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New Wikileaks Dump About CIA Hacking Sheds Light On the Mysterious Death of Michael Hastings



New Wikileaks Dump About CIA Hacking Sheds Light On the Mysterious Death of Michael Hastings

The latest Wikileaks dump is said to be the “biggest exposure of CIA spying secrets ever”. It reveals how the agency hacks into consumer products to turn them into spying devices … and how it can even remotely take control of cars.

Entitled Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed, the latest Wikileaks dump contains tons of documents explaining how the CIA has hundreds of zero-day exploits (holes in software that are unknown to the vendor) and can hack almost any smart tv, Android phone, iPhone, or router, and, apparently, recent cars as well. Not only that, the agency can even leave the “footprint” of another entity while doing the hacking, effectively allowing them to put the blame on a foreign nation or organization. The documents state:

“The CIA had created, in effect, its “own NSA” with even less accountability and without publicly answering the question as to whether such a massive budgetary spend on duplicating the capacities of a rival agency could be justified.”

Hacking into Your Products

The CIA, working with British spy agency MI5, have developed a back door for a smart TV that allows government snooping while the television is turned off. And that may now include live video streaming of your living room and office. In a 2014 document detailing future and improvements to the program, CIA officials said they planned to add a feature where the Agency could capture video and video snapshots of people through their televisions. This would put the federal government and the CIA right in your family room and office.

Recently, the CIA lost control of the majority of its hacking arsenal including malware, viruses, trojans, weaponized “zero day” exploits, malware remote control systems and associated documentation. This extraordinary collection, which amounts to more than several hundred million lines of code, gives its possessor the entire hacking capacity of the CIA. The archive appears to have been circulated among former U.S. government hackers and contractors in an unauthorized manner, one of whom has provided WikiLeaks with portions of the archive.

Foreign Menace

According to the documents, the CIA has been using the State Department consulate in Frankfurt Germany as a headquarters for hackers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

The organization has been collecting a library of attack techniques from malware produced in other states, including Russia. The CIA has the ability to use this library to misdirect attribution of hacks by leaving behind the “fingerprints” of stolen malware.

Remote Controlling Cars for “Undetectable Assassinations”

Probably the most startling portion of this dump is the revelation that the CIA has gained the ability to “hack” into recent cars through their control systems. Note that we are not even talking about self-driving cars (which will certainly become 100% CIA-remote-controlled), but regular cars with computerized components (around 2011 and earlier). Why would they want to do that? To “engage in nearly undetectable assassinations”.

“As of October 2014 the CIA was also looking at infecting the vehicle control systems used by modern cars and trucks. The purpose of such control is not specified, but it would permit the CIA to engage in nearly undetectable assassinations”

These revelations shed a new light on the very mysterious death of journalist Michael Hastings, who lost his life after his car suddenly went out of control and crashed.

Michael Hastings

New Wikileaks Dump About CIA Hacking Sheds Light On the Mysterious Death of Michael Hastings

Hastings was a journalist, a contributing editor to Rolling Stone and reporter for BuzzFeed. He became a vocal critic of the surveillance state during the investigation of reporters by the U.S. Department of Justice in 2013, referring to the restrictions on the freedom of the press by the Obama administration as a “war” on journalism. His last story, “Why Democrats Love to Spy On Americans”, was published by BuzzFeed on June 7. Hastings died in a fiery high-speed automobile crash on June 18, 2013, in Los Angeles, California.

On June 18, 2013, Hastings died in a single vehicle automobile crash in his Mercedes C250 Coupé at approximately 4:25 a.m. in the Hancock Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. A witness to the crash said the car seemed to be traveling at maximum speed and was creating sparks and flames before it fishtailed and crashed into a palm tree. Video from a nearby security camera purportedly shows Hastings’ vehicle speeding and bursting into flames.

Witnesses described the car’s engine being ejected 50 to 60 yards (46–55 m) from the scene. Hastings’ body was burned beyond recognition. The coroner identified the body by matching fingerprints with those the FBI had on file. Two days after the crash, the Los Angeles Police Department declared that there were no signs of foul play. The coroner’s report ruled the death to be an accident. An autopsy showed that the cause of death was massive blunt force trauma consistent with a high-speed crash.
– Los Angeles Times, “Michael Hastings death: New video of crash emerges”

A news article from 2015 actually mentioned that Hasting’s death was most like the result of a “car cyber attack”.

Former U.S. National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection, and Counter-terrorism Richard A. Clarke said that what is known about the crash is “consistent with a car cyber attack”. He was quoted as saying “There is reason to believe that intelligence agencies for major powers — including the United States — know how to remotely seize control of a car. So if there were a cyber attack on [Hastings’] car — and I’m not saying there was, I think whoever did it would probably get away with it.”

“Hastings’ work as a thorn in the side of government and the 33-year-old journalist’s death in an unusual crash in June 2013 immediately triggered speculation. A witness reported seeing Hastings’ new silver Mercedes C250 coupe speeding down a Hollywood street before dawn when it bounced, slammed into a tree and burst into flames.

Shortly before Hastings’ death, he sent what was described as a “panicky” email to friends expressing concern that associates were being interviewed by “the Feds.” He also wrote that he was onto a big story and needed to “get off the radar for a bit.” His 2010 story for Rolling Stone in which Stanley McChrystal skewered the White House and its strategy in Afghanistan led to the general’s resignation.

The FBI denied Hastings was the target of any investigation, yet a Freedom of Information Act request later unearthed an FBI file on Hastings. Hastings also told a neighbor he thought someone had been tampering with his car. At the time of his death, he was working on an article about CIA director John Brennan.

According to several sources, Hasting’s last days very hectic.

“In an email to colleagues, which was copied to and released by Hastings’ friend, Army Staff Sergeant Joe Biggs, Hastings said that he was “onto a big story”, that he needed to “go off the radar”, and that the FBI might interview them. WikiLeaks announced that Hastings had also contacted Jennifer Robinson, one of its lawyers, a few hours prior to the crash, and the LA Weekly reported that he was preparing new reports on the CIA at the time of his death. His widow Elise Jordan said his final story was a profile of CIA Director John O. Brennan. The FBI released a statement denying that Hastings was being investigated.

USA Today reported that in the days before his death, Hastings believed his car was being “tampered with” and that he was scared and wanted to leave town.

‘At 12:30 a.m. on the morning he died, an agitated Michael Hastings went to his neighbor and friend Jordanna Thigpen and asked to borrow her car. He said he was afraid to drive his own car, because he believed that someone had been tampering with it.

“He was scared, and he wanted to leave town,” Thigpen recalls.

But she declined, saying her car was having mechanical problems. When she woke up, Hastings was dead, his car having crashed into a tree.’

Hastings died in a single vehicle automobile crash in his Mercedes C250 Coupé at approximately 4:25 a.m. in the Hancock Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. A witness to the crash said the car seemed to be traveling at maximum speed and was creating sparks and flames before it fishtailed and crashed into a palm tree. Video from a nearby security camera purportedly shows Hastings’ vehicle speeding and bursting into flames. ”
– USA TOday, “Hastings thought his car was being tampered with”

Several US officials told CNN that a federal criminal investigation is being opened into WikiLeaks’ publication of documents.


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New Wikileaks Dump About CIA Hacking Sheds Light On the Mysterious Death of Michael Hastings

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Telling the truth about those in power is a very dangerous business, he was a hero. RIP.

Truth & Light

“Evil always think it’s doing right.”


I don’t think they care at all tbh


But they shoot themselves in the foot, because they force people to have to speak up, out of need for self preservation he had no choice. Then this shows up in the news like it’s a warning. It should be a warning to themselves to stop killing innocent people.


the CIA/NSA shares surveillance information with with Israel intelligence called 8200 and the Mossad. Not surprised to hear that knowing the Zionist are in control of the US and the media along with the majority of the world.


Once you take the red pill of reality, you can’t go back.
What is happening right now is exactly like that dystopian novel called 1984 published in 1949 by English author George Orwell.
War is peace
Freedom is slavery
Ignorance is strength


There is pretty much an internal civil war being waged in the states withing agancies. We are seeing that the elite will fight tooth and nail to not see the changes some want. These leaks, and the death/s show that all are fair game. The thing is that now it will be harder for them to do anything other but a major move. The reason is that there is light in the subject and more and more people are waking up. There are so many possible scenarios that even the most informed could not put froth an accurate prediction of how this all plays out. Most people with common sense, knew they had been spying on us and that all the digital data was being stored. Still, now it is official in a manner of speaking. It is also worth noting that even conservitive media is moving slowly on this. Now, before someone makes the blanket claim that all sides belong to the same master, pause a moment. There is good and there is evil. I firmly beleive that our best chance at exposure lies with Trump no matter how unpopular that statement may be. Can they get to him… Read more »


Darn typos…


TZone, beautiful analysis:)


I made 9 typos in said analysis. I’m all thumbs on my celly.


The problem with Trump is that he very clearly has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Which brings with it a need for amassing power (or wealth, in his case), a need for adulation, a paranoia and persecution complex. If he does find out about government excess, we are going to have to worry much more about him USING these nefarious tools than alerting us to them. Consider how mad he gets when someone like Arnold Schwarzenegger or that Miss Universe or Mr. Khan get under his skin. Currently his vindictiveness leads only to tweets and business dealings – but as the public increasingly turn against him, it’s not much of a stretch to say that he’d use all the tools of government against them.

The difference being, Clinton or Bush or Obama or Reagan would use assassinations against political enemies, and yes, regular people and journalists who asked too many questions. Trump would use them against people who mocked his hands or his inaugural crowd size.


Ah, these capabilities were developed (and used) long before Trump…

Susan Petrucelli

When, where, and by whom?


I don’t disagree that Trump demonstrates a desire to amass wealth and a need for adulation. However, I don’t think he’s paranoid or has a persecution complex. I think it’s quite clear that he has every right to feel paranoid, and that he is indeed being ‘persecuted’, so to speak. We have yet to see if he is the type who would use these tools against critics.
His hair-trigger twitter account and blunt speech may actually prove him capable of the opposite: unlike slimier politicians who fake a smile while in the background manipulate and plot against their foes, Trump may actually be somewhat more adult here when all is said and done–rather than plot and intrigue against his critics, he just calls them out on the spot, says a mean thing or two, puts them in their place, and moves on. Look at how he handled Rubio, Cruz, Christie, and other election season opponents. Did he tear them a new one verbally? Absolutely. But there was no apparent political scheming behind it, and after his opposition backed out, he immediately let up.


Wow, do you honestly believe all that you typed? I think I’m going to stop coming here, posters and IMO, VC are not as wise as I believed them to be. People are not digging deep enough on here anymore.

Some nobody

I have been feeling the same way but I don’t think it’s that VC isn’t going deep enough anymore this is as deep as it’s ever been but you really see it for what it is. The information displayed isn’t factual at all but just presented to let you, the reader, connect the dots.

kev allah

These idiots don’t realize they are part of the problem.


With all due respect Elwood I have seen people like Trump who would take offense to lets say a sports rivalry. They bellow and such but they would not go as far as to punch a person, Moutheness doesn’t necessarily make one go to the extremes you mention. I have not necessarily seen the public turning just yet either. Don’t get me wrong, he is flawed and I am not a super fan, but compared to Hillary — he’s a Saint. She would have done nothing but sell us all out to the globalist.


“as the public increasingly turn against [Trump]” The opposite is actually true. The public is actually increasingly growing in favor of him. Success brings favor and Trump’s first month in office has been quite successful. If it came down to it, I don’t think Trump has the character to be blowing up people’s cars. Obama, Clinton, and the “Liberalists” however…


It’s weird; I’m not sure what to expect from him, but I can’t see him blowing anyone up either. Even if he treats his wife (and other women) …a certain way… (?) … he doesn’t seem to have that cold-blooded killer Clinton glare, or the sociopathically charming Obama mask. He’s full of contradictions and odd insults, and he’s definitley no JFK. But that might just make him more human than a lot of other recent presidents ? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


He’s absolutely an NPD.


‘Now, before someone makes the blanket claim that all sides belong to the same master, pause a moment. There is good and there is evil.’
AND 25 THUMBS-UP TO THIS? Hello, is this really the Vigiliant Citizen?


Well said SniperC. That’s a difficult point to get across on this site sometimes. We don’t have a totalitarian world government or mandatory micro-chips, yet so many people have already given up. I think we need a mass awakening to the solutions, not just the problems.

kev allah

No. You need to toughen up on an individual level. Groups will only serve your betrayal. How many people do you trust?


How can you say that when Trump has been an industry pawn since the 80s? He liberates nothing.


God sees everything. These sins will not go unpunished.


Can this all be now linked to how Anton Yelchin(Star Trek) and Paul Walker died of ‘suspicious’ car issues.


I was thinking of Paul but forgot about Anton….makes ya wonder!


Yeah there’s about 2 pictures I know of with Anton’s slightly twisted gate as ‘proof’. VC did at least one article on his death. Definitely suspicious


A drone killed Paul Walker because he got himself looking in the Fast & Furious gun-walking scandal. That’s the reason “They” the studio named the movie Fast & Furious so people get lost searching the movie and forget about the government program.


The biggest threat to America is not Muslims, as some faux-conservative right-wing / alt-right nuts would have you believe. NO, the biggest threat to the American people is their own government’s shadow government, which has been hijacked by a satanic Deep State, they exert influence over media, the military industrial complex, and the financial system. They CONTROL the Central Bank, They OWN your politicians. They push PROPAGANDA down your throats with their pro-NWO narratives through corporate mainstream media, they tell you to fear ‘refugees’ who are feeling their war-torn countries due to colonial imperialistic capitalistic plutocratic oligarch-orchestrated wars. It’s time to stop fearing people who fear God and just want to escape bombs and live in peace. Whenever they tell you to hate and mistrust and fear people with NO real power, know that it’s the People IN Power who are the REAL culprits of all this chaos and devastation!!! Overthrow the Satanic World Order that aims to turn God’s richly diverse people against one another. Go ahead, hate on this comment, ignore the facts and spew your ignorance against the truth. But know this. I am not your enemy. It’s the barrier of cognitive dissonance that is preventing you… Read more »


I agree with a lot of this


Well you have to hack the cars computer for sure. Bypass the variable valve timing, and other computer controlled restraints. If the car has a turbocharger it would be especially more vulnerable. But theoretically any car engine could be made to intake far too much air and gasoline. The exhaust system will be the last thing to melt, meaning the car is now a very fast moving chariot of fire. Brakes probably aren’t even an issue in this scenario but I could be wrong.

What doesn’t add up for me though. How do you let the car reach max speed when you know you aren’t in control and it’s on potentially on fire? Or how do you even drive it when you think it’s being tampered with? Don’t tell me he couldn’t afford a rental car, or he only knew one friend with a car. Definitely thinking there is more to this story.


Nice questioning @infection


Yes I love playing telepathic detective. I believe the military didn’t like Michael Hastings over his articles and book. I feel really bad for his family, but he kind of created his own fate.

You have to protect yourself out there. Don’t declare war if you aren’t ready for war. Always mind your environment. Know the risks!


I don’t think anyone is really ready, unless a) you know everything they are capable of and b) somehow have access to the same. A lot of us would naively go down fighting without any real defenses, self-created fate and all, just trying to expose the elites. It seems better than doing nothing.


@Nicky that’s true

D D d

There are people who want to make themselves special by making up being a witness. It happens. Be especially minding when they surface very late in the process. Even video can be tampered with, just like the car.
This story reminded me of the stories from years ago. I have seen copies of newspapers from the 90’s where officials, designers and officesuits, talked about airplanes being on remote control, like a toydrone now. Normal interviews about the science of flight and planes in general. 2002 : The archives of those newspapers where cleaned up, you cannot find any trace of the articles now.
Google-cache certainly is no help, neither is Bing.
Anybody old enough here to recognise what I am telling?


I’m old enough D D d but I don’t remember, sorry I agree that video evidence can be tampered with and proof can be manufactured.


JFK Jr in 1999 and Paul Wellstone’s plane crash in 2002. Both were suspicious. I’m sure there were many more they wanted out of the way who’s planes conveniently crashed. There was also talk of the 911 planes being flown on remote control because there’s no way somebody who took a few hours flight training on a small plane could fly full sized airliners into buildings the way they did.


Yeah, I would agree this tech was conveniently scrubbed from public records so they could do things like crash Germanwings 9525 (with Andreas Lubitz)… supposedly air traffic control could hear him calmly breathing the whole time. If that’s not MK Ultra hypnosis-style tampering, I don’t know what is… ?


Makes me want to drive my 23 year old truck more. But, I guess, if you’re a threat, there’s no stopping them from stopping you. I remember when that Chevy OnStar button was new, and even then, before I knew all of this site’s information, I was skeptical about the abuse of technology. On the one hand, it’s helpful. On the other, totally creepy. Like those Progressive Auto Insurance snap ons that detect your speed for lower rates. Ugh. Invasive.


the government is capable of turning on any camera and using it to spy on you anytime, even when your changing your clothes alone, Shia labouf talked about it and that’s why they are against him now. Interestingly Edward Snowden revealed how the CIA/NSA shares surveillance information with with Israel intelligence called 8200 and the Mossad. Not surprised to hear that knowing the Zionist are in control of the US and the media along with the majority of the world.


“Whoever did it probably got away with it.”

Yeah right. I believe in Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God. All these things that they THINK are hidden will be revealed and they WILL be judged for it; they haven’t gotten away with anything. I feel so sorry for them actually. But mostly for poor Mr. Hastings’ family. If things are so bad that TPTB are now able to control cars, then it’s time for everybody to face the fact that there is nowhere to run anymore- except STRAIGHT into the arms of Jesus. He is the only one with the power to protect us from all these soulless monsters.

Truth & Light

Why everything is relegion? Get out the religious box

Truth & Light

God has no religion


All I am going to say is this, the CIA is evil and they have been killing journalists since the agency’s birth. Michael Hastings is only the tip of the iceberg because we need to include Andrew Briatbart and a number of journalists investigating the Vatican Banking scandal including Jessica Savitch. The death of Pope John Paul the first might also be a CIA murder.


Hmm interesting… criminal minds recently aired an episode where a young techy guy was hacking into devices in people’s car and taking control of their cars to kill people…

Alan Reid

A word about the C230 and C250… They are both running a computer that will prevent dangerous operation like speeding over the cars limit, like tire limit. Unless this system was hacked the STAR computer would have reduced the car to a safe speed.. seeing as the car hit a tree well in excess of the safe operation speed of that STAR computer’s limit it is obvious it must have been hacked. Anyone that has a Mercedes and has tried to coax it into doing stupid dangerous things has seen what happens. Blast down a hill at full throttle and the car goes to idle and the brakes slow the car to 60k. Fly into a corner too fast and the stability control takes over for your stupid attempts. Mercedes has a lot to loose in liability to not protect innocent bystanders from dumb drivers with high performance machines.


Could this be a bluff? Tell people they have this technology to make them afraid and you don’t even need the actual technology. Fear is the most effective motivator.

D D d

You can buy your own stuff and practise. See for your self, your remote toy car can make a turn when you press a button on your phone. Or stop. Or speed up. Why would it in this happening be the other way around, inventions make for the public instead of ”the militairy” first? Be real, besides suspicious.


The government has stolen technology that is advanced 100 to 300 years of what the public is allowed to own themselves. It’s not a bluff.

D D d

There is a novel Carter Beats The Devil. In it some storylines are woven, mystery, love and human relations, both loving and hating, bizznizz and personal. One can read it as fictionalised biography, or a novel. When I looked online after reading, the first thing that came to mind was ”no film yet? Why?” Then it occured to me that one of the Main Storylines is about the secret service and corrupt politicians, hunting a new invention that would become our beloved television. Subplot is about the impact it might have on audiences when it’s developed. So not only sharks are after it, but the ”men in black” are too. That subplot is hardly mentioned in mediareviews and the movie is still stalled.


Hasting’s body was burnt beyond recognition but identified through fingerprints. Really?! Give me a break.


That…is seriously messed up. Julian must think he might not have much time left at that embassy or something because he’s in a situation where he should be laying low for a period but he’s doing the exact opposite. I hope they don’t “suicide” him.

Truth talk

I recently watched a video in yt of Ted Gunderson talking about how he worked for the FBI until he started finding out about stuff he wasn’t supposed to know about. I didn’t see the whole talk, but long story short, they put several hits out on his life. He outsmarted the for a while, but they eventually killed him with arsenic. It’s worth a watch, a lot of info there. They kill anybody who gets in their way.

The Austrian

we had a quite popular and controversial politician in Austria, jörg haider. one night, on his way to his mothers 90th birthday he had a terrible accident and died. his car spiraled out of Control and he died in a horrible way. there was even one arm ripped off. all happened on a totally straight part of the road, no traffic neither.
they did a toxicology test and in just 5 days they made public that haider was drunk at that Moment (haider was known for being a Sports man.never seen with alcohol). compare that to for example the Tests being made with George Michael. those took 2 months!
but thats not all. as soon as he was dead, literally the other day, rumors started that he was gay!
so first they destroy the Person then they destroy his Image.

that was in 2008. People who said maybe his car was remote controlled were laughed at… and there were quite some who made that assumption alr back then.

PS: car was a vw Phaeton. i always knew this was not an accident. thx for the article and thx to wiki too i guess.

D D d

I am sorry, but the rumours about him being gay or bi were elephants in rooms. They were just newspapered as rumours. Some of the publications used very old information, that they sat on for years, I mean. Open your eyes, he was part of a big organisation that trains and uses men. Why the shock of him being with men for sex? Unlikely? No. Look up more about the far right and it’s groups of men liking men, physically that is, while dressing up as football hooligans or half-militairy for a nice brutal image. Like with popstars, the dressing up is very important, even in the far right of politics. As it is about atraction.
Why is it important to know another people’s sexlife? Getting better knowledge about your own sexlife is more important, no?
The part Haider played in politics is importantt. The scandals distracted, again, from the antics in the documents he signed. The context is that Haider was not alone, all over politics there are closet-people, scared to be outed. And lose their powers. Where have we heared such tactics of control before….?

The Austrian

“Some of the publications used very old information, that they sat on for years”
and why would they hold back with such a sensational Story about a politician all These years?
ive NEVER heard or read anything about him being gay BEFORE he died…
plus the man had 2 grown up daughters ffs.

“Why is it important to know another people’s sexlife?”
ask the Mainstream media. they thought it was important- as soon as he was dead.

“The part Haider played in politics is importantt”
u got that one right. shortly after his BZÖ Party won many votes and took away from the established parties he was ripped into pieces on a peaceful road.


Now you see how they killed Paul Walker.


Paul’s not dead.
Check the article on, the info there seems to make a lot of sense.


you won’t see this kind of news in last week tonight

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