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Did a Broadcast of the National Anthem in the 1960s Contain Subliminal Messages?



Did a Broadcast of the National Anthem in the 1960s Contain Subliminal Messages?

A video of the US National Anthem reportedly broadcast during the 1960s was found to contain creepy subliminal messages about “obeying the government”. Is the video authentic or is it a well-crafted hoax?

Back in the good ol’ days, TV stations ended their broadcast day with a goodnight message and the national anthem, complete with a montage of patriotic images. While many of us have somewhat fond and nostalgic memories of these TV sign-offs, one Star Spangled Banner video said to be broadcast during the 1960s was apparently laced with creepy subliminal messages. Here it is :

The messages found in the video are:


The goal of subliminal perception is to flash messages on screen quickly enough to cause the subconscious mind to record them without even being perceived and analyzed by the conscious mind.

“Subliminal perception is a deliberate process created by communications technicians, by which you receive and respond to information and instructions without being consciously aware of the instructions”
– Steve Jacobson, Mind Control in the United States

Do subliminal messages actually work? Older studies claimed that they do not work, which lead the general public to dismiss the entire theory. However, recent studies found that, in some cases, subliminal perception produces conclusive results (this page contains several links to studies on the subject). One thing is for sure, the technique is still used today (see my article, Mind Control Theories and Techniques used by Mass Media,for some examples).

In the context of the national anthem video, debating whether or not subliminal messages work should not be even an issue. Discrediting the video because “subliminal messages are BS” is not a valid argument. It is the intent behind the message that counts.

Some of the phrases flashed during that video appear to be taken out of the movie They Live (see my article about it here), such as OBEY and CONSUME. While some argue that these lines are too “conspiracy-kitsch” to be taken seriously, they are the kinds of words a government bent on creating a consumer culture would use.

The words “BUY ULTRA” and “BUY NAOMI” also appear a few times. These lines appear to refer to MKULTRA and MKNAOMI, two secret CIA projects that were active at the time – but unknown to the public. MKULTRA studied mind control and MKNAOMI was about biological warfare (these projects still exist today and are infinitely more sophisticated).

Considering the social and political context of United States during the 1960s, which was characterized by Cold War paranoia, political assassinations, rebellious youth movements and dabblings with mind control – the existence of such a video is plausible. If the US government admitted to drugging and conducting horrendous experiments on thousands of people via the MKULTRA studies, why wouldn’t it attempt to manipulate minds using this powerful invention called the television?

But is there proof that this subliminal video was actually broadcast on television? Or were the messages injected by a funny-pants computer wiz in 2009 as a hoax? A few internet sites and message boards have debated these possibilities, but I have yet to come across conclusive evidence proving one side or another. Those who believe that the video is authentic cannot find another video source except a single YouTube video; those who believe that the video is a hoax often rely on arguments that are false or inconclusive.

The Original Upload

The original video was uploaded in 2009 by a YouTube user named Naomi19631963. The user provided a short description of the video – it DOES NOT mention the subliminal messaging.

I salvaged this reel of film from a TV station that used to sign of with it during the 1960s.

The uploader later posted a comment stating that the video was salvaged from Alabama and that it was probably broadcast in several states. The uploader did not post anything else, ever.

It is only about two years after the original upload that someone discovered the subliminal messages. The video was then mentioned on larger websites, such as Infowars in 2013. In all of the discussions, many claim that the video is “fake” or “doctored” using arguments that are sometimes valid, but sometimes false. Here are some of these arguments.

The Uploader’s Name

The username of the uploader is Naomi19631963. Coincidentally enough, a subliminal line from the video is “BUY NAOMI”. This is perceived as proof that the original uploader knew about the messages (and maybe inserted the messages themselves), but wanted to go for the “found by accident” effect. This is indeed a possibility, but it is not conclusive proof that the video is “fake”. According to the YouTuber who first posted a slowed down version of the video :

the original uploader is not a regular youtuber, but salvaged this from an old reel he found in Alabama (see his comment). The old reel probably had written on it somewhere “NAOMI 1963” or something similar, and when he uploaded it onto youtube, he simply used that as his youtube name. He never once indicated he was aware of anything out of the ordinary in this film.

The name of the original uploader is therefore indeed suspicious, but it is not proof that the video is fake.

Was This National Anthem Ever Broadcast?

Others who claim the video is a hoax argue that this sign-off video either never actually existed, that it was created from scratch, or that the on-screen text was added by the hoaxer. All of these claims are false. This national anthem video was indeed broadcast on television for several years. The site Fuzzy Memories currently hosts at least two sign-off videos from the 1980’s (recorded from the Chicago TV station WMAQ Channel 5) that end with this same national anthem. There is however one important difference : There are no subliminal messages. (This one is from 1981).

This has lead deniers to claim that the hoaxer used this 1981 video as a source to add subliminal messages using computer software. A simple comparison of both videos however reveals that this is impossible, for a couple of reasons. First, the “subliminal” video has a wider field of view than the 1981 version.

Did a Broadcast of the National Anthem in the 1960s Contain Subliminal Messages?

Notice how the building on the far right is cutoff from the 1981 video. We see the building in its entirety on the “subliminal” video, which indicates that the 1981 video could not have been used as the source to create the subliminal video.

Another important difference is the color of the text and the shadow underneath the text. In the 1981 version, the text is yellow and the shadow projects at the top-left of the letters. On the subliminal video, the shadow goes towards the bottom right. This not only demonstrates that the 1981 was not the source of the hoax, but that at least two totally different versions of the same national anthem video were created. The 1981 version was formatted for TV screens with a 4:3 aspect ratio. The text was redone in yellow – and without the subliminal messages. Is it possible that the subliminal messages were removed from the 1980’s “refresh” of the anthem due to the advent of VCRs, which gave viewers the opportunity to record TV footage … and discover the hidden messages?

The Font

Those claiming hoax state that the font used for the subliminal lines is different from the main lyrics. After some detective work and NCIS-style computer enhancing, I found that some letters in the subliminal lines were indeed different from the anthem lyrics.

Did a Broadcast of the National Anthem in the 1960s Contain Subliminal Messages?

The crossbar on the letter A in the subliminal message (left) is lower than the A from the lyrics.

Does this prove that the video is a hoax? Not really. Before the advent of computer graphics, text was overlaid on video footage by hand using green screens. The sequences were then shot in stop motion, frame by frame, as technicians moved objects around after each shot. Under intense scrutiny, it is therefore easy to find differences and inconsistencies in text found on older films. If one closely observes the letters for the national anthem lyrics, some differences can also be noted.

If one overlooks these differences, one must admit that the text of the subliminal message blends perfectly with the words of the national anthem. If a hoaxer added these words using computer software such as After Effects, this person did an amazing job to make the added text look as “old” as the original text. The subliminal text is not crisper or more “digital” as the the anthem lyrics. The subliminal text has the exact same amount of “blurriness” due to the age of the video. Furthermore, if you look at the word “real” on the above image, the alleged hoaxer even took the the time to misalign some letters to add an old-school, “manual” effect to it all. If the hoaxer had such amazing computer skills, didn’t he have the tools to exactly replicate the original font?

In Conclusion

There is still not enough data to prove that the video is authentic, but there is also not enough data to prove that it is a hoax. However, the observations in this article allows us to advance several important facts. First, the uploader of the subliminal anthem (whether it is a hoax or not) had access to a video that was never seen online before. Since it does not appear to be recorded using a VCR, it is most likely an actual film reel that has been digitized. Second, there are at least two different versions of this national anthem video. The version broadcast in the 1980s had the same video footage, but differently formatted text. Third, some letters in the subliminal messages differ from those in the national anthem lyrics. However, the overall texture and disposition of the words in the subliminal messages are consistent with 1960’s video-editing techniques.

So, in order to truly get to the bottom of this story, we need to see another video source of the subliminal video. It might be sitting in a library or an archive somewhere, waiting to be discovered. I am therefore calling on vigilant citizens across the US (especially around Alabama) to look for additional copies or versions of this video. It will either allow us to put an end to a clever hoax … or to shine a light on an important piece of secret American history.

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Did a Broadcast of the National Anthem in the 1960s Contain Subliminal Messages?

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To decide whether this is real or not, you need to think of the context of the time: What happened in 1963? Our president was assassinated. Then we were sold a garbage story that made no sense. Don't you think the "powers that be", especially the CIA which in all likelyhood was the agency behind the assasination, would pull out all the stops to try anything to keep people from questioning the authorities. …And think about when this would play. Late at night. People watching would be in a drowsy state perfect for the implatation of suggetion. And people staying up late might be the people most likely to agitate. I personally think the inclusion of the "Buy MK/Buy Naomi" was the CIA giving itself a little arrogant pat on the back. Most disturbing in this are the lines equating the government with god. And to me the final proof is in the last line. The finality and power of it. This was carefully scripted by people who planned what they were doing very carefully. By the 80's we did not need to be told to consume. Conspicuous consumption was going full tilt.


Very good point


Here's a stretch that might explain the 'BUY NAOMI' part…

'BUY' is a synonym for 'OBTAIN'.

'OBTAIN NAOMI' is an anagram for 'ABOMINATION'.

That and the continuous references to 'God' might lead someone to believe that whoever produced the subliminal text, whether 1960's or modern in origin, was religiously oriented and had enough religious education to know the various biblical references to 'Abomination' such as those in proverbs or revelations.

Of course, that presumes the authors believed people's subconscious minds could make the connection…. Well, I did say it was a stretch didn't I?


It is real. I watched it many times in late 60s and early 70s in a city with a huge military base. At the time, in elementary school, we had a machine that scanned words at speed and we were tested on comprehension. I remember thinking their scanner was broken because the words did not scan left to right like they did at school. It had a “random” patter exactly like the video. And yes, I bought the message. I am awake now.


The question of whether or not the subliminals are real is ultimately irrelevant because it doesn’t change anything or change how we should act. 1) Case A: It is real. That is then utterly disturbing. But we know for a fact mind control continues today, so what difference does it make that it happened back then also? 2) Case B: Fake. Which I actually tend towards now despite being impressed by the footage initially. The circumstances surrounding the upload of the video (user with suspect username uploading video leaving no comment) are highly suspect. In this case, there are multiple possible scenarios: 2.1) It’s a prank to pull fun at paranoid conspiracy theorists. 2.2) It is the shadow government intentionally feeding us the information they exist. Why they do so is unclear but it was discussed elsewhere on this site that such a thing may be an objective. I can think of reasons they might want to do so, some of which are really “out there”. A more reality-grounded, plausible explanation is it is a social experiment to see how ‘conspiracy theorists’ react and think. Everything, including this very comment, you put out may be tracked. The entire Vigilant Citizen… Read more »


They were good at hiding things back then. Now, they don't even have to try to get people to buy into it.


Simply a top-notch analysis by Vigilant Citizen.


The ultimate ignorance is the rejection of something you know nothing about yet refuse to investigate


If you say something on TV people instantly start repeating it, whether it's funny marketing slogans like "Where's the beef?" or more serious propaganda like "Russia invaded Ukraine." If the First Lady or the Duchess of Cambridge wears something in public it sells out on the internet in about five minutes. People are deeply vulnerable to psychological conditioning. You cannot tell me that subliminal ads don't work, or huge companies and ad agencies would not spend big $ developing them. Flickering a subliminal saying "Rebellion will not be tolerated" is nothing short of Orwellian.


So you think Russian president had no intention to invade anything being the staunchest opposer of the NWO and the evil West ? Things are not what they appear in this case..


I talked to some one from that area of Ukraine. He told me that the actual story is longer than a few sound bits will allow. But it isn't a simple case of Russia invading a protesting nation.


I have on my phone right now at least 100 pictures of what I call "one-eye" propaganda. Subliminal, Whatever!! Not unusual, except that they were all taken at my school and in the last year. The kids are constantly drawing images, people, etc., with only one eye showing. Approx 30 of the pix I have are from scholastic magazine, scope magazine, etc. there is always some vague anemic explanation-/it's cute, it's anime–whatever. Subliminal. You wouldn't believe it if you saw my photo collection.


Start a blog!


doesn’t work on me, I hate society and most things in it. I’m disgusted by modern life and would actually willingly go be a hermit in the woods off the grid if it were actually possible, even if it meant totally absolving myself of human contact. Ever since I was a small child I saw consumerism as evil, and shopping malls as temples of ignorance and death.

MPastor had several of these videos on file. Another question would be which Federal department created these videos. We know US Federal Agencies were infiltrated up to their eyeballs with foreign conspirators. Both McCarthy and Kennedy announced it to the world.


What was once hidden is now slowly but surely being revealed…subliminally, as we can see all around us.


This is very creepy. The elite doesn't care about us, they hate us.


the feeling is mutual


That link is dead, but this one is still up and is the only video for the NAOMI19631963 account:


Well….. I personally saw "consume" by blinking after the stanza was read
But that's just me.


Did anyone notice that 19631963 in numerology equates to11 a master number and frequently used in Masonic circles makes me think that maybe it was purposely leaked for disinformation about the true use of mind control. Quote- Immortal Technique- "this ain't no alien conspiracy theory this s--t is REAL written on the dollar bill under the Masonic seal"


I have a hard time believing humans alone are responsible for s--t honestly. it may seem crazy to say demons, aliens or a false god are in control of things… but doesn’t it logically seem like everyone would be universally off with a system that makes sense and isn’t based off false bullshit laws and classism? like, if everyone was universally well educated and well-off, wouldn’t we only be more capable of achieving higher standards all around? Doesn’t the current system ultimately even impede upon those who DO have power and wealth? Sometimes it seems as if things are only ‘valuable’ due to some false idea of scarcity or knowing someone else goes without that luxury… but in an ideal world, maybe these people would have ‘less’ in the sense that literally everyone would have more… but if that includes them it seems some logical fallacy unless at some point, something happened that made a specific group of individuals actually believe it was the best/only course of actions and at least they could live well in the meanwhile believing they could do nothing to stop it anyways, and disorder would be better than straight up chaos.


real or not, shadowboxing drains our energy from direct, pressing injustices and issues right before our eyes.

this statement is not meant to downplay the obvious impact of the influence of nefarious and hidden agendas on our behaviors, but too many people use a doubt or lack of firm evidence and/or investigation of such theories or information as a shield from action of any kind. just as it doesn't matter whether the puppet masters believe in what they are selling, what matters is that WE are influenced by it.

these distractions and spectacles aren't going to end, and like moths to a flame people will keep circling to their spent deaths agog at what they see. moth doesn't understand the source, but through their instinctual nature combined with man's influence moth is hastened to the big sleep. don't let others hack your biology for their ends.


I'm inclined to view this as a real thing. It's interesting because, like it's already been mentioned, subliminal messaging is usual called ineffective by my college professors. Clearly that's not the case, as it still is in use (AARP commercial, anyone?).

I'm not saying those professors were outright lying, but I am saying they were parroting what they've been told.


I missed most of the subliminal messages even when it was shown at a slower pace. I must be a dufus since it is clearly there. Well the fact that one unknown YTuber is showing this does not necessarily mean it's a hoax. Honestly all my life I've had an aversion against anything that shows and emphasizes the greatness of one country, one nation, one religion, one race, one royal family, one ruler etc. I have little patience for that. Except for the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Everything else on this globe is starting to annoy the heck out of me. I am sorry Jesus I just want to wash your feet with my tears so I may know the Truth, the Way and the Light forever.


today the control of opinion is automated. just look at youtube comments on a newer videogame for xbox… fake arguments by bots are always on top, and they all have trendy account pictures, always misspell at least once per post to appear more genuine… lost of nonsense back and forth name calling to incite controversy and it only takes one 1 worded reply to bury a non bot comment. swaying opinion and influencing unsuspecting viewers, this also is apparent in high view music vids.


another example is amazon reviews: i once bought a book that had only 1 positive review. the book was extremely bad, and the review clearly a fake opinion… i guarantee you anyone would dislike that book. so i wrote my 1 star review and it posted fast. i logged off and went to check if it was up, lo and behold a very insignificant edit was done in the meantime, effectively making my review appear posted later and lowering it on page view.
they must be doing this all the time on all products.


I wish one word can get rid of bot comments on here, namely, from idiots like In logic we trust and geoffrey goodyear.


it makes me want to write my own bots for counterculture opinions in my spare time. I might even do some pro-net-neutrality ones, and some that downvote s--t new musicians and diss on their shitty r----d fanbases, trying to educate them that them and their friends are morons and losers no matter what society says. Itd be pretty funny to me to try and counteract what they were doing…

Could even write malware to turn other people’s PCs into zombie bots for me to misdirect lmao. its not like we are gonna get rid of bots, might as well start using them to counteract existing bots.

Theoretically if we made a bot to literally upvote everything equally everywhere, we could just eliminate bots by destroying any semblance of an internet ratings system for all sites. a veritable bot army, making bots completely useless. It would be difficult to solely detect other bots though, as keeping a database or searching IPs wont work because new bots will always come… so you’d end up negating human opinion as well.

but it would draw attention to the problem of bots affecting public opinion and helping to continue things as they are.


Maybe its actually a seen from the movie "they live", has anyone seen the movie lately?


I have heard of it; my friend who said she'd once been a researcher into these sort of things told me about the movie.


its called a “scene” stupid

Obeying consumer

What does that "buy ultra buy naomi" mean? What is the point of flashing the names of those top secret CIA projects when none of the viewers even knew what they were about? What was the purpose with that? To get people to buy mkultra? How? How can you buy naomi?

I gotta admit, this was one of the creepiest videos for awhile.


I think the word "buy" is used as in "believe", eg. "Hm, this seems fishy, I don't buy it" or "We set the bait and he bought it", although I agree that even if those messages were in plain sight, people wouldn't understand them because they were supposed to be top secret, at the time.


Could just be a self-congratulatory in-joke reference.



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