Secret Archive: Jack the Ripper Was a Freemason Committing Ritualistic Murders


The release of secret archive reveals that the British elite was overwhelmingly Masonic and that Jack the Ripper was protected by the Masonic police force.

Ancestry recently made public a secret archive containing the names of over two million British Freemasons from 1733 to 1923. The list “reveals the extent of Masonic influence in the upper reaches of society at the height of Britain’s imperial grandeur”. It also includes the name of who is thought to be Jack the Ripper.

According to new records, Jack the Ripper was an obscure singer whose identity was shielded by fellow Masons. His murders were intricately planned Masonic rituals.

In the book They All Love Jack: Busting the Ripper, Robinson argues that all of the Ripper killings bore the stamp of Masonic ritual; the symbol of a pair of compasses carved into the face of Catherine Eddowes, the removal of meal buttons and coins from the bodies of Eddowes and Annie Chapman and the cryptic graffiti daubed on a wall in Goulston Street, which he says was “the most flagrant clue of all.”

The new archives prove for the first time that singer Maybrick and his brother James were both masons.
– The Telegraph, Was Titanic inquiry scuppered by the Freemasons?

The infamous Goulston Street Graffito stating "The Juwes are the men that will not be blamed for nothing"
The infamous Goulston Street Graffito: “The Juwes are the men that will not be blamed for nothing”

This new information proves what occult researchers have been claiming for decades:  Jack the Ripper’s murders were Masonic blood rituals.

Four of the five female Ripper victim’s throats were all cut from left to right in accordance with the masonic Entered Apprentice “penal sign.” In some cases their intestines were severed, lifted out of the body and placed over the poor victim’s left shoulder. In masonic ritual, the three “Juwes,” Jubela, Jubelo and Jubelum, are all killed by having their bodies ripped open and the entrails thrown over their left shoulders.

The Ripper murder ritual also pertained to the significance of place in masonic immolation. Catherine Eddowes’ body was dumped in Mitre Square, London. Mitre tavern, at the entrance to the square, was the meeting place of the masonic Lodge of Joppa. According to masonic mythology, it was on the coast of Joppa that the three “Juwes” were captured. Also, mitre and square are the basic tools of the mason. Eddowes apron, soaked with blood, was discovered on Goulston Street in a hallway of a building. Above the bloody apron, on the wall, a message had been written in chalk: “The Juwes are the men that will not be blamed for nothing.”

The double negative reference is not to Jewish people but to the aforementioned three Entered Apprentices of masonic mythology, who were both ritually murdered and themselves ritual murderers. The message was erased by Sir Charles Warren, the Chief Commissioner of Police and one of the highest Freemasons in Britain. Warren nevertheless made a note of the message which can be found in the files of the Public Record Office, in the section “Private Letter Book of the Metropolitan Police.”
– Michael A. Hoffman, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare

As it is the case for many ritualistic “unsolved” mysteries, the true identity of Jack the Ripper was concealed by an overwhelmingly Masonic police force and government.

And they reveal that Freemasons were in prominent positions in the Scotland Yard inquiry including the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Charles Warren and the colleague he appointed to be his “eyes and ears” on the case, Chief Inspector Donald Swanson.

Two coroners who ruled on the murders, Wynne Baxter and Henry Crawford and at least three of the police doctors who examined the bodies were also members of the masons.

Maybrick, who was on the Supreme Grand Council of Freemasons, travelled the country as a performer.

His entry in the carefully handwritten records, describes him as a “vocalist” and states that he was a member of the St Andrew’s Lodge from 1863 until 1887 – meaning he left just a year before the nine-week period in 1888 when five women were murdered in the East End of London, one of the biggest unsolved crimes in British history.

Sir Charles is said to have been a senior member of the Masonic society. He was a founder member of the Quatuor Coronati lodge, and an authority on Freemasonic history and ritual.

Robinson told the Telegraph: “It was endemic in the way England ran itself. At the time of Jack the Ripper, there were something like 360 Tory MPs, 330 of which I can identify as Masons.

“The whole of the ruling class was Masonic, from the heir to the throne down. It was part of being in the club.

‘Part of the whole ethic of Freemasonry is whatever it is, however it’s done, you protect the brotherhood – and that’s what happened.

“They weren’t protecting Jack the Ripper, they were protecting the system that Jack the Ripper was threatening. And to protect the system, they had to protect him. And the Ripper knew it.”
– Op. Cit. The Telegraph

A Masonic Elite

The archive also reveals the extent of Masonic influence in all fields of society, including Monarchs Edward VII, Edward VIII and George VI.

While the individual Masonic connections of some of those included – such as Sir Winston Churchill and Edward VIII – are well known, the records from 1733 to 1923 offer the first comprehensive view of the reach of freemasonry over the age of Empire.

On the military field, those listed range from the Duke of Wellington to Lord Kitchener. In the arts it includes writers such as Oscar Wilde and Rudyard Kipling; the actor Sir Henry Irving while names from the musical world include both Gilbert and Sullivan.

The explorers Ernest Shackleton and Captain Robert Falcon Scott also feature while scientists listed range from Edward Jenner, the pioneer of vaccines, to Sir Alexander Fleming, the discoverer of penicillin.

In the world of charity and social reform Dr Thomas Barnardo is among those listed while businessmen include Harry Selfridge while Thomas Telford heads a list of thousands of engineers who ensured Britain’s industrial dominance.

In addition to Edward VIII, monarchs present include Edward VII and George VI.

While most of the entries simply include names, lodges and initiation dates, of the smaller number which specify professions there are 5,500 police officers of different varieties, thousands more military figures, 170 judges, 169 MPs, 16 bishops and at least one Indian prince.
– Ibid.

All royal events, including coronations and royal weddings, take place in Westminster Abbey, on a Masonic checkerboard pattern floor.
All royal events, including coronations and royal weddings, take place in Westminster Abbey, on a Masonic checkerboard pattern floor.
The all-important checkerboard floor inside a Masonic lodge. It is on this dualistic pattern that take place transformative rituals.
The all-important checkerboard floor inside a Masonic lodge. It is on this dualistic pattern that take place transformative rituals.

Although the data of this archive stops at 1923, things did not change. The occult elite is, more than ever, an occult elite.

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I am just another soul in search of answers. As I mentioned before, when you genuinely and honestly look for the truth, life will set the path for you. Sometimes the path is strange and unfriendly, but what you discover along is priceless. Regarding the masonic rituals, the hijackers and their minions (the "humans" in positions of power in the world), are completely addicted to the life force they drain from children during the rituals. This is why p********a is so outrageously rampant among the highest echelons of society. So disturbing… Breaking through the illusions casted by the Matrix and the hypnotic trance we live in is not easy, but it really (really) is worthy. At certain point in your trip, you will feel like you are living two different lives: the real one and the one played out in the Matrix. They are both in its place, it's up… Read more »

Thank you Immaru for replying.

It is all about energy. To be able to understand what those rituals are and what they do, as you say, it is necessary to understand the nature of reality. English is not my first language, so apologies beforehand if I am not explaining things properly. Very briefly: through the experimentation with nature, humans have established what we believe are the laws of nature. This version is true to some extent, because we have to consider that our knowledge of reality here on Earth is very limited and so the laws we have "discovered" go accordingly to that limited knowledge. Many of what we consider scientific facts are in actuality scientific theories. We will never understand reality completely if we do not incorporate a larger vision of what we are and what we are doing here. I am talking about science because everything in the universe (including humans in this… Read more »

Hi Immaru, You seem to have lots of info regarding this.

Are you from the underground where the reptilians live, or are you from the astral planes (one of the dimensions) or are you a high priestess of the multigenerational satanic cult or illuminati?

Please tell us in a reply comment.

I read in the book 'Thanks for the Memories' by Brice Taylor ( the book can be downloaded as pdf from wikispooks) that gory things such as foetuses were eaten at these rituals and some babies and adults killed during torture. I was wondering what they achieved by doing these craxy rituals. Now your comment has answered.

Please tell us more about yourself.

you have shared very good info with us.

right, I think that person is a human. not sure if your kidding, but I just wanted to say that reptillians, "angels", ghosts or even the hindu pantheon of gods DO NOT EXIST. and these fools that subsribe to this nonesense are extremely vulnerable and mentally dependent individuals. Give conspiracy theorists a bad name. Acid trippers will find "universal god" or some sort of peace only because they actually do connect with their surroundings better than when sober, but its sort lived and in all matters, simply a "high". Divinity is unmistakable in the nature of this universe and many people try to "connect" to these things, acid being one of the easier ones. Tebetian meditation, Indian yoga and all these internal practices are done to achive this level of connection. But to be honest, belive me if you want, I cant really convince you with explanations, but this sort… Read more »

Absolutely correct, VC! The way these women were killed, the names of the streets, and where and how the bodies were located all suggest Masonic ritualistic murder. Also look at dates, days, months, times too!
There was also a suggestion that JTR was a member (or assassin) of British Intelligence. Author Tom Slemen wrote "Jack the Ripper: British Intelligence Agent". Grab a copy, very good book.
Another is "Murder By Decree", good movie starring Christopher Plummer and James Mason as Holmes and Watson chasing the Ripper. Oldie but a goodie. Heaps of Masonic symbolism.

Murder By Decree is an awesome film-

This is all covered in the movie "From Hell" with Johnny Depp.

Evil entities that live in these people

All Jack the Ripper victims were dispatched according to age-old Masonic ritual
. the mutilations of the “unfortunates” were done according to Masonic tradition, the standard way of dealing with traitors.
In fact, the oath recited by initiates promises a ghastly death and mutilation — in the case of “betrayal.

From Hell actually shows a Masonic ritual of initiation, and the candidate’s recited vow of promised retribution in the case of his betrayal
sounds like a dictation from the devil himself.

Jack the Ripper: The Final Solution a book was written 20 years ago on jack very good read it is.
pointed fingers at the mason upper levels.
the author was later mi5 kidron featherman hit his cards marked retribution for betrayal after he wrote another book called the brotherhood
cheap old copies on amazon and fleabay
stephen knight was his name.

Hollywood movie From Hell is based on Jack the Ripper.
He was used to kill certain prostitutes because the heir to the British throne had married a prostitute and they didn't wanted the word to leak.

interesting……..revelation speaks of the Great Harlot (check it out, Chapter 17). Harlot = w***e/prostitute. wonder if in the movie/book they were implying something there a little more than your everyday hooker….. hmmm….

That’s a diversion, Prince Albert ‘eddy’ got a prostitute pregnant, she and her 2 friends started to blackmail the royal family, so queen Victoria sent out her surgeon and 3 other men to kill the girls and remove all signs of pregnancy from their bodies, womb, ovaries, fallopian tubes etc! There was never enough blood at the scenes to substantiate the crimes, they were killed in a coach and had their body parts expertly removed then the girls were dumped, one of the 3 men was allegedly Randolph Churchill!! Prince eddy was thrown off the cliffs of Balmoral then they pronounced that he had died overnight from ‘Flu’! The ripper only killed those girls, then stopped killing? They were killed because they blackmail the wrong ppl! You don’t f**k with the royal family!! From Hell is well on the right path!

Very insightful. It takes a lot to share these articles. Thank you for what you do. It is appreciated. Everything mentioned in the book of Revelations is happening now and every piece of information given to me here further cements that realization for me. Its going to be too late when the rest of the world eventually wakes up and that's the saddest part of all this.

Did anyone bring up the fact that Johnny Depp already told us this back in 2001 in the movie “From Hell”? This article is pretty much summery of that movie lol

do you ever name the jew?

Freemasonry is heavily zionist, AFAIK..

Wow, thanks VC for keeping us aware, love you guys so much, everyone cant wait for the post about kylie interview mag pics

And maybe Arthur Conan Doyle, same time in history, studied with jesuits and doctor

Thanks for all you do and helping me to WAKE UP! Keep up the good fight VC!

Have you heard the theory that the artist Walter Sickert was Jack the Ripper? Patricia Cornwell makes a very convincing case in her book “Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper – Case Closed”. I don’t know if Sickert had ties to Freemasonry or not, but the book is definitely worth a read.

No beating around the bush – jack the Ripper was a jew.

I am a united states citizen who is being murdered because my brother is a state trooper and a freemason. He has murdered before in 2009 and gotten away with it. I don’t know what to do, nobody will help me. I am going to be dead soon this is not a joke.

I think God is showing you somethibg very profound that will be useful for your life

Maybe do an article on the Smiley-Face Murders…

I once heard Bill Schnoebelen (as much BS as some of his claims may be) talk about this exact subject. Dude explained it perfectly.

Very interesting article. It seems that the Masonic influence on culture goes way back…and I even attend a school here in Texas that displays a monument with the Masonic compass on it right outside the building. Everyday I notice and question why they would pick that place for a monument like this, but no one else seems to notice, and if they do, don't mention it.

Texas, and especially Dallas, seems to have a big masonic group. Big oil money here. Dealy Plaza on the 33rd degree parallel where JFK was shot is very masonic. There are many MKULTRA monarch survivors in Dallas, according to therapists in the area. Check out the giant glass eye in the park by the Dallas Joueles hotel in Dallas.

What are your thoughts on the H.H. Holmes murders? I may be wrong but I also believe those were ritualistic as well. They are a theme in American Horror Story Hotel.

Personally to have done those murders the way he did, I would highly suspect yes, he was committing some sort of ritualistic styled murders. May not have been Masonry (may have), but at the least it was 'demonic.' He may very well have been 'possessed' by some demonic spirit. To be possessed doesn't mean you're confined to a 'bed' like in The Exorcist. There are many people walking around, whom you'd least suspect were possessed, yet they function like anyone else. At least in public. Kind of like the term a 'functioning alcoholic.' I've read many books on demonic possession, and it's not like Hollywood makes it out to be.

You should check out a quote he said (it's on wikipedia) that he believed there was always an evil entity beside him since the day he was born, something to that effect. The reason I brought him up is because owning an esteemed hotel at the time, chances are he was rubbing shoulders with elite circles and they knew what he was doing. It is also reported that some people purposely set the hotel on fire to hide evidence after he was already caught.

Apart from being an infamous urban legend at that time, Jack was nothing more than a masonic assassin doing the elite a favor in ritualistically murdering and selecting the unfortunate victims even though most of them were women.

Clearly the elite take care of their own.

Henry Makow has a better take on Jtr. Implicates the queen.

VC, sorry, but what happened to your old comments? Or it is just me who cannot see them?

I read a pretty good article a year or so ago arguieing for aleister crowley actuall being the ripper. At least its in the same realm being mason occult beleifs are very similar to crowleys own thelema.

At Youtube there is a guy worth checking out, and his channel is same name 'Zachary K Hubbard'. He mostly focuses on numerology and gematria, and claims the real enemy we need to know are the Freemasons and the Zionists, and that they use codes to communicate with one another, and as magick. It is quite freaky, because he will show say a headline, as shown in print and/or on TV and show it to have a definite gematria. And this code seems embedded in the English language! As though our very language is a kind of mindcontrol devised by secret groups like Freemasonry. To me this mindset seems like the ultimate obsessive control freak. I, for example, to not design my day, week, year life by numbers, and yet these people seem to. This is the REAL matrix and is deeper than their own devious propaganda in the film… Read more »

What do you mean by Christians won't understand? And who are these Zionists you speak of? I am a Christian, but the way I view nature is that it needs to be protected because we were called to be its stewards in the Garden of Eden. That does not change the fact that some people will use lies and empty threats to force the world to fall in line with said organization's agenda. I do see the whole "global warming" debacle as merely an attempt to begin the forming of a One World Government, however.

Do you really need an explination of who the Zionists are? For starters, they are a political party in Israel and the United States Government and the Media is loaded with duel-citizen Zionists (from the Pentagon to Hollywood).

I visited the Freemasons Hall in London in 2011. In their library, on one of the higher shelves (out of normal sight), was a book about Jack The Ripper, probably this one but my memory is not so good. Found it very strange and is one of my memories from visiting that place. Of course, once in there we were forbidden from taking pictures so I have no proof. But yeah it's strange how I was just speaking about this the other day and now this article pops up.

theres no such thing as coicidence! God loves u and made us with a purpose!

Wow, i believe what you saw. And if it was there, surely there are more of these books, but are only reserved for the Elite themselves.

Great informative article. I've said this same thing about Jack The Ripper for a while now. Its funny how he was never caught and just like VC said there was a ritualistic element to the murders and one of the quotes from the article that says "The whole of the ruling class was Masonic, from the heir to the throne down. It was part of being in the club. Part of the whole ethic of Freemasonry is whatever it is, however it’s done, you protect the brotherhood – and that’s what happened." – Which pretty much is still the case to this day. Thanks VC.

Between the writing on the wall and the manor these prostitutes (harlots of Babylon?) died, there is no doubt that Jack the Ripper was a mason, and the masons in power tried to hide the masonic symbolism involved. I also thought that masons usually like the number 3 in their murders. I read that the third murder was a mistake and when they located the 3rd woman they wanted to murder, the number went up to 4. These murders may also have occured to hide knowledge of some royal who was involved with a prostitute. The only thing that doesn't make sense to me is that the murderer had a great knowledge of anatomy and surgical procedure. One of the possible suspects was a medical school drop out.

They have already proved it a Polish worker thanks to DNA.

I have read that some experts now feel that there were mistakes made in the DNA readings. There is also no proof that the shawl with the DNA evidence really belonged to the victim. The Polish barber did not have a medical knowledge of human anatomy as many felt the murderer did, and I doubt he was a mason. So I'm not sure if the Polish barber is the killer. He was a prime suspect, but the evidence is not conclusive.

Wtf I just saw this book randomly as I browsed one isle of the library today,
then I get home and see this article for the first time.

It seems you've been called. Remember many are called, but the chosen are few.

That is synchronicity, the language of life. What is life trying to tell you or to prove to you? Only you can answer that.

Remember that occult means hidden. It is not inherently good or bad. Secret groups are usually bad, hence the need for secrecy, and often hide knowledge from the lay people.

Hi there,

I have a relative who is a freemason, he wears a ring with the compass and he told me he is, but he refuses to talk about anything they do, topic they discuss, etc., all he says is they are free-thinkers and the same stuff they like to say about themselves.
I have no idea what kind of freemason he is, low-level, high-level… he sure as hell has a lot of money and real estate worth millions. I also know he made his money in quite a peculiar way (not to say deviant, but I'm not going into detail, imagine what you want).

Should I be careful with him? We hadn't seen each other much for a bunch of years, lately he's been closer to us and even offered favors (gifts, trips, this sort of things).

I'm confused.

Nothing is free in between humans, I'd be wary of him.

Uhhhh. …stay away as far as you can!! They are servants of satan & mafia at once. I'd change number, address, move far away and never talk to him.

I had one relative too like yours. His home decors was very blatantly decorated in masonic art especially his black and white checked garage floor. His favourite maid died mysteriously. A year later , so also did his favourite shop assistant at one of his shops. One of his commercial vehicle drivers was very prayerful and the Lord revealed things to him so he warned all those around him and he quit. I realized I was nearly possess with his greediness spirit of aquiring things for himself through all means, after he made me his favourite and started calling me son. I moved away from his mansion to a small apartment, threw out every riches he gave me and God worked his miracles on me. Its not always about murder, could be spirituallly robbing you of God's grace. All you have to do is to study around his lifestyle for… Read more »

I'm impressed by how God revealed that it was spiritual robbery! Not many know what that is! Blessings

Be careful with this

Don't forget, also the murders take place to Be a spectacle to Show commitment to fellow-Cultmembers, be it masonic, royalty, or corporative. Like circumcision on children: to show the world you have cut your kid in shape of the cult's vision.

Sir Henry Irving inspired Bram Stocker's Dracula. Stoker also named his son after him if i am not mistaken. I knew Dracula had to come from a sinister place. interesting that Irvings name should be on the list. Explains it all. On another note it seemed as though Stokers entire life were in some way a dedication to Irving. Perhaps they were lovers, although this may just be the basic assumption. It could very well be more than just that.

Thanks V.C. Nothing is as it appears, especially when it comes to power hierarchies.

I'd say the majority of these 'elites' have been given their power by Satan himself.

I can't remember what it's like to be astonished anymore.

I couldn't agree more! This world's morals has decayed to that point. But, it's all been prophesied about in the bible. And it's only going to get worse, unfortunately. But, there is good news, because that means Jesus is soon to return! But yeah, all this is done on purpose to 'desensitized' the public. As the bible says, 'the day will come when good will be evil, and evil will be good.' I don't care how 'wealthy' these people are and how lavish their lifestyles may be, when the time comes, and it definitely will, they'll pay with their souls and end up in hell for ever and ever. I wouldn't trade places with any of those people for a minute.

No point to you but alot for the elite it seems.

Can somebody tell me what the point is in commiting "ritualistic masonic" murders…what's the point? What does it do? Nobody except the elite know that they're symbolic so what is the actual point…? Does it affect the public in some way?

By committing evil acts, they gain power – power of knowing that they have control over people. They also gain psychic power as some have reported the power to cause fires by just looking at a building (evil eye) whilst others have reported the ability to see things ie. psychic abilities.

Where are you getting this info?

If only they knew their power isn't meant to last.

Are you Indian? your name sounds like that

For one perspective on "why," consider this passage from the book The Zelator – A Modern Initiate Explores the Ancient Mysteries by Mark Hedsel.

"The keyword for all the Paths is commitment. Always remember that when you have committed yourself to an action, then the whole cosmos will conspire to help you."

"It was recognition of this truth which encouraged the ancients to
institute rituals to mark out their undertakings – they did this to mark their intentions clearly for the eyes of the Spiritual beings. In those days, everyone knew that vows were literally sacred things, which would be prefaced by prayers to the gods. Perhaps prayers are still necessary to clarify such things, yet the fact is that the cosmos recognizes commitment, which is in itself a kind of prayer. If you commit yourself, then you will find that the angels are ranged on your side."

There's a reason why the Old Testament warns us about witches and pagans – their power stems from the Fallen. While all a good and moral person needs to do is pray to Jesus, these occultists need rituals and blood to make things happen. And they DO happen, because we live in a cursed world thanks to Adam. Jesus came to undo what he did, but the Fallen have sway over this domain, using lies and deceit and evil to keep us separated from God. That's why Hollywood and the lost roll their eyes at any mention of Jesus – He shows them who they are without Him and most people don't want to see it. These wealthy elites are the rare few who purposefully thumb their noses at God. It's why they do what they do. Because they can and they enjoy it. Sick and sad.

The old testament warns us to stay away from the source of power. Hence "Sorcery" as in The "source". It's all baalshit designed to take your power from you. Stop falling for this fundamentalist christian crap. Christian means crystallization which means completion.

"Christian means Crystallization"????
That's a new one…LMAO

Taking a shortcut here maybe? Using the powers of nature goes against nature? I am not convinced.

to make it simple: the human being makes a pact/covenant with satan for power, money and sex. satan ,or the Powers and Principalities under satan's control, requests the human to do certain stuff/murders/rituals/sacrifices for him, so that the blood of a person can be sacrificed. It normally involves a human heart. remember, everything Jesus has done in the positive light on earth for us, satan wants to discredit and do the opposite. so, Jesus gave His blood for us all for salvation, in that same manner satan wants human blood to be sacrificed to bind people to him. that is why blood is so important to all occult rituals. There will always be blood involved. normally it has to be a family member or someone close to you that you would have to kill. If you commit to do the act, satan gives you what you want. anything in this… Read more »

To pretend. Just like our "good" religions. The "bad" religions also pretend

The Christ covenant has nothing to do with pretending…nor does understanding the prophets

Deep down we all know we don't know exactly the reason for all this. I've read a lot of different opinions in here about what must be the goal of a blood ritual, or even a ritual at all. In my opinion, just as the ancient cannibal beliefs, if I eat the heart of my enemy I'll have his power, for example, well nowadays we know it ain't true — at least I hope most of us don't believe that —, but doesn't mean they have any impact in the real world. The problem is that those who believe that this kind of thing work have a amount of power bigger than they should, so at the end of the day, really doesn't matter if it works or not, but it affects on the life of people, now may not be quite a big trouble but, as I said, these… Read more »

The problem here is that these "freaks" as you call them are already ruling most aspects of society worldwide already, those masoinc satanic rituals are anything but just asimple "ancient cannibal belief" and it is not a fantasy.

I strongly encourage you to do some research, I know very well that those rituals are done with a purpose and that most of the population are not even aware of it (not even aware of the fact that they are living in a narrow and manipulated box).

Do you really think that the people who are ruling those secret societies, who happen to rule as well media, corporations, banking and governments and that are keeping a massive amount of vital information about reality away from the population are into satanic rituals just because they think is entertaining?

No freaking way.

Well said Immaru! God bless.

I am a member of the said Elite and it is bloody good fun old boy!

Psychic vampirism – they feed off the fear and terror

It is all about energy. To be able to understand what those rituals are and what they do, as you say, it is necessary to understand the nature of reality. English is not my first language, so apologies beforehand if I am not explaining things properly. Very briefly: through the experimentation with nature, humans have established what we believe are the laws of nature. This version is true to some extent, because we have to consider that our knowledge of reality here on Earth is very limited and so the laws we have "discovered" go accordingly to that limited knowledge. Many of what we consider scientific facts are in actuality scientific theories. We will never understand reality completely if we do not incorporate a larger vision of what we are and what we are doing here. I am talking about science because everything in the universe (including humans in this… Read more »

Hi Immaru, your explanation is good. you should put this as a separate comment so it will get more views, instead of a 'reply to' comment

I think you are right, maybe others will find it entertaining and it will start a debate. Thank you.

Well that sums up the Awakened Doctrine. Everything is energy, We are all God, Duality yada yada. All beautiful sounding and so deceptively cunning that not even its most ardent evangeltists can see thru the falsehood underlying the mix of true and untrue teachings.

Yet another label.

We have to move away from the rational thinking, brain is designed for communication, heart is designed for thinking. If we keep filtering things through brain we will have a hard time understanding the world.

I do know nothing about the Awakened Doctrine, but I am passionately following quantym physics. Science is now in front of a forch road: in one hand the materialistic science (science that claim that the worl is solid) and in the other hand, quantum physics (we are a projection decoded into what we perceive as reality by our brains).

Is also quantum physics so deceptively cunning?

God bless you Immaru! Well said again, what a beautiful explanation to so much confusion. Thank you.

[Some murders] are ritual murders involving a cult protected by the U.S. government and the corporate media, with strong ties to the police.

Such killings are actually intricately choreographed ceremonies; performed first on a very intimate and secret scale, among the initiates themselves in order to program them, then on a grand scale, amplified incalculably by the electronic media.

In the end what we have is a highly symbolic, ritual working broadcast to millions of people, a Satanic inversion; a Black mass, where the “pews” are filled by the entire nation and through which humanity is brutalized and debased in this, the ‘Nigredo’ phase of the alchemical process.

This is fascinating, if anyone remembers the Johnny Depp film, "FROM HELL," you may recall that this is the same story. The killer was a Freemason, and he admitted to committing ritualistic murder in a ritualistic manner. The only difference is the victims, in the film were chosen based on them being a threat to the monarchy.

In addition, that film was adapted by the hidden hand's favorite graphic novelist and son, Alan Moore. You might remember Moore from his iconic work the Watchmen, where the "good guys" allow millions of people to die in order to save billions.

Yeah, the book came first. Alan Moore hates his books being made into movies because Hollywood screws them up.
Read "From Hell," and you'll see Moore's story the way it was meant to be seen: drawn in black and white.
Still ritualistic Masonic murders. He studied a lot of Ripper source material to write it, and he is a chaos magician himself, so he knows occult stuffs.

Almost every movie is about them or their inner life in shady forms.

FROM HELL, the book by Alan Moore came out first. Came out back in the late 80s, early 90s. The movie came out early 2000s.

The find of children's heads came 2 months or so after Police files on sex abuse at Gordonstoun where Prince Philip and Prince Charles were educated have vanished

merci pour toutes ces infos

VC est un site crédible pour de l'information alternative! Great job VC!!!

The current rulers are not an oligarchy, they are an occultracrasy .

Well said!

Yep just read last month about decapitated children bodies in a cave in Scotland but guess what? That cave was under the school where Prince Charles studied. They said it was prehistoric or something but it was looking pretty recently and visible. You can Google it I read it on Daily Mail.

The grim find was made in a remote part of the estate of Gordonstoun (near Inverness), whose former pupils also include five of the Queen’s children and grandchildren.

The find of children's heads came 2 months or so after Police files on sex abuse at Gordonstoun where Prince Philip and Prince Charles were educated have vanished .
Perhaps the "find" was a warning to those outside of the royal family to keep quiet.

I always find out new info from you VC, thank you 🙂

Freaky stuff.

JTR was a female. So it's Jane.

Why am I not surprised!! Thanks VC for the info

what a pile of bull______!

when I went to Buckinham Palace – I think? at least the palace that's in the middle of London, they had a seasonal tour for the royal rooms.
Which are a lot smaller than you would expect, really retro beautiful.
Bloody magnificient sculputers.

They took us to the music room, where they also christen all the royal newborns,
and the recorded headset informed us that the room was decorated by masonic symbols all over the ceilings borders.
I saw the trianangles on the ceiling and there was a vague sort of compass and ruler motif near the doors.

Which I find odd because I imagined christining to occur during baptism, and I doubt masons find themselves particularly aligned with Allah even with their univeral creator scenes.

Every human personality is an instrument of the I AM (God) and this includes r****t,serial killers and even the Illuminati.People who labor under the illusion of personal free will will never understand this.Nothing is or can be God´s antagonist because he is the only individual in the universe expressing himself through countless masks.Did he not hardened the heart of pharoah in the book of Exodus?Believe me, if he wants a single world goverment it will happen.

The "I AM" activity was created by Guy Ballard who was a member of The Great White Brotherhood. The freemasons also refer to the "I AM" God. They believe in the duality of God and that God is within you and God is also Satan. So what you are telling us is that you are one of them.

From the mixture of light and darkness
Do all things proceed,
And I am Prince of Darkness
As well as King of Light.
Shall there be anything
Wherein I, the Lord of all, have no dominion?

Sounds like a page right out of the luciferian handbook. Here's the truth: "This is the message we have heard from Him and declare to you: God is light; in Him there is no darkness at all." – 1 John 1:5 Please keep your satanic filth off of this site.

What does Lucifer mean though???
You mean to tell me that the God in that book is only good? Have you actually read it?

I have read it many times. That name meant bringer of light and he was once the most beautiful angel in God's creation. Stop referring to him as lucifer, he lost that name when he was cast out of heaven. There is no light in him, only death, filth and destruction. God is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I have witnessed his power and manifestation of his being personally and you can too if you really want to. Read the bible and seek the Lord and he will reveal Himself to you. All good things come from the Father. He is pure and perfect love. Man has done a good job of misinterpreting His word and making a mess of things. Don't let the shortcoming of imperfect humans skew your view of the Creator. Go straight to the source. If you truly seek Him, things will start to happen… Read more »

You give them way too much credit. You forget that these cults (like satan) are thieves and counterfeiters. They take what is good and turn it into evil. Everybody, including animals or God's creatures, are intrinsically "I Am" or having the spirit of God. When you turn that "I Am" into self-worship for your own gain is when it becomes a problem, because it allows you to "do what thou wilt" with no consequences. Should we say butterflies are evil because they are used as a symbol in monarch programming? No. They are beautiful creatures that have been used for darker occult meanings. "I AM" is for you to choose to do good or evil with it.

Do you have any evidence for your outlandish statements?

You ever hear on the news that a pitbull mauls a kid to death? Did you think all pitbulls are bad? And when a colombian gets caught with coke, do you think all colombians are traffickers?

Not all freemasons are sick f@cks. The sooner you realize this the better off you will be.

Consider star wars, the sith and the jedi both have the same powers yet they do not agree on certain issues so they are enemies. This is what it is like in the occult. And every once in a while someone, such as myself, goes rogue.

The cube is a system designed to imprison those have not earned "the way". Figure out who you want to be and then stop pretending and actually become that f*****g person. That's your task. Now go do it already and stop spamming the internet with such polarized bullshit.

The fact that most masons are good people, doesn't eliminate the fact that Jack the Ripper could have been a mason.

Freemasons are tied to one agenda. one single agenda. not all freemasons are murders, of course theres exception. BUT, to even being able to be recognized as a freemason you have to be in or out. theres no middle way to choose. the problem is that people always give a ridiciulous excuse like "not everybody is like this'' ok, not EVERYBODY, but the message is that some real DARK s**t is going on in this "brotherhood" and they all have things in common that are evil and sick!!! hell or heaven, stop try to create a better place in between cause theres not

Once Masons reach the higher levels 32nd & 33rd degrees (and beyond) is when they make a commitment to Lucifer and the Luciferian Doctrine. The higher level Masons worship Lucifer.

Many lower level mason are lied to (about the true intentions of freemasonry) and treated with the same contempt as the "profane masses".

not all lodges have checkered floors, and also, there is nothing wrong with Freemasonry in and of itself… bad apples in every bunch

freemasons are not responsible for ritual murders and ritualistic sacrifices, they have no connection or other affiliation with illuminati and/or occult elite, this article spreads misinformation…