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The Entire Internet History of UK Citizens Now Viewable by Government Organizations Such as Police, Military, Taxes, Jobs and Pensions



The Entire Internet History of UK Citizens Now Viewable by Government Organizations Such as Police, Military, Taxes, Jobs and Pensions

The Investigatory Powers Bill forces internet providers to keep a full record of every site visited by each of its customers for over a year. Of course, government accounts are exempt from this Orwellian law.

This bill is not simply about notifying the government if a specific site has been visited, it is about listing every single site that has been visited by each citizen and when. This information will be made available to a very large range of government bodies. Of course, there’s the police, the military and the secret service but also others entities such as the Food Standards Agency and the Department for Work and Pensions.

Here’s a full list of the agencies allowed to search the browsing history of UK citizens.

  • Metropolitan Police Service
  • City of London Police
  • Police forces maintained under section 2 of the Police Act 1996
  • Police Service of Scotland
  • Police Service of Northern Ireland
  • British Transport Police
  • Ministry of Defence Police
  • Royal Navy Police
  • Royal Military Police
  • Royal Air Force Police
  • Security Service
  • Secret Intelligence Service
  • GCHQ
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Department of Health
  • Home Office
  • Ministry of Justice
  • National Crime Agency
  • HM Revenue & Customs
  • Department for Transport
  • Department for Work and Pensions
  • NHS trusts and foundation trusts in England that provide ambulance services
  • Common Services Agency for the Scottish Health Service
  • Competition and Markets Authority
  • Criminal Cases Review Commission
  • Department for Communities in Northern Ireland
  • Department for the Economy in Northern Ireland
  • Department of Justice in Northern Ireland
  • Financial Conduct Authority
  • Fire and rescue authorities under the Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004
  • Food Standards Agency
  • Food Standards Scotland
  • Gambling Commission
  • Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority
  • Health and Safety Executive
  • Independent Police Complaints Commissioner
  • Information Commissioner
  • NHS Business Services Authority
  • Northern Ireland Ambulance Service Health and Social Care Trust
  • Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service Board
  • Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Regional Business Services Organisation
  • Office of Communications
  • Office of the Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland
  • Police Investigations and Review Commissioner
  • Scottish Ambulance Service Board
  • Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission
  • Serious Fraud Office
  • Welsh Ambulance Services National Health Service Trust

Source: Belfast Telegraph, Your entire internet history to be viewable by PSNI, taxman, DWP and Food Standards Agency and other government bodies within weeks

Let’s face it, this law is custom made to create a climate of fear and paranoia in the UK. Studies have shown that government surveillance stops people from sharing controversial opinions online as it has a ‘chilling effect on democratic discourse’. Also, since people sometimes visit explicit websites and tend to google their most personal issues, they could easily be subjected to blackmail or other nefarious actions.

Will government officials be subjected to the same transparency? Nope. In fact, the only amendment politicians have submitted to the controversial bill is to stop MPs from being spied on.

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The Entire Internet History of UK Citizens Now Viewable by Government Organizations Such as Police, Military, Taxes, Jobs and Pensions

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This is pure sickness, 1984 level garbage. And the worst part is that the people are too asleep and uncaring to fight it. They accept anything the dominator system coordinators do while condemning their peers who might reject such ludicrous laws. Majority rules, and the majority is stupid. Too wrapped up in their egos to raise their consciousness.


Am in tears that the globalists have allowed this to happen in a democratic country what else is left what nimrod tried to accomplish os being tried but because Jesus defeated the devil we will all overcome via psalms 91

yeezus your god

i hope your invisible friend comes soon.


Israel is bck in themiddle east and you ant have Armageddon, the battle at meggido valley and many other prophecies in Revelations cannot happen without them being there so yes Jesus Christ who was seen in the past and will be seen by the whole world , coming back to show himself as real.
Of course dont be fooled by the Anti Christ also.

Im really amazed how the whole world is so blind when it comes to Israel.

Kev allah

There have been many antichrists. It isn’t a singular character that opposes jesus. The whole Christian world should know this and realize that should a man stand above the crowd it’s more than likely a leader and not someone that would be an antichrist. With this way of thinking Jesus himself would be considered the antichrist by those that don’t know and simply believe.


Its not either/or. There will be an AntiChrist as referred to in the Bible and there are many antiChrists, also referred to in the Bible. Islam views the second coming of Christ as the AntiChrist and the announcement of the AntiChrist as their Mahdi

yeezus your god

yes believing some old book written by old demented men will defo help please go and grab it !


Well, I guess during the school years you’ve read a whole bunch of books written by men… and you believe them. You believe in science… which is also created and often written by men. What is the problem then? You are accusing people of being stupid only because they believe in the book “that is written by man”? Okay, people like you believe in any sh*t that begin with words “scientists recently discovered..”, are you any better?


Remember, the shrouded-in-secrecy and up-to-no-good Facebook rocket exploded spectacularly at the time of its launch, for reasons unknown. Nothing is decided, no matter what they think


Actually people did fight it many times over.
The Government was too deadset to be stopped.
It may come down to revolution to stop this Law.

Kev allah

That’s not the right angle to look at it from. The people are awake. It’s just that the “people” are divided amongst the rulers and the ruled and the rest of society (the vast majority) are immigrants with no loyalty to the nation or those attempting to settle and colonize. That’s why they love multicultural cities. It makes it easy for the government to crush its own citizens.


Let’s face it, government agencies have had access to our browsing history for years. This official change in legislation, like VC said, is purely to create a climate of fear and paranoia. Privacy is a thing of the past in this Orwellian world we live in


Exactly. It’s very naive if you think they weren’t already spying on everything you do. This is simply the so called ‘externalization of hierarchy’ where they are making still more open and revealing what they’ve already been doing for years.

Kev allah

The externalization of hierarchy means a materialization of the mysteries. Hence all the crazy s--t. It has nothing to do with politics and enslavement. It’s about learning through experimentation. The issue is they are using our lives to learn from and improve their own.

Jesse White

By selectively choosing particular searches/pages visited, it would be incredibly easy to make almost anyone look like a terrible person…very dangerous.

Truth & Light

Americans arent exempted

They are already doing this in the US and other countries it’s just not known to the public. They monitor what sites, videos you watch on YT, etc. and you are put into a database. Hence the censorship of truth we are witnessing. It’s a precursor to complete 100% control of the internet and flow of information.


The novel ” 1984 ” has been surpassed.

D D d

As was expected, because in my opinion in The Netherlands the film was really rather boycotted by little press although it was a classic still read at all schools, and the eurythmics were big. They got attention for delivering the score late, but the film itself got snowed under season greetings – and probably a madonna-media-action, too? A case of divide and conquer from witin the producers and their tentacles?


It’s a Brave New post-1984 World…


Is this part of what happens when you hand over your firearms? You’ve got nothing to storm the castle with except your feelings of personal I vasion. Nice. I’ve been off facebook for over a year, but I visit sites like this. I buy books that my library doesn’t have. This is so very alarming. I suppose they’ll sell this as something for “our health and safety?” Such dookie. Thanks for posting VC!


Millions of well-armed people in the U.S.A. are well-aware of how FEDGOV intrudes and have done nothing much to stop it. My big question: Well Donald Trump retrieve control of internet backbone Obama turned over to ICCAN? I certainly hope so.

free your mind

And meanwhile back on the farm….apparently the FBI is not even investigating the child pedophile rings via
Pizza Gate.
And of course, the pedophile scandals in England, keep hitting “walls”. This is communism people, plain and simple.

D D d

Communism? Are you kidding? All nations are doing it, spying on homeground. As in right now. (Would you call Australia communist, for example, or New York, Utah, France?)


They’re not supposed to be communistic, but if it starts strutting like a duck and dictating like a duck… it’s a commie duck. And the worst thing about communism is its ability to exalt itself above God, viewing anyone who Believes and puts God first in their lives as enemies of the state. This might sound glorious to nonbelievers, but eventually they, too, will be found in violation for something. There will come a time when you won’t be able to do anything because of too many laws and regulations; almost impossible not to break a law. Global engineering!

D D d

If it looks like a duck, it might wear a duck’s costume. Ever been told the fairytale of some young goats and a wolff that whitened his paw…? Well?
Now what, feeling deceived by your own mental shortcuts?


Do Australians do the following things: pay income tax, pay inheritance tax, pay property tax? If yes, then yes Australia is a communist country. It’s not easy to see the bars on the cage, but they do exist.

English Rose

Bring back the days of pens and paper, of voices that spoke directly to each other rather then via a screen.

D D d

Nothing new here. It always was intercepted and analyzed, is my guess. The news is that governments are opening up on their games against citizens. That has the function of spreading a new layer of fear ..or maybe even better in this context : resignation. And their we have our winner. Lazy people who do not give a sjait that they are under a microscope their whole lives. And directed. (!) One generation to go maybe and it is a whole new world we live in. Present tense that is. That last expression got a double layer..


Genuinely gutted by this. Pretty disheartening stuff.

How long will it be now before visiting sites like this is regarded as ‘thought crime’ in one guise or another?

As another commentor said, Orwell’s 1984 has been surpassed.

But who knew we’d go into it so willingly? We check in our every movement on Facebook, our every thought on Twitter, and our every desire can be discerned from our Google search history. We were pretty f***ing stupid when you think about it.


Food for thought..

(Surprised to see only 29 comments so far on this article that was posted more than 23 hrs ago.. Does this prove that we are too placid already and we refuse to see the direction all this is going in..- sweeping it under the carpet..?! )


I know. The lack of interest in this significant development is depressing.


Not everyone uses facebook, twitter, and google. Don’t be so naive to assume all people are idiots. It is mainly the young brainwashed of the new generation who enable those dumb websites yo prosper.


Facebook is over, thankfully, along with MSM. It’s the best thing to have happened – cultural irrelevance, out of their control. Instagram is next to cave in.


I think I laughed when it said that government accounts were excluded. Shouldn’t they be the first accounts to be screened for their internet histories?


What will happen to me when the US government does (or continues to?) do this and sees all of the hits Vigilant Citizen receives from my IP address? Hahahaha. But seriously… this is awful. Nosiness is the worst and this is spying and invasion of privacy on a major level. *sigh*


Don’t ever stop expressing yourself over worry of personal safety. Your honor is worth far more than your life.

Do what I do: Talk to everybody about this. Put it all over your social media channels.

Never bow down to the NWO! Never give up, never surrender!


And that is why you are anonymous?




They already know everything about this site I agree with the poster wHo said this site will soon be destroyed and taken down by the thought polic it’s only a matter of time.


Privacy is an illusion.


So let’s see everything about your life, even the things you would rather not share. It’s only an illusion when it doesn’t concern you, you hypocrite. Everyone has the innate desire to be left alone to live without interference from government or anyone else.

Kev allah

Yeah in a city.


Why does the NHS need to see peoples search history?

D D d

Lisa, because they/health-services/first-aid have a administrative connection with the insurers. The insurers want to know if you felt ill before you got insurered for example. Google or your providor can tell them if you looked up any itchings or remedies. The result may be you not getting insurance or pay-out. And via direct linking and datamining, they can know within minutes, so you might not even get any help AT ALL when you become really sick.


but we have free health care here, the NHS..

D D d

Enjoy it while it last.

NSA protects you

I think this is an excellent development and I appreciate this new piece of well thought out legislation. I think we should try to see just how Orwellian we can possibly get. There should be a ‘Brave New World’-named contest held between nations to see who can come the closest to Orwell’s beautiful utopian vision.
I also believe all citizens should applaud this Orwellian paradise. We need informer networks and spying on neighbors to catch all those dangerous crisis actors and their deadly terrorist attacks – the more draconian the measures, the better!



Well said NSA (thankyou for protecting me. (I think)) Yes indeed you are quite correct we certainly have a need for even more nosy neighbours to inform on us. Personally I feel vulnerable because I live in a rather spartan cul-de-sac surrounded by people who just don’t seem to care a jot. I have never been reported on. Sad to say that my neighbours are a bunch of useless gits who need to wake up to what could be going on if they took the time to watch the news reports of people who haven’t actually been shot or stabbed, but could of been if it were real. Instead they prefer to focus on Eastenders, Coronation Street, and Emmerdale farmyard where the real action happens. Draconian is obviously the way to go, but it is such a slow process I wonder if anyone will even notice its benefits when it arrives? Clearly not. Yet another lack of appreciation.

Jack Galt

How else will the U.K. defeat Eastasia? or is it Eurasia? or al Qaeda? or ISIL? or…………


Internet History tracking? Just a tiny part of the antichrist “all seeing eye” surveillance system spreading its tentacles according to some weirdos wearing tin foil hats. Nothing to see here, move along.


Please review HBO’s Westworld. Last Sunday’s episode: Jeffrey Wright (Bernard Lowe) says “A little trauma can be illuminating” and keeps reading Alice in Wonderland as part of his reverie (memory) Anthony Hopkins (Ford) says ..they’re free, under my control…and has Lowe kill the actual human female whose job was to protect the interests of the Board (intellectual property).

Hipkins/Ford says in order to establish order it must require a blood sacrifice.

Darkwing Duck

How long until a similar law is passed in the states? My guess is not long at all.


this is like the trolltrace plot in this season of South Park… like it is literally the exact same… wtf is that predictive programming??


Southparks been spot on for a few years now, “I just need to look into your a-----e” tsa

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