Authorities Are Using Paris Attacks To Rush New Mass Surveillance Laws


The CIA and government officials around the world are using the Paris attacks to push brand new surveillance laws. And it was all planned in advance.

While democratic systems usually take months (if not years) to pass new laws and legislation, it only took a few days after the Paris attacks to slap honest citizens with more surveillance laws. Several organizations are indeed capitalizing on the fear and panic caused by the attacks to bring forth a brand new agenda that takes a bold new step towards total government surveillance. What’s worse: Leaked information proves that authorities were waiting on a terror attack to go forward with their plan.

In a leaked e-mail written by Robert S. Litt, the intelligence community’s top lawyer during the month August, the plan is clearly outlined: There is a lack of support for the banning of encrypted communications but a terror attack could quickly turn the tide.

“Although the legislative environment is very hostile today, it could turn in the event of a terrorist attack or criminal event where strong encryption can be shown to have hindered law enforcement.

There is value keeping our options open for such a situation.”
– Washington Post, Obama faces growing momentum to support widespread encryption

Only a few months after this e-mail, a terror attack occurs in Paris. Only a few hours after the attacks, news  strangely blamed “encrypted communications”. Only days after the attacks, officials are calling for…the banning of encrypted communications.

The New York police commissioner, Bill Bratton, called it a “game changer” and, insinuated new legislation that would outlaw encryption was necessary by adding: “[Encryption] is something that is going to need to be debated very quickly because we cannot continue operating where we are blind.
– The Guardian, Intelligence agencies pounce on Paris attacks to pursue spy agenda

CIA Director John Brennan is also using the terror attacks to plead for unrestricted government surveillance of all communications, blaming “privacy groups” for hindering their job.

Then on Monday, in an epic episode of blame shifting, the CIA director, John Brennan, reportedly said privacy advocates have undermined the ability of spies to monitor terrorists. He explained:

“Because of a number of unauthorized disclosures and a lot of hand-wringing over the government’s role in the effort to try to uncover these terrorists, there have been some policy and legal and other actions that are taken that make our ability collectively, internationally to find these terrorists much more challenging”, adding that there is a “misrepresentation of what the intelligence security services are doing”.

Read Brennan’s comments carefully because they are very revealing. When he says “legal actions”, he’s referring to the fact that multiplefederal courts have ruled that the government’s secret mass surveillance on millions of Americans is illegal. So it sounds like the CIA director is saying it’s a shame that intelligence agencies can’t operate completely above the law any more, and is scapegoating any failings on his agency’s part on accountability that is the hallmark of any democracy. (Though he still can apparently operate above the law.)

More importantly, Brennan’s comments are incredibly dishonest. The post-Snowden USA Freedom Act passed by Congress reformed exactly one of the countless mass spying programs the US runs. It was the one that sucked up the phone calls of Americans only, and here’s the thing: it has been active this whole time and isn’t scheduled to shut down until the end of the month.
– Ibid.

Government officials in the UK are also capitalizing on fear to rush sweeping new laws.

On the other side of the Atlantic, politicians in the United Kingdom, which already has the most expansive surveillance laws in the western world, are using the tragedy to attempt to rush through their even more invasive, new mass-spying bill that aims at allowing police to see the websites every citizen visits and to force companies like Apple to backdoor their encrypted tools.
– Ibid.

Not Effective

None of these laws have proven effective in preventing terror attacks. In fact, the Paris attacks took place six months after the enactment of a massive (and controversial) surveillance law in France.

Passed by the French Parliament in May in response to the attacks on the Paris-based magazine Charlie Hebdo, the law allows the government to monitor phone calls and emails of people suspected of connections to terrorism without the authorization of a judge.

But it goes further than that. The law requires Internet service providers to install “black boxes” that are designed to vacuum up and analyze metadata on the Web-browsing and general Internet use habits of millions of people using the Web and to make that data available to intelligence agencies.

In exceptional cases, the law allows the government to deploy what are called “ISMI catchers” to track all mobile phone communications in a given area. These catchers are basically designed to impersonate cell towers, but they intercept and record communications data from phones within its range, and can also track the movements of people carrying the phones.

Finally, the law allows government agents to break into the homes of suspected terrorists for the purpose of planting microphone bugs and surveillance cameras and installing keyloggers on their computers, devices that capture data on every keystroke and mouse click.
– Recode, France Has a Powerful and Controversial New Surveillance Law

In short, after each traumatic event in the Western world (manufactured or not), attention is turned towards a very specific and targeted item that “needs to be addressed as soon as possible”. This item is, in fact, part of controversial law that is sitting on shelves until in can be passed insidiously, while the masses are struck with horror. It happened with the Patriot Act and, almost 15 years later, it is happening again. Their formula is “Order Out of Chaos” and it keeps working.

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This world is getting more insane by the day. It wont be too long now. I'm thinking at least 2 or 3 decades till the end. But that's just me being hopeful. Christ is coming back sooner than we all think.

” I’m thinking at least 2 or 3 decades till the end.”

I can tell you for a fact that the earliest the Apocalypse will come is 2023, but most likely sometime around 2025-26, or maybe 2027, but I can’t imagine much later than that. I can’t be more specific but this is the most accurate/truthful calculation that you are going to get. Peace, love and all praise to the Lord!

And all they will have to do later is to expand the definition of 'Terrorist' to anybody that opposes the views of the government and use that definition to bug, track and monitor any citizen and every citizen.

Did anyone else notice that the French authorities used the attacks as a reason to forbid a protest at the climate change talks? Looks like a pretext to take away French citizens' rights to assembly and peaceful protest, at least for energy industry related concerns.

Wow. I couldn't think of much else to say to this post other than 'wake up, people!' Another article well-written, VC. Keep up the good work.

This article really put everything in perspective. I watched 007 Spectra the other day and this is exactly what happened in the movie! verbatim! there was a secret meeting, one of the countries didn't want the world wide surveillance and the next week they were bombed! Its crazy how they put everything that is in the agenda world wide for us to see, but the masses are just to blind or just turn the other cheek away from the real truth

Indeed. A late friend of mine, who was ex-military with a high-level security clearance and in civilian life an avid and stalwart seeker of truth who had a more thorough and far-reaching grasp of the "Big Picture" than anyone else I've ever met or followed (and that includes the "big names" of the alternative media), once made this unforgettable statement – "You will get more truth from Hollywood, than you ever will from the nightly news."

CIA Director John Brennan is the same basket case who talked about firing upon the American people. That guy is a fruit loop kook, they are all fruit loop kooks, every one of them.

I really think the video footage looks entirely fake. No comments about that? Why NO ameteur footage? Even the scene with the bodies looks staged, with few visible injuries. Problem, solution. Looks like it was all planned to me.

Great article VC and not surprising at all. They are getting more and more bold as the people are more and more clueless. I find that a lot of people are way too busy to think, because of the system, and that is why they just accept whatever they're told and think "big brother knows best." I worked in corporate for a little bit before I said screw and left, and I had no time for anything other than work, some sleep, basic hygiene, and some errands/chores. No extra time for thinking. And considering most people work 9-5 and have families or go to college, etc., it's no wonder their beliefs and opinions are formed based on what they head on Fox News or cnn while they're at the doctors office, or from headlines as they scroll through fb. I'm saying this so we could all keep the masses in… Read more »

I kne my father was right the minute he said 'these are interesting times we are living in. It's important for you to rain vigilant.' Now, he doesn't really follow website's like this one or NWO related stuff, but he does believe it's important to stay informed…and he has suggested that I do the same.

i enjoy your heartlfelt thoughts, Muslima.

Peace be with you and yours.

now since the "enemy" (ISIS) is within the country, there would be more street patrolling which means a step towards the police state agenda.

Definitely a good excuse for them. Every time a terror attack happens, have military all over so people get used to them. In NYC soldiers were all over penn station just standing… But nowhere else… Sort of like getting the millions of ppl who walk through penn station each day to be used to this many soldiers around… So when they pull their militarized state for whatever reason, it's no surprise to people and they are accustomed to the soldiers. It's like everything else they get the people "used to" via tv, media, etc.





Just waiting for the attacks to hit. Mass chaos will cause people to panic and the overlording government will sweep in with a solution for our safety and security – a microchip under the skin that will keep you safe from hackers and identity thieves. It will also house all your medical records and bank accounts… for your safety, of course. All for your safety. And people will gladly take it, because who doesn't want to be protected? The govt already has vans capable of looking into your home with x-ray vision. They can see what you're doing, how many people are there and how many weapons you have. There will be no hiding in the woods. You either take the mark or be escorted to a camp, crying and fearful children in your arms. And who wouldn't just take the mark for the sake of normalcy and freedom? Only… Read more »

"… for your safety, of course. All for your safety. And people will gladly take it…"

" Only those strong in Christ will be the ones weeded out. It's sad."

this sight, too will make Believers of the unbelieving! hold fast to your faith, all, for it is not just for you, but your brother and sister, even if they do not know yet they are His…

Firefox and chrome are putting so many hidden surveillance backdoors in their updates that my 10yr old computer cant handle it- it freezes every 10 seconds. Only a year ago I used to be able to operate 100+ tabs in firefox simultaneously, now it crashes with 5! They even say on the popup that they need to install “security updates” – and its no coincidence that these updates always just happen to be incompatible with the blocker addons like anti-spyware etc! Theyre making it so the only option I have is to get one of these modern computesr that are fast, but chock full of spyware and blackbox electronics.

Outlook/hotmail/live is being dumbed down and made unrealisticly malfunctioning on tablets. And I think that is to stear us towards using the all-holy and controllable (but not by the user) apps.
For you I think maybe an a.d-k-iller will do wonders?

Use k-meleom browser – lite, completely open source, based on old mozilla core but enhanced to open most modern sites. Unfortunately you have to use an older version if you want adblock plus, and its installation is "extract these files and these filters in this folder" but it works. I think script block and flash block work with the newest version.

sing it, JR

Never let a crisis go to waste, huh? Yep – while we're living through a Hegelian dialectic inferno, the military industrial complex stocks are rocketing high in the sky. That's it, folks… the elitist bastards are turning this world into a ball of fire. BUT… we are awakening a little faster… those new mass surveillance laws were predicted. The ruling elite modus operandi became so obvious. I smell desperation.

They act so quickly as if everything was prepared a long time ago. It seems all these police laws are preplanned.

Yes, curious that these governmental bureaucracies can act so quickly when it suits THEM…

Once the government has their hands in something getting them to let go is near impossible. For example marijuana and our privacy. There has been a shift from Christian values to some twisted ideology. Seems like the beginning of the end. God help us.

Not entirely a bad thing. We'll be taken. They'll comtinue to fail at life as their ancestors have, die and burn forever with their failures, oh and as an added bonus they'll get to see those who've failed moserably just as they have.. I think God sometimes has a sense of humor sometimes…putting that lake of fire so close to home 😉

Sounds cold but the truth of the matter is that they had a concious decision. Just not strong enough to do the right thing =/

Cant really feel bad for em at that point. We all know quite well they dont feel bad for us.

More surveillance is no surprise. The symbolism of Friday the 13th is itself derived from the mass arrest of Templars on October 13th, 1307, which is the most widespread and successful police operation of Medieval times. But regarding the 11/13 attacks, I expected VC to write a few lines on the Eagles of Death Metal band, whose leader is a born-again Christian Zionist who likes to call himself "The Devil". According to multiple sources, EODM was playing the song "Kiss the Devil" when gunmen erupted in the Bataclan theatre: EODM merchandising and album covers are packed with satanic symbols (inverted star, etc.) Of course, these symbols are supposed to be ironic, some kind of "humour" aimed at unsuspecting hipsters. You can read more about that here: According to French-Muslim journalist Hicham Hamza, the Bataclan theater was sold by its Jewish owners on September 11, 2015: Oh, and… Read more »

Batac Clan in Bulgarian sounds like "The Batac massacre" performed by Ottoman muslims in the bulgarian town of Batac to silence freedom fighters(bulgarian rebels) in 1876, 2 years before Bulgaria became a free country, leaving the Ottoman Empire. I hope this doesn't predict a next attack in Bulgaria but is just a coincidence with the anagram.

Were any of the band members injured?

Their merchandise manager died.

You should do an analysis of the new James Bond Movie Specter. The plot is basically exactly whats happening with France. It came out the week prior I think.


Heck no
Let's stay for articles on the core of the matter shall we? New world order is right in front of us. Films, TV and music videos have become very obvious. No offense but, do you really need VC to deciphered the film for you? Simply put it shows how organizations such as NATO perform their deeds, while Gladio (Spectre) performs the dirty jobs. Until that point, James Bond is simply showing you the truth. As the film advances however, it starts with propaganda. Portrayng the majority in mi6 as benevolent. Same as last Mission Impossible.

Part of the reason for this was that in the past no government had the power to keep its citizens under constant surveillance. The invention of print, however, made it easier to manipulate public opinion, and the film and the radio carried the process further. With the development of television, and the technical advance which made it possible to receive and transmit simultaneously on the same instrument, private life came to an end. Every citizen, or at least every citizen important enough to be worth watching, could be kept for twenty-four hours a day under the eyes of the police and in the sound of official propaganda, with all other channels of communication closed. The possibility of enforcing not only complete obedience to the will of the State, but complete uniformity of opinion on all subjects, now existed for the first time. …The consciousness of the masses needs only to… Read more »

Orwell was right about technology being used for the Big Brother state but even he could not foresee the development of the microchip which is central to today's control grid. His vision was based upon the limitations of electronics which used valves and transistors etc, not the huge leap of today with all things digital. With that said, the fundamental weakness of the microchip control grid [since so much of it has replaced people], is that their control grid needs electricity 24/7/365.25.

Blackouts and EMPs cannot be deadly to most people – how can blackouts physically cause our deaths when we have fire, solar power, batteries and dynamos? It will be most inconvenient but extended blackouts could be the strategy which beats their control grid. TPTB fear it and they psy-op to say we should fear it, when extended blackouts will foil them but serve us.

To add, they cannot run their totalitarian prison state on batteries and part-time thugs in designer jackboots with laces. Theirs must be a 100% committal and we must denigrate their imperative 100% electricity supply with acts of sabotage.

As expected.. but thus worldwide (moscow is about to do the same) . In Paris (where I was born and raised 35 years ago) it already started after the charlie affair , "journal" that was an anti Muslim , pro zionist and fundamentally atlantist thus since it's 1992 change of direction (ill dare any french to prove me otherwise, £10 on the table). After the Charlie thing the government developed what some french analysts nicknamed "low budget patriot act" . French where a bit cold about it ..Now, it's almost praised in the media as the solution . Pseudo polls (kind of polls paid by government (ifop and the likes done on 1000 people ) ) show french willing to reduce their own privacy for greater security. Knowing the froggs most of them are totally in a "let em coming and we'll fukin show em " ; with all the… Read more »

This is slightly off topic, but not off topic for this website. There is a new show coming to Fox. "Lucifer", based upon a comic book character who is the "Lord of Hell". Glorifying Satan once again. Enough said. And…enough is enough!! This all cannot be a coincidence, with all these dark shows on cable and tv…not to mention the movies…frigin ridiculous.

Theosophists embrace the duality of everything. They're quite sick, really. They view Lucifer as a divine being who was punished by God for giving mankind knowledge – that God is mean and the "bad guy" and Lucifer is just a misunderstood and misrepresented deity who's always been for the benefit of humanity. It's pathetic. Like in the movie Noah – how they tried to get you to feel sorry for the Fallen Ones who "helped Noah build his ark." It's dangerously moronic.

have you read the comic ? Haven't seen the show, am often reluctant on series, most bore me to death. I've had read the comic since it came out , i wouldn't say that it glorifies satan .It romanticized his biblical "combat" , yes , but in a qwerky way . The everlasting conundrum about free will and why some angels felt s**t when they thought god was takin more interest on human than on angels who by definition were exempt of free will . In the comic , lucifer 's actually quite gutted on how the humans have been using his name to justify all their perversion and machiavelism. He's actually on a enlightenment quest of his own . So who's his lightbringer ? Have a guess But your comment has some truth. Comic plays on one's choice and what force(s) may help ; it's more subtle than plain… Read more »

Not to insult, but do you know why that comic was made? It sounds like a gateway to Gnosticism, where Satan is the good guy. I know you said it doesn't portray things in the normal right is wrong kind of Satan propaganda but Satan is the father of lies and he will do and say ANYTHING to get your attention. He is a real being who disobeyed the most high and caused all of creation to ultimately fall. He doesn't love you, hes not indifferent about you, he hates you with the most vile hatred that has ever existed as you represent the image of God. Never forget that this is his ultimate motivation in anything he does. Be vigilant and do not entertain the slightest thought that Satan is some misunderstood divine being.

Does any government really think that it's possible to prevent terror attacks by spying on citizens or doing background checks on people, 3- year- olds or not? Furthermore, how can anyone feel safe by being spied upon? That's horrifying to me.

The government doesnt believe it of course but the ignorant citizens do.

of course not, our safety is the last thing they care about

I knew it.these was all planned just to put fears around the world. Assholes like Barack Obama,Angela Merkel,Francois Hollande,Vladimir Putin e.t.c are behind. Woe to those babylonians.

Problem- Reaction – Solution. Hollande was eager to mention that France was at war, eager to talk about the changes in constitution, as if he had just been waiting for this tragedy to happen so he could do all the changes he and the elite wanted to. You see them all being so energic after the tragedy. Why dont they show the same energy and determination before things as such occur?
I think its about time that Jesus bring his divine ass over here. I am not a christian, but I believe in God and I cannot help but see how the prophecies in Bible about apocalypse, are really happening.

Because of our sin we deserve the punishment that will come to the world. Sin can't enter a perfect Heaven, so our sin would send us to an eternal seperation in hell. But God loves us, is forgiving and doesn't want to see anyone be eternally separated from Him. That's why He sent Jesus, to live a sinless life yet pay the penalty for the sins of the world. Jesus overcame death and is currently with the Father but will return one day. However in the last days the Bible says there will be a strong delusion for those who have not already put their faith in Christ. "Seek the LORD while he may be found; call on him while he is near."-Isaiah 55:6 To have a relationship with Jesus, we must truly believe in Who He is, God incarnate who took the penalty for our sins. We must believe… Read more »

Notice everyone in France is like "i'm not afraid" and then they're asking for more policemen to "protect" them.

The New World Order is upon us

Yep — The Government Criminal Cabal Network started burglarizing me after denying my FBI FOIA request & appeal in 2011…. I have been targeted by Criminal Personnel in Homeland Security Agencies for ongoing burglaries, vandalism as well as pet torture. They have also burglarized my Storage Units in 5 Different Storage Facilities in the Puget Sound Area, as well as my safe deposit box I had in Colville, Washington. These are members of a Criminal Black Operations Homeland Security Agency network who operate above the law and there is no Civil or Constitutional Rights Organization that will help me as an individual, to fight this Government Sponsored Organized Criminal Network ….. Homeland Security Agencies and their Personnel are just part of the Organized Crime Network targeting citizens for crimes now, and using their surveillance technology, data and personnel to track, gang-stalk and monitor you where ever you go, and target… Read more »

No way. We'll go down swinging and kicking.

The NWO is already here most people just haven't accept the harsh truth. Everything that's come out in recent years like NSA illegally spying has been going on for over 20 years.

They worshipped the dragon because he gave his authority to the beast; and they worshipped the beast saying, "Who is like the beast and who is able to wage war with him?"

It is a war that is spiritual in nature ultimately… But the ultimate outcome will be fantastic for those who put their faith in the One who was, who is, and who is to come… The only solution to the beast problem is the return of Jesus Christ… Scripture must be fulfilled, so therefore, the beast will rule the world for 3, and one half years before the kingdom given this entity by the dragon (Revelation chapter 13 verses 2, and 4) will come to an abrupt end as the Rock of our salvation will put an end to this kingdom called Babylon…

I'm so sick of this world why won't Jesus just come now?

God is merciful enough to hold off judgment as long as He can so that others may be saved.

Stop with the church non sense please. Child's stories, you KNOW.

Freedom of speech when their is still freedom to do so!

It's all been revealed and predigted in great detail by William Guy Carr in his Book "Pawns in the game" many years ago. A free version is available on the Internet.

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

Thank you for this analysis, VC. Keep up the great work!

Lies on top of lies on top of lies. Its never ending. I mean do people even know who the REAL Isis is? I'll give y'all a little clue – Look just below the singer Rihanna's breasts.

Lol I think Im more impressed with the fact that these high operating peices of garbage with nice suits on…..well I'll let you all draw your own conclusions 😉


when attending a magic performance, DON’T watch the hand the magician wants you to see, watch his other one…

the show isn’t what is SEEN, the magic is in what is UNSEEN, real or not.

where are YOU looking at?

hacking yer wiring, yessir, they be tapping into primal stuff, better know yer own mind

How would you go about banning SSL encrypted communications? Would we no longer be able to shop online securely and have all our account data transmitted in plain text format like in the 80's and 90's? This is ridiculous and would never happen. Business and innovation always trumps over lawmakers. It's a proven fact.

unless, like with the Mafia-like Insurance industry a way is to find to use the government and laws to protect their investments and grow profit, including compulsory participation…


I am not sure how your comment even relates to my comment?

I want to shed some light on something else many people seem confused about. Just like there are so many people from different countries and religions around the world that are absolutely clueless of what is going on, most Muslims around the world are also clueless. I say this as a Muslim with family and friends in many countries. The brainwashing of the masses is in every country, so you find most people struggling to live the "ideal" life they have been sold through Hollywood. As a result, the majority of Muslims are your average joe or Jane, unaware and just buying what the corrupt and lying media feeds them. About Isis, most Muslims have no clue whether they are truly Islamic or not. The news says they are murdering innocent Muslims, while some websites say they aren't. Some people say America created them and they are used to divide… Read more »
MUSLIMA, ignore CMJ, please keep sharing your view and good will. i have found more people of any faith (and without) are glad that another has some kind of faith that sustains them, rather than it is different from their own. this is for G-d to judge, whomever that is to you. keep talking to others in your communities, meet people outside your neighborhood or realm of experience, and you will see how alike we all are!!! and yes, CMJ, i am a "real" Christian, but i am forbidden to stand in judgement, only live in a way that hopefully draws others towards Christ by my words and actions. JUDGEMENT IS FOR G-D, NOT FOR MAN AND IS THE CAUSE OF ALL PAIN, WITHIN AND WITH OUT!!!!!!! it is the Enemy's tool. Peace to all, including CMJ… and believers and non-believers of any faith and ALL stripes. faith, hope, and… Read more »


you’re right, i’m wrong–NOW i get into heaven, yes?

peace to you.

Turnkey, you think it is good for your claimed faith to be untruthfully compared to a false religion? Is it not written that "32"Therefore everyone who confesses Me before men, I will also confess him before My Father who is in heaven. 33"But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father who is in heaven. 34Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword." (Matthew 10:32-34) You call yourself a Christian and then you claim solidarity with someone who denies Jesus Christ as the Son of God. Then you say it is about the vague notion of faith that "sustains" us. Faith in what? Faith in God? Satan has faith that God exists too, he also is quick to proclaim love for all, are you going to say that you are like… Read more »
Please stop posting misinformation. Christianity is not like Islam. Christianity/Judaism is the story of how God created man, man fell and the God sent His Son to die as ransom for our sins. Yet Islam says Jesus was only a prophet and that He was not the Christ. Islam says that the church changed the message of Christ. This is what is called a copout, a blanket excuse that requires no forethought to nullify any and everything in the Gospel they do not agree with. You would think that such a bold claim would have even a shred of proof but there are no prechurch copies of the New Testament's books that show before what the "original" content was. It should be easy for Muslim scholars to show a before manuscript to compare with the modern bible, but since they don't exist they aren't there. Islam was created by Satan… Read more »

Lighten up, Cappy.


Good job reporting, VC.

the white genocide is started, and greated israell will created . the /syrian refugee/ come and displace white ppl [ouch they did it almost] and the /muslim/ in ME will become and jewish country. this is why every neighbor are attacked [lybia, egypt, syria, iraq] and they [muslim] are coming to take control europe.

Stupid comment. You're missing the point!!

Good one, thank you. Re-blogging.

Isn't it interesting timing for Charlie Sheen to come out as HIV+. Right as all this is happening. Distraction much?

If you'll recall, Charlie "winning" Sheen's cracked-out face was all over CNN the weekend of the Fukushima catastrophe. The (unresolved) ecological disaster went totally unmentioned while we were treated to a once-serious news organization tracking the every move of this sociopathic Malibu basehead.

My thoughts exactly.

VC, I applaud your renewed interest on doing an article of tthe new world itself. I first found this website more than 6 years ago, which helped me learn my first steps on esoterism knowledge. I believe some articles such as the one of Pinocchio, Black Eyed Peas's "Meet me Halfway" the Sinister sites series, and article about Saturn itself, were all very interesting. Also, I believe that the shortly lived initiative on 2011 of that sister site to VC (the one on esoteric knowledge) was quite interesting, it's a pity you chose not to continue with it. Was it because of threats? I hope this is the first of many more new interesting articles. I know many people will appreciate! even though I know too that there's a good portion that like to keep up to date with the trendy new illuminati music videos. But frankly speaking, most of… Read more »
We need not be afraid, but to be informed is wise… All of this is in fulfillment of God's prophetic Word… Prepare spiritually, because the flesh is weak… And this tyrannical form of governance will not be stopped by any of us… Simply because God said it would come to pass… Babylon must have her way, and at some point yet future be ruled by the one who has as his titles the man of sin (2 Thessalonians chapter 2), and the beast (Revelation chapter 13)… Daniel describes this end time ruler as the little horn (Daniel chapter 7), and the king of the North (Daniel chapter 12)… He will rule over the a kingdom that will be comprised of 10 regions worldwide (research the Club of Rome online), which will be ruled by 10 kings…. After ruing for a period of time under the headship of Satan, these 10… Read more »

I think we can still manage a few victories before all of that. For instance, I think massive prayer has saved America financially all this time. We should have had another collapse these past few months, but nothing big happened… yet. So, even though all this is supposed to happen, and will come to pass, until then I think our prayers are being heard and answered. I feel so awful for those who are lost and don't know Jesus, because once we're gone, God will remove His grace and mercy from the world, and I can't even imagine what that is going to feel like. Think things seem bleak now? There's still hope and mercy here! One day there won't be.

things are going to get so screwed up, I want to get out of here

The one who endures to the end, he will be saved.

They’ve been using satellites and other high tech to spy on people for some time now. I know this to be true due to my own personal experience. The reason I came to their attention is because I made a social justice documentary in relation to a policy of the Australian Federal Government. There are celebrities, journalists and televangelists who have been part of a campaign of abuse towards me. They do not say my name because then there would be a clear legal course to sue them. What they do is mention things that go on in your private life to let you know that you are being watched. Their comments are usually insulting and offensive. The entertainment and mainstream media system is set up for reward and punishment. If someone in public life says or does something that may be seen as being supportive towards me then they… Read more »

who was the actor?

Johnny Depp probably. There was a stupid controversy about how he didn't vaccinate his dogs when going to Australia and the minister of health (or something like that) basically told him to send his dogs back to US or they will have to kill his dogs. Like the dogs were carrying the f.cking Black Death.

Get prepping, de-pop's coming.

James Bond Spectre….

I almost laughed out loud when James is MICROCHIPPED and he's grateful!
Q says, "Oh, I won't always track you" and James says something like, "Yes, I know". The loyal unquestioning servant.
Then he is offered a few days lag time with Q, his trusty tech bro, pretending the chips don't work right away.
There is NO lag time for average citizens being chipped and there is no free time for secret missions. The real James Bond would have reacted with horror at the loss of his "lone wolf freedoms". Instead, the script says he must acquiesce politely. How British.
After what occurred in Paris, I found watching Spectre EXTREMELY distasteful. Stupid, insulting, ultraviolent, boring and anti-human.

Exactly. There is a lot of truth in these James Bond movies especially the Daniel Craig ones. There is a very good scene in Quantum of Solace during the opera and another one in Spectre during the board meeting.

Exactly!!! Many people watch movies like James Bond and switch their brains off, but if you looking at certain scenes in Quantum of Solance (the opera scene) and Spectre ( the Welcome James… board meeting scene) you will see a lot of truth in them.

We watched it a day after the paris attack and couldn't get out of our minds what had happened, throughout whole movie! For example – South africa votes NO to extra surveillance, Cape town gets its own terrorist attack! But funnily, people think the elite exist and manipulate media only in movies and on tv

I know. These James Bond films are very intelligent, and yes I know they are there for entertainment but I am a fan of 007 and every time I watch one of those films, I look deeper into them.