Hello Barbie : The Creepy Doll That Spies on Kids … and their Parents


Mattel’s latest doll Hello Barbie dialogs with children, records their answers and sends the information back to a database via Wifi and Bluetooth.

Hello Barbie is “the world’s first interactive Barbie doll” … and it is rather creepy. Equipped with a microphone and internet connectivity, the doll asks questions to children, records their answers and send the information back to Mattel servers where it is filed and processed by a powerful algorithm.

Hello Barbie works by recording a child’s voice with an embedded microphone that is triggered by pressing a button on the doll. As the doll “listens,” audio recordings travel over the Web to a server where the snippets of speech are recognized and processed. That information is used to help form Hello Barbie’s responses.
– Washington Post, Privacy advocates try to keep ‘creepy,’ ‘eavesdropping’ Hello Barbie from hitting shelves

At the New York toy fair, Mattel representatives demonstrated Hello Barbie’s capabilities.

At the demonstration at the New York toy fair, the Mattel representative chatting with Hello Barbie mentioned that she liked being onstage. Later in the conversation, when the Mattel representative asked Hello Barbie what she should be when she grew up, the doll responded, “Well, you told me you like being onstage. So maybe a dancer? Or a politician? Or how about a dancing politician?”
– Ibid.

A quick review of the privacy policy of ToyTalk (the subdivision that handles Hello Barbie), reveals that the information recorded could be used for a variety of reasons.

We may use, transcribe and store such Recordings to provide and maintain the Service, to develop, test or improve speech recognition technology and artificial intelligence algorithms, and for other research and development or internal purposes. We may make such Recordings available to the parent account holder and permit the parent account holder to share such Recordings with third parties. These Recordings may contain additional personal information if such information is provided in the Recordings, but we do not use personal information contained in Recordings to try to contact anyone. Please see “What Information Do We Share With Third Parties?” for information on how this information is shared with third parties.

How Do We Use the Personal Information We Collect?

We use personal information collected through our Service for the purposes described in this Policy or elsewhere on the Service. For example, we may use personal information we collect:

  • to obtain parental consent and create a parent account;
  • to provide and maintain the Service and to process and complete any transactions in connection therewith;
  • respond to your communications and requests, provide customer service, request feedback, and otherwise contact you about your use of the Service;
  • to monitor and analyze usage and trends and demographic information, and to personalize and improve the Service, our technology and our users’ experiences;
  • to provide you with news and information about our events, activities, offers, promotions, products, and services we think will be of interest to you (with your consent where prior consent is required by applicable law);
  • to send you confirmations, updates, product announcements, security alerts, and support and administrative messages and otherwise facilitate your use of, and our administration and operation of, the Service;
  • to notify you about important changes to our Service and our terms and policies;
  • to develop, test or improve speech recognition technology and artificial intelligence algorithms and for other research and development or data analysis purposes; and
  • for any other purpose for which the information was collected, as identified at the time of collection.

We may store and process personal information in the United States and other countries.
What Information Do We Share With Third Parties?

We will not share the personal information we collect through the Service with third parties, except as described in this Policy. For example, we may share personal information as follows:

  • with vendors, consultants, and other service providers (“Service Providers”) who need access to such information to carry out their work for us, such as vendors who assist us in providing the Service, in developing, testing and improving speech recognition technology and artificial intelligence algorithms or in conducting research and development;

  • when you give us your consent to do so, including if we notify you in connection with the Service that the information you provide will be shared in a particular manner and you provide such information;

  • in an aggregated or anonymized form that does not directly identify you or others;

  • when we believe in good faith that we are lawfully authorized or required to do so or that doing so is reasonably necessary or appropriate to (a) comply with any law or legal processes or respond to lawful requests or legal authorities, including responding to lawful subpoenas, warrants, or court orders; or (b) protect the rights, property, or safety of ToyTalk, our users, our employees, copyright owners, third parties or the public, to enforce or apply this Policy, our Terms of Use, or our other policies or agreements.

    ToyTalk Privacy Policy


That last bullet point is quite open-ended and dangerous as the information recorded by the doll could be sent to authorities, governments and other entities if “required to”. Specialist on privacy issues have recommended scrapping the doll – which is scheduled to be available in store in fall, just in time for Christmas.

“If I had a young child, I would be very concerned that my child’s intimate conversations with her doll were being recorded and analyzed,” Angela Campbell, faculty adviser at Georgetown University’s Center on Privacy and Technology, said in a statement. “Children confide in their dolls,” she said. “When children have conversations with dolls and stuffed animals, they’re playing, and they reveal a lot about themselves.”
– Op cit. Washington Post.

While people at Mattel assure that the information collected will only be used to “improve the product”, it is obvious that Hello Barbie could be easily intercepted by all kinds of agencies such as the NSA.

Children often confide their most private thoughts to their favorite doll. Recording that stuff and sending it to a mega-corporation’s server is simply creepy and exploitative. It is yet another mind-boggling way of turning our society into an insidious, Big-Brotherish nightmare. Time to say goodbye to Hello Barbie.

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124 Comments on "Hello Barbie : The Creepy Doll That Spies on Kids … and their Parents"

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Hello Barbie : CIA Edition!

Best reply yet! LOL Most citizens are ignorant to the seriousness of crimes and VICTIMIZATION… Until something violates or abuses them in their lives! Wake Up World!

Smartphones are just as bad as this spying device

I hate regular barbie doll & I hate this even more, will never let anyone give my sister this kind of doll

I thought smart TV that record our conversation is the worst until I saw this, god bless our children

Nothing new. Surveillance devices are all around us.

Any parent who buys this crap needs to have their head examined! Too far doesn't even begin to describe this!!! Outrageous

No different than using Galaxy or Siri… or, for that matter the internet in general


This device needs to be Gender Identity friendly and be installed in G.I.Joe dolls and other such toys the same! Transgender kids experience incest too!

All dolls are weird, why ppl do not buy old toys without any mechanic element like…lego, puzzles etc.?
when i was 7-8 i was so happy when i got the puzzles on 24th December, and now kids are happy on facebook and adult games. I think i understand the radical islam to these things [ against sexual west civilization ]. But i am against burka and hijab, wearing this for gods or husband or for laws – ridiculous.

My kid loves to play with her legos. I'm jealous because they have lots of stuff now that they didn't have when I was a kid.

The Conjuring? anyone lol.

On another note VC please do an article on Prince Andrew and American Jewish Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and how they used a woman named Virginia Roberts as a sex slave (Beta kitten?) who was underage at the time and also various other women. She was recruited by a lady named Ghislaine Maxwell (The daughter of newspaper tycoon Robert Maxwell) She has filed a case against them and I've been reading about this story….Interesting stuff.

Barbie started life as a German comic strip called Bild Lili featuring a shapely secretary who didn't say no to "dates" with rich old men. It inspired a doll that was sold as a gag gift to adults. Then it got imported to America and was aimed at little girls. Sordid.

Thanx for the info Fleur, didn't know that


Jewish would make a quick buck out of anything. Jews imported the comic persona, a prostitute. I wouldn't expect anything better out of them. Let's not forget that the German gentiles were very popular among the German Jews as Germans are generally speaking attractive and their own broad is not.

I'm sorry, i don't know where to replace the battery, youll just have to play with it anyway.

This technology is purely demonic and from hell thanks VC for being the watchman on the wall.

I read this article to my ten year old who still loves Barbies. After explaining, pointing out the negative aspects, and using the word 'creepy', I asked her if she wanted one… She said – yes!! SMH… my oh my. All of this makes me want to never let her out of my sight. Society, and these toys, and tv, and music, and almost everything is trying so hard to corrupt my child. And it seems its just me against a world of hell to teach and direct her well. Me against millions and billions -trying to show her reality. Its so hard. Soon, I'm afraid, she'll doubt me and listen to her little peers. From 4th grade, she's already bringing horrible stuff home… I am not looking forward to Middle or High school. I'm actually getting worried here n there as the awful media and privacy violations grow –… Read more »

I just found out
our school district is implementing GPS tracking system
on every bus AND
every child's 'special' ID they must wear.



That is the most terrifying thing yet! Homeschooling definitely seems the way to go! I just don't know if its an option for many parents due to the financial aspects.Public schools essentially are a free babysitter so parents can work to make money.

And they take advantage that so many need to use the school system as a babysitter.

I don't think I can homeschool my daughter. I have a college degree… but, I can't see how my ten yr old and I could ever sit down and 'study' together. It seems hard to me.

I'm wondering – these GPS trackers being placed on every child and every bus… wondering – since children are the school's responsibility as soon as they step on the bus, until stepping off at the day's end —
Can they leave these Trackers ON the bus when done?

Do the trackers have an off button ? I'll leave my daughters tracker somewhere by the bus stop then. Not bringing it into our home.


I hate to say my 6 yr old daughter would love this too smh. but i would NEVER buy something like this EVER

My boyfriend loves all this stuff. He uses the google voice app on his phone and wants all of his email phone tv bank account and everything linked up together under one email. He also loves mainstream entertainment, soda, fast food, pron etc. So bizarre how I ended up with my polar opposite, but the point is, I can attest that there are people out there who welcome the New World Order with open arms. They are slaves and loving every minute of it!

…And you will never convince them otherwise.

It's a terribly challenging time to be a parent, that is for sure. I don't think it's as easy to shelter them in a balanced way anymore, like it was with my childhood in the 80's.


Thats why we homeschool.

Do one of you stay home? Is it expensive to do? I have so many questions about how it all works

Besides the info being collected, its also disturbing that the AI server algorithms could potentially be programmed to respond in a way that shapes the child's outlook. What's next professor Barbie? Especially given all the evidence provided by this site that shows how the culture creation industry is trying to turn innocent little children into promiscuous degenerates.

Read 1984 by George Orwell.

Creepiest VC article I've ever read.

Hello Barbie, you DID NOT have me at hello! GTH Mattel!

Check out the twilight language on Barbie's t-shirt: hell 3 times, it's like an incantation!

It says hello. Muppet.

obviously, but the word is partly HELL

So wrong on so many levels! NSA, HSA, CIA! Not to mention pedo hackers! All I can think of is the last scene of Eyes Wide Shut, when the daughter picks up the packaged Barbie in the toy store and the mother gives her a cold indifferent acknowledgement.

Back in the old days the secret police had to break into your home to plant a bug. Today the people are willing to buy them on their own.

And they get YOU to pay for it!

Rather sad, if you ask me….

Yep,, you've achieved ultimate tyranny when you've convinced someone to put on their own handcuffs and have them enjoy it

So wrong on so many levels! NSA, HSA, CIA! Not to mention pedo hackers! All I can think of is the last scene of Eyes Wide Shut, when the daughter picks up the packaged Barbie in the toy store and the mother gives her a cold indifferent acknowledgement.

Proably used to see what is going on within a house and for pedo’s

Oh MY! Seriously…

Most people will never wake up to this stuff. The elite have done a bang up job of making those of us who believe to look crazy. To be called a conspiracy theorist is akin to being called crazy. This is why gangstalking exists. People are willing to believe anything about anybody and harass them for it. This is absolutely sickening. It makes me want to buy toys for my kids that are 10 years or older. That way I know they won't be spied on.

What's really bad is all of the people that will go out and buy this thing! Even when some of them are aware of this! This makes me wonder about what other kind of trinkets, items, they are using to spy on us? This is probably just what they are putting out to tell us? But what else? I work in a toy dept part-time and last year they had a toy parrot, which you could talk to and it would record whatever you say?

I wonder if these dolls' voices can be used in evidence in court? Now, THAT would be interesting!! Anything to break up the family and let the State take over. Strike 1 for illuminati. I'd rather they strike out….ban these stupid dolls!!!

I was abused and neglected as a child and every moment I could steal away in private to play with my Barbie dolls was precious! As soon as I was off the bus from school I was rushing to those dolls for solace. I didn't talk TOO my dolls, I played and reenacted elaborate scenes with them.

This doll should absolutely be taken off the market. It should never exist! It reminds me of an incredibly dumbed down version of that creepy thing from the movie A.I.

Hell Hell Hell is more fitting for the doll

There is no excuse for any right minded adult to buy this toy for a child. It is so 1984 and even her face is creepy if you look at it. No smile, no nothing. I know its a doll but its got that blank stare. F mattell. I am 42 and avoid smart phones and such, nut i know at some point s**t will be almost unavoidable as far as survailance in the house. I do my research and try to stay ahead. Thats all we can other then stay behind the Savior of course.

Don't forget that such toys can be bought by schools or kindergartens. Not necessarily this one. And good point about toasters too.

Between Amazon Fire TV, which records our voice non-stop even when not running, and this doll, the all seeing eye is in our living room and kids bedrooms. Freaky. Reminds me of an old twilight zone. What happens if you try to destroy the doll. Oh. They're coming out with smart toasters too that spy on us, as well. All to "personalize and improve" the experience. It amazes me that people actually fall for this.

Toasters? Are you effing kidding me?! Isn't that what the dial is for, to set it how you like it? The only time it ever comes out wrong is if the person who used it last wasn't you and set it to some bs one you don't like. Toasters…smh just when you think it can't get worse…

Reminds me of that old South Park episode with pikachu embedded with a recording device/camera that sent info to Japan. This is far worse!

now i'm 42 but i'd love to get one of these for myself so i could f***k around w/ the NSA/bigbrothers/etc….I'd pretend to be a conspiracy theorist/Illuminati/puppet government/false flag trash talking, gun toting '7 yr old girl

lol please Do it! lol

everyone should do it.

No parent in their right mind should buy this. What will it take for the masses to wake up? It is in our face. And to think that we are the majority. My heart goes out to all kids and teenagers today. The darkness the world is currently dwelling in is overwhelming. And where are they supposed to turn to? Our politicians who's only function is to make us believe we have a choice? Miley Virus? Lady Gagme? A talking over voluptuous Barbie doll? Let's hope they find this website VC so that they know they're not alone. Thank you VC for all this valuable info. May the Lord Bless you.

They can ALWAYS turn to Jesus

When I saw these dolls, I swear someone at the FBI/CIA/NSA came up with this. I wonder how they'll feel when someone gives one of these dolls to their daughters for a gift?

What goes around does come back around . . .

Ha, ha, ha……I'd love to do that to a CIA/FBI officer's kid.

It's really not about "Big Government." The US is really an Oligarchy which has the gov't bought and paid for.

"I played with Mommmeeee… I played with Dadddeee… and now I want to play with youuuuu." – Pet Cemetary. Creepy as f**k!

I remember years ago when there was the talking barbie and people switched her voice out with a talking GI joe. I wonder if anyone will be doing culture jamming with this doll as well. At the very least, encourage a boycott. That's what I'm doing.

And also another step toward isolation and dehumanization. I could see children (especially lonely children and probably some adults too) getting lost in a toy like this. The movie Siri comes to mind…

Reminds of the movie "Her" .
Creepy indeed

…and there's a lot of lonely children thanks to "the economy" making it difficult for even a two-income household to scrape by. Which has been purposely designed by tptb because what kids really need is at least one stay-at-home parent. Or at least a loving grandparent to care for them while the parents are at work. Yet many folks who've "retired" go back to work since they still need the income. Which brings us back to the lonely children who just need more time with family.


Captain Howdy from "The Exorcist" comes to mind.

Thanks– that was the funniest thing I've read all day, and sure needed a laugh! Cheers:)

Better never complain about Big Brother if you're actually letting him into your house. That's one reason why I ditched Facebook a few years ago.

The same way they spy on adult phone conversations, texts, emails, etc. of course they will now try to do with innocent children who aren't old enough yet for that kind of thing. Find out what they are thinking, saying and ferret out any and all information they can get about themselves and their lives.

Also while desensitizing them to befriending robots. Take your children to the park please, maybe on a play date with some other real children. Let them swing and run around and play in the dirt. Seriously.

WTF…..Freaking creepy. Burn it all!

It will all burn in the end.

Barbie conversations can be used for about anything, such as the daughter telling Barbie that her dad is busy cleaning his handgun collection. Her mother is spending time with the milkman while daddy's at work….The list goes on and all this stuff goes out into cyberspace.

You have a nice vivid imagination. Ever wondered about becoming a soap-writer ?-)

Why not make it a robot that walks around and has a camera 'eyes' too. Then someone could hacktivate it and start watching and listening remotely as it moves all over the house? Sell it to parents by telling them that they can watch and listen to their kids when they're not home. Maybe activate it by motion-sensors…. Yeah, that makes all the sense in the…

Messed up dystopic world that is starting to look a whole lot like the Hunger Games!!! My dad was right. Sigh.

They did that already…any electronic device with a mike or camera can see and record you. I read an article that said the mftrs left those things on!!!

Look up jibo, it virtually does everything you said.

Dude, I just saw a video about jibo and it totally creeped me out. I was thinking of it the entire time I read this article.
I don't see how people can still be blind to the intrusion on their privacy thing… the again some people really try their hardest to keep their rose colored glasses… even if cracks develop in them…
I wish people would just wake up though…

These artificial intelligence things make me think and realize more and more that they are just giving people more excuses to lose touch with other human beings. If you lose touch with reality, it is easier to be controlled.

Yep. The more artificial you accept, the more virtual your world will become, & the easier you are to shape & guide.

That is so creepy, gotta love that its basically one big eye.

Thats next!

Your tv already does that

How disgusting!

Could they get anymore creepier? I guess not.
I'm absolutely not weirded out about all this sh** anymore, it's sad and pathetic. Just hope all the sleep walking "sheep" WAKE UP!!!

Look, this is for two purposes only:

1) Gathering information and searching for children with special abilities such as clairvoyance.

2) If such finding occurs, being able to extort the parents through recordings.

Thats my take on it, anyway.

seriously they need to wake up!

I think it’s a great child monitoring tool, similar to home security devices that monitor infants, even while at work! The FBI’s job is to be suspicious of people who misuse the Barbie Doll camera/audio doll! Frankly it protects innocent children from CRIMINAL incest and paedophiles! It can provide evidence of safe, healthy behaviors, or unhealthy CRIMINAL behaviors! If you’re not being CRIMINAL, you see it as healthy home movies!

We're gonna be stuck in the system with no where to turn. If people don't realize it then the inevitable is bound to happen. Prisoners of our own greed, resulting in destruction.

As my friend always says: There are no victims, only volunteers. No one is forcing people to buy this any more than peole are forced to own a smartphone.

There are no volunteers to VICTIMIZATION child or adult! Don’t be a smart alleck, karma comes around to smart alleck who don’t put themselves in other people’s moccasins!

I wonder if they have already been experimenting with this for some time. As a child I was given a talking barbie who usually talked about shoes and the mall when you pushed the button on it's back. I don't think I will ever forget the time I was playing and my Mom came in and said to clean my room, when she left the barbie said, with no interaction, something about not wanting to clean the room. I didn't want to believe it, I didn't know what to think and still don't I suppose. Something like this would certainly be more logical than what I probably considered then to be paranormal.