The Agenda Behind Bruce Jenner’s Transformation


Bruce Jenner is now known as Caitlyn Jenner and, for some reason, all media outlets have converged to turn this personal transformation into a massive, all-encompassing media event. Why is that? Because Jenner’s transformation was not personal, it is a planned event meant to support an ongoing agenda.

After the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games, Bruce Jenner was an American hero and was dubbed “the world’s greatest athlete”. He then embarked in a movie and television career, which solidified his near-superhero mystique in popular culture.

After his marriage with Kris Houghton and his involvement with Keeping Up with the Kardashians, most of that mystique was gone. He was part of the Kardashian experiment, the family that was built by mass media and for mass media, from absolutely nothing, to monopolize the attention of masses. From sex tapes to relationship rumors to butt pics that are supposed to “break the internet”, celeb marriages, and young girls becoming sexualized at a young age, the Kardashians constantly seek media attention for all kinds of purposes. Bruce Jenner’s story is yet another chapter in that story. And, like most of the “events”  involving the Kardashians, Jenner’s transformation was meticulously planned with perfect mass media coverage to gain worldwide attention.

Before I go further (and because some people like to put words in my mouth), I need to emphasize that I do not think that all transgenders are “evil” nor that they are part of a sinister Agenda. If one feels more comfortable and happier living as the opposite sex, well that’s their business and not mine. As a staunch proponent of true freedom, I will never judge a person who took a personal decision to live a better life. Bruce Jenner’s sex change, however, was everything but personal. It was an orchestrated media event, blown-up to proportions so large that it has been turned into a grand ritual, a staged ceremony meant to push an agenda.

Following the Script

Like the rest of the Kardashians, Bruce Jenner’s fame in 2015 (almost 40 years after winning his gold medal), is solely due to mass media keeping him famous. In other words, he is famous because he’s famous. And he stays famous because the elite is using his family to push an agenda.

In 2013, I published an article entitled The Kardashian 2013 Christmas Card: A Tribute to the Illuminati Entertainment Industry, where I analyzed a highly symbolic Christmas card created by David Lachapelle – a fashion photographer who is no stranger to the MK-Ultra based entertainment industry. That Christmas card was somewhat prophetic.

The Christmas card places the Kardashians in a deserted movie theatre replete with imagery representing the true role and fate of that showbusiness-created family.
The Christmas card features Kardashians posing in a deserted movie theater that is replete with imagery representing the true role and the true fate of that made-for-showbiz family.

Bruce Jenner, the only male in that photo, is the only one in that is not posing fashionably. Quite to the contrary, he is imprisoned in the cashier’s booth, which looks like a giant test tube.

Bruce Jenner is trapped in the cashier's booth.
Bruce Jenner is trapped in the entertainment industry.

Stuck in a what looks like a giant tube, Bruce Jenner is gazing at a statue that is wearing a gold medal – but that is also dismembered. That statue clearly represents Bruce’s past self, which was, since then, broken and symbolically dismembered. Jenner is now trapped in the tube that is show-business, like some kind of lab rat.

His daughters, who were about 15 at the time, were also depicted in a near-prophetic matter.

Kylie and Kendall Jenner doing high-fashion poses in front of an Illuminati pyramid - strongly hinting that they're owned by the occult elite's system.
Kylie and Kendall Jenner posing in front of an Illuminati pyramid which strongly hints that they’re owned by the occult elite’s system.

Since 2013, the Jenner sisters have indeed been fully integrated the Illuminati system, fully pushing ongoing agenda of sexualizing minors.

The sister often pose doing the One-Eye sign which is the code of Illuminati pawns.
The sisters often pose while doing the One-Eye sign, confirming that they’re owned by the system.
In this picture, the sisters are holding of two "shadowy" men, which can represents the sinister unseen handlers controlling their lives.
In this picture, the sisters are holding the hands of two invisible, “shadowy” men, representing the sinister unseen handlers controlling their lives.

So, not unlike Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the actual lives of the Jenners are mostly scripted. Caitlyn Jenner is also part of the script.

Perfect Media Storm

After his divorce, Bruce Jenner could have silently stepped out of the spotlight and lived his new life in relative privacy. But the exact opposite happened. Caitlyn saturated all major media outlets in a carefully orchestrated media storm. Here’s what happened in the span of a few weeks.

Primetime 20/20 interview with Diane Sawyer.
Primetime 20/20 interview with Diane Sawyer.
The cover of multiple magazines including Vanity Fair, which "presented" Caitlyn to the world.
Multiple magazine covers, including Vanity Fair, which “presented” Caitlyn to the world.
US magazine going inside his "heroic" transition. Heroic.
US magazine going inside his “heroic” transition. Heroic.
The President of the United States praising the courage of Jenner.
The President of the United States praising the courage of Jenner.

Speaking of courage, in a rather absurd, almost forced, media move, Caitlyn Jenner will be receiving the Arthur Ashe Courage Award during the 2015 ESPY Awards in July 2015. Caitlyn’s “courage” was deemed superior to Lauren Hill, a college athlete who played basketball despite an inoperable brain tumor and who died earlier this year.

There is more: Caitlyn will be the subject of her own reality show … expect a whole lot of magazine photoshoots.

The Hidden Agenda

As stated above, Jenner’s transformation was not intimate nor personal. It was a grand, ceremonial, ritualistic event that symbolizes a change in society as a whole. An important part of the elite’s agenda is to debase, confuse and mix up the natural, harmonious order of things. It is about steering away from what is real, pure and authentic to move towards to the fake, artificial and the constructed. For this reason, there one aspect of the Agenda that is becoming increasingly apparent: The feminization of the male and the masculinization of the female. Under the guise of “empowerment”, men who act like females and females who act like men are not only accepted but celebrated. I personally do not have a problem with that. I DO have a problem with the other side of this agenda: Men who act like traditional men (and do not feel the need to apologize for it) are now portrayed as evil and wrong. And, all of a sudden, portraying a stay-at-home mom who takes pride in cooking for her family is considered “sexist”.

In other words, it is about a complete reversal of gender roles. Simply by looking at our genetic make-up and the behavior of most mammals, one can observe that males are engineered to hunt, provide and protect while females are made to “nest”, care and nurture, While modern living has made these traits less dominant, they are nevertheless part of our core being. And mass media is heavily focusing on promoting the exact opposite of this. It is about the attacking the mind with messages that conflict with our natural inclinations. If you look at what is happening right now in mass media, you have, on one side, the head of the Kardashian family putting on makeup and wearing dresses while, on the other side, you have Taylor Swift training for combat with big weapons, with a gang of tough, violent women (see the video for Bad Blood).

While Jenner is an all-American product, Europe also went through its ritualistic, transgender event.

As the winner of Eurovision 2014, the Austrian singer Conchita Wurst became the first transgender to win such an award. Was this staged to cause a media event similar to the Jenner story? Most likely. Also, why is Conchita wearing a beard?
Conchita Wurst was the winner of Eurovision 2014. To further confuse everybody in the world (including other transgenders) Conchita wears a beard.

The above image of Conchita, with the strategically placed antlers, alludes to the lesser-known, esoteric part of the Agenda. In occult secret societies, the highest stage of illumination is achieved through the internalization of duality and the equilibrium between opposing forces –  good and evil, active and passive. male and female. This concept is symbolically represented by the horned, hermaphrodite god Baphomet. It is also represented in alchemical symbolism such as the Alchemical Androgyne :

"The symbol reproduced above is from a rare edition of the Turbæ Philosophorum published in Germany in 1750, and represents by a hermaphroditic figure the accomplishment of the magnum opus. The active and passive principles of Nature were often depicted by male and female figures, and when these two principle, were harmoniously conjoined in any one nature or body it was customary to symbolize this state of perfect equilibrium by the composite figure above shown." (Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages).
“The symbol reproduced above is from a rare edition of the Turbæ Philosophorum published in Germany in 1750, and represents by a hermaphroditic figure the accomplishment of the magnum opus. The active and passive principles of Nature were often depicted by male and female figures, and when these two principles, were harmoniously conjoined in any one nature or body it was customary to symbolize this state of perfect equilibrium by the composite figure above shown.” (Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages).

Of course, the concepts above are meant to be interpreted in an esoteric and spiritual context where the human soul transcends its physical shell. However, today’s elite is bent on twisting and corrupting occult concepts, using its inherent powers for sinister purposes. Therefore the concept of equilibrium has turned into an unhealthy obsession on transgendered media pawns.

In Conclusion

The Caitlyn Jenner story was orchestrated to bring specific concepts to the forefront, notably the complete reversal of gender roles. Although the elite’s occult teaching is about complete equilibrium, they want the masses to be completely out of balance. That’s how you keep them confused and malleable.



  1. Just found out today that the Kardashian and Jenne’s are under MK Ultra and when any of them reach a point of earning the big bucks , they will have to sacrifice some one they love. Well according to my source Kris Jenner offered Bruce. When Bruce became a woman , Bruce as we know Bruce in essence died.

  2. He turned into a woman because he was facing male prison. Before he was “a female trapped in a man’s body”, he was a cross-dresser. No big deal. I don’t buy that he was always a woman. Notice that military guy who suddenly needed to be a woman as soon as he was facing male prison, too. I think he changed his name to Chelsea. I think the last name was Manning. There isn’t anything more conspiratorial than they didn’t want to face going to prison as males. Seems they both got out of it, too. I’m not anti-transgender, but it is a mental illness. I don’t hate them any more than I hate people with clinical depression. It’s a mental condition. And who the hell would be jealous of this guy? Without lighting and a ton of makeup, he could hardly be considered an attractive woman. I noticed someone said women were “jealous” of him. What a weird world you must live in. And yep, I call him “him” because he was a man for my entire life until a few years ago. If I knew him personally, I would certainly refer to him as she or whatever moronic underage-girl name he wanted to go by.

  3. What we must observe here is that Bruce Jenner did not “choose” this as one might exercise their “freedom” to choose in life. This was DONE to him. It is a result of the prison his life has become. He nibbled on the fish hook of fame and fortune and now he’s in their frying pan. As Caitlyn Jenner, he is currently a living testimony of the power and control wielded by the Luciferian elite. Through the Bruce Jenner transformation EVENT, they are laughing at how easily they can bend, twist and contort society. Our minds are being attacked on multiple fronts and the Bruce/transgender thing is just one of them. It is as if we are being force feed slimy garbage from the dumpster and told that we love it’s taste over and over until we believe that we actually do like it and ask for “more please”. The Luciferian elite want us to celebrate Bruce’s freedom, courage, and choice because he is part of OUR programming. In reality, it is his slavery, brokenness, and defeat that is on display. Why such an effort to showcase what’s been done to Bruce? To brake OUR will and condition us to conform to OUR planned transformation. This post is not about hate for anyone in the LGBT community, but about LOVE for them – and all of humanity for that matter. Clearly, a FAKE woman is simply unnatural. And unnatural/fake is what we are to embrace as celebration-worthy for the sake of the agenda that VC so often points out for us. Our perception of reality is being manufactured by spiritual powers crafty enough to do it. It is a smooth operation of manipulating us into handing over our humanity little by little and all our God given authority to someone who literally hates us. A fake Christ is coming and his agenda is to steal, kill and destroy. The deception at play is to get us so far detached from our natural reality (technology, materialism, terrorization, medications, etc.) that we cannot relate to, or connect with, the one and only True Christ of the natural world. The world stage is being set for a fake performance. We are literally being evolved out of our humanity. That is what Bruce’s glamorized transformation is all about. It was done to him to mess with YOU.

  4. Illuminati? Whatever. My view of Bruce, or Caitlyn is from a more historical perspective. He was the Olympic decathlon champion. A national hero – young, very handsome, a role model you wanted your boys to grow up to be. He was on the Wheaties box, for God’s sake. And now, this? Say what you will about sexual freedom, trans-phobia, homophobia or whatever. It’s hard not to see his “transformation” as just another sign of a country and a world in decline.

  5. I agree with you that the transgenderism of Bruce Jenner does push a sexual agenda within society. I also believe the Kardashians were due for a sacrifice, and Bruce was it. These days in the illuminati controlled Hollywood, sacrifices are no longer limited to just literally killing some one. A sacrifice can also be a sacrificed of your identity. Look at Will and Jada Smith’s children; who seem to now subscribe to the idea of genderless roles. His son doesn’t know if he’s a boy or a girl, and is daughter is the same. Satan is busy and working overtime, and our only hope of being able to remain clear and steadfast is staying close to God; He’s absolutely the only power that can keep us enlightened and free.

  6. feelings are not reality…just as beliefs do not equal truth. No man will ever be a woman or vice versa. How could a man ever know what it feels like to be a woman or how could a woman know what a man feels like? You only can think you know , but you would actually have to be that gender to feel what that gender feels and no person can ever really change genders…it is pure and simple make believe!

  7. Eh. I do not support Transgender people, never have, never will. I’m not going to water down my beliefs because it will make someone feel better about their abnormal choices. The Bible SAID that we (Christians) are going to be hated and outcasted by society; it didn’t specify the reason, but probably not being a supporter of LGBT is one of them. So be it. However, I won’t actively go out and protest against them either. The baphomet has both male and female organs..I just..Yeah no.

  8. Very good article but you say that the kardashians are owned by the illuminati, maybe obliged to do what they do but I suspect that actually they arent humans

  9. Bruce Jenner is the 3D version of the w***e of babylon, and that is why he will never do that surgery in his bottom half.

  10. I have compassion for Bruce(cause he’s still Bruce, not “Caitlin”). And as Christians we should love transgender, gay, bi, lesbian people. But please don’t glorify this lifestyle. Know it or not it is evil(even if many of the people are good people) and it does glorify Satan. God created everyone to be the exact gender he wanted them to be and no one has the spiritual right to change that. It’s against God and it’s against nature. I have deep compassion for Bruce and find it odd that he seems very “doped up” now that he’s living his life as Caitlin. I can tell he’s unhappy and feels trapped. Nothing in me will EVER believe that he WANTED to be transgender.

  11. How did the President (who is a christian, and is not gay, and not married to a tranny)
    find this necessary?

  12. Reading the comment section I feel saddend that most people are missing the point, falling into the cultural discussion and usual disagreements. The point being missed is about the nature of the esoteric philosophy of the powers in place. The transgender movement is about further attachment to mater and materialistic point of view, in a way in which man and woman obssesibly absorb themselves in the body thus becoming oblivious of the transpersonal and inmaterial spiritual realm. Forgetting also that this live is just but a mere fragment of eternity and the little time spent here should not be spent transforming the already coherent body we inherited at birth, but cultivating meditation, compassion and harmony.

  13. Who’s kidding who… he still has his penis. Won’t believe any of it until that’s gone. Don’t hold your breath.

  14. Hi. The article is well written and happens to coincide with my views as well. I encourage you not to attempt pleasing anyone. Deliver your opinion without apologies. LGBT, and so on is in my view unnatural and I take the church’s stance that we pray for them and encourage them to fight against the temptation. You need not approve; I don’t but pray for them.

    Matt 18: 6 “If anyone causes one of these little ones–those who believe in me–to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.

    Those responsible for the scandal (stumbling block) towards Godliness and Christ will meet their maker and answer. They may think that we are gentiles, and thus unworthy, but it is they that rejected the stone that is now the cornerstone for millions around the world; we are the new worthy ones.

  15. Heroic? Pfft! As if!
    What about all of the soldiers that lay down their lives for our safety? What about the missionaries who go into Africa and the like with food and medical care? What about the ones who are ACTUALLY MAKING A DIFFERENCE?
    Honestly this guy (God made him male, I’m calling him male.) bugs me because of all this…then getting offended and confused when Cruz turned down his endorsement…because “he’s Caitlyn Jenner! No one should turn down HIS offers!”
    Good for you Mr. Cruz! 🙂

    In a way I kinda feel bad for this guy…if all you said is true and he’s just a pawn, it’s pretty upsetting. He doesn’t really look happy in most of his photo shoots too…

  16. “Masculine” and “Feminine” are constructions as well, not all women are physically built to nurture and nest, and what about men who are small in stature or women who are not? Did nature get it wrong? Surely this cannot be your only argument for WHY this cultural transition is detrimental… it goes far beyond the *constructed roles of men/women in western culture.

  17. That's quite an impressive conspiracy theory, however I have one that's a lot more "simple".

    Only a few weeks before his "transformation" he was involved in a car crash where the woman in the other car was killed. Now, being married to a woman who used to be married to one of the lawyers who was behind helping OJ Simpson being acquitted of the murder of his ex wife, she probably has quite a bit of knowledge of how to get around the legal system.

    Together they came up with a brilliant idea, PRETEND to get a sex change (in reality only a very impressive Hollywood make-up job), using the excuse of "gender confusion" as to why HE was not mentally responsible for the accident. It worked really well too, for it was recently revealed that "Caitlyn" would not be tried for the death of the other car's driver. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

    • Completely agree. It was the ultimate distraction, cause nobody remembers that he did KILL a women! He lived in a house surrounded but all the kardashian women, even if he was in denial about being wanting to be a women. He would have slipped up somewhere, something would had shown as a sign that he was not all he seemed to be. Whether it was makeup or clothes or anything. He was on national TV for goodness sake someone would had caught something, and nobody ever did.

  18. When Bruce Jenner looks in the mirror he does not see what is reality. Just like when Karen Carpenter looked in the mirror she did not see reality. (we all know she died from her Illness) She needed mental help, just like Bruce needs mental help.

  19. I am personally a lesbian and sometimes confused by my gender at times as well but I was appalled by the whole Caitlyn Jenner transition publicity. I don't like to admit it but I used to love KUWTK when it first came on and watched it all the time; I've since steered away because it became so fake it made me sick and then I heard about the Catilyn Jenner thing and I knew immediately it was a a fake publicity stunt. Watch the show! He likes to golf, hang out with his buddies, fly his toy airplanes he doesn't like to shop and get pedicures I know that is technically stereotyping but he doesn't like doing stuff that you would think a person who is gender confused would like to do. Those were his hobbies and he loved that stuff now all he cares about is magazine covers and wardrobes, you don't just change like that. Never in the previous shows had he shown any hint of being confused in a gender type of way. Maybe in the season before he came out to make it look more real but it is all fake. Of course I'm pro-transgender and all LGBTs I'm one of them. But this is a publicity stunt, Bruce and Kris got divorced and then Bruce realized that he was nothing without that show and he probably was influenced so much by the Kardashian publicity that he couldn't bear or even know how to live without it and he probably wanted to beat Krist at her own game, which he certainly did. All he wanted was more publicity and his own show, you think E would have given Bruce that? No way this was the only way how.

  20. Bruce Jenner has become a freak of his own degenerated perversion – he is a geizer – a dragqueen on track to an overdose… No fanfare can hide the loneliness this man goes to bed with – the empathy he seeks will be devoured by pundits that would bully his own diminutive existence… Hell awaits you with open arms

  21. Holy s**t, the family guy episode! Are all authors of popular animated shows in on the Illuminati agenda or are script writers connected to them and put in their own 'in' jokes? The Simpsons and their 911 stuff is creepy as is the Family guy Boston marathon predictions.

    • lmao I remember that episode, Bruce/Caitlyn was a cross dresser, it was a insider open secret in HOLLYwood. like p********a is an open secret there as well

    • and your parents gave birth to a disappointment, you close minded troll. Jesus had a Jewish mother did he not?

  22. It amazes me how many people are threatened by things like this. Granted, I find transgenderism odd, but it has nothing to do with me, and it doesn't change my life. Why care if Bruce Jenner is living this way and it's getting attention? He's famous, so of course it got attention. Ignore it if it's so terrible to you.

  23. Huum.

    There is obviously something malign about this weird man and his peculiar perversion. The writer seems infected by pc.
    How the orchestrated nature of this media campaign can be attacked while ignoring the central role played by the lead actor, defeats me.

    Moral cowardice.

    We are responsible for what we do and if this individual needs to dress as a woman to achieve a 'better life' then I need to be protected from public demonstrations of perversion and/or insanity to 'achieve MY better life'.
    Not really, I'm well used to public degeneracy.

    As for the 'agenda', for once I think every person attacked by this 'story' was fully aware it was hollow, contrived and false.
    The problem is that a significant number of Americans don't mind being manipulated.

  24. Soooo does "Caitlyn" get to go through all the struggles every 'natural female' has to go through? She get her period every month? Get cramps and bloated, and has globs of blood poring out her vajayjay? She gonna be pregnant one day? Carry a load around for nine months and then go through that incomparable pain of birth?

    Sorry for the way I said it but, hey you wanna talk about women and men? How about some of the biological struggles women go through?

    I frankly don't care if there are people out there who feel closer to their opposite gender. Yay, whoopee, that's great for them. I'm all for everyone's freedom in their pursuit of happiness. But when they try to insist mutilated bodies are this or that and ACCEPT MEEEEEEE I just can't sorry.

    But watching the struggle that women go through every day for years and years, and I'm not even just talking about biological struggles, but social struggles as well. Take a glance at the world's cultures and the fight women had to put forth and are still putting forth to get where they are today and then a man, who was born with natural strength, and the "privileges" of having a penis decides one day to lay down a crap ton of money and become a woman and then be congratulated for it? He gets to skip over all the struggles that real women go through and then be given an award for it? What….?

    And then there's the fact that he has to go through surgery, medications, photoshop, etc etc to be HIS TRUE SELF while a model is slaughtered on the media for being photoshopped or getting lipo suction or a boob job??? WTH is with this society??? Are people not seeing this? Is this OKAY TO THEM???

    Why are companies like American Eagle and Dove being supported and congratulated for not retouching any of their models in their ads and promoting NATURAL BEAUTY and it's such a BIG DEAL while the Fem-Bruce is being congratulated for being Caitlyn, a complete fabrication of a woman?

    The entire media and this entire society is such a contradiction of itself, and it's so in your face it's a wonder to me.

    • One of my best friends is transgender and I feel like SHE has went through quite a lot of emotional trauma before transitioning.
      No, she does not bleed every month like us but she has also had a tougher socialisation than us. Feeling like a woman yet having to attend a school for all boys.
      She breaks her heart over the very fact she will not be able to carry her boyfriends child to term and it is rather distressing to watch the heartache of that as I went through some infertility issues and I can relate as I had felt the same way myself. So the fact that I was told I would never be able to conceive would make me less of a woman? Please be seated and stop with you’re slamming of women because it is women like you who are an absolute disgrace to the very gender you think you are a voice for.
      I’m also aware that there are transgender men that exist, so where does your opinipm stand with those men?
      A lot of transgenders are also annhilated by society and the media as well as stigmatised. This is obviously all fabricated because from what i’ve read, the majority of transgendered people suffer a lot of physical, emotional and mental abuse. Some predominately in USA have entered into prostitution and sex acts (degrading themselves) in order to save the required finance to have their bodies resemble how they feel. Ive read of a lot of transgendered women be stigmatised and treated like a casteless member of society. Men tend to reject them when they find out because of the image they have to maintain for fear it immasculates them therefore they begin to feel the only way to receive affection from a man is to sleep with him because he wouldn’t date her. Some transgendered women have went the majority of their lives without being given the time of day by men other then a quick fumble.
      In conclusion from my friend and what I then read on transgendered women (mostly) I’d say the majority of them have earned their strips to be regarded as a woman. Besides sufferage should not define a woman. Strength should.

      • Pay attention to what you’re reading, she was making a comparison of the feeling in not BEING able to carry her boyfriends child and her own experience with infertility and how that feels.

      • You should read about hormone disrupting chemicals that are put into our food and water… A professor at UC Berkeley proved that hormone disrupting chemicals change the sexual preference and orientation of the animals used in his studies. The truth goes much deeper. The Great Deception has already begun. If you turn to Jesus Christ and repent from the world and you will be saved from death.

      • Sure, Christianity never murdered loads of people-made people feel less than, and condemned them for their sexual orientation. It never went in and took away people’s land and beliefs. It never insisted everyone else think the way they do. Never. It never put arrogant thought into its followers minds. It never made anyone feel superior to other races. It never said all of the other religions are false, and went in and indoctrinated anyone. It never sent anyone on missions to inflict their views on everyone else. Because everyone else is just ignorant savages with backwards religious beliefs that just need to be taught the right way, by all these superior, smarter white people. It never did that. It never made a load of people think that their religion was the only true one, because it was the White guy one. That’s all the perks of Christianity. And you get to pretend that anyone who doesn’t agree with you is stupid or condemned to hell. What fun.

  25. Fact 1 – Nobody can ever change their sex.
    Fact 2 – A man who takes hormones is a male who take hormones.
    So the word "Transgender" is in itself at best a delusion and disingenuous.
    It would be like calling a female bodybuilder a transsexual because she takes masculine hormones?
    Not true. In any case The main issue here is WHY plastic surgery and hormones are permitted in society, the exception being a car crash or something like that where plastic surgery is mandatory. But Go beyond this Transsexual illusion and look what I call the "Baywatch syndrome" the woman on that show transformed themselves. Fake implants and injections in their lips butt and so on. So Really what we have here is a predatory plastic surgery hormone association who are just screwing up lives and selling the concept you can be anything you want. Even a different gender? You cannot be serious!!
    That is criminal if you ask me. And that most definitely is the "AGENDA" here.To make money off people with mental issues rather like a drug pusher except with the trimmings of government approval. I like that scene in the movie "Falling down" where Michael Douglass jumps over a fence cuts his hands and asks"A plastic surgeon owns all this"? To me that explains it all.

  26. Either you believe in evolution and change brought about by random events over time, or we are here by purpose, created by someone who has rules and natural laws/institutions, built into society so that we do not destroy ourselves. You cannot have this both ways.

    If you believe in evolution, then you cannot make one statement of value that cannot be refuted by someone else, because the only basis of value comes from within yourself. If this is the case, you really have no reason to live, except to express yourself, gain attention, and get as much out of this "life" as you can for yourself. Within this thought-world, anything can be "ok"….even sex with animals and marrying a computer; cultural offensiveness being the only buffer.

    If you believe you are here by creation, then there is hope for you, if you will yield to the Creator and His plan and His ways. Only then can we find out what His ways are and whether transsexuals (and other sinners) are compatible with His divine nature. Oh, I am just as much a sinner as the next homosexual as well…I steal, lie, cheat, lust, gossip, etc….

    Choose you this day whom you will serve….yourself, or your Creator.

  27. Do you think Caitlyn Jenner could possibly be some kind of female alter of Bruce Jenner,and that his gender confusion was some how taken advantage of?

  28. Bruce seems as smart as he looks. Not too bright. And those broads he hung with and raised cured him of his manhood and spread their cancer into him which he gladly, or ignorantly, took. He at least could of shown a little class with that debut pic, but then again, hes lost all concept of class since he married that madam of the whorehouse, and breed with her

  29. Conchita Wurst is not a transsexual. Conchita Wurst is the transvestite identity of Tom Neuwirth. A transvestite is a man that likes dressing up as a woman, unlike a transsexual, who actually feels like a woman. One is dressing up, the other one is being it. Also, a transvestite would never undergo sex change surgery for their "hobby".

  30. Perhaps I am late to this..but i recently saw the trailer about 'I am Cait" and something stood out to me quite blatanly… He's in a car and hes commenting how bright the day is and blah blah and then he says " I am the new normal" that right there really struck me in the head like a bucket of cold water…I reaf the article before when it first came out..and now saw the trailer for the docuseries…it's clear that this is money related…It's just disrespecftul for the real transgender people..besides..Courage does not wear Atelier Versace.

    • I believe this is not just money related but intended to launch some sort of “hype” in society about changing gender if that’s how you feel.

  31. I have to agree on this one. And without going too far into the past, it looks as the plan to demoralize the non-Jews (gentiles) has been a long happening process. Creation of comunisam, written by Carl Marx supposed to be dealing with a '"Jewish question" while turning the most of the Europe further from the religion, belief and value. While addapting themselves to fit any type of society and bidding their origin, Jewish menaged to run the USA, whiles they are staying loyal to their religion and belufes. If you all belive that all the rubbish on the tv and other media is there to entertain us, think again. Brainwashing, yes. it was a Jewish judge that came up with the law of legally prosecuting parents for disciplining children, and it s the Jewish lawyers that are instigating the racial issues in the last couple of months in the US. I am not creating a conspriracy theory, neither I dislike Jewish , I admire them acctually, I m only connecting the pieces of the puzzle, after decades , perhaps centuries, of brainwashing, demoralization, lack of belief and religion, morals and everything else that is natural to humankind , how easy it is to serve all these obscurities to a nation as such? Even better, send Mr.Sharma , an Indian Jew a follower of another great Jew Maslow, to inspire us and tell us how we should think. He was correct on one thin : in order for somything to happen (creation of the new world order) ,something else has to happen first (complete mind reset ). If you want to be a "happy clapper" ,go ahead, how wonderful it is to see a 65 year old man transformung himself into a woman.

  32. Yuo have heard of jesus , foretelling of a time when things will be "ONE" once more, after the split or break which had beFALLEN all of humanity/creation via the "FALL" from eden. Suddenly there was good & bad, male & female, life & death, up/down, hot/cold, rich/poor, ignorant/wise, dark/light, beauty/ugliness, physical&nonphysical, back/front, hidden& displayed,bliss/dispair, love/hate, sight/blindness, noise&stillness, so and not so..I could go on for ever.All was divided and to make it more confusing for everything was exiists also some "middle"thing, a third broken piece if you want. As we have been banished into a 3dimensional existence. So the day will come when all will become whole again. Jesus promised, that all will be forgiven and we are allowed back into "one-ness"ot the whole -state if existence. Now, I believe that the elite, who have hidden a lot of knowledge for their own gain, somehow are attempting to bring this one-ness on themselfs. For their benefit only. That is why the mal&female are brought together. Evil is committed for good to happen (good for them, of course) , why the "mixing" of cultures and "races" is promoted in a way that makes it almost unnatural, why religions are being made into one (atheism?) this is why two towers had to fall and one was errected after instead. I coul go on, again. But will they succeed, to unify earth and moon again? The two broken half-spheres? Will they achieve, what god has planned, in what I believe completely different ways.I don't think so. They might keep up the constsnant state of war & peace, they think they have to , so it can be accoplished. But, but, somewhere there is a higher plan. Allknowing they are NOT.

  33. you cant take a middle ground on this issue and say youre not against men in dresses and then speak out against their campaign/agenda to forcefeed and indoctrinate all things men-in-dresses to the masses. their movement is huge. we are talking major marketing to men women and, more frequently, children. disneys got boys in dresses, pbs features a special for transgender kiddos. its so cool when a 3 yr old decides to swap sexes and even cooler when mom and dad say sure son, lets go buy u ribbons and princess costumes! youre either down with it or youre not.

    • I dressed as the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz when I was 3. I had my mom introduce me to everyone, even grocery cashiers, as the Tin Man. I was also a complete tomboy, was not interested in clothing or makeup or being attractive, and was obsessed with male-centric activities. I did not think I was really a man, nor have I ever had gender dysphoria. Lighten up.

      • ^ This. The new, liberal, ‘fun’ way to ‘support’ transexuals is pro-Capitalism.
        After all, being a man or a woman is not decided by what you wear, or what interests you had as a child.

        Pink = femaleness and blue = maleness are society’s (companies that sell products in these colors) constructs… We buy these toys to our children and they grow up convinced that they are one sex or the other according to their interests, clothing, etc… All superficial things.

        I’d also like to point out that claiming that you’re a ‘woman’ because you’re wearing a dress/make-up is super misogynistic and offensive.

        And yes, I’m aware transmen exist.
        And I’m here for people with gender dysphoria. I support you in your hard times.

    • you cant say f**k people for having an opinion, logic tells us that you can’t change gender. you know this and understand it to be true why do you need every other person to understand an obvious truth? let them believe in the Easter Bunny if it makes their lives more bearable. no surgeon can change chromosomes, but there’s no crime in letting people pretend their little hearts out

  34. I will say this one time

    The agenda will push androginity, no sex.
    After that, lets say 5-10 years it will be transhumanism.

    They will keep his world with the people that worship them.
    We will continue in another evolved Earth but the time of this is unknown.

  35. "and, for some reason, all media outlets have converged to turn this personal transformation into a massive, all-encompassing media event. Why is that?"

    Geeeez, That's a toughy!

    It keeps the sheep distracted while their government is corrupted, innocents are slaughtered under the guise of "spreading democracy", and the US edges closer to a False Flag economic collapse and WW3, creating phony enemies/scapegoats as they did bin Laden for their 9/11.

    Rome is burning, and sheep are 'entertained' by this crap, Dancing with the Stars, iPhones, and deflated footballs.

    "No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public" ~ H.L.Mencken

  36. The media is about making money too people… whatever gets ratings and sales! Don't get so hung up on stereotypes or what's right or wrong or male or female. See it for what it is… entertainment that sells.

  37. I was just reading a mainstream tabloid article about Caitlyn and there were close up photos of her face on a night out in NYC…sure she could look sad because of the paparazzi being in her face, but gosh they were sad photos…her eyes and the expression on her face brought me back to read this article again.
    And i still wish some readers would go easier on the bible study. This site is for all, it has always welcomed all and been interesting and a meeting point for all who are awake, not JUST bible readers (you are a very important and valued part of the mix of voices and information…just not the only voice, maybe you could learn something too from others)

  38. People think they are being so righteous by vehemently arguing for Jenner's case. As readers of VC, I am a little – but not very – surprised that some of you are taking this article as a personal attack…. or as an attack on LGBT folks, when CLEARLY it was stated that is not what this about. It has been proven time and time again that ANYTHING to do with the Kardashian's is to promote some kind of agenda, or to distract from reality. Why should this situation be any different?

  39. On the subject of “The Agenda Behind Bruce Jenner’s Transformation”:

    Dear VC editor,

    I agree on your quite detailed expose of those main stream products.

    However, I think there is a slightly wrong conception being spread around, perhaps unwillingly, by ourselves!

    Not to whelm you and visitors, I give only one example:

    Religions are, mostly, categorized as “Abrahamic” and “Non-Abrahamic”.

    And “Hinduism” is said the oldest religion (or “tradition”) on earth.

    There are many gods, demi-gods, devils, and etc. in Hinduism.

    “Shiva” and “Vishnu” are the main gods (with “Brahma” but he is not worshipped that much across India.)

    “Shiva”, “Vishnu” and “Brahma” are accepted as “Trimurti” similarly as “Trinity” in Christianity.

    These gods also have their “female” counterparts:
    Shiva is married with Parvati (Adi Shakti),
    Vishnu is married with Lakshmi,
    Brahma is married with Saraswati.

    The main concept in Hinduism is “seeking the oneness in complexity”.

    For that reason:

    Most of the time, Vishnu and Shiva are represented together as “Harihara” (Hari: Vishnu / Hara: Shiva)

    And most of the time, these “male” gods are represented with their “female” counterparts as well.
    Such as:
    “Ardhanarishvara” is a composite androgynous form of the Hindu god Shiva and his consort Parvati. “Ardhanarishvara” is depicted as half male and half female, split down the middle. The right half is usually the male Shiva, illustrating his traditional attributes. “Ardhanarishvara” represents the synthesis of masculine and feminine energies of the universe (Purusha and Prakriti) and illustrates how Shakti, the female principle of God, is inseparable from (or the same as, according to some interpretations) Shiva, the male principle of God. The union of these principles is exalted as the root and womb of all creation. Another view is that “Ardhanarishvara” is a symbol of Shiva’s all-pervasive nature.

    There are hundreds of thousands of metaphors, symbols in Hinduism, too.

    It is quite possible that all those “ancient” knowledge and tradition also are being used to propagate the elite’s agenda!

    But it is also clear that we cannot say that the concept “seeking the oneness in complexity” is related to; one and only the elite’s agenda as a whole, in the end!

    Whether I am religious or not, there is a science called “theology” which studies on religions. And not all the scholars in that science claim that particularly these “gender” subjects are mostly related to some elite’s agenda…

    I repeat:
    I do not attempt to criticize your genuine effort on this web site. I just wanted to deliver an important warning that I am, maybe, a little more concerned that we miss our focus skipping the “theology” area.


  40. I'm not afraid to say its wrong to be LGBT and neither shou you. We all know that it is not the right way to live but there blinded by lust. Seek God and find your way back to him. Yes they are corrupted and evil but they will see their doomed fate in time. Jesus loves you all and only wants to take the evil things away and make you whole and new. You can't be like the world or you will perish like the world. Love you

    • You are a very misguided, unfortunate individual and I hope someday you wake up to yourself and learn how to respect other people.

  41. While I do completely understand your emphasis on the wrongful bastardization of the transgender community by the media and kardashian family, there are still some things that I see as off in this article. Claiming to not be sexist mutiple times in an arguement that has sexist side comments/language is a little hard for me to accept as being truthful.

    Specifically when you said:

    "Under the guise of 'empowerment', men who act like females and females who act like men are not only accepted, but celebrated. I personally do not have a problem with that. I DO have a problem with the other side of this agenda: Men who act like traditional men (and do not feel the need to apologize for it) are now portrayed as evil and wrong. And, all of a sudden, portraying a stay-at-home mom who takes pride in cooking for her family is considered 'sexist'."

    I don't know what world you live in where men/women who traditionally act like men/women are given more crap or unwelcoming attention compared to men/women who don't. Even if these "unnatural" transgender men/women get a little welcoming praise and pretend acceptance by the politically correct masses, going back to their day-to-day life is still a big social challenge that they aren't (of course) showing with this media circus of a Caitlyn Jenner. It's one thing that you might feel "uncomfortable" when people bluntly point out and or try to shake the idea that men don't have to big and tough and women don't have to be soft and delicate, but that doesn't mean you are being painted as a "bad guy" or "wrong", please don't flatter yourself… and i both know that most people still today deep down do not completely accept and understand the non-traditional. And that's the highlight I want to make about your comment; you mixed the two terms "traditional" and "natural" multiple times in your argument and I'd like to magnify the difference. Even when something is traditionally done in a society, it does not mean it is natural, because at the end of the day it is still a man-made construct. Even amusingly how you paint the "unapologetic man" (strong, intelligently independent) and the "humbled woman"(serving her home and others) in your mini-rant, it's hard to believe that an intelligent person as yourself could not pick up on your ingrained patriarchal views when reading back on that.

      • So you are saying that all as in all Man made constructs are wrong? Is that your point? So we should let r**e, murder, thievery etc be the norm since man made constructs say these are wrong and we should not allow them?
        Dont throw out the baby with the bathwater.
        As for man made constructs exaclty plese tell me which consturcts should we allow? Alien?

  42. Personally, I think the plan is to transfer the WORST stereotypical aspects of each gender – MEN: unyielding, unfeeling, sexually aggressive, insensitive, pack mentality, zero intuition + WOMEN: passive aggressive, backstabby, jealous, superficial, materialistic, whiny – to the opposite sex, so that everybody is confused and attacking one another, while unable (due to narcissism) to see the psy ops of their shared oppressor.

    Sophisticated people will experience a divine unification of gender opposites in this time of change: men will be stoic but sensitive, strong but protective of the innocent, sexed up but mellow (a walking "quiet storm", baby), happy in a group but an independent, intuitive thinker and feeler; women will be nurturing but self-caring and independent, kind yet ethical and no doormat, always supportive of other women, not hung up on materialistic, market driven trickery, an earth goddess, a real "Wonder Woman".

    THIS is what the powers that be (collapsing) don't want to happen. Hence the media air raid of the Caitlyn Jenner ritual.

    • I agree, the agenda is to farther separate and distract what is suppose to mentally be male and female.

      During this whole media frenzy, none of these people interviewing him and documenting his journey cared to dig deeper on the difference between what is sex and what is gender. We've been trained so deeply to believe in the assigned stereotypical behaviors of the sexes that it is considered "unnatural" or "unique" to behave anything less than

  43. One thing I don't get with VC is this "Do whatever makes you happy" outlook. To me it sounds like Aleister Crowley's "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law" mantra. Which is something I don't get because he should know about that type of mentality. It shouldn't be about what makes you happy (all the time) it should ultimately be about what's right.

      • But isn’t you saying there is no objective right or wrong implying there IS an objective right and wrong? Society is teaching us that everyone can have your own truth, right? But that in itself saying that there IS a truth. and you saying those who believe there is an objective of eight and wrong are ignorant is saying they are wrong. But how can that be? See how that mindset contradicts itself?

      • oh my word, I see American education is at work, bravo Sam you are a recessive prodigy. (I’m insulting you, I know you are too dim to understand.)

    • Many, many transgender women find themselves attracted to women after they transition. It may do you some benefit to actually know what you are talking about, before making a comment intended to make yourself look witty and on the ball. You are an idiot.

  44. I have to be honest with you VC I could've enjoyed this article much more if you had just been blatantly and bluntly honest. I'm not saying to just discard tact, but I felt you did a lot of sympathizing and trying to explain your reasons for saying what you're saying as opposed to just saying it. You were so busy trying not to offend the LGBT community it's almost as if you were afraid to just let yourself write naturally, which is what I'm use to you doing…just letting your truth flow. Next time, I humbly request that you just write, don't feel the need to explain and apologize for your personal opinions…that's apart of the trick as I'm sure you know. Getting ppl to be afraid of saying anything that the LGBT community may disagree with. That's not you though, you don't back down…speak your truth and stand firm in it 🙂

    • Well said, but you can understand it, anything can be seen as offending somebody, its all part of the same thing, shut down conversation and force the agenda down everyones throat. He got woman of the year awarded for that,, doesn’t have a womb, never will, never struggled through his day with a migraine and bellyache from raging hormones but gets woman of the year for sticking fake boobs and a dress on. Woman the world over must feel insulted.

      • Its kind of funny that it seems to me guys are more accepting of her as a female than women. You’re all jealous.

  45. Heavily disagree with this one. I feel like for this first time on this site, you've written an article clutching at straws. I would recommend taking it down so that it doesn't devalue the valid and relevant articles already kicking about on here.

  46. Putting the transphobia of the article aside (I don't feel like arguing about that right now), I'd like to point out that Conchita is not transgendered? Conchita is a drag queen, AKA a female persona acted out by a male performance artist for the sake of entertainment, and nothing else. Has absolutely nothing to do with being trans*.

  47. Females also hunt in the animal kingdom; lionesses for example. There's nothing wrong with gender roles getting a revamp because they were shaped by men to begin with.

  48. All part of Satan's plan.

    ''And I will mislead them, and I will arouse in them [sinful] desires, and I will command them so they will slit the ears of cattle, and I will command them so they will change the creation of God." And whoever takes Satan as an ally instead of God has certainly sustained a clear loss''.

    Quran 4:118-119

  49. It's all a mindf**k to distract people from race riots (also Handled) and prepare them for the 2016 election of POTUS, both of which allowed candidates serve the same elite and agenda.

    Stay frosty. Stay focused. Don't let the infotainment leeches suck your mind and soul dry.

  50. Notice Bruce's hands are "tied" behind his back, clearly symbolic. He is also wearing white, represented as pure and virtuous. Look up " Family Guy predictive programming" if you want to see other events predicted years ahead of time. Crazy stuff..

  51. I totally saw this coming the moment I heard that Bruce Jenner was 'deciding' on gender issues. And, the first thing I thought of was that Christmas card (in which Christ was depicted nowhere). It made 100% sense, especially after reading a few articles quoting him and his previous family members. Wow. And, the prophetic images of the Jenner girls sure has come to pass since then. Wow again, and so quickly I might add. Kendall was given modeling jobs, exactly as her pose on the card, and under legal age Kylie is in the gossip & main stream media for her relationship with an older, formerly-engaged-to-the-mother-of -his-children man. Appropriately, on the card, Kylie is posing in her vulva shaped headdress. The only image in their card that I am not sure if is fulfilled yet is Khloe. Will we find out that the boy is in fact her's? Conceived on a car seat? Excuse me, I mean limo seat? That would sure explain the shock/confused detachment depicted in the boy's eyes.

  52. If you scheme to take power in a multicultural society by manipulating, promulgating a smaller group's perceived persecution that undermines the overall group's welfare, or its perceived potential political resistance to your power ambitions, then you have no morals or decency and are a pariah.

  53. I just don't agree as it has not been my experience at all and cannot understand though I am trying…
    What I see are Trans men, men who feel they are women, everywhere, are amongst the most ridiculed people in the world because femininity is seen as a weakness. Masculinity on the other hand is very much revered and praised… show me a straight man who is ashamed of his masculinity and I'll eat my hat. Feminine traits are so looked down upon that no-one can believe any man would actually want to be a woman and that is depressing. If anything, increasingly, it is Women are made to feel ashamed of their femininity but they are praised if they show typically masculine traits.
    Either I think one of the most beautiful things is seeing a masculine man be gentle, good with children, show his emotions – he shows both masculine and feminine traits whilst still being a complete man

  54. Can everyone please stop calling them elites? They're criminals and should be called criminals because they have accumulated their wealth via underhanded means

    • Criminals isn’t specific enough for this, nobody would know the exact reference like we do with ‘elites.’ -_-And it’s a damn given that they’re criminals.

  55. I have no judgement against anyone transgender or homosexual… As a sinner myself I will say we as a people are all being mind screwed into following our temptations instead of taking responsibility to do the right thing because it's hard. We live in times where being tempted will birth actions that go against the way God intended for us to be! From murder to lies and deceit..from sex adultery and sex fornication now sex changes we are all bombarded by sin! We are all facing spiritual challenges and you better believe the reason is for your soul. The age of Aquarius has come. "Do as thou wilt" says Crowley! You think it's a game? You better wake up!

    • Saying you dont have judgment about transgenders or gays just because you yourself are a sinner implies that you also view those things as sins…..

  56. Why all this coverage for a has been? Answer: Because it is part of the agenda to scramble as many people's sexual identity as possible. It is part of the bigger agenda of screwing us all up so badly that we won't be able to resist the global tyranny. Hence the GMOs, chemtrails, Electromagnetic radiation, etc. It is also a way of diverting our attention away from the REAL issues like the emerging spy global state, TPP, Fukushima, the debt bubble etc. In other words, the stuff that really impacts us.

  57. This is a good article. But why do you have to act apologetic? You don't need to explain your stand. No matter how much you're gonna explain, people still gonna complain.

  58. Hmmm. You lost me on this one VC.

    There is no 'natural order of things' with relation to humans. We are so far removed from nature arguing our gender roles are defined by what happens in the animal kingdom is pretty lazy thinking I have to say.

    And frankly, regardless of what the supposed agenda is on Bruce / Caitlin Jenner, the truth is this kind of publicity will allow other transgender people to find the courage to be true to themselves. As far as I'm concerned it's a very good thing when there are role models for people who don't fit into the narrow bandwidth of what is considered socially acceptable.

    I know you qualified your points by saying you don't have anything against anyone making personal choices, but when you go on to then talk about ideas like 'the natural order of things' when there is clearly no natural order to what humans do at all it undermine your integrity and your argument.

    These ideas about men and women's roles come from religion and I'd have thought anyone with any interest in mass mind control etc. could see religious organisations are masters of manipulation, lies and deceit and therefore it is apt and appropriate to question what these organisations preach as 'natural order'; however you appear to have bought this one hook line and sinker because it suits your view and your sexual orientation. Kind of disingenuous from a site that is supposedly 'vigilant' about enlightening the world about mass manipulation.

    As a (card carrying heterosexual) woman my gender has absolutely nothing to do with being a provider OR a nurturer. I am both. Capably both. And this idea of woman as provider is not new btw; it's not a modern construct and it's not a friggen agenda. Men have abandoned women and kids since the beginning of time. And women just get on with doing what they have to do – provide for their families. There are also men who capably do both as well. I'm not masculinised any more than a man who nurtures his kids is emasculated.

    Of course though, when men do run off and abandon their 'offspring' and / or their 'wives' we are told this is 'nature' too because monogamy is rare in the animal kingdom and therefore because lions and tigers and bears run off and root around men should too. It's really all rather tired arguments used by anyone who wants to justify whatever point about sexual politics they believe.

    To be honest, if there's an agenda to give women more economic and sexual autonomy and to give women the opportunity to live life on her own terms then f**king sign me up. If that makes me masculine well, I can live with that if it means I have autonomy and freedom and equal rights.

  59. My dad was owner of musical festival and it got shut down a couple of months ago because of his opinion about Bruce Jenner on facebook. Screw political correctness in this country !!! It's called freedom of speech, we need go stand up together against the evil

  60. Here is an article about Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner that I thought really hit the nail on the head

    Its about how the media celebrates freedom to be transgender
    but how they are against all other freedom

    Transgenderism promotes their agenda so they support it
    but they are against anything that goes against their agenda

    They are so good at brainwashing the masses
    but one place they can't control is the internet

    The internet is the last freedom of speech

    When UN takes it over in Sept 30th this year
    that all could very well change forever

  61. sons of God infiltrating sons of men to born giants and saddening stuffs..Jesus said 'Arise let us go thence from here..'

  62. Satan is the author of confusion. And confused is what this entire world is becoming. Now we are confused as to what we should be, how to act, what to tolerate, what to keep/throw out, what's bad or good, what's wrong or right, to love or hate, rep or demo, and the list goes on

    What if we all stopped and realized we ALL have a story? What if we stopped to see that your opinion may be diff from mine but that doesn't mean either one of us is right or that we can't agree to love despite what we accept. I was raped by my sis husband. She stood by him. I love her, but disapprove of her behavior/choices/etc. see, somewhere we lost the love. People are hurting and we are standing around, too busy pointing fingers (both sides) when we should be trying to be a friend help heal the pain. Angry words, facts, statistics, condemnation, tolerance, judging, arguing has rarely made a person change their belief system. We all are going ant sensitive polar issues the wrong way. And I can't say it will change anytime soon. We live in a fallen world so when do we realize nine of us are right 100% of the time. I know what I believe and that's my choice but my job is not to force another to accept it. I'll love them unconditionally and pray they do the best for themselves, even if it's not my way. I leave God to do the heavy lifting.

  63. And that Christmas card….how goofy is that? I swear, famous people do some of the strangest s***. I don't know how they thought that spectacle was "cool" or would even remotely resemble the Christmas spirit; most people are content with some knit sweaters, a few smiles, and a Christmas tree.

  64. Gender roles as they were in the 50s need to die forever. The world has been under the patriarchal control for way too long, and the balance needs to be restored. Hence feminism.

    • Does it matter? Do you ever let strangers of the opposite gender use your bathroom in your house? You don’t need specific parts to use a toilet and transgender people aren’t sexual predators or perverts, they literally just want to live their lives. Bigot.

  65. There's no such thing as 'transgender', you're either male or female. Paying a doctor to mutilate your skin doesn't change your sex.

    • Some people are utterly miserable because they live their life feeling they were born the wrong sex. You are a closed-mined and morally reprehensible person.

      • I’ve yet to meet such a person, but the cure to mental illness isn’t endulging the sick person it’s actually making concrete efforts to help them or find them help. If I thought I was meant to have 9 fingers and was making efforts to make my desire happen (apotemnophilia) the solution isn’t cutting of my finger, nor is to degrade me, the solution is helping me find professional help to treat my mental illness

  66. I think a really poignant point missed in this article is the fact that Caitlyn Jenner was involved in a fatal car accident earlier this year. The woman killed was a wealthy woman from the same neighbourhood as the Kardashian's named Kim Howe. I wonder whether this was a ritual sacrifice, and who would benefit from the death of Kim. May she rest in peace.

  67. I feel like you are not being honest here, so that you won't offend people. The feminization of men and the masculinization of women is NOT okay. It's causing that chaos that you speak about that people in the occult like. It is knocking things off balance. It's okay to say that it's not okay. People will get offended, just like people get offended when you call out their favorite pop star for being an occult music industry puppet. Sometimes, you just have to tell the truth no matter who doesn't like it.

    • Masculine and feminine are social constructs. Calm down. The world is forever changing. Even in ancient societies there were gay men, strong warrior women, etc. Its not that unnatural.

      • Male and female aren’t social constructs. Those are sexes. Personality traits are probably influenced a lot by societal expectations , but genetics too.

      • I’m pretty confident that being male and female is completely different from being masculine and feminine.

      • It’s interesting to me that VC seems to imply that females being feminine, males being masculine are natural (therefore good) things…. That’s just an assumption based on a popular opinion that stemmed from Victorian culture. Not necessarily good or bad. VC posts are supposed to be apolitical, but even a popular opinion can be a politically slanted one.

    • So you think every man acts like a stereotypical man and every woman acts like a stereotypical woman? Which traits would be considered exclusively masculine or feminine? You’re an idiot.

  68. It is obvious to me and to any bible believing Christian that the satanic elite have an agenda to rob men of their divine authority as the patriarchs and the head of the household. The bibles tells us that men are made in the image of God, and then women were created to be the man's helpmeet and bearer of his children. Christ is the head of man, but man is the head of the woman and her master. It does not tell us that women are made in the image of God, but instead are made to serve man. Mr Jenner has assist in the face of his creator by destroying his divine gift of masculinity, sacrilege by the removal of his penis, and robbed his former wife of a master and husband man (Baal). Throughout the Bible, patriarchs have been greatly blessed, even in these days, people like Jim Bob Duggar have been rewarded for their faith with godly wives and many offspring. It is a crime against God, his family and nature or Mr Jenner to simply throw this away, and be sure he will be judged and condemned to eternal damnation for this.
    If Mr Jenner had decided to become a negro or transform into a pig or a goat, would you still have been as supportive of him? It is essentially the same thing!

    • As a pastor you should be so ashamed now! You don't even know how wrong is what you've just said about women. Well better be ashamed now than then, you know…

      • I have nothing to be ashamed of, my conscience is completely clear. You should be ashamed of holding up a " Frankenstein's Monster" as a paragon of virtue and an all American hero. Mr Jenner is not a hero, he will be punished in the fires of eternal damnation for shaking his fist in the face of God, being possessed by the "Jezabel spirit" and destroying his birthright in the pursuit of becoming a w***e.

    • Using the name ''Jim Bob Duggar '' in context of being blessed, gives me the impression that you are totally delusional. He let his son roam free whit a stern talking to, after being confronted with some a b u s e in his own blessed home, or so i have been informed.

      • The Bible states " by their fruits you shall know them", and by God, has the Duggar family born fruit! It is not surprising that Satan would target them and attempt to stand in the way of doing the Lord's work as an example of a godly family with traditional bible based values. It has been the fault of the Liberal media that this has become a circus, and they are attempting to destroy the reputation of the very brave and courageous Josh Duggar, his father Jim Bob and righteous upstanding mother, who has rraised all the fruits of her womb to love and honor God and uphold his teaching.
        May this attack make the family stronger, and may they continue to stand up for the rights ofChristians in this ungodly liberal country, and may Josh be blessed with even more children than his father! Amen! 🙂

      • Defender of child rapists = "pastor" Anderson = Satan's handmaiden = definitely not a real man. To the devil with you, freak.

      • Josh Duggar is not a p*******e or child molester, he has been forgiven in the eyes of the Lord for mistakes he had made. By humbling himself before God, he has set an example to us all.

      • He IS a child molester. And nothing will or can change that. It's been done. He committed the crime, and now the whole world knows.

        It's scary to think that you are a "pastor" who defends a family who lie to the general public while upholding a "holy" facade as their own personal lives are in a state of disaster.

        Courage is not treating your daughters as prisoners in their own home, ridding them of the right to college education and not giving your son essential counseling when he is sexually and psychologically confused.

        Courage is not treating your daughters as animals simply meant for nothing else but breeding without even giving them a right to a college education.

        You, "Pastor" (LMAO!) Anderson, I pray for the members of whatever church you are currently brainwashing with your non-Biblical supported views.

        Have a good day

      • Oh yeah, "Pastor", using the word "negro"?!

        Wouldn't be surprised to find out you're some 40-year-old Christian Fundamentalist man living in Texas ready to vote for Rick Santorum at the next election.

        Take your racist self out of here and check yourself, I'm praying for you my friend

    • You are wrong about some things here. Genesis 1; 26-27 states that God (Elohim, plural for God/Godess) said let US make man in OUR image, and then it said “male and female created he THEM.” It’s a hard pill to swallow, I know.

      Obviously, one cannot transform into a Negro, or a pig, or a goat, and the fact that you put them together in the same category says a lot about how you think.

  69. Do you ever notice that men who claim to be women overwhelmingly project a sexualized, objectified version of womanhood ?
    That makes it seem very counterfeit.

  70. "What is right is now being called wrong and what is wrong is now being called right"

    Get your houses in order! If your not saved, Repent of your sins ask God to forgive you. No one sin is greater than another. Jesus died on the cross for your sins so that you may have eternal life in heaven and not hell. Read his word, the Bible. Pray and seek after him, he will show you the truth and the truth shall set you free. God loves you.
    He is good and his mercies endure forever.

  71. "…Simply by looking at our genetic make-up and the behavior of most mammals, one can observe that males are engineered to hunt, provide and protect while females are made to “nest”…" These are the exact same characteristics of the sperm and egg on the cellular level. What's so evil about this natural process?

    • Nothing. But we were also meant to be connected to God and live in heaven forever young without machinery, robots etc. We always go against our nature. From the very beginning. There wouldn't be any need to hunt in heaven and protect as we would be all protected by God. I don't think those who perished and are in heaven hunt or nest. They are like Angels. Angels don't do such activities.

    • There are animals where the females hunt, provide and sometimes… even eat the male after procreating. There are also animals where the father helps protect and care for the young while the mother is out hunting. So there's no use generalizing.

    • Nothing evil about male and female. And no matter how hard they may wish and surgically , medically try to heal their sexual confusion , you cannot surgically remove your DNA. It’s not a crime or repulsive to be a woman or a man. What is bad is when one is so confused by a society fixated on the sexes , one does not identify with either one.

  72. "But at the beginning of creation God 'made them male and female.'" (Mark 10:6) This is Jesus quoting Genesis. Approvingly.

    VC is totally right about the agenda. It's DIABOLICAL. They are trying to undo all that God has done, trying to recreate in a different way the world God created. That's why they're manipulating the weather, and genetically modifying the plants and animals (and humans too, who knows what Mengele-style experiments are ongoing in govt labs?). They're trying to rip a hole in space/time with CERN. As VC has shown more than once, they're constantly trying to sexualize even very young children and destroy their natural innocence. They're manipulating life itself–and now they're manipulating our genders as God created them.

    And they hold this up to the public and tell us how wonderful it is. Infowars recently did a piece collecting all the reactions to the Vanity Fair cover describing Jenner as a "goddess." How much more blatant does this have to get, people?

    • Oh please, God sexualized children by impregnating a 14 year old girl with himself. Today's elite had to of gotten the idea somewhere.

      • Back then people used to live 50 years maximum. And you are very obnoxious with your comments when that Girl was not sexualized at all as the conception was that of a different kind and not carnal. You should be ashamed of yourself as you have no respect to anyone or anything.

  73. "…nor that they (transgenders) are part of a sinister agenda…" But they are. The LGBT are pushing their agenda on us. It's not just the entertainment industry using them as pawns. They are closing down businesses owned by people who stand up for their Christian beliefs. You also mention how you're a "proponent of true freedom," and that "If one feels more comfortable and happier living as the opposite sex, well that’s their business and not mine," yet you clearly state later in your article that "An important part of the elite’s agenda is to debase, confuse and mix up the natural, harmonious order of things." Which side are you on? I think I can take a pretty good guess here: you're like the majority of people who feel one way deep down, but always feel the need to be apologetic and set a "disclaimer" before the viewer continues reading because you're afraid to state your TRUE feelings on the matter. Usually I agree with you on your articles, but this one is a mess if I may be so blunt. It's all over the place and there is no real mention of why the elite are using the LGBT community as part of their agenda. It's about breaking down morality. It's about creating more confusion because confusion is the first step toward evil and immorality. Why do the elite want this? To pave the way for the antichrist and lead people to worship him. Just look at the TV show about to air: Lucifer. He's portrayed as good good guy and a hero. Yet, people are willing to follow that than Jesus Christ. Can you see the confusion of this? It's so obvious and clear, yet when people are confused by a media giant to the point of brainwashing, they will never see clearly the wrongness of all this. I am not afraid to say what I know because when I get attacked for this I will always think of what Jesus said: "if they hated me, they will hate you." God be with you all.

  74. Ok 2 things: The comment from the our insane President on his twitter was so ridiculous considering the REAL BRAVERY it took for Mr Snowden to come out to public with his revelations of the NSA. That took guts. And secondly, I understand the agenda behind pushing these very liberal modes of lifestyles but I get the feeling that VC is suggesting that he was somehow coerced into becoming Caitlyn. According to his interview, he always was conflicted. It's not like anyone is forcing him to make that decision or are they? The Kardashians just give him a bad name. Maybe he was like many people who feel the need to let the world know who they really are.

  75. Wow, f*****g idiots. Came here because it seemed there might be some folks awake and the reality from the commenters is a limp wagging finger and a douchebag saying "don't tread on the transgender, lgbt, multi-culti, loser community. We're just proud and want to be accepted" You're f*****g loser idiots. The article points out how your belief in all this s**t about race, sex, and so on is completely flawed and why you are so exploitable. You are mainstream and you are part of the elite agenda if you still come out saying that you believe in this s**t. This is how Caitlyn Jenner gets spread out to the masses with little resistance, because fools come out defending all the weird debauched s**t that you folks preach. "Well, I don't like Caitlyn Jenner and she doesn't represent me, but I think you're harming the transgender community" said in a whiney p***y dipshit voice. It's not remotely natural. Try as you might, and keeping religion out of the discussion, most gays, transexuals, interracial love monkeys and so on are a misguided crew with very little introspection. These people are developmentally disabled. Don't attack VC for actually atttempting to put truth into an article. Surprised he had the balls to challenge the status quo and yet still these f*****g assclowns are so backwards they still can't think straight. Enjoy your audience VC. You will never be allowed to speak truth to real people that represent the finer, natural values of a world far, far gone. If you do, the same elitist pawns that think they are fighting the elite will come out swinging like the loser confused fucktards that they are.

  76. the 2013 kardashian x-mas card seems to be designed to symbolically/subliminally represent the end of bruce jenner. on the far left it reads "the end". the neon lights in the middle read "coming soon". and in between & all over the place there are hidden images of bruce as the olympic champion. and bruce is trapped at the far right of the card — trapped in a cashier's booth — which is where YOU PAY. in the picture he seems to long for (but is cut off from) his former self, while in front of him waits the golden female form (the mannequin) he is to inhabit once he becomes "caitlyn".

    • Yes! My daughter and I were looking at that card the other day and we noticed the "Coming Soon" section showed Bruce on the Wheaties box. That section prominently featured him and no one else. In the booth, I noticed that he appeared to be longing for the old person, the victorious athlete, who btw, had been mutilated. The mannequin is male and it appeared to me that he was longing for his old self. I didn't pick up on the booth being a cashier's booth — very interesting.

      Due to the card, I wondered if this transition was forced upon Bruce. I thought it seemed crazy to even entertain the idea yet I see I'm not the only person who has. Also, when I watched the interview, Bruce seemed a little confused in some of his responses and in the Vanity Fair interview, he speaks of Caitlyn in the third person which I found a tad strange. It could be that "being" her feels different and that's why or it could be because she's one of his alters (perhaps a dominant alter).

      Finally, I have to wonder about the car accident earlier this year where a woman was killed. Was this to force Bruce's hand? He also has a sad history of a fatal auto accident by association. A few months after he won the Olympics, he let his younger brother drive his new Porche. His brother was only 18 and he took his girlfriend along for the ride. They wrecked and were both killed. How devastating for the entire family and for Bruce who let his brother drive that fast car. Fast forward almost 40 years and Bruce is involved in an accident where someone else is killed. Talk about a trigger! It should be one, shouldn't it? The strange thing is that if you look at pictures of Bruce after the accident, he's walking around and talking to different people. He seems pretty calm. Were this me and I'd just learned that I was responsible for someone's death (although accidental), I'd probably need to be medicated! It's all very strange and nothing would surprise me here. Nothing at all.

  77. I'd like to say that I deeply respect whoever the author of this blog is. Whoever you are, you have many incredible insights that are really helping to enlighten all the people who are fortunate enough to come across it. Thank you for all you have been doing.

    But I must say, I find it interesting that you acknowledge that there is a natural, harmonious order of things – which sex change clearly violates – and then state that you are perfectly fine with people changing their sex for personal reasons. Yes, this Bruce Jenner thing is obviously part of an agenda. And as you said yourself, part of the agenda is to disrupt the natural order and natural roles of male and female, which undeniably exist. But this goes for ALL transsexuals, NOT just Bruce Jenner. If anything, this whole Bruce Jenner thing is only going to make sex change operations more common and "normalized". So if you really believe that changing a person's sex for personal reasons is perfectly fine, then you should actually be happy about that aspect of the Bruce Jenner media coverage, because that is exactly what it is going to do. It is one step towards creating a society where changing a person's sex is seen as something that is perfectly fine and normal, which is nothing but a LIE.

    As for being "transphobic" (is that really a term now?? really??) calling out something as wrong does not make you afraid of it. Being against sex change, which at the very LEAST is a violation of natural law, does not make you "afraid" of transsexuals. If anything, it makes you courageous, because you are pointing out that something is unnatural, abominable, and wrong when nobody else is. Don't be wary of speaking out for the truth, regardless of whatever labels people may try to give you.

    For the record, pointing out that sex change is an evil does not meant that the PERSON is inherently evil. Only that the act, in itself, is. Whether one wishes to admit it or not, there is indeed an obvious natural ordering of all things. And when that order is disrupted, it results in nothing but chaos. To all reading this comment, think about this – if you truly love someone, you would not want them to end up in a state of chaos. And that is exactly where this is all heading. Love is NOT tolerance. Love is wanting what is best for the other. If a parent loves a child, they make it known when a behavior they do is wrong because it is ultimately going to lead to their own destruction. It is the same in this case. Pointing out that sex change is destructive behavior is not done out of hatred or because a person is "transphobic". It is done out of love.

    • How many people have you slept with?
      Have you ever gotten drunk?
      Have any children out of wedlock?
      Wear jeans?
      Eat pork?
      Speak in church?
      . You don't get to call something wrong when you're a sinner yourself. It's called hypocrisy and it makes you seem dumb. You are transphobic because you call it wrong and an abomination and that's exactly what a person who is scared of anything different than you would say. Sorry, just stating facts

      • Just because we're all sinners that doesn't mean that we cannot recognize what sin is, especially when the Bible is our guide and it indicates what is and is not sin. That is not hypocrisy. That is not transphobia (which doesn't even apply here because stating what sin is doesn't indicate fear). I may have never murdered anyone or embezzled from my employer yet I can still say that those are wrong because the Bible says those things are wrong. Pointing out sin is completely different from consigning a person to hell — after all, only God can judge. To have a nasty and judgmental attitude where one would delight in condemning another person is obviously wrong.

  78. This article says two things: first, the subject of this transformation has links to the entertainment industry, the trashier part of the industry to be exact, and second, that the transformation is not a free decision by the individual, as prophesied in the "Christmas" card and other controlled media. The natural conclusion is that the individual is being used / abused in a staged event, amplified and orchestrated. Instead of feeling the need to equate this man´s transformation to some sort of freedom of choice, or expression of personality long repressed, we should feel sorry for exactly the opposite, has this transformation seems to have been forced upon him, or he has been conditioned to accept it as if it was his wish. Nothing to do with LGBT rights, quite the contrary. (except that these so-called rights are being spoon-fed to us in order to erode the norm instead of the more civilized respect of which does not adapt to it)

  79. If Caitlyn ever changes her mind, there is always http://www.sexchangeregret,com ~ supposedly, the physical alteration doesn't always deal with the core "issues" for many, and after the honeymoon phase of having a new body wears off, there is a massive let-down and regret. And in Jenner's case, who really knows the truth of whether this is truly their decision or not, as VC has articulated.

    • A well-known sports reporter in LA had that same experience before his suicide. He transitioned, broke it to his girlfriend, returned to writing about sports in his female identity (with acceptance and support), but he was depressed and lost feeling. He later went back to being male, then killed himself.

      It was written about locally, and very sad. It is worth noting that a lot of transgenders who transition all took part in "extreme macho" activities (for Jenner, the Decathalon, for this guy, obsessing about sports…both B.S. wastes of time in my opinion, LOL!) before committing to transitioning genders.

      It seems a doomed, cartoon-like misaprehension of what gender expression really is all about. I think these people are being used callously, as Viggie so well describes.

  80. Quite simply this article from VC is truly brilliant, because quite simply it is the TRUTH being written, which for the 'awakened' sovereign human-being just echoes our inner thoughts. I am NOT a religious human being but what I can say is that after extensive research over many years on what is happening on this earth, is that there is an attack on true Christianity! (or loving CARING human beings) Most religions and free masonry have been corrupted (by the religion called Satanism or Luciferianism ) at different levels. Their so called 'God' is the author of lies and confusion, period. And if anyone thinks this world is not in a state of confusion more than ever or that the 'leaders of the world' have us, the masses interests at heart! , you are sadly mistaken. Most of us are slaves to the system, mind controlled, we are looked on as just dumb animals or zombies to the so called elite. And before some of you attack 'true Christianity' let me just say that if you research it like I have, is that it does not a succumb to churches being built or priests to tell you how to act, or when to go to war!! ,but quite simply, is that YOU are your own church, a sovereign human being that only answers to NATURAL LAW i.e. the TRUTH.

  81. Just wait until the ped0phile agenda is pushed forward! It has already started with the Duggars. Let's all be supportive and understanding of the poor ped0philes. Shouldn't they be allowed to be themselves. Shouldn't you feel free to "express yourself" and do whatever you feel is right. Isn't that the new moral standing in society now. Mark my words, you will see the pushing of the ped0phile agenda next! It has been a slow and methodical process.

    • It might just be a lesbian woman with hair-extensions, false eyelashes, three adopted children, two ex-husbands (yes, she came out late), missing an arm and a leg – but with a hell of a bunch of friends to look after her, a fully equipt homeland-army. But thAt you'll only see after her inaugeration.

  82. 10 Things you were successfully distracted from while obsessing about Bruce Jenner:
    1- The expiration of the Patriout Act and the passing of the USA Freedom Act which is essentially the Patriot Act on hyperdrive
    2-The story breaking that the FBI have been conducting warrant-less surveillance from planes disguised as commercial aircraft.
    3-NBC caught manipulating footage of the shooting of an unarmed college student
    4- Congress passed a measure that would require police departments to report all killing and uses of force
    5- A DHS investigation investigation found that the TSA failed to find 95% of weapons and mock explosives smuggled through airports
    6- A Guantanamo detainee alleged that he was tortured by the CIA using methods worse than previously thought, such as sexual abuse, forced rectal feedings & being hung nude from beams.
    7- Three more banking executives died mysteriously
    8- It was uncovered that a Palm Beach Sheriff's department party on a pricate golf course included at leas one minor, and at least one sex worker
    9- An archaeologist in Russia discovered a 2,400 year old artifact containing marijuana and opium
    10- A declassified Pentagon report revealed that ISIS was created by Western Goverments

    • Brilliant, TJ. This is the essence of the Bruce/Caitlin drama – OBFUSCATION.

      The best thing to come out of this recent media ritual is its obviousness. Any American with critical thinking skills can see what is going on. They are on fumes, doing the best they can to keep their empire moving forward. But they will all fail, and we'll get to watch…

      • Yep, any time the media is shoving something down our throats like the Diane Sawyer interview & Vanity Fair cover I know there is something shady going on behind the scenes they want to draw attention away from….

  83. I don't know if anyone has mentioned this, but at the top of the vanity fair logo there is a black line signifying a split. Then on either side of Caitlyn there arebtwo reflections. Coupled with the recent accident that resulted in the death of someone, it seem like maybe that was her blood sacrifice and She has an alter.perfect embodiment of duality in an american hero.

  84. I feel bad for any person who is truly transgender.. because not once did I think Bruce/Caitlyn was doing this for the actual reason of him being tormented. But more for a $$ or more fame….

    I was talking to my husband the other day and told him… if I was a teenager in today's society… I would be lead to believe I was a homosexual. (I have nothing wrong with homosexuals.) But the media portrays anyone with a close relationship as a homosexual.

    I had one very good female friend growing up. I was not sexually attracted to her, we were VERY close.. But according to the media.. I would be denying myself because I was homophobic. When in fact we were just good friends.

  85. VC, please site an example of a male being a normal male being depicted as "evil & wrong." i feel like i'm missing that part?

    i appreciate your insight and your research as always.

  86. In one episode of "The Kardashians" this man complained about everybody laughing at him after bad nose surgery (the nose looks good but not on his face). I felt sorry for him then. The same feeling I have watching his pictures as a woman.

  87. I knew it!! I've been spreading the word all week and i was just waiting for you to write this! brilliant!!!
    It's so amazing that since i discovered this, i can see all the themes in all the music videos, all the news stories and all the movies. it's scary just how much of the world is controlled by the Elite. #StayVigilant
    Ps. how does one apply to become a contributor? i'd love to start writing for you guys and help keep the truth relevant!

  88. Its official, the elite is promoting the complete opposite against nature and the "Highest Being" himself with females as being brutish while males are gentle if that is what the Agenda is all about.

    So in other words (although like the author I have nothing against Trans people), transgenders are being praised and honored for darker purposes and the Kardashians are the usual pawns that promote it (with their unseen handlers in the background).

    The elite sure loves to twist certain things that suites whatever dark interest they have in store.

  89. I agree with all you have said and great article VC! another aspect I personally wonder about in their agenda behind all of this, as well as their using of the homosexual community, is this: could they be pushing this so hard on people for their depopulation agenda? i mean.. the more gay people, the less babies there are in the world… i agree like you that people have the right to choose and do whatever they want in their lives. but they are literally trying to market these things to the general public that it is the cool thing to do.

  90. Just like VC said this whole thing that's being played right in front of our eyes and the publicity surrounding it marks a pivotal moment in TPTB's agenda not ours….Thank u for posting it VC.

  91. Just read a post on Instagram & I find it amazing & interesting:

    "No wait you know what … here's the thing .. If YOU made fun of Michael Jackson (the full-on prophetic legend) as part of the public/media lynching he endured when *accused* of becoming a woman when he was, in fact,dealing with massive insecurity issues AND vitiligo.. But yet,somehow,all now,you're joining the media/public celebration (?) of Bruce Jenner. The mediocre reality star,and him *actually* becoming a woman, then you can't be my friend anymore. And no, you don't stand for "freedom". You stand for silly well-timed trends. You're also the absolute grandest of hypocrites-who can't tell the difference between relevant content and a piece of rather distracting excretion. That's all … *sips tea and turns on some MJ videos"

    I personally have nothing against genders ect but I think this post is very interesting.

    • I think watching MJ-videos and sipping tea is nothing special or spiritual. Why is his post so interesting to you? Amazing even? We all know how corparate media works on gullible people already.

  92. That blowup picture of Kylie and Kendall Jenner is interesting. Kendall has an extra hand coming down on the top of her head indicating she's got a handler. Meanwhile Kylie has a vulva on her head meaning she has been well mind-******.

  93. I remember there was this episode of family guy where someone said "Bruce Jenner is a woman". Predictive programing i guess. Scripted years in advance by the satanic elite.

  94. of course "they" the destroyers of earth are pushing this, and I said in the beginning I am sure he has been and will be getting paid richly for this…and would you people stop watching the kardasians?? you are falling right into the agenda

  95. There are also seditious elements in conventional "male programming" – unnecessary hunting and killing, gun culture, insecure macho "bro" b.s., mindless military worship, the kind of programming you see on Spike Channel, etc. There is a strength in being kind, "strong and silent", respecting all people, being humble and easy going, standing strong for larger ethical truths (think Atticus Finch in To Kill A Mocking Bird), that used to exist in male media archetypes. Now we get extreme vanity, vicious but pointless competition, treating women badly in a deceitful, manipulative manner…none of that is especially worthy masculine behavior, but it is all we see now. In the past it would have been considered indicative of a shady, untrustworthy miscreant. Like the character Burke in "Aliens".

    And don't get me started on the deliberate normalization of child sexual abuse and incest in media. The men who do it, and the women who allow it.

    I have also noticed that displaying ambition in the workplace is "triggering"! LOL. Meaning, co-workers see that as a threat, even if it means success for the company, job security for them, as well as a streamlined workplace. The archetype of "individual American ambition" is fading in the corporate workplace. The new male mode is passive-aggressive, cowed, backstabby and not a little bitchy, no matter what their sexuality or gender expression may be. I regularly meet cool butch lesbians who embody the appealing classic male characteristics of the past! Go figure.

  96. Unfortunately the world is going downhill at great velocity. This is wrong- so profoundly wrong.
    The ONE TRUE LIVING GOD is the creator, the designer, the fashioner of forms.
    He made us – marvels of bioengineering. He gave us our manuals through the monotheistic teachings and various books. A multitude of prophets from Adam to Muhammed (peace be on all of God's prophets) have given their sweat and blood in God Almighty's name to show us the straight path.
    I am afraid that we will anger him- but he is patient but our punishment will be guaranteed because of the evil deeds of people such as him (Bruce).

    It is WRONG- but the next generation of kids are being taught right and wrong by the devil himself. He is the greatest of the deceivers.

    Tell people this is WRONG- no good can ever come of it. Spread the word because Jesus (our dear prophet) said to his followers- 'you are the salt of the earth and you are the light of the world '. Let us shed light on those who have been taken by the darkness.

  97. Lol I just can’t believe the transgenders aren’t offended by what is obviously a huge stunt, I would be if I was. Come one now…. If it was any other family I wouldn’t question it but…. Its the Kardashians lol! Of course Bruce Jenner wants to be a woman! SHOCKER! At this point there really isn’t much left for them to do to stay in the headlines is there! From sex-tapes to fake marriages to is it real or is it fake? Her booty smeared across every inch of the internet, good god this is so ridiculously idiotic, how are people actually buying into this freakshow?!? Let me get Diane Sawyer of all people to tell my story to, I could just write a little blog about it but wtf is the point in that?! I NEED TO MAKE MONEY! That whole family is messed up beyond belief, derp, why are all the Christians so mad about it? It’s none of their business anyway… Well you literally made it EVERYONE’S BUSINESS LOL! They clearly knew what they were doing, all of it was thought out. Freakshow…

    • It’s no different from a theatric play. On stage, actors play all sorts of characters, sometimes of the opposite gender. Well, it’s the same here, only they go out in the street and play their characters there.

      They “feel” about as much “other-gender” as does the actor on stage, that’s all.

  98. One other thing to throw in is that the more the media puts peoples' attention on Bruce Jenner
    the less attention is put on TPP

    TPP is the One World Order's biggest goal right now as it would force the USA into giving up our sovereignty
    to the One World Order

    Obama says its about trade but its mostly about internet governance, immigration, borders, patent rights, allowing corporations to sue countries for hindering their profits, etc

    People don't realize how ruthless TPP is because the media has blackballed talking about it
    just the way USA giving up the internet to UN later this year has also been blackballed

    I don't think VC does much politics and I can understand why because anyone who touches such gets targeted
    but the reality is the Illuminatis are the Shadow Govt
    (such as described in Captain America: The Winter Soldier)
    and the TPP is the pathway to establishing the One World Order

    Ultimately they hope for USA to be owned by China
    as China is their blueprint for dictatorship

    The more Bruce Jenner is talked about
    the less TPP is talked about

    If TPP is passed by the House, its the end of USA
    and the beginning of One World Order takeover

    I am sad for Bruce Jenner because its not about him; its about the One World Order who only loves itself and no one else

      • It's this week's undersnowed news of the year. Might be nice to check up on your local news, to see how your countries' media handle's it. In mine (NL) it is not doing what it should do : inform. Most papers only show a quarter of a column with info about it on page 4 or 5.

      • Media has blackballed talking about TTP

        The only thing more blackballed is USA giving up the internet to UN on Sept 30th, 2015

      • It is being voted on today which is Friday

        They had to push it through fast as some lawmakers are demanding it be made public
        since the whole thing has been done in secrecy

        Paul Ryan said something about how it wouldn't be made public unless it passes
        which is what Pelosi said about Obamacare

        I truly hope it doesn't pass

        There is deep pain in my heart for anyone who votes yes because I know they are voting against America, Americans and Freedom

  99. Its how the media has treated Bruce's transformation
    and how Bruce himself is using it to make money
    that tells us how wrong things are

    Everyone knows you can't trust a single word the media says

    When the media promotes something, you know its usually wrong and bad

    Bruce using being a transgender to make money is no different than Kim Kardashian doing a sex tape to make money

    When I see the pictures of him dressed as a woman in his eyes he just doesn't look right to me like there is something wrong or he is being controlled

    Then you look at the old pics of him as a man and he looks happy

    Ultimately I think it comes down to this line from the Vigilant Citizen article:
    Men who act like traditional men (and do not feel the need to apologize for it) are now portrayed as evil and wrong. And, all of a sudden, portraying a stay-at-home mom who takes pride in cooking for her family is considered “sexist”

    That is why they made Thor, the most manly comic book figure, into a woman

    The One World Order despises men who are men and women who are women

    One day they hope there will be no more men or women left (hence no families)
    just genderless robots
    because a man being a man and a woman being a woman will be not only despised but also banned

  100. Very interesting in the timing of everything. Right before Bruce received all this attention, he was involved in the car crash where a woman was seriously hurt or killed (can't remember) blood sacrifice for fame as Caitlyn?

  101. Romans 1:26,27 " For this reason God gave them up to vile passions. For even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature. Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful, and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due."………….We now honor in our society what is sick, repulsive and debased……….Isaiah 5:20 "Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
    Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;
    Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

  102. Hiderous that bearded thing and this Jenner creature. Mind you, I bet that whole disgusting family just proved that they do anything for money and to stay famous. Prepare for this freak and his family to be around for a hell of a lot longer…..

  103. Wow is so sad, How this world is going to be in a couple of years full of transgenders and without anyone taking care of the newborn babies.

    • Oh good God. Transgender are a tiny minority. If you are so worried, go adopt some of the many homeless children now living on the planet. Breeders can't even care for their own and they blame transpeople? Amazing arrogance.

    • You mean the newborn babies that ordinary, straight, not-transgender people sometimes abandon or neglect? Yeah, lets blame transgender people for that.

      If you care so much, go adopt one of the MANY orphaned or abandoned children.

  104. Coincidentally, I was watching ABC last night and there is a new docu-series coming on about two seperate familes with fathers who become women and they chronicle the lives of the two families and their children. Just sick. What a shock! This show and Catlins show about a month apart debut featuring transgendered families. Then you have the puppet Barack Obama endorsing all of it. Now I am not a bigot. Not at all. But clearly, even if you dont care at LEAST know that your being manipulated and taken advantage of! Straights are brainwashed into thinking its about tolerance and gays think their time have finally arrived. Your BOTH being played by the system to push THEIR agenda. People are so dumb and gulliable its soooo frustrating!

    • Ryan Seacrest is the Executive Producer of this new series … might remember him as a EP of another show too, "Keeping Up With The Kardashians". Coincidence?

  105. This is the devil's world, true. We know the Bible say's it runs every government from Hades, but will soon arrive on the surface; THE Fallen Angel stands in front of a black throne, trimmed in jade green, …

    .. members of the false light 'humanist community' have forced their way into Canada's own Government, believe they have the power to destroy Christianity:

    "I am convinced that the battle for humankind's future must be waged and won in the public school classroom by teachers that correctly perceive their role as proselytizers of a new faith … … a religion of humanity." -Humanist Manefesto II 1973

    It won't be as easy as they think!! Wise men are waking up all around.

  106. I think this is the first article on this site that I just do not agree with. Bruce/Caitlyn is being used by the elite to further their agenda…ok, but they didn't make Bruce dress up in women's clothes at age 8. They are capitalizing on this happening to him, yes, but it IS personal, to him. I don't think there is some war on masculinity. I don't think that "traditional" men are longer accepted. Everyone is different and that is being celebrated now instead of feared. I've never seen an episode of the Kardashians and don't plan on ever seeing it, but I think Bruce becoming Caitlyn is the most real thing that family has ever been involved in.

    • So it's just an incredible coincidence that Jenner, medal-winning hero & the news/entertainment media's embodiment of masculine athleticism and good looks, went on to milk every last drop of his Olympic fame as a B-level celebrity in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and then, as the 1990s dawned and his fame was flagging and seemed to be over, married mama not-yet-famous-but-sure-wants-to-be Kardashian, whose young daughters were destined in the years ahead to become the quintessential media w****s of the internet age and reality TV fad, their reality TV show being the very vehicle that would ultimately revive Jenner's celebrity status, boosting him into position to achieve the greatest fame/riches of his life when he — finally, after much rumor — undergoes gender reassignment, a surgical procedure which would fully destroy the masculine icon that started the entire ball rolling in the first place. And now another reality TV show will serve to grow and maintain Jenner's re-found fame, but only for a while, until inevitably…

      Even the most casual VC reader should be able to see that this saga isn't merely about Jenner's sexual identity. The celebrity aspect and the desire to generate and maintain fame and celebrity is a HUGE part of this. The Kardashians, for crying out loud! There's no necessary/inevitable reason why a personal struggle with sexual identity should have become so publicized, nor is there any necessary/inevitable reason why a personal struggle with sexual identity should have culminated in a glamorous post-op photo shoot (in "Vanity Fair", no less). Especially so, when you consider that the individual in question is darned near 70 YEARS OLD!

  107. Its actually about man being gods and taking power away from god. Now god does not choose our genders but we do. Its satanic influence and him telling us the same lie he always has And that is that we can be like a god and become a god. Satan has the power to speak thought into our mind and we think that they are our own intuition. Luckily if u ask god to come into your heart and admit u are a sinner and need him u become his born again saint and can combat satans deception and god will tranform u from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light and will change u from glory to glory. U don't need a religion or a priest. Just faith and jesus. God bless y'all.

  108. The supposed gender roles you give as a fact of nature are merely constructions from free individuals. If you look to nature you find hermaphrodite and many variations in gender, or i ought to say that which is not supposedly constructed , sex roles.

  109. Thank you, V.C. So true. So few people get what is considered news is only a part of a super-media mega-production show. "Bruce/Caitlyn" is the actor performing the ritual and the public cannot escape it. So every time we have to look at "Bruce/Caitlyn" we all participate in the civic magic ritual. What's next?

  110. I think the "hidden agenda" in this case is to make more money. This family makes money on scandal and this is just one of many. Remember faked marriage of Kim for example.

  111. Things are so far gone I don't think enough people are willing to really consider this message. It's just down hill from here.:(

  112. It just sickens me the way the s**t lame stream media is gloryifying Jenner and condemning the whe Duggar family. No I am NOT condoning the actions of Josh Duggar, but this is such a huge double standard!

  113. Just my 2 cents;
    I had to look back at the Christmas card and it seems to me that Bruce is in that tube wanting his life back where he's an Olympian and a man. Never watched the show so I don't know what he was like but he seems pretty upset looking at the male mannequin with his medals on it.
    Then I was thinking about the accident he caused where his neighbor lady dies. It's all over the news that he caused it and killed her and then nothing, you hear nothing about it at all. I think that maybe he really didn't want to go through all this-and yes I have read that he's always been into cross dressing. But what if he wasn't. What if he didn't want to do this and if he didn't do this then he would go to prison for causing an accident that killed someone. Cause I know that if any normal person had done that we'd be in jail right now but he isn't-it's like it never happened. And here he is a woman now. All very strange anyway.

    • You are dead on. Do some research and you will see that the illuminati is known for getting people into and out of legal trouble as a way to twist the arm of the puppet.

  114. Oh no! .Here we go again.. I mean it was a good article till you started talking about gender roles and blah blah blah. Can't you just realise there are social things and natural, innate things and not confuse them?

  115. Know what event I've been following closely that resembles the sentiment listed here? The Clooney spectacle of a wedding and the "norms" that they are starting to push . Both are part of the Soros network, Clinton foundation, etc. they speak with all the same language about "tolerance" , push the "agenda" mentioned here as well others like "climate change", and "voter ID is racist" while "normalizing" Muslim extremism. Anyone who has studied her and her family's beliefs know how she feels about the west, and anyone who has read between Clooney's lines know he's right in line with her. So, yes, this "agenda pushing" via Hollywood is very, very real. Beyonce, JayZ, Eva Longoria, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck (who will be Batman to the kiddies)…it's there. McCarthy was right. That''s why Clooney's "Hail Ceasar" will take aim at him/1950s America.

  116. I think the Bruce Jenner/ Caitlyn media onslaught is an obvious attempt to distract the masses from the "real story", this summer's military activities , otherwise known as Jade Helm 15.

    • Ditto. Jade Helm motto: Mastering the Human Domain. US military on US soil, combined with the closed Walmarts and BOA. Reality scarier than entertainment. How about an article VC?

      • That's the real story that VC should write about & investigate is the Jade Helm 15 drills/ Walmart closings. I have been doing tons of research & stuff is about to get real between now & September!!!

  117. There is an attack on Christian values, an attack on God's design, an attack on the family unit, an attack on anyone who has an opinion or mindset that differs from what the satanic media promotes.

  118. It's interesting that he killed a woman in that car crash. And shortly after he became a woman. It's like one woman died,another woman was created. Just an observation.

  119. This article is not up to VC's usual standards and even writing style. Totally laden with homophobia and sexism. Usually I can rely on VC to be agains those things as Elite enforced institutions, but now even he is buying into em…

    • (continued) and I'm not saying anything about what you're talking about GENERALLY. But the idea of rejection of gender roles being Elite enforced? Come on. They have everything to gain from keeping gender roles TOTALLY IN PLACE. What do you think kitten programming is, anyway? Gender roles are not natural.

  120. Don't forget about the woman who lost her life shortly before the famous interview.

    Bruce caused an auto accident that ended a woman's life and shortly after the death, he publicly stated he was/is a woman. His texting or phone usage while driving led to a crash that took the life of a woman in a car in front of him. He has been extremely vocal about his transformation, but I have yet to hear him offer condolences, grief or sorrow for his actions that directly ended a woman's ife, (who was one of his neighbors.)

    He's hailed as being brave and heroic, but wouldn't it had been more brave to admit fault and take responsibility for carelessly taking another life, accident or not (cause I'm starting to wonder if that too was planned. A sacrifice. Pilfering a female energy in an occult way for his mtf transfer… idk, but it's something to think about.)

    It's funny how he's being called a hero for donning a wig/dress, but not being called a coward for ducking on this death. Smh

    It seems that case was quickly dropped/closed and the media has moved on from that incident. This is all connected Somehow. I'm sick about how that tidbit is swept under the rug by media and by Bruce.

    Also, great article!

  121. Satin's vow to human kind when cast away from heaven:

    "and I will lead them astray, and fill them with fancies and I will command them and they will cut off the cattle's ears; I will command them and they will alter God's creation.' Whoso takes Satan to him for a friend, instead of God, has surely suffered a manifest loss"

  122. he also killed that woman not to long ago, could that've been his sacrifice to get him to this point? it was obvious kris treated him poorly in their marrage and he said that after the vanity fair cover came out he could finally be free. this could refer to the 500 million deal he made for his reality show and not being under kris's control anymore.
    after the cover came out kylie jenner refered to him as her "angel on earth". satan was a fallen angel so maybe he's under demonic contol or possesion now thats hes made a sacrifice, and during the interview he refered to her (caitlyn) in third person which is strange when shes his new identity. its almost as if he's under mind control and caitlyn is her alter?

  123. Chris Brown sparked outrage tonight when he re-posted Snoop Dogg's shocking meme calling Caitlyn Jenner a 'science project' – before swiftly deleting it.

    While it's unclear if Chris knew the controversy it had sparked when Snoop first posted it hours before, the message was clear.

    Outspoken rapper Snoop posted the meme on Instagram in which he referred to Caitlyn as 'Bruce' following the revelation she is now living her life as a woman.

    The picture – which was shared with his featured an image of Akon, and said: "Shout out to Akon ! He is about to supply 600 million Africans with solar power.

    "Im really upset that this isnt major news but that science project bruce jenner is #Society (sic)"

    Alongside the snap, he wrote a caption which included emojis referring to Akon's work and added: "News Flash @akon tune in to ggn for some real news. (sic)"

    Chris deleted the snap almost straight away tonight after fans expressed their shock.

    It came as a surprise as Chris is good friends with both Caitlyn's daughters Kylie and Kendall Jenner, and Kylie tweeted shortly after: "State what you want about the world without bashing others. Leave a positive impact."

    Snoop's original post sparked a wave of shocked comments from Insatgram users.

    One wrote: "Just deleted all your music off my iTunes. You have no respect for trans people so I have no respect for you. What Akon is doing is heroic, but that does not need to be used to denounce Caitlyn's heroism.

    "Coming out on such a huge scale will and has inspired so many LGBTQ people, so f*** you Snoop, that's not a science project."

    However, another fan defended him and added: "@snoopdogg used be a big fan of yours as kid, over the years I've lost respect, supporting gun control as one example. That said this is spot on! Glad you still have some of that OG in you still"

    And the story gets deeper…censorship anyone?

  124. It came out in an interview that when Jenner had (then) his feminization surgery, he had a "WTF have I done to myself???" moment.
    I have watched several documentaries about transgender people going under the whole hormone – surgery – psychological process and what I noticed is that the predominant feeling was relief.
    Caitlyn Jenner is very beautiful, but everything was just too out of the blue to me.

  125. I think he is doing all of this for money and publicity. That is all he has. And I read somewhere that he will be getting about $500 million for the reality TV show, the book deal, and being the face of transgender people. And of course you know they are going to make a biopic about him. So he is sitting on a fortune. He is a true Kardashian!

    I have nothing against transgender people, they are still people in my eyes, and they should be treated as people. I am also a supporter of LGBT rights. However I believe, Bruce, or Caitlyn, is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Why not put Lana Wachowski on the cover of Vanity Fair? At least she has done something creative and productive with her life.

  126. Bruce had to make a sacrifice in order to not be sacrificed by these kardashian witches. So he sacrificed his mascuinity….and remeber how he recently killed a woman in this car accident? That was part of the sacrifice ritual. I'm quiet sure about that

  127. I get the feeling that Bruce isn't real comfortable with becoming a woman. His interviews just seem a little forced or something, as well as his photos. I can't put my finger on it, but something about this situation just doesn't seem right.

    • THANK YOU!! I've had that constant thought in my subconscious while watching any recent interview of him/her on TV….Something doesn't look right. He doesn't seem TRULY happy as a woman. It looks like he didn't get the fulfillment he was hoping for through all the surgery he underwent. There was even an interview where he says he woke up from the facial feminization surgery frantic and said "what have I done to myself?" And he had to actually have therapy shortly after to reaffirm his decision…very sad.

  128. You want to know how to defeat something such as this?… Quit calling it what it wants to be called. (For the record not calling Bruce an 'it'.. this applies to everything.)

    Each time someone calls Bruce "Caitlyn" to me, it is the same as acknowledging that you agree with what he has done.
    The man will always be just that in my eyes, a man.

    Wants to be called Caitlyn? Sorry, your name is Bruce. It's the equivalent of the son in Adam Sandler's movie Big Daddy wanting to be called "Frankenstein".

    I fully agree that this is nothing but pushing an agenda. So many people are just seeing "Aww, Bruce has the courage to be free." when the fact of the matter is he was never 'free' to begin with.

    Some people may say that he was wrong for this comment and that it was insensitive, WHICH it may have been, however: I believe Snoop Dog said it best: Bruce Jenner is a science project. And it's amazing how something like this gets more attention than real news.

    We as Americans (and I'm always very reluctant to even call myself one now) need to open our eyes and discern what's there as a distraction and what's really going on.

    I applaud VC for noticing this as an agenda. However, on a deeper lever especially to those that are against it, this is something to a declaration of war.

    If you're a believer in God, the TRUE God and you plan to stand for the truth He has delivered… Know that the persecution of believers is coming, and it's getting closer and closer each time something like this happens.

    George Orwell said it best:

    "The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it."

  129. How can this Jenner person say they want to become a woman, desire to keep their male parts yet is still attracted to women? My personal take on this is that the transgender roles are being rammed down our throats, forced onto our children, and another way to take away more rights to just be normal. If he is so bent on doing what he wants, they why be so damn public about it? Does he feel the need to be loved that bad? How much is he being paid for this show? I work with someone who is a transgender. She doesn't publicize what she is doing. I can really respect that. I don't like it, but thats my business as hers is hers. If you want to be treated like a human being, than act like one.
    People wonder why children pick up a gun go into schools or malls and shoot people. Look at whats going on in our society. Confused? You bet!
    We are all nothing more but puppets on strings dancing for these rich clowns who pick our pockets. I am so damn tired of it. None of us can be who we want to be without being categorized in some way. Taking back control of our own lives should be front and center, not Jenner. He should do want he needs to privately. This whole show is totally disgusting. I have the same regards for the LBGT crowd. Do what you want but don't force your principles onto the rest of society. Some of us will never accept your choices, and that is our right.
    Great Article by the way!

  130. as a fellow european watching eurovision, what baffled me most was the very least noticeable detail of bringing the LGBT(QA) flag at the same level to that of a region's cultures and languages. in other words, the LGBT flag representing a nation instead of a (general? coming soon) sexual preference.

    welcome to the new age of tolerance.
    everything's going downhill for us.
    stay strong.

  131. I am happy for Bruce's transformation and at the same time I am mourning over loosing him as Bruce at the same time. It just takes time for me to get adjusted to new person Caitlynn,,. At least for her new selfie she can enjoy her life towards the next decade of her life..

    • Do we really need another fake diva named "Caitlyn"? There was only ONE Bruce Jenner, the Olympic champion.

      BTW, what's up with the name "Caitlyn"? Jenner is 65. Seems like a name for a much younger person. He should be calling himself Barbara or Susan or Pat.

  132. I believe they want to bring "men" down and make them a part of control…in about 20 years no men will behave like real men but clingy women wearing lip stick waving their flags…that way, when the real crap hits the fan, there are only "females" unable to defend themselves…no heroes, no "men" to fight them back..a weak society easily controlled.

    • Leave it. Don't rely on men. They are only humans like everyone else. All flaws from head to toe. Rely on God because nobody else can give you something worthy or take it away from you. The rest is only paraphernalia.

    • Yeah, because all women and transgender people wear lipstick and wave flags *end sarcasm*. Tell that to all the women with a black belt in martial arts who can kick most guys butts. Also, there are also transgender men (who were born female but identify as men)… so don't worry, men won't completely disappear.

  133. DISGUSTING. I hate people like this who try to change every f.cking thing. You were born as a MAN and you will die as a man. If you try to change this reality you are mentally disturbed and need to be treated. You don't train your puppy (the people) from the beginning it will run around destroy the furniture and s**t in the middle of the house just like this.

  134. Bruce's brainwashing started with Linda Thompson, Elvis' last ex. She put him in the head the idea that he doesnt look good and that surgery would work wonders for him. Then he entered the hell of the WHOREthrashian family.

    Yep, the whole tranny/homosexual agenda is a libtard marxist product and we all know or at least should know who is behind them. Hint: those guys with big black hats and side curls. Otherwise homosexual and tranny people have always been around, since the dawn of the history, but whats happening now is a total mess and, I repeat, it was planned, like many other things. This whole agenda is in fact harming these categories of ppl, not doing them any favour, behind the big hoopla about it, but they are so blind/stupid that they cant see that or/and dont want to.

    Back to Jenner, it could be the other way: he just pretended to be a tranny, but given the fact that he’s mind controlled anyway, he agreed to act the opposite way in order to fulfill the agenda. Im sorry for him, much like for any other person in such situation….

  135. This desperately needs to be said much more than it is. The combination of a lack of knowledge concerning inverted esotericism, transhumanism and the manipulation of a natural emergence of transgender issues is a nightmare.

    True androgyny was often viewed from an entirely different perspective in ancient times where the individual was judged to have a special ability to commune with the gods on behalf of the community/tribe. They became shamans in other words. Now, when genuine transgender folks have been in limbo and suffered a great deal. (can you imagine how painful it must be to be trapped in the wrong body?) And now that they can finally attempt to address their essence, they do so right in the middle of a social engineering experiment which uses that natural emergence just as the 1960s psychedelia movement – later to become the New age movement – was also cynically subverted and side-tracked.

    I've had a lot of conversation with transgender folks and most are creative, highly intelligent, (sometimes frighteningly so) rational, intuitive persons. Yet, they remain strangely unaware of how this issue (much like feminism) can be so abused and manipulated. Many, understandably don't want to see it. But they must. Until all of us understand that there are a minority of psychopaths at the top of the social pyramid who represent a breakaway society, utilising techno-sorcery and psycho-spiritual subversion techniques – nothing is going to change.

    And I think that such a change will only happen after a significant "reset" offered by the Cosmos…And its those signs and portents we really need to pay attention to, occult symbology and social experiments only get you so far.

    Great article.

  136. "Simply by looking at our genetic make-up and the behavior of most mammals, one can observe that males are engineered to hunt, provide and protect while females are made to “nest”, care and nurture."

    Please don't use the animal kingdom to illustrate how people should behave. We are not animals — we are human beings, made in God's image & likeness & we don't act solely from instinct. Lions live in pride groups where the females do most of the hunting. The males are basically there for protection, to keep outside males from attacking the cubs & mating with the females. This s simply the lions' way. Whereas tigers are solitary unless they are mating. The male is long gone by the time the cubs are born. The female provides for & raises them alone. That is the tiger's way. But humans have the capacity to choose to arrange our family lives as we see fit. If a high-earning wife wants to keep working after having kids & her husband wants to be the full-time, parent, they are not perverting their "natural inclinations" — they're just differently inclined than most couples. As long as the kids have a primary parent looking after them, there's nothing unnatural about that. Not every woman who wants children has to also want to be a housewife. Bruce Jenner's "transition" has zero impact on the lives of most Americans. He's just a blip on the radar until the next bit of celebrity claptrap pushes him off the screen.

    • Men's bodies are obviously designed for hunting, physical work, and protection of family and community.
      Women's bodies are obviously designed for childbearing, domestic work, and nurturing of the young.

      These are complementary roles. Modern technology has loosened these roles, but the physical differences still exist. If you deny that, you are a fool.

      • You deny the variability of our species with overly simplistic insistence on imaginary binaries. Life would have gone extinct long ago if your simplistic vision of biology were actually true. There is more in Heaven and earth Horatio….

  137. I cannot take anything being written on this site seriously mainly because the author always injects the articles with their Lucifer/satanism/Illuminati crap.

    I'm having a hard time believing the the author has no problem with transgendered people when they think that using Bruce Jenner as a way to push the transgender agenda is an evil thing to do. Yes, there sure as hell is an agenda, and it's mainly for allowing this generation to tolerate differences, specially ones that are out of a persons control. It's a sad truth that you think sticking a tranny on a cover of a magazine is much worse than people getting killed simply for being different. This is an attempt to normalize transgeneder people and challenge the public. It's their way of saying transgender are not some evil entity that you only come across in shady pubs in NYC, they could be someone you've known your whole life, or someone who was once regarded an Amercian Hero like Bruces Jener.

    It's also a very uneducated conclusion to consider normalizing transgender people in the media will suddenly spike the number of feminine men. That 's not how it works.

      • Because if I don't believe in what VC says then I must be a brain dead, habitual reader of Vanity fair?

        FWIW, I only read this article because it popped into my search results on google. I stopped reading this site a long time ago.

  138. I hate myself, maybe I should pay thousands of dollars and spend hundreds of hours to change my outward appearance too? If it worked for "Caitlin", it could work for me! What an inspiration. I can be just as courageous.

  139. Whenever the media spits out stuff like this I just don't buy it. haha it might be because of reading VC's articles all these years

  140. SORRY, I think VC this time has lost the sense

    There´s no a natural order, all what exists, all this reality is a concensual pact among us and the demiurges and this can be changed

    if we believe what VC says the electricty is against this "natural order" because we have a lot of light in the night

    Finally that the media celebrates Caytlin Jenner does not mean the media despise the people that want life the old fashioned sex roles!!

  141. Having read the first few comments and a handful of the replies, it is patently to me obvious that the agenda VC is exposing, has already begun to spread to a lesser or greater degree.

    • I agree. It's disturbing how confused people are. Freedom is great! But it comes with consequences and responsibility. What will be the consequences of the Kardashian focus? Dumbing down of a confused society to begin with….

  142. Great analysis. First off I believe in freedom and if Jenner wants to feel like a woman then that is fine by me. To each his/her own. I also believe the media, government, corperations, elite love the show because it plays into the divide and conquer strategy. Pitting groups against each other is thier bag baby! Black vs white, right vs left, christians/jew vs islam, east vs west, rich vs poor, capitalism vs socialism until they control it all. Enemies and fear tighten the grips on tyranny. The care only for power and control are the only thing that matters, not your identity, beliefs, dreams, or quality of life. We will never be able to break out of the status quo until we realize it is really ….Us vs Them.

  143. "How is Bruce Jenner a woman? He can’t have children and can’t menstruate — he never has and he never will. His DNA is that of a man. The fact is, Mr. Jenner is not a woman. He's a chemically and surgically castrated female impersonator.

    But we’re not supposed to state that truth, which would be “hurtful” and may constitute hate speech. Reality is outlawed. Illusion rules our supposedly science-based, post-modernist world.

    Bruce Jenner is a symbol of the increasingly wrenching disconnect between fact and fiction on countless issues such as immigration, foreign affairs, religion and history. We dare not cross the fixed boundaries established to determine who is compassionate and on the side of the angels, and who is not. To do so is to invite the merciless wrath of the fallen angels."

    • Some women can't have children or menstruate either, but they were born female and identify as female. Some men lose their fertility and can't have children, but they're still male. Having children and genitals are not the only things necessary in order to be a certain gender.

      Also gender and sex are to different things. Sex is a biological construct (e.g. being born female). Gender is a social construct.

      • This is exactly what you have been brainwashed to believe. We are born male or female plain and simple. Gender and sex are on in the same. I pray that your eyes of understanding are opened and you not only see the truth but accept it.

  144. People who say Caitlyn coming out will help young people and people in general with their own coming out are delusional. Nothing can change human reaction and interaction. Scripted replies in shows and solid advice from professionals cannot predict how an individuals surroundings will react to their individual decision. Just look at racism. This is for agenda and exploitation plain and simple.

  145. I was interested in the symbolism of Cait Jenner as the armless woman in the classic satin corseted "Playboy Bunny" suit on the cover of Vanity Fair — Why such an overt "classic" sex kitten image? Caitlyn could've posed like a public figure or a former sportsmen celebrity yet she chose a sex kitten-ish, flashy, Hollywood actress-y image. But why? Maybe VC will revisit this major cultural event as more information is released about Ms. Jenner.

    • To simplify maybe the roles to choose for girls and women. Sexless or sexobject. Either way, don't hint at intellectual intelligence at all, that's not a good thing for the public to pic up on. Or so I understand.

    • Thank you! The symbolism is the key. Just to be snide and practical . . . he's armless to hide his man–hands, of course.

  146. Pretty sure this is borderline transphobic and sexist and if anyone seems to think so in the comment they are attacked for thinking so…so much for thinking yourselves

    • It's not transphobic, but if so, so what?! Are you phobiphobic? Do you have s phobia of people who have a phobia? If a person sees a pit bull meowing like a cat, it's NORMAL (there's a word) for them to be uncomfortable around that dog. If they don't call that dog a cat, you say they are scared and have a mental condition? It must be called normalitis. You are on your way.

  147. VC agree with your article! The times we are living in now is sad.., sad that it's sexist like u mention, that a women stays at home while the man works. As a mother I want to raise my children to love and know God, and all this spectacle of "Caitlyn" makes it difficult and confusing because it's wrong in God's eyes but in this world if we don't agree we're the crazy people. This evil is working on changing the natural.. VC been a fan since 08 keep up the great work… blessings

  148. I have been a reader of this site for 5 years now and I have never disagreed with VC until now. Caitlyn Jenner is trying to get away from the Kardashian madness and finally be herself. So she did it publicly. That doesn't automatically make her an elite pawn. Sometimes it just means you're using your fame to spread understanding, compassion, and tolerance. And VC, despite your disclaimer, you are still treading dangerously close to transphobia and sounding like a caveman. Leave Caitlyn alone for f**k's sake.

    • Are you swearing to make your point? I could not read your reaction completely because of some fourletterword that's starred out. There is a thread on this page mostly about Yes you did No I did not, might be nice to hook on that one?

    • "Leave Caitlyn alone for ****'s sake." Reminds me of those viral youtubes a few years back. "Leave Britney alone . . ."

  149. I was waiting for this article!! Yes i knew bruce really didnt want to be a woman. Its so obvious and i feel sad for him to be trapped inside what is now looking like a womans face and body. I feel sorry for his whole family be who they may be. Its just a sorry situation.

  150. God never makes mistakes. And to think of yourself as a mistake is the lowest form of low self-esteem. So don't try to fix his creation, fix your though process instead. Peace…i'm out.

  151. Do you think this latest stunt is why Rob is not seen or heard from anymore?? Perhaps he decided not to play along with his family's deceptive games anymore? Again, Bruce's transformation did not happen overnight and my personal belief is that the entire family knew prior to the full media disclosure (albeit varying degrees). It just makes for greater television (and ratings) when they appear shocked/surprised/hurt etc al…..

  152. I've been waiting for this article! I too, was suspicious by this whole massive media coverage on Jenner's gender transition. I also squinted when I saw Obama's tweet, the award, and then I went on to read your old article on Kardashian's Xmas card. I think I now become more vigilant than ever! Thanks VC!

  153. ridiculous article. sexist and transphobic. this society agenda is called EQUALITY. and women don't have to apologize for wanting to get out of the kitchen and pursue careers. women can be anything including a stay at home home mom. that's not sexist. implying foremost that a woman should be a stay at home mom is sexist, its a woman's choice to decide what she will do with her life how shell handle her familial role with her partner if she chooses to.

    • VC says he has no problem with women not being in the kitchen. He says he has a problem with women not being allowed to do that even if that is what they want to do.

      • But not all of them want to be in the kitchen and they should be allowed to do what they wish. But there are many men who bully women regarding the cooking and also they don't even allow them to choose their friends or speak on the phone with others. They are the ones who have to decide what religion the others will follow. Have you seen many women abusing people due to their religious beliefs? Diocletian, Caesar, Charlemagne, G Khan, Herod were men. And almost all the other psychopaths. They also find some silly women, who were abused when they were children,that they also use to do their dirty deed, like leading them to prostitution and quite often kill. Check the program 'couples that kill' and you'll see who is always behind the trouble. It's not a segment of my imagination. I've seen too much bad attitude and it's almost always from men. They create most of the trouble, wars, mind games etc. Saying that, I point out that should not be trusted. To go and become a d.y.k.e because of men's attitude or abort male foetuses is not normal. Be careful yes but become destructive because of men nah.

      • You have valid points about some men but they don't apply to the author of this article because he said the exact opposite of what you are accusing him of. You and women like you are the reason women who are for equal treatment are met with such hostility. You completely took everything the author said out of context.


        I'm a woman.

  154. "Of course, the concepts above are meant to be interpreted in an esoteric and spiritual context where the human soul transcends its physical shell. However, today’s elite is bent on twisting and corrupting occult concepts, using its inherent powers for sinister purposes. Therefore the concept of equilibrium has turned into a unhealthy obsession on transgendered media pawns."

    I am pleased that VC added this disclaimer.

    Many occult traditions are benevolent.

    They should not be demonized because the Illuminati misappropriated them for their own nefarious ends.

    They too are victims.

  155. Bruce will never be a real woman. Real women have ovaries, a uterus and a real vagina. He will never bear a child. Once the alleged doctor lops off his 3 piece set, he will never be a real man again either.

    He is a eunuch.

    And this….this is what the PTB want for all of us. They want to bring an end to the alleged population crisis, which by the UN estimates will be decline by 2050. The elite in this world have always thought that there should be no more that 2 billion people on the planet. If we are all eunuchs, we could well get there. The real kicker is that we do not have to do anything to become eunuchs. With all the gender bending endocrine disrupters in our food and water supply and the advent of GMO’s, it will all happen without our consent. Bruce is a pioneer. The face of the future. The Eunuch prototype of our time.

    I’m sure he feels very feminine and pretty, but he will NEVER be a woman.

    • I believe that you have come the closest, here, to hitting the nail, squarely on the head, with the multiple points you make.
      This whole "event" is one of the creepiest things that I have witnessed in my 47 years.
      At the very minimum, CLEARLY, an agenda is being pushed–and it is a sick one.

  156. What the media did not say about transgenders going through a "sex change" is the high rate of suicide and regrets. Search about Walt Heyer and his page Sex Change Regret.

      • Loss of testosterone causes extreme hot flashes, decreases sex drive, decreases muscle tone resulting in decrease in strength and activity tolerance, which leads to bone loss. Truly, it is not healthy to change genders. Female hormones are connected to blood clots, which can lead to stroke or pulmonary blockage. I'm thinking, maybe Bruce had prostate cancer and was being treated with hormone castration. For the money, fame, initiation, whatever, added breasts and a dress and now sheeple are distracted from Jade Helm.

    • The suicide rate is about 30% and that's for lots of reasons not related to transitioning.The regret rate after transitioning is about 3% and most of those are because they have lost family and become isolated not because they transitioned.

  157. I definitely agreed with most parts of this article. I think it is terrible how Caitlyn is using her truth basically to earn money. Their are many people in LGBT community that suffer and live their truth without monetary gain or when it is convenient to them.Their is also a change in what is acceptable it terms or male or female assigned attributes but I do not believe people are bashed if they choose to live traditional roles. If this notion is believed, it is due to the media. I don't see how the mixing of female and male assigned attributes are confusing, it provides people the ability to express themselves freely. The problem I see in the media is the trend of punishing people for expressing different views. Many people online have the desire to criticize or "punish" others through hateful and hurtful messages. At the end of the day we need to realize that we are all being used by the elites for their personal benefit. They will use our identity, religion, sexual orientation, shopping habits, basically anything to benefit themselves. We have to reflect and realize we need to support each other instead and spewing hatred and fear.

  158. Wrong is now right and right is now wrong, just because someone may choose to act like a woman, all of the world does NOT have to like it, stop trying to take the rights away from people who do not agree with your way of life. Thanks for the info VC

  159. Great article. I feel so badly for Mr. Jenner, and I pray for him. I am praying for a dying world. This place just becomes more and more depraved every day. I cannot imagine what Our Heavenly Father sees when he looks down at His beautiful creation….to see how perverse it has become. It makes my heart break to think about how much sorrow it must cause Him.

  160. I don't agree about people being trapped in a wrong body. God did not create androgens, transgenders or whatever. Male and female created He them. What happens, is children become confused when they are physically or mentally abused, or when a family has dysfunctional sex roles. This is a purely mental problem.

    Even if you don't believe in God, it doesn't even make evolutionary sense. The species would die out in just a few generations with this type of evolution. That is why when societies become this perverted and debased, they inevitably crumble, just as all the empires have over history. The nations that have the most clearly defined sex roles always come to the front, just as America did a couple hundred years ago. We have not far to go as we crumble, and countries like Russia and China that have discovered capitalism are becoming stronger, as we fade away in our deteriorated state of filth.

    • "deteriorated state of filth"

      Don't you think Jesus cares more if we love our brother? Isn't the true state of filth things like sexual and economic slavery going on while we live our relatively comfortable lives, and not whether counterculture is paraded on entertainment media? I'm sure most people don't even read Vanity Fair.

      "We have not far to go as we crumble, and countries like Russia and China that have discovered capitalism are becoming stronger"

      ALL empires decline, even the empires that will come after the current ones.

    • You believe in god and evolution? Androgen is a hormone and if you believe in god you must believe that your god created intersex people since that's how they are born.

  161. Vigilant there is no need to justify yourself! God created us the way we are, man, woman, dog, cat! By changing that it's like we are saying "God I didn't like your work, I'm gonna change it" who are we as the human race to even think we can change such a perfect creation of God? Who are we to say my natural chemicals and features are not right? Even being gay or lesbian is against human nature, it's a mental illness! Who ever feels the need to be attracted to the same sex needs professional help! One day God is going to get very angry with us, and how corrupt we are and He is going to wipe us out.. I just hope I'm not alive during that time..

      • Or how she feels about brushing her teeth, living in a house, driving cars, using electricity. Disgusting, vile and evil because not in line with the 'natural order.'. Aquinas could teach these fundamentalists a thing or two.

    • Dogs and cats are different spieces unlike humans. Dogs, cats, humans etc can be female or male. We're different, but not as much as many people think. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths surrounding sex and gender.

  162. No Coincidence that the picture dropped on the first day of "pride" month. Clearly there was an agenda behind it.

  163. Whether pushing an agenda or not. This family contributes nothing to society and only garnered this much attention because of the release of a sex tape. Good for Bruce I suppose for coming out and being himself but nevertheless I'll rather have real heroes represented in our media like teachers, and police men, and doctors and parents.

  164. This story is such a hoax. I watched the Diane Sawyer interview and couldn't get past Jenner's wonky eye that was barely opened. Very, very worrisome and scary. Think how many connections this family has to the rest of Hollywood such as O.J. Simpson, Kanye, A. Wintour Ryan S. etc. and what their agenda is. I can't believe how blind people are to the truth.

    I have some trans-gendered friends and I couldn't imagine they would have been willing to live this lie for 60 years and have 6 kids between 3 different women. One had been openly dressing/acting like a woman since we were kids and the other came out in her early 20's. I don't buy this story. I just wonder what they have over Bruce to get him to do this or if he is happy to do this because he is now like a God for them.

    • i don't know how it slipped my mind yesterday when i was thinking about the new "Becoming Us" show on ABC that is about to start, is produced by Ryan Seacrest. I totally wasn't even thinking about how he produceds the Kardashian show also. smh

      • I watched a vid on youtube that links everything together. This has to do with goddess worship & the death of the strong male archetype that Jenner embodied in the 1976 Olympics.

      • That goddess worship business is irritating. There is no goddess. Only one God. where is m monroe? clepatra and salome. all ashes and dust. so no goddesses exist. who the heck have thought of all the nonsense?

  165. looks like now that Bruce Jenner is a woman everyone forgot that he killed a man because he was driving while using his phone. I seee that now that he is transgender he must be a saint and everything he did wrong in the past should be forgotten. How cool this society we live in!!!! fulll of hypocrites for sure

  166. This was done to distract the nation away from the expiring if the patriot act big brother martial law provisions bullshit. Even the president commented on his "transformation" omg so obvious! They're desperate…

  167. If it's some sort of clandestine agenda to out Bruce Jenner, it started way way back in the 1980's, when Bruce started taking hormones to grow breasts. It's all in his medical records. Those that can't rely on documentation are free to interview his wife at the time, to whom he confessed his odd proclivities.
    No agenda here, I'm afraid. Bruce wanted to be a girl all his life. Whether he had come out 25 years ago or tomorrow, it would still be a media circus because of who he is: a symbol of masculinity and athleticism.

    • I strongly believe TPTB agenda did not start yesterday, but rather many, many years ago. There has been a steady decline in the morals of our society and as of late, it has taken on a greater momentum. Bruce is just one of many situations that are being pushed to the forefront.

  168. and of course, the ignorant jerks come all over this forum and preach about man vs woman. lay off it. we're humans.

      • They are just attacking others (transgender people, calling them disgusting and more said things). So, because they are attacking others but not a particular user, that particular user shouldn't get offended? Um…but what about the love for our others human beigns?

  169. vigilant, I gotta say I was pretty pissed when I got the alert that your new article focused on Caitlyn and her journey. I am a full supporter of Caitlyn Jenner…. and then I read it and you once again have some points proven. but j don't think her journey goes any deeper than that she's been trapped in the wrong life for 65 years. I can't agree with this one. but as always, you intelligently write up an amazing article nonetheless. thanks for your brain. I really do read everything you post.

    • The author continually expresses that it's not that he's against the transformation or choice but against the manner it was done and bastardized to push the agenda is quite obvious.

      • How can we hope to win a war against the shapeshifting elite if we cannot display simple kindness to a fellow person?

        No matter one's thoughts on Bruce Jenner, this article, or alid's comment, have we each not arrived at Vigilant Citizen's work seeking the real message behind elitist distractions, so could we not use that fact to unite us in kindness toward one another?

      • I'd agree. I feel the "unkindness" is not directed to Jenner, but to the manipulation of the who situation.

      • IHe probably is, but he is still being used for the agenda. And the LGBT community is used as well. Mind control tactics are aimed at all of us in different forms. Plenty of rabbit holes to go around.

    • Salaam alaikum alid,

      I would like to commend you for reading this piece in its entirety, as opposed to making snap judgments about the title, as we so often do. I only wish more of us would take heed of the true freedom afforded us by an open mind.

    • I am a full supporter of Caitlyn Jenner

      Why ? Why are you supporting a s**t like that ? Wasn't he good as a man ? Does he really need to take it up the ass to be happy ?
      You idiots…

    • You're wrong. It's obvious to anyone with a brain that's been following the machinations of the Illuminati and their methods that Caitlyn Jenner's transformation was staged and that their whole family is a psy-op exercise on the public.

      Also watch South Park season 13 episode 1 where they mock the whole libtard political correctness infesting academia and where questioning Caitlin Jenner as a 'hero' is deemed sacrilegious and immensely politically incorrect. Caitlin Jenner and his whole family are a blatant social engineering psy-op.

  170. Thank u VC!! Preach on it! Bruce Jenner is not a woman. All the makeup, dresses, magazine covers and feminization surgeries does not turn a man into a woman. HE has not and will never do enough to earn the title of a woman! A woman is more than skin deep. It's HER ability to nurture the babies she's birthed, the glow she has from the love of a man, the desire from the swing of her hips, the ability to be the rock of her family. It's so deep and wide that a woman can be a endless and forever. It's embedded in our cells and DNA. That's why there's a difference.

    • You are absolutely wrong. Physical appearance doesn't make you male or has to do with the mind heart and soul. Flesh and genitalia does not define gender. you need to educate yourself

      • Flesh and genitalia does not define gender? Are you stupid? I thought if you had a penis you're a boy and a vagina means you are a girl! Listen Ashleigh Mommy must've skipped the talk so here goes MEN have penises and WOMEN have vaginas!! But I guess for you that means you can change from day to day. You are born a boy or a girl. You cannot change into one or another because you feel like it!!!

      • You won't. You can't.

        You will spit nonsense about natural things and God will and blah blah. Dumb and old trash.

      • @Faith you're a hypocrite and just contradicted yourself. If as you say genitalia defines your gender then any post op trans man is now a woman…. right – because according to you being a woman is just about having a vagina.
        You are absolutely clueless and have no idea what it is to be a man or a woman… just a load of stereotypes that have been fed to you. I pity you

      • Seriously?! Don't take my words out of context!! Obviously if you are born a certain sex and later in life you have a surgery to change it all the the drugs, hormones, meds and surgeries does not and will not make a woman a man and a man a woman. As for being fed, I've been raised on 100% TRUTH. I have no idea what you mean by that statement that I am "clueless and have no idea what it means to be a man or woman" that is the most vaguest and cloudiest statement. Don't pity me, i don't pity you. I think it's sad that you are delusional enough to believe what these people want you to believe. They shovel their filth and stench and stick these feel good words to it so that people like you can swallow it and say it smells good, it stills stinks and it's still filthy.

      • Its in the DNA. Go back to junior high or high school biology. Or read my comment above when i said same thing.

      • Ashleigh love, I am praying for you to see the light. You say you are a Christian, pray for God to make this all clear to you.

      • It's all clear to me, don't worry. "The light"? Since when is the light being a bigot for condemning people for who they are? You may disagree with me but that doesn't make you righteous. God is the judge of me, not you. I have the right to speak my mind. I'm not transgender, but I don't have to be to be a loving and compassionate person. A lot of Christians seem to think that because they're straight that they get to Lord it over everyone else and quote bible verses from the old testament when the book is thousands of years old and for all anyone knows could have been edited and distorted countless times. No one is forcing anyone to change their beliefs. We're just tired of hearing bigotry and hatred when there are murderers and rapists and p********s that you should be disgusted by. Stop worrying about innocent people trying to live their lives. We're not hurting you

      • Actually Ashleigh, that "christian God" you can't stand as "gentle" Jesus himself no less in the christian bible you tire of hearing is the one that explicitly "men hate the light because their deeds are evil."

      • Your comment has a lot of gray areas. That's what's wrong with y'all everything is so blurred and sloppy. There's no line with you. No one is trying to judge you, him or her or whatever it is. There's no accountability anymore! It's always has to be about you and what "feels" good!! There's no boundaries it ok as long as it makes you happy! There's a reason why there's right and wrong! You talk about murderers and child molesters–we'll guess what Ashleigh it "felt" good to them so they did it!! Do you get my point? Just because our feelings get in the way does not mean it's always the right thing.

      • You are absolutely delusional. You are born with a penis or a vagina. You have male reproductive organs or female ones. You have male chromosomes or female chromosomes. That is why in sports, they have male and female competitions. In the olympics, you have to take a gender test

    • That's not what he was saying when he wrote this article but it nice to see where minds are at and how people don't actually read everything these days lol

      • They just wanted an excuse to spit that trash. They probably didn't read the post (wich don't claim transgender people are not 'real' whatever).

    • I agree!! You were born to be what you were meant to be. He will forever be Bruce!! and all the other Transgenders. No way they can be followers of Christ and disrespect him like that. To change your body completely. It is called a reprobate mind. Just because you a female that likes to fix cars or play sports, doesnt mean you were meant to be a male and just because you are a male and you like fashion and hair doesnt mean you were meant to be a woman.

      • Thank you! We are who we are for a reason! I would love to be a bird so I can fly, but that that mean if I put on some wings and a beak and jump off my roof I'm one? No. Yes I know it's physically impossible to become one just like it's impossible to switch sexes.

      • Eva Christ is real and he loves you very much. He is a gentleman. He will not force himself on anyone. Jesus wants us to CHOOSE and WANT to love him. If he were to reveal himself in such an obvious way he would in effect remove that choice.

    • Hi Faith. I totally agree with you. Those behind this obviously orchestrated "event" are evil in their very nature. Bruce will never ever be a woman, period! Sadly this event will persuade millions to accept this BIG LIE.

      • It's so mind boggling to me how "happy" people are for this! Even worse they are calling him a "hero" and "courageous"!! I just do not understand this! And how if you don't like it or agree with it you're the bad guy, and I'm called narrow minded and that ridiculous word now "homophobic" Please!

      • Bravo Faith and Joe for your COURAGE in speaking the TRUTH. The agenda is about turning God's creation upside down: good is bad and bad is good. Up is down and down is up. right is wrong and wrong is right. Freedom is slavery and slavery is freedom. male is female and female is male. IT'S INTENTIONAL; IT'S DECEPTION; IT'S PLANNED years in advance. In fact, since the dawn of humankind. This deception is demonic; it is satanic (deliberately lowercase). And yes, they will have their season (because 'it' will have 'it's' season) as we're all witnessing; but, that season is a short one and they know it. Therefore, It's perversion of the natural order of Creation will become far worse– the deceptions far-reaching inside every home, every family, every one. When asked by His disciples, how will we know we're in the Last Days, how will we know You're returning? The Lord answered with this: Let no man deceive you (2Thessalonians 2:3-4) But, here's the Good News: We already know how this story ends. Jesus reigns today as HE did yesterday and tomorrow. He's already won. He is returning soon and He IS Alpha and Omega. The Beginning and the End. The before Abraham was, I AM. The First and the Last. The Vine, The Bread, The Way and the Truth. Do Not be Deceived; Do Not Let Your Hearts Wax Cold in these last days. Pray continuously to be delivered from both. Pray for yourselves, pray for your family and pray for everyone you know (and strangers you do not know) who are deceived and whose hearts are waxing cold. And if you're battling/struggling with any of the deceptions (sexuality, addictions, estrangements, etc.) pray then for the desire to be given you — placed inside you to want to be delivered from any and all of it. Pray to be restored to His natural order and then pray for the strength to remain. You do not have to struggle alone — being made to think that is another lie. You do not have to shoulder any burden — again making you think that, too, is another lie. God will deliver you from any and all affliction. Knock and the Door will open, Seek and you will find, Ask and you will be given. (Luke 11:9 and Matthew 7:7-8). Ask to be given faith and to be made strong in your faith. God already knows what we're dealing with; He knew us before He allowed us to be placed in our mother's womb. And, He knew of our deception (afflictions) too. But, it's up to each of us to seek Him and His deliverance and then, to enter when the Door is Open.

    • So women who don't want babies or can't have them, these who don't want be 'the rock' of her family, or those who aren't interested in men, what are? Not women?


    • Oh sh*t!

      I don't have a maternal bone in my body…I can only stand weird nerdy kids that I can speak to like mini-adults (and whom I have no responsibility for)…And have made plans to become a "crazy cat lady".

      Seriously, the only thing embedded in my DNA is a propensity for anxiety…an aptitude for tasks involving logic, pattern recognition and spatial relations…that "glow" I get when I finally figure out a coding problem that has been driving me crazy for hours, if not days…OCPD levels of organization…and a love of cats.

      Does that mean I'm not a real woman?

    • Well, I agree with you that there's no such thing as a sex change (excepting things like those frogs they mentioned in the original Jurassic Park). But 'woman' is no more a title than 'man' is. Neither variation is inherently special because we are the same species. If one is absent, so will be the other.

  171. This is so true, when u said (today’s elite is bent on twisting and corrupting occult concepts) this is sums up the situation, this explains a lot of things happening right now in our world and i can understand why they're in a rush, for what is about to come is a beautiful thing.

  172. Kendall's profile picture ( i dont remember if its from twitter or instagram,and yes, i like her and i fell so sorry for her,it breaks my hearth ,its not like its her fault anyway,so dont buy from them but neither hate on them,they are victims) the pic shows her,kylie as kids and jenner as a man, maybe she knows it was not his decision turning into a woman and maybe she knows that back in that time they were truly happy,seems like she and her sister really love jenner for real and lately they look really sad (im not against transgenders people, but in this particular case it dont looks normal AT ALL.

  173. I follow your blog and until now i accepted everything you said here,and i appreciate your work, before this post i have been following the jenner's transition,and i would find his decision pretty normal, but instead of it i immediately thought it was all setup by those monsters who dont respect human life.
    its VERY clear its not "his" decision become a woman since he is part of the kardashians horror show, i would say its so disrespectful using him and the transgender movement to "break the internet,sell magazines and maybe even punish him from something and things like that,but "they-from-the-agenda" dont care about the meaning of the word "disrespect",they dont care about nothing but what they want.

    Anyway,back to this article,until the obama tweet i agreed with you,but then after that you kinda disrespected and got confused about the normal and healthy lack of definite gender accepted by society and the abnormal change of personality without permission, be careful, sometimes you can mix a few thing, the same way you did it here, im sad about the gay community praising and buying this terrifying event.

    sorry about the writing,english is not my main language, peace out,lots of love

      • Ok, but in my language "sex" and "gender" is one word. When we translate "gender" we say "gender" and it sounds artificial.

      • In ours we have one word that means sex and another taken from English (?) for gender. It sounds and spells exactly like the orriginal one ''gender''. And it's more like scientific term. Usually it is used in psychology, philosophy, sociology etc.

    • I agree with you he is being forced to be trans, no trans you meet has that vibe or looks like he is being used that man had too nd he regrets it but i think he did it for his daughters there is not much media on both their surgerys at such young ages… he clearly feels out of his nody nd i feel sorry for him….this world is turning the ppl that are right cant even have n opinion bc then you are being byast nd is wrong vc hasbto make sure he mentions hes not against it cause bcklash will come its a fukin scary world when you cant even speak your thought bc they say is wrong so but im not afraid of saying the truth….
      THIS CHET IS WRONG!? being a homosexual is wrong nd guess what im not religious bc i don't believe in it all this has been made up everything is now wrong but is considered right do not be deceived people dont quiet bc of a homo that got his feelings hurt A MAN IS A MAN IT GOT BALLS ND A DICK A WOMAN IS A WOMAN SHE NURTURES CARES AND IS PROTECTED BY HER MAN A FAMILY IS WHAT CREATES A LOVING UNITY FOR KIDS GOD IS NOT LIKING THIS ND IF YOU KNEW WHO HE REALLY IS YOU WILL BE UPSET ND SAD BC WE FROM THE BEGINNING HAVE BEEN LIED TOO

  174. Great article, very fair, but I'm surprised VC did not mention Bruce's recent accident in which a woman was KILLED. Why is this being shrugged-off?

    • It takes time to investigate, before one can publish. But indeed, certainly important to see how that trial developes.

    • I also wonder why no one seems to be talking about this accident. It makes me wonder if Bruce is somehow being coerced into making this transgender move. His interviews about don't come across as sincere or confident to me. Then again, I could be reading too much into it.

    • I remember that. The accident may have been posed so that Jenner could be shown dressed very feminine at the time. What was 2014? Early '15?

      • It was probably his occult blook sacrifice for more fame. He went from being the 3rd wheel of the family to the superstar everyone is talking about. His "transition" got him so much spotlight it even stole the shine from Kim's announcement she is pregnant again.

    • While that is true, it doesn't seem to have much to do with the actual subject matter. Although I did see someone mention that perhaps that was the "sacrifice" he made, which I suppose that is possible.

      • He kept saying in the interview with Diana Sawyer " I have the soul of a woman" ….. I read into this in many different ways but by taking the life of that woman in the car accident maybe he needed to claim her soul as the final step before his transformation was complete?

  175. Wow!! Excellent article!! Yes I've noticed this trend now these last few years where men are being filleted by the media; it's so apparent and disgusting!!
    I appreciate that way you explained about the way Bruce Jenner was portrayed on the Christmas card. I found it very interesting and I could see exactly what you were referring to! Thanks again for your article!!

      • We have far more right than Christians. Look it up. "Signs before the day of Judgement in Islam".

      • Yet the Prophet Muhammad (saw) came with countless more information. Why do you think that is? Because the Bible was changed and teachings corrupted. He was the final Messenger for mankind and the Qur'an is preserved to this day and til the end of time.

      • what a joke. I was muslim and I studied Qu'ran w hadith and It is all a lie. I became a Christian because my neighborhood would hate me for my conversion and my own uncle called for my death. The bible you claim to "be corrupted" actually was proved accurate. All the manuscripts dating 2,000 years old are in Palestine, Muhammad came 600 years later with a false arian heresy just like Judaism became corrupt with the talmud. Open your eyes. Islam is flawed. I'm sorry for speaking the truth. You don't know true islam unless you lived in a muslim country with family and neighbours. I experienced it all and found Christ.

    • But that crossdressing has been happening for thousands of years. Does not make sense to me anymore, that one about end times. Just a way to make people scared.

      • Bruce Jenner specifically is used as billboard for this agenda. It is not about awareness of the ancient and current existence of gender crossing, but of total 'acceptance' of it. Thereby anyone with an opposing view is intolerant and an enemy.

    • It appears in about 12 different mythological cycles describing the end cycle, including the Kali Yuga, the Vedantics, Christian Apocalypse and many, many others.

    • How does a man act like a woman?
      And how does a woman act like a man?

      Many skills which werr once deemed only masculine or feminine are actual useful for both genders to know.

      Even looking at animals as a way to compare human gender roles isn't that helpful. We can definitely see similarities with some species, but also many differences. For example:
      A lioness cares for cubs, but she also hunts and helps protect herself/her cubs (so she is a provider, hunter, carer etc). The male lion is there to breed and protect, but once he gets older he can be usurped and replaced by a younger male who is better able to breed and protect that tribe.

      There are also animals where the father helps to look after the young and both parents hunt, and animals who hatch have no parents to guide or protect them.

      Its like comparing humans and animals when it comes to monogamy. Some people think that monogamy isn't natural because many animals don't exhibit that behaviour, BUT there are also animals (including mammals) that do exhibit monogamous behavior.

      In the end, humans have developed in a different way and our lives are different. For us, many aspects of gender roles are now flexible and that's why people see them as a social construct.

  176. Am in the only one that sees the image of Satan in Bruce's reflection on the Vanity Fair magazine cover? The 2 black horns over each of his shoulders. The red on each side of his body, as the sides of Satan's head/face.

      • Nah I think that's a reflection of baphomet sitting cross legged I think Bruce is kind of in the picture as well- as in his legs and body are positioned in that infamous baphomet pose.

    • When i took a second look, i saw more of a vague butterfly in the background (the reflections left and right being the wings). Might suit the theme of transformation, too, if i might add.

      • LOL same here. Just seeing B.J with boobs/cleavage was unnerving at first glance, let alone the repeated times I saw this image blasted on all social media/ tv

    • As we say in law enforement, there's no such thing as a coincidence. Everything is deliberate. Vanity Fair photogs & gatekeepers knew what they were doing! It's very much an androgynous Baphomet reference.

    • Mark, this is very observant. I didn't even notice the horns or Satan's face on the Bruce Jenner Vanity cover.This reminds me of the photo VC provides in this article of the transgender in Europe who also has horns.

  177. This is the worst VC article ever. As Brecht once said, there is no natural order. What you call "natural" is an opressive system. I agree that there is an obvious use of gender issues by the mass media and capitalism. But there is anything unnatural with non-regular genders. Procriation? The good thing about tecnology is that we can change for the best (and I am no making an appology of transumanism).

    • For those Christians who champion “natural order”:

      When Adam & Eve were cast out, Eve was made subordinate to Adam ("Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you." Gen 3). This suggests she wasn't subordinate to him in the first place. So which is the natural order: that before sin (non-subordinate) or that after sin (subordinate)?

      If the lion is to lie with the lamb in paradise, isn't that the natural order? That would mean some of what happens now in the animal kingdom is not the natural order. So why are we taking gender roles (hunt vs. nurture– by the way, lionesses hunt while the lion watches over the cubs) from a fallen world?

      • Keekeeta,

        Actually, the natural order in Genesis is pretty clear from the beginning. Adam was created first – and then, FROM HIM, came Eve ("She shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man"). She was created to be his companion, which does indeed suggest that there has always been, and will always be, a natural order.

        There is a reason why men and women tend to have different natural tendencies. This does not mean that women are somehow inferior. Men and women have the exact same value and worth, but NOT the exact same role. Why do you think only women are able to become pregnant? Even if you do not believe in God, is the "universe" being unfair since men can't become pregnant too??

        Just because a woman's role is different from a man's does NOT mean that she is somehow beneath him or less valuable. There tends to be a very, very large misunderstanding about that.

      • You do realise there are 2 Gods/Lords in Genesis right? The first is referred to as GOD and he made man both male and female in his image. This is Genesis 1 right after he made the light/dark/animals et al. After making male and female humans he gave them dominion over the Earth.
        In Genesis 2 we are introduced to "LORD". This one made Adam and didn't make Eve for a quite a while after offering all types of cattle and beast to Adam for him to know and to name. This "LORD" created Eden and laid down rules so as the ground could be tilled.
        So "Adam" was not the first human, he was something of a hybrid created AFTER the first male and female human beings were created by God.
        G.O.D is translated from the word Elohim/Elohym and LORD is Nephalim using Strongs Concordance.
        It's fascinating stuff and I urge everyone to re-read the first book of the bible. Even in the NKJ version Genesis plainly tells us there are two rulers at play.

    • There is no natural order? LOL. So how does everything in nature (the water cycle, ecosystems, animal life) function? Haphazardly?

      • Brecht wasn't a scientist. And "natural order" is not something from the Bible, but from biology, ecology, etc. Scientists have discussions on what is natural order, how it works, but they don't say there is no such thing.

    • Watch animals in the wild and how they operate. So is the mother who cares for her young in the wild retrained by an "oppressive system" that is designed to keep them down? The make up of men and women is hard wired into the DNA of all living creatures.

    • Therefore, God, in keeping with the desires of their hearts, gave them up to uncleanness, so that their bodies might be dishonored among them. They exchanged the truth of God for the lie and venerated and rendered sacred service to the creation rather than the Creator, who is praised forever. Amen. That is why God gave them over to uncontrolled sexual passion, for their females changed the natural use of themselves into one contrary to nature; likewise also the males left the natural use of the female and became violently inflamed in their lust toward one another, males with males, working what is obscene and receiving in themselves the full penalty, which was due for their error. – Romans 1:24-27.

      What Brecht said is irrelevant.

    • Haha. You're damn right nature is oppressive. We're not exempt from that just because we can make complex vocalizations. You can't change what already is. At best you can only conceal it.

    • And hey… before anyone starts condemning me for speaking my mind, I stick to this comment by VC, which I share 100%:

      "I DO have a problem with the other side of this agenda : Men who act like traditional men (and do not feel the need to apologize for it) are now portrayed as evil and wrong."

      This is SICK. If some people choose to live a different way, that's their business, but it is amazing how bashed we heterosexual people are when we don't celebrate/support this lifestyle of others. I'm sorry, but these things are completely wrong in my mind, based solely on the principle that God created man and woman, and nothing else. Countless times the Bible condemns these things and God never changes. It's not like some co workers of mine say, "these are modern times, God does understand and is ok with the new trends…" Excuse me? God is God. His Word never changes. But of course the satanic media will do whatever it takes to change our minds and make us think that now we can lay with men as with women, and vice versa. This is wrong from any angle you try to see it.

      I'm sorry if my comment offends anyone. It's not my intention to be disrespectful to anyone (even if I am) but please, don't try to change my mind, ever. It won't happen.

      • I'm not offended by your comment because I know that you're trying to adhere to the Word of God. In fact, I agree with the first part of your statement. I too value traditional gender roles. But, I will never bash those who fall outside of them.

        When you said that God made only men and women you were wrong. I have a younger brother who identifies as a gay male because we raised him as a boy. He has many qualities that are very femenine and some that are very masculine. I know that people within our Church family speak ill of him. We have learned to let their stares go because of his birth condition, intersex.

        Biblically, our Lord tells us that he and others like him were indeed created this way in Matthew 19:12.

        Because I know that he was born this way, I will never show disrespect, judgement, or disgust those who were born with this wide array of sexual trials. While I won't ask for your celebration, I will ask for your love and compassion towards those who are to afraid to speak up for a fear for their lives that makes them SICK.


      • Mathew 19:12 – For there are some eunuchs, which were so born from their mother's womb: and there are some eunuchs, which were made eunuchs of men: and there be eunuchs, which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven's sake. He that is able to receive it, let him receive it.

        Enuch – a man who has been castrated, especially (in the past) one employed to guard the women's living areas at an oriental court.

      • You have every right to be as hateful as you want, but you do not speak for God. He loves everyone regardless. I can guarantee that you are a sinner yourself. If God sees hate in your heart you will most likely not get into heaven.You should worry about your own relationship with God

      • I think we should all stop and actually READ and understand the Bible…. Too many opinions that are not biblical. Let opinion be opinion…. Biblical Truths…. Let them be just that. Either you're with it or not. The bible was not made to make us "feel good". That wasn't the purpose. It's God given for the purpose of "teaching, rebuke, Reproof, and training in righteousness" 2 Tim 3:16. So we either receive and willingly conform with understanding. Or… Willingly go the other route.

      • Exactly. In my mind the bible may be the final WRITTEN word of God, that doesn't mean it's his final thoughts . I believe God is mysterious in many ways and his final word is for people who have and will pass on

      • Human beingss change, God forever remains the same. How do I know that, the Bible tells me this countless times. As a Christian, you should know. God's law is revealing of God's character. And as his character never changes, neither does his laws. It's up to humans to adapt to our soverign God, not the contrary.

      • Actually, most Biblical scholars acknowledge that the depiction of God in the Christian Bible changes drastically over time. For believers, that speaks to humans evolving their concepts of God, not to God changing. Anyhoo, point is human beings get God wrong alla time. Especially, it would seem, in the Christian Bible.

      • You are going against the system of nature. Do not expect happiness and success when your whole life is based on confusion. There is a natural order and a MANipulation of that system. The brain is where attraction starts and it is effected by pollution and diet and lifestyle choices. You think being transgender is normal 1) because you are female and females have weak minds. You are allowing your emotions to cloud your mind. Stick to the facts. If i say i'm a lizard, am i? Sure no one has the right to kill me and shouldn't be allowed to get away with mistreating me based on this fact alone but am i a lizard? Answer that.

        The whole concept is retarded. If there is no such thing as gender roles how do you know which gender you are or aren't? At what point do you say i'm not a girl or i'm not a boy? If gender roles aren't defined by lifestyle choices what is the defining trait that leads you to your watershed moment?

      • no, males have weak minds. just send them a few tramps and they will be so weak that they won't know what day of the month is.

      • I agree. Like the Lord says detest the sin not the person. And I do pray for Jenner because for him/her to be this confused must of been terrible. And who knows if it is not some type of demonic possession or spell that made him this way. I do not have any bad feelings for homosexuals/transgenders I pray for them because you are right. God does not change his laws to adhere to society and sin.

      • Demonic possession was one option that crossed my mind too. There was one instance where Bruce was relaying information regarding his transition and he mentioned that when "she" appears, "she" acts like this and does that….all very third person. Perhaps it was his choice of words, but it felt very disconnected, not a true extension of his inner-being, but totally separate. Sadly, due to the nature of this family's lifestyle, I personally did not rule out a possible possession in this situation. Prayers are definitely needed for all involved.

      • I totally agree but sadly in this day and age most people don't even consider demonic possession aka MPD

    • hmmm I think Conchita Wurst is the most disgusting looking one. ahh poor thing. You want to feel sorry for him and on the other hand you want to laugh at him. A man with a very twisted mind. Like all those d.y.k.e. woman you see who are trying hard to walk like men when they have breasts. I'm still confused when I see them in places. And the worst bit is they have children. How confused they will be. Strange world we live in. Very confusing to say the least. You'll get very fortunate if you find someone normal in a few decades time. Normal people will be considered a rare breed and probably they'll be imprisoned for being normal.

    • "If you can call that thing a man"..? Really? I'm guessing you're a Christian bigot. She is a human being. You're no better than her.

      • Muslims would accept Conchita. So Muslims aren't bigots then. Surely, the J3ws would accept her. And they are the ones who received the 10 commandments. Do they follow the 10 commandments? All of us are hypocrites and bigots. Hypocrisy does not follow a religion.

  178. Hi everyone! (First of all, sorry for my bad English, haha)
    Well, I am confused. I am not a feminist, but I know something about the subject. I understand that there has been a lot of "man power" since… ever and women are tired of that patriarchal society. Now there are lots of feminist (some extreme) groups empowering women. When VC says that women are ment to care and men to hunt (which I agree completely), whats the point of the agenda making the opposite of this? What are the new objectives of being a man if woman "don't need them" because woman can do everything too? The roles are changing, but whats the point? A twisted society? I would love to understand this better and in a deeper way because its something that has been on my mind for a long time! I think is good to empower women… but what happen with men if they are "useless"? Thanks! I love this site! 🙂

    • Liza, the end point is to creat a gnederless society where the state will take over reproduction. Don,'t forget it is men who fight revolutions. My guess is that very few women ,even those that are masculinized, would have what it takes to overthrow a government,one whose soldiers may in future be genetically engineered super soldiers.

    • How men can become useless? They are only useless when then don't act like men. You don't become a man by lying, cheating and trying to confuse others. You are born a man as you have specific hormones and chromosomes. But to act like a man is another story. Because B Jenner dresses like a woman, there is no indication he is a woman. The man is not right in the head. Similarly, some women are dressed like men and they try to imitate men's mannerisms. However, they are still women. They also look ridiculous when they act like men. The same applies to men. We all have our gender. The dressing code, make-up and so on do not define our gender. Those individuals are very confused in relation to their gender. They might have problems from their past. Don't we all have problems due to our past or personal experiences.

    • There are pages in this website about mind control and mass manipulation. I think the part of ''complete reversal of gender roles'' that vc mentions, hints in that direction. The subconcious confusion about stereo-types and roleplaying makes room for input of suggestions, or distracts from learing the truth about one's own feelings and place in society, or life in general? When a natural instinct like making children gets messed with by a third party it can create a long going search for destiny in a human. Instead of just growing up, like, love and lust and all that comes naturally. (For the people who get the need to change from within, it may open up places to them like never before. I am happy for them. But they are still a minority in numbers, like most of us when you look at it from another angle. The hype is not meaned for them, it is for the people following that media, so that millions more people to influence.)

    • Fashion magazines do it to manipulate women into believing "they" wear the pants, but then further manipulating women based upon their own vanity and need to have the upper hand in the relationship to entice them go buy more products – more fashion, more makeup, more surgery – don't think for a moment (male or female) these magazines OR mass media gives a crap about you or wants you to feel beautiful – they are just playing to your mentions and promoting narcissism to sell more and become even more ridiculously rich on your insecurities that THEY created. VC is 100% right this is an agenda and frankly, an attack on women – and males who are feminized are just a new demographic to market too. I have love for all people but honestly? Us chicks need to bond together against this crap – beauty comes from inside, people – no amount of surgery or chemicals can create true beauty.

    • very simple… create confusion that can lead to Chaos that can lead to panic…..much easier to control someone who is scared but also to ruin that special bond called family…if you stand for something, you'll fall for anything….My opinion

      • Well if men want to have a special bond with their family, then they should behave. With their cheating, lying, manipulation, scheming ways, screaming and yelling is obvious they want to destroy the family unit. We know what they're like and if it wasn't for women with patience, there would not be any families.

      • I'm a woman and I couldn't disagree more. My father wasn't a cheating dog neither is my fiancé. All men are dogs and all women are saints is just another lie perpetrated by the media and a tool used to pit men against women.

    • It's about control. Traditional men will standup, flight, etc., and that's NOT what the elite wants the new society to be about. I mean no offense to women, but women typically are easily manipulated by the media. Put something provocative on TV, and they are there. Put something flashy in a magazine, and they are reading it. Post something juicy on Facebook, and they all read and comment on it.

      If the "elite" can turn society into a more feminized society, with a "female" mindset, they have a better chance to control society through media and ultimately increase their wealth and power.

    • The end goal, from what I can see, is to get rid of the natural family. Traditional gender roles are there to stabilize families: the man leads and provides, the women follows and nurtures. In this way, children have a strong, emotionally stable, financially stable, loving environment to grow up in. It also means that the mother and father have immense power to influence and raise those children.

      If you destabilize the family (and this is rampant already) then there is no parent protection and nurturing.
      The mothers are too focused on fixing their broken relationships, broken spirits, and pursuing liberty and career. The fathers are shamed, kept from their children, and forced to compete with women in the workplace. In this situation, the state takes over and can create whatever society they want. The ruling class decides how to teach and mold all of the children. They get the power to create the future.

  179. Its apparent there's an agenda to distort and confuse society, they're forcefully remodeling culture so that we accept their perversion. And no I don't hate gays or trans genders, I myself struggle with my sexuality, one must admit we're being manipulated, its time to pull together and reject this garbage.

    • Yes, like the article stated, it's not personal. All of a sudden now, Jenner is stating this is what he wants? After all of those years? It just doesn't make any sense. Personally, I have both female and male traits and there is nothing wrong with that. But when the media continually emphasizes a story as it is doing with Jenner, you know there is an agenda behind it

    • Remodeling it from what exactly?
      Society has never been peaceful or accepting. Groups of humans have always disagreed with each other on how things should be done.
      That is clear and apparent to anyone who has studied history and culture over time.

      Like minded people join together and decide how things should be. But then come others who feel differently, then there is conflict. Some split away and decide to do things differently only to later find that even within their group there are those who want to do things differently, and so it goes on and on.

      The only "agenda" is the human inability to live and let live without judgement.
      Absolute freedom is an illusion. If you want to be part of the greater society, then learn how to deal with people who don't think and do as you do. In the least find ways to accept others as they are as long as they aren't hurting you directly.
      You can always seek comfort by choosing to be around those like you for most of your time. When you are not around them then accept those others that are around you.
      Seeking to judge or punish those who are not like you shows you are not happy or secure with your own self.

      • Wonderful comment, so balanced and right to the point, we need to create our own Peace of Mind and piece of mind, life isn't easy, and we know it, but it becomes extremely difficult with such reversals, icons, etc. My respectful Salute to you, Piece of Mind, 🙂

        Sometimes just looking around makes you realice how uncivilized and un-cultured we have all become,

      • Also, I spologize for my gramatical errors! Viva México, although we are struggling with our own issues!! it's truly great to have this place to extend your mind and express, Thank You VC,

    • It's interesting to hear you say you struggle with your sexuality, yet you see the agenda that is being pushed. I agree we must unite and reject this destructive social agenda.

      We often hear that people are "born that way" and that people don't choose to be gay. But I believe that is not true. Granted, I think that some people are more predisposed than others due to psychological factors or hormonal influences, but I think it really boils down to a choice. We all choose our own behavior. We all decide what kind of person we want to be, based on our values. I think homosexuality is a perversion of normal sexuality and a temptation that EVERYONE is subject to. But we all choose whether or not to pursue the path of temptation. ANYONE could be gay if they let themselves. Yes, I do believe that. It takes a conscious choice to turn away and not fixate on immoral sexual behavior and then refuse to let yourself actually succumb to a deviant act. This applies to any temptation to have an inappropriate relationship -like a teacher pursuing a student (a common fantasy) or cheating on one's spouse. Like any sinful temptation, it is best nipped in the bud, before it gets a hold of you and becomes a part of "who you are".

    • Knowing the elites are masters at manipulation, propaganda, psyops and mind control how can the informed call people's confusion on this issue willful ignorance? There is a vast difference between the elite's hidden agenda and the intentions of everyday transgendered people, or people of any movement/ lifestyle for that matter.

    • True, but that shouldn't exempt trans-freaks and today's pathetic excuse for women from a verbal lashing. Even if only for their heretofore unknown levels of narcissism, they deserve it. Without modern science there would be no such thing as trans-freaks or the phenomenon of 'independent' women. Therefore those things do not exist in the blueprint. It shouldn't need explaining.

    • At best, Bruce Jenner is nothing more than a female impersonator. He'll never ever have an orgasm like a real woman. That's a heck of thing for man to do. He'll make millions on his looks. These are bad times in a America. God have mercy on us all. The hour of judgement is approaching.

    • So true. People need to open their eyes.
      "As it was in the days of Noah so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the Ark; and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man." Mathew 24: 37-39 (NIV Bible)
      At least we can be encouraged that our LORD Jesus Christ is coming soon 🙂

    • 100%.

      Every single civilisation we know of in recorded history has been destroyed shortly after it turned the corner we are on right now. It is abomination and God throws these societies into the wood chipper every time.

    • Well the bible predicts all of this. This is all part of the new world order or ..the global takeover. What better way to whittle down the population of this world..then push same sex. Push gender confusion. There is a plan and the very rich are running it. Too bad. I know Jesus so …I got a pass, still its becoming very obvious. The Illuminati symbolism is all over that NON CHRISTMAS card. That has a very evil vibe.

      • Given that "Christmas" (with the exception of the Nativity), is a bunch of dressed up paganism with a flashy new Christian name, I never really give a s**t what they do to those holidays. Same with Easter.

        I'll stick to scripture and leave everyone else to their pretend-Christian holidays, that they seem to think are being "infringed upon" and "taken over by the Godless", etc….

        NEWSFLASH!…Christmas is the new name for the Yuletide festival (northern winter solstice…at least at the time the date was set) and all those things like cutting down a tree, come straight from those traditions. Then we get to the pagan fertility tradition which is now called Easter (hence eggs and rabbits), which is suitably celebrated on the Sunday after the first full moon after the northern vernal (spring) equinox.

        Trust me…The power-brokers of this world have been running things for centuries…and have saturated our culture with their symbols so completely that we now have Christians naively, yet staunchly defending these pagan traditions…as if they have jack-s**t to do with the Bible.

        This "Christmas" card is finally blatant enough for more than a few people to notice.

        Maybe that's a good thing.

    • well I think God is letting them run amok probably to see to what extent they will reach to and then he'll lay his wrath upon the world, and so you see he still is going to do something but not now. However with saying that God already knows to what end they will reach because he isn't confined to time (our time) and the way it moves he sees what's coming and is just delaying the inevitable, for what reason only he knows? but I can surely say he isn't happy and somethings gotta give and it might be coming sooner than we think.

  180. Its obvious to most that there's an agenda here, they are slowly but surely remodeling society into what they want it to be, perverting all that is holy and natural, and no I don't hate gays or trans genders as I myself struggle with my sexuality, let's all plz be mature and admit that something's up.

    • I agree there is something up but it's not reversing gender roles. I too struggled with my sexuality and i can say that God loves you no matter what. We all sin differently and your sexuality is between you and God. Don't let hateful people try and speak for God. He knows what's in your heart. I hope this helps =]

      • Thanks so much Ashleigh 🙂 and God is the only person I can truly bring this issue too bcuz friends and family would be so freakin judgemental , I would truly have ended my life if I had to confide them, thank God for God

      • I don't mean to be rude by in my opinion- same sex attraction is extremely different and separate to being transgender. The latter can be accurately compared to body dysmorphia, having witnessed gender transitions- I can attest to it being a miserable sight to watch someone crave up their body to get the body they have in their heads. It's a sickness in my opinion, gender is determined by DNA- genitals are a manifestation of the gender you are. ( with the exception of ppl born with hermaphroditism)

        I think society has become so disillusioned we will accept anything as "the new normal" when it isn't. *shrugs*

      • You're assuming that there isn't a brain-level structural and/or functional difference that is at the root of the dysmorphia…and that may be intractable. This is in comparison to a psychologically based body dysmorphia (which may have some neurological contributors too…but that the way it manifests is psychological).

        Keep in mind that with all the hormone affecting pollutants in our environment and food-chain, it's completely feasible to think that a person might develop a brain which is both structurally and functionally opposite to their physical sex. It's certainly a position that has been put forward and explored in neurology…so I'd recommend looking there to see how strong or weak the case is.

        I'd also look for disparities between the number of women who feel they are male, vs. the number of men who feel they are women, or whether this occurs in particular populations more than others (basically, break down the epidemiological data as best you can)…which might point to an environmental culprit.

        Oh, and we already know that DNA isn't prescriptive. At different stages of development, certain genes can be activated, whilst others lay dormant (sometimes indefinitely). The more we know about DNA, the more we realize that it isn't the total picture concerning development, disease, etc… It's just one part of of a very complex system. It may be a key part…but it's also one that can also be damaged, or the processes it regulates can be damaged, by any number of outside factors.

        You must look at it as part of a wider system to really appreciate what's going on.

    • What is there to gain by celebrating a person with body dysmorphic issues?
      Who is promoting that as any way to gain anything especially as an attempt to alter society?
      And in what way are you personally being altered by Jenner's antics?

      Do you have the same issues with Christian organizations who are clearly attempting to alter society as they have over the centuries?
      There is nothing vague about what Christianity was doing or did in Europe for centuries by imprisoning, torturing, mutilating, and murdering so called "pagans".
      It happened. There was clearly an agenda to alter society into believing something new that was not there before.
      Luckily the churches power has greatly diminished over the past 200 or so years, but all churches still try to this day to change and alter what people think and what they do.
      Telling and worse forcing women to not be able to use birth control, or have an abortion after being raped, is going on to this day. That is all fueled by Christian beliefs based on documents written centuries ago when the people who built the pyramids were still in power.
      Many on this website don't have a problem with that organization and groups attempting to alter society into their vision of how things should be and how people should behave.

      • Sir, if you had ever had an abortion after being raped, you would not be able to condone shredding little girls' minds and their babies' bodies like that. (Or maybe you are a sociopath and condone everything, I don't know enough about you to tell.) It is literally the worst act of violence any girl will ever experience. It is the worst act of violence any MONARCH will ever experience. The only positive effect it has is helping to put non-infanticidal forms of r**e into perspective. If you mean to accuse Christianity of being so out of touch that it still retains vestiges of basic human empathy…fine, I'll take it. Yahweh has always expressed great pride in standing with the widows, the orphans, the poor and the outcasts against the rest of the world. You can sit in your ivory towers condemning our loved ones to be torn out of us like weeds because we had the audacity to be sexually abused, but we'll find out on the other side whether you've fared better with your self-righteousness and your apotheosis, or if we have gained something by clinging to the only One who hears our screams.

    • There's nothing wrong with sexuality. Sexuality can be use as a mean to evolve spiritually. And there's nothing wrong with being gay or transgender. The problem is promisquity and making sex in a vicious way, which can be addictive to the person who practices it without the correct awareness. But this last case is a health issue, rather than being something sinful…

  181. I Remember this episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians that I believe was last season, maybe the season before that, when Bruce and Kris were still married and living in the same house in Calabasas, and Kris was just being a raging kunt to him and like wouldn't let him have any of his toys like his model planes and stuff, she packed up all of his stuff and put it in boxes in the gargage and s**t like that, and the main point of it (and the family was alllll over Kris all episode) was that kris was stealing Bruce's masculinity and she needed to "give him his balls back." Real cute am I right

    • I remember that episode too, they re-aired it a month ago I think, it all makes sense now I guess if you put the pieces together… there must be more clues around the reality show, and talk about that Family Guy Episode SIX YEARS AGO, they said it, predicted it! That's insane…

      • People, please. Use what's between your ears to connect the dots. Bruce Jenner has been dealing with gender identity problems for decades, there are have already reports of several people knowing about that outside the family. So it doesn't take much to put two and two to realize that what Family Guy mentioned 6 years ago was based on a rumor that was already circulating around Hollywood, which Family Guy production team are part of.

      • Reply to: "People, please. Use what's between your ears to connect the dots. Bruce Jenner has been dealing with gender identity problems for decades, there are have already reports of several people knowing about that outside the family. So it doesn't take much to put two and two to realize that what Family Guy mentioned 6 years ago was based on a rumor that was already circulating around Hollywood, which Family Guy production team are part of."

        "6 years ago was based on a rumor that was already circulating around Hollywood, which Family Guy production team are part of."

        "People, please. Use what's between your ears to connect the dots."
        – That is probably a good idea though.

      • Nah not the first 5 seasons or so. I took a liking to Scott after he became the "Lord" I thought he was hilarious. And I've been coming on VC since 2010 and really it's made me more interested in pop culture and depicting everything I find.

    • Yeah I totally agree. Bruce was never gender confused until Kris and her Kardashian minions took Bruce's masculinity away. Sad that his own family would make him into something he is not. You know deep down he know's he's lying when he is saying the complete opposite just to make money because that is all his family has ever been, liars and exaggerators,

  182. As a lesbian this article is not true at all. all we want is to be accepted and that's not an agenda. I have both masculine and feminine qualities and I'm proud of that. I love video games and cars, but I also want to be a mother, and I like shopping. What is so wrong about having masculine and feminine qualities? I do not worship Caitlyn Jenner. I am happy for her and I'm glad that she's sharing her story. Trans teens are being beaten and killed and Caitlyn is opening doors for them to be accepted. All the lgbt community wants is to be accepted for who we are. We are all human and we all deserve to be accepted. The only agenda I am concerned about is how we're all going to end up slaves and being killed by our own government. And they're gonna win if we continue to hate and hurt people because of race, gender identity and sexuality

      • oh hold off – that was the most condescending reply to what I thought was a truly brilliant, brave and honest statement. Before I roll, let ME make it clear (!) I'll support ANY human being living their life as best they can and treating fellow people as best they can. I can't stand evil, deception and hatred. Clearly we're all on this board because 'we get it' – I believe the point she was trying to bring across is that we just can't lump human beings into 2 categories: rugged manly men and sweet n lovely women- humans are far too complex for that. Maybe true gender classification lies within our souls and not our reproductive organs? But I'm not going to change my thinking, support and treatment towards LGBT folks just because of this or suspect any ulterior motives . As far as Caitlyn Jenner – I truly hope that she is in the best health, mind and happiness. As for any agenda the elite are pushing? I sure wouldn't doubt it. We just have to be aware, alert and keep pushing OUR agenda – peace and freedom.

    • In reading this article, I knew immediately someone would take this as an attack against homosexuals or transgenders. It's unfortunate that within the first 3 comments someone already has. The VC states several times that is not what this article is about. He is attacking the elite and the media for using transgenderism as an agenda for their benefit. If you pay attention to this website and what it's all about, that's what his focus always is. It is always to notice how the elite takes something, and twists it to benefit themselves. Much of the transgender community has even stated they do not consider Caitlyn Jenner to be a representative for their community, because he has MILLIONS of dollars to get all the surgery she wants, all the makeup and jewelry she wants to have a glamorous photoshoot. Vanity Fair even paid Caitlyn for part of her photoshoot! That is not a reality for most transgenders. The elite and media don't care about you being accepted for who you are Ashleigh, they care about how using this agenda can benefit themselves.

      • That's true, VC is not attacking transgenders or LGBT community, he said it several times, I feel that sometimes this community attacks themselves, and as you said, they stated Caitlyn does not fit into the regular transgender story

      • I know VC isn't attacking lgbt. Caitlyn doesn't fit into the regular trans story how? She has money yes, but she's not a Kardashian. I think using caitlyn with a C makes that pretty clear

      • Ashleigh open your eyes, the media is deceiving you. I know you want to believe they are being truthful and they have good intentions, but they are using Caitlyn to promote the elites agenda. I encourage you to look at the news stories you missed because of the Caitlyn Jenner story. BIG things are happening in the world today, things that will effect entire nations and our very way of life. Yet the media feeds on this Jenner story, why do you think that is? If you know the VC is not attacking the LGBT then why bring it up? The article clearly has nothing to do with it. The article is about the the hidden nature of the agenda behind Caitlyn, period.

        And no, sorry, Caitlyn does not represent the majority of the transgender community.

      • I have said several times already that I know there is an agenda and I know the media is used as a distraction to important things. That's exactly why I visit this site. I just don't agree about the gender roles part. I do not listen to the media. My eyes are completely open. I've known what's really been going on for five years. I never said Caitlyn represents the transgender community as a whole. I just said that she could help some trans teens. I posted my original comment forgetting to edit. My apologies.

      • What is it you don't agree about with the gender roles?? That men are built stronger and to hunt and provide and that women are built to nurture and care for the kids?? That's not ONLY human nature but also animal nature! I guess in your crazy mixed up world you can't see that!

      • I just had to say something when u said animal nature. Did u know that it is the female lions that do all the hunting. Also a few other species that I can't recall at the moment

      • You agree there is an agenda Ashleigh but you want to be selective as to what suits your personal opinions. That cannot work! Grow up, simple.

      • I'm gay and I do not consider this article as an attack, in fact I agree with the most part of it….

      • people are programmed to react that way in order to keep the agenda moving forward and knock those that are "not in favor" down. I once mentioned in a gossip site that I was confused about what Bruce Jenner was doing and people automatically jumped on me very negatively.

      • This whole article is conjecture. It is clearly from a fearful mind that there are unseen forces in the world that are steering society to become, what, non sexual or non gender? And why would this unseen force even want or need that?

        There is a gender that steers society and in most of the world that is the make gender. But even there most females control more about how society behaves through the natural order of being mothers. Social organization institutions such as Churches and religions use doctrines written thousands of years ago and are clearly male dominated. Yet, it is still women/mothers that more than greatly influence any society in the world.
        Is this mysterious unseen force a cabal of women who want to dimasculate men?
        Nonsense. The "evidence" given is ridiculous and amounts to the same type of mind that see's Jesus or Mary in a burned slice of toast and then worships it. That writer is no different in that he perceives things as connected with no evidence whatsoever to prove their validity. His mind is working overtime on nothing.

        As for Jenner, I too don't get all this "freedom" and "heroism" that she/he is being celebrated for.
        So he choose to have his body transformed to be female under some pretense that he was always female in his mind and thinking. And they are celebrating him/her as finally being who he/she really is. Really? He was always a female but was locked in male body?
        I don't know that I accept that.

      • again, it's not necessarily about the fact that gender roles are changing. It's about the way traditional roles are being admonished (i.e. woman as housewife, man as virile). Like VC said, no problem with roles changing, problem with the way media is telling you how to favor the change, and demonize the traditional. I think we would all be in favor of the media simply saying to each his own and do whatever works for your particular situation.

      • Yeah, this article at first threw me for a loop. My heart kinda dropped when the possibility that the writer of this article was just using VC as a means of some type of personal opinion.

        Rereading it, quotes such as "The feminization of the male and the masculinization of the female. Under the guise of “empowerment”, men who act like females and females who act like men are not only accepted, but celebrated. I personally do not have a problem with that. I DO have a problem with the other side of this agenda : Men who act like traditional men (and do not feel the need to apologize for it) are now portrayed as evil and wrong. And, all of a sudden, portraying a stay-at-home mom who takes pride in cooking for her family is considered “sexist”


        "As a staunch proponent of true freedom, I will never judge a person who took a personal decision to live a better life. Bruce Jenner’s sex change, however, was everything but personal. It was an orchestrated media event.."

        Made me realize this is not for a personal agenda. Thank the gods x)(

      • It's not considered sexist to cook for your family. It's sexist though to demand your wife to do all the cooking, washing, ironing, work, bring up the children alone, take them to school and pay half of all the bills or even most of the bills. Men are not the lords of the manor. What's the point in being married then if a female has to do everything and also contribute financially? Besides, it's better to have financial independence from men as they can turn around when they get bored and ditch you because they can buy someone else with the money they had been saving whilst they smothered their wives with their needs and demands.

      • Well Thank You, Meggles, couldn't have said it better myself, please please pay attention, people, this is not aN ARTICLE meant to label anyone, as none of VC's articles are!! go back to the main subject here please, cool it down, don't take it personal, we are here to LEARN TRUTH AND FACTS, REGARDING THE OBSCURE, MANIPULATIVE GROUP OF PSYCHOS RULING OUR VERY FRAGILE WORLD, STATE OF MIND AND SPIRIT!! AND IF NOT, REMEMBER MICHAEL JACKSON PROBABLY THE EARLIEST BEST EXAMPLE OF THE LEADING (ELITE) WOLF IN A SHEPHERD'S SKIN… SIGH…!!

      • Psychos rule nothing. sooner or later people sniff them and they ignore those psychos. they always reveal themselves, no worry.

      • some bloggers are psychos too. especially those. the internet is full of psychopaths. so never trust the net eh.

      • The elite have promoted the homosexual agenda for decades. It's about population control as well as mind control.

      • dave, the anti-chr will be a h.o.m.o. one. hence, they have to promote the agenda to make him popular. how else a h.o.m.o. who is out of the closet will rule the world for 7 years. that's what i read and it's a logical argument.

    • The article clearly states that "As a staunch proponent of true freedom, I will never judge a person who took an important personal decision." I guess you misinterpreted the article. There is not hate, the writer has no issue with having feminine and masculine qualities. I think you missed the message and your personal feelings took over.

      • I'm just saying that the agenda is not about gender roles. It's about distraction and dividing us and pinning us against each other

      • There can be more than one agenda. Gender confusion and the promotion of it as healthy is part of ONE of the elites agendas to diminish family values, curb population, (along with abortion) and further subvert our perceptions of good and evil, or right and wrong. It's no wonder universities have promoted feminism and homosexuality for the last 50 some odd years. It's indoctrination meant to be paired with mass media to slowly rob men and women of their identities, make us think marriage is too much of a hassle and a risk, and to encourage women to usurp male roles such as perusing long term careers in lieu of raising a stable family. It's not a problem that women might choose a career path, but it's a problem that ALL women are being indoctrinated to think this way.

      • Breaking down the closest bonds between people. Weakening marriage. Breaking down the family. Leaving kids to be raised by the rotten media culture. Turning men and women against each other. Telling us we don't need each other. Fathers aren't necessary. Women can do it all and have it all (by themselves). And when they find out they can't do it all that well -Big (sugar) daddy government will take care of them and get their vote. Encouraging us to be selfish and hedonistic. Promoting homosexuality and p*********y. Grown men taught to act like boys, playing video games and looking for sex instead of improving themselves and looking for a wife. Women taught to be promiscuous instead of acting like a lady and insisting on being respected and courted. Telling us there is no right or wrong. Don't judge -everything is EQUAL. But you can't speak the TRUTH. 2 +2 =4? That is hate speech; you're "triggering" me; I feel unsafe!

        Divide and conquer. The oldest trick in the book.

      • Ashleigh you are really one f****d up person who is so blind by hatred and inferiority complexes. Gender is not determined by genetalia? Plz go to another planet where ppl think as you do. The earth is clearly not the place for you

      • No, Kcdff, you need to read more about how earthly biology works. It's you who has got it wrong. I know your Bible says something different, but there's been a lot of science over the past 2000 years….read something a tad more up to date – even 1901 would do.

      • Confusing gender role IS a primary part of distraction and division. Let me explain.

        Feminism is actually social engineering by the central banking/corporate oligarchy that control the western governments and the media to make society weaker, and more easy to control and manipulate.

        Classic 'divide and conquer'. Masculinise women and feminise men, empower women, subjugate men, and confuse the gender roles to make male/female relationships hard to form as men have evolved to compliment and protect women, not compete with them, marriage is at an all-time low as a result. This male feminisation and subjugation weakens men who are more likely to challenge authority and are physically much more of a threat to authority and also destroys the family, the primary goal.
        Family provides social cohesion and resistance to tyranny, thus they must destroy the family and divide society. They cannot tolerate devotion to family before the state.

        Another key aspect stemming from the destruction of the family and the forcing of women into the workplace via social feminist propaganda and economic manipulation is that children become raised by the State. They can get force fed constant establishment propaganda throughout their lives with a heavily reduced parental influence.

        So attempting to change millions of years of evolution that made men the warriors hunters and protectors and women the nurturers and the socially adept is ridiculous and doomed to failure.
        It never fails to amaze me how many people cannot see this very basic manipulation

    • I too am a member of the LGBT community and I think you are missing the point of the article. Trans people are being exploited by an agenda and I could have written this article myself. Open your eyes and see what is right in front of you. Great article. People are confused and being kettled according to an agenda and they don't see it. You've got to hand it to them- they know how to manipulate people's feelings alright! The people willingly embrace their enslavement thinking they are free.

      • Like I said in my original statement, I care more about what the government is trying to do to everyone. I'm not saying the elites dont have an agenda, but I think it's more complicated than gender roles . Some trans people may not like Caitlyn and some do. I know that we are enslaved and not as free as people think we are. I've had my eyes open for five years. But I don't buy that women should stay in the kitchen and men are supposed to be stoic hunters. The agenda is to distract us and have us fight amongst ourselves and we're playing right into their hands. I commend VC for not being judgemental. But the agenda is bigger than any of us can put into words. That's all I'm saying

      • What's being done to lbtg/etc IS part of what it is doing to All of Us. It is not different because now it is transgender, it's : this time it's a transgender, last time it was teenage boys playing soccor with curlers in, tottlers in prossie drag , you name it.. Next global-media-events-trend is maybe about the elderly killing themselves for love and worldpeace?

      • Look all around you. Kids are killing kids thats because mom and work and no time is spent with them. Women are to care for kids. Women nees to stop trying to take roles of men and men trying to me women. Stop being selfish. Kids are getting screwed up.

      • Thats why there are fathers to assist in raising of a child. Maybe the father left his family to be with another women and the mother would rather work two jobs then to bring different men into her home so that she can be a "housewife". Lets stop being so "black and white"

      • I am in that exact situation. Father of my children abandoned us. Before that I was a happy stay at home mom. Now I have to be both mom and dad, work to provide and nurture.Would I love to be home with my children? You bet. Not possible. I resent not being called feminine because I have to work to support the family my ex husband and I started toghether.

      • The blame is on women. Always.

        That is what Armando (good man, good servant of the loving God) is saying.


      • i don't completely agree with you, but there's an interview with Aaron Russo, a now-deceased hollywood producer, who was good friends with David Rockefeller. Rockeller told him that women's lib was created by "them". it was designed to help break up the nuclear family and give government (by way of schools) more influence over the minds of our children. Now,the LGBT lifestyle is not simply accepted by most of us, but actively promoted. Imagine if they would put this much effort into racial harmony… but they're doing the polar opposite on that front.

      • >Kids are killing kids thats because mom and work and no time is spent with them.

        So are you telling me that nurturing for a child is an exclusive job for the mother,. buddy please..

      • That agenda is not a human made one! it is NATURE, trying to balance itself. You can't put it into words cuz all you can have is speculations and generalizations. I'll explain this a little.

        You already know that the earth we live in is overpopulated. The gradual rise of LGBT community(Generalization) after some time would have an impact on the population growth(speculation). Of course the achievement from this is really small but that's not the only thing Nature got up its sleeve.

        The changing climate is trying to reduce the population indirectly. Here the climate should get worse before it gets better (honestly the people who are not believing the climate change are not wrong, but they are only counting on the natures ability to balance while disregarding how it goes about doing it)

        There are many more things which i can't explain sensibly. Finally all these debates and disputes consumes peoples lives, they leave so much less productive time left to use for advancement of the humanity.

        These so called boogeymen are profiteers, not the real threat. This article is against profiteering not the "agenda" that's where you confused things.

        P.S. If you think I'm trying to insinuate that LGBT community is naturally flawed, think again! I believe you got a different number and i got a different number, but there is no lottery. We both are equal in significance!

        If you don't understand these disregard the whole thing. Do not try to spread this if you get it. Frankly there is no use.

      • "The earth we live in is overpopulated". 100% incorrect. Anyone who has ever been in an airplane, even a short trip over land, can plainly see that there are millions upon millions of miles; maybe billions; of open land EVERYWHERE; both in the U.S. and in almost every other country in the world. CITIES are overpopulated yes; but not the WORLD.
        The first time I flew just within the U.S. over hundreds of miles; I saw miles and miles and acres and acres of open land; not just farmland. And the times I flew internationally; I was even more shocked to realize that all that I had heard and read about the earth's supposed 'overpopulation' was WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. There is absolutely ZERO truth to that myth. It is a lie perpetuated by those who are proponents of 'depopulation'…….killing off millions of people because of the lie….which many people are believing SO easily without LOOKING INTO IT for themselves…..that the earth is overly populated; and that there are not enough resources for us all. Lies. Not true at all; and I've read LOTS of articles by those in the know about these things; that they are lies. PLEASE do NOT allow yourself/yourselves to be among the ones who are so easily duped by this shameful lie.
        And I know people who are; by their own admission; not 'gay' but sodomites; who would tell you that; even for those who have NEVER been 'bullied'; somewhere inside of them they KNOW that what they are feeling is NOT normal; but sadly; there has been no one to HELP THEM to be pulled back from the deception that they are somehow in some way the 'OPPOSITE' 'sex'/gender. No; we may FEEL in some way 'opposite', but it is a lie; like a person who FEELS a strong draw to have sex with children or with animals. Is THAT normal? Of COURSE not; and neither is a man wanting to sodomize a man; or a woman who wants to sodomize a woman normal; but those who FEEL those things need somebody to show them; with love and patience; that they do not have to be bound to that abhorrent behavior. And by the way; a man and a woman performing two sex acts on each other is ALSO sodomy; and not normal; just because it may FEEL good. So it's not JUST about same-sex acts; but can include opposite-sex acts as well.
        It's been found, through interviewing/talking to many sodomites; that after their first (homo)-sexual encounter; they vomited and/or cried for a long time; realizing that what they had just done; even if it was what they FELT they really wanted; actually made them sick to their stomachs; showing that they DID have some conscience; but if they kept performing the acts that at first sickened them; they 'seared' their consciences; making them impervious to having a conscience in that area any more. This is not an opinion; but has been shared countless times by male and female sodomites with friends or loved ones. What a sad thing. I know at least one man who was a sodomite; but who has not been one in many years. The desire to commit sodomy is completely gone; and he has been at true peace; and has true joy ever since then.

      • I am a member of the human community and not only are the LGBT being exploited but members of all communities are being exploited. Remember divide and conquer. The point I'm trying to make is everyone wants to be accepted for who they are. Instead of focusing on our differences and what separates us we should focus on what makes us all similar and bring the whole together as one. This is easier said than done because there is an abundance of information saturation all around us. The internet and media is flooded with so much content including disinformation that everyone gets caught up in the minutiae. Thank you VC for writing another great article and shining a light on the disinformation. Also another great article on the subject:

      • Exactly the point of the article.People need to have insight and think outside the box.I don't condemn other people's decisions on how to run their lives but its good to know and accept the truth to save yourself.

      • Agreed!! Just look at the video that just went viral this week of transgender who witnessed cop accident. That news channel was exploiting and digging for more airtime with person and purposefully (imho) was trying to make person look like a freak, silly, etc. I think in cities across America you would find they are exploiting/using every cause to guide us toward "their" agenda. They don't care really who gets hurt or they would approach these issues from a totally diff way/path. Media is disgusting to me

      • I think its funny that even though the writer of the article said on TWO occasions that this article was not to put down anyone wishing to live their life as they see fit …ppl still complained! SMH some people just don`t listen and only want to rant. You are right though..I have tried to have open discussions with friends and family..many of who claim to be Christians,love God etc..but REFUSE to listen to the signs slapping them in the face! Its just easier t o go along is the general mentality nowadays..scary. take care 🙂

    • Going to be slaves? WE ARE SLAVES and it's time to stop being slaves. Don't you know that the best slave is a slave who believes they are free?

    • Sorry but playing with cars doesn't make you being a male or female, using make up or wearing dresses doesn't define you as a female either. These things are just cultural stuff, gender roles if you want. Being a male or female trascends that. That's the root of all these situation, people saying: I'm a woman trapped in a man's body, how do you know what is to be a woman? because you want the opposite sexual organs? Because you like to use heels? Because you like dolls instead of cars? Really? Doesn't make any sense.

      • You're totally missing my point. I'm not saying that I am a male. I have what society considers male traits and I also have what society deems female traits. I'm defying gender roles. But I feel in my heart soul and mind that I am female. Transgender people have the heart mind and souls of the opposite gender they were assigned at birth. And I firmly believe that God makes us gay people and trans for 2 reasons. To teach tolerance and to fix overpopulation

      • No I don't listen to the media. But I believe anything is possible. You believe that a shadow government is plotting a NWO so why can't there be overpopulation??

      • You're kidding, right? There is no "overpopulation" it's just a goal for the NWO to reduce the world population by 90% to control them better.

      • That argument is irrational. There are many indications that there is a shadow government that controls things behind the scenes and is actively trying to force their agenda on the world. Overpopulation is something they keep harping on about which makes me very suspicious of it in the first place. 200 years ago, Thomas Malthus thought that the population would outgrow its food supply but in fact, with more people came more innovators, and we learned how to exponentially increase our food production. There is so much uninhabited land and people are finding more energy efficient ways to live, not to mention that the elites are suppressing energy technology that would decrease the amount of oil used. So to say that "there are too many people" doesn't follow. And who are we going to restrict from reproducing? Would the members of your family volunteer to not breed? It is dangerous to let one small group decide who should be allowed to live. I reject your idea of abandoning all reason and saying anything is possible, especially ideas that are promoted by people who have already demonstrated that they want to enslave us.

      • Right on! I am up to my neck with this "overpopulation" lie. People are starving to death not because the planet is unable to produce enough food, they are starving because corrupt governments around the world are filling their pockets instead of filling the bellies of those they are supposed to be leading. Believe me, the earth has more than enough resources to provide for all of us.

      • Gay people reproduce anyway. Look at Jenner. I think every soul/story is different. I'd get away from lumping gays or any "type" of person into one group. That's why the article focuses on Jenner as an individual case & and the Kardashian/Jenner media agenda. Which is trash for the mind.

      • You're missing the point. Sure, you can't generalize about an entire group, but the point is that Bruce Jenner has been chosen to be the poster child for the elite's hidden agenda to undermine and change social norms, ideals, values, and culture.

      • It's off topic but all you have to do is take the number of individuals and divide it by the acreage/area of the land mass of the Earth to determine whether it's overpopulated or not. Of course you have to take into consideration whether that land mass is capable of agriculture. I would say every land mass is – given the right tools for cultivation.

        The problem isn't "overpopulation," the problem is the OTHER agenda of killing rurual America and forcing people into overpopulated cities while making them rely on the system for survival (food at grocery stores, mass transit, etc.).

        In short, everything we experience as a problem (including poor crops – think geoengineering) has been orchestrated by the elite to promote one agenda, to become like gods.

      • A few years ago I began to sense that car ownership does not fit with the elites' agenda for us. I felt that if driving were not already the norm, and automobiles were invented today, the general public would never be allowed to drive or pilot their own vehicles.

        Welcome to today and the reality of self-driving cars.

        This will ultimately eliminate the right and ability to drive ourselves, increasing the elites control over us.

      • Ashleigh, this is not the site for you. You are too narrow minded, I have read numerous responses trying to explain things to you but you have your mind made up. Just go on daily mail. Or some other celebrity gossip site. God bless and take care.

      • Cass, very rude of you. Ashleigh has not argued her points narrowly, but with good faith and honesty. There is a diversity of opinion and belief on this site for a reason – all of us suspect, but there is very little we know. I come here to consider the evidence not because I absolutely agree with everyone about everything. There is usefulness and compassion in such an approach to each other that your response to Ashleigh is deeply lacking. You overstep your bounds in trying to order an ally off this site. Shameful and narrow, indeed.

      • You are right Jay, Because God said to be fruitful and multiply the earth, that is to procreate

      • Here in my country there's a lot of overpopulation. And the sings are everywhere: works, food, services, spaces in public, etc.

      • Wow, to "fix overpopulation"? Come on, now! The creator of all things does not need to "fix" anything. In fact, it's all very fixed, which is the problem you seem to be having with the world.

        That one aside, where does your concept of God come from? Your own mind? My understanding of God comes from HIS WORD, the scriptures. I challenge you to find any scriptures that support your ideas about "god"…

        Maybe God did not "make you gay"…did that possibility occur to you?

      • To all the ignorant homophobic people spending their valuable time posting hate, this is for you.

        I'm a lesbian, married with hopes of one day being a parent. Maybe the person who created the original post couldn't express their thoughts clearly and some of it, overpopulation, was a bit of a silly remark.

        But who chooses to be hated and judged?

        When African Americans were slaves weren't they belittled and seen as evil? If god is love and all the KKK went to church, why kill those who are different? They didnt "choose" to be black. People like Malcolm X dyed their hair to feel ACCEPTED, watch the movie. When women tried to fight, and still fighting, to be equal as men wasn't it looked down upon? Did anyone learn anything in school, womens sufferage ring a bell? The bible states that a women, is in other words, a mans right hand. And if that is the case why cant she do as a man does? But during WW1 & 2.. Since MEN went to war women had to work in factories slaving but you dont take that into regard. MEN wanted to watch sports so women were picked to play a MANS sport, look into the first women baseball league, theres a movie. I have been with men and do not want them in a relationship or intimately. I grew up in a Christian household therefore growing up was difficult since I was placed in a gender role.

        Lets look up BABY X. You are who you are from birth.

        Regarding family values, how many people have family dinners every night? How many of you are divorced? Isn't that against gods word? How many of you are racists? How many of you beat on your spouse? How many of you fornicate? How much time do you spend with your children?

        Lets think more, children are pure and innocent. So why must baby showers be blue or pink? Is that in the bible? No it is something you are taught, Nature vs. Nurture, educate yourself. When you go to McDonald's and get a happy meal they dont put a random toy in your meal, is it for a boy or girl? Hmm..

        Lets stop being so judgemental and ignorant. The main Idea here is that the elites want us to steer our focus from ISIS, disease, poverty, etc with stories as such.

        To all you religious people, did you ever think religion is a gimmick? I believe in Jesus Christ but do not believe a mans word. I live by the 10 commandments. Tell me this, How many religious items do you own? How much holy water have you purchased? How many crosses and jesus gold pendants have you purchased? But doesn't the bible state not to worship false idols? It seems anyone can become a saint nowdays.

        Not knocking anyone and their beliefs but lets be real. start thinking for yourself. Btw, the religion statement was actually an old VC article of religion and the occult elite.

        "DO GOOD"

      • Wow at your homophobia. Do you think that maybe there's no overpopulation is because there are gay people? God made me the way I am. I've been kissing girls since I was 5. Not that my sexuality is any of your business. You don't like gay people? That's fine. But what makes you think you're so perfect? Stop cherry picking things in the bible to fit your bigotry and focus on your own sins. I'm sure you'be sinned a lot more than I have. I don't carry hate in my heart for anyone for a start. I suggest you love thY neighbor and judge not lest ye be judged. My relationship with God is none of your business either

      • I'm glad you have a relationship with God–that's what truly matters in the end–but if you don't mind, I still disagree with some other stuff.

        >>Do you think that maybe there's no overpopulation is because there are gay people?
        That seems unlikely, since studies have shown that less than 5% of the population is gay. That's not enough to make any significant difference.
        >>God made me the way I am.
        Maybe He did in your case, I don't know.
        But I know for sure that some of our alters were made transgendered by our programmers. In fact, I (a cisgendered girl alter) was ritually wed at age three to one of the male alters they created. In our inner world, where we can see and touch each other, we eventually went on to become a happy straight couple with plenty of mutual attraction. Even so, we can't pin this on God. It took intense human evil to make us what we are (i.e., a veritable army of girls, boys, clones-of-military-scientists, clones-of-relatives, animals, automatons, Greco-Roman deities, inanimate objects, and probably many other things I'm unaware of). Left to our own devices, we would have all remained a single, undivided, unscripted soul, and not had all these synthetic identities to shape us in various directions. We'll never know what that unscripted soul would have been like, and I believe it's too late to ever become it again…but I really can't see it having all of our conflicting sexual identities and preferences at once. Whatever God originally made us, we are so far from it now that all we can do is continue seeking Him and asking Him to raise beauty from our ashes.
        >>I've been kissing girls since I was 5.
        That's the part that worries me the most, but not because of the girls. You must realize that it's uncommon for five-year-olds to be deliberately romantic with anyone at all? (Most are still afraid of cooties!) Normally it only happens if older people have been setting a very age-inappropriate example…

      • Psalm 14:1-4 (KJV)

        The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.

        The Lord looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God.

        They are all gone aside, they are all together become filthy: there is none that doeth good, no, not one.

        Have all the workers of iniquity no knowledge? who eat up my people as they eat bread, and call not upon the Lord.

        5 There were they in great fear: for God is in the generation of the righteous.

      • Have an original thought for once in your life. You are more controlled by God than America is controlled by the corporate Illuminati. Religion is the essence of sheep herd mentality.

      • If you held any sort of belief in God at all you wouldn't have even made that statement. "Fix overpopulation." But If that ass-backward statement is what you need to tell yourself to justify your life and lack of purpose as a "LGBT" that's fine with me, but our "gender roles" were engrained in to our DNA and are keys to our very existence and prosperity of the human race. This Media charade known as the LGBT movement does nothing but strip us of our identity and destroy family values. You people are pawns who are too self centered and worried about pushing your own agenda that has been taught to you by these people you claim to fight against in your public school system and universities to even question what negative repercussions your collective consious is having on society. Not to mention all the hate legislation the LGBT community pushes to ban offensive words and kill free speech. I don't dislike the LGBT movement because I'm a "homophobe" or some other piece communist double speak jargon. I dislike them because they're becoming a scourge on society and an enemy to freedom. Freedom of speech only seems to be acceptable when it's practiced by the poor offended minority who always seem to be threatening others with violence and slinging hate speech.

      • You are the one slinging hate speech, your "communist double speak jargon" comment is straight off of Fox News itself. Who is the real pawn here? You and the people who liked this obviously didn't read the article. Please don't let your fear of what you don't understand ruin other people's lives.

      • What freedom of speech is getting violated? Unless they are suing you and they want to arrest you, your rights are intact. You can say all you want, and they can trash you all they want. They aren't silencing you, but they have freedom of speech too and that's why they can call you out.

        And lol, you sure are a white (probably male) hetero american, because that is what you always say when the people in wich you have been s******g on since always dare to speak back.

        PS: I'm sorry that they call you homophobe, really. It must hurt your poor battered and sensible (and now opressed too) heart so much.

      • If you held any sort of belief in God at all you wouldn't have even made that statement. "Fix overpopulation." But If that ass-backward statement is what you need to tell yourself to justify your life and lack of purpose as a "LGBT" that's fine with me, but our "gender roles" were engrained in to our DNA and are keys to our very existence and prosperity of the human race. This Media charade known as the LGBT movement does nothing but strip us of our identity and destroy family values. You people are pawns who are too self centered and worried about pushing your own agenda that has been taught to you by these people you claim to fight against in your public school system and universities to even question what negative repercussions your collective consious is having on society. Not to mention all the hate legislation the LGBT community pushes to ban offensive words and kill free speech. I don't dislike the LGBT movement because I'm a "homophobe" or some other piece communist double speak jargon. I dislike them because they're becoming a scourge on society and an enemy to freedom. Freedom of speech only seems to be acceptable when it's practiced by the poor offended minority who always seem to be threatening others with violence and slinging hate speech.

      • Plus think abt all this human's hormones in our food.I am sure it changes our sexual awarness.In the and it's all about food.

      • No, I didn't. I understand the point as I have stated countless times. But my name is spelled correctly right above my comment. As it is my birthname I would like it spelled correctly. Your blatant misspelling of my name is disrespectful

      • so rude!! your right about there never is any reason to hurt anybody.
        I think at think point in society we should let people live the way they do.

        We have sooo many genetic mental disorders and hormonal imbalances, its only natural such people are born. If we cant find a means to "fix" these issues.
        We should let them chill, seriously.
        like a user above me said before, we should concentrate on bringing people together.

      • Ashleigh, you are too sensitive. You need to humble yourself. Why do I sense this level of entitlement with you, like your attitude coming through your comments. Please let the anger go and be happy with who you are and let others express their opinions without you scrutinizing their every move. People won't always agree with you sometimes you have to agree to disagree, it's called being mature. Like I said going to pray for you as I mean you no harm or anyone else who visits this site. God bless.

      • Your comments are so contradictory to your screen name, "love is all". Right. Moving right along. God bless.

      • Lmao! x'D

        Look I don't agree with Ashleigh either. I thought she was a shill at first. I think she did miss the point of the article but could you refrain from gaslighting her please? That kind of insidious, abusive behaviour is unnecessary. Ashleigh has every right in the world to feel what she is feeling. To tell her that she is too sensitive is insidious, dangerous and frankly, disgusting. Some are born with more sensitivity than most (according to Elaine Aron 'highly sensitive person's' make up around 20% of the population. I am one of them). Don't try to act as if her anger is a personality flaw. There's nothing wrong with being angry. It is a legitimate and healthy form of human expression. Anyone who acts as if being angry makes you a lesser person than one who is happy automatically makes me suspicious. You sound like a control freak.

        Also sensitivity has nothing to do with humility. Not sure how you came to the conclusion that being more sensitive means one is arrogant and needs 'to humble [themselves]'. It'd be funny if it weren't so dangerous.

        Please stop with your 'holier than thou', self-righteous attitude, Cass. Maybe you should take the plank out of your own eye before you judge others for having specks in theirs.

      • The "IGH" is much more masculine than "EY". "IGH" is a social construct invented by white males to keep women in the kitchen and away from perusing careers in salons and lobbying for 3rd wave feminist but jobs.

      • I don't know where to begin here, but first I will apologize for all the ugliness being directed towards you even though it isn't me personally doing it. We are all connected, after all. Years ago I read "Black Elk Speaks", and if I remember correctly, he says the SIoux or Lakota as they are known now believe that there are 5 Sexes. This seems more true to me. Also that they revered their homosexuals which is more civilized than the modern fundamentalist religions including Christian and Muslim faiths.

        My personal observation is that the more homophobic someone is, the more they are repressing their own urges in that regard.

        That said, I too think the Caitlyn Jenner show is a circus. There is some good to it, if it makes easier for trans people and helps relieve some of their suffering then it is good. I just have such an aversion to these so called reality shows which are nothing more than bread and circuses.

        And to the ones who think the little woman's place is in the kitchen, try that if you are a) a single mom or b) 2 parents surviving on the modern low paying jobs. Sheesh if a single mom stayed home with the kids you'd be all over her for being a welfare queen. You think you aren't brainwashed by your religion, the media and your right wing politicians?

      • 5 sexes? Don't we have enough problems with only two?!

        There are two NORMAL genotypes:
        XX = female
        XY = male

        There are some other abnormal rare genotypes (Turner's and Klinefelter's syndrome), but this does not apply to people with NORMAL genotypes who reject their own biological gender in favor or pretending to be something they are not.

      • Where's your DNA test? How sure are you of your sex chromosomes? Only the scientifically ignorant maintain such a simplistic, binary view of human genetics. Check out this concept: phenotypic plasticity. Main reason the species has been so 'successful.'

      • No, it's not. When has VC ever said he was Christian. Do you really want to trade one form of oppression (our current society) for another ( a theocracy like Saudi Arabia?) No thanks! Read what VC wrote above about how he respects Transgender people and their choices…you religious types read what you want into what he says.

      • Romans 1:26-28

        26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:

        27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.

        28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;

      • Which release / batch was your exemple of your holy word? 33 AD, 1285, 1776, or 1994 maybe? What i mean to say is, people lie, even in written word. The world is bigger than just Christianity (or religon as a whole, in my opinion). That's just is a part of it.

      • Check out the Catholic church and their child abuse allegations. Are you divorced? I think thats a sin. How many fornicators are in this chat? Jesus was though to have done witchcraft because of all the miracles he did, do you think about that?

        How many crosses, virgin mary pics, saints and statues do you have? Ever heard somewhere in the bible that you shouldn't worship false idols? Why are children baptized as babies if they don't commit sin? Why do you confess your sins to a man? Why not just pray to god? How is it that a few hail marys will clear you of your sins but you do it again the next day? How convenient.

        People were born with mental disorders, different skin colors, speak a different language. Moral is EVERYONE is different Check yourself out before you go preaching to someone else.


      • EVERYONE is a sinner. Jesus taught that. But we are called to REPENT, not defend and deny our sins. Not to say, well everyone's a sinner, so who cares?

        Catholic church -full off humans, therefore full of sinners.

        Divorce – people should think twice before they marry and not just give up when the going gets tough. The Church has lots of counseling for this.

        Fornication -pushed heavily by our secular society. Everybody would be better off if sex were reserved for marriage.

        Jesus – uhhh…NOT a witch. Performed miracles because he is the son of God.
        Crosses, statues, etc. -Are symbols to remind us of our faith. Not idols to be worshipped.

        Baptism -The child's soul is claimed for Jesus. Families commit to raise baptized child as a Christian and congregation renews faith and rejection of Satan.

        Confession (reconciliation) -Catholics confess to GOD both in prayer and in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The priest just hears the confession, like a witness. The person is confessing to GOD. It is much more powerful and means more when you actually have to say it out loud for another person to hear. Try it, you will see what I mean.

        Hail Mary's – They don't clear sins. They are prayers to bring you closer to God after you have confessed. You are cleared of your sins by your act of humility before God–your true confession, acceptance of God's will, your sincere remorse and repentance, and asking for God's forgiveness. We are obligated to resist sin, even though we will fail at times, probably even small sins every day. We are not to give in to it, justify it, or revel in it.

        EQUALITY – God loves all of us. We are all different, with unique talents and attributes. WE are created equal…but not all BEHAVIORS are equal.

        God created us and our natural world. We must accept that there is a NATURAL ORDER that exists. That which is right and just and TRUTHFUL and supports the natural order and LIFE is moral.

      • You're right we all sin. The point of Christianity is not to no longer sin but to have a relationship with Jesus. He alone can save us from eternal punishment which is the just result of our sin. In having a relationship with Christ you fall in love with him and no longer wish to sin but instead try to live a life pleasing to him. When you say I am right and how I live is right you reject God, reject Christ and accept your ultimate doom.