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The Agenda Behind Bruce Jenner’s Transformation



The Agenda Behind Bruce Jenner's Transformation

Bruce Jenner is now known as Caitlyn Jenner and, for some reason, all media outlets have converged to turn this personal transformation into a massive, all-encompassing media event. Why is that? Because Jenner’s transformation was not personal, it is a planned event meant to support an ongoing agenda.

After the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games, Bruce Jenner was an American hero and was dubbed “the world’s greatest athlete”. He then embarked in a movie and television career, which solidified his near-superhero mystique in popular culture.

After his marriage with Kris Houghton and his involvement with Keeping Up with the Kardashians, most of that mystique was gone. He was part of the Kardashian experiment, the family that was built by mass media and for mass media, from absolutely nothing, to monopolize the attention of masses. From sex tapes to relationship rumors to butt pics that are supposed to “break the internet”, celeb marriages, and young girls becoming sexualized at a young age, the Kardashians constantly seek media attention for all kinds of purposes. Bruce Jenner’s story is yet another chapter in that story. And, like most of the “events”  involving the Kardashians, Jenner’s transformation was meticulously planned with perfect mass media coverage to gain worldwide attention.

Before I go further (and because some people like to put words in my mouth), I need to emphasize that I do not think that all transgenders are “evil” nor that they are part of a sinister Agenda. If one feels more comfortable and happier living as the opposite sex, well that’s their business and not mine. As a staunch proponent of true freedom, I will never judge a person who took a personal decision to live a better life. Bruce Jenner’s sex change, however, was everything but personal. It was an orchestrated media event, blown-up to proportions so large that it has been turned into a grand ritual, a staged ceremony meant to push an agenda.

Following the Script

Like the rest of the Kardashians, Bruce Jenner’s fame in 2015 (almost 40 years after winning his gold medal), is solely due to mass media keeping him famous. In other words, he is famous because he’s famous. And he stays famous because the elite is using his family to push an agenda.

In 2013, I published an article entitled The Kardashian 2013 Christmas Card: A Tribute to the Illuminati Entertainment Industry, where I analyzed a highly symbolic Christmas card created by David Lachapelle – a fashion photographer who is no stranger to the MK-Ultra based entertainment industry. That Christmas card was somewhat prophetic.

The Agenda Behind Bruce Jenner's Transformation

The Christmas card features Kardashians posing in a deserted movie theater that is replete with imagery representing the true role and the true fate of that made-for-showbiz family.

Bruce Jenner, the only male in that photo, is the only one in that is not posing fashionably. Quite to the contrary, he is imprisoned in the cashier’s booth, which looks like a giant test tube.

The Agenda Behind Bruce Jenner's Transformation

Bruce Jenner is trapped in the entertainment industry.

Stuck in a what looks like a giant tube, Bruce Jenner is gazing at a statue that is wearing a gold medal – but that is also dismembered. That statue clearly represents Bruce’s past self, which was, since then, broken and symbolically dismembered. Jenner is now trapped in the tube that is show-business, like some kind of lab rat.

His daughters, who were about 15 at the time, were also depicted in a near-prophetic matter.

The Agenda Behind Bruce Jenner's Transformation

Kylie and Kendall Jenner posing in front of an Illuminati pyramid which strongly hints that they’re owned by the occult elite’s system.

Since 2013, the Jenner sisters have indeed been fully integrated the Illuminati system, fully pushing ongoing agenda of sexualizing minors.

The Agenda Behind Bruce Jenner's Transformation

The sisters often pose while doing the One-Eye sign, confirming that they’re owned by the system.

The Agenda Behind Bruce Jenner's Transformation

In this picture, the sisters are holding the hands of two invisible, “shadowy” men, representing the sinister unseen handlers controlling their lives.

So, not unlike Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the actual lives of the Jenners are mostly scripted. Caitlyn Jenner is also part of the script.

Perfect Media Storm

After his divorce, Bruce Jenner could have silently stepped out of the spotlight and lived his new life in relative privacy. But the exact opposite happened. Caitlyn saturated all major media outlets in a carefully orchestrated media storm. Here’s what happened in the span of a few weeks.

The Agenda Behind Bruce Jenner's Transformation

Primetime 20/20 interview with Diane Sawyer.

The Agenda Behind Bruce Jenner's Transformation

Multiple magazine covers, including Vanity Fair, which “presented” Caitlyn to the world.

The Agenda Behind Bruce Jenner's Transformation

US magazine going inside his “heroic” transition. Heroic.

The Agenda Behind Bruce Jenner's Transformation

The President of the United States praising the courage of Jenner.

Speaking of courage, in a rather absurd, almost forced, media move, Caitlyn Jenner will be receiving the Arthur Ashe Courage Award during the 2015 ESPY Awards in July 2015. Caitlyn’s “courage” was deemed superior to Lauren Hill, a college athlete who played basketball despite an inoperable brain tumor and who died earlier this year.

There is more: Caitlyn will be the subject of her own reality show … expect a whole lot of magazine photoshoots.

The Hidden Agenda

As stated above, Jenner’s transformation was not intimate nor personal. It was a grand, ceremonial, ritualistic event that symbolizes a change in society as a whole. An important part of the elite’s agenda is to debase, confuse and mix up the natural, harmonious order of things. It is about steering away from what is real, pure and authentic to move towards to the fake, artificial and the constructed. For this reason, there one aspect of the Agenda that is becoming increasingly apparent: The feminization of the male and the masculinization of the female. Under the guise of “empowerment”, men who act like females and females who act like men are not only accepted but celebrated. I personally do not have a problem with that. I DO have a problem with the other side of this agenda: Men who act like traditional men (and do not feel the need to apologize for it) are now portrayed as evil and wrong. And, all of a sudden, portraying a stay-at-home mom who takes pride in cooking for her family is considered “sexist”.

In other words, it is about a complete reversal of gender roles. Simply by looking at our genetic make-up and the behavior of most mammals, one can observe that males are engineered to hunt, provide and protect while females are made to “nest”, care and nurture, While modern living has made these traits less dominant, they are nevertheless part of our core being. And mass media is heavily focusing on promoting the exact opposite of this. It is about the attacking the mind with messages that conflict with our natural inclinations. If you look at what is happening right now in mass media, you have, on one side, the head of the Kardashian family putting on makeup and wearing dresses while, on the other side, you have Taylor Swift training for combat with big weapons, with a gang of tough, violent women (see the video for Bad Blood).

While Jenner is an all-American product, Europe also went through its ritualistic, transgender event.

The Agenda Behind Bruce Jenner's Transformation

Conchita Wurst was the winner of Eurovision 2014. To further confuse everybody in the world (including other transgenders) Conchita wears a beard.

The above image of Conchita, with the strategically placed antlers, alludes to the lesser-known, esoteric part of the Agenda. In occult secret societies, the highest stage of illumination is achieved through the internalization of duality and the equilibrium between opposing forces –  good and evil, active and passive. male and female. This concept is symbolically represented by the horned, hermaphrodite god Baphomet. It is also represented in alchemical symbolism such as the Alchemical Androgyne :

The Agenda Behind Bruce Jenner's Transformation

“The symbol reproduced above is from a rare edition of the Turbæ Philosophorum published in Germany in 1750, and represents by a hermaphroditic figure the accomplishment of the magnum opus. The active and passive principles of Nature were often depicted by male and female figures, and when these two principles, were harmoniously conjoined in any one nature or body it was customary to symbolize this state of perfect equilibrium by the composite figure above shown.” (Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages).

Of course, the concepts above are meant to be interpreted in an esoteric and spiritual context where the human soul transcends its physical shell. However, today’s elite is bent on twisting and corrupting occult concepts, using its inherent powers for sinister purposes. Therefore the concept of equilibrium has turned into an unhealthy obsession on transgendered media pawns.

In Conclusion

The Caitlyn Jenner story was orchestrated to bring specific concepts to the forefront, notably the complete reversal of gender roles. Although the elite’s occult teaching is about complete equilibrium, they want the masses to be completely out of balance. That’s how you keep them confused and malleable.

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The Agenda Behind Bruce Jenner's Transformation

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Soooo does "Caitlyn" get to go through all the struggles every 'natural female' has to go through? She get her period every month? Get cramps and bloated, and has globs of blood poring out her vajayjay? She gonna be pregnant one day? Carry a load around for nine months and then go through that incomparable pain of birth? Sorry for the way I said it but, hey you wanna talk about women and men? How about some of the biological struggles women go through? I frankly don't care if there are people out there who feel closer to their opposite gender. Yay, whoopee, that's great for them. I'm all for everyone's freedom in their pursuit of happiness. But when they try to insist mutilated bodies are this or that and ACCEPT MEEEEEEE I just can't sorry. But watching the struggle that women go through every day for years and years, and I'm not even just talking about biological struggles, but social struggles as well. Take a glance at the world's cultures and the fight women had to put forth and are still putting forth to get where they are today and then a man, who was born with natural strength,… Read more »


One of my best friends is transgender and I feel like SHE has went through quite a lot of emotional trauma before transitioning. No, she does not bleed every month like us but she has also had a tougher socialisation than us. Feeling like a woman yet having to attend a school for all boys. She breaks her heart over the very fact she will not be able to carry her boyfriends child to term and it is rather distressing to watch the heartache of that as I went through some infertility issues and I can relate as I had felt the same way myself. So the fact that I was told I would never be able to conceive would make me less of a woman? Please be seated and stop with you’re slamming of women because it is women like you who are an absolute disgrace to the very gender you think you are a voice for. I’m also aware that there are transgender men that exist, so where does your opinipm stand with those men? A lot of transgenders are also annhilated by society and the media as well as stigmatised. This is obviously all fabricated because from… Read more »


f--k off troll, you got paid to post that s--t

Donna Allen

Carry the boyfriends child to term????? Uh men can not get pregnant.


Pay attention to what you’re reading, she was making a comparison of the feeling in not BEING able to carry her boyfriends child and her own experience with infertility and how that feels.


You should read about hormone disrupting chemicals that are put into our food and water… A professor at UC Berkeley proved that hormone disrupting chemicals change the sexual preference and orientation of the animals used in his studies. The truth goes much deeper. The Great Deception has already begun. If you turn to Jesus Christ and repent from the world and you will be saved from death.

Stacey E.

Sure, Christianity never murdered loads of people-made people feel less than, and condemned them for their sexual orientation. It never went in and took away people’s land and beliefs. It never insisted everyone else think the way they do. Never. It never put arrogant thought into its followers minds. It never made anyone feel superior to other races. It never said all of the other religions are false, and went in and indoctrinated anyone. It never sent anyone on missions to inflict their views on everyone else. Because everyone else is just ignorant savages with backwards religious beliefs that just need to be taught the right way, by all these superior, smarter white people. It never did that. It never made a load of people think that their religion was the only true one, because it was the White guy one. That’s all the perks of Christianity. And you get to pretend that anyone who doesn’t agree with you is stupid or condemned to hell. What fun.


Wow, you went from “turn the frigging frogs gay” to “Jesus is Lord” in one fell swoop.


I support you and your friend. Two of my friends have transitioned to males and one to female, dysmorphia is no joke and they have struggles with their bodies as much if not more then cis women and men

Lola Christina

I have to be honest with you VC I could've enjoyed this article much more if you had just been blatantly and bluntly honest. I'm not saying to just discard tact, but I felt you did a lot of sympathizing and trying to explain your reasons for saying what you're saying as opposed to just saying it. You were so busy trying not to offend the LGBT community it's almost as if you were afraid to just let yourself write naturally, which is what I'm use to you doing…just letting your truth flow. Next time, I humbly request that you just write, don't feel the need to explain and apologize for your personal opinions…that's apart of the trick as I'm sure you know. Getting ppl to be afraid of saying anything that the LGBT community may disagree with. That's not you though, you don't back down…speak your truth and stand firm in it 🙂


Well said, but you can understand it, anything can be seen as offending somebody, its all part of the same thing, shut down conversation and force the agenda down everyones throat. He got woman of the year awarded for that,, doesn’t have a womb, never will, never struggled through his day with a migraine and bellyache from raging hormones but gets woman of the year for sticking fake b---s and a dress on. Woman the world over must feel insulted.

Smiley Iris

Its kind of funny that it seems to me guys are more accepting of her as a female than women. You’re all jealous.


That's quite an impressive conspiracy theory, however I have one that's a lot more "simple".

Only a few weeks before his "transformation" he was involved in a car crash where the woman in the other car was killed. Now, being married to a woman who used to be married to one of the lawyers who was behind helping OJ Simpson being acquitted of the murder of his ex wife, she probably has quite a bit of knowledge of how to get around the legal system.

Together they came up with a brilliant idea, PRETEND to get a sex change (in reality only a very impressive Hollywood make-up job), using the excuse of "gender confusion" as to why HE was not mentally responsible for the accident. It worked really well too, for it was recently revealed that "Caitlyn" would not be tried for the death of the other car's driver. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!


Completely agree. It was the ultimate distraction, cause nobody remembers that he did KILL a women! He lived in a house surrounded but all the kardashian women, even if he was in denial about being wanting to be a women. He would have slipped up somewhere, something would had shown as a sign that he was not all he seemed to be. Whether it was makeup or clothes or anything. He was on national TV for goodness sake someone would had caught something, and nobody ever did.

Beyond The Matrix

Did it ever occur to you that many things happen without it being filmed or making it to the final cut? Duh. Hello – you write as if everything you see on tv is the complete reality of what is going on.


Do you ever notice that men who claim to be women overwhelmingly project a sexualized, objectified version of womanhood ?
That makes it seem very counterfeit.


Yep we noticed that. They are deliberately very sexualized. They feel inferior because they aren't females and they project it with their attitude.

Twice angry

Thanks to media portraying women this way


I feel like you are not being honest here, so that you won't offend people. The feminization of men and the masculinization of women is NOT okay. It's causing that chaos that you speak about that people in the occult like. It is knocking things off balance. It's okay to say that it's not okay. People will get offended, just like people get offended when you call out their favorite pop star for being an occult music industry puppet. Sometimes, you just have to tell the truth no matter who doesn't like it.


Masculine and feminine are social constructs. Calm down. The world is forever changing. Even in ancient societies there were gay men, strong warrior women, etc. Its not that unnatural.


Male and female aren’t social constructs. Those are sexes. Personality traits are probably influenced a lot by societal expectations , but genetics too.


I’m pretty confident that being male and female is completely different from being masculine and feminine.


It’s interesting to me that VC seems to imply that females being feminine, males being masculine are natural (therefore good) things…. That’s just an assumption based on a popular opinion that stemmed from Victorian culture. Not necessarily good or bad. VC posts are supposed to be apolitical, but even a popular opinion can be a politically slanted one.

Beyond The Matrix

Yes, they are. But, that doesn’t mean either sex can’t have a mixture of both. I am a biological female (heterosexual), but I definitely exhibit more masculine energy than other biological heterosexual females. I am not prissy or only enjoy stereotypically “female interests.” In other words, I grew up being a tomboy. And, as an adult – I never had that burning desire to have a child. If it happened with the right man, it would happen. And, I would actually want the father to be 50/50 in nurturing our child. I did not want to be stuck at home being the sole caregiver. And, many men out there revel in the ability to be nurturing to their children. But, that was not part of my life plan. We should accept that there will be a mixture of masculine and feminine in all of us. The right men I’ve dated were very masculine physically, but they also exhibited feminine qualities that completely complimented my own masculine/female ratio. Both were very close to their mothers and/or were raised in a house predominately female. The feminine is so suppressed in biological heterosexual males. . .did it ever occur to anyone that that… Read more »


So you think every man acts like a stereotypical man and every woman acts like a stereotypical woman? Which traits would be considered exclusively masculine or feminine? You’re an idiot.


One thing I don't get with VC is this "Do whatever makes you happy" outlook. To me it sounds like Aleister Crowley's "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law" mantra. Which is something I don't get because he should know about that type of mentality. It shouldn't be about what makes you happy (all the time) it should ultimately be about what's right.

smarter than trace

There is no objective right and wrong and assuming such gives way to an unspeakable amount of ignorance.


Is that right?


But isn’t you saying there is no objective right or wrong implying there IS an objective right and wrong? Society is teaching us that everyone can have your own truth, right? But that in itself saying that there IS a truth. and you saying those who believe there is an objective of eight and wrong are ignorant is saying they are wrong. But how can that be? See how that mindset contradicts itself?


oh my word, I see American education is at work, bravo Sam you are a recessive prodigy. (I’m insulting you, I know you are too dim to understand.)

Beyond The Matrix

Did it ever occur to you that doing what’s right coincides with doing what makes you happy? You write as if it would make someone happy to rape and kill people but because it isn’t right they shouldn’t do it.
Uh, hello – raping and killing people shouldn’t make people happy, but it actually does for some and that goes into the whole distortion of someone’s mental/psychological makeup. And, if hurting other people makes someone happy, obviously they are misaligned in their values.
Lesson – Doing what makes you happy should always align with doing what’s right.


Cleaning my home doesn’t make me happy, it’s a lot of work and mind-numbing. But it’s the right thing to do.
Eating your carrots because mom said so was awful. But good for your health.
Not always doing the right thing makes one happy. And vice-versa.


My dad was owner of musical festival and it got shut down a couple of months ago because of his opinion about Bruce Jenner on facebook. Screw political correctness in this country !!! It's called freedom of speech, we need go stand up together against the evil


Why all this coverage for a has been? Answer: Because it is part of the agenda to scramble as many people's sexual identity as possible. It is part of the bigger agenda of screwing us all up so badly that we won't be able to resist the global tyranny. Hence the GMOs, chemtrails, Electromagnetic radiation, etc. It is also a way of diverting our attention away from the REAL issues like the emerging spy global state, TPP, Fukushima, the debt bubble etc. In other words, the stuff that really impacts us.


When Bruce Jenner looks in the mirror he does not see what is reality. Just like when Karen Carpenter looked in the mirror she did not see reality. (we all know she died from her Illness) She needed mental help, just like Bruce needs mental help.


I am personally a lesbian and sometimes confused by my gender at times as well but I was appalled by the whole Caitlyn Jenner transition publicity. I don't like to admit it but I used to love KUWTK when it first came on and watched it all the time; I've since steered away because it became so fake it made me sick and then I heard about the Catilyn Jenner thing and I knew immediately it was a a fake publicity stunt. Watch the show! He likes to golf, hang out with his buddies, fly his toy airplanes he doesn't like to shop and get pedicures I know that is technically stereotyping but he doesn't like doing stuff that you would think a person who is gender confused would like to do. Those were his hobbies and he loved that stuff now all he cares about is magazine covers and wardrobes, you don't just change like that. Never in the previous shows had he shown any hint of being confused in a gender type of way. Maybe in the season before he came out to make it look more real but it is all fake. Of course I'm pro-transgender and… Read more »


Personally, I think the plan is to transfer the WORST stereotypical aspects of each gender – MEN: unyielding, unfeeling, sexually aggressive, insensitive, pack mentality, zero intuition + WOMEN: passive aggressive, backstabby, jealous, superficial, materialistic, whiny – to the opposite sex, so that everybody is confused and attacking one another, while unable (due to narcissism) to see the psy ops of their shared oppressor.

Sophisticated people will experience a divine unification of gender opposites in this time of change: men will be stoic but sensitive, strong but protective of the innocent, sexed up but mellow (a walking "quiet storm", baby), happy in a group but an independent, intuitive thinker and feeler; women will be nurturing but self-caring and independent, kind yet ethical and no doormat, always supportive of other women, not hung up on materialistic, market driven trickery, an earth goddess, a real "Wonder Woman".

THIS is what the powers that be (collapsing) don't want to happen. Hence the media air raid of the Caitlyn Jenner ritual.


I agree, the agenda is to farther separate and distract what is suppose to mentally be male and female.

During this whole media frenzy, none of these people interviewing him and documenting his journey cared to dig deeper on the difference between what is sex and what is gender. We've been trained so deeply to believe in the assigned stereotypical behaviors of the sexes that it is considered "unnatural" or "unique" to behave anything less than


Do you think Caitlyn Jenner could possibly be some kind of female alter of Bruce Jenner,and that his gender confusion was some how taken advantage of?


Good point!!


f--k anyone who think its ok to do what bruce have done


you cant say f**k people for having an opinion, logic tells us that you can’t change gender. you know this and understand it to be true why do you need every other person to understand an obvious truth? let them believe in the Easter Bunny if it makes their lives more bearable. no surgeon can change chromosomes, but there’s no crime in letting people pretend their little hearts out


"and, for some reason, all media outlets have converged to turn this personal transformation into a massive, all-encompassing media event. Why is that?"

Geeeez, That's a toughy!

It keeps the sheep distracted while their government is corrupted, innocents are slaughtered under the guise of "spreading democracy", and the US edges closer to a False Flag economic collapse and WW3, creating phony enemies/scapegoats as they did bin Laden for their 9/11.

Rome is burning, and sheep are 'entertained' by this crap, Dancing with the Stars, iPhones, and deflated footballs.

"No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public" ~ H.L.Mencken


Perhaps I am late to this..but i recently saw the trailer about 'I am Cait" and something stood out to me quite blatanly… He's in a car and hes commenting how bright the day is and blah blah and then he says " I am the new normal" that right there really struck me in the head like a bucket of cold water…I reaf the article before when it first came out..and now saw the trailer for the docuseries…it's clear that this is money related…It's just disrespecftul for the real transgender people..besides..Courage does not wear Atelier Versace.


I believe this is not just money related but intended to launch some sort of “hype” in society about changing gender if that’s how you feel.


Either you believe in evolution and change brought about by random events over time, or we are here by purpose, created by someone who has rules and natural laws/institutions, built into society so that we do not destroy ourselves. You cannot have this both ways. If you believe in evolution, then you cannot make one statement of value that cannot be refuted by someone else, because the only basis of value comes from within yourself. If this is the case, you really have no reason to live, except to express yourself, gain attention, and get as much out of this "life" as you can for yourself. Within this thought-world, anything can be "ok"….even sex with animals and marrying a computer; cultural offensiveness being the only buffer. If you believe you are here by creation, then there is hope for you, if you will yield to the Creator and His plan and His ways. Only then can we find out what His ways are and whether transsexuals (and other sinners) are compatible with His divine nature. Oh, I am just as much a sinner as the next homosexual as well…I steal, lie, cheat, lust, gossip, etc…. Choose you this day whom… Read more »

The One

I will say this one time

The agenda will push androginity, no sex.
After that, lets say 5-10 years it will be transhumanism.

They will keep his world with the people that worship them.
We will continue in another evolved Earth but the time of this is unknown.


Excellent observation !

This is just one step to prepare the public and make transhumanism come closer.

The Universe

People think they are being so righteous by vehemently arguing for Jenner's case. As readers of VC, I am a little – but not very – surprised that some of you are taking this article as a personal attack…. or as an attack on LGBT folks, when CLEARLY it was stated that is not what this about. It has been proven time and time again that ANYTHING to do with the Kardashian's is to promote some kind of agenda, or to distract from reality. Why should this situation be any different?


I have no judgement against anyone transgender or homosexual… As a sinner myself I will say we as a people are all being mind screwed into following our temptations instead of taking responsibility to do the right thing because it's hard. We live in times where being tempted will birth actions that go against the way God intended for us to be! From murder to lies and deceit..from sex adultery and sex fornication now sex changes we are all bombarded by sin! We are all facing spiritual challenges and you better believe the reason is for your soul. The age of Aquarius has come. "Do as thou wilt" says Crowley! You think it's a game? You better wake up!


Saying you dont have judgment about transgenders or gays just because you yourself are a sinner implies that you also view those things as sins…..


In the eyes of God he will *always* be a MAN not a Woman!

Twice angry

In the eyes of God we are all humans. Basically


Amen, 2ce. Bible even says so, but that don't get quoted do it?

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