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Facebook is Working on a Smartphone That Can Read Thoughts



Facebook is Working on a Smartphone That Can Read Thoughts

Facebook announced that it assembled a team of 60 people to develop a technology allowing users to “think” commands and messages at their smartphones. The system would be able to literally read your mind … constantly. What could go wrong?

The people at Facebook are going down a path that can only be described as post-Orwellian. Not satisfied with the fact that their users willingly share their most intimate information on a daily basis, Facebook is looking to reshape the world and decipher thoughts that haven’t even been verbalized.

In February, Mark Zuckerberg released the “Facebook Manifesto” which, under a thin veil of altruistic vocabulary, hid a dystopian vision of a “connected world” where the flow of information was overseen and propagated using artificial intelligence and elaborated algorithms. But that’s not enough.

On April 19th, the company revealed its most ambitious (and scary) project to date.

Facebook is Working on a Smartphone That Can Read Thoughts

Regina Dugan, head of Facebook’s hardware innovation division Building 8, speaks at F8 – the company’s annual developer conference.

Facebook has assembled a team of 60 people, including machine learning and neural prosthetics experts, brain-computer interface engineers and neural imaging engineers, to create a “mind reading” smartphone. It’s system would be capable of typing one hundred words per minute – straight from one’s thoughts.

Facebook plans to develop non-invasive sensors that can measure brain activity hundreds of times per second at high resolution to decode brain signals associated with language in real time. “No such technology exists today; we’ll need to develop one.”

Facebook is looking at using optical imaging – using lasers to capture changes in the properties of neurons as they fire – to glean words straight from our brain before we say them. If these signals can be read, they can be transmitted silently to other people.

If the thought that a company that makes almost all of its money from harvesting your personal data could also have access to your thoughts is scary, that’s because it is.

Dugan attempted to assuage people’s fears by pointing out that Facebook would only decode the words you were going to say anyway. “It’s not about decoding random thoughts,” she said. “We’re talking about decoding the words you’ve already decided to share by sending them to the speech center of your brain.”
– The Guardian, Facebook has 60 people working on how to read your mind

So Facebook is telling people to not be concerned about their thoughts being constantly read by a machine because it would only be able to decode words one was “about to say”. However, the goal of that technology is to read thoughts – without them being said – and to translate them into computer commands. How can a clear line be drawn between what can and cannot be read in the nebulous realm of human thought? How can we guarantee that this kind of technology won’t be used to actually monitor and control people’s thoughts? Are there even people willing to give up the sanctuary of their own thoughts for the slight convenience of not moving one’s finger on a touchscreen?

Another reason why Facebook is looking to be able to read brainwaves is to push its augmented reality technology.

Another reason why Facebook wants to read our brain activity is to develop the equivalent of a “brain mouse” for augmented reality. She painted a picture of a future where everyone wears augmented reality glasses that supplement our field of vision with additional information such as directions, and enhanced capabilities such as real-time translation of people’s voice or the ability to “mute” specific people and noises from your soundscape. What’s lacking in this augmented future is a user interface. When we don’t have a smartphone or a computer mouse, how can we select and click on a piece of digital content?

That’s where the brain-computer interface comes in.
– Ibid.

Facebook appears to be keen on answering questions nobody ever asked. Although the technology is presented as a way of “staying connected with the people around us” reducing the need to look at one’s screen – the true goal of this technology is painfully obvious. They want to know what you’re thinking. All the time.

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Facebook is Working on a Smartphone That Can Read Thoughts

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I bet once they do develop this beast technology, they will sell it as a means to keep us safe. Minority Reportesque safety measures where one’s evil thoughts will be used to prevent crimes. They’re trying to play God and be omniscient. Satanism at its worst.


I’m willing to bet they’ll show disabled people with the inability to speak or type using this mind-reading program to pull at our heart strings and convince us that this is something we all need.


Autism. They’ll exploit Autism.


They probably created autism- or manufacture it to some degree already. I think they manufacture many illnesses, and disease outbreaks for control.

Shae Jaxon

or down syndrome #pettylife


Believe it or not this technology already exists. Victims of what is known as organized predator gang stalking who are referred to as Targeted Individual (T.I.) been harassed by it since the 1980’s.


Those are just crazy people.


i was just listening to targetted indiviual stories last night. it made me think of this..


You do know that the Bible says only God can know the true thoughts of man?
A machine can only make guesses

Annie of Green Gables

You come off as a bit negative and paranoid Dixie and Dixie 80 up-voters. Almost any powerful tool can be used for evil, people will shut their ears to outright paranoia. Stop driving cars and take the bus if you want not to benefit from an invention that hurts people. Cars pollutes the air and is a means to kidnap and kill children and kill other people on the roads. Dont use a smartphone at all or Facebook at all if you want to shield yourself. I dont even have a flip phone nor have I used Facebook. But if I had a chance to use a Dragon Dictate type device that actually worked well (because they actually suck) I would jump on it


Make sure to pick up your paycheck from facebook on the way out.


Its the sad and disappointing truth unfortunately, even if it means going beyond limits to know anything and everything about you to suppress opposition completely toward the elite status quo.


I’ve heard of this one once, “thought crimes” as it’s called.

Sebastiaan Hoftijzer

Seriously what the f. Normal human contact anyone?! And you know what, I barely use my tablet and simple cellphone which causes me to feel like a fckng dying breed. In my lunchbreak everybody uses a fkn phone and when I want to conversate normally im being looked at as a r----d. God please help us protect Your children!

Truth & Light

Kill it with fire


I’m usually on my phone reading and I frown upon human contact in general lol

I don’t wanna talk to people on my break
Leave me be


Beware of any move toward Trans-humanism. It is straight from the pit of Hell.


its part of the NWO agenda, just like a one world government. they will sell it as its making the world a “better place”. i swear Zionism is the real cancer to humanity existence


Next thing will be marking your forehead and right hand and openly sell your soul to Satan. We are very close to that.


So true…and people will be wanting it like warm bread…

D D d

Satan ?


Just don’t buy one, unfortunately our society is stupid and will embrace this crap. However I will not.


It will be mandatory eventually.


that’s the scariest part.
i notice that our society became so fragile after internet/social media. i’ve known a person who NEEDS to update her life to instagram, and when she misses to capture an event she will be like “aw man i want to snapgram it” instead of enjoying it


Last month, I went to a shop to return one extra paper roll I bought. The cashier told me to insert my credit card to have my money back. I explained that I didn’t have one and that the lady at reception told me that I could have my money back with cash.
So the cashier told me that EXCEPTIONNALLY she’ll give me cash. Then I asked : “how do people who do not have a bank account or not credit card at all can do?”
Her reply : ” that’s our society. You have to abid by the system.”
I was shock and sad at the same time. I think that that’s the kind of person that will accept the mark of the beast to sell and buy without thinking.


The truth is 95% of the world population are sheeps. They will do what the elite will tell them to do. Time to be honest, humanity as a whole is a failure.


My favorite story: I overheard a woman telling her friend that she was on an elevator that morning and noticed all the buttons were pressed. She found that so interesting that she whipped out her phone to take a picture of it and “Snapchat it” and missed her floor. I was like…wow! Why do we literally feel the need to document everything on social media for others to see?

D D d

That’s why there is something like windows10, when you have to belong to a cloud – to do your own stuff in your own home on your own pc, on your own electric-supply.


I’d bet that much like a cell phone which can be remotely activated and used to record people other then the owner, they will probably reach the point where one device will monitor everyone in the room with you.So it would only take one device to compromise everyone in your work space.

D D d

I ask my friends with samsung/smart televisionsets about their settings. No kidding.


its black mirror tv series coming true.


This SOB is a real front-man for the NWO. Why do people keep falling into FB and Google?


Oh he sure is…you do know he is also trying to get Internet in ALL countries rich and poor….WTF needs internet and everywhere and WHY??? and he calls it “connecting and uniting us as one” or some bullcrap….look up and his fb page…

Truth & Light

You know he is a paid shill for the CIA/powers that were….hes a billionaire off of fb (which didnt hv ads til of late). PLz


I’m really not sure how anyone with a brain, or at the very least a hint of survival instinct, would want something like this. Back in the day I wouldn’t have been that worried b/c I know that no one would’ve adopted the tech and the venture would’ve failed. But the way people are manipulated into basically giving away everything that makes them unique in an effort to be cool in a social network, anything is possible. Of course the more savvy person knows what this technology is really all about, but this whole thing reminds me of something one of my favorite comedians said. “Touchless sinks and toilets….way to invent a solution for a problem that never existed”.


Brainwashing. Exposing the public to the idea, normalizing it. Repeatedly and again and again in books, movies and other pop culture. What’s the make it seem like it’s what everyone is doing- or at least anyone “cool” and “important”, then they know everyone else will follow suit. It already happens every day to different degrees. Like how people think they need the most expensive smartphones to begin with. Or how they can’t survive without a computer.

It has certainly been made sure that technology has been shoved into most facets of modern day life.

D D d

If Rhiannsomething wears a bra inside out on live television, a dozen fans will do the same.
If Rhiannsomething took out her left eye on live television, a dozen fans will do the same.


Reminds me of the time where fans thought Justin beiber self harmed or something like that then cut for Justin was trending, it was a few years back


Well humans like to be controlled and manipulated. Never forget, humans will always do what the other human are doing. They have big brains but 95% are of them can’t use it and make logical decisions.


I have never been a happier person since I did away with Facebook 4 years ago. I had had it only several months and found out quickly what its intentions were . Sadly there are people so addicted to it they can’t function without it!! I have been told since I do not have it I basically do not exist…that is the world we live in…

Sidney Mal

I quit Facebook about 4 years ago and till this day I have people asking me to get back on it and that I’m missing out. If I had a penny for every time a person asked me to get back on Facebook….


What?! I highly doubt they can invent something like this. Please don’t let them fool you into thinking they are so advanced in their technology they’ve reached god status. There is only one God who is ALL powerful and sees everything, knows everything and is PERFECT. Satan knows he is running out of time.


The scary thing is, if they’re openly talking about it, they’re probably very close. Technology is more advanced than we’re permitted to know. Take the UK’s 2008 Embryo Fertilization Act. Look that up. It’s appalling.


Not really. I mean they were talking about flying cars making our commute and dropping the kids off at school easier since the 50s. I dont know about you, but I have yet to see them. And if they do exist, they are no where near readiliy aviallable


The military was testing invisibility capabilities in the 90s through DARPA. They could hide entire convoys and sent specialized scout units known at the time as LRRP to find them, but they couldn’t. They’ve got stuff they’ll never tell the public about. We’ll never know the full extent of their capabilities.


We, the Germans, had lots of advanced tech 80 years ago. Like flying saucers for example which they keep telling you are aliens from outer space, though they’re not.

Like people said here before, if they talk about it, they got the tech, even if it’s very primitive compared to our 80 year old German tech.

Just like cloning in “The 6th day”, they might already use that tech. Michael Jackson caught fire during Pepsi commercial, ok, use a new avatar clone, make it a little whiter in the process, booom. Michael Jackson talking too much, make him disappear, use a new avatar. Or just look at all the four or five different versions of Katy Perry, Zoey Dechanel, etc. that are all the same person.

Tech exists we don’t know about.
And in contrary to humans with a soul that try to live in peace and harmony with other peoples and nature,
these people, ashkeNAZIS, they don’t give a s--t, it’S all about money and their lord satan.

Truth & Light

Who did they duplicate the flying saucer from⁉️


Jim the German is a first class antisemite. Congrats on your intellectual achievement, Jim. Your words are to be relied upon and trusted.

Small Human

One word: Thoughtcrime.


N words : if it becomes reality : death sentence for THINKING different from what freemasons want you to think


Since God is in all our minds constantly reading our thoughts, this is another pathetic attempt by the devil to replace God’s system with his own, inferior version. I look forward to when God takes back control and the devil loses the bet they’re having now, which is the book of Job writ large. Yo Satan, you already lost, you wanker!

Billy Jack Galt

Meta Question: If you are a poor speller when you type, will you be a poor speller when you think?


Och I cannot stand the sight of this dick head’s face, it make me want to puke, these people usurp, and use technology developed by humanists geniuses to harm humanity, the should be arrested, satanist s--t heads


The biggest question to me these days is: can this dystopian future be stopped at all?


I ask myself the same question daily. There is absolutely no debate where we are heading. In my estimation, the only way to stop this is for a mass human awakening. I think we are making progress, but I don’t think it’s fast enough. And then I see videos of these BLM/Antifa and other protesters, and what little hope I have goes out the window. It seems that some people have become too brainwashed and their IQ’s have been artificially lowered so far, that it will take a miracle to turn this thing around.

D D d

Keep asking questions. A lot of people who like to accuse you of wearing a tinfoil hat, find it more difficult to do, when you do not answer the questions yourselves, but have them and others supply the answers.
That way you even might get people to try to think for themselves without you being a smartass with strange ideas. Logic provides with the open doors.
Facts and arguments are important, not concepts, when having an discussion.
Why is their talk of global warming when we have enormous amounts of Less Sunshine?
Or, remember when as a kid we used to watch the endless blue sky? When was the last time you saw a blue sky?


Much as i know we all would love to stop the evil heading our way, it’s just not in the cards : Keep in mind it’s written, God tells us how things are going to go in the end you know? i mean who wouldn’t have wanted to stop the pain and suffering of our Lord Jesus right?!?! i know i would have wanted to but it had to happen for the Lord’s will be done in that case… similar here and now… our main objective shouldn’t be trying to stop the inevitable… but to save as many souls as possible with the truth and light of Jesus!! GOD BLESS!!

D D d

Oh, please, drop it. Totally out of context, in my own maybe not so humble opinion.


The best thing you can do is to keep insisting on trying to expose and warn about this. Everything is connected through social media profiles these days – use that option to easily effortlessly express your concern over this.

You either choose to speak up about what’s happening or you don’t – being a part of the solution, or a part of the problem, taking responsibility or just giving up. Help the growing awakening movement as best you can.


Omg wtf. I have been thinking this for a while. I swear to u !!! The moment I laid eyes on thisv article title i almost s--t my pants. I have literally thought of apps or websites, clothing , and moments later an ad will pop up either being exactly that or relating to it. WTF WTF. I’m tripping balls

D D d

Humans are more predictable than you might think. Especially after you have studied them.
They collect data, and noticed you look for something more often, so they responded like Pavlov’s.
Pun intended.


The technology exists, and more. It’s just not been released to mass public knowledge yet. The “futuristic” technology you see in movies- a lot of the time is a reality. Even from years back. It’s just slow to surface.


If Zuckerberg and his ilk are so smart, why don’t they solve REAL problems, like world hunger or homelessness? If he and Bill Gates and Warren Buffet and Elon Musk pooled resources they could solve hunger very quickly. The fact that they don’t tells you all you need to know.


Controling the whole world population as afficient as possible is THEIR only problem to solve


This technology will probably allow the user of the smartphone to also read the thoughts of others.


Meanwhile, bees are dying at an alarming rate.

D D d

By the way, are there still whales, this while after Fukoshima?

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