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Taylor Swift’s Performance at the 2012 AMA’s: A Typical Initiation Ritual



Taylor Swift's Performance at the 2012 AMA's: A Typical Initiation Ritual

We’ve seen in previous articles that music award shows are often rife with ritualistic elements that reflect the occult inner-workings of the entertainment industry. The elaborate musical performances of these shows are conceived to promote artists’ latest singles but also contain symbolism reflecting elite’s  Agenda and philosophy.

In the article on the 2009 VMA Awards, we’ve seen that Taylor Swift undergone a symbolic initiation ritual. In her performance at the 2012 American Music Awards, she appears to undergo another initiation, by partaking in the often seen “good girl gone bad” narrative, complete with a transformation symbolized by color codes. Let’s look at the performance.

Taylor Swift's Performance at the 2012 AMA's: A Typical Initiation Ritual

Swift begins her performance in a virginal white dress. Notice the Masonic checkerboard pattern floors on each side of her.

Her performance takes place in what I like to call an “Illuminati Ball”: Parties where guests are masked and that are known to turn into all-out orgies (see the movie Eyes Wide Shut). For centuries, the occult elite enjoyed these masquerade balls. In more secretive circles, these events were also used to initiate new members.

Taylor Swift begins her performance in a white dress, representing purity and innocence. She is the new candidate for initiation and is welcomed by two masked individuals. In the background, we see a checkerboard pattern floor, the ceremonial Masonic surface on which transformative rituals occur.

Swift innocently dances around and mingles with some masked individuals for a while.

Taylor Swift's Performance at the 2012 AMA's: A Typical Initiation Ritual

Who are these faceless individuals?

Then her transformation occurs.

Taylor Swift's Performance at the 2012 AMA's: A Typical Initiation Ritual

Swift emerges from a pile of people wearing a red and black dress – symbol of sacrifice and initiation.

After Swift’s initiation, the set gets dark and things get nastier.

Taylor Swift's Performance at the 2012 AMA's: A Typical Initiation Ritual

From dancing innocently, things get a lot more sexual. Do these moves symbolically allude to the orgy that happen in these Illuminati balls?

Swift’s song is called I Knew You Were Trouble and appears to be, at first glance, about  guy that is not too nice with her. However, after seeing the symbolic meaning of her performance, can this heartless “guy” actually represent the occult entertainment industry? Here’s the chorus:

“Cause I knew you were trouble when you walked in
So shame on me now
Flew me to places I’d never been
So you put me down oh
I knew you were trouble when you walked in
So shame on me now
Flew me to places I’d never been
Now I’m lying on the cold hard ground”

Yes, being initiated into the industry can allow you to fly to new places…but it’ll eventually leave you lying on the cold hard (checkerboard) ground.


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Taylor Swift's Performance at the 2012 AMA's: A Typical Initiation Ritual

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it has always been like this. They cater for every generation of teens. Every 5 – 7 years they get a newcomer who encapsulates innocence and good moral values etc then they completely sexualize her. They get teens to become huge, loving fans of the singer of their generation (idolize them) and this ensures that those teens grow up continuing to stay loyal to their idol so that they are influenced to do what their idol does or do what the music videos encapsulate – drugs, sex and all that crap. Perfect example – Britney Spears first album, 1999. Who couldn't like Britney. She looked sweet, beautiful all that jazz. Now look at her. Taylor Swift is just a next generation of this.


Just like Rihanna’s song “Rehab”. Initially you think it’s about a guy but if you listen to it closely you realize it could very well be talking about the music industry… not that I like her or anything just thought I’d make the comparison.. although I think I learned that none of the celebrities are actually evil.. they are all just slaves… and need to be prayed for…


Have you ever considered that maybe the PRODUCERS & people who are creating the music videos/ performances are into this masonic symbolism & not so much the artists themselves? Maybe the brains behind all these artists is the same group of individuals & they're not all "mind controlled" or reprogrammed.

Maybe it's not that every artist has "sold their soul", they're just performing the way some illuminati-inspired producer tells them to…?


“Bad Blood” by Swift has nearly a billion views on YouTube. Many “truth” videos have a few thousand views if even that – and often those comments are about mocking/insulting other users. This is comment number 194 on this article at the time of writing.

I’ve tried to talk to my family about these things. I show them the most disturbing, credible material and they have responded by 1) asking what the source was (even in a case where it was unimportant) 2) ignoring me completely 3) stating that ‘conspiracy theories is outside their field of interests’ 4) simply telling me that it’s too far fetched, that a police state agenda is nothing to worry about be realized and that ‘I don’t believe in it’, ignoring the fact I spent time critically researching these things while they never spent a second.

I also contacted a major news network and a former member of parliament. As predicted, no response.


In Canada, there is a masonic temple in the same building as MTV Canada. I guess this shows that the wealthiest masons own MTV and the music industry. This explains all the masonic symbolism in the music videos and awards.


Sure explains why Taylor has been getting around so much lately with the menfolk. I think the moment she stopped being "country" and went pop queen was when she joined the elite society. The Kanye moment sealed it.


It's just an adaptation of the staging in "Masquerade" from Phantom of the Opera…

Milla Vidal

the comments look different….anyway soon we will hear of taylor going bad just like rihana they're gonna turn her into a music w$#@% and that is sad, she was one of the few artists that was wholesome.

Derek C.

Sweet Innocent Taylor Swift has become a Satanic priestess. Amazing but believable.

Tyrone F

Does the white dress symbolize that she’s about to become a bride of Satan?


It seems the Illuminati are mocking her. In performances at the 2012 VMAs and 2013 Brits, Taylor depicted her initiation rite and good-girl-gone-bad transformation, demonstrating that her celebrity is due less to talent and more to selling her soul. She’s paying a high price for her fame. Note too that the white dress might be a wedding dress, symbolizing that Tylor is becoming a bride of Satan.


I hope Taylor Swift squints her eyes so hard that her face collapses in on itself.

Rebecca I.

I totally understand what is trying to be said here. These pretty, innocent, TALENTED girls (think Rihanna: from "If its Lovin that You Want" to "Disturbia") achieve a portion of fame. They are then initiated into the 'real' game (Kanye West's humiliation antics, first initiation), where they achieve more recognition by the big boys in the industry. Then…there comes a time for sexualization…as this is where the money pours in. Once more, she has to go through an initiation ritual that submits her into this level of the game, which apparently happened at this award show. It happened to all the sweet teenie boppers that have made it in the music industry. They start off all pure, sweet, and innocent….and they get recognition from the public. Next, they allow themselves to be manipulated so they can get a little higher on the fame ladder…at this stage they still have some self control, but are being lightly manipulated so that the celebrity will trust her/his handlers (her first initiation). Then, they are overtaken….completely….this is where she is now.


I have this song on my ipod right now- i like it but i think she just be pop because she is no longer a country artist to me


what a shame!!..


in my oppinon all of this aritest out there now are all getting sucked into the hard game red symbolyzez the red god of the Illuminati something with in them are making them be this way and the question is why? its a matter of time when taylor swift is gonna let the world know that yes she is infact lliminati a devil worshiper the devil speaks through song the ennemi is always there if you look back at taylor swift videos they are nothing like they are now its crazy how they dont have any other choice but to get in the game but for what they sold their soul to the devil for fame and money but oneday something bad is gonna happen and everyone is gonna wonder what happen and it will be infact that it was their time to go down bottom and serve the devil SMH…..


I love taylor but now that I learned shes being part of this Illuminati stuff,,, I am thinking twice if I would buy her album or not…. Cause if i buy her cds or album,, im also buying Satan's service. ouch


i don’t get the fact that, if during the 2009 VMA’s there was already an initiation for Ms. Swift, how come in this live performance, there is another initiation? are initiation rites continuous for illuminati pawns?


This is so retarded. I 100% believe the illuminati exists and that artists like Rihanna, lady gaga, and jay z are a part of it, but not Taylor. 1st of all the record that came out after the 2009 vma incident was called ‘speak now’ and there was no change in Taylor, she was still completely wholesome and innocent, now three years after ‘speak now’ we have a more mature sounding taylor on her album ‘red’. Speaking of innocent, she had a song titled ‘innocent’ on that same record (speak now) that was allegedly for Kanye that she also performed during the 2010 vmas kind of as a response of her taking the high road. If you check out the lyrics she basically tells him that despite everything he’s ‘still an innocent’ and that his ‘life is a tough crowd’ and that ‘he lost his balance on a tight rope, it’s never too late to get it back’. If you want to think that the 2009 vma was her initiation why would she then the next year sing a song like that, where she is flat out acknowledging the fact that he is on a bad path. Also, Taylor was… Read more »


I think they just take any opportunity to do their rituals. Or they just want to keep reinforcing to young girls how cool it is to go from good and innocent girl to sex kitten bad girl. Examples: Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Rihanna and so on. Either way, its getting repetitive.

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