Mind Control Theories and Techniques used by Mass Media


Mass media is the most powerful tool used by the ruling class to manipulate the masses. It shapes and molds opinions and attitudes and defines what is normal and acceptable. This article looks at the workings of mass media through the theories of its major thinkers, its power structure and the techniques it uses, in order to understand its true role in society.

Most of the articles on this site discuss occult symbolism found in objects of popular culture. From these articles arise many legitimate questions relating to the purpose of those symbols and the motivations of those who place them there, but it is impossible for me to provide satisfactory answers to these questions without mentioning many other concepts and facts. I’ve therefore decided to write this article to supply the theoretical and methodological background of the analyzes presented on this site as well as introducing the main scholars of the field of mass communications. Some people read my articles and think I’m saying “Lady Gaga wants to control our minds”. That is not the case. She is simply a small part of the huge system that is the mass media.

Programming Through Mass Media

Mass media are media forms designed to reach the largest audience possible. They include television, movies, radio, newspapers, magazines, books, records, video games and the internet. Many studies have been conducted in the past century to measure the effects of mass media on the population in order to discover the best techniques to influence it. From those studies emerged the science of Communications, which is used in marketing, public relations and politics. Mass communication is a necessary tool to insure the functionality of a large democracy; it is also a necessary tool for a dictatorship. It all depends on its usage.

In the 1958 preface for A Brave New World, Aldous Huxley paints a rather grim portrait of society. He believes it is controlled by an “impersonal force”, a ruling elite, which manipulates the population using various methods.

“Impersonal forces over which we have almost no control seem to be pushing us all in the direction of the Brave New Worldian nightmare; and this impersonal pushing is being consciously accelerated by representatives of commercial and political organizations who have developed a number of new techniques for manipulating, in the interest of some minority, the thoughts and feelings of the masses.”
– Aldous Huxley, Preface to A Brave New World

His bleak outlook is not a simple hypothesis or a paranoid delusion. It is a documented fact, present in the world’s most important studies on mass media. Here are some of them:

Elite Thinkers

Walter Lippmann

Walter Lippmann, an American intellectual, writer and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner brought forth one of the first works concerning the usage of mass media in America. In Public Opinion (1922), Lippmann compared the masses to a “great beast” and a “bewildered herd” that needed to be guided by a governing class. He described the ruling elite as “a specialized class whose interests reach beyond the locality.” This class is composed of experts, specialists and bureaucrats. According to Lippmann, the experts, who often are referred to as “elites,” are to be a machinery of knowledge that circumvents the primary defect of democracy, the impossible ideal of the “omnicompetent citizen.” The trampling and roaring “bewildered herd” has its function: to be “the interested spectators of action,” i.e. not participants. Participation is the duty of “the responsible man”, which is not the regular citizen.

Mass media and propaganda are therefore tools that must be used by the elite to rule the public without physical coercion. One important concept presented by Lippmann is the “manufacture of consent”, which is, in short, the manipulation of public opinion to accept the elite’s agenda. It is Lippmann’s opinion that the general public is not qualified to reason and to decide on important issues. It is therefore important for the elite to decide “for its own good” and then sell those decisions to the masses.

“That the manufacture of consent is capable of great refinements no one, I think, denies. The process by which public opinions arise is certainly no less intricate than it has appeared in these pages, and the opportunities for manipulation open to anyone who understands the process are plain enough. . . . as a result of psychological research, coupled with the modern means of communication, the practice of democracy has turned a corner. A revolution is taking place, infinitely more significant than any shifting of economic power. . . . Under the impact of propaganda, not necessarily in the sinister meaning of the word alone, the old constants of our thinking have become variables. It is no longer possible, for example, to believe in the original dogma of democracy; that the knowledge needed for the management of human affairs comes up spontaneously from the human heart. Where we act on that theory we expose ourselves to self-deception, and to forms of persuasion that we cannot verify. It has been demonstrated that we cannot rely upon intuition, conscience, or the accidents of casual opinion if we are to deal with the world beyond our reach.”
–Walter Lippmann, Public Opinion

It might be interesting to note that Lippmann is one of the founding fathers of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the most influential foreign policy think tank in the world. This fact should give you a small hint of the mind state of the elite concerning the usage of media.

“Political and economic power in the United States is concentrated in the hands of a “ruling elite” that controls most of U.S.-based multinational corporations, major communication media, the most influential foundations, major private universities and most public utilities. Founded in 1921, the Council of Foreign Relations is the key link between the large corporations and the federal government. It has been called a “school for statesmen” and “comes close to being an organ of what C. Wright Mills has called the Power Elite – a group of men, similar in interest and outlook shaping events from invulnerable positions behind the scenes. The creation of the United Nations was a Council project, as well as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.”
– Steve Jacobson, Mind Control in the United States

Some current members of the CFR include David Rockefeller, Dick Cheney, Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, mega-church pastor Rick Warren and the CEOs of major corporations such as CBS, Nike, Coca-Cola and Visa.

Carl Jung

Carl Jung is the founder of analytical psychology (also known an Jungian psychology), which emphasizes understanding the psyche by exploring dreams, art, mythology, religion, symbols and philosophy. The Swiss therapist is at the origin of many psychological concepts used today such as the Archetype, the Complex, the Persona, the Introvert/Extrovert and Synchronicity. He was highly influenced by the occult background of his family. Carl Gustav, his grandfather, was an avid Freemason (he was Grand Master) and Jung himself discovered that some of his ancestors were Rosicrucians. This might explain his great interest in Eastern and Western philosophy, alchemy, astrology and symbolism. One of  his most important (and misunderstood) concept was the Collective Unconscious.

“My thesis, then, is as follows: In addition to our immediate consciousness, which is of a thoroughly personal nature and which we believe to be the only empirical psyche (even if we tack on the personal unconscious as an appendix), there exists a second psychic system of a collective, universal, and impersonal nature which is identical in all individuals. This collective unconscious does not develop individually but is inherited. It consists of pre-existent forms, the archetypes, which can only become conscious secondarily and which give definite form to certain psychic contents.”
– Carl Jung, The Concept of the Collective Unconscious

The collective unconscious transpires through the existence of similar symbols and mythological figures in different civilizations. Archetypal symbols seem to be embedded in our collective subconscious, and, when exposed to them, we demonstrate natural attraction and fascination. Occult symbols can therefore exert a great impact on people, even if many individuals were never personally introduced to the symbol’s esoteric meaning. Mass media thinkers, such as Edward D. Bernays, found in this concept a great way to manipulate the public’s personal and collective unconscious.

1955 Time Magazine cover featuring Carl Jung. Looks a little like Avatar, doesn’t it?

Edward  Bernays

Edward Bernays is considered to be the “father of public relations” and used concepts discovered by his uncle Sigmund Freud to manipulate the public using the subconscious. He shared Walter Lippmann’s view of the general population by considering it irrational and subject to the “herd instinct”. In his opinion, the masses need to be manipulated by an invisible government to insure the survival of democracy.

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.

We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society.

Our invisible governors are, in many cases, unaware of the identity of their fellow members in the inner cabinet.”
– Edward Bernays, Propaganda

Bernay’s trailblazing marketing campaigns profoundly changed the functioning of American society. He basically created “consumerism” by creating a culture wherein Americans bought for pleasure instead of buying for survival. For this reason, he was considered by Life Magazine to be in the Top 100 most influential Americans of the 20th century.

Harold Lasswell

In 1939-1940, the University of Chicago was the host of a series of secret seminars on communications. These think tanks were funded by the Rockefeller foundation and involved the most prominent researchers in the fields of communications and sociological studies. One of these scholars was Harold Lasswell, a leading American political scientist and communications theorist, specializing in the analysis of propaganda. He was also of the opinion that a democracy, a government ruled by the people, could not sustain itself without a specialized elite shaping and molding public opinion through propaganda.

In his Encyclopaedia of the Social Sciences, Lasswell explained that when elites lack the requisite force to compel obedience, social managers must turn to “a whole new technique of control, largely through propaganda.” He added the conventional justification: we must recognize the “ignorance and stupidity [of]… the masses and not succumb to democratic dogmatisms about men being the best judges of their own interests.”

Lasswell extensively studied the field of content analysis in order to understand the effectiveness of different types of propaganda.  In his essay Contents of Communication, Lasswell explained that, in order to understand the meaning of a message (i.e. a movie, a speech, a book, etc.), one should take into account the frequency with which certain symbols appear in the message, the direction in which the symbols try to persuade the audience’s opinion, and the intensity of the symbols used.

Lasswell was famous for his media analysis model based on:

Who (says) What (to) Whom (in) What Channel (with) What Effect

By this model, Lasswell indicates that in order to properly analyze a media product, one must look at who produced the product (the people who ordered its creation),  who was it aimed at (the target audience) and what were the desired effects of this product (to inform, to convince, to sell, etc.) on the audience.

Using a Rihanna video as an example, the analysis would be as follows: WHO PRODUCED: Vivendi Universal; WHAT: pop artist Rihanna; TO WHOM: consumers between the ages of 9 and 25; WHAT CHANNEL: music video; and WHAT EFFECT: selling the artist, her song, her image and her message.

The analyzes of videos and movies on The Vigilant Citizen place a great importance on the “who is behind” the messages communicated to the public. The term “Illuminati” is often used to describe this small elite group covertly ruling the masses. Although the term sounds quite caricatured and conspiratorial, it aptly describes the elite’s affinities with secret societies and occult knowledge. However, I personally detest using the term “conspiracy theory” to describe what is happening in the mass media. If all the facts concerning the elitist nature of the industry are readily available to the public, can it still be considered a  “conspiracy theory”?

There used to be a variety of viewpoints, ideas and opinions in popular culture. The consolidation of media corporations has, however, produced a standardization of the cultural industry. Ever wondered why all recent music sounds the same and all recent movies look the same? The following is part of the answer:

Media Ownership

As depicted in the graph above, the number of corporations owning the majority of U.S. media outlets went from 50 to 5 in less than 20 years. Here are the top corporations evolving around the world and the assets they own.

“A list of the properties controlled by AOL Time Warner takes ten typed pages listing 292 separate companies and subsidiaries. Of these, twenty-two are joint ventures with other major corporations involved in varying degrees with media operations. These partners include 3Com, eBay, Hewlett-Packard, Citigroup, Ticketmaster, American Express, Homestore, Sony, Viva, Bertelsmann, Polygram, and Amazon.com. Some of the more familiar fully owned properties of Time Warner include Book-of-the-Month Club; Little, Brown publishers; HBO, with its seven channels; CNN; seven specialized and foreign-language channels; Road Runner; Warner Brothers Studios; Weight Watchers; Popular Science; and fifty-two different record labels.”
– Ben Bagdikan, The New Media Monopoly

AOL Time Warner owns:

  • 64 magazines, including Time, Life, People, MAD Magazine and DC Comics
  • Warner Bros, New Line and Fine Line Features in cinema
  • More than 40 music labels including Warner Bros, Atlantic and Elektra
  • Many television networks such as WB Networks, HBO, Cinemax, TNT, Cartoon Network and CNN
  • Madonna, Sean Paul, The White Stripes

Viacom owns:

  • CBS, MTV, MTV2, UPN, VH1, Showtime, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, TNN, CMT and BET
  • Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon Movies, MTV Films
  • Blockbuster Videos
  • 1800 screens in theaters through Famous Players

“Disney ownership of a hockey team called The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim does not begin to describe the vastness of the kingdom. Hollywood is still its symbolic heart, with eight movie production studios and distributors: Walt Disney Pictures, Touchstone Pictures, Miramax, Buena Vista Home Video, Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Buena Vista International, Hollywood Pictures, and Caravan Pictures.

The Walt Disney Company controls eight book house imprints under Walt Disney Company Book Publishing and ABC Publishing Group; seventeen magazines; the ABC Television Network, with ten owned and operated stations of its own including in the five top markets; thirty radio stations, including all the major markets; eleven cable channels, including Disney, ESPN (jointly), A&E, and the History Channel; thirteen international broadcast channels stretching from Australia to Brazil; seven production and sports units around the world; and seventeen Internet sites, including the ABC group, ESPN.sportszone, NFL.com, NBAZ.com, and NASCAR.com. Its five music groups include the Buena Vista, Lyric Street, and Walt Disney labels, and live theater productions growing out of the movies The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and King David.”
– Ibid

The Walt Disney Company owns:

  • ABC, Disney Channel, ESPN, A&E, History Channel
  • Walt Disney Pictures, Touchstone Pictures, Hollywood Pictures, Miramax Film Corp., Dimension and Buena Vista International
  • Miley Cyrus/ Hannah Montana, Selena Gomez, Jonas Brothers

Vivendi Universal owns:

  • 27% of US music sales, labels include: Interscope, Geffen, A&M, Island, Def Jam, MCA, Mercury, Motown and Universal
  • Universal Studios, Studio Canal, Polygram Films, Canal +
  • Numerous internet and cell phone companies
  • Lady Gaga, The Black Eyed Peas, Lil Wayne, Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Jay-Z

Sony owns:

  • Columbia Pictures, Screen Gems, Sony Pictures Classics
  • 15% of US Music sales, labels include Columbia, Epic, Sony, Arista, Jive and RCA Records
  • Beyonce, Shakira, Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera

A limited number of actors in the cultural industry means a limited amount of viewpoints and ideas making their way to the general public. It also means that a single message can easily saturate all forms of media to generate consent (i.e. “there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq”).


The Standardization of Human Thought

The merger of media companies in the last decades generated a small oligarchy of media conglomerates. The TV shows we follow, the music we listen to, the movies we watch and the newspapers we read are all produced by FIVE corporations. The owners of those conglomerates have close ties with the world’s elite and, in many ways, they ARE the elite. By owning all of the possible outlets having the potential to reach the masses, these conglomerates have the power to create in the minds of the people a single and cohesive world view, engendering a “standardization of human thought”.

Even movements or styles that are considered marginal are, in fact, extensions of mainstream thinking. Mass medias produce their own rebels who definitely look the part but are still part of the establishment and do not question any of it. Artists, creations and ideas that do not fit the mainstream way of thinking are mercilessly rejected and forgotten by the conglomerates, which in turn makes them virtually disappear from society itself. However, ideas that are deemed to be valid and desirable to be accepted by society are skillfully marketed to the masses in order to make them become self-evident norm.

In 1928, Edward Bernays already saw the immense potential of motion pictures to standardize thought:

“The American motion picture is the greatest unconscious carrier of propaganda in the world today. It is a great distributor for ideas and opinions. The motion picture can standardize the ideas and habits of a nation. Because pictures are made to meet market demands, they reflect, emphasize and even exaggerate broad popular tendencies, rather than stimulate new ideas and opinions. The motion picture avails itself only of ideas and facts which are in vogue. As the newspaper seeks to purvey news, it seeks to purvey entertainment.”
– Edward Bernays, Propaganda

These facts were flagged as dangers to human freedom in the 1930’s by thinkers of the school of Frankfurt such as Theodor Adorno and Herbert Marcuse. They identified three main problems with the cultural industry. The industry can:

  1. reduce human beings to the state of mass by hindering the development of emancipated individuals, who are capable of making rational decisions;
  2. replace the legitimate drive for autonomy and self-awareness by the safe laziness of conformism and passivity; and
  3. validate the idea that men actually seek to escape the absurd and cruel world in which they live by losing themselves in a hypnotic state self-satisfaction.

The notion of escapism is even more relevant today with advent of online video games, 3D movies and home theaters. The masses, constantly seeking state-of-the-art entertainment, will resort to high-budget products that can only be produced by the biggest media corporations of the world. These products contain carefully calculated messages and symbols which are nothing more and nothing less than entertaining propaganda. The public have been trained to LOVE its propaganda to the extent that it spends its hard-earned money to be exposed to it. Propaganda (used in both political, cultural and commercial sense) is no longer the coercive or authoritative communication form found in dictatorships: it has become the synonym of entertainment and pleasure.

“In regard to propaganda the early advocates of universal literacy and a free press envisaged only two possibilities: the propaganda might be true, or it might be false. They did not foresee what in fact has happened, above all in our Western capitalist democracies — the development of a vast mass communications industry, concerned in the main neither with the true nor the false, but with the unreal, the more or less totally irrelevant. In a word, they failed to take into account man’s almost infinite appetite for distractions.”
– Aldous Huxley, Preface to A Brave New World

A single piece of media often does not have a lasting effect on the human psyche. Mass media, however, by its omnipresent nature, creates a living environment we evolve in on a daily basis. It defines the norm and excludes the undesirable. The same way carriage horses wear blinders so they can only see what is right in front of them, the masses can only see where they are supposed to go.

“It is the emergence of mass media which makes possible the use of propaganda techniques on a societal scale. The orchestration of press, radio and television to create a continuous, lasting and total environment renders the influence of propaganda virtually unnoticed precisely because it creates a constant environment. Mass media provides the essential link between the individual and the demands of the technological society.”
– Jacques Ellul

One of the reasons mass media successfully influences society is due to the extensive amount of research on cognitive sciences and human nature that has been applied to it.

Manipulation Techniques

“Publicity is the deliberate attempt to manage the public’s perception of a subject. The subjects of publicity include people (for example, politicians and performing artists), goods and services, organizations of all kinds, and works of art or entertainment.”

The drive to sell products and ideas to the masses has lead to an unprecedented amount of research on human behavior and on the human psyche. Cognitive sciences, psychology, sociology, semiotics, linguistics and other related fields were and still are extensively researched through well-funded studies.

“No group of sociologists can approximate the ad teams in the gathering and processing of exploitable social data. The ad teams have billions to spend annually on research and testing of reactions, and their products are magnificent accumulations of material about the shared experience and feelings of the entire community.”
– Marshal McLuhan, The Extensions of Man
The results of those studies are applied to advertisements, movies, music videos and other media in order to make them as influential as possible. The art of marketing is highly calculated and scientific because it must reach both the individual and the collective consciousness. In high-budget cultural products, a video is never “just a video,” Images, symbols and meanings are strategically placed in order to generate a desired effect.
“It is with knowledge of the human being, his tendencies, his desires, his needs, his psychic mechanisms, his automatisms as well as knowledge of social psychology and analytical psychology that propaganda refines its techniques.”
– Propagandes, Jacques Ellul (free translation)
Today’s propaganda almost never uses rational or logical arguments. It directly taps into a human’s most primal needs and instincts in order to generate an emotional and irrational response. If we always thought rationally, we probably wouldn’t buy 50% of what we own. Babies and children are constantly found in advertisements targeting women for a specific reason: studies have shown that images of children trigger in women an instinctual need to nurture, to care and to protect, ultimately leading to a sympathetic bias towards the advertisement.
Strange old 7up ad using the cuteness of babies
Sex is ubiquitous in mass media, as it draws and keeps the viewer’s attention. It directly connects to our animal need to breed and to reproduce, and, when triggered, this instinct can instantly overshadow any other rational thoughts in our brain.

Subliminal Perception

What if the messages described above were able to reach directly the viewers’ subconscious mind, without the viewers even realizing what is happening? That is the goal of subliminal perception. The phrase subliminal advertising was coined in 1957 by the US market researcher James Vicary, who said he could get moviegoers to “drink Coca-Cola” and “eat popcorn” by flashing those messages onscreen for such a short time that viewers were unaware.
“Subliminal perception is a deliberate process created by communications technicians, by which you receive and respond to information and instructions without being consciously aware of the instructions”
– Steve Jacobson, Mind Control in the United States
This technique is often used in marketing and we all know that sex sells.
Although some sources claim that subliminal advertising is ineffective or even an urban myth, the documented usage of this technique in mass media proves that creators believe in its powers. Recent studies have also proven its effectiveness, especially when the message is negative.

” A team from University College London, funded by the Wellcome Trust, found that it [subliminal perception]was particularly good at instilling negative thoughts. There has been much speculation about whether people can process emotional information unconsciously, for example pictures, faces and words,” said Professor Nilli Lavie, who led the research. We have shown that people can perceive the emotional value of subliminal messages and have demonstrated conclusively that people are much more attuned to negative words.”
– Source

A famous example of subliminal messaging in political communications is in George Bush’s advertisement against Al Gore in 2000.

Right after the name of Gore is mentioned, the ending of the word “bureaucrats” – “rats” – flashes on the screen for a split second.

The discovery of this trickery caused quite a stir and, even if there are no laws against subliminal messaging in the U.S., the advertisement was taken off the air.

As seen in many articles on The Vigilant Citizen, subliminal and semi-subliminal messages are often used in movies and music videos to communicate messages and ideas to the viewers.


In the past, when changes were imposed on populations, they would take to the streets, protest and even riot. The main reason for this clash was due to the fact that the change was clearly announced by the rulers and understood by the population. It was sudden and its effects could clearly be analyzed and evaluated. Today, when the elite needs a part of its agenda to be accepted by the public, it is done through desensitization. The agenda, which might go against the public best interests,  is slowly, gradually and repetitively introduced to the world through movies (by involving it within the plot), music videos (who make it cool and sexy) or the news (who present it as a solution to today’s problems). After several years of exposing the masses to a particular agenda, the elite openly presents the concept the world and, due to mental programming, it is greeted with general indifference and is passively accepted. This technique originates from psychotherapy.

“The techniques of psychotherapy, widely practiced and accepted as a means of curing psychological disorders, are also methods of controlling people. They can be used systematically to influence attitudes and behavior. Systematic desensitization is a method used to dissolve anxiety so the the patient (public) is no longer troubled by a specific fear, a fear of violence for example. […] People adapt to frightening situations if they are exposed to them enough”.
– Steven Jacobson, Mind Control in the United States
Predictive programming is often found in the science fiction genre. It presents a specific image of the future – the one that is desired by the elite – and ultimately becomes in the minds of men an inevitability. A decade ago, the public was being desensitized to war against the Arab world. Today, the population is gradually being exposed to the existence of mind control, of transhumanism and of an Illuminati elite. Emerging from the shadows, those concepts are now everywhere in popular culture. This is what Alice Bailey describes as the “externalization of the hierarchy”: the hidden rulers slowly revealing themselves.

Occult Symbolism in Pop Culture

Metropolis – a movie by the elite, for the elite?

Contrarily to the information presented above, documentation on occult symbolism is rather hard to find. This should not come as a surprise as the term “occult”, literally means “hidden”. It also means “reserved to those in the know” as it is only communicated to those who are deemed worthy of the knowledge. It is not taught in schools nor is it discussed in the media. It is thus considered marginal or even ridiculous by the general population.

Occult knowledge is NOT, however, considered ridiculous in occult circles. It is considered timeless and sacred. There is a long tradition of hermetic and occult knowledge being  taught through secret societies originating from ancient Egyptians, to Eastern Mystics, to the Knights Templar to modern day Freemasons. Even if the nature and the depth of this knowledge was most probably modified and altered throughout the centuries, mystery schools kept their main features, which are highly symbolic, ritualistic and metaphysical. Those characteristics, which were an intricate part of ancient civilizations, have totally been evacuated from modern society to be replaced by pragmatic materialism. For this reason, there lies an important gap of understanding between the pragmatic average person and the ritualistic establishment.

“If this inner doctrine were always concealed from the masses, for whom a simpler code had been devised, is it not highly probable that the exponents of every aspect of modern civilization – philosophic, ethical, religious, and scientific-are ignorant of the true meaning of the very theories and tenets on which their beliefs are founded? Do the arts and sciences that the race has inherited from older nations conceal beneath their fair exterior a mystery so great that only the most illumined intellect can grasp its import? Such is undoubtedly the case.”
– Manly P. Hall, Secret Teachings of All Ages

The “simpler code” devised for the masses used to be organized religions. It is now becoming the Temple of the Mass Media and it preaches on a daily basis extreme materialism, spiritual vacuosity and a self-centered, individualistic existence. This is exactly the opposite of the attributes required to become a truly free individual, as taught by all great philosophical schools of thought. Is a dumbed-down population easier to deceive and to manipulate?

“These blind slaves are told they are “free” and “highly educated” even as they march behind signs that would cause any medieval peasant to run screaming away from them in panic-stricken terror. The symbols that modern man embraces with the naive trust of an infant would be tantamount to billboards reading, ‘This way to your death and enslavement,’ to the understanding of the traditional peasant of antiquity”
– Michael A. Hoffman II, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare


In Conclusion

This article examined the major thinkers in the field of mass media, the media power structure and the techniques used to manipulate the masses. I believe this information is vital to the understanding of  the “why” in the topics discussed on The Vigilant Citizen.  The  “mass population” versus “ruling class” dichotomy described in many articles is not a “conspiracy theory” (again, I hate that term), but a reality that has been clearly stated in the works of some of the 20th century’s most influential men.

Lippmann, Bernays and Lasswell have all declared that the public are not fit to decide their own fate, which is the inherent goal of democracy. Instead, they called for a cryptocracy, a hidden government, a ruling class in charge of the “bewildered herd.” As their ideas continue to be applied to society, it is increasingly apparent that an ignorant population is not an obstacle that the rulers must deal with: It is something that is DESIRABLE and, indeed, necessary, to insure total leadership. An ignorant population does not know its rights, does not seek a greater understanding of issues and does not question authorities. It simply follows trends. Popular culture caters to and nurtures ignorance by continually serving up brain-numbing entertainment and spotlighting degenerate celebrities to be idolized. Many people ask me: “Is there a way to stop this?” Yes, there is. STOP BUYING THEIR CRAP AND READ A BOOK.

“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was and never will be.”
– Thomas Jefferson




  1. okay thought i'd be one of the first. anyway, no i'm not surprised. already knew this.

    my grandpa was in the navy and worked for the gov and gets piss drunk and tells me everything….

    trust me, this is the least of our worries.

    • Yeah..it's just gonna get worse :(

      I'm really thankful for my faith, if i wasn't a strong believer i would be lost and extrmemly frustrated and afraid. But i know my path, i know who I am where im going and what to keep away from.

      I pray that Allah will guide us all. (and dont go saying this that and the other cause i used "Allah" im really genuine here.)

    • Deception in mass media is the least of our worries? That's doubtful. When you said your grandpa was in the Navy–well that means he works for the government–actually stating that he works for the government was unnecessary. You're either blowing smoke or you're stupid.

  2. @6 "they're" so lame. you wanna be intelligent… then be intelligent.

    anyway, the key is to not watch too much tv, mute or fastforward through commercials, and limit your overall media exposure. and def don't put money in their pockets. f*ckers.

    • I have just discovered I have been ‘rebranded’! Apparently I am no longer a conspiracy theorist; I am now a ‘transparency campaigner’!!! Semantics…it’s all about semantics, oh and subliminal symbolic desensitization.

      Hitler was an experiment. After taking america and creating the US (arguably their finest monster), hitler was their next frankenstein’s monster. He took it all too literally, too quickly, too roughly; the geek with the charisma to change a nation and virtually wipe out another.

      But he tested out a lot of those mass media control principles they have relied on so much; he attempted to wipe out an historically, biblically spiritually connected and ancient people; he used people like rats for his eugenics, making poor tortured Dr. Frankenstein look tame. He ‘researched and developed’ substantially for them. He took the fascist agenda, branded it, gave it a logo, slogan, positioned it, launched it, and marketed it.

      Their third monster was the internet. And as their latter monster, born from their greed for communications and technology, grows and shapes and shifts and creates and stings and bites back at it’s master, we the ‘masses’ are waking up in it’s white glow seeing, questioning, learning.

      But they knew this was going to happen, they have been preparing us and themselves for it for the latter half of the last century. How are they going to pull it off?

      The ‘news’- one great pantomime of puppetry, lies, deceit and manipulation, enter: youtube. The truth, in real time practically, of many ordinary people’s extraordinary lives. And suddenly individualism is awake again and stretching and checking itself out in the mirror. No, not a good thing for the illuminati.

      They tried to tell us the internet was just for paedos and pervs; that worked for a while. But the kidz are way ahead of them. And the rest of us are on youtube seeing first hand evidence of police brutality, lies and aggression. The words nanny/police state are virtually mainstream around dinner tables on a Saturday night among the left orientated of us.

      The illuminati are showing themselves (is this in response or by design?). Yet we are digging on the world wide web, and we are linking up and communicating about riots and unrest and disbelief and fear across the world. People are taking to the streets and being angry; and more importantly knowing about each others anger.

      What would Orwell do with ‘1984’ if he had known that instead of staring mindlessly at our tv screens being fed plastic dreams we would be turning our head to alternate screens, screens where we can talk to our friends and family face to face from miles away, read about anything we want to know about it, discuss and compare…

      There is no doubt the rules are changing, the game is changing: the parameters and tools and techniques. But essentially the same conflict applies: they want control to maintain power and sustain wealth and luxury for themselves and their generations to come.

      Fast forward their ads, be more wary of products from the big five, enjoy nature more and technology less, and talk to friends and family about what is going on, after all transparency is where it’s at in the twenty first century.

    • Amen I went straight antenna over a year ago. I will never pay for TV again. I barely watch any. I quit watching sports and just recently quit listening to talk radio. Two sides are an imaginary thing they have created. They are all working together to try and control us. I put my trust in God and God only. Jesus is coming soon anyway and if you aren't ready for him you may want to consider it.

    • the whole thing is a commercial,friend, from the latest "blockbuster" movie to the stuoid sit-com… it's all programing….

    • The better thing would be to not watch TV at all and vote with your pocket books, don't buy from giant department stores and support local business, farmer's market, etc. don't live off of credit, buy gold or silver and store it away somewhere safe because paper currency will eventually collapse. and expose the lies. Don't believe the hype, turn off your TV.

  3. To anyone who hasn't already.. watch a documentary on YouTube called THE ARRIVALS.

    Eye-opening life changing stuff.. its in around 50 parts, but you can buy the dvd from eBay for a few quid..

    • the arrivals does have some very interesting things, BUT…it misses out on the whole point…Jesus is the son of God/ God himself. That series mentions him as a prophet, and that is misleading information, esp to people who are just learning about what this life is truly about. The bible says that no one can go to God if it isnt through Jesus. The bible is the book these satanist fear, so do you still wonder why?

      • Totally agree with you, it's like the zeigst movie. They talk trash about Jesus and then mention the microchip which the Bible says is the mark of the beast.


      • Seriously? You still believe Jesus is the son of god himself?

        ROFL nice brain washing you have, keep going to church and keep saying "Amen-ra"…

        The Arrivals is a great series, not error free, but still very informative. Unlike you!

  4. dear lauren on

    okay thought i’d be one of the first. anyway, no i’m not surprised. already knew this.

    my grandpa was in the navy and worked for the gov and gets piss drunk and tells me everything….

    trust me, this is the least of our worries.

    SO sad but SO true!

    • Well Lauren, would you care to share what your grandfather has told you? I think you could save us from it if you told us what your grandfather knows.

  5. I watch TV, mainly series and movies. Not for the story, i rather focus on "reading" in between lines or the meta-story. Noticed the desensitization towards chinese? they are the arabs of the 80 and 90 in mass media. hope some day, vigilant citizen adresses a post on the subject (would be very funny a graph showing nationalities or etnic origin of "bad guys" in movies. and relate it to wars and geopolitical agenda of the USA.


    • Dear Javier,

      "Notice the desensitization towards Chinese? They are the Arabs of the 80s and 90s in the mass media."

      As a Chinese libertarian, I have definitely noticed that!

      For example, the "Kill all the people in China" [so that the US will not have to pay back the money it owes] comment on Jimmy Kimmel was not an innocent case of "Kids say the darndest things."

      It was likely orchestrated by the same people behind 9/11, and intended as "Predictive Programming."

    • You're not paranoid. This term is a negative one. You're becoming informed, and you're reacting in the only way a person born in the age of media can. All the comparisons to "The Matrix" are overdone and cliche now, but it is still the truest.

      Paranoid is better than ignorant.

      My only concern now is that there are children following VC like a media outlet. Enjoying the articles as entertainment, a sort of fix of reality… "Great article! Best one yet!" How many articles about a music video can we see before it hits us that this is real? Until something bad enough happens I suppose.

      It's not easy to say DO SOMETHING. I know I myself walk around everyday with this knowledge in my mind and have to be another person for the people who won't believe me or are tired of hearing it from me. A double life of ignorance and enlightenment.

      • "I know I myself walk around everyday with this knowledge in my mind and have to be another person for the people who won’t believe me or are tired of hearing it from me. A double life of ignorance and enlightenment."

        I can relate to this.

        Your comment was very enlightening to read because like the person you replied to, I was feeling paranoid but I see now that that is a good sign.

        Thank you.

  6. Ever since I stopped watching television, my life has been less stressful and a lot more peaceful. I still watch it occasionaly if I'm sick or something, but most of the time I keep it off. Our minds don't need constant entertainment! I know some people who constantly have the TV on and it's really annoying. Completely turn off your tv for a week and see how you feel. Read, meditate, exercise etc. You'll feel better and you won't have to worry about all the brainwashing television does.

    Good article by the way!

    • I totally agree! Turning off your television will completely change your life for the better. It's much easier to live without than people think. I haven't watched television since March of 2009 and I feel great about my decision to not do so. Eliminating television from your life will allow one the necessary time to become acquainted with themselves and achieve greater self-awareness. The psychological and spiritual benefits from this are endless. If one works all day long and then comes home to sit in front of the television, the only time left for self is while one is unconscious and sleeping. No wonder people never grow up; the true self is stuck in a dream land and never exposed to reality.

    • I stopped watching TV back in 2004 because I realized there was nothing to watch amid all the commercials. My time is spent doing things, rather than watching other people (on TV), do things. It is appalling how many people are enslaved by TV – but, of course, that is part of the plan, isn't it? What is happening to this country is, indeed, truly frightening for anybody who uses their brain to think.

    • When my Children were young we did not have a TV for a time it was a good time we came a lot closer,but when they where older they had TV's in there bedrooms and they spent time watching TV by themselfs not so good.

  7. Same here. Im less stressed without TV and PC and phone too I might add. TV is most degrading without your control with its commercials and such. U can be watching a show that does not bother u and see a degrading commercial. All that static messes with our brains anyways

  8. As always outstanding research. I am not part of the herd. So that your readers understand, there is a steep price to pay for being truly a rugged individualist. If that is possible and still be a member of society. I pay the price all the time. You have to have an anvil to secure your humanitarian beliefs and a tremendous amount of knowledge across a wide spectrum of disciplines. So keep teaching . It is needed.

    • Your post makes me think of an Interesting quote I heard in some mainstream movie…

      (advice from father to son )
      "if you want to lead an unconventional life, you must 'appear to lead a conventional one'
      The world is most unkind to mavericks" .

    • I agree, it's really hard to stand far away from the maddening crowd. We pay the price but we also educate ouselves and pass on relevant information. What started in a small circle has grown slowly but contiously. Information is the basis of education which in return gives one the freedom to make choices.

  9. i'm glad that everyone who left comments thus far seems to be able to appreciate this post. Once people start to realize that the ingredients for mind control are all around., I do believe it will be increasingly difficult for them to ignore the obvious symbolism all around them. God bless you

  10. VC says: "Today, the population is gradually being exposed to the existence of mind control, of transhumanism and of an Illuminati elite."

    It's important to realize what the message is as well as how the message is being transmitted.

    One of the cornerstones of the Elite agenda is eugenics. Eugenics is born from darwinism and eventually leads to transhumanism. Transhumanism is visible in the corporate media in the form of robotic and cyborg images in music videos.

    This whole agenda is driven by the "promethean" view that science should triumph over religion. This is simply an extension of the Nazi agenda to create a super-race. Philosophically it is derived from Nietzsche's proclamation that "God is dead". It is an atheistic and amoral movement, but it disguises itself in forms that will not arouse the general public. An excellent example of this is the way Planned Parenthood is used to disguise the genocidal attack on non-whites around the world.

    The goal of the Elite is to create an image in the minds of the general public that a society based on scientific principles is naturally superior to a society based on religious principles. This is the "promethean" world view which I mentioned earlier. The word "promethean" derives from Prometheus who stole fire from the gods and gave it to man. This symbolizes the triumph of science and technology (as represented by fire) over religion (as represented by the gods).


    • The Sane One in the on

      Two points:

      A) You forget that, without fire, the humans in the Greek myth of Prometheus would have remained dumb animals. It was the fire that caused them to look up and see the gods for the first time; it was the fire that gave them intelligence.

      What you are bemoaning is the triumph of intelligence and thought over animal instinct and nonsentience. What you're expressing is a wish that people, even if we did become sentient, would stay dirty, superstitious, fearful, misogynistic, uneducated, warlike, malnourished, prejudiced, and very, very, VERY pious.

      B) You're all paranoid.

      • With genuine love for all humans, and respect for the animals (we eat);) I need not religion, and i`m not afraid of pure science or tecnology. I admit i even like a bit of luxury.

        It is misuse of both religion and science, i personally disagree with.

        Thanks for calling all of us "paranoid". By the way, you did not say what kind of system you promote. Mr Sane.

    • Good post, baba. Thank you for mentioning Planned Parenthood. Founder Margaret Singer, oldest of 11 siblings from Irish immigrant parents, went Communist, met a rich guy, went Bohemian, then went to work for the elites as the founder of The American Birth Control League. That is, a league committed to controlling the birth rate of Africans, Jews, Italians, Slavic peoples, etc. She wrote articles for the KKK newsletter and even spoke at their events. I made the sad choice, even though it was legal, ended up sterilized by "the procedure". On a daily basis, Planned Parenthood and all abortionists individually commit murder and politically, commit genocide. Now "birth control" is considered a good thing, and so few know the connection to intentional genocide. Thanks again

  11. (Sorry, I forgot to include these quotes in the above comment.)

    Rockefeller Center in New York City is a virtual shrine to Prometheus. His golden statue stands at the head of the central fountain, with lines from Aeschylus inscribed below.

    Prometheus is Lucifer. The giver of light. The "god" of the atheists, occultists, Freemasons. He is science unrestrained by religion. According to their mythology, once Prometheus is unbound then he will battle with Zeus (religion) and defeat him. Prometheus unbound represents the triumph of the secular over the religious.

    • What! The god of the atheists, I didn't know I had one, what do I do, pray and ask for forgiveness or sacrifice a goat ?

      • Don't be offended by the way it's worded. Do some research of your own and figure out why that inscription is worded in such a way.

  12. Do you think this recent addition of switching everyone over to HD and blueray has anything to do with media control? I'm speculating that it is somehow a way to watch us/monitor?? There has to be some reasons why everyone is switching over….

    • Hi MT

      Have a search (look) for "United States Patent Application 20060007222"

      The two way tv is already invented.

      By Michael Uy, for Apple Computer, Inc.

      Yes, The police can already look at you through your own TV set. Its not a joke.

      And They can also look at you thru your Pc monitor.

      This is life. Not the future. Sorry to break the news for you.

      Keep your dick under the blanket and dont make to many faces as you cum;) And hide the bong.

      • That doesn't mean anything.

        Think about it.

        If they can see us through our televisions and our computers, who is going to monitor this and actually derive any meaning from it?

        Even if they can see us, which I doubt they can, WHOOP DEE FUCKING DOO. No organization is going to be able to keep tabs on millions of people and actually keep track of any of it. People sign on, sign off, turn the television on and off, flip channels, and this is done by the MILLIONS.

        If you create a computer program to analyze any data (and what data could you possibly get anyway?), it would still be difficult to put it to any use.

        Also, the cost would be tremendous.

        You know what, there are so many things wrong with the scenario that your irrational fear has created that I can't even write all of it in a reasonable time frame. Think logically. The government doesn't give a rats ass about you on an individual basis, stop worrying. And if you are not running a terrorist organization in your basement, then none of this shit should matter to you. Calm the fuck down.

      • Through the use of the patriot act the government does keep tabs on everyone who searches a BROAD list of things. WE ARE ALL put into a database and kept there until we "GET OUT OF LINE" in a sense. To say "how can the government track millions of people" is ignorant. NO they may not be able to watch each individual but they can separate us from the others, AND THEY ALREADY HAVE.

    • while I`m at it, I have to continue a bit

      Some dude at project camelot.com says that he was headhunted by NASA/CIA in 1962 to implement satelites that could monitor every inch of our planet 24/7/365, and even audiorecord human voices by the same satelites and listening in on every conversation in the street by filtering out background car traffic. from a complete satelite grid around our planet.

      This puts the BIn laden story, and the ongoing Somali Ship hijackings in to a new perspective if you ask me.

      The "elite" wants the chaos, from wherein they can operate.

      They put their tecnology in to bad use for 20-30 years before it reach the public. Just as they used advanced technnology too bring down (or up) the twintowers in 9-11. Technology we then knew nothing about.

      Just as they used remote controlled airplanes in that incident. Before 9-11 they denied that planes could be remotely controlled. But after 9-11 it became public knowledge that drones could be remotely controlled over irak and afghanistan from usa. Eh eureka ?

      I wonder why they call the most used search engine on the web Google ? Might it be that it has anything to do with the two way "integrated sensing display" mentioned above. Some more badly hidden symbolism maybe ? Where you see the web, and Apple sees you? Why does any movie from hollywood show an apple laptop used by the "hero" ? To make you buy an Apple laptop ? With an hidden integrated sensing display incorporated in it.

      To many questions ? okay I rest my case.

      I can not verify the storry told by the dude from Prosject Camelot.com but I do not question it myself.

      From what I have found out, I know tecnology is used for decades by the "elite" before it comes in to public domain.

      The closest star to earth is so far away it would take aliens at least 600 years to reach our earth with an imense speed. Its not like a sunday trip, even for the aliens.

      So unless you buy in to the "wormhole" teori , Wich I for sure IS NOT BUYING IN TO YET. The alien fiction is the next smoke and mirror fairytale we are feed. It looks more like "someone" will stage an fake alien attack to scare the hell out of us in the future. But dont trust me on that one.

    • It has to do with understanding of refresh rate and given frequencies impact on the brain and the subconscious understanding of what is being observed. We must also realize, a certain percentage of the population is not susceptable to these techniques. but about 80% are and will most likely not be able to comprehend the reality of it.

    • Oh, yeah, it is. HD & Blueray are soooo much more life-like, more convincing and more hypnotic. Another huge generation hook, is video/computer/on-line gaming now in HD. Todays infants & toddlers cannot tell the difference. School age children already prefer the electronic realm to reality. Sad and scary, all we can do is wake up others.

    • I reckon so. The frequencies used to broadcast are stronger, along with stronger frequencies for 3G and 4G etc mobile coverage and stronger more potent wifi have an impact on our behaviour and thought patterns even if we're not using the devices.
      Back to switch to HD, apparently they tried to do this a couple decades ago but consumer watch dog groups rallied against it because HD broadcast signal can reportedly carry information back, not just broadcast. Interesting considering smart TVs etc. Though they are connected to the internet anyways.

  13. Great post. I've been thinking about going off tv and movies for a while now. Every time I've tried I've had withdrawal symptoms, almost like physical tremors, I felt a sense of urgency, fear, desperation, and a great NEED to stay connected to tv/movies/internet. Some of the messages/themes of the movies would make even the most obtuse person raise an eyebrow.

    I've been seeing recurring themes in movies, especially kid's movies about kids gaining "special" or supernatural powers from non-human entities. Learning secret mysteries, being "chosen" for special "schools" where they learn to obtain these powers from alien/supernatural entities.

    • I hear you. I used to start my day w/ fox and friends. The tone got more and more shrill and divisive, at an alarming rate. I would be up in the morning getting ready for work and felt like I was missing something. Not anymore, I have peace in my mornings now. BTW, I put on fox and freinds once in a great while to check in on the loons. The last time I watched, i thought; that gretchen is nuts. She was going off on that press pimp of obama's and all I cold think of is "what is she receiving thru her earpiece to make her go off like that?" It was unbelievable. She's the fox news answer to olberman.

      Give it a shot. Turn off the news entirely for a month, then watch for a few minutes after a month of blissful silence. You will soon realize you missed nothing except negativity, divisiveness and outright lies and shut it off for good.

      Also, if you have decent, honest sources of news on the web, you'll continue to see that you know about things weeks prior to them being exposed in the msm.

    • I have experienced the same things soon after I tried to keep the T.V. off and stay away from video games. Sadly, they still control a part of my life, hopefully my next attempt at giving up these things will be more successful.

      Of course, that alone will not be enough. We must do our best not to give any of these major corporations our support in any way.

      • Keep trying, you will succeed. I quit TV years ago.
        Also it's very important to avoid the news, they constantly implant negative thoughts in your brain.
        I watch only useful clips on Youtube.

  14. Wake up people. It is about time everyone realized the sadistic occultist orwellian freemasonic elite of the US. There is PLENTY information on the net. If someone thinks that this is ALL there is about the Illuminati and their power and control over the world you are as naive as it gets.

    Take the band from your eyes, open them, if you have eyes see, if you have ears listen. The knowledge is not HIDDEN anymore. The Illuminati want your soul, your body and your mind, and believe me, if you live in first world countries they already own them. You follow whatever the media tells you. They easily demonize good people, and glorify filthy bastards… No wonder why Diana got more praise than Mother Theresa. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE UUUUUUUUUUUUUP!

    • Very true, but maybe try to be a little more supportive though? I mean we are talking about subliminal mind control over an entire lifetime. It's embedded in people, and at this stage it is DEEPLY embedded. It's not something that can happen very rapidly. Unless of course a profound and extravagant world-wide event were to take place where people had no choice but to listen.

    • Yeah, right.
      Few days ago Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez were honored again.
      They are constantly introducing filthy people as idols and example for others.

  15. Im waiting for you to have a field day with the new Aguilera video. That one should give you plenty of material. I just hope kids dont watch the video.

  16. wow a lot of awsome info its great how you back it up with so much other books and history that connects the dots

  17. The Christina Aguilera video is a direct attack on the morals and values of the Catholic Church. It is ANTI Christian and not to mention completely following their agenda of trying to destroy the REAL Catholic Church. Who will be next?

    You got Gaga wearing a Rosary over her privates and depicting the cross as a Monster, Jay-Z saying they are killing Jesus, Aguilera having an orgy inside of a Catholic Church, all the media attacking the Pope.

    What will be next?!?!?!?!

    • HermeticWonderer on

      ^^True, true but let us not also loose the point in pre-determined & held religious beliefs. There is far more going on than JUST an anti-catholic or anti-christian message, we are looking at an anti-HUMAN agenda and by qualifying it to be "just" about one religion or another is straying from the big picture.

      And the Pope has some explaining to do on MANY counts & to many victims!

      Great article and great site! 😀

    • The Catholic Church has strayed far away from biblical principals. There is alot about it on EX ministries.

      One good example is their use of confessions. Hoe can fellow man forgive you of your sins when he himself is not completely pure? Where in Bible are we instructed to say Hail Mary's?

  18. Vigilant, my dear friend –

    You have outdone yourself this time! Truly inspired and excellent work – I dare say, your finest work ever!!

    I'm very proud of what you've done here here, and that the synergy of our minds is producing such excellent results.

    Mega-kudos to you, Vig, cuz dis shizz be off da chain, y0!!

    Has anyone else noticed that the ruling elite are degenerate sociopathic scumbags? Just wondering. LOL

  19. Thanks for another great article.

    In addition to turning off and unplugging the t.v., try monitoring your phone calls via your answering machine. It is amazing how many callers will never leave a message, or announce who they are before hanging up. Some will continue to call and hang up before the recording comes on. It's more freedom from being tied to a phone and automatically picking it up when it rings! Caller I.D. is a rip-off because it will not show numbers from businesses or from callers who block their numbers. Cell phone users, you are totally controlled by your cells. No more phones ringing unless you turn ringers on – just a flashing light when there is a "message." Now you're in control, not the "callers."

  20. @LVB: They are degenerate sociopathic freemasonic satanists orwellian occultist perv immoral death culture lovers kabbalists fake Christians anti Catholic Church anti truth filthy scumbags…

    And still I think I missed like 99% of their attributes.

  21. Great article! Im amazed at so few comments first off. I think that futhers proves the authors point of the article. If this post were about "Brangelina" thier would be 500+comments. so kudos to all the thinkers who commented on this article.

    Ive been trying to go without tv and video games also, Its hard!!! I think I may have a slight addiction. TV has a way of sapping life out of its viewers; The reason why is folks vicariously live thier lives though the charaters on tv. If it wasnt for tv, I would have way more friends than I do now because I would be forced to leave my comfy sectional from "Ikea" and my 42 inch plasma from "bestbuy" and my xbox from "bestbuy" and socialize. This weekend I didnt watch tv and let me tell you, I got a lot of crap done, I even had fun going to walmart, Ususally I hate going to walmart but with no entertainment in my house walmart was like a themepark for me! and I even called old friends.

    • Truthseeker2013 on

      Dee I seee your concern. Ithink that many others are on other parts of VC as I was so by the time I read the insightful thought out article, over 2 years. I thank for information such as this because I have been a social pirahia because I like asking questions and feel stupid when others response suggests I am ill mannered and don"t understand proper ettiquette for social gatherings. So my way of hetting information is through the internet.

      I also have used a method for investigating things. It is a model that is based on people's activities in the areas of economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and war. I use a definition on each and it amazes me how much material doesn't link or interlink into this. This article touches all based on my definitions and it shows how a hidden plan can work. There are four factors of how people activites chang be being divided, manipulated,subjugated, and once they go through that filter how what is.plucked from it. I do agree we have dumbed down intelligence and the "Breaking News" has all the solutions to social ills. VC has helped keep us from becoming total mind controlled vessels. Thanks for that

    • graphicartist2k5 on

      even if the educational stuff is controlled by the illuminati, which means you're not really being told the whole truth?

  22. and one more thing!!!!!! LOOK at the ice cubes in the coke advertisment, you will see a blowjob!!!!!!!!!!

    • Truthseeker2013 on

      Wow!!!! I just found out that was also in the Matrix too. I watched that without catching that so I don't even want to imagine the subliminal messages could be found in that unless VC does analsis of the horrible consequences of using sexual energy in that way. My argument amonst my friends is sexual energy is a God given gift because if you can create life with it then just think about what else can be created with it if it is inappropriately used.

  23. Suzanna

    That's a nice thought, and I am sure that your intentions are good and pure.

    However, you may be yet unaware that the ruling elite also control the vast majority of curricula in nearly all universities, high schools and even grade schools, via organizations like the NEA, etc. The mass educational system is an integral part of mass media, perhaps even moreso than the entertainment side.

    Education is good, yes, but much of what proclaims itself to be education these days is nothing more than INDOCTRINATION into the concepts and ideas that the ruling elite are propagating into the minds of the young and unaware.

    Food for thought. :)

    • deadsquirreldelta on

      Ugh … the dreaded education system, eh? Well, a rare few of us do try to shed the light on our students – at least those whose minds are capable of being blown.

  24. superninja on

    I agree about so-called "educational" programs. Everything is spin these days. For me, I like to ask: does it serve man or God? Sometimes it's not so black and white, but with mass media it usually is, because they are often selling something toxic on emotional appeal to the basest of needs. Most of it is very dumbed down for a reason.

    This is a good article, but merely scratches the surface. It quite accurately demonstrates that these people are fully aware of what they are doing, and how they view "the masses" (you and me). Their agenda has always been the same, for thousands of years. They are not in control, but wallow in pride thinking that they are. Their ideas have a price, and they are hoping that "the masses" do not catch on to what that is.

  25. I am so grateful for your work and your passion. This website has helped open my eyes to the real depths of this thing, and as a result my life is changing and reshaping. THANK YOU, never stop.

  26. Vigilant,

    This is the best article you've written. You have a pretty solid and impressive grasp of mass psychology…keep up the good work.

    Sectum Sempra

  27. christine_UK on

    great article… glad i'm not part of the herd….i feel sorry for the people who haven't got a clue

  28. For those ranting about "anti-Catholic" messages, you do realize Catholicism was and is a powerful force of manipulation filled with warped Christian messages, right? Being pro-Catholic is not entirely a good thing.

    • graphicartist2k5 on

      AMEN, brian, and to add, catholicism is HIGHLY occultic in what is taught in that religion! do your homework if you do not believe me. it's as far from "Christian" as anything can be!

    • Please go and read a book on church history before deciding whether or not it's true that the Catholics ruined Christianity. I recommend "Pocket History of the Church" by Bingham as a good starting point.

      Also, please ponder this question: if the Catholic Church warped Christianity, whatever happened to "And the gates of hell shall not prevail against it?" (talking about Christianity as a whole). Would Christ let his Church (universal) be ruined by evil people only to be saved by "reformers" who started their own branches of Christianity?

  29. Brian May


    Evil has infiltrated all organized religions to varying degrees, and we must all be very cautious to keep our faith only in God – one-to-one, up close and personal faith. People will always let you down, but God won't.

    BTW, I love your guitar work, Mr. May. :)

    • Truthseeker2013 on

      I've HAD THIS SAME IMPRESSION FOR YEARS. When I begin to discuss things with those surrounding me the only thing they will say, You need Jesus and quote a biblical verse that says keep yourself covered in blodd. So I went to look up the definition of blood and still it aligned with my thoughts. . Since many have different religious beliefs and can't understand. Where I am coming from I get the and it is almost getting the same resoonse from those who share the same religious ideas. Many tell me that their deighty is much superior than my belief because their deight taught my deight which makes their beliefs much superior.

      What I wanted to discuss waswhat you mentioned about being indoctrinated. I feel strange because it sounds more like being brainwashed and don't use your brain. But my thing I interpret blod to also mean your life so your deighty has gone through similar experiences but to close your mind instead of open your mind to the experiences means you don"t want to grow and evolve beyond being brainwashed and accept what is happening and go further down the rabbit hole.

      • Truthseeker2013 on

        I apologize. I had difficulty posting. I deleted several paragraphs.

        The point I wanted to discuss if the entertainment industry has a technique that can control the masses the aren't their techniqes that are taught to ministers and pastors? I question the strak similarities to and alter in the church to a MK that has several alters.

        My other thing is the whispers that I get from some parishers under their breath because the wouldn't say it out loud that the paster, deacons are masons. So my thing is are they hypnotizing and mind controlling the flock each Sunday and using bible verse to do it? Because when I somply questioned that I think Jesus blod can be interpreted a different way and they were referring to mind control back in Biblical times the repercussions were I have had a difficult time in finding employment, they want to suggest a mental institution to get my head examined so I can start to think straight to the sisters in the church saying I am only fit to serve them by picking up after them. I am going to hell for questioning God in that manner. Another thing that disturbed me was an article explaining the mind control on the super bowl, the author repeated the infor mation 3 times about the super bowl mishap. Was that done to put the reader in a trance? I know I may not be a clear thinke yet to critically analyze thinggs but my questions go further than what the pictures represents. Until I start to see those in the know discussing some of those hidden and ther connection to creating what are represented in the pictures, the the people activites in reality will better connect the dots because there is an hiearchy to everything

        It struck me when I was reading VCs article about the super modelbreaking the mind control and rememberin her father incestuous acts. What I wanted to know what part does the producer play when he flipped out stopped them from filming calling security and confiscatiing other forms of film on what she saiid. Even though he may be a puppet as well, what goes on hidden behind the scenes with him in his roles and responsibilities? He apparently sounded some type of alarm and how does he report to the elite? That is only for starters. In order for them to capture a certain message, they have to know more because they what is not necessary. Yes I know they are puns too but each little parts makes the bigger picture much clearer.

  30. AncaCondrache on

    yet another fantastic article! thanks for this

    I really hope you do an article on Christina Aguilera's new video

    @PacoMay pretty much sums it up!

  31. Where did you find the fact that Carl G. Jung was a freemason????

    I have been looking myself everywhere and never found this as a confirmed fact. Somewhere it stands that he was interested in masonry but never accepted to be part of it. Unfortunately cannot remember the source.

    Much has been written about Jung. If indeed he had been a freemason it would in part explain his huge knowledge in symbolism and his studies.

    Can you tell me where you got your information?


    • Notice the rings on her fingers in the first part of the video when she's touching her face? They appear to read "Amity"

      Amity definition: . Peaceful relations, as between nations; friendship.

      New World Order?

      pause the video at :27. Now look at the X at the top of her outfit. Look at the lowly curl in her hair, shaped like an 'S'. Far fetched, but does anyone see the word "Sex" ??

      :47 they all appear to be prototypes of her, and she steps back into line with them. Then at :48 they're all slumped over like a bunch of puppets for her to control.

      What's with the cupping the one eye thing? Gaga had the one eye thing too. Illuminati symbol?

      Promoting bisexual behavior throughout the entire video. Obviously Anti-catholic, not to mention the orgy in the church.

      1:13 she's licking out of a black basin, and later pours that dark liquid on herself.

      to be continued

      • Symbols in her eyelashes at 1:16. One round symbol.

        at 1:50 one eye thing through the looking glass, with Golden Eyes, and almost immediately in a catholic church, orgy ready to ensue.

        At the top of stairs, smokey background. images of what appears to be a sun / set on each side.

        What's the instantanous flash of the image in the doorway at 1:52 ??

        1:56 – who's the guy slumped down on the right? You barely notice him if you aren't paying attention.

        Looking glass again at 1:58,

        2:02 starts burning something, arson, and then takes a picture with her phone.
        2:09 you can see the phone screen shot of the fire.

        two perfume bottles at 2:15 with black ribbons on them. sprays herself in the next scene.

        2:27 the recurring bondage scene in the red chair, breasts are exposed.

        2:34 Amity rings, her head between a womans legs.

        2:49 pouring black liquid on herself.
        2:53 Amity rings again.

        Nice closeup of Carrera sunglasses in the beginning.

        She still can't dance.

      • Most interesting was the ad that played before the videos. Anti-gun ad propogated with the use of hollywood actors.

        As a side note, ever wonder why all email accounts and apps want you to log your cell phones and alternate emails as "password" recovery? And most apps that request permission want access to your personal information including all your contacts.

    • Watching gabriella climi 'on a mission' video. Interesting parallels to Aguileras video.

      Lots of imagery, but the one eye thing caught my attention at :42, along with all the "clones" dressed in white, similar to Aguilera's video.

      Lots of triangular imagery – illuminati?

      You've got the burning city in ruins in :58.

      1:08 I see the two planets like I saw two suns or planets in Aguilera's video.

      You see two planets again at 1:10, this time lined up.

      Two planets again at 1:17, looks like atomic bomb at 1:29.

      Neck choke apparel consistent with Aguileras video.

      2:18 – they've conquered a planet and have installed the flag with the triangular symbol

      Robotic clones.

      What a horrible song. Seriously bad music.

  32. Fantastic VC. I will definitely be referring people to this article. It's scary how much influence the media wields over the population.

  33. James Vicary's research has been shown to be faked and his oiriginal "results" weren't even replicated and shown to be significant in later studies that were carried out. There is no real scientific evidence for the effects subliminal messages. This is hardly a study that can be used to back it up…plenty of books that have been written dealing with these subjects have outlined the true value of this study.

  34. awesome work vc

    also just watched christina aguileras new video – jaw dropped at the degredation! this crap is so readily available to children and most people dont even notice because they are so desensitised by the mass media! just another reason to turn the tv off….

  35. oh, and of course thankyou vigilant! only discovered this site a week ago, and i feel so stupid because im 17 and of course all this stuff is aimed at my generation, and after reading lady gaga/jayz/beyonce etc and all the stuff on mind control im totally shocked cause i just accepted it! im posting these sites to all my friends.. hopefully it will make a difference! x

  36. Andreas Abraham on

    let knowledge be a seed in your mind

    if you learn how to grow and to harwest

    than you dont need to eat another mans bread.


  37. @Brian

    Not only do I realize that every religion has been infiltrated by the communists/satanists/freemasons but there is a community within the Catholic Church, mainly made out of the laity who is truly and completely faithful to the word of our Lord Jesus Christ, and his teachings and the REAL morals of the REAL Catholic Church, who are doing something about this. I'm talking about the good old 2000 year old traditional morals and teachings which were corrupted by the Vatican II.

    And we are so AWARE that the CHANGE has started, the cleaning has started, and there is no denying that there are plenty agents of evil posing as priests, bishops and cardinals, but those of us who are truly and faithfully doing what the Gospels teach us, following what the real great Doctors of the Church like Saint Augustine taught us, we are the ones who are trying to save the REAL Catholic Church.

    So, no, being a Catholic is not something bad. We've been attached to some filth thanks to Communism, masons, and plenty infiltrators, but trust me. We WILL clean the Church.

    • I hope you understand that the Bible is not a legitimate source for ANYTHING. Everything having to do with the Bible was written down in a time before print, passed on mainly orally, or copied by hand in small dark rooms. What I'm trying to say is: if I whispered 'umbrella' into your ear now, and you passed it on to 2,000 people, it would come out as 'bathing suit' or whatever, not to mention that people would probably add their own words and thoughts and rave about them and 1up each other over the best story.

      Not only has the Bible been formed like this- most of the stories weren't written down until decades (sometimes centuries) after the actual events, causing more room for confusion.

      That is bad enough- but then there are all the apocryphical (spelling?) books that have been locked away as not being part of the canon. Why are they not part of the canon? Which of the people selecting the Biblical canon were actually there when any of those things described happened? None of them.

      I certainly don't think God was trying to misinform us, but I do think man had handled the information given to us in such a way that we can't believe anything the Bible says.

      Also: I don't think God meant for multiple religions to exist. This does not mean I think Christianity is THE way, as seems the majority opinion around here, I think we don't know anything about what God really wants or thinks, and that we should denounce all existing religions as such and create a personal bond with God, and hope that He will take the time to try and inform us one last time. We could certainly use it in our day and age with everything forcing us towards earthliness.

    • @ paco, u say the church is cleaning itself up and you state that gaga, beyonce and the illuminatti whores attack the church, this proves that the church is good. have you ever heard of oppisames? get the people to fight btwn two wrong parties that you control and that way you win whoever they choose. we may well need to get close to god, but we dont need a priest btwn us, the church killed woman as witches, killed the natives of south america for gold, has harboured peados for the last 50 yrs, started the crusades and the list goes on and on and on, so who are these people you say are cleaning up the church. there are so many christians and muslims fighting each other over who is the real religion that we get lost and the illuminatti walk all over us. we need a personal relationship with god and love for each other, im sorry to say that you are blinded. i wish u love and hope you can open your eyes to the fact we dont need someone else to control our relationship with god, that is elitism at its most obvious

  38. And face it, so far Lady Gaga, Christina, Beyonce, Rihanna and others have attacked DIRECTLY the Catholic Church. It is the Catholic Church they hate the most. And it is the Catholic Church the one that they have tried to destroy the most.

    Ask Madonna, Gaga and those filthy hos…

    • Truthseeker2013 on

      This is waaaay off topic. Forgive me I a haviong trouble posting.

      This got me into trouble. EI have a far fetched though. I just read an article that mentioned the subconscious mind has twelve levels. The last supper painting and the disciples couldn't that represent jesus having alters? Also the mother and child. Couldn't that represent the mother as a form of homosexuality and the child as when a mind controlled person first get their indoctrination into mind controll? I haven't seen any type of information any where but it got me in trouble with church goers

  39. Thank you so much, this is a great article.

    Wish we could wake up people,who don't want to wake up.

  40. blooblahblee on

    The real issue nowaday is technology. The better technology gets the easier it is to dumb people down. If they get people to stop thinking so much and to not be so smart, people will obviously be much easier influenced. The problem is…it seems nowaday people don't really care about being smart. I'm pretty bewildered by it, but it seems nowaday im pretty bewildered by the stupidity of people in general. I can say one thing for sure though people's ATTITUDES and AMBITIONS have totally changed. They don't give a shit about anyone but themselves!!!

  41. Bella In Black on

    The church is in "the game" too. Do you think they don't know what the fudge is happening? They know of course! The pope knows and he is a part of it all! It is not the church who we should trust it's the RELIGION and there's a large difference between the religion ,like a greater power to believe in and the church as an institution. :))

    Again an excellent article! I've been reading your post from a few months now and I really find it useful to hear the truth,because from times to times I really want to hear something more than just plain lies. As someone stated above ,most of this control over the mass media is pointed at the young generation ,because after 30 yrs. us [currently teens] will be the ones who will be working and making money for the ones who are now brainwashing us O_O And people think I'm weird ,because I never turn on the TV. If that's so ,then I prefer to stay weird ,than be like everyone else!

    Keep bringing the great articles!

  42. Great work VC…..

    I sent VC an email about Gabriela Cilmi's new clip a couple weeks ago…hopefully he is analysing it as we speak! I caught the end of it one day and my jaw dropped…in just a year she went from "sweet about me" sounding like an Amy Winehouse clone to being the newest poster girl for social engineering!!! Absolutely blew me away….

  43. I was waiting on an article like this. I think this subject is the most important. Tho it seemed kind of backwards, it may be good timing.

  44. This article is basically my 3 years of communications in a single blast. If you can grasp these concepts/theories you will be able to analyze and deconstruct mass media and its mechanisms.

    I fear it may be too tedious of a read for many but definitely worth examining.

    Thank you Vigilant Citizen.

  45. Hi everybody

    good article.Just wanna thank you for it and say that " as a man thinks in his heart so is he" meditate the bible and there will be influence of the mass media in your life

    i ve been spiritually too lazy but things will change!!! thanks for memindering me that i must not allow the devil through its agents control my life!!!

  46. i was amazed at that coca-cola ad. it is said in the bible that people will take pleasure in doing sin than good towards the last days.TIC-TOK-TIC-TOK-TIC-TOK

  47. Bella- For some odd reason I beleived all the wackos's were placed in the church to " one day" make it look bad. The church is pretty much over, ( which made me think of this " life starts when the church end" )or more like things are going as planned. I must say it's not the church, it's the people. Not all churches. Mega churches get the side eye for sure " A stage is for a performance"

    Sidenote- " church end" is a phrase my grandma would always use. Even in sunday school I remembered as a young girl (7, 8 yrs old) the church saying satan wanted the church to end. Meaning we live in a world where we do not beleive in God, it's like God who? So when Jay-Z, said " life starts when the church end" I knew off the back, what he was saying. People made a big deal over it, but I think it was for all the wrong reasons. He said, he was saying life start when you walk out the church, blah, blah blah. In my mind I knew what the term was associated with.

  48. Resurrected on

    Viligent if that is the case what internet network on you giving this information through if nothing just happens and they control most of the norm and mass information? Are they letting you give this information or are you connected through a different mainstream connections? Thanks for the info very enlighten to say the least. I am really thinking about moving to Canada because I want something different then all of the US BS but I am sure that Canada is not exempt from being touched and manpulated but still is in way better condition then the US and still seem to care for there people right now anyway. I am tried of feeling like at am some puppet that is only filled with limited and conformed information when in reality I am more than that if I choose to be. I no longer watch much TV because there seem to be no truth in it anymore but for the ones the people who still want to stand up and fight against the system or at least within there mental space with no one really has any control over then yourself how are people like us getting through the system to inform the masses? Like Micheal Moore and even your website, not sure yet if they are apart of the system or just really good at what they do and know and are being watched over my God. Do you have any insight to the question that I am posing to you?

  49. Thanks for the article, very eye opening!

    It seems that you cannot trust anything these days and you have to take EVERYTHING with a pinch of salt. How does one know who to trust any more? Everyone has their agendas and like you've pointed out in the article, these agendas are being communicated through basically, every type of media availble to us! It shocked me when you mentioned that a member of a church was part of this elite. Can you imagine, someone who you trust spiritually, can be leading you astray without you knowing?!

    Also, the whole idea of densensitisation, an extremely valid point I think. I was having a conversation with my friends the other day about the state of tv and music videos….the increasing sexuality on our screens is getting ridiculous….and that includes both hetero- or homosexuality. Anyway, my dismay was put down to me "getting old", being a "prude" and "not being accepting of change". I'm sure these "excuses" have also been reinforced by the media.

    With the amount of influence these elitists have, emancipation is going to be a major uphill struggle….I say bring on the test!!!

  50. LSD (and similar psychedelics) use are the crux of an unbelievably horrendous blood bath; and strewn with the cause of more death than could ever seem possibly imaginable to where we�re now living in a dark age. Not because of the actual drug(s) themselves, but because our Creator in His divine perfection … Is a jealous God for our benefit.

    C.I.A. went wrong back in the late 1950s and early 60s, after sniffing out LSD-25 to study for mind control; that had been first isolated by Dr. Albert Hofmann at Sandoz Laboratories in Switzerland back in 1943. Having thus found out exactly what the whiz-bang can and cannot do. After that unfortunately, the C.I.A. irresponsibly then distributed LSD to mental institutions to study for schizophrenia, knowing well that LSD was an engine of sorcery and witchcraft.

    I�ll presume In an attempt to justify the expense of the Project MK-ULTRA, where among other things they came up with a supposed, practical way to utilize this amazing psychedelic. They were likely, creatively seduced into perceiving that mental health clinical physicians, using LSD themselves ~ could better study their schizophrenic patients through astral projection, without ever having to be in the same lab room or observation facility to disrupt or influence their patient�s reactions or responses.

    The major blunder is that, (by my presumption), their theoretically practical use of LSD to attain the ability of astral projection � is that astral projection is a dark art that can only be acquired by sorcery. The C.I.A. was irresponsible in not respecting that LSD was an engine of sorcery and witchcraft, and should have just scrapped it, and labeled it as something like: Abandoned ~ due to it being essentially a peculiar, fascinating troublemaker. Clue reminder � the Mother of harlots is our Father in Heaven�s tip that we�re getting screwed!


  51. germandude on

    Nice article VC,

    it all is starting to make sense when you start to really see how the elite operates…they know exactly how we function, because they have programmed us….! We are all operating under thier operating system, now and then we get an update with new bullshitinformation and fake politics…

    we buy into their 5 senses amusementpark that never ends and those evil genuises think about the next movie they can trick us with….

    here is another good artricle about Carl Jung:


    He also seems to have something to do with the kabala and other mystic information….deep stuff

    everyone needs to find out that we are played by psychopaths who are evil as hell


  52. This is unrelated to this article, great work by the way vigilant. Have you guys seen the new "Clash of the Titans" movie. It is a total deviation from the 1981 classic. Story line was changed, they only thing I got from the movie was the film makers trying to sell hatred to god ( in this case). That was not the original story line. About this article, it is splendid. As a christian, and a firm believer in the bible, brothers and sisters, their is abosultely nothing we can do to change anything. They new word order will come and it is here to stay, they anti Christ will come and will rule the world for the years assinged to him. So what is the way out, only one way out. Salavation comes through a one on one personal relationship with Jesus Christ. That is the only way, not by being nice to people, not by going to churchevery sunday and forgeting God through the week until the next sunday, not by avoiding watching telly. But to have a one on one relationship with Jesus Christ.

  53. Resurrected on


    Great point and keep preaching that message… I no longer try to hold religious imagery but am working hard on knowing and believing my Lord and Savior.. I don't watch TV at home but still feel that enormous strain still of the media mass manipulation and then when you have friends and family who also is all ready conformed to this lie it makes it hard and can make any person to feel all alone.. It is getting to the point where the only sanity that may be left is through like minded people, situations and circumstances I really feel that God is trying to lead me somewhere to safely and to develop me for the ride that is ahead. He is opening my eyes tremendously…

  54. superninja on

    The "church" is not an organization, it is made of up the individuals that put their trust in Jesus Christ and have his Spirit. Anything that concentrates power in the hands of a few individuals is not from God, sorry.

    Pop stars and celebrities target the Catholic religion because many of them have been to Catholic School. One can hardly blame them for rebelling against the religious branch of the World System.

  55. HumanObserver on

    Great article. Maybe you should change the name of your site vigilantsexcitizen.com and the masses might check out the site.lol

  56. I haven't allowed t.v in the house for the last year and a half. However we do watch movies quite a bit but I sorta feel that at least with a movie I have control over what I watch and when I want to watch it. As for my children I think it is up to me the parent what they view and then be there to answer any questions they have and make sure there behavior is in check at all times. I find that they are super creative. I grew up in front of the tube and I do miss "vegging out" but I don't miss the waisted time. I find that my creativity has soared as well.

  57. Jonathan Gil on

    Please do Christina Aguilera's Not Myself Tonight, i'm suspecting she became another Illuminati puppet just look at the lyrics and the video please :p

  58. To the people that made comments about Christina Aguilera and how she's attacking the church in her new video : listen to the lyrics… Christina says she's not herself tonight AND she says she'll go back to the girl she used the be in the morning. You know? I'll wait to see what the 2nd single/video looks like…

    Christina's just being a singer and doing her job. Everyone's got to make a living.

    Vigilant Citizen says we should STOP BUYING CRAP AND READ A BOOK… but that's kind of vague to me… I mean, what books? Doesn't the Illuminati own all books or something lol? How will reading books truly put a stop to the mess? People will just lose their jobs if you don't buy their stuff… should people quit their jobs and not go to school? I mean really… what would be a real solution against the New World Order plan? I just don't get it.

    Honestly, I do not mind this New World Order thing as long as the "elite" doesn't plan on murdering or hurting anybody or forcing people to become cyborgs and whatnot. I mean, I don't know…

    Anyways, I'll keep listening to Christina Aguilera because she's my favorite singer. That's just how it is lol. I mean, my ears like the sound of her epic vocals.

  59. Amazing work Vigilant!!! Those ads are so crazy! I have looked for things like this. the ice in the coca cola ad is terrible. I didn't know about any of those. Right in front of our eyes. Also in The lion King the word sex goes across the sky in the form of clouds, Proctor and Gamble symbol is a man's face on the moon with sixes in the beard. This can go on and on. I knew a lot of those companies belonged to other bigger companies but I didn't know there were so many and AOL owned/controlled so many either. Thank you Vigilant. Hello's to LVB and Baba how are you?

  60. As usual great post, and to speak on a few of what people are saying about education being used.

    I'm sure most people here have had "senior weeks" basically the last week before graduation where the school organizes planned activities for seniors. Well in my school one of the activities included a hypnotist, and not just that year but the same hypnotist has been coming to my school since I can remember. And who does he hypnotize, the graduating seniors of course,well I can speak on exactly what happened because my mom "a christian for 36+ years", would not allow me to attend. And at first I was upset I didn't understand the big idea but now I thank her because I gradated almost a year ago and at some point everyone I know always talks about the hypnotist. Senior week was an entire week I remember everything else, the photos we took, the workshops,but all my friends just remember the hypnotist and how I should have been there. Just always a little strange to me anyway great post and I look forward to your next post.

  61. thanks for this article I am actually writing a paper on this subject for a class. This will be a great help

  62. u never fail me, the wait seems like forever but when it finally comes its worth it

    what im saying is u know ur stuff and i wish everyone were 1st open minded enough to acknowledge the truth but then after free to finally accept it.

    I agree with jonathan gil before me about christina aguilera as i have too noticed what is now the obvious symbols and imagery in alot of her promo for her new album

  63. What? Nah man I dont think u dont understand him hes not evil. This is the first time I caught something that was false. Oh well no one is perfect






  65. Wow another great artical VC please don't let no one stop you from speaking your mind I'm only 15 years old and I'm glad I came acrosss your your website unlike the youth of America I do not let my thoughts and action be controlled by things I see on tv or hear in music .. Can't wait for your next artical !!

  66. Lanyavedoll on

    .:i usually watch on certain things/shows on television like a daily routine but im sure i can watch ahnything and because im 19 i know whats wrong and right and nothing to many things in the mass media really influence me because im at that age where i can detect things however i do believe that kids should have a limited time amount to watch television because they can easily be influenced…..

    OH and can you please do a post on the "Not myself tonight" by christina a. because ive seen it ans it definitely looks different/weird(not in a good way):.

  67. marin Ander on

    thanks so much vigilant.. i commend u and support ur work, dont let nasty skeptics bring u down.

  68. As CRASS said in the song "Nineteen Eighty Bore" :

    "Big Brother ain`t watching you mate, you`re f****** watching him."

  69. watch ironman2 but on PIRATE so they wont get money. i was tsk-tsk-ing in my head from all the symbolisms from start to finish. thank you vc!

  70. This is why 100% free markets are ridiculous.

    People who advocate 100% free unregulated markets (eg Ron Paul) are mad because it will create the current sitiation of a few companies owning the majority of resources.

    When a company gets successful and profitable it buys out weaker competitors, and the stronger it gets the more and more difficult it is for new companies to enter into the market, meaning we end up with the near monopolies we have these days.

  71. Anyone can still watch TV and movies but remember subliminal messages are everywhere so be aware and be vigilant. Always believe in the good side/force/jesus's life

    Godspeed everyone!!!!!!

  72. Being an Illuminati puppet is like a trend now. I'm pretty sure that some artists are just fascinated by the topic of secret societies and use symbolism in their videos for the hell of it. I've seen pyramids in the videos of indie artists. I don't think they have any evil plans. They're only inspired. It's better to write a song about secret societies than a song about breaking up or some other overdone subject. Plus it gets the people talking.

  73. Excellent as always, Vigilant.

    Lots of food for thought. Now if we could just get more people to start thinking again…

  74. well… what's wrong with sex?

    we are sexual beings, we do SEX! S-E-X

    don't you understand that all religions are created by the illuminati, including catholicism

  75. Anne

    Its funny you mention "trend" and "inspired". Who do you think funds these videos? The artist? NO, the companies that are backed with tons of money that back the agenda of the elites.

    If you do your research you will find out these artist are told what to wear, what to say, how to act, and they are even given songs to sing. They have "handlers" or what you would call a manager. Just do some research on how Brittany broke down. Most of the artist want to sing their own songs, but don't get to. They submit to what they are supposed to do. Thus, starting trends and inspiring occult agendas. The media is run by the elite and they are the ones who deiced what gets out there. Lets face it why should celebrity's make more money than a teacher? Why should we give a fuck what Brittany is wearing or what Beyonce is doing? Its because they want to get shit embedded in your head to follow the herd and wear the shirt that has an occult symbol. But its ok cuz your favorite artist is doing so. Who gives a shit about tabloids, inside edition, etc….The elite know you form an emotional bond with the artist and know you will follow what the artist is saying, wearing, and even singing. Like I said, the artist are given songs.Do you know the true meaning behind the song? or do you just go with what your told its about rather than trying to figure it out for yourself?

    These so called artist are more like victims. They get programmed there is no turning back or they just fall off trying to become famous. Before you know it its to late and they end up getting killed or going off the deep end. You can't do anything if you don't have the money to back it up yourself. So if you can't get the money where do you turn to? The bank that is also controlled by the elite or by a label that is also backed by the elite who control the money. Do the research you will be amazed on what you find out…..I could go on and on, but you will never see until you de-program yourself and really start to look. I warn you though you might no like what you find. Sometimes non-fiction (in the reality of it all) is stranger than fiction. If you can't get your head out of the clouds or don't really want to know the truth you will never understand or find the truth.


    If I was you I would try and look past what you just see and look at the meaning of it all. Why would you believe something just because its on TV? They don't call it a TELEVISION PROGRAM for nothing.

  76. I agree with Anne- not all symbolism is serious. I see people throwing a-ok signs all the time- they don't know what it means, it's just a trend. And maybe it's lost it's meaning as an occult sign by this point. I think people get hung up on origins- just because it meant something when it originates, doesn't mean the meaning hasn't evolved. It's all about the middle ground- taking notice of symbolism, but not leaping into conclusions.

    Also, as an amateur songwriter, I got a lot of inspiration reading through this website. Secret societies, symbolism, Monarch programming… it's all some pretty heavy stuff, but it's also fascinating. And I think that occultism and mind control can be referred to in media as a metaphor for the way people act every day. (For instance, disassociation is a regular human response to a lot of situations, and the idea of secret societies reflects the human urge to spread one's agendas and manipulate shadows. )

  77. If you guys thought the Coco-Cola add was funny. Check out the sunkist soda can. It says sinkist. If you get a chance check it out!

  78. IAmLonefrog on

    Nice work Vigilant,

    I came across a book a while back that you may find beneficial. It reveals the tools of communication, which in turn will help you convey to your fans more hidden meanings behind lyrics, slogans, and so forth. It is called Cracking the Code and is written by Thom Hartmann.

    I commend you on your approach and your steadfastness concerning this modern plight we now find ourselves immersed in. We can all breath a little easier now thanks to you.

    I'm hoping that with this article, it means you are moving to tackle even greater topics.

  79. u make a good point about how few companies own most of the media, and how most of the power is in the hands of the few, and u could call them elite

    but this has never been hidden knowledge? an uneven distributtion of wealth is an inevitable consequence of capitalism surely?

    and yes psychologists have been used to increase the selling power of products, and sex sells and all that, and the best are gonna be hired by the best and make an elite, but again, this isnt really new

    but your site has never been about proving the illuminati through sociopolitics, its allways been about symbols 'symbols rule the world' and all that

    yet, as far as i can tell, you make no attempt to link occult symbolism to corporate elites, you just say that media is being used to desensitize, and then leap to transhumanists and illuminatis?

    have you actually got any evidence that corporations are occult, besides from the idea that you see occult symbols in pop videos and films?

    seems a bit dishonest to me that you have to hide ur conspiracy illuminati theories behind well known social political and psychological facts, and then make no attempt to link the occult to it, and then act as though u have good reason to believe their are any occult groups in control of the world

    (except religion, am i right eh?)

    • Truthseeker2013 on

      This is a very intersting take on things. I've been curious myself. I really wanted to see someone use root cause analysis. That way it shines light into darkness and gives spiritual warriors more enrgy from those who believe in becoming mor alingned with God's light.

      For instance the military-police state knowing what law was passed tat gave them entry into a political system would help those justice fighters who want to keep law and jstice alice and well. I've seen so many articles about shedding light on the pertpverts in hiigh places who are involved in child sex abuse but I also suspect it would get to the root of homosexuality. It would shed more light on those who say they were born that way when another fact has come to light that children were forcibly abuse at two years old. NOW YOU CAN'T SAY THAT WAS A CHOICE. I also wanted to see so many other root causes discussed but that is a tall order especially when once you reveal the truth the tactics I've seen is those reversing what is revealed to use that energy to continue their agenda without skipping a beat.

  80. 121- The Eye of CBS. You do not see that as a corporate link. The same eye on the back of the dollar. How corporate can you get. Did you read above or did you only comment. There are pictures up top linking these people to major cooperations. CBS is only to name a few. So I can not understand what it is you are actually saying. Do you know?

  81. 122 jasmine

    think u misunderstand, u cant just point out that an occult symbol and someones logo look a bit similar, you have to prove that they intended to do so

    and even if u did ud have to prove that they did it cus they are an occult corporation

    the fact that their logos look a bit similar proves nowt, just that their logos look a bit similar

    the assertion that therefore they are occult too is just an assetion till u actually find evidence

  82. I didn't realize the Coca Cola blowjob or the Axes thing but seriously…who could miss the Skittles "Sexplosion". lol.

    Mass media targets at kids because they are the next generation. Kids today get more and more messed up because this is what mass media is throwing at them. With the subtle and not-so subtle innuendos, teaching that being your own god is cool and following Jesus is old-fashioned, and the fact that pre-teens and teens are retarded enough anyway without mass media making them even MORE retarded, these kids don't stand a chance unless their eyes are opened to what is going on. But kids today have never been so blind.

    Our future… I don't even want to know.

    • Truthseeker2013 on

      I have noticed that mass media targets the older generation too. Look at tje game shows. My mother watches The Price is Right, Let's Make a Deal, Wheel of Fortune and Jeapardy to name a few. Yhey are filled with all the same symbolism. I've noticed that their audience is filled with masons and eastern stars too. The ones that win big give he masonic hand symbol and they get all kinds of nice prizes. The ones tht you don't see gving the hand symbol usually loses.

      Now my generation is so busy working and dealing with hostile work environments. If I can find a website that deals with how to adopt m
      y personality so I can keep my job I will be grateful. My latest job my manager called me dumb and said I caused the project team to miss a very important milestone and had another manager vouch for her. Everyone was appalled I got fired because mosy were saying they made similar mistakes so don't worry about it.
      Now this is only my opinion and I wander what VC take is on this.

  83. Ajs- I thought the article was more about mind control and how it works. You speak of a petty logo, but did you not see the words flash across the screen during the campaign add, or the cola picture. Someone above mentioned the sunkist soda can. It says "sinkist" I didn't get these co. were an occult maybe, maybe not. What I have seen is enough. Your arguement is irrelevant due to many other facts!

  84. First of September on

    Great post. I studied mass communications and psychology in college, and I'm familiar with many of the names and concepts presented here. The best defense against mass media influence is thinking for oneself, and, sooner or later, people will realize that reading truly is fundamental. Western cultures write down everything, and 99% of what you need to know exists within the pages of a book. Again, a wonderful post, and I will certainly visit the site in the future.

  85. 126 jasmine

    so u think ur justified in making a leap from:

    1 the logos look similar to occult symbols


    2 therefore they are occult

    u really think thats a justified conclusion?

    or do u think u may need, i dunno, evidence before we accept that kind of claim

    • Truthseeker2013 on

      Most evidence is death and dead people don'talk. The survivors are usually labelled lunatics and they got to mental institutions to get their brains fried so it is hard to get coherent cohesive logic because they have to survive those that truly do have mental issues.

      Now I'm pretty sure there is a whole lot more evidence in plain site say someone actually being able. To get a real pictur or footage out that may show behind all the staged things that they say goes on behind the scenes. So that in itself raises a whole lot of suspicion.

      Until I can see those who are authorized in those hidden places use their intelligence to figure out how to electronically capture those scenes and convert it back to formats that we use with our technology then you will alway have this skeptical argument but it is still truth ther

      That's what I never understood if someone was so intelligent aren't they smart enough to figure out how to capture information that is useful because the same principles that are used to exploit can be used toeducate.

  86. "…studies have shown that images of children trigger in women an instinctual need to nurture, to care and to protect…" This "instinctual need to nurture" etc is debatable.

    Women don't have an instinct to nurture or to care or to protect children but they are socialized (brainwashed) into thinking that way. The "instinct to nurture" is not biological but it is taught and learned through socialization.

  87. Just a word about Aldous Huxley. He was the slickest of the slick. He was the quintessential insider pretending to be an outsider. Brave New World is not a condemnation of eugenics and transhumanism, it is a proponent of those ideas. How could it not be given the Huxley legacy. His whole family was dedicated to darwinism, eugenics and transhumanism. His grandfather T.H. Huxley created the term "agnostic" and was called "Darwin's bulldog". His brother Julian Huxley created the term "transhuman" and was a leader in the eugenics movement. I wrote a story that illustrates some of these connections named "Agnostica Eugenica Transhumana – A Dragon's tail".

    Aldous Huxley also introduced Hollywood to "psychedelic" drugs such as mescaline and LSD in the 1950s. In fact he had a hand in creating the very word "psychedelic". And through Hollywood, drug use spread into the popular culture of the 1960s. This was actually part of an agenda by the Elite to promote these drugs and not some autonomous rebellious movement that spontaneously sprung up as most people believe. Huxley, by cleverly disguising himself as a consummate rebel, was able to convincingly pull off this deception. Actually he was receiving the LSD that he distributed in Hollywood via parties at his home through a CIA connection named Captain Alfred M. Hubbard.

    I've done extensive research on how LSD "escaped" from the CIA MKULTRA mind control experiments of the 1950s into the general public in the 1960s and hope to eventually write an article on this subject. At the center of it all lies Aldous Huxley. Which leads me to believe that he was an agent of American or British Intelligence, or more likely both.

  88. trinihenry on

    Hey Vigilant, I LOVE your work, you are always spot on with your analysis . I would love to see you do an article on Christina Aguilera, specifically her album Bionic and first single " not myself tonight" Thanks alot VC

  89. @Zoe 129

    "The “instinct to nurture” is not biological but it is taught and learned through socialization."

    Unless you can provide a source to prove that I have to say you are almost certainly wrong. In almost every single species in nature the females have very strong motherly nuturing links to their young, in some cases even to the point of dying for them.

  90. The most common mistake made nowadays is to think that Church directly means clergy. Church means the laity and the believers. The Clergy is the ecclesiastic authorities. But the Church is integrated by the people. So when I said Catholic Church I was not directly speaking about the Ecclesiastic Authorities. I was talking about the laity, the brothers and sisters in Christ, baptized who participate in the mass and who receive the body of Christ and practice his teachings, follow his rules and commandments.

    Yes, ex-catholics happen to be some of the worst enemies of Catholicism, but not more than Freemasons, Illuminati, Liberalists, Communists, Neo-nazis, Pro-Choice… and all that groups.

    How can you people be so blind? You trust Vigilant on what he says about the messages twisted in the media, and do believe that the music artists are selling you the agenda of the elite, yet believe the elite when they tell you the Catholic Church is evil???

    The Ecclesiastic authorities HAVE been infiltrated by Illuminati, we know it, THEY know it, but why is the general public so eager to face the truth, the ELITE has INFILTRATED each and every opposite group they have: They have infiltrated the Tea Parties, the Ron Paulites, the Catholic Church, the Protestant Churches, the Ortodox Church, governments, news papers, news channels, the media, EVERY MAJOR source of information or morals HAS BEEN infiltrated. You are all acting like the Elites would not be able of doing it.

    The reality here is: Unplug yourself of the Matrix, they lie over 90% of the time about all 'news', they are NOT telling you the truth, or not completely, or taking it out of context. In the end what you see and get from the major media HAS BEEN modified to fit the Elite's interest.

    And every person in here who says they trust Vigilant should be aware that the Elite has got way more interests than selling sex and products to your children. WAKE UP people. For real!.

  91. Wow, you outdone yourself once more, Vigilent. I took a "Archetype and Movies" course in university a few years ago. Teacher made us go through whole concept of Jung and how they applied to movies. Made me see movies in a different manner. I really like some of his books. Now you're saying he was a freemanson? Damn, I shoulda known.

  92. Subliminal stuff!! How about that song PYRAMID by Charice? They say the word pyramid a million times

  93. "STOP BUYING THEIR CRAP AND READ A BOOK." Exactly! Stop consuming your culture. Start creating your own culture.

  94. DJenjoy posted:


    If I was you I would try and look past what you just see and look at the meaning of it all. Why would you believe something just because its on TV? They don’t call it a TELEVISION PROGRAM for nothing."


    Wow, that's pretty deep! I never thought of it that way… they're telling you flat out what their agenda is. We're just too trusting and naive to see it.

    Vigilant, I just wanted to say that this article is excellent! I never watch television because I know that it does something to me on a subconscious level. I see people's ideas being molded by television, video games, popular music, and certain books. Nowadays it seems that most Americans see what would have formerly been perceived as absurd, as being totally acceptable. Ten years ago, Lady Gaga's "Telephone" video would have been blasted by the public, but today it's considered "cool" and "edgy". And if you don't like it, then you're viewed as the weird one!!

    It frustrates me that so many people are too complacent to think for themselves. Most people in this country, it seems, eat whatever is fed to them, spiritually, mentally, and physically. The media, along with the fast food, meat and dairy industries, and the medical and pharmaceutical industries are all working together to drain you of your energy, your finances, your spirituality and your individuality!

    Please take a stand against this!

  95. how funny, my 6 yr old son and i son where watching a kid's channel and this commercial for apple jacks I beleive, poped up, as usual, with all cereal commercials, talking caricatures that look speeded out on meth or some kind of stimulant and look overly happy with eyes popping out, so anyway, after the commercial my son says "i want that cereal" why? I asked: thinks about it for a minute "cause…it's good" its good? I say, "yeah" that's it? I ask again, "yeah…it makes me feel good" thought it was funny even though he's never tried it

    but just goes to show, theyre on cue with this stuff, making a 6 yr old beleive that a cereal he's never tried will make him feel good….with a freaking commercial

  96. Ever since I engulfed myself with working out twice a day i realized that I haven't even watch TV like I used to. I am not surprised about the subliminal messages on television. My friend told me about one subliminal message that if you look at the Camel advertisement for cigarettes. If you look at the Camel character his nose looks like a penis and his lips looks like balls…lol

  97. :The “simpler code” devised for the masses used to be organized religions. "

    Vigilant…..I think the term 'organized religions' is very dumb. What religion is not organized in some way or the other? Can you be more specific – I suppose you meant major religions like Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and to some extent Judaism. But even the most minor pagan branch is organized. Whats the problem with today's society, that having something being 'organized' and/ or having tradition is somehow flawed? I hear this stuff so many times, I wonder, who injected this kind of terminology into people's minds, and keeps injecting it? In whose interest is it – to make people believe the past is 'flawed' and do not look into it? Do not question it? Make 'herds' believe they should not know it, despite the vast amounts of information available these days? Oh yeah, except the independent thinkers..which by most part, are quite lost and present arguments, not answers.

    Those who buy into 'organized religion controlling masses', most likely do not know anything well inside any major religion, and its an easy way to deny something deep and enjoy things on a surface much like what the current entertainment industry is providing making people into ADD walking pleasure seekers.

    Also Vigilant, it would be nice to see names and photos of the owners of these major corporations, I think…


  99. Daniel Mike on

    Okay, I'm gonna use the name 'Daniel Mike' to differentiate myself from the other 'daniel' (the other daniel had asked what's wrong with sex) ..

    There is nothing wrong with sex.

    But it is IRRESPONSIBLE and evil to blatantly expose underage/young children to sex through subliminal and obvious reference to the 'adult' side of sex, such as graphic and lewd representation of the human genitalia, sexual acts (sex positions, S&M, bondage, kinkiness) and suggestiveness to it., whether to sell a product, service or for anything.

    Children should learn about sex from sex education at school, not through watching the latest sexual exploits of Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian on TV or through the lewd sexual suggestiveness of a music video like Christina's latest one.

    Heck, some kids nowadays think it's cool to dress up as a hooker, so that just shows how influential sexual imagery is in the media and how f***ed up our society has become.

  100. Paco-

    All I can say is: Revelation 18:4-8.

    World religion is about to fall. The political and economic systems are about to turn on the harlot.

    Get out now.

    Don't subscribe to the nationalistic/consumerist agenda either. Neither the United States or the United Nations are going to be able to save anyone.

    Matthew 24:15. The disgusting thing is about to put itself in God's place. Time to flee to the mountains.

  101. beberodri – Thanks for sharing the story about your son and the cereal commercial. His response: “yeah…it makes me feel good” shows you exactly how their propaganda works. You can think of the commercial as a meta-product. The product in this case is the breakfast cereal aimed at children which is ultimately what they are trying to get you to buy. In order to sell you this product however, first they must create an intermediate "meta-product" which is the commercial.

    The commercial does not tell your son to go out and buy the cereal. It does not attempt to sell the product directly. Instead it is designed to simply instill a desire for the product in your son. It re-programs him so that he comes to believe that this product will make him "happy". Once the programming has been accomplished by the "meta-product" (the commercial) he will believe that his desire for the "product" is self-generated.

    And don't think that this works only on children. The same can be seen in adults who get programmed to believe that a car can make them happy, or a big screen TV can make them happy, or an I-pad can make them happy. This is the very definition of Edward Bernays consumer society. This is sometimes expressed as "the difference between men and boys is the price of their toys", or "the one who dies with the most toys wins", or even "I-owe, I-owe. It's off to work I go." But these popular expressions only scratch the surface of this phenomenon.

  102. Daniel Mike – You should have said: "There is nothing wrong with sex within a holy marriage as long as it is done with the full understanding that this is a gift from God." That is not to say that sex should only be done for the purpose of procreation. This is (more or less) the official position of the Catholic Church. Once you begin to expand this definition, you fall down the slippery slope of sexual liberalism. And eventually you end up where we are today in American society. In our case this happened within the lifespan of one generation. It began with the "sexual revolution" of the 1960s and here we are. The "sexual revolution" in turn was ignited by the birth control pill. The birth control pill was funded by Planned Parenthood with money funneled through it by foundations like the Rockefeller Foundation. Planned Parenthood was founded by eugenicist Margaret Sanger with money provided by these same foundations – like Ford, Rockefeller, Carnegie.

    See also the movie Maafa 21 which discusses in great detail how Planned Parenthood focused its attention on black and minority communities in order to accomplish its eugenics goals.

  103. I keep coming across comments suggesting that atheists are evil people. Well, not evil

    but seem to be advocating the idea that there exists a supreme being, generally God. Which

    is a bit disconcerting since this website is about the truth and

    exposing various techniques of public control.

  104. ps:

    and of course, among the many i forgot in my list of truthseekers and of great people who are trying to help humanity thru various means, the greatest of all, to me: BILL HICKS.

    damn, if after seeing his shows you still see things as before, then u DESERVE doom.

  105. I find consolation in the fact that no matter how much atrocities these elites commit against mankind just to finally bring about their one world government (run by the anti-christ); GOOD will still eventually triumph over evil, all their wicked works will be exposed, Jesus Christ WILL return destroy this earth and create a new heaven and a new earth for His saints and EVERY KNEE will bow to him. He WILL cast the devil, his agents, the antichrist and his false prophet and all who are unfortunately on their side at that time into the lake of fire where they will burn for all eternity. This is the truth, people: believe it or reject it, it's still gonna happen.

  106. i assume, maybe wrongly, that most of the ppl writing on this blog are from the US, or live there, incl Vigilant himself. as many of the most informed ppl writing about the nwo….

    cos u got the fiercest battle going on in your country, in my opinion, so it's normal that u also have the more awake ppl there, too… the most prepared fighters…,

    ok, freemasonry was born in old europe, but then they all estabilished their major bases in the amerikas and to me americans are the most heavily subliminally nad not so subliminally bombarded of the planet! i am talking as a "european" living in europe, so to speak.

    i had the chance to travel, even if mostly in europe, and i noticed very many differences….. i guess they base their subliminals also on the population/countries…..

    so, when i was in london i remember in our hostel room we had tv and i was very surprised on how calm it all looked, hours and hours of natural programs showing hills and flowers, WITHOUT SOUNDS NOR COMMENTARIES, which is kinda strange to us. in italy we always have some voice telling and interpreting FOR US.

    then here in germany were i live now tv is very boring and grey, they have this crazy programs in which u see this weird guy dressed in the typical bavarian dress, u know, with feathers and all, interviewing some sheperd walking along with his cows or sheeps in a street of a small german village…. then showing his cheese and stuff… this kind of very simple and kinda stupid stuff….

    and on the other hand u got very many police movies and law enforcement stuff, which fits perfectly with the german mentality that tends very much to be very obedient, even the young people, very honest and precise…. so they strenghten this attitude with all such programs in which the cops are portraied as young, goodlooking, balanced and in general the best friend u could ever have!

    in italy, instead, emotions go strong…. everything that shows people getting back together, or dad and daughter who didnt see eachother for years or relatives who never met eachother meet again and shit like that, and also reality tv… also connected with emotions of course… is strong… the italian version of big bro and survivor and that shit…… so italians like emotions and gossip and to see other ppl go down in the mud so they can feel better about their miserable lives…..

    in france they wanna u to think they are the most balanced and that theirs is the freer and more honest tv and news u can get….. and of course they try so hard, making also fun of their leaders in a seemingly hardcore way, u know when they wanna u to believe they are being alternative and edgy and questioning when it is still big bro talking about big bro and nothing more.

    when i was little in russia (i was born there) i remember by my grandma's house i saw all this crappy telenovelas from argentina or brazil or chile or whatever, not even doubled but roughly translated… there was like a voice telling u what the dialogue was about… rrrrrrrrrrrrrreaaaally old school.

    only there, and in places like poland, u still have such retro' technology…. so i think also their subliminals are a bit retro'..too?

    the most blatant and hardcore subliminals and tv programs i saw on american tv for sure…… in italia i had cable tv and i could get cnn and other channels…. really really those advertising were super fast, with flashing lights, deep or weird sounds…… really creepy sometimes…. too hard too loud and too damn fast for me cos i was not used to that!

    but i guess if youre born in the us with a constant diet of that u really become very desensitized…..

    and then, remember the pokemon scandal years ago when they said some kids went epileptic cos of the flashing lights used in the popular japanese cartoon?

    well japanese tv is siiiiick too…. very very weird programs, veeery weird people and all that pokemon-like stuff is really creepy….. teletubbies gives me shivers down my spine…… but also those cartoons i used to see when i was little back in italy….. most of them japanese, of course. very very bad stuff. much programming goin on there, much bad messages being spread, much falsity and very many subliminals for sure!

    nowadays videogames took their place…… i used to play a lot of the shit back then, cannot say it didnt affect me…..

  107. daniel mike,

    and remember that paris and the others u mention, christina, brit spears and many major hollywood stars, too, are all mk ultra fucking programmed drones.

    empty shells….

  108. Ajs or should I say Extropia- Here we go again, now did I say any thing about the logos looking similar? Altho I have seen many occult symbols in every day life. For starters the snake and cross on an ambulance, which was not the point, and I did not say that today. Here you go again putting words in my mouth. What I said was maybe, maybe not ( a few people own every thing and most are associated with the occult) most importantly it's not the point. I think the point is mind control. You are being you but how did you get I said the logos & co. were occults smh at you again. Please refrain from putting words in my mouth. You always do that. Sincerly balance

  109. Another key elitist figure was Bertrand Russell. His ideas and influence were central to the formation of the United Nations. Here are a few of his thoughts:

    "In the areas in question we have to push a deliberately negative population policy. With the propaganda campaigns, especially in the press, radio, movies, leaflets, short brochures, educational presentations and the like, the population must be induced toward the thought of how damaging it is to have many children. We must point to the costs which children entail, and then it should be pointed out what could have been bought instead. The great dangers to the health of women which can emerge in births can be pointed out, and the like.

    In addition to this propaganda, generous propaganda in favor of means of birth control must be spread. An industry specialized in such means has to be created. Neither the approval or dissemination of birth control means should be punishable, nor abortion. We ought to absolutely promote the establishment of abortion institutes. Midwives and medics can be trained to give abortions. The more professionally the abortions are carried out, the more the population will gain trust in this respect. Also physicians must of course be permitted to carry out abortions, without a violation of his medical oath coming into question.

    Voluntary sterilization is also to be promoted. Infant mortality must not be combatted. Mothers must not be instructed about care for infants and children's diseases.

    Once we have converted the mass of the people to the idea of a one- or two-child system, we will have reached the goal we are aiming at."

    "I find the coloured people friendly and nice. They seem to have a dog's liking for the white man—the same kind of trust and ungrudging sense of inferiority. I don't feel any recoil from them."

    Russell writes: "It is entirely clear that there is only one way in which great wars can be permanently prevented, and that is the establishment of an international government with a monopoly of serious armed force. … An international government, if it is to be able to preserve peace, must have the only atomic bombs, the only plant for producing them, the only air force, the only battleships, and generally whatever is necessary to make it irresistible. … The international authority must have a monopoly of uranium, and of whatever other raw material may hereafter be found suitable for the manufacture of atomic bombs. It must have a large army of inspectors who must have the right to enter any factory without notice; any attempt to interfere with them or to obstruct their work must be treated as a casus belli. The international government … will have to decide all disputes between different nations, and will have to possess the right to revise treaties. It will have to be bound by its constitution to intervene by force of arms against any nation that refuses to submit to the arbitration. Given its monopoly of armed force, such intervention will be seldom necessary and quickly successful."

    – Bertrand Russell

  110. VC says: “Is there a way to stop this?” Yes, there is. STOP BUYING THEIR CRAP AND READ A BOOK.

    I would recommend starting with what used to be referred to as The Good Book – that is, The Holy Bible. And then find a church that is not captive to the Elite's agenda. Surround yourself with like minded people so that you can offer support to each other. This is what the early Christians did. In most ways they had it much tougher than us – they faced torture and death. But in some ways we have a tougher battle, because we are facing an invisible enemy.

    I suspect the image on the Metropolis poster is of Prometheus, stealing fire (the city) from the Gods and delivering it to Man. Notice that the beams emerging from the top of the image form a pyramid and are enclosed in a circle forming an eye. This is similar to the eye within the capstone of the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill.

    The myth of Prometheus stealing fire from the gods and delivering it to man is essential to understanding the agenda of the Elite. Why else would they create Rockefeller Center in the heart of New York City as a temple to the god of Prometheus? See photos near the bottom of this page:

    The fire represents science and technology which are to triumph over religion according to the plans of the Elite. Nietzsche expressed this most clearly in 1883 when he says in Also sprach Zarathustra, "God is dead".

    When Nietzsche says: "I beseech you, my brothers, remain faithful to the earth, and do not believe those who speak to you of otherworldly hopes! "

    He is equating the earth to science and the otherworldly to religion. HIs superman or Übermensch is simply the darwinian notion of "the survival of the fittest". The Elite, who actually represent some of the worst sociopaths among us, believe themselves to be genetically superior. Nietzsche is appealing for a scientific "culling of the herd" along darwinian-eugenic principles so that a race of supermen will be born through "evolution". This call was taken up by all the Elite world-wide, but most famously by Hitler and the Nazis. This agenda has not disappeared, but rather has been re-packaged through the use of Public Relations techniques and is now being sold as Transhumanism.

  111. LVB – That's a stunning quote from Bertrand Russell regarding the UN. And of course you know that the eugenic leader Julian Huxley (brother of Aldous) established UNESCO with the very same agenda with regards to an elitist birth control plan. It's sad to think that churches actively collect funds to support UNICEF which is a component of UNESCO.

  112. VC. I would love to see you do an article on Rockefeller Center. It's not just the statue of Prometheus. The whole complex is filled with Illuminati symbols.

    There is a virtual tour of Rockefeller center here:

    In it you can see the many works of art dedicated to ancient greek and roman deities. I'm sure there is lots of Freemason symbolism liberally sprinkled in there as well. It has to be one of the most important occult temples established by the Elite in plain sight. And it is symbolically placed at the heart of the financial capital of the world – New York City.

  113. baba

    Once you understand the thinking of the elitist founders of all these movements and institutions, the big picture should become very clear to any rational person.

    It simply is what it is.

  114. jasmine

    sorry im not extropia, are u balance as well then?

    i thought u said u knew that aol was occult cus their triangle with a circle in it looked like the illuminati pyramid with an eye in it?

    must have got that from someone else, got confused n tht, wasnt meaning to put words in your mouth, my apologies

    but seriously, that seems to be peoples round here standards of proof, if someone has things that look similar to occult symbols, then they must be occult

    'vigilant' makes these sensible points about the line between government, big business and elites becoming blurred, but then leaps, with no evidence, to they must be occult

    im just saying that accusing big business/government/pop stars of being occult is an accusation that needs more then 'they had things that look like occult symbols'

    and he touches upon some psychological techniques used by psychologists hired by big business to make better adverts and increase sales, but again, this is not mind control, and such an accusation needs better evidence then 'one ice cube looks a bit like a guy giving a blow job'

  115. baba,

    I've actually written an article on Rockefeller Center last year http://vigilantcitizen.com/?p=329
    took most of the pictures myself :)

    Also, I'm pretty positive that the figure in that Metropolis poster is Atlas, who also has a statue in the Rockefeller Center.

  116. Vigilant. Just want to point out that we are duped into believing that someone somewhere has a plan and even if they don't, there is nothing anyone can do to stop it since they control production, distribution and what not. Propaganda is what we are. Call it humanism/transhumanism, but the bottom line of our identity is designed and we don't even know it. I wish for a solution but most of my "friends are just happy to be where they can pig out and wallow in it. If I mention this I am mocked with stock comedic names. Even my Best Friends seem to accept all this and who am I to say they are wrong. They have plenty of rich and famous authorities to glibly rationalize the futility of thinking on their own. It is nice to know there are a few mostly onlin who get it. I do not relish my rarity. I can see that the human species is suicidal. No one has convinced me otherwise. I still try to wake up the sleepers but they usually pull me their way. It's a lonely old truth.

  117. To further expound on manipulation tactics, most acquiesce to the elite's agenda occurs using the following plan.

    The Six-Step Attitudinal Change Plan works like this:

    1. Some practice so offensive that it can scarcely be discussed in public is advocated by a RESPECTED expert in a RESPECTED forum.

    2. At first, the public is shocked, then outraged.

    3. But, the VERY FACT that such a thing could be publicly debated becomes the SUBJECT of the debate. In other words, the focus of the debate is shifted, from the facts of the debate to the fact that "aren't we proud of ourselves that we can even be discussing this subject in public"?

    4. In the debate, SHEER REPETITION of the shocking subject gradually dulls its effect.

    5. People are then no longer shocked.

    6. No longer outraged, people begin to argue for positions to moderate the extreme; or, they accept the premise, challenging the means to ACHIEVE it.

    This process is all the more insidious because the change in attitude occurs in the subconscious; thus, many persons are not even aware their attitudes have been changed.

  118. Peter Appleby on

    I would like to have some concrete information with regard to C.G. Jung being a freemason. I have read many books by,and about Jung ,but it is the first time I have heard any reference to him being associated with masonry.Freud was a member of B,nai Brith, which was branch of Scotch Rite freemasonry,I know,but I would be thankful if someone could give me some definite information concerning Jung.

    • @ Peter Appleby, there was a mistake in the article, I was meaning to write that his grandfather, Carl Gustav was a Grand Master. I've corrected the article. Thanks for pointing this out. I wouldn't be surprised if Jung was initiated somewhere but I cannot found any concrete evidence of this.

  119. wow it's amazing what goes on without our knowledge… If you see shows like Gossip Girl and 90210 which are trying to get kids to get wasted, and spend money they don't have on expensive clothes like they wear in the show. I knew this was going, and it's no doubt in my mind that this is how George W. Bush won the election.

  120. Wow, I had my suspicions of such things, but wow. THis is mind blowing. Let's educate the rest, shall we?

  121. superninja on

    All symbols mean something. Sometimes the meaning is percieved to have changed based on it being given a new meaning, but usually they are somehow related, because that is how communication and language evolve.

    However, to believe that the "masses" (you and me) are in control of determining what those symbols mean does not seem to hold up. It is a top-down thing funnelled through entertainment and the media. Just because people throw an "a-okay" without knowing what it means does not change the fact that it has a deeply esoteric meaning. What it more likely means is that the population has come to accept the occult symbol as "normal", which was their original intention! So, mission accomplished for the World System and its rulers.

    We should all just relax now, eh? The whole point is to saturate everyone so that good is evil and evil is good and no one cares about the difference as long as you are getting your vices fed and have access to all of the idols you love.

  122. VC – I should have known that you would have already written about this. :) Nice pictures. I'm going to go read it now carefully. Thanks. I think you're right about the figure in the Metropolis poster being Atlas. That would make sense since he is "holding up the city". But I also know that these symbols usually have multiple meanings – some more subtle than others. Prometheus is a Titan and a brother of Atlas. I think there is some symbolism there that suggests Prometheus as a secondary interpretation. There is the light emanating from the skyscraper at the top of the building. And there is the amorphous light-emitting object in the background which reminds me of the "fennel-stalk" that Prometheus is holding in the Rockefeller Center statue. The whole poster is bathed in a fiery glow which reminds me of the fire that Prometheus stole from the gods. And the whole city could be envisioned as a giant torch. This could be interpreted as Prometheus "stealing" the whole city from Mt. Olympus (the heavens) where the gods reside and carrying it down as a gift to Man. In this case the city would represent not just fire but all of modern technology.

    And then it could just be that I have Prometheus on my brain ever since I discovered the importance of this myth to the Elite. Did you know that the full title of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is "Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus" which she published in 1818. And that her husband Percy Shelley published a play in 1820 titled Prometheus Unbound? Prometheus Unbound is a play in which the gods (religion) are depicted as evil and Prometheus (science) is the hero.

    "He [Prometheus] gave man speech, and speech created thought,

    Which is the measure of the universe;

    And Science struck the thrones of earth and heaven"

    Shelley had to subtly hide his atheistic views in order to avoid persecution. Remember that he was a proponent of "free love" which was nothing but the occult worship of Bacchus. I could easily see how the creators of Metropolis would have been influenced by both Frankenstein and Prometheus Unbound.

    P.S. Many thanks to you for this site. You are an inspiration to all of us.

  123. T.B.A. – What your referring to is called the "echo chamber". A story is planted somewhere by the creators of a P.R. campaign. Then that story is repeated in a newspaper article. A TV commentator comments on the newspaper article. Talk shows discuss the issue. More newspaper articles appear, and so on. The next day everyone is talking about it at work during lunch time. And it seems as if they are all repeating one version or another of the same story – unaware that the whole thing was created through a P.R. campaign. This is especially easy now given how a few companies control radio, TV, music, movies, newspapers, magazines – the mass corporate media.

    • Truthseeker2013 on

      I agree. It's as if you are put in a trance and kept there. The media outlet reinforce it with their tecnique of repeating something three times.

  124. superninja on

    I think there are some interesting ideas about "organized religion" that set it apart. Truthfully, I could care less for the term religion. Jesus didn't even seem to love this terminology and instead kept it simple and said it was about following him, and if you know him, you know God, while condemning the highly organized and intellectually gifted religious leaders of his day.

    Organization and structure are necessary to many things, it exists in nature. There is a difference between freedom in Christ through the power of the Spirit, and control, fear, and structure so that man can feel comfortable and secure, without having to exercise real faith. Instead, people end up placing their faith in men and institutions, in the law, which is nothing more than mimicking the operation of the World System, back to the old way of doing things.

    Since when does Jesus need a building, tax rideoffs from the government 501(c)3 status (ask yourself in exchange for what on that one), the denominations that come with that, accumulation of material wealth, since when does Jesus Christ have one representative on Earth like the Pope?

  125. punkyspice on

    Thank you for such a great article. There is always eye opening articles here. I would love to see an article on the occultic content in videogames (mmorpg's), like world of warcraft, dungeons and dragons, etc. I know people who play these games and it really keeps them in bondage to where that's all they think about, regardless of whether they have a family with kids or not. I find the hold on people's minds from these games quite alarming.

  126. C. Holness on

    Keep letting the Holy Spirit guide you vigilant You are heading in the right direction but you are not even close to being done.

  127. superninja – I have an opinion about the interpretation of symbols which I know won't be very popular here. One of the things the early Christians did was to adopt the symbols of other religions and give them their own interpretation. In so doing they appropriated the symbols for themselves. Some have interpreted this as meaning that Christianity is really just a form of paganism. I disagree. I think that they understood (consciously or not) that it was important to control the meaning of symbols.

    These symbols are most apparent today in the Roman Catholic church (and Orthodox churches). The Protestants discarded these symbols because they interpreted them as the worship of false gods. There was good reason for this and this worked for a while. But the problem is that these symbols were then re-adopted and re-interpreted by the new occult religions. Since they had been discarded by many Christians, they did not have a strong Christian interpretation (except within Catholicism).

    What I'm saying is that the good intentions of the Protestants, left a vacuum which the occult forces used to their advantage. I'm also saying that in order to combat this, it is necessary for Protestants to either convert to Catholicism or modify their denominations in a way to re-introduce these symbols back into their religious practices. And also that Catholics must re-educate themselves about the Christian interpretations of these symbols and re-vitalize their faith.

    I don't think that in this day and age, it is enough to turn to fundamentalist Protestantism which just tells young people to reject these symbols. The young people are being flooded with these images constantly and they need to be aware of the symbols and be able to associate them with their Christian religion in order to not fall under the sway of the occult forces.

  128. superninja – The Church is God's army on Earth. You wouldn't want to go into war without a general in command. That would lead to a slaughter. Which is what we are seeing today. A slaughter of Christianity by the combined forces of the occult and the atheist. All in the name of secularism and science.

  129. Notice the lack of Media attention being given to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig explosion. News conveniently focuses our attention on the fake NY propane bomb as the world's worst ecological diaster unfolds. Limbaugh blames Eco-terrorists as Obama send SWAT Teams to other rigs, all under the pretext of Terrorism. Halliburton's "Cementing" failed and or BP's control over the Blow out Preventers fails and terrorists who necessarily must have gotten direct access to massive hydraulic valves 5000ft deep get the blame.

    Think the dutiful press will cover Obama's White House Correspondent's Dinner where he said "My approval ratings are falling here with the economy but are high where I was born". He also said "Love is hard to find, well love and a birth certificate".

    Going to be a lot of Press Passes in Hell! Projectdarkbook.com/ Theresnothingnew.org/

  130. Quoting Zoe:

    " “…studies have shown that images of children trigger in women an instinctual need to nurture, to care and to protect…” This “instinctual need to nurture” etc is debatable.

    Women don’t have an instinct to nurture or to care or to protect children but they are socialized (brainwashed) into thinking that way. The “instinct to nurture” is not biological but it is taught and learned through socialization."

    Now this is feminist brainwashing if ever I heard it. aargh

  131. Oh, and:

    "A slaughter of Christianity by the combined forces of the occult and the atheist. All in the name of secularism and science."

    Yes Christianity is massively under attack, but to an extent it has brought about its own demise because it distorted Jesus's true teachings from the very beginning. Organised religion is not the way.

  132. This is a very informative post Thanks VC! There's plenty to get started and read.

    I laugh at how often Nietzche is quoted everywhere I look. Whenever a man is so revered and quoted I like to look into his background, not what he's written, but where he came from and what happened to him in order to understand why he wrote what he did. Nietzche was brought up in a strict religious household without a father and lived with his spinster aunts most of his formative years, he died from mental illness…and is one of the greatest philosophical minds of the 19th century…this says it all for me.

    God is dead? No, Nietzche is dead!

  133. smoothchic on

    Wow…Vigilant speaks again. (Comment 167). For a moment, i actually believed you and LVB were the same person. As to Daniel (171), if something isn't wrong with her yet then it's certainly coming cuz she seems to be in the wrong hands at the moment., isn't she the star of 'The Wizards of Waverly Place'? I find it suprising that people are no longer shocked at how deeply witchcraft has become entrenched into entertainment for kids. More evidence of the 'dumbing-down', i guess.

  134. superninja on


    I don't disagree with you. In fact, it speaks to my point that esoteric symbols do not lose their original meaning just because someone adopts them. There was already the spirit of anti-christ infiltrating as Christ's church was first born, it says it right there in the Scriptures.

    I've never agreed with the early church attempting to co-opt Roman symbols or rituals. Much like the modern organized church does, with their "Christian" version of everything the world produces. We are supposed to be in the world, not of it, I don't think it requires adopting their symbols. In my opinion, it was already on its way to having paganism thoroughly mixed in by the time Constantine came around.

    I am not opposed to generals. But aren't we ALL supposed to be generals, or growing into generals anyway? 😀

  135. superninja on

    Also, there is nothing to fear in these symbols. You can recognize them for what they are and speak out against them. There is nothing to fear from the music, the entertainers, the politicians, they don't have power over Christ.

    To me, it is more worthwhile to explain to people that are exposed to them what they are seeing and how to think for themselves, and to let them know that Jesus Christ is here to set them free from the power of these things and the plans of their makers. To let them know how they are being manipulated and why there is a better way. Not to sit around creating supposedly sanitized Christian versions of them so that we can feel safe. We're not supposed to isolate ourselves from the culture.

    I believe there is a passage in Revelation where it talks about being (spiritually) hot and cold, but that God will spit out the lukewarm.

  136. I thought I was the only one thinking the bomb scare was fake. It was staged so corney. They probably pulled some random Arab off the plane and locked him up.

    Thats exactly what we are talking about, the illusion of things. Making you think something, when it is not. Peferct example as to how they work.

  137. Freeyourmimd – Thanks. I personally need a process of dialogue in order to grow. So for me it's a blessing to have VC's site here to exchange ideas.

  138. 192

    perfect example of how this groups mind works

    you take an event

    hypothesise a cause behind it without any evidence at all

    and then act like its been proven

    and then add it to your list of things that definately convince you your right

    this is what i mean when i say that this conspiratorial world view gives you a simple black white way of looking at the world

    why not wait till theres proper evidence before asserting u know the cause?

  139. Howard – RE: The Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig explosion

    When the forces of science fail it's importance is diminished in the corporate media, because science is supposed to be perfect and never fail. When religious forces fail, it is magnified to the highest importance because it is used by the secularists to demonstrate the faults of religion.

    People say "why aren't there signs from God like in the days of the Bible". There are signs all around if you can only read them. An oil rig explosion that demonstrates the failure of man-made science leading to a natural catastrophe. A volcano erupting in Iceland that grounds all air traffic over Europe, demonstrating the power of God through natural forces to impinge on the scientific plans of mankind.

    The Elite would like us to believe that science has all the answers. It doesn't. We still need religion. God is telling us that a totally secular society would be a total disaster.

  140. daniel, smoothchic – If Selena Gomez wants her career to continue after Disney then she will have to go the way of other Disney-chics like Britney Spears. Her career will go as far as she is willing to do "whatever it takes" like Rihanna. If she's willing to dish out the porn then they will make her a superstar, if not then it's the end of the road for her.

  141. 195

    you dont see the irony of posting that under a post accusing this group of reducing everythign to a black/white everything is run by the elites?

  142. oh and this idea that those are signs like the 'bible days' are so weak

    they got pillars of moving fire, talking buring bushes, actually seeing the ass of god, mana from heaven, parted seas, multiplying food goods, water in to wine, people coming back from the dead, seas being parted, angels appearing to people, the firstborn spontaneously dying, rivers of blood

    they got genuine unexplainable signs from god

    we got a very exaplainable volcano

    and a very explainable oil leak

    explainable events that do not break the laws of the universe do not a sign from god make

    unless you happen to have some bizarre black/white unfalsifiable world view cough cough

  143. Womthatturned on

    Interesting, can you expand on the link to the power structure above the 5 media conglomerates, who is involved and what is the link exactly between top media execs and "the elite"?

  144. VC – I completed reading the article you wrote in 2009 about Rockefeller Center. Excellent!

    I especially liked the table comparing Lucifer and Prometheus. It's absolutely clear that Prometheus is Lucifer and vice versa. The discussion of the Atlas statue and the comparison to the Crucified Christ was new information for me. Since many of these gods/goddesses often get rolled up into one, I would suggest that Atlas is in some ways another manifestation of Lucifer-Prometheus.

    You also tied together in this article Luciferianism and Transhumanism. To me this is the "whole package". This is the ultimate goal of the Elite (or Illuminati) agenda. These statues were erected in the 1930s which is the same time that Aldous Huxley published Brave New World (1932). You can easily see how they complement each other. You can also see how it is not just the capitalist Rockefeller that was following this agenda, it was also the communist Stalin and the Fascist Hitler.

    This is an atheistic, secular, scientific agenda to create what Nietzsche described in the 1800s as the übermensch or superman. At the time I think the plan was to achieve this through eugenics, but now that has shifted to transhumanism.

    I think I should go there and take some pictures of my own. :)

  145. That AXE thing was crazy! I'm going to be looking out for more things like that now. Excellent job again VC!! Also truly revealing knowing that all those select companies own the major artists. Which unfortunately means that the only agenda's the artists can sing about, write about, and make videos about are the agenda's of the company. And when the total mixing pot for ideas only goes about 5 companies deep, you don't tend to get much variation. Quite sad.

    Keep up the good work VC!!

  146. Excellent post! One of the best so far, thorough and intriguing, very well researched and factual. I love it.. I call the mass media Weapons of Mass Distraction.. hah ah a, nobody use it, I coin that term! I have found that I hardly watch TV anymore naturally, I would rather think on my own. Granted, I am on the internet like pretty much all the time. But at least I am thinking on my own and trying to disseminate my own versions of the Truth.. which I need to do more as well.. but anyway.. thinking I find is much more fun than not thinking.. I wish everyone could find that joy…

  147. The longer you quit watching tv, movies, music videos, etc., the more you become able to see the manipulation and evil, when you do happen to see one. This was an excellent overview article.



  149. @Baba, I also find Huxley a troubling figure given his connections, but I was recently introduced to a speech he gave in the 60s warning not only against the emergence of mind control techniques in the media but also of a troubling finding resulting from his work with the British Secret Service and CIA in mind control: That mind control and brain washing techniques only worked on 20% of the human population, but that 20%, if corralled by ruling elites, could be used to sway society. Here's the link to the lecture: http://www.matrixmasters.net/blogs/?p=295 He warns:

    "Given the fact that there are these 20% of highly suggestible people, it becomes quite clear that this is a matter of enormous political importance, for example, any demagogue who is able to get hold of a large number of these 20% of suggestible people and to organize them is really in a position to overthrow any government in any country." and: "If there are 20% of the people who really can be suggested into believing almost anything, then we have to take extremely careful steps into prevent the rise of demagogues who will drive them on into extreme positions then organize them into very, very dangerous armies, private armies which may overthrow the government."

    His speech is an extensive warning against the very things many suspect he's guilty of permitting and engineering. Considering the volume of work the man invested in warning us against these threats, I have a hard time swallowing the idea that he was a double agent. My interpretation of the man and his work is that he was intimately aware of the forces arrayed against humanity and human freedom, and the directions those figures wanted to lead the species toward, and, unlike his transhumanist brother, was attempting to draw our attentions to them and warn us to be mindful of them.

    I've read anecdotes (I need to find the links) that Huxley's speech, however, was attended by several key figures controlling the current political and corporate machines, and that rather than accept his warning and heed it, they saw it as an opportunity to charge ahead and capitalize upon his insights. Regardless of who was in attendance, any speech of Huxley's, given his intellectual eminence in the culture at the time, would've been widely known by those interested in these topics–and it seems to me that it had the opposite effect Huxley purports in the speech to desire. These individuals not only acted to up the ante on the media's mind control efforts to seize upon the 20% and control it entirely, but also used the media to increase the % of the population who would ultimately express the same characteristics. Their programs celebrated childlessness and single-childedness as the priveledge and reward of the educated, ambitious, and successful, which had the effect of keeping birth rates among those very groups of people (who weren't receptive to mind control) low while those not represented by those images continued to procreate at the rates their ancestsors had. They also staged political attacks on public education beginning under Reagan and flowing through the charter schools and no child left behind debacles of subsequent presidents, all meant to tear down the mechanisms capable of instilling any kind of critical thinking at all levels of society, particularly those with the lowest tax bases, which happened to be the same regions of the population which were reproducing most aggressively. This had the effect of generating more people who were biologically less capable of engaging in critical thinking and more apt to fall for and even yearn for mind control, and these conditions were further reinforced by those successful attacks on public education which dilapidated the critical capacities of those folks as well as anyone else in the community who might have the inherent aptitudes to yearn for critical inquiry and not fall for mind control.

    Note also the congruity of "reality television" programs as the attacks on public education succeeded: These seemingly novel affairs of competition between so-called "real people" were really carefully created mechanisms of socialization, informing the 20% (now Karl Rove's Moral Majority, grown to 30% or even 40% of the population) how they should constitute their possessions in order to reflect the success and vitality the "real" people on TV who shared their jobs and incomes were showing them they should have. The "real" homes, accessories, clothes, dining options, and consumer apetites of these "real" people in shows like The Real World, Big Brother, and so on enculturated that grown segment of the critically disabled American population to believe that they had to have those emblems of success in order to be successful. Narrative-based programming like Friends and Sex in the City further advanced these false signifiers of success. How on earth could the characters in Real World, Friends and SITC afford such lavish lifestyles and prime and hip real estate in NYC on bohemian wages? Ill-equipped to think critically about these dissonant circumstances and geographically distant from the actual realities of the locations these shows were filmed in (NYC, LA,), that now-grown 20% ignored the cognitive dissonance and fell for the consumer status messages.

    Enter: The credit boom, perfectly timed to take advantage of the new crops of critically disabled young adults looking to emulate the status icons they'd been programmed with during high school and college, setting up countless Americans (and beyond) to enslavement under crushing debt obligations and trapping them in a cycle of unending consumer futility–chasing fables of success that take them farther and farther away from any chance of happiness and self-determination.

    Vigilant: Great article!

  150. Organised religion has its problems but it is in no way a concoction of the Occultists.Religion has been subverted,distorted and manipulated yes, but at its core it is diametrically opposed in ideaological terms with the satanists agenda.

    If anyone believes that the Illuminati, or whatever name they go by, would rather you followed religion then they are simply mistaken.

  151. "If all the facts concerning the elitist nature of the industry are readily available to the public, can it still be considered a “conspiracy theory”?"

    Yes. If people are conspiring, it's a conspiracy. The word "theory" is a scientific term that essentially means "explanation." Transparency has nothing whatsoever to do with the usage of the term.

  152. You forgot one major media outlet: The Internet. There is hope, because the internet, for now, gives a voice to everyone equally.

  153. bran – Aldous Huxley skillfully and deceptively mixes information with disinformation. You can't just listen to his overt message, you also have to listen to his subliminal message. In the case of this talk, it was before an "intellectual" audience so he probably spoke more freely than in a talk targeted at a mass audience. Noticed that he promoted the use of LSD. (I don't know what year that talk was.) He always manages to throw in something about the threat of overpopulation, which is his way of broaching the topic of eugenics in public.

    I don't know how many times he used the word scientific. This is the promethean-luciferian agenda of displacing religion from society and replacing it with science. He talked about sadomasochistic experiments while getting the audience to nervously laugh about it. The types of experiments he described on human beings are the type you would have expected to be carried out by Mengele in Auschwitz. But of course Huxley says they were only carried out on "hopelessly insane" subjects – as if that makes it OK to implant electrodes in someones brain and experiment with stimulating their pleasure regions. (Big nervous laugh from audience.)

    And of course, as you have discovered, Huxley's "warnings" are not warnings at all, but suggestions on future directions for society. He talks a lot about "scientific dictatorship". Well that is what we have right now in the US. But he knows that at anytime the Elite have to be prepared to crackdown hard with brute force. Just look at what is happening in Greece right now. And the same thing can happen here in the US if the Elite decide that it is time to pay off the huge debt we have accumulated by putting into place austerity measures.

    So while he talks about an alternative between a Brave New World society and a 1984 society, he knows that in reality the Elite plans on implementing both in parallel. The BNW model is the preferred model, but the 1984 is a fall back. And at some point, if or when the Elite decide to "cull the herd" then the 1984 apparatus is there to do the job. In this case the BNW model serves as a cover to placate the masses during the time that the 1984 apparatus is put into place. Sound familiar?

  154. Robin Shadowes on

    Crystal, I have The Ninth Gate on dvd. It's a great movie. Johnny Depp has been discussed on the other thread of Dr Parnassus and many people here doesn't seem to like him because he is often in dark movies. I don't know about you but personally I like dark movies, always have. Way better than fluff like Sex and the City, Friends and crap like that. So what if he often play weird characters? Does that mean he is evil? I'm not convinced that he's evil. He might be a NWO-puppet though like Lady Gaga, Beyoncé and the other artists. I look forward to the new Alice in Wonderland movie which seems darker than earlier versions.

  155. @Baba:

    All that Luther and Calvin did was create an empty form of Christianity. Both the Catholic and the Orthodox Church have protected all the iconography, symbols, traditions, morals, teachings, books, ceremonies, etc. from the early Christians. Luther and Calvin wanted a modern 'light' version of it all. I won't judge them, nor justify them either. In the end they left the door open to Freemasonry.

    The Orthodoxy didn't want to be connected to the Roman Ecclesiastic Authorities, so they divided the Church, grew weaker, they were fewer, and the enemies attacked them viciously, what happened next? Russia got conquered by satanic communism. Yes, I said it, Communism is satanic, because it rejects the power of God Almighty.

    The Protestants rejected the teachings, they wanted the 'sola fide' concept, they didn't want to pay for their sins, they didn't want to have charitable and good deeds so they broke away from the Theological authority of the faith and then separated. What happened next? First England was conquered by the secret societies, later Germany by the Illuminati, and then the US by the washed up version of Freemasonry.

    It is all depicted and very well explained in the book of Revelations. In the end what will happen? The seat of Peter will be cleaned, then Peter himself will be prosecuted, and by the time the Catholic Church is seen all over the world as good, as nice, as updated, then well… You know the rest.

    So we Catholics are perfectly aware of that. We know what's coming. I beg to all the Christians, regardless of the denominations, to stay faithful to the teachings of Christ, to reject the modern world, to deny the false prophets and to be ready. The moment the Catholic Church gets praised by the media I know it's time to run away!!!

    And if people are not Christians they should at least be aware that the National Socialists, Communists, Socialists, Liberalism, Modernism, Progressives, Social Justice, Equity Leagues, etc. Are all formed by the same group of Elites, the same beliefs, they all have the same modus operandi (way of acting) it's just incredibly amazing how BLIND people are and do not see that it is the same old washed up movement that has since the very beginning tried to oppose Christianity.

  156. Lola Jones on

    You are always an excellent, mind-opening read, but this is YOUR BEST YET!! I see a book forming. :) Thank you for helping us stay awake!

  157. Paco – I don't want to start an inter-denominational war. I can appreciate the reasons that the Protestants split from the Catholic Church and also respect their form of worship. I've learned to enjoy and appreciate the rich symbolism of the Catholic Church, while at the same time I understand the desire by some Protestants to eliminate these from their churches.

    In a simpler time, before the establishment of the mass corporate media, I think that the Protestants were effective in influencing the moral standards of their communities. But they are no match for the power of the PR machines that are driving the propaganda campaigns against Christianity in the US today.

    The largest single Christian denomination in the US is Catholicism. Meanwhile Protestant denominations are experiencing schisms as a result of all the pressures from society. Some church members want to liberalize, while others react by wanting to become more conservative. At times like these there is a real advantage in the established organization of the Catholic Church.

    Personally, I was critical in the past of the slow pace of reform within the Catholic Church. But now I can see the wisdom of the firm stand against artificial birth control, for example. This has been the biggest barrier that the eugenics-transhumanist movement has faced. And as a result, they do not waste any opportunity to attack the Catholic Church. The Church has faced these same attacks before in its long history and does not need to invent new teachings in order to respond.

  158. bran, Robin – Take a look at a post on LSD and Aldous Huxley that I just completed. I got inspired when I saw an talk by Deepak Chopra where he stated that he had his "first spiritual experience" under the influence of LSD at the age of 17. Can you believe that guy? What a total scam artist.

  159. That's just what vigilantcitizen wants you to think.

    Keep paying attention, they'll keep connecting imaginary dots.

  160. creole lady on

    Awesome article! Its crazy of how I'm so much more aware of everything and desiring to research so much since I've started reading your website. Will you please do a synopsis of the artist Janelle Monae? Her new album is called the Arch Android. On her first album she created an android character. I've been trying to figure out what her angle is.Thanks so much and keep up the great work!

  161. VC,

    Still subscribing to psychologies frameworks? Shame that. You have a great site but you continue to base your assumptions on the mind on the tenants of a discipline that is seriously flawed, and one based on prediction. Do you really think external stimuli can 'shape' the mind? Interesting. That is what a 'materialist' would say. Some advice; don't facilitate the same message/group you are trying to critique.

  162. Wow I am still in shock.. Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) just came out with a new video called "Can't be Tamed". I can't believe my 5 year old niece will be watching this because Miley is her favorite. Its getting too extreme that girl's fan base is mostly all little girls why would she do this!?! The song also has very strange lyrics, I would like to know if anyone has an idea.. And now tomorrow Lady Gaga is performing on American Idol and according to several websites the main stage piece is a giant metal angel that has fire sprouting out of the wings!!

  163. One component of the oligarchic- democratic system for mass mind control, is the political spectrum.

    More specifically the concepts of the "so-called" liberal, conservative, and the most current label is the conspiracy theorist. How this instrument works, is that a label must be assigned to each variable, in other words any person, group, independent, or dependent who voices any opinion, statement, or belief is sequestered into a category. For instance when one opposes abortion, or gun control, the subject is labeled as a conservative, by contrast, one who favors abortion based on the rationale of 'women's rights' is labeled a liberal; one who analyzes or the questions the probability that abortion disguised as feminism,may be a tool used by governments or the ruling class .to implement population control; would be automatically labeled as a conspiracy theorist, whether it may be true or false.

    The conclusion that is drawn from this, is that one cannot state an "independent" opinion or belief without being branded with a label. In other words, once the person, or group is branded, the subject must formulate its thought(s) according to the defining characteristics set forth by the "label". Once these labels have been accepted by the mass public, as "truth"; these "labels" once naturally integrated as a natural component of the human subconscious (much like a virus integrates itself with the DNA helix of the host, remains dormant for many years, until it emerges and manifests itself to its fullest potential) then eventually these thoughts are reflected or become alive through the actions of the masses.

    Further more, like a double edged sword, this tool serves as an excellent weapon or strategy to divide and conquer the public's mind against its own self.

    In the end, only one party remains on top of all opposing sides, and diverse segments of the "matrix", known as the leaders of public relations and democracy.

    I refer to them as the masters of mind control.

  164. superninja on

    I don't know why we need denominations. Period. When a church obtains a 501(c)3 status (Catholic included), they must declare a denomination. The government forces people to divide themselves in order to contract with the ruling authorities. What could possibly be good about this?

    The early Church pre-dated the Catholic church. What is wrong with going back to their simple practices?

  165. Lets not also forget how the public has been conditioned through Hollywood to accept the war against the arab world in the middle east. Remember delta force produced in the early 80's featuring Chuck Norris?

    The reader can make the connection.

  166. superninja – It seems to me that you're equating Christianity with anarchism. If that's how you roll, fine. But don't think that Christianity and anarchism are somehow equivalent. They're not.

  167. Vigilant Citizen, let me also remind you how homosexuality and pedophilia are core components and considered "sacred" beliefs of the innermost circles of the occult.

    First, let us acknowledge how age compression is implemented on the children. Sex, violence, subjects of adult nature are becoming more and more appropriate for the younger to the youngest; in order words, in the realm of popular culture/entertainment, what was appropriate for the 14 year old, is now deemed appropriate for the seven year old. The elite also make this possible by the new strategy of child advocacy laws. In a nut shell, expected outcome is that the minor child will eventually have rights like an adult, be able to challenge the mother (forget about the father, feminism kicked him out of the house already)on grounds of " child advocacy".(Actually there have been several cases of minors across the nation legally divorcing their parents) These protocols are clearly defined by the humanist movement.

    It is from this standpoint that homosexuality can also be taught to the children through cartoons, books, schools(remember the proposed rainbow curriculum a few years ago to teach young children about same sex couples raising children?, the proposal under governor Arnold Schwartzenegger to ban terms such as mom, daddy in school books).(Obama stated that the schools and universities will be equipped to meet the demands of the new age.) The connection is that once children acquire rights, responsibilities, of adults, sexual relationships between grown men, and young boys would be considered legal. Ever heard of NAMBlA? North American Men Boys love Association. It can be googled. The elite is coverlty behind them anyway. One evidence that the elite is starting to slowly externalize this belief, was an episode of the popular cartoon south park, in which NAMBLA came to south park to spread the "good gospel".

    We must wonder why now all of a sudden, the media is reporting stories of women abusing their children, and jeopardizing their welfare. The rationale, children need protection from the mothers (the new bad guys) just like the women needed protection from the animalistic sexist man, therefore the govt must intervene through child advocacy laws, just as they intervened with feminism, in order to come to the rescue of the battered, domestically abused woman). Now once the single digit minors are all mature and grown up (not necessarily in physical age), the goals of NAMBlA, and its bigger "belief system"

    will then be externalized, achieved and become part of the norm.

    First there is sufficient evidence that homoism, pedophillia have always been, since the era of the ancient babylonians, part of occult/luciferian culture.

    This is worthy of an article, in addition to the elite's goal to externalize and promote homosexuality and pedophilia through the academic, and entertainment (keep in mind the new trend of child beauty pageants e.g jon benet Ramsey story ; the little girl pageant murdered by her parents) mediums.

    I therefore strongly recommend that the Vigilant Citizen look into this issue.

  168. I remember V.C stating the fact that the rumor concerning Lady Gaga being a hermaphrodite was not of relevance. Actually it is. Why? because transgenderism is being promoted by the elite, therefore it makes much sense, to hand pick a hermaphro., give him/her stardom, and indoctrinate the young with her messages.

    Take into account the baphomet. Does it not have both male and female characteristics?

    Including beast. By the way bestiality is being subversively promoted by the elite.

    Thats a whole other subject.

    Well i dont wanna say too much at once,

    Outrageous, but true.

  169. Liberty's Liber on

    The more knowledge I gather on my way through this timeless illusion called existence. The more disillusioned I become with just about everyone I meet. It seems to me that the great majority of people in our world this day and age, lack the mechanisms of critical thought and reflection. You try and have a conversation and invariably it becomes me, me,me. You try and explain something and their eyes glaze or even worse they already "know" all about it. I am fortunate that I have a few friends who read and are still capable of thought and reflection. I really feel detached and separate from pretty much all of the great unwashed masses (sheeple), residing in simple contrived worlds they are unaware of. I once was an idealist who wanted to fight the good fight, and help wake people up. It is truly a useless and futile task, the majority of them are deservedly doomed. The real kicker is if they were in positions of power they would do the exact same thing to their fellow man. Such is the state of affairs we unfortunately reside in. Hopefully one day soon I can make enough money to escape with my family away from all the many many pigs and sheep out there.

  170. I have been aware(for quite some time) of these mind control techniques.They are just yet another way for the so called NWO to exert it's power and influence on the general population.I do have a question , apart from disseminating this information to as many people as possible by what ever means , what else can we do?.Taking to the streets seems to be exactly what "they" want.(The Hegelian Dialectic)Do we take the Love Police and their model and love this regime into submission?!!!!!!!!,ideas please.

  171. u guys need to watch eminems new music video 3 AM omg its crazy, it deffinetly has a occult meaning to it. Every day im seeing the music industry corrupting even more and more. I would like to know what kind of goal are they trying to reach??!! mostly likely nothing good.

  172. IH8Allzionists on

    Pop Singers destroyed Catholic religion? LOL…………….i BELIEVE its the fucking child molesting popes and all them faggots who are the reason why catholicism failed. it proves you cannot live a life of celebacy. we are here to create and pass on the truth of the REAL God, not a man with a fucking beard and long brown hair. thats the trick of the illuminati deceivng you filthy souls.

  173. @IH8Allzionists

    Your response is as accurate and well thought of as Homer Simpson's dialogues. Read something. At least learn something. Ignorance isn't exactly going to help you.

    Attacking celibacy, wow, how smart of you. So I guess you are against anyone who thinks that human beings are way more than just sexual objects, at least I hope you do.

    The child molesting is indeed an issue, and if you read something you would know that it is being taken care of as we speak.

    Fagots? Well, I'm sure they aren't born that way, it's their choice, but trust me, it is not them who are attacking the Catholic Ecclesiastic Authorities… It is the Illuminati through the 'Octopus'.

  174. @baba

    The key word is 'restoration' not 'reformation'. Christ's teachings do not need to be updated. He did not give us his teachings for us to change them according to how we feel, or what sin we want to cover, or what we want.

    Yes I know there are more Catholics than any other denomination in the world. However, let's be honest about it, Protestants lacked the strength and allowed themselves to let the norms of society, US' in particular, to be changed by the will of everybody.

    The Catholic Church is and has always been that one barrier the Elites/Secret societies have come across. The one and only moral institution that has stood up to protect human dignity and forbid experimentation with human cells, fetuses, people in general. The only ones who have directly criticized the Communists and brought everyone's attention to the world's real issues. No wonder why the nowadays media tries so hard to discredit the Church.

  175. I really liked this as well as many of the others. By the way there was a certain part in the reading that I had already made a connection to sometime on here to answer someones question on past postings. I said that we usually see certain artist get really huge and have no problems with them being everywhere from the radios to the tv etc. when they are naive or join forces with whomever is in charge… then once the artist decides to actually have something important to say to us we hardly hear from them anymore. They become a weak rapper to society(if it's a rapper who tries to rap intelligently about something worth while listening to), the girls just become desperate for attention or boring to society if they decide to put clothes back on and actually showcase their talent rather than sex all the time to back them up. I've noticed that. Rather people know it or not, shall I come to his defense…(I can't believe it)…Jay-Z has said once that he wanted to try and be a more concious rapper but the people wouldn't allow it. They didn't think the people would care to hear that stuff coming from him. Now come on… even though I don't care for him…He's Jay-Z why wouldn't they listen? They've listened all these years. It would be like wisdom coming from our elder. LOL He has been here for a long time so he knows things. Maybe they were afraid that if they pissed him off he would expose them in a rap. Look at Nas. He's very intelligent and I think he should be one of the greatest MC's but is he even noticed,NO. He's too intelligent to give the popular self centered, I got this and that, I represent the blah blah blah rap game. When you try and attempt to listen to him you have to have a dictionary near by too understand where he's coming from. LOL I do have a question though about the picture of the Ice cubes with the Coca- Cola bottle… was the Ice cubes spelling sex too or something else because I didn't see that one? I know one thing though, next time I go to the store I'm going to look at those products myself and see can I see it. Those sneaky bastards.LOL

  176. Satanism, Occultism, Communism all branches of Kabbalah .

    There is a common thread with all the names in the article.

    Read John 8 then read the Talmud.

  177. superninja on


    The Law is not abolished, therefore, who would be calling for anarchy? I don't understand how you got that from what I wrote. I knew my ideas would not probably fly, it's okay I'm used to that.

    The Protestant schism had its own share of mistakes. They were trying to escape the World System's infiltration of the Church, and yet maintained enough of its aspects that it remained inside of it through its organizational and heirarchical structure. Really, I don't know if it is humanly possibly to keep it fully out, due to man's fallen nature, but great things happen when the Spirit is in control and not men.

  178. Wow.

    My mind is blown. It's a good thing that I don't really watch TV that much, and I am very much aware of how the world's people have been "dumbed down." I look at other shows from the earlier decades and I wonder "Why the heck are today's shows so stupid?" People say I'm different.

    By the way, this comment is coming from a 14 year old.

  179. all wirelessly fenced in and no where to go. vc, good choice of quotes. Carl Jung "secondary". primary is so much more that goes on by. occulted. at least a half a dozen subjects that can go into understanding more.

  180. You forgot to mention that Walt Disney now owns Marvel Comics. One of the largest comic book publishing companies in the world. This also gives them control over all Marvel movies, animation, distributing, and licenses. Joe Quesada, Marvel EiC, commented the reason Disney wanted Marvel was due to it being able to target the male demographic, which it wasn't doing with its current line up.

  181. superninja – I'm just saying that you seem to be against "organized" religion. And it's not just you, I see that a lot lately. And I'm just saying that this reminds me of anarchists who are against "organized" government. There's nothing in Christ's teachings that precludes organized religion. Religions of the time were organized and included priests and temples. Christ only admonishes priests that are hypocritical. His teachings are not anti-organization. But if you want to engage in a form of Christianity that does not include belonging to an organized group, I don't see anything wrong with that. On the other hand I don't think people who share your views should be criticizing other Christians just because they attend Church services on Sunday. And there is even a danger of aiding the agenda of those who seek to undermine Christianity by attacking Christian institutions – i.e. the Church.

  182. Neocene – Disney owning Marvel is interesting because it seems to me that comic books are a place where the Elite try out different occult themes to see what sticks. Comic book heroes are mostly (if not all) based on various gods and goddesses from various ancient religions. In other words it is nothing but a way of propagating occult worship in society.

  183. Maria deZosa on

    Every one of the people mentioned in this article was/is Jewish…kind of an important piece of information left out there! And All those media companies are now controlled by Jews!

    I haven't read all of the comments to this article, but not one of the 30-40 that I have read mention the word Jew…talk about brainwashing of the masses!!

  184. To creolelady:

    Janelle Monae is DEFINATELY pushing the New Age agenda. On her new album cover, she

    has the city of Metropolis on her head, like it's a hat or something. Also , when I was following

    her on Twitter, she always came with the off-the- wall New Age statements like" Singularity is near, or

    isn't it great to become one!". When I saw these tweets, I instantly stop following her. But, I am convinced

    that in order to be remotely successful in the business, you have to push the agenda. Long gone are

    the days when it was about talent. Talent is expendible now. I mean, this is my interpretation of her, but

    I would advise anyone , to do some digging on their owns, because this shit is out of hand now. It is unfortunate because I actually liked her as an artist.


  185. Great article Vigilant.

    I have a thought about the esoteric meaning of the symbols and their use in mass media. Obviously, these symbols (and numbers) are used to accumulate something, usually money ie: at least 3 banks are listed at 666 Burrard St in Vancouver, Grand Mason Hall in London, number 60 or the Bank of America symbol is Roman Numerals adding up to 666 : )

    However; beyond the obvious accumulation of money, what if money is used as an energy exchange? For example: You go into Starbucks and buy a cup of coffee served to you in a cup branded with the logo- an image of a Goddess named Frija. This coffee costs you $6.50, about 1/2 hrs pay for an average worker. You have now just 'invested' 30 min of your energy into a logo you may not know the meaning of.

    Now imagine how this works in mass media, millions of people spending their energy to process symbols and relate them to the cause that it appears in. How much power would this generate for the receiver? For those of you who are unfamiliar with energy work, I can suggest the example of the senerio used in the movie The Matrix. Is it possible we are being used energetically by the illuminati to summon mass amounts of energy for their cause? Now imagine a world-wide collective consciousness working on that level? What could this achieve? I think the clues are given in the Lady Gaga and Jay Z videos, but I can only speculate.

  186. Edward Johnson on

    I saw the Metropolis movie that was made in the 20's about 7 years ago and I am now part of the elite, I own a multi million corp and I have been a mason for 5 years…."LONG LIVE THE POWER OF CONTROL"

  187. P.S. Don't know if you've already covered this in a previous column (I'm new to your site) but…consider investigating other, more blatant/coercive forms of mind control those in the military/CIA/black ops use to actually "program" a human to carry out an act/activity. Heck, National Geographic even did a short piece on some of their techniques…creating, in reality, a manchurian candidate.

  188. This is one of the best articles that I have read here. I would love to see what Vigilant has to say about Facebook, as it is owned by the elite, turns human interaction into a commodity, and pushes us further toward "uploading our lives".

  189. Can you please do an article on Christina Aguilera – Not Myself Tonight. And sense these "artists" turn to the illuminate stuff does this mean they sold their soul to them? What do the singers get for doing all this stuff.

  190. I really dont care about pop culture,singers but i saw this new music video of miley cyrus "Cant be tamed" and guess what… she looks like a fallen angel with black wings…and so the herd will be influenced again…so sad.

  191. Wow. This is alot to read x)With all that I could comprehend, great job VC. I look forward to all your articles. One thing though, with all these music video's sending messages, is the music itself bad? I know the lyrics contribute to the "story" but you hear lady gaga everywhere too, ha ha.

    THere's lot's of teens on here, you're making an evident impact.

  192. sexylisiouscalchick on


  193. sexylisiouscalchick on


  194. Naked bodyscanners, internet censorship /overall surveillance of the people…. it's so sickening I don't know what to do anymore. It paralyzes me.

  195. "185.Daisy May 4th, 2010 11:37 am :

    Quoting Zoe:

    ” “…studies have shown that images of children trigger in women an instinctual need to nurture, to care and to protect…” This “instinctual need to nurture” etc is debatable.

    Women don’t have an instinct to nurture or to care or to protect children but they are socialized (brainwashed) into thinking that way. The “instinct to nurture” is not biological but it is taught and learned through socialization.”

    Now this is feminist brainwashing if ever I heard it. aargh!"

    Actually Daisy, it's nothing to do with "feminist brainwashing" at all–it IS mostly learned behaviour. Just because you are a female, does NOT necessarily equate you with being nurturing towartds/loving all children (me being one of those women–I feel NO connection to children or desire to have them whatsoever–never have, and ALWAYS felt this way–even when I was very young myself).

    Someone else demanded "scientific proof" above. Though I can't point you in the direction of the specfic doc, I read in a pshychology book a few months back that numerous studies are being conducted on this issue (using monkeys and other animals)–and it HAS been observed and concluded that this is LEARNED behaviour–NOT instinctual (yes, even for animals!).

  196. @Mia comment 264. I have to disagree with the view that this learned behaviour and not instinctual. Studies have been carried out (I dont have a link for you but I'm sure someone can locate it) that show 'physiological' changes in the female body e.g. hormonal changes, the release of certain chemicals in the brain, which cause the female to become 'connected' and to 'nurture' their offspring. This effect naturally causes 'psychological' effects to the extent that the feeling of connection and nurturing or even protection of a child becomes instinctual. This physiological change is not found in males and therefore you could say that the instinctual thing is in the DNA…NOT LEARNED BEHAVIOUR I'm afraid to tell you!

  197. DumbGoyNot on

    I noticed that some dunderhead made the comment that if you only watch the educational stuff you'll be fine. Evidently the info in the article about the subliminal messaging went right over his head. Either that or he's a shill on the elite payroll who is hired to make such misleading statements.

    About four years ago a severe storm hit a town near where I live and a friend who lives in that town called the next day and told me that when the storm hit the area where he lives the screen on his digital TV went blank except for three horizontal stripes evenly spaced on the screen with one at the top of the screen, one in the middle, and one at the bottom. The stripes were white and were about 2" wide, and the background was dark gray. In the top stripe was the word in bold print: CONFORM. In the middle stripe there were the words: DON'T RESIST. In the bottom stripe were the words: RESISTANCE IS FUTILE. He said those stripes remained there for about 20 seconds and then disappeared.

    Anyway, the point I'm making is this: Smash your TV set to bits with a sledgehammer, sweep up the mess you made and put it in the garbage, and you'll be fine.

  198. he worked for the NRC.

    you guys know what that is? they have so many plans for nuclear power it scares me.

  199. To Paco

    As said in the piece Religions have been the main instrument of control in the past

    The media have been supressing the priests abuses on kids for years. Abused kids become disfuntional adults and the problem spreads exponentially …Looks like they don't need the churches anymore !

    One more thing. Who needs a churche to believe in God ? They don't own a "franchise" It is about the only thing they can not take away from us it's FREE for everybody.

    The whole concept from Christ MISSION is to stay away from the money's changers and live in peace by PRACTICING mercy and compassion with our fellows humans .. ALL of them ( the churches never did that )

  200. Louis Cypher on

    "As said in the piece Religions have been the main instrument of control in the past

    The media have been supressing the priests abuses on kids for years."

    While I cannot comment on media in the US as I am from Europe, I can tell you that TV & Newspapers in UK & Ireland have been one of the biggest tools in exposing what the priests where doing to kids in Ireland and really helped get people talking about something that "shouldn't be talked about". The Church (and through influence by the Church – The Government) on the other hand systematically covered up every piece of information about the scandal.

    I do believe that advertising in the media is done very sneakily but I think to say that the media has out-passed the church on mind control is discounting all of the damage done by the Catholic church in countries like Ireland and still being done in places like Africa where the church's influence is still ruining lives with medieval policies on things like contraception.

  201. Louis Cypher on

    "You go into Starbucks and buy a cup of coffee served to you in a cup branded with the logo- an image of a Goddess named Frija. You have now just ‘invested’ 30 min of your energy into a logo you may not know the meaning of."

    Can you explain to me how the mermaid logo is releated to the Norse Goddess Freyja?

    And also what esoteric meaning can be attached to either the logo or the Goddess?

  202. innerspace on

    There is a series of videos on youtube called Tel-Evil-Sion . It comes in 25 parts. It's worth a watch. The 25th part was just uploaded a few days ago, I think.

  203. recently been teaching myself about subliminal messages..sick.perverted.wrong.

    welldone vc great article. I think you need to see christina Aguilera's new video 'not myself tonight'

    Its got lots of messages as she is now an obvious mk ultra slave. Id like to see an article on this by you.

  204. you forgot the best channel of them all for viacom, LOGO!

    the gay channel.

    and e! bravo! style! oxygen!

  205. this is a very high-quality collection of information. One of the best articles on this site.

    We need to stop complaining about this and start taking responsibility within our own communities so that we can help others to stand up for their own minds. This way, when the system goes haywire (and it will), the consequences can be minimized as little as possible.

    That is to say, the tidal wave is coming, it is now our task to stop bitching about how we were tricked into ignoring it for so long and start helping as much as we can.

  206. "Actually Daisy, it’s nothing to do with “feminist brainwashing” at all–it IS mostly learned behaviour. Just because you are a female, does NOT necessarily equate you with being nurturing towartds/loving all children (me being one of those women–I feel NO connection to children or desire to have them whatsoever–never have, and ALWAYS felt this way–even when I was very young myself)."

    I never said that ALL women naturally have those instincts. And women that don't shouldn't feel weird or bad about that, but they also shouldn't assume that their own lack of instincts towards children is the "natural" way to be, and therefore conclude that women who DO have the nurturing instinct have been conditioned to do so. That's like a man with no sex drive claiming that other men have been conditioned to want sex. It's similar, anyway. And yes it has a lot to do with feminist brainwashing.

  207. Nicki 4 Team Jesus on

    You know what? I don't even want to watch music videos anymore. It's too painful

    I had so much respect, love, and admiration for Miley Cyrus and then I saw that "Can't Be Tamed" music video where she dresses like a whore and lets all these girls and guys rub up on her. She's in a cage and displayed as an animal and she has big freaky black wings. In another scene she's lying on the ground with her cleavage hanging out and she has a peacock tail.

    Britney, Christina, Gaga, now good ol- virgin Christian Best-of-Both-Worlds Hannah Montana.

  208. All that media is owned by the Jews. If Vigilant posts their names and photos you will see it clearly. But he's probably did not do that because they're quick to label stuff anti-semitic. extremist etc.

    There is a an obvious connection between Judeo-masonry and satanism…and and obvious connection between the hatred that satan has for those who follow Christ and its an ongoing spiritual war taking place in people's hearts, who will win??? satan has lots of trophies because most people don't care and are an easy catch even if they don't consciously realize..its as real as it gets..

    And…a closing loop connection between the hatred of Jews to Christianity and anything Christian, that is why they invest in culture that destroys Christian values and any 'good' traditional values such as love and respect for your family and friends, love for life.

    Christ said for a reason – synagogue of Satan. Jews hate Christ. Christ is Life. But Jews who are part of that elite, smart and rich people, want you to start loving death. Its sooo obvious in the media you have to be blind not to see it..and when u read the magazines or watch the channels, check out who owns all that at the end of the chain..if you dont believe me, check! I'm not lying.

    Judeo-masonry (waiting for anti christ) – satanism – destruction of anything Christian – death – and more death – eternal death

    I'm not giving them any money for that satanic industry and life is good this way..II'll let them do what they want but they got no power over me because my God is Christ..one day it will be all over and we will see God..for some it will be joy, for some it will be torment…I hope that for me it will be joy..life is short! =)

  209. innerspace on

    The comment right above this one – What do you mean, jews hate Christ? Wasn't Jesus a Jew? Or at least that is what I've been taught, anyway.

  210. nice article vig

    i was wondering if u could clarify somethings for me on the videogaming industries and what symbolism and secrets and stuff they hide

    if u already did can u tell me where?

    much appreciated

  211. Daisy, you've been brainwashed to think that feminism is bad. Without googleing the word feminism tell me what you think it is and then look it up. I'm pretty sure your definition will be wrong. And if it's right, I feel extremely sorry for you.



  213. InChristwelive on

    I agree, the catholic church needs to be exposed for the big lie that it really is. I used to be a dedicated catholic until the Lord revealed himself to me and I was set free from the rules, recitations and constant guilt of never being good enough imposed by this vile religious movement. No religion or organisation can save the World. The only One who can is our Lord Jesus Christ…I want wait for His return to sort all this nonsense out. He is our only Salvation and the nations of the World need to wake up before it's too late.

  214. @ Guy:

    You said:

    The whole concept from Christ MISSION is to stay away from the money’s changers and live in peace by PRACTICING mercy and compassion with our fellows humans .. ALL of them ( the churches never did that )

    And I have a question for you: Could you point me where exactly does Jesus say that? . Actually what Jesus said was that we should reject this world, get away from mundane things, including money, also to do not accept other religions or teachings, and praise him and God Father and the Holy Spirit above all.

    He stated very clearly and more than once that if we are truly Jesus followers we WILL BE rejected by this world. So be it. I'm pro-life, pro family, pro values, pro morals, conservative, anti-new world order, anti communist, anti liberalist, anti socialist, anti everything evil. And you know what, I'm proud about it.

    There are plenty examples on the Bible were it says that Christians do not need to be nice to other people, that does not necessarily mean that one has to be mean, but the Jesus is peace and love concept is BEYOND ridiculous and was all made up.

    Even more, on the book of Revelations it says that Jesus will come back as a judge. Justice is REAL LOVE. The peace and love thing was an Elite manufactured preconceived crap. Did you even know that the peace and love sign is a Nazi symbol meant to represent the death of Christianity?, it is the BROKEN CROSS on the world. It represents Satan. But thans to the media now it is seen as peace. Well, it isn't at all.

    One thing is to be nice to everyone but be sure I won't accept them or what they say just for being who they are. Jesus told us how to behave and what to do, and be sure I will, as well as REAL Catholics. That's the whole issue I guess.

    You have to realize that the Catholic Church has more than 1 billion people and if you think that you can say Catholics are these way or that way you will be ABSOLUTELY wrong. At least read the Catechism: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catechism to find out what the Catholic Church and we are all about.

    I am completely aware of the molesting crimes comitted by SOME ecclesiastic members of the Church. Be sure their crimes will not remain hidden or unpunished. The GUILTY will pay, the sinful PAY, and everyone the harderst punishment will be to those within the Catolic Church who sin.

    The Pope is working on that, as well as many Bishops and the Laity. I know the news do not report that, but come on, why would they? They hate us, always have and always will until our Lord Jesus Christ comes back and does JUSTICE. Which is also LOVE.

    We are aware of the evil which has gotten inside some archdiocesis but seriously, to say that all the Catholic Church is evil is WRONG.

    It's like saying all Germans are evil because of Hittler and the Nazi Leaders. Or like saying that all Chinese are communist beasts like Mao.

  215. I heard that more than half of media corporations (music, movies and tv) are owned by Jews. If this is a fact, then that means that Jews are part of this of mass media manipulation. I'm not trying to sound anti-semitic but these guys who feel they're wiser than others have always had a hand in too many world issues that has yeilded negativity. The sooner we wake up, the sooner the better.

    Great article, Vigilant.

  216. @Dude88

    Dude wake up, it's not like it is hard to see. The WHORE of Babylon is the United States. Always has. Always will be Babylon. There are more Satanic people, Satanic churches, satanic media, satanic rock bands, satanic pop stars, etc. etc. etc. than anywhere else in the world.

    Who has spread errors evil and sin? Hollywood.

    Who has made war to get reach? USA

    Who has destroyed nations to have power and money? USA

    Who has tried countless times to attack sovereign nations based on false flag terrorist attacks? USA (More than once, Pearl Harbor was staged too)

    Which city is the fullest of sin, orgies, money, satanism, blasphemy, evil? New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles.


    If you see a google view of Washington DC you will see how the Capitol is the eye of the all seeing eye, and there streets are made to appear as a pyramid. And also if you see the pentagon it was made to look like a Pentagram.

    I beg you to not trust me, at all, go and see it for yourself. It's not like it is hidden anymore.

    THE US IS BABYLON and people should start getting ready.

  217. @Blazing99:

    Just for fun look on google Jewish Hollywood stars, you will be SURPRISED.

    Or Jewish on Hollywood. Just for fun. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

  218. @InChristwelive

    You have got to be kidding me. Seriously? So you are a protestant who believes that Jesus is what you want him to be and yet you come and tell everyone that the Catholic Church is a lie???. Really???. Do you even know history. If so you would know that the original form of Christianity is the Catholic Church. Each and every Christian denomination was separated from the Catholic Church.

    Do you even know what Luther and Calvin said about Jesus? They were awful monsters and sinners. At least read about the washed up faith they preached before DENYING Jesus Christ. Because Jesus is NOT what you want him to be.

    However I do agree that HE IS the only way to reach to heaven. But you should pay attention that I was never talking about the Catholic Church meaning the temples per se. I was talking about the faith, the Catechism, the laity, the Sacraments, the beliefs, the symbols, the 2010 year old traditions, morals and values that have remained intact in many Churches within the Catholic Church.

    Try to see the Traditional Tridentine Latin Mass. That IS the true form of Catholicism. And trust me. We will restore our Church back to its former glory. And as a brother in Christ I beg you to open your eyes. You are beyond blind due to the lies of Luther and Calvin.

    I mean, at least read what Luther and Calvin said, there is PLENTY information abou them.

  219. "Daisy, you’ve been brainwashed to think that feminism is bad. Without googleing the word feminism tell me what you think it is and then look it up. I’m pretty sure your definition will be wrong. And if it’s right, I feel extremely sorry for you."

    Well, in theory it's the concept that men and women are of equal value. That I have no issue with. What I do take issue with is the fact that feminism has been distorted and subverted to mean that men and women are THE SAME and should act as such. Meaning that there is now pressure on women to do what men do (mainly, work – the term "corporate slaves" springs to mind), which has huge ramifications for society, especially in the realm of the family which is under major attack by the elite social engineers.

    I'm probably not doing my views full justice in my comments here. I did a massive post about this subject on my blog which basically pulled together all the points I wanted to make against feminism, so check it out if you wish, you might disagree with everything I say – I'd be interested to find out.

    I don't support subjugation of women in any way, and I accept that we still have a long way to go in terms of affording men & women equal value and respect. I just think feminism has tried to go about that in all the wrong ways. And as I said, that is largely due to elite manipulation of what could have perhaps been a valid movement (feminism that is).

  220. I'm not sure how I missed this latest essay, but I thought it was excellent. This stuff has a real presence in our world and is the closest to actual "conspiracy theory" I get. No need for secret cabals of Jews, Catholics, Satanists, what-have-you, just a lot of psychological manipulation for the sake of money and power. This is definitely the kind of stuff people should educate themselves about.

    Jung is one of my heroes. The guy was flawed (what human isn't?), but he had some brilliant ideas that really influenced the way I saw the world and ignited my interest in esoteric spirituality.

  221. One thing that struck my about Metropolis was at the end , when the Workers seem to have forgiven the Master for his tyrannical treatment , all with a simple hand shake .

    First they (elites) admit workers are exploited in movie , then they create the myth that elites are capable of huge transformation to benevolent Bosses . That ain't the real world , look at the Rockefeller history , the Warburgs , the Morgans … even when they set up of foundations they were filled with agendas , tax evasion, control and propaganda to change societies .

  222. Wow, thank you! But i just wanted to ask… i sleep with the tv on, because it helps me sleep (strange i know..)

    but i turn the sound real low, so its a slight hum and i even turn the brightness down so its really dark… someone said earlier, something about people who sleep with the tv on? Please explain!!

    Oh, and thank you! Another great…AMAZING article, i am so happy i found this site a couple of months ago. You have really opened my eyes.. thank you again!

  223. @146 Pray to the True God for the Truth. He will answer that prayer and somehow , someway , the Truth about God and His purpose will be presented to you.

    There is a way through this. The True God has made the provisions. We just have to want it.

  224. baba said:

    "What I’m saying is that the good intentions of the Protestants, left a vacuum which the occult forces used to their advantage. I’m also saying that in order to combat this, it is necessary for Protestants to either convert to Catholicism or modify their denominations in a way to re-introduce these symbols back into their religious practices. And also that Catholics must re-educate themselves about the Christian interpretations of these symbols and re-vitalize their faith."

    baba, – I have been to your website and have learned so much from your comments and I hope to continue to learn from you and VC.

    However, Catholicism is very good at binding and blinding people to itself through the use of symbols, traditions and rituals. I know because I was raised Catholic.

    In this Age of Grace there is no vacuum, His Grace is sufficient for us.

    If protestantism has fallen it because it has compromised itself with the world, it left its First Love… Jesus. Catholicism may seem strong because it has parishioners, this may seem harsh, but for the most part it is a spiritually dead organization. Ritual, symbols and tradition do not give Eternal Life, they do however create a bond for the organization whether secular or religious.

    The work of Jesus is complete. If we have ritual like the breaking of bread – "communion" it is only a physical reminder of the work He completed for us on the cross.

    In Jesus I have freedom, I never want to be enveloped again into a corrupt system of symbols and ritual.

  225. Thank you for the hard work and effort you put into the research; thank you for opening our eyes concerning these matters. Keep up the good work.

  226. @baba: Excellent link my man, very interesting documentary on eugenics and how it never really died.

  227. @Paco

    I have to disagree with you. The Catholic Church is not the original form of Christianity. What Jesus taught was the original form of Christianity. The Catholic Church has incorporated many pagan ideologies that are not bible based and just because an religion has a large following does not make it right.

    Also the Babylon referred to in Revelation cannot be the US. She is the world empire of false religion and Revelation talks about her adulterous relationship with the kings of the earth because she claims to be God's representative on earth but looks to the governments instead of God to solve the world's problems. These very governments that she trusts will turn on her and destroy her. That means that at some point the governments will do away with all religions.

    I do agree that Jesus will come to judge. You are right about that.

  228. Bindysueblue7 on

    Thanks alot Vigilant!!

    once again, You've outdone yourself.

    May the LORD bless each and every person who reads and understands what VC is saying.

    May He also bless us with the wisdom to spread the word.

  229. @Paco

    Can you explain what you meant by the seat of Peter and what it says in Revelation about that in post # 215?

  230. Please review Lady GaGa's performance on American Idol. Also, I just seen "Clash of the Titans" and I seen the original back in elementary. What's the significance of the gold robot owl? I know the Owl is symbolic, like @ Bohemian Grove. And robotic and gold back in THOSE days? Something is defenitly going on there.

  231. I must say, I haven't come upon any article you've published that didn't catch my attention. I respect that there's no bias, or trash talk..simply observations. I will definitely be looking forward to your next one!

  232. Wow, this world is crazy. I understand Jesus is our only savior but I'm confused, what's better Christians or Catholics? I'm a catholic.

  233. I am such an avid reader. I thank you for posting these these facts from the bottom of my heart. You are showing people the truth and that is exactly what I'm here to do.

  234. if you are catholic do yourself a favor. #1 read the bible. #2 get out of that religon. the pope worships dagon the philistine false god. google "dagon pope" you will see the resemblance of his attire to that of the ancient philistines. and it was sampson in the bible who battled against the dagon worshippers under the holy spirit of god. so please do your research. at the center of the vatican is a giant egyptian obelisk that the pope goes out to and kneels before it…god forbids the worship of statues and poles of stone read it in the bible! catholic religion is totally 180 degrees from what the bible teaches

  235. @ bryant – Thanks for your kind words. I just saw Iron Man 2 today in Imax format. It was an awesome experience, but like most Hollywood movies the message is dubious at best. I wrote a review which contains my first impressions of the movie.

    The main point that I make is that Iron Man is a depiction of the myth of Prometheus, and I discuss the implications of this mythology with regards to Christianity.

  236. Brian @ 317 I totally agree with you. Catholism appears to advocate a mediator between God and people other than Jesus Christ. They advocate the mediator as the Pope. The Bible makes it very clear that No one, absolutely No one is to be a mediator between the Father and the people other than His Only begotten Son Jesus Christ. Jesus paid a VERY high price for every individual on this earth to be that Mediator. And Catholic church appears to trample and spit on this Truth. I'm not talking about individual believers in that organization, but just the ones who lead people astray. Just very very sad to watch this unfolding right before our eyes :(

  237. Interested Reader on

    Can you please review the new Miley Cyrus video "Can't Be Tamed"?

    I know that others have suggested this, but I just want to put in my vote.

    I would really like to see your interpretation of the video, because when I saw it I totally thought of this web site. It's a sexy video and maybe it is harmless, but there was something "sinister", as you would say, about the video.

  238. I would really like to know more on the agenda of disney I have been trying to find a full description on their agenda, i anyone knows of a site… so far I have only read about a small part of the whole agenda would like to know more so that I can get more educated on the subject…

    Also VC you really should do an indept report on computer and computer games, I can hardly sit here and type this I know my brother has a big problem with games and lately I have noticed all the symbols in games; they are really everywhere—-

    don't know if you already did a report on this,…..mwah

  239. "The phrase subliminal advertising was coined in 1957 by the US market researcher James Vicary, who said he could get moviegoers to “drink Coca-Cola” and “eat popcorn” by flashing those messages onscreen for such a short time that viewers were unaware."

    I study Psychology and we had to discuss this, and it has been found out since that Vicary faked his results to say that the sales of Coca-Cola and Popcorn actually increased as he has placed these subliminal messages to the viewing audience. But infact, this was not true and his results are NOT valid.

    Fantastic article all the same though. But subliminal message, in this case, does not work.


  241. That is an excellent article you wrote, Vigilant, and more your caliber. Maybe I am wrong, but I often agree with Elite ideas. This one, for instance, where you wrote: "…the primary defect of democracy, the impossible ideal of the “omnicompetent citizen.” You coined an exquisite phrase here: "The trampling and roaring “bewildered herd” . The Elites are quite correct in their assumption that " It is no longer possible, for example, to believe in the original dogma of democracy; that the knowledge needed for the management of human affairs comes up spontaneously from the human heart. " The Bible backs this up too when King Solomon observed that the heart deviseth evil continuously, who can know it?" (I think it was Solomon who said that, but anyway it's in the Bible.)

    The only problem is that I don't like what I see. Alan Watt said that democracy is a code word for fascism. Fascism does seem to be the next step, especially when every aspect of people's lives are controlled and known by those in control, and people only await The Chip — and the average middle class type person will gladly accept it "to keep them safe". God, I hate that phrase. The poor classes will probably be forced to take the chip as the only means left of doing business and buying and selling.

    Many probably don't take what you and others say all that seriously. To further their education, Alan Watt has two talks (every one of them is worth listening to in order to get a sense of the Matrix we live in), but they should listen to Watt's May 6th and May 7th talks. In those talks he speaks of the same things you do, Vigilant. Watt particularly recommends "Tragedy and Hope" by Carroll Quigley where you get it straight from the Elite's mouth what their agenda is and the overview of the Matrix.


    Scroll down for Watt's talks.

  242. No. 28 wrote: "An excellent example of this is the way Planned Parenthood is used to disguise the genocidal attack on non-whites around the world."

    This is a ridiculous statement, and I doubt very much there ever was a connection to PP to the Nazis. This idea stems from obfuscation of history and scare tactics of the religious Right conspiracy theorists. There is nothing wrong with abortion, no matter what race. The alternative: forced breeding and every square inch of planet Earth occupied by humanity. I could call them 'useless eaters' because the movie "Idiocracy" will show you where you are headed anyway — as basically "The trampling and roaring “bewildered herd” — as Vigilent so exquisitely phrased it.

  243. Much of this is spot on but it assumes a negative and united purpose, motivation and usage of this information by all involved. That would be rather uncharacteristic of humans to achieve. There are a number of active Mystery schools around the world which are open to any who wish to join. Have no hidden agenda (many state specifically their purpose and goals and they are too small or localized to have or achieve any greater hidden agenda) and are actively seeking to use knowledge, such as presented in this article, to help enlighten any who seek to know.

    Many of them only wish to help those who come seeking learn about what they are chasing. The author, and I imagine to a large extent the audience, are of those that are seeking but have become bogged down in Fear of control. And make no mistake, there are those out there who use this knowledge for maleficent purposes, but like any tool its the user who is 'evil or good' not the tool itself, not the knowledge itself. There is reason to be wary of those who use this knowledge but anyone willing to look with honesty at it will be able to avoid pitfalls easily enough. Seeing the world through Fear tented glasses will show you nothing but lurking monsters where there are simply fools abusing their art.

  244. Little Jay on


    I was just studying for my marketing exam and was revising marketing communications. It featured a quote from Edward Bernays saying:

    "If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing it.”

    –Edward Bernays

    When I read that I thought it was interesting and thought of this site and I come on here and there is an article featuring him.

    Quite peculiar

  245. Ana Milena on

    Hi, VC!

    Thanks indeed for this article! It's amazing to see how studies on the way our mind works has gone this far, just to control our minds like puppets instead of excelling thoughts of favourable change. Today, no matter how critical we try to be towards the things we see and hear, these 'Brilliant Minds' of the ellite will always know how to get through our subconscious to promote their 'business', it would look like there's nothing we can do. Yet, we can still shape our moral in a way that we know how to take in all this info and behave.

    I was also amazed to see how these few companies control absolutely everything, and in a near future they may still acquire even more and more companies who sell their ownership in order to 'save themselves from crisis'.

    In my country, desensitization takes place slowly, as they're just copycats but they don't do it well, actually. Yet, you can see it in children and teens, thanks to the Americanization of media here. Blimey!

    Hey! I wonder if I can translate a few of your articles into Spanish, I'm sure this info will be a treasure for many Spanish speakers who somehow are in search of the truth in this moder world!

  246. #326 – "Much of this is spot on but it assumes a negative and united purpose, motivation and usage of this information by all involved. That would be rather uncharacteristic of humans to achieve."

    But you are looking about humans as a whole and also assuming humans, as a species and if left to its own devices, has benign intent. For the most part such humans don't exist (except for the Hawaiian islanders before 'civilization' found them).

    If you would listen to the May 6 and 7 talks by Alan Watts (all of his talks really) he explains how Elite control has developed, exists, and manufactures reality *for its own purposes*. Over time one can see how it is, and has been, an inter-generational thing. It would stand to reason it would be. Then certain institutions are put in place, like the Council on Foreign Relations, the UN, the IMF, and so many others, plus the think tanks.

    As to the Mystery Schools, I would love to know — after all is said and done — just what exactly great secrets they are peddling that liberates the mind. Whatever they've got to say can be found pretty much in any self-help book at Barnes and Noble. Seems to me they are a business peddling their wares. And one notices buying into their ideas leads one to accept certain political ideas — like globalization and countries without boarders and open illegal immigration, acceptance of homosexuality (my bet is Mystery Schools is overrun in that particular). I'm not against homosexuals, but I just notice how buying into their frame of mindset leads one to next have to accept the homosexual lifestyle as natural. I am so-so on this: on the positive side, at least homosexuals don't breed all those "in the way" people. So there's a plus side there.

  247. May 7, 2010

    Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

    The Cause of Financial 'Chaos', Where Goes the Slippery Slope?

    You'll Find the Bankers' War Plan in 'Tragedy and Hope':

    "According to Media, We Should be Very, Very Frightened,

    Not Hard to Do In a World Kept so Unenlightened,

    A World Ruled by Bankers, as Told by Carroll Quigley,

    Bankers the Feudal Overlords and Serfs Weak and Sickly,

    This Cabal Long Ago said, 'He Would Win Who Dares',

    As They Set Up the Royal Institute of International Affairs,

    For the Rest of World the Round Tables, In their Meditations,

    Thought 'Royal' too Imperial, Voila! Council on Foreign Relations,

    Thinking War's a Great Idea and Also Revolutions,

    Financial Chaos Results, They'd then Offer Planned Solutions,

    Of Course from Independent Media, Truth Would Transpire,

    So Bankers Set Up their Own 'Independent' Media Empire,

    Poorly Scripted Propaganda Suffers from Anemia,

    Foundations Gave from Pocket-Change, Grants for Academia,

    Through Placed Professors They'd Ensure Generations Guided

    By Standardized Propaganda which Their Professors Provided,

    Now World in Planned Chaos, Public Treated like a Dope,

    To Find Out How it Turns Out, Read 'Tragedy and Hope' "

    ***Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – May 7, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)


    Topics of show covered in following links:

    Audit the Fed Dies in Congress

    Pound Slumps-Fears of Hung Parliament

  248. #326: "presented in this article, to help enlighten any who seek to know." where you were speaking of Mystery Schools.

    I was just thinking of the falsity of this idea that Mystery Schools are benevolent and only wish to promote "higher wisdom". I was reminded that it was the Freemasons that instigated the French Revolution. They had a political agenda, in other words, to promote change. Not change through working through a system, but change through a revolution. This is only one instance of how secret societies work unseen in promoting their agendas. I think we should put aside these lies that somehow mystery schools are so good and intended for higher wisdoms and understandings. That's baloney. There's no money in it, for one thing, but a lot of money in creating revolutions. This is where conspiracy theoriests come in, showing who the backers are of these secret societies. Once known, then one gets an idea what the agenda really is.

  249. roninfreedom on

    Dear VC

    Interesting essay!

    Another way Mass Media and also the Government Schools mind control one self from a early age is:


    What is Sports?

    Sports= War substitute,Substitute for War.

    Remember the slogan by ABC's Wide World of Sports:"The Thrill of Victory and The Agony of Defeat"

    Boyy,doesn't that sound very War-like.

    Purpose of Sports is to soften our feelings about War to the point where not only one becomes immune to War.


    Also thinks of War as a FRIENDLY COMPETITION,as a SPORTY EVENT!!!

    I'm that some of you watched sports on television.

    Have you noticed War terminlogy

    In Baseball:The batter BOMBED it to centerfield for a home run.

    The Pitcher BLEW that fastball by him for a strike.

    Football:The QB threw that 30yd BOMB for the Touchdown(Like capturing the opponents flag in stratego)

    Even a popular book even says:When they called it a WAR.

    Don't they call the place where the tackles,guards,linemen go:THE TRENCHES.

    The most popular sport today is Mixed Martial(Martial=Military) Arts

    Where a guy goes against another guy=like in military combat


    The place where they fight is the Octagon(ain't that Illuminati symbolic)

    No wonder why america loves WAR,thru the Mass Conditioning thru The Mass Media and Government Schools.

    People think of War as a sporty event and a friendly competition.

    Instead of a nasty and terrible thing that wrecks people's lives,murders innocents.

    Remember the movie Rollerball how it was a substitute for War.

    Ain't sports the same?

  250. The Church was subverted by the freemasons. You see, some hundreds of years ago, the Church outlawed freemasonry. I forget which Pope it was, but it infuriated the freemasons, whose league exists across governments. (Oh, yes, it was Pius, I believe). Check my history- the pope outlawed the freemasons. Circa 1600 or so, I think. After that, the freemasons began a plan of infiltrating and undermining the church. The greatest of these plans involved placing freemasons in churches where they knew the priests were abusing children. The Christian Brotherhood in Ireland was a group of men who set out to provide the Catholic Priests with as many children to molest and abuse as they could legally get access to. The Christian Brotherhood were men in high government positions who had the positional power to seize children and ship them off to the Catholic reform camps. The children were alternately raped, tortured, sodomized and murdered by both the brotherhood members and the Catholic priests. This was a grand, diabolic plan. And the freemasons executed it expertly. Then the freemasons surfaced the abusive catholic priests.

    In one of the greatest craftings of all time, the Christian Brotherhood of Ireland (actually- the freemasons there) successfully sued to have their names kept secret and apart from the child abuse trials of Catholic priests. It was essential that they be named, however, because THEY were the men signing the orders authorizing the government to seize the kids and place them in Catholic possession, thus enabling their abuse. Without naming those men, the freemasons who designed the subversion of the Catholics worldwide walk away free and clear from this horrific agent provocateur role.

    In this way, the freemasons exacted revenge for being banned by Pius, as well as gutting an entire generation of faithful church followers.

    It is these same freemasons who give you Barney on PBS (a dinosaur, undermining christian theology), shows about extra terrestrials (more of the argument we are not alone, therefore God does not exist) and myriad other attacks on our nations theological base.

    The freemasons want it all, folks, and they will stop at nothing to get it. They steal, they rape, they rob, they torture. And you are all their potential next victims if they are on your town councils or anywhere in your government.

    Ever seen any bad story about child molesting freemasons in the news. There IS a reason for that, even though the US ranks second only behind the Russians in child porn offerings. Yet the freemasons seem to stay out of the news here, somehow. So whose kids are being used in US child porn sales- better make sure your kid doesn't have a sleepover with a freemason family.

  251. Can you write about something positive? I'm reading a book about having a positive attitude. This is one of my favorite sites to view but it doesn't help me have a positive attitude, just more paranoia.

    Ok so your telling us how the "media" wants us to think, right? Well whats the opposite of that? How should we live our lives? Is there a "how to book" per se? Bible perhaps? VC how do you live your life? Are you truly happy?

    I dont check emails. Best way to get through to me is for you to right a feature article.

  252. "Do you even know history. If so you would know that the original form of Christianity is the Catholic Church. Each and every Christian denomination was separated from the Catholic Church."

    Sorry to break the truth here..but…the history tells us that the original church was Catholic but it was not ROMAN Catholic..the latter is a DENOMINATION that has split FROM Orthodox Christianity in 1054….study….you guys stole 'Catholic' term from us… The term 'Catholic' actually refers to the Holy Apostolic ORTHODOX Church, which is descended from the Apostolic times, which still exists up to today and which I'm part of…The reason we're split is from the West being power-hungry and rebelling against the holy synod, then they put 'pope' as their head..Orthodox Church has nothing like it we're have a council..and a lot of things were changed theologically that, in order to bridge that gap, the Roman 'Catholics' would have to completely deny and erase..we're not your sister church, we're your mother church..God bless..

    "The comment right above this one – What do you mean, jews hate Christ? Wasn’t Jesus a Jew? Or at least that is what I’ve been taught, anyway."

    The Jews I'm talking about in the industry have nothing to do with Christ other than sharing the guilt of their ancestors of committing deicide 'His blood be upon us and our children' as says in the New Testament. Jews are those who share Judaism as their faith ('synagogue of Satan'), even when many are secular but essentially they'll trust the rabbi, once a Jew becomes Christian he is no longer a Jew really because in the eyes of God we are just his people, as also is said in the New Testament, regardless of ethnicity or gender (but that does not permit gay marriage as this is getting twisted these days). Christ is Son of God who came in Jewish flesh but He is God, its not about ethnic origin.

    These Jews hate Christ for many reasons, partly because they want to rule the world over the 'cattle' ,which is pretty much achieved in the United States with the entertaiment industry, law, and politics, and media, its pretty much owned by anti-Christ Jews. Christ told them to repent which they can't stand, they'd rather deify themselves and the not-anymore special Jewish race.

    So there is no reason for us to be surprised to see all the satanic stuff, hidden or obvious, on TV or media. I'm actually not surprised at all these days this stuff is pretty logical if you know where things stand..

  253. Ana Milena on

    @roninfreedom, Comment 332:

    Well… Sadly sports are taken as a way of war in many cases: devotion to sport teams and players and, as a result, groups that hate each other due to their sport preferences. Also, competition instead of cooperation, and of course some ambition from time to time.

    However, sports themselves are not destructive or negative. Indeed, sports is a way to get involved in healthy and constructive activities as long as it's done with the right attitude: having fun, exercising your body and mind, and not becoming obsessive enough either to abandon your dear beings just to practise this sport or to be stuck to channels such as ESPN 24 -hours a day.


    @Tom (334)

    I agree! It's necessary to be positive and promote this attitude anyway you can. This blog shows facts that, sadly, are just a painful reality somehow we have to take in. What can we do once we've acquired this info?

    Well, I'm thankful to VC and other people who have published very useful information to make me understand I was being fooled by the media. Now I'm more able to make decisions about the things I see/listen to, and I've also made decisions about what's useful for my mind, spirit and life. I've axed a lot of stuff I was hurting God's feelings with – without the intention of hurting Him, of course, and now I've proved myself I can live without many of these things!! :-) I can say, therefore, I'm happier now!

    Optimism doesn't mean being blind toward all the things happening in this world. But if we get up-to-date with all these issues, we'll be able to make choices to enrich our spirituality, and not distractors like the ones we find in popular culture (which are supposed to be positive, though!)


  254. soulhustle on

    "I agree! It’s necessary to be positive and promote this attitude anyway you can. This blog shows facts that, sadly, are just a painful reality somehow we have to take in. What can we do once we’ve acquired this info?"

    I know its hard information, but actually I don't see it as negative at all. It is hard when you don't know where things stand, what kind of forces are behind that inspire people to do all these things. Here we're pretty much dealing with an area where spiritual realm is critical and when a person does not have a very clear understanding of a spiritual warfare that is a integral part of any Christian, its very hard to take..Its not something a person deals with every day, if they don't lead a spiritual life.

    I can understand…for me though, personally, I don't think its negative, I think Vigilant just cleared up more things for me to be aware of, which I'm really grateful to him!

    For a Christian its a battle all the time, and easy to lose once you lose your guard and devil rejoices… But for someone who doesn't fight, its even harder because they sense that there is more to all this, but don't know what to do..I'd suggest, read lots on history and concepts of different religions, compare them to New Testament (not youtube) and read the writings of saints..keep searching don't sleep..

  255. "“I agree! It’s necessary to be positive and promote this attitude anyway you can. This blog shows facts that, sadly, are just a painful reality somehow we have to take in. What can we do once we’ve acquired this info?”

    imo, there is nothing anyone can actually *do* once they've acquired this information. Of course I don't know what you mean by "this information", as there are many aspects to it. One of the things you DON'T want to do is get yourself bogged down with fundamental Christian ideas that give their explanation of what exactly Reality is. They merely offer a comfortable explanation: "Us Christians are all in this boat together. It's spiritual warfare, and if you're one of us you're saved".

    Theirs is just once explanation, one that ignores all other aspects of Reality. It's like being on a merry-go-round with them and change the Matrix in any meaningful way.

    Depending on what one means by "reality", I would say you must go to the Mountain Top to see it — and there is no better person able to piece the puzzle together than Alan Watt. Once you are on that Mountain Top listening to his talks, you begin to see the Matrix you live in. And there is nothing you can do about it, but make a buck as best you can and keep on truckin', as they use to say. But remember, every time you breed you are breeding more slaves for their System. They will kill you and yours before they ever let you bring them down.

  256. This article doesn't provide any new or groundbreaking information whatsoever. Anyone who hasn't realized that (much of) media is all about shaping and controlling the viewer/consumer is a dolt.

  257. "This article doesn’t provide any new or groundbreaking information whatsoever. Anyone who hasn’t realized that (much of) media is all about shaping and controlling the viewer/consumer is a dolt."

    Looks like the trolls are here. Two of them.

    Take a personal survey and ask yourself just who watches the morning news on the various channels, with their inane chit-chat blather after every news "segment"? ALL OF AMERICA DOES. At least that's my guess. The average dolt still listening to Christina Aguillara (however it's spelled) and buying the music of the music industry and paying what $10 to see the latest computer-generated action-packed thriller or something, paying up to $100 for a ticket to the ballgame, going on those "walks" for breast cancer, aids, whatever — where the money generated will never cure an ill (it's just a fun thing for the sheeple to do to help convince themselves they are "doing something"). The list goes on and on.

  258. soulhustle on

    "They merely offer a comfortable explanation: “Us Christians are all in this boat together. It’s spiritual warfare, and if you’re one of us you’re saved”."

    Its not an explanation its a lot more than that..don't speak for something you don't know. If I'm a Christian but do things contrary to my faith, I won't be saved, in fact, I'm sending myself to a worse 'level' of hell, or will face worse consequences spiritually, than someone who doesn't know.

  259. soulhustle on

    ** should add, unless I repent the bad things I've done and try not to repeat them..thats in God's hands also, the difference is we have a conscious choice to make, while others don't really..

  260. hey vigilant citizen i would appreciate if you just checked out a puerto rican music group called DA' ZOO

    they sing in spanish but their music is very good its like funk techno and all that but this made me think of their logowhen i saaw the logo it made me kind of think of mind control so maybe you can check that out for your next article and thnx for all of your informitive articles people deserve to know what they are listening to and looking at

  261. are/is there any channle/program, magazine, media, bookd, etc. company thats safe from illuminati/hollywood?

    what about pbs, cnet, myspace/FB?

  262. Hi VC. I read this article with great interest. Wonderful research work, as usual. The concept of Desensitization particularily captured my attention, and it raised question on my mind as to current tendency of movie makers to produce horror movies and TV series about vampires. Not only movie makers, but you also have them on numerous websites, books, TV commercials, etc. What does it predict? God help this world!!!

  263. InChristwelive on

    @Paco…ur responce is very insightful. Please read http://thelatterdays.blogspot.com/search/label/ca… . Since I'm sure you know ur history and are am assuming you know and understand the bible. Please help me understand as well, Where in the bible are we supposed to worship Mary the mother of Jesus, where in the bible are we instructed to pray the rosery, if you can get me any of this information and more on the traditions followed by Church it'self. As much I believe that you are dedicated to The Lord Jesus Christ, however the RCC has a lot of man made rituals that most cannot be found in the Bible.

    That is why it so important for us to read and understand the bible. I would really appreciate your feedback. We should follow Christ's teachings and be very careful what we regard as the "truth". Our focus should not be so much on the evil that is going on out there but on the return of Christ…are we ready…will he say "well done ye good and faithful servant…..are we busy with his work i.e. the Great Commission…are we leading souls to repent and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ. We will all be individually accountable. Let's ask the Holy Spirit to fill us so we can accomplish our lifes purpose on this earth before we go back home.

  264. @Obey (331)

    "I was just thinking of the falsity of this idea that Mystery Schools are benevolent and only wish to promote “higher wisdom”. I was reminded that it was the Freemasons that instigated the French Revolution. They had a political agenda, in other words, to promote change. Not change through working through a system, but change through a revolution. This is only one instance of how secret societies work unseen in promoting their agendas. I think we should put aside these lies that somehow mystery schools are so good and intended for higher wisdoms and understandings. That’s baloney. There’s no money in it, for one thing, but a lot of money in creating revolutions. This is where conspiracy theoriests come in, showing who the backers are of these secret societies. Once known, then one gets an idea what the agenda really is."

    This is a perfect example of what Im talking about. Seeing the world through fearful eyes. The french revolution overthrew an abusive aristocracy and gave the people the power to govern themselves. Perhaps this was wrong from a legal or even moral standpoint, but there was no manner of changing the system through the system in those days. It simply wasnt possible. Secondly, Secret Societies and Mystery Schools are different things, do some research on the topic. Sometimes they cross over but not always. Thirdly many of what would be called Valid Mystery Schools ask for no money, or only donation of choice (aside from some classes which cost to setup and sometimes have minimal fee – often waived if you request it). This is actually one of the ways you can vet a group to see if they are Valid or not.

    It sounds like you have a lot of strong opinions but not a lot of experience except maybe for websites and rumors. This is a sign that you are so afraid of the 'Power of Control' or perhaps how easily you can be manipulated that you havent even bothered attending an event or contacting one of these groups to see what they are about. You're simply assuming through Fear and letting that Fear limit your experience of life.

    That aside Modern Mystery Schools and Freemasons have almost nothing in common except for some root systems of understanding (Philosophical Alchemy, Kabala, Initiation, etc) and these systems are as wide spread and varied in nature as can be imagined. Think of how the Christian Bible is interpreted by so many different groups. Each has their own idea of what it means. This is the same for those schools that use Initiation, Alchemy, Kabala etc. No one agrees on every point and that's just the fundamentals. When it comes down to practice, politics, ideals, goals and any other outward facing impactful action they are even more at odds. Hell, even w/in freemasonry no two lodges agree 100% and there is yet another schism base on philosophical/esoteric freemasonry vs the Secret Society/Charitable aspects. Why do you think there are so many branches? You'd do well to read the book by Mark Stavish on Freemasonry.

    All of that aside, Yes there are manipulative groups. There are lodges/cabals etc that have the explicit purpose of harnessing this information to their benefit. They exist and are active in the world, but they arent 1) as prevailant as you think, 2) the only thing out there, 3) as interconnected as you suspect. I can't personally speak to those in the higher circles of control that are listed in this article (CFR etc) but I can speak of several Mystery schools personally. Of those I know there are about a dozen with loose association and they agree on a few core concepts but in how best to use it, to govern themselves, to help people, to continue their existence and pretty much any outward action they have no agreement. And even several that are 'sister' groups (ie lineage from one to another) are in terrible political spats and refuse to work with each other in any manner. This is the nature of human interaction. Its imperfect b/c people let egos and personality get in the way.

    So no there is no singular plan all Mystery Schools follow with malevolent intent. And that is certainly not true historically. The first recorded Mystery Schools were in ancient Greece (to my knowledge, there are probably records of some before then but they may not be the same sort of thing) and they had absolutely nothing in common with today's Art aside from the exploration of the inner nature of man/world – which IS the purpose any Mystery School when you get down to it.

    If you want further information on actual, real mystery schools instead of these legendary monstrosities take some time to read some books that are at least 50 years old from those that were involved. Levi, Fortune, Regardie, Knight, etc. Then follow the lineages and see what sprung up.

    BTW – This sort of reputation of an 'evil dark and dangerous group' is useful as a filter for the fearful and easily manipulated. It keeps people that cant handle the Mysteries safely away, or at least it used to.

  265. InChristwelive on

    seaborn *146

    The only one we can turn to is Christ Jesus. He is the Only One who overcame evil.

    *John 16:33 These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

    *1 John 5:5 (Read all of 1 John 5)

    Who is he that overcometh the world, but he that believeth that Jesus is the Son of God?

    *Revelation 17:14 (Read all of Revelation 17)

    These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful.

    He (Christ Jesus) is the only one who gives us the boldness to not be afraid of anything evil that is happenig in this world. He defeated the devil and in Christ we have absolute victory..what is happinging now needs to happen so He can return to judge the world. Those who choice to follow him will not perish but live for eternity. He loves all humanity that is why He came to save Humanity however there are those who reject Him and they shall endure the judgement of the Messiah…

    We all have a choice, we need to choice well.

    Salvation is God's gift to you. "The gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord" (Romans 6:23). When someone offers you a priceless gift, the wisest thing you can do is accept it! This very moment, you can receive Christ's gift of salvation by sincerely praying this simple prayer from your heart:

    Dear God, I know that I am a sinner. I know that You love me and want to save me. Jesus, I believe You are the Son of God, who died on the cross to pay for my sins. I believe God raised You from the dead. I now turn from my sin and, by faith, receive You as my personal Lord and Savior. Come into my heart, forgive my sins, and save me, Lord Jesus. In Your name I pray, Amen.

    Friend, if you have not yet made a decision for Christ, I urge you to receive Him today. You'll be eternally glad to know the love worth finding!

    (from Adrian Rogers)

  266. "There is nothing wrong with abortion, no matter what race."

    ^ This is what society tells us. Question everything.

    "The alternative: forced breeding and every square inch of planet Earth occupied by humanity."

    Smells like NWO propaganda. The elitists would love your opinions about the "useless eaters", you know – except they probably count you as one of them too. They want just enough people to serve as their slaves and any more than that is surplus. More people = harder to control. Why is this BS about sustainable development & overpopulation everywhere? THINK!

    Granted, none of us can know for sure how many people is too many. (Why believe it just because the media/society rams it down your throat?) But from all my research, and knowing what I know about the elite mindset, I firmly believe that overpopulation is a lie. A fabrication. There is plenty of space and resources for the current world population and MORE, if only the world's wealth weren't concentrated in the hands of a few.

  267. @ Jon #50 –

    I didn't mean to lump all Mystery Schools, secret societies, etc. into one evil boat. Of course I understand that there are some legitimate Mystery Schools that sincerely study actual arcane subjects. These are fine. And as you say, one has to discern what kind of group it is one might be thinking of joining, etc.

    You wrote: "The french revolution overthrew an abusive aristocracy and gave the people the power to govern themselves. "

    I think the above is something of a popular fiction regarding the ancien regime that comes from movies. It figures these movies would paint the ancien regime in the blackest of terms and the people made to come to the conclusion that one must hate the monarchy at all costs. From what little I know of France in those days I am aware they seemed to have had at least the beginnings of a vibrant and decent middle class. It was the poor — as usual — that suffered most, and we can say the same today for the USA. So what else is new?

    I would have liked to have seen better of King Louis XV, but it appears it was Marie Antoinette who induled in conspicuous consumption. In any event, I don't care for popular notions, so here is just a little bit of an overall view of what it was about — before the Freemasons infiltrated and destroyed the French Monarchy and gave them the glorious "democracy" you see in France today and here, and other European nations. Just a few paragraphs to keep it short:

    "Adherents of most historical models identify many of the same features of the Ancien Régime as being among the causes of the Revolution. Economic factors included widespread famine and malnutrition, due to rising bread prices (from a normal 8 sous for a 4-pound loaf to 12 sous by the end of 1789),[1] which increased the likelihood of disease and death, and intentional starvation in the most destitute segments of the population in the months immediately before the Revolution. The famine extended even to other parts of Europe, and was not helped by a poor transportation infrastructure for bulk foods.

    Another cause was France's near bankruptcy as a result of the many wars fought by Louis XV and in particular the financial strain caused by French participation in the American Revolutionary War. The national debt amounted to almost two billion livres. The social burdens caused by war included the huge war debt, made worse by the monarchy's military failures and ineptitude, and the lack of social services for war veterans. The inefficient and antiquated financial system was unable to manage the national debt, something which was both caused and exacerbated by the burden of a grossly inequitable system of taxation. Meanwhile the conspicuous consumption of the noble class, especially the court of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette at Versailles continued despite the financial burden on the populace. High unemployment and high bread prices caused more money to be spent on food and less in other areas of the economy. The Roman Catholic Church, the largest landowner in the country, levied a tax on crops known as the dîme or tithe. While the dîme lessened the severity of the monarchy's tax increases, it worsened the plight of the poorest who faced a daily struggle with malnutrition. Internal customs barriers caused serious problems for internal trade[2], as well as periodic grain shortages.

    There were also social and political factors, many of which involved resentments and aspirations given focus by the rise of Enlightenment ideals. These included resentment of royal absolutism; resentment by the ambitious professional and mercantile classes towards noble privileges and dominance in public life, as many of these classes were familiar with the lives of their peers in commercial cities in the Netherlands and Great Britain; resentment by peasants, wage-earners, and the bourgeoisie toward the traditional seigneurial privileges possessed by nobles; resentment of clerical advantage (anti-clericalism) and aspirations for freedom of religion, resentment of aristocratic bishops by the poorer rural clergy, continued hatred for Catholic control, and influence on institutions of all kinds by the large Protestant minorities; aspirations for liberty and (especially as the Revolution progressed) republicanism; and anger toward the King for firing Jacques Necker and A.R.J. Turgot (among other financial advisors), who were popularly seen as representatives of the people.[3] "

    Now, as to today, and as to my coming from a place of "Fear" — I don't think so. I have a pretty good idea of the Matrix I was born into and I think we see a lot of people these days being manipulated out of their homes and property and money, and all other manner of ills being forced upon them. I think just to have an idea what's really going on — and who's behind it (the CFR, Trilateral, etc., the makers of othe Matrix) is enough. And I know what devils humans are deep down in their hearts at all levels of the socio-economic ladder. Why should I fear when I know what to expect? Frankly I get a kick out of watching and listening to the dismay and confusion of the mainstream and the masses. What's the difference? They will all die one day and a new crop of devils will take their place. Gee I sound a bit negative lollll Well, that's the way it is, the nature of the Matrix I mean.

  268. @ Jon – You wrote: “The french revolution overthrew an abusive aristocracy and gave the people the power to govern themselves. ”'

    The feeling I get from your statement is that you beileve there is something glorious and wonderful about "democracies", that they are better than the drated and hated monarchies, etc.

    But I'd like to point out something that Vigilant wrote which you should bear in mind.

    The masses in the US are made to think "democracy" is wonderful and that they are free, right? Where everything around them will show them they have no more "freedom" than any other country, and technologies in place that now track their every move, taxed every step of the way, etc. Yet they will still swear they "are free".

    But bear this in mind, which is the true picture: democracies (rule by the mob) does not work. We do not live in a "democracy", only something pretended as such. This is where the Elites come in who make their plans over a longer scale of time and continue to rule the world within their institutiions and organizations, whereas the average mainstream can only think in shorter time spans and cannot see the whole picture, nor would they believe it. They must have their mindless diversions and hip hop muzak, and gadgets to play with, and so on. And they are happy. So here is what Vigilant wrote, something to keep in mind when bandying about the word "democracy" as if it were the Holy Grail:

    "According to Lippmann, the experts, who often are referred to as “elites,” are to be a machinery of knowledge that circumvents the primary defect of democracy, the impossible ideal of the “omnicompetent citizen.” The trampling and roaring “bewildered herd” has its function: to be “the interested spectators of action,” i.e. not participants. Participation is the duty of “the responsible man”, which is not the regular citizen."

  269. Just to reiterate, in case you didn't see it:

    "Another cause was France’s near bankruptcy as a result of the many wars fought by Louis XV and in particular the financial strain caused by French participation in the American Revolutionary War. The national debt amounted to almost two billion livres."

  270. Sometimes these theories upset me. I can't even make a drawing with pretty butterflies because my friend thinks I'm trying to put symbols in my drawings. They're butterflies! Made by God!

    My teacher (who showed me this website) is constantly showing my class how to find subliminal messages in everything. The day he told me that Walt Disney was a part of all this, my heart sank because I love the Disney company.

    But despite how convincing this site is and how much my teacher has taught me, I have hope in the human race. I'll keep everything I read here in mind, but I will still remain a skeptic.

    I just find it hard to believe that so many people can fall under Satan's clutches with God being so amazing as he is. I pray that you are wrong, because if you're right, I'm honestly scared…

  271. So, Vigilant Citizen, what about the World Transformation Movement? You don't seem to present a clear opinion here. You just put it out there under the heading of Desensitization. The ideas presented by this movement are hardly desensitizing anyone.

  272. What's wrong with the World Transformation Movement? Sounds idealistic and I doubt they can create a future Utopia, but on the whole it seems they have the right idea: Transformation.

  273. What is the point? Everyone knows now, no one really cares, beleive, or what can we do? I wanna know what is the plan and what is the point. I already know. it's only one way out God, but in the mean time what? I'm curious like that ! It's like okayyy you have told the world whats up. Whats next step, 5 of the process.

  274. The movie "Elmer Gantry" with Burt Lancaster and written by Sinclair Lewis was just on tv tonight. It's quite a movie about the nature of revivalism, fundamentalism, and religion in general. All the believers on this list should rent this movie. I'll bet no one here has ever seen it or heard of it either. If not, definitely rent this movie or buy it. One thing I found of interest was there was a character in it — a Protestant real estate business owner — who made a point twice that he was a Freemason and then said he was a 32 degree Freemason. I have a feeling that a lot of Protestants are Freemasons. I suppose it stands to reason that a lot of Freemasons would be Protestants. Kind of like another piece of the puzzle falls into place.

  275. I feel like these "mind controlling techniques" will not work if you don't let them. If you're conscious to know about these theories/conspiracies, then how would they affect you? It's obvious that they will use sex in some of these ads because SEX SELLS and it always will. As far as the Bush ad, opposing politicians throw each other under the bus all the time, so how is that brainwashing?

    I also feel that some of these articles are a reach. It's fine to have your own interpretation on things in the media and entertainment, but with all the "exposure" going on, what do we have left as entertainment?

    Someone made a great statement when they said "brainwashing works two ways" meaning when conspiracy's say we're being brainwashed by the media, we're also being brainwashed to think everything is a conspiracy.

  276. sexylisiouscalchick on

    damn i saw the tyra bank episode when she acted like she had rabies?? DRAKE # 364 what does that have to do with being part of the elite?? but u know what?, i never seen tyra banc

    s go this far

  277. a nice introduction to the subject of mass manipulation.

    what you need to do next Vigilant, is sum up exactly what the SPECIFIC messages are that you think are being fed to us… what are the MAJOR ISSUES you think we are being prepared to take without question ? if as you suggest, these issues are already present in the popular junk we are fed then it shouldn't be difficult to highlight them. paradox: how can popular escapist junk contain complex ideas ?

    what are these ideas ?

  278. I believe Tyra Banks is part of the conspiracy. Just look at the intro for the latest cycle of America's Next Top Model. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8-mfYLNQEs Tyra's choreography is very robotic. Then there are all the mirror images. Also one of Tyra's eyes glows just before the 2 yellow converging lines form a triangle (pyramid) of the screen. Then there is her new Tyra logo for her talk show. The stylized "T" in her logo is very reminiscent of the "eye of horace".

  279. What about FOX networks News and Business? They are independently owned! That's 6 corps; not 5. I don't know how you could have missed (omitted) this in such a long detailed article

  280. @ Laz #67 – "what you need to do next Vigilant, is sum up exactly what the SPECIFIC messages are that you think are being fed to us… what are the MAJOR ISSUES you think we are being prepared to take without question ?"

    This one is easy. Did you ever see the movie "They Live" with Roddy Piper? The messages that are only seen with the Hoffman lens eyeglasses are:



    This is Your God (on the dollar bill),

    No Independent Thought,



    just as the population is being told today, subliminally, in the mass media. Especially Sex, and especially Consume (remember after 9-11 Rudy Guiliani encouraged New Yorkers to go out and spend some money so that the terrorists "don't win"? What the hell kind of thinking is that?

    So there you go — the list of specific messages that are being fed to you.

  281. I just watched that slut Tyra Bank's video. In the audience sits the mindless. The viewers that watch this garbage day by day are mindless. What more can you really , really say about about this sort of garbage on tv?

  282. that you think are being fed to us… what are the MAJOR ISSUES

    So there you go — the list of specific messages that are being fed to you. And I might add what the mainstream population is prepared to take without question. And do.

  283. I have a theory about some of these recent reality shows that set up a person for a scarey trick.

    I had started watching Scare Tactics with Tracy Morgan (but then just as quickly it went off the air). Anyway, normally I don't watch reality shows, but this one I found interesting. I realized here was a tool for mass manipulation, a study to see what people will believe is true, and how far people must be pushed to believe a particular situation is real.

    If ever I was watching a CIA study in action, Scare Tactics had to be it. The persons who had scarey tricks played on them were really freaked out — but it was the actors in it who were so convincing as to make the person believe the staged event was real. The actors were the most telling in how events can be made to seem real. I wish this program was in repeats, as I found it pretty interesting as a mass manipulation tool.

    I never watched Fear Factor, but understood people were made to do gross things like lie in a box of worms, stuff like that. In other words, another study in what people can be gotten to do and how.

    So I wonder now, to what end are these reality shows made for if the CIA is behind these kinds of programs? Well, for one thing I've noticed A LOT of UFO documentaries on tv right now on the History channel. I can easily understand now how a staged mass event can be made to appear as a real event to the masses. Put this together with the upcomnig Dec. 21, 2012 hype — and, to me at least, it's possible some sort of mass staged event might be in the planning stages. It would have to be a big enough event — or even cataclysm — to shake the world. Now's the time to do it if ever there was one.

  284. I would like to respond to this article an most others on this website in the best way I know how – impartially.

    Firstly, as a citizen of a third world country, the references the author seems to make to everything bears a strong resemblence to withcraft claims. I mean if we are to make everything an allusion to something or more specifically elements of one thing, is it really credible???? In eastern culture it is very easy to blame happenings that can be rationally explained pn the "OTHERLY" or evil. Isn't that the same situation here? There is a scape goat being created or rather being specified to modern society's behaviour? I mean the author does raise various issues that seem not to be entirely coincidence but you have got to wonder….

    Secondly, a point is that the author(s) seem to write with this assumption that no-one has the right to free will. I believe some valid points are raised – beneath all the which craft claims – but are draped in sensationalism. The assumption is that we are all non-free thinking beings and that the author is takes the time to point this fact out and further enforce his/ her ponint of view on how we should interpret pop culture. In a sense it's a backward way of doing the same thing that he claims is being done to us by pop culture, which sort of eliminates your claims. How do we know you are not using your knowledge to make us aware of these cultural symbols and hypnotise us into believing that we should serach for the wrong in all elements of modern culture???

    Laslt, the point I'd like to highlight is tthat you can't believe everything you read. I will commend Mr Vigilant Citizen here for raising some very valid points and bringing to light cultural themes that seem to be making themselves prominant in modern day society but at the same time, is all of this knowingly pre meditated. The idea is a good one but borderline conspiracy. I say it all makes for very interesting reading but as with most things in life, we must take this with a pinch of salt….

  285. Good information wish everybody could understand this stuff but they are trapped inside of the nonsense.

    The less we are attached to ALL MATERIAL POSSESIONS the easier it is to know and love God , ourselves , and each other. The world is owned and controlled by big corporations and the media who have no responsibility to tell the truth or play by any rules anymore. No love no compassion no honor no respect no consideration for God and all life that he has created. Human beings cant handle having enormous amounts of money , wealth , fame , or power and that goes for all of us. God is love . love is the only thing that matters.

  286. Just for myself, I think your assumption is that humans are free-thinking and therefore always have enough of what it takes to discern what is true, what is not.

    I don't think humans are or can be "free-thinking" — as such, — and certainly not within the definition of "omnicompetent", which is:

    1. widely competent: able to deal successfully with any task or situation

    2. with full jurisdiction: competent to judge or try any kind of case.

    The problem with omnicompetence is that humans are born into and live inside a Matrix, a System, a Paradigm, where they are taught from early childhood on how they should think (i.e. "this" but not "that"), and what they should learn ("this" but not "that"). As a result of this early conditioning, which then continues on through life, I am afraid that sooner or later we are all under a great deal of mind control, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. And I am certain there are precious few who can maintain long enough and stand back far enough throughout their lifetime in order to see this Matrix, this System and Paradigm they and all live in and attempt to describe it to others.

    This is why, I think, we sometimes see the circular thinking, i.e. as Annoyed has expressed the question,

    "How do we know you are not using your knowledge to make us aware of these cultural symbols and hypnotise us into believing that we should serach for the wrong in all elements of modern culture???"

    If someone is at that point it seems better they leave the field of "conspiracy theory" (which, btw, for all that is known about the System, is hardly "conspiracy" any more). Such a person would have to continue on searching "is it this, or is it that?", and if said person comes to understand all the ramifications of what it means to be "born into a System" — that's a giant step right there.

  287. To make the things totally f**ked up , absolutely anyonee can buy from a cheap Honk-Kong site or a from a ''retail" spy site – spy cameras, mini gps devices, gsm-voice-bugs… a lot of manipulation techniques and neuro-linguistic programming and hypnosis are available to the masses. Even some amphetamine-like substances, that seem ineffective, but which become extremely effective with caffeine/chocolate are absolutely legal and really cheap… I realized that these tools are really effective but always on the local level- among peers- they can help you control people near you and cut the cost of the control that the elite pays…nothing more…

    That's why, I am actively reverse engineering the holes left in manipulation techniques, available substances, the hidden doors left permitting to track back tracking devices, in order to take back the greatest level of control in my life possible…It's the most useful thing to do, don't you think?

  288. Go to youtube and watch "Invisible Empire " new documentary about the new world order.

    Every person in the world should watch this and educate yourself.

  289. Wjy, yes, that is quite an undertaking, Peko!

    I don't know how you go about it, but for myself I cancelled my Verizon Wireless phone (at $44.13/month x 12 = $529.56/year and bought a kind of prepaid phone for $25 + $108 for $1060 minutes/year which ought to last me as I don't make a lot of calls). I suppose the System can still track me, but at least I'm not being gauged for the privilege of being tracked or whatever. Is this the sort of reverse-engineering you do, Peko?

  290. Well

    1. It is very smart what you actually did -they say they give you more when it's not prepaid but actually you can never understand why the bill is sooo high….I think they recieved from the elite the right to take as much money from people as needed in order to make every single territory internet connected…

    2. They can track you and know who you are just by 1 call to your bank, or 3 successive calls to friends. My girlfriend lost her prepaid phone 2 years ago. In order to recieve a sim card with the same number , the questions asked in the mobile operator's office were: What is your number and to what numbers are the last 3 calls you made? So much for privacy

    3.Here is an example of my reverse engineering: in all HP printers and every other printer built, by blindly coping their standarts, there is a memory chip that stores everything you print for years. You can find it – if you have the right tools and russian it engineer as a friend. Another exampletry calling to your bank from your cell phone and delibaretely lying about your location several times- your transactions will absolutely pass more slowly with tougher checks…third example…if there are psychoactive ingridients in foods are

    widely used like caffeine and MSG(monosodium glutamate) and theobromine from cocoa, what will happen if I mix them?- Answer – a pretty cheap- briefly acting powerful energizer and euphoria producer…

    I can use all this information for good and bad…let's hope the good prevails….

    3.The r

  291. I think with the cell phone companies one can forget privacy. It's not that they are snoopy, but I think it's just the technology is able to keep track of so many different things. Got to just accept it. Maybe they wanted your girlfriend's last 3 calls just for some sort of a verification somehow.

    When I got my prepaid phone (from an American company), the extensive manual that came with it said I could activate it online at their website. I tried, but couldn't. Turns out — for whatever reason — I had to call their 800 number and would up speaking with a guy in Guatamala, then later from Guayana. They both were knowledgeable about the workings of their company works and its technology. I was surprised. But they were trained well, even with a slight barrier in English they helped me through the activation process. Anyway, as to the Elites and the police and FBI, cell phones are one way they track a person, but it's at least one useful technology — not like ipads, Xboxes (whatever it it), play stations, ipods, etc. A cell phone is actually useful.

    My you are quite the chemist, Peko!

  292. hey everyone, really looking forward to the world cup in a month but was a little taken aback when I looked at the Official Fifa symbol for the world cup.Look at it up side down an you can quite clearly see 3 sixes. Just goes to show we just dont know what were supporting :=(

  293. i believe the youth of today are suffering greatly due to the impending assault on human freedoms, ive already noticed a sense of helplessness and lethargy from my peers

  294. As time goes by they will understand it doesn't even pay to be criminals because they will be so tracked and easily caught.

  295. I'll post it here in case it doesn't go through on the other article list:

    Very fascinating analysis of the movie, Vigilant, moreso than usual even.

    You remind me of this song I heard, part of an interesting little movie called "Jesus Son", called "Airplane to Heaven" written by Woodie Guthrie and sung by Wilcox:


    Them's got ears, let them hear

    Them's got eyes, let them see

  296. Hardest thing is to admit you were duped , but we HAVE and the scary thing is we probably don't know 2 % of all of the devious things the U.S. media does daily from lying by omission to our right lies to start illegal WARS or to except idea that we have to give up personal freedoms to be " Safe" and to except that since we are supposedly " BEHIND UK in Surveillance Cameras " we automatically HAVE TO EXCEPT MORE & MORE Cameras are needed to watch everybody . Since the corrupt media automatically assumes we need more " security" they assume more cameras are needed , totally disregarding privacy and the very simple idea that we don't want to live in a police state , we don't a Big Brother State that's coming incrementally and for damn sure , we ain't waiting for the last act , when they put real chains on us.

    There's a quote something like " nobody is more enslaved than those who don't know they are " , thanks to the vile techniques of Edward Bernays called " the Assassin of democracy " on video found at BRASSCHECKTV.COM , PROVING HOW EASY it is to manipulate peoples emotions , playing on fear to achieve their criminal goals .

    Well if they can convince the World alleged dope pusher / gang banger / rapper Ice Cube can aCt and now is a tv producer , damn , ANYTHING IT POSSIBLE ahhhhhhhhhhg !

  297. 'it doesn’t even pay to be criminals because they will be so tracked and easily caught.'''

    That is why they are making more and more shady things legal….like spy cams that you use "'for surveillance'' and ''mild'' psychoactive ingredients in food, which combined are not so mild….we may catch SOME of them but if we have access to a portion of their tools and become like them….it is pretty much over….

    ….the good thing is however- A part of the elite didn't like the pharmaceutical policy and created food supplements, another part is not happy with the way gps tracking and sells gps-signal jammers…it is still ugly, but we do have choice and we can switch who and what controls us….by thinking and experimenting every single time…and tell me…how to not keylog my girlfriend's chat who is meeting 2 other boys at the same time…if I just believed her and "respected her freedom"' I could by now have been made to look after a child wich is not even mine…sory but I can't let this happen….

    ….in an era of moral degradation how would you achieve stability without spying?

  298. Everybody tracks ip adresses- it's legal and free- included in many hosting plans, free counters and scripts… the question is

    How much power do they have to use their information , to connect it with other databases , to present it to authorities or mafia if you try to stop them…or infiltrate them… trust me… you even have a psy-profile in wall-mart based on what you buy…and maybe will buy….but of course your FBI contains much more data and is more accurate….the profile in CIA combined with what your university knows for you is even more accurate…

    ….if I infect you with spyware I will also know where you might go who you might meet and what you might prefer….but…I could use it to stop you from lying to me or to steal something from you or to sell your innovation to a competitor of yours….I simply don't have more power….

  299. @ Amore –

    That is certainly a heavy-duty website like I've never seen before. They sound like they are scientific types behind it, along the lines of those who put out "The Secret". There is another similar group who put out even better DVDs about quantum physics, but I can't think of their name at the moment. Watching these DVDs I notice their underlying pro-homosexual agenda. Then I read one day to my dismay that mathematics departments are rife with homosexuals. I don't know what to decide when it comes to the homosexuals, because as a rule I like them, good sense of humor and highly creative, plus even better they don't breed those "in the way" people all over the place. Well, anyway, I suppose the homosexual issue could be put on hold.

    But I sometimes wonder if their quantum physics message is "all that", or are they simply elevating Science, like Promethus, like someone pointed out and posted way above. These sorts of Illuminati are — correct me if I'm wrong — but they would have been the Enlightenment sort of the 17th Century — the ones who riled up the lower classes and brought them to bloodshed, all because of the Enlightenment's hatred of the Catholic Church and the Monarchy. IMO it is Enlightenment principles that has brought this nation to degradation (lack of morals disguised as 'human rights'), to open boarders (the ones behind globalism and letting illegals overrun and take over the nation, with the activists helping them on). There are times I don't think I trust Enllightenment so-called 'founding fathers' either. They were part and parcel — and by their fruits we see today very clearly where their ideas lead.

    OTOH that website has some good ideas, mostly overturning the Capitalistic System. But the question is: Does a textbook-style Socialist State take its place, complete with KGB and stazi, societal surveillance and spying and control? Big Brother in short. I don't see just what vision they have, have a New World Order, in their definition — is going to be such a panacea — or a Fascism with the Academic Elites running the show. Rule by Intellectuals. Since they have no concept of "bending the knee" before God (in the movie "Elmer Gantry", he says it is good for a man to kneel in humility and humbleness before God — or the Great Unknown God — and indeed it is a good thing. But these Intellectual Elites already perceive themselves as God, or at least gods — little 'g' — but should they have their way will they really bring into fruition something altogether better?

    I doubt it — all these Intellectual Elites are subservient to the government and to grants and their universities do as the government tells them. I would take with a great deal of grains of salt that website of the Enlightened Illuminati.

  300. Peko – "and tell me…how to not keylog my girlfriend’s chat who is meeting 2 other boys at the same time…if I just believed her and “respected her freedom”‘ I could by now have been made to look after a child wich is not even mine…sory but I can’t let this happen…"

    There's a paternity test you could have done. But maybe I shouldn't say, but it doesn't sound like a mature relationship you've got going there since there is no trust. Better to find a good woman.

  301. sexylisiouscalchick on

    NUMBER 368 i saw the Tyra Banks intro for top model and i thank you for your good aknowledgement i saw the sign of the tryangle and right before the models were to show up there was a bright little spot of light on her right eye! but it happen so fast i had to slow motion the scene. People need to open their eyes and truly see whats really going on around them; i noticed alot of people here that come to this page always have something against the EVIDENCE of vigilants point of views, PEAPLE HAVE TO REALIZE THERE ARE MORE FACTS THAN FICTION HERE! YOU CAN DEBATE ALL U WANT BUT IF THE TRUTH IS UNFOLDING RIGHT INFRONT OF YOUR FACE LITTLE BY LITTLE, THEN THERE IS NOTHING TO DEBATE ABOUT.

  302. @ 395 & regarding the http://www.armageddonconspiracy.co.uk/ website: "They sound like they are scientific types behind it, along the lines of those who put out “The Secret”. There is another similar group who put out even better DVDs about quantum physics, but I can’t think of their name at the moment."

    The other website and group I was thinking of is those that put out the "What the Bleep Do We Know?" DvD ( http://www.whatthebleep.com/ ) that is similar and along the lines of "The Secret".

    These websites (you know them by what they promote — quantum physics and a type of "new age" spirituality) are run by, or certainly associated with, the Intellectual Elites. You see some of these Elites in their DvDs. I am not saying that these websites and groups are evil or should be feared. On the contrary their message is pretty much interesting, if not somewhat Utopian.

    My beef is: Since Enlightenment times (behind the scenes with the scientific Freemasons that formed the Royal Academy of Sciences back then), they had a hatred and jealousy of the power, status, and riches of the Catholic Church and the Catholic Monarchy (sadly King Louis XV could have taken measures against the Freemasonic infiltration and headed off their turning the people against the Monarchy, but he didn't and that's that).

    But two things are for certain: Today's Intellectual Elites obtained for themselves an enormous amount of power and privileges as it is — such as no commoner working stiff will EVER know in their lifetime for themselves what it's like). And secondly, as the plans of the Elite structure in all its forms gains more and more, and should the Intellectual Elites begin to rule — they will obtain for themselves ten-fold power and privileges like their hated Catholic Church and Catholic Monarchies ever had.

    And the common man will still be singing the blues.

    Of all the world systems I have looked at, the best was the Catholic Monarchy (aside from the weak King Louis XV. Before his fall, his monarchy was called something like the "Daughter of the Church" — in other words his kingdom might have been the greatest had he dealt with the ills of his time in a way in which a Catholic Kingdom sees itself properly as God's Kingdom on Earth. I'm not that versed in how to express these ideas about the vision of Traditional Catholicism — but if they were ever right, this world had the potential of a God's Kingdom in a Catholic Monarchy. You'd have to read deep the Traditional Catholic writings to see their vision of God's governance.

    As yes, as we know — all the Church pedophiles and homosexual infiltration into the priesthood. I think at this time Pope Benedit is seriously looking at how to deal with this Smoke of Satan that had infilitrated the Church and bring it back to its true and sanctified — pre-Vatican II — original.

  303. Except for one thing: I thoroughly disagree with forced breeding in all its forms. But they (a Catholic Monarchy) could have been made to see the Light on that score at least.

  304. Hello all

    Baba, LVB, Amore

    @Amore I went to the site. thanks for the info. Its interesting

    I'm so confused but want to know more. Have you read some of the things on that site?


  305. Vigilant, I hope you are seeing this, since i see some posts were disappeared, and one of mine didn't go through, I wonder if someone reads the posts before allowing them through, at least some of the time, as mostly they go through.

    Anyway, I wanted to know the source of that picture on the Imperium movie. It's the 5th one from the top, I asked this question on that list, but no response, so trying here again, Thanks. Most curious,

  306. while reading, the song Trow Away Your Television by Red Hot Chili Peppers played on my random media monkey playlist.

    great article, as always

    peace, love and hugs

  307. @ Peko #393 – "….if I infect you with spyware I will also know where you might go who you might meet and what you might prefer….but…I could use it to stop you from lying to me or to steal something from you or to sell your innovation to a competitor of yours…."

    Yes, you're right. It's the same old thing called blackmail, used in all spheres of society — only electronically updated. I think I see what you meant when you wrote "we may catch SOME of them but if we have access to a portion of their tools and become like them….it is pretty much over….". By "we" I think you mean the common man, one of the masses. In this context it could be understood why the Elites will do whatever it takes to keep the "trampling and roaring “bewildered herd” " from encroaching upon its powers of Control and Wealth. And this is understandable after all — it's human nature to protect what you have. Even the average slump will fight to protect whatever he has — yet no one calls him evil for doing so. I don't mean to sound as if I'm in favor of the Elites, but they are just going by the law of the fittest and survival, same as the herd.

  308. Is the Rosacrucians part of the Freemasons? My ex was involved in that group, and probably still is. I was invited to go to his initiation, but I was not allowed into the secret society room. I felt very strange being there, as a Christian I have always had a bad vibe on that whole thing. I guess God decided for me to not be surrounded by that influence that we are no longer together.

  309. @Daisy

    I am currently getting my BA in Women's Studies at UCR and am in my junior year. I can tell you that feminism is social, political, economical etc. equality for EVERYONE regardless of sex, race, religion, sexual preference etc.

    Feminism isn't a bad thing. If it weren't for feminism you wouldn't be allowed to vote. If it weren't for feminism, you wouldn't be allowed to post the thoughts you have and write on the blog you keep and express your opinions on anything.

    Feminism helped give you the life you have. The life of wearing pants without thinking twice about it, the life of choosing to go to a university or not. Feminism gave your life choices and improved your life.

    Instead of you saying why it's so horrible why not think of the positive things it has brought to your life?

    As far as you thinking that it has been subverted (I assume you mean corrupted) I simply say you're wrong since I know first hand majoring in Women's Studies and all :)

    It is not corrupted. Think of feminism as a tree and that tree has many branches, and those branches have many leaves. Like political parties (the tree) have democrats and republicans etc (branches) and within those parties there's conservative democrats and progressive republicans etc.

    Feminism isn't ONE thing. It in fact is made up of different subcategories of ideas. There's radical feminism, liberal feminism, socialist feminism, and third wave feminism etc.

    So before you overthrow the "theory" (as you defined it) as being corrupted because women and men are taught that they HAVE to act the same think twice about how that statement completely is against what feminism is. Feminism, in it's simplest form, while being about equality it is also about the acceptance of individualism whatever it may be.

    As far as the nuclear family being under attack by elite social engineers, all I have to say to that is yikes! Paranoid much? The nuclear family began dissolving in WW2 when women were asked by their government (American government, since I assume you're talking about the american nuclear family) to work in plants that manufactured war supplies for their soldiers. Women liked working so much that even after their government told them to go home many women chose to stay in the working world which before had only been a men's sphere. The nuclear family REALLY began to dismantle in eighties though after the sexual revolution empowered many women to take control of their lives and mind and get an eduction.

    If you ask me it's better that there are less households because our earth's population has simply gotten too big to sustain us. The less people there are the better. And that's realism, not some sort of conspiracy crack about social elitists.

    I'm glad you don't support the subjugation of women. It seems that these organizations that VC.com talks about is dead set on subjugating the heck out of women and it's really setting women back as opposed to ameliorating our circumstances.

    At the end of the day Daisy, whatever conspiracies you believe in the indisputable fact is that women make 77 cents for every dollar a man makes even when they have the same qualifications and the same job. And the indisputable fact is that when parents get divorced, judges are biased in giving the mother full custody of a child because they feel that the child will have a more fulfilling life with it's mother and the father is left alone. These are the hard core principles of feminism.

    • Did you not comprehend the article at all?

      Feminism stems directly from "their" playbook. It divides, it coerces, it causes a breakdown in society on many levels while helping the elite to achieve many of their goals. It was partly the Rockefeller Dynasty who promoted feminism and used it as a weapon to destroy the last remaining vestiges of the family. The added benefit of taxing the other 50% of the population played no small part either.

      Feminism helped give you the life you have. The life of wearing pants without thinking twice about it, the life of choosing to go to a university or not. Feminism gave your life choices and improved your life.

      Are you sure about that?

      You believe you're getting a quality education when in fact you're getting socially engineered. Would you trade in your pants for truth? Women were going to universities long before your beloved social movement. Feminism has allowed for a women the right to murder her own offspring while brainwashing her into thinking she has done something empowering and socially exceptable. This is a classic case of cognitive dissonance at work. Feminism teaches women to be selfish and aggressive towards anything that calls for self-sacrifice or responsibility. It feeds into the modern mindset of fulfilling ones basest desires. It mimics Alister Crowley's Luciferian philosophy of "Do what thou wilt" is the whole of the law.

      It is not corrupted. Think of feminism as a tree and that tree has many branches, and those branches have many leaves. Like political parties (the tree) have democrats and republicans etc (branches) and within those parties there’s conservative democrats and progressive republicans etc.

      Political parties exist for one reason and one reason alone; to divide us so we are easily manipulated. They are false paradigms intended to deceive the masses and are driven by the controlled opposition to synthesize the outcome in favor of the elite. People become so focused on manufactured crisis' that they miss what is in their common interest.

      If you ask me it’s better that there are less households because our earth’s population has simply gotten too big to sustain us. The less people there are the better. And that’s realism, not some sort of conspiracy crack about social elitists.

      This is another example of how the elite use their wealth and power to convince people that a problem exists when no problem truly exists. There is no population explosion, especially in European countries. Our populations are decreasing in spite of our technology. It is complete myth that the earth's population has reached the point of unsustainability. The State of Texas could house all of the world's 6.8 billion people in comfort, simple mathematics proves this to be true. The problem is that people like yourself believe everything they are told to believe by the mainstream media.

      Feminism is just another sick creation of the elite used to further erode our society. I'm not saying that we ever had a perfect society, only that feminism is part of the problem and not the solution. Equality of the sexes is a ridiculous thing to contemplate. There is no such thing as equality in this world nor should there be. People through around the term without thinking about it critically. Men and women are not equal but this doesn't mean that women are less valuable then men. We all have our strengths and our weaknesses, there is no need to try and force equality onto everyone. If anything it causes more division.

      The only way we will arrive at mutual respect is to first respect the truth and be honest with each other about our inherent weaknesses as men and women. We're different, we have different needs and we're different chemically and emotionally. Unfortunately some very devious people have exploited those differences and have created yet another dialectic to spread discord and weakness among the masses, in this case, men and women. I have daughters and I do not want them growing up in a society that devalues them based on their sex. At the same time I do not want my girls believing in a false, manipulative, and zealous movement that only destroys and sows discord among men and women.

      All people deserve a chance to shine and to live in peace on this earth. But not all people have the talent to do whatever they want to do. We're not all equal and we never will be. There are some things a man can do better then a women and some things a women can do better then a man. There are some women who can do what a man does and some men who can do what a women does. But that is the exception and not the rule.

  310. you know in lady gaga's song poker face she sang " i will TELL u that i love u kiss or hug u cos im bluffin wif my muffin" i thought she meant covering up her sexuality or somthing like that as she claimed but i think that it more or less sounds like she acts like she loves her fans cos shes bluffin wif her muffin.. any1 agree? but btw still love lady gaga and not a hater

  311. something funny about all this though,…in all its exposure it actually serves as a form of desensitization…Sort of like "snitch" before your "snitched" on…

  312. One of the most glaring and troubling efforts in desensitization is with all the police and military theme

    network programming on today. Violation of constitutional rights with no consequences is in practically

    every show. Lately, more and more we are seeing by example that 1st degree murder is perfectly

    OK if a person is labeled a "terrorist". The definition of "terrorism" is never examined, the juxtaposition

    of extrajudicial murder and constitutional law is never addressed. Murder and mayhem is passively

    accepted as all in a days work with absolutely no correlation between our foreign policy initiatives and

    the need to carry out these crimes. The motivation of the people being murdered or otherwise assaulted

    is never discussed. I simply don't watch it anymore because I find it so disturbing and infuriating.

  313. About SOTT.com — Congratulations, Vigilant! You do have the ability to write, and in such a way that the opening lines draw the reader right in. Plus you are a Master at explaining esoteric ideas and pointing out things I never would have noticed myself. :)

    I wish you would do a review of the movie "The Picture of Dorian Gray" based on a novel by Oscar Wilde (who was a homosexual, I think, but this is besides the point). The movie was made in 1945 with Hurd Hatfield. I've seen this movie many times, but last night it was on and I began seeing deeper into this movie, like I noticed how the director used lighting as a background to form the Cross. The movie also had a lot of elements of this hidden wisdoms, such as might be taught today in certain, like "how God sees all" (the All-Seeing Eye), and the picture itself that reflected the state of Dorian Gray's soul. What I think you should do is branch out of today's so-called hip hop muzak and videos and maybe focus from time to time on some of the early classics in the movies, some of which are a treasure trove, really, of esoteric wisdoms, like "Dorian Gray" — not to mention another classic, "Elmer Gantry". Focusing on more serious and intellectual subject matter like these old classics in the movies would improve the calibur of your general audience also. Just a thought, but I would love to read your analyses of these classical movies rather than hip hop muzak and videos all the time. :)

  314. Thank you for this very informative article. I have known for sometime we are being brainwashed by the media but had no idea to the extent of it. As a senior who is trying to keep her memory sharp etc. I often play brain games on the luminosity site. Could somebody please, please explain to me how this might affect me in a negative way??? This site appeared several times in the article and I am now concerned as to the effects of it on me or others who use it.

    God bless your good work. I know it was the Holy Spirit who guided me to this article on the spiritdaily website. I had only begun playing these games 3 weeks ago and will now no longer do so thanks to your article. keep up the excellent work.

  315. Teresa, someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but Vigiliant addressed this problem once before. The luminosity.com is just an advertisement that automatically pops up. It has something to do with how the Internet works — it searches for the subject of a page, or certain words, and matches the subject matter up with an advertisement that the program thinks is relevant. It's done automatically, and what advertisements that pop up is out of Vigilant's hands. Maybe Vigilant gets money for allowing advertisements, which is o.k., but he can't control them. He can't do anything about them. These advertisements, I notice, do confuse people, mistaking them for being part of Vigilant's articles.

  316. Zoe…no disrespect, but you're doing a Women's Studies degree. Biased much?! You're being TRAINED to be sympathetic to feminist viewpoints. No, let me put it bluntly – you're being indoctrinated into feminism. Did you even look at my website? I practically CREATED it to analyse and dismantle half of the propaganda you just spewed forth. But then, it's highly unlikely you would be open to my writings, and so I think we may have to agree to disagree.

    As for this:

    "If you ask me it’s better that there are less households because our earth’s population has simply gotten too big to sustain us. The less people there are the better. And that’s realism, not some sort of conspiracy crack about social elitists."

    Oh it's realism, is it? Did you learn that on your degree as well? I despair. I wrote a comment above, which was apparently ignored, to "Obey" on this very topic. I can't be bothered to rewrite it.

    For a "truth" website, there are a lot of brainwashed people on here.

  317. Daisy, I did notice a response to me from you some time ago, but I also noticed your bias.

    It seemed obvious to me that words had some time ago been put into your mouth. In other words, it seemed to me you were mouthing words I hear ad nauseum from the Religious Right.

    I understand the RR and their fears — their fear of change, fear of new things, new ways of seeing and doing — but I don't have much interest in trying to reinvent the wheel with someone whose mind appeared to me, at least to be closed on the subject. It's their way, or the highway. Whereas Reality is not black and white. Which reminds of a song by Leonard Cohen in which he mentions just this concept, in a song entitled "In My Secret Life" (from his 10 New Songs album):

    And the dealer wants you thinking

    That it’s either black or white.

    Thank G-d it’s not that simple

    In My Secret Life.

    Don't take any of this the wrong way, but it's amusing to me to sit back and watch the myriad ways the RR goes haywire.

    Anyway, I think Zoe is the person for you. I am all for abortion rights and place a higher value on the rights of animals — to be utterly frank with you — and I don't care who disagrees. And besides, there are so many subjects of interest for me, and feminism is hardly even one of them truthfully. I agree with them, to be sure, and thank God for Gloria Steinman who burned her bra! Yeah! (it was her, wasn't it? it's been so long ago and I was so delighted to see SOMEONE brreaking through the sexual stereotypes.

    Lord knows I suffered under an ignorant mother in those days who forced me (as a female) to do housework and ruin my summers watching her babies, when my brothers were never asked to do A THING. I asked my mother, hotly, one day WHY? And the ignorant peasant said "Because they are boys". Some answer, wasn't it?

    I am very sorry if the RR is threatened with "feminism", but Life goes on you see — it must PROGRESS (yes, I know, according to the Right the term "progressive" means — oh my goodness! COMMIES!!!), not be forever static and stuck in times past. However, after all, is Humanity to get beyond and GROW?

  318. Ah ha! Daisy wrote: "Oh it’s realism, is it? Did you learn that on your degree as well? "

    Well, that sentence could have come from any conservative right-winger, but Michael Savage (a zionist jew), attempting to get the goyim into a civil war, is where I hear that kind of phrase most.

    Tell me truthfully, Daisy, do you listen to Michael Savage?

  319. No, the truth is not black or white, but it isn't grey, either. I am not (orthodox) religious, right-wing, "stuck in the past" or any of the things you just characterized me as. Nor am I particularly conservative, though I hold some conservative views, but then I also have some progressive viewpoints, so ultimately I associate myself with neither camp. Conservative-liberal is a false dichotomy in any case.

    I think you and I – and Zoe and I, for that matter – are just on a completely different page, so I won't debate either of you any more. I didn't mean to offend anyone personally by the way, I just feel strongly about certain things and no doubt you do too.

  320. And as for what you just wrote whilst I was typing my reply above… WTF? How could you even label that quote, vague as it is, as right-wing? I have never heard of Michael Savage, and I am wholly anti-war.

  321. No need for cussing now, Daisy, as to #24. The phrase sounded a lot like the kind Savage uses against his liberal call-ins, that's all. Doesn't matter. Just was asking.

  322. OK Daisy… I think you said somewhere that males and females were equal…but different. In other words, females are not as strong as men, cannot do as much as men, etc. Am I correct? Just for starters, as I am getting lost as to the thrust of what we are talking about.

    In a way, I'm with you. It's been my observation that everything down through history, even up to today — it's men who are the active principle. Men created civilization. Men were out there debating ideas, doing experiments, painting grand murals — the whole nine yards. We see only a very small number of notable females down through history. The feminists say this was because females were relegated to being the breeders, the bearers of children. I think maybe you were getting at that this is one difference between males and females — females were created by nature to be the breeders. On this point, most likely you are right. And I have noticed that even today it's the mindless females who follow daytime programs, like that slut Tyra Banks, and watch Ophra Winfrey, etc. You don't see any men in the audience, do you? I have to admit, females on the whole always struck me as stupid and pretty much worthless. You know, there is a Jewish prayer a man says every day: "That you God for not creating me a woman". Now you get an idea why.

    On all this, I'll have Zoe all over me now.

    But at least feminism, for good or bad, had broken through sexual stereotypes that females had suffered under in the past. So what's a feminist to do now? Go back to the way things were? Remain in a static state? Or create Womens Studies Departments and….Go Beyond?

  323. I read a book some time ago, nonfiction, written by a woman — can't think of the name of her or the book — where the premise was that everything — EVERYTHING — in Civilization had been done by men. It was a good book, and I have to admit I agreed. Anyone know the book I'm thinking of? It made quite a stir when it was published.

  324. "Obey": Yes, according to esoteric wisdom, 'masculine' represents the active principle and 'feminine' represents the passive principle, which is reflected in the genitalia. This is also known as Yin and Yang, Alpha and Omega, or Spirit and Matter respectively.

    I have also noticed that most of the scientific and technological progress in society has been brought about by men, despite every effort to make the facts more "politically correct". And although women can theoretically go into any field they want these days, I still think that science, technology and politics will always be largely dominated by men, for better or worse. But you know what they say, something about "behind every good man is a great woman"….

    And the elite cabals/secret societies that exert power from behind the scenes tend to be male-dominated too, by the way. I read somewhere about sons being favoured over daughters in the Rockefeller or Rothschild family, can't remember which. Men, and corrupt men at that, still run the world and no amount of politically correct bullshit about how feminism has liberated women (woo, now women can wear jeans, vote in phony elections and be corporate slaves, just like men!) is going to change that fact.

    I don't believe in going back to the way things were, no. We do need to "go forward" but probably not in the way most self-styled 'liberals' envision.

    "Obey", finally, thanks for at least trying to see my point of view, but I have to say that so many of your words on here exude pride and contempt for humanity. You pour scorn on everyone – the so-called "mindless masses" in particular, and now women too, saying they are worthless and stupid, and referring to them as "sluts". And calling your mother an "ignorant peasant". Is there anyone you AREN'T contemptuous of?! Do you indulge in conspiracy theories to massage your ego and revel in how "enlightened" you are compared to the mindless herd? I can understand that mindset, but as I said before – it is EXACTLY the consciousness of the elite, who believe they are enlightened and special and therefore entitled to rule over the ignorant masses. Do you think they are justified in that? If so, why visit sites like this one?

    • Now that was a quality post. At least you recognized some truth. Still though, conspiracy theory is a terrible label and shouldn't be used to describe the reality we all live in.

  325. Ah it took me awhile, but I think the book might have been "Art and Decadence From Nefertiti to Emily Dickinson" by Camille Paglia. It was hated by the liberals and feminists, though Paglia is a feminist sort. Anyway I think this was the book I remembered reading, where everything of worth down through the ages was done by men….". . . If civilization had been left in female hands, we would still be living in grass huts.'' [
    http://www.nytimes.com/1990/07/22/books/siding-wi… ]

    Daisy, I haven't seen your blog site (I'll look for the UrL above), but maybe it was along the lines of Paglia's ideas that you are trying to get at. From the review above " ''Sexual Personae'' is also a scorched-earth attack on the underlying philosophical assumptions of liberalism and feminism. " If this is the book I remember reading, it was a long time ago and I unfortunately don't remember anything about it. But a refresher from some review that I can't find at the moment, the book traced the masculine 'sky-god' that overpowered the pagan Earth-chithonic god (I have no idea what I'm talking about at this moment). Anyway, this book sounds very interesting if you haven't read it. It created quite a stir at the time.

  326. Daisy wrote: "Obey”, finally, thanks for at least trying to see my point of view, but I have to say that so many of your words on here exude pride and contempt for humanity. You pour scorn on everyone – the so-called “mindless masses” in particular, and now women too, saying they are worthless and stupid, and referring to them as “sluts”. And calling your mother an “ignorant peasant”. Is there anyone you AREN’T contemptuous of?! Do you indulge in conspiracy theories to massage your ego and revel in how “enlightened” you are compared to the mindless herd? I can understand that mindset, but as I said before – it is EXACTLY the consciousness of the elite, who believe they are enlightened and special and therefore entitled to rule over the ignorant masses. Do you think they are justified in that? If so, why visit sites like this one? "

    Baloney, Daisy. The little knife in the back that hoped to cut deep, after a smooth-talking show. Baloney.

    There are plenty, plenty of people who have contempt for humanity. Mark Twain, for one. And so what of it?

  327. I knew you were the type to turn. Note-taking. Attempt at psychological profiling. LOLLLL

    OK Zoe — she's yours!

  328. I wasn't trying to offend you…just making an observation based on reading a lot of your comments on here. You can't deny that you talk pretty scornfully. And I was genuinely interested to know your motivations for being on this site, and for seeking the truth in general, which you are obviously inclined to do.

    I know a lot of people have contempt for humanity. It's easy enough to get into that mentality. But the things one can hate about humanity, are they not also present in oneself? And there is a lot to love about people too…

  329. So tell me Daisy — the subject was feminism and Zoe's argument in favor of feminism, and some argument of yours against it. So howzit now all about me?

    Your psychological profile and your TYPE is that you are a two-faced phoney. Oh please…no offense now. Just making an observation based on the sudden shift in the topic to where you are trying to make me the topic.

    I've seen your sort before over and over again. And you are one of the reasons I have contempt for some females. No all. Oh but please….no offense now.

  330. OK now you're just sounding creepy. But anyways, there was nothing phony about my last post. First I responded to some of your assertions about feminism, which were valid and, I thought, worth responding to. Then I dealt with your rather objectionable references to women as "worthless" and "stupid", and your overall tone that runs throughout your comments on this website.

    I knew I should've left this discussion when my gut told me to…

  331. Great work VC. I can see a lot of people are commenting in all your articles but most people don't know that reading only doesn't help. We all have to change our way of living and this starts by opening your eyes in accepting Jesus first and mostly important depending and asking him to send the Holly Spirit to you so that you overcome the devil temptations. Jesus is soon coming and now sooner than before. Pls people lets repent and live like what God wants us to live then you'll be saved here in the earth and in heaven too. God loves us too much and he is there always for us. He only need each one of us to truly accepting him and depending on him always then he will be there for us anytime you call his name. May God bless us and help us in these hard times.

  332. Miss Daisy, this is my last post to you on this subject.

    If you had any ability to read between the lines, instead of being a change agent lackey for the System in attempting to modify my speech and what I even THINK, you would have read long ago I did NOT say I found females worthless and stupid. What I said was:

    " I have to admit, females on the whole always struck me as stupid and pretty much worthless. "

    "on the whole" I think is the operative phrase here. And Lord knows there are THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS who would agree Tyra Banks is a slut, or at least acts like one. Defending her is simply the change agent's attempt to instill a belief there is something worth while about her and her mindless program on tv — as exemplified by that URL given by someone else where Miss Tyra acts like she has rabbies. Pretty stupid and pretty bizarre. This is why people complain about the garbage on TV and the dumbing down of the public, which the mindless public AS A WHOLE loves to lap up.

    And I don't give a damn whether you find my statement about her "objectionable". I have met feminists who objected to the things I called Sarah Palin. Yet, if these liberals keep defending her by not allowing one to say what one means, they might one day find Miss Palin in the White House and then they would have something to object to.

    And however, I OBJECT to an attempt to be led about by the nose and your forcing "sensitivity training" down my throat, as a System lackey operative is trained to do, i.e. in college. Believe me, I saw the "switch" in your demeanor when it happened — and I can read between the lines to spot a change agent, aka "facilitator", or any other name the System NWO gives you or will give you one day and those like you.

    Otherwise, until your switch in your personality occurred, I was enjoying the exchange. And go back some posts to find out why I'M here. I don't fall for your intent to plant negative feelings in me — which you attempted — and don't bother denying it. You attempted to mess with my Psyche, what makes each of us who we are, and I don't like that. Use your techniques on someone who doesn't know how the System operates and what they teach you in college. (OMG I just said something Michael Savage usually says!!! LOLLLL) Well, on that score I see what Savage means when it comes to meeting certain types who attempt to take away another's First Amendment Right.

    And your sudden switch in your personality creeped ME out.

    10-4 and good day Miss Daisy

  333. ” I have to admit, females on the whole always struck me as stupid and pretty much worthless. ”

    “on the whole” I think is the operative phrase here." — OH and "struck me" is PAST TENSE. Comprende?

  334. livinisanart on

    Hey there in US you are lucky :)

    all the edu business in the hands of 5 corporations is good…big variety.

    Here in my land 1 is the owner of all…but not 1 corporation, ONE MAN.

    He really think at all what we the people need, from the schools to the hospitals, taxes and mass lay-off.

    Is always a pleasure when the evening arrive and the gray sky of the day turn in that milky black without stars of the night…said when the cuckoo sounds the 'eighth stroke and the whole family can finally enjoy the sweet summary of the day in the 8pm o'clock television news.

    We absolutely love how they cutted the news: civil war in Greece? it was inevitable they have just failed…volcano reborn in Iceland?brrr we hope for our summer season that is at the door…the funds to replace two benches are not enough? no problem the government has approved a law in 15 minutes that will allocate 2,000,000eur to remedy.

    We really love THE MAN to the point that now are 10?15?20? (He work so fine in my life…seems that I was born thanks to he) years which is over there to decide for us….last month in the last elections he still increase its political position….

    I could stand here for hours talking about the thousands of philanthropic activities that THE MAN do for all of us His worshipers.

    HAAAAAAA I'm lucky to be here in my land…a single great man instead of that freeze aseptic empty corporations…but don't worry my dear US citizens of the world this mine, sure will be even your future.

    :-) :-)


    Big thanks for this place again and again!!!!!

  335. Thankyou #376. I was beginning to lose my hope in humanity. Why don't we all just turn off the computers and the tv and read the bible?

    And stop leaving mean comments about the artists. Remember we could be wrong and we're judging so harshly.

    I wonder what God thinks about some of these posts…

  336. @InChristwelive

    Sorry for the late reply. Haven't checked this page in ages. Anyway, if you say that the Catholic Church is all about the Saints, Holy Virgin Mary, the Rosary and all the old pagan rituals which were modified to fit the Christian rules and replaced with a Christian versions of them then you are just talking about less than 10% of what the Catholic Church is really all about.

    Most of what the Catholics care and worship is the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist and his teachings. And if you want a quick Catholic 101 update I recommend you to get a copy of the Catholic Church's Catechism. The Church has been under severe attack. Now the Pope Benedict the XVI is addressing this issues, more than any other Pope ever.

    We are currently aware that there is a Freemason/Satanic/Communist attack coming from within the Church, those monsters are being identified and kicked out as we speak. There will be a MAJOR restoration of the Catholic Church. Unfortunately well, if you know the book of Revelations you should be aware of what will happen next. (Just a tip, the Catholic Church had it's peak during a period of a thousand years, in which all forms of Christian arts and expressions flourished, *wink wink*, read the Bible).

    I will keep you in my prayers and I beg you to read the Catholic Bible, it has more books, and it is the same books that have been with us generation through generation.

    @ This guy came in and said that the Eastern Orthodox Church is the real Catholic Church, well, I'm sorry but you have got absolutely no historic record to back up what you said.

    Regardless of how you see it, all Christian denominations came from the original Catholic Church, which is the previous face of the Roman Catholic Church. No wonder it remains the biggest, strongest and the one with all the teachings of Jesus Christ intact. However in the USA the Catholic Church got massively invaded by freemasons. Thankfully the Lord is working through Pope Benedict, the scum will be taken out.

    If anyone comes here and is a true Christian, which means anti abortion/anti same sex everything/ anti worldly pleasures, I beg him to read the bible, both Protestant and Catholic Bible, see the differences, and pray to the Lord to find the fulfillment of the truth. I would love all of the Protestants to seek for Protestants who have converted to Catholicism, they could explain you better what you are lacking.

    I know Orthodox only lack the history, and some other minor things, but in the end we should all stand together as the Mystical Body of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    He certainly doesn't want his body being cut into pieces.

    • Are you really serious?

      It is apparent that you are not a student of history, for if you were you could never call the Catholic Church anything but evil. Now before you go off on a rant I want you to know that I'm specifically talking about the institution, the hierarchy and not the common people. The Catholic Bible is a corruption of the codexes and leaves out many very important scriptures. By the way, it's the book of Revelation, not "Revelations". Every time I hear someone say "Revelations" I know I'm dealing with a person who is somewhat ignorant of the scriptures.

      Something you should probably think about very seriously; The Catholic version of the Scriptures leaves out the fourth commandment (changing the Word of God) and splits another in two in order to keep the number at ten. The Catholic Church stands on tradition and not on God's Word. When Paul, Peter, and John spoke of antichrists entering the Church they were specifically talking about the men who eventually perverted Christianity and brought on the dark ages. The rock that the church was supposed to be built on was Jesus Christ, not Peter the apostle. And any historian worth his or her salt will tell you there is no proof whatsoever that Peter the apostle journeyed to Rome and started the Latin Church, which later became known as the Catholic or "Universal" church.

      The Catholic Church is simply a continuation of the Pagan Mystery Religion and it is the beast spoken of by Daniel the prophet. Her colors are scarlet and purple (The colors of the Vatican). She holds a golden cup and rides upon a beast (The coins of the Vatican/Catholic Church depict a women riding a beast with a golden cup in her hand). The mother church (Catholic Church) is spiritually mystery Babylon and meets all of the biblical criteria of the beast. She is the little horn of Daniel that uproots three kings and subdues the other seven, becoming more powerful then the rest and speaking great blasphemes. How many "heretics" has the Catholic Church burned in the name of Jesus Christ?

      True Christians follow Jesus Christ, not supposed Christian denominations that force their articles of faith on God's people. They don't call the Catholic Church the mother church for nothing and her daughters (apostate protestantism) are whoring after their mother just as the scriptures prophesied. Martin Luther let loose a storm that even he himself did not wish to see. Thank God for God.

  337. @InChristwelive

    The website you posted is just really biased, and incorrect. Sure, the US Catholic Church has been tainted and Corrupted, but no offense to you, but it is being compared to Protestant Church.

    You should be aware there was a separation, ever since the Vatican II, first behind closed doors now happening openly, made by those of us who are true to the 2010 year old Christian morals, values and teachings.

    You should also be aware that the Bible is a compiled version of the most meaningful oral tradition of the early Christians including those who were guided by the Apostles. There are way more books, plenty of them which were not included, basically because the Bible was meant to be what it is, a quick guide to heaven. But there is a lot more than just the Bible.

    I suggest you to read the Catholic Bible, and there you will notice that you had some books missing, and if we had the chance to have each and every single book written by the early Christians I'm sure we would have a Christian Encyclopedia.

    The Sola Fide principle is wrong, and you should be aware of what Jesus said, that was modified to fit Protestant values, which is why I beg you to read the Catholic Bible. And I also beg you to not trust me, just read for yourself about the Sola Fide principle, and see why the Great Schism of the West happened.

    Jesus is God, why would it be hard for a faithful person not to have faith in him? He did wonders and miracles and yet not all believed, but he told to his Apostles to also act like him, and to do the rituals he taught to us.

    There is so much more about Christianity you don't know, I seriously recommend to you to stop being Bible centric, and be more Jesus centric, and see that there is plenty both of us still do not know.

    • Do not teach until you yourself know the truth.

      You should also be aware that the Bible is a compiled version of the most meaningful oral tradition of the early Christians including those who were guided by the Apostles. There are way more books, plenty of them which were not included, basically because the Bible was meant to be what it is, a quick guide to heaven. But there is a lot more than just the Bible.

      No, the Bible is not oral tradition, if that was the case then we wouldn't have a bible. There was a cannon almost 200 years before the Council of Nicea and it was identical to the Textus Receptus (received text). The reason the Apocrypha was rejected was because it came much later then the canon found in the Textus Receptus and was full of blatant misrepresentations and outright lies concerning Christ and the church. Again, speak to or read the works of a competent scholar and you just might learn something on your own.

      The Bible was not meant to be "a quick guide to heaven". What bubble gum wrapper did you get that statement from? And you're thinking Sola Scriptura, the Word and the Word alone, just as Jesus taught us. The Catholic Church's teachings are contrary to what Christ taught and anyone who can read can easily come to the same conclusion. You continue to to admonish without knowledge and recommend that people read "The Catholic Bible". Right you are, there is indeed a Catholic version and it is grossly in error. This is not a protestant view but a truthful point in fact. The origins of the many bible versions are not a mystery nor are the origins of the original codexes in which all bibles stem from.

      Archaeology has proved that the Textus Receptus hasn't changed in 2000 years. You can't say the same thing about the counterfeit Catholic version of the Bible. Find me one example of a Catholic festival that is found in the scriptures? You can't do it because Catholicism is based on the pagan mystery religions. Stop allowing mere men to guide you into apostasy and read the Word for yourself.

      In order for there to harmony among the body of Christ one must learn the truth and the Bible must be the final authority, not a genocidal organization that has been killing Christian and pagan alike for the past 1800 years.

  338. @InChristwelive

    Oh and by the time the Catholic Church finishes up its major cleaning be ready to see Italy go under major attack, then some controversies and then the Catholic Church will be the Church of the World. Then you should start fearing the Church, for it will be corrupted. But before that, try to get all the Jesus teachings, because when the Catholic Church is praised by Communists/Freemasons/Satanists/Etc be sure that it will be the corrupted version of it. NO longer the real truth.

    If you are REALLY willing to get the full Christian experience go to a Traditional Catholic Church were you can get to see and be in a Tridentine Mass/Latin Mass, which is the very same rite, the very same mass, the very same thing for over 2010 years.

  339. Why are we as people open to this site, but we don't practice against these people that are said to be controlling everything, why can't we satnd p against them, I'll tell you right now, I'm willing and able to fight off these people in order for things to be as they should, and not to be controlled by someone who probably know me, but I don't know them. take note: we can be I dentified by a series of number and every individual has a series of numbers to their name. I think we should arise from these demonic forces and open our eyes to a greater God who is indefinitely the creator of all.

  340. Wow! thanks Vigilant i love your articles. kindly analyze Universal Mind Control by Common and Pharell. not yet seen the whole video but i think its weird. will appreciate so so much.


  341. Great article VC, you're getting through to a few sleepy heads.

    For those of you who think that you can watch some limited amount of TV(or movies) and escape it's effects, i have some news for you. Just because you know it's mind control doesn't exempt you. You believe that you largely have conscious control over your decision making processes. This is not so, your subconscious is the master of the house. It makes your decisions for you based on every visual image it has recorded over your lifespan. Television creates false memories based on false reality constructs which your subconscious references during the decision making prosess. The resultant 'decision' is then thrown up into the conscious mind which thinks it has made said decision.

    Your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between actual reality and the false reality constructs sold to us through all visual mass media.

    The only way to combat it is to turn it off, forever

    reading widely helps also

  342. @ 43 – Real —

    Very good point, Real. The video shows future sluts in the making (with apologies to the feminists).

  343. #42 – Steph – "I wonder what God thinks about some of these posts…"

    LOLLLLLLL That was so funny. I don't know if you meant it that way, but I'm ROTFL LOLLLLLLL

  344. Dear Author you forgot about something VERY importand!!! What is it? It's 3D… 3D television 3D movie theater 3D means more suggestive themes!

  345. Listening to Michael Savage, he was talking about his interview with Playboy Magazine in its first ever 3D Playboy issue.

  346. Robin Shadowes on

    WTF is all this 3-D shyte about? Hollyweird is absolutely crazy about it right now. Does it make the mind control more effective or what? Personally I just frigging hate it!

  347. I wonder if this new 3D is any better than the old style 3D movies? Is it more convincing? I am thinking, if the technology is better, it could be used in Project Blue Beam to lend depth and more realism in convincing the public that a supernatural or UFO event is really happening. This is what Project Blue Beam is all about.

  348. My question still hasn't been answered about worltransformation, Vigilant, why it's considered desensitization. No explanation. In fact my comment was probably deleted to dare ask such a question.

  349. "Carax May 10th, 2010 2:03 pm :

    So, Vigilant Citizen, what about the World Transformation Movement? You don’t seem to present a clear opinion here. You just put it out there under the heading of Desensitization. The ideas presented by this movement are hardly desensitizing anyone.

    Carax, Vigilant's article is a long one this time, but I did not notice where he specifically mentions the World Transformation Movement. Your question interested me because I believe in transformation (on a spiritual level) as the reason why humans are here and hopefully where humanity is one day headed.

    Can you show me where he talks about it? I had to google the WTM and am listening to an online video about it. So far I hear nothing sinister. On the whole my understanding of the concept of "transformation" usually means a coming to a point of a deeper spiritual understanding of the Universe we live in.

    I have a slight skepticism, however, in the WTM in that I see immediately the Obama logo that seems to follow him around — the peculiar colors of the rising sun with its greometrical-shaped rays going forth. I've always found the look of this logo peculiar and even sinister. The Right says it's a symbol of Socialism. But the Right says a lot of things and one considers their agenda. Maybe it's an open symbol of the WTM, the one that is associated with Obama?

    I hope Vigilant answers your question. But so far, from the WTM video I not hearing anything I don't agree with. The talk is on a deep level about the nature of the human condition. So far, so good. Unless I'm missing something.

  350. Under "Desensitiization" Vigilant wrote: "Predictive programming is often found in the science fiction genre. It presents a specific image of the future – the one that is desired by the elite – and ultimately becomes in the minds of men an inevitability."

    I think Vigilant is talking about Transhumanism (desensitizing the public via predictive programming). These are not the things the WTM is saying (transformation). The two are not the same.

  351. I'm not sure what to think about Transhumanism. Some people seem to like it and their ideas don't seem all that wrong to me either. Except transhumanism in the form of the SWAT team and a transhuman military and things like that — well, that's humanity for ya.

  352. THANKS VIGILANT. you just ruined television for me.I hope you're happy and proud. Thanks a lot.

    But seriously dude Great Article, it seems as thought we cannot listen to anything but gospel and watch anything except for a few channels.

    Hmmmmm…. what has this world really come to?

  353. You can't be controlled unless you have a strong mind. It's hard to mind control someone or hypnotize them when they don't want it to be done or do not believe in it.

  354. how could people stop this by reading a book? books are also governed by mass media and these companies probably own a bunch of publishing companies as well, so the books that are published are published because they have been approved by these companies which does not help us at all.

  355. Yes, I do agree with what you have said about the media brainwashing us, VC

    Comment #28 (by Baba) said:

    "This whole agenda is driven by the “promethean” view that science should triumph over religion. This is simply an extension of the Nazi agenda to create a super-race. Philosophically it is derived from Nietzsche’s proclamation that “God is dead”. It is an atheistic and amoral movement, but it disguises itself in forms that will not arouse the general public. An excellent example of this is the way Planned Parenthood is used to disguise the genocidal attack on non-whites around the world.

    The goal of the Elite is to create an image in the minds of the general public that a society based on scientific principles is naturally superior to a society based on religious principles. This is the “promethean” world view which I mentioned earlier. The word “promethean” derives from Prometheus who stole fire from the gods and gave it to man. This symbolizes the triumph of science and technology (as represented by fire) over religion (as represented by the gods)."

    Some of the reviewers of this article were also talking about how "educational tv" and what not is the best to watch while others retaliate with "no it's not" 'cause it's easier to manipulate the kids, and I believe that. Now, what does that have to do with what Baba said?

    In my high school, in my English II class (I'm a freshman and that class is mixed with sophmores and all my classes are AP/Pre-AP) and we just finished reading Ayn Rand's Anthem book (which has to do about her philosophy, anti-communist, and collectivism being bad) I believe that it has subliminal messaging in it. Just as Baba said, Prometheus is seen as the "god" for non-God believers, and it just so happens that Ayn Rand is atheist. And at the end of the book, Equality 7-2521 (that's the main character's name) he leaves the grasp of the Council (which symbolizes collectivism) and he falls in love with Liberty 5-3000 and they go off to the forest to live their lives together and Equality 7-2521 renames himself to Prometheus and he renames Liberty 5-3000 to Gaea. Not sure about Gaea, but Prometheus seems pretty clear to me now because Equality 7-2521 is a man that has great interest in science and he rediscovers electricity and he's all about the wonders of the world and sees science as a way to figure it out.

    All in all, I think this could not be a coincidence. Sometimes I wonder if us AP/Pre-AP students can get "brainwashed" just as easy as Regular kids, know what I'm sayin?

    And today in my World Geography class about Japan and we started talking about the bombs that the US dropped on Hiroshima and that other place I can't remember (lol) and the effects it laid on people, and I asked him, "Did the US knew what would happen to them if they had contact even though they were far away?" and he just answered with a 'Yes", but I wanted more explication, but not for my sake 'cause I know how the US knew what would happen, but for the sake of the class. Unfortunately, he didn't explain, so I said, "Did you know they did testings on – I can't 'member if it was Nevada or Nebraska – and that's how they knew what would happen. And I think it was the CIA – not sure – that came to the people that were there and gave them these badges to wear that measured the radioactive that would spread and the people whom didn't die 'cause of it the government pays them like, $50,000 – I think – but they never told them [the people] that they were basically guini pigs (sp) to the whole testings of the bombs." He said: "I know."

    And I think that's messed up. But isn't that how it is with every country? If they did something bad, they're gonna' keep the skeletons in their closet and try to keep the people oblivious and put up this facade that they are a great country? i.e. the US


    It's really great.


    You said something about therapists is a way on how they manipulate the feelings of the patient or what-not (sorry, I can't remember what was exactly what you put since I read this article yesterday night and I'm barly writting the review), but I wanna become a therapist lol. I really wanna help people with their problems and help them get it through. So if I ever become a therapist (hopefully I will :3) then just know that I won't be brainwashing anybody and just help my future-to-be patients :)

    But I'm just sayin' lol

  356. lol and by "And today in my World Geography class…" it was actually a Friday I started to write that review, not Saturday, so don't feel puzzeled 😉

  357. There is another facet to propaganda which should be mentioned here. Jacques Ellul thought that excessive exposure to propaganda actually 'educates' the subject to the point where he/she has an averse reaction to anybody or anything associated with it. People begin to understand they are being duped and start to see right through it. So in the end there is nothing that those smart ass illumanti can do in the long term. The 'collective unconsiousness' will always win out so they are wasting their time basically or it has to be a passing phase before we evolve further.

    So if youre watching too much TV you're on your way to freedom. Its just like toys you get tired of and switch to something else, like conspiracy theories or something. :) TV and video games can actually train your brain to absorb alot more information alot quicker so its the quality of information we need to focus on, not the delivery method.

  358. This hit the core.

    Funny that they can also turn the tables on this kind of thinking also.

    It's really good to listen to this stuff, but how do we stop it? Or is meant to be stopped?

    Is this "evil" or however people put it, or is this just things to simply manipulate, control and keep society in the same corner over and over again?

    What is the point to all there actions? Do they not know it is wrong? I mean they have A L L the M O N E Y in the world (I detest that excuse that the gov. and "wealthy" people of the world just want to become more and more wealthier); so what is there True goal?

  359. Oh and another thing.

    You know how Lady Gaga is just a very minor tool or whatever. Well, Hot Topic. I am not sure if that's involved, but I am pretty sure it is.

    "It's all about the music."

    Employees are expected and should be fully knowledgeable on Pop-Culture.

    Their pamphlets and requirements for the employees constantly state the words "music" and "Pop-Culture".

    It's what drives Hot Topic basically.

    Also, they say they are 0% involved with religion. But what about the bands with Satanic album artwork? I am not sure if that is their intention. But it is their. With the whole Bohemian heads, and hands symbol things, with both arms; one pointing with two fingers up and the other down.

    Also I took not on the Rock-Tees that have "666" on them?

    I mean even if it's just a sham or show, it is tied in with religion none-the-less.

  360. Obey, in answer from your May 15th comment #459. I’m not sure if Vigilante answered my question. It’s difficult to keep track here of comments, I could not even locate where I asked the question returning to this site because I did not note the number of my comment at the time. I tried to make some kind of leap of logic but couldn’t make the connection concerning desensitization. That’s why I was hoping Vigilante could clear it up. But the way things go on this comments system I doubt he even reads it.

    At http://worldtransformatiom.com I listened to the videos also and found nothing that bothered me except maybe the “witnesses” at the end testifying to this explanation. But they don’t seem like a cult. It is after all an explanation, and seems to have scientific underpinning but since I’m not an evolutionary scientist I can’t be 100 percent.

  361. Fantastic article. As usual. I really wish I could get more people to visit this page. Everything is right there in front of us…

  362. Great article, I'm familiar with Bernays work and have read his book. Unfortunately, it wont make a difference. There is no way to educate a "majority" of people about it. AND look at all the weak minded religious people…even after reading your article they rush to reaffirm their beliefs. Submiting the free mind to religion is nothing different than slavery. Have the courage to face the unknown. Religion is one of the first methods of control ever created.

    Anyway, thought it was interesting you didn't touch on the 3 most elements of propaganda.

    1. Emotion over Logic

    2. Demonize the enemy

    3. Fight in the name of peace

  363. Ancient symbolism & knowledge was always used for the common goodness to the benefit of whole communities & to bring people closer spiritually to G-d . Unfortunately , the 'secret' illuminati society have totally turned this in the opposite direction ! This has always made me very upset ! This manipulation is exactly as deceptive as lucifer was & no wonder , they do have lucifarian representation in the UN , but not many people know of this ! Yet , with very little research all this info is there , under the Luci Project , lol !

    BTW , have also noticed how often on the news reports they use the word Obey & it totally boils my blood !

    Great job Vigilant !

    Let the Truth prevail :-))

  364. Very strong article!

    The research that you've put in to produce this article is remarkable – you've either got a lot of time on your hands, or you've been studying the occult for a number of years !!! Eitherway I'm very impressed. Please continue the good work in spreading and exposing the truth!


  365. One of the most powerful users of “mind manipulation” have been religious institutions.

    And what about the major thinkers on mind manipulation that made it possible for mass media to employ these techniques?

    No mention here of psychologist Margaret Singer, mind manipulation techniques during the Korean War, the brain washing techniques of the Maoist regime in China who transformed individuals with a "feudal" or capitalist mindset into "right-thinking" members of the new Chinese social system, the studies done by Robert Lifton and by Edgar Schein, Mikhail Heller, Project MKULTRA,

    or the scholarly debates: James Richardson, David Bromley, Anson Shupe, Bromley, Thomas Robbins, Eileen Barker, Newton Maloney, Massimo Introvigne, John Hall, Lorne Dawson, Anson Shupe, Gordon Melton, Marc Galanter, Saul Levine, Benjamin Zablocki, to name a few. Then there is the issue of the mind control conspiracy theory itself.

    There are no references here, no bibliography to see where Vigilant gets his information. It’s not that I don’t believe him but its usually standard to provide sources for anyone who live to think for himself. And since Vigilant hasn’t answered a previous question I had, I am forced to make my own assumptions. An interesting read is Zimbardo’s "Mind Control: Psychological Reality or Mindless Rhetoric”.

    • @ Carax, each book that has been quoted in the article has been referenced right under the quote. I've even made available for download Bernay's "Propaganda".

  366. Thank you Vigilant.

    Great article! Now there's really nothing they can disprove you with.. it's all been cited by existing quotes.

  367. i honestly don't understand.. why do people bother with this sort of stuff? were they never told that there was a bad guy with horns an a pitchfork?

    my favorte band are now starting to scare me sh!tless. in one video, the lead singer flashed the eye sign. then one of their dvd tour covers was elaborated with drawn skeleton parts. now, their album cover has a pyramid with their icon on the cap.

    could someone please find out why they do this? has common sense and morals just vanished from this forsaken world?

    this is a good article, but i sadly know this stuff. what people should do, is this, but FOR the people.

    i.e. keep faith, something like that. we need to clean this up now, or i'm growing up in a world that worships lucifer. T_T