't know if it's just me but at one point it looked like she was inviting someone/ something into the elevator by her hand movements

    • Could these be MKULTRA guinea pigs and this hotel is used for this purpose to instill fear in the masses in a supernatural hoax? Everything we do matters and suits someone's agenda.

    • Just happened to land in this webpage.
      Its difficult for me to even say this, but I try to do my best and i got to put this somewhere. This page is related to the case. Maybe she was dreaming. I shared that dream way before it happened. September 14, 2011, to be exact. Yes I know its weird and not something I wanted to see, in any way.

      I feel so sorry for everyone close to her.. Its horrible. Such a lost. I wish I could have inerviened at any level. I knew this dream was somewhere near opera houses in LA, with a tank in a rooftop, because I recognised the tall buildings that can be seen in horizon from the roof. But pinpointing origin of location for something that is so faraway is impossible with google earth. God, I tried. I really did spend time to find the location. Felt really silly doing that based on a dream of course, searching location for "dream".
      I saw: the shilouette of tall houses in the horizon. Symphony orchestas playing and i enjoyed to hear those both (two orcehtras), Nokia was somehow involved in one of those with banderolls, japan fishes were swiming in a tank, swimming with me, i wanted to dive, and i did. I swim with them. I was really happy. So much bubbles. Big blue curtain eventually fell on top of me.
      Its so hard for me even to write this.. I could not do anything, without any real location, or info, when there is nothing to report to anyone. No news no nothing back then, i searched for years- now and then – anything remotely related…When i found this I was..I was sad. Its too accurate. I wish I didnt.
      Maybe this has nothing to do with any of this anyhow, just something i saw earlier and waked up 5 am shaking to write it down. I just needed to put this somewhere. This changes nothing.
      I am just so sorry.

    • Well i agree there is some foul play involved here and the hotel history is creepy but after watching the video a few times where i was initially spooked now i think she was trying to get the door shut and after trying buttons she was thinking maybe there was a sensor somewhere and was acting strangely trying to set it off in a goofy 21 yeat old way after that itdoes look like she was talking to someone but it looks to me as though she was numbering off all she had tried to shut the door im not saying im right lm just saying this may not be what it appears at first glance given the history of the building a supernaturel explaination is plausable nust not the only one.

    • I realize this reply is a nearly year too late, but just as an FYI: ELISA stands for "enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay". It is a common medical test, used for detecting antibodies for everything from AIDS, to Lyme disease to a variety of allergies, in addition to TB.

      Sometimes a coincidence is just that — a coincidence.

    • I cannot reveal who my employer is but I would like to share and possibly shed a little light on this subject. Recently I was assigned to see that the local authorities finalize and close the case of the Elisa Lam. First off for all you nay sayers and doubters that keeps our society at bay better open your eyes and think about it. Are there only 3 dimensions within the space we exist in? If you really believe that only 3 dimensions exist then society is even more mundane then I originally thought. There isn't anything extra extraordinary about the case of Elisa lam, I've experienced many unbelievable cases, to this day some still scare the wits out of me and haunt me as well. This case is only publicized because of the water issue additionally its not everyday or for that matter I'm not even sure if there is even a case of a suicide by drowning in a holding tank of drinking water on top of a high rise. My job is to make sure that cases like Elisa's doesn't make it to the mass media for reasons obvious to me. I'm going to conclude this post by just stating that for all you, ask yourself when you get that feeling that you're being watched whether day or night and your neck hairs stand straight out or something catches your attention from the corner of your eye but when you focus of whatever was caught from your peripheral vision nothing is there and you just dismiss for whatever reason, believe me something is or was there. I promised all of you that this isn't something like a demonic possession or for that matter has anything to do with God when in fact it's about matter. When you ask someone what's the matter it will mean something completely different when you finally do understand it, light or dark makes no difference.

    • The video has been edited in a few spots. Ritual or not this girl was murdered. And to add to that she was murdered by some one or a group of someone's who has the power to edit videos police hold as evidence and not have a single one question the obvious edits that show on this tape. 1) when she renters the elevator for the second time before the pressing all the buttons that don't move the elevator. 2) also an edit is clearly done when the elevator finally closes for the first time hence the "violent door close" or what happens to be the door just jumping forward faster than usual.

      Anyone else notice that the hallway is gray/black but towards end of the video the hallway has a reddish color. Again showing this video has been seriously doctored.

      No demons, no ghosts, just plain old LA murder by people allowed to.

    • another weird thing about this case that was not mentioned in the article is that the movie Dark Water was based in an asian horror movie with the same theme

    • To blame this on bipolar disorder is ridiculous. My gf and i both suffer frim bipolar dissorder and never once have either of us acted this way. I do not take meds i dont believe in being drugged out but my hf does and im telling u right now this is not normal behaviour for someone like us.

    • Her behavior clearly shows that she is being watched or at the very least, she is acting in a way that implies she has an audience.

      This makes me think in terms of ritualistic activity as well.

    • Toomanycoincidences on

      Anyone saying 'just coincidences' and 'homo sapien have a tendency to see patterns' need to rethink their thinking. Such arguments don't explain anything. It only gives you a possible explanation when nothing seems to make sense. The fact that this instinct has always been so vital to our survival only means you need to respect it.

      On another note, your upvotes count is now 66.

      • DoorsOfPerception on

        The reason that we see patterns everywhere is because the entire universe is made up entirely of formulas. Nothing happen for no reason and nothing is coincidence. Which is what is so scary about this. Someone or something was stalking this poor girl and it's pattern is that of a ritual.

    • SearchingSheep on

      Clearly…the fact that the kit used is EXACTLY Lam's name backwards! There's now way out of millions of people in the world, Lam died the way she did and in the same area where the kit was used. I've read (mostly with the help of this site) that satanic acts act involved backwards and reversed words and imagery; this is a reason why most music nowadays that are played backwards contain satanic concepts.

      Thanks again VC! you confirm alot of truths that are claimed to be "conspiracy theories" not conspiracy theorists im a truth seeker :))

      • Yes but I bet if the identity of her parents was revealed, her name would not seem like so much of a coincidence after all. I'm afraid it is too obvious to be a coincidence and she might have been raised for the role of ritual sacrifice.

      • But how old is that test, though? It would have to date back at least 21 years if thats her birth name.

        Fun info about TB: "The World Health Organization, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and US government are subsidizing a new fast-acting diagnostic test for use in low- and middle-income countries. This will reduce the cost from $16.86 to $9.98. Additionally the test can determine if there is resistance to the antibiotic rifampicin which may indicate multi-drug resistant tuberculosis and is accurate in those who are co-infected with HIV. Many resource-poor places as of 2011 still only have access to sputum microscopy."

      • Our current President? I have trouble concentrating on that whole BC mess, and most stuff concerning him.

      • Because of all the coincidences with the hotel shape and multiple breakdowns of her own name and initials, I would say the god El.

      • Interesting this ritual drowning sacrifice of an Elisa/Elizabeth happened almost exactly one year after the ritual drowning of Whitney Elizabeth Houston who supposedly drowned in a tub on Feb. 11, 2012…
        ALSO, at a hotel.

        "Pauline Otton, 27, jumped from a ninth floor window after an argument with her estranged husband, on October 12, 1962. Otton landed on George Gianinni, 65, who was walking on the side walk, 90 feet below. Both were killed instantly."

        Pauline Otton 27………. 2 + 7 = 9
        George Gianinni 65….. 6 + 5 = 11

      • OMG, I just did a simple name meaning search and there it was.
        Meaning of "Elisa"………………..
        English name In English, the name Elisa means- consecrated to god

    • I've been gang stalked for over 6 years by the feds and this appears as she was going through the same thing afraid from hearing electronic telepathy and your right she was most likely a distant cousin of the Li family whose some of the founders. I see a lot of madness coming from Los Angeles after hearing other victims stories and knowing Hollywood is filled with dumb asses in the illuminati cults who want to be gods.

    • Concerned Stranger on

      It seems to me she either sees entities or hear something that possess her to do this as this is bizzare! This is not accidental IMO unless she had mental ilnness. Otherwise, there is some sort of dark arts used against her that caused her death.

    • I was being a tab bit curious so i decided to spell the name of the test kit used named LAM-ELISA. Spell it backwards it spells ASILE MAL which is French for asylum evil. So her name is backwards so flip it back wards and it is Evil Asylum.

    • WHAT FLOOR was this footage taken on? the top floor? her own floor? what is weirdest is how the elevator would NOT close. someone had to be holding it. her gesturing outside in the hallway could have been at an assailant. while inside the compartment she attempted to hide and flatten herself up against the corner.
      what are the chances that she just stumbled onto the roof and into a SECURED, locked water tank? NIL.
      No one followed up with the parents. that is strangest of all.
      someone employed by the hotel itself did this? look at the illuminati dates of some of the other incidents-
      2/11 etc
      brainstorming- is this place connected to occult activity? Mason ownership or like Laurel Canyon (Manson) with CIA MK Ultra ?
      Documentary on the Cecil would be quite fascinating

    • Michael Price on

      There's no evidence of ritual anything. Her body was found in a water tank, possibly after being murdered. That doesn't mean there's any "ritual" element. Her behavior is bizarre, but we can't even assume that it has anything to do with what happened to her. For all we know this happened HOURS or even DAYS earlier.

      Murder, sure, but what evidence is there of ritual? Making up significance is not evidence.

    • I know, right?!?! I am disturbed on so many levels right now. I think seeing the video was just……flat out scary!! How can something like this happen and NO ONE pushes for justice?!

    • Dystopian and Victoria
      While i am having hard feelings from many stories similar to above mentioned your sincere response make me scratch my head in totally perplexed state of mind.
      Hey have you never known that we have a priority to live in deeply spiritual world?
      Did you notice that being embarrassed and engulfed with fears or anger wont help anyone?
      Are we not chosen to have protection from above against powers beyond our control or understanding?

      As for justice.. Are we on the last judgement yet? Then.. Well you know how system works. Even ugly perverts with some money and no secret societies connections often get away with their deeds… With connections it is even more horrific…
      And for me it looks that in this particular case we will never learn the truth. If she was killed by humans or else ..If this person had ever had any serious bouts with occult trying to invoke something it can backfire in exact same way as it look on video. No I would not go on guessing. One I know for sure – we are all here for a reason. The mighty hand of the Lord is more than able to lead us to guard us from evil to show the most superior level of knowledge. No questions will be unanswered for long. Reality is much more simple than it seems. Instead of stirring things up in my mind and heart I would rather rest all disturbing troubles in Him. He will reveal.

    • I'm surprised how everyone has failed to see the probably most creepy part of the entire video!!!

      3:23: the elevator door closes (and seems to work fine)
      3:43: the elevator opens on a DIFFERENT FLOOR!!!, the wallpaper is different!

      It seems like "something" in the elevator perhaps went UP a few floors, to possibly complete the sacrifice!!
      Notice that it took almost 20 seconds, which means that the elevator either went far down or far up. It most probably is far up. I bet that if the elevator had gone down it would be at the reception floor – not likely after an incident like that. It was going UP!

      And also, no one had pressed the elevator button, since no person was present on the other floor. That means that something inside the elevator pressed on something, perhaps what floor "something" wanted to get to.

      Is it just me or is there a dark entity in the center of the entire video??

      • Seriously Yaz, when I watched the video it was midnight and I pretty much stopped watching right after she starting doing that weird stuff, it scared the absolute crap out of me. I didn't go to sleep until 3am and I slept with the light on.

        BUT I did notice that there was like a blurry spot right in the centre of the elevator, so I might have to rewatch it tomorrow when the sun is up…

      • I slept better than ever though, 9-10 hours without dreams. Feel sorry for the young girl. Hopefuly she's in a bteer place.

      • DoorsOfPerception on

        Oh my – dude – when that door opened again, I don't know if it was the angle of my computer screen but, it looked like that scene out of the Shining with the Elevator/River of Blood. For a second I really thought that it was coming towards the elevator. This scared the hell out of me, but my mind was just playing tricks. That hotel seems to have it's own life source, and not a pleasant one at that.

      • There is approximately a minute of cut footage and some footage has been slowed. She was already on the 14th floor (13th in reality) and the hotel has 15 floors. A ton of different stuff could have happened in that minute, and why was stuff slowed down, anyway?

      • DoorsOfPerception on

        Why did they do that? I have seen the 'original' footage (it's available to youtube) minus the minute that has been cut. My money is on that you probably see the perpetrator. But it makes no sense to slow it down – it's just as creepy at normal speed. How do you know that she was on the 14th (13th) floor at the time?

      • I don't even know who they might be, so why is not something Id be able to answer either.

        I know because I saw pictures of the hotels elevator button thing – the buttons she was pressing, one of them was "14" but it never lit up. Indicates that she was in fact on the 14th floor. Could be that the light was just out on that floor and wouldn't light up, though. She is rumored to have had been staying on floor 4.

      • DoorsOfPerception on

        Well played!
        So it begs the question – what was she doing on the 14th floor? I guess we'll never know!

      • Many good theories. I posted a very interesting link on page 7 of the comments if sorted by date. Not only is the video sliced and diced, but frames are duplicated in specific spots.

      • not 100% on this, but I am pretty sure a dark entity would not need to use an elevator, it was probably moving because Ms Lam pressed all the buttons before she ran off to do whatever..

      • Its a different floor thats why..elevators move up and down i dont know if you know that

      • I thought I could see shadows too, but the video is grainy, so I FELT it instead. Horrible.

    • There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Don't be scared of these punks in pumps at the Bilderberg Group there days are numbered.

    • I'm seriously creeped out by this, but I have to do a research of this for my exam. So, I have to do it.
      I'm gonna have to watch a happy video first, before resuming on my research. Oh goodness…

  1. Habitual, grave sin opens one to the influence of the demonic.

    The influence of the demonic is not limited to green pea soup spitting full possession. There are various degrees and types of diabolical influence.

    Influence or infestation of these various types can impact entire families, over multiple generations, or buildings.

    • um totally with you on this…. Of course, when you talk about possession people think you're bat shit crazy but just look at this. Just got off the phone with my husband and he started saying "I read the article and I'm freaked out I don't want to watch the video" I just keep saying something is horribly wrong!

    • I agree with you Kathleen, Demonic influence doesn't just come like that, it has to be invited, in some shape or form. (no pun intended)

      • go to Emmanuel tv on YouTube for more on this type of incident… be warned though you had better be prayed up and your life right before you do so if your not those entities can and will enter you through the doorway that is opened up by fear….remember God said in his word that he has not given us a spirit of fear but of love so any time fear comes with anything you know that it is not from the Lord.

      • "any time fear comes with anything you know that it is not from the Lord"

        Then most organized religion today must not be from the Lord

      • Most people in Western society today are Luciferian in my opinion. I don't see them as being non-believing or unsure or adopting Eastern spiritualism. A friend might email me to say 'I had a dream last night and x,y,z happened as though it were completely real – I don't even know about/care to know about the stuff you know about'. I say to them that just like the slumbering majority, they are playing ball with the devil in their ordinary, every day, intelligent, cultured, lifestyles involving, in an average year, a few episodes of recreational drug taking, a few sexual liaisons, lots of film/music/culture. Sound like anyone you know? (…..everyone). That life is NOT good enough to save your souls and the devil will toy with you until one day, you get thrown the curveball you could never see coming.

      • God is love and love is difficult to achieve. We are all for the easy ride that's why we can't reach God. Easy peasy to be a luciferian, enormous task ahead to be a Godly person.

      • Dear amaryllis,
        ~ Sound like anyone you know? (…..everyone). ~ Someone I definitely know. But not everyone far from it. Do not ever again go to that extent. Please! Plenty of us get our facts straight sooner or later..

      • Well, maybe not everyone hvns but def most of them … cd just be the people I know form an abnormal sample?

      • You can invite it simply by watching violent/scary movies over and over again, letting your immune system weaken, playing violent video games, etc. Not exactly direct invitations.

      • Comedies might have the same effect, Gladys. And the extra twist can be as easily put in comedy as in drama, as the programming still reaches effect. The situations in a comedy are just as easy tot copy for the public. Even the stupidity, as it is funny to copy, it seems. And, especially television sit-coms. Ever wondered why there is some much product placement for example? Because it works.
        I like comedy as well, but it is not only content-less fun.

      • Programming is programming. None of its good (though its not to say I manage to stay away from most of it).

      • Yes, but if you are aware of this and recognize it for what it is, you can look at it more objectively without falling prey to it and without it destroying your psyche.

      • Hate to break it to you, DDd is right… Comedies do in fact have the same influences on the mind that scary/violence/dramatic movies,shows and games have. Being happy effects your mind as being angry or being sad does. This is a HUGE misconception among the popular that being "happy" and "positive" is always a "good" thing… It's not always a "good" thing. It deludes you from reality just like being angry or sad does. Thus, letting your guard down. You only watch comedies cause it feels good. These shows, games and movies are drugs that you do not physically inject or intake into your physical body.

      • You need to have to have a direct invite… And it's not just violent or scary movies that can incline someone to actually lead to a direct invite – this can also be with comedies or good feeling movies/shows/games. You're letting your guard down when you're happy. There's a misconception that being "happy" is "all good"… There's a good proverb out there – "don't make choices when you're happy, angry or sad". Happy is just an emotion just like being angry and being sad is and being happy deludes your reality just like being angry or sad does.

        The media plays a huge role in swaying people's mindsets and letting their guard down. And now with the internet and smart phones, it's just getting worse day by day. If God and the devil does exist, I would say… the devil is winning.

      • Don't not agree with your first premise, at all.

        If emotions delude your reality, then how is one to feel to be able to experience their own reality?

      • When people watch tv or a movie, i think, it is most of the time not a moment for selfreflection, sc. But when one watches tv, it might be a good thing to be in touch with yourself.. as always. It is full of triggers in all spectra of emotions. The strong ones are obvious, but it is everywhere.
        But i do like a well written comedy. And there might be a lot of spoof, parodie, confronting in it as well. When i mention for example American Dad, a lot of folks don't get my point of view, so i like to thow in Dennis Potter as well.

      • Whoops, typo. My comment should have read "do not agree" not dont not. Thats a really big difference lol.

      • You are a master of reversal now. The dislexic part of me probably got it at the first attempt, ha.

      • I remember reading the creator of the Web bot project never watches scary/horror movies due to his belief in the collective conscious.

        He may have a point as this is at the very heart of dark Invocations, spells and symbols in the various media forms. They hope that it will be picked up by the sub conscious then enacted by 'sensitives' or as with direct programming their MK slaves.

        This is the belief that our thoughts create our reality ( then given extra power/emphasis from the emotions)

        Sometimes the results are subtle such as passing cultural trends i.e. particular fashion styles or slang words other times drastic…… perhaps this case is one example .

        Whatever the truth 'accident' just doesn't make sense .

        May she rest in peace

      • Dante the Wind on

        There is no evidence to prove that the things you named "weaken the immune system". I'm a human biology/Psychology major and I don't understand why anyone isn't the least bit skeptical about what could've happened to Elisa. There are many factors to consider. For one, what is her medical history? She must've had something more severe than bipolarity and it must've gone undiagnosed. Also, alarm systems and doors are known to malfunction. And how could there only be one witness stepping forward? Somebody else has to have known about this…and the fact that nobody stepped forward makes me believe she wasn't alone that night. This is possible because we see her 'hiding' in the elevator. For all we know, something – an unnerving incident, could have set her off in a hallucinatory or delusional state, and something could've snapped in her head. As for the location being at Cecil Hotel, this could be another coincidence. The last suicides were from decades back! People commit suicide at hotels all the time. Relating this to a horror movie that happens to have the same plot – be it a generic one, does not increase evidence of supernatural phenomenon. Seriously, where's the Sherlock Holmes in you people? You all sound like you live in the Middle Ages.

      • Lets go over a few things. Your reading comprehension skills are not quite up to par, for the way I wrote my sentence did not indicate that the things I named weaken the immune system. Typical college candidate. If one lets their immune system weaken (poor diet, overly stressed, lack of essential vitamins + minerals, etc), they are more likely to become sick on multiple levels. Is that true? WHO KNOWS. Ive found it to be true for me. You think the things you learn in college are the only truths in the world? Hah. Hahahahahahahha. Good luck with your status quo, government mandated education and your "facts". Facts can easily be manipulated. The truth is far more wiggly than a bunch of strung together facts.

        Nothing like a college educated twit thumbing his nose at others. Heres to hoping one day you rinse the college out of your brain and open your eyes. Cheers from the former Literature/Philosophy major.

      • Amen……for the knowledge of this demonic demonized world makes one boastful, proud, arrogant, and ignorant. That's what eduction in the western world does to know it alls. This world cover so called sickness up with technical names and more sorcery (meds). We haven't seen nothing else! It's going to get worst!

        But, I'm just a dimwitted person and don't know nothing at all.

      • I know less and less every day. Eventually knowing completely nothing is one of my major life goals.

      • It becomes beyond amusing, more or less a face palm moment. It takes a higher IQ too transcend the little bubbles of indoctrination that are so easily formed around most of us as children, breaking free to truly understand empathy and the human plight, sadly holds tight to the uneducated. I sincerely hope some of these people can strip off that bubble, and invest in a little "higher learning" most of these people don't believe in stories or mythology, or fables of older religions, there will be a time that the archaic belief of this nature will also be forgotten, people will wake up.

      • Letting your immune system weaken is a sin?!
        I'm sure Jesus got exhausted healing and preaching and His immune system got run down and HE never sinned.
        How utterly silly and non Theologically based.
        Do you make this stuff up as you go along?

      • sittingcoffin on

        Your comment – hilarious. I needed that.

        Surprise: EVERYTHING IS IMAGINARY. Everythings been "made up," especially theology. Have fun with your short mortal stint.

      • I once had someone say to me "Do you know what entertainment stands for?" I said "No" knowing he was coming at if from more that just the general definition standpoint. He said "to enter and obtain you." Think about it.

      • Not really, it can be put upon you as well. Reference: the temptation of Job and his daughters.

        But in most cases, you do something that gives diabolos the legal authority to enter.

    • I'm not sure if this was the intention but I think it's a little dangerous to imply that this victim somehow invited murder through "habitual, grave sin." We know nothing about this young person but we do have substantial evidence that there is a dangerous, highly organized criminal cult/mafia that is committing atrocities in Los Angeles and elsewhere. Instead of attempting to explain this case in terms of demonic possession, brought on by the "sinfulness" of individuals or the population at large, I think it's important to consider other questions more of this world such as: was this individual involved in mind control programming by criminal "handlers" associated with this well-protected cult? Are the CIA-developed techniques of MK programming responsible for the strange, seemingly drugged behavior she displayed prior to her death? I'm not denying the spiritual dimension to these ritualistic murders, I just think it's important to recognize that behind these crimes are real perpetrators who are quite likely human. If we lose sight of that and simply chalk all this up to the appropriate but tremendously broad and vague concept of "evil" we have no starting point for pursuing real justice.

      • It was a spiritual attack as all attacks are that come from these organizations that the VC is uncovering. The humans that sometimes participate still work for the same dark forces under the influence of satan. There is no third party. Jesus defeated these forces on the Cross. We leave ourselves vulnerable when we don't place ourselves under His covering. The enemy is out to kill,steal and destroy by any means. he also flees at the sound of Jesus name because His Perfect Love casts out fear! :)

      • you got it! … Submerging into water is a ritual to bastardize the holy baptism… Falling from a rooftop is the mockery of Satan falling from the heavens. See Satan wants to provoke God by hurting what he loves most. He destroys us in a way that is calculated. This is what burning children at bohemian grove is about. Since he'll awaits many angels and humans fire sacrifice is a small copy of that. It's pure evil. Satans has his way of letting us humans know HE IS HERE! Stay close to God and pay attention. He wants to be noticed! Most of you folk are in denial!! The supernatural explanations are actually more sensible than the natural explanations if u open ur mind.

      • I saw a documentary about secret societies and they showed footage from Bohemian Grove. It is so freaky!! can you believe that many of our presidents and leaders have been there? youtube it—> you can even hear the scary voice and see some of the fire sacrifice. I wish the police could regulate it better; Bohemian Grove is not in compliance with the wildfire laws of California, plus most of the members smoke cigars and marijuana outside in the forest.

      • Wow, a real live Bohemian Witness…please tell all. Wait, i'll grab my herb first. ( I'm sorry, just kidding, Rissa.)

      • So….Gods just letting Satan piss him off for thousands of years? Using his most loved and precious of all creations, no less. I dont know, why would you worship someone that constantly tested and used you? Worship, of course, meaning "to work for". That God sounds more like Satan than Satan.

      • That line of reasoning sounded so emotional. But you have to accept that we are not in control of our lives. Humans were given the capacity to think, the same capacity that was used to build civilizations. With the power of our minds, it is almost possible for us to manipulate everything. However, we can never manipulate how we are going to live our lives. Nature, for example, has its own way to mess with us. So-called "coincidences" can also mess us up. To say that humans are the supreme that they can be the gods of their own is bullsh*t.

      • The Exquisite Corpse on

        Humans may not be supreme yet that does not mean anything really is. Shit happens, even without God or Cults, Satan or, get this, even People. Weird things happen, always have. In this case I firmly believe no one will ever fully understand what exactly happened.

      • I sound emotional? Anyhoo, we have seem the same patterns again and again with "built up" civilizations – primitive states leading to advanced culture leading to advanced technology….which is inevitably lost. Over and over again, this stuff is lost. Basically, it seems like there is a heavy investment in NEVER seeing humans truly remember or advance spiritually, almost like there is a forced amnesia about why we are really here and our true potentials.

        History repeating itself might be a cruel trick and not a relative fact, as it were. To state that humans cant be in ultimate control of their spiritual lives just because there are forces that may SEEM stronger than a human soul to you here is logically a pretty big fallacy.

      • I appreciate your take Aggelos and Meeee. I still feel it's important to not limit this discussion to solely spiritual terms. The tangible political reality of our country (and world) today is something that absolutely demands our attention and ACTION. To say that there is no third party–only satan posessing and controlling individuals' behavior–negates the moral (and legal) responsibility of those who perpetrate crimes. You mention Bohemian Grove which is a perfect case in point. The testimony of Paul Bonacci, an adult survivor of the elite's government-backed child sex trafficking network, reveals that so-called "snuff" films (filmed rape and murder) have been produced at the grove. Gatherings at this location are of course exclusively attended by the men who we ACCEPT as our leaders, both in business and politics. Now, we could reason that the grove is simply under satanic influence and anyone who sets foot there who is not of the Christian faith would automatically start partaking in these activities–or we could start to confront and grapple with the possibility that a vile criminal syndicate is violating every basic, universally understood ethical law and the only thing the public is doing is sitting at home praying and blogging.

        As stated before, I am not denying that there is a spiritual dimension to the crimes being committed. Rather I'm saying that the unwillingness to acknowledge the practical dimension of the situation is a potentially dangerous handicap to we who hope to change this. Pitting the concepts of "supernatural" (spiritual) and "natural" (tangible, concrete, of this world) against each other creates (yet another) false and unnecessary dychotomy. The two concepts are not mutually exclusive; in fact, taken together, they paint a clearer, more accurate picture of what is taking place.

        (For more info on the case that I'm referencing, check out the documentary Conspiracy of Silence; if you'd like to probe deeper, I recommend the book The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse and Betrayal by independent journalist Nick Bryant.)

      • T Mann, your comments are the most intelligent, insightful and truthful of all that I've read, here, and I thank you deeply for sharing such informed words.

        I work in the entertainment industry, and I've experienced, heard and fallen victim to many horrific things — things that were wholly orchestrated and carried out by corrupt, power-hungry and narcissistic humans, not "otherworldly entities". However, it is seemingly impossible to seek justice or expose the truth about what is actually occurring due, in large part, to the hyperbole and (in some cases) disinformation that is being spread by those who are focusing on some intangible, mythological and/or so-called "Satanic" aspect, alone.

        Mind control, covert influence, and organized crime are very real, as are the physical technologies and methods used by the people in positions of power, in this world.

        Unfortunately, every time that someone screams "demonic possession" when a person is abused, raped or murdered (especially in Hollywood, or by the elite), it makes it THAT much harder to actually expose the real perpetrators and to hold them accountable for their horrible crimes. Honestly; though I'm sure that many of the other commenters here have good intentions, they're actually making it much easier for the true perps to evade prosecution, because, sadly, it makes all those who attempt to speak out about the elite, powerful criminals sound mentally unstable or delusional.

        Now, I'm not saying that there may not also be unseen and etheric forces at work, in some of these crimes, but the focus really should be on the actual humans that are behind these terrible and unconscionable acts.

        (And, on a side note, I do wish that people would think much more carefully before publicly posting that Elisa Lam was not a good person, did not make good decisions, or that she somehow invited "demonic possession" or the like, as those are extremely cruel and totally unsubstantiated claims. To those who are making such assertions on this site, I ask you: How would you feel if one of your loved ones had tragically died, and complete strangers were posting such disturbing things about them, without knowing exactly what happened? Please, everyone — show a bit of discernment, humanity and compassion. Her loved ones have to deal with her loss every day, now, and saying such sick things about someone that you know nothing about does not benefit anything or anyone.)

        That said, my heart goes out to this poor young woman and her grieving family, and I thank Vigilant Citizen, as well, for covering this terribly tragic story and for seeking answers. I hope that, someday, the truth about what happened to her will be discovered, and that everyone who might have played a role in her death will be brought to justice.

      • To each of you I must offer applause for a dear kernal of truth lost to these exoterics. The evil of satan is played out here on the physical plane. You would not recognize its deepest magics because they seem completely ordinary to you.

      • I feel what you're saying, and yet…the cult and evil people you describe perform supernatural rituals and have been doing so for hundreds of years. Why would they go to the trouble with all the symbols if it didn't work on some level. There's more going on than we can see with the naked eye, and the bad guys know it!

      • Agreed 100%. And if anything, the "demonically possessed" ones are the perpetrators who murder/molest/harm Elisa and countless other victims and then try to cover it up using smoke and mirrors and stories.

      • @ ZJR – Very well said. Thank you for providing such articulate and much needed context to this discussion, especially as one who knows firsthand what it is to navigate the entertainment industry. I'm truly surprised at the number of people who find it appropriate to respond to the death of a precious young life with wholly unwarranted and baseless judgment of the victim.

        Without going into detail, I'll say that through my work, I have come to know individuals who have been abused in these networks. I'm doing my best to assemble the scarce reliable data in conjunction with direct survivor testimony. If you have anything to share or would just like to connect, contact me at "EmailTMann (at) gmail (dot) com." Best wishes to you and thanks again for your input.

      • I totally agree! All that you've said is true. Let's not dismiss the fact that "people" are used for demonic spirits to dwell. Some folk are so obsessed with power and have spirits that live inside themselves that have manifested over a period of time due to constant sin that stems from a simple temptation. If one indulges in what starts off as temptation The spirit becomes weak which allows the perfect vessel for demonic possession. I'm saying that to explain the on going behavior and perverted nature void of conscious in these powerful people! They themselves are possessed and used to do Satans work all over the world! Remember the battle is not carnal but spiritual ALWAYS!

      • InTheShadows on

        That was an elegant response, T Mann, and right on point. Please know there are others in the world who share your viewpoint.

      • What you're saying is true. The participation of real physical human beings is always required to perpetrate these pieces of black magic or demonic possession. To think it is simply disembodied demons or evil spirits who can do all this on their own is to buy the crap Hollywood is trying to brainwash people with in horror films. A crime like this is always the result of the choices made by all individuals involved. The Bible spells this out very clearly.

        Only an invitation is required on the part of any individual to let the forces of evil gain access, not exclusively "habitual, grave sin", although that is one avenue of access. There are a multitude of ways evil gains possession of a soul just as there are many ways to fight any war.

        The most interesting aspect of the film "The Exorcist" was how the demons gained access to the child. Through the neglect of her mother (who was too busy with herself to meet her child's needs) that led to the child seeking comfort from "Captain Howdy", an entity she contacts through playing with a Ouija board. It then possesses the priest by accessing his guilt over his neglect of his aging mother. That's the real message of the film – that we must search our hearts in order to seek out and change our behaviors that open the door to evil. That old saying "the road to hell is paved with good intentions" is true. None of us are immune to evil and that is due to the original sin of man turning from his Creator.

        I have more thoughts in particular about the most unfortunate Elisa Lam and I'll post below.

        God Bless.

      • Being coy is so charming. I think you know I'm referring to something deeper than "vampire rules". Evil is real and it's effecting all our lives.

      • Yes, the spiritual spectrum does affect all of our lives. Putting stock in manipulative fairy tales (like Original Sin) could also open yourself up to predictive programming and etheric energy looking for a quick fix. Hopefully you do not participate in black magic rituals such as "symbolically" drinking blood and eating flesh. I would consider that ritual akin to an invitation.

      • THANK YOU. I couldn't agree more. Whether or not "demons" exist, the fact remains that people ALLOW evil to perpetuate by committing evil deeds — and then celebrating these deeds via film and 'entertainment.' In THIS case, the evil, possessed ones are the shady characters who killed this poor woman. (Or, depending on which story you believe, the ones who messed with her mind, driving her to kill herself.)
        It's a "chicken vs. egg" thing… does a hypothetical dark entity FORCE someone a person to commit evil, or does a person CHOOSE to act on the crazy thoughts/emotions springing from their mind? Assuming demons exist, don't we ALL still have the CHOICE to either succomb, overcome, or IGNORE?
        Sometimes I think all of this "demon" and "satan" speak is a smokescreen, a way to avoid the REAL problems that exist. Whether satan is a motivator or not, the REAL problem is the elite shadow organizations that commit evil repeatedly, ritually, and shamelessly while laughing behind our backs as we scramble aimlessly. Prayer and positive thinking may HELP on an ethereal level, but prayer alone is not going to STOP them on a physical level.

      • The issue is the etheric that needs to feed off of our worship and misery that creates this power dynamic in the physical. If we could lighten that, we could lighten the physical in time.

      • @ Ms. Adventure – Precisely. It's important for us to take note of the fact that the psychopathic criminals who comprise the global elite are not saying their nightly prayers to Satan and then quietly and passively waiting for things to happen. VC presents a quite compelling case that they are indeed using a dark, morally bankrupt belief system to harness and direct their negative energies toward repulsive goals. But to give credit where it's due, they are decidedly a very ACTIVE lot. To date they have: established a global banking cartel which holds the power to financially decimate entire national governments; sponsored and facilitated a massive arms build-up in strategically important countries and assembled a global militray force at their dispsal, coordinated through the UN; outrightly co-opted the entire American media and fashioned it into an effective tool of mind control to repress, disorient and demoralize our people…and the list goes on and on.

        There would be no need for any of this if this were truly a battle being waged in the ethereal realm alone. They wouldn't waste their time and money on all this if that were the case. At some point, we have to start considering the possibility that the world is being shaped in the image of evil because 1) very bad people are consistently taking intentional, well organized action to MAKE evil things happen and b) good people are consistenlty NOT recognizing, claiming and USING our own God-given power to shape the world in the form of authentic love, justice and beauty. God did not grant us personal power and free will for us to sit on them while we await the second coming. We have these gifts because we are meant to use them. Especially now.

      • Who is to say that that's all the ethereal has inspired? You go over stuff like the Federal Reserve, but there is so much of history we do not know or that's been hidden. The etheric plane interacts with ours all the time, as something other than organic matter possesses our bodies and animates it, and HAS to go into a dream state to survive. These connections are vital; if the etheric realm has been tainted with negative anti matter since Earths (or the Universe's) creation, they are a tale as old as time, and their patterns should reveal themselves in every uptick and downfall of the civilizations that came before us. Every time a new hook is needed, it is provided. Now we have high ELF weapons, the government knows the exact frequency of every organ that operates in the human body (and chemical elements, obviously), our food is supply seems to equal a sneaky poison supply, our water is full of pharmaceuticals and fluoride (at least), our air is polluted, nothing seems safe. Who knows what weapons the Egyptians really had that were removed along with their other technology?

      • Now, it would make sense to for so-called superior humans to coopt the planet in this way if and only if you have a solution for you and your family – what kind of rotten future-topia are you creating that is polluted in every way possible in the future? An uninhabitable one? That doesn't make any sense. To the tribe (or tribes) that have devoted themselves to world domination since who knows when, it would speak to me that the end justifies the means, which is, to be quite honest, demented thinking. You start put with a bunch of leaders at the top of the knowledge pyramid (military industrial complex), and eventually you will end up at that "active lot" point we seem to be at. Who inspires this pyramid layout of power in the first place? Humans? Or were we "inspired" to keep that structure civilization after civilization?

      • The demolishing of the buddha's (i think it was in the Iran-area) some years ago is an example of erasing part of history? Not even a need for e.t.'s of divine intervention, just explosives.

      • History is erased all the time by merely giving the wrong info to the public…or leaving the unwanted parts out. I was referring mostly to lost technology – the Egyptians had tons of tech we lost, and whats to say of what the Lemurians or Atlanteans had? Some evidence of weather manipulation exists to this day. That sort of thing, the advanced tech that is constantly lost then found again, is too coincidental to be a coincidence. History shaping is one thing; lost technology is another.

      • Like that one fossil-like machine that looks like a bunch of cogwheels that is found? Or the images of airplanes and such on centuries old paintings and cave drawings.

      • Stuff like that, yeah. The pyramids, Stonehenge, easter island – no one has been able to say why they really existed.

      • people tamper in black magic and they thrive of its power and it makes them feel superior and very much in control. Man has always been easily persuaded by the thirst for power and recognition which Satan is more than thrilled because we have victory over the spirits and without our permission and cooroperation these demons have no power at all. He has used people to accomplish his goals and yes he has gotten so far the people themselves have lost touch with God almighty and sold themselves for things no matter who it hurts! Being threatened by removal of position and riches all those who play a specific role will carry out this scale of events and those who disobey will be tormented. In order to grasp what evil u see in humans you must begin with what is spiritual dwelling in a world we have yet to see! For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but powers and principalities in a dimension that's only accessed by those who have been chosen by the higher ups.

      • Or was there a death at all? I see proof of her social media sites going silent before her death, but other than that, I didnt see her body and neither did the rest of us.

        Her death preceded a supposed outbreak of TB amongst undesirables in the area. To me, there are just too many coincidences for this not to read as some sort of sacrifice or production starring an asian in an elevator and some suspect witnesses.

      • There is something about her demeanor which mirrors the behavior of death row inmates in their final hour. To me, it suggests that she was actually aware that she was there to be ritualistically sacrificed at some point – the last, panicky moments before she resigns herself to her fate. Her gestures indicate that she was wondering who would be doing it and when and yes, she was possibly a bit disorientated because it is kinda major and she has probably used something to stop the jitters. I hope they would have checked death pact websites and such like.

      • One body language analyst says she was free from fear, actually indicated sexually demonstrative behaviors and joy. Along with her introvert ticks which check out with all of her social media. Very astute.

      • i believe Whitney submissively gave her life for ritual sacrifice. I have a friend who was above her hotel the night of her death! They said she was so sedated and dillusional. She was doing flips around the garden areas and in the late afternoon cursing and saying she was tired of this s*it!

      • Somehow i find the story that she was warned, but did not know the complete picture more logic. The little note to Brandy, her last performance. The drug use is easy to manipulate, as dealers are always close. The quality could be mixed or much much stronger for w.h. unexpectedly and therefore influencing her behaviour and ''adrenaline'' fueled peaks. And even her death.

      • No drug evidence in the room, but she died from a drug overdose, then no police investigation. You cannot die from the drug she supposedly was doing and NOT leave evidence unless there is tampering with evidence. For the police to not investigate that, that right there is a big red flag for me.

        She was in that hotel an odd length of time to be attending a party I think it was? Or an awards show, I forget. Maybe there were ritual things going on the entire week.

      • The room was obviously cleared. Her entourage knew about her habits very well. And the police, well, they are not all so truthfull usually, nowadays, wherever, so especially in Glamourama.

      • Lets not forget the Egyptian sarcophagi at her funeral, if the videos I viewed were accurate

      • Does Robert Conrad have anything to do with it. The richest actor in Hollywood, according to People Magazine, was there at the Hotel during the incident.

      • These are the kinds of questions that need asking. Who was there in the hotel that week? Who were the richest paying guests? Why hasn't her family spoken out? Where did she go to school? What were her interests? Many unanswered questions, but plenty of Hollywood and media directing us towards movies and vaccines as explanation….? Hmmmm…..

      • I read on an old BBC news report that he gave this British couple who were staying there some money after he heard them interviewed about the case on Radio. Odd or what.

      • Well, I read that within hours of the body being removed, new check-ins were made to sign disclaimers to waive their rights to compensation should they fall ill as a result of using the water.

      • here it is:
        Mrs Baugh said: "He drove to KFI Radio to give us $500."

        She added that, as well as Mr Conrad's donation, an anonymous woman paid for them to stay at Hollywood's Hilton Hotel for their last three nights, which was "an amazing experience".

        Talk about creepy…

    • 0:35 there it looks like she is fully controlled by someone else! Arthur Guirdham has from a psychiatrist's position written about a lot of so-called mental illnesses and its often more advanced causes than what the mainstream psychiatry is able to comprehend!

    • If people don't believe demons exist after this then wth??? Plain view. I mean the elevator starts working again cuz the demon went after the girl

    • Yeah. Cause that's a thing. So habitual small tiny sin is ok but grave sin is a problem? Oh im sorry was I the only one that bothered to cross reference the story? She had a history of bi-polar disorder and evidently she was off her meds. Due to the fact they didn't find them in her system. Oh yeah but it was the demons. Yeah…that's what it was.

      • yes because bi-polar disorder is solely responsible for making someone climb into a water tank, then close a massively heavy lid as they're grappling to swim in the water at the same time? Yeah.. that's what it was.

    • Drug use is demonic slavery. Please help anyone you know on drugs. Get them into rehab. Talk to them but don't enable their delusion. I have a troubled child I have been trying to help for years to no avail yet. Don't give up. The alternative consequence for these unfortunate souls is too horrifying from an eternal standpoint. Don't let them slip away if you can help. God bless to all.

    • did you really just say great right up? this isnt great at all…. a paranormal death and if u think i wrong there si no way a human could open the water tank… this isnt a great write up at all it's more of a sad and creepy… makes you think

  2. I don't know as I saw the elevator and the I sworn I saw the devil.if you look well and if you could see his horns inside the elevator its so weird that girl .something somebody possessed that girl's body.

      • Don't get too excited. There are armies of demons dealing with that kind of thing. If the devil turned up in person for every z lister event, he would have jacked in the job by the end of the week on stress related grounds!

      • Well the word of God says itself that he only comes to STEAL KILL DESTROY! the devil finished the job!

      • Weird I noticed a kind of white mist thing as well over on the left side of the elevator around the second half of the video, thought I was seeing things. Really weird!

      • I noticed the white mist as well, but I think that is just a glare from light on the camera lens. I thought it was something weird too at first, but when door closes you can see it was there the whole time and didn't move. You just can't see it when the door is open because of the white floor.

      • Yeah I know what you mean, watched it a second time and it looks more pixelated around that area and at the bottom of the door when it opens and closes, it looks more pixelated when the door closes, not sure if thats just because of the shinyness of the metal on the bottom of the door? Poor camera quality. Still think the hand movements are really bizarre looking though and of course the fact she ended up in the water tank. Weird stuff, its a strange world we live in though and this if probably not as strange as some things that have happened.

      • maybe the white mist was some type of poisonous misty spray~ and the person responsible is someone who works there.

      • where would you get the idea that the devil is in hell??

        he doesn't wanna go to hell, who does? but he will, eventually. plz don't be fooled by the way the devil looks on TV, its a lie. He transforms himself into an angel of light, a beautiful angel, why do you think so many ppl fall for the lie? if he looked like what they say he looks like his minions would be running from him.

      • Advocationist on

        Okay, here's a thing…

        A. No, no horns on the devil, that was an early christian invention to mimic the pagan horned god.

        B. Lucifer was actually the first, brightest, and most beautiful of all things in creation. He wouldn't *appear* that way, that is how he was made. In fact, the rebel angels didn't fall until the period between the Old and New Testament. Literally translated he is referred to as Morningstar and Lightbringer.

        On an note unrelated to the reply, I'd wonder if she was on any psychedelics. They are very hard to test for and I'm not sure are looked for at all in a standard tox screen. Not saying that's the case, I just wonder.

      • Ok, for everyone saying she was probably on some sort of drugs, or was even ill (bi-polar) – how do you explain the fact that the lift would not close for love nor money, regardless of how many times she attempted to close the door by pushing various buttons? Then, after she left the elevator, the door miraculously closes twice with no problems what-so-ever – eerie!

      • A. Outstanding rebuttal.. Precise, Concise & Well-worded.. As a self-proclaimed Grammar Nazi it is not often that I get to say that to anyone.. Kudos to you, Advocationist..

        B. While not personally involved, I have an uncle and several cousins who ARE involved in law enforcement (to varying degrees individually) and I've had enough conversations with them (usually in a "Family Holiday Dinner" setting") to feel confident in stating that in cases of this nature they test for everything you can even imagine that a person might be high on, legal or otherwise. And, actually, psychedelics aren't so much HARD to test for, as they are EXPENSIVE to test for..

      • I saw a face as well … after Elisa disappears from the screen, I had to stop watching because I saw a grey face in the middle of the screen with dark spots where the eyes, nose, and mouth should be. It might just be the camera glare, but it seemed highly coincidental after her strange behavior. If you believe in paranormal occurrences, it's almost as if the entity is showing itself to the camera.

    • Terrified to admit it but I also saw something in the lower right hand corner of the screen. Obviously more visible when the door was closed…WHOA!! All I know. Hate that my husband isn't home right now…

    • My recommendations would be
      1. Install poor quality CCTV in your home
      2. Review footage from a dark/badly lit camera in playback mode
      3. Be prepared to notice strange creatures and shadows and anything else for long periods of time even after you zoom in, slow down and freeze frames.

      Yes I have done it. I saw stuff too. Something resembling a mythical beast sitting under the kids' treehouse. In the front porch area, an old man just standing there in the driving rain a bit like a caretaker I never knew I had! His presence made me feel reassured more than anything else.

      I was concerned enough to playback to friends who independently saw stuff on there too. So what? Cameras are known to pick up supernatural happenings. If you watch Sean's film Greystone Park, I recall that he made the same point more convincingly. I would stick it on a USB stick but I don't have good enough tech skills.

      It could be bad quality of images/our eyes playing tricks on us/unexplained phenomena/bad weather conditions plus bad lighting and shadows – who knows? What would that have to do with the bare facts of the case which unfolded subsequently?

      • Jamammi Mosfriotu on

        TOTALLY! I saw a smudge that looked like Elisha Otis dip under my kitchen table. naturally I ran into the kids room to wake them up and tell em there is a ghost in the house. we evacuated and spent the night just driving around in utter terror. Luckily my spirit guide was able to sell me a vary expensive mirror that reflects evil energy back to the spirit world and I have been fine for days now :)

      • Some of them.. but not as stupid as you are apparently.. Jamammi Mosfriotu.. as in Ja Mammi (your momma).. and "Mosfriotu" is just ENTIRELY too close in both spelling and pronunciation to Nosferatu (title of an old German, Black & White, Silent-Movie version of Dracula) for me to believe that its legit.. especially given the author's repeated use of American Slang terms & syntax…

      • Okay, I never meant that I saw these things as in clearly saw them…more a case of being able to make out forms.

    • Horns? Do you know why you think the devil has horns? Because Christianity took the image of the fertility god, Pan, and demonized it to aid in their persecution of pagans. Now such images are deeply rooted into the minds of people like you. I feel sorry for you. Religion/Christianity will only enslave you to guilt and your own delusions. I hope you can find some real truth in life. Try watching Zeitgeist by Peter Joseph; that should be a good place to start. Have a nice day.

      • yep christianity will enslave you and the enlightened ones will take you down to the pits with their c*ap.

      • i love that the only educated response is anti-religion. Lol. Religion is nothing more than pre-scientific answers to questions posed thousands of years ago.

      • I love how ironic that anti-religious and "educated" people preach "just do what you want, and what you think is right" which is exactly what Mr.Crowley's philosophy was. Atheism=satanism. How bout that? I would rather hold myself to a higher standard and feel like I have God to be held accountable to, then to do whatever the world though was right. Hey news flash, a** banging kids, men, and women was acceptable during Roman saturnalis.

    • I don't see any devil, but when the video got to the point where the door closed I got a horrible feeling, and had to stop. Something is definitely creepy in that video.

    • i fast forwarded and it looked as if she were still there when she wasnt. look in the elevator where she was standing in front of the buttons you can see a faint outline that resembles her as it plays on in normal and FF speed. eerie

    • I saw something myself. It appeared that a dark shadow was mimicing her movements after she had left the elevator for the last time. The shadow appeared to be hunched over the buttons and pressing them. I had wondered if she had left an imprint on the space.

    • Yes she is possessed and the Devil Killed her , threw her body with such force that the man sleeping in the room below was thrown off his bed

  3. why is elevator door cant shut down? we clearly see set up for 3 or 4 seconds to close. so why arent close? and hand movement. she is very nervous. hand movement maybe start or stop something else. is a negative force or something else? Very strange…

    • well someone COULD be on the other side holding the up or down button, preventing the doors from shutting before leaving that floor. And as far as her hand movements, at the end of it I saw her counting on her fingers, as if to say "for one, for two, and for three" maybe reasons why she didn't want to be involved with whoever was out of camerasight. If anyone. Just given the history of the hotel, and the toxicology report stating she had no drugs in her system-I personally can't rule out something supernatural. Oh, this story shook me to the core when I first saw it-as interesting as it is…..I may not sleep tonight over it! I almost wish I hadn't seen it brought back up :(

    • It's probably a delay from when she was pressing all those buttons on the elevator when she first walked in. That happens to the elevator in my school. If you press all the buttons while it's open, the door will open, then it'll wait for a few minutes, then the doors will open and close a few times, then it'll go to the floors.

      • Rachel London on

        Its obvious English is not their first language. Didn't stop many people from understanding. I would love however, to see you communicate so fluently in ANY language other than English. You cock.

    • She hit the stop button and she is dancing to elevator music… She got a lil freaked out when the doors wouldn't shut is why she is acting strange , like shes hiding. She clearly checks to see if someone is holding the button on the outside of the door. Now here is the scarey part. She took the stairway and a employ watching the monitor took the opportunity to abduct her, do whatever and put her in tank. The laps of time in her body being discovered and submerged in water , kills the chances of any DNA evidence. Who was working? Who has keys? who was watching monitor? Nothing spooky but another sexual predator.

      • I think your probably VERY right! And I know how to explain the arms! She has bipolar…… I like seeing mysterious things and trying to solve them… That's how I know that…..

    • Because she isn't pressing the normal buttons. She is bending down and pressing buttons inside the maintenance panel, you can see she opened the cover flap. After she leaves, the elevator resets and operates normally.


      • I hate to break it to you and something tells me I'm not the first person to tell you, but I think you may have a serious mental illness. Talk to a psychologist.

    • This scared you.

      Dear~ idomagirl ~ remember that one of 3 most frequent ways how demons enter human body is FEAR. Are you willing to give them any second of your life ? Even harsh reality is still reality. We wont help anyone or ourselves for this matter while scared. Beyond reasonable apprehension and sensible attitude to our environment I would give in to any sort of fear. My feelings as well as my future and my thoughts belong to the Lord. That is why they are positive ones.

      • But what if the God that inspired the Quran was merely a very possessive demon? He'd request the same, only give fear to him and him alone.

      • If i was religious i would go for a god that deserves respect, not fear. Gods that frighten people to me are kind of threatening, and i don't accept that.

      • FYI the kind of "fear of God " that the Bible refers to ( and I assume that the same is true for the Quran) is not fear as in terror horror or fright but rather the original intent in Hebrew Aramaic and Greek is "respectful reverence" that leads to obedience.

        Its like if some one says that they fear the laws of the state they don't meant they are afraid by them but rather that they have a respectful reverence to them and therefore try to obey.

      • Big oops , hit the enter-button by accident! What i meant to say was : that too many frontmen/women of the religious type use fear as much as the next big government you can think of. Just another branch. If the word fear is used as in compassion, respect and honesty in relationship with community and family, than one should say so. Not waving a big flag with the explanation marked But What If! (Not believing in Christ, not praying, not carrying a version of a holy book, no place in heaven, that sort of thing.)

      • elMagi – Its so refreshing to see that someone has atleast one brain cell. I know exactly what you are talking about.

      • D D d, if you are interested, the original translation in The Bible that says to "fear God" the word that was used for "fear" actually means something more like "intense level of respect." It would not be fear, like to be scared, but more of respect because He is so awesome and powerful. God has nothing but love for us and just wants us to love Him and love others unconditionally.

      • I have similarly read that the original meaning of the word "fear" in this context means "to embrace".

      • See the immense problems that come from man-written religious documents? Lol.

        "No, guys, for real, this is totes the word right from the Lord, I swear!!!"

      • ''You must swear with your hand on the holy book , otherwise it doesn't count for the law…''

      • But this fear is in obedience to Him, in that you fear His punishment when you do sins. Same thing everywhere – punishments and penalties also instill fear in us. Isn't it a good thing that you find murdering and stealing threatening to your being when you consider the repercussions of both. Same thing here. It's a fact of life that there is fear and now you suddenly don't accept it. Funny.

      • They can still enter your body but if you have no FEAR they are alchemically transmutated into flowers and arcane knowledge

    • so….no one ever waved at the electronic eye inside the door pocket that registers if some one is in the way so the door does not close?

    • I am not denying this is quite disturbing, and I know such "darkness" exists in this world. Yet her "arm" movements. It looks like she is communicating with someone, but it kinda looks like she was maybe doing sign language? I don't know a whole lot about it…did anyone else think of that? It doesn't make a different to this tragedy, just something I noticed.

      • Yes exactly. I had the same thought. It looks like she may be signing something. I wonder if she was fluent in AS or knew signing at all?

    • with her hands she seemed to be shooing him away or imploring to be left alone. this is not drugs, or possession but cross-cultural body language. the guy works for the hotel.
      however, due to the long span of decades of tragedy here- esp with the illuminati signature via an almost exact acting out of the film Dark Water? and the LAPD's lack of efficiency to solve this case? this hotel is used as a ritual site by high level perps at the political level. Eyes wider open.
      Premeditated HOMICIDE. Full stop.

  4. Totally unnerving. Perhaps she was a ritual sacrifice infected with TB and dumped into the water tanks to contaminate others. Surely, it would spread all over the place- especially among the poor with their low-immunity from malnutrition and lack of access to health care/vaccination. (Skid Row is traditionally home to the poor, right?) And her NAME…being the reverse of the name of the TB testing kits?! If that's true, I definitely smell satan worshipers. They do lots of things in reverse for their black magick rituals.

    People, your only defense is Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit. If you're not under their protection, then you're susceptible to evil attacks. Some aren't that extreme, but this one clearly was.

    • please, vaccinations? YOu realize that is just a ploy by the gov't to dumb us down and make us sicker while they make money off of us. And we are not routinely vaccinated against TB, only if you are going out of country is it recommended.

      • I reckon she was pumped chock full of live TB and used as a human guinea pig to specifically spread the virus and note it's contagious properties at high concentration. When the NWO progresses, they will have honed that prowess in order to eliminate the goyim. They are trying out the worst things in Syria and (soon) Iran of course.

      • I hate to say this but you can clearly see only 1 side of the medal. What " they" are doing right here before our eyes is way worse anything ever done to Syria or Iran or any Middle East nation for this matter.

      • c'mon HVNS, nuclear attacks on innocent children – did you not see those bodies lined up in rows in the Syria images – that is much more harrowing than a girl who was not of sane mind and unlikely to have been god-fearing (based on probability) who may or may not have come to a bad end because of the actions of others whom she may or may not have had dealings with.

      • I think hvns is referring to a broader scope than this one case – GMOs, chemtrails, mind control, sexualizing of children, degradation of morals, poisonous vaccinations, etc. The USofA is one kind of experiment in evil and the Middle East is another. Which one is worse or more evil is hardly relevant and is only distracting from the real issue. Evil is evil.

      • Syria is a higher level of evil – the other issues do matter to us but don't compare in terms of brutality, cold blooded-ness and inability to defend against the evil

      • There is no fresh air though – it's full of pollutants and whatnot. that's why MJ was wearing those funny masks and that was decades ago.

      • There is no fresh water either unless you have enough money to purchase high quality bottled water and even then, the pollutants in the water soak through your skin when you shower.

        May things are being sprayed in the air in chemtrails – heavy metals, chemicals, nano particles, dried human blood, etc. have all been documented and we have no choice but to breath it.

        Cancer, diabetes,heart disease, autism, autoimmune disease- all are skyrocketing in this country.

        There are many things right here that we have no way to protect ourselves from. I realize what you're saying about the horrors of war. I'm just saying horror comes in all shapes and sizes.

      • what does it matter if she's god fearing or not? If she's a victim of some government testing, as you're suggesting, how will God help her? Seen as he's supposed to be benevolent he would help all of his 'children' if he could, whether he is feared by them or not!

      • hvns – You said, "What they are doing right here before our eyes is way worse anything ever done to Syria or Iran or any Middle East nation for this matter."……..Err, I don't know if you can open your friggin' eyes but what they are doing in the Middle East, IS what THEY ARE DOING in front of our eyes. You Imbecile.

      • If this was a ritual sacrifice that some elite force had been planning, then alot of time and consideration and "surveillance" went into targeting the perfect sacrifice. If the 2005 movie was some sort of warning then we know that at least 7 years of plotting had been done. And your point about only TB test was recommended when leaving the country, well she did leave Canada to come to the US. I know your probably meaning country's at hight risk of disease but if they had her targetet, because of her "unique name" for instance or for some other reason they could have; gave her an incintive to move to LA , then through her preparation to move made her believe that it was required for her to have a TB vacination (ultimely infecting her with it). So many questions need to be answered. Why had she moved? Did she move for school, had she obtained a scholarship? What was she studing? If it was healthcare, TB vacinations are usually required. Who were her friends? Did she have handlers? Why was she at the hotel? A few thing that jumped out at me was last name Lam. The first thing that crossed my mind before even reading the article was LAMB.

      • I agree with you.. My youngest son doesn't have any vaccination because my husband told me that this is just a marketing strategy…

    • More like… if you're in a bad place you're more susceptible to evil attacks. Making that statement is basically saying it happened because she didn't have Christ in her life, which you don't even know, and that is an insult to ALL murder victims.

      • As far as I am concerned Skegeeace is much closer to the truth than your not so respectful remark.
        Yes we as Christians can easily become victims of crimes and even murders. History of True Christianity is written by martyrs. And to some extent it is another term for crime of murder. Last pages are not even written yet – ask in Burma Nigeria N Korea and Laos..
        But true Christians could never be suspected to demonic attacks. We are not afraid. I do not fear any haunted place. I do not fear presence of demons. We are not concerned of dark science of magics in any form as we have full protection. What I am saying is there is clear distinction between demonic evil and human evil. Knowing stories that I wish no one would know how people got attacked by invisible one and lost their minds and lives I feel for this hapless girl. However what makes me adamantly confident is Divine protection guaranteed from above. He is faithful and true. We are to be faithful and listen for an inner voice forewarning us of any danger. I know for sure nothing will ever separate me from His Great Love.

      • It sounds arrogant mainly because you refuse to acknowledge your propensity to be less than perfect . even for a matter of seconds. We are prone to faltering because we are human beings and the reason that we are on trial in this life is precisely for that reason. Not one of us is impermeable to spiritual attack every single second of our lives. You come across as sounding so sure that you cannot be touched that non-believers would immediately pick up on that. It is surely a form of arrogance which could ironically lead to blindness.

      • Didn't Christ say there would be many who cry out in the "end" that they believed in Him and so should be saved and He responded "I never knew you." Many people who believe they have Christ in their hearts are sorely mistaken. No one "owns" God's protection. It is given or not given by grace. All we can do is to humbly ask for it. Self-righteousness, pride and arrogance are very distasteful to God and dangerous for the eternal soul.

      • One last thing – if there's a difference between Satan's evil and humanity's evil, then there must be a difference between God's good and humanity's good? So we are autonomous and have no need for God's goodness to be good ourselves and no need for Satan's evilness to be evil ourselves. This seems to negate the need for either God or Satan. Isn't that called atheism?

      • Hate to break it to you but The BIBLE is fiction. Religion is "man made", to control the weak and the poor. If you picked up a detailed book on Astronomy which has been published in the last couple of years, common sense would explain that.

      • Have you proven it is fiction? And what of common sense? Common sense, astronomy, science changes over the centuries, but the truth of God's salvation will always stay the same.

      • DoorsOfPerception on

        Has ANYONE proven it as real? There is no "truth" to god's salvation; they may as well be fairytales.

      • It would be common sense, then, to think that is the "being saved" having the same aspects over thousands of years would be indicative of the same entities inspiring the matter. Consistency has nothing to do with truth.

      • Have YOU proven it is truth? The gospes weren't even written until over 70 years after the death of a man who undeniably influenced his followers. Kerdi, you are of course welcome to your faith, and I am glad you find strength in it, but your conviction does not qualify you to insist that others believe what you do. There are those of us who believe that the one true entity worth worshipping, nurturing and protecting isn't some long-dead and gloriously deified person, but the very planet which sustains us all. The Native Americans knew this to be a fact long, long before any attempt was made to indoctrinate religious followers into a cult of blind belief. I am never astounded at the sheer audacity of fundamentalists, be they Christian, Muslim or any other stripe, regardless their creed, they view those who disagree as inferior. Sadly, most of us who don't believe in turning the other cheek will be too damn busy to protect you when the screaming hordes take to the streets in what you will no doubt view as a "biblical" end of days…'s not biblical, it's inevitable.

      • 70 years is plenty of time for the people that were actually around during his life to pass so his story could be coopted into the morass its become today without anyone raising a hand in protest. Christianity was the first great taxpayers cult.

      • True, but 70 years ago it was world war II.

        Plenty of primary sources, participants and family of participants (myself and my grandparents included) who heard direct accounts from those involved still around. There is a possibility with this, as well as with the non christian/christian accounts of Jesus that details are forgotten or altered slightly, written through rose tinted glasses etc…. good reason to remain cautious of all sources of historical information.

        However; my concern is that some people use such problems with primary and secondary sources to dismiss everything. My favourite ignorant comment (or rather, least favourite ) being 'there is no proof whatsoever that Jesus existed'.

        Overall, It's food for thought, and should be at least looked at by people before they claim outright that no Jesus existed. I agree that it is, at least, probable that his story was co opted to form the organised religions that are Christianity.

        Where the accounts of his life end (both Christian and non Christian) faith, personal beliefs and/or rejection takeover. That is where i agree with Jim no-one has the right to INSIST others believe as they do, it is personal choice, I just hope that more people make considered and informed personal choices, rather than blind or ignorant ones and remain tolerant of others.

      • Exactly. And we know almost nothing about WWII. Does anyone have the guts to say the Anne Frank diary was a total fraud? To talk about the severing of fingers of opposing soldiers that they had slaughtered? To discuss how Je wish organizations refused offers to remove their own from countries like Germany because their goal was to establish Isr ael at all costs? I know of relatives of soldiers on both sides of that war but they know only of their combat. What was found in the camps. None of that is complete information, in fact, it is enough to easily manipulate the saga for public miseducation, which is what it has been used for.

        Perfect example. Thank you.

      • You have never been in the presence of true evil or you would feel the fear well up in your heart like a shocking jolt so intense it takes your breath away and the feeling of death creeps into your lungs. Christian or not, all men fear what they can't see and what they can't fight. And what they can't understand terrifies them.

      • What Sylvia is saying is a fact, so drinking the water contaminated with Elisa's remains couldn't spread TB.

      • DoorsOfPerception on

        TB is found in animals but there is NO proof that it can be SPREAD into humans via digestion.

      • TB is not just airborne. It could be transferred through droplets from the infected person like saliva, mucus, etc

      • Exactly, droplets of saliva or mucus delivered to the AIR, thus AIRBORNE……… It's good to remember that TB is a highly infectious disease : just 1-3 bacteria are enough to adhere to the lung epitelium and colonize it, IF they reach the alveoli. In conclusion, if you ever were on a crowded subway or bus, chances are big you carry the TB agent, most of us do. Most of us are assymptomatic and will remain so for the rest of our lives.

        It doesn't spread through water.

      • So if your saliva or whole DEAD body is in a tank of water, and you have TB, it wouldn't spread to people drinking that water??

    • I am sure now that the TB was the false flag. It was a quiet, under reported, under investigated little sacrifice on a significant date

    • you know what is even more freakier? the TB test is called the "LAM ELISA" test. google Lam Elisa and you'll see. now I have goosebumps

    • Even before Elisa's case, there has already been a test for TB called Elisa Test. It's been used for quite awhile now and it's not just a test for TB but also for other kinds of communicable diseases. It might just be a coincidence that her name was Elisa. Besides that, this story is still quite creepy

    • Amen. The Holy Spritit/God/Jesus name is our spiritual cover. People don't realize how vulnerable we are to evil forces in sooo many ways, subtle and sometimes obvious, like this. I wish more people would embrace God's free gift of Jesus, and no, I don't mean religion.

    • Michael Price on

      Ok let's count the stupid. 1) why would a "ritual sacrifice" be needed to spread TB? 2) Why would anybody need to be murdered, let alone ritually sacrificed to spread TB? 3) If that was the purpose then why didn't ANY of the guests come down with TB and why wasn't she found to have had it? 4) : And her NAME…being the reverse of the name of the TB testing kits?!:' yeah because biology works on reversed names you idiot. 5) Who haven't helped anybody as far as I can see. 6) And by "clearly" you mean "I want to believe this was an attack by supernatural forces and so it is.".

  5. The way she moved her hands reminded me of the way my bearded dragon "waves" her arms. Same wrist-down, flat palm, fingers-up shape. That was the first thing I thought of. I don't think that is relevant at all, but it startled me how much she resembled a reptile with those movements.

    • Wow your right i used to have one and they move their hands just like that.
      im guessing its a demon lizard. someone do a check on lizard like demons.
      i know there is kundalini which is a snake like demon.

      • Actually in the bible spirits often appear as animals. Spirits of false prophets are like frogs. The Holy Spirit appears as a dove. I've heard Christians talk about demons like snakes that constrict a person and cause pain, a bear that's a spirit of anger, ect.

    • You know, there may be something to that. If you follow David Icke at all, he writes in great detail about " the Reptilian race."

      • Michael Price on

        Yea and those "reptilians" can somehow breed with humans, which is a massively impossibility for anyone who knows high school biology. Also for some reason they morph into reptiles and nobody notices, except people who watch Icke's bullshit videos.

    • Exactly what I also noticed, you dont know how relevant your association is.

      People, you have to search for the materials and lections of Robert Morning Sky – his "Terra papers – the hidden history of Planet Earth" and his "LA Transcripts", where he describes what exactly are the so called lizards and reptiles. Its a hard information to deal with, but than it gets understandalbe what are "demons"and "gods" and what there origin is. We are being influenced just by a hardcore TECHNOLOGY operating on so high levels, that can reach our minds and souls. And than all becomes "occult", "mystery" and "demonic". Outtaspace fuc*ers.

      I wish inner peace to all of you, we have to keep or eyes and mind always open.

    • I owned beardies for a number of years. The arm waving motion is thought to be a show of submission, much like the head bobbing is a show of dominance. That puts and even weirder spin on things, doesn't it? She's showing submission?

  6. @Janice Exactly; I'm a 16 year old African-American male, graduating high school next year. I've been groomed to become an entertainer, ever since I was a little boy. The reason these articles scare me so much is: I overhear my family talk about many of the same things discussed on this website. I've been reading these articles since 2009, and whenever I mention these to my family, they ignore me… as if to discourage me from reading them. I don't feel as if I'm "forced" to perform,–I genuinely enjoy music, dance, and theater–but when I read these I feel like I'm going to end up working for someone (or, some"thing") dark and sinister, that'll end up taking control of me. It's actually taking a lot for me to type this right now, haha. The Entertainment Industry is the only option for a career choice that I've ever been exposed, but this is making me reconsider. I don't wanna work for an entity that ends up leaving bodies to be discovered in water tanks on the roofs of hotels… and I don't want my body to be discovered in the same situation.

    • Noah, you should pursue your path, and serve as beacon and truth-bearer to those less informed. Sometimes the best way to defeat an enemy is to destroy them from within.

      • Thank you for your advice; I've never considered that, it's very insightful. I'll just have to live day by day, and see what happens.

      • We don't know that the entertainment industry had anything to do with this. And yes, it is run by Satanists, but since Satan doesn't exist, they have no power. Just fetishistic rituals.

      • There is nothing that happens in LA that doesn't have to do with the entertainment industry.

        I'd like to hear you tell Elisa Lam's loved ones that this was nothing more than a "fetishistic ritual".

        "They" have plenty of power regardless of where you think it does or doesn't come from.

        You seem incredibly naive.

      • Sam T. Based on shortest glimpse with reality they have a whole lot of power. It is a testimony on satan existence is not it?

      • Noah, beacons and truth-bearers are the first to be murdered. And, you sound like a great kid, and I sure wouln't want anything bad to happen to you. You have to decide for yourself of course, and I know your parents aren't making you per say, but it seems like they have alot invested in you to go that route. However, as a mother with kids ranging from 17 to 8 yrs. old, I beg you not to get yourself into that situation. I don't have any affiliation, so I can't prove it to you-but hollywood is a very sick, demented place that will chew you up and spit you out eventually. I would suggest you do something else for a career, and just keep your acting/singing/dancing skills on the side as a hobby. Just my motherly advice. I wish you the best kid!!!

      • and I just want to add, noah-God has brought you to this site for a reason-probably to open your eyes before going down the wrong road

      • here is your logic: god send me here to read exactly your post so i can tell you what a moron you are. so i can open my eyes the your moronic statement

      • Jessieb I am with you on this one.
        That wont be a safe carrier choice to know things from inside. It is as secure as infiltrating mafia month before the crackdown…

      • You're probably right but sometimes it's much more than just a hobby. And it''s hard to live your live wasting too much time on what you don't really like to do. Of course, it does not mean you should go and make a record deal or something immediately. So it's more difficult than some people might think for those who really love what they do and can't live without doing it

      • Noah, you don't need to go to Hollywood to succeed, people will always tell you that you do, as an entertainer I have also had my eyes opened. I realize Success is going to be harder to come by, but when you have made it, it'll be that much more worth it. You should look up smaller artists and their success stories, there are other artists out there that are happy doing what they do and didn't have to sell their souls. Keep following your dreams, but STAY AWAY from Hollywood no matter how enticing they may seem, just always REMEMBER what happens to their victims anytime you get tempted to accept anything from them, always praying for you in Jesus name

    • Noah, honestly. Your name is Noah for a start, so you should know better. If you've even got a quarter of a brain cell, you will do the right thing. Trust and believe me.

    • You are still very young. And still exploring everything. Give yourself some more time to digest all of it. Keep in mind that whenever you want it, you can quit performing and go look for something different. But if it gives you joy, find ways to keep it joyfull and truthfull for yourself (and yours). Although there are some ''dark alleys you might want to avoid on your way to broadway''.
      On both sides of the truth, there is a lot of deception, so be carefull get smart and go live !

    • Noah, I understand what you are feeling, and unfortunately, the only way you can decipher good and evil is with God. God does not want us to have a spirit of fear. You have to keep Him in everything you do. I was in the entertainment industry years ago…..even recorded a record. Now, I am kind of glad that I didn't get to that level. Because it appears that it has been this way all the time. But, I saw that, every time I reached a certain level something bad would happen. I met a lot of big named producers and promoters. And they were deceitful. That industry is about money. A product….you!! There are some entertainers that good hearted and aren't driven by the "fame" of the industry. Just take your time, learn your craft ( all of it) production, composing, instruments, choreography, etc. And always keep God with you. What about gospel music?

    • You could teach dance, singing, acting to others. If you are comfortable in front of people, you could develop those skills further into another career entirely. You're talented and creative. You'll figure it out.

      You're young. You don't have to make any decisions about a career yet, and even if it doesn't seem like it (or even if your family has told you otherwise) you have other options. But remember, those life choices are yours to make alone. Don't let anyone, including and especially your family, make them for you.

    • Noah, I make music too, but as the bible says you can not serve two, you can only serve one, if your parents are molding you to go into this career, be weary because this is the norm in the ent. industry as you can see from this site and others, Michael Jackson was subject to sexual molestation at the hands of his father Joe. Joe pimped out his boys so he could reap the benefits of their fame.

      Pray, Pray, Pray and Pray some more.. God speaks to you, just listen, and if you ever need anyone to talk too you can find me here

      • There is talk of the Jackson family being a CIA experiment to see if talent could be instilled into an entire family of children. Ritual abuse would then be expected from the parents.

      • I am serious that I have read those words on a computer screen, and I did not come up with it myself, yes. Is it true? No idea, and hey, those kids were raised and entered the scene in the 60s when the military industrial complex was becoming awfully interested in controlling world events through popular culture. So who came first, Joe Jackson merely being abusive and shaping talent or the military industrial complex getting a hold of a low income family that decided to go for money and fame without seeing the ultimate consequence? MK Ultra seemed to have at least glanced upon the family.

      • You could say that she has a lot of "inside" info. Amaryllis I know your mother comes from a "you know what" family lol and "Heismyshepherd" if you really do some research, I mean good hard research, you will find out for yourself and honestly the truth does set you free because you feel it on the inside (just like what happened to me) & no-one can take that knowledge away from you

    • Hi Noah,
      I admire your courage in speaking out about this. You will definitely be in my prayers. When you feel like you can't turn to anyone around you its a sign that you need to turn to God. He's the only who will always have your best interest in mind, I've experienced this for myself. You need a great amount of strength and its the type of strength that only he can give. Pray. It doesn't have to be fancy, just speak to God and tell him how you feel. Keep your head up and don't fear.

    • Yes. Model yourself after the few (and I mean VERY few) who have remained in God's light. Get in touch with the actor, Jim Caveziel, who played Christ in the Mel Gibson movie "The Passion of The Christ". He has a youtube channel and a website and is a devout Christian.

      Stay as close to God as you can. It's a treacherous road you're on, but you may have been chosen to walk it. Don't let anyone pressure or tempt you to do evil with your talents, not even your family. God is your true Father.

      I was in the entertainment industry myself for many years and your fears are not unfounded. You're doing the right thing by studying this website as you will need to be fully armed with the truth to negotiate those waters.

      Giving your heart and soul to Christ, reading the Bible everyday and praying for protection are your best defenses against evil. And remember to fear God and His judgement, not other people's opinions. They are just people like you and this is your life.

      God Bless.

      • This is not a case of police incompetency. It's clear this was covered up, so don't be naive. It takes a good deal of skill to make Elisa's death look like an accident.

        The elevator was working. She pressed a specific sequence of buttons including the door open button and some elevators are programmed to stay open for longer than others. It would make sense that an old hotel might let the door remain open after pressing the open button for a longer period of time than say an office building due to guests with luggage needing time to disembark, though the length of time the door is open is really long,so it implies something more.

      • How do you know Caveziels public face isnt a programmed alter? He looks possessed with spirit, himself…a little overenthusiastic and preachy, IMO.

      • We don't care about Cavezel, whatever his name is. He was very handsome in the 90s. That's all.

      • We know we are also wicked & we get influenced by evil. We also know what we admire and it isn't evil. Now bwcause we are far behind which we are aware of, it doesn't indicate that we have to be delighted about it and despise the ones who are without evil if you get my drift. Those have a better relationship with God, they are humble ones and approach goodness. We are a different kind of peeps, however it doesn't mean we have to refrain from making the effort to become better.

    • I also meant to say that there is evil everywhere. Jesus called Satan the Prince of the World. Don't let people try to scare you and convince you that there is somewhere safer than Hollywood because there isn't. The upper middle class suburbs of America have their share of murderers, child rapist and satanists as well as does every place on this face of this planet, including churches and charities. That's why Christ said "be in this world, but not of it."

      Don't give up your dreams for false security. Find safety in your heart by giving it to God everyday.

    • Hey kid, I don't know if you are a real person or not (you know how the Internet can be) but I randomly saw this story and remembered hearing about it on the news. I saw your comment and was concerned with people's response to you. I don't know what is in the water that all of these fear spreading people leaving you comments are drinking but Hollywood is not run by satinist or dark evil powers? It's an industry like any other that is fuled by money and naturally there are going to be the type of people who will take advantage. Even in the churches, look at the problems even religions are accustomed to. Don't take his the wrong way, I'm not bashing your religion if you have one or anyone's religion but any industry that makes money is in some way corrupt even some charities. The goal of a successful person in the music/film industry is to steer clear of deceitful people and have a lawyer look over your contracts if you get to that point. Don't let people that are afraid of everything keep you from perusing your dreams. The world can be as dark as you want it to be but it can also be as bright as you want it to be. Surround yourself with positive people and be true to your heart. Focus on what you want to happen in your life , not what you don't want! I can't stand to see a bunch of fearful adults try to talk you out of perusing your dreams or going to hollywood.

      • It doesn't state that the ones that want to go should be dumb robots. And i read hollywood in this one as ''entertainment industry''.

      • Trish, sorry but Hollywood IS ran by Satanists, whether you like it or not. Work out where it gets its name from. Hollywood is a fabricated view of reality and life. Smoke and Mirrors. A dream world. NOT REAL…..Good night

      • Of course – it is a world fabricated by them and it can only serve their desired purpose. You cannot choose to play their game on your terms or believe that you can do this by outwitting them or double-bluffing. That beast is more powerful than any human being hitching a ride on the freedom train. Most spiritual people would not even go there so anyone who does cannot be as solid as they like to think. If you were, then you would be dropped like a hot potato

      • Furthermore, there is no point in doing your own thing in music in a small town far away from LA . If it's enter-tainment you are making, then your objective is to enter young minds, play a role in programming them even if this renders you a puppet within their grand scheme. Look at Justin Beiber and others who started out online – Hollywood came knocking on their door as soon as they proved their credentials as programming puppets so they ended up there anyway.

      • Well, I think this topic gets into aesthetics too. I'm in a Sound Healing course, for example. I'm sure these programmer people prefer some types of music more than others… not so much say, gently uplifting sacred music or – I don't know, reggae.

        I know with any kind of retail shopping situation, for example, the music is always upbeat, energetic – they want you to be almost manic – buying, buying, buying…. The occult social programmers have their own preferences. They want to take you into dark weird places, it seems… & some defiant mania & disassociative magic is okay too.

        Noah… maybe check out the world of 'conscious music' – ? Someone like Michael Franti, for example… his music is too positive & uplifting to be used for programming! So he plays mostly hippie & yoga music festivals as far as I know… he's part african-american, i don't know… could be some inspiration to you. I know there are many other similar artists out there too… the Roots are another group that come to mind… De La Soul… keep it earthy & positive, that's my advice… the Illuminati don't seem to be so into that sort of thing!

      • What Trish said is exactly how i feel. Thank you Trish.
        I know an amazing woman also called Trish, she shares alot of your viewpoints. Maybe it is you? LOL who knows…..

    • Don't fear Noah for God has given us the spirit of Love, Power, and a Sound mind. If God has given you the gift of song and dance then do it to the glory of God the Creator who made you. I won't like, this video kind of freaked me out too, but remember…..Greater is He who lives within Us, then he who is in the world. I"m praying for God's love and never ending protection over your life.

      Your life and destiny is what it will be. I feel horrible that the poor woman was killed in a horrible and wicked way. But just because you may end up working for top executives in the music business does not mean you'll end up like that. Just remember to always put God first, don't sell your soul to the wicked one, and enjoy doing what God has put you on Earth to do. God bless and wishing you uncommon favor, blessings, and a beautiful life. :)

      God Bless You.

    • Noah you are sixteen. You know the score. Nobody told me what to do when I was sixteen. Don't think you can go into that industry without getting your fingers burnt along the way (not just figuratively either). However, that is not to say that the same would not happen in an ordinary job either. That is how we learn. It all depends upon whether you need to make those mistakes for yourself (some of us do) or whether you are risk averse enough to take other people's word for it and forgo this chance. Only you know the answer to that.

    • Hi Noah, If you dont mind….
      I'm curious to know what you mean by "been groomed". One of my friends was in the entertainment industry and is looking to find out more about his past. He too was "groomed" since he was born, to be in the entertainment industry but went through some strange things, even to the point of being told his family were not biologically related and he was raised to experience life a certain way so that he could write and act out his accounts. Very Strange. He is looking to find others that went through the same thing. Thanks.

      • RealHausFrau on

        Wow, Rose-your story intrigues me as much as the story we're discussing. So, if I understand-your friend was given up to a non-biological family to be 'raised'. But, rather than being raised normally and organically, going through the normal (in whatever sense) rites we all do, just dealing with them as they come……your friend's life has been engineered in a way? Others 'made' forced situations , scripted his life, if you may? They did this in order to produce a certain type of person that they expected would be a good book/tv show/movie….whatever? I've read and researched many, many bizarre things-but this is nearing the top!

        I am fascinated by this and wish that you or your friend could expand on this story somehow! I mean, we've all heard of kids like Noah, with starry-eyed stage parents who force, or 'groom' their kids to follow a certain path. In a sense, most parents, myself included, consciously…or not……gently nudge or downright push our kids towards futures we believe will give them an advantage in life. We even plan things, like camps or vacations-experiences, that will educate or entice them towards the path we wish to see them on.

        But to purposely take an infant (I'm assuming) and create a completely made up biological/familial history, and whatever else….PLUS….set them up in unnatural, unusual and maybe even damaging/abusive situations is straight terrifying and unnerving. All this concentration, in order to not only plant a seed for their future…but to attempt to create a specific personality: flaws, emotional damage & all….in hopes of making them famous…or infamous?!

        I know that some 'scientist' have, indeed, used their own offspring in some horrific mental & behavioral experiments…..but even they were fairly upfront about it, and there was (as far as I know) a planned or forced end to the abuse. Your friend's situation… is just……mind-blowing.

        Please share more, or ask your friend to…if you are both comfortable with it, because….it did turn out to be a story worthy of being documented somehow, if it's the story that has my mind racing with questions/possibilities and scenarios. Thanks for sharing as much as you did, please go on!

    • you will be given a lovely pair of red shoes. you will put them on and be unable to remove them, and they will make you dance until your body hurts. you will be unable to sleep as you keep dancing through terrible dark nights in city streets and woods, past highways and into the dark crowded fields of cows, unable to speak with anyone every again for all the dancing.

    • Noah, perhaps the most dangerous thing is people telling you how you should live. Please ignore all of these comments to your post. I live in Hollywood. I am a musician. Everything people will tell you about Hollywood and showbiz that don't actually live in Hollywood and work in showbiz is hearsay. They gather their information from tabloids, magazines, and the internet.

      Dude, if you love music and its your passion, then go for it. Its as simple as that. Don't listen to the uneducated advice people will give you. Would you listen to a fat person give you workout advice? Or a poor person give you financial advice?

      • Would you listen to a fat person give you workout advice? Or a poor person give you financial advice?

        I would in some cases, but I am not in LaLa Land I guess

      • Truth, You live in Hollywood. You are a musician. Like all the hundreds and thousands trying to make it big, Fame hunters. Tell me what are the chances of you getting to the calibre of say Michael Jackson, Whitney, Elvis? Very very very slim my friend, because ultimately there is only ONE WAY you can become as big as someone like that because otherwise you will be spending your whole trying to make it in Hollywood and FOR WHAT, hmm?, honestly for what?. You obviously don't understand the concept of Hollywood and why it was created.

      • Whose truth are you promoting mister? What makes you think you have enough distance and control over your own mind and decisions to provide an objective overview? I know some folk in the Industry and some of them do a lot of work in Holy-wood. I know others who have posted on here also have those links.
        Uneducated people? Would you like to compare CVs buster? Or did you mean unqualified to speak?

    • Military industrial complex has a 60 year history of using the entertainment industry, especially music, to promote their own agenda. Good luck!

    • Noah, I can promise you, that isn't the case.

      How could a demon or spirit possess you?

      What did you do to allow that?

      God gives all of us free will–even free will to agree to give up our will and be controlled by others.

      However, no one can take away your free will. It is your choice to surrender it or not.

      I promise you: no one is able to take away your will and intention without you letting them.

    • You're young…free your mind. The devil doesn't exist, people just don't want to take responsibility for their own evildoing.

    • Your soul is more important than anything this earth can give you. Choose life, follow the MOST HIGH and his ways. All these things on earth will pass away, your soul, will not.

    • Hey Noah, everyday the music industury is tell 'us' what they are doing with kids minds and morals. I hope you take the time to understand the meanings or symbols and tell you community about what's going on. Once you understand don't let your family tell you anything else sometime people don't have your best interest at heart-people usually have theire own self interest at heart. Even gospel music is sun worship and not son worship. These 'agents' will show you what they have-i.e. big homes, all the men and woman they can handle, money and no soul.

      look up what GAGA means in the dictionary

      look up What a holly is-hollywood

      people think that horn sign is cool; it's nothing more than paying homage to satan

      These people are called handlers and can make or break you=see dmx

    • Noah, You are very clever and awaken to see things. To be so young and awaken like that is so refreshing.
      Just trust your feelings, only your feelings, heart and intuition will tell you the truth.

      If art comes natural to you then that is your truth aswell. You already have a lot of awareness and are ahead of things.
      TAKE YOUR TIME. DON'T LET ANYONE RUSH YOU. If they don't like it, other people, your family or whatever, tell them you need your time. If they still want to rush you tell them you wana be an accountant or whatever. Get them out of you case.
      People rush in to the industry too young and things can go wrong like that.
      You know the dangers and you know your great possibilities. Study, learn, be patience, develope your talent, your intuition and your knowledge.
      You are clever and talented. If you take your time, learn and educate yourself, then nothing will harm nor stop you.
      All the best.

    • Noah, you seem like a smart young man. I bet there are many of entertainers wishing they had done a little research before they "joined" Seek God with your whole heart, while He may be sought.

    • If I get this right, your parents do talk about this and yet won't discuss it with you… and groomed you for the satanic/music industry… Your instinct is telling you something… I would find some sort of reason to get away from that family of yours… and find out as much details about them, their past, their contacts… Like a sudden interest in ancestors etc. 😉 You could also start looking at … I don't know… scholarship in another place … change of school… something to get you away from them eventually. But you need to make contact with people in the know who will help and support you and guide you. This can't be done in a week… take your time, start thinking, don't talk about this to the people around you. And know that if… just if… you are from a multi-generational family of Mk's they will sense something is strange… so be smart about it and contact people who can guide you, I can't stress that enough.

    • Traditional Girl on

      Go where the love is and avoid dark places. Hollywood is NOT a place for anyone. Choose life and goodness and God will lead you every step of the way. Otherwise, you will be in way over your head. There are plenty of ways to express your artistic talent and dreams. Do not take the Hollywood path. It is only trouble. All that glitters isn't gold. God has WAY better plans for you. Trust Him.

    • Watching some of those actors have going through such strange transformations ending in horrific breakdowns more obvious lately has been a clue that there is a very dark entity out there, the music/entertainment industry. Never doubt what that "nagging voice" or intuition is trying to tell you especially if you do go out there in the entertainment industry with all kinds of powerful influences and temptations playing and directed at you, even if you find yourself suddenly having to leave this country to get away from an "offer" of a 50 million $ "contract" and or escaping to Africa, for example, leave.

      But, don't think that the dark entity exists only in Hollywood or in the entertainment industry. It is wherever and whenever one is vulnerable or unfortunately desperate,despondent even, enough to be bought. Also, here is some advice someone gave me when I was much younger that is unfortunately very true. At your most vulnerable times be very careful of those who want to "help" you, seem to want to come to the "rescue". They may be also carrying along some baggage as well.

      When I was young wrong at least hidden by the adults from the children. Today it is openly glorified.

      Get to know yourself very well. God Bless.

    • The best thing to do is find companies that are not messed up in this filth. They are out there. Lifehouse is an example of a band who was signed to a non illuminati company. Look into it, it's worth your life.

    • I'm writing 41 weeks later, so you've probably moved on, but just in case:
      Honey, calm down. People are people, and if your family are discouraging you from reading these things – obviously compelling, but absolutely a choice you get to/have to make — it's probably because they scare you so much.
      There are millions of people working in entertainment; very few end up in disaster (and by the way, this girl was not an entertainer, but a tourist, right?). It's wise to be cautious, but you're filling your head with unnecessary frights — I don't usually read articles like this, and I can tell you: it scared me, and I'm almost fifty-three!
      One time (20 yrs. ago) I couldn't stop reading the collected works of Edgar Allan Poe — they're scary, and especially read one after the other (they weren't really meant to be read that way) but they're so, so good. After a week + of this, I started having really gnarly nightmares, but… I wasn't done with the book. After three nights, I mentioned this to a friend, and he said, "Sounds like you'd better lay off the Poe." So I did. I read something else — another great book. No more nightmares. The End (of the problem, and the story).
      It sounds like this career/success thing is pushing you to deal with adult things, not all of which you're quite ready for. That's normal. Do you see how this fear that you'll be controlled by some dark 'entity' parallels your discomfort that your family is so anxious for your talent to turn into success? Combine that with the crash n burn stories you hear (that's to tell you to be careful, To Thine Own Self Be True, use Common Sense, etc…)
      The real world is enough to deal with — 24/7/365. A lot of people who hang out on this site might disagree with me: that's exactly why I'm taking the time to write to you. You're a level-headed, intelligent person. Most of the time, the obvious solution is the solution!
      Tell your family — those who can take it, anyway — your concerns. Tell them how you feel that they're full of enthusiasm, and that's great, but it's putting a lot of pressure on you. If you still can't get these concerns under control, talk to a regular counselor or a trusted, sensible older person. These are very normal concerns for a 16 year old who already has a career path to have. No dark entities are coming for you! Don't psych yourself out. Then you'll start to falter, and then you'll always be tormented by a different kind of 'demon' — regret: 'What might have been if I'd kept my nerve?" That's the kind of thing that haunts most of us! They say old people don't regret the things they did, but the things they didn't do. I'm finding it to be true! (That's for things that aren't in extremely poor judgement or poor taste, of course.)
      Now, go and do something fun: smell some flowers, play with a dog, look for butterflies. Imitate the birds.. And remember what I said: 'No more Poe, no more nightmares'. Best of luck and take good care, son. — boamcxcat

    • Well you have a decision to make. The Occult is every where ,I was an ex santera and possessions were an everyday thing. When you dance you usually get into a trance and those are usually the seductive spirits demanding time to express themselves. You dance to conjure spirits or demons. You must be careful when you do particular dances, you are being used as a vessel to allow the entity to come through. Are your family members Palo, IFA, (meaning do they worship the Orishas?) Be careful, it's not our ancestors we are communicating with,The Orishas are under the dominion of Lucifer, we are dealing with the fallen and their hierarchy. I saw the being that was fused with my spirit and it was not Oggun, It was the Demon called Katanga. Seek Yeshua and ask to be shown the truth. Don't fear them Either.

    • Hello Noah,

      I would be concerned too and while I hate to discourage you from your dreams. I have simply been seeing the way things go in the world and researching truth to realize things such as this is true. Your life is too important and I'm afraid it may be above you. You sound like such a nice kid and it's great to be a hero, but for just one person, it's too much. I would wait it out, there are people starting to realize what it is going on and as this occurs, we can stand against this together. But please Noah don't try and go up on something like this on your own. I don't want anything bad to happen with you. Put your life first, put your energies into something similar for now and just wait and see as more people began to learn of this. Take care of yourself

  7. DiferenteMasIgual on

    I'm wondering what happened to the hotel guests that noticed (and tasted, they complained about the water's taste so I'm assuming they tasted it…) the foul water…

      • RealHausFrau on

        But, remember-this doesn't seem to be a sort of hotel that 'we' would visit on vaca or a business trip. It sounds like a place that the down-and-out, or drug addicts use as a sort of boarding house when they can scrape up the money. I don't think they are spending their money on bottled water when they can get tap for free.

      • Buy mineral water, IN AMERICA? Why? It's expensive and it's generally chemically identical to the tap water. Who doesn't drink he water in the hotel but does drink "mineral water", which is just water? Not that many I'd guess.

    • Yes. They drank it, bathed in it, brushed their teeth with it. They complained to the hotel management. That's how the hotel staff was alerted to something being wrong with the water supply which led to the discovery of Elisa's body.

      That's how evil and sick the people who did this are. Some did speak out, but they are strange as well. You can find interviews with them on you tube.

    • Yeah, they drank it. One of the said they ran the water for a couple of minutes because it was black and that it had a "sweet" foul taste to it. Yuck…

      • RealHausFrau on

        It was BLACK?! That might be my 1st indication that there's a problem, perhaps. :/ Call me picky or snobby, but even when I travel internationally, I expect my tap water to be somewhat colorless.

    • Yes, there was a British couple that saw & tasted it. I live in LA county, and the radio station KFI 640 AM interviewed them. They had planned their trip to the US using some travel website, and they got a hotel on Skid Row. The interview happened before they knew who the body was. Initially they thought it was a prostitute. And there was a separate new story for the missing Canadian tourist (Elisa Lam). Her parents knew she was missing like the first day because she didn't call. She was a really good girl – no drugs or anything like that. That's why the family knew something was wrong.

      Want to know something terrible? The hotel didn't even comp the hotel room! I guess most of the guests were either foreign or shady, so no one really pressed the hotel for answers. If I can find the radio interview online I will post it.

      This article gave me serious chills and I cant even bring myself to watch the surveillance video. it's like watching death. I am all about trying to open my eyes, but damn, this shit is creepy. No wonder they say ignorance is bliss!

  8. To agree with Noah, this is one creepy story. Watching her in the elevator brought back every scary movie I ever watched as a kid (and no longer watch as an adult). I had goosbumps watching her. Also so odd and creepy was the news clip which hinted at how impossible it would be for anyone to get up there let alone put a body in there. And the final creep factor was that the Dept of Health didn't find any biohazards in the water? How is that? Her naked body was in there for two weeks! Wouldn't that be a bio-hazard in and of itself?
    Oh and why was she naked? That was odd too. Looks like a Steven King movie.

  9. It also reminds me of 1408 with all of the suicides. And I have seen the tape before . But when I looked at it this time something strange (that may be logical) did show one the doors closed

  10. When she pressed all the buttons, she obviously hit the "Door Hold" button as well. She doesn't have her glasses on. Come on people…

      • Yep,
        At my apartments for example, the door hold works until you hit it again. I have had to report movers for keeping it stopped at a floor indefinitely. While the rest is definitely shady this part, is not.

      • Orr please guys lets not have 234 comments on how many seconds an elevator door stays open for. PLEASE.

      • Remember guys, IF she hit the hold button and continued to make her way in and out of the elevator as she did, it could have prompted the elevator to remain open

      • True, however when she stepped outside oft the elevator and started doing that weird hand thing, it should have closed… and it didn't. And then at the end it closed normally (like 2-3 seconds).

        Source: I work at a hotel and ride elevators all day.

      • speckledfeather on

        Well also the door didn't even try to close. Like.. not at all. I mean its not like the doors at a grocery store with a sensor that prompts it to stay open (this is an old hotel.. maybe a sensor would be on a new elevator?) usually an elevator door will start to close and you have to physically stop it with your hand for it to open back up. This was not the case here. Its a bit odd.

      • If you have the elevator door open for too long shouldn't there be an alarm that sounds of the elevator door still open for period of time…..

      • Is agree I would have though the alarm would go off and the elevator would force itself to close

      • well she like pushed a bunch of buttons, maybe she screwed something up and caused the delay. plus, she was like in and out, in and out of the door, setting the sensor of and pushe a bunch more again more delay time…. but the way she was moving her hands, remind me as if she was moving or dancing of some kind to music. The rest is a bit odd,

    • DoorsOfPerception on

      Maybe the elevator just happened to malfunction but what are the odds of that happening unless it's a Hollywood horror film. In saying that, when I watched this footage the the first time that's what I was thinking. It looks like a movie, like something directed by Wes Craven.

      • I read a very thorough breakdown of the video….along with a missing minute, there are reused frames. The most telling its the 14th second where the door begins to close – frames were reused to cover up the normal function of the elevator. It is a trick to make you think the elevator was malfunctioning when in reality she had just taken too long to get to the Door Open button.

      • I agree with u that the video is fabricated and whatever happen in that video and what we see is not what they wanna show us….

      • unicornmermaid on

        Some elevators do have 2 door hold buttons; one that you have to hold the entire time and it closes as soon as you stop pressing it, and one that you can press once that leaves the door open until the button is hit again. There's no way to tell in this video if that elevator had that function, but an alarm does usually sound if that button is left on too long. Also, it's strange that as soon as she exits the elevator the door closes and the elevator starts working again.

    • This whole scenario from start to finish and everything in between is super weird and absolutely bizarre….. so spend all the time you want to trying to dispel the strangeness of the elevator mechanism behavior because it's not going to change all the other bizzare shit that happened, no matter how hard you try to provide a mundane explanation for the elevator betraying her right before she died in one of the strangest mysterious deaths ever recorded in American History. It was fucking weird no matter what the fuck you say

      • Ok, we need to put Sherlock on this because I won't sleep well until it is resolved:

        My mundane explanation (helps me sleep to think rationally):

        She had an altercation with the employee at the lobby while being irrational and hysteric. Employee, alone at the night shift, thought she was a danger to herself and tried to reason with her. He thus blocked the elevator when she walked away. As the elevator wouldn't move, she tried pushing all the buttons. Then tried to look and see if doorman was still there. Saw him and hid. Rest as seen on the video.

        Employee's altercation with somehow went extremely wrong. She end up dead or unconscious. Employee Want to hide the body and can't think of a better solution than putting her in the water tank. Only employees have access to the roof and can unplug the alarm of the emergency exit.

        I know she couldn't be alone since she was found naked and her clothes were not found. Plus, according to the news coverage, the firefighters had to cut the tank open. However, how the an employee find the body in the first place if there was no opening? Her behavior might not be explainable. Although, I did have a long run with a bipolar girlfriend. And she did put up some weird behaviors. Never THAT weird, but yet…one can wonder.

      • Well, we know for sure that she was not dead before going into the tank because the cause of her death was ruled accidental drowning.

      • well yeah but she must have surely been knocked unconscious first…drowning is not something you can do voluntarily your body will force you to come up for air.

      • I do not think she was hiding see appeared to be frustrated that the door would not close it makes me think the door was tampered with or just was not working properly for some reason, and then the altercation happened with the person that raped and murdered her why else would she be naked in the water tank she was put in unconscious probably was knocked out with water in a bath tub or something then taken by the stairs to the roof and placed in the tank and sealed in were she drowned the rest of the way it may have also been someone with forensics knowledge because who ever he is he knew how to keep his DNA from being found on the victim by hiding her in a water tank where most of the evidence would have been eroded away by the decaying of the body and from the humidity inside the water tank. which would mean whomever did it was not working alone mind you if he was it would have been oblivious if seen by another person and he would have had to move her while unconscious almost dead into a water tank so id say 2 males about 20-25 maybe older and with plumbing and forensic experience either an employee or client that left the next day to dispose of the rest of the evidence by either donation or burning. that is what i would think.

    • Gabby J. Bratt on

      Good point Jordan . And without even hitting the hold – having hit all the other buttons may have put a stop to the elevator .

    • StuckNdaMiddle on

      Well, if you use that theory that she odviously hit the "door hold" button, I'm assuming she also hit the "door Close" button. IJS.

    • Agreed, and her strange behavior could also be explained. Not realizing that she had pressed the Door Hold button, she starting moving around the elevator, mistakenly thinking the sensors weren't work. Note how she "hides" in the corner and feels around in the air; I think she was trying to use movement to trigger the elevator.

    • Hi Jordan,

      I work with closely with people who work on elevators and the close door button never works due to safety concerns. It's a dummy button.

    • I agree, and also, old elevator especially tend to have buttons that "lock" the elevator doors open until you unlock it.

  11. One thing is clear: the LAPD is one of the most incompetent law enforcement organizations in the entire country. This woman was clearly murdered, as firefighters had to literally cut her out of the tank.

    And while drugs would have explained her behavior, if they had been in her system as she was clearly hallucinating something, it doesn't explain why the elevator wasn't working properly for her. She clearly stands in the elevator long enough for it to close the door and start going to the next floor.

    There was definitely something supernatural going on there. Unfortunately, there isn't any information involving her life. Usually people who are connected to extreme supernatural incidents like this one are also involved in the occult in some way prior to meeting up with a demonic spirit of some kind.

    • Given the history of the hotel, the place is very likely bursting at the seams with the influence of the diabolical, based upon what exorcists deal with.

      With a place that foul the victim may have had little to do with the equation. Though, yes, it is likely she at least "dabbled." But people treat things like Ouija boards like toys and fail to realize the vulnerability they create in the person that dabbled. It is unlikely any information about any "dabbling" would become public because the public discounts it.

      • That reminds me of Stir of Echoes with Kevin Bacon. He dabbled with hypnotism and was suddenly "open" to the spirit world.

        Does anyone know anything about Elisa prior to this incident? I tried to look her up on FB and only found a RIP site.

      • We are all open to the spirit world. What do you think runs around inside yourself but at least one spirit?

      • Yeah, Ive looked at her social media sites. Totally normal for a modern, intelligent, depressed human being.

      • You cant live a typical persons life without dabbling, for dabbling also includes leaving ourselves susceptible to negative forces by watching TV, listening to music, eating poisoned, GMO laden foods, drinking poisoned water. All of that stuff can leave someone "open" to predatory etheric beings.

      • also. Diabolical influence would be classified as astral in nature and in this case exhurting ethereal forces upon the victim in question.

      • A woman is killed and you speculate about her personal life based off incomplete information? So sick.

    • they are more than incompetent, they are servants to TPTB. Think of all the unbelievable effed up stuff that happens in Hollywood. The LAPD could be back logged for decades if they ever enforced the law as it should be throughout that area but many of them are in bed with evil.

      • Exactly. And let's not forget they are also among the most corrupt police departments in the country. Does anyone remember the Rampart scandal? The LAPD is proven to be "on the take," and if they are willing to take bribes from the Bloods and the Crips, what makes anyone think they wouldn't take bribes from Illuminati Satanists in Hollywood, who of course have much more money than some petty gangbangers.

      • Enough with the money. All those years what it's rammed down our throats is money, money, money. The lalaland and USA in general with their movies and soap operas have corrupted the world. They only talk about money, nose jobs, gold digging, plastic bits.

      • The movie Gangster Squad shows how the LAPD was corrupt as hell back in the 40's when Mickey Cohen ran the town.

        Before Cohen though, the chief racketeer in LA was the head of the LAPD.

    • There are her twitter accounts, her instagram, her tumbler and her blog as far as her life goes. Easy to find, confirm her to be like most other intelligent people. No mention of t he occult, a large portion of her blog is concerned with her intelligence getting in front of her happiness and her diagnosed depression, and her frustration over her laziness and depression. Multiple mentions of how scared she was of other people, how much she liked/disliked the internet as her only social outlet. What smart person these days wouldnt write about that in a blog?

      • Now, what she's posted is absolutely normal. I'm fairly similar. I'm dorky, a loner, never quite fit in. Sweetheart, always reaching out to lonely ppl. Quiet, smart, outgoing, passionate, lazy, depressed when i spend TOO much time alone, anxious, a perfectionist, stubborn, rebellious. Normal right?

        No one really knows me though, I don't let many ppl in. My dad spent his whole life with me & still sees me as a naive ditz… He doesn't know me and never really has.

        It's easy to pretend and hide certain parts of who you are, even in front of the people closest to you. Especially when they live in their own world & expect you to be a certain way. They're blind fools.

        When I was 9, i tried to contact demons. On more than 1 occasion, i physically became sick, b/c of it.

        At 16, I tried wicca, entertained spirtualism b/c my then bf was involved in it. I tried a spell, to make her angry. I stood in the kitchen with her and under my breath, rhymed a 4 line spell off the top of my head. She became pissed, out of NOwhere AND for no reason! (Which is simple black magic, btw but i didn't really think it'd work!!) It was the weirdest thing.

        I invited demons into my mom's place thinking they were ghosts. I couldn't stay with my mom after that. Too much oppression both physically and mentally. Granted, b/c she was emotionally abusive, it was hard for me to be alone w/ her anyway BUT it was more than that. It became mentally impossible for me to stay there, I felt like I was losing it, and I could feel and hear spirits there. I called one by name, and they moved something in my room. This happened more than once, at different times… mind you, i thought he was a ghost, not a demon. I got scared & casted it out..barely worked.

        17yo, I tried exercises to improve my intuitive abilities and woke in the middle of the night shaking uncontrollably, years later i found out that i was having a simple partial seizure. I literally could not stop shaking, my arms, my legs, my body, i cried, and shook so hard, i was scared it wouldn't end… I yelled for my mom, but I couldn't yell loud enough. After a lot of prayer and begging, i managed to stop long enough to realize i had to pee. i couldn't get out of bed, i had to roll onto the floor, couldn't stand up b/c i was too physically weak. I had to crawl to the bathroom and getting on the toilet was a fight too. Never happened before and never happened again after I stopped reading the "intuition" book.

        I've never been possessed. I've never seen demons (thank God,) though they've whispered in my ear, nonsensical/foreign languages. 5 years later and im still scared of silence.

        I'd never post that in my blog. I write about love, friends, work, former rela with Christ, current rela w/ Christ xD, college, family, never the occult. It's not something you want to share with the world, especially when your experience with it hasn't been pleasant. Especially when you have to keep up appearances…

        The only way someone would know I'm involved in spiritual things would be if they found my ebay account.. i used to sell tarot readings, i'm amazingly good at it. I always thought it was fake. Oddly enough, doing thAt doesn't make me sick… maybe b/c I needed the money? xD who knows.

        You never know who's doing what behind closed doors. EVER. Looks are SO deceiving. Don't be fooled.

      • There are many levels of doing spiritual work. These negative entities are extremely yin and dark forces — whereas intuitive channeling you do through tarot is not likely the same kind of thing. You can use the same gifts and ability to access higher spirits/your own guides … etc. When you purify your energy to higher levels you're less susceptible to these types of negative attacks. Look into it.

      • In the 90's when I was in my 20's, witches got popularized with movies and shows like Charmed, The Craft, Samantha the Teenage Witch, Practical Magic, etc. Paganism seemed to really gain some interest and a lot of people I knew were getting into Wicca or other Pagan studies. I was interested in Wicca and started to study Scott Cunningham, Ray Buckland, Starhawk, Z Budapest, Laurie Cabot, etc. Friends were passing around books amongst each other and it was more of a trendy thing to do, than a real deep spiritual calling. I did the worst thing a person can do, and that is, become a dabbler. Because I don't care to go into the whole story, I will in brief say that it almost destroyed my life and family. I will never go that way again. Yes, demons are real, and if you start inviting them in, they will show up. With that said, I see witches becoming a trendy thing again, the same way it did in the 90's, with American Horror story's new season, Coven.

      • If you look at her tumblr, she posted a pic of the Hermit (Look at Feb 2013)
        I watched something which mentioned this has something to do with the occult, cant remember what though

    • Swiftfoxmark2 – being introduced or involved with some type of an 'occult' activity is not a prerequitiste to a demonic "attachment (or attraction)". One doesn't necessarily need to be "possessed" but can be "afflicted" by a negative (evil) energy intermittently.

    • I was stuck in an elevator once in my apartment building in Manhattan. I was surprised to learn that the security guard at the entrance had complete control over it. He asked my on the emergency telephone at what floor I wanted to stop, and trolled me to the wrong one. Cool guy.

      Long story short I suspect an employee had the elevator on lock down until she step out. Spoke to her from his office but had to keep his finger on the button. Hens her hiding and looking for someone.

    • Wow, you weren't even there yet you can for sure state something "definitely supernatural" occurred.

      I love how people try to assert authority with their opinions because they think they have to be right, it's even more hilarious when someone who wasn't even there to experience it does it.

      Pseudo-science. There is absolutely zero evidence to suggest anything paranormal exists. So why buy into it?

      • Um, there is MOUNTAINS of evidence of the paranormal- video, photos, endless detailed accounts- it's arrogant people that think it needs to be proven to THEM to be real that say there is no evidence. You likely don't know anything about science OR the research of the paranormal.b

      • By the way, you just did the exact same thing you chastised the poster for. GET off your high horse, Shivan. Clearly, you're not nearly as smart as you think.

    • I dont know, you can make the elevator hold if you want to by hitting the right buttons. Also, psilosybon cannot be detected through (most) drug tests; the only way to see it is if it is still in your system. It is possible that she was trippin on mushrooms. Although I don't think that is the case. She still could not have closed the door to the water supply, let alone get up there without setting off an alarm. Supernatural,,. I'd like to believe so but come on, weird shit just happens sometimes. Everyone jumps to the conclusion that is paranormal because that's fun to think about, but likely it was a murder by a hotel attendant, which would explain why the tape was tampered with (and it was quite obviously tampered with)

  12. Out of ALL the articles I have read on this site, NEVER have I been so creeped out. That video has got to be one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen. Wow.

    • the most creeped out article I ever see in VC is the article about Miley Cyrus being pimped by the music industry, and the most disturbing was when I saw miley's answer to sinead in tweeter, it's all soo creepy!

  13. Hi VC – I just wanted to point out my own synchronicity with this article and an online experience from last week.

    I was reading about the "Dustin Paxton" case going on in Canada the other night. [Paxton brutally subjugated a victim for 18 months in a series of hotels while they maintained a movers business. His victim is permanently disfigured physically and emotionally as result. Google it if you can.]

    The news article had links below it that brought me to the Black Dahlia case, which then brought me to the Cleveland Torso case. [Believed to be linked.] I was severely disturbed that evening and the subject of human brutality has been leaving me quite morose for a few days afterward. I couldn't figure out why on earth the Dustin Paxton article I was reading would have links below it to the Black Dahlia case until reading this article.

    I wish to point out that Dustin Paxton carried out his sadistic reign over his victim in a series of hotels in flat country Canada.

    Thanks for your attention.

    • Strange. I was offered to write on whatever i chose for an encyclopedia entry, and all the choices were all cryptic murders, the black dahlia being one of them. eek. And ive been experiencing synchronocity all week, thinking of songs before they play or i see them posted on my news feed before someone else. Ive also seen two black cats this week. Not that im superstitious but i did think it was super ironic with all the synchronicity ive been experiencing.

      • I also saw two black cats this week however i'm not superstitious. I noticed something in the video. Took me a while to notice but I think I figured it out. The door stops from closing at 0:12 if you look very closely, it starts to close but doesn't. It LOOKS as if someone is standing in the doorway. But this is what i figured out, someone is outside the elevator and pushed the up and down button. Someone is playing a game with her. She is in raw fear. Right after the door doesn't close she panics. And then she checks outside the door to see if anyone is there. No one… but then she hears something and hides in the corner. Someone is waiting outside the door, stalking, maybe more than one person. I feel like it was an employee because they know where the camera is and she also had no way of getting into the tank herself. Also when she leaves the elevator it works perfectly fine. And at the end of the video 3:43 the elevator door opens onto another floor. The wallpaper being red and reminding me of the Shining. Whatever happened to this woman is being covered up but there are still little clues left behind. Something doesn't add up. She was definitely apart of some ritual. Thank you VC for sharing this case very creepy indeed.

      • Not for nothing, but it is a Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, indicating revelations dealing with death and occult themes.

      • Mercury is in Scorpio right now, for the entire planet.

        "With Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, this is an excellent period for getting in touch with our instincts, motivations, and "dark" side. Emotional communication is not as valued as more rational approaches in our society, and now is the time to explore our more intimate and emotional natures and how these affect our decision making processes. Much of the astrology of 2013 in general encourages us to "tune in" in this manner. Increased sensitivity, or emotional "radar", is likely. We should watch that we don't get into a paranoid frame of mind, or read too much negativity into what others say."

        The question you ask requires me being a professional; unfortunately I am not one.

      • hmmm well I'm going then to trust in God/Christ than some planets which are the creation of God.

      • I saw two black cats sitting outside and looking at me very strange. When I came home about two hours later I opened my laptop and this is the first article I read. I am also a Scorpio and all this talk is kinda creepy to say the least.

    • "I'm fully committed to the regime of counselling and programming that is essential to my rehabilitation," he said.

      Programming…interesting choice of words there.

      • I am given to think that ritualistic abusers or serial killers are more tied to the military industrial complex than we assume. We continue to place the blame on "evil" but what if its mostly programming?

  14. I'd say that she was possessed. She could have dabbled in the dark arts and got possessed. She was obviously not acting normal.

    • I agree that she was possessed, although I don't think she dabbled or anything. I think that young women are lured to this place (whether by a person or a dark force) and killed by something supernatural. Poor girl. Just my thoughts on it.

    • isanyoneheresane on

      Yes of course. Only logical explanation. Woman acts strangely, presses all the buttons on the elevator and the doors don't close. Obviously demonic possession. There is no other possible explanation.

      I'd say that you are possessed by the spirit of a gullible moron.

      Oh and to all the idiots "seeing" dark spirits in the video… try watching any very low-res online video such as this and watch those all those creepy "dark spirits". Or as those of us with at least one foot in the sane world call them, compression artifacts!

    • That's possible, and I think people are also forgetting she was bipolar, and she could have been having an episode of mania that reached a psychotic level. Also, why was she even in LA? What was she doing there? There are a lot of unknown factors here as well as factors which aren't being considered.

  15. ah yeah – i almost forgot to ask

    what would take Lam from beautiful Vancouver to the skids of LA? I thought the whole "move to hollywood/make it big" cliche died away with the success of the Internet over pop media.

    • That's kind of an ignorant thing to say, sorry. I have a girlfriend in her early 20's who just moved to LA as a work transfer/bartender. She doesn't have aspirations to act or 'make it big' she just wants the experience and the warmer weather. LA attracts plenty of tourists as well. It seems pretty clear something sinister happened here, can anyone confirm she checked into that hotel herself?

      • you obviously haven't been to Vancouver. the standards of living there are utmost in comparison to the post-apocalyptic nature of LA. at least that is a common assumption for most of my Canadian kind. Can't speak for amaryllis though.

      • I agree with you to some extent – my Canadian relatives loved everything about their upbringing – they were just looking for a lot more of the weird and wonderful

      • Natalie Portman just moved there (or has public plans to, at least) because that's where art is being made as opposed to being bought (as in New York). At least that's what she said.

      • Vancouver? Really? Where young realtors like Lindsey Buziak are stabbed to death while doing their job and junkies rule? Beautiful? You must be thinking of the geographic topography, certainly not its society, which quite frankly is very similar to LA society. Gross.

    • My Canadian cousins dreamed of LA for most of their childhood and once the opportunity arose, they were on the first plane out.

    • Orwell's mentor on


      I'm glad someone is actually asking this question, which is a good one I might add. All articles I've read state she was a UBC student, so why was she in LA and/or why was she at this particular hotel? Was she staying there? Was she visiting someone? Did her curiosity get the better of her, and she wanted to see what the hotel was like inside?

      The only thing I've read about the parents is they're suing the hotel for her drowning, but has anyone asked them why their daughter was at this sketchy dive to begin with?

      It's all a too bizarre and things just don't add up.

      • Perhaps I am not too old to remember that students of that age like taking risks and taking themselves off to unknown places quite randomly. I certainly did

      • I mean, shes 21. I did stuff at 21 Id never do now, about 10 years older.

        Lets say she was on a budget, and that dictated her hotel choices. Doesnt jive with her skin care regimen (VERY expensive products), and her declaration that the older she gets, the more disposable income she has. Then why check into such a budget place? And where was her disposable income from? Girl could barely make it to CLASS – no way did she have a job.

      • Orwell's mentor on

        @ amaryllis:

        Yes, I understand what you're saying. When one's in their early 20s, they feel as though they can take on the world and they're invincible. I understand and appreciate that.

        Even if that was the case, why are her actions so bizarre? If she is there by happenstance, then why didn't she take the stairs to the main lobby and leave the hotel? While we're at it, why did she press ALL the buttons to every floor? Why didn't she just press the main lobby if she's really trying to elude herself from something? Maybe I'm being over analytical, but I noticed she didn't even have a purse…of course her ID/wallet could've been in one of her pockets.

        As I mentioned before, WHAT was the REASON for her being in LA? All we're being told is she was a student from UBC, was found in a water tank on top of a hotel two weeks after her death in a hotel where murders resided – that's it.

      • She pressed 4 or 5 buttons (one of them being the 14th floor, the one she was on) and there are 15 floors.

      • Well, if it was a one night stop she may have forgotten her room number and would have hoped to recognise her floor by sight as there was nobody to ask at reception and (for unknown reasons) she was disorientated. I have been in a situation where I am relieved that people are getting off on different floors to one another so I can have a quick peek out and recognise the right floor by, say, the fire extinguisher or skylight. It is easy to be shown up with your luggage, dump the said luggage, go out, and come back having forgotten where the hell that room was.

      • Question: if she was on the fourteenth floor, was it *actually* the thirteenth? Plenty of hotels number their floors from twelfth to fourteenth (omitting a thirteenth floor), to avoid having a floor of empty rooms due to leery customers not wanting to stay on the thirteenth floor.

      • Nevermind – it was actually the thirteenth. A youtuber uploaded a video of his visit to the Cecil, and films a shot of the buttons in the elevator near the end of the video. The buttons go from 12 to 14:

      • Perhaps the person who killed/taunted her was blocking her from getting to the stairs. No news reports ever mention what she does, if the elevator eventually works or not, so this is being covered up for sure. She reacts exactly how someone would act if they were being preyed upon, then she gets desperate when the elevator doesn't work, and we have no sound to see if she's being taunted with noise. The movement of her hands, if she thought there was a ghost or a spirit (some people believe that) taunting/haunting/stalking her, instead of a person, could be her way of reacting to that – and also, one of her hands is going over into the elevator, so she could just be unaware she was waving with both hands, being so scared.

    • Well according to some reports, she was actually supposed to make her way to another part of California…I forget which exact city so perhaps she was making a pit stop at this hotel? It would make sense because seeing as she was only staying for a short while to sleep, she probably didn't want to spend a lot of money on a hotel. Unfortunately, it happened to be this ominous hotel….

      • Yes and if you are looking for a hotel in a strange city (online or on phone) how many are going to boast their bad history, or crappy decor when charging $65 a night in LA. Even people in the states (might) think that a red-flag. naaaahhhh …

  16. the elevator video is creepy. Is it me or at the end of the video there seems to appear some kind of mist or light fog? By the way, I heard a teaching by an ex-satanist that around Halloween time, many children go missing because they are kidnapped for human sacrifice on Halloween day. Please parents keep your children close!!

    • ….and black cats. My black outdoor male kitten was just kidnapped. Or catnapped, rather. No doubt in time for Samhain. I have a witch that lives 2 doors down. No lie, the first time I met her while out jogging, she openly told me about her wiccan beliefs. I am just floored! If only she knew what she was conjuring up!

      • I know around here pet stores do not want to sell any black cats they have right before Halloween. My husband and I didn't have to ask why; we already figured that out.

      • Your neighbor having wigan beliefs doesn't have anything to do with your cat missing, I assure you. And being wigan is FAR from being satanic. Don't be ignorant. If you're not sure what it's about then Google it and read about it, or better yet, ask your neighbor about it!

      • Yes she does know what being a Wiccan means! That's why she said what she said! She's right! They don't hurt animals, you idiot!

    • You better believe I keep an eye on my son. In fact if we walk anywhere in the afternoon, I try to have us home before it gets dark, around 6:30-7 pm.

      October is a bad month to be walking around from what I understand.

      • Yes me too, we like to be home before dark at any cost really. So different to my childhood where we would be driving around the city at the oddest hours of the night attending activities that were probably fulfilling the needs of the adults almost exclusively.

    • When that video ends and you click the 'Most Freaky Footage So Far' link in the youtube window, the narrator shows the mist looks like some murderer who stayed there.

    • I have the answer:

      Helen Gurnee,October 22, 1954. – 2+2+1+1+9+5+4 = 22
      Pauline Otton October 12, 1962. – 1+2+1+1+9+6+2 = 22
      Julia Moore February 11, 1962. – 2+1+1+1+9+6+2= 22
      Pigeon ” Osgood, June 4, 1964. – 6+4+1+9+6+4 = 30

      Otton landed on George Gianinni, 65, who was walking on the side walk, 90 feet below. Both were killed instantly.

      PS: Pigeon-Osgood? What? The pigeon is not the symbol of peace its guide us one more time to Saturn (please research)

      65 = 6+5 = 11 / 90 feet below

      3 – 6 – 9 THESE number are Saturnnumbers
      Tesla says: "If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe

      On the elevator-video we see clearly the SATURN-SYMBOLIC on the floor.

      Than you have the SATURN-BLACK-CUBE IN THE ELEVATOR – golden edged

      And you must all know that SATURN is SATAN. On the new Oblivion movie with Tom Cruise. Look, open your mind and see…

      • good… i was about to comment on this. but you left out the second piece robert!

        "Pauline Otton, 27, jumped from a ninth floor window after an argument with her estranged husband, on October 12, 1962. Otton landed on George Gianinni, 65, who was walking on the side walk, 90 feet below. Both were killed instantly."

        Pauline Otton 27………. 2 + 7 = 9
        George Gianinni 65….. 6 + 5 = 11

    • Yeah. Except it's a remake. The *original* Japanese movie, Honogurai mizu no soko kara (Dark Water), was released on 19th January, 2002. 1+9+1+2+2 = 15. And you can make numbers add up to whatever the hell you want.

    • More proof of what? I'm sorry but without explaining what 22's significance relative to this, adding numbers up doesn't even suggest anything, let alone prove it.

      • Yeah you'd need to have a grasp on numerology and the elite's favorite numbers to even understand. And obviously, you don't.

    • come on, who waves their arms around like that in their sleep, besides would't she have been dressed in sleep attire?

      • I've slept walked quite a few times and have done some wierd stuff like iron clothes and wander around hotels. You cannot simply discount it. Doesn't explain how she got into the tank though but neither does being possessed. There had to be another party involved. One of these "transients" could have found her sleepwalking and raped her and threw her in the tank.

      • come on,,,,,, sleepwalkers do ?

        They do a heck of strange stuff as they are dreaming , waving the arms are the least strange thing they could do , do you have some set idea of what sleepwalking involves ? Youtube it !

      • You can do a lot of things while sleepwalking. Your brain normally paralyzes your body so that you don't imitate certain motions that you dream about. That part of her brain (specifically in the brainstem) could have been damaged and allowed her to move in her sleep. The article doesn't show anything about brain damage reports . The only "strange" part that seems unexplainable is the elevator that doesn't seem to close while she's in it.

  17. This was clearly a case of demonic possession. Demons can make you harm or kill others, or even yourself. I think that explains the many murders and suicides in that hotel – evidently a hub of evil paranormal activity. Also, the manner in which this case was disclosed by the media and authorities (ie no foul play and she was just someone with mental issues) really speaks volumes. They know more than the rest of us do and are covering it up. The institutions have been taken over by evil. What is so eerie about this particular case is the connection to the Dark Water movie. Predictive programming. "Hidden in plain sight." Poor woman. God knows what torment she went through before her demise.

      • I imagine you could make those hand movements under a lot of disassociative drugs, but according to the autopsy, there were none.

      • I have seen both druggies and mentally ill people do this very frequently indeed. It seems as though it has escaped the attention of many people even though I would say it is the most common thing I have seen them do.

      • You do realize that both "druggies and mentally ill people" are in a certain way influeced by a demonic spririt right? Why do you think satanist use drugs in their practices, because its much easier for the soul and spirit to be more susceptible to demonic possesion or demonic influence of some sort. Well, this is what I understood from this book I read from author, Fritz Springmeier. Mentally ill people is nothing more than demonic influence, maybe not full on possesion on all of them but yes some sort of control over their mental and physical state!! Just my own opinion on things!! Nevertheless I know a MAN that can set people free of these situations, even when most choose not to believe in Him, he is real and will one day be recognized throughout the world!!!


      • It's pretty silly to attribute all mental illness and drug abuse to possession, even if you believe in such things. It's been well established that people have different brain chemistry. It can be as simple as not being able to produce enough dopamine. Which is a pretty mundane explanation, but proven. So, to say, "mentally ill people is nothing more than demonic influence", is kind of silly. You might want to pick up a book that wasn't written a couple of thousand years ago. We've made a lot of progress since then.

        That being said, it's an incredibly disturbing article and case. Something is clearly very OFF, in that video. I guess Occam's Razor dictates that she was mentally ill, suffering from a delusion, and somehow made her way to the tank and died. But, that just isn't very convincing.

      • We are not experts at the subject, nonetheless the mentally ill don't react badly towards Holy things. The demonized ones do. They react badly, they curse, they spread unholy blasphemes. You know only if those people come in contact with certain holy things.

      • What disturbed me was after the morbid marionette hand gesture it looked like she was trying to break her own fingers. Shes clearly bending them back. To me she appears to be controlled as a test run on an animatronic puppet before rolling. Like someone has a remote control linked to her. As for disassociative drugs, i doubt the med examiner would be testing for any. First course of action is illicet drugs then psych neuro meds in treating a mental illness or chemical imbalance. I could be wrong. Its a big wtf.

      • I don't know. Not that we can assume any of the reports were correct, but lets say they were – if there was a massive amount of cough meds or cold meds in her system, theyd be seen. A powerful dissociative like dxm is easily available over the counter, but that should show up on a toxicology test. Well, they should barring whatever soaking in water for days could do to the body, anyway. Speaking as someone that has taken enough disassociatives to make such hand motions, I can tell you theres no way I could also have walked around like that.

      • … and demolishing the building will change very little as it goes well beyond the bricks

    • Notgoingto tellyou Sure. No ghosts or spirits or God or demons… Ohhh how familiar all that sounds!
      One thing is real is total brainwashing to separate us from harsh reality. We are guest in dark spiritual spot of the universe.

    • Wow, when willeople come around during this century and leave all the superstitions behind? Guessing you still believe in Santa too. Oh, you don't? How is it any different? Really think hard about that one. Transcend your little indoctrination bubble.

  18. Clearly a ritual murder. Evil pervades that entire hotel and poor Elisa was infected with it.
    Funny thing, when I first saw her name on the news (strange for me to watch, I know), I immediately thought of tuberculosis. As I work in the medical industry these kits are used often.
    May Elisa rest in peace.

  19. At 2:57, when the elevator closes after Elisa leaves, it seems to start with a violent lurch from the doorway. Perhaps this is a strange skip in the tape but I thought it was odd because when you see the door close later at 3:22, it closes softly and slowly like it's meant to.

  20. In some cultures, dead body water is used for powerful black magic that involves targeted person become sick and may die. Residents were drinking and showering with that water? That is INSANE!

    • I have thought alot about this! I've noticed references to cannibalism lately with Monsanto using human DNA in some of the seeds they're developing. Thank you for explaining the significance, Jelena.

      • Synomyx, artificial sweetener or flavor enhancer is made of aborted human fetus. Since I don't believe in everyting I read, I asked university professor od chemistry and biohemistry about that. He was shocked!
        This is forced cannibalism in it's glory.

      • Shit! Just plain disgusting! Don't know about the sweeteners in my country – probably the same, just a different brand name :/
        (I still haven't watched the video – it has a too dark feel to it for me.)
        So we are all part of their black magic for real now? The only thing we can do is love! As an antidot for all the evil…
        Thanks again Jelena for opening my eyes to this.

      • As are some of the vaccines we pump into children – dead children pumped into live children right from the start. We don't stand a chance of exclusively retaining our own dna throughout our lives … blood donation, organ donation, vaccines, food contamination

    • Actually in my town many years ago at least 1 dead baby or fetus was found at our water facility in or on a main pipe.. It was traced to some local group of satanists.. We drink our own rain water these days! Disgusting…

  21. I wonder if the hotel staff are in on it, the fact that it seems as if the person doing security could see her on camera and probably hear her and held the doors for staff to get there…. the staff knew not to walk in front of the cameras….. there is no mention of why she was there or who she was with….. or why no one mentioned the taste or colour of the water on the news report….. if her clothes were off were they piled on the ground, thrown about the roof, missing entirely…. I wonder if some of the other deaths were of people who found out that staff might be running some secret underground stuff to keep them in business…. I woman staying there hears a lady scream finds out staff are helping elitist people commit ritualistic murders…. lady gets thrown out the window……. the whole thing is written up by crooked cops and payed off coroners as a suicide….. Elisa Lam was probably drugged and prepped for a ritualistic murder till she escaped and staff needed to keep things under control without getting caught……..

    ( the hotel has a very 'cabin in the woods' feel…. very Zaza room 322 )

    I wouldn't jump to conclusions about possessions or alien abductions…… I would however take a long hard look at the control these elitist societies have and the type of secret establishments and underground communities they have already built…….

    for every building they build in plain sight I would count on at-least 5 more in secret…….

    • Exactly…great post.

      Someone else in the hotel had to be in on it and controlling the elevator (not necessarily regular staff though). It seems like she is trying to hide and escape from someone…but the elevator is manipulated so she can't get off the floor. Then it seems like she is talking to someone else in the hallway and gesturing to show them that the door won't close.

      • Yes but it would be someone she has known for maybe two or three days as she, seems to be explaining something to them and then, they may have said something like "let's go down stairs and get theb hotel mamnagment to check it out."

      • …But why does she immediately bend over and start pushing all the buttons in the beginning??

    • It says she has no trace of drugs. The staff probably have something to do with this though, there must be a rational explanation, but I'm just trying to not scare myself haha!

    • DownTheRabbitHole on

      Dylan, I agree with your assessment more-so than the demonic angle.

      Instead, it comes off to me after some consideration that she could be a mind-controlled victim. Ever read about the game one of our VPOUS supposedly liked to play? "The Most Dangerous Game"? It nearly seems to me this could be what was going on, ending in sacrifice.

  22. i was supposedly going to the bathroom before i read this hmmm i dont think so now. this article really creeped me out. her behavior in the elevator shows that she not herself, she maybe was possessed or very scared of someone that made her all jittery and weird. aside from that i dont know.

  23. I've read almost all of your articles…. but um this has to be the top story to give me goosebumps! I read the article first and thought "Okay, strange things happen to people" but I freaked when she was moving her hands (1:57) and acting as if she is talking to someone. She didn't seem fearful (to me) but jumping as if it was a child. I don't know and people drank the water! I would emotionally scarred if I knew this. This is so awful but something is horribly horribly wrong!

  24. I totally agree there is something supernatural and demonic at work there…however that is not the only possible explanation for what happened. Someone may have been watching her on the security camera and manipulating the elevator to prevent her from escaping the floor she was on.

    Was this the ONLY camera that recorded her? Surely not…there may have been other footage that would more fully explain what happened…but we are shown THIS footage because it makes her seem delusional or drugged.

    When she stepped out of the elevator, and waved her hand inside the entrance, at first it looks like she is testing to see if she can trigger a sensor to make the door close. And explaining to someone else in the hallway that it will not close.

    • ChristinaL30 on

      Yes, it looked to me like she was describing to someone down the hall how she had tried repeatedly to get the elevator to move; I have an 18-y-o Asian classmate from Cali who often gesticulates like that when she talks — not drugs or demonic influence, just a mannerism. I wonder what may have been caught on other surveillance video; if she was on the top floor (judging by the order in which the elevator floor lights turn off once it starts moving), why would she have gone UP the stairs, since she was more likely trying to take the elevator DOWN? There's more to this story — so very much more — and I just hope & pray the police keep investigating, and get justice for this young woman.

  25. Those hand movements are definitely inhuman – whether it be MKULTRA or Satanism – something extremely nefarious is going on in and around that slimy hotel. I feel bad for her – however she met her end – it was most certainly very scary.

    • They are weird but not massively so. The way people speak about her is as though she is going completely ape. That is patently not true is it:?

      • no, if you run through the ways your arms can twist from shoulders down to wrists you will see what she did
        i run through many similar routines daily to keep my body limber
        look at dancers from medieval china and fiji tonga samoa dancers
        these are not abnormal movements, the way she is running through them reminds me of the way some people will crack their knuckles or grip their own hands to calm down or release tension

    • Her hand movement seems normal. She was clearly distraught and her hand movement showed that. It was as she was asking Why? or How? and then when she had one had over the other it was as she was counting or giving reasons. It's not uncommon for people to talk with her hands. Take into account how we use our hands when we talk, most of the time we don't realize our movements. The strange part was when she first started talking, she was looking down as if she was talking to a small person or a child. Her hands were poised as "put this over" or "put this on top" considering she was found in a tank. The creepy part wasn't her hand movements but it was her actions in general. The elevator wouldn't move and there was nobody there or as least refused to get in. She was looking for somebody or something. Many might not believe it but I think she maybe had mental problems which often will either open some body up to the ability to communicate with what we can't see or it's caused by that what we can't see.

      • There is also another part in the video I noticed that no one has mentioned yet. when she first steps out, before the unsual hand movement, she had both her hands on her head as if something came over her and she seems out of it or like a lost of energy. Explain or comment back.

    • I do hand motions like that all the time. I am neither of those things you mentioned. She is acting odd, but definitely not inhuman.

  26. Something makes me think someone drugged her and messed with her head (chasing or pursuing her through the hotel) before they stripped and killed her. She looked like she was hiding from somebody. I also saw the mist but was thinking maybe it was just poor tape quality. Ver4y creepy indeed.

    • I think the same thing. When she first backs into the elevator and sneaks out to peek around then hurys back in against the corner it almost looksl ike she has a smile on her face. I felt as though she were playing a friendly game of hide and seek. but then she started acting funny like some kind of drug had set in. It seems like after 2 weeks in a water tank that and drug traces would be flushed out of the system.

      • At the beginning of the video, when she first enters the elevator, nothing seems urgent. She seems calm, not like she's running away from anything. For me, the first strange thing is the amount of floor buttons she pushes (I can't tell if she pushes them all, but several floor lights DO light up, regardless)… I feel like this is why the door would not shut — perhaps she jammed it.

        I think the theory that she was drugged, chased, and drug traces were gone after two weeks in the tank makes sense. What doesn't make sense is that if they have this little bit of surveillance, they have NOTHING else? I don't buy it. I hope every single employees is THOROUGHLY investigated.

  27. Strange that the article has provoked some really strong reactions – I am not feeling any such fear; I only feel sad for the loss of life of a beautiful, young girl really. If there were strange things happening in the lift then that could easily be due to the fact that her time was up.

    Death is ALWAYS a highly esoteric experience even as described in Abramic traditions as your soul is taking off and your body does not give it up without a struggle especially in such circumstances – basically, things 'happen' all around the person in question just before, during and for a long time afterwards. Lots of strange things. She definitely died in a gruesome way but she was still going to die at that point in time regardless of how. Mostly, the experience is not captured on CCTV.

    Coupled with the fact that the place is full of spirits and there is a whole Greystone subtext to it all,, other strange things would have been happening concurrently. look up the curse of the Coq d'Argent restaurant in the City of London which is built on the site of an ancient burial site and has had a string of suicides off it's rooftop.

    Rooftops in themselves are esoterically important, of course, especially when coupled with water (though this is usually rain). Think of that scene in Mary Poppins when they are dancing on the roof under umbrellas and the symbolic interpretation of it. Water tanks are much like umbrellas in that respect so need little introduction either. Rooftops are a common site for ritual including initiation. Hence, Madonna publicising the fact that she was r**ed on a rooftop before she hit the big time, the restaurant which I mentioned before, and the fact that Richard Branson has named one of his restaurants 'Rooftop Babylon' and loads of debauchery takes place there, not to mention routine satanic practices taking place in rooftop swimming pools at private members clubs in every desirable playground city of the world.

    • …you're really going to have to explain the "esoteric significance of rooftops" for me. I've been reading this stuff for a long time and yet this is the first time I ever heard of it

      • I live in a city where gangs do their activity on the roof. Nonetheless, I've laid awake many a nights listening to eerie movements on the roof. While the subtext of the "roof" has many advantages both geographically, where people cannot be seen other than from a high aerial view or symbolically climbing a higher level. It definitely can be linked to the occult. Historically, the "roof" is associated with primeval polytheistic beliefs. Do some research yourself.

  28. If you are dealing with a c**p lift, you may well press all the buttons in a bid to make it work at all if that is known to be the way to get it operating again. If she had gone mad then she was probably talking to a voice inside her head and/or hallucinating which explains at least some of it. I have no idea how she would have got inside the water tank other than the fact that alarm systems are often poorly maintained in large buildings (especially seedy hotels) and it may not have been working and it would not be in their interests to declare.

    • This is my BIGGEST question. HOW did she get into the water tank if they had to cut it open to get her out of there, and where were her clothes?

      • To play Devil's Advocate (pun somewhat intended) to the foul play/dark forces theories, what we now know is this:

        – She had been staying at the hotel, so presumably had a good idea as to how the elevator worked. A blogger from China recently visited the Curtis and showed that the lift doors were slow to close after pressing several floor buttons.

        – The same blogger managed to use an accessible fire escape to get up to the roof without tripping any alarms. So we know that was possible a few weeks ago, suggesting it was maybe also possible when Elisa Lam found herself up there several months earlier.

        – We haven't seen anything definitive (I don't think) on whether it's possible or not for a person to open one of the water tanks on the roof and climb in, and crucially, what the water level was in the tank she was in – and if it would have been possible for to get into to it but difficult to get back out.

        – What about her clothes? Speculation – she stripped down and threw them off the roof.

        I'm not saying any of this is definitive proof that she died by her own hand (suicide/accident), but it seems the LAPD explanation is at least plausible.

  29. Hotels are creepy places in general, I accept that. Many suspicious celebrity deaths take place in them (pretty much since the start of the rock and roll movement). They offer an environment compatible with the transhumanist philosophy where mess/problems/bodies have the potential to be blasted out of existence as part of an assembly line process and each individual case is small enough to be absorbed within the grand overall scheme. Hotels can double up as programming facilities/brothels and various other things. they are strange places.

  30. something is wrong with the video. look at the timer running at the bottom. short before the door closes for the first time it stops three times for about a second (between 2:53 and 2:58). it never does that in the rest of the video. furthermore the elevator door is not closing smoothly the first time, there's seems to be a little 'jump' when it begins to close at 2:57. so I think someone has manipulated the video and has stitched to videos together. one from the day it wasn't working and one after it got repaired. Even if not, she walks out of the elevator the last time at 1:48, the doors close at 2:57, that is more than a minute! she never stays in the elevator more than 30 seconds. what if there's just a bug in the electronics, that keeps the doors open for too long?
    So what is left is left here, is just a confused(bi-polar) girl and a broken elevator. I honestly cannot see Satan or any dark mysteries here…

    • Finally, one other sane person. I noticed this as well. In addition she is moving her arms through the door testing the sensors and then turning to talk to someone off camera. If I had to guess I would say that one of the employees of the hotel most likely in security or management is the killer. being that they need access to the security system and rooftop.

      • I agree. Now that I watch it again, it looks as if she's talking to someone who OBVIOUSLY doesn't want to be shown on camera. And why are we only seeing the elevator footage? There has to be security cameras in the hallways. How come we couldn't see THAT footage too?

        I think she was murdered.

      • There doesnt have to be security cameras anywhere, and especially not in a hotel where this stuff is regular practice. "Sorry, officers, we dont use video cameras in our hotel." "Thats alright, less evidence to solve this crime with!"

      • My thoughts exactly. I thought it could be someone keeping the elevator from closing in the security room. And to get to the roof top, you have to have a key, plus an alarm goes off so the only people who could even get there is an employee. Not to mention that the water tank also needs a key which an employee would have. And what is fucked is I don't even think they questioned any of the employee's.

      • agree…someone may have told her to use the stairs and then abducted her. I doubt she went into the water tank herself.

      • Yes, sensors. The hotel I work at has a sensor on the door that detects if something is blocking it or not. That's why elevator doors stop closing when someone sticks their hand in. Otherwise, a lot of people would have been squished or had appendages damaged by them.

    • right. i believe there is more into this than what the video and coincidences suggest. No one should jump to a conclusion just yet, especially since a life was taken here.

    • How the hell did she get into the water tank that the fire department had to SAW into in order to retrieve the body?!…..DICK

      • There might never have been a body. There might just be news reports and a staged performance in the elevator, as well as staged interviews.

      • I am sure that those people are not her real family either and she has been handed this name, this identity to fulfil the role of her sacrifice.

      • Supposedly going to a University that houses the Center for TB research and brings that very plague with her to LA? hmm

      • Do you people always jump to the least likely explanation every time? It's things like this that make people think all conspiracy theorists are crazy.

      • What do you think would have been the reason to have something like that staged? I am quite aware that they do stage sh*t like this to worry people, but why this story? Just to f*ck with everyone?
        I don't know.. To me it more seems like some really bad sneaky people doing their damn best to cover everything up. Not to mention all of the other deaths at the hotel.

      • The entrance to the water tank could be really small, just enough to fit or be forced into it. Then rigor mortis would have set in while she was in the tank. If she locks in a position much bigger than the original entrance she is going to have to be cut out of there. Always a much simpler explanation than fantastical bullshit like half this article

      • Most of that is true, however rigor mortis sets in over the first 12 hours and then dissipates over the following 48 hours. After 2 days she would not be stiff anymore. That is temporary.
        Essentially what is happening after death is all your muscles, internal and external, contract to their maximum capacity, essentially stiffening the body like you could do voluntarily. In death however, it's automatic due to minerals and enzymes and their reaction with muscles after death. The enzymes eventually break down the muscle tissue causing the body to relax again.

      • finally someone with a bit of sense, of course they will cut it, the aren't going to pull her from tiny-winy whole, nobody said the container was sealed shut!