The Texas Church Shooting Was Eerily Foreshadowed in Mass Media


A disturbing scene in the 2014 movie Kingsman: The Secret Service features the hero killing an entire congregation inside a Baptist-style church in the Southern U.S. similar to the one in Texas. 

On November 5th, Devin Kelley entered the First Baptist Church of a small town in Texas during the Sunday service, while wearing a skull mask and a ballistic vest. Armed with a Ruger AR-556 rifle and two handguns, Kelley fired into the crowd, killing 26 people, including several children.

Devin Kelley

Not unlike several mass shooters in the past, Devin Kelley had served in the military for some time, including a 12-month stint in confinement.

Kelley was once a member of the US Air Force, spokeswoman Ann Stefanek said. He served in logistics readiness at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico, starting in 2010.

Kelley was court-martialed in 2012 for two counts of Article 128 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, assault on his spouse and assault on their child, Stefanek said. Kelley received a bad conduct discharge, confinement for 12 months and a reduction in rank, she said. The Air Force did not provide a date of the discharge.
– CNN, What we know about Texas church shooting suspect Devin Patrick Kelley

Various accounts about Kelley are surfacing in mass media. Some news reports state that he was an “aggressive atheist” who often took to social media. His Linkedin profile states that he was an exBible studies teacher, which is somewhat contradictory with shooting up a church. Both his family and his wife had strong ties to the church.

According to a profile on, Kelley’s wife was a “teacher for toddlers” at First Baptist of Sutherland Springs from June of 2009 to March of 2013. Her responsibilities included teaching the children about God, helping with “their life stones that are needed,” and being a “positive influence in their life,” the page stated.
– Heavy, Danielle Shields Kelley: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

New police reports state that Kelley had “issues” with his mother-in-law who usually attends the church, but she was not present that day.

So what truly motivated the shooter to kill? Could he have been programmed in the military to carry out this horrific mission? The public was certainly programmed to witness it.

Describing the horrific scene in Sutherland Springs, Wilson County Sheriff Joe Tackitt stated:

“He just walked down the center aisle, turned around and my understanding was shooting on his way back out. It’s unbelievable to see children, men and women, laying there. DefenSeless people.”

The First Baptist Church in Texas.

That scenario is eerily similar to a scene in the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service. Even the church is similar.

The congregation of the church worships in Kingsman: The Secret Service

Galahad, one of the lead characters in the film, gets up during the sermon and tells a woman:

“I’m a Catholic w**Re who’s currently enjoying congress out of wedlock with my black Jewish boyfriend who works in a military abortion clinic. So, hail Satan and have a lovely afternoon madam”.

Galahad then proceeds to kill every single person in the church, in a long, dragged-out, extremely gory scene with rock music playing in the background.

Galahad shoots a woman in the head.
In the end, he kills every single person in the church. Oh and he is the good guy.
As Galahad leaves South Glade Mission Church, we see a gloomy message: America is doomed.

In my article “Kingsman: The Secret Service” or How to Sell the Occult Elite to the Youth, I explained how this entire movie discloses the elite’s agenda. It even ends with the world’s elite hiding in a remote location as the masses get slaughtered.

In the movie, Galahad’s murderous spree is explained by him being “mind-controlled” by a chip on his phone. Was Kelley mind-controlled as well?

One thing is for sure, the killing of people while they are actively worshipping God is, on a spiritual level, extremely powerful.

Killed While Worshipping

People of Christian faith call their church the “house of God”. Inside the house of God, they pray and commune with God. For many, it is a sacred and solemn moment of intense spirituality. To enter the house of God and turn it into a bloodbath while the congregation is in active worship is effectively, on a spiritual level, a satanic ritual.

As seen above, in Kingsman, right before killing everyone worshipping in a church, Galahad actually says “Hail Satan”. The mass media synchronicities do not stop there.

The “revoltingly violent” series Preacher takes place in Texas. The official poster features an upside-down church which forces us to see an inverted cross: A symbol of satanism.
Only hours after the church shooting, Marilyn Manson (a stated member of the Church of Satan) appeared on stage pointing a fake rifle at his audience. The rifle has an inverted Cross of Lorraine on it. The concert took place in San Bernardino, a city that experienced a mass shooting in December 2015.

The Normalization of Horror

Two of the deadliest mass shootings in American history have happened in the last 35 days. In the wake of these tragedies, as if it has become a new custom, many immediately took to social media to instrumentalize the tragedy, using it to justify their political agenda, while bypassing any kind of human consideration in the process.

Indeed, in these dark times punctuated with senseless mass shootings, the human cost of the tragedies is almost completely overlooked. Many now eagerly await the identity of the shooters to be revealed so they can start finger-pointing and launch into agenda-pushing. It seems that the never-ending string of mass killings happening across the world has effectively made people indifferent to human suffering. Mass shootings are now “political checkpoints”, convenient arguments to bring up during political debates. Even worse, the saying “thoughts and prayers” has become an ironic meme, a comment on how blasé and powerless society has become faced in the face of intolerable horror.

However, one cannot really blame regular people for not caring enough. If we were to become depressed for days everytime a shooting happens, we could not even function. The fact is, when a source of pain is reoccurring, the human body naturally responds by numbing the source of pain in order to be able to preserve its health. The same way bare feet exposed to rugged terrain all day become thick and hardened over time, our ability to feel grief and sadness inevitably becomes more calloused with every recurring tragedy.

This is where we are heading. More accurately: This is where we are being taken. We are being made numb to the killing of innocent people, numb to the pain and suffering of other humans. People are debating endlessly amongst each other about evil Muslims, evil rednecks, evil liberals, and evil conservatives, while not realizing that we’re all in the same boat.

These source of these killings is the same source as the movies and music we’re paying to see and hear. We are all the enemy they are trying to vanquish: our minds, our souls, even our ability to feel compassion. Through their terror, they are numbing us, dividing us, and demoralizing us. And through their media, they are preparing us.

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The only way to counteract the elite is to boycott EVERYTHING: Big corporates, Big pharma, ALL mainstream media, music, movies, television – EVERYTHING!!! Don’t buy. Don’t support. It’s that simple. Start looking at living with less and consider going back to your ‘roots’. Like Vigilant says, we are ALL to blame for the condition of the world we are in because we willingly buy into their agenda by supporting them and their products/services/lies/propaganda etc. We are ALL ONE people! the 99% of us are all that is needed to end this. How can 1% continue controlling us?? How????? It’s totally ludicrous to think that we willingly sell our souls through our constant ‘need’ for more and more and more. Less IS more! It’s time to take back our divine sovereignty and to stop separating ourselves from each other. These false flag attacks and stuff gives us a blessing in disguise:… Read more »

I don’t own a TV,nor do i listen to music or watch films for th last 6-7years. My kids don’t do Disney and hav never tasted McDonalds,KFC or any other junky stuff. It’s sad that when I do all this,as a Muslim woman protecting herself n her family,i am declared ‘backwards’ n ‘oppressed’ bt a non-Muslim suggest the same, and every1 concurs… regardless, we’v been warned abt all of this, signs of the end times, in the Torah, Bible and Qur’an, and it’s time we listened.
Read your book,we are ONE nation,whether we like it or not, the elite ‘divide and conquer’, read your book!

Read our “book”? My “book” is saying that you Muslims are followers of the Antichrist because “who is the Antichrist but he that denies the Father and the Son” (John).
The Torah, the book of Jahuah’s justice, is incompatible with the book of terror that you follow. Happy to break the news. “Reading” is not enough. Repent!

That simple? No, your capslock is that simple. To safe ourselves we have to invest in our selves and our children. Teach them well. It took generations to make us ”people” so obedient, it takes more than just good will to conquer our own powers back again. Remember that in all parts of this world society there are snakes in the grass and their offspring too, who got educated in treating us the ”people” this way. It takes awakening And action, that’s more than a written reaction to a website.

Unfortunately…. No one is going to do those.

We’ve been watching, listening, reading, following their pushes for years.
I myself have been been reading VC since his Jay-Z On To The Next One article. What about 10 yrs? I myself has read through comments, rants, complaints , n compliments.
But, I have NOT read any action of any reader( that I am aware of.)
My “blind” neighbors n friends AND yinz smart “aware” ones all in the SAME world —

And no one is doing anything to shield and protect our children. Now ones doing anything.
I’ve been trying to teach my daughter for 10 years l about the symbols and being vigilant and media and more. Sigh… She’s 13 today and I still can’t protect her from it…
: /

It’s safe to say that most people on this site probably have eliminated a lot of things enumerated here.
Now how do we get the other 99.9% of westerners to listen? To even see that their creature comforts and entertainment are poisoning humanity? And then, in the unlikely circumstance that they even agree on the premise that these things are toxic, actually give them up?
I hate to sound like a wet blanket, but there is actually much more in the world than just love; the world is vastly more complicated than simply “love”. Life is far more layered and intricately woven.
A continual pattern we see is pain, tragedy and heartbreak- though humans are exceptionally good at adjusting to these situations and often, but not always, overcoming them.
Of course, love is indescribably important.
With love and peace, a commenter

Life exists by consuming life. Even plants use their skills to survive , sometimes with destroying other plantlife. We humans are supposed to be top of the foodchain, but we still need to eat plants , life, and animals, life, to survive. The way we do it matters.
Destroying other peoples lifes to survive or to enhance your own life is an abstract form of cannibalism. I assume that’s been around as long as there is a form of human life, too.
Love might even be last on the list of skills of those without empathy or the ability to use their empathy.
Now, how to improve ourselves And our global societies?
How to cope with an unsafe world where the next generation is a are a threat to our own wellbeing?

I haven’t set foot in a movie theatre in over 10 years. I borrow movies from the library. I also don’t watch TV, all we have is a DVD player.

Poor thing, you. But, I understand.

Here’s what’s weird.

Manafort news breaks and the media starts to run with it, Muslin drives car and kills 8 in New York.

Michael Flynn news and Wilbur Ross news breaks, texas shooter overwhelms the media.

Almost like there are a bunch of disposable MK soldiers waiting to be activated to change the flow of information.

Yep. Kinda looks like a whole lot of triggering/activating is going on, doesn’t it?

Great insight VC!
Do you remember a mass shooting scene in Kill Bill movie? A massacre at Two Pines in El Paso, Texas. Even the church looks similar.

That church is in Lancaster CA, my son played a soccer game there Sunday morning there and we went by to see it, it is very similar!

That is exactly what I thought. And, to top it off, the Kill Bill series is being run on Direct TV

They seem to be playing Kevin Spacey movies a lot, too. As if they’re rubbing it in our faces that they KNOW he’s a perv and get off at us watching his crap. Probably using the ratings of those movies to detect whether or not the populace is still asleep and willing to watch.

I also thought of the movie Kill Bill when I first read about this.

How many of these lone wolf killers are actually MK Ultra mind control victims? The social engineers want to keep us in constant chaotic fear, and they want to severely inhibit our ability to respond in our defence. THEY WANT OUR GUNS, it is much easier to completely subdue us, when we can no longer fight back.

The elite is pretty clearly against Trump and the Trump agenda. America first is the anti-thesis of globalism. And only kooks care about Manafort and Flynn. Nice try though.

Trump is no resistance leader. Get that into your head you dumb ‘nationalist’. It’s the same old tactic used by the hardcore Zionist socialists and the Catholic Church ( actually a front for a version of the Roman Empire controlled by modern-day Pharisees) to create the State of Isreal and put mankind in its current state of affairs. 1. Stalin decided to separate Communism from Zionism and fuse it with Slavic nationalism to solidify his power among the people. (JFK tried a similar tactic but decided to add Christianity to the mix. That’s why the Russians failed to stop the hit team when it was found an Oswald double had called a the top Soviet man for assassination some time before, and passed off their knowledge as disinformation later on.) Of course the Zionists were enraged at this tactic. 2. The Catholic heiracy and the Zionists remembered the days of… Read more »

simple, powerful observation.

I saw a clip of Jennifer Lawrence on Jimmy Kimmel..she was clearly wearing inverted crosses for earings. Also know that shes dating the director of mother and noah, darrin aranovsky. Clearly the guy is a satanist. If you just keep your eyes and your wits about you, the conections are all there. Its the same people with similar connections who control our media.



Jimmy Kimmel studio is a Masonic lodge so those who sold their souls go on that show to pay homage, not to Kimmel but to the brotherhood and lucifer.

Reason #40359834975348573459835421124590 to loathe Hollywood/film industry/actors/etc. People in these circles are the first to act so depressed and heartbroken when these real life tragedies happen and demand gun control, yet they CONSTANTLY perpetuate horrible gun violence, murder, death, etc. in their films, shows, etc. Excuse my language but yeah, f*ck them and how they laugh in our faces with this crap.

Hmmm. Military background. Held in solitary for one year. Dishonorably discharged five years ago. Sounds like the perfect MK’d “soldier” to keep around on “stand by” and when the time is ready, trigger him to pull the trigger.

There are some interesting tweets that point to Devin (the shooter) being part of Antifa and that he was upset that the promised Resistance Day on November 4th didn’t happen. So he decided to take it upon himself to kill people at a church….something that Antifa (a George Soros creation) “promised to do” on November 4th. Connect the dots there and see how this guy could have easily been “used”.

Here’s the link to the Twitter account I was referring to. The one about Antifa shooting up churches is somewhere in the thread. I saw it yesterday but I can’t find it now.

This whole news story looks like another Zionist/Masonic HOAX with crisis actors recruited by the Department of Homeland Security/FEMA to participate in a capstone emergency drill PYSOP to pretend it’s a real event for propaganda purposes.

Certainly a False Flag, but people died. When every single False Flag is claimed to not take any lives, it goes against the whole point of a False Flag. People HAVE to really die in order for the public to beg for their government to “do something” and their government is more than happy to oblige since they (or more likely the D e e P S t a t e ) created the attack all along to force people to ask to have more of their rights taken away. Look at 9/11. The world prior to 9/11 and after 9/11 are two vastly different realities. I feel bad for teens today who have no idea what it was like to live without TSA or being fondled before you fly. I remember being able to take a Birthday cake on an airplane, set it on my lap and fly from… Read more »

Even in hoaxes/false flags there are sacrificial lambs, not newz.

True. Good point. Damn totalitarian socialists.

Hats off, ure too right. Bringing America down to its knees, one false flag/hoax at a time.

ad reads: We are looking for crisis actors for a government emergency drill between July 4-6th. Actors will be responsible for portraying different emergency scenarios in a simulated government terror drill. No experience is needed. Confidentiality agreements are required. Pay is $200.

I’m about to go to the area since it’s close to me to get evidence that this incident was real. There’s another truther named Thron Side on youtube who is offering $100,000.00 to anyone who can prove anyone was shot or killed for real. I doubt I’ll get that evidence but I’m tired of being lied to. I dont even want the $ but answers.

it was real, as in the shooting really happened. so it was not a HOAX in that respect. now the circumstances of the shooters motive, that is where we need to study.

I live 40 minutes away and know people affected.

you can see the church memebers worshipping God every Sunday for over a year, crisis actors doesnt make sense in this case at all. Im sorry for what your community is suffering through.

I agree that what we need to do is study this guy, and if he is mk ultra, and if this is a government attack.

I doubt that DHS/FEMA have orchestrated capstone emergency drills PYSOP to push their NWO agenda, but that’s not the case here. My cousin is a long time family friend to a couple that were victims and lost their lives at this horrific tragedy. My cousin flew down to Texas to be with the family of the late young couple for he young married couples funerals. So, I can assure a HOAX, this is not. Now whether the shooter was under MKUltras mind control or not, is a different story.

Excellent comment, Harmony4Jesus. I’m not saying that some False Flags are “hoaxes” but to say that every single one of them is, makes “us” look like idiots. I do think the shooter was under the power of MK mind control but as you say, that’s a different story from turning it into a “hoax.”

People always come out after a HOAX all the time saying a cousin, a friend or an acquaintance I know was actually shot. Especially on YouTube comment boards and it’s always an account that was created the same day when they post this. That’s a good way to get mocked because people joke all the time now with saying things like “well my third cousin’s kindergarten teacher’s brother in law’s gardner was shot there,” regardless if true. This happens on obvious HOAXES like Sandy Hook and Orlando Pulse. If it is true, then like I said a man that has participated in DHS/FEMA Capstone Drills (he snuck a camera in during an orientation on how to be a crisis actor) himself from Texas on YouTube called Side Thron who is offering up $100,000 to prove any of these shootings are authentic. That money could well spent helping the victims and… Read more »

I think that “they” learned from Sandy Hoax that no one really died and many people know that so, they went back to the 9/11 style and Pearl Harbor where people really DID die. These psychos really do not care who they kill to further their NWO agenda (was 21 no it’s) 2030. Beware anytime that there is a “Drill” it could very well go “Live” to continue the onslaught of synthetic terror.

antifa (anti-fascist action) has been around since george soros was only two years old friend, so not sure how its his creation…

Not in the US. In Europe, the international communists created antifa because they felt the wrong group of socialists had taken power, the National Socialists. They’d both generally believed in the same ultimate goal, a Socialist European super-state, but they fought over which group of elite socialists would control this monstrosity. After the fall of the National Socialists, antifa folded back in to the communist movement and was used as a blunt force tool in the communists’ plans in Europe during the Cold War. Soros invented the US version by combining the paid professional protesters from the 99%, Occupy, BLM, “Anarchist,” and anti-war rallies/protests, pumping them full of money, and connecting them with the extreme left within the establishment, especially socialists in the Democratic Party and socialists in education. Soros wanted to bring idiot revolutionaries into the US system because it worked very well for him in Europe. Soros basically… Read more »

has anyone noticed that in EVERY single news report, the anchors’ mention that the shooter used an “assault rifle” and when mentioning the citizen that fired at the shooter they say the “citizen shot the shooter with his rifle”

the shooter and citizen both had the EXACT SAME Ruger AR!!! only the anchors are instructed to label the shooters AR an “assault rifle” and the citizens AR a “rifle”

*The Last Line Scared The SH*T OUT OF ME* , *SO TRUE* :
Through their terror, they are numbing us, dividing us, and demoralizing us. And through their media, they are preparing us.

My wife knows a woman who dated the shooter in high school. She said he was not psycho or mentally disturbed in high school. His family was very religious, and he went to church twice a week. Seems like something changed during his stint in the Air Force.

I think “something” did happen when he went into the service. He was dishonorably discharged at age 21. But it’s those types of men who the DS “use” and MK.

Yeah thats true….makes sense. If you notice, there’s a pattern in all these shootings. The Dallas shootings, Dylan roof shootings, and other Islamic terrrorist attacks ( which the media falsely claims to be motivated by Islamic teachings) have something in similar.

Again, the New World Order is just one step closer.

Also, I think it’d be interesting if we reversed his words “She’s a bad B*tch” . Just like the killer in JFK assassination had a different message being conveyed when reversing his audio interview. It could be something similar, I’ll give it a try

Its noteworthy that this shooting happened the same day as the Paradise Papers leak which is getting Very little, if any mainstream media coverage. This leak is huge. It over 13 million digital documents that track down 10 Trillion Dollars in off shore investments made by HUGe corporations like Apple, Facebook to the Queen of England also includes
Celebrities and politicians… All avoiding taxation. How convienent that this story is being overshadowed.

My heart goes out! What a tangled web! And unnecessary loss of life.

Yeh, lots of misleading and misinformation floating around and people are to freaked out to realize there are other things happening at the same time..

I always think of this verse, every time something like this happens:

For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.” 1 Thessalonians 5:1-3

Found out about the shooting while I was on my way to see Thor . During the film one of the characters (Scourge) Looks at the camera with a pair of assault rifles and says” I pulled these out of a place called Texas”Not I got them from Texas, With the shooting just having happened I could not help but notice his strange wording.

Firstly, yes this is horrible, but it is also out of our control. I have accepted that for whatever reason I was born/created on this planet with a very limited scope. I cannot read minds. I cannot see the future. And I can reasonably assume that I was meant to be this way or I would not be limited. My heart breaks for those around me carrying a much larger load of responsibility and anxiety than they need or were designed to. If you can’t see the bigger picture that’s probably a sign you shouldn’t feel obligated to try to “fix” it. What we do control is our own actions and response. We do not have to be overwhelmed or fearful. We do not have to feed into the negative atmosphere of helplessness and defeat. And hey who knows…maybe there is someone who can see the bigger picture that we… Read more »

The difference is the elite clearly WANTS certain political outcomes. The elite WANTS gun control, so we all have a duty to support the second amendment

When I saw this on the news this movie popped into my head and I didn’t really even realize why until now.

I had forgotten about the church scene in the Kingsman until it was described almost scene for scene. Then the movie made me scared and I realized just how much they want us to follow the ELITES Program. I won’t follow.

This next one is not made to poke some fun, Apres Ski.

Thank you for your reaction, as it might point out what vc was reporting. You forgot the horror. Shocking, isn’t it, how it works in real life. Keep breathing.
And all the best with coping, as now that you know, you can deal with it better when you might realise it more often.

Might I point out the exceptional bloating of head?
To me that does not look like just over-eating, but like medicationed. Thus limited selfcontrol.

yes. Michael rivero from whatreallyhappenedcom is on track about all those mass murderers on description pills for many years. there seems to be a Connection indeed, as EVERY mass shooter was on some pills obviously.

And to also mention: The Adjustment to being under surveillance when in public, as the government has to prevent anyone walking down the road carrying a conceiled weapon from using it..? That means scanportals and smartcamera’s everywhere you will walk society’s streets. Passportchip-readers and irisscans are under construction (well, they say).
Every place that is open for public will have to be controlled for safety purposes.
And yet, somehow I do not think I will feel safer this way.
So I too am keeping talking about the bigger links between those plans, and pointing out the absurdity of those half-measurements that only effect the good ones, instead of the bad ones, if you catch my drift.

I have thought that I’ve been seeing a lot of deja`vu lately.. the things that are happening around the world seem to be triggered by what’s on the movie screens, or maybe we were being warned since the elites feel we have to ‘know’ before they do anything major. Seriously creepy!

It works in numbing people to a submissive passive state where they only sit and wait,because there seems no other way?
Some take time to read, talk, think, react and others sit and pray, mostly with eyes closed..
Some others try to make adjustments in taking care of their offspring like it should outlive the parents, some parents take their children for grantuit on the same level as watching a war on cnn. I do not know what works best for you, but there comes a time you have to decide for yourself.

That’s the second shooting in a short time aimed against white working class people.

Learn to count. Please.

What we Creoles, both ‘black’ and ‘white’ need to do RUN the bastards out and close that socialist plantation down, for GOOD this time! Screw Trump and his administration, these guys are just nice distractions designed to waste our time and OUR money on Anancy stories and bread and circuses.

Another Synchronicity?

CBS’ just aired show “NCIS: New Orleans.” Season 4 Episode 7: “[u]The Accident[/u]” is about service members [b]implanted with brain chips[/b] who commit acts of murder when the chips are hacked into.

Thank God!! people are starting to question things like this.

MK ultra and the dark side of mass media broadcasting everything that the Illuminati has which glorifies death to the highest degree with regards to depopulation where the strong rise above the weak and the vulnerable. The elite would do anything to “trigger” a perfectly normal person to go out on a shooting spree as a buildup to what they’re really after. The signs and symbols written everywhere even frighteningly foretelling the demise of a couple of innocent people is a sad reality these days. This is why I don’t buy into today’s crap unlike most sheeple of today who are quite oblivious to being under surveillance by the powers-that-be. Even random people in the military could be easy targets for “triggers” and unwittingly find themselves becoming MK ultra victims carrying out the bidding of the elite which is something thats not new at the moment but yet very popular… Read more »

Hi VC;
I what is pretty weird and fits the big picture is this screenshot:

The website claims that this is a screenshot of his facebook profile and you can see him with make-up as Batman’s “Joker”.


I’d be careful what you read/believe from anything written by the likes of (((Pamela Geller))) who works in the same circles as Alex Jones/Paul Joseph Watson, etc. They’re fake opposition, which means they’re disinformation agents.

((( ))) is used by anti-semites and nazis to discretely identify jewish individuals online. please keep that s**t out of here. there is so much anti-semitism in these conspiracy theory circles and it really takes away from the credibility of the theories because people think we’re all just anti-semites and homophobes and whatnot. this is not and never has been about race/ religion/ sexuality/ etc. this is about the rich and powerful, regardless of the aforementioned categories, abusing their power and f*****g up our world. being jewish does not automatically mean being evil, corrupt, or disingenuous. NO category of race, religion, or what have you automatically equals those things.

It’s actually a reference to Zionism – something even many Jews oppose. I don’t take kindly to being told what I can and can’t say, if you don’t like it: tough.

It also IS religiously motivated. The perpetrators behind all these things are satanists, and are entirely serious about their rituals and beliefs, by the looks of it. Also, Rothschild ‘Judaism’ (Kabbalah and Talmud) is clearly involved. In short, essentially everything SEA1111444 said above is false. Everything happening was foreseen to happen by the 2000 year old Bible.

As for the German nazis, it’s no longer clear to me what really happened during those years. We’ve been lied to about what WW2 was really about and what actually happened, that’s for sure.

Maybe the satanism and rituals are used to scare people into submission to the cult/corporations, based on the Use Of Fear and not based on acknowledgable truths?

True bro. with Kevin Barret’s articles explains that allot of this synthetic terror is derived from not only MKULTRA but, the GLADIO techniques that were used in Europe tp terrorize European nations in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s . TPTB use the same tried and true methods over and over again but, it is all becoming painfully obvious that these aren’t random acts of individuals….These are systems where CIA/FBI in conjunction with local governments are enacting these atrocities on our dime and it goes all the way up to the usuary Banksters aka as the Rothchilds and all of their “institutions”

I always appreciate these eye opening articles. However, VC, I believe it is time for you and your audience to publicly investigate exactly WHO is behind these programming entertainment vehicles – who is responsible for the financing, the script, the production, the set design – we need to name names and start asking these people very specific questions such as – how was it decided that this scene would look like this? If it i was the writer or director, were they told to portray it this way?

Same with all the music videos – we need to find out exactly who is involved in the production of these mass programming vehicles and start asking questions, and follow the money as well.

I suggest you look at the company called SERCO formally known as RCA. They are probably the largest company you haven’t heard of. In the US they control the US Patent Office, National Visa Center etc etc etc. Major shareholders include the British Cabinet, The Saudi Government, The Singapore Government, Goldman Sachs….

The five eyes countries are under attack… from a supranational government comprised of international bankers and intellectual elite and controlled through p********a.

All the stuff happening in Texas is to push folks to get more gun control… silly sheep forget that a gun is an OBJECT, and takes a PERSON to pull the trigger. This person almost certainly was on pharmaceuticals of some type, and in fact, MOST shooters lately seem to be taking the kind that has severe suicidal and violent side effects. Mkultra and other brainwashing techniques are probably also involved; it seems to be that either it’s gaining a foothold and is becoming more common and ‘out’ so to speak, or these guys had triggers embedded long ago and are just now ‘going off’, for whatever reason. Almost all the acts of ‘terror’ are to push legislation their way and to disarm the people. Even Texas’ own Senator Cornyn is suddenly pushing for the legislation to have more gun control since the shooting.. this week was a voting week… Read more »

The USAF “mishandled” the filing of felony charges onto the NCIS database…… Has anyone done any research of where this guy was stationed in the USAF and where he was incarcerated? My bet it was not on a standard airbase.

Oddly enough, he served his year in the brig at Miramar Marine Corp Air Station in San Diego. Though the nearest AF base is a hundred miles away.

Actually, HR on the base is outsourced to the British based company called SERCO. They also control US Patent Office, and other strategic departments. You really need to check this company out – they are the real life Tyrell Corporation from Blade Runner.

This was your best article yet. Which ironically makes me sad af.. This world is sick

Notice how many times these massacres have occurred in small churches in recent years – never in a synagogue or a mosque, yet all we hear is Islamophobia this, Antisemitism that. Yet no body points this trend out – certainly not in the utterly compromised/controlled media. We’re being terrorised in plain open sight, being butchered in our streets, having our children raped and abused in their thousands (the perps protected by police and social services) – whether by Jewish elites or muslim gangs. Our meat is ritually slaughtered halal or kosher, unlabelled as such, and we buy it without knowing. The same is true of halal and kosher certified brands of cosmetics and packet food – we pay for these companies to certify their brands!

The list is endless. The attack on our society is real and (((those))) responsible must be held to account.

The devil knows his real enemy. You’ll notice that atheists typically target Christians too, rarely targetting Islam, Judaism, or any other religion. No, the target is Christ. The devil knows his enemy.

Whaaa? Rarely attacking Islam? Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria… Telling the whole world that 9/11 is done by crazy muslims etc… Hellooo? This must be a joke, right?

We’ll agree if you recognise the fact these wars are Israel’s wars – and used to afflict the white man into a sense of ownership and therefore guilt. So when the mass migration heads towards Europe (driven by the UN and funded by the likes of Soros), we get liberals virtuously claiming they’re our responsibility since “we” bombed their lands.

”atheists typically target Christians too, rarely targetting Islam, Judaism, or any other religion”
Atheist attacking? Rarely other religions than chistianity?
So much generalisation, I can’t breathe, please bless me.

There *was* an attack on a mosque in Canada a year or two ago. In Ottawa, if I’m not mistaken, or possibly in Quebec. I know there seems to be a lot of hate on Muslims in Ottawa; white folk feel they’re taking over and forcing Islamic beliefs on others. Idk how true the “takeover” is, just as I wonder if (if there is valid reasons for the Islamaphobia there) it’s the “bad seed Muslims”. There’s wingnuts of every faith who make the rest look bad.

Anyways, yes there was an attack on a mosque ages ago. We heard a bit about it for a week, then it was swept under the rug cuz Islamaphobia.

Thy Unveiling – you’re suggesting there’s an irrational fear of islam and mass immigration? Maybe where you live there’s no sign of mass muslim immigration. Here in the UK, the effects of mass immigration is astonishing, the demographic of every town, village and city has completely transformed within a very short time frame. I myself as a white man have regularly been subjected to racist harassment/intimidation. My ex-girlfriend started dating a muslim who literally treated her like a slave.

But you’ve managed to find one instance of an attack on a mosque (the details of which are vague) so that evens everything out apparently.

You want proof of a deliberate take-over – the UN themselves decided it would happen around 20 years ago – no coincidence that this is the same time mass immigration started:

This link is an interview with Jim Fetzer, author of “Nobody Died At Sandy Hook”. At about the 3:40 mark, they start talking about Texas shooting. Jim has video of the ENTIRE church service at the Texas church that day. The service goes on as usual with NO INTERRUPTIONS of a shooting or anything else!! Very interesting interview about his and MUCH more. I recommend the whole interview.

That video of the church was from 10/29/17
Nice try tho.

I loved your article, but I’m pretty sure this shooting was another total hoax.

The shooter may have been brainwashed, and used as a false flag attack, but the people in this church are real and not crisis actors. The church has been recording and airing their services for a long time now, watching their services looks to real. I cant inagine how this is a comolete hoax.

Have you seen their church facebook page? Very small congregation, yet has interactions from mostly middle eastern people? I don’t doubt people died here, but I thoroughly believe it was targeted for this event. Perhaps a test run, or intended to scare more people into cowing and not fighting back.

I’m not convinced there’s any where near as many hoax terrorist attacks as people might believe. After all, it’s surely far cheaper (and far more satisfying for the elites who hate us “Lumpen”) to simply compel a known psycho to go loco. And in terms of islamic terrorism, they’re teaching hatred of us in mosques every day. The result is inevitable…

Foreshadowing? Are you kidding? These are warnings in the form of entertainment. Movies and TV shows, etc, are NOTICES. This is no coincidence. The controllers have ALL of this planned. If not, they can go back into time and manipulate events. It’s called Predictive Programming. Just like the author of a book knows how it ends so throws in some foreshadowing for the reader to think he or she is smart to pick up on it. But to think one smart for picking up on foreshadowing is a joke…because it’s a fait accompli. It’s already happened. Look at the CA fires recently and see the movie GeoStorm.

This statement confuses me…it seems vague:

“many immediately took to social media to instrumentalize the tragedy, using it to justify their political agenda, while bypassing any kind of human consideration in the process.“

Who and what? Who is “instrumentalizing” the tragedy? None of the 500 or so people I’m connected to. Are we talking about politicians? And *which* political agenda? Gun control?

Gun control, most certainly. Probably pharmaceuticals as well; the more panicky people, the more drugs they sell! What’s interesting is that voting was going to take place around the same time in Texas.

The Joker – would there be some relation to the #elsagate videos on youtube?

Also, November 12 is the day of prayer for the persecuted church. I wonder if there’s any relation there.

November 7th was election day here as well, for state constitutional amendments.

I believe these events took place… and the way in which they were covered in the media.

Texas Church Shooting
Las Vegas / Concert Mass Shooting
Charleston Church Shooting
Pulse Night Club Shooting
San Bernardino Shooting
Sandy Hook Shootings
Aurora Colorado / Batman Theatre Shooting


One point of reference for what we are experiencing and what we’ll see to its fruition is what General Albert Pike wrote regarding the “Three World Wars”. We are in the phase of the plan of the 3rd World war. This 3rd World War will be the final world war to usher in the Anti-Christ, the doctrine of Lucifer being finally externalized to the masses (ie, Lucifer is god). That’s why “they” are bringing out into the open that which was previously hidden (occult), by means of the music industry, news, television, art, et cetera. The solution to our problems starts with prayer, prayer, prayer…..Pray for God to open you heart/soul to truly see this life in the eyes of faith, hope, and LOVE. Prayer (persistent, frequent, complete surrender) is the key to God. Seek, knock, persistently ask…..

What are they preparing us for? It seems a long time coming?

What effect does the agenda of the elites in America have on a country like North Korea, or Saudi Arabia that try as much as possible to shield their citizens from western culture?

Could someone please give an elaborate explanation?

Are you aware of the involvement of actress Allison Mack with an organization accused of keeping women as sex slaves?

The name of the organization is NXIVM and also has among its components the actress Kristin Kreuk, both were in the cast of the series Smallville.

what r we supposed to do?

Philomena\'s Daughter

Pray, hope and don’t worry. God will guide those who stay faithful and true during these Apocalyptic times foretold in St John’s book of Revelations. Sin is insanity, and the times are now quite insane, so it can’t be much longer before the King of Kings returns to administer His Justice. The sheep and the goats are being separated in these times. Don’t listen to those who call us “sheeple” – I would be overjoyed to be considered a sheep, and I know my Shepherd, my Saviour, my God, my King. The scoffers will be sorrowful when the Truth is revealed. Pray for them too.

If they try it at my Baptist church, they would do well to remember that my church is no gun-free zone.

Did anyone catch Steven Crowder’s interview with the guy who stopped the shooter? It seems that the shooter was headed for another church that still had worship services in progress.

Hoax news stories portrayed as real events here as well. Meh, there is only one thing to get depressed about and that is the people who fall for an actor based reality and the ones who carry out the hoaxes. I suppose that’s two. W/o the former idiots, the latter is toothless.

The Intelligence agencies have been committing a constant barrage of False Flag/Hoax Shootings for years now. There was a brief lull in domestic Shooting Hoaxes after The Don took over, but they have resumed.

A total fake that no discerning person could believe. The interviews are laughable, the ever changing story is absurd. Nobody died but a bunch of people got a paycheck.

I wish VC would do an article on Preacher Season 1 and 2. Herr Starr representing the elite and mocking Jesus as their figure, the angel-demon hybrid power Jesse has to control people and angel through Genesis, etc.

Don’t forget The Evil Within 2, which has an evil preacher as one of the antagonists and an optional shootout in a church.

HA! I WISH Kingsman: The Secret Service was a foreshadowing of actual things to come. How I would love to see all the elite scumbags and corrupt world leaders have all their heads blown up with a single button press (yes, single button press, all those implants were activated at once, they only appeared to blow up separately, to enchance the hilarity of that sequence). And that was one of the best scenes in movie history, because even though he was mind-controlled, he didn’t kill innocent people, he killed a hate group. That “church” was a parody of the Westboro Baptist Church, and a lot of people would love to see that cancer get snuffed out in a long, dragged-out, extremely gory scene with rock music playing in the background. Finally, all those things he said right before the chips were activated, he said all of that ironically, because he… Read more »

Another hoax shooting, bla bla bla. Just waiting and praying for Jesus.

Submissioned. Normal state of living is waiting?

Nothing for them to talk about cus no. 1: it really happened 2: it was done to christians, who they dont care about. 3: the shooter had illegal guns. And was shot by NRA member who had legal gun.


9000 babies have been slaughtered in the womb in America since the 26 were slaughtered 3 days ago. That does not in any way detract from the murder of the 26, but it adds to them.
This is something for you to ponder, to put things in perspective. Maybe it can help you understand why God would allow this to happen, when we ourselves allow the murder of the innocent every single day. Should God help us? Should God bless us? Does God owe us something? Should we be surprised by what’s on TV? Should we be surprised by Marilyn Manson?

Idk about you, but I am blessed every single day. I would never allow the murder of anyone innocent, child or otherwise, if I could help it – that said, I am only one person. God doesn’t owe me anything, but He helps, regardless. Not because of who I am, but because of the fact that He loves me. It’s not God that allowed this to happen; its people who allowed it to happen and the stupid laws that make it almost impossible to defend ourselves against those who would destroy us for the simple reason that we believe in Him.

No, there is no surprise for folks like Manson or the crazy who killed those in Texas, either. There is just sadness for those who let themselves be slaughtered. Thank God for the one who was there who DID have protection, or the whole church would have been killed.

Catholic man, this is all your fault. If you had prayed a little bit more wholeheartedly and sinned a little bit less, abortion would have stopped and this shooting massacre would have never happened. Thoughts and prayers for your absolution.

Really? I thought it was the punishement for masturbating too many times as a teenager, even on sundays.

If you call me a plant I swear to God.
ENOUGH WITH THE FALSE FLAG CRAP. These attacks are being carried out by very real, very disturbed individuals, and it points to a systemic societal problem, not some crackpot conspiracy by government/Jews/Muslims/flavor of the day. If you want to play with alternate fiction and intrigue, NaNoWriMo is going on. Otherwise, stop mocking the deaths of innocents by questioning their existence, stop disrespecting the mourning families of the victims with your need to see ghosts where there are none, stop dismissing the very real criminal justice and bureaucracy failing that lead to this terrible event, and stop feeding your paranoia by sequestering yourselves in communities that refuse to critically think about the plausibility of all of these twisted stories woven around tragedies. Instead of tsking about the downfall of humanity and looking for eyes and crosses and triangles everywhere, get out into the world, meet these people that you’ve vilified and… Read more »

obvious plant…shoo

jesusknight – I believe that the shootings happen, but where I differ from the OP, I believe that many of them are conspired by elites. But when you see people constantly mocking these attacks, saying they’re fake – that’s where the line must be drawn.

I know fake attacks were acted out in Syria and probably other wars -thousands of miles away- but you couldn’t get away with that in America/Europe. Every victim is known to someone. If there are fake terrorist attacks, they’ll be few and far between.

Most of us are not sequestered, but functioning members of society. Maybe if you don’t want to be labeled a plant, you should not label us as crackpot conspiracy theorists, either. Most of us have our eyes open – how about you?

This shooting (and many others besides) are just too conveniently spaced to political and social events happening around the world for them to all be ‘coincidental’. How many ‘coincidences’ do you need to see line up before you connect the dots and realize something is actually going on?

At the time of this shooting, there were preparations to vote in Texas on state constitutional amendments on the 7th. Early voting was going on.
At the time of this shooting, there was the release of the Paradise Paper leaks.

There is probably more, you have to look around yourself and see.

Ordinarily I come to this site because the articles are usually good in terms of highlighting masonic control in elite circles. However, the community here is just ridiculous.

My girlfriend was friends with one of the victims killed (yes – he was killed) in the Manchester Arena bombing. I came here soon after to see loads of posts laughing about “actors”, suggesting the whole thing was a hoax.

OK – so where did this guy disappear? Who paid for that funeral?

It wouldn’t surprise me to see someone here denying the gulags existed, and that millions of people died in them.

Sure she was, go google a name and tell us who it was. It was all utter bullshit.

You’re telling me to believe Google over my girlfriend? F**k you idiot.

“I’m a Catholic w**Re who’s currently enjoying congress out of wedlock with my black >>Jewish<< boyfriend who works in a military abortion clinic. So, hail Satan and have a lovely afternoon madam”.

The only thing funnier than that line, was the beautiful, uncensored scene that came right after it.

Steve I’m glad you noticed that, too. You aren’t the only one. Eyes out front, friend.