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Despite the Doom and Gloom Part III: My 2013 Holiday Message



Despite the Doom and Gloom Part III: My 2013 Holiday Message

Despite the Doom and Gloom Part III: My 2013 Holiday Message

At the beginning of 2013, I told myself: “This year should be interesting”. Well, I was wrong. The word “interesting” was not an appropriate word to describe 2013, even if it was meant sarcastically. Looking back at the events that happened this year, the best word I can think of is “foul”. 2013 started in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting and things only got fouler.

In 2013, the world discovered the mind-boggling extent of government surveillance by the NSA. Mainstream news reported what “alternative” news were reporting for years: The NSA is an ever-expanding, Big Brotherish monster that collects and archives the personal data of all U.S. citizens, and pretty much everyone else too. Although these revelations did not cause much visible outrage, it was a gigantic cold shower that fell on freedom-loving people across the world. Everything that “paranoid conspiracy theorists” were claiming was true – and then some. Faith in freedom and democracy is fading like the ink on the Bill of Rights.

In order to forget these depressing facts, the masses turned to mind-numbing entertainment, the same way a wounded person turns to pain-numbing medication. And who was the most influential figure in the entertainment world this year? Miley Cyrus. Yup. That’s how foul 2013 was. Damn Hannah-Montana-turned-MK-sex-kitten was the most influential person in entertainment. But there were plenty of other events that proved that the elite Agenda is becoming too obvious to ignore.

Throughout the year, I attempted to decode and analyze the various events, videos, movies, and images that were thrown at us by mass media. By analyzing specific bits of media, I try to highlight their inherent manipulation and to help readers paint a much broader picture of what is happening in the world. Mass media is propaganda – but it is not trying to sell you on an ideology or a political view. It goes much deeper than that. It is about affecting the mind, the body, and the soul. It is about turning humanity into a debased, confused, and malleable mass of lost souls. It is about exposing and desensitizing minds to foul aberrations. It is about selling demoralization disguised as empowerment. It is about turning disgusting things such as pedophilia into something normal. It is about making you scared, insecure and unsatisfied. In short, mass media is poison. And that poison is everywhere.

“Damn VC, your holiday message is depressing :(“

I’m sorry. I really am. But even if my assessment is depressing, I am not depressed. And you shouldn’t be neither. Why? Because, although everything I described is horrible, it is all the result of a fake, artificial creation. The goal of mass media is to amplify things to create the illusion of importance. It is meant to manipulate and it works best when the subjects do not even realize that they are being manipulated. But we do know. Vigilant citizens around the world know that this is all just noise, meaningless noise meant to disrupt our thought process. Thankfully, we can shut that noise off and banish it from our minds.

Just because something is communicated to us doesn’t mean we need to accept it. In fact, we don’t even need to listen to it. The System needs us to exist, but we don’t need it. Furthermore, as we recognize the foulness of the System, we must be wise enough not to “feed” it further with our fear, anger, or hate. For our own sake, we must turn our backs to it completely and head towards what is true and pure. We must devote our lives to the things that make us happy, healthy, and complete. As I try to point out every year, we are made to enjoy nature, the company of our loved ones, and to stimulate our minds.

In a world that wants us to be angry, bitter, selfish and vile, I realized that the truest form of rebellion is uncompromising righteousness. In this day and age, I believe that a true rebel does not run the streets with a weapon yelling stuff. True rebels live the life they believe is right, no matter the consequences. Those in power do not fear some random person with a weapon. They can easily control that. Those in power fear those that are not corruptible, not buy-able, not brainwash-able, and not scare-able. And that is what being a Vigilant Citizen is all about.

This year again, I’d like to thank all of you for your incredible support. Thank you for taking the time to read my articles; Thank you for commenting on every article; Thank you for sending me heart-warming messages, symbolic pics, and interesting links; Thank you for submitting articles in the VC Community and thank you for spreading the word. We are making a difference and the world is taking notice. Happy holidays to you and yours.


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Despite the Doom and Gloom Part III: My 2013 Holiday Message

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Deanna Duncan

I know this is late, but I thank you for this! I have been depressed over what the world has become..and evertime I turn on the radio or tv…all I hear or see is EVIL or something dealing with witchcraft! And what's up with this one eye thing? What does it mean? Anyway, I suggest we all turn to the Holy Bible, King James version for comfort. My grandmother told me to always read the Psalms when times are bad. She also used to say that she thought I'd live to see the "end."


i figured this stuff out a while back but I appreciate you making something of your self and creating this message for all people to see. Remember everybody teach your children what you have learned and don't get your thought process interrupted. Nothing is set in stone, we can change the future but our children hold the key.


Thank you for spending the time to do this and to enlighten us.
I am enlightened by this knowledge. I will live my life without the negative media. "As I try to point out every year, we are made to enjoy nature, the company of our loved ones, and to stimulate our minds." This quote reminds me of the Fahrenheit 451 and Clarisse McClellan who probably would say the same thing. It seem to me that our world is putting up its walls of mass media and closing off communication.


Absolutely love you VC!


You changed my life VC. I can't thank you enough for what you've made clear to me. My first awakening was becoming a Christian; the second, understanding the symbolism and purposes of the media. Now I am free to live an aware, righteous and peaceful life. Keep doing what you're doing, and we can all make a lasting difference in the wrestle for souls on this earth.



Echoing the sentiments of many, I thoroughly enjoy your articles. I especially like that there is not a trace of any agenda one way or the other. Often, those who want to educate and open our eyes to the worlds evil, do so through the means of some dogma.

I happened along your site when I was bored at work one day and decided to look up a very disturbing movie I had viewed the night before…Black Swan. I had not connected the dots like this before, but being from a religious background allowed me to reactivate a vast archive of prior knowledge. I have been a loyal follower ever since.

Blessings and prosperity are my wish for VC and your readers in 2014!


BRAVO! Man your words on this end of year post are so profound! Before I found your site I had been sensing over the last two years that the media "propaganda" machine had gone into some kind of crazy overdrive…to me it seemed there was an "agenda" that was different from past years. The blatant "satanic, occult " imagery is in your face everywhere. Yet so many seem to not see it labeling it trendy or just conspiracy hype… but for me the sense that something was going on simply persisted. I had been reading elsewhere about the whole "one eye.. Illuminati" thing with skepticism because others present the topic with such irrationality. Then I stumbled unto your site last year and the pieces of the puzzle came together. Your ability to analyse the symbols and to simply present the facts logically is what's kept me coming back. All I can say is that your end of year comment here is the most concise summary of the TRUTH of the REALITY of what is happening on this planet. THIS>>>> "It is about affecting the mind, the body, and the soul. It is about turning humanity into a debased, confused, and… Read more »


a form of manipulation they instill is to acknowledge that the ones who are doing this are "elite". they are instilling a sense of inferiority in others, a false sense of inferiority to keep them below.


"The truest form of rebellion is uncomprimised righteousness" you said nothing but the truth and the truth shall set us all free




God bless you!


Don't know if its been posted on here already, but a report on the Sandy Hook school shooting was released recently, right around the Christmas/New Year period. Regardless of the true nature of the events that took place, I find the timing of this report suspicious – being hidden by other news (particularly here in the UK, can't speak for elsewhere) – so just wanted to point it out, in case others have missed it, as I almost did.


thanks VC.. give us an insight of holy grail by jayz and justine timberlake..thankyou.


people need to step up and stop SAYING THEY ARE ELITE, because by doing this, we ourselves are giving them power and acknowledging that there is someone above us. aside from "mass media" the first thing we need to realize is how to control our emotions. when we control our emotions, we can stop them from seeping through the things we see everyday that influence our thoughts subliminally. this may not be something everyone can accomplish, and that's why the second thing we need to do is have a resistance because all of this "mass media" odge podge revolves around capitalism, economics, your taxes, your money, and control. they do not care for anything but that and will take your children even if that's what it takes. there needs to be resistance with that, and then we can sit around on media websites analyzing images in music videos. i believe everything you say here to an extent, but i feel like you emphasize on it too much and not the systematic ways it has been set up.


I absolutely love this site. It teaches me and I really respect VCs writing. When I love a site I usually scroll to the bottom and participate in, or at least read, the comments. However, the comments on this site I usually avoid as much as possible. If you are a christian (or any religion, but Christians certainly are the loudest) that is wonderful for you, and I am glad you feel you have all the answers and will be the only ones who are "saved." But this is not a Christian site. Not everyone shares your views. The comments people leave here lead me to believe most people are reading completely different stories than I am! And before anyone comments and says, " But VC is a mystic christian!" So what. He also asks all not to post for or against any religion. That's not what this site is about.


People can write what they think… don't bi#ch if you don't agree – move on.

Craig Stephens

Thank you you Vigilant Citizen for bringing the truth to the unsuspecting masses. I hope that this new year brings you more knowledge that you'd be willing to impart to the rest of us. It takes a lot of strength and fortitude to do what you do and I appreciate it a great deal. I believe that knowledge is power and you've certainly brought plenty to the table to digest this year. Thank You!

Two Pieces of Interesting TidBits

1: KE$HA has recently checked herself into rehab for an EATING disorder. I believe there is a LOT more going on than an eating disorder when your own mother dresses up as a phallus and hops around on stage. I mean WHO DOES THAT?

2: Vox Populi Methods of Manipulation is and EXCELLENT documentary. Check it Out.

Happy New Year All…….May God have mercy on all of us.


Thank you for spreading your knowledge unto us. Not being afraid to speak out and encouraging us and informing us


Do you ever worry that they might do something to you? Because you are a mouthpiece to expose the illuminati for what they are? I just wondered…

Emmanuel Laflamme

Keep up the good work!


I saw this movie called "Beyond the black rainbow",
there is a lot of things going on there. VC, I hope you could talk about it.



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