Fear, Bloodshed and Human Sacrifices Before Winter Solstice


The killing of an ambassador in Turkey on live television and the attack of a Christmas market in Berlin occurred at a crucial time of year.

On December 19th 2016, Donald Trump was officially confirmed as President of the United States by the Electoral College. Media coverage of this event was however eclipsed by attacks that ironically confirm why he was elected in the first place. And these attacks will most likely greatly influence upcoming elections in Germany, France and the Netherlands. A drastic change in political scenery is in the horizon, and it is fueled by fear, bloodshed and rejection of globalism.

The assassination of a Russian ambassador on live television and the violent attack of a Christmas market in Germany are events that are not only violent, but charged with intense symbolism meant to shock the public mind. Whether this was coincidental or not, these events occurred right on the brink of the winter solstice a period that is historically prone to blood sacrifices as it is a minor Sabbath in the occult calendar. Before Christmas, there was Saturnalia.

“The origins of Christmas predate Christianity through the Pagan holiday called Saturnalia, which was a week-long of lawlessness from December 17th through December 25th that honored Saturn and included human sacrifice, intoxication, naked caroling and rape. During these seven days, there were no punishments for breaking any laws, according to Roman law.”
– In5d, Esoteric Meaning of CHristmas

“It was traditional to offer gifts of imitation fruit (a symbol of fertility), dolls (symbolic of the custom of human sacrifice), and candles (reminiscent of the bonfires traditionally associated with pagan solstice celebrations). A mock king was chosen, usually from a group of slaves or criminals, and although he was permitted to behave in an unrestrained manner for seven days of the festival, he was usually killed at the end. The Saturnalia eventually degenerated into a week-long spree of debauchery and crime – giving rise to the modern use of the tern saturnalia, meaning a period of unrestrained license and revelry.”
– Time and Date, “Holidays and Traditions around the December solstice”

On December 19th, the entire world witnessed a live murder, a carefully planned sacrifice.

The Russian Ambassador

Andrey Karlov, Russia’s ambassador to Turkey was shot dead on Monday evening as he delivered a speech at a photo exposition. The killer, identified as Mert Altintas, was an off-duty member of Ankara’s police force.

The entire scene was extremely surreal because, beyond the violence, it was “visually perfect”. It was a set piece made for mass media.

The Russian ambassador with his killer standing behind him, moments before the gunshot.

Mert Altintas stood behind the ambassador, wearing a stylishly tailored black suit, which sharply contrasted with the immaculate white background adorned with pictures of Russia. Several gunshots then wring out and the ambassador falls on his back, suddenly lifeless. The gunman then walks around the body, yelling “Allahu Akbar” and “Don’t forget Aleppo” until police finally manages to reach him and shoot him down.

As one reviews this surreal scene, one wonders: How was this even allowed to happen? How come this 22-year-old, off-duty cop, who is part of the riot squad, was the only person standing behind Karlov this entire time? Reports are now saying that the gunman refused security check.

“The off-duty police officer who assassinated Russia’s ambassador to Turkey refused to go through an X-ray security check before the shooting — but was let into the event anyway, according to a report.

The Hurriyet Daily News reported Tuesday that the assassin, Mevlüt Mert Altintas, simply flashed his police ID to enter Ankara’s Contemporary Arts Center — where Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov was scheduled to speak at a photo exhibition.”
– Daily News, Assassin of Turkey’s Russian ambassador refused security check before ambushing event

Also, all signs point to the attack being ordered from above, Mert Altintas being the proverbial patsy.

“It had been determined Tuesday if Altintas, 22, was part of a wider plan to take out the Russian ambassador. But a senior Turkish official told the Associated Press Altintas likely did not act alone. The official, speaking anonymously, called the killing “fully professional, not a one-man action.”
– Ibid.

Turkish authorities suspect that Altintas was under the influence of Fetullah Gulen, a Turkish preacher who is currently based in the United States, in Pennsylvania. He is suspected of being a CIA operative conducting operations meant to destabilize Erdogan’s government.

Although some draw comparisons between this event and the assassination that lead to WWI, it is unlikely that the killing will cause significant change. It will most likely justify the Russian-Turkish involvement in Syria.

Berlin Attack

The truck used to conduct the attack with Christmas decorations stuck on the windshield. Sadly symbolic.

Around the same time the assassination occurred in Turkey, a horrific attack took place in Berlin killing 12 people and 48 others.

“What authorities can say for certain is that a tractor-trailer with Polish license plates and laden with steel rods jumped a sidewalk around 8 p.m. Monday and plowed into the market near the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, a symbolic Berlin site whose spire, jagged from bomb damage, was intentionally left unrepaired after World War II.”
–  NY Times, Berlin Christmas Market Was Target of Terrorist Attack, Angela Merkel Says

This event was also charged with symbolic meaning. It was not simply about killing people, it was an attack on German culture, history and tradition. Christmas markets are a German tradition originating from the Middle Ages where locals shop for various goods while getting into the Christmas spirit. The market that was attacked is situated near the Kaiser Wilheml Memorial church, a symbolic piece of German history.

The truck and the wreckage it caused at the foot of the Church. Although not all Germans are religious, the building remains a piece of local history.

This bloody attack is therefore custom-built to anger the German population who have to witness a beloved tradition being turned into a bloodbath by terrorists. This anger might very well translate into votes against Merkel (and her open-door policy to refugees) in the upcoming elections. It might also influence the French elections where Le Pen is gaining traction.

At the time of writing this article, Berlin police detains a suspect who is said to be a refugee from Pakistan. However, police also stated that they might have the wrong person and that  the true culprit might still be on the run. No matter who finally gets arrested, ultimate losers will be citizens who will have to suffer through even more scrutiny, monitoring and surveillance for more “security”. The elite’s motto is Ordo Ab Chao (Order Out of Chaos) and Merkel’s policy brought to Germany great deal of chaos. Now people will crave for order. And that order might come at a terrible price.

In Conclusion

The two events described above were not only about killing people. They were about sending a message. They were charged with symbolic meaning custom made for mass media and social networks.

These events occurred at a sensitive time of the year, the winter solstice, a minor Sabbath, historically celebrated with human sacrifice. Whether this date was intentionally selected or not, the entire world was forced to witness a planned killing, a ritual sacrifice carried out methodically as the killer screamed “God is Great”.

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First thing i noticed today morning (heute früh),on my way to my working place.,was the moon.I live and work in Germany and being somehow confused from yesterday’s mess and chaos in Berlin,i noticed the moon,appearing time and again among the early morning heavy clouds of the German sky.It was genau (means : exactly) a half moon,half white,half black.This means nothing at all but then again,i couldn’t take my eyes of it.It brought to me vague images of ritual killings,of the kind that i so often read about at this site.I truly believe that yesterday’s events were staged.And i have to say here something that maybe most readers will find absurd,ridiculous or whatever : didi you notice that there was no blood at all at this scene of the horrific murder scene of the Russian Ambassador ? I mean,the poor man got 6 bullets in his body,if i am right.Where is… Read more »

I’ve definitely noticed the moon out. Sometime last week esp, had to be sat-mon because I was off work, I was going to get a coffee around 11:45am and the moon was “out,” I meant to take a picture, (I did last time) but I was driving, forgot by the time I got home.

If the heart stops beating than there is no blood pumped out. C’mon people, learn some simple biology.

I also noticed his eyes are closed so he must be dead!

there should be 5-8 holes in his chest which should ooze blood. forget simple biology you should use some common sence

He was wearing a protective vest, though. So that could have stopped the blood for a while…

The top-most photo – I saw it making rounds on FB yesterday, and, well…I legitimately thought that the picture of the killer with his gun in the air and the body on the ground was a meme from some sort of TV show. I didn’t know until just now that that’s apparently the scene of the crime…so yeah, I’d say that it definitely looks a bit staged to me!

You are right. It was all a stage!! No blood?! Gb

Yes, it even looks like a stage, like they are making “art” for us to witness. The moment the video begins, the shooting starts. It’s so choreographed!

Infinite Jest comes to mind when you say that !

I thought the same thing! It looked like a work of art with the white background and perfectly dressed characters. White for illumination?

Karlov’s wife cried. This is NOT staged

Doesnt mean she was in on it or even knew about it. She may also be a victim.

Some people can fake cry and pretend to be sad better then others. Like the onlooker who looked she was frightened next to a few others who just appeared to be bored that were photographed at the Turkey art gallery.

Yea I’m sure she is crying all the way to the bank and to a secluded beach.

Altıntaş is a jewish name for Turkish jews.Altın taş = Golden stone
Check with google translator if u dont believe me

This is a highly valuable comment. This reminds me of how in the Pizzagate case, the perpetrator was named James Alefantis (french: J’aime l’enfants = I love children, spoken by a p*******e). I assume Altıntaş is not a common name, perhaps not even a real name, then? So that it’s as clearly a faked, chosen name same as how Alefantis’ name was, picked specifically for the occasion? This reminds me of the screenwriter Boaz Yakin (named after the Masonic pillars, Boaz and Jachin), the man behind the infamous, obvious Illuminati movie ‘Now You See Me’ that VC also covered in an article. They really like putting it right in our faces, don’t they? … so, we’re at a point where they’re so blatantly shouting out they’re lying to us you can even tell it from the names of the alleged perpetrators. It’s basically one big joke. Then you’ve got the… Read more »

Yes, “All The World Is A Stage” Very professionally done and very very detailed. They do not miss a beat when it comes to choreographing the murders and sacrifices of humans for all to see.

I live in Turkey and ı never heard about anything about the name. Or it was not a publicly discussed issue.
However the family has been exposed and they all were under custody and interrogated by the police. He studied at Fethullah scholls under religious inluence. After joining police force he became a regular at radical religious meetings. He got very isolated and radical. His family said that he didn’t even let them watch Tv or listen to music.
We had a professor who used to work on names and expsosed the connections but he got unbelieveable from one point and was considered as a mad person, he was even jailed a few years ago.

I noticed that too actually. The first thing I wondered is where is the blood?

I noticed that too! Where is the blood? Not a drop. Something wrong with this picture!

No blood,no bullet cases and he lays arms spread out face upwards ??

Exactly….the blood is supposed to touch the ground to fertilise the earth, as per the ritual sacrifices of William II of England and Thomas A’Becket.

wtf are you talking about?

You are right, Joan, I mean they could have at least used pigs blood!!??

Agreed, the lack of blood at the assassination was curious. However, and not to be picky, but I find your random sprinkling of basic German words strange. I also lived and worked in Germany (though I am American), and most Germans would not pepper their speech with such basic words, and are usually proud to show their often excellent command of English. Are you trying to prove you are German to us for some reason, or are you not actually but are trying to convey it by using a few random German words? Sorry to derail the topic, but your odd phrasing really caught me.

Asher,i am Greek 🙂

Ah, I see. Thank you for responding, papstar. Again, sorry to derail the topic, the language use just seemed odd to me, but I see German is a second language to both of us 🙂 Peace

No shell casings either in the pictures of the ambassador that I can see.

vigilant citizen indeed! 🙂

The Bible says that in the last days there will be “wars and rumors of wars.” The word rumors better translates to “confusion.” I know I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating since there is do much confusion as to where and whom our enemies are these days. This is why personal salvation is so important. If you have children, pray for them. Ask God to put His whole armor on their spirits, as well as yours. We’re in a spiritual battle, and people need to realize this quickly.

Yeah sure, and before all this there never were any wars or chaotic events…. Wars, chaos and confusion are things of ALL TIMES, so please keep your religious talk out…

The best comment of all time.

So so true, Dixie! We are in a definite spiritual battle!! Awesome to see someone else who gets it! Gb

I believe that another reason that these events happened around the Solstice (and equinoxes etc) is to pump people full of fear at this time. It is a very potent time when lots of energy is pouring into the earth because of the astrological alignments with Alcyone, and our galactic centre. A very potent time for visioning and manifestation! In spiritual circles we are all praying/visioning together for what we DO want, for ourselves and for the world as a whole. These kinds of events trigger people’s deep fear and cause them to do the exact opposite – worry about the future, which, in other terms, is praying for/manifesting what you DON’T want! So one of the best and most productive things we can do is to not let the fear take hold of us, and to focus really strongly on the future that we would like to see for… Read more »

The Zionist elite are attacking anything that can ruin Russia-turkey relationship to stop Russia protecting Assad


That shooting was the fakest thing I’ve ever seen ! No blood or brain matter in a white room,ambassador ducks down but ends up neatly arranged on his back,microphone stand doesn fall ,conveniently only filming to just below his shoulders ,seems like no one else was in the room and the cameras on tripods,the first version I saw the shooter does not shout Allahu ahkba ,but the second version he does ? Shooter seems like a bad actor/model,if shot in back and back of head wouldn’t he have fallen forwards ?

Hollywood strikes again!

its so fake, it hurts.

He would have fallen exactly straight down. When killed instantly like this, the body basically just collapses onto itself into a heap. It actually takes some pretty serious coordination to simply stand up. This was a total hoax. The best part was how the camera men continue to take photos, zoom and correct the video cameras. If this were a real situation everyone would have gone into flight mode and ran the hell away. This was staged for the cameras. The slaves will believe anything quite frankly.

False flag, smoke and mirrors once again……Note the shooter’s age – 22 – An occult number, also noticed in the Tarot for the Economist article.

Hoaxes, fakeries all of them. Russian ambassador’s “shooting” is pure cinema. Created to distract attention and stir the pot even more.

My thoughts exactly. Where is the blood in that perfectly staged picture?

So are you saying that the ambassador didn’t actually die? Where is he then

He can be anywhere. He’s just an actor. Like Hitler. He was a brittish actor.

Well, just in case you thought Berlin might be a real attack… the Daily Mail is reporting that they found some Tunisian guy’s identity documents in the truck. How perfect! And the person previously arrested, whom multiple German witnesses identified, was absolutely not involved in any way whatsoever, no way no how (says the Daily Mail). That settles it, eh?

I’ve lost count now of all the false flags where the alleged perpetrators conveniently left their passports behind! Charlie Hebdo was one, remember? And don’t forget the 9-11 hijackers whose passports were found perfectly intact in the debris, even when scores of people were totally blasted to bits…

Dude, you can’t question the official 9/11 story, that’s totally not patriotic, dude! Remember: WTC 7 simply decided to collapse itself in sympathy towards its Big Brother twin towers…

Osama planned all of it from his cave but the heroic armed forces went and killed him (without trial or proof) to protect us all… and the Pentagon may have a billion dollar budget but clearly, nobody could possibly have thought of the concept of using jet planes as missiles.

Interesting update on new year’s eve ‘massacre’ in Turkey: Erdogan calls for media not to cover the event in order not to stir up ‘negative feelings’. Very convenient, too! Much like how they swiftly tore down the entire Sandy Hook school following the ‘event’.

…and a passport in a pear tree…

Psyops and false flags usher in new eras…anagram for the gunman- Satan lit term- A period of time brightened by Satan. How quaint. Too many questions- why no blood? Why did he fall backwards instead of forwards when shot from behind into a symbolic cross shape? Why was the gunman allowed behind him in first place? Why didn’t the cameraman run? How did he maintain the composure to zoom in and out at critical times? Alot more to cover here VC! Keep expanding this article please!!

I guess the puppetmasters are laughing now. First they say it was muslim who drove the car. Now they have changed their minds and released the suspect. Who will they arrest next for driving the car ? Could be anyone in Germany. I am sure the politicians are laughing behind our backs. The politicians and media hate people and theyre mocking us. The world is a prison in which the puppetmasters are orchestrating terror on the citizens minds.

Merkel flooded Germany with undocumented “refugees”, then announced that “OOPS!” there might be IS terrorists amoung them. Now, I believe, your government is encouraging dating between German girls and foreign men, after supplying foreign men with explicit diagrams of a dark penis entering a white vagina, with the resulting semen, leading to a mixed race baby. Sounds like a plan to me, a plan to destroy Germany from within..

Well in that case, you’d better protect your white vagina from foreign invasion

Wow you’re daft. That’s a goOD thing for the human gene. Bad for the white gene bUT eh yall can use a little less inbreeding. Science will prove me right. Science and god. Those that can’t mix due to blood types shouldn’t and those that can should. End of story.

right…. i have a feeling…. that we have a racist among us.
I highly doubt such a scenario occurring except in the mind of those who have already decided to hate.

This “assassination” is fake. As if the complete lack of blood weren’t enough, if you pause the video in the instant where it appears a bullet comes out of the ambassador’s chest, you can see it is obviously photoshopped. Given a fake assassination, it is highly unlikely the so-called “policeman” was killed.

It’s very interesting that the Western “mainstream” media is totally on board with this piece of theatre.

Mainstream media is actively collaborating with the people in power, at least some stations are. You can find footage on YouTube (itself, too, owned by these people through Google) showing a guy reporting on what happened at the hoax Orlando Pulse Nightclub ‘shooting’ getting cut off the moment he said something that didn’t fit in with the ‘official story’ (basically, he was reporting a man holding the door preventing people from exiting shooting while official story claimed only one perpetrator).

Generally, it would be extremely unlikely they’d be able to pull off the various hoaxes if the news stations weren’t actively collaborating and actually did their job.

Don’t trust the media, especially not US media.

I was just discussing with my friend how I feel that art gallery shooting looked disturbingly staged.

You are wrong, you can see from the pictures that Russian Ambassador tie comes out from his shirt when he falls on his back. This can only happen when bullet comes trough his back and pulls tie out of his shirt, in some pictures you can see this tiny bullet damage in his tie. Really cowardly assassination, but I don’t see false flag here.

What pisses me off is they plan this s**t and blame Muslims!

Yes, that really angers me.

Usual symbolism and calling cards, as seen in most of these PsyOps. The “gunman” holds the “as above, so below” pose in the most prominent image released by the mainstream media. And once the gunman has been “shot” we see him in the Tarot hanged man position, like the famous “falling man” of 9/11.

Exactly what i thought when i saw this image again.This is something that did not catch my attention at first sight but now i realise that it is so obvious.And to add more to this point,the killer makes the “as above,so below” sign while standing next to a corpse which makes the cross sign or the Crucifix. Is he a reallly a killer ? And is this really a corpse ?

“How come this 22-year-old, off-duty cop, who is part of the riot squad, was the only person standing behind Karlov this entire time? Reports are now saying that the gunman refused security check. “The off-duty police officer who assassinated Russia’s ambassador to Turkey refused to go through an X-ray security check before the shooting — but was let into the event anyway, according to a report. The Hurriyet Daily News reported Tuesday that the assassin, Mevlüt Mert Altintas, simply flashed his police ID to enter Ankara’s Contemporary Arts Center” I think its inaccurate that reports say he refused the security check. That would only be true if he was asked to comply with a check, said no, and was let in anyway. What seems to have happened is that he *bypassed* the check, by showing his ID. Subtle, but very different, I can’t imagine he would have been allowed in… Read more »

Whenever a Muslim recites Allahou Akbar, he raises his right hand not the left hand (very insulting)
This policeman doesn’t know this “detail” ; five prayers a day : five occasions to raise your right hand to praise God… This man is NOT a Muslim…

I agree! But he was holding the gun in his right wasnt he? Maybe thats why?

I have a hard time believing a bunch of so called “muslims” did this. It has US agency protocols all over it. The shock and fear dramatizations on the videos/events, that’s just PSYOPS 101. It’s pretty clear that the elites are godless people and all of their activities sums up to make a religion war happen, while in the backgrounds they plundering resources and putting materialism ideology on people. Regardless what you think about Islam, Christian, Jewish, or any other major religions, it’s always has been clear that every religions has a teaching of a false messiah will rise and bring chaos on earth.

Life is chaos. It’s the order of death that you should stand against. As if I’m supposed to march to my inevitable death singing someone else’s praises for being such a good cook or good at basketball. The first dwellers know the truth.

4 quick points 1. Saturnalia sounds a lot like the purge. 2. Why in the hell would a supposed Turkish Muslim terrorist who is backed by ISIS give a crap about the humanitarian crisis they helped create in Aleppo? Oh yeah, forgot the U.S. was trafficking arms through Turkey to help fund the moderate rebels (ISIS) against Assad’s government to force regime change ala Arab Spring, but Russia put a wrench in that plan so here’s their answer. 3. Didn’t number#2 cause Turkish-Russian relations to go even more sour? That and the fact that Turkey was trading oil to help fund ISIS, so how did they (Russia/Turkey) become “buddies” enough to want to normalize relations all of a sudden? 4. Looks more like NATO trying to agitate Russia into starting a world war before Obama leaves office.They’re either panicking because the global unions (E.U/NAU.AFRICA) they’ve set up or wanted to… Read more »

After reviewing the video again, I’m going with the latter of number 4. All false flags have a purpose.

‘before Obama leaves office’ I take this to mean you believe ‘now Trump’s in charge, things will change for the better’. Sorry, but that is naive beyond reasoning. Trump has stuffed his cabinet full of elites. A small group of this cabinet owns more than the bottom 43 million american households. He has barely entered office and he’s already shown his colors to the point there can be no doubt about him: Elite puppet. Minutes before announcing a statement of criticism towards the F-35, Lockheed Martin stocks were being sold off. Trump or his staff is tipping off investors. He’s now starting up a new nuclear arms race with Putin. More WMD’s are exactly what this planet needs, eh? We don’t need understanding, we don’t need truth, we don’t need peace. We need more weapons of mass destruction so Imperial America can be ‘so strong nobody would dare attack’ –… Read more »

Despite all those terrible things going on in the world, I would like to wish Happy Hanukkah to all those, who belong to G-d’s beloved people and who worship YHWH! May He bless all of you and bring peace and prosper to the Holy Land, your wonderful Israel.

And to my brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ, our beloved Saviour, YHWHs beloved son, whom Holy Mary brought to us, I wish all of you regardless the church you belong to, a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Mary wasn’t holy, just a sinner blessed by God for being obedient to His will…

“What then shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? ”
Rom 8,31

Always remember.

i’ve just noticed that in the picture the “murderer” has one finger pointing up and the other one pointing down. nice!

it means : as above so below – satanic

These were NO hoax! Planned and executed. Staged for a show, very real.

Many strange things a happening re Berlin. First they arrested the wrong person (they say now), and now they found an identity card of the executioner. They often find passports/ID cards, which terrorists forget at the crime scene. 9/11 (Attas passport was found in the debris I think) or Charlie Hebdo. The ID/Berlin was found today, two days after the attack, right under the wheel of the truck and just after they released the first suspect. Lukasz Urban was the polish truck-driver, who so couregeously fought for his life and the life of others. He was the first victim in the attack. That is, why I do not want to hear, that this terrible crime was a hoax. It was not. Real people died really. Real families and real friends mourn. Real people fight for their lifes in hospitals. If they survive, their life will not be the same. Some… Read more »

We’re catching on are we. Y’all got lives to live…don’t throw these camp fires anymore kindling.


False flag.


If the assasination was fake why would Karlov go along with it though?
And where is he now? Why give up the rest of his life away from his family? It doesn’t add up, I’m not buying it.
I think the reason you all expect to see blood is because of the movies, how many of you have seen a real life shooting to know what to expect?

My thoughts exactly. It would be easier to “just” kill him even if it’s a false flag. And yes, we don’t know what a real shooting looks like (fortunately).

Maybe it’s only some strange internet-squad trying to blame the West for the atrocities done in the name of a certain religion. And trying to confuse, confuse, confuse. Which is always a satanic tactic. Be careful. Don’t get mislead.

Im a reader from Hungary. I find it disturbing that the truck stopped eventually on Budapest strasse/street! Could this be a hint for an upcoming false flag here? Hungarian gunned special forces and tanks spread the city center after Berlin truck operation… many streets,public squares, stations and a christmas fair have been closed down/evacuated by gunned forces .always just temporarly and because of “suspicious abandoned luggages”…people already bought all the crap they feed us and celebrate a police state-ish idea…

I have never seen here so many people screaming hoax on the pages as the last weeks and this one. The fake news vibe really has caught on, folks. Just screaming hoax and false flag is just ventilation and not constructive at all. It only fits the bill in shutting up people without arguments, without arguments.
Assasination via television/communication suits xmas traditions perfectly, just like a wave, a nuclear disaster, but a truck at a local market really hits buttons. That’s not cosy shopping anymore, and shopping is major with a lot of people.

Finally somebody talking sense. Also, VC shouldn’t have posted this article. This is the first article from him I’ve read (which is more than a few) that is of actively poor quality and in likelihood genuinely ‘fake news’. This article has *zero* credentials, it’s all speculation on VC’s part. He has immediately started crying ‘human sacrifice’ and a lot more without having any sort of proof for backing it up.

This whole article should have been posted in a speculative manner, *asking* the question of whether the occultists were involved in these things rather than *declaring* such was the case. These things were likely part of the agenda, *BUT THERE IS NO PROOF*.

Faith in this site was harmed by this article; I hope this is not an example of a trend. Don’t slip, VC, keep up the good work.

I need to correct myself on this. I was actually making this comment without having seen the video of the alleged Karlov ‘shooting’, myself. Seeing this video, I’m now asking myself how anyone could possibly think this was real and happened. I find it impossible to believe Karlov was actually shot now; as was pointed out by other commenters there are so many things about this video that just defy belief – no blood, Karlov slowly falling down (he actually looked merely surprised at first at the gunfire sound even though his body was allegedly just penetrated by several bullets), landing on his back although he didn’t fall that direction, still no blood from several gunshot wounds after several seconds where we see him, camera man *filming* what’s happening instead of running for his life etc. This video looks like some kind of test to see just how gullible people… Read more »
“…they’re now required to hide Karlov from any kind of public sight for the rest of his life. He’s a high-profile individual so I’m not sure how they’re going to go about that.” Anatoly Golitsyn was the highest-ranking KGB agent ever to defect to the West. He wrote a book that is too little known: “New Lies for Old” details the long-term strategy of the USSR vis-a-vis the West, and considering that it was written in the 1980’s, it’s absolutely prophetic. Anyway, he mentions that sometimes the western media was told that a Soviet official had been caught doing X, and sentenced to death–but in reality, the whole thing was staged. Golitsyn pointed out that the Soviet Union was HUGE and it was easy to arrange for a guy to retire in style to some rural hideaway, never to be seen in public again. In this way they could present… Read more »

I’m not screaming hoax. Just using my eyes to judge what is presented and concluding that it’s flim flam

Yes, and also worrying is the fact that the biggest Illuminati Human Sacrifice Night, Christmas Eve, coincides this year with the start of Hanukkah, when Jews mourn the birth of Christ, and celebrate the ancient Defeat of the Syrian Army by the prostitute Judith, who seduced, drugged & beheaded the Syrian General Holofernes. President Assad must not allow any women near him on Christmas Eve=Hanukkah, lest some MK Ultra mind-controlled female assassin tries to re-enact the Biblical story of Judith.

Mert Altintas is looking like Sirhan (assassinator of Robert Kennedy) . I find it hard to believe that the Russian diplomat had no bodyguards or protection officers close by him and that the gallery event didnt ask the attendees for some kind of proof that they have been invited like an invitation memo.

It’s very interesting that it was on the exact day the ambassador chose to show up without his bodyguard detail that he got ‘murdered’. What a coincidence!

What about George Michael? He recently passed today?

Can you plz do an article on HBO WestWorld show

He doesnt look 22 from any angle.

For some reason I suspect that The Black Hand has something to do with these events. They are very similar to the events that led to WWII and the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand. And Gulen is a CIA operative who is a billionaire and is funded extremist Islam in America through mosques and schools. You can find more information on him from Sibel Edmonds on boilingfrogsblogpost and newsbud.

In other words, Operation Gladio 2.0.

Gulen is a very convenient scapegoat for distracting attention from Wannabe Sultan Erdo’s FAKE COUP AGAINST HIMSELF, in order to arrest all the teachers, judges & military to REPLACE them with SHARIA LAW SUPPORTERS, and now to draw blame away from Wannabe Sultan’s SUPPORT OF ISIS, which caused the Russian Ambassador’s murder. That’s why Wannabe Sultan has suddenly switched sides and is pretending to bomb his darling pets ISIS, to assuage Russian anger.

So was this a particular photographer’s exhibit, or just some pictures of Russia? What was the theme? beyond pictures of Russia? I ask this because some of the photos are stock tourist photos taken many years ago.

I also can see, that the ambassador is lying on the floor like if being crucified. And, also, the pictures on the wall show sights of churches. I guess it is a christianity martyr themed murder scene

Altintas means “Atlantis”…

Did anybody see the video of the ambassador’s “body” being handled? No way a man of his girth was inside that casket and another thing to point out is how one of the honor guard was carrying the box with his knuckles, no one does that!

I normally love reading your articles but why are you citing in5d? I had to stop visiting that site years ago when it became apparent that almost all of their articles are sourceless. To me it is a yellow journalism website for the fringe. Also, you’ve misquoted the NY Daily News articles as saying, “it had been determined Tuesday..” when the article clearly states, “it was not determined..” Even the grammar is clearly incorrect because of this ‘minor’ change. Love your work, just hope you’ll address these concerns. Thanks!

I think a lot of these attacks are not all they appear like in Berlin the dashcam footage is cgi also the angle and space this huge truck took does not make sense. The public just go along with whatever and the rest of us just left bewildered at the hoaxes but with no power to change mainstream opinion

Now they toss George Michael atop the heap…if that counts.

Both ended up being Hoaxes though, as many people have explained on the internet. I think they is really little evidence that anyone actually died in these events, except for what was played out for the cameras.

There’s actually blood pooling underneath his head on the floor but it still feels staged. He grabs the back of his neck as he gets shot most like to puncture a blood packet. The way he falls vs the way he ends up laying on the ground is totally ridiculous. Not to mention he should have been spurting all over the place after being hit in the artery.

Thanks VG keep on the good work and God be with you for a better 2017 pizza gate

it’s confusing, don’t these incidents actually compel the people further AGAINST the elite’s plans? I understand that they were sacrifices, but their outcome seems opposite to what their end goal is? I mean, the US is supporting al-Qaeda in Syria, and Europe is tired of the migrant violence… the elite really is so disconnected from us regular people.

I think what the elite is accomplishing here is they get to make sacrifices to their “god” aka satan and gain more power (the more sacrifices the more power they receive) and they also make the public so scared out of their minds that they agree wholeheartedly with harsher security which will eventually lead to a complete abolition of our civil rights. It will become a martial law type situation where the masses are slaves and the elite go about their lives in same fashion they have been for years because they’re much more capable of running this planet than any “commoner.”

I think that very confusion may be part of the “elite”‘s plan. They are playing the masses like chess pieces, making a move here, causing a counter-move elsewhere, and so on. Bring in refugees, cause chaos among a people (Germans) who are too terrified of seeming like Nazis again to say ‘no’, until they hit the breaking point, and watch with sick glee at what happens as they finally react. It is really very sick. Similarly, kill a Russian ambassador and see how Russia reacts…Turkey is a NATO member. If Russia attacks Turkey, it is considered an attack on all of NATO. Manufacture war and chaos, and then the elite can step in among the chaos and offer its final solution to bring order out of it all. The key is to keep people confused. The lies are never total lies, and the truth is never clear. It is always… Read more »

An excellent comment, Asher! It fits in with the Marxist Frankfurt School 11-Point Plan for the Subversion of Western Civilization (see point 2):
Frankfurt School 11-Point Plan
1. Creating racism offences only for Europeans
2. Continual change to create confusion
3. Teaching sex & homosexuality to children
4. Undermining the authority of parents and teachers
5. Massive immigration to destroy ethnic identity
6. Promoting drugs, hedonistic pleasure & amoral behaviour
7. Emptying the churches
8. Encouraging crime to destabilize society, by court decisions favouring criminals
9. Promoting dependency on state benefits
10. Control and dumbing down of media & education
11. Attacking fathers as “oppressors” to cause the breakdown of the family

I really think it is all distraction from the bigger picture…whatever that is (Antarctic discoveries, Hollow Earth? Nibiru? Agenda 21/30?????? Who really knows) but be assured, if they are letting peeps work it out easily or it isn’t too subtle then they obviously don’t care if you know. Classic look over there at something that seems important when there us even something bigger over there. As long as we are placated while they prepare for whatever cataclism or disaster they know about/are planning then they don’t care. Leaves us feeling smart, but just like ‘democratic choices’ which give the illusion of freedom and control, tptb only let you in on stuff that in the whole scheme of things isn’t going to affect their ultimate goal. They know we are onto something, they know we are seeking answers so they throw us a bone every now and then.

My thoughts entirely,well said.

On the same day, in Switzerland, some retard walked into a mosque and shot down the people who were at prayer (don’t know about the number of dead & injured) screaming “get out of our country!!”. He later shot himself too.

Notice that he was a Swiss, and he is dead, yet the three Muslims he shot are all fine, only slightly wounded. He may have been a mind-controlled assassin, sent to distract attention from the Muslim atrocities while not actually killing any Muslims. Just like Illuminati assassin Breivik pretended to hate Islam, yet killed only young Europeans of childbearing age, taking them out of the gene pool, as in the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan for Stealth Genocide, while not harming a single Muslim.

He was a Swiss, but originally from Ghana. The community he shot was a mosque which was frequented mostly by Ghanaian people. I do not know, whether he was a muslim though, but chances are, that this was an inner-community conflict. It is said, he was into occultism, btw.

I think you are the sickest most delusional, full of hatred person on this site (at least). You are meant to put the indifferences aside a talk about what brings everyone together. if you come here only to banish Muslims then shame on you from head to toe. or in another word, carry on, that won’t change who we are but only keeps you foolish.

Attacking me in the most primitive way instead of proving me wrong, says everything about you and your ability to discuss things in a normal, sensible way. Everything I said was in the newspapers in german language. I do not know, whether they lied, but I doubt it. Nowadays they would not be able to publish a next issue, be it even one, in which they would correct themselves. By the way: does it change anything, that this person was obviously not just “a Swiss”? Do you really think, only “Swiss” can try to kill people in a mosque? Well, think again than. Facts prove, you are wrong. So stop insulting people, who have a different opinion like you. Learn to deal with different positions, thought-systems, religions and cultures. Learn to respect another one, who is not always d’accord with you. Learn to behave yourself, than come back and talk… Read more »

Most of all, Mediterranean – learn to deal with the truth.

You have got to be kidding me…….these people who plan these things are not Muslims! They are terrorists, murderers and our own governments (including the elite behind the scenes!) I am European and a Muslim! There are more White Muslims than Arabs etc….check the stats…..!

@Yas – It is painful to realize that European converts to Islam are not told the most fundamental REQUIREMENT of their new religion: No Muslim man, woman or child can gain entry to Muslim Paradise unless they have killed an infidel, or died trying to kill one. They can do this openly in war against armed opponents, like jihadists, or by stealth, as in this Vehicular Jihad against helpless unarmed victims. Do you know that, and are you brave enough to tell the truth about it, without using “Taqiyya”?

Hello Bramble
what you have said
“@Yas – It is painful to realize that European converts to Islam are not told the most fundamental REQUIREMENT of their new religion: No Muslim man, woman or child can gain entry to Muslim Paradise unless they have killed an infidel, or died trying to kill one. They can do this openly in war against armed opponents, like jihadists, or by stealth, as in this Vehicular Jihad against helpless unarmed victims. Do you know that, and are you brave enough to tell the truth about it, without using “Taqiyya”?”
this is simply 1000% false.
or are you the muslim god who tells them what to do?

Nice joke, Killing any innocent is like killing the whole of humanity, this is what Quran teaches. But idiots like you will remain fools.

My friend – we are all being played like a beautiful piano. Divide and conquer is the name of the game. Blacks, whites, muslims, christians, gays, straights, women, men, trannies, traditionals, kids, adults, rich, poor, red necks, social justice warriors. The list goes on and on. And the folks who visit this site are more awake and aware than 99.99% of the idiot general pop. The real question is – what to do about it. I largely tune it all out and focus on me and my family. But obviously you can only bury your head in the sand for so long before they come for you too.

I don’t really understand what is the good of this for the “Illuminati”? To get the whole control. As if they don’t have any control yet … If they reduce the population, they will lose many proceedings as well. If they use biological weapons, they will endanger themselves as well. If they create a virus, I’m sure they know that even an antidote is not a 100% safety to be or stay immune. This is too much risk, even for the whole “Illuminati”. I do really think and believe they just fake many things to create fear and mass panic. When this horrible week happened in Germany last year (Würzburg, etc.), there weren’t any voices from the people about mass surveillance. Now what happened in Berlin many people are PRO mass surveillance! I’ve read an article about their “plans”. They want to extinguish 99% of the American population. They want… Read more »
The logical conclusions to the Illuminati are: 1) It doesn’t exist, it’s merely a crazy conspiracy theory. Which obviously isn’t the case. 2) They’re literally crazy. Which means anything and everything is possible. Yet, this doesn’t seem like a very credible theory since the group’s far too large and too well organized. There’s a structure to their insanity. 3) It’s an evil of biblical proportions. Which, frankly, seems like the logical conclusion to what we’re seeing. Is it a coincidence there’s this constant flow of Satanic symbols and the EU parliament shaped like the Tower of Babel? Probably not. Also, anybody smart can tell this world is truly crazy – humans have made Earth a crazy place. Throughout history there’s been nothing but wars, treachery and deceit. This has gone on from the beginning of time; we haven’t advanced the slightest as a species in this regard. The most basic… Read more »

No wonder the tarot cards in Economist magazine points to a grim and dark future of events in 2017

Shouldn’t we be saying just another sensationalised hoaxed event…. ? Simply because killing is bad karma for the powers orchestrating the whole thing…. it pollutes the “Loosh” on offer

There was no blood visible when that ambassador was shot or am I imaginaing things?


Please visit: HANOMY.com; read it, download it, spread the word. I believe it is the real solution to the current social, financial, political systems. To transition from the current systems to HANOMY will take just few short years. Hanomy turns the concept of money upside down. It has lots of number crunching and it works as you will see. Please make it goes viral so people aware that there is a sounded alternative and that we won’t be forced into another elites’ designed system. All the steps to implement Hanomy are in the manifesto. Hanomy can becomes a worldwide movement, people from around the world can flood streets worldwide and demand Hanomy, say on Feb 14. Nations will come together and discuss because the citizens demand it. Elites can still participate in the system, they just have to earn money, respects and power the honestly and productively. I have tried… Read more »
There was another horrible incident in Mexiko, maybe almost the same time as Berlin. 31 killed in a fire, which destroyed a market for fireworks completely. There are no hints though, this could have been anything else but an accident. Btw, in another thread I wondered about the passports the attackers leave so often behind at the scene of their terrors. I have now heard a sensible explanation from a german police officer. They believe, these people could want to leave their “mark”, in order to be identified as the killers. The officer said, probably to protect innocent people from being looked after or questioned. Maybe it has to do with the fact (my guess, not the officer’s), that in some circles those people are rewarded and seen as heroes? I believe this could be true. It could be a message for IS, so that they know, who has done… Read more »
Into a Cosmic Solitude

Look and informed the symbology of the finger; indication: is linked to the Masonry !